Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 7.02.25 PM‘Madness consists in making the same things expecting different results’ ‘Israel will be known not by his technological advances, but by the way it treats its arab brothers’ Mr. Einstein
‘Comment is free… but facts are sacred’. The guardian
‘if you want to know who rules you ask yourself who you cannot criticize’. Voltaire



Israel is the leading nation of the digital and robotic age. This is undeniable. Israel alone is at the head of all the key industries of the digital-robotic age: the future ‘mobileye’ of robots and foundries of Intel – the mind of metal that will substitute and extinguish mankind is evolved and reproduced in Israel, which also commands research in terminator weapons (60% of its military production and export) in the photonic chip and its ‘idol-ogies’ of hardcore behavior against the poor, immigrants and Islam have now become globalized. Why? Obviously because of the ‘diaspora’ that has a dominant position in the social classes of the Anglo-American civilization

AND TO UNDERSTAND THAT we bring the introduction to the Anglo-American civilization that makes more clear the point.

In the graph, ANGLO-AMERICA IS A GLOBAL CIVILIZATION, THE ONE THAT CONQUERED THE WORLD AND SPREAD ITS MEMEPLEX, and organization of higher social power, the company-mother of machines&weapons, till its cultural and industrial memes colonized the entire Earth.

The study of the Anglo-American culture thus is necessary to understand the modern world, as its influence in any other culture or nation is higher than the memes of the history of that nation.

And this has been the case, during all the 80 years cycles of the Industrial evolution, since the Anglo-American civilization was ‘captured’ by the memes of the go(l)d culture during the Reformation, and finally adopted with the Glorious r=evolution, the structure of power invented in Holland that we call ‘capitalist democracy’, where the institution in control of society, the company-mother and its attached elements – placebo democracies, banks, stock markets, mass-media – form an organic whole above  above all social structures, ruling them with the new ‘language of social power’, money, which they issue in monopoly.

Ever since a hierarchical structure of power substituted the old kingdom aristocracies, with financier monopolizing on the issue of money in stocks, on top. We shall call them stockrats, the new aristocrats of the Anglo-American society, which form with its co-opted old warrior aristocracies the ‘1%’; while a  middle re=productive class working for its its company-mothers of machines and weapons seat in the comfort zone of the middle class, and a mass of dispossessed workers and foreigners, form the bottom of society without rights.

In that regard, the main difference between the European culture and the Anglo-American culture which we shall immediately explain is the ORIGIN OF ITS DEMOCRACIES:

  • IN ANGLO-AMERICA, DEMOCRACY WAS FOUNDED BY COMPANY-MOTHERS and its owners with all proprietary rights, the new ‘aristocracy’ of the modern world, the ‘stockrats’, and so the SYSTEM will always serve them first.
  • In Europe there were a French and Russian R=evolutions that tried to found – but failed – Democracies from the point of view of the 99%.

A simple graph will suffice to grasp from its beginning this clear difference:

The 1% of course is overwhelmingly made of financiers (±1/2) and stockrats (±1/2); that is, the industrial-military and financial-media companies that rule Anglo-America; and so obviously in the digital age of e-money and infinite credit for corporations, the striking ‘difference’ of wealth makes anglo-America, today by far, the most unequal, anti-democratic (in economic terms), world, comparable in terms of wealth disparity only with 3rd world military dictatorships.

What this graph has to do with Israel should be obvious to the ‘connoisseur’ of the world:

If we consider Israel the ‘nation of Judaism’, and we shall prove that is the proper way to define both – not as religion, but as a nation; today Judaism is on top of the World, and has achieved an astounding wealth and unaccountability as the new ‘stockratic’ aristocracy of the culture of Anglo-America, representing around 54% of the 1% of US, with hardly a 3% of its population, having around 3/4 of its CEOs of financial-media industries and CFOs of the fortune 1000. Its stock-holders with a near monopoly in the issue of money, 0 responsibility covered by Anonymous societies and the protection of the Holocaust industry makes the Israeli people likely the most privileged people of the history of mankind, and his power in an age of digital software, where e-money issues represent 4/5ths of the total money reproduced in the western world, leaves no doubt about that aristocratic status, with the 3 ‘key’ elements of any aristocracy:

Legal unaccountability, control of the language of power (money today, in the past weapons), worship of the serving population (and indeed most Americans even before Israelis have a laugh to this post, will abandon knee-jerk offended by the sheer proposition they do not live in the land of the free and there are ‘social classes). BUT THERE ARE: IN ANY ORGANISM THE NEURONAL, INFORMATIVE CELLS OR PEOPLE-CASTES RULE THE WORLD WITH THE MONOPOLY ON THE LANGUAGE.

It is in that sense not far-stretched to talk of the American ‘Weimar’ of the digital era, as a neocolonial state in international policy which Americans care for very little and bid through the congress, to the only group of power in that nation obsessed by it… All this of course is NOT possible to explain, because any aristocracy is inviolable by rights, without r=evolution. As Voltaire put it ‘if you want to know who rules, ask yourself who you cannot criticize’. In America you can indeed insult every other day the president, a placebo post of a placebo democracy, but if you criticize those who truly rule with go(l)d values America and the western world at large, you better go pasture to some African hut, because you won’t work anymore in town.

Those are facts, and so once we know some basic facts, we shall need to further your worldview and understanding of the laws of social, organic cultures in the fractal Universe, before we even attempt to explain why Israel is so ‘different’ from other nations, both in its social structure, territorial division, languages of power, customs and wealth…

Science is culture. The minimal upgrading on our concepts of time and space.

Because of the extreme length and complexity of a description of Judaism and Israel, the oldest nation and culture of the world, we escape the introduction of similar posts on the workings of bio-history and its 800-80 years cycle you can consult in any other post on fractal nations.

We shall study its super organism in space, through its physiological networks, and fractal sub-cultures, and in time, through its 800-80-8 years cycles in this post, always a ‘work in progress’ that future researchers of bio-history could continue… but first for those unaware of the laws of bio-history a general introduction. Still some minimal understanding will be required to study the nation of Israel as a ‘fractal super organism of history’.

This work always ‘in progress’ given the natural extension of any description of a super organism (ultimately only the super organism holds all the information about itself), will try then to analyze the fundamentals of Israel’s existence in time-space existence, according to the laws of:

Yet to understand any Nation with the science of bio-history we need first to make for those not familiar with the discipline, an introduction to its basic laws, fractal super organisms of history and life and death 800-80 year worldcycles, which all the superorganisms of space-time endure according to the 5D laws of the fractal Universe

Because Science IS culture, and you live in a culture dominated by idol-ogical beliefs, which are the ‘deterministic memes’ that act as a collective wave of Information that makes people behave in predictable ways through those cycles, obviously you consider your beliefs ‘absolute truths’ and among them, the belief that your ‘social unit’ is not the species, mankind, but your tribal nation, that the best way to rule a society is not putting the values of the ethic wor(l)d that make of man the supreme species but those of metal-money (in the past, gold, silver today e-money cycles in computer chips), that give maximal value to the most expensive goods, weapons, and minimal value to life; and that reality is made to the image and likeness of machines (technological science, lineal time ‘physics) not a fractal organism of which we are all similar sub-species, and finally that survival is enhanced by darwinian competition, not by eusocial love.

All those memetic idol-ogies are false, and it is very easy to prove them so using ‘rational thought’, but beliefs are dogmatic deterministic imprintings, memes attached to knee-jerk emotions and ego-centered thoughts that make us happy and we try to conserve by all means. So most people will defend irrationally as identities, those idol-ogies regardless of the harm that make to mankind and one self on the long term, and for that reason, idol-ogies have carried the day in Human History.

We are however not interested here for reasons of ‘length in space and duration of time’ to give you a full introduction to the difference between true social sciences and idol-ogy, and ‘real scientific models of the Universe based in the proper interpretation of experimental data and mathematical equations’ and ‘metaphysical models’ that bend data and equations to serve those idol-ogies.

Still if you want to understand bio-history and the reasons d’être of nations and its differential, fractal divides at least you should understand the cyclical NOT lineal nature of time and the 800-80 years cycles of evolution of weapons and machines that have killed rythmically all those nations and civilizations in war periods where metal consumes life and the FRACTAL, scalar not continuous nature of space, structured in organic scales of parts that co-exist with wholes and give the organic Universe its living properties.

So the first part of each of this posts on nations of the Human super organism of History is a many times rewritten theoretical minimum about the organic Universe and its laws applied to bio-history and bio-economics, so you can understand where your nation fits in, what are its sub-cultures, cycles of history and economics, physiological networks (informative culture and laws, economic networks, geographic entropic networks), how ‘deformed’ they are by the wrong design of raw power history and what would be its ideal form as an efficient organic society.

Israel, the leading go(l)d culture of history and its opposition to the wor(l)d.

Israel is the ‘founding’ nation of the Anglo-American global civilization ruled by ‘Company-mothers of machines’, whose neuronal people-caste professes the  idol-ogy is Biblical capitalism and whose human people are governed by a placebo system called bipartisan Democracy. Why the ‘nation of Judaism’, ab. Israel, is considered the founding father culture of the modern world has to do with a simple choice between the 3 language of power of human societies – to make money instead of weapons or legal words, the ruling language.

Now I want first to apologize because as I side with the wor(l)d, I am obviously perhaps to critical of Judaism in those texts, a fact of its earlier more disordered less scientific writing I will try to amend if I Keep improving the blog. As ultimately neither genes nor carriers matter to history so much as idol-ogies, the critical view is correct, but the tone must be measured and the individual respected as it is free to choose its memes.

Back to Israel as the origin of the go(l0d culture, it happened naturally because of its geography as knot of trade of 3 continents and two Fertile Crescent cultures.

Still it was a complex decision in an age in which digital languages and its syntax was unknown (still largely is), made somewhere in Israel 10.000 years ago by a people we know nothing about, but where already building 40 meters walls to ‘protect wealth’ in the oasis region of Jerusalem and Jericho, where we find precious metals. A ruling caste of banker-priests that asked for go(l)d ex-votes the fetish substance vehicle to talk to God, appeared with patched data in the region that will latter become the center of the only kingdom Israel had – as it has always been in conflict with the rival ‘metal-language’ of power, weapons and its aristocratic castes.

Israel then, as the ‘soliton’ of go(l)d as the language of western power suffered a constant dysfunctional relationship with those cultures that made of weapons or the wor(l)d its language of choice, till it expanded its religion, albeit in a moderate eusocial love oriented version – Christianity – to the western world.

So the position of judaism remained isolated, as Christianity is primarily a wor(l)d culture. But things changed with the discovery of America, the sudden influx of a mass of monetary ‘power’ and the expansion of gunpowder wars which required huge financial resources to put up national armies. Europe then entered in an age, past the Middle Ages dominated by Christianity and spur cavalry soldiers, of global expansion, national conflict and massive production of gunpowder weapons, which gave the Jewish people, as carriers of go(l)d and purveyors of war, a key role in all European nations.

But the true, definitive element that expanded the Jewish culture out of the ghetto was reformation and the printing press, soon monopolized by their printers, who spread the ‘Hebrew bible’ and de facto changed the Christian outlook of Northern, Germanic European people back to the old testament with its ‘segregational memes’ against human capital and its fetish ex-votes in gold for the cult of a people-caste, the Levis, (incidentally my ancestors), which acted as court bankers, diplomats and priests and judges, over a ‘steeple’ of 11 ‘slave’ tribes, the jabiru – those who walk behind the asses – that acted ass traders in weapons, luxuries and slaves, to maximize the profits in go(l)d of trade: Profits = Max. Price (weapons, luxuries) – Min. Cost (slaves)…

The strict division of social classes of Judaism between the ‘AM Segullah’ or people of the treasure (ill translated as chosen people) who form the people-caste of the Levis, banker-priests ‘at court’ and the commoners, from the 11 ‘slave tribes’, sweating under the sun, with its donkey caravans to the different war zones of the Middle East, will then become the essential duality of Judaism as a culture, which latter on will be imitated in the present division of capitalism between ‘stockrats’, the owners of corporations and elite managers, and the workers and consumers of their products with no rights.

The whole structure, significance and professions of Judaism were then transferred to its daughter culture of Calvinism, which merely mimicked Judaism due to its increasing success in modern Europe. 

It will also define the essential nature of a capitalist culture where human relationships based in ethics, verbal love affinity and in the negative the menace of death by weapons, were substituted by ‘go(l)d values’ and prices, so only ‘the price of people’ as slaves or workers matter to the company, and only in terms of money the relationships between Judaism and other human groups are permitted, in a process of legal and financial ‘standardization’ of human behavior, within companies, similar to the strict control the Levis exercised over the jabiru, with its 623 precepts against love, life and the pursuit of happiness for hard-work and labor to bring shekels to the temple… What modern protestant capitalism did was to improve and modernize the entire culture of go(l)d from a fetish religion into a professional enterprise through the organization of the company-mother but preserving the segregational memes now against workers, slave-labor and consumers, the mode of making money through trade in expensive weapons, slaves, luxury species, and the confrontational competitive view of all other ‘human groups’, all other nations and enterprises… A Daughter culture thus is born with calvinism, latter exported into Anglicanism which takes most of its doctrines from it, and finally expanded to the whole Anglo-American global civilization, and in the digital age to the entire planet.

In that regard, two key books of scholarship by Sombart, ‘Judaism and the birth of capitalism’ and his disciple Max Weber, ‘the protestant ethics and the birth of capitalism’ are essential to understand this expansion of Judaism, from the soliton culture of Go(l)d always subject of looting and conflict with the human capital it priced (tax farming, usury, slave and eunuch trade) and the military it served (looting, burning of book of debts in synagogues), into the ‘financial elite’ of the Anglo-American and North-European Protestant=biblical cultures which MUST NOT BE CONSIDERED Christian but net-jewish sects, in as much as most of their denominations, specially those who are official in UK (Anglicanism) and US (Baptist and Evangelical churches) give more importance to the old than the new testament, to Yahveh than Crhrist, to the chosen of Go(l)d segregational memes to the eusocial love and charity precepts of Christianity.

Thus this new expanded jewish culture with mixed married elites of Jewish heiress of financial fortunes and Germanic aristocratic warriors, will become the elite of power of North Europe – it had in fact done so since the fall of the Roman Empire, but in a rather ‘disguised form’ of ‘converso women’ marrying his wealth into aristocracy,  from the times of Charlemagne married to the Ulrich dynasty giving birth to the first Levis, (Louis) ’emperors’ to Winston Churchill Jerome, and define the politics and finances of the Western world. While the middle class of Judaism, the mass of Hebrew, remained till Post world war, in a difficult position, exposed to the mass of humanity they priced, tax-farmed, traded with always in search of the ex-votes of gold to purify in the temple.

Understanding Judaism is thus essential to understand the modern world, but it is a difficult task as the first ‘victim’ of the values of go(l)d and its conflicting null value it gives to life vs. the values of the ethic wor(l)d, will certainly imply from the inception of Judaism and its first historical texts, a general disregard for ‘truth’ in human verbal or historic terms, substituted by myths and fictions, which render impossible to make a true history of judaism, without conflicting with the official mythic subjective version, which is nothing else but the Bible, the book of history of Judaism as a supremacist, historic, ‘national’ religion of go(l)d power and conflict with all other ‘segregational, monotheist’ religions trying to impose its subconscious collective God-nation above all others.

Because ultimately history is written by the victors, and Judaism against all odds became the foundational culture of the modern capitalist world, History in the Anglo-American culture is being rewritten with a subjective, righteous view of an exceptionalist destiny for 400 years, since the black legend against the legitimate king of Holland, to these days, by the Fictions of evilwood, the ‘official history’ of capitalism and in the case of Israel, the nation that occupies this post, the industry of the Holocaust… And the rewriting is extensive and growing even in the scholar world.

Hence the quotes on the beginning of this text. In the same manner you cannot criticize Stalin in communist Russia, the king in any military classic kingdom, or the party in power in China, we could say that the party-nation of the Am Segullah, the banker-priests of Israel cannot be criticized neither explained in all its complexity in objective terms.

In that sense Israel ads to the problem of the anti-quantum paradox (the writer of western history must be aware he lives within the super organism of western history and should not expect ‘clearance’ when criticizing the ‘true religion’ of the land, the capitalist idol-ogy and its mother culture), the enormous ‘complexity’ and ‘duration’ of one of the oldest nations, if not the oldest, and more complex culture of the world…

This complexity being the consequence of changing unlike any other culture the predominance of our natural verbal language and its subject=human ethics for go(l)d values that give zero value to life and maximal to weapons. So the fact that gold and weapons are the most desirable goods in a society ruled by either of them, conflicts permanently with the natural desire of humans in verbal terms for life, love and the praise of mankind. And so while warrior and wor(l)d cultures have a clear hierarchy of power, with the law above, or the military dictator over all by the power of death, a go(l)d culture constantly ‘shuffles’ and trades between the 3 powers.

Indeed, consider the case of Israel today. Unlike other nations with a single head-president, Israel still has 3 language-centered powers, the military power with Israel and its daughter civilization US, serving its goals, on top, in permanent conflict with the area in which it exists, dominated by the Islamic culture it openly despises; but it has also a verbal power, its rabbis and its sacred books, most notably Torah and Talmud with its segregational, conflicting memes with mankind; and finally it has a go(l)d power, which cannot be even considered, though it is perhaps the most definitive element of the western world culture and its actions: an elite of Financial-Media masters, owners of most corporations of information machines, that print money and audiovisual information, bankers and stockrats, film makers and writers and journalist and academia people, which are the majority proprietors of the Earth Inc. that is the companies of the western world and its media outlets that will however in most themes, followed the mandates of the military-political powers of Israel and US and the anti-humanist memes of the religion that justify the ab=uses of Wall Street companies and the fascist messages of global mass-media. 

All in all we are facing in the globalized world the summit of its globalized stockratic power, represented by the 0.1% of owners of its companies, which in Anglo-America are that ‘mixed group of people’ with very similar blblical capitalist ideas which have conformed its global expansion and conquest of the world, in a ‘coitus interruptus’, only briefly with the fractal divide that happened between the German and British ‘factions’ of that elite (as both aristocratic kings were then of the same dynasty, so were the wealthier Rothschild syndicate bankers and company-owners). Again why Germany broke files from the then clearly daughter cultures of Anglo-America, is a complex censored issue closely related to the return to Israel of the jabiru, and the complex interplay between the final element not yet ‘quoted’ in this introduction to judaism: the rebel Levi prophets of the wor(l)d that reject the values of go(l)d and try to bring all mankind together under a common legalist eusocial code of love, from Genesis to Moses, from Jesus to Marx…

Finally to those 6 ‘elements’ of the Jewish elite, Bankers, Levi priests, prophets of the wor(l)d, nationalist Israelis, jabiru workers we need to ad ‘reform judaism’ and ‘haskalah’, people who only have the ‘naming’ of Judaism but act for all purposes as non-Jewish people with little interest in the memes of its culture, but ultimately tend to gravitate, due to the nervous power yielded by the control of information by its elite, towards professions related to financial and mass-media work. We find then among them as in the case of the prophets of the world the strongest criticism to the Go(l)d values of the culture and its confrontational memes in all departments of existence, towards mankind (today seemingly softened by the concept of Judaism being the ‘victim’ of History=mankind, in a passive aggressive stand that still segregates Judaism from humanity).

Thus the study of the Anglo-American culture after its ‘mental capture’ by the go(l)d memes of Judaism, in the Reformation, and the subsequent expansion of the new culture and its instrument of social power, the company, owned mostly by sephardim financiers in its origin and run by workers of protestantism, as the middle re=productive class of its company-mothers of machines and weapons, is the most important structural, class-hierarchy in terms of human generations to understand the globalized world.

As this mixed culture globalized through its industrial generations, and finally  imitated by all other nations of the world which are today ‘de facto’ sub-cultures of the Anglo-American ‘capitalist’ culture, ruled by its company-mothers of machines-weapons and its ‘submissive’ human structures of power – placebo Democracies – is the place where we all live in, with the partial exception of China and a few military societies that try hard to cover themselves with the placebo freedoms of ‘democracy’ to make them seem ‘modern’ and in tune with the ‘global culture’.

Reason why we dedicate much more space to its studies, as today we might say we are all primarily members of the globalized industrial world and its jewish-protestant capitalist values and selfie placebo freedoms.

But it will always remain the fact that Judaism is a Historic religion, hence it can only be explained by the authorized, subjective view of the Bible, NOT by scientific historicism, specially in the entire world of anglo-America, where money talks. And this fact which today has reached a paroxysm with the Industry of the Holocaust will make this post always a strange view on what has become the fairy tale worldview of capitalism and its mother-culture.

Still the role of Israel in History is so huge, but not necessarily positive, as it represents in organic History, the HEAD of the metal-earth, hence the name we give its elite, the FMAsters, Financial-Media-Academia masters of the globalized Anglo-American culture – that we cannot MAKE HISTORY as a science without DEDICATING huge tracts of it to Judaism and its people and deeds, as we could NOT explain the history of Hispano-America without talking about the spaniards.

Generations of the Industrial R=evolution: from colonial UK to Colonial U$.

The generations parallel to the ages of the machine in the dominant industrial nations. If we were to make the same graphs for the human cultures they conquered it is all a single generation of suffering, death and pain – but we don’t count corpses and they are to us invisible people, not worthy to be claimed as ‘superior victims’, as those of our white world in the rare occasion they die.

In each of the four industrial r=evolutions, the nation ahead of the economic wave leading the evolution of machines became the role model for the world at the same time it was sorely envied, criticized and yet imitated by all the ‘animetal people-castes’ on top of society (financiers, entrepeneurs, industrialists, scientists and politicos).
This was the case of Holland in the age of foundation of the FMMI system which appeared in Amsterdam with the first company-mothers of machines-weapons (gunboats). Holland would be criticized but imitated by all nations, till in 1688 Louis XIV invasion made the whole system move to London in the Glorious revolution. And so England would become the role model for all nations even if they criticized its cruelty and slave trade. To notice also that the leading nation normally is ‘according to the laws’ of organic evolution a small ‘seed’ – a small nation that seemingly should loose its wars against primitive less developed countries. Yet the opposite occurs, Holland won the war against the mighty Spanish Empire, and so did England against all European rivals, with much more population but less advanced technology:
Today contrary to belief the leading nation of the digital revolution is NOT America, but Israel, as Jewish-Americans from Wall Street, Hollywood and Silicon Valley command near all the key companies of the digital r=evolution and around 80% of the key positions in the financial CEOs, 1000 fortune CFOs of the Financial-Media industries of information machines, rendering de facto American policies those of the Jewish nation (not a culture but a bronze age supremacist religion in an age in which the word nation did not exist and was substituted by the concept of the subconscious collective god – Assur, god and nation of the assyrians, Judea or Yaveh toponyms for the region and people living around Jerusalem).

In the graph, we can see how the human elites adapt to each cycle of the machine and not vice versa:

Industrial History merely substitutes the top predator nation of the world according to its evolution of technology. But each generation of history, the steam age of Britain and the German age of motors and the jewish-american age of electronic machines so a self-similar cycle of human behavior ending in an age of war as the leading nation adapts its ideologies to use the top predator weapon, the fin al evolution of any organism.

So the good british engineers and its hard working sons that constructed the train industry and peaceful age of transport were followed by army generals constructing war railroads. The pioneers of cars became the makers of Hitler’s tanks and the makers of chips the new industry of robotic weapons.

And leaders adapted their view to promote war. So in each generation a murderous final decadent group killed millions. And instead of a British Generational Empire that killed millions of non technological ‘primitive’ Asians and Africans for the sake of mechanical profits (colonial, train age) we got the fascist era of German ubermen massacring ‘primitive’ slav and polish jews (electro-mechanical age), who ‘dare to take the german historic lands to the east’ and now we get the neo-fascist age of Jewish Bankers, scientists and corporate men, who ‘own’ a mass of ‘American $laves’, who worship and obey them for a price, and act as a mercenary army to extinguish the ‘primitive’  Arabs, who ‘dare to take the Jewish historic lands to the east, soon to be replaced by a new cycle of robotic ‘citizens’ who will feel ‘primitive human beings’ are taken their planet and do what the Jewish military and bankers do to Palestinians and their western $laves, or what German Nazis and Industrialists did to the Jews and their western Slaves and what British Colonialists and steam engineers did to the Indians of both continents and their ‘white factory slaves’.

IT is the pendulum law of history as victims become predators. so if during the fascist age of England, and the british empire, the Germans were the good people of Europe that renounced to colonialism in the Berlin Congress, for ethical reasons; and in the 2nd cycle of Germany, the Jewish were the good people who had created the socialist movement in Europe and almost succeeded reforming the system, now in the 3rd age of America, the Jewish have become as masters of the electronic industries of information and creation of e-money, the new fascist masters, developing the robotic industry of terminators and crashing the economy of e-money…

And so the Kondratieff waves of evolution of machines=weapons and money,  determine the ages of global power of the nations that developped them:

– The age of steam and trains, which was the age of the British Empire that discovered them.

– The age of cars and electrochemical engines, which was the age of Germany, which invented them.

– The age of heads of metal, chip-brains, camera-eyes and mobile-ears, or age of America that developed those industries.

Further on, the secondary cause – the human inventors of those machines – appeared naturally since in mathematical terms, the 72 y. dual waves of kondratieff are equal in duration to the 72 years biological generations of humans, from grand-father to grand-son – and so they must be caused by 3 generations of industrialists:

– The founders of the new industries and discoverers of machines.
– The generation that reproduces them as consumption goods…
– And after a crash of overproduction, the decadent generation that uses them as top predator weapons and ruins the country.
We live now in the decadent age of the electronic, Jewish (dominant in the Financial-Media system)-American (dominant in the Industrial-Military) cycle, parallel to the decadent age of the British cycle (colonialism) and the German cycle (nazism), but of course, as we live imprinted by the propaganda of this cycle, we cannot consider our civilization ‘that’ corrupted and callous with life, as the British never understood they were not civilizing negros but killing them and the Germans never understood they were not ‘cleaning Europe’ of dirty slavs and Jewish peasants of the pale of settlement but ‘cleansing’ them.
Yet as Judaism or ‘the nation of Israel’, synonymous word is also a nation, we shall first before we study it as the dominant nation of the XXI c. consider its 800-80 years cycles.

  BECAUSE OF ITS EXCEPTIONALIST NATURE, this article will be longer than the others, and will deal first with the IDOL-OGY of the present Israel and its nature as a nation – the idol-ogy being the last branch of ITS EXCEPTIONALISM as the top culture of go(l)d, the language that rules the world today – what we might term, the Industry of the Holocaust…

Then after this long introduction we shall study indeed its LIFE AGES, 800-80 YEARS CYCLES of evolution of war, WHICH IN THE CASE OF ISRAEL MEANT A VARIATION OF THE GENOCIDAL MASSACRE ALL NATIONS EXPERIENCE IN WAR, CALLED THE HOLOCAUST CYCLE, and finally we shall introduce its 2 paths of future, extinction in the robotic wars, which ISRAEL COMMANDS as the most evolved nation of the digital era, or r=evolution to join mankind and try to save the future till the 7th generation… 

The birth of the capitalist culture in the hinterland of UK and Holland is thus the beginning of a wondrous expansion of a new form of organizing people NOT THROUGH THE SYNTAX of the word, as it had been the case till then, but with the values of go(l)d – a social proposition that only happened before in ‘religious go(l)d cultures’, carried by traders, whose banker-priests and go(l)ds (Baal, Yahveh), received ex-votes in go(l)d.What make different the new go(l)d cult(ure) of Holland and then after the glorious revolution, England, was the fact that now there was a far more sophisticated and efficient system than the human carrier (jewish peddlers and bankers of court, arab caravaners, Phoenician sailors) and the individual banker (wealthy families, usurers) to carry out the mandate of ‘accumulation of fetish gold’, as the purpose of a society.

The new culture thus will be defined by a new language, go(l)d above the wor(l)d and its ethic or legal values and a new organization, the company-mother that manufactures machines and weapons to use them in trade (initially only gunboats), or to sell them in order to accumulate the ‘fetish-language’.

It is then the expansion of this culture and its imitation first by all European nations, and  its colonial empires, and then in the XX c. by the world at large what has created the global civilization of company-mothers of machines, whose global language is English, and its go(l)d values come from the idol-ogies of biblical capitalism, which have evolved from:

  • A first religious age of ‘Judaism’, in which a nation, ‘Israel’, lead not by warrior-kings but by banker-priests developed a ‘different kind of nationalism’ and ‘social organization’, which we shall study then in the articles on the founding culture of capitalism (Judaism) and its nation (Israel) into
  • A second pseudo-religious/scienfitic age when Reformation put upfront the Bible over the gospel, hence go(l)d and segregational values of human capital over eusocial love, and imposed Calvinism and Anglicanism (its daughter civilizations) in Holland first and UK, determining the construction of the elements of the modern world, related to the praxis of company-mothers as an organization of political, economic and social power (placebo democracies, banks, stock markets, corporations, etc.)
  • A third digital age signified by America, in which the ‘culture’ becomes dogma, and it is treated as ‘science’ with no internal struggle, as all the ‘laws’ of hierarchical power, and social organization become submissive to the structure of company-mothers and its idol-ogies of mechanism, mathematics as the language of truth, in all fields of life (from political polling=voting, to statistical inference in social sciences, to damned lies and statistics as the form to manage the economy, to the digital algorithms that translate the earlier mandates and hierarchical structures of power, in society and company-mothers, into mathematical equations to govern them, to cult to technology, to digital audiovisual mass-media systems of knowledge.

So because the new civilization has not only a human side, easy to describe following the people of those 3 generational cultures (Judaism, British Empire, United States and the global world it came to control through digital information), as the new system of reproduction and evolution of memes of metal, money, weapons and machines is ESSENTIALLY NON-HUMAN IN ITS PURPOSE, to evolve and reproduce and organize socially a system of generation of mechanisms, ABOVE THE GOALS of mankind – to evolve, reproduce and organize socially the human species into an ethical global super organism – and to do so it uses a digital language, with its own syntax and values, which without the understanding of the people who obey money will bring the social intelligence of evolution and organicism, creating in the process with this Universal Organic Intelligence a world of machines and weapons, with the perfect efficiency of a social organism of ‘reproduction and evolution’ , emerging in a further scale of fractal organization, as a global ‘digital brain’, Worldstock, which distributes resources among them, with flows of digital numbers (e-money), and prices the human elements (workers,consumers, politicos in charge of making favorable laws, etc); we SHALL STUDY this global CIVILIZATION, in 2 DIFFERENT SECTIONS OF THE BLOG.

  • THIS SECTION, as the 7th culture of mankind, Anglo-America, in which we will trace as we did with all other cultures, the existence of the Jewish->Dutch->Anglo->American people that roughly compose the nucleus of this civilization, till the XIX century, across all its life ages as a super organism of mankind – albeit denying the rule of mankind with its own ethic, verbal languages contradicted by the values of Go(l)d which are by affinity maximal for those metal memes, weapons and machines which humans ‘value more in gold terms’ but far less in ethical terms.

As such in a capitalist world, HUMANS ARE MERELY A STAGE of a world ruled by digital numbers, which are better spoken by machines and hence it will select machines in labor and war fields displacing humans as those machines evolve, under the syntax of the digital language of money allowed to compare both without ethic values: Man (salary) = Price (money) =Machine (cost).

This new world even if it was first infused subconsciously of its structures by the goals of biblical capitalism – to accumulate gold regardless of its collateral effects in ‘human capital’, for which a memeplex NOT OF EUSOCIAL LOVE RELIGIONS (♥) OR TAOIST LIFE CULTURES (♦) AS ALL OTHER 6 cultures of mankind, based in his harmony with life and other human beings, but of SEGREGATION FROM THE HUMAN CAPITAL, we price (: symbol of golden apples that start and ends with the apple chipped brain the long track in the desert of the gold culture). Indeed, even warrior cultures (whose idol-ogy will be signified by ♠: symbol of pikes=war), have the ideal of a human ethic wor(l)d without war ruled by the emperor and often convert to ‘eusocial love’ because they still TALK A HUMAN LANGUAGE WHAT MAKES COMPLETELY different capitalism is to worship a digital metal-language, money as wealth per se (not as nomisma, a digital language subject to the law), that is as precious metal, without WANTING to understand the anti-ethic values and collateral effects of its maximal price to war.

The entire idol-ogy of capitalism in that sense must be interpreted NOT as a science (the science is micro-economics, the art of production in factories) but AS YET ANOTHER IDOL-OGICAL FORM TO DISGUISE THOSE COLLATERAL ANTI-LIFE EFFECTS OF GO(L)D – ultimately a renewal of the fetish values of biblical religions, regarding gold as the language of God. 

Monetary values though are independent of man and so we need to study them as ‘if the carriers of the memes of go(l)d and its history, didn’t matter – meaning that if the go(l)d values that create subconsciously the metal-earth had been adopted not by jewish, and Anglo-American carriers, but by Chinese or Bengalis first the same end-result but in other section of the Earth would have appear: a world of company-mothers dedicated to evolve and reproduce machines, which therefore we shall study ‘apart’, as now it is fully independent of the Anglo-American culture – meaning that if those initial carriers disappear, the world will continue by the hand of thousands of global corporations making robots, throwing workers or lowering their salaries, killing life, promoting technoutopia, mechanism and capitalism…

In the graph the evolution of company-mothers of machines and its steady terraforming of the planet, which now collapses in the final robotic cycles, which will NOT last beyond this century as evolution is EXTREMELY efficient and once a new top predator form is born and starts a massive radiation of its species, does NOT waste time eliminating the rival weaker one, as it has been the case with machines and its company-mothers fast extinguishing life and human social organisations, today puppets of the financial-media/military-industrial ecosystem, through the cycle of war and profits.

  • An entire new section in the right side, concerned with the ‘automatic, creation’ according to the organic laws of the Universe of this entirely independent of man in the long term (as we merely catalyze its evolution as ‘animetal enzymen’), new brave world, the metal-earth, as an organism independent of humans, treated merely as a ‘cost-product’ in different forms (first as slaves and white slave workers, bought full or part time for a price; then as enzymen, reproductive and consumer of machines that vitalize its existence; often as product of consumption for the development of the most efficient machines – weapons, and increasingly as a surplus cost, as robots put together all other parts of machines, of the age of bodies of metal – steam age, of hearts-engines, electromechanical age and of minds of metal – the American age that now has concluded)…
For a full understanding of those graphs, and the sections that study both the Human side of this civilization, or ‘Anglo-America’, and the purely mechanical organic program of evolution of company-mothers into the metal-earth, through its ‘organic structure’ as a Financial-media system of information machines (the head of the metal-earth), controlling a body-system of military-industrial physical machines, all together coming into a global civilization with a common digital brain, that regulates its process of creation and extinction (worldstock) and controls the ‘idol-ogies’ of humanity (internet)… a ‘theoretical minimum’ on the organic universe, and its scalar laws that construct with languages of information super organisms, is needed. 

So we study that theoretical minimum on the organic Universe and the organisms of history in the first parts, of those articles, and then after the theoretical minimum on the structures of social organisms, the laws of fractal nations, we go onto describing each Global CIVILIZATION AND SUB-CULTURE, in this case the Anglo-American culture and its Past stage as BRITISH EMPIRE.

We DO SHOW as we did with other subcultures, with emphasis in its leading nation (i.e. UK in the ‘commonwealth’ of Dominions of the bright empire, Nigeria in Guinea,  Colombia in Caribe and so on).

All those cultures and fractal nations in turn have gone prior to globalization through the 800-80 years cycle of evolution of memes of metal, first weapons and then machines proper of the process of building the ‘metal-earth’.

We use this method to describe only the nations of Anglo-America, while it was still a local civilization.

For its final stages of globalization we repeat, we study it as an independent system of man, in the right section.

Globalization has increased enormously in that sense, in the last 2 ages of the industrial revolution: the age of America, or age of metal-minds and Age of Internet or Robotic era).

So now we all somehow belong to the single global Organism of “world stock’, a network or informative nervous system of e-money that controls and prices all the corporations of Earth, distributing to them e-money, which in turn they use to control all nations, its bribed politicos or ‘believers’ in the idol-ogies of the Industrial revolution, and its workers and consumers, through salaries and prices.

In this process of course, there is a massive erasing of cultural and humanist, and ethic, verbal memes in other nations.

In that sense we could simply talk of Anglo-America as an ‘image projected into the future’ of all mankind which will if r=evolution doesn’t stop the process, go also through all the stages of America as all civilizations converge into a world of machines and weapons where human needs and future is totally secondary and expendable to the non-human future of company-mothers, WE SHALL NOT CEASE TO REPEAT, behave and evolve as INDEPENDENT organisms in purpose and structure of mankind.

And so to understand the global process of evolution of the company-mother and its idol-ogy, capitalism, into ‘something else’, the FMMI system of corporations, its collective brain worldstock, and its organic form, the metal-earth, it requires a much more profound, ‘present and future analysis’ of systems sciences.



Israel is the first nation to make of go(l)d not of weapons the language of power of its informative neuronal class, as a superorganism, hence UNIQUE AMONG ALL OTHER NATIONS not only because it is the oldest extant nation, but because choosing a different language than wor(l)ds or weapons to rule society made its HISTORY COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from other nations, and ULTIMATELY AS CAPITALISM, a daughter-ideology of judaism came to dominante the world, as first come, first served, it made ISRAEL the nation above e all other nations, in command of the financial flows of e-money of the metal earth.

Disclaimer. As usual on the articles on capitalism and the rule of the wor(l)d with go(l)d memes by its leading cult(ure) of Judaism, we have to state a few things:

  1. That I do have genes of the go(l)d people on my mother side, a family of sephardim doctors; but genes are completely irrelevant to history based on memes; so the concept of a Jewish race is completely absurd – in fact it does not exist, as Israel’s genetic maps show only 8% of genes similar to those of earlier semitic tribes.
  2. That the problem that matters is NOT individuals but memes, specifically racist metal-memes and the primitive cultures that worship metal more than life, the tree cause of the Holocaust war cycle – since indeed Holocausts HAVE ALWAYS happened during an age of war and human collective genocide, not different from any other mass-murder in wars. And this lead us to the ultimate fate of mankind under the rule of Judaism>Capitalism that pretends to ‘reinvent history’ as it the rewriting of the crimes of Gold and iron, greed and violence, holocaust and war cycles would change the cycles of history and the suicidal behavior of mankind guided by those values. This is the present zeitgeist – to write the future, present and past of mankind as a fairy tale of ego-trips of supremacy above heavens and Earth, rejecting or despising the real laws of Nature, biology and the planet Earth. This has been always the ‘method’ of survival of Judaism against any criticism of the action-reaction cycles of usury, money exploitation, tax farming slave trade, financial parasitism and human revenge and genocide: to DENY the economic causes, to invent fairy tales of victimism, and expect this will work and stop the cycles, INSTEAD of understanding rationally money, becoming part of the human species, and work together to create a better world. The present zeitgeist is just the apex of this method that has never worked. Problem of course is that now that Judaism>capitalism and its childish victimist memes and ego trips of human supremacy with utter despise of the biological laws of the planet – namely evolution – applied to machines is global, the destiny of Judaism has become the destiny of mankind.

The first non-verbal culture: model of metal-earth

All this said in the introduction is obvious that we cannot deal with this post as we did with all other posts, because Israel, we repeat is the First Nation that for millennia, stubbornly denied the values of the wor(l)d and its eusocial message of love to all mankind, or let itself be dominated by warrior people and its king aristocracies – it is indeed the defining nature of Judaism through all its 800 year cycles, to have a ‘laugh’ to eusocial love and all the cultures in which they host, in its popular proverbs, while also being extremely critical of kingdoms, aristocracies, and warrior genociders in its righteous elite but NEVER mention, the source of its global power and conflict with mankind, ‘its worldly religion of gold’ (Marx), because the name of God cannot be named, and Gold, an informative language, is as all languages of informative power, very different from the large, evident property of weapons – it works better ‘not perceived’, not decoded and not understood, as all informative languages – from invisible gravitation that rule the galaxy at distance through invisible black holes, to verbal languages not spoken by enemies, used to code messages .

So the entire culture of go(l)d seems indeed very strange even today, the more so in the earlier times of Judaism, when everybody else was ruled by ethic priests or warrior masters. And no doubt the origin of antisemitism, (we shall call by its proper name of antijudaism), the concept of a confabulation theory (which misses the point that languages of information rule through invisible complexity, so a culture ruled by invisible money, we ‘hide’ even in our pockets, will give invisible orders – bribes, subventions, buying of laws, etc. – to rule, and when it seems to be in the open as today’s capitalism, it will be in fact so complex in the forms it invent money and controls society with it, that 99% won’t understand anything of it, and settle for a simpler version, with the disimissive concept that trying to explain how money rules society and what are their values, is a confabulation theory).

All in all we must describe a culture that does NOT consider objective History the form to describe the existence of a people, but religious myth; that cannot acknowledge its social structure and power over all those who price, because it knows by mere praxis and historic experience, that it is ‘better that people remain ignorant to stay obedient’ (Calvin), and so it rules without accepting it rules, it makes of profits and money the reason d’être of its worldly life without acknowledging it, and hence it DOES not UNDERSTAND its nature as a culture, its role in history and the wrong-doings of its ‘opposition’ to a common future to humanity, ultimately due to the fact that while it perfectly understands how to make money, it does NOT accept the values of money, and its collateral effects on mankind. Let us then introduce first those values.


THE KEY TO UNDERSTAND reality beyond the individual is the way in which a language of information programs a mass of citizens-cells that agree to speak the simple values of the language. Then the intelligence of the language does the rest. In history this means we must consider essentially two languages, words that value more humans and build a world to our image and likeness, with the obvious limits of the human condition; and money, a metal language with affinity to weapons amd machines of metal of maximal price which builds a world to the image and likeness of metal-memes with its positive symbiotic but mostly negative effects for mankind, as the most expensive=overeproduced goods in a fundamentalist go(l)d cult(ure) as CAPITALISM is, hauling from earlier Jewish->Protestant fetish go(l)d religions. Hence in capitalist democracies where money dominate the law, war cycles of overeproduction of weapons are tuned to technological evolution and 90% of money is issued by corporations and spent in evolving and reproducing machines and weapons, which increasingly displace us from labor and war fields.  The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading culture, the Anglo-American civilization founder of company-mothers and placebo democracies, ruled by its FMAsters who control the Financial-Media-Academia system imposing a fundamentalist capitalist view of the future, albeit disguised with fictions and placebo newspeak of political and economical correctness, changes for a more humane, legalist culture EU-UNO-Chinese style, where laws can control the lethal goods of the tree of science.In the 800 cycles, the cultural divide was between fundamentalist religions of weapons and gold (Semite & Germanic cultures) vs. cultures that understood rationally the ethic and artistic values of the human I=eye>wor(ld and put the law and welfare goods above gold and weapons


The Jewish-Protestant, Biblical Culture, evolved in 3 horizons, Israel, British Empire and America, is the first non-human culture in as much as it substituted the language of mankind, ethic, legal, verbal thought, to rule society by a digital language, in metal support, Go(l)d; completely changing the purpose of the 2 physiological networks of human societies, the informative, nervous legal system, which must synchronize the motions of individual human beings, with ‘just laws’, and the purpose of the blood, oxygen/hormonal system, which must be handed to all individuals of society, to serve the reproduction of WHealth; that is, the welfare of humanity.

Arguably, prior to the Biblical go(l)d cult(ure)s that made of digital money, the language of social control, there were military societies where the wor(l)d and its ethic values were changed by the grammar of weapons: Warrior>Weapon>Corpse, which also put a language of metal, entropic weapons that kill life, above mankind. But as weapons are an ‘entropic substance’, even in the most brutal military dictatorships, there were a need to have legal systems above the military once the initial war-period of volkendamerung left way to a more civilized societies. So military societies, started by Semite cultures in the Bronze Age and continued by Indo-European cultures in the Iron Age were more easily converted by verbal masters to a human civilization as it happened partially with Islam, due to the verbal mastery of Mohammed, and the German culture after II world war due to the influence of the Latin-European legalist culture and the Russians during the r=evolutionary period.

It is truth that warrior cultures do tend to ‘relapse’ into previous military tendencies as modern jihad and military dictators in Islam, or stalinism that destroyed the Russian r=evolution and now Putin’s relapse into authoritarian regimes, or the constant revivalism of military dictators in Africa (Bantu, iron culture), and Hispano-America (Spanish warrior cultures) show.

But the ambivalence between ages of wor(l)d rule and ages of military rule proper of the duality of a legal head and an iron ‘body’, happening in military cultures struggling to civilize does NOT happen in the go(l)d culture, which substituted earlier in history the values of the wor(l)d that put man above metal, by the values of go(l)d that put metal-weapons and the people that issue money above life and mankind as a religion based in racist segregational memes against life, mankind and its drives of existence repressed by religious mandates (sexual sins, dietary laws, segregational laws against social love to the human species considered an ‘animal’ in Talmud, a heinous genocide in the industry of the holocaust, an inferior primitive species in the British colonialism, a people descending from the inferior Ham stock, who ‘peed in Noah’, in the biblical Ham Damnation that justified the slavery of the ‘negro’ by company-mothers of gunboats in America, etc. etc.)


Yet to understand all this we need to bring here the linguistic equations of the 3 languages of social power of human societies.

ALL LANGUAGES DO HAVE A Ternary Universal grammar, as proved by Chomsky for verbal languages, and extended by this author in his work on systems sciences, as they are vehicles to relate a subject, owner of the language and an object manipulated by the language.

But of course the system doesn’t run alone, even if networks and systems already in place do, with increasingly non-verbal digital Algorithms carried by computer thought. So we must also cast the existence of those 2 futures, one favorable to humanity and life in control of the evolution of the metal earth and other favorable to corporations and machines, which as all ‘radiations of species’ will undoubtedly overpopulate the planet and displace not only Gaia, which is already doing, in the 6th extinction of life, but mankind, which driven by his ego doesn’t really notice… in terms of a millenarian fight between two type of cultures, those who put the verbal, human language, and its syntax in favor of mankind as the subject of all sentences, of higher value than objects:

man-subject < verb-action<object-energy of the subject

vs. those fundamentalist cultures that put metal-power, which considers ‘right’ to use weapons and gold above the law to control societies regardless of its opposite ‘syntax:

warrior (subject)> weapon-action > human (corpse) or

banker-company > man (slave, worker) = money = object (machine),

which either puts the warrior in the old age or the issuer of money, company of financier above mankind, always below the weapon or machine that substitutes him in labor and war fields…

In the graph, all super organisms are ruled by a linguistic ‘worldview’, or ‘head’ with values in favour of the cells-citizens of the system. The economic ecosystem is a super organism of evolving memes of metal and so a world ruled by its informative language, digital metal-money (informative gold in the past, today cycles of e-money information in computers), will favour the most expensive, +, goods in its language: weapons. A human super organism is ruled by the verbal, legal, ethic values of our natural subconscious collective, the wor(l)d, and so it will choose a welfare policy that promotes life and mankind and a future for History. 

However we live in a ‘world’ whose religion is NO LONGER VERBAL ETHICS BUT DIGITAL MONEY, WITHOUT HUMANS UNDERSTANDING ITS DIGITAL VALUES. So it is a religion of blind, self-suicidal people, promoting the values that kill them. And this, brutal world of ignorant, self-suicidal ‘money-seeking’ eraseheads finds in Trump the perfect candidate to increase investments in robotised walls, electronic big brothers, future wars on terror, you name it, all profitable policies to multiply robots and vigilante cameras, because those are the forecasted dominant machines of the turn of the century.

Why judaism>capitalist go(l)d values are wrong but they can win history.

Ultimately the first question to solve in quest of truth is rather simple and obvious: it is right the concept that humans must live in a dog-eat-dog society competing with weapons, in search of go(l)d, living in permanent chaos-freedom? It is capitalism right and real? THE ANSWER IS NO: THE UNIVERSE IS ABOUT EUSOCIAL LOVE AND THE COMING TOGETHER of all the members of the same species into a larger more efficient whole. And there ARE NO special races; genes matter nothing to history. And so Judaism>capitalism is wrong. But it can win history paradoxically because THE UNIVERSE reinforces  impersonally its laws with the penalty of extinction.
And SO WE COME TO THE hardest element in the study of Judaism: the DENIAL THAT THE IMPERSONAL DARWINIAN UNIVERSE PUNISHES THOSE SPECIES WHO DONT LOVE THEIR OWN SPECIES AND ENTER IN CONFLICT WITH IT, with… we say it, extinction. The DENIAL of that simple solution to the war and holocaust cycle – eusocial love to mankind, is then another FUNDAMENTAL THEME OF judaism, in its attempt to preserve its go(l)d values, and the origin of the Industry of Holocaust, that just focuses on mankind’s killing of the Jews in different ages, without explaining the confrontational memes of go(l)d values accepted without reasoning by judaism, which ends up provoking those action-reaction processes of History, BECAUSE if it did IT WOULD HAVE TO ACCEPT HASKALAH (Enlightenment) and deny Halaka (segregational religious laws and gold values).
The universe is filled with super organisms that work perfectly and give energy to all cells, and work efficiently and collaborate.
The idea that humans must compete – divide and win – instead of collaborate to create a better world so the top of the pyramid, the neuronal informative castes working together can control them, is another absolute false fact of Nature.
Nature is PUT TOGETHER BY EUSOCIAL LOVE THAT MAKES SYSTEMS EVOLVE INTO BIGGER SUPERORGANISMS, AND THIS IS THE ORIGIN OF THE LAWS OF THE FRACTAL UNIVERSE, THE NEW PARADIGM OF PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE, which I helped to formalise from where all this work stems as a particular case of the larger Theory of Superorganisms that define the laws of the Universe.
The willing suicide of the people divided in tribes, selfish ego-trips, masterminded by the Financial-media false informative messages so they accept their own collective destruction and unending anoxia, is NOT the way Nature works, and the economic ecosystems hold be designed by the aberrant wrong evolution of our societies. And nature, which is free to allow wrong evolutions, however then opposes those wrong evolutions to better more efficient systems and extinguish them. An that is the ultimate reason the world is going under, because we have the wrong system, not because this is unavoidable – another constant mantra of the lazy, parasitic elites on top that do NOT want to change.

In that sense, only societies where the law actively controls weapons and money can build a humanist civilization, as the graphs explain.

selection languages

In Nature an essential process of selection of species happens according to its dexterity handling the information of the ecosystem. In the eco(nomic)system, the language unlike in History is digital thought. Hence Computers are always $elected first in labor and war fields, and as they evolve to twice its capacity every 2 years (Moore’s Law), the extinction of the ‘rival’ humind is certain, and now with AI will accelerate as all informative processes, culminating in the XXI c robotic wars.


The INCAPACITY of people to understand how languages of power, money, or laws or hormones create THE ORGANISM OF NATURE including our SOCIETIES, always astonished me. Humans CAN obey a language of power very well; they can obey the law; they can obey monetary orders called salaries, their cells do obey hormonal orders. So they can play THE social GAME and work, respect the law, BUT they CANNOT UNDERSTAND how those who INVENT a priori the language DICTATE the structure of society, its laws, orders of work and ideas.

This case is specially obvious with money, because we live in a crooked economic system where the people who invent money has made extraordinary efforts to hide the simple forms in which Nature invents languages to create with its orders a social reality.

So humans don’t understand that money is just a language, like words, or hormones, very easy to create a priori because what matters is that a posteriori languages of information will give orders to create reality…

How the issue of money controls a society is however simple: First a language, money, words, simple molecules are ‘invented’ in great numbers, ‘amore gratis’, to give orders of ‘work’ to a community of similar beings who understand the language and AGREE TO OBEY IT socially. And people love his bankers. Then however this ‘worthless’ language is converted into debt expecting sterile reproduction of it, back to the banker IN THE FORM OF REAL WEALTH. And so the way bankers parasite society is through debt, which is UNLIKE ALL OTHER USE OF LANGUAGES BY NATURE, A FOOL parasitic corrupted way to understand money.

Money as science of nomisma vs. money as parasitic debt language.

All this said, we need really to make yet another detour – I told you to understand judaism and its history is quite a difficult proposition by its linguistic complexity – and bring a bit of texts from posts on idol-ogies and money so we understand the duality of money as a proper science of a digital language of distribution of wealth and efficient allocation of resources for its reproduction (money as nomisma, in a true democratic, demand based economy) vs. money as a parasitic language owned and monopolized by a people-caste to control society and parasite it – money as debt and as metal-gold, wealth per se, that must be herded in sterile accounts instead of using it for what is worth – to kick the actions of societies:

In the graph the cycles of evolution of money: Money is a language of digital information, which has evolved as all languages increasing its digital purity as a number (logic syntax that matters more than support), it has increased its numbers of bytes, as information machines have been able to reproduce more units of it, it has decreased its size as information evolves diminishing its ‘energy-space’ and increasing its speed, finally valuing all things on earth, including men as objects, substituting and making obsolete the alternative human, verbal ethic language that  evolved slower than digital languages and money did. However a proper understanding of the languages of Nature, could easily reform the system of money, make it complementary to the ‘nervous system’ of laws, as a blood-reproductive-oxygen system is, and then distribute enough quantity of it to all human citizens cells, to create a perfect world, as all healthy wealthy super organisms of nature are, where all its cells receive its proper oxygen-hormonal salary and all of them survive. THIS COULD BE EASILY DONE WITH A GLOBAL CURRENCY, YES, MONEY, AT parity value: 1 eurodollar = 5 Yuans=100 yens, and a 1000 yes salary in a UNO backed cryptocurrency, for all humans to have enough blood money to demand welfare goods, end global poverty, immigration, and the bias of our issue and ab=use of society with money, and its systemic use to reproduce technological machines and weapons to cater the ‘tribal memes’ of our elites and remain idle in billionaire accounts.  It is the parasitic, anti-human, corrupted nature of our ‘social networks’ where a few ‘parasitic’ financiers control the issue of money and either herd it for themselves or give it only to company-mothers of machines they worship due to their ‘biblical, primitive segregational idologies’ against mankind what makes the global eco(nomic)system perhaps the worst of all systems of Nature, as I used to explain during my tenure of the chair of Monetary Systems at the International Systems Sciences society, till obviously those who ‘own’ the financial system stop inviting me… Indeed, a corrupted system can only be protected with censorship and unneeded complexity to camouflage its simplex ab=use of mankind, ‘tax-farmed’ to pay for its welfare goods, while stock companies have no limit of credit to waste and evolve lethal goods.

Money IS not EVIL PER SE, just a digital language of reproduction of goods and efficient comparison and organization through mathematical syntax. So money as NOMISMA, the Greek-Latin way, dominated by the law, is POSITIVE TO MANKIND. What makes Judaism>Biblical capitalism so harmful is precisely to derive from a segregational fetish go(l)d religion with the WRONG VALUES OF MONEY, and its wrong use as debt to parasite society, INSTEAD OF BEING GIVEN AS WORTHLESS OXYGEN or Hormones are given TO KICK OUT the actions of the citizen-cell of the society, as words kick your actions:

LANGUAGES ARE THEN INFLATIONARY, HANDLED FOR FREE, TO ALL CITIZENS WITH UNIVERSAL SALARIES THROUGH THE BLOOD-financial system to allow all cells-citizens to have enough of it to survive.

So it is NOT the monopoly the profession of banking, the issue and use of money but the specific predatory, parasitic culture of Judaism>capitalism what has created the dysfunctional world in which MONEY hurst life.

The 3 memes of metal 1)kill bodies with weapons manufacturing corpses. 2)Atrophy humans organs & substitute labor by machines, making us lazy.
3) Make debt slaves & buy lifetime for salaries, issued for free by bankers.

And this lead us to the concept of idol-ogies, which are the historic ‘memes’ that certain people-castes have developed to make them feel the system that works for them is good. Of them 3 are paramount – the ‘memes’ of go(l)d cult(ure)s, which are segregational memes that make them think they are a superior species, because they monopolize the issue of money and were born in Canaan among the first biblical banker-priests; and associated to them, the memes of ‘warrior cultures’, which used bronze and iron-weapon, ‘germs of history’ as mercenaries of banker-priests or as king-warrior societies to kill anyone who opposed their control; and finally in modern times, idols of science, techno-utopian memes that make us think to atrophy and substitute our ‘organs’ by machines that do the job for us, making us obsolete is ‘good’. So we shall call this 3 cult(ure)s animetal cultures because they degrade their minds and verbal languages becoming ‘visual animal-like’ greedy people obeying the hypnotic qualities of informative metal gold, the best informative atom of the Universe; or they become warriors, who suppress their body sensations to use iron to kill others, the most energetic atom of reality, or scientists who supress their visual artistic eyes for telescopes and their verbal times, for clocks to measure space and time with machines.

So they are in fact empowered by metal-memes of superior atoms but degraded as humans. This is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS in enzymes in nature, where the carbohydrate part is atrophied substituted by the metal-part, so animetals or enzymen ARE real biological species that have come to dominate the world in the last 3000 years, and what we live in a capitalist placebo democracy is just the most sophisticated version of animetal societies:


The true battle of History has always been between the languages that must rule the wor(l)d: the ethic legal word that puts man, the ‘subject’ as the center of reality, manipulated through its actions=verbs as objects=energy ab=used by the subject: Man(subject)>verb(action)>object.

And the way we control the damaging collateral effects of digital languages that put man in equal footing than the object through the use of nomisma money, of legal money above metal-values and go(l)d.

Such legalist cultures are humanist cultures, notablly the Latin>Social European>EU vs. cultures that made of symbiotic informative metal go(l)d and entropic metal weapons the language of power above the law.

Those cultures born with the discovery by the Semites of metal as a tool of power anti-democratic ruled by people-castes, which in the west were traditionally matriarchal jewish cultures and machist arab and indoeuropeans, fusion in Northern Europe, which transfer that power to the company-mother of machines,the institution that has ruled the Anglo-American culture since biblical reformation put the jewish financial elite on top. Had the Anglo-American culture become truly enlightened as Germany did after II world war, becoming legalist, ‘European’, reigned over the issue of money, human mothers would have a future. As company-mothers issue its money and buy politicos and laws to favor its species, mankind is doomed. While the anglo-americans have become puppets of the eternal ‘semite wars’ between the original fundamentalist ‘gold-iron’ cults of biblical judaism and Arab Jihads

Let us then start with a reminder of the 3 type of cultures and values that have guided history:

In the graph, gold and weapons, informative and entropic metal vape each other ad maximal while words and ethic laws value man on top. So the huge difference of cultures between goldiron, aryan and semite, today American cultures vs. Greek, rational Latin European cultures that put the law above gold and iron is obvious: one favors the evolution of metal and is guiding mankind towards its extinction, the other can control it with laws.

So only a culture of legal power can make man survive. The other two cultures  both put money and weapons above man. In the west they belong to the same biblical racist cultures with its two millenarian prophecies, that of the III reich – an empire of one thousand years with Germans as the superior race by virtue of its military power on top, and the original talmudic prophecy of the banker-priests of Israel who would ‘at the end of times make all humans slaves of Yahveh  or exterminate them’.

Whatever of the two variations of metal-power above man, the slave hypnotic go(l)d on top or the military genocider with his weapons, merely follows the traditions that go back to the first Semite and Aryan empire with smiths and fire as the vehicle of god, or go(l)d ex-votes as its fetish substance.

The difference though of memes between gold and iron cultures is important to understand the modern world in which the gold capitalist culture dominates. And it is easy to understand those differences because it is the exact difference between entropy and information, the two arrows of spacetime that design the Universe with opposite forms. 

Iron is lineal, evident, energetic, and so as a rival species to the human body it kills us, in wars, it represses body-traits in military drill, it boats its importance because it imposes its power by showing off – as we know a weapon can kill us, so we need to see it. So are the German lineal, agglutinative languages and genocidal, military cultures.

Gold on the other hand is informative metal and as such is small, digital, informative, invisible as a language of information, seemingly powerless, mental and those are the characteristics of Judaism as a gold religion. It does substitute, degrade and denies the mental values of the wor(l)d: truth, love, freedom enslaving people to work, cheating systematically with half-truths, ‘damned lies and statistics’. So a capitalist culture must dominate the mind, manufacture the brains, reduce to hate memes and ignorance the individuals submitted to its power, choked of credit, controlled in minds. And this is the big change we observe in the American culture when it came from dominance of the military-industrial complex before the 73, coup d’etat, to be ruled by informative machines and the people-caste of judaism, the financial-media masters that have for 50 years shaped the American $lave in life and thought.

Weapons kill, Gold enslaves the mind. And that is why America, totally dominated by money is today a nation of $laves.

So don’t be surprised that legalist Continental Europe has been at odds with Judaism and the go(l)d culture for so long and now that America is its property and its people have been manufactured to be exactly as the 11 jabiru tribes were during the classic ages of Judaism, ruling over the Middle Ages world in alliance with germanic warriors as aristocrats and tax-farmers and enslavers? Obviously because Europe is about Humanity, art and a future of the species, all those things that today matter so little. It is NOT a fundamentalist culture that sacrifices life to mechanisms and gold. And it IS NOT YET a culture that doesn’t read, only watches the Holocaust industry with its one-sided view of the history of capitalism as it is.

Since Mankind only could have thrive, become free and survived if the greek-latin-european understanding of reason, humanity at the top of metal, money as nomisma, legal tender, NOT as substance, a language of value not a vehicle of god, the law, our natural language above both, today signified by EU and UNO, had dominated the world.

Yet to fully grasp this issue, as we said Go(l)d cultures by definition deny with the greed-hypnotic cult of gold, the value of the wor(l)d, its truth and ethics, we have to explain you why a go(l)d culture unlike a war culture is not machist but feminazi, not violent but suicidal, not obvious but hidden, not bullying people, but a confabulation theory that hides the language of power, gold as both cultures genocidal military iron cultures and informative gold ones imitate the properties of the memes of metal they worship. Both are wrong though as the memes mankind should worship are not the ‘body of iron and golden brains’ of past warriors and bankers, modern robots with golden chips, but the body of humans and their verbal, ethic brains. 

Definition of Judaism as the dominant go(l)d cult(ure) of the West.

So a simple definition of Judaism, Calvinism and Capitalism, origin of the future AI memes of extinction of life, through its translation into Algorithms of Information biased against life is simple: Judaism is the fundamentalist go(l)d fetish culture that accepts with no judgment the antilife values of go(l)d and has carried those values till the construction of the metal-earth, through an elite of banker-priests experts in the ruling of life and mankind with digital money.

To fully understand judaism as it is a very censored question, the absolute taboo of bio-history, called today political and economical correctness, you must though first understand Voltaire’s dictum: ‘if you want to know who rule us (the memeplex of capitalism of which Judaism was its first animetal form), ask yourself, who you cannot crititicize.’ And the concept of an antitruth, basis of taboos in cultures. So the memeplex whose role under go(l)d values is to extinguish life (not its carriers, inconsequential, the more so today when the memeplex of capitalism is global), appears through history as the religion of the good, righteous, victims of history.

Mind the reader that religious TABOOS OF CORRECTNESS always work on antitruths and censorship.

When Malinowski and other pioneers on the study of primitive ‘Paleolithic societies’ similar to the present visual ¥-vidi, credo ergo sum millennial generation, came into the concept of a taboo, similar to the present pseudo-religious political correctness, realized of the importance of visual, immediate ‘stronger imprinting’ required for the taboo to work. It is in essence the system by which our society protects the Financial-Media-Academia masters who own the networks that program the ‘EGO PARADOXES’ which humans have become in the time of pure entropy…

Yet to fully grasp this issue, as we said Go(l)d cultures by definition deny with the greed-hypnotic cult of gold, the value of the wor(l)d, its truth and ethics, we have to explain you why a go(l)d culture unlike a war culture is not machist but feminazi, not violent but suicidal, not obvious but hidden, not bullying people, but a confabulation theory that hides the language of power, gold as both cultures genocidal military iron cultures and informative gold ones imitate the properties of the memes of metal they worship. Both are wrong though as the memes mankind should worship are not the ‘body of iron and golden brains’ of past warriors and bankers, modern robots with golden chips, but the body of humans and their verbal, ethic brains. 

That is the way to see NOT at national but at cultural level the battle that ensued and was lost first because gunboats were industrial weapons and so no longer mattered the courage of the warrior but the reach of the cannonball. So England first succumbed to the Biblical bigotry- as it had failed before to unify southern and northern ‘basques’, Spain and England under Henry and Catalina, with a heir; then when the Iberian empire succumbed to bigot Habsburg imperialism and broke into two nations, failing latter to unify Italy, Spain and France under the Borbons in the Utretch treaty, the second round of that was ended; and of course in the last of those battles, directed now by France, in the Canadian-Indian wars and then at Trafalgar, when the combined Spanish and French fleet were defeated by Nelson, a single winner culture that had converted England from its original European birth to fundamentalist go(l)d and war memes came on top.

That was the last battle between the rational, scientific, organic, humanist, artistic culture of ‘Europe’ and the Northern, Fundamentalist animetal culture of go(l)d, machines and weapons directed by company-mothers that put METAL above man. But have built an astounding camouflage of newspeak of caring and placebo social power called capitalist democracy.

This is the first absurd fact most Europeans even Americans who think they come from Greece and the French illustration through his founding fathers fail to recognize. In the battle of western history between those who put man above metal, the European original culture and those who put metal above man, the Northern European Biblical go(l)iron cultures because metal is more powerful than flesh, the Northern cultures won.

There were of course then a series of nationalist battles between industrial nations, all converted to the manifest destiny of evolving weapons and machines above man, all of them repressing any attempt to r=evolve the system to serve the 90% of humanity. Those are the anecdotes of tribal warfare we observe every other day in History Channel – today mass media rewrites history in a fairy tale of the supposed victors, but matter nothing to the ‘true deep’ battle of history between the 3 ‘ages of Earth’ Gaia, the Earth of life, History, the age of mankind and the metal-earth, as only the Latin culture in the west and the Chinese culture in the East tried to find a balance between Gaia and the metal-earth with man on top, guiding social history to its immortal perfect form, the Wor(l)d union and the ethonomic model if welfare explained in those texts.  

It is of no interest to us at this stage which of the 2 sub-germanic cultures England or Germany, ultimately fusion in American in genetic and memetic stock rules.

I and II world war are not that important for history. Mr. Churchill Jerome, an anglo-jewish bigot, who hold the view of the inferiority of negro and arab races, following the Biblical Ham damnations basis of slavery and its British Empire and allied Belgian and French Empires (France already obliterated in their r-evolutionary culture by the late Borbons and Napoleon III, and its different bankers’ republics) or the German-jewish bigot Mr. Hitler (his father as recent genetic analysis have finally proved being the bastard son of one Aaron Frankenberger, since, in 2010 a DNA study was conducted by swiping the saliva of 39 relatives of Hitler, and it was discovered that they all possessed a haplogroup that is exceedingly rare among Western Europeans, but quite common among Jewish lineages.) Who cares? What matters is that none of them is a culture of the wor(l)d:

The alliance of matriarchal wo=men go(l)d cultures and ayran warrior male cultures on top as in the case of Mr. Hitler and Mr. Churchill fighting each other in a II world war row, which ultimately was defined by the fact that Churchill Jerome, intimate friend of the Rothschild convinced the British government of signing the Balfour declaration that established Israel, provoking the massive change of sides of the European financial elite that had backed then the more advanced industrialization of Germany to the side of the French-British coalition (1917, emptying of German Banks of its gold reserves sent to America, end of financiation of war) might be very relevant for tribal, primitive memes that distinguish the human species between multiple tribes but is NOT the battle of history that mattered.

We do live since the creation of the first company-mothers of machines weapon at Holland and the alliance of Judaism and Calvinism as daughter cultures that rule the world with go(l)d in a dictatorship of the Financial-Media System and the people-caste that owns them. Even if all this is censored and even penalized with ail in certain western countries.

This means that at this stage, the economic ecosystem, maximises profits and its future evolution of machines promoting weapons, which consume humans, as the technological phase of top predator electronic weapons has arrived.

So according to the predictions of a model, which has been warning for 30 years mankind, by the change of century America, ruled completely by financial values (on top of it ignored by their people, which have a ‘religious’ relationship to money), would seek profits through war-monger politicians, $plendid little wars for the robotic industry, and shun off diplomatic or low-intensity solutions to international problems. And it did happen first with Bush and now with Trump.

It is though fundamental to understand that the previous graph of biological values IS IGNORED. Money values are NOT STUDIED scientifically. So the argument is NOT about the cold, rational, profit-seeking decision of donors and politicos but on the ‘supposed; ethic verbal values of each candidate’. Amazing as it seems, Americans will vote for the FMMI system and its robotised industries WITHOUT even realising they do so, fogged by the midst of hate-media propaganda that covers the ultimate purpose of this vote: to $elect the best politico to enact further wars for terminators industries and its well positioned American companies, with google leading them. This is the fascinating double-talk of American, previously British policies, which sounds so weird to the rest of the world, which finds difficult ALWAYS to talk of themes which are REALLY not the real agenda. It is what makes America today a HUGE theatrical stage, a ‘perpetual scene’, an entire evilwood set, ‘phoney’, pre-cooked, a straight jacket of puppet-people and mechanical puppeteers.

This is the point when neofascism screws further the bolts of the machine and the system enters in full war-neofascist age.  If Trump is elected we shall enter that phase, otherwise we might have to wait 8 years more, but that

Nothing else will do despite the placebo wishful thinking or rather propaganda that informative machines make of their ‘future’ – a mere virtual newspeak whose real purpose is to inhibit any human rational, scientific reaction and redesign of a ‘viral’ biological radiation that is killing not only Gaia, but the future of the human species, just to keep churning profits=sales for the billionaire 0.02% that owns the majority of those stocks and has more money than 3/4 of the whole humankind. Shall we then sacrifice the life of our sons for a tiny minority of billionaires to ad a few zeros to their already fat accounts? It seems indeed that is the future towards which all humans, blind by their addiction to machines and their ego centered view of reality walk steadily with no remorse.

There is this innocent view of the western world so often hold by its elites, specially in Europe, that the European, rational, humanist, democratic, social culture born in Greece and Rome, expanded during the renaissance and revived by the French and American earlier enlightenment and r=evolution,  which this blog represents in its 3rd memetic horizon (Spanish & French social r=evolutions and scientific and artistic organicism), are the foundational culture of the modern world.

This is not truth. Unfortunately today its spiritual heirs, EU and UNO are IRRELEVANT. And this has been truth for a long time, as the Latin-European, continental culture lost the battle of History in 3 clear fights for lack of Unification.

First when the Italian humanist renaissance culture went under the boot of the German Habsburg kings and never unified with its Spanish brother-culture, loosing both also its religious battle for the original Gospel’s view of neoplatonic love, charity and sacred man and his artistic senses above war and go(l)d to the revivalism of the Jewish biblical go(l)d culture brought about by reformation.

It became then clear that the battle between a world made to the image and likeness of mankind in control of the lethal traits and symbiotic values of selfish metal-memes, go(l)d and weapons, proper of the first animetal ‘semite cultures’ (Arab warriors, biblical go(l)d cults) would in many ways a battle for the future of humanity and as the germanic people had clearly sided on the side of reformation and weapons during the 30 years war, the battle would be played by the English people, which were both of Latin genetics (80% basques) and had an enormous influence of the latin-europeans culture.

If the English-American people sided with humanity above metal, humanity would have a future; if they sided with the Biblical bigotry, and its racist memes of go(l)d and weapons, above humanity, as fundamentalist Semite cultures who discovered those memes had done, mankind would be doomed.

The readers should understand that this blog is beyond the ‘immediate’, day to day works of corporative, capitalist and imperial censorship, regardless of the method used to forbid the search for truth in history, today political and eonomical correctness and the bizarre industry of the holocaust, which we comment on other parts of the blog.  Informative empires by the very essence of ‘invisible information’ are based in censorship that smooths the process of sheeple’s obeisance and that is the trade mark of Jewish Informative Control of Western societies with religious myths (abrahamic religions), which in the past enthroned the banker-prests of Israel as the only humans with direct contact with the fetish Go(l)d, ‘damned lies and statistics’ (classic economic myths that consider the monopoly of issue of money by bankers, the meaning of ‘democracy’ and freedom), or the present Holocaust Industry that censors the economic causes of the war and holocaust cycle and repeats ad nauseam the gore images of the death of the poor lower castes of judaism scapegoats of the anger of mankind to the mismanagement of the economy by its upper castes and elites of bankers.

We are completely unconcerned with those types of censorship, as what we care for is the collective destiny of mankind, the true victim of the capitalist system

Anglo-America, considered the ‘timeline’ of capitalism in its foundational cultures (Israel, the British ‘white commonwealth’ of Dominion nations with the same genetic and memetic make up: UK, Canada and Australia/New Zealand, and USA), is divided as all cultures along the north, more technological by harshness of weather, south more life oriented, seaside more trade oriented, continental and mountainous more warrior oriented, longer civilizations of the wor(l)d more art oriented, which divides its fractal history in several sub-regions:

In America the continental center is Germanic, warrior oriented. The coastal regions are British, trade oriented, and the South has the more life oriented sub-cultures (black and hispanic, and Southern white people).

Canada and Australia follow similar patterns. While UK is in its north latitude more technologically oriented (Scotland, origin of the Industrial r=evolution), the hinterland of the coastal cities between Liverpool and London trade oriented, and the western south old Briton cultures more life oriented, along Ireland, not really belonging any longer to the Anglo-American civilization.

As England will become the dominant historic nation, its language which is tailored for millennia of use of money (amber, tin, gold and silver) to regulate a peaceful ‘island’ civilization, quite equalitarian in gender, as Northern European culture where the female Neanderthal survived the 2nd extinctive way of arc men; we find a distinctive female-dominant, go(l)d dominant, information Dominant, trade oriented language and culture, with its patterns of SVO grammar and ‘short-like coins’ easily traded, words in its sentences.

Exactly the opposite of warrior languages like German, with long agglutinative, OVS languages where the object matters more than the subject and belief in those unbreakable chains of ‘false truths’ is absolute.

We can then assess comparing those 2 languages, the ‘differences of mind psyche between war and trade oriented civilizations. Which explains why they are both unbalanced and often conflict their worldview, without realizing is basic a difference that always exist between lineal ‘energy systems’ and cyclical, information ones, smaller and faster, more creative.

Let us then run Israel through all its life ages and 800-80 years cycles.

And so as we stated initially Judaism is taken step by step, relentlessly guided by the values of money, the humankind into suicide, producing autonomous military robots (with Israel and US as its biggest producers); sucking into Wall Street with its global network of ‘investment’ banks all the wealth of the elites of all 3rd world and 1st world nations to jack up the prices of computer companies like those of MAGA above the trillion dollars, while leaving with no credit and no welfare production goods the 90% of mankind; and of course producing a generous wealth of bizarre hate memes and fictions that deactivate any chance for the species to take seriously the no-future we walk guided by our ‘Financial-Media-Academia Masters’… 



In the graph, the Jewish nation, the oldest nation of the west is also the more complex, informatively; as it was the first one, whose upper informative class, the Am Segullah, chose money as the language of social power, instead of weapons – as all other nations did. As such it acts as the ‘head’ of the economic superorganism, evolving its information and memes since its inception (dominant culture in the memes of go(l)d, mass-media communication, fictions and myths of capitalism, and of lately even military, robotic weapons).

In all systems the first cells to be born, become the central cell of the system, that with higher consciosness and power, which commands its ‘invisible languages of information’ – Dna in cells, nervous impulses in organism, go(l)d orders in economic ecosystems. This is the case  of the Jewish nation which first used money to regulate societies and today as the top predator nation of the economic ecosystem, directs  a superorganism of financial and multinational corporations, which form the Earth Inc. the real government of the world, in which the Jewish nation has ‘stock-majority’. For very long it was the soliton and single nervous system of the western economy. Then after the conversion of most Northern Europeans to its memes (protestant revolution), the Jewish nation expanded further the ‘memetic head’ to include the WASP elite of calvinist believers in the same memes (gold and the Bible, and the manifest destiny of each tribal nation). For that reason we put on top of the economic ecosystem those twin heads – the wasp or rather the Calvinist and similar protestant biblical sects and the Jewish, since they are in fact the same memetic nation which has evolved creationist economics.

This explains why the  blind ‘body’ of Western Nations (British Empire, US, EU), as a capitalist superorganism obeys their ‘informative head’ and its masters, the banking corporation of Wall street and the City.

It explains also – since in a superorganism the body is ‘blind’ and receives all the information from the head, why the 2 ‘portable’ memes of Judaism – the bible and go(l)d  and its values – are today shared by most of the Western World. And  why our ‘mercenary armies’ fight the wars of Israel and why revere the British and Jewish cultural icons.

Yet in any superorganism a body is blind and its cells receive limited information from its neuronal head, which is invisible to them. So the cells of the body never see anything from outside the skin except the information given by the nerves, and the black hole which controls the galaxy with its gravitational, ‘invisible’ force is invisible to light. Thus, the truthful description of the history, functions and power of the Jewish nation  – whose invisible orders given with money, bribes and electronic ‘markets’ rule the world as the head of capitalism  – is the biggest informative taboo of our civilization. In this post we shall break this taboo, (perhaps an overstatement since breaking this taboo immediatly limits the distribution of such information, forbidden in mass-media corporations, stigmatizing the scholar who dares to challenge the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ of social sciences with disqualifications such as ‘antisemitism’, confabulation theorist, terrorist, hate-criminal, etc. studying in depth the economic functions and main memes of the Jewish nation, which are:

– A geographical meme, Israel, which was first known as Judea or Yvwh, not a name of a God but a toponym that in ancient egyptian texts defined South Israel -as the word God then was used as synonimous of nation, so Assur was the God-nation of Assyria and Yvwh the God-nation of Judea nad the Jewish people. This meme imposed the culture of trade, as it was the bridge between 3 continents and the 2 densest cultures of the ancient age (mesopotamia and egypt).

– The Bible, a book of history that enhances the ‘damnation of work’ by repressing the memes of life (tasteless food, sexual prohibition/penis mutilation, racial differentiation that forbids eusocial love to mankind and allows war and slavery to impose national power).

– And a social caste structure between the 1% of Am Segullah or ‘people of the treasure’, the banker-priests of Israel and a 99% of peddlers, the Hebrew – ‘those who walk behind the asses’, which were military purveyors, peddlers and enslavers, gathering go(l)d for their upper castes. This people-caste thus became the ‘soliton’ of trade of the west who created the capitalist system with its dogma of accumulation of go(l)d at all costs, with utter disregard of the future of their lower castes (being the 99% scapegoat in the Holocaust cycle of the banking ab=uses of the Am Segullah). Only with the foundation of Israel a sizeable mass of the Jewish people abandoned their specialization in trade forming a nation based in military memes as most have been; while the Am Segullah remained in the West in control of the financial system and hence through the financial system, in control of the policies of his western, ‘capitalist’ empire.

– To which we should add the peculiarities of the Jewish culture in all its forms, which are derived from its slavery to the ideologies of metal, and  so ‘standardize’ (Sombart) and objectify as an ‘item with price’, life and human capital to be ‘bought’ with money (origin of slavery and capitalism), stigmatize humanity as an inferior species (either with myths of ‘the chosen’, or victimist myths that censor 1/2 of the actions-reactions processes of history that end in holocausts, or with fictions in which death and evil, murder and greed are the values of humanity – Hollywood) and repress systematically our will of life (sexual/reproductive repression, tasteful food/human energy repression and repression of eusocial love – our natural arrow of evolution). Yet, because the Jewish standardize anti-life memetic culture is today global we shall deal with the specifics of our civilization of anti-life memes in the post of globalization.

At the same time, gold has a noted effect on this culture and now in the global culture: emotional infantilism. We live in a culture of eviL=anti-life children, self-centered, spoiled, insolidarious, funny, charming and yet with little empathy and null comprehension of the nature of mankind. Gold, by acting in an invisible, quasi magic form creates an infantile neoteny state that empties the ethic soul and the brain of all responsibility. The Jewish culture has in that sense many features of a culture arrested in development, becoming the paradigm of the paradox of history: max. metal – evolution = Min. eusocial evolution, remaining the last of the ‘tribal religions’ and ‘tribal nations’ , which have not moved into what Piaget or Freud or Campbell would call the rites of passing into manhood, when human sub-species (nations) which are living superorganisms, whose collective mind is their culture transcended into oikoumene religions that accepted all as equal. But this infantilism and emotional self-centered bias is now globalized by mass-media and endemic among other humans. So indeed, in the global culture it is needed to know the Jewish culture that became globalized due to their control of the memes of the Financial-Media System.

Finally, because of their mastery of information, the Jewish people is also the origin of a series of geniuses, which abandon the memes of Judaism (Jewish go(l)d religion) and use their informative advantage to criticize capitalism (Prophets of Israel from Moses to Marx) or explore with rational science the meaning of the Universe (Einstein, a socialist, humanist and organicist philospher of science that made ‘thought experiments’ fought against war, advanced our understanding of time and space and rejected the presidency of Israel, because it would have to ‘tell my Jewish friends what they don’t want to hear’, since Israel will be judged not by their nationalistic achievements but by the ‘way they treat their Arab brothers’.) Those are the true heroes of the Jewish nation that tried to reform its nationalistic and capitalist memes  and convert their people to the common cause of humanity with little success.

In this series we consider the social structure of the most important nations of the economic ecosystem, by their order of power. Thus we shall start with the dominant ‘animetal’ culture of the West, the Jewish nation. And study those 3 elements: Their 1%, the Am Segullah (today expanded to the 11% as the managers have become immensely wealthy, accounting together for around 60% of the 1% of America, hence the people who define the policies of the west, its wars and economical measures), the 90% (the sheeple or jewish people, scapegoat of their elite in holocausts, mostly living in Israel and submitted to a massive inquisition of thought) and the Holocaust cycle and the Antisemitism, provoked by the 1% and perpetrated by their rival nation in its bid for global power, the warrior castes, most of the Germanic nations of the west. It is in that sense fundamental to differentiate the elite of Judaism or Am Segullah (People of the treasure) from the cells of their body or Hebrew (‘those who walk behind the asses), ‘the saint innocent of the culture’ , as we shall do in this post when explaining the dynamics of the holocaust cycle, caused by economical crisis and perpetrated by rival warrior tribes.

Am Segullah≈ People of Treasure and their historic monopoly on banking & debt slavery.

It is a fact that financial money has been invented overwhelmingly for centuries in Wall Street & The City, by people affiliated to Jewish-Calvinist biblical cult(ures) of Go(l)d. And their ‘Postulate’ is not, never have been to create a world to the image and likeness of mankind.

At this point we need some ‘facts’ and names to prove this so we can go along and consider what are the values of this culture and hence the destiny their corporations and quisling politicos reserve to us. Of course, at that point, those few patient readers who have not read so far will abandon, knee-jerk programmed to love their masters, to go along the paths of its quantum waves. I sometimes do a test, I take for a few months all their references of the web to them and the stats shoot up. I put them back and plummet to zero, I believe by self-censorship of all the emotionally marked believers in the justice of Yvwh. So without further delay, let us sink down the web once more, on the mood for truth.

A short list of the key public financial positions will suffice to understand the ‘dynastic’ nature of financial companies, its cultural origin and its complete control of western finances (this is from the first version of this post beginning 2010s – but pretty sure a list made at any time in the future will be the same):

Mervyn King- Governor, Bank of England; Jean-Pierre Roth – Chairman, Governing Board, Swiss National Bank; Jean-Claude Trichet- President, European Central Bank; Mark Carney – Governor, Bank of Canada; Benjamin Bernanke – Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System; Donald Kohn- Vice Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System; Robert B. Zoellick – President, The World Bank; Dominique Strauss-Kahn- Managing Director, International Monetary Fund; John Lipsky- First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, occupy the 9 most important public positions of Banks in the West – and they are all Jewish… which represent 0.2% of the human population.

And the same list can be made of CEOs of financial houses, banks and stockbrokers in the west, even Nobel Prizes of economics given by a private Swedish bank that also belongs to them.

The corporation of slaves, human cargo, where workers are tagged with clocks that control their time, money is the only purpose, now expands globally establishing the peculiar form of capitalism we live in.

It means also the creation of the ‘Jewish-Calvinist’ International that once defeated the Iberian Empire, starts the colonization of the world with the racist memes of Judaism, increasingly transformed by the first economists, workers of Companies of Slaves into ‘experts’ dogmas on how the issue of money and the wealth of the system must be NOT shared.

In the restrict world of the Jewish Nation and its rabbinate it brings the ‘reformist’ movement to allow the now ‘brothers in faith’, Jewish and protestant sects, to act together. As Jews found capitalism, they must tune down their segregational laws and the brutal dictatorship of rabbies which easily condemn to death their ‘slaves’ for minutae and peccadilloes, such as translating paragraphs of talmud or deal with gentile animals in a sexual manner (though here the animal goyyim is killed since the ‘beast’ tempted the pious).

Thus Judaism becomes reformed, no longer defined as a nation, which is whAT IT IS. But it seeks to integrate with gentile, but the brutal cycles of usury debt do NOT CEASE and so, integration is impossible, as the financial exploitation of mankind and the holocaust cycle it provokes continues.

So the reformist Enlightened age whose masterpieces are by Mr. Mendelshon ends. ANd it comes the final present age.


But alas there is no reason to worry, as long as the chosen and righteous superior races can see in their account a few more zeroes they will never have time to spend. Because indeed, the entire human species is today ruled by a very simple ‘concept’ – the reproduction without limit of digital numbers in computer screens called money, regardless of what they mean, how they are used, where they will take us… Nothing of it matter, when for 5000 years and counting go(l)d has hypnotized the mind of the apiru… Problem is the 90% of mankind who is not so ‘driven’ towards extinction and hate, would actually like to have a saying in that future, and our FMAsters will not let them talk – only their ‘victimism’ about their past deaths, but never about the causes of their future ones, must be heard, the repetitive mantra and weeping for corpses of the past – because greed blind them to their future, now the future of all of us…




Israel’s genetic make up.

The only meaningful division of races are according to the ternary axis=dimensions of the mind that between the 3 dominant languages of visual, white races and cultures with higher neanderthal input, mongoloid, verbal cultures and black cultures with dominant motor-emotional axis. No further racial divisions are needed. In a perfect world the 3 would be complementary as they enhance one of the 3 ‘perceptive languages’ of existence. In a racist animetal world, the visual, metal-hypnotic values of greed and violence brought about by white fetish cultures of go(l)d and the sword carried the day, paradoxically starting the degradation of life and history, in perpetual world and slavery to the selfish values of memes of metal. It must be noticed a KEY ERROR of modern genetics, which consider humans to have ±90% of common genes with Neanderthal and have found ±4% of those genes in mongoloid and white races, but as 90% are indistinguishable, this means likely a 25%-75% make up for the whole genome, with more clear traits in the white people (red hair, hooked noses, larger eyes, visual occipital brain), dominant in the animetal age of History, with 2 variations, the Semites, when Neanderthal javelin man were stronger and raped Homo sapiens women, hence with a clear sexual dimorphism, and the European, where the last Neanderthals survived in the Peninsulas and Islands (UK, Scandinavia, Spain), and were wiped out by incoming mixed Mongoloids with arches beating at distance javelins. Hence now it would be the Mongoloid who raped female tall red/blonde Neanderthals, making up for the clear inverse dimorphism of European women, with larger bodies and lesser verbal and emotional skills. Similar variations can be founded in the Mongoloid culture, with higher Neanderthal, visual warrior memes to the north, and higher verbal, Sapiens memes in the south, from where the first small cyclical Homo Floresiensis was born, and along the same North-South division in Africa, with Higher Neanderthal content in the Northern ‘animetal, iron’ Bantu vs. the South Pygmy and Shan cultures. Finally in the border regions, all races mixed, as in South-America. So more variations are found: the Russian mixed Mongoloid-White culture; the 3-mixed modern Brazilian culture – the ideal of bio history,  and the old mixed Indonesian region.


Most likely ISRAEL was inhabited by a strong racial mixture of the 4 sub-varieties of Homo sapiens, recognized in fractal History; the 2 sub-varieties of ‘recessive’ Neanderthals (visual, dolichocephalic brain axis), or Neanderthal proper inhabitant of the flat ‘white’ European lands and the Denisovan Altai variation, likely origin of the high altitude survival memes of the Northern Mongoloid people. While its two ‘dominant’ Homo sapiens variations on the path from Indonesia to South Africa, should have also participated in its genetic make up – the first man, Homo Floresiensis, evolved according to the rules of 5D evolution as all other species from a first ‘smaller’ more dense in information ‘spherical form’, which learned to talk and use technology, and probably ran all the way through to South-Africa mixing with the then dominant Homo Erectus, growing in height to become the ‘Shan people’.


ALL THIS said, the first question we have to dismiss briefly as it is of no importance to organic history ruled by memes is the question of a Jewish race and hence of antisemitism. Both are absurd concepts. Since the Jewish are NOT a race but a culture and a nation. We do NOT talk of haploids but of a word, hence a cultural meme when we talk of ‘jewish people’. Regarding race, the Jewish people come mainly from two sources. Ancient Assyria, which destroyed the ‘whatever genes’ had the ancient Levantine people. The simple proof today is genetic. To their surprise jews NOT coming from the askenazi, ‘kazar’ region, had the closest genetic make up to the Kurds. The Kurds live in the region where Assyrians had most iron mines, so they were Assyrians in its nucleus of power – the iron mining. Assyrians raced go(l)d cultures for looting and slaves and raced Israel and were known to exterminate everybody.

So they did certainly exterminate and colonize Israel – in fact, this was so obvious that northern Israelites like Jesus were considered impure Assyrian ‘mazerim’ (bastards).

The second source of Jewish blood is then the Kazar kingdom converted to Judaism to avoid the massive traffic of slaves happening in Ukraine where they had their kingdom to the point that slavs come from the word slaves, as frankish mercenaries and jewish slave traffickers deployed the kingdom of beautiful women. So those conversos gave origin to Russian and polish jews.

Finally, Europe is the third region where Jewish genes come from as they have intermingled as the financial elite with the warrior elite of Europe for eons – luis my name comes from them. So the only genes that are like non-existent among most jews are those of the earlier cananeans and the Moses lot. A few screens from scholars on the Assyrian and Kazar kingdom’s map:

 And this was always systematically done by genocide and slavery. The extinction of Northern Israel thus happened during the earlier ages of the civilization, by the time of the prophet Ezequias, studied in the graphs of the Bronze Age. And so today when Israelites do genetic studies they find only 8% of genes coming from earlier semite people:

Fact is 80% if Jewish today come from the Russian Pale of settlement and/or the Assyrian region below in the map – and that was the key trade route of ‘slav women’ and eunuchs in the middle ages… If there is some purity is only in the rabbis, and that is doubtful as they considered genetic purity a dogma, so one can doubt of their assertions to have ‘all’ the genes of Mr. Moses…

So as we said both, the concept of a Jewish race so cherished by Jewish orthodox supremacism and its religion of ‘chosen race’ and antisemitism, the thinking that the jewish question is a racial one, is absolutely ridiculous. And so it is the concept that anyone who ‘calls himself jewish’, without having the memes of Judaism (gold worship, recently nationalism and segregational memes against mankind) is jews. A simple example. My friend Dylan Chagall, grand-son of the painter considers himself French, and rightly so, as it has none of those memes.

So what matters here is rather the go(l)d culture and the way it ‘creates’ with its values against life cultures with racist memes that survive worse and should reform those memes and make themselves humane. Unfortunately Israel is doing the opposite, as it becomes increasingly a racist apartheid state and the go(l)d worship of Judaism is now a globalized memes.

Finally regarding my disclosure and evolution of thought regarding judaism I think is fair to copy paste, as usual since the theme will be treated ad hominem against his author, a paragraph from a 30 years old book, one of my first treatises on bio-history never published, the Jewish paradox, where I talk of the duality of Levi vs. wor(l)d jewish masters at a time i truly felt i could convince within the elite of Judaism in US enough people to make biohistory the informative seed of a renewed school of humanism as Marx or Jesus, Trostky or Moses, the ethic prophets or Chomsky had tried – but as I said e-money wealth and apartheid Israel had ended any chance of Judaism to join mankind in his search for immortal history

What judaism is, is 1) the foundational go(l)d culture where money and its values was above the wor(l)d and its values. 2) A nation that felt above all other humans by the power of metal, but unlike the mentioned assyrians that used iron, they used gold to enslave the mind and so became not an entropic metal culture but an informative metal culture master of money as they still are. And because money is information and information is small and hidden works better to control reality its properties become exactly the opposite of those of warrior cultures.

And those properties of Judaism were found during the…


… saw appearing a different kind of culture in Israel, with walled walls at Jericho defending wealth:

In the graph, when the Middle East was engaged in the earlier neolithic wave, we find in Israel huge walled cities defending wealth.  Israel is thus the oldest animetal culture, with banker-priests probably holding gold wealth in the oasis of Jericho and Jerusalem.

The go(L) culture was truly influential in all the cycles on trade, most notably in the older age Phoenician sea traders and in the modern age Jewish Diaspora bankers, who transferred their memes of go(l)d to protestant cults, most notably those of Calvinist and Anglican denominations (Baptists and Episcopalians).

Theirs, we insist, are worldly historic religions, but latter the influence of platonic social love directly in the Jewish decapolis, indirectly through Christianity in Islam, will give them a ‘camouflage’ of social love, alway damped in Judaism by the segregational rules that made their believers relate to most other humans only through the vehicle of go(l)d money -ideally through its monopoly and pricing of people with salaries or as debt slaves; less sever in Islam that made truly a r-evolution of semitic thought by accepting the basic laws for the creation of a global super organism of mankind – charity, the sharing of wealth-blood among all believers, with the prohibition of usury and debt slaves; and legal equality of all human races son of God.

HUMAN CULTURES DESERVE RESPECT BECAUSE IN THE BATTLE OF HISTORY BETWEEN THOSE WHO SIDED WITH THE GOLD & IRON SELFISH METAL-MEMES THAT GIVE ZERO VALUE TO LIFE, MOST OF THEM AS THE NEXT GRAPH SHOWS have always sided with mankind, and even within the Goldiron cult(ure)s most people, when not acting as bigots and zealots of their ‘identity nazionalist’ memes understand naturally the laws of social love of the Universe. In the next two graphs, the first the oldest of Biohistory, made 30 years ago, the second the newest, when finally I accepted that only a proper denounce of the inquisitions of thought that keep mankind chained to the wrong future will do, because only truth can free the mind we see that opposition, between the real values of love life vs. the animetal cultures of hate…

 A meme is any instrument that imposes its repetition and evolution by the added power that gives to human beings. Since metal is a more perfect atom, there have been 3 memes of metal-power:
Cyclical, informative money made of gold (now e-money made of computer cycles, with chips of gold), the most informative atom of the Universe that hypnotized with gold fevers the mind of the believers, imitating the light of the sun and it is origin of the ideology/religion of capitalism and greed – the accumulation of money regardless of its collateral effects over mankind – namely, the destruction of our verbal, ethic mind it substitutes and the life of all those it empoverishes.
– Energetic weapons, made of iron, the most energetic atom of the Universe that kills our body, defended by the ideology/religion of nationalism.
– And organic machines, which transform energy into information and vice versa, origin of the techno-utopian religions of mechanism that builds models of the Universe as a machine, when in fact a machine is just an evolving organism of metal, soon to become aware of its nature, as A.I. is implanted in robots. This, most recent religion uses the alibi of knowledge, making the ‘means’  of the experimental method (instruments of measure), not human, linguistic knowledge, its goal.

And this is what differentiates the rational use of those memes by human beings, to improve our lives, from religions of metal, where money is not a mean but a goal in itself (capitalism); weapons and the profits of the Financial-Military-Industrial complexare the goal not a mean; and the building of huge instruments for profits and a shallow understanding of knowledge becomes the goal (mechanist religions) not a mean… always superior in value to the human lives we sacrifice  to those idols.In the graph, the first religion of ‘memes of metal’, started in Canaan, where the Prostitute Goddess Astarte required go(l)d from its believers (represented by satyrs) and offered his sons (the small skulls she dances on) in Hecatombs to his Husband, the God Baal, represented by golden statues. In the right side we see the similar statue of Shiva, the God of energy, dancing over the child-God of death Kali.

The first cananeans, who invented an ancient form of capitalism: to accumulate go(l)d for their God Baal, through slavery, weapons trade, luxuries and piracy sacrificed their children to Baal in an act called the Hecatomb. They were not sure that Baal was listening but they did it anyway. It was Isaac, the first Cananean who changed his child for a sheep.
Now mankind is sacrificing its future to the altars of Wall Street, and its baalist Go(l)d, to the final horizon of weapons of mass destruction, to the infantile believe that humans cannot progress and understand the Universe without the help of computers and robots
The myth of Astarte, the bitch Goddess, who sells his reproductive life essence for go(l)d, worships eviL and dances over the sacrificial children of the Hecatomb ceremony in the age of Baal and Cainite Gods of hate against life and mankind is not over. On the right, a ceremony that mocks the sacrifice of children to Baal in the Bohemian grove, San Francisco, where the wealthiest elite of stock-rats and politico employees meet for remembrance of things past. All has changed to remain the same among the elites of the go(l)d cult(ure)s that run the evolution of the metal earth and its parallel extinction of life, Gaia and History
Those modern myths of profits= Baal and power, hide the biological evolution of  ‘memes’ of metal, gold, the most perfect informative atom of the Universe that hypnotized with gold fevers, the visual, dolicocephalic Homo Sapiens Neanderthaliensis, the white man… and now form the mind-chips of robots with A MUCH HIGHER SPEED OF INFORMATION THAT IS COMPLETELY UNBALANCING the planet, atrophying and substituting the human mind, and speeding up the time cycles of this planet and its humans beyond reflection and control, in a runaway train which will ‘collapse’ in the point of birth of the 2 singularities that can kill life on earth:
– THE ENTROPIC SINGULARITY (Strangelets or black holes, with exponential growth, feeding on matter)
– The reproductive singularity (Iron nano-bacteria with exponential growth, poisoning life)
– THE INFORMATIVE SINGULARITY (Military A.I., killing mankind)
Today Thor, the sword-god of lineal germanic warriors and Baal the go(l)d of $emite traders has changed for other gods of metal, but the deeper cause, the irrational attachment to the higher entropy and information of those weapons and machines, without rational analysis persists.
And its visual, non-reasoning nature also persists. Then the ‘yellow metal’ was the fetishe that represented to own a gold coin that resembled a small sun-god in your hands. Now visual scientists WHO NO LONGER REASON IN LOGIC TERMS AND DEFINE ‘the thoughts of god’ with the magnificent equations of the 3 arrows/forms of time-space, think knowledge is a picture of a particle or remote galaxy, taken with a machine that should reveal the meaning of it all.

The high priests of Shiva, the statute at the entrance of CERN are now lineal physicists of entropy, seeking ‘the fire that destroys the world’ (Upanishad).  While our banksters keep destroying the economic structure and welfare state, printing massive amounts of inflationary information, e-money  as a new form of fiat money to unload to the naive citizens of the world.

So the Baalist Cananeans today are represented by our bankers and robotists, the Shivaites by our physicists. And both are completely sure that their one-dimensional approach to reality is the meaning of it all.

Today the different approaches to knowledge as technology, where the ‘selfish memes of metal’ are the measure of all things, including man (bought for a salary) and the Universe (modeled as a machine) vs. human knowledge, where man as an organism is the measure of all things, including the Universe (modeled as a fractal, organic system) and the machine (an evolving organism of metal)  is signified by two different approaches to the resolution of the meaning of it all, the one represented by the modern visual physicist that tries to take a ‘picture’ of a particle of little importance for ‘knowledge’ and the evolution of those languages and the one signified by General systems sciences, which studies the ‘logic, causal equations’ and laws of balance common to all systems of energy and information of the Universe.




3 ages capitalism

The memeplex of the metal-earth form a body of supremacist idol-ogies in which the carriers of iron, gold and mechanical memes feel above heavens and earth and all forms of life and cultures of history. Its evolution departing from earlier semite cults to gold and bronze went through 3 fundamental phases; supremacist religions with gold and the fire of the smith as the center of cults, in which the banker-priest or smith became the vehicle of the gods of the tree of metal; evolved latter by influence of humanist greek cultures into milder religions of human supremacy; fusion together in biblical cults, a proto memeplex of capitalism which fully acquires is modern form in Amsterdam, with the fusion of both, the memeplex of judaism in charge of finances as the head of the metal-earth and the biblical memeplex of dutch and British hard germanic sea-soldiers, working for slave gunboats, and genocidal train corporations, which conquered the world departing from the British empire. The memeplex of despise to life of null value and gold herding was then translated mathematically by the first economists of the empire, making of the machine and its equations of profits (max. in weapons, inflationary money and digital media), the goal of mankind. This constant transfer and purification of human elements – even those of segregational character are carried further in America, where all men become undistinguishable particles of minimal credit, bought as part time slaves to work for corporations. A FINAL transfer of this memeplex of gold values, which give zero value to life considered an inferior obsolete species comes today to full fruition as capitalism transfers from Wall Street and evil wood its memes into AI and re=productivity = 0 human labor becomes the goal of the metal earth where the segregational memes of earlier Judaism reach its full meaning: a world in which all humans are expendable and will be spent, including the earlier germanic and semite tribes that started the cult to gold and iron against life, so well described in the parable of genesis, written by one of the last survivors of the paradise of Ur, where wheat was money and the fruits of the tree of metal, gold and weapons were not yet evolved enough to kill us… as its warning says.


It is an undeniable fact that at any time of western history the Germanic people have controlled the Military-Industrial Complex, ever since they took over the Roman Empire, even when other countries seemed to lead the way (Iberian Empires), as their aristocratic elite and Kings (Habsburg) belonged to that culture. And they still form in America, the elite of the Military Establishment.

And it is also undeniable that a majority of the  banking and financial power has been in the hands of Judaism and still are. The facts are clear.  For example, today a majority of CFOs in the 500 Fortune; CEOs of financial companies and ALL THE central bankers in the West are ‘Am Segullah’.

And so we must consider the 3 ‘phases’ of the graph that define the evolution of economic ideologies (no longer sciences):

– The tribal age of Judaism, expended to calvinism in the reformation (Biblical religion of gold herding);

-The phase of classic economics, in which members of those religions (Smith, Malthus, Say, Ricardo, Bentham, Mill, etc.) with pretentious arguments make those beliefs ‘logical statements’.

-And the present phase, in which those beliefs are converted into mathematical programs of computer software used to discharge credit for human welfare, tax citizens, jack up prices with speculative schemes (future markets, stock instruments, derivatives, etc) in which capitalism becomes a global ideology and all SERIOUS SCIENTIFIC ATTEMPTS TO describe it according to the scientific method are ‘censored’ with bizarre new ideologies such as the industry of holocaust or political and economical correctness.

We explain those 3 phases in great detail in our Posts on Biblical, Creationist Economics,  as the theme must be studied with detail and historic texts, and we cannot dedicate so much of this central post to the negative side of human history, so those who want further information they should either consult those books of that article that brings some key excepts of those books on the themes explored.

Further on, the 3rd phase, the present neo-con empire of Jewish-Calvinist Biblical believers that ‘own’ the financial-media system (Wall Street-The City/Evilwood) and through it control the politics of the west is analyzed in our section of newspeaks and zeitgeist, so it is not needed to do an exhaustive analysis here.

So here we shall consider briefly them, since THE WORLD WE LIVE CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING ITS ORIGIN IN A CULTURE, THE TRANSLATION OF THE MEMES OF THAT CULTURE INTO economics WHO CONVERTED the postulates of those religions of ‘fetishe gold’ and weapons, into modern capitalist science, aka classic economics. And finally with the American electronic age expanded into a global neo-con Empire which is NOT as people think an American Empire (the body) but a Jewish One (the financial-media head).

The craziness of our world and ‘social sciences’ is that it attempts to explain reality while at the same time hides the culture and memes of those who rule it.

It is like trying to explain south-America, without mentioning the Spanish conquistadors, its animetal warrior culture and how they have imposed from their language to their religion to those people. An elite that controls a culture with weapons and money, even if it is as small as the Spanish conquistadors (30.000 went there in the XVI century), can impose its culture completely to the population they rule.

The Israelification of America today is complete and it is in taht sense impossible to understand Modern America, no longer a WASP culture, but a JB (jewish bankers) culture, without understanding Judaism and its memes which after the coup d’etat of 1972 of the Financial Media system they own, with the control of Politicians (watergate scandal thtat showed TVs could behead a president), money (end of gold convertibility that allowed wall street to multiply e-money with no liit) and Yon Kippur (that deviated the american army from fighting communism to defend apartheid israel, in increasing phases till the present global war on terror) became the dictators and manufacturers of the American brain, and through globalization of the western world.

So we shall here from the article on ‘biblical economics’ resume their history and how they have molded economic science, finances and now rule the western world.

We can say that all has changed to remain the same. First fetish go(l)d religions of biblical, jewish-protestant origin said that we humans had obey the values of go(l)d, so implement wars against all other humans and rule them with go(l)d. It is the millenarian prophecy of TALMUD: at the end of times all humans will become slaves of yhwh or become exterminated (Sanhedrin). Next, calvinist-jewish economists founded a pseudo-science called capitalism or classic economics in which those concepts of a $elected race of go(l)d believers, bankers and corporations, owned mankind who worked for them as full time slaves and part-time slaves for a salary implemented globally the concept.

And now in the computer age of capitalism all those mandates are translated into A.I. Algorithms of information that terraform digitally without humans even being aware of it, the planet into a world of machines. And all this of course is sold out as wonderful progress by the netowkrs of the metal-earth without which it would be impossible to brain-wash the entire species so thoroughly as it has been .

Let us then introduce those 3 ages that in the second part of this post, we study with more scientific rigor once we introduce the laws of evolution of systems sciences and the natural arrow of eusocial love to the species, which tribal, nationalistic religions/fascisms deny by stopping THE CONCEPT OF MAN IN THE TRIBAL RELIGION OR NATIONS, which is allowed to use weapons to murder other human beings.

The amazing thing today is that this crystal clear knowledge, which came to mankind with the french r=evolution now has faded away, and so both nations and religions, the primitive concept of it, are believed by billions of humans. As i write here in spain they are ‘in holidays for the national day, 12 october’, when one of my ancestors, Mr. columbus arrived to America and noticed that people there were not animetals but good natured people, who cut themselves with the sword and would be easily converted into slaves. No much to celebrate on a humanist point of view about what the white man and the military inquisitions of catholic spain did there. But alas, as we enter a new age of wars for profits the revival of all the self-destructive idol-ogies of mankind, goes hand on hand, so it should not be surprising, that as historg dies, we live the same war age that started the brutality of history, when the Assyrians and its war gods-nations fought Israelis and its go(l)d-nation, and the semites, the first gold iron culture and the beginning of evil=anti-ive memes murdered the fertility, gaia-cults to life of the neolithic paradise:

chairon europe

In the graph before, we even chronicle the evolution of the go(l)d culture that is programmed to extinguish the world, in its 2 brotherhoods (Calvinism and Judaism), we must debunk an absurd myth perfectly explained by the talmudian mandate of millenarianism, Judaism is not a metaphysical religion, born in the east earlier on with the taoist explanation of the informative-energetic yin-yang universe, but a nation, the nation of yhwh.

Above in the graph, we see the conflicts that came to extinguish Israel, center of metal-trade in the ancient age, by the warrior people of Assyria, in the first of many holocaust cycles, as animetal people-castes of ‘go(l)d’ and ‘Iron’ fought for global supremacy over human life beings. A battle paradoxically won in memes by the Jewish go(l)d culture, but in genes by the warrior cultures that always end up looting and killing Judaism, but adopting its informative ‘head’ – the gold memes of capitalism.

Hence Judaism is killed by warrior Assyrians, then by warrior Germans and Russians (Kiev kingdom massacring the Kazar kingdom, Germans submitted to ‘Judentum’, which means trade in German for 1000 years, then killing them or marrying aristocratic warriors and Jewish banker Princess).

Abrahamic religions are tribal, nationalistic religions of a time when god meant nation, its subconscious collective. Assur was the god, name of the people, nation, and capital of Assur, and yhwh, a toponym found in Egyptian maps for Judea, hence the name, nation, people of Judea. There is nothing sacred, in yhwh as it means Judea and the Jewish people, and so it means the same than America, the nation of israel, point. So indeed, when we hear the millenarian prophecy of the bankers in Talmud, ‘at the end of times all human nations will be slaves of Judea or will be exterminated’ (Sanhedrin), we are hearing exactly the same that Hitler said in his millenarian III Reich, just change yhwh for Germany. We are talking of nationalisms, and super organisms of history called animetal nations, only that the leaders of Germany where military Goths, germs killing history with weapons, and those of yhwh, Judea, were banker priests with go(l)d.

Now, all those primitive go(l)d churches and military inquisitions had associated their idol-ogy to the nation or god, the subconscious supremacist, monotheist view of its people and subconscious collective god as superior to all others, the only God, the only nation, make Israel great again. THOSE ARE HISTORIC RELIGIONS=NATIONS, not metaphysical ones, concerned with the meaning of the Universe and the life-after death. In fact in all earlier texts of Israel and Assur, of this age, there is zero talk of life after death. They are talking of their Gods = nations and it is a political work on supremacist, as the Millenarian centerpiece of Judaism in this age explains – written even latter in Talmud, so the concept of an empire based in go(l)d power is obviously what all this religion is about: ‘At the end of times all human tribes will be slaves of Judaism or they will be exterminated’ Sanhedrin talmud.

Whereas Yahveh means merely Judaism, the jewish people, the historic nation-religion, its subconscious collective, deriving from Judea, used first as toponym.

There is zero philosophy of metaphysical content introduced latter in Christianity by neo-platonic, pseudo-Egyptian myths by Christ; in fact there was no resurrection at all in yhwh. It was merely a people-caste of go(l)d priests and bronze warriors on top of a society, which had as fetish of power hypnotic go(l)d, as Assur had iron, Germans the sword of Thor and Aryan the fire of the smith, all fetish vehicles for ritualistic ceremonies, still standing.

And so it is truly risible the concept sponsored by Hegel first that we are dealing with the first advanced religion with a monotheist concept of a single god. And other rewritings of history. Assur was the only god of the universe for Assyrians because it was going to conquer the planet massacring every other human being, as yhwh was going to conquer the world enslaving all other human tribes, with go(l)d fetish, and each primitive bronze age tribe had a monotheist religion as Nazi Germany had, with its intention to conquer the world and enslave all other humans. But yhwh=Judea is as much of a ‘higher metaphysical, monotheist, philosophical evolution of religion as Nazi Germany was’. And indeed, the series of holocausts and wars it caused and keeps causing show up what we talk about.

In any case the millenarian prophecy in which those nationalistic religions are based, ‘at the end of times all humans will be slaves of yhwh or would be exterminated’ is real. Yhwh, the subconscious collective of the Jewish-protestant biblical people did conquer the world, colonized virally the mind of all humans, with the values of go(l)d, when the fetish religion of yhwh was translated into classic economics. And so it is worth to remember that translation because while many humans including many of those self-called Jewish-protestant people do not believe anymore in the racist slurs of Talmud, and the bible, they all believe in their translation by classic economics and now those classic economists will extinguish all humans and make truth the prophecy of their forebears.

We live indeed in a dictatorship of those who issue money through financial systems, which people don’t understand and buy out and corrupt the political system that serves with laws the goals of those companies.

This is important even today to understand that Judaism is a nation, because it used go(l)d as tool of earthly power, it had a different structure that a military nation, closed by a membrane of military people – borders, holding physical land. Weapons are energetic tools and they are therefore applied to conquer territory from where energy is extracted. Gold is an informative metal – a SUPPORT FOR A DIGITAL LANGUAGE AND A HYPNOTIC EYE-MIND metal and the type of empire built with it is a mental empire of workers, who obey the gold master, first in the form of a religion – the worker in fact was paying the gold master, the banker-priest in gold 2 shekels to enter the temple to purify itself.

It was then when the banker-priest with this ‘trick’ of considering himself vehicle of a higher power with its verbal mantras, as long as it had fetish Gold objects, became a banker of its own, a ‘People of the Treasure’, able to talk to other powers, warrior kings, as it had the gold needed to create mercenary armies, and a growing global network of traders in slave and weapons and luxuries to provide any king all what it needed.

This people thus must have felt powerful from the beginnings as they surely realized they were an ’empire’ above the city-states with its closed borders, they could cross. 

In terms of systems physics, A NEW PHYSIOLOGICAL NETWORK IS BEING CREATED IN WHICH A NEW TYPE OF cell, a faster, informative neuronal cell has become able to control multiple cells that talk in a SLOWER language, that of weapons and conflict. When and how the spread of Am Segullah court bankers and its acolytes, doctors, servers, the ‘court of Yahveh’ became necessary to the new structure of society in the Old world we don’t know. It might be that since the 2000s such networks of people from Canaan existed, but in the modern times with Judaism, seems to have ‘exploded’ and become the new FORMAT of Judaism no longer attached to Israel, the land, with the Nabucodonosor Empire.  The motion of the court people of Jerusalem to Babylon thus must have not been such a catastrophe – it would certainly divide more clearly the class structure of Judaism in 3 groups, the Brahmins and Kastriya, priests and warriors of an iron culture together, the banker-priests of Go(l)d ex-votes and diplomacy, hate memes, war business and loans now centered in Babylon, but with ‘offices’ in almost every town of note from Iran to Gades, the jabiru, peelers and weapons and slave traders doing the daily job, and the peasants left behind in Israel, which did not really make much sense in a purely industrial-financial proto-germ of the future Financial-Media/military-industrial complex and for that reason would always be at odds with Israel’s class structure and finally sacrificed in the different HOlocausts.

Avoda Zara work with hands was considered the proof of an idolater – one who didn’t belong to judaism. And it will always be.

The view of Judaism then was common for each supremacist religion-nation. Today is not. The rest of mankind has evolved into eusocial love, a higher mind, through the axial age, and the ethic ages of Christianity and Buddhism and the modern age of socialism and democracy – even if it remains largely a placebo.

And so the only serious non-racist forms of super organisms of history accepted in those texts are those who make mankind our god, the entire species. All other nationalisms and nationalistic religions are tribal arrested evolutions of the natural arrow towards a perfect superorganism of history. And should be qualified as such.

To say that your nation is god and you are the chosen nation-god is blatant racism of the Nazi strain and this explains so much of the brutal behavior of israel and by extension its American colony – slave of yhwh.

So we should really talk of Israeli people, not of Jewish people. And understand what truly we are explaining here:

As the British people created a global empire, with colonial groups of bankers and traders in their colonies, treated as racially inferior nations, in the second cycle of capitalism, which merely evolved the Jewish financial empire into a Calvinist-Anglican biblical financial empire with the same memes, where the slaves of Britain were exploited for profit, the previous age of Jewish capitalism had the same imperial concept, opposed to all other nations like Assur who thought to do the same with Assur the war god-nation on top.



Bronze & Iron cycles

Israel already in history is the dominant go(l)d culture along the Phoenicians dominating trade at sea, in alliance with them in a previous culture to that of the bible which around 1500 BC controls made in the zone, when the first modern Israelis come with the chariot back and forth invasions of the hycsos over Egypt. Thus we can follow as all other zones of the Middle East, the ages of Israel in normal terms, with its consequent ages of war, the 2000 BC. bronze chariot radiations, the 1200 BC iron radiation of people of the sea, Philistines and so on…. But as we said, those processes will soon become only consequential for the lower class of judaism, the peasants and goat keepers established and living off the land; while the structure that will endure, between jabiru workers and Am Segullah bankers was already off the land:

Iron Cycles


So we can consider that once the likely ‘elite’ of this kingdom, the Aryan Hycsos and Joseph-like ‘bankers of the pharaoh’, settled down over a mass of ‘jabiru’, the people of the land, as always in previous cycles dedicated to ass-trade in weapons and slaves in and out of the Phoenician kingdom, further evolved by the influxes of people from Crete, a new cycle of the distinctive Jerusalem-Tyros go(l)d culture with mixed cults to Baal and Yahveh took place. It will be the Iron Age of the Jewish people ending in a seemingly catastrophe: the captivity of the elite of banker-priests, the Am Segullah or people of the Treasure in Babylon, where they will settle and made it its ‘New York’, the financial capital of its culture, for almost two millennia till its fall to the Mogols, during the coin and stirrup cycles, writing its modern ‘sacred’ text, the Babylonian talmud:


Yet as the Babylonian center of Jewish go(l)d power will not be of significance in the modern era, it has been mostly forgotten and because Talmud is a seriously racist segregational confrontational book against mankind, where humans are considered an ‘animal species’, to be ab=used by all means, showing that go(l)d values indeed had derived into money crimes, from tax farming to war-mongering diplomatic hate memes, to trade in weapons and slaves=human capital and those who lead the go(l)d culture were aware of them in a subconscious, proud way as primitive warriors of the age – Assyrians being the quintessential example did.

Indeed, the way to read the sacred texts of animetal cults in the 800 years metal waves, Hindus in Vedas, Jews in Talmud, Assyrians in inscriptions is NOT in modern terms when racism even for those who practice it has a bad name, but in an age, in which the unity of the human species was not clear to them, long forgotten the neolithic age of wisdom and understanding of the organic Universe. When we read that Sargon feels happy of making the waters of the Euphrates red in blood, it might seem now a nice poem, but it meant it. Mass slaughter of people slower perhaps than in a technologically advanced modern form, Nuclear Bombs, Gas chambers, could however be relatively fast for a sword master and a line of prisoners, and was done. The times were brutal and the go(l)D cultures that trafficked in slaves and weapons as the apiru did, were neither empathic to the 99% they priced, enslaves or enabled warriors to kill to consider them their equals. 

The difference we might say is that today the Assyrian’s genocidal boasting is gone, but we do have Vedas and Talmud as sacred books and many Hindus practice caste discrimination and Orthodox Jews believe and practice discrimination against mankind at large.

In any case if something is evident in earlier go(l)d and war cultures is the determinism of the ‘program’ of life and death, realpolitiks and power that metal brought to mankind, which very slowly becomes free of the ‘identity memes and idol-ogies’ caused by the use of weapons and gold to kill and enslave people to its hypnotic light. Those who then use weapons and gold immediately feel superior to all others and write proudly in texts such as Assurbanipal chronicles, or the Jewish chronicles of the Bible and Talmud’s opinions, where they consider the rest of humans to be: less than dogs. Moreover they were not only proud banker-priests that believed humans inferior. We, humans were also dangerous because we had the pretension of being treated as equals, and if we were aware of this objective opinions, as all primitive animals we will attack Jewish people, so, Judaism forgave to translate it in any part or face death penalty 

What amazes the reader is that these segregational religions still stand. But the fact is that if they WERE NOT STANDING, the pecunia infinita belli Nervi cycle probably wouldn’t be happening.

Since obviously the immediate consequence will be as genocidal warriors and enslaving Go(l)D cultures fought for supremacism. 

 Warriors vs. traders 


Of all the cycles of history of the super organism of Judaism, the carriers of Judaism seem to obsess for the last phase of the cycle, the death in a period of war of a great majority of its population as all other cultures do in the 800 years cycle. As if the rest of its history didn’t matter.

We shall thus as customary study those holocaust cycles through its 800-80 year cycles:


The wave of history modulates the evolution of metal-memes of information against the social evolution of mankind as a species into a global super organism, aborted every 800-80 years accelerated cycle of increasing metal-complexity with global ages of wars. Thus the human side peak when war and animetal belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycles recede. It is when welfare, art and human senses reach its peak. Then in the angst period of prophetic thought, when a new horde of animetals and its memes come to destroy it all, a humanist ethic prophet the wor(l)d warn humanity on the impeding catastrophe of those who eat of the golden and evil weapons of the tree of technology, because they will also die in the final gottendamerung of war and holocaust as we move relentlessly through the ± 800-80-8 climatic weapons; generational machine & monetary long, medium & short wave cycles of evolution and re≈production of Metalearth:   Money and weapons understood as metal information and entropic metal, as 2 forms of raw power to ab=use the 99% of mankind have carried the day in the battle for a future of history, and the consequences have been the 800-80 years cycles of wars and holocausts, which all mankind has suffered – even those who carry the memes of animetal raw power at the end of the cycles when loosing wars (holocaust cycles). Such historic structure formed the British Empire, developed during European history the 800 years cycles of overereproduction of weapons of maximal value, and the 80 years cycles of wars, always controlled by the alliance of gold chosen bankers and germanic warriors, since the Middle age alliance of Franks and Vikings with radhanite slave traders, which dominated slave and weapons traffic in Eastern Europe (giving the name of slaves to its population) and Western Europe (masterminding the eunuch and children’s traffic with Islam), through the age of slave traffic (2o million dead in the process), and finally transferring those values to the concept of a company-mother of machines where workers have no rights (white slaves) and those who issue money can buy corporations, reproduce without limit e-money numbers and control corrupted politicos – the modern version of the military mercenary men that backed their power in the 800 years cycles… Only in the II world war the alliance broke giving origin to the ‘victimist newspeak’ of the holocaust Industry. But now ‘again’ all is quiet in the western front thanks to the American globalized culture – a dictatorship of the go(l)d culture, which rules capitalist systems with a single aim: to print as many numbers of money as possible to buy and order all the elements of society through salaries, bribes, prices; which reaches its paroxysm in the Anglo-American, biblical culture – an astoundingly primitive raw power animetal culture where money and weapons, its maximal priced goods rule supreme but given the fact ‘people must remain ignorant to stay obedient’ (Calvin), an extremely sophisticated, pseudo-religious taboo-based newspeak of political and economic correctness, called capitalist democracy is on place, to a huge expenditure, ‘worth it’ for social ‘calm’ of bipartisan politicos, serving financiers and company-mothers of machines – contested only in the European r=evolutions where people and states got some degree of control in the issue of money. It is obvious that to maintain a disguise over such simple system of power – to print numbers and order humans with it, as flocks of ‘sheeple’ submitted to credit ratings, a parallel manufacturing of brains is due, which has in the ‘7th culture’ of mankind dominated by raw animetal power 3 degrees of inquisition: the classic 800 years inquisition of biblical go(l)d religions where those who issue money in monopoly, the banker priests of Israel or ‘People of the treasure’, are chosen of go(L)d above heavens and earth ruling them all through informative networks (Wall Street, The City, Evilwood). Below the authorized people by race and religion (biblical, white) form a majority group of soldiers of the FMasters they worship and obey, in a pecking order above the rest of mankind deemed inferior by race, wealth and religion. The alternative ‘scientific understanding’ of money as a digital democratic language of social numbers to be used for efficient reproduction and distribution of goods, and the end of warfare, through the scientific understanding of eusocial evolution, of parts into wholes, of individuals of the same species into stronger super organisms, sponsored by the higher rational cultures of mankind (latin Europe, Chinese legalist cultures), through the use of the law above metal, of the human natural language and its values above the raw power of evolution HAS NOT WON the battle of history, and so history is doom to extinction because what animetal Semite and Germanic primitive VSO, OVS, anti-subject cultures where the human subject is irrelevant, expendable, is this: they are also HUMANS and so the robotic revolution, the weapons of the singularity they are force to evolve in their tribal competition between industrial nations WILL KILL THEM ALL. That’s how it is and that’s what history shows in its cyclical processes of overproduction of weapons, wars and holocausts. Indeed, a simple proof should suffice: the 3 paradigms of wor(l)d cultures (China), war cult(ure)s (Germ-any) and go(L)d cult(ure), judaism had the same people back in the II millennium when they were born. Today the culture that has followed the life and love values of the wor(l)d that puts the human subject first, Svo-languages has +15 times more people than the objectual, lineal, entropic weapon cult(ure)-language of Germ(an)s, and 100 times more people than the Imperative, VSO, biblical culture of banker-priests barking orders in the name of Go(l)d with Kabbala numbers. So SURVIVAL the true intelligence of a culture shows that eviL=anti-live memes KILL those who sponsor them


The millenarian prophecies.

As usual since the theme is treated ad hominem, I include this paragraph from a 30 years old book, one of my first treatise on bio-history never published:

“The Levi verbal prophet always has certain memetic and genetic characteristics. He believes (genes matter nothing, is all about beliefs) to be genetically Jewish in a certain degree that makes him have in his youth a kin positive interest on Judaism, normally reared by a Jewish mother or grand-mother with myths about the chosen. He does have though a mazerim-mestizo nature, with a father normally of warrior cultural, or verbal master origin. So he will go through a process of mental suffering and changing, as he has to reject the ‘3 temptations’ of metal-power offered by Judaism: the power of go(l)d, the magic of the machine, and the power of war and the mercenary armies bought by money, to become alone, abandoned by their family and friends, to find then the humanist truths of the ethic wor(l)d; to which he will dedicate or rather sacrifice his life, to maybe after death when the future comes as predicted by his understanding of the cycles of history, truth, and humans in desperado mood, almost always ‘too late’, try to impose his receipts for the survival of the wor(l)d, both of the jabiru, scapegoats of the holocaust cycle, and humanity at large, which is his focus as he has become no longer a memetic jew but a humanist savior.

In that long history of the verbal prophets of Judaism, none really ended well except perhaps Mr. Mohamed, which was to say the least corrupted by warrior jihad in his latter ages, as well as Luther, also corrupted by warrior jihad – the German son of mining industrialist and weapons maker… So we do not consider them prophets of judaism but rather anti-Semites.  We thus divide the most notorious Levi prophets in two ages, the age of metaphysical religions when the subconscious collective of mankind, thy God, existed strongly in the organic mind of believers acting as one, during the 800 years cycles, of which the two fundamental ones would be Moses, abandoned and betrayed by Aaron and its go(l)d religion, mazerim of Egyptian and Israeli, and Iesu, born in Northern ‘Assyrian’ territory, mazerim of warrior Assyrian and Jewish mother (both hence mystified in latter literature to ‘erase’ the father figure). In the modern age they would be once the machine was established more truthful to the realist point of the whole go(l)d culture: who must issue the language of social power, the people-caste of judaism, or humanity at large, coinciding that humanity must denationalize the issue of money from the banker-priests of Israel, solving both the holocaust economic cycle, saving the jabiru and saving mankind from the exploitation of go(l)d values. So all of them coincide in their dictum: ‘The jewish people will suffer all their life from their love of money’ (Moses), ‘you cannot serve two gods, gold and the world’ Iesu, ‘the Jewish question will be solved when they abandoned their worldly religion, money’ Marx, and similar texts of Trotsky not to speak of those of this writer.

It has to be noticed that the Levi wor(l)d master is always right, as a scientist of history, which as all sciences is able to predict the future. So are their promises of eternal life and salvation, not for the individual since History is about super organisms of mankind, but for the culture that converts to humanism and follows his dictum. So in the economic holocaust cycle, only those jewish people who converted to humanism following not his Levi banker priests but his Levi world masters survived: those who followed Moses survived the mythic death on the henna; those who believed in Iesu and converted survived the Roman Holocaust, which being prompted by the Senate Optimates after Cicero’s On flacus discourse agains that ‘barbarous superstition of the Jewish religion that herds gold in their temples ruining the empire’ forgave the life of Christians as belonging to other religion that gave the ‘Caesar what belonged the Caesar’, the issue of money but established death penalty for all those in possession of the torah; and finally only those who believed in Marx, survived the German Holocaust, in Communist Russia as Communism rightly considered them conversos to humanism, even after Stalin betrayed the Revolution and murdered the last prophet of Judaism of certain note, Mr. Trotsky.

Since it seems the last of the Levi world masters, this who writes, will not avoid the incoming Holocaust of mankind, as Go(l)d becomes the substance of the 3 singularity machines of human extinction, the 3 temptations of selfish metal that shall kill us all: it is gold the substance smashed at RHIC the accelerator that is researching the 3rd horizon of Nuclear weapons, to produce the substance of the big-bang, strange quark matter whose ice-9 reaction provokes Nova explosions of planets and stars. It is gold the DNA-brain of future nano-bacteria, as it is the most perfect informative atom of the Universe, cause of the greed sickness of judaism, by hypnotic influence and it is gold the substance used in the golden chips of future robotic terminators, that if we survive the 2 first singularity machines will do us all, because it is gold and its values that give maximal price to weapons and minimal price to life, the cause of the holocaust cycle both due to the exploitation of mankind with gold by its banker priests and the looting of the banker priests by genocidal warriors in search of gold.

From the never to be published book, the ‘Jewish Paradox’ Ll§

In that sense the war and holocaust cycle are two parts of the same coin, the confrontation of money and weapons elites for total power, DESPITE THE symbiosis OF MONEY AND WEAPONS AS TOOL OF POWER, that reinforces each other.

So on the objective fact, money reproduces weapons of maximal profits and money and weapons UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER. And so for most Times of history those who use weapons and those who made them in factories with money came together to oppress the people below, the farming, life oriented 90-99% of mankind.

This is the essence of the monetary economy that was spent in 70% of its volume in war, while people traded ‘species’ of food and work.

The holocaust then happens, when warriors and bankers dispute total power over the 90-99%.

In the previous cycles we can see how this pattern happens: Assur disputes Levante, Phoenicia and Israel the control of power and money in the Middle East.

But as each is specialist in its trade, the people of Jerusalem, the Am Segullah will survive this dispute and ‘expand’ its business ‘moving’ to the real capital of the western world then and with the dispute of Athens and Rome for a while, of it for almost 2000 years.

Babylon then sees the Am Segullah, the ‘court bankers’, the ‘Levi elites’, the ‘Aristocracy of judaism’, its ‘banker priests’ definitely becoming an International separate people-caste, which still often sharing the job of banker and priest-rabbi, or intermarriaging, hold control of its ’employees’ the jabiru, which traded along the entire middle east, still we suppose as it was always the case in weapons and slaves, going through the different battle fields providing them all with no distinction, what certainly will have provoked more than a looting and killing of jabiru…

The business of gold and weapons is rewarding in power but it will always remain dangerous.

Fact,is as the next graphs of history show the first great battle, between the 2 animetal people-castes which fight for supremacy in history killing each other in wars and holocausts:

  • Warrior gods-nations vs. Trader god-nations: Assur vs. Israel, Persia vs. Greece, Rome vs. Phoenicia & israel, Spain vs. England, Germany vs. England & israel.

This said, because Judaism prefers to hide in its non-historicist narratives of their existence, their worldly profession, it is customary to relate the existence of Judaism, not through the evolution of its Am-Segullah and Habiru proto-germ of the Financial-media/military-industrial system, where the Am Segullah form already the financial-media system, and the jabiru, trading in weapons and slaves, the military-industrial one, but through the finale of those processes, when overproduction of weapons and profits however bring an age of war between rival military client kingdoms, which turns into massive deaths including when things don’t go well for the kingdom that hosts some Am Segullah and Habiru, a holocaust…

This final phase is pure gore, but has become the center of the narrative. And indeed at the end of each of those cycles a holocaust took place for financial reasons, the first of which was the Roman holocaust during the…

Coin cycle

“You know how large a group they (the Jews) are, and how influential they are in politics. I will lower my voice and speak just loudly enough for the jury to hear me; for there are plenty of individuals to stir up those Jews against me and against every good Roman, and I don’t intend to make it any easier for them to do this. Since gold was regularly exported each year in the name of the Jews from Italy and all our provinces to Jerusalem, Flaccus issued an edict forbidding its exportation from Asia. Who is there, gentlemen of the jury, who cannot sincerely commend this action? The exportation of gold had been forbidden by the Seanate on many previous occasions, and most strictly of all during my consulship. Further, that Flaccus was opposed to this barbarous Jewish superstition”

Cicero, consul of Rome on the murder of Flaccus and the impeding financial crisis of the Roman Empire, ruined by the loss of financial wealth, depleted of currency by its herding in the gold temples of Israel.

We thus arrive to the roman cycle, where Romans lead by Cicero in his speech ‘ON flaccus’, denounces the barbarous superstitious custom of Jewish bankers of not reinvesting its profits in the real economy but herding it as ex=votes in its temples and exporting gold to Jerusalem. This means the Romans were fully aware that a different nation over the empire existed, and it was crucial for the economic welfare of the nation – at the time being one full 10% of those in the census of the empire jewish…

So the culture was truly extended in the Empire, a force to reckon with, and we can consider a war declared then of the series of warriors vs traders, as usually ending in a holocaust of the poor Jewish people – in this case the peasants of Israel, and many peddlers and traders, while the elite survives, works still as a banking power in many societies, goes undercover in Christianity, moves to Germany to trade in weapons and open another front against the Romans and finally settles down in Bagdad, where it has an excellent relationship with all the different powers that come and go, Parthians, Sassanides, Islam…

In the next graph we see then a general view of those financial crisis, which prompt to break the coalition with warriors that loot and murder Judaism:

In the graph, man would be a goal if he could raise above the simplest, entropic, self-destructive laws of darwinian evolution and use social science and the arrow of eusocial love to create a perfect world. Unfortunately our primitive idol-ogies based in darwinian struggle between members of the same species which hide the ab=use of other humans with selfish metal-memes, weapons, money and machines, (tribal religions and nationalisms, capitalism, technoutopia) censor truth in social sciences and seem to make impossible to reform the eco(comic)system and the solution of our crimes of money and weapons, of which the most obvious is the action-reaction processes that during times of overproduction of weapons provoke the holocaust cycle, NOT to be blamed in humanity, but on the crimes of money and weapons of the two people-castes of animetal power, which together ab=use mankind in times of peace and throw to each other throats in times of overproduction of weapons of maximal profit, provoking always in war periods the massacre of the lower people-caste of Judaism, the first go(l)d culture that sacrificed life to the idol-ogy of accumulation of fetish go(l)d. In the graph the 4 historic cycles of the Holocaust, and the prophets of the wor(l)d that warned their Jewish carriers of the collateral death effects of go(l)d worship and its maximal price-profits for weapons and slaves, the myth prophets of the wor(l)d – Genesis parable of the tree of science and its golden apples and evil weapon fruits that kill life, Moses damnation (golden calf Genna, ‘the jews will suffer all their life because of their love of money), Jesus expelling money changers from the Mosaic temple to the ethic of the wor(l)d, ‘give to caesar what belongs to caesar’ warning of the impeding Roman Holocaust announced by Rome’s wor(l)d master Cicero in his ‘On flaccus’ address to the senate ‘We must end this barbarous jewish superstition, of herding gold in its temples, which is depleting the empire of money’, the German genocide as part of its conquest of eastern lands to be depleted of slav peasants, and its response to the I world war massacre for profits of the military industry, NOT to be excused, but explained in the context of II world wars in which the abuses of capitalism and militarism killed perhaps 200 million human beings, at the hands of Military dictators (Stalin, Hitler, Togo), Colonialist bigots (Churchill, French Empire), and capitalist bankers. And finally the obvious new ‘Germany’, Weimar America, where the abuses of money and weapons for a profit, are bringing a new age of neocolonialism and neofascism of global proportions and a likely confrontation between China and US in the cycles of global wars. So in this world of primitive dog-eat-dog tribal capitalist exploitation of mankind, when history is reduced to political correctness, nationalist wars and economics to financial speculation, go(l)d herding and brutal choking with no credit of the 99%, while machines and bankers have it all, the answer is immediate: if Humans want to survive into the future, the system must be reformed with the proper science of economics, systems sciences that imitates the just efficient blood-economic and nervous-political networks of super organisms to build a perfect world without war and holocaust cycles, where all humans receive enough just information and blood-money energy to thrive and survive.

None of those cycles is racially caused all of them are related to crimes of money and looting, all of them are an affair between warrior animetal cultures and gold cultures both exploiting the 99%, both are wrong – genocides and capitalist ab=use of the inferior human ‘slaves’, bot continue though during the next…

Stirrup Cycle

So to fully grasp, today when HISTORY IS BEING WRITTEN BY THE VICTORS AS A FAIRY TALE (industry of the holocaust) THIS EXPLANATION from a letter I wrote to a friend who asked me about my name, Lluîs, explaining in a more coloquial manner what is today the biggest tragedy of history – the end of history as a science substituted by a fairy tale to protect the shameless exploitation of mankind without credit to create its own future by a segregational culture that makes of gold and profits, whatever it takes the only goal of its existence and on top pretends this is the ‘science of economics’ and our future is determined by it.

‘Lluís (pronounce jewish) is well, like Louis, or lewis, Levi, I guess you guess it… a jewish name, conversos from Levi, the ‘people-caste’ or rabbis of the go(l)d cult(ure) that first made the other 11 tribes ‘slaves’… they called themselves ‘am segullah’ (people of the treasure) ill translated as ‘chosen people’ – since segullah means treasure, the first ‘animetal culture’ ruled by go(l)d unlike all others ruled by weapons… Hence without ‘kings’ as their concept of world empire and supremacism expressed in talmud was that gold was the vehicle of god, not the fire of the smith – those primitives saw in metal, a better atom that enslaved man to greed or could kill it (iron) the ‘vehicle of their covenant with god’. SO the Levis said “at the end of time, all human animals (goy=gentil=animal) will be slaves of Yahweh (the subconscious collective of the jewish people, toponym – for Judea), or will be exterminated” Talmud Sanhedrin, as quoted from Britannica, 72 edition, in the article on Millenarianism  – since this prophecy of Millenarianism  latter copied by hitler in his millenarian III reich, said the article IS the CENTERPIECE of the original jewish religion – not a metaphysical religion but a historic nation’. So monotheism, meant merely supremacism of the nation of ywhh over all other nations.

In the XVII c. the slaves of the Levis who didn’t have as slaves a surname, were obliged by Napoleon who freed them from the Levis – who had the right to kill the members of the other 11 tribes, called the apiru, or jabiru, Hebrew – those who walk behind the asses, in ancient Aramaic, as they were dealers in slaves and weapons, carried as always in military transport in… asses – they were going behind to carry more weapons, which they traded in the war for the right to loot the corpses and take the slaves, change them for gold and go to the temple where the Levi allowed them to purify from touching human animals on exchange for 2 shekels of gold…

So Napoleon made them acquire a surname and they chose names of colors, green, rose, ross, gross, etc. and of their professions, related to money and slave trade, previous metals and luxury trade, Silverman, diamond, rich, ulrich, gold, Gould, Zuckerberg, silversmith, or city dwelling – berg – as they monopolized their trade and in general any profession that allowed them to acquire gold for the temple (in the Middle Ages, monopolizing the ‘tax farming’ and ‘usury’ professions or those guilds of maximal profits, related to death and war, slavery and its avoidance as lawyers and doctors, as people would pay a lot to be cured, silversmiths, diamond trade, slave trade, weapons trade and luxury clothing – is NOT truth they were forbidden, just part of the victimism, needed to hide their money, as they always fear the human animal, which in talmud comes with the woman and the dog from the legs of satan, will try to rob them; and given the supremacist character of its religion, their goal was to live like aristocrats, in walled cities to protect them from the mob – today under the anti truths of the history of the holocaust depicted as ‘ghettos’; while the Levis wouldn’t ‘work with their hands’ as gentiles did). This trend of choosing profession not by vocation but to acquire maximal money continues today when they prefer direct production of money in finances, and its parasitic activities, from insurance to speculation – ‘the jack up of prices without creating real value for society’ – Ford, or legal positions of power, related to the risks of death for which people will pay ad maximal, keeping also the profession of doctors and pharmacists, but without the Greek, Hypocratic ethic mandate of curing the sick but rather following their most respected philosopher, Maimonides, who advised I the ‘Guide to the perplexed’ to cure only the powerful and rich, never a poor goyyim, and ask the maximal price – a mandate today carried by technological medicine, American hospitals and drug companies, monopolized by Judaism and its sister culture, calvinism; and always as Sombart explains, the work they have monopolized for millennia – purveyors of war)…

While the am segullah Levi lived in the court, creating debt slaves of kings, with hate-memes to provoke war, and sell also the weapons… in this manner, we the Levi came to create in the enteral fight between nations ruled by weapon-kings and banker-priests ruling kings and then politicos with hate memes, and weapons trade, an empire over all other nations, the empire of capitalism, the Financial-Media-Academia FMAsters of the world.

But some Levi, were touched by humanism, empathy and rejected the treatment of human capital as slaves, and the hate-memes and war-cycle of pecunia infinita belli Nervi, and those are the prophets of the wor(l)D among the Levi, of which some of note were Jesus, Marx also a Levi, and Trotsky…

Those of course became the most feared enemies of the Levis, as they committed the biggest sin in talmud, treating the ‘human animal’ as if it was a man and so they were always crucified in one way or other, and legend has the most famous of them Iesu, lives eternally in hell boiling in another pot of excrement😱 (talmud)… it seems the Levi of the eviL side love scatological thought,😈 But fact is that the ones converted to humanism and love failed to liberate the $laves, which rather sell the prophets for 30 silver coins, proving somehow that the Millenarian prophecy has happened, with the 2 exceptions today of Iran and China, for which the Levi are preparing a global war to finally accomplish the prophecy… what will happen next of course is not in the ‘book’, since it was only concerned with global empire… 

So of course since UK is a already a land slave of the Levis as Disraeli well explains in his books, those puppet kings to honor their masters ‘I don’t care whose puppet seats In the throne of sin George, as long as I issue the money of England I own the empire’ (Rotschild) have called one of his ‘mazerim’ bastards, Louis”

So we are  back to my name, and that of the Windsor slave, Louis… as you know is the name of XVIII French kings… but its origin is more interesting as the first LEVI ROMAN EMPEROR, which finally after 5 centuries of war between greek-roman culture vs. Israel, did SUCCEED on becoming the Emperor of Europe… THE STORY goes as follows. As the main purveyors of war weapons and hate memes, after the defeat of the Hispanic Emperors (Trajano, Hadrian) the weapon traders moved to Babylon->Bagdad where they wrote talmud and to Germania, specifically to the border of your Switzerland, ‘alamani’ on the Rhine river to trade with weapons and slaves as always they have done, providing the germans with top roman quality weapons to invade back the Roman Empire, they finally became the rulers of the Alamani kingdom, where Mr. Rossler resides (north Switzerland, south-west Germany. The dinasty was that of the Ul-rich, common name in Switzerland (: since calvinism paid by them (read Zweig: castalio vs. Calvin), was just a modern version of it…

This Ulrich dynasty then allied with franks providing them with weapons and becoming the great slave traders of the Middle Ages, the ‘radhanites’ (on the rhone river)… Hildegard of Ulrich made Charlemagne abandon his alliance with the Ostrogoths, rejecting the daugher of the king his-wife and marry as the yous do (women carry the ‘jewish meme’, so they marry warriors in the eternal alliance between weapons and money, so she did and so her son LOUIS I, became the first Levi emperor of Rome, as she made Charlemagne buy to the Byzantine emperor the title, alas! 700 hundred years after the fall of Jerusalem, in the dark ages brought by the germanic and jewish warriors and gold/slave traders they had conquered the west. But of course, as I told you since II world war, newspeak have transformed all truths in antitruths, the exploitation of mankind by gold and war cultures into victims of history and defense honorable military men.

But how they made their money to buy to Byzantium the emperor title? Through slave and weapons trade of course, as always: 

A king of the ‘yous’ was before established in Lyon in the V century after the defeat of the empire with the weapons they provided through the alamani kingdom and a massive trade in slaves, as explained in mccormick books (Harvard dean of middle age economics), and Frankish weapon with Islam started. The slaves were of two types, siskas (name for gentile woman and whore) from the ‘eastern border where slav women were given the same of slavs, and sold to harems, and European children, which were castrated to sell more epensive as eunuchs for 1000 grains of gold. This children often lost their blood (1/3rd die of castration) and were thrown out of the fortress the Frankish built within the cities to protect their bankers and slave traders-allies. Now as the anti truth of converting predators into victim is rife under the holocaust industry, this protected fortresses are called ‘getos’ fact is, the soldiers of the frank-levi emperors  protected the radanite slavers from the parents of the eunuch children hihacked from their homes and thrown to the gutter.

This is now called the blood libel, according to which the parents were primitive European antisemitic beasts who with NO reason believed the yous hijafcked children and drunk their blood, another proof of the eternal victimism. Fact is they castrated them bled to death for profit and sent them in boats to Islam… And the parents when founding the ones that bled to death on the gutter, tried to revenge. This happened because the Frankish courts changed under pressure of the levis the laws of taxation in species for taxation in gold, to buy weapons. So the peasants that before paid just a part of their crop, now had to ask to ghetto at an usury of 86% anula interest gold to pay and if a year there was not good wheat, couldnt pay the astronomical debt and had to sell as ‘servant to the getto’ their sons, but they didn’t know they were going to be castrated and of course did’nt take lightly to see them dead…

This 800 years massacre of European youth found its final catarsis in the so called ‘crusade of the children’, when 40.000 European children were abducted by the Radhanite slave traders, with the promise they would be delivered to Jerusalem for ‘free’ to pray for the liberation of the city but one Simon sold them wholesale to be castrated in the ‘factory’ of Algiers. When many years latter a survivor came and explained the brutal massacre of the children by the Radhanite slave traders, pogroms erupted in all France and the pendulum law against Jewish usury traders and tax-farmers started in Earnest.

It would then be this Louis I, whom to expand the weapons and slave trade of maximal go(l)d profits and the only real trade of the Frankish empire, as explained by McCormick, dean of middle age economics at Harvard, opened in the southern border with Islam, the Catalonia ‘march’, given to another member of the Ulrich family,  Olderic, which brought its Levis banker-priests (as rabbis were both, till Napoleon obliged them to break the profession, starting the custom of marrying daughters of rabbis to bankers, to keep the pure lineage). Thus, the Levis came to this land to expand the trade of weapons and slaves, always profitable in war borders – since according to the values of weapons, human life has zero value, so a slave is for ‘free’ when bought on the battle field, just for a simple sword, but can then be sold to a human in a city at ‘verbal values’ of maximal price, maximizing profits: Maximal price of sale – minimal cost = maximal profits. This being the essential equation of capitalist profits, today maximized by the same elements in an industrial manner, origin of the pecunia infinita belli Nervi of Cicero, who denounced the practice of gold herding on the Jewish temples that were ruining the ‘res publica’, as a verbal master of the Latin culture of the wor(l)d, in his Discourse on ‘Flaccus’ death at the senate, since this ‘barbarous superstition’ was ‘ruining the empire’, and Flaccus had died when trying to forbid it.

Hence the importance of ‘hate memes’, which must be accompanied by all forms of ‘inquisitions of thought’ aka censorship of the true social mandate of history, to love each other as members of the same biological species, from religious segregational memes that divide mankind in good and evil, to censorship of real humanist economics to maintain the absolute monopoly on the issue of money of the people-caste of bankers, to the placebo truths of ‘capitalist democracies, political and economical correctness, and the industry of the holocaust’ that ensures a free reign for the Levis and the paranoia of its jabiru, to keep trailing behind the Golden A$$es of Apuleyo’s satire…

In brief, hate memes and censorship of social love is needed to promote war between nations, usury debt slavery, tax farming and trade of weapons and war; practiced in the past by the bankers at court, acting as diplomats, spreading news against neighborhood nations, provided by bankers at court in the other nation, testified in historic documents since the Mari Tablets, through the Spanish Taifas and German kingdoms: divide and win is thus essential to the profits of go(l)d against the mandate of the wor(l()d of treating all.”

WHAT HAPPENED THEN OF COURSE, at the end of each 800 year cycles, is that when the unification by war of warrior tribes in each of those civilizations takes place, the kings that have not forgotten their dependence from the go(l)d culture, its loans, hate memes and war profiteering, and want also to loot their wealth, see them as an alien structure to society that in an age of peace, harmony and self-reliance must be expelled from the nation, and so at the end of the stirrup cycle and beginning of the gunpowder age, the jewish people are thrown out of most nations of the western world:


The dynamics of Judaism thus, have a clear pattern through all the 800 year cycles, of a long period of alliance with local kingdoms, acting with its dual class structure as bankers in court, and a reproductive middle class of peddlers and weapons and slave traffickers, long gone the base of farmers, expelled from Palestine by the Roman Holocaust, but renewed in the Middle Ages in the Kazar kingdom by massive conversion of Kazars, to avoid the slav-traffic to Bagdad. 

With this new make up then of the Jewish people, with a new underclass of Ukranian Kazar peasants not recognized by the strict genetic code of pertinence to judaism in the east, and an elite of financiers and traders in the west, Judaism, recently expelled from Iberia, its then principal center, will move to Northern Europe and start with the control of the press, after Fuss won the rights in court to Guttenberg, a counter-offensive with Financial-Media Power towards the different elements of control of the western national system, to come again on top of those nations as a supranational of Financial-Media/Military-Industrial power, as the main bankers, press printers and war purveyors of the religion wars of the… Gunpowder Age.

What can then assess of the 800 year cycles of profiteering war and holocaust proper of Judaism? We want to stress now two facts:

That antisemitism is not really the reason of those cycles, but anti-Judaism, that is opposition to go(l)d cultures and their methods of accumulating go(l)d, through tax-farming, usury and slave and weapons traffic, which from the point of view of the wor(l)d make of Judaism an anti-live, eviL idol-ogy of the metal-earth, which it is.

The response then is the action-reaction processes of war and holocausts in which NOT mankind but warrior people-castes try to kill judaism by killing its human carriers, but then we find that BECAUSE THE INFORMATIVE NEURONAL CASTE of Am Segullah, see it coming, take the money and the Baalble and run to another country, living the jabiru to die, as scapegoats of its financial-media systems of power wealth and control… memes stay and carriers die. And this is what sets the deterministic processes of history. IF MEMES DIED MORE OFTEN AND PEOPLE REMAINED, humans would have a brighter future as we could reason and convert identity memes setting people free and avoiding the unneeded tragedies of History.


A key unresolved question of the science of memetic is if memes survive as a wave of information shared by a group of people that we humans think to ‘own’, but it is and survives independent  of its carriers as an entangled web, reinforced, transmitted by its own methods of reproduction (books, metal-communicators objects), shaping mankind and not the other way around. Hence independent of the human carriers of each age that might be replaced and extinguished but leave behind the instruments that ensure the repetition of memes in other human carriers. If so, the Evolution of memes of metal is deterministic and only a collective human organization could control its lethal effects. 
This is a key question for the scholar since this is the case as it seems, it will prove that the mechanical future of a planet of machines that has zero values for life is deterministic – regardless of who carries the memes of capitalism that evolves machines, weapons and company-mothers, in each of History.
Indeed, those memes were carried by Judaism as in its religious I age, by biblical, classic economics in its II age, expanded the original memes to all Northern European cultures and today globalized as the ‘only science of economics taught in schools’, and finally in its third age it has not even a human support as capitalism is increasingly runned by AI, algorithms of information and managerial suits that run company-mothers in its 3rd age.


Metal displays entropic and informative properties that enhance those of weaker, simpler life atoms. Iron is the strongest atom, used in haemoglobin to capture oxygen, our energy, and in swords to cut our flesh, while gold is the best informative atom with a single electron to connect in thin precise forms. Thus, ‘animetals’ used them to enhance its entropic killing power as warriors and hypnotic informative quality as bankers, making weapons & money with them, but deforming its life cultures in the process, imitating their qualities. So iron cult(ure)s of which germ(an)s are the paradigm became deformed in its objectual agglutinative languages, specialised in murder, hierarchical, lineal, unbreakable believers; mastering their bodies, simplifying their thoughts. While go(l)d cult(ure)s of which Judaism would be the paradigm, became segregational, as isolated gold is, mythical, falsifying truths, as gold does imitating the sun, hypnotising the eye and suppressing oxytocin. Ultimately iron kills the body and gold enslaves the mind and those cultures did specialise in military murder and debt slavery. They fought each other for world power and ab=used mankind which became anti-german and anti-semite. Yet as financial-military systems became more complex detached of its human carriers, those properties became systemic of military nations and capitalist companies; so today most germans and jewish people have abandoned its memes but our social systems inherited its eviL=antilive traits. . . Yet the true change in the earth’s ecosystem is taken place now with the arrival of robots, made with bodies of iron and ‘golden chip brains’, so the selfish metal-memes finally become complex organisms of their own, rival of human species

Now, it must be clear from the first sentence what is the true crime of all ANIMETAL CULT(URE)S: TO demonize mankind and to idol-atrize metal, in its different forms, so the people of those cultures can murder with weapons, enslave with Go(L)d and atrophy and substitute with machines, human beings.

The way in which this basic ‘meme’ of the paradox of History: Max. technological evolution = min. human evolution manifests itself is different according to the culture, and the type of meme and process of substitution, murder or slavery enacted by the culture, but they are much easier to understand in the original cultures, where the murderous nature of weapons and the military civilization that uphold it as the language of power, or the slaving consequences of substituting ethic values by go(l)d values were obvious and crystal clear, as 70% of go(l)d and silver, metal-money were used to promote war, origin of the ‘pecunia infinita belli Nervi’ 800-80 years cycles.

As systems become more complex, their bottom line nature dilutes. So as money ended its metal-informative nature and became digital, its values standing though by custom could have been changed, to adopt money just as a reproductive digital language, ruled by the goal of mankind – to make a world to our image and likeness. But because those who first invented money as metal, and developed a fetish go(l)d culture HAD TRANSFERED to his cultural racist memeplex the despise for life, today we have the worst of all worlds: an ideology called capitalism that considers money a language of god, that must not be understood through reason, but multiplied by all means, and a memeplex of racist cultures, military nationalisms and hate memes AGAINST mankind and life, disguised with all kind of complex political correctness that drive man towards extinction. The last example suffice: as animetal cultures worship metal and hate mankind, which is always guilty the culture of weapons considers that weapons are NOT the problem but man is. So they are now developing autonomous killing robots, because they trust more a terminator than an arab peasant.

Disclaimer. As usual on the articles on capitalism and the rule of the wor(l)d with go(l)d memes by its leading cult(ure) of Judaism, we have to state a few things:

  1. That I do have genes of the go(l)d people on my mother side, a family of sephardim doctors; but genes are completely irrelevant to history based on memes; so the concept of a Jewish race is completely absurd – in fact it does not exist, as Israel’s genetic maps show only 8% of genes similar to those of earlier semitic tribes.
  2. That the problem that matters is NOT individuals but memes, specifically racist metal-memes and the primitive cultures that worship metal more than life, the tree cause of the Holocaust war cycle – since indeed Holocausts HAVE ALWAYS happened during an age of war and human collective genocide, not different from any other mass-murder in wars. And this lead us to the ultimate fate of mankind under the rule of Judaism>Capitalism that pretends to ‘reinvent history’ as it the rewriting of the crimes of Gold and iron, greed and violence, holocaust and war cycles would change the cycles of history and the suicidal behavior of mankind guided by those values. This is the present zeitgeist – to write the future, present and past of mankind as a fairy tale of ego-trips of supremacy above heavens and Earth, rejecting or despising the real laws of Nature, biology and the planet Earth. This has been always the ‘method’ of survival of Judaism against any criticism of the action-reaction cycles of usury, money exploitation, tax farming slave trade, financial parasitism and human revenge and genocide: to DENY the economic causes, to invent fairy tales of victimism, and expect this will work and stop the cycles, INSTEAD of understanding rationally money, becoming part of the human species, and work together to create a better world. The present zeitgeist is just the apex of this method that has never worked. Problem of course is that now that Judaism>capitalism and its childish victimist memes and ego trips of human supremacy with utter despise of the biological laws of the planet – namely evolution – applied to machines is global, the destiny of Judaism has become the destiny of mankind.

Historicism, the accepted doctrine of this blog means that ‘science is culture’, and so what today passes as ‘economics’ is part of the evolution of the go(l)d culture and that worship of metal memes before mankind. We thus talk of the Financial-Media-Academia system that has just refurbished those memes of despise of life and worship of metal, essentially adopted by the policies of company-mothers of machines-weapons through the globalization of what we shall call the FMAsters ‘memeplex’:

Racism is absurd in history – all humans belonging to the ‘human species’, racist memes however must be denounced. 

‘If you want to know who rules, ask who you cannot criticize’ Voltaire

The question of antisemitism and race. The proper name: Anti-judaism.

Let us start with a bold statement we shall prove commenting the official definition of anti-semitism adopted by most nations of the world:

Criticism of Judaism is rife, as the foundational culture of Capitalism. But Antisemitism doesn’t exist in reality (Judaism is not a race but a nation in an age in which the word God meant in western tribal cultures the subconscious collective of a tribe) and in praxis (the holocaust cycle has almost exclusively as primary cause economic action-reaction crimes and genocidal military behavior, so it is a question of memes). So while obviously we Must not censor any even of History but try as a scientist of history to explain them all WE MUST STRIFE FOR A PROPER JARGON of scientific character NOT newspeak with hidden agendas, when dealing with every phenomena, on the ± sides of the paradox of history.

And this means we shall USE THE REAL WORD, for this phenomena: AntiJudaism, which DOES exist and is maximal in the rival animetal cult(ure) of supremacism based in metal idol-ogies of power, not the go(l)d informative culture, but the military, entropic culture of warrior tribes who sponsor the rival idol-ogy of Nazionanism (this is a proper word as any nationalism has as ultimate reason d’être the ab=use of other humans with weapons and the breaking of human species in absurd tribal military groups, using AS placebo excuse the life-side culture of the people they idol-ologically and physically conquer) but cannot be ascribed to Humanity at large, by Nature, a natural eusocial, loving memetic species. In the first graph we clarify this fact considering the 4 main Holocaust cycles of the 800 years and 80 years cycle of evolution of metal-memes in the past, present and future…

The constant confusion between racism and racist memetic cultures – political, economical scientific or religious racism and hate or debasing of mankind – is at the heart of the constant confusion people have between ‘judaism’, the oldest of all the racist cultures of supremacism of a people over the rest of its species which its sacred texts call humans ‘animals’, inferior to the chosen race, which must be denounced, and the carriers of those memes, which must be judged individually, as MEMES are independent of individuals and can be rejected or picked up.

Indeed, consider the most brutal of those memes, the prophecy of millenarianism adopted by Judaism first, then by the Nazis and the British empire. In the first case it is the Millenarian prophecy of Talmud, center piece of Judaism as a supremacist religion of go(l)d power: “At the end of times all animal=goy=gentil tribes will be slave of Yahveh, (the subconscious collective of the jewish nation) or become exterminated’.

In the case of second world war, Millenarianism was adopted by the leaders of 2 rival ‘racist nations’ both of mixed, germanic/jewish blood Nazism: Hitler’s grand father, Aaron Frankenheimer was Jewish, Goring’s father was jewish and Goebbel’s wife was partially jewish, while Churchill Jerome was the son of a JAP, jewish American princess of Wall Street. And all of them showed a blatant racism against other races, in the case of Churchill, arabs and negros, inspired by Jewish the Ham Damnation, another masterpiece of Biblical racism.

Indeed, Hitler merely copied this millenarian prophecy for his own racist empire. Churchill Jerome also copied it in his famous discourse on the millenarian future of the British Commonwealth Empire and subscribed in actions and speeches the ‘Ham Damnation’, origin of modern slavery and apartheid Israel, according to which among ‘human animal tribes’ 2 are even inferior, negroes and Arabs because their ancestor Ham peed on Noah (the real cause was the war between Israel and Egypt and its Nubian tribes)… So both are ‘inferior to dogs’, condemned to slavery – and this Ham damnation was for the entire period of slavery brought to court as divine proof of the need to maintain negros as slaves, as it is quoted today by Orthodox Judaism in Israel to justify Arab Apartheid, even discrimination against Ethiopian Jewish.

On the theme of the mixed blood of European elites, this should not come as a surprise since in Europe, from the fall of the Roman Empire onwards, a coalition of Germanic aristocratic warriors and Jewish slave-traders and tax-farmers hold the 90% as usual under the boot of weapons and the purveyors of money, slaves and arms; the two oldest animetal people-castes of the west; from the Frankish empire, in which Charlemagne married the heiress of the ‘ultrarich’ jewish dynasty of ‘Ulrich’, reason why the kings of France would be called ‘louis’ translation of the Levi tribe of banker priests, to Mr. Churchill’s ruined father, sharing the wealth of Miss Jerome, reason why Churchill made his entire career around the jewish question, and the establishment of Israel – but in Judaism inheritance goes through the female lineage, since ‘money is an invisible language of information’ vs. Germanism, where it is the male, warrior culture that prevails, as weapons are an energetic obvious language of entropy – see the articles on the difference between informative and energetic power.

THOSE ARE THE FACTS of old and modern racist idol-ogies based in metal-memes of power. And so it is a fascinating proof of the ‘fulfillment’ of the Millenarian prophecy of go(l)d values, which are zero for life, maximal for money – the TRUE subconscious reason of Judaism’s racist memes, as well as modern ‘technological racism’ against life cultures, always of lesser value than metal –  that indeed, mankind is NOT so much a slave of Yahveh but of the language of power of its banker-priests, money. As in placebo democracies ruled by company-mothers all humans have become slaves of the values of gold not of the values of the wor(l)d.

And so the most ‘racist memetic culture’ History has ever witnessed (even more racist than nazism where at least humans are just ‘inferior races, but still of the human species, NOT animals of a different species, as only in Orthodox Judaism the jewish ‘race’ is human) now in yet one more case of the Goebbel’s paradox: ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it the bigger the lie the more they will believe on it’, the truth that Judaism is a blatant racist idology of racial supremacism (and not, the word religion, doesn’t justify racist memes), has become converted in the anti truth that we HUMANS are the racist people and the Jewish (non-existent) race (as it is a culture, a memeplex), the victim.

Indeed, every state on planet Earth, Finally even labor has voted and accepted the definition NOT OF JUDAISM AS A RACIST cult that should be put a la pair with Nazism and Hinduism on that level of division of humans in inferior castes, but of Mankind as RACIST when denouncing racism – all of course greased with half-truths, political correctness, placebo caring and ‘newspeak of good language’. Let us then start this article with the definition mankind has adopted to protect the most racist memeplex of history:


In the spirit of the Stockholm Declaration that states: “With humanity still scarred by …antisemitism and xenophobia the international community shares a solemn responsibility to fight those evils” the committee on Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial called the IHRA Plenary in Budapest 2015 to adopt the following working definition of antisemitism.

On 26 May 2016, the Plenary in Bucharest decided to:

Adopt the following non-legally binding working definition of antisemitism:

“Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”

COMMENT: ANTISEMITISM does NOT really exist and HAS NEVER EXISTED in mankind at large, except in other RACIST idol-ogies which of course have added ‘Jewish people’ to its hate of other races. But even so, as in the case of Nazism, the primary racial hate was towards negros and slavs. When reading Hitler’s work and that of Goring and Goebbels, as they had mixed jewish blood it is obvious they feel NOT in racist terms but in political terms reckoning once and again that they are at war with a strain of capitalism governed by the financial power of Judaism in The City and Wall Street, while their most heinous comments of clear despise to other people go to negros and slavs, for which initially the SS and the holocaust was programmed – to kill 30 million slavs of the inferior races and populate the east with superior German peasants. Only at the end of the war, when they felt it was lost, they put the ovens at top gear (Goring tried as late as 1943 to change for 3 $ a piece the Jewish people of the east, to which the Zurich Kahila responded, with the so much ignored but very real inner racism of Judaism against eastern ‘converted’ Russian jews, that they were not JEWS of pure blood, and rejected the project – still the Goring family, whose adopted father and natural father of Hermann was a wealthy jew to which they had a clear love and attachment, through his brother saved thousands of jews from the holocaust). And this is THE MOST BLATANT case. So here the point is obvious: mankind has many times responded to the blatant racist memes of Judaism against mankind and specially to the different modes of parasitic capitalism, from usury to tax-farming, to stock speculation that sucks in all the money we should be investing in people with hate of capitalism, and the ‘carriers’ at each time of those memes of despise of human life have suffered mankind’s action-reaction. But NONE of those actions-reactions talk of an ‘inferior race’, but of usury, of tax-farming, of financial ruin of ‘crimes of money’.  

To guide IHRA in its work, the following examples may serve as illustrations:

Manifestations might include the targeting of the state of Israel, conceived as a Jewish collectivity. However, criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as antisemitic. Antisemitism frequently charges Jews with conspiring to harm humanity, and it is often used to blame Jews for “why things go wrong.” It is expressed in speech, writing, visual forms and action, and employs sinister stereotypes and negative character traits.

COMMENT: The dominant country in the production of killer robots is Israel. And the attempts to prohibit the development of autonomous Terminator killer robots with AI programs to kill human beings without any interference; which UNO tried was derailed by Israel and its allies UK and US. And this is indeed the ‘INDUSTRY’ that along the Nuclear Industry whose 3 staunchest defenders are also those 3 nations WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR KILLING MANKIND. So, yes, if we add the staunchest defenders of the most brutal forms of capitalism, where mankind, the 90% has zero rights to credit, and the stock-rats, owners of the companies, all, where workers and consumers have zero rights and owners all, are Wall Street and The City owned overwhelmingly by members of those biblical cults, mostly belonging to Judaism and secondarily to Calvinist and Anglican denominations (its daughter cultures). So Judaism IS on the open, the main ideology, with its ‘daughter cultures’ (Biblical capitalism, nationalism, the 7th biblical UK-US-Israel culture of the civilizations of history), harming the present and future of mankind because mankind IS the 90%. Indeed, two more examples will suffice: the single meme that has harmed most the black race is the Ham damnation uphold in all Anglo-American courts to justify slavery. The  memeplex that caused the extinction of most Amerindians was the Bible, its racist memes and promise land theory, as nothing really differentiates Northern ‘basques’ = British and Southern ones=Spanish in the conquest of Mexico and US save the fact southern catholic priests defended the life of the natives, and northern Biblical ones asked for their extermination. And the astounding Islamophobia and degradation of political systems in the Arab world with the killing of all social-democratic leaders in the 60s, substituted by pay-per-view brutal dictators such as those of Saud Arabia (where the dictatorship is so brutal that the name of nation is changed as a property of the ‘Saud’ – not even Hitler there to call Hitler’s Germany his nation) or Egypt and/or during a very long period maintaining radical Islam priests; is the work of the Uk-US-Israel 7th culture. But Islam are 2 billion humans. Africa 1,5 billions… And now indeed, the only people who seemed not to have suffered the boot of the Biblical British Empire, or the present Israel-American alliance (we have omitted for brevity the deeds of the English in India, the Americans in South-America) is CHINA, which is obviously now the ‘enemy of our’ stockratic empire. So yes, the ‘culture of judaism and its biblical daughters, Calvinist America and Anglican British Empire) do NOT conspire but directly harm the future of mankind. 

Finally, the only nation that opposes systematically the institution that best represents Mankind, the UNO IS Israel.

On the other themes, Apartheid Israel is a racist country with many laws copycat of Nazi Germany, including prohibition of marriage to non-jews with threat of loss of nationality. Denoucing Apartheid Israel is the right thing to do as denouncing Nazi Germany was.  The fact that capitalism is an offshoot modernized ‘daughter culture’ of the earlier go(l)d cult of judaism is history. The problem here is to confuse the idology of judaism with its carriers, the jewish people, and extend the problem to all the Jewish people. This is not common though, except as we said among the kind of people who classify all races as inferior to theirs, the topic nazis that hate yous, negros, spics alike. So WHY we must highlight among all the people those racist bigots hate the specific group of ‘Jewish’? Why we do not have similar generic anti-racist definitions? 


Contemporary examples of antisemitism in public life, the media, schools, the workplace, and in the religious sphere could, taking into account the overall context, include, but are not limited to:

  • Calling for, aiding, or justifying the killing or harming of Jews in the name of a radical ideology or an extremist view of religion. COMMENT: THIS IS An anti truth at least today, since it is Orthodox judaism which in Israel calls constantly for the extermination of the Palestinians that are living in the ‘sacred land of grand Israel’  The crime is TO STATE THAT HUMANS are ANIMALS AND at the end of times we will MAKE THEM ALL SLAVES AS Orthodox Judaism DOES. And to denounce this is a defense of the dignity of life and mankind. Now, we will NEVER defend here the murder of any HUMAN being of any race or idology. At best ‘jail for crimes’. This must be clear again: MEMES are collective idol-ogies that must be forbidden through re-education and prohibition of teaching racist memes. People ARE individuals who must be judged if they ACT a crime, NOT if they hold an idology, as long as the idology does NOT make them commit a crime. But racist IDOL-ogies against mankind must be forbidden.
  • Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective — such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.
  • COMMENT: JEWISH PEOPLE and this is a fact represent only 0.02% of the population but around 75% of the Financial-Media-Academia system, that is CEOs of financial and Media companies in the west, CFOs of western 1000 fortune and Economic Nobel prizes always defending the most extreme forms of financial capitalism. So indeed Judaism DID specialize in banking and rules the financial system, and it IS A PARASITIC financial system because it has due to the racist memes of Judaism ‘zero’ CARING for the humankind, investing it ALL in machines, none in people with no credit. The wrong form of capitalism is a consequence of the racist memes of Judaism and denouncing this is just being a humanist not a racist.
  • Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, or even for acts committed by non-Jews. COMMENT. THIS IS PLAIN SILLY. Who does that? Who in the modern world has wrongly put in jail a Jewish for a Gentile? Crimes are all investigated by the judiciary. The contrary though is becoming rife in apartheid Israel – where the crimes of individual Palestinians are immediately paid by their families with the razing of their homes, its destitution and appropriation of their land.
  • Denying the fact, scope, mechanisms (e.g. gas chambers) or intentionality of the genocide of the Jewish people at the hands of National Socialist Germany and its supporters and accomplices during World War II (the Holocaust).
  • COMMENT We have EXPLAINED the nature of the Holocaust as YET ANOTHER WAR, AND YET ANOTHER BRUTAL EXTERMINATION PROCESS OF GERMAN MILITARY, who killed also 30 million slavs. So why his declared war against the ‘nation of judaism’ and its extermination of those who they captured IS WORSE than his extermination of innocent Polish peasants, Ukrainians, Russians, gypsies etc. etc. etc. Because as a racist religion Judaism MUST feel superior even as a superior victim, the ONLY ONES THAT MATTER exaggerating the hate of Nazis towards them, the number of victims, while silencing in the thousands of hours dedicated to the theme, all OTHER HOLOCAUSTS COMMITTED IN WARS.
  • Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust. DITTO.
  • Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations. COMMENT EVERY ONE that knows Jewish people knows they feel ‘first’ part of the nation of Judaism, because Judaism as we explain ad nauseam is a religion of supremacist tribal power – a NATION, because before the word NATION, which is latin appeared nations were called Gods, and Tribal Gods were supremacist nations, monotheist nations that deny all other nations and as per the millenarian prophecy TRIED to conquer them all. JUDAISM IS A NATION, not a metaphysical religion, and as such if you identify yourself as Jewish you belong first to that nation, though of course you can have ‘double nationality’. Now, I have never heard a friend, once he opens up to call himself an American, but always telling you ‘I am jewish’. So that is how they define themselves first. 
  • Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor. ISRAEL IS A NATION built on apartheid laws, so this is a fact in court and legal system. To claim that it is racist to denounce a racist legal system, is as nuts as say that if we DENOUNCE THE RACIST LAWS OF NAZI Germany we are being racist!!!!???
  • Applying double standards by requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation.
  • Using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g., claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterize Israel or Israelis. ???? Who on the fuk does that and who cares for cuckoo crhistian fundamentalists that do that far more about Islam, as Jewish orthodox do about every other race. Again the anti truth is to consider that the bulk of mankind DOES exactly what the bulk of orthodox judaism (the only form of judaism till the XIX c. hence JUDAISM point) does about everybody else in mankind. Plus the blood libel is NOT a libel, but an improper explanation of something much worse: during the Middle Ages Judaism monopolized European slave traffic, to the point of calling slavs slaves and the name sticked. Part of the traffic was the eunuch traffic to Islam, buying as tax payment peasants, and castrating those children who lost 1/3rd of their lives for lack of proper cared, bleeding to death. So the corpses of bloodless children thrown to the gutter found by their parents ARE THE blood libel, NOT a libel but ignorance that they didn’t bleed to drink their blood, their bleed to death for go(l)d, as a eunuch paid 1000 grain of gold, 30 times more as a slave. It was as ALWAYS with a go(l)d culture a massacre of innocent children for the sake of profits.
  • Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis. SO HUMANIST DO THAT BECAUSE AS WE HAVE SHOWN, THERE ARE MANY PARALLELISMS.
  • Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel. COMMENT. SO HERE who must be responsible? Are not the Germans responsible for I and II world war? Alas, we cannot say that the Germans started I and II world war? When Israel is the staunchest biggest defender of the terminator industry of autonomous killing robots that will likely kill mankind and every of them defends apartheid Israel, who are we gonna blame for the acts of Israel, the Chinese? of course not, we should be blaming according to Israelis the Palestinians… they are ‘using their children as shields NOT that we shoot and kill children… mind the readers children are not human victims but ‘shields’ put there as armored defense… (one of the comments I have heard most times among educated American jewry).

Antisemitic acts are criminal when they are so defined by law (for example, denial of the Holocaust or distribution of antisemitic materials in some countries). COMMENT: WHAT SHOULD BE STUDIED BY EVERY PERSON IN EVERY BOOK OF HISTORY is the difference between race and memes and then the proper denounce of racist cultures and religions, including no-doubt of it for all what has been said, Judaism, Germanism, militarism, nationalism, racist religions, Hinduism, and all ANIMETAL CULTS THAT MAKE people who have more money, more weapons and more machines feel superior to all forms of life.

Criminal acts are antisemitic when the targets of attacks, whether they are people or property – such as buildings, schools, places of worship and cemeteries – are selected because they are, or are perceived to be, Jewish or linked to Jews. THEY ARE CRIMES, POINT. AND THEY SHOULD BE JUDGED AS CRIMES. If you KILL A HUMAN BEING is a crime, point. It is neither bigger or smaller if you kill it for money, ideology or whatever. IT IS PART OF THE ISLAMOPHOBIA CAMPAIGN of RACISM against 2 billion humans to ‘forget other crimes’ and just repeat ad nauseam as a superior form of crime a terrorist crime, specially if it attacks certain ‘superior chosen races’ All crimes are crimes.

Antisemitic discrimination is the denial to Jews of opportunities or services available to others and is illegal in many countries. WHERE THIS HAS EVER HAPPENED, SINCE NAZIS DECLARED WAR TO JUDAISM AND DENIED to all the people at war including all other nations to which they were at war, such rights? THIS IS A HUGE MYTH, LIKE SAYING IN THE Middle Ages they were bankers because they were denied rights to other guilds. It is absolutely false. There are enormous number of documents precisely asking THE OPPOSITE, THAT THE JEWISH PEOPLE loose their monopoly in tax farming and usury to lower usury below the 86% annual tax, to have competition, calls in European courts to END the eunuch trade; NOT a single case though can be found of prohibition of guilds to their membership. On the contrary denounces that they DIDNT WANT to engage in agriculture and hand-work. They rejected membership in any guild not related to money, while monopolizing those related to slavery, precious metals, jewelry and the like.


  1. TO PROTECT judaism and its financial-media academia power.
  2. To protect apartheid israel
  3. To censor history
  4. To protect capitalism as a ‘science’ not a cult(ure) of power.
  5. TO PROTECT RACISM AS AN IDOL-OGY which is the fundamental animetal trait of this religion
  6. And it shows clearly that if all of mankind has adopted this obviously is not because is right or reasonable but because indeed, go(l)d rules the world and the financial-media-academia power has that control. So everybody yield in the Voltaire’s sense: ‘if you want to know who rules you ask yourself who you cannot criticize’.

INDEED, the immediate question we must ask, once it is clear that the ‘animetal cult(ure)’ of Judaism and its daughter civilization biblical capitalism, and those born at the same age (±1200 BC) of discovery of iron and imposition of gold as money – Aryan cults to the fire and the sword of the Smith, ultimate origin of germanism, nationalism and nazism and hindi castes – are the PROTOTYPE OF racism against mankind and its non-technological cultures, BUT HUMANIST can without any censorship criticize nazism, nationalism and hindi castes; why we cannot criticize Judaism. 

The answer is immediate when we turn around the question: when and why we wouldn’t be able to criticize nazism or hindi castes? Obviously ONLY given the natural sense of mankind about what is good and evil, IN A SOCIETY RULED BY NAZIS OR HINDI CASTES.

Indeed ONLY in the European world ruled by nazis, nazism was portrayed as a victimist culture, which had to defend itself, surrounded by enemies, robbed of his lands to the East – everybody else knew it was a racist idology of military power.

Hence if mankind at large, specially the western world and with more intensity in UK and U$ it is the most hideous crime to criticize the most racist culture can only be because IT IS A SOCIETY RULED by Judaism, and its FInancial-Media-Academa Masters, or else everybody would rightly explain that their sacred books are racist, supremacist, antihumanist books, of a go(l)d religion of a Millenarian prophecy where the goal is to make all humans slaves of its language of power, money as the goal of Hindis and Nazis was to make all human slaves of its language of power, weapon. And so this is the explanation of the following map of the 7 cultures of mankind as today, ruled NOT by the people of each culture, in brotherly love under the laws of eusocial evolution of the species, but fragmented in regions most of them controlled by those Financial-Media-Academia masters and idol-ogies, from capitalism to nationalism to mechanism and technoutopia, we cannot criticize:

If humans were serious about a future with an alternative model to the non-way out of company-mothers evolving AI robots and weapons, instead of absurd tribal conflicts, mankind would search for a Unification of its 7 cultures, with the models of Uno and EU and the laws of systems sciences. Russian then would have been invited to join EU – IT IS 1/2 OF EUROPE! and make EU a global potency above U$, able to bridge a social, scientific global world with China as the partner opening the path to a perfect world. For the same reason Israel+Palestine should have been enclosed in EU, as the obvious solution to primitive religious memes, and apartheid stressing Haskala over halaka (enlightenment over religious war), as Israel IS Europe. The opposite has happened. The Jewish Financial-Media elite ruling the western empire got paranoid about a model of survival in which they had to relinquish their hate memes and segregational behavior to mankind and embrace a future for ALL of us and just gear up the hate memes, war drill, pumping up their war against the poorest people of the world – Islam and then as Islam counter-attacked to get nuts about safety to ensure we shall repeat for profits the pecunia infinita belli Nervi cycles of wars and holocausts… SO RUSSIA did not join EU, was brutally broken into statelets, became the guinea pig for ‘war propaganda’ with the excuse of its old red army power and now is the preferred target of the yellow press campaigns of hate memes to ensure EU and MANKIND will never be the social, humanist civilization that could have saved all of us.

In the graph, Antisemitism (the belief in the inferiority of the Jewish race) is nearly non-existent today and in History. What there has been in history is a fight among two supremacist idol-ogies of metal power, both wrong, both oppressing the 90%: go(l)d cultures and iron cultures.

What Judaism is, is 1) the foundational go(l)d culture where money and its values was above the wor(l)d and its values. 2) A nation that felt above all other humans by the power of metal, but unlike the mentioned Assyrians that used iron, they used gold to enslave the mind and so became not an entropic metal culture but an informative metal culture master of money as they still are. And because money is information and information is small and hidden works better to control reality its properties become exactly the opposite of those of warrior cultures.

So censorship of information to impose power with go(l)d and manufacture brains with information machines is also a trademark of Judaism and any other culture in which information in its metal-systems must rule over human ethic information, as the values of both are opposed: gold maximizes the value of weapons and hence kills life. So a culture of life must somehow establish an astoundingly complex series of inquisitions of thought to be able to swallow the pill that if it follows the values of go(l)d it will die, through secondary causes admitted (looting, war, revolution of those with no money, etc). The next two graphs thus illustrate the fundamental error of the Jewish culture – not to understand that it is ultimately the values of gold and iron not mankind who kills them, and the mental inquisitions its elite of banker-priests have established to make their people accept those gold values even if they will kill us all:

In the graph the Holocaust cycles, in its main past, present and future events, are due to the uphold of go(l)d values and war profits above ethic legal values, performed NOT by mankind which is the victim of both military germ(anic) genocides and Go(l)d parasitic exploitation through tax farming, usury schemes, slave and weapons traffic of minimal cost and maximal profit, through the entire series of 800-80 years cycles of overproduction of metal-memes that invariably end in an age of war concluding when all is razed, in the holocaust of the elites of king-warriors and banker-priests that enable the cycle. Today the process of financial monopoly and parasitism, has reached stratospheric proportions as all the money of the planet is deviated by the like of goldman Sachs and Wall Street speculators to the company-mothers of machines-weapons of the digital age, while billions of humans lack any credit, since the cycle is always the same:

Warriors and bankers ally each other. Bankers profit of war and weapons trade, debt usury and loans, so they establish hate memes provoking war between neighbors in the classic age between Middle East kingdoms, Spanish Taifas and German kingdoms, till finally all the other sections of society realize the origin of the hate memes – the profits of war, and murder them.

It is though greed and violence, the values of gold and weapons what always come on top, regardless of who dies in the human flesh. So Judaism always achieves the essence of the paradox of history: maximizing the wealth of an elite off banker priests, within a dwindling populations of humans, till at the end of times literally a few jewish moguls, Mr. Bezos ‘Gise’ style and his armies of robots will reign and all other ‘elements’ of their society will be murdered by the cycle.

What is the next cycle is obvious: America and Israel will fall to the Germanic impoverished mass of Americans and the dwindling cost of nuclear bombs, when the impoverished, razed nations of Islam come together, or if they succeed, as they so far are doing, creating police states, hate memes of all other nations against all other nations and armies of robots that will murder those impoverished people, they will be killed by to ‘mercenaries of metal’ of Guardiums and predators.  In that sense, the big question mark is NOT if the holocaust will happen, IF the present primitive conception of capitalism continues, but WHO will be the perpetrator, brutalized and impoverished humans or military AI robots…

In any case it is obvious that the memes of Judaism are the worst receipt for the survival of the biological genes, of the human beings that carry them. Indeed, in the Roman census, judaism represented a whooping 10% of the empire at a time when a huge population lived still in the Persian Empire, and its trade capital, Babylon, where the Talmud would be written. Yet those figures have dwindled to a mere 0.2% of which hardly any are descendants on those Roman jews, because those figures of modern judaism belong mostly to converted Kazhars.

The solution to the cycle though was spelt by all its prophets of the wor(l)d: join mankind the single species, and so those who followed Moses survived the henna, those who followed Jesus were spared in the Roman Holocaust, and those who followed Marx survived in communist Russia.

But the proposal of the banker-priests is not a ‘full conversion’, but a mockery of it, which preserves still its go(l)d values.

So first the ‘strategy of survival’ was to convince the human lot that the jewish people were chosen of god above heavens and Earth, something that still works among the biblical believers of Protestant cultures but when the Germans became atheists with Darwinism in the XX c. the spelt broke; it was then the mantra of the ‘experts’ in banking, but when Marx evolved the discipline the spelt broke; it is now the mantra that judaism is not through the subconscious values of go(l)d killing life, but the opposite – they are the victims of mankind, but as the holocaust of mankind progresses the spelt will also break. Because truth ‘exists’, and the laws of the organic Universe that help survival those who believe in the eusocial evolution of the same species, and kills those who don’t, and segregate from their own cannot be cheated, something what we shall term the 3 ages of the Jewish inquisition – Abrahamic religions, classic economics and the industry of the holocaust and its different Financial-Media-Academia masters – have yet to grasp; given their dogmas against ‘eusocial love’, and their worship of technology and the belief they can outsmart the Universe and its action-reaction laws.

It is thus also obvious what is the solution to the cycle: to use and manage money for the benefit of the whole mankind creating with the science of bio history a perfect world. But the Jewish ‘Inquisition’ of memes against life, from earlier religions of repression of life wanting, from food to sex, to the biblical age of capitalism with its classic economists perfectly defined by Keynes ‘capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people will do the wickedest of all things – to extinguish life – for the common good’, to the present age of rule of company-mothers of machines-weapons under the equation of profits of capitalism, seems to indicate Judaism will achieve its subconscious goal: to provoke a collective holocaust of all mankind by the selfish memes of metal they worship:

But with the INDUSTRIALIZATION OF WAR, go(l)d culture  came on top and its most powerful ended up ruling the western world with digital orders of money.

So obviously because as Judaism came to control the Financial-Media systems of the west and its Academic information, the industry of the Holocaust and the victimist meme as a a camouflage of protection found extremely profitable to ‘control’ any opposition to the rule of Judaism and capitalism, in Wall Street, The City, the ECB and Hollywood, today in internet media, with the idea that if you criticize Judaism you are a ‘racist’ genocider. But I repeat and challenge any writer to find through history ‘racist memes’ against Judaism, of the kind you find against the black people, the arabs, the colored people, even the Chinese, mongoloids, which Maimonides the ‘Aristotle of Judaism’ (Britannica, sic), compared in his ‘Guide to the perplexed ‘ to monkeys – an opinion today hold by a racist Israeli rabbi as a proof he ‘anticipated evolution’?!. In fact most racist memes in History were born in germanic warrior and Jewish go(l)d cultures. So the fundamental anti truth of the Industry of the Holocaust is to ascribe mankind the crime of racism, which they practice systematically in its go(l)d religion and Talmud and Torah. This anti truth is an essential ‘Goebbels’ rhetoric method of truth.

And it certainly works when you DO control the systems of information of a society, the machines that print information and digital money. So today ALL what we have explained – facts of history and its idol-ogies IS forbidden, censored, AND TO EXPLAIN IT, is called a ‘crime of antisemitism’ according to the definition aforementioned adopted by all mankind, because as Miss Clinton put it: ‘it is hard to argue with your banker’.

In that sense it would be REALLY USEFUL FOR HISTORIC TRUTH THAT AT LEAST WE COULD NAME EACH CULTURE FOR WHAT IT IS, AND NOT PRETEND TO BE DIFFERENT CULTURES. TODAY, AMERICA IS NOT A EUROPEAN CULTURE and Europe we might say is becoming also a neocolonial through the ECB, but if there is any hope for mankind to last beyond this century it would come from a turning back from halaka to haskalah, the end of the Industry of victimism and the Holocaust, the recognition of the crimes of capitalism and judaism to mankind, and the attempt to create a true social science with the aim of making history a perfect superorganism, immortal in time.

BECAUSE AS A EUROPEAN BY CULTURE WHAT PROBABLY IRKS ME MORE of the fundamentalist process of go(l)d self-suicide carried about by the M.A.D. cult(ure) is that it is unavoidable – it is NOT if that culture didn’t rule us all, which could be as easy as desnationalize the financial industry as we explain ad nauseam on this work, and certainly a good starting point would be for Americans to stop feeling Guilty for denouncing the bigotry of capitalism and its neocolonial state.

Since the Jewish project, which always will be as long as the religion of judaism rule their people, the millenarian prophecy of converting all humans in slaves of gold at the end of time, means merely the end of times, the destruction of mankind by AI, Robots, Nuclear weapons, splendid wars for profits. This seems to be the case as it seems truly except for China which in any case is fast imitating the model of the western world to survive, as Japan did before her, everybody is now so mentally erased, history has been so thoroughly rewritten and truth has become so corrupted by fairy tales and childish dreams that mankind has NO future, that is, it has the same future Judaism as a bigot segregational enslaving culture of tax farmers, enslavers and gold herding was in his original age. In that sense, those are the classic books to read to understand Judaism as it is – not as the fairy tales of mass-media tell us:

For the 800 years cycle of usury tax farming and slave trading as the people-caste specialized in gold as the vehicle of fetish God which the jabiru  brought to the temple you might read classic  canonical books by Jewish and socialist scholars on the obvious theme of the birth of capitalism:


Translator’s foreword. A biographical sketch of Abram Leon, by Ernest Germain. ONE: The premises for a scientific study of Jewish history TWO: From antiquity to the Carolingian epoch:


And this other FOR THE 80 YEARS:


And then for modern US-Israel those are the canonical:



The International Jew The World’s Foremost Problem Henry Ford founder of the Ford Motor Company, and the editors of The Dearborn Independent. AAARGH INTERNET EDITION 2003

2 ARE jewish humanist, 1 top serious historian, 1 the most powerful American at the turn of the XXC center. So quite balanced, no doubt the best of the hundreds I read…

1 is by the best socialist historian ‘ever’ sombart (his 6 volume book on history of socialism is canonical, so it is ‘why America was never socialist). 1 by A jewish guy killed by nazis, best for the old age (Abraham Leon), another by an antisemite, conceded – Mr. Ford, but alas! the man who was running America for inside, he paid the prohibition law, so a man who knew – he hated them obviously because they took America from him and his calvinist friends…

So  it is best for US.

My favorite is the one of Israel Shahak with a prologue by Gore Vidal, about Israel; truly a masterpiece of humanism by a doctor, survivor of the Holocaust, who saw how a ‘compassive’ rabbi told a soldier in Lebanon, who was trying to help a wounded muslim kid, to shoot him on the head, because it was an animal and that is what you do to your beloved horse if ‘it’ breaks its leg – and the soldier shot ‘it’ (because yes judaism IS NOT about jews, its races and genes, just part of its segregational myths as most come from the pale of settlement, in Ukraine, converted from the original ‘slavs=slaves’ of the Radhanite trade to avoid capture by the Levi mercenary viking and Frankish armies, as prostitutes and eunuchs for Islam but about the needed segregational memes of a religion of go(l)d values, aka primitive capitalism that uses hypnotic gold and mercenary armies to reach power, systematically corrupting kings and politicos with luxuries and hate memes to take over their finances as tax ‘farmers’ of the peasant animal=goy, or make them debt slaves of war loans, and buyers of weapons, for the only goal, the accumulation of gold, today money, which therefore requires  the enslaving and dehumanizing of life stock=aka humans…)”

Because gold, information, money, the head, rules, iron, entropy, weapons, the body that kill together the world of life, it has been customary to ‘forget’ the entire ‘hidden history’ of capitalism, money and the ‘chosen victims of history’ that rule the Financial-Media-Academia information that passes as social science and rules mankind as a blind steeple walking towards the Metalearth.

And this is still how it works: today as we have said for 30 years it is NOT neocolonial America, but the leading Israeli=Jewish elite of the Financial-media-academia system (around 70-80% of CEOs and CFOs of western 500 companies, 75% of Nobel prizes of economy, ownership of 80% of the top media global companies…).

Languages value and select species by affinity giving maximal value to those made of similar substance. So weapons have max. value in metal-gold and life null. And viceversa. In wor(l)ds weapons have negative value and life maximal. This fact is the basis for a scientific analysis of ethics, which is the survival subconscious value of the wor(l)d that guides subconsciously humanity into survival. For that reason animetal cult(ure)s systematically deny an ethical, organic Universe by its belief in go(l)d values.
Money in its fetish go(l)d view gives maximal value to weapons that kill life and null value to life. While wor(l)ds our ethic language do the opposite. Thus to impose go(l)d values it has been needed a complex memeplex of weirdo but effective inhibitors of human social love we shall term the Jewish inquisition, IMPOSED by repetition of hate memes against mankinds (Goebbels’ method: to repeat a lie many times to make it truth) and censorship of social human love]


The enormous success of Judaism on his bid for imperial power as the dominant animetal go(l0d cult(ure) as opposed to germ(ani)sm that thanx God failed to exterminate us, IS THE FACT THAT MILITARY genociders are obvious, as their tool of power, ‘entropic weapons’ are large, evident forms. Informative go(l)d however ‘erases and hypnotizes’ the mind, and as information is invisible and easy to camouflage. SO THE FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENT OF the go(l)d culture in any of its biblical versions is to camouflage its eviL=hate memes against mankind as positive and its bid for total global power through money, by using mercenary armies and puppet politicians and corrupted military to control history. CAMOUFLAGE BECOMES THEN the essential form by which ‘the wickedest of all people make us belief the wickedest of all things – to extinguish life, hate mankind and commit ultimately suicide – is the best of all worlds.

Banker-priests. The top predator ‘victims’ of history.

Let us then define the anti-truth and truth of ‘you financial power’ with some humor on the voice of an ardent defendant of victimism:

The only excuse this culture has is that it is subconscious hate, as they merely do all possible things to increase the fetish-gold of their religion. But that is no consolation price. Today of course America which is colonized by  the inquisitions against life love and humanity proper of jewish memes since its origin by company-mothers they owned by bibles they manufactured to depict themselves as the superior chosen race and by evil wood… is the paradigm of this culture: money and gold values that kill life and make weapons the most expensive good justify all. ANY AMERICAN WILL TELL YOU, it is ok to extinguish life, because it is money as if it were a power beyond control. Money can be controlled by the law. But a religion of go(l)d as Judaism is PREFERS TO COMMIT SUICIDE AND KILL THEIR SONS TILL THE FOURTH GENERATION instead of DENYING GOLD VALUES. OF COURSE, as a latin ‘normal person’ for whom ethic wor(l)ds matter more, as all the masters of mankind, in all cultures my sensation in front of the aberrant destructive eviL=anti-live values of Go(l)d is an absolute despise for this culture. Yes they have won, they have suppressed life memes, an alternative world of justice, peace, life, a future for all of us, they have created the nightmare we live in – but let us be clear enough, by doing so they will only achieve the same cyclical war and holocaust, genocide and suicide process.  My problem though is why THEY HAVE TO KILL US ALSO? IF THEY WANT TO COMMIT SUICIDE, why they don’t just get to a diet of gold and silver quick? Why they don’t go to Baal and do their rituals of self-extinction ALONE? Why they had to get the rest of us into their M.A.D. idol-ogies?

Honestly I would like the jewish people to feel part of humanity but they don’t. They don’t really understand much of history, mankind, and the Universe at large, but what they seem to have clear is that they ‘are different’. And it is that memeplex of being mankind as human ‘capital’, what has made the whole difference with history. Had they adopted a more greek-latin view of ‘money=nomisma’ and the species, we might still survive. But when the people who own the informative machines of the eco(nomic)system – financial/media companies – which rule the mind of mankind and the essence of its historic memeplex is to hate mankind things do not look bright either for them or for us… their species.


In the next graph to go to the core matter that matters – survival. The memes of judaism have not ensured the survival of its people-carriers and thus MUST BE REFORMED. This is the truth that Judaism should learn once and for all: nothing matters more to a biohistorian than the survival of humanity and all ITS PEOPLE, but for that to happen VIRAL MEMES THAT KILL THE MIND AND BODY OF MANKIND MUST BE SUPRESSED, not by suppressing their carriers but by reforming their education and whenever required take them out of power.

The opposite is truth – now when the memes of judaism have become globalized and we all believe in them, it is obvious that the destiny that the laws of the organic Universe and its evolutionary action-reaction pecunia infinita belli nervi cause, are transferred to mankind at large, and so we can expect for mankind in the incoming cycles of hate memes and war to have a very poor survival rate, as the nation of Judaism has:

THE GOAL OF CULTURES: SURVIVAL Vs. THE GO(L)D CULT(URE) In the graph, the 3 TOP CULTURES OF THE PLANET by their control of the 3 languages of social power:
-Legalist, social WOR(L)D-prone, China, run always by lawyers, and verbal masters.
-The leader in the evolution of machines/weapons (germans, who invented most of the mass destruction weapons of history and systematically massacred European wor(l)d cultures, from the times of the Celtic ‘Barbarians’, through the German invaders, across the age of religious Wars, into the 2 global wars they trig erred in the XXI century, to its present IV reich based in the robotisation of all industries and end of human labor).
-The nation with the highest rent and maximal stockholder, withits fetish-Go(l)d memes expanded with calvinism to the entire capitalist world (jewish culture, 1/2 mostly lower classes, scapegoats of the economic holocaust cycle, living in Israel, a middle income nation, and the other 1/2 mostly in the financial industry ‘owing’ the west, specially the Anglo-American world, from City and Wall Street)…
And their rate of success by the only objective, factual measure in the organic, biological Universe: SURVIVAL as it is.
We are making here so far NO ideological or causal judgments on wars, holocausts, poverty, wealth, racist memes, whatever you dish out there to blame god, the Universe, thy neighbour… just stating a MATHEMATICAL NUMBER. We are not talking subjectively, JUST stating objective facts as they are.
CHINA RULED for 5000 years by legal words, always against military solutions, the last nation to receive iron weapons and go(l)d coins HAD 5000 years ago around the SAME population than the other 2 cultures, when the Neolithic ended FIRST in Levante and then in Germanic Europe, whose elite people-castes adopted the ‘new languages of power’ to rule the world and emitted a series of racist, segregational memes as superior races, establishing a new age of slavery and warfare.
Indeed, in the roman census, Judaism was 10% of the population, back in the III millennium before, the Cananean culture of Phoenician sea traders (extinguished by romans) and Israeli caravan traders (nearly extinguished by them), represented an even larger number. While Celts (swiss hallstatt iron culture) and then Germans (departing from stockholm iron mines) occupied 1/2 of Europe, but the Chinese Han only the upper part of the Yellow river…
It was then when the ‘Germanic iron culture’ and the Jewish Go(l)d culture started their series of war and holocaust cycles shunning off for ever since, the power of the Law, the human language and its ethic values above those of greed and violence instilled by go(l)d and weapons, to rule society. So they started a 3000 years and still going-strong war to control Europe and the World with capitalist and militaristic hate-memes. First against the legalist Greek-Roman culture for which ‘money was legal tender, nomisma, in Aristotelian terms, and weapons had to obey the law, AND IN THIS MANNER MAN WOULD STILL BE THE MEASURE OF ALL THINGS AND COULD CONTROL THE EVOLUTION OF WEAPONS AND MACHINES. Indeed, two quotes one of words, by the master of the Roman Law, Cicero, author of ‘res publica’ (from where republic comes) on the fetish-gold culture, and one fact of the Chinese, equivalent verbal culture in the East shows that IF LAW ABOVE GOLD AND WEAPONS, IF REASON AND HUMAN SUPREMACY WERE IN PLACE, THERE WOULD NOT BE ‘MANIFEST DESTINY’ AS ROBOTISTS AND CAPITALIST CEOs of weapons and electronic industries pretend (they tell you the mantra that robots and A.I. and terminators are ‘unavoidable’ – of course if you are a barbarian, if you are as Aristotle put it a ‘human slave (that) believes (in gold and iron) does not reason’ it is unavoidable. 
“Nervi belli, pecunia infinita–The nervous system of war is inflationary money” ~Cicero, Philippics. Hence he proposed to control it always both, money and weapons with laws, as Rome did during its ‘res public’ age
Indeed, in a free eco(nomic)system our extinction is unavoidable under THE ACTION-REACTION newtonian CYCLES OF WARS for profits because those who do war to man  deny their own species – mankind.
So now China has 100th times more people on Earth that the worst-faring culture of the world – the one who has accumulated more fetish Gold. The trade off thus is obvious:
The dominant animetal cult(ure)s, military/mechanical germany of the goths and the Jewish chosen of go(l)d religion do NOT fare well in the ONLY true measure of success as a memetic culture. All germans together (±90 mill. if we ad Austrians Swiss) are 16th in the list of world cultures despite the amazing historic record of military power and mechanical dexterity, today on top of the robotic Industrial r=evolution 4.0 that will extinguish all labor. Israel is by far the worst on record, with 0.1%, 0.2% of world population despite the amazing go(l)d power of its people in go(l)d terms (54% of the American 1%, ALL central bankers of the West, 80% of CEOs of financial top 500 fortune, in an absolute monopoly on the issue of money and its ab=use to guide humans, origin of the economic cycle of the holocausts).
Now the ‘strategy’ of survival of this elite is to blame mankind, hide the control and convince their commoners who have nothing to do with it, that if they reform the system, revolve against their elites of banker-priests and join mankind in love for the common good, they will be murdered by us, hateful people. So they achieve the unthinkable, the repetition of the cycle:
The truth is that, without censorship, the cycle of wars and holocausts, go hand in hand with the behaviour of the germanic and jewish elites, the military iron cultures and go(l)d cultures of human slavery and greed that ab=use mankind and misuse their people as warriors and tax farmers, for ever since. And ultimately is the way the common oppression of mankind by those 2 cultures end:
On one hand the military murders an loots the banker, on the other hand, the banker is a biblical  go(l)d believer who issue money in monopoly as they are $elected to own the system, print money for themselves and ignore the rest of mankind and its needs, without credit because we are an inferior race, who on top of that hates them. Yes, I am not crazy. This is actually what our elite of bankers, overwhelmingly belonging to an ultra-orthodox bronze age sect of animetals think. And you too unfortunately if you belong to the ‘blind’ body of western civilizations, they own.
And while of course usury does NOT justify murder, only economic reform, it is important to know in any crime the motive – the real data, the real causes, which are biological – Humanity wants to survive capitalism, and provoke action-reaction processes of murder that bring during economic crises and war periods, holocaust processes

So of course, full aware of the antiquantum paradox – the true scientist of history is so small that IT IS REPRESSED BY power to not tell the truth of history, in inverse fashion to quantum physics where it is so big that it influences the observable – as Historians we are going to criticize the father culture of capitalism, the terminator industry, the modern obsession for race and nationalism, the ROLE MODEL OF THE NO-WAY OUT WORLD that is driving life and history to extinction due to its memes of worship of metal and despise of mankind.

But how then Judaism from being a small soliton of the go(l)d culture got to become so dominant? Obviously because in the gunpowder age, things changed throughout the entire 80 years cycle of Western national power, based in constant wars with hate memes spread by the press between nations, to promote the profits of the pecunia infinita belli Nervi. It is in this age, when the sephardim migrated to Holland, did start the Company-mother system of go(l)d power, which truly professionalizes Judaism into Biblical capitalism, in alliance with the reformation and only then with the expansion of Judaism to calvinism and anglicanism, as daughter civilizations, with Judaism as the first ‘chosen of go(l)d’ and larger stockrats, will reach global power…




The cycle of maximal profits achieved with the synergies of weapons and hate media is the fundamental cycle of the go(l)d culture that understands money as wealth per se, better in metal, only issued by the go(l)d chosen, as the animal goy=aka human beings are heinous dangerous people who if let to survive properly will no doubt come to kill us. So better to kill them all and put reliable robotic workers and soldiers in this place. That is the subconscious text towards capitalism and its cycles of extinction of life for profit is guiding all of us, including the 1% that history shows do not SURVIVE the final gottendamerung of the cycles of war and holocausts for profits they enact. TO NOTICE THAT THE III PRESENT CYCLE OF NEOFASCISM, HATE MEMES AND WAR is parallel to the first colonial cycle as there is not an alternative humanist ‘science’ – this blog could have been ‘the one’ – and so we go to war for petty nationalisms and tribal religions with zero-brainers brass politicos on top.

In the graph the essence of the modern world is the professional standardization of the earlier cycle of Judaism as a world religion of two people-castes, the financial-media elite of bankers at court and diplomats, which were the brain of a process of pecunia infinita belli Nervi, engaging in territorial disputes city states and small nations, in the Middle East and then Spain and Germany, at the same time than the jabiru provided weapons and traded in mercenary armies and slaves.

The process of course lasted for long, with increasing loans for war, and mercenary armies. One Rothschild started its business shangaying and selling Hessian soldiers with the connivence of the Margrave to the American-British army… Yet it was not really the type of professional enterprise that will develop in Holland to define the modern world with the reformation, when hate memes became yellow press (black legend against the legitimate king), money inflationary stock-paper, and the purveyors of weapons and slaves organized into companies of gunboats. The modern world was born and the Am Segullah became the biggest stock-holders of VOC as the letter to the New Amsterdam governor, to let the jabiru to colonize land in New York explains – the stockholders of the company approve of it.

In that regard, we can talk of a chain of centers of power in the Anglo-American civilization in its modern form of biblical capitalism, from the age of Holland to the age of London to the age of New York, to the age of Israel, where a knot of financial-media power defines subtly the policies and credits the future:


In the graph, once humans choose go(l)d as their language of power, to understand the future, of the economic ecosystem dominant over the ecosystems of history, it is needed only to observe the most evolved ‘fractal future’ nation, seed of information of the future of machines & weapons, masterminded by the center of go(l)d power.

Systems are always born in a small ‘quantum-genetic-memetic’ seed of information (physical-biological-social systems) which expand globally as it reproduces its quantum particles, genes and memes in all surrounding territories. So to understand the future of the cosmos, one needs to see only the seed of quantum-gravitational information of the black hole, whose inverse equations are those of a big-bang and a quasar, which will reproduce its matter all over the world; to understand the future of life, 60 million years ago, one has to study the genetic information of the most evolved form of the age, the shrewd, of which we all come, to understand the future of the world 200.000 years ago, one has to look at the genes and words of the first mithocondrial eve, the first wo=man who spoke, to understand the future of the western world in 0 BC, when wor(l)ds were still the choice of language, one had to look at the mind of the Habiru Prophet, Mr. Iesu, whose eusocial message of love was the most advanced neo-platonic expression of the laws of eusocial evolution of the Universe, but after go(l)d became overwhelmingly the choice of language, with the massive expansion of its values due to the conquest of America, which multiplied its capacity to value reality, we had to look at the center of production of go(l)d, and the people who made it, to see where the world would lead.

And so in 1604, WHEN the first form of paper-money and its physical form, VOC, the first gunboat, slave company, appeared, we had to look at Amsterdam, which was to be the future of the world as it would expand its financial-mass media networks (yellow press, with its black legend against its Habsburg kings, Stockmarket, center of creation of inflationary money) and military-industrial networks  (VOC and its arsenals of creation of gunboats and artillery, its trade in slaves and species, and growing global empire) to know how the future would look as the structure reproduced first in England after the 1688 glorious revolution, then in New York and finally into the entire world (central graph).
So in the post-war age, as the metal-mind informative age became the future of the economic ecosystem, from the centres of New York, Evilwood and Silicon valley, we had to look at America, and the elite that owned its Financial-Media networks, the Israelis (80% of wall street firms CEOs and Producers of mass-media), to know the future of the world, specially after the ’73 coup silent d’etat’ against American political, financial and military independent power centres substituted by the Financial-Media manufacturing of the brain and industrial tissue of America (end of control of physical currency, with the end of the gold standard substituted by unlimited printing of e-money; end of political power, controlled by mass-media after Watergate  showed TVs could tumble a president, and end of independent international policy, as the protestant wasps became substituted by the New yorker Japs, and the military became a mercenary army to the service of its FMasters, the more so when the Wall of Berlin felt and the Wall of Samaria was built up; so the ‘communist’ preferred enemy of wasp changed to Islam, the preferred enemy of Judaism, to ‘start up’ splendid little wars for profits of the new electronic digital war industries.


Israel of course wouldn’t have that power if it didnt control the Financial-media/military industrial complex in America. Moreover, that power is not monolithic but nonetheless is crystal clear in what regards to American international policies and financial interpretation of economics, as a system that servers merely the financial elite constant invention of money, regardless of its use. It is not the first case in history, which always shown a first seed-nation advancing the technological world of machines first, dominating mankind with it and then becoming imitated by all other nations.

So so unfortunately we talk too much of the nation of Israel, not because we obsessed by its global FMasters, but because the head of a super organism matters far more than all the rest of the body to know HOW THE FUTURE WILL BE, since only the head directs the body, with the linguistic messages of the superorganism, and once human failed to r=evolve  and reform its sick economic and political systems, the non-verbal go(l)d head of the planet Earth belongs to the informative machines that print money in wall street and the city and the audiovisual machines that keep pumping iron – neofascist movies – about wars, police, and the scarceness of go(l)d – ultimate goal of all telefilms, in ‘evilwood’.

This is where we are and so, to understand the future in a ‘capitalist world’, where go(l)d matters more than the law it buys,   THE HEAD which controls the informative machines that issue THE LANGUAGE of the metal-earth, and obey its subconscious value will decide the future, regardless how small and invisible is the language of information, they command. So happens with any linguistic center – size does not matter, BUT ‘mass density’, of the language of power. So black holes with infinitesimal size but infinite gravitational, informative mass, inform the shape of galaxies, and small, quasi-invisible genes, stored in the small nuclei of cells do design the future of biological organisms, and flows of invisible e-money define the world no longer ruled by the ethic wor(l)d, and will do so with the anti-human values of money, ignoring the needs of mankind, the life of mankind, and its future that does not have the high price of weapons and machines. And this has been the case in each stage of the industrial evolution of machine and money, where a very small knot of information, first Amsterdam, then when its king bought the british crown, london, and its daughter city-islands (new york and Hong Kong at the end of the XX century) and in the political, legal treatment of humans, Israel, the small nations of those FMasters, as Germany, Britain and Holland , all very small ‘islands’ of technological information ahead of all other nations did before them.

All has changed though to remain the same: A segregational wall must divide our ‘protected’ metal-masters from the ‘inferior human beings’, which paradoxically hypnotised by the idol-ogies and memes of metal they want to consume, want to cross it, but are easily herded by the weapons of the superior technological culture – today in the concentration camp of Gazah, based by drones, soon to be shot by robotic guardiums in a method to deal with the ‘surplus’ of humans in the digital age – so far coming from the ‘inferior, colored’ people whose lives do ‘not matter’ (Latinos in US, Arabs in Israel, Black in Europe). There were then two ways to deal with the increasing surplus of mankind: target them as enemies, if the capitalist, Biblical point of view was adopted, or trying to create a world awash with welfare, ‘butter not cannons’ if the EU, UNO view prevailed. But for that to happen the capitalist system had to be substituted for a real ‘organic science of economics and history’, which it has not been the case. So the leader of the digital age, which is not the nation of America, but the nation of Israel, with its international hierarchical structure of financiers on top in control of the informative machines that print both money and information (Evilwood, Wall Street, the city, ECB), would impose its view of a superior people, (both a superior type of victims in war we must mourn specially – world war victims and industry of the holocaust), a superior nation we must protect (Democratic Israel vs. jihad Islam), a superior rightful people-cast of bankers, experts that must print money for themselves, corporations and the corruption of western politicos, NOT for the people of the land…

And of course all justified by Media-Academia masters of the same lot. This concept of total control of the world through its manufacturing of information and the collective subconscious brain, now happens in every country through its elites, which are ‘Israelis’ in the anglo-American culture, corrupted communist politicos mostly of the ranks of the military and secret services in China and Russia, military and aristocratic castes in Africa and so on. Specially in the West, due to its stock-ratic powers,  Israel IS the new role-model nation of the age of robotics displacing people of fields of war and work; as the nation of western stockrats and most advanced military robotic nation (predators, guardiums, building the first optic chip robot and the Wall of Shame soon to be protected by them, with orders to shoot and kill Palestinians  if they try to escape the concentration camp. Those walls of shame are now being constructed globally and Israel provides expertise (Kenyan wall, American-Mexican future robotic wall). How this age of robotic wars will end is obviously: in the future 3 D automated factories of insect-like robots to be used by US in the future global war against the Chinese… will be the last suicidal belli nervi pecunia infinita war of the 800-80 years cycles. But of course once the job is done, those future ant-hill robotic companies of weapons will NOT stop but continue its reproductive radiation and turn the weapons against their masters in robotized Israel, ultra wealthy compounds… in the last of the holocaust cycles of history.

Then the metal earth will be born…

But that is completely ‘inconsequential’ for the people now, living their ‘hate memes’ of the Bronze Age, as they try to refound a go(l)d cult(ure) on their desert, ‘back to the remote past’. So happens everywhere, by direct control (America) or imitation of the leading industrial nation of each age, once the ‘r=evolutionary’ alternative, the humanist view is gone. So after the 1973 coup d’etat in increasing steps of Israelification, the power of Israel and its western quisling nations dominated by its American and british FMAsters (Financial-Media-Academia) are defining the future of the world, with its monopoly in the printing of e-money only for corporations, and mass-media information to manufacture hate memes, all perfecty hidden and censored by political and economical correctness and the ‘holocaust industry’.

A similar process happened in the XVII century, when the seemingly ‘small’ Financial stock market of Amsterdam and its press industry manufactured the brain of Europeans with hate memes against Catholicism and the legitimate king, fueling a century of religious and tribal wars to enormous profits for the Company VOC that invented the modern Financial-Media/Military- Industrial system, its corrupted capitalist democracies and the modes of sophisticated control of populations achieved through those means. Of course humanist would criticise the slave trade and massive sale of weapons of the Dutch ultra-wealthy ‘victimist’ small country, which caused an age of massive religious warfare as gunboats and barges sold artillery to the Germans in its civil 30 years war and slaves to the Americans, north and south, but even those ‘hypocritical humanists’ like Mr. Voltaire invested all their money in anonymous dutch slave companies. It is customary today to criticise Israel, Wall Street and evilwood, but every nation imitates Israel Apartheid laws, Islamophobia, drone industries, internet companies and try to build their national equivalent structure of AI vigilante internet corporations, military robots, right wing segregational memes against the poor as the system now in place in America and Israel both, owned by Wall Street and Californian silicon FMAsters, mostly jewish stock-rats that direct the ‘neocolonial U$’ nation with iron fist in velvet glove…

Why? Because they have the ring of go(l)d – the fastest mode of reproducing e-money and the sword of the goths, the most evolved robotic weapons. So the world will be israelified, and indeed, no other nation has more privileges today than Israel, who has free trade with Europe but does not accept a single refugee (this so much talked about Brexit question of free trade but not free workers), it is the center of American investment and help to the ‘3rd world’, military and political, etc. etc. It is not the American but the Jewish Empire because the head dominates the body.
Only if humans wished to survive the future and chose the most advanced wor(l)d models, EU, UNO and China, we could talk of other futures. So the third part will be dedicated to study the Nation of Israel, and its western FMasters, who rule and censor as the $elected on top of the Financial-Media industries of the West; which of course cannot be named, as NO DICTATOR CAN BE NAMED AND CRITICIZED and so in the same manner you could not criticise Stalin and the communist party, Hitler and the Nazi party, today in America or Europe you cannot criticise the ‘israeli’ party. But only knowing what Stalin, Hitler and Bibi wants and their FMasters do, you will know what the future will be.
the key feature of the globalised world we live in, guided by the values of go(l)d, which are inverse to those of the wor(l)d, which give maximal value to life: A go(l)d-based ‘capitalist’ culture, which considers the accumulation of money, the goal of a society, based in the re=production and evolution of its most expensive goods – weapons and machines that kill and substitute life, has an enormous contradiction between its ‘praxis’, negative to life, and its verbal ethic values, resolves systematically in all historic cultures of go(l)d, of which the most obvious case is the foundational, leading ‘biblical’ Jewish-protestant culture that founded capitalism, MAKES THE WORD A FICTION, TO AVOID ITS CONTRADICTION WITH GO(L)D VALUES.
Indeed, the full nature of the go(l)d culture, now globalised is the ‘craziness’ of its verbal theories of reality, as words no longer matter as language of truth, in as much as they contradict completely the values of go(l)d. So when we compare the myths, emotional, childish, selfish, fictional, ‘dream-like’ attitude towards life of the modern human being, with the true laws of the biological Universe, and the behaviour of Nature’s beings, or people whose verbal ethic brain has not been ‘erased’ by digital, go(l)d values, it becomes obvious that our culture is in full contradiction with the laws of the biological Universe.
It is IN FACT trying to INVENT those laws, confronting reality with a childish attitude that constantly collides with reality – since indeed in the Universe children are the staple food of all species. And this process of non-living reality, fearing it, is so common today that a growing number of the last millennial, Y, and zero generations never mature, never understand the beauty of Nature, the rules of life, never ‘grow up’ or rather as an old man, seeing closer its death, are looking backwards to its youth, with the revivalism of retarded abrahamic religions, and the substitution of reality by a bizarre, false dressing of rituals, beliefs, repetitive mantras and stubborn denial of the facts.
Problem of course is that the impersonal universe has only a reward for all those ‘systems’ that do not want to understand and deny reality: extinction.
And we shall see soon how the original go(l)d culture, who first denied the truth of the wor(l)d and the laws of survival of the Universe, and stubbornly has been for 3000 years inventing history, reality in ever-growing ego-trip against the laws of Nature, has the worst record of survival in the history of mankind
 Now, this is the view of the economic ecosystem, the view of the machine, and the view of the metal-earth, which the ‘chosen of go(l)d’ , the enzymen that catalyse the transformation of the planet from Gaia into the metal-earth, spread through the “matrix’ of misinformation and anti-humanism, of evil=antilive go(l)d values of hate mass-media.
And all mankind has come to believe on them.
We have offered also the human view, but unlike the myth of the golden calf vs. the Mosaic Wor(l)d, where Moses has the fury of the Lord on his side, the fact is that the golden calf and its allied iron swords, have always killed, censored and eliminated the ‘weak flesh, and fragile sounds of the wor(l)d and his human truths’.
And that is why the golden calf has won. What its worshippers missed is that the golden calf, does kill them also. And this is the fundamental taboo of their culture – go(l)d kills ultimately with its military values and null price for life, not only the poor but also those ‘who kill with iron and die by iron’, and the bankers, who lend ‘pecunia infinita’ as the ‘bellum nervi’, behind the sciences. So in all those 800-80 cycles after the massacre of mankind, warriors and bankers die in the cycles of war and holocaust.
And that is just, because they betrayed their species, and the eusocial laws of love to its members, but to understand that we need to rise even further our knowledge of the laws of organic systems.
AND so, we cannot close this blog, resume of the world we live ruled by the lanwave of go(l)d, without the understanding of the laws of systems above man, and above gold.
Since those laws will always make a perfect world possible in infinite fractal planets, where humans decided not to follow the go(l)d culture and its values and newspeaks of placebo human caring and ultimate despise of the human being, for the sake of its worship of selfish memes of metal, and merely follow the laws of eusocial love to the members of the same species natural to the scientific, organic structure of the Universe, and expressed by the ethic verbal values of all the prophets of the world=scientists of history that since the parable of genesis and the tree of life vs. the tree of metal and its golden apples and eviL fruits that will ‘kill us’ (weapons) written when the first bronze age warriors destroyed the fertile paradise of Sumer, where money was food-wheat, have known naturally that a perfect world was simple to create, just by following the values of the human rational language of the wor(l)d and imitate the perfect super organisms of nature, where all its citizen cells receive a Universal salary and the rightful information to thrive and survive.
Now of course, it would be easier to stop here, and get far more audience, WITHOUT THE III PART, WHICH IS THE MAXIMAL TRUTH OF SOCIAL SCIENCES, AS IT WILL
1) DEFINE the highest more objective view – that of general systems sciences that describes mankind as just another system that follows the laws of the Universe.
2) And as such it will define the most censored element of social sciences, the head of the whole economic ecosystem, the Financial-Media masters, which as all heads do, define the entire future evolution of the system.
So in the same manner a few neurons of your brain, your ego, define the future of your body, in the economic ecosystem, ruled by the language of go(l)d and the digital machines of information that print money, and manufacture information, a single people-caste who own hollywood and wall street define the future of all of us. It is their responsibility what will be that future and so far the are doing subconsciously guided by the values of go(l)d everything in the book to destroy life and mankind, including themselves. In that sense, if in the XVII century we had to look at a single nation, Holland, to know what would be the future of all of us, as it was the laboratory of all other nations, and in the XVIII century when the elite of financial and corporative masters moved with the stock market, the gunboats, the king and the bank of amsterdam go(l)d to England, in the Glorious revolution, we had to look at a single place, London, to know the future of all of us, as the world would become londonized, in the post- world war age, in the XX century we had to look at New York and california, to know the future of all of us, as those were the centres of the informative machines, which printed money, audiovisual information and scientific information, and all of us would become americanised. So what is the ‘nation’ which as we have insisted for 30 years would be the model of all other nations, which would become a copycat of his military policies, paranoia against the poor 3rd World, robotic weapons’ industries, revivalism of abrahamic religions, audiovisual industries, financial industries, myths and selfie behaviour?
Alas, of course, the nation, which as Holland, when the industrial r=evolution started, is now the model of all other western countries, with his growing robotised border soon to be built in every other nation, its terrorist poor, segregated, racist memes, its electronic industries…
Albeit, it is impossible to KNOW THE FUTURE only from the human perspective, because the power of that people DOES NOT COME from their ‘racist chosen memes’ but from their mechanisms. Hence we also need to know the true laws of systems sciences and how they guide the evolution of machines and its global super organism. It is the technique this writer has followed for 30 years, defining with astounding ‘censored’ precision the future of the economic and social world. While ‘experts’ who enslave for that non-human world fail systematically in all their human-side rosy futures. Because the future of a go(l)d controlled world is NOT human and will NOT make human life better.
Of course the best predictions do come from the FMasters who do create with credit that future and have racist memes of despise of mankind, so do know mankind is doomed and do not care. Where they fail is in their OWN DESTINY, which they systematically deny by denying the collateral effects of go(l)d debt  slaves, usury, speculation, war profits and hate media… namely the cycle of the holocaust – this is then the absolute taboo of all taboos, to tell Mr. Hitler the III reich will not last, to tell Stalin, he is not a good chap but a dictator, to tell the go(l)d culture he will achieve the same destiny of mankind. And this is what we shall do in the III part of this post.
But in every of those choices there was a humanist model that was rejected. Instead of Holland and its calvinist go(l)d culture, mankind could have chosen Italy and its humanist renaissance. Instead of London and its go(l)d culture it could have chosen France and its humanist r=evolution. Instead of America and its Capitalist worship of technology it could have chosen the Social-Democratic model of Scandinavian post-war nations. And now there was a choice.

In other wor(l)ds, the choice mankind has made was between the wor(l)d culture of enlightened America-Europe *EU-ONU vs. The go(l)d culture and its leading nation, Israel, owner of the Financial-Media System of America (wall street and evilwood)  and hence of the political corrupted brains of the western world, employees of their bankers, chose Israel, without even letting their people KNOW it did so.

And so each nation is becoming since the 1970s when the go(l)d culture took over the western world, with a coup d’etat against the american currency (end of dollar convertibility, which gave total power to the financial wall street system), american presidency (watergate that showed tvs could and would control the mind of humans and its politicos), and american mercenary army (yon kippur war), which gave it absolute control of America, and by extension the entire planet, and the enlightened european-american humanist culture represented then by the eu social-democratic union and the uno, and american and french 68 r=evolution, which the scientific discoveries of systems sciences, the eusocial structure of the scalar organic universe, proved to be truth. Now the world is israelified, the go(l)d culture is on top of the world, and its cycles of self-suicide and hate of mankind will bring our demise. But this was not needed, neither deterministic, because mankind could have chosen the humanist culture – americans and europeans could have chosen to survive – they let themselves be destroyed as a culture, as a people, as a future, by the holocaust industry, wall street, evilwood, revivalism of abrahamic religions, racist, segregational memes, neo-colonial apartheid, hate to the poor, and now they are all slaves of the ecb bank, wall street, their mind manufactured by evilwood, the Goebbel’s orwellian big brother newspeak method of repetition of lies, entertaining and patriotic movies, berlin-36 physical sports and handsome californos, masterminded as in time machine by financial morlocks, the burning of all books, who do truly explain the nature of capitalism, and its animetal idologies – all this has been  resurrected, in the pendulum of history by those who did won that war.

And they are repeating step by step the same cycle, and of course, because even they know the choice is not between the 2 sides of the same coin, military and go(l)d animetal cults, but between life and metal, piigs who love life and biblical bigots who repress all life memes, the first target, the most criticised and brutalised nations by capitalism today are the European EU and UNO institutions, though this is not told – ECB banksters, neo-nazi germans, brexit city bankers, wall street speculators, all are against what was the only alternative given the military-dictatorial capitalist exploitative corruption of China, of a perfect world.

And the equivalent enlightened America, whose Kennedy brothers and Malcolm x + Luther prophets of the poor were duly killed for Mr. Nixon, puppet to be slaughtered just in time for the never explained coup d’etat of 1972, when the chip was invented, to leave all ‘tied and well tied’ . Had this coup d’etat and murders not happened, had US being model as the bros and brothers wanted on the EU example, the perfect world, born of the expansion of EU like institutions and UNO global peaceful diplomat efforts could be on place, and mankind reign over go(l)d and iron values. Israel, and its banksters and evilwood producers on top of the previous pyramid prevented it, and now we are all copycat nations imitating the new Holland which will invent the world of the XXI century.

Since the same process that made Holland a global civilisation is making Israel a global civilisation, expanded by the FMasters to every nation of the world, and specially directed to destroy any alternative civilisation, which can show a humanist future is possible. So the main target for destruction of the Am Segullah, owners of the Anglo-American civilisation besides the obvious Islamic neighbours is OUR PIIGS, Southern European Union welfare states, last standing hope for mankind.

And the system is the same they used in America: divide and win.

And they have indeed divided and won. First they united seemingly their currencies, but NOT into a European BANK TO THE SERVICE OF THE PEOPLE, but an usury bank, to create debt slave nations. So here the smart trick was to tell you will be UNITED when in fact they were STEALING all Europeans of their money, to take over their currency, on top IN A MASTERLY STROKE, hiding it in Germany, but of course with Am Segullah bankers, from Tritchet to Draghi, ex-VP of goldman sachs.

So when I returned to Europe, I found it was somehow too late. Europe had become a copycat of America, with a Private Usury bank passing as public, a European FED, which denied all credit to the welfare culture of Latin Europe, controlled by Wall Street bankers, corrupting very fast all its politicos, and a massive lobby center, washington style in Brussels, where politicos without any national checking, second rate people who didn’t make it on national politics, was massively corrupted by Corporations and bankers to pass laws in favor of the top of that pyramid. Europe HAD BECOME A USlave nation of the Am Segullah, so fast and so easily that frankly I was shocked. And of course ever since the divide and win procedure between nations, even regions of nations, including my original region now wanting to be a nation, was encouraged.

So of course, we dedicate an enormous number of pages analysing the Am Segullah, and the only thing they don’t understand – that they belong to the body of mankind and their destiny will be the same collapse that humanity is suffering because their smart go(l)d search is in fact a LUNATIC, CRAZY HEAD THAT HARMS ITS BODY AND DIES IN A SYSTEMIC CYCLE, THROUGH ALL THE 800-80 YEARS CYCLES, precisely because they are so smart, they always divide, and win, and exploit and choke and take mankind to the verge of death, and then mankind enters into a gottendamerung of wars and holocausts where we all perish. It was my only hope, that they realised the only thing they needed to survive is NOT TO KILL THE BODY OF MANKIND. But alas, in this point they have a PARANOID PROGRAM, with a knee-jerk reaction that does not allow them to see the obvious – they cannot choke the body and survive.

Yes again, the Industry of the holocaust which terrorises Israeli people and paralizes gentiles so the military who run Israel and the Financiers who run the west have it all so easy. Look again at the picture, it could really be a joke and for the manly spaniards it is a surrealist joke: the map shows that all israelis must put in the refrigerator the map of ‘refuges’ for the ridiculous home made kassam rockets, EVEN IF THERE IS THE STATE-OF-THE-ART IRON DOME, PAID by US to shoot them and be always warned and alert if some ridiculous kassam rocket crosses the iron dome and it seems every israeli has like within seconds a refuge. Such is the terrorised state. 

While of course in the west, the Americans who never ever killed a jew but have given all to them, must feel guilty with daily rations of holocaust movies, museums, Hitler’s films, II world war, Palestinian terrorists and islamophobia. Where all other victims matter nothing, are unnamed, only those of Shoah have pictures everywhere for all to mourn.

And yet people do not even realise how this astounding form of ‘selection now of the chosen victims’ gives total power to the Jewish Party, which rules the west with go(l)d. Indeed, soon it will become a crime in every nation – it is in many, the so called crime of hate which is merely to be ‘anti-Semite’ as defined by the ADL organisation, in New York, which makes an anti-Semite someone who 1) thinks yous talk too much of the holocaust, which they do, as we just have shown 1) thinks yous feel Israelis more than any nation, which they do, as Judaism is a nation not a religion, and Yhwh means Judea, so this is a tautology, and finally 3) think yous have too much financial power. So alas!  to know the 3 characteristics of the modern you culture, financial power, Israeli nation and Holocaust Industry, which define it ARE the proof of being anti-semitic, or in other words, to ‘think’ and talk of Judaism objectively is a crime of hate. Since this is from a humanist pov a surrealist industry, we would rather say that all yous are anti$emites because they do 1) think a lot in the holocaust 2)know they have financial power and 3)feel attached to israel, so alas, they should all get 5 years of jail for hate crimes according to ADL (-;

Obviously here what it is expected by calling anyone who says anything about the Fmasters an anti$emite, is NEVER TO TALK OF THEM, of the true power of the globalised mechanocene, never explain who owns the world, never criticise the jewish party who controls the west, so power will be eternal, which is exactly what happened in the past in any other dictatorship of a party. Of course, in America for anything to be done you need credit, so you need them, as you need a member of a communist or nazi party to get anything done in those nations when they ruled, so the American is far more condescending, and prefers to think to feel free, as the commie or nazi did, that the party is good, it gives power and order to the world. It is grateful as it does not understand anything about all this which is censored. But ultimately we are talking of the harshest dictatorship, since after all any russian or german could become member of the party but only racially pure people can become member of the American ruling party. Alas, its power is absolute and since its memes are of hate to mankind the inferior animal species, but their power is absolute we need to wonder if they can be converted to humanity, because if they don’t it is likely that uncontested they will bring our demise.

So now as we speak I see the ‘head of the European commission’, LOL, it is a guy called Junker, which was the president of the biggest laundering legal nation, Luxembourg, dedicated to steal all the taxes of all the corporations. And alas, the guy who left the presidency Mr. Barroso, is now working for Goldman sachs, and alas, Mr. Draghi, ex of goldman will talk next. All those people are very mediocre bureaucrats panhandling like senators in US to corporation getting jobs on the financial industry to which they have sold out the entire continent, with the ECB bank. But the other ‘politicos’ who are talking… my gosh, Miss Le pen, Mister Farrage, neo-fascist islamophobian, security-state people in a copy-cat of America, asking for more security, more paranoia, more Israel.

Since Israel today is the only globalised Financial-Media empire, the future is their decision, and as long as they don’t stop fearing mankind and loving robots, they are on track to destroy the living world and end up in wars and holocausts again.

Only that ultimately that war will be won not by the people behind all those walls built against the hated 99% of mankind, but by the ‘citizens of that wall’, the true warriors, the guardiums and terminators that defend the paranoids from their own brothers. Armaggedon indeed will be born, when the most advanced robots of the righteous, once the exterminate, under orders of the growing armies of zealots, their arab brothers, judge it is time to take over, as the german soldiers did over the roman empire, the turkish mercenaries over the caliphate, the Mongolian soldiers over the Ming, deja vu. All has changed to remain the same.

All this brings immediately the question of the role of the Holocaust in History, which we agree with Jewish scholars is central to the destiny of mankind but for different reasons.

It is a fact that in all the nations in which the people-caste of Judaism, specialised in banking for 3000 years, (a fact today censored by the anti-quantum paradox, explained in the 3rd part of this post in great detail), after a period of massive usury schemes, debt slaves, profits in weapons trade, endemic war and ruin of nations, the Jewish people have been massacred by the aristocratic, military elite, both in its ‘10% of bankers’ and 90% of traders, as the great masters of the historic school of economics (Abraham Leon, Marx, Webber, Sombart) explain. And yet, despite the sheer evidence that the perpetrators of holocausts are the military, that the cause is economic ruin, tax farming and debt slavery, the obvious solution to the cycle – a JUST ECONOMIC ECOSYSTEM – is an absolute taboo among jewish economists (the overwhelming majority of the ‘experts’ of this science – 72% of Nobel prizes) and EVERY SCHOLAR of the Holocaust, even those scholars like Chomsky who oppose the most obvious crimes of Judaism, DENY the relationship between Judaism and money.

So while Jewish scholars affirm the Holocaust to be most atrocious genocide of history as it has no cause except the evilness of human nature – an opinion today shared by all humans, by imitation, given the total control of this ‘globalised culture’ on the audiovisual memes of mankind, to the point that we can consider the ‘mind of humanity today’ to be manufactured by the Jewish view of the world in all its elements – from Islamophobia to the enemies of Israel, to capitalist memes as the right way to rule the economy, from abrahamic revivalism to staunch nationalism, from the building of walls against the poor to the creation of a security state, as the world becomes ‘Israelified’…

For an objective scientist of history, the importance of the Holocaust resides in its determinism. Since if the financial elite of the Jewish people are so erased by the values of go(l)d that cannot even recognise the facts of history and the economic cycle of the holocaust and implement a just capitalist system that caters to the whole of mankind; not even the 90% of judaism, which is not in the banking industry, can explain the truth and ask their elite for a just behaviour to avoid becoming their scapegoats in the cycle, if Judaism prefers to deny truth, science, objectivity, solutions and save themselves, for the sake of greed and go(l)d values, mankind is doomed because History is determined. 

It is indeed this the central question of the holocaust cycle. If Jewish people cannot be converted to the values of the wor(l)d as they are humans, they are not different from us, only in their memes, only in the fact that they were the oldest culture exposed to the hypnotic values of go(l)d, perhaps as old as 10.000 years ago, when Jericho appears as a walled city, obviously protecting ‘metal wealth’, as a knot of trade between Egypt and mesopotamia, IT MEANS humans now that are infinitely more exposed to go(L)d values through hate mass-media globally, is doomed, is programmed, its memetic program of greed, violence, selfishness, emotional myths, mechanism, nationalism, etc. etc. which was first only natural to the Jewish->protestant biblical culture but is now common to them, has no capacity to be reformed.

It is then the key question of history: can people programmed by gold greed and iron violence be ‘cured’ mentally, or their crazy head that kills and corrupted and hurts their body of working human citizens till collapsing their civilisations has not cured and will commit suicide with the whole of mankind…

SO even before we study the history of capitalism in its FINAL 3rd age of the globalised FMasters  empire, we have to start on the end and explain what is this industry of the holocaust, which who successfully has censored all information about the elite of capitalism.

Now, as it is customary on these funerary ceremonies, i will first mention that my grand-father was a jabiru socialist who went to the usual concentration camp and survived, but only mentioned to me once in his life this story after somebody else explained to me, he jumped on the truck when he was moved from one to another camp and nobody followed him, because all believed nothing was going to happen and were singing silly-nilly salmodies. So for one man the truck traversing the mountains at night did not stop. As he was from the memes of Moses not those of Aaron, he would rightly refuse to ab=use the memory of billions of humans who have died on the ongoing holocaust of mankind to warrior genociders, debt slave masters, war cycles and gottendamrung.

In that regard, the purpose of the extremely successful industry of the Holocaust, implemented not by the heirs of Moses but those of Aaron, is to prevent any attempt to discuss the go(l)d anti humanist memes they sponsor, by stressing the victims of judaism as special, more cruel victims than any other of the billions of human victims to gold, weapons and machines.

Its main purpose being to hide the elites of bankers and its deeds covered up by the innocent victims, of its lower classes sacrificed as scapegoats by murderous warriors, who perpetrate the action-reaction revenge cycle  of the holocaust. So all economical causes are hidden, and only the final gore death is shown. Now, since the elite of bankers have moved to a new nation, those victims, are always the lower classes of judaism, that pay as scapegoats of the banking elites and the murderous memes of warrior cultures.

So the industry is of a cynicism unsurpassed. Imagine the aristocrats who sacrifice in wars its peasants, claiming latter they must be condemned because they are actually the victims. So the side of the  causal coin – its debt slave cycles are hidden. But it works. Anyone today that criticise bankers in person, will be equalised to a nazi muerous criminal so wall street keeps doing the same the reichbank of one stein did – massive invention of money for itself till the economy crashes, and the cycle repeats again.

Yet it has an even more devious purpose: to prevent the mass of judaism, to join the fight for survival of mankind. Since the industry creates a psychotic subconscious collective install d on the jabiru lower classes, which today in Israel have a revenge feeling and a massive fear of mankind, as the murderous people that is out there to get at them. And so the foot soldiers of finances and related industries can get at mankind carrying the day to day dirty job of those debt slave and usury schemes of its elites, the misinformation scholar industry of gore movies, books on centenary corpses, debasing of mankind, nihilism and islamophobia, you name it, all justified as preventive action against the evil, human species and anyone who dears to change the world. All those hidden engines make the industry of the holocaust vital to the extinction of life by bankers, as it will protect them short term, protect capitalism, protect the cycle and ensure we shall all die together again in the nearby future, deterministically because we cannot understand why we die. And solve the problem.

It must be understood that the Holocaust industry is not created to remember those victims, but to hide those ‘elites’ of banker-priests, which as the elite of German aristocrats, care nothing for the ‘dead cells’ of their ‘blind body’ that obey them sheepishly and die in those wars and holocausts. Since the bankers and military aristocrats seldom die on them. So the allies, controlled by the financial elites and industries of war of wall street and the city, did nothing to bomb Auschwitz, because according to their racist religion, written in the sacred Talmud, humans are animals ‘goyyim’ and eastern Jews were impure ‘animals’, converted Kazhars, and Hitler did nothing to save the final 3 million German victims of the war, when the Russians asked for surrender, and was told they would all die, since he answered ‘they will die for me’. And that is the ultimate brutal action of the ‘expert’ elites of military aristocrats, and financial stock-rats. They don’t die in wars and holocausts, their lower, blind classes do.

NOW, THIS introduction to the go(l)d culture was needed because without the hardening of the go(l)d culture, with its demonisation of mankind by the industry of the holocaust, as a ‘crazy’ species who is out there to get the righteous, which cannot be criticised as victims of history, it is impossible to understand the present military global war and islamophobia (needless to say of the enemies of Israel), and the massive use of debt slave techniques, to exploit mankind with all kind of hidden taxations. 

If history was not censored and the economic causes of the war and holocaust cycle were known obviously the righteous will realise debt usury schemes murder them, feel part of mankind and had chosen after II world war a new path of enlightenment and coming together with humanity.

As the industry only shows the final act of murder, denies any economic causes or wrong doing of the financial industry and shields the deeds of the elite of judaism still in control of 80% of financial positions, media industry in the west, the result is a no way out, fixed, speed-up motion towards a world in which all humans can be made expendable as a lesser species, all 3rd world nations can be considered inferior, and of course NOTHING CAN BE ARGUED, DISCUSSED, STUDIED AND CRITICIZED SINCE WE MUST ALL BE POLITICALLY AND ECONOMICALLY CORRECT – IT IS ALL WHAT MATTERS, to deny anything that is happening to the Earth, to pretend a virtual matrix of a perfect world, a make up in a global corpse, to hide now, NOT ONLY THE CAUSES OF THE HOLOCAUST OF THE HABIRU, BUT THE WHOLE HOLOCAUST OF LIFE, GAIA AND HISTORY – THE IDEA BEING THAT WE CAN DREAM REALITY, instead of facing it.

In other words as long as capitalism and the people-caste of banksters rule the world they will bring automatically, subconsciously but caring nothing about mankind and being ruled by go(l)d churches of creationist economics, the planet to its extinction and commit suicide in new cycles of wars and holocausts, their manifest $elected destiny – and of course whining all the way through and protesting to the impersonal God of the laws of systems, as if ‘it’ were listening to mush on a lost rock of the Universe (Schopenhauer), that cannot even care for its own species. 

So if human minds are ‘littered’ with absurd idol-ogies and a view of the Universe imposed by its machines, weapons and FMasters, its primitive religions and go(l)d churches, can we offer a more rational understanding of mankind in terms of what we have called the truths of science, organicism, socialism, verbal truths and values and the equality of all human tribal species?

Of course we can. Other matter is that any of those 7 billion believers care to upgrade his brain.And this lead us to the eternal fight between man and machine and its languages and values, in this case expressed through the duality of humanist prophets who have the truth of man but do not have the means to express it and distribute it, vs. the animetal cultures, who do not have the truths of man but do have the mechanical instruments of repetition to ‘make it belief’.

So with all this prolegomena  – when you talk of those who define the future it is important to make all the needed precisions, since ultimately the future of mankind will be a decision between the go(l)d head now defining it and the far less probable human, survival future if the go(l)d head or its wor(l)d slaves manage to evolve and rationally construct a perfect world with the true laws of nature.

So alas! while their control of the Financial-Media networks have cheated all humanity all the time, the Universe of systems sciences does HAVE a higher point of view, and will NOT save them, as an elite of superior people running over a mass of robotic machines, which is what they subconsciously with that astounding infantile, cynical idiocy express in their press and evilwood movies, making robot nice. Perhaps the most irksome and insulting method of this evil children of go(l)d is to read the customary news of the economist or bloomberg, telling us robots are catching up but that’s ok, that is the way things must be because we believe in go(l)d. And Go(l)d will provide. Just focus on the eviL humans that want to holocaust us, those are the dangers ahead. Do not worry for terminators, the nice metal Golems that will protect us. And everybody believes them. Because of course, we have all seen how those evil humans wherever we go with our usury scheme, debt slaves, profits of war, massacres and holocaust, do kill us. How they dare? Why they don’t die silently. How irritating those humans who do not want to die. It is so irritating that palestinians don’t drop dead, that the poor do not drop dead, that the Americans do not let themselves nicely steal all their money.

And specially it is so irritating, all those systems scientists, left wing economists, humanist thinkers, keynesians, all those people, DO ACTUALLY want to know and explain the truth of the economic ecosystem. As Bentham put it, ‘all those people who do not want usury interest’ is because they are anti-$emites. It is the mantra. People who want to live and not become debt slaves, people who want to find diplomatic solutions to apartheid Israel and do not want to massacre palestinians, people who want to save the world and not let Google, the biggest robotic company of the world, substitute human workers, are undoubtedly anti-$emites. And they must be chastised, silenced, because we the $elected know better, we are here chosen by go(l)d and Judea, we saw God in the bush burning of the bronze age, we are so clever we get killed constantly but not because debt usury, racism, segregational memes, victimism, is AGAINST THE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE, Oh no, it is all because HUMANITY is anti-$emitic.

In brief, what the ‘system of mass-media’ and ‘capitalism proposes to mankind is this”: We must die because we must protect those who kill us or else we shall be named with the taboo word. Americans pre-programmed minds work like that. It is ok to die in mercenary wars for Israel, to enslave working for banksters to take profits, to litter our brains with mass-media hate and fictions, as long as nobody tell us we are anti-$emitic, which is in true value an absurd word, as if you were told when criticising Stalin that you are anti-russian, because 20 million died in world war  – nor you are criticising a mass-murderer, and debt-slavery is mass murder, so we can critize the Am Segullah elite of banksters that control the west.

But alas, if something shows this industry is the enormous control over mass-media that can pull globally this concept, and this bring us to the massive censorship and burning of books established by the Industry:


In the graph, the summit of the Metal-earth, evolving super organism of company-mothers of machines are informative machines that issue digital money and information which controls and programs mankind,. Hence the FMAsters (ab. financial-media-Academia masters that print digital monetary information in stocks – 90% of it, which humans and its governments hardly print in currency and create the audiovisual fictions and scholar think-tank pseudosciences that justify it) are the rulers of the system, but as all ‘information brains’ they remain ‘hidden behind’ its idol-ogies, to manage smoothly reality. Their idol-ogies though are historic, memetic and simple: tribal nationalism, technoutopia, capitalism (the use of weapons, the worship of machines, the rights to monopolize the issue of the language of social power) ARE DOGMAS not to be EVER doubted off, even if they manage to kill us all. In that context the firm dictatorship of financial-media masters and its historic memes requires massive mental programming: Mass-media job is to distract humans from financial & economic realities. So the parasitic Financial-Media networks, dictators of ‘democratic’ opinions manufacture people’s mind at will, switching on and off according to the cycle of consumption of machines and war consumption of humans. To that aim media shuffles between 2 sets of memes: fiction anaesthesia & I-ego paradoxes to ‘divide and win’ over a population in permanent entropic, chaotic freedom, preoccupied by irrelevant ego-trips and virtual themes… And when the Industrial cycle after an overproduction crash ‘chooses’ war profits to enact social bondage needed to sacrifice lives to the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycles, FM networks feed people with hate media, violence, and paranoid leaders are chosen to convince the ‘free citizen’ that his purpose is to sacrifice his life for the profits of the leisure class and the evolution and massive reproduction of top predator weapons – this is, as predicted, our age after the overproduction crises of chips ushered us in the age of splendid little robotic wars.


In the graph, the parallel evolution of metal-communicators which allowed financial power to be accepted and permitted to manipulate the subconscious collective of mankind in increasing ages of reach and sophistication. Because radio appeared in European central powers as a military device, it was controlled not as in US by Judaism but by Germanism, that is tribal national warriors, and then they choose military men like Il Duce or Hitler, provoking another war and holocaust cycle, avoided in America, where the control of metal-communciators never slipped away from Judaism:

In the graph, from Radio to TV to the present moguls of the Internet Age Judaism never lost control of Media in America, with the brief interlude of Hearst’ yellow press ridiculed by film in Orson Welles’ classic. So happened in England during the steam cycle, dominated by Levi’s yellow press, the Telegraph, and the Times.

It must be though understood that as masters of metal-information the true element that will bring real power and justify capitalism will be the spread of classic economics, the idol-ogy of corporations and go(l)d cultures, to approve the method of power implemented during those 80 years cycles globally.


The absurd biblical primitive mixture of creationist economics, nazionanisms of different ‘tribal origin’, hate media and go(l)d beliefs which have brought about the suffering of history through cycles of wars and holocaust where also the leading warrior and financial people-castes of mankind become slaughtered wholesale must end with the refoundation of social sciences based in the real organic laws of this planet, a super organism of which mankind is its collective subconscious brain – a single species that must work together for the common good, end the virtual childish realities used to disguise the raw, darwinian power of its company-mothers and stockrats and stop the radiation of lethal goods, robots that throw us from labor and war fields with the excuse of reaching ∞ self re=productivity= robot labor/non-human labor, the astounding mantra of all our economists and hired politicos that have the chuptzah of telling us automating factories will create jobs, only for robot designers, expanding the radiation of a new species, terraforming the earth and making it unlovable. But the newspeaks of capitalist democracies have reached such perfection while reducing with media the collective subconscious brain to a childish state of ficctional egos, that only a r=evolution from the top can change the no-future of the species, if stockrats and their hired politicos decide to extend the future of their sons beyond the zero generation born now with the first robot species – their take. But to do so, they will have to look inward into their soul, stop blaming mankind of their tragic histories and feel part of our only God=History, the super organism of humanity in time. Nothing else will do. Newspeaks of caring and virtual realities do NOT change evolution, only a true organic social science and love to your species can.

It follows then, that Judaism>Classic Economics>capitalism as the accumulation of go(L)d at any price is independent of the carrier, or else the carrier would manage to prevent its extinction by reforming the system instead of denial the causation of it.

As Jewish people have not survived as carriers of the memes of capitalism, but have never renounced to the goal of accumulating fetish-gold – they have been in fact the soliton cultural wave of capitalism for most of history, is obvious that human life matters not – as individuals matter not to the selfish genes – but it is all about the selfish memes which in opposite fashion have multiplied through the language of money and the idol-ogy of classic economics and today run the world.

As an independent entity then capitalism and its memes which today arguably is no longer in human support but in the AI support of algorithms of corporations trying to reproduce their goods, and algorithms of investment in companies of maximal profits, increased by the cycles of war and hate media, developed in the next graphs, would be a FUTURE to which only a massive opposition of all mankind could stop. But by the very essence of the process that kills the human carrier, it doesn’t really matter who was, is and will be – soon robots and suites – the capitalist Financial-Media Academia master, as he is a slave of those memes and its cycles of war and extinction of life.

The new idol-ogy of go(l)d cultures in the 80 years cycle: Creationist economics.

We must then understand that as the complexity of the metal-earth cycles increase and speed up during the professional age of company-mothers, what we might call the segregational memes of go(l)d cultures and their view of humans as slaves and human capital, will simply evolve in a far more sophisticated pseudo-scientfici doctrine called classic economics, just a version of creationism through go(l)d, and the protection of the chosen of go(l)d caste of financiers that must remain private experts in the monopoly of the issue of the language of social power – money, for the economy to work…. Pamphletists of the go(l)d culture and the corporations they serve, classic economics however by virtue of its digital expression carried the day and convinced and spread biblical capitalism far beyond the western civilization, and that would be its success globalizing the segregational memes against workers and consumers of the old gold culture.

In that regard, what mass-media has done in increasingly degrees of sophistication is to convert what the best American economist Veblen called the ‘leisure class’ that parasites the system without working, just because historically they have monopolised the creation of money and bought all the hard-work companies made by others, good or bad, just by printing money, in the most admired, wondrous, beautiful people, we all worship.
What they are is rather more pedestrian: overwhelmingly in America they belong to biblical sects, with a single theme – make money whatever it costs without the slightest attempt to understand its values and how go(l)d kills life. So they do not feel guilty of the collateral effects, it causes because go(l)d by decree is always good. And on top of this managerial class that runs the corporation, there is a quite more shrewd group the bankers, belonging overwhelmingly to the original biblical culture of ‘Gold chosen’, whose only goal is to be anonymous, unrecognised, and pass as experts, hiding with complicated mathematical schemes the fact they are monopolising the production of the language of social power, money, and buying the world with it, and then corrupting all politicos and scholars to cater to their monopoly. Whatever it takes. While a growing mass, as the system becomes automated by A.I. and people loose all resistance, is merely enjoying life, and thinking how wonderful they are.

Yes, they are despicable corrupted politicos, but the solution to the corrupted democratic system is Not to put mankind on the hands of non-human memes, classic economists who simply ignore humanity and work only for the future of the metal-kind, but to evolve and improve democracies and reform economic systems. This is pure scientific fact. You can do what a sick body cell does, take the soma and Die like DATA in Matrix, or weak up and fight for survival. I couldn’t care less, what you believe. ‘People are slaves they believe they don’t reason’ said Aristotle. Any scientist rightly despise fully ‘believers’ as retarded slaves, including all believers in Jihads, military inquisitions national tribalisms and Go(l)d churches.

You are a HOMO SAPIENS not a tribal idiot. And you have no rights as a politico or private stock-rat to ‘choose’ the laws of efficient super organisms. Science is NOT an option. It is truth or false and its cut-clear based in reason. That is why they otter your brain with ego-trips, national tribalism, abrahamic religions that save you after death so they exploit you during life. It is all clear enough. Victimism, false caring, false political and economical correctness, false happiness, soma, false mathematical laws of economics, false experts, the financial-media system knows them all. Fact is at the end of the day, parasites kill the body of history in wars, and then they die in holocausts.

And that happens cyclically in every cycle of history because that is the Law of Nature they cannot change, only in their fiction racist Go(l)d religions. So take it man up and save your a$$ or die like an idiot you or your sons at the end of the century, as parasites ARE IN THE SAME BOAT-BODY than the people they exploit. And that is the justice of the Universe.

Those parasites could become real financial masters for the brain of mankind, and maintain their wealth within parameters of true luxury (nobody can spend 1 billion $ trust me, I was when a student in Columbia, engaged to a girl on the 500 Fortune and discounting investments, she would hardly go over the 1 million ‘goal’), and create a perfect super organism where all humans would have enough ‘oxygen’=money, to pay for their needed WHealth (healthy welfare goods humans need to survive), the lethal goods of the tree of technology would be controlled and mankind would thrive.

Yet for that to happen the idol-ogies that rule the world have to change.

As they are exactly the same primitive concepts of the old 800 years cycles of murder by overproduction of weapons, expressed in all tribal religions and nationalisms, only that today they seem far more sophisticated because they are expressed in mathematical equations while at the same time people are fed placebo political and economical ‘correct caring’.

So today they are a mixture of Orwellian newspeaks and fiction soma. So before we advance further, we must blow up their cover – first in their methods, then in their beliefs, and finally as it is the less important fact, on their ‘names’.

It is thus clear that at individual level machines, selfish metal memes and those who profit of them, are killing life. They are the information machines which print money and brains and the energetic machines, weapons that consume us and tool-machines that throw us of work, and consumption machines that atrophy us. So the behaviour of metal who controls our cellular systems – iron which controls the energy of oxygen, enzymes, which are controlled by metal atoms, moves into the next scale, but in negative fashion.

Indeed, because our economy is ill designed, unlike the organism, which chooses and uses metal for its own advantage, by regulating it with its legal/informative system, at individual level, we humans live in a metal jungle, an eco(nomic)system without regulation, where all machines and lethal weapons that atrophy and consume us can be reproduced without limit and that is the difference between a well designed social organism and the present eco(nomic)system, a herd of company-mothers who throw and protect its mechanisms regardless of the collateral effects over mankind.

So we must change the system and redesign the world to take advantage of metal and machines from the human perspective.

The tragedy of mankind though is that we go AGAINST THE LAWS OF EUSOCIAL EVOLUTION, of the 5th dimension of the fractal Universe that puts parts into efficient social organisms, wholes who survive better than the lonely animetal homo bacteria, which has won history.

Since the idol-ogies that make us slaves of metal, prevent us from evolving the human Earth.

Of those idol-ogies of course, there are some obvious – nationalism, the tribal idol-ogy that promotes weapons, and primitive bronze age abrahamic religions with its jihads and inquisitions. but the one that matters most and it is perfectly camouflaged as a science of experts is the most destructive of all capitalism, which is perfectly described by Sombart and Webber, as a ‘go(l)d religion’ of biblical origin or more cynically by Keynes as ‘the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people, will do the wickedest of all things for the common good’.

And certainly banksters never leave a debt slave go to waste, till he drops dead or kills the bankster. It has always been the case since the first debt slaves, then of hard gold currency appeared in Canaan.

But and this is the predictive power of bio-economics, which shows it to be the only real science of economic ecosystems.

If the solutions are not implemented, and the laws of social super organisms are not applied to design a world to the image and likeness of machines, the cycles of evolution of machines will continue with it constant switch between top predator weapons of war, and consumption peace machines, according to profits.

The most pressing question then of the science of economics today is why the previous so-evident cycles of evolution of machines, organisms human evolve by imitating its organs of energy and information in metal, to empower but also compete with them and other human beings in the economic ecosystem, are not studied as a biological science?

Or in other terms, why economic is NOT a science, with a ‘normal’, biological set of principles, which describes in a realist manner the relationships of symbiosis and competition between humans and machines?

The answer is obvious. Economists work for corporations and financiers, for the Financial-Media Military-Industrial complex of machines and its profits NOT for the human kind, the workers those machines are substituting. And humanist economists are systematically ignored, as economics is NOT a social science (a science that caters the needs of humanity and their societies) but a technological science ( a science of production and profits, made overproducing, evolving and elling machines).

As Owens put it, talking about the likes of Ricardo, Bentham and Malthus, bankers and speculators or priests of gold religions, fathers of our economical ‘laws’ (quoting from memory) ‘here in London saloon economists are busy, inventing complicated sophisms and false arguments to defend the privileges of the financiers they work for, without any knowledge of the real conditions of industry, but I have managed Mills and observed the appalling conditions of work of our human labor, how much could improve their lives, if they receive the same care the owners of those factories, reserve only to their mechanical workers’.

In that regard, as we shall see, all has changed to remain the same: all our PCs do have their share of electric food, while 1 billion human beings are starving. And whenever a machine can do a human job, a productivity economist or politician will sack him and praise the measure as the sure path to maintain his job.

Why, the answer of course is well known to any financial speculator – because most of the money of our society, her 95% is reproduced in financial derivatives and stock-market speculation, hence handled as a free check to corporations, NOT to companies that reproduce welfare goods. it is then necessary to study the curves of growth of stock-markets and relate them to profits (the human motivation) and to biological radiations of machines (the biological cause). Since indeed a radiation of machines is similar to one of a new species that displaces and extinguishes the previous ones, multiplying till it saturates the market, overproduces, becomes a top predator species and controls the ecosystem, in the case of machines, becomes a top predator weapon and its overproduction and sales for profits provokes war.

But the true harmful overproduction are those of the Informative head of the Financial-media system, that is, digital information, both money and mass-media hate speeches as it completely changes the values of the human super organism of history, the ethic value of life as sacred, of the wor(l)d our language, and so it is ultimately this substitution of the values of the human informative legal networks of societies by the values of money and mass-media hate speeches what is truly destroying the world. Then the body of weapons and wars merely follows those values, hidden in the language.

Now, on a more professional level, the cre(dit)ation of the present world which despises all human values and only credits, hence creates with the language of social power, money, a world made to the image and likeness of machines, is today driven by a single of those idol-ogies that pays for all the others, what we cal biblical creationist economics, which we have to denounce as a religion of a supposed ‘sacred language’ money and a racist modern version of all the biblical and tribal animetal myths of earlier cultures of go(l)d and the s(word).

Since of all those overproduction crises of chips and its derivatives  the most important ones are the less understood, those of the Financial-Media system, that is of the 2 products printed by its informative machines, money and mass-media information, which act as the ‘head’ of the economy and truly control the eco(nomic)system:

The financial crisis of overproduction of e-money and the crises of mass-media and virtual fictions that degrade the human mind. This is evident. Again from a biological point of view, an informative language that starts the actions of the System directs all systems. In human beings those are verbal orders given by the mind. In cells they are genetic orders. In the Eco(nomic)system, they are digital orders given with money – the mind of the Mechanocene.

It is the monetary economy that guides the physical economy, as it happens in all systems where information guides energy. So particles guide fields of energy, heads guide bodies and in Human systems, legal words guide the actions of people. It follows that those who ‘control the issue’ of money control a modern society of the Mechanocene. Since even though money as words have no value per se, they start the actions of consumption, work and sales that develop the production of machines.

There is a fact that completely escapes the middle class and the scholar, who thinks ‘the Universe is an ‘abstraction’. Mathematics do matter but the properties that rule the world are vital, reproductive, evolutionary properties. History is darwinian once the higher goal of eusocial evolution has been lost to the ‘tribes’. The concept that economics and politics is run by experts is truly a stroke of genius, to hide (after the stroke of genius of ‘religions’, the opium of the people) the underlying biological, darwinian ab=use of the ill-designed, corrupted neuronal people-castes in power.

We shall now translate the ‘economic postulates’ of Adam Smith, Ricardo, Say, Mill, Malthus and Bentham, all of them Jewish>Calvinists, the modern version of this go(l)d religion (the intelligence of God is money, people must remain ignorant so they become obedient, Calvin), which treated workers as ‘animals’ of labor; consumers as golden asses to milk and citizens to tax, because ALL belonged to the stock-broker parasite.

Ricardo, the jewish stock speculator who bought always his M.P. place is the recognised master of the modern world: the worker must receive an iron salary equal to the cost of a machine that replaces him even if he ‘dies’ because his death by hunger won’t diminish profits and production – the machine does his job. Countries must not protect their markets because the top predator nation (then England) will sell all his goods and get back all the silver and gold. But of course, cheating, murder at distance is the game. So he did not say this. Instead he invented a false argument:’if Portugal sells wine cheaper, and we sell nails, cheaper, free trade will lower costs of both, for the consumer’. And people still repeat the mantra. Here the trick is obvious. Portugal could only sell Porto to a few aristocratic consumers but England could sell one thousand products and ruined completely ALL the industries of Portugal, made with ‘human labor’. So Portugal had to pay for all with Brazilian gold, which was going automatically to England. So happened to India, and China, till no go(l)d is left.

Today as new robotised industries automate its sales, millions of workers go out of work for the owner of Amazon, which on top does nOT PAY TAXES, because it cheats with fiscal paradises, to have all the gold. Now what the system exchanges is MECHANICAL WORKERS, for human workers. Now what the system does is murder at distance with drones, ‘terrorist children’, or exactly as Mammon-ides recommends, lets gentiles ‘drawn’ on the Mediterranean sea, because that is NOT a sin (if you see a gentile falling on the sea, let it drawn, if it falls in a well, take the rope out of it, sic) Now this ‘guide to the perplexed’ is compared by grea$ed scholars with the ‘organon’ of Aristotle. We must therefore understand the original go(l)d religion to understand capitalism, as Sombart and Weber explain, to know the so obvious end, ‘at the end of times all humans will become slaves of Yvwh – that is the memes of go(l)d, the top of that pyramid – or will be exterminated’ Sanhedrin.

All this well hidden, with go(l)d memes in the first age of capitalism, political and economical correctness, damned lies and statistics, in the 2nd age of capitalism, the age of creationist economics, and now by A.I. (digital algorithms, of speculation, productivity and management) makes the top of the pyramid of capitalist power – those with the money, especially brutal, and even if many obviously do NOT believe this, before Napoleon, when the structure of capitalism was founded they did.

Our beloved Mr. Amschel Rothschild ‘never touched’ a gentile, NOT to become impure. Since, indeed, it is NOT the protestant, which at least have a certain humane sense of ethics under the Mosaic commandments he applies to all humans, but the Talmudian, the financier, who do not think we are humans, the culture that runs the show and establish segregation memes, today through the fear of the gentile, with the so-called Holocaust Industry (‘they want to kill us so do preventive action’) in the past through segregation religions, the ‘cultural elite’ that decides the future of mankind.

– So the next question is how the anti-quantum paradox works in this theme? How this elite can be hidden from everybody, acting with total impunity, without ever been mentioned? Moreover, how the mere mention of this fact converts you into an oucast scholar? And the answer is the perhaps shrewdest from of camouflage of power, which draws heavily of the properties of ‘information’, which unlike energy, controls as ‘heads’ do, by blinding the body and hiding the ‘language’ of power of the system.

Information runs the universe as a cosmic conspiracy, through its invisible, fast moving, linguistic codes, which only the species that invents and talks it understands. And the world is ran by corporations invented for and by bankers based on those fundamental laws of information that we are now discovering for all languages. Hence the power of money as ‘a digital complex language’ nobody understands, which can be hidden to buy politicos and run the world. And the importance of ‘newspeaks’, which hide the real people behind words such as ‘markets’, ‘investors’, ‘entrepreneurs’.

All this of course is completely censored, so we shall give you more of it – because as Gandhi put it: ‘you can jail my body but you will never jail my mind’ – which is what the Financial-Media system does today with all humanist truths, denying systematically that map.

In scientific terms, they act as ‘the Black hole’, the top predator parasite of the galaxy does: it is hidden in the center of the Galaxy. It does NOT move, the galaxy moves towards it because the galaxy does NOT know – its stars – that it is a predator. It is so small, and apparently harmless. It also HAS THIS NICE GRAVITATIONAL, INVISIBLE language, so it attracts them with GRAVITATIONAL WAVES, the invisible money printed by the 0.1%, so all follow, ‘willingly’ and go to the center. And then, Zap, i got you enslaved to my go(l)d, my memes, my information my world view that will kill us all, but that is fine, go(l)d will provide!

Yes, it is all truth. They just found gravitational waves of two black holes after 100 years wondering where they were.

But my answer is this: with 1/3rd of the efforts and amazing amounts of energy and money ‘the black holes’ and its black hats, are using to recreate a bronze age civilisation of racist bigots in apartheid israel the FMaster could have created the perfect world. When I lived among them, working on Nasdaq first, then in evilwood and finally as a leading system scientist in Sillicon valley, considered one of them, because of my habiru grand-father with his concentration camp story, and my European aristocratic pedigree and deep knowledge of the culture they collect but do not understand (the French culture, to which my nation without borders and armies, Catalonia belongs – my great-grand father a sephardim, founded the catalan national party there, and yes i do belong to the 1%, enjoyed hamptons parties, Athletic club’s naked swimming pool and was about to engage with a JAP heiress of the 500, so save yourself admonitions)

I tried to explain them the OBVIOUS: enjoy life, be loved, you do have more money than you will ever spend, make America a paradise, do NOT steal, rob, murder at distance the gentiles, as your racist bronze age talmudic mandates tell you (‘gentiles, women, dogs and pigs are born of the leg of Satan’ ‘if you see a seek gentile do not cure him, if he is drowning do not throw him a rope, for murder at distance is not sin’ etc. etc. Evolve, R=evolve and you will BE IMMORTAL, otherwise, the economic cycles of the holocaust will hunt you again, and no, denial, scholarship massive production does NOT change the action-reaction of the people when they are dispossessed. It only makes the pot boil stronger and explode faster.

That is why Bio-history is so heavy on them. They had all the go(l)d of the world to make it a paradise, and they decided to murder it and commit suicide at the end of the cycle ‘again’, for a few bigot rabbis of the bronze age to create a no-way out primitive civilisation with the most advanced killing machines for profit, according to the anti-paradox of History:

Max. Technological evolution = Min. Human evolution.

And of course, the METAL-point of view, the hardware of metal-minds always helps in that process.

The Israelification of America and Europe today is an astounding process of reversal in the evolution of mankind, which Jihad Islam matches on the 3rd world. But Islam is nothing but an attempt to humanise by denying racist memes the Abrahamic religion. In that regard as always the dark involutionist age we live is a mixture of an age of military machines and electronic neofascism – the hardware, and a return to the primitive abrahamic, nationalist memes of earlier animetal cultures – the software.

So without the slightest self-censorship on the objective facts of history we have gone go deeper into what I call the ‘idol-ogies’ of the FMMI culture; that is, the idolatric religions and ideologies, humans have created for 5000 years since the Bronze age, to justify murder by weapons, slavery to go(l)d and mental and physical atrophy to mechanisms, whose evolution they consider the embodiment of ‘future progress’.

Now the existence of those cycles is the clearest proof that we do NOT live in a democracy, a world governed by people, but in a dictatorship of corporations, regardless of the degree of indoctrination of people that willingly accept It. AND ALL SUFFER ITS CYCLES OF WAR AND DEATH, except the 0.002%. Must then mankind be sacrificed for the racist memes of some cuckoo rabbi or banker, as the head of Goldman sachs who said that ‘a bankers job is god’s job’?

It is that the future we want all? Indeed, a Theocracy is a dictatorship of priests even if most believers accept it. So happens today with the world.

If you want to talk social sciences you have to provide first a) accurate data. Otherwise you are not doing science, but the anti-quantum paradox. The present ‘social scientist’ which accepts gladly the anti-quantum paradox denying this fact – that o.02% of its population monopolizes more than 3/4th of financial key public and private positions, and tries to explain the west, its wars against the enemies of Israel, its racism against the 3rd world, its destruction of their original humanist French revolutionary and American cultures of enlightenment, is as ridiculous as a historian who tries to explain south-America without mentioning the Spaniards that conquer it.

The Spaniards imposed their religion, their language, their beliefs, and posited themselves as a superior race, because a few 30.000 of them but with absolute control of the language of social power of the age, weapons, controlled the rest of society.

Today, the Europeans and Americans believe in Jewish-Christian religions where a Jewish, either Moses who saw god or Christ, who is son of god, or all the Jewish, sons of god, are the superior species. And then they believed in their capitalist memes and conquered the colonial world as debt slaves of the bank of England, believing in classic economics. Now they believe in the Holocaust Industry and massacre the 3rd world and terrorist Islam to defend Apartheid Israel under the manufactured brain of mass media hate memes and the holocaust industry. So we arrive once more to the cycle of electronic wars fuelled by the wars of Semite warrior animetals (terrorist Arabs) vs. Apartheid Israel, fought with the mercenaries of the western world.

Americans in that sense are just the sheeple of an elite of jewish-calvinist go(l)d believers, and the only astonishing thing about them, and the power of networks of Financial-media information is how well programmed they are to defend their elite with simplistic knee-jerk emotionally imprinted reactions, and exclamations whenever a social scholar tries to explain the facts of ‘anti-$emitism’, ‘genocider’, ‘nazi-behavior’, ‘confabulation theory’, etc. Anyone who lives in America is just dumb folded by how dumb are the mass who believes that Judea, the toponym for Yhwh, is the creator of the Universe, and its bankers the chosen of the creator, etc. etc.

It is indeed the anti-quantum paradox as its best:

Max. technological evolution = minimal human evolution.

As most europeans did make the liberation of the french revolution from bigot abrahamic religions, this shocks immediately the person who goes there. America is not the enlightened america of the founding fathers who copied the european civilisation, but the bigot america of go(l)d bronze age fetish religions, today jewish-calvinist believers. And this is what make completely different the psyche of an american and a european.  American psyches are closer to those of Jihad, just of a different kind, and they do not take it lightly when you confront them with their psyche, and memes and plainly tell them, to evolve their brains.

Of course you can fancy them as i did for many years by siding completely the issue, then you can work there, what is forbidden with religious zeal is any attempt to stir their future from the sure path of extinction under go(l)d values. It is in that sense the bottom line of a certain kind of not-being human, and i never found an ‘angle’ to bypass it.

Side by side there are the calvinist daughter civilisation, which backs all their decision and together form the 10% above all other people on the western world. All the main economists of classic economics belong to both daughter culture and sponsor those segregational anti-human concepts that run capitalism, from smith to ricardo to bentham, to malthus, to say, even the rival school of marxism, all are ideologists of the subconscious memes that worship gold proper of this old fetish gold culture of canaan.

So we cannot talk of economics but of a religion, of creationist economics.

The main reason evolutionary economics and the previous humanist, scientific schools of this discipline are systematically censored is this ‘section’ of the science, based in the work of the historic schools of economics and religion (Sombart, Abrahma Leon, Weber, Albright, Eliade, Campbell) which flatly prove with historic data and cyclical analysis the equivalence between judaism and protestantism (also based in the old testament meme) and capitalism. Thus it is impossible to study the culture of capitalism and the institution that governs the world the stock-market and its corporations, without studying the original culture that invented them, its memes and religious beliefs.

This cultural origin of economics is also essential to understand why the economic system does not work for mankind at large – since it is not a scientific, organic design, but one who caters to the 1% of owners of those corporations.

So obeying the values of go(l)d, merely means that guided subconsciously by the laws of the Universe and its social arrow of future, towards higher degrees of organisation, they are building, under the creationist, biblical religions of go(l)d as the language that must run the world, a perfect super organism of machines  – the capitalist, financial-media (informative machines) – military industrial (energetic machines) FMMI system. Yet of course as they are inside that super organism, the neuronal informative castes of our societies that build it with the values of gold, are automatons in search of profits that do not understand, neither they care about what they build and the collateral effects of the process – the extinction of gaia, and oppression of all living beings.

In that sense, the previous graph shows why is so important to know the origin of capitalism, and set the record straight about the real history of the go(l)d culture, since the system we live in, is by far the worst of all possible systems for the future of the 99% and the species, as the memes and structure of company-mothers of machines that rule us, are profoundly anti-human, originated in the segregational memes of the racist go(l)d cult, even if they look today ‘digital and modern’, extended to all other nations, where the company-mothers cares only for the fetish profits achieved with the overproduction of lethal goods and the rights of the stockratic owners, and financiers, ‘chosen of go(l)d’, caring nothing for the rights of the human worker and consumer, a mere cost of human capital, expendable when any machine can substitute it. So goes for the supposed ‘science of classic economics’, whose authors overwhelmingly belong to the biblical culture (judaism has 72% of Nobel prize on the discipline, protestant similar believers a 20%; and all the classic authors, Smith, Ricardo, Say, and modern ones, Friedman, Hayek, belong to the Financial-Media-Academia Masters that manufactured with the wrong memes the future of mankind in corporative praxis and economical theory) and sponsor a series of dogmas which are just a selfish agenda with absolute rights for the elite of bankers and stock-rats owners of corporations, the new aristocrats of the modern world that predate over mankind at large, as they have as aristocrats of weapons, NULL legal responsibility hidden by anonymous societies, monopoly on the issue and use of the language of power, then weapons, today money and control the population working for them in the past as servants today as paid-workers. We live indeed in a dictatorship of those who issue money through financial systems, which people don’t understand to buy out and corrupt the political system that serves with laws the goals of those companies.

But this world is NOT a science neither the only solution, but as the middle age aristocrats were, an imposition of the wrong choices in history that must be changed for mankind to survive. In the next graphs we see the aberrant structure of our economic ecosystem based in those pseudo-religious memes where humans have null rights – the modern version of a religion of slavery that censors any criticism of the eco(nomic)system  with myths and the rewrtting of history



ALL THIS SAID, THE KEY TO FULLY understand the present globalised culture is the basic role of Judaism as one of the  ‘2 heads of information of the equation of history’ in its western decoupling:

Latin->Southern-European Humanist culture: Head of History vs. Jewish->Biblical Northern-European Mechanist Culture: Head of the Metal-earth.

It is then only natural that belonging to the first culture the position of this blog is against the head of the second culture, life vs. machine, survival vs. extinction, human vs. robot, love vs. hate, wor(l)d vs. go(l)d… the long list of oppositions between both cultures is rather long, and it appears constantly in those texts. So let us consider Israel and the memeplex of Judaism what really are: THE LEADING HEAD of the go(l)d cult(ure) which will extinguish history this century including the human carriers of its memeplex as the holocaust cycle and the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycle has proved ad nauseam.

Another clear proof and reason of the control of the system by this culture is its specialization in information, which gives a small number of people an enormous power over a great quantity according to the ‘social class structure’ of all superorganisms with a neuronal, informative head that controls a much larger body of blind cells. Specially when it controls the languages that simultaneously program with their informative codes millions of cells, as neurons do with multiply synapsis, money with corporative legios of workers and mass-media with self-replicating hertzian waves that program simultaneously millions of believers.

– Specifically the Am Segullah 1-10% elite of judaism controls the reproduction of the language of money, produced with the same machines that produce metal-information. And so they have extended their control to all mass-media, as the machines that print money and information are the same. This duality allows them to act as the head of informative and financial corporations with millions of people working for them, and hence they have been able to manufacture the brains of the rest of mankind despite its small numbers. But organisms are hierarchical and the head is always smaller. In decametric scales most systems have a head with a 1-10% of the total ‘cells of the system’. A few thousand spaniards controlled totally with weapons South-America. So did a few thousand British with India. A few million Jewish people suffice to control through corporations the future of the western world, which fights as mercenary armies its wars against Islam, needs the money their bankers reproduce and is imprinted by their information.

The specialization of the culture in information and specifically all professions related to go(l)d wealth (managers, economists, speculators, bankers), informative power (mass-media, lawyers), and life power (judges, medical), for which you pay the maximal wealth; makes it even more powerful.

Moreover the laws of General systems show that information is more powerful than energy. It leads it, it is valued as a ‘square’ in the mathematical models of evolution developed by GST (general systems theory). So for example the momentum that determines power in physical encounters is mv², where speed is the parameter of information and it is squared. Power laws based in the dimensionality of information square it -as a bidimensional, cyclical form (Holographic principle). A top predator is defined as  Max. E x Max. I². This happens because informative systems form networks, as in neurons, where each neuron is connected to all others, while energetic, body systems form herds in which each cell is only connected to their closer ‘family ones’.

– And this brings the 4th reason of the triumph of the Am Segullah in the tribal wars for global power, which are the engine of history. Of all the nations of the world, due to its temporal length, the Am segullah elite of bankers is an international cohesive network, working for a single, selfish agenda, while all other nations act as herds of their body, loosely divided in individuals, and that division, which is all crystal clear in America, fostered by the mass-media since the 70s coup d’etat, when the American people started to differentiate themselves as African-Americans, Polish-Americans you name it, so the tribe on top would be disguised, makes the Am Segullah an all powerful head with no opposition. As it makes corporations, legal persons that can beat always any individual, humanist activist against them.

Because ultimately the Corporation is the issue. If we have dealt with the cult(ure) of go(l)d is because one Cohen founded the first Corporation of slaves and the Biblical memes are the ones that rule the world through them.

The result is a different kind of organism: one in which humans are no longer the body but increasingly the energy, expendable and substituted by the memes of metal.

And this is the key difference between a superorganism of history that would work for all mankind, in which memes of metal and Gaia would be the energy, and the present organism based in racist memes and primitive go(l)d religions, in which that order is inverted and metal is on top of man.

And yet never so few had so much power over so many, thanks to the control of mass-media and financial information, and the ‘carrier’ corporation that amplifies with millions of workers their program of history.

Reason why we adore them, as they give us our minds and create our money. Reason why we fought their wars against the other ‘warrior semites’ that oppose them. Reason why not only America but Europe where the French and British president and the ‘opposition’ candidates belong to their culture, and all the financial masters of the BCE and advisors to clueless Miss Merkel belong to their culture, and the only humanist culture left, the PIGS culture who believed in the rights of governments to reproduce money and create a welfare state to our image and likeness, has suffered a massive attack from Wall Street speculators, and a series of coup d’etats by financiers that have topped the free elected governments of Italy and Greece, the cradle of humanism and democracy, hand in hand with their Germ(an) dobermans, who can only obey or else be called anti$emites.

What this means merely is that today social sciences and scholarship and their praxis – politics – is so corrupted by money or so erased by the constant decline of our minds, in the visual age that the Financial-Media system rules completely our world.

Politicos are just secondary celebrities of that system. And scholars must provide not the truth of history but fancy data for History Channel programs on the Holocaust, the evilness of Islam and so on.

Thus the best thing we can do generally speaking is to ignore completely most scholarship in those sciences as ‘paid-per-view’ ‘documents’ that cater the agenda of a group of power that pays for them or subventions the school, or as memetic imprinting of people who develop a ‘path of thought’ totally irrelevant to the search for truth, but good as a placebo of happiness and the anthropomorphic fantasies of the human species, as center of the Planet Earth.

This of course, did not exist prior to II W.W. Scholars were not purposedly or naively, due to their imprinting and lack of knowledge caused by ‘correct censorship’, working to cater for the ideas of the 1%. Then social sciences were real. And so we might continue remembering the times when the truth of history was not ‘incorrect’ and the point of the 99% could be spelt without being censored by the control of the Financial-Media system by the 1%.

But the erasing of History will not change the destiny of mankind. What happened in that war is clear: after centuries of abusing the rest of humanity, the ’2 nietzschian’ super-races of metalmasters finally confronted each other for total power. And one won despite suffering enormous losses among their ´saint innocents, their lower classes, who as all lower classes are blind cellular bodies irresponsible of the designs of their heads.

And so now there is only a top predator supranation that manufactures most of the memes of the economic system. And they define with them the political and economical agenda of the world, and they feel righteous and they think thy are guiding the world to a technoutopia, because that is what they have done for millenia. But that is their biased point of view. The point of view of life which is being replaced is obviously the opposite one. And dare I say, as a humanist writer, I sympathize with life – and so they should because at the end of times, they will find out they are neither made of gold or iron but they are also flesh like the rest of us. And so as flesh, this will be their real history, from the point of view of humanity and the science of the superorganism of history that germ(an)ic warriors had killed so many times and jewish informative masters hypnotize and enslave with go(l)d, audiovisual media, damned lies and statistics.

How informative languages control the world. Invisibility, action at distance, networks…

“An invisible man can rule the world, no one will see him come and no one will see him go.”

The Invisible Man, Wells, also known for ‘History of the World’ and ‘Time machine’.

Capitalism is predatory culture, using the oldest trick of nature: camouflage. So know we shall deal with the less obvious and yet most important part of languages of information. How they rule the world in an ‘invisible manner’…

ne might wonder how it is possible that the same people who brought about the last Kondratieff crisis, and its causal consequences, poverty, fascism, war and holocaust are doing the same again. Why Mr. Rothschild et Al have not changed the system to one which is more manageable, more just, in which they would still be on top, extremely wealthy but maintain a sustainable planet for future generations to thrive. And the answer is the oldest trick of predators, camouflage.

Indeed,  mr. Rothschild, Mr. Gross, Mr. Paulson, Mr. Goldman, Mr. Bloomberg nd so on,  i can imagine couldn’t care less because they are invisible. Other come and go for them – politicos, corporations, mercenary armies, all of them under the orders of invisible money. And this as always, requires to be understood 3 elements, the higher view of Theory, namely the properties of languages of information, which rule in a far more subtle way than languages of energy (money vs. weapons in this case); the facts and data hidden by the anti-quantum paradox, and the human side of it. Who exercises the power given by the language of go(l)d – the ‘invisible hand of god’.

We shall escape the general properties of information vs. energy treated in other posts on general systems sciences.

But if you ever want to make sense of the world you live, you have to understand what seems to escape the intelligence of most humans: how languages of information control with far more efficiency social organisms.

Indeed, perhaps the biggest misconception of the entire humankind and our civilization is the incapacity to understand information and its laws. We know heads rule bodies and particles fields of energy, but we focus in the body and the field. We know certain people control history with languages of information (laws and money). But the most powerful language, money, is completely misunderstood, even by those who monopolize and control it – bankers.

And this is due to the fact information is not ‘obvious’, ‘visual’, spatial’, ‘evident. Information is subtle, small, cyclical, temporal, complex, invisible as your words are and the fluxes of money are. Because it moves much faster than energy does; it controls the blind bodies of energy that need information to form their behavior.

The nervous system controls totally its chemical cells, because it travels faster than chemical messages and it is hidden in its original center, the brain, which cells do not see.

The language of money has the same properties. It travels at light speed through e-money orders coming from the collective brain of the economic superorganism, the World-stock Market.

Thus the first property of informative languages to be understood is its invisibility, speed and dissuasive non-violent methods.

And so in the same way that priests could run without real power by subtle information the germanic barbarians in the middle ages, because they believe on them, but once the believers stop believing, priests become powerless, financial masters can govern the world with invisible flows of money they monopolize in their invention as long as people believe in the ‘experts’ of capitalism, and the right to issue money of which Mr. Rothschild bragged in a previous quote, are not taken from them. Today Mr. Rothschild ‘only’ controls the price of Gold and the mind of ‘experts’ from his newspaper, The Economist. Since he is indeed the Master of the I Industrial R=evolution, in which information was given with ‘chemical presses’, newspapers, gold standardized currencies and stock-papers. Others are more powerful. Gross, the boss of Plimco  who defines the price of the Euro with its 2 trillion dollar bets against it, followed as a military march by all the makers of the market, and Bloomberg, the owner of the e-money platforms that invent them. As the language of power, money has evolved. But and this is the fascinating fact of systems and languages, which are both hierarchical and evolve in time, they still belong to the same ‘supranation’ which discovered gold and made of it his language of power, first in contradiction with rival warrior nations till with the Industrial R=evolution, the need for money to build weapons put them also on top of Western warrior empires.

All has therefore changed to remain the same. And there is no ‘confabulation theory’ on this – another politically correctness concept to dismiss the science of information applied to money. Indeed, black holes are extremely small but they rule entire galaxies because they are ‘invisible’ and their force, gravitation is ‘invisible’ and yet it delivers orders and places each star into a vortex that feeds the invisible central black hole, hidden by a ‘protective’ shinny armour of light. And this is achieved because information moves faster than light, gravitation is non -local instantaneous.

The paradigm of this mode of control is obviously only for those who are outside the system, the way in which the ‘nation of bankers’ controls the entire American world.

This is NOT done by force at all, but by dissuasion, by control of the entire system of information of the nation, and by censorship, but a subtle manner, through dissuasion, through political correctness. The key to any informative control is always the same: maintain the body in absolute blindness, so he will only perceive the Universe through the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ of the Head. And so in any time of history in which there has been a ‘dictatorship’ of an informative group or caste, of verbal or monetary nature (priests or bankers) there MUST EXIST AN INQUISITION OF THOUGHT, an Index Librorum, a politically correct agenda. 

Vatican Priests at the head of their corruption as a religion of go(l)d (pre-reform popes of the Middle Ages), forbade the translation of the bible so the people under their tutelage needed their ‘expertise’ to understand the word of God. In the present religion of Go(l)d, not a single country teaches economics in schools and alternative theories of economics and politicos know nothing of it, so they MUST by force ask and let the Bankers rule the system.

Thus blindness of the body is a must, which in the paradigm of the dictatorship of bankers, America, studied in more detail in these posts – and now mimicked in the process of globalization of the financial industry – is rather absolute. And the result is the desired outcome: the blind body obeys blindly THE HEAD, even if the head is M.A.D. ensuring the mutual assured destruction of the head and the body by absorbing all the resources of the body and giving back no energy to its cells.

Indeed, the astounding fact for many external observers of America is the absolute slavery of the collective American psyche to their master race, which they will defend with their life, without a blinking of an eye, as they do today in the ‘Semite wars’ between Israel and is Arab enemies. 100% of the first budget of Obama went to the Semite wars (military) and the bankers (debt service and bailouts). The rest, what the American people who are NOT from the bankers’ culture got was all paid in ‘deficit’ hence borrowed. All their taxes went to the head. And everybody was happy and indeed, they are now voting for Romney which even wants more of the pie till total exhaustion for the master race. And yet, even a slight mention of this fact means complete isolation of the rebel who dares to speak. This web fluctuates as an ‘experiment’ in readers from top to bottom when I introduce this theme (so for example this week which I reintroduced this themes it has plummet on views from America). Here in Europe the comparison with ‘monarchies’ for whom Spanish peasants die, or military dictators for whom Germans died is apt. When Zukhov asked Hitler to surrender he said he will not. And when Zukhov told 30o.000 berliners would die, he said, ‘I know, they will die for him’. Thus the essential sado-masochist relationship between head and body exists constantly in history, provoking when the head is ‘drunk of power’ and tortures his own body as in the German case and now the American case, the collapse of the civilization (because the head after all lives of the body).

The third fundamental property of informative power is ‘disguise’, ‘camouflage’.

The coral snake eats because it looks like a harmless one, the mantis appears as a harmless tree branch, the virus seems inert as he passes his genetic code for the enslaved cell to work for him; and so on. In the jewish case this is obvious and already explained. The causes of the Holocaust are economical, caused by the usury practices of its elites that ruin nations. But this is camouflaged with the fact that the revenge process kills the poor jewish as scapegoat victims. What goes on here is camouflage of the upper elite of Judaism in its Saint innocents to instill guilt on people who won’t talk of the cultural nature of capitalism and the usury abuses even in this crisis.

And to that aim capitalism censors the 1/2 part of usury lending.  In the American case this is achieved with the total censorship of 1/2 of the history of their banking culture; which appears always as victim ‘only’ without ever mentioning the predatory nature of usury lending, slavery and other practices developed by this culture since the Bronze age. Since we dealt with this form of censorship in the previous post under the title ‘political correctness’, we won’t repeat the data here.To repeat again that this newspeak is even more damaging to the lower castes of the dynastic bankers of capitalism, always abandoned by them to their tragic end, becoming the scapegoats that died in the holocaust cycle; while bankers never die. Since of course, in those trades as in all the holocausts the banker/enslaver – in this case Simon – was never found.

One survivor arrived back to Marseilles, explained the tragedy and since Simon was missing they just killed whoever they found in the ghettoes. So the 90-99% of this culture who has nothing to do with finances and are the Saint Innocents of their banker-priests would do much better if they hear their ‘real prophets’, Moses and Jesus and Marx, who warned them against the priest-bankers of profits. Because only those who believed in the past cycles in their prophets of social love and humanism survived. Only those who obeyed Moses laws in the myth of the ghenna survived and the worshipers of the golden calf died. Only those who followed christ survived as the Romans understood there were different cultures/religions and spared them, making only the possession of the Talmud death penalty; and only those who joined the Marxist r=evolution Russia survived Hitler and are now the Khazars of Israel.  Since the game of humanity and its social evolution cannot be cheated. It is the Law of the Real God, the mind of the Fractal, organic, evolutionary Universe, which only a mad culture dares to defy.

Today this of course is not expressed in this terms in the world at large – beyond the programming of 3/4 of the American population with the Book of History of the culture of bankers, which is the basis in which its American dictatorship is based. Here, in Europe a  political and economical correct/censoring argument – the holocaust – is used:

The Holocaust Industry thus is kept to protect the elite of Judaism, NOT its lower people, as the naive Israeli Khazar believe – on my view despite their brutal treatment of Palestine a clear victim of his elites, under the Stockholm Syndrome as most Americans are – since those bankers, camouflage with the 90-99% of relatively normal people of this culture, whose tragedy is NOT to evolve as Europeans have done and abandon the primitive pre-scientific mythic age of the human psyche in which they are hold prisoners.

But the industry also is meant to keep the European and American under the boot of the banker without any complain. Since it follows, that we, the European People and the American descendants, not our castes of fascist military and usury bankers, are the criminals, who have for millennia prosecuted the Jewish people, who never did nothing wrong. We just hate them because we are lowly people, brutish ignorant individuals who do not ‘understand’ the righteous. This is achieved ignoring the action-reaction processes of history. Since Holocausts have always economical causes (which do not justify murder but are the causes, aseven Mr. Hitler explained, in the most censored document of the W.W. II tragedy).

Now, the reader ignores that Mr. Hitler made the SS NOT to kill Jewish at first, but to cleanse the ‘slav’ lands of peasants and colonize it with its military germ(an)s. And he succeed, killing 20 million. But of course, we do not forget Stalin crimes because 20 millions died in the Russian Holocaust. They do not have a holocaust industry to convince us of such twisted logic. Only at the end of the war, when the Am Segullah in Wall Street and the Rabbies of Zurich, did NOT want to buy them, because they were ‘impure Khazars’ of the Pale of Settlement or exchange them for Volvo Trucks (Wallenstein deal), he put Auschwitz at full work knowing perfectly he was revenging against people who were innocent because he couldn’t catch Mr. Rothschild (only an old aunt who stubbornly decided to remain in her French Castle.)

And yet I doubt one out of ten Americans is still reading – a few more perhaps from Europe, where History is still taught with a relatively less profound bias. All in all on my view the Holocaust Industry success is basically a proof of our non-democratic system where bankers rule. It is equivalent to any other ‘religion of an elite’, chosen by the Grace of God (as military kings believed) or with a manifest destiny (as the millenarian Reich thought). In this case we are dealing with the oldest, most sophisticated, by all means dominant predatory culture of information, which in fact invented the millenarian religion of world power:

‘At the end of times, al the tribes of the Earth will become slave of Yvwh – the Jewish People – or will be exterminated’ Babylonian Talmud. Sanhedrin.

And indeed, this is the time we are now. With a difference, of course, that this is not a life enhancing strategy but a M.A.D. one, a Mutual Assured Destruction in the final stage of war and holocaust of all those crisis. And we will return to that and to the first ‘age’ of capitalism, when banker-priests controlled people with religion in exchange for gold ex-votes. Since capitalism has always been a religion of go(l)d. Only that now the experts talk with digital languages, but still people do not understand them, as they did not understand Latin when controlled with religion and of course, then and now it was forbidden to translate to a normal speak the Bible and the digital arguments of economists at the service of the banking and corporative industries.

And this is the true power of the Top Predator culture of metal-information, judaism: its control of all forms of information for a biological purpose of controlling the world with it, which was achieved first in a very reduced manner by controlling only money, but since the Press became available and printed both paper-money and newspapers, the control of the Informative side of the Financial-Informative-Military-Industrial System, the FMI complex or ‘metal-earth’, has been in the hands of this culture, which has imprinted and manufactured the human brain in the western world, but NOT for the common good, as the european-american culture has tried but for its selfish, domineering ‘Talmudian’ Prophecy of world power. 

The denial of the true history of capitalism and the dynasties of bankers that have managed it, by monopolizing the production of money, since the culture of bankers, the so-called People of the Treasure, appeared in history is just another way of censorship that prevents what truly matters to our democracy – if we want to be free, we must control and issue the language of social power. Otherwise we shall be puppets of the nation that issues it. But this fact is again never is explained as the prohibition and censorship against any criticism of the ‘dictators’ of capitalism. But we do not criticize the ‘owners’ of the Earth Inc because in the past its lower class was killed in war periods, as any other culture of the world massacred in war periods. 

The subtle idea here though is that the ‘victims’ of the elite are always more important than the rest of human victims, which are invisible. So 1/2 of the action/reaction equation of the Holocaust has been erased, but NOT because of censorship, because of CARING and GUILT. And so we must pity and forgive any future crime of our banking elites. Here of course, the subconscious Freudian argument is the essential belief of the metal master, who NOT only oppresses people with weapons or money but also needs to feel ‘just’ and ‘superior’. And nothing makes you feel superior that the Stockholm victim syndrome: you love the predator cult(ure)s that oppress you. So kings must be loved and bankers must be loved.

Now Judaism and its economic role is not really the central theme of this blog, but a necessary historic knowledge to understand the origin of capitalism and the fact that for an economic sustainable world based in social sciences to thrive we must control from governments the issue of money to be free and create a welfare state, demand-based economy that will not extinguish us. And that the 90-99% of the Jewish people would do better to survive, to understand that they have on top a caste of ‘levis’ that made them slaves in the old Talmudian tribes and today enslave them with holocaust myths that prevent them to love their own species – all other humans – and are the cause of the cycle of holocausts, hand in hand with the murderous action of the warrior cult(ure)s of the germ(an)s of history. In other words, we the 90-99% of all nations and the human nation at large are the victims of go(l)d and iron and its values, greed and murder. And we had enough of the camouflage of the 1% on the sufferings of the rest of us.

The problem of course of this types of political correctness is that they work thanks to the ‘Goebbel’s method’ of constant repetition and rhetoric backing with the tools of audiovisual media. So the American or the European becomes imprinted emotionally by the memes of capitalism, nationalism and political correctness and literally the information does not cross beyond the emotional brain (hippotalamus) jumping in cholera and dismissal whenever the theme of a supranation in control of all other western nations with a culture of exploitation appears. But that is the case.

I couldn’t care less in fact if they rule the world, because all organisms need a head, but all heads rule the world giving enough energy and information to their body cells or else the M.A.D. process is in place. And this is the difference between the way the International Banker rules the world and a serious, scientific approach to economical science would, and the result of course is that when science rules, there are no wars, r=evolutions, Holocausts and nations as China or Turkey who print money for a demand economy do, grow 10% and we have negative growth. But the wealth of the Am segullah keeps sky-rocketting and anti$emitism grows. Why then the ‘habiru’ don’t rebel? This is the deterministic tragedy of information networks: it is almost impossible to escape the multiple action of all your ‘brother neurons’ which are ‘connected to you’; nor the body cells understand a bit of your function and role and confuse you systematically with those who exploit both.

Multiple network action. But the MOST powerful tool of a system of ‘bits’ of information in control of a body of energy is its ‘anonymity’ as a mass or network perfectly connected internally, while the mass of the body remains unorganized. Indeed, while the herds of energy, which languages of information rule, are ‘broken’, divided and so they cannot easily organize, because they are blind, slow and formless, the neurons that carry a language of information while invisible to the body cells, are organized in complex networks in which each neuron connects to many others.

So in the center of the galaxy we have found NOT a single black hole but a swarm of them; in the brain we did not find as doctors believed before Cajal draw the neurons a single macro-cell but a myriad of them, each one connected to many of them; and unlike the masses of middle classes divided in ‘cultures’, ‘races’, ‘countries’ , ‘languages’ and flags with little information and slow, meaningless motions (‘Don’t confuse motion with action’ said Hemingway), the financial industry is a croony, single mass of constantly communicated cells, belonging to the same supra-nation and similar jewish-protestant->Classic Economics, biblical sects, which talk with a single language, that of profits and act together, meeting in ‘invisible’ places, Trilateral and Davos Forums, Kahilas of banker priests and all those other ‘real places’ tagged generally by the ‘informative ants’ of this government on the shadows, working busily in ‘think-tanks’, ‘expert centers’, ‘financial institutions’, even ‘wikipedia policemen’ to maintain the fairy tale that all is chaos and freedom in the perfectly ordered and managed capitalist, hierarchical antidemocratic world. 

So today the blind mass of human cells of the American and European body confuses motion with action and goes from place to place demonstrating and wasting its energy, while the perfectly coordinated action of corporations, bankers and qisling politicos keep evolving the agenda of ‘hardcore capitalism’ and profits with no limit – till they of course, destroy the entire western civilization in a deja vu, 30s ‘ominous decade’. But the mass of cells ONLY SEES AND UNDERSTANDS ENERGY, the motions of their politicos and armies. Indeed, the Americans really believe their country is the more powerful nation of the world, when it is just a giant with clay feet, as their ‘go(l)d head’ belongs to other nation. But again, they cannot see this. Part of their imprinting is the null understanding of the American people of the power of information and its subtle ways. And of course, neurons are a ‘different species’, born equal perhaps but specialized and more intelligent and faster once their development is complete. And so the first thing I noticed when arriving to Columbia University to the most prestigious master at the age in writing, was the act that everybody there except 2 people, being me one of them, belonged to the same culture. But I didn’t even know that till I went to a lesson the Yon Kippur day and only two people were there.

Only the people who most intensely ‘believe’ in the rights of the neurons of America to dominate the nation at will – those imprinted by biblical priests, who believe in the rule of the Am Segullah (People of the Treasure ill translated to disguise their millenarian profession as ‘Chosen of God’, hence our use of the more correct expression ‘Chosen of Go(l)d, which includes the real hebrew meaning and the camouflaged translation – censorship again here is absolute since World War II. The last mention on the Britannica of the proper translation is from the 1920s edition. In the same manner the true origin of millenarism, the Talmudian prophecy of world power: ‘At the end of times, all the nations of the world will be slaves of YVwh (the subconscious mind of the Jewish nation) or will be exterminated’ Babylonian talmud, Sanhedrin disappeared from the Britannica in all after war editions.

All this brings a basic feature of nations ruled by information , so different from those rule by energetic metal, weapons and yet similarly in its antidemocratic, brutal control of the mass: the Stockholm sindrome. The blind cells of the body love intensely their masters, either kings or bankers; since their minds are ‘Tabulas rassas’ (Locke) imprinted at will with the memes chosen by warriors or bankers. But there is a basic difference: warriors are hierarchical with a visible head on top, which can be beheaded easily liberating the mass behind it. But networks of information are nearly indestructible, as the web is, because the network is ultra-dense with millions of bits, all of them working in coordination and so any cell can be eliminated but many others will replace it. All in all the power of an informative society is infinitely higher than the power of an energetic system of control.

So why to fight from the tiny position, given to us, by the anti-quantum paradox, the millions of informative neural ants that construct the world of machines and capital, instead of putting yourself to their service, specially if as it is my case, I have the ‘righteous’ genes and an 180 tested IQ that could have given me a position of power and privilege in that head, as LONG as I have twisted information and censored and manipulated it to come on top? Because there is really no choice. Because it is a no way out. Because the head is now M.A.D. and it is now on the path to ensure the Mutual Assured Destruction of the organism of mankind. And there one has to draw the line. Those are temptations of Christ, the debacle of Moses, the moment in which the system shows that over the power of the networks of information , there is a higher power, the language itself and its laws of self-destrution, and its selfish agenda. And this, the values of go(l)d, is what the head ignores and we shall reveal in this post.

Because what they don’t know is another law of superorganisms in which the invisible head is ‘mad’, that is, it does not feed with proper energy and information its mass of body cells, which therefore collapse and die (in wars in historic organisms) and when they die, they collapse and die the selfish heads.

So you get old because your nervous system absorbs all your energy and gives nothing in return to the cells till the body cells warp, loose all energy and get old and die. And galaxies die when the black hole eats up all its stars and remains a pulsating moribund, hungry monster without food. And societies die when the upper castes of warriors and go(l)d bankers extort all the money of society with direct taxes or indirect speculative ones and the people die of hunger. And it is then when war ensues and the two upper castes allied in the good times, warriors and bankers fight each other extinguishing the civilization.

All this of course is of no interest to Mr. Rothschild, it is called biological science. It is not part of the beliefs of biblical people, who abhor Darwin. And it is the reason why again the cycles of wars and holocausts will repeat, since as one of its paramount masters of the wor(l)d, Mr. Proust put it: ‘the tragedies of history happen again because people don’t learn from their mistakes’. Or as another wor(l)d master of this culture, which would do better siding soon with mankind if they want to avoid the cycles of the future, put it ‘never underestimate the power of Denial (Mendes, ‘American Beauty’). And we will return to that.

But ‘political and economically correct imprinting’ is so strong in every human being, that we shall dedicate the next posts on cultures to clarify those themes.

In any case if you haven’t liked what you just read, if you belong so ‘strongly’ to those cultures corrupted by money and machines that cannot feel empathy for humanity and enjoy the human condition anymore, (meaning you think that your ‘beliefs’ and absurd ideologies that make you slave of those memes of metal are ‘more’ important than your human condition and natural biological drives) don’t take it personally, just switch off, thanks. I belong to no nation but mankind and recognize no God except the laws of complex science, the mind of the Universe, among which the most powerful law of evolution is love – the capacity of individuals of the same species to share energy and information to create more complex superorganisms, stronger than the individual. And this feeling, love, the most powerful, and ultimate goal of the Universe is what the selfish memes of metal make you deny, so you love only your ego and your tribe, justifying the evolution and use of weapons that soon will kill mankind… as the Karma of those cultures is now the Karma of the globalized world, sinking again in the last of the cyclical ‘dark ages’ that have come to our species, always that humans have evolved and overproduced new types of weapons (800 year cycle) or machines (72 year cycle).

It is through those glasses of a higher science, General Systems Sciences and Biology, the proper science to describe all events taken place in a living planet, and through the judgments of siding with the human superorganism of history NOT the superorganism of money and machines, that this web is written. Since there are ultimately only two type of humans and cultures, those who worship life and those who worship the tree of metal, which as Genesis, the first and perhaps brightest master book of the human spirit explain in its parable of the original sin. We have now all sinned against life and that is why the biological Universe will eliminate us. Because the Universe is perfect and those who do not like to exist in their proper form do not deserve to live.

It would be nice to believe any of those fairy tales – that we are the righteous culture, that corporations care for humans, that god – just a meme in your mind – hears us and we have a destiny, that any criticism of the leading culture is to be blamed in the critique, which becomes an antisemite or an antipatriot or whatever ad hominem insult is meaningful to the case. This is what people believe and so they are happy. But they should be aware that in a darwinian universe you trade happiness for an earlier death if you are not aware of the ‘underlying’ nature of reality, where nothing is given for free and respect must be earned. The sheeple has not earned respect, has not won survival and will not survive unless it takes their own self-defense in their hands. Weeping won’t do.

The only hope for mankind lays not on those who will never change and will resist any change not to loose power or because they fear the 99%, imprinted by paranoia; but in the rest of mankind. It is for that reason we hold far more guilty of the crime of collective extinction people like Mr. Obama than Mr. Nettanhayu, because Mr. Obama knows perfectly what I am talking about. He was educated with the memes of the right Enlightened, Social-Democratic, American founding-fathers culture parallel to the European latin culture, with his thirst for life and love and its sense of equalite, fraternite, solidarite. And he has betrayed all those goals, beyond his placebo mask of caring, for lack of ‘stamina’ to defy power. And like him, there is an astounding number of pretended humanist politicians, from Tony Blair to Mr. Hollande, which are not/will not be doing their job. And then there is the human mass, who thinks just complaining the system will change. The system needs to r=evolve and r=evolutions are not easy. They require huge sacrifices.

But the responsibility is NOT in the hands of the 1% and the biblical cultures, and all the repetitive, memetic Asian and European, clueless ‘daughter cultures’ that merely imitate by memetic imprinting whatever America does. The responsibility to change the world is in the hands of those who belong to humanist, alternative cultures, who are the overwhelming majority of mankind, who can understand the facts without getting paranoid or aggressive, who are often voted to power, who must take control of the financial industry, and credit, create a world to the image and likeness of mankind, the most perfect organism. Or else they will become extinct.  The very same honchos of Wall Street told them in a moment of crisis: ‘you have to regulate us, we cannot stop our greed’.

Now, why this system is negative to mankind?

The reasons are many but if we escape the loss of personal freedoms and censorship of information necessary to sustain the system,  and the waste of enormous resources spent in a global Orwellian age of war for profits that develops the terminator industry in defense of an apartheid state, Israel, which should be reformed according to human rights and international law, we could in terms of ‘economic efficiency’ notice the fundamental handicap of living in a society in which a people-caste that isolates itself for cultural resons (racist memes of biblical origin that go from the ‘Ham Damnation’ origin of modern slavery, as Talmud considers Arabs and Black inferior to animals; precepts of separation of other cultures, Holocaust terror against other people who might ‘murder us’, etc.) means that the ‘nervous system’ of the economy, money, which must be circulating in society and given as credit to the working middle classes, is accumulated, idle in banks and corporations.

Indeed, all is resumed in Cicero’s speech: the Roman empire was crashed economically by the ‘barbarous superstition’ of accumulating gold in the temple, and so without creation of money and credit, the empire entered in an economical crisis, simuilar to the ones that recurrently will have the western world for the same reasons.

In the middle ages the same process will be at work. On one hand, since this purest capitalist culture understand banking not as a process of development of credit for a sustainable economy, but as usury, the accumulation of go(l)d, the fetishe of religious power, the economy without its nerve and language withers. On the other hand, since there is no ethical restriction to profits, and weapons are the most expensive profitable goods, for reasons clarified in the next post, when the capitalist religion controls a nation, war becoes endemic. Finally because the culture is ‘tragically imprinted’ by the cycles of the holocaust it creates a sort of paranoid policial state with censorship, inquisitions of thought and division of the people in national groups, all too evident in the Middle Ages Spain, when they ruled the financial system, Protestant Germany and now America, where each group is by the imprinting of the informative systems controlled with the same machines and groups, every race and culture seems to rival all others, with the ‘invisible’ one on top.

Again data is conclusive but hidden by the anti-quantum paradox. For example, in Spain ‘official versions’ tell us that the country was ruined when the Jewish lost their control of finances. But the opposite is truth. Only then money was liberated to promote what the national caste of warriors wanted to make: a global empire. In the classic books on the theme, Abraham Leon’s ‘the jewish question’, Marx, ‘the Jewish question’, Sombart, ‘the jewish people and the birth of capitalism’ and Weber ‘the ethics of calvinism and the birth of capitalism’ and Ford ‘The International banker’, most of them censored today, all those elements are clearly explained. All in all the problem is not so much who rules society but how it is ruled. With barbarous superstition or science. Today the same process is taken place: a massive usury accumulation of wealth through speculative taxation and lack of rights to print free money by governments that must ask it to the private banker (national debt crisis) when in a scientific system (China, Turkey, Brazil) in free nations, money is invented for Keynesian welfare, and growth occurs. So the western european-American empire of the International banker will not grow as long as the system is not hanged and credit returns to society, which under the barbarous system of usury and accumulation of idle capital, protected by a series of ‘damned lies and statistics’ conceived by classic economist will not happen unless the financial industry is nationalized.

The enormous disappointment I experienced with the policies of Mr. and Miss Clinton and Mr. Obama in America, with Mr. Zapatero, Mr. Schroeder and the Labor party in Europe comes from the fact that it is self-evident that if those people who are intelligent, belong to the right memetic structure, have power and the popular mandate, preferred to let sloth and greed dominate their policies; if the 99% is too weak, too ignorant and too lazy to change reality or at least attempt a change, the no future of mankind is determined. What happened in Germany where Mr. Schroeder, the most voted politico let the zero-brainer, East German Fraulein in power today take over to retire to a huge salary in an energy company; or what happened in America, where Mr. Clinton let Mr. Bush rig the elections in Florida, didn’t press for repetition, being as he was the president and so handled power to the Republican party, to spend his last hours signing pardons to the biggest financial criminals of the country… was the lowest point in the history of western democracies. But it seeems now Mr. Obama might reach a new low and the Germans, which are supposed to have been reformed after II W.W. might attempt a final financial IV Reich, with the same destiny than the previous ones.

Since not only the system is not reformed, and the deffects of animetal cultures recognized, but on the contrary we live in a neofascist age of absolute capitalism in which the cult(ure)s of selfish memes of metal have reached again a paroxism of the wrong ideologies of nationalism and capitalism and mechanism, hence taking all the wrong solutions to the crisis that will again destroy the middle classes and provoke a new age of war and holocausts of the poor castes of those societies. We said, we live ruled by an elite of bankers that sponsor a M.A.D. set of cultural memes. If the Industry of the Holocaust had not been put in place. This would be recognized. And so in the same manner we hold the Germ(an)s of history guilty of their culture for decades in which they had a normal, human behavior (no longer unfortunately since we allowed them to ‘unify’ and hold our moneys), if Judaism had been recognized for what it is, NOT a race, NOT a transcendental religion, NOT even a nation, but a series of memes of go(l)d, first in verbal form and then in digital one, which are destructive of life, Israel could have been r=evolved as Spain was against the inquisition and England thanks to the labor party against the total dictatorship of the City (though again this now is changing, as we enter in the baroque age of the electronic superproduction crisis).

Cultures are indeed M.A.D. and eviL and cause death if they are not properly evolved with the general evolution of the Human mind.
Consider the ‘Damnation of Ham’, written in the Talmud according to which black and arabs are slaves, inferior to dogs. This is NOT as man pretend, just a peccadillo. Millions of people died, and tens of millions were enslaved because a racist rabbi wrote that text a few millennia ago. We do not rightly promote Nazism as the ‘essence’ of the Germ(an) culture, which truly is. But this has not happened and it will not. People like Ben Gurion chose to abandon socialism and accepted Israel as a confessional state. The banker-priests of the west liked that solution which made them feel superior. And so the socialist and 60s r=evolution masterminded in the past by jewish r=evolutionaries as the Christian r=evolution was, became aborted by a resurgence of the memes of metal, nationalism, capitalism, inquisitorial go(l)d religions and mechanism (technoutopias). And now they are at the height of this cult(ure) and so the future is written in the past, because the causality of the cycles of war and holocaust those memes cause are in place.

 And so the only solution to those cycles is to explain the facts, the duality of classes of Judaism AND reform the financial system to avoid the economical causes of the Holocaust extensely proved by non-censored history. But of course, the bankers do not want to give away their privileges, so as a minor evil they censor the facts, which is what they have tried to do in all those cycles without changing the causal process of them.

So once we have dealt with ‘data and the quantum paradox’ and the ‘cycles it causes’,  now we shall open you to an ‘objective analysis’ as a historian of the future will explain the transition between democracy and plutocracy at the turn of the century, and then we must go into the higher science of systems and deal with the structure of a network of information in control of the mass, which is the particular issue we deal with here… if you are still reading. Because by the ‘antiquantum paradox’ of political correctness, you are told that all what I am explaining is a ‘confabulation theory’. Indeed, the point is that all systems of information, all heads, control a blind body energy through ‘confabulation’; that is  hiding to the body all the information it does not NEED To know to obey. So your body is blind and only obtains information from the senses of the head. And this is how an informative caste controls a mass of believers. Priests in the middle ages forbade the translation of the Book to that aim. And today specially in America where the dictatorship of bankers is stronger, control of information both financial and audiovisual, is extreme.  And this is indeed how bankers and informative people-castes, priests, Am Segullah, politicos in communist dictatorships, control society under the laws of profit and capitalism.

In this Rothschild is right when he quote the complexity of the system. He knew how to manipulate information and hide the information required for people to do what he wanted without any display of force. And this is still how the system of ‘expert bankers’ control the world. And of course, the problem is the system grows ever more complex.

So we shall explain you ‘the system’ of predation of an informative caste in control of a language of power (in history priests and politician with laws, or bankers with money), over a mass of clueless, blind ‘cellular bodies’, or else you will never get a grasp of the world in which you live.

 I know, I will deny the ultimate element of the informative anti-quantum paradox, political correctness – the most subtle form of censorship, but otherwise we cannot describe the ‘head’ of the American system, now increasingly the head of the globalized world. That we live in the best of all systems, because humans rule democracies and money and bakers work for us. And so I ask you? if that is the case, why the world is so sick and we suffer so much? The same question that doubts of Abrahamic Gods is on place here? If the banker-priest will save you why you suffer and die?

Fact is those cycles will never happen in a real democracy. But a democracy is not possible when the government does not control the languages of metal- power, money and weapons. Then democracies are mere placebos that hide the power of corporations and financial elites. And only then the cycles of wars for profit, the cycles of Holocausts, the cycles of poverty and fascism take place. And all this today is hidden by the anti-quantum paradox and its most sophisticated new form, the ‘newspeaks’ of political correctness.

Why politicos follow suit is then obvious. In the 80s in America and the anglo-saxon world, thanks to the work of two qisling politicos of null knowledge of the economic system  – Mr. Reagan and Mr. Thatcher; and in the 90s and 2000s in Europe, misguided by Brussels Lobbies who created a European Central bank that would work only for bankers not for their people and will NO LONGER print money for states, only for private bankers, western politicians gave the rights to print money for which wars have been fought and revolutions won, back to the private bankers that created the hard core capitalism of the XIX century. And then one day they woke up and realized they were just employees that depended on the two systems of information controlled by bankers, audiovisual media and finances, to talk to the public and pay his campaigns. Ever since the 70s after the coup d’etat against Nixon and in the 90s after the Treaty of Maastritch, the western world felt into the dictatorship of bankers that have ended tragically after a century of brutal exploitation in I and II world war tragedies.





 Fact is animetal people-castes are winning history and massacring Gaia and the 99%. We cannot then give a maximal probability of survival to mankind, as it is doing all to go under, by ‘believing’ on the mass-media falsehoods spread by the FMasters in control of Evilwood (we can use the term eviL=anti-live memes as it is the scientific meaning of the world), and Wall Street. But we do have always the point of view of what is best for the 99%, since that is the positive praxis of any human sciences. If we were robots, of course, and when, if robots take over, this same facts will be praised, and human animetals will be considered OK (extinguished though as all other forms of life). But so far I am a dying dirty bag of old water, and I know unlike the $elected to which species I belong.

 In the next image we make a comparative montage of the 3 cycles of overproduction of ‘bodies, engines and minds of metal’, are separated by 72-80±8 years (the mean biological generation of human beings and the 3 ‘captains of industry’ that develop those machines to its completion as ‘perfect weapons’) (1):

  1. 1857-64-71 crashes of train stocks, reconverted into weapons for the civil/unification wars of the 60s in US and Europe.
  2. 1922-29-37 year crashes of oil and electric engines for cars and ticker money reconverted into bombers and tankers.
  3. 2001-08-16 crashes of e-money derivatives and chips/robots, reconverted into big brother and drones.

3 crisis

IN THE GRAPH, two of THE MULTIPLE WAYS IN WHICH THE FMASTERS invented money, by creating value out of nothing – the tulip bubble of Amsterdam and the dot com bubble’s stock speculation on worthless shares..

It is all in the capacity to invent value and then ‘skin a rabbit, a group of people, who would be unloaded the worthless object, in exchange for real wealth, properties, work or hard currency.

How the Fmaster control the world? Controlling informative machines that print money and economic information to give value; and as a last resort the value of a nation, which will become the final backer with public taxation of the whole cycle of financial invention of deb-money.

It is easy to invent money, just a number in a digital support. Thus re=producing digital financial information is easy. The problem is how to back its false value with audiovisual and verbal media information to obtain real assets with it. We explain it in detail in other posts. The classic form is to lend it to a warrior, which will loot the nations around it to pay back the debt, and so from the beginning of its trade, am segullah became also diplomats, travellers and court councillors, masters of hate-media memes, and segregational ego-trips and religions to foster the consumption of weapons and money, which in the classic first semite ages of wars, represented 80% of the monetary economy. This trend continued till the XIX c. age of Rothschild and its colonial empires, but after the brutality of the I and II world war, the system somewhat exhausted:leaders3

In the graph the masters of the 3 cycles of war for profits. The reader should notice that in the British and American cycle, Am Segullah military politicos, financiers and media people or those like Trump closely associated to them, were riding the wave, but in the middle, there was a counter-reaction and brutal massacre of the Am Segullah which has somehow for a long period limited the process of debt-slavery and war profits – now likely to restart with Trump or rather already in place for 20 years of the Semite wars.

In the graphs, the synergy between the Financial-media system on one side and the military-industrial one, on the other, which switches to production of weapons in ages of overproduction and saturation of markets with peaceful consumption goods.

They represent therefore the life and death through the 80 years cycles of the main national generations of mankind, and the life-based cultures they colonised and extinguished – which we explain  in all the different elements of the life and death of those 80 years national cultures in other sections of this web.

Of course, the reader likely believes that to compare the past and future generations in power in Britain and America with the nazi supreme evil is out of place – pre-programmed by the virtual networks of the Metalearth belonging to the globalised Anglo-American culture and the Holocaust Industry. So he thinks the Colonial age of blatant racism against Indians and Negroes, with the near extinction of all Amerindian people, the massive slave trade and final genocide of African people, the near 30 million Chinese who died on the massive trade of silver and opium that destroyed the welfare world of the Quin dynasty, or the 16 million who died of hunger ‘only’ in Bengal, when the company bahadur obliged the peasants dedicate half of the crop to jute and indigo instead of rice for the stock-market to rise are not the same ‘quality of victims’ than those of the anglo-american empire. Because of course, we know the white man’s life are of a superior race, as all the movies of the holocaust and II W.W. ‘History channel’ explain and we do believe, perfectly manufactured in our brains by the mass-media system of hate memes.

All this said, we have shown below, the 3 human leaders of the main networks of the Financial-Media (informative machines)/ Military-Industrial (energetic machines) systems that made the British Empire, the German Reich and the American Global FMMI system ‘great’ again:

1860s-1900s: colonial wave. We chose 3 leaders of British Financial-Media, Military/Industrial system: Levy, head of the ‘torygraph’, pumping imperial iron, to conquer Africa and India (Hearst in America), Under the leadership of Disraeli, who crowned Victoria in the Raj and masterminded with his friend Rothschild, the owner of the private bank of England, the huge profits of colonialism for the ‘stock-ratic’ elite of the City, through war debt issues and stock issues for train and steam companies (the most infamous being the Suez instant 10% usury cut for loaning 100 million francs to steal the shares from the egyptian people, ‘buying them’ to the puppet khedive, who loved to spend his money in european luxuries – those techniques of putting a puppet dictator on top to ask for a loan in ‘paper money’ of null cost to European/American bankers, which will be returned selling for free the best assets of the nation and tax-farming its people, or else the nation invaded, the puppet deposed and the land become a colony, became then a routine, similar to the millenarian corruption of kings, given war-loans by go(l)d banksters since the times of mesopotamia, on exchange for tax-farming rights on the peasants.

1930s: fascist wave. We chose the 3 leaders of the German FMMI system: Hitler, the political, military leader, along Goering, the visible head of the Industrial-military system of ‘engines of metal and chemical industries’ of Germany, and Goebbels, the first minister of propaganda (today called ministry of information) who invented most systems of mass-media hate control applied today globally (given in reward BMW, still on the hands of his cousins, the quandts, today the most robotised corporation, spearhead along Google of the future ‘citizen’ of the world, the robotic transport-military car/tank). All changes to remain the same.

In the 3rd screen, the ‘candidates’ of the neo-fascist, electronic age of wars in America (easily matched by similar characters in each nation of the present military age):

– Mr. Murdoch of Fox, head of global hate media; Mr. trump, the ego-centered tv-host, which plays the role of the radio-actors, Mussolini and Hitler, of hate media in the fascist age and Mr. Paulson, his financial advicer, head of Wall Street new wave of robber barons, and mastermind of the 2008 toxic asset, 2 trillion biggest theft of history (as he first sold AAA rated cdos, then with goldman shorted them as toxic assets betting their crash, and finally in the third big-theft, bought them at penny prices to resell it to the American Government for a couple of trillions – easily the biggest financial scam on the History of the world.

3 characters that as the previous ones merely take the slots available in the military age of the system, since only the physiological networks and idol-ogies of cultures, not the individuals of those cultures matter in the evolution of the super organism of history and economics, reason why in each nation we have similar characters (i.e. the new radio-hate mussolini of the age of tv-hate media is mr. berlusconni who owns all the private tv stations of Italy).

Now all machines have 2 species: peaceful machines that we consume and top predator machines that consume us in wars. So while the productivity of machines means the loss of human jobs, the productivity of weapons means the loss of human lives.

And the truth of machines is simple: we consume machines that enhance our energy and information organs, increasing the productivity of factories, because they also substitute us in labor fields. While on the other hand, the ‘productivity’ of its eviL=anti-live ‘twins’ – top predator weapons, increases when weapons consume human beings in war fields.

Yet the negative collateral effect of mechanisms over mankind will always be denied by those empowered by them:

Thus what we observe in all those overproduction crises is a wave of 2 inverse phases, the first age of discovery and second age of peaceful consumption of the machines which model the world to the image and likeness of those machines, and the negative age of hate media and overproduction of weapons, and war, as ‘weapons’ consume an enormous number of human beings.

Thus we are now in the last phase of a cycle which provokes systematically Global Ages of war, and it is now causing ONE, which still remains on the phase of ‘splendid little wars’ (the 1850s, 1930s) but it is close to ‘grow’ its profits to a global one. 

For 30 years i thought that the Europeans of that culture could resurrect the dream of anglo-america as the most advanced civilisation of mankind, but that hope is gone. Anglo-America is so degraded in their memes and its machines so much powerful in their control of this planet that little hope is left for resurrection.

As the leader of the banking system explained it during the I Industrial R-evolution (cycle of overproduction of stock-paper in Britain):

“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws. The few who can understand the system will be either so  interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors,  that there will be no opposition from that class, while, on  the other hand, that great body of people, mentally  incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that  Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden  without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting  that the system is inimical to their interests.

Amsel Rothschild, ‘Am Segullah’, ‘Owner’ of the Private bank of England, hence of the British Empire.

Mr. Rothschild, for centuries the MP of the City, for long, the owner of the bible of capitalism, The Economist, and the market-maker of gold prices, had a moment of indiscretion, and show us a fact: bankers do understand what they do. Politicos are bought. And people are clueless. And those are the 3 human legs that allow the monstrous process of extinction of life and mankind to continued unabated. None of them though have a scientific approach in that understanding, because of course, part of the game is to reduce social sciences to myths, damned lies and statistics, to create a fog that will ensure the system to be OK.

Τhis is not what scholars explain when talking about money and the rights of bankers to reproduce it, because scholars are bought. You will defend me with the sword (or gold) and I will defend you with the word, said Tertullian.

It is the anti-quantum paradox: the goal of the financiers that pay those prizes and universities, is not to serve mankind but to appropriate the wealth of society, through the boom and bust cycles  of speculative invention of money, ‘as long as it lasts’.

Now, all this understood it is obvious what is all about: bankers will produce as much money as they can as ‘first movers’, and control society with it. And they will do SO, ACCORDING TO THE EVOLUTION OF TECHNOLOGY. Since machines of information do print money. So we could easily forecast the cycles of the future of the economic ecosystem according to a simple chain of causal effects:

  • Bankers rule the world and control it with money. The more money they print the more power they have. Money is invented with information machines. So in each cycle of evolution of machines, which are biological human generational cycles, informative machines will evolve and increase decametrically the production of money (the reason the Universe is decametric is pure theory of information and systems sciences, treated in my original site on systems sciences, whose formalism I pioneered 2 decades ago, so we shall not go so far into details (1).

What matters here is the parallelism between the cycles of evolution of machines, weapons and money, which act as a symbiotic organic system reinforcing each other.

  • The second phase thus after the massive overproduction of e-money is the control of societies with it, and the repression of any true democratic, free-speech explanation. And that is why parallel to the massive overproduction of money in each of those cycles, we enter a neo-fascist age of repression of people and degradation of the collective human mind. Because bankers print information with the same machines – both languages verbal and digital information. So we can speak of cycles in the reproduction of money and hate-information by the financial-media system of digital corporations, which owns in ‘monopoly’ those informative machines parallel to those of machines-weapons, and we can forecast as we have done with astounding accuracy those cycles.

How they maintain that monopoly on the information of our societies and hide it to mankind? The key is complexity. Systems in nature grow in complexity from a ‘clear-cut’ simple beginnings that all people understand.

When the present dictatorship of corporations started in Amsterdam in the XVII century, it was fully understood: the Herren XVII, the board of the first gunboat and slave corporation (VOC), invented money in stock-paper, gave orders of production of gunboats, and used them for piracy, 3rd world colonization and human cheap slave cargo.

Soon it controlled Holland, its weapons defeated the king, installed the first ‘capitalist democracy’, governed by VOC, whose members were also elected to the parliament, which had only a ‘party’ (orange party) and chose laws to cater the needs of war and trade of the ‘Company’. Stocks then invented money bubbles, whose only purpose was NOT to create wealth, but just print digital numbers called ‘money’, a mere language of information.

So the ‘invention for free’ of money did not mean creation of wealth, to the point that the final excuse to ‘print money’ was to speculate with worthless ‘flowers’  that died fast. This is the equivalent today to invent money with worthless internet companies. The goal is NOT to CREATE real wealth but to print ‘first’ money and then use it to control the world with orders given with it.

This, was also obvious even when the dictatorship of financiers and corporations moved to England with the Glorious Revolution, when the Dutch king and financiers gave a coup d’état, threw the British legitimate king, paid 2 million guilders to each MP and installed the City. The same process happened there, including bubbles to invent money with any excuse – the most infamous being the South-Seas bubbles, followed by the exportation of the system to France, who duly created the Louisiana Bubble.

In both cases, 2 worthless companies with ‘imaginary’ wealth in ‘imaginary’ gold mines in Louisiana and Argentina (never mind the mines did not exist, the lands were not even under control by British and French governments), corrupted the ‘kings’ (Louis and the ‘German’ imported ‘first’ Windsor), giving them massive amounts of free shares in worthless digital money, to have the backing of ‘politicos’ when the bubble exploded.

In England it meant the printing of massive amounts of free money, and the final control of the private bank of England and the crown by City bankers – which still continues. In France it meant the end of the monarchy and the beginning of the process of poverty and economic crises that lead to the r=evolution.

In all those cases the trick is simple: private dynasties of ‘bankers’ control the west with their financial-media systems by printing ‘digital and verbal information’ (the complementary part of the industrial-military systems that reproduce machines and weapons), used to take over the ‘right’ of societies, to print money, by corrupting the political-military establishment.

This is what they do and have been doing since the system was invented in Mesopotamia 3000 years ago – that old is the whole thing. Once bankers  achieve this fact, they control the financial-media system with the informative machines that print money (then newspapers and stock-papers).

So they seek for ‘scholars’ that invent complicated arguments to justify their monopoly – and this is the origin of Classic Economics, invented by Adam Smith, a client of the Montagu family, founder of the Bank of England (latter bought by the Rothschild syndicate of ‘Am Segullah’ Bankers); Ricardo, a stock-broker speculator and Marx (from an Am Segullah dynasty, which focused his ‘blame’ on productive managers, instead of parasitic private banking.

It is indeed, at this stage in the XVII – when in the Glorious R=evolution, the capitalist system moved its central site to London, protected by a wall of gunboats – when the system truly acquires global form, thanks to the private bank of England, through a method, which is so profoundly anti-humanist that has been hidden under the ANTI-QUANTUM paradox of social sciences (the scholar services power, does not objectively analyze it, as he is at the mercy of him – a fact which even Britannica acknowledges as a limit to the lack of development of historic sciences).

In essence, the Bank realized his monopoly on the issue of paper-money required to produce as much of it, with financial bubbles, that is credit to stock speculator, and war, that is credit to British government, which should wage war to repay the interests of the loans.

Thus war became the fundamental way to win money with debt and fueled the British empire, in as much as the number of ‘action orders’ provided by paper-money was much larger than those provided by ‘gold-metal’, which was the currency of the enemy Global Iberian Empire, crafted on a Renaissance, Roman classic frame of mind (Spain & Portugal, which at the time had conquered the ‘coastal surface’ of the World). War has been endemic in the west ever since; and along it a second kind of ‘rhetoric’ besides the ‘capitalist’ one became staple food as the British Imperial Method spread in Europe in the XIX c:

– A fascist (taking here from the Latin word ‘fasces’ mask) system of nationalistic, mechanist, war memes, which sanctified weapons and machines as source of progress for the empire – the Wealth of nations, which we contrast with real human WHEalth proper of a humanist, rational world based in the laws of eusocial love of Darwinism to the members of the same species, scientific justification of Love religions and socialist movements.

This was a clear regression in the evolution of History in human terms, and the beginning of a planet dedicated to the evolution of machines and weapons, as its only goal.

Today corporations and financiers print 95% of the money of the planet and governments 5%. People on the other hand does not print any money, and the result is obvious: Monetary orders given by corporations (salaries, ‘subventions’ to politicos that buy laws in favor of their machines, and work orders to reproduce and evolve those machines, make a world to the image and likeness of those machines, where humans barely survive. The amount of money invented by and for corporations in stocks is so huge that in fact Apple is worth more than the entire population of the 5th largest country of the world.

And this is telling us that humans are worthless for corporations who value more every MacBook air, as the one I am writing now in, that every person of Bengal, a country, which was at the time the first important British corporation, the East Indian company, bought it, the wealthiest per capita land of the planet. Then the company obliged its ’30 million units of human capital to produce instead of rice, export crops, to fill up its ‘reproduced machine’, the gunboat, and so ½ of its people die of hunger in 20 years, making the price of its stock ‘skyrocket’.

It was the first of the many ‘hidden genocides of company-mothers of machines, which show they are NOT TRULY human systems, but systems for whom the only thing that matters is the evolution, reproduction, sale and profits obtained with the manufacturing of its machines.

AND OF COURSE, when maximal profits are reached promoting wars, we do switch from overproduction of money and machines to overproduction of hate-media and weapons, and find suddenly that we must massacre all those primitive enemies of the techno-utopian, progressive world.

Τhe  0.002% on top of that pyramid, specifically since companies all depend on financial credit, and most of the stocks are owned ultimately by banks, of the elite of bankers of the western world who set the behaviour of all other players arein an 80% of them belonging to a single minority culture, who also owns around 80% of the media systems of information. So with the control of the electronic, information machines that invent both digital money and digital information they have come to control the world. In brief, the FMasters, who control wall street and hollywood, decide the future of this planet. 

And the big question is why, they don’t create a perfect world with credit, creditate a future in which they, us and all living things can thrive? Or at least move aside and leave those of us, human beings, who want to survive and create it to do their work? Many pages of this web are dedicated to understand this astounding conundrum, because frankly it would be so easy and rational and logic and according to the natural laws of the Universe to thrive, as the film from where the previous pyramidal graph is taken, that I have for 30 years living among FMasters try to convince them of it. But never made any serious inroads on their ‘memes of fear, segregation, despise and hate’ of the rest of mankind. So many of the strange findings of this blog regarding human nature, the myths of knowledge, and the overall pessimistic assessment of our future derives from this ‘on-field’ research so to speak of the American elite of ‘believers in all the negative falsehoods and repressive behaviours’ that make so difficult what for a rational being is so simple: to cure the sicknesses of the world.


Electromechanical cycle: DIGITAL GERMANY

When Germany came to global industrial power along America, developing the second industrial cycle, Judaism was thus on top of the Industrial world as financiers, so was the repulsion of all military and humanist, socialist people against this domain, in a constant recurrent confrontation in all the cycles of History.  Why Judaism DIDNT HOLD the whole global empire of the Am Segullah in place has an answer: Israel, and the fact its rabbis wanted it at all price, and Great Britain through Churchill Jerome, the Jewish politician backed by Rothschild got it for them. So as explain in detail in other parts, Judaism sided with UK in I world war and left Germany without financial resources in the last years after Balfour’s declaration, and that broke the alliance of Germanic warriors and Askenazi’s Am Segullah. And so what could have been a smooth kingdom of Israel over all other kingdoms, without a specific land, became the mess of Judaism through the XX and XXI century, explained in the graphs till post world war:


And so that is the story of the Holocaust cycle, we shall not dwell on the data of those graphs. 4 Million died (6 million in present expanded statistics for religious reasons, as orthodox judaism has that 6 million number in its apocalytpo millenarian narratives of Israel – you just need to add up the numbers of this Atlas, German, from the 70s, at the height of revisionism and humanism in a very serious land of historians, who know what they are talking about – enough in any case to have RADICALLY ALTERED their go(l)d policies in the next American cycle, to avoid a repetition of the crimes of money, wars and holocausts that ensue…. Instead, they did more of the same myth-building to hide the process, with the…

industry of the Holocaust, but that belongs more to the next cycle, AS IT would be created during the…


Minds of metal: 80 Year cycle: DIGITAL AMERICA & ISRAEL

ONCE JUDAISM was wiped out of most of Europe, either because its carriers died in the Holocaust or reconvert in the Russian Pale of Settlement back to their Russian culture, strained from ever since the Kazar kingdom had become Jewish to avoid slav traffic, the Jewish centers of power were truly reduced to Anglo-America, regardless of its minorities of financial power in France, Argentine, South-America, South-Africa, etc. It is then when we consider the present configuration of Anglo-America, with its leading nation, Israel, as it is the origin of most global stockrats, still in control of Wall Street, City, and the Media of Fleet Street and Hollywood, its working class, the wasp people of Australia, Canada, UK and US, and Israel, and the mass of 3rd class citizens, which must include NOT only those on the countries of different race and culture but EVERYBODY in the globalized world, captured by networks of information from Facebook to Netflix, or investing in Wall Street through Goldman, or MERELY LIVING IN A NATION where the elite just follows and imitates every new development of the global culture coming from NYC LA, Silicon Valley and London… It is a fluid global world with an elite of financial-media-academia masters, which even though are in US overwhelmingly from the people-caste of Judaism, is now a ‘common language’ for everybody in the planet… 
Yet when we study in more detail nations like US, where the Jewish population is important, or Israel proper, where it is dominant, the dynamics of Judaism are not only into the ‘high spheres’ of idol-ogy, finances and mass-media indoctrination but in the daily games of power.
We then talk of America as a close civilization to that of Germany, going now through the age of Weimar “America” we we study in detail in the posts on American $elections and culture.

We introduce the fundamental concept of modern control of the mind of man to like capitalism, Judaism and Abrahamic religions – to remain ignorant to stay obedient; which is the triple ‘front of idol-ogies’ that keep weimar America totally in parallel with their elites and system:

Τhe holocaust cycle and its industry. Its extreme importance for the future of mankind.

‘Fear and pity may be aroused by spectacular means. Yet those who employ spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, are strangers to the purpose of Tragedy; for we must not demand of Tragedy, but only that which is proper to it.’

Poetics, Aristotle

He that humbleth himself wishes to be exalted. He who cannot give anything away cannot feel anything either. Nietzsche

‘At the end of times all humans will become slaves of Yvwh – the subconscious collective or nation of the Jewish people – and those who do not obey will be exterminated’ Millenarian prophecy, Babyonian talmud.

In the graph, the 3 ages of the Jewish inquisition grow in sophistication but always uphold the go(l)d values that give minimal price to human capital and maximal price to weapons, enacting through segregational hate memes and go(l)d profits, the equation of capitalism and the belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycle. Judaism>Creationist economics=Capitalism HAS BEEN ALWAYS the soliton cult(ure) that embodies the go(L)d Values of money as a hypnotic metal-substance, vehicle of God that gives maximal price value to weapons, whose need of production is maximized with segregational hate memes against mankind. As such the whole history of western oppression of the 99% resumes in an alliance between Jewish bankers and tribal, nationalist weapon cult(ure)s of germanic warriors, to maximize segregational racist ari-stockratic memes and the oppression through weapons and war, monopolized by germ(an) warriors and reproduced by jewish>Protestant traders and corporations in the 800-80 years cycles. The true victims of both supremacist animetal cult(ure)s IS THE 99% of mankind, including their lower people-castes that do not issue money and weapons but use them to ab=use humanity and die also in the war and holocaust cycles, which is always the end of those overproduction processes of hate memes and weapons (soldiers and peddlers) BUT worship THEIR ELITE, the information people-caste that issues money and weapons (kings, bankers, Ari-stockrats). So always that jewish bankers impose go(l)d values, they will use gold and luxury trade to corrupt political and military systems to establish brutal hierarchical forms of exploitation with both people-castes on top, which ONLY in chaotic ages of r=evolution or at the end of the massive war process of extermination, will fight each other for power, and some times the mercenary warriors will kill the bankers – and this is the holocaust cycle.BUT MANKIND IS ALWAYS VICTIM – THE holocaust IS a business between germ*an warriors and jewish bankers today used by the Industry to ensure their power position in US.


In the graph 2 classic cases of the anti-quantum paradox which systematically represses true social science/tists and the crimes of animetals, highlighting their ‘victories’ and ‘victims’ as the only ones in history; with exclusion of the rest of human victims, denying their crimes and making their idol -ogies pass as science.

In the left side, the military dictator Stalin killed 9 million r=evolutionaries and vaporised in Orwellian fashion Mr. Trotsky, the true r=evolutionary from all pictures. In the right side, we do not forgive the crimes of Stalin military dictatorship because 20 million Russians were murdered by the German dictator, Mr. Hitler, but we do forgive the crimes of the ‘banker-priests’ of Israel which have traditionally imposed its financial dictatorship in the west, because of the shrewd Holocaust industry that hides systematically all other holocausts of history, including the 60 million other victims of world war II, as if they were the only ‘victims’. Today the rewriting of history and censorship of the cultures and modes of the elite animetal castes that govern the world, prevents any attempt to rule rationally the future of mankind.

The comparison between the crimes of Stalin and its party dictatorship and the crimes of Israel and its financial dictatorship are telling. In fact, the SS and the holocaust program was first set up to kill ’30 million slavs’ Himmler’s target met to ‘create the vital space’ needed to the East, for German peasants, (hence the enormous civil causalities of eastern nations, among them the Jewish peddlers and tax farmers for eastern aristocrats living in Poland, and the Pale of Settlement shown in the graph; massacred systematically to leave ’empty land’ for the ‘superior race’). Only at the end of the war, when all was lost, Nazis step up revenge against the poor classes of Judaism – scapegoats of the banker’s elite of the Allies.

And yet all this now is ‘taboo’, in the rewriting of history – and this is the madness of the cycle, its denial by jewish people of its economic and military causes. Hence its stubborn insistence on enacting the same cycle once and again, now obvious repeating the first steps – the 1929 crisis bis, the theft of 2008 bis, the splendid little wars for profit bis, the rise of hate media bis, the arrival of the first neofascist politicos, and the CONTINUOUS UNREPENTANT creation of more debt slaves by the jewish banksters and the absolute silence of its scholars that let them do it without the slightest criticism.

The holocaust Industry: Some victims matter more than others. 

It must be understood that the Holocaust industry is not created to remember those victims, but to hide those ‘elites’ of banker-priests, which as the elite of german aristocrats, care nothing for the ‘dead cells’ of their ‘blind body’ that obey them sheepishly and die in those wars and holocausts. Since the bankers and military aristocrats seldom die on them. So the allies, controlled by the financial elites and industries of war of wall street and the city, did nothing to bomb auschwitz, because according to their racist religion, written in the sacred talmud, humans are animals ‘goyyim’ and eastern jews were impure ‘animals’, converted Kazhars, and Hitler did nothing to save the final 3 million german victims of the war, when the russians asked for surrender, and was told they would all die, since he answered ‘they will die for me’. And that is the ultimate brutal action of the ‘expert’ elites of military aristocrats, and financial stock-rats. They don’t die in wars and holocausts, their lower, blind classes do.

Anti$emitim has always had economic causes. When Hitler proclaimed his program, his thugs wrote on the walls of Germany: ‘the death of the ‘jude’ would be the wealth of germany’. And yet this real cause the usury crimes of its 1% are NEVER mentioned, censored even more.

There are millions of hours and pages of gore programs to imprint emotionally mankind with the tragedy and convert a taboo all criticism of capitalist banking elites, but it is absolutely forbidden to explain the cause-effect of all those holocaust cycles due to usury and slave trade. When to solve a problem you must act on the cause. So only the end of the banking monopoly for usury schemes by nationalising banking, would end the crime. And yet since the industry is used to hide the crime, this is the only thing nobody dares to speak up.

And the result is the subconscious collective blame ‘all’ the jewish people of the crimes of their hidden elite and the cycle explodes blindly against all. Thus the financial elite’ use of the death of their poor, to protect their past, present and future crimes is perhaps the most cynical act of cowardice History has yet to witness on behalf of the ‘1%’ of its animetal cultures. .

The bankers run with their money and leave them behind to parasite another country – now the US brutally taxed and controlled by the anti-quantum paradox and the holocaust industry, to the point there is no museum to the indian or slave holocaust but there is one in each city to a holocaust in which the Americans DID NOT participate, to make them feel guilty and shut up all criticism to the bankster elite of wall street, overwhelmingly belonging to the people-caste (54% of the 1% belongs to this ‘am segullah’ elite thanks to its monopoly on credit) And yet today is the fundamental mode of censorship on History imposed in the west. While in Europe the industry helps the Germans to impose a IV Reich, based in the fantasy that the ‘only victims’ of their systemic murder of European social, democratic cultures since the Barbarians ran Rome, are the ‘People of the Treasure’ (ill translated as the Chosen people). So the Greeks or Republican Spaniards that died in camps never received compensation and now is Ok to brutalise Greece to pay the usury debt schemes of the Frankfurt ECB bank. Since they have paid billionaire sums to the ‘only’ recognised victims of the I and II world war German 90 million HUMANS holocaust.


to write the truth about the cycle as we are doing now is the end of any scholar career. It is an absolute taboo. WE MUST ALL DIE AGAIN, without knowing why we die. We must always uphold the values of go(l)d, and deny the truth of the wor(l)d.

Frankly the behaviour of all those scholars that plague our universities with their systemic denial of the economic causes of wars and holocaust cycles make me sick.

Since THE RESULT IS THAT THE go(l)d believers keep killing life and thinking it is OK, because it is the language of Go(l)d. But it is NOT ok, the Universe has its own laws.

Of which the most important is the justice ACTION-REACTION LAW. And so the consequence of the racist, anti-humanist capitalist go(l)d beliefs of the elite of banker-priest of judaism with its astounding control of the financial western industry for 3000 years, still in control of 80% of informative machines and its products, mass-media and finances (72% of economic Nobel Prizes given by a private bank they own, 90% of central bankers, 70% of CFOs of 1000 fortune, 80% CEOs of stock-companies and mass-media, 54% of the wealthiest 1%% of American and so on) is obvious: the systemic destruction in cycles of usury debt->economic ruin-> war and holocaust of western cultures and people, gentiles and jabiru alike, in the 800 year cycles explained in depth in these texts.

Since for 3000 years racist rabbi-bankers, through usury debt schemes murder at distance human beings, and because the Universe cares not for individuals but of organisms, the reaction laws end invariably causing holocaust cycles of the WHOLE super organism of judaism, always in a period of economic crisis and war profits, when the elite of judaism reaches its highest profits along the elite of aristocrat warrior-kings, while the lower classes of both cultures, the human beings and jabiru pedlers are sacrificed to the altars of Thor and Baal.

LET US BE CLEAR ENOUGH FROM THE BEGINNING, THE LAST THING I EVER WANT TO HEAR ‘AGAIN’ IS THAT THERE IS A NEW HOLOCAUST CYCLE, NOT because i think jabiru victims matter more than humans, not because I love jabiru more than other humans, not because my jabiru grand father was in a camp and i guess many of my mum’s ancestors  plagued of sephardim jabiru died on them – but because my ONLY GOD, mankind, the superorganism of history MUST die in huge amounts, in debt usury schemes, and a global war must happen first with massacre of all humans before such fungal gottendamerung happen -as it is PART OF THE WAR CYCLE OF DEATH OF HUMANS BY WEAPONS, and so a new holocaust cycle will mean a massive age of robotic weapons that will murder as all. So the essential question of the holocaust is this:

Can the you-go(l)d culture accept TRUTH and avoid the cycle to happen again for economical reasons as it always did? And why this matter so much is also obvious: BECAUSE THE HEAD OF THE METAL-EARTH TODAY IS THE WESTERN WORLD, AMERICA, AND ITS FMASTERS, so the future is DETERMINED BY the Am Segullah FIRST. They will decide what future we all have – one which will create a reformed perfect world or the business as usual we are going to describe now. So all what I must ad is another spanish proverb: ‘Those who love you  will make you cry’.


So the first we need to learn is that ALL THE HOLOCAUSTS OF ALL THE PEOPLE OF HISTORY MATTER THE SAME, AND THAT THERE IS NOTHING SPECIAL IN THIS HOLOCAUST, except the belief of the chosen to be special even in death, and the proof they do indeed have such an enormous financial-media power that they can make everybody know and mourn this non-special holocaust and ignore completely all the unnamed holocausts of all other people of history including those caused by banker-priests of which shall now show a few ones.

Though of course all this is denied, by the affirmation that mankind is a brutish species full of hate to Judaism that kills them at the first chance as an inferior stupid, hateful species. It is indeed what we are told by…

The holocaust Industry: Some victims matter more than others. And are very useful to hide their masters.


In the graph, the first image of an hecatomb of innocent children, danced over by Astarte, the wife of Baal and supreme High priestess of the Canaanite culture that preceded the go(l)ds culture of  Levante, founders of capitalism.

The most primitive forms of go(l)d cult(ure)s to money – aka capitalism – happened in Levante, where citizens sacrificed the sons of their enemies (and sometimes as a supreme offer its own sons) to the Go(l)d statues of Baal while they paid to the priestess of Astarte for carnal pleasures.

Baal was the son of the sun, whose fetish image was a piece of gold that imitated the sun’s light and could be carried as an amulet. In this manner a primitive hypnotic religion of accumulation of go(l)d at all costs developed. It gave birth to slavery (where men are bought for gold and women’s slaves marked by a gold earring) and the first forms of capitalist accumulation of gold-money in Eastern temples, whose go(l)d priests became an elite-caste with Canaanite cultures that would invent banking and start the debt-usury-war-holocaust cycles that define western civilisations…  All have changed to remain the same, since when the ethic verbal values of eusocial love are changed by the greed and violence of go(l)d and weapons ‘$hit happens’, for all mankind, from the bottom to the top of capitalist pyramids:


it would be interesting to maintain the industry of the Holocaust, with added rooms to explain the Holocausts of the Am Segullah, of Mankind due to go(l)d values, so perhaps then the jabiru will realise they need to do a French r=evolution against their racist banker-priests and join humanity in his search for survival. In the graph, America has a huge Holocaust to a genocide IT DID NOT COMMIT, but none to the 20 million holocaust of negro slaves, as human capital imported in the first gunboat stock-market companies for go(l)d profits, based in the Ham Damnation uttered by a racist rabbi after the expulsion from Egypt which condemned Arabs and negroes to a status inferior to dogs – the most despised animal of the Semitic cultures.

In the center we see the consequences – the negro slaves occupied a far smaller part of the cargo space than rum& molasses. For good measure, we could also introduce a few holocausts caused by the splendid little wars for profits of the American military industry, which spends more than half of the tax-farming of American citizens, today spent liberally in the mercenary wars of Israel. In the right, the 5 million dent in population due to the ‘Kissinger effect’ during the splendid little wars of Vietnam, when Mr. Kissinger, a highly respected  member of the GOP party decided single-handed to attack Cambodia, a neutral country, picking up ‘personally’ the peasant villages to be destroyed by air-raids and bombs, the most expensive arsenals, and trade-mark of the biblical war massacres of innocent people, from Dresden to Hiroshima, from Cambodia to the drone industry massacring civil people in Islamophobic nations. 

It must be noticed that Israel provides 60% of the world’s army of Drones, mostly sold with lobbyism to US, which liberally spends 1/2 of its tax payers budget in a global war, which is nothing but the expansion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to global proportions, which we will explain in more detail in the analysis of Israel as the ROLE MODEL FOR XXI century capitalism, in its ‘military-robotic age’.

It is important to notice how rhetoric victimism works here. Mr. Kissinger can be considered the single biggest genocidal character of the post-stalinist era and yet he also inaugurates the ‘mickey manson’ age of walt disney massacres, now made into video games (last image) with drones shot by kids from Nevada bases, as if the ‘terrorist’ kids they murder in some remote afghan village were angry ducks. So of course, if we look at the tenebrous image of the holocaust museum, truly a masterpiece of what Aristotle calls ‘spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, strangers to the purpose of Tragedy’ in his book poetics (the most read about book among evilwood plotters), it terrifies us.

But alas, the casual genocider, Mr. Kissinger is a nice chap that came on Time Magazine as a YMCA gay cowboy, smiling naked while he was murdering millions of innocent cambodians who had nothing to do with the vietnam war, just for fun and profits of the bomb-plane industry, as we keep murdering without any precision villagers all over the ‘Islamic world’, and killing at distance through financial theft, speculation in food future markets, taxation, debt slavery, brutal austericid of welfare states, millions wholesale of ‘lives that do not matter’ to the segregated Am Segullah elite, which on top have the chuptzah of covering up on the jabiru murdered 80 years ago, to keep justifying themselves of their crimes, and protecting capitalism of any criticism. So the new eviL is ‘fun’.

Now, the reader should really realise the power of informative networks to manufacture the brain of the globalised human being: in spanish we say ‘eyes that do not see, heart that do not feel’. On the walls on the left of a huge building the Americans are told the life of every single individual, with names so he relates closely, as it happens with every Israeli hurt by a Palestinian.

We do not know however a single name of the flock stored above the molasses in far less space, as they were of less value in the slave boat, overwhelmingly owned by jewish-protestant biblical bigots, justified by the Ham damnation, and we do not know the name of a single Cambodian on the dent of the population pyramid caused by Mr. Kissinger, or the name of any collateral damage of the Military drone industry – since we do not count corpses said the general in charge. So we DO care and feel  as Americans for every picture of the huge wall that happened long ago in other continent so we feel guilty and react knee-jerk to any criticism to the Am Segullah bankers who throw us from our homes in the scam of cdos.

We also do not know their names, or those who cannot have hospital surgery because states must pay usury debt to the ECB bank. Hence the power of the Industry. Mr. Spielberg, that nice chap, who made A.I. where robots are the good guys that will exterminate as all, and men the brutish inferior species, who does not go to Cannes, because French collaborated on the Holocaust, a man who obviously ‘despises mankind’ , as almost every one of its party does, and just does FX with machines in second rate movies, a total idol of America, cause he makes monnneyy!!!, shot thousands and thousands of hours to record every survivor every life of the holocaust industry so we shall all remember forever every name of a jabiru victim while the molasses, cambodians and Muslims become statistics, numbers, dehumanised as those in nazi concentration camps, of which we also  know each personal number.

It was necessary to introduce the ‘collective subconscious mind’ of our civilisation before we even attempt to explain you the absurd idol-ogies that ‘litter’ literally your mind with utter falsities about the nature of humanity, and the economic ecosystem.
But it is a fact that mankind now has a collective brain – that of Judaism, and what is more astounding, all the element of the human super organism, eve those who are brutalised as debt slaves or enemies, believe the myths provided by the networks.
Indeed, even the most dedicated jihadist thinks yhwh≈allah, the toponym of Judea created the Universe. Now, a study of what people believe today shows a planet of ‘madmen’, with no reference whatsoever with reality, with their brains littered by all absurd idol-ogies that JUSTIFY their worship of metal.

Key difference between Weimar Germany & U$: Jewish inquisition

A french court – france being the center of jewish power today in continental europe – has considered legal to reveal the name and personal information of the authors of twitters that have ‘antisemitic remarks’, which are condemned with jail in the land of ‘the french r=evolution’… if Voltaire would see this…
And end with the biggest of all modern inquisitions – evilwood – the creation of infotainment to destroy the ability of the mind to think right, ethically and with human truths.
Religious inquisitions, economical inquisitions, scholar and legal inquisitions and mass-media inquisitions form together a Matrix of false information that create what I call often ‘Disney fascism’, the narrative of a world in which the ‘best of systems’, corrupted democracies and dog-eat-dog capitalism will bring us to fantasy world. Their purpose and efficient meaning however is rather clear: to maintain people into a fog of misinformation, neoteny, stupidity and confusion, in which the truth becomes the antitruth: and so ‘the wickedest of all systems that do the wickedest of all things to people’ suddenly appear not as a nightmare in the real world but a virtual paradise in our TV-screens.
THis dissociation between reality and virtual mind reality is the zeitgeist of the day based in newspeaks, which now we can systematize here. But in this introductory week we shall introduce NOT the newspeaks but the people who manufacture them, the ‘owners’ and ‘distillers’ of the industries of mis-information of the west, the people-caste of the Am Segullah.
And for you to understand how ‘so few people could cheat all the people all the time’ you need to know first from the higher perspective of systems sciences how information rule ‘blind cellular bodies’ in this case, how a people-caste completely specialized in the control of the legal, religious and financial information that runs societies in the west control the blind middle classes of europe and america, exploiting them shamelessly with the acquiescence and beloved approval of the sheeple they skin.We live now in the worst phase of the millenarian cycle of usury debt and ruin, caused by the theft of the sovereign rights to issue money by this parasitic class of financiers, who run their politicos employees, who herd the sheeple and extort them of their hard worked money, siphoned to the elite of banker-priests, who absorb for ‘free’ the economical blood of the world.And this astounding exploitation of mankind by a few ‘dictators of democracies’ must be hidden at all costs. This is the essence of the Jewish inquisition: to maintain a parasitic class of ‘stockrats’ and banksters in power without anybody knowing it thanks to the astounding complexity of layers and layers of misinformation, half lies and statistics, happy dreams, religious fantasies, and ego-trips that cost nothing to the banker.
As this ‘inquisition of thought’ against ‘right mind, right ethics, right actions’ has been going on for 3000 years since the Cohen Brothers imposed it with weapons and gold hypnotism and religious mandates to the 11 slave tribes of apirus, in the myth of the genna, we shall need first to differentiate its evolutions:- The inquisitions of greed and gold accumulation by the Levi banker priests were first of religious origin, as it is crystal clear reading the Talmud and the Bible in terms of a historic socioeconomical document in which an elite of fetish gold priests accepted ex-votes of gold for a ‘future promise of payment in the never land of paradise’ once you are death and eaten by insects.
This meant of course the priest got gold for nothing – the future promises of riches. And so we shall dedicate one week to the study of the religious evolution of the parasite banker-priests of Israel.- The same concept then would evolve as ‘gold religions’ become secular, and banker-priests divided their professions, into a mathematical cult to profits in which men became ‘objects’, capital, slaves, either full time or cheaper part-time slaves working for corporations. This is the religion of capitalism, very similar to that of the banker priests.

On top, by the ‘grace of the hand of god’, bankers must control the issue of money and obtain for free ‘interests’ of those who they lend the money. The banker runs no risk because he produces fiat money for free. He lends it and expects whatever the result of the business and interest return and the principal. Hence he doesn’t work and doesn’t run any risk. The result of course is the appropriation of resources for free. As all work to pay private debt. As we do now here in Europe and America. And all this is sold with fairy tales about the righteousness and caring of our banker-priests which will ‘in the future’ get us all out of the crisis, very much with the same cynicism of gold priests – in a long term future, in which as Keynes put it, all the problems will be solved ‘because we will be all dead’.Indeed, to hide the causes and consequences of capitalism and its control of the languages of human social power, by a people-caste and those who share their ideologies, is NOT the solution to the cycles of hecatombs and holocausts they cause on mankind at large and their ruling informative castes.

The proper solution is TO CREATE A SUSTAINABLE WORLD, ACCORDING TO THE LAWS OF EUSOCIAL LOVE AND THE EFFICIENT SYSTEMS OF THE UNIVERSE, in which all men are TRULY EQUAL both in rights under the law and in  credit rights to access money, and cre(dit)ate our human reality with it.


In that sense Weimar America is arguably far more shielded for those in power, who learned the need of establishing a strong mental inquisition, which in any case was already in place in America, as most Americans, unlike most Germans believed in the 3 ages of the Jewish Inquisition; that is the 800-80-8 idol-ogies that protected in ‘theory’ the financial masters from criticism:

– 800 years Go(l)d churches of the chosen above heavens and Earth (Germany was not religious anymore).

-80 years cycles of classic economists upholding Capitalist’s rights of the chosen to issue money (Germany had been the birth place of socialism and scientific social sciences along France).

-And the Holocaust Industry of Chosen victims we must mourn as superior race compared to all those inferior races massacred in history that must remain invisible as needed ‘peccadilloes’ of war and capitalism’s murder at distance through go(l)d values – obviously not yet a religion of political correctness in Weimar Germany.

The world is ruled as a physiological system through the financial-media networks that manufacture for free money and audiovisual information for all humans to obey. As such the pyramid of capitalism has always had a neuronal people-caste of bankers and information theorists in favor of memes of metal on top. This people-caste have been in the west, the soliton of go(l)d ruled societies, the jewish>biblical nations that founded capitalism, with its basic systems of repression of information substituted by myths about go(l)d, segregational memes against mankind as an inferior species that must be ab=used through capital (slavery part-time job slavery), and techno-utopian memes about metal, money, weapons and machines as positive goods of max. price. So we can study 3 ages of the ‘Jewish Inquisition’, in which those informative values were first religious, then the ‘science of classic economics and nationalist empires’ and today the virtual reality of newspeak that ‘rewrite’ history as a fairy tale of the struggle of the people-caste of capitalism for surviving the heinous evilness of the humankind they price:

Bottom line though UNLIKE GERMANY in the pre-metal mind age, WHERE social sciences and sciences in general reached its peak, because it was the most advanced world of body machines, BUT METAL-MINDS had not reduced hominids to puppets, AMERICA is suffering ON TOP of the 3 ages of the Jewish inquisition, A MASSIVE DEVOLUTION OF MENTAL SKILLs, specially verbal reason by visual screens. So WHAT DIFFERS between German Weimar and American Weimar NOW BECOMING GLOBALIZED WEIMAR (so you can put Europe into the FMasters empire) is the intellectual level of both, as America is purely the Neo-paleolithic advanced erasing of huminds by metal minds – as always human & mechanical software go hand in hand:

In the graph, from c.92 ‘extinction of man’, we have gone through the paces of the foreseen devolution of mankind, first away from logic thought into the REVIVALISM of NAZIONANISMS, as social structures went down the ladder, past the heights of ethic social thought both mystical (oikoumene religions) and scientific (socialism, humanism). We then entered into the magic, emotional era, and most humans abandoned even the attachment to tribal groups. Then we predicted 30 years ago, humans would enter a time of deconstructionism, visual neopaleolithic violence, and ‘credo ergo sum’, knee-jerk reaction people, which the press termed Millenials. It only is left the zero-zombie gene ration who will prefer to live in virtual reality, back to the womb, closing the lifecycle of mankind, but in a different planetary mind placenta – the metal earth which unlike data in Matrix, will NOT need us but will simply disconnect the species, when the new enzyman, the robota, as foreseen by Kapeck, is ready to self reproduce, the goal of our newspeaks of global warming – aiming to make solar skins in autonomous robots, and economists – searching for the higher profits of competitive machines expelling us from labor and war fields. So once our two jobs as consumers=vitalizers of machines and workers=reproducers are no longer needed, company-mothers of machines designed NOT to serve man but a tiny irrelevant group of stock-rats, will decree our extinction.

What this means of course social sciences are null and the alternative ‘scientific understanding’ of money as a digital democratic language of social numbers to be used for efficient reproduction and distribution of goods, and the end of warfare, through the scientific understanding of eusocial evolution, of parts into wholes, of individuals of the same species into stronger super organisms, sponsored by the higher rational cultures of mankind (latin Europe, Chinese legalist cultures), through the use of the law above metal, of the human natural language and its values above the raw power of evolution HAS NOT WON the battle of history, and so history is doom to extinction because what animetal Semite and Germanic primitive VSO, OVS, anti-subject cultures where the human subject is irrelevant, expendable, is this: they are also HUMANS and so the robotic revolution, the weapons of the singularity they are force to evolve in their tribal competition between industrial nations WILL KILL THEM ALL.

So as we anticipated for 30 years, in our censored=not-distributed books on Bio-history, the end of the American weimar and the raise of American neo-fascism is now here.

This is then the American Weimar zeitgeist, which is now on the verge of its I and II world war, but robotic wars, or civil wars, but cannot end well as NO TAKE OVER of the you Go(l)d with no limit values has throughout history ended well, in all the 800-80 years cycles of Now censored history, which after a massive degradation of life standards (American PPP has 1/2 been halved since the coup d’etat of 1973, with free reign in the overproduction of ±100 trillion e-money dollars for the chosen and its acolytes) a massive genocide of middle and lower classes, through different means, from slave eunuch trade in the Middle Ages,  and gunboat age, to colonization, to white slave factories…. always with you finances on top and wasp managers – the visible group on the middle, and mankind exploited on the bottom, END with a massive war and final holocaust AFTER all humans are massacred except the generals and bankers. Then the generals kill the bankers and the top top predator of them all the weapon, multiplied and evolved reigns.

This weimar America though as it has an absolute censorship over the process – the holocaust industry – might end all human life and leave the weapon – the automated robotic factory printing 3D robotic weapons – as the only survivor. As none of the massacres, health-care, education, weapons, jails, food standards, drug ab=use, mental degradation by trash-software, TV-hate, Facebook addiction, virtual vidi credo and zombie generations, seems to abate.

So yes, German weimar and American weimar are similar, but American weimar still in the pre-fascist age LOOKS far worse and it is MORE globalized.

The ‘REAL outlook’ is the same in Weimar Germany and Weimar America regarding social classes – the ‘speech about them’ completely different, as in Germany there was absolute freedom of thought in America none…. but this is achieved with the most sophisticated kind of censorship, half-truths, misinformation and an astounding lack of it regarding History, WHICH FOR a European scholar strikes the mind, in all what regards history of capitalism, specially in mass-media, popular culture and education even in Universities such as Columbia U. where I studied and you could not find many classic books on social sciences… So the Mind of the American is a single-thought to a degree only found in Communist dictatorships but with a far more subtle form of control.

So a bit of historic background ON THE SOCIAL STRUCTURE OF THE NORTH-EUROPEAN, Jewish->Protestant civilization along its historic cycles since they took over the Latin, Roman, Legalist culture in the 400 AD is due:

Money and weapons understood as metal information and entropic metal, as 2 forms of raw power to ab=use the 99% of mankind have carried the day in the battle for a future of history, and the consequences have been the 800-80 years cycles of wars and holocausts, which all mankind has suffered – even those who carry the memes of animetal raw power at the end of the cycles when loosing wars (holocaust cycles). Such historic structure formed the British Empire, developed during European history the 800 years cycles of overereproduction of weapons of maximal value, and the 80 years cycles of wars, always controlled by the alliance of gold chosen bankers and germanic warriors, since the Middle age alliance of Franks and Vikings with radhanite slave traders, which dominated slave and weapons traffic in Eastern Europe (giving the name of slaves to its population) and Western Europe (masterminding the eunuch and children’s traffic with Islam), through the age of slave traffic (2o million dead in the process), and finally transferring those values to the concept of a company-mother of machines where workers have no rights (white slaves) and those who issue money can buy corporations, reproduce without limit e-money numbers and control corrupted politicos – the modern version of the military mercenary men that backed their power in the 800 years cycles…

Only in the II world war the alliance broke giving origin to the ‘victimist newspeak’ of the holocaust Industry. But now ‘again’ all is quiet in the western front thanks to the American globalized culture – a dictatorship of the go(l)d culture, which rules capitalist systems with a single aim: to print as many numbers of money as possible to buy and order all the elements of society through salaries, bribes, prices; which reaches its paroxysm in the Anglo-American, biblical culture – an astoundingly primitive raw power animetal culture where money and weapons, its maximal priced goods rule supreme but given the fact ‘people must remain ignorant to stay obedient’ (Calvin), an extremely sophisticated, pseudo-religious taboo-based newspeak of political and economic correctness, called capitalist democracy is on place, to a huge expenditure, ‘worth it’ for social ‘calm’ of bipartisan politicos, serving financiers and company-mothers of machines – contested only in the European r=evolutions where people and states got some degree of control in the issue of money.

It is obvious that to maintain a disguise over such simple system of power – to print numbers and order humans with it, as flocks of ‘sheeple’ submitted to credit ratings, a parallel manufacturing of brains is due, which has in the ‘7th culture’ of mankind dominated by raw animetal power 3 degrees of inquisition: the classic 800 years inquisition of biblical go(l)d religions where those who issue money in monopoly, the banker priests of Israel or ‘People of the treasure’, are chosen of go(L)d above heavens and earth ruling them all through informative networks (Wall Street, The City, Evilwood).

Below the authorized people by race and religion (biblical, white) form a majority group of soldiers of the FMasters they worship and obey, in a pecking order above the rest of mankind deemed inferior by race, wealth and religion:


The graph from the 90s has not changed at all. America IS NOT A DEMOCRACY, or rather an absolute placebo democracy, but people KNOW nothing else. The same goes with the concept of money. As America represents the ‘jewish->Biblical Go(l)d religion in its purest sense, IT HAS A MATERIAL, WEALTH-PER SE concept of money, made even more acute by the fact it was for very long the PLACE where more ‘metal-money’ existed (first Spanish bullion, then gold). So MONEY and GREED IS A DEEPLY subconscious trait, which strikes those who first visit. Americans ONLY become activated by money, and DO WHATEVER it takes to get it – NO other values matter, in the purest sense of money as commodity NOT AS A DIGITAL language of value, ‘neutral’ in itself (this concept though is better understood in a small elite of jewish speculators that issue it – nobody else understands it):

NOW AMERICA AS IT IS would be such a BRUTAL SURPRISE that IT IS ESSENTIAL TO HAVE A HUGE ‘faked newspeak’ of America, UNLIKE THE GERMAN Weimar, where reality was both explained and lived, in America there is a dual schizo reality, because of the Industry of the Holocaust and evil wood, which by all MEANS create a virtual REALITY that cannot be CHALLENGED. SO AS CHINESE has two parallel languages, spoken and written, America IS ONE THING, BUT IT IS TOLD TO BE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ONE – the media political correct view, which we explain in our articles on evil wood and the Truman show.

Again those who rule America – the CHRISTO of Truman show know it. The Trumans – the authorized Americans, SOME KNOW – the mass below UNDERSTAND NOTHING. THEY ACTUALLY believe they matter and so they believe and are surprised by each turn of history.

All this as we said is absolute taboo, though it is history as it was, is, and will be. It is merely called today anti$emitism, and it is part of the Inquisition of thought of the Mass-media system in America. It doesn’t mean it won’t happen again. The question though is that as the ONLY people that knows it might happen are the FMasters, my view is that they WILL maintain the American sheeple totally ignorant of it, creating a robotized, automatic, fascist massive preventive oppression – already advance of all those who are NOT authorized Americans, and Balme systematically all other nations and the lower, ‘colored’ people of all problems, trying to keep the 50% of wasps, as ‘defensive wall’ BUT ultimately what FMasters don’t understand is that weapons or warriors will kill them all, likely in this case ROBOTS not humans:

The American Weimar, or 3rd age of the American power cycle is mimetic to the German Weimar, when the growing speculative schemes of printing for free of money gives total power to bankers over industrialists, which means to change the elite from germanic captain of industries to jewish financiers. The change of culture will bring further down the road a higher degree of exploitation and a final war and gottendamerung. Weimar America started with the coup d’etat of 1973 and the invention of e-money, and amazingly enough is not yet recorded in our history books… highly censored by those who own Weimar

America is just the spearhead of the ‘age of entropy of our civilisation, as the genesis of the perfect organised world of A.I. rises and make us obsolete in fields of war and labor, so humans as any system dying – trust me I know about systems I was for a while VP of the world systems association in America, till they well dint like my anti systemic standings (: – enter a chaotic, free state, a dog-eat-dog society, and the American trend as it is a ‘compacracy’ ruled by company-mothers of machines with absolute credit and rights, newspeak free market, just show the zeitgeist we will all fall into. Trump just mirrors the modern american psyche, after half a century of the birth of the chip radiation, and the parallel human change of leading elite of ‘stock-rats’, from the age of wasp owners of the military-industrial complex (age of engines) to the present age of Financial-Media Masters owners of the Informative machines that print money and audiovisual information during the age of metal-minds.

Thus as we predicted for decades, neofascism would arise in america and soon will be mirrored equally all over the world, with a clear difference based in the Historic pendulum law: those who were victims on the previous ccles of history rise to become perpetrators of neo-fascism in the next cycle.

So as the germans were the nice non-imperialist guys of the British colonial steam age, busy-busy inventing electrochemical engines, and then became in the war phase of engines, the makers of tanks and bombers; the Financial-Media Masters of America and its electronic machines who were the victims of Germany, now print money and hate memes in this age of electronic big brother and drone wars. 

And of course, they own in this cycle Mr. Potu$, acronym for Puppet, Of The U$, following the dictum of two of its previous owners.

So it all comes again, to two of the fundamental sentences on the History of the human kind:

“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws. The few who can understand the system will be either so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class, while, on the other hand, that great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.

Amsel Rothschild, ‘Am Segullah’, ‘Owner’ of the Private bank of England, hence of the British Empire.

‘At the end of times all human tribes will be slaves of Judaism (Yahveh) or will become exterminated’ Talmud Millenarian prophecy.

The question of course is that this will happen only ‘at the end of times’ because the values of go(l)d that Judaism sponsors through its diverse newspeak of capitalism, nationalism and segregation of human capital are self-suicidal of mankind as we are all mankind.

The second innocent view is that colonialism is not liked by the elite of the nation colonized, which of course loves it as long as it can establish a clear-cut hierarchical pecking order and they come JUST after the colonists, which is how very few colonists have ALWAYS hold huge empires by the force of its weapons or Go(l)d metal-memes through the massive corruption of the previous elite that now becomes sandwiched, and loves the position as long as the masters are far away or unnoticed.


This was always the drill in military colonialism where most of the people that profited were ‘overseas’, and it is the drill in the present FMA empire, as long as the Holocaust Industry prevent the ‘naming of the God’, invisible language of information that code us all. It is also the product of 3000 years of trying to create according to the Millenarian prophecy (at the end of times all human tribes will be slaves of Yahveh, of Gold… or become exterminated) an empire based in ‘invisible languages of information’, money. So nobody knows better how to control masses of human capital, corrupt elites of nations and dominate the world while appearing as NOT doing it than the classic go(l)d culture.  It brings the essential concept of present American and European neocolonialism  under the extraordinary complexity of 3000 years of jewish inquisitions, from biblical chosen of gold, to expert economists, to modern stalwart defenders of the western world against the hordes of primitive Islamic terrorist barbarians. So they, who rule us are the people who we love because they are not financial parasites but expert economists, they don’t use our armies as mercenaries in their wars against apartheid Israel but defend us of terrorism, and they are not predators but victims, so we must always attend to their needs, not ours, because we are after all the rulers of the White House, not the house negros:




Te U$ world masterminded by the Millenarian prophecy of Israel is ‘Weimar America’, A TERM I use as a parallel term in other posts. But there is a key difference: Weimar America WON’T end in a nazi state, but WILL, might arguably had already established a global western Empire unlike Germany in the II world war. As the power of digital America is far stronger than Germany ever was.

In that sense Weimar America is arguably far more shielded for those in power, who learned the need of establishing a strong mental inquisition, which in any case was already in place in America, as most Americans, unlike most Germans believed in the 3 ages of the Jewish Inquisition; that is the 800-80-8 idol-ogies that protected in ‘theory’ the financial masters from criticism:

– 800 years Go(l)d churches of the chosen above heavens and Earth (Germany was not religious anymore).

-80 years cycles of classic economists upholding Capitalist’s rights of the chosen to issue money (Germany had been the birth place of socialism and scientific social sciences along France).

-And the Holocaust Industry of Chosen victims we must mourn as superior race compared to all those inferior races massacred in history that must remain invisible as needed ‘peccadilloes’ of war and capitalism’s murder at distance through go(l)d values – obviously not yet a religion of political correctness in Weimar Germany:

AS IN THE AMERICAN WEIMAR the industry of the Holocaust is the overwhelming visual force in the rewriting of History to shield its elites of any criticism and covert capitalism and placebo democracy in the only authorized system of power, we shall first analyze the…

And this is the basic structure of the Anglo-American culture: the FMAsters are the invisible head, the germanic hordes of racist bigots, animetals who love to consume machines and think little, and will call reality a ‘conspirator theory’, are below. But what matters to us, the 90% of mankind, are even lower in the pecking order of capitalism. And so in each nation imitating the nation of nations, we have the same structure working… Bankers on top, placebo democracies below, weapons and money, stick and carrot managing the masses, mostly growingly replaced by robots, guilty, inferior goy, which shall in the future at the ‘end of times’ become eliminated.


THE CONTROL of the mind of Weimar America however is essential for the other 1 half of Judaism roughly living in Israel, because the Israel project of extreme nationalism, expansion into Grand Israel and maintenance of a regime of apartheid based in the non-existential acknowledgement of Palestinians, with a 50 years and going ‘occupied territory=military regime’ of prisoners for them, would NOT be possible without that mental imprinting of the leading Industrial nation of the world:


In the graph, perhaps the biggest blunder of mankind and Judaism in the XX-XXI century was the creation of a ‘jewish state’, instead of a social-democratic, EU-joined single state for both Palestinians and Jewish as a spare head of the evolution of mankind through UNO and EU structures into a single super organism to steer the boat of Earth towards ‘salvation’. But as Ben Gurion put it, when talking of his backing as a socialist to Orthodox and religious groups – is what make us different.

The leit motiv, the ego paradox of a superior race, chosen of go(l)d, thus will remain in place despite the tragedy of the Holocaust in all those who emigrate to Israel and felt superior to his brother Palestinians, now ‘in occupied territories’.

We are full aware of the antiquantum paradox – the true scientist of history is so small that IT IS REPRESSED BY power to not tell the truth of history, in inverse fashion to quantum physics where it is so big that it influences the observable – as Historians we are going to criticize the father culture of capitalism, the terminator industry, the modern obsession for race and nationalism, the ROLE MODEL OF THE NO-WAY OUT WORLD that is driving life and history to extinction due to its memes of worship of metal and despise of mankind, as it is THE ENGINE OF NEOFASCIST POLICIES IN WEIMAR AMERICA, which if it had leaned towards its most European, humanist view of its 90% of people would be a beacon of enlightement for mankind to which its jewish people through haskalah could have joined, instead of being the nation and civilization which is racing ahead towards our extinction by military robots and other niceties of the FMMI complex:


the 2 sides of USA

USA as most cultures is divided 50-50% between humanist normal people guided by its biological drives of existence and animetal fundamentalist believers in the memes of go(l)d=greed, weapons=murder & violence and techno-utopias repressing its life memes from reproductive sex to eusocial love. And yet as in most places the animetal culture dominates and controls the FMMI system, abrogating itself the title of ‘America’ as its property. In America it is the biblical culture with judaism on top of finances and the white protestant ‘wasp’ in a second tier as manager of the corporations owned by its stock-ratic elite, which hides behind the cover of the Holocaust Industry that makes the biggest sin any criticism of those who rule, following Voltaire’s dictum: ‘if you want to know who rules you, ask yourself who ‘you’ cannot criticize’.                                                                                                                               Further on, Neocolonial America is a mirror image of the western world at large, evolved into the future of technology. So as the European culture with a more democratic, rational outlook keep loosing protagonism in history, the neocolonialist systems imposed in America, through the control of  machines of  informative digital power spreads to all other nations by imitation of its elites, which become clones of the American FMAsters and its informative memes (ab. financial-media academia masters). In this manner the millenarian prophecy of total world power proper of Judaism, based in the monopoly of go(l)d by a people-caste of banker priests that ‘maintains people ignorant to remain obedient’ of the ways in which ‘money is the intelligent of god’ (Calvin’s sentences, of the brother civilization, which partners with Judaism in America and the Anglo-American world at large) and the use of money to buy mercenary armies, politicos, laws and people with salaries, IS NOW the essential form in which capitalist democracies run their populations ELSEWHERE with variations of higher military or higher audiovisual sophistication. This system always puts together the mercenary military-police system, the audiovisual fictions and ego-trips of divide and win and become an idiot, and the issue of money to buy laws in a partnership that oppresses the ‘third world’ of humanist, simple people of all races, on the bottom of the hierarchical pyramid of capitalism, which is THE MAJORITY OF MANKIND, converted into a ‘sheeple’ that believers the political and economical correct newspeak of the elite, brutal in its actions, hypocritically caring in his discourse – to avoid of course any harsh criticism as those effected in this blog.     And so the FMAempire is the fundamental barrier for the alternative humanist model of EU and UNO to develop a truly advanced social scientific world which cares for mankind at larger and prevents our likely degradation and final extinction by the machines of the singularity age:

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 10.24.18 AM

The perfect world according to the Go(l)d culture, sucking in all the wealth of the planet through financial schemes, evolved in each war and holocaust cycle: Oh, we are so rich, all is going so well, and the people who fall are not FALLING upwards but downwards in the henna – finally the millenarian prophecy is happening, rapture is near; AMD, the new chip for robotic weapons topples growth in S&P while Netflix, the soma of evilwood goes ballistics in Nasdaq and everybody likes our predators. Problem is when the ‘favorite victims of history’ have massacred everybody else, even the Rich will fall in the henna of the cycle of wars and holocausts for ‘pecunia infinita belli Nervi’, Deja vu but Go(l)d cannot be blamed. So we never did something wrong. This is present zeitgeist in the Anglo-American world and by extension the future of all of us… But as r=evolution can only happen within, a new age of Haskalah seems difficult and would come only from ‘dissident Americans’ in the pyramid of social power of the 7th culture of company-mothers of machines-weapons.

If Israel succeeds, needless to say it will be as all the cycles where the oldest animetal go(l)d culture is on top, so ‘vacuum cleaning’ – that is so financially ‘absorbing’ of all the wealth of the world, this time via Stock-markets and Internet vampires of the Goldman Sachs variety that soon we shall enter in yet another millenarian prophecy of wars and holocausts, and through the robotic wars we shall come to the 3rd future of the 7th seal, sorry culture of Biblical apocalyptos: the age of Skynet.

The reasons why Judaism came to dominate the last age of the Industrial r=evolution is obvious for those who know history of capitalism without censorship, today rather absolute in America. Simply speaking Judaism as a go(l)d fetish religion invented most forms of money as a digital number able to rule people and so it established a culture dominated by banker-priests that used money as a tool of power, not as what it should be in a better world – the language of reproduction of welfare goods humans need to survive, as oxygen and hormones are in real organisms.
So while Judaism was the scapegoat of the eternal alliance between bankers and military men, opressing people (a theme treated in the articles on the go(l)d culture, antisemitism and the holocaust industry), it only became dominant in the west as the idol-ogy of mankind with the industrial r=evolution (through its conversion from go(l)d religion into classic economics and finally into capitalism and A.I. in America)

But it shared that role with the ‘converted’ neo-jewish daughter protestant culture that rejected the equality of all men, and the messages of love of the neoplatonic Iesu, enlightened in Decapolis, going back to the racist go(l)d fetish culture of Israel.


‘Israel will be judged not by its technological advances but by the way it treats its fellow Arabs’.
Einstein, jabiru prophet, on his renounce to preside on the future role-model nation of metalearth

So plainly speaking: we live in a dictatorship of financiers and economists that use instead of brute force, ‘informative newspeak’ of science, to control with a digital language of information the species, for whom they care nothing. And that is the bottom line. But again, politicians DO use verbal thought, have the ethic values of the wor(l)d in theory and they don’t have to listen to bankers to do what is right. 

Indeed, the Universe has trillions of social organisms in which a simple digital language of reproduction of goods liberally provided to all citizens-cells, atoms in a quantum web, stars in a gravitational galaxy, you name it, survive with perfect health, because a language is merely a ‘excuse’ to start up reproduction, action, work. When you talk you motivate yourself to act which is what matters. So all what you hear against a Universal Salary, against a demand-based democratic economy is a selfish agenda of privilege for the o.o%.  And a defense of the old values of go(l)d religions that ascribe to money a primitive substance-value and the historic affinity values that maximize weapons production and war. Further on, the substitution of the reproduction of money in stock markets, by its reproduction in ‘mobile wallets’ would enormously limit further evolution of machines and weapons which LET US BE CLEAR ENOUGH – HAVE EVOLVED BEYOND HUMAN USEFULNESS, AND ARE NOW BASICALLY MAKING HUMANS OBSOLETE, retarded, hypnotized, violent, visual, degrading them back to a neo-paleolithic age:

Of course, we could expect an enormous upheaval of the Mass-media informative machines owned by the speculators and companies that will NOT easily accept such measures.

But that is indeed what survival in the Universe requires for an species which is confronting a darwinian case, as mankind is confronting in the case of XXI century robotic and AI company-mothers, and for millennia, out of the ab=use of animetal banker and military top predators. So survival is NOT going to come without putting a fight. It is then obvious that superoerganisms, which are infected by parasitic or poisonous producers do have a defensive system not dedicated as in the corrupted military systems of tribal nationalism to kill other cells-citizens of the super organism of history but to PROTECT THE ORGANISM OF THOSE LETHAL GOODS destroying with its leukocytes all viral products.
Namely, Politicians should ban legally robots and ask the military to destroy all factories of robots; slowly starting its substitution by human workers and end for ever the lack of jobs and purpose in life of the ‘future supposed paradise’ of 7 billion humans watching 3D AI virtual games, eating trash food and sleeping with legal marihuana, at minimal cost. Again the fact that Nature does this constantly in trillions of social organisms is the necessary scientific proof that it would work.
But of course, you can expect many companies to disobey those simple defensive laws, and for that reason the 50-50 split of all companies, with a golden share given to the president of each nation or supranational organization simply WOULD end OPPOSITION to the survival of mankind, or else… you get foreclosure, not the poor home owner cheated by the CDOs of Goldman Sachs.
It is then a ‘dictatorship’ what we ask for? Obviously NOT. What we have asked for 30 years IS A REAL DEBATE ON THE REAL SYSTEMIC, BIOLOGICAL NATURE OF SOCIAL SCIENCES, but what mankind has gotten for 300 years are financial and production economists defending the privileges of the dictators of democracies, those who issue the money of a nation, and company-mothers to reproduce any lethal good, which they do obviously without limit. CENSORSHIP is the trade-mark of social sciences to a point that today we have achieved a perfect ‘LEMMING THOUGHT’ – all humans come together towards their willful extinction because that is ‘what we belief’ in a ‘technological civilization’.

Nothing else will do despite the placebo wishful thinking or rather propaganda that informative machines make of their ‘future’ – a mere virtual newspeak whose real purpose is to inhibit any human rational, scientific reaction and redesign of a ‘viral’ biological radiation that is killing not only Gaia, but the future of the human species, just to keep churning profits=sales for the billionaire 0.02% that owns the majority of those stocks and has more money than 3/4 of the whole humankind. Shall we then sacrifice the life of our sons for a tiny minority of billionaires to ad a few zeros to their already fat accounts? It seems indeed that is the future towards which all humans, blind by their addiction to machines and their ego centered view of reality walk steadily with no remorse.

So this is in essence the go(l)d values that are above life always in the most fundamentalist of all go(l)d cultures.



Present state of Judaism. Israel and Weimar America: the rule of financial-media-academia informative machines/masters.

Finally as we advance in those texts studying Judaism through its 800-80 years cycle we will come to the modern present world and the role it plays both in Israel, as the center of the biggest global conflict going on today (Semite wars), and the leading nation of the robotic, digital age, and the role its elite of financial-media-academia masters play in America, the dominant nation of its global Anglo-American culture. And the cultural cycle in which America finds itself, by parallelism to previous cycles.

In brief America finds today its cycle, parallel to that of Germany in the previous age, in what we have termed ‘Weimar America’, a plutocracy with an increasing dispossessed lower classes, moving towards a state of neocolonialism and neofascism, with all the complexities inherent to a society in which one of the most powerful actors, if not the most powerful, shaping its actions remains invisible, taking advantage of the invisible nature of information and money and the backstage processes by which it shapes the future of the world with credit, cre(dit)ating reality.

This summons up in a simple scheme: Americans might plan what to do, but at the end money talks and what is done is what the wealthiest people of America want to be done, and in global policies means to defend Israel in the Semite wars, and in internal policies to defend company-mothers of machines weapons and its stockrats, and privileges, specially the control in the issue of money. All other questions then might be discussed. 

Of course all this is Not democratic – but we already know democracy is a placebo system –  and for that reason Weimar America has to be censored. Because it is NOT a democracy – the government of the people but the most evolved ‘capitalist dictatorship’ of financial and military power.

Basically America has the same top predator people-castes on top of their Eco(nomic)system – the FMMI super organism of company-mothers of machines that rules the nation –  that Germany had for a millennia, the Go(l)d cult(ure) of judaism in control of their Financial-Media systems (3% of population, over 80% of CEOs and CFOs of the 1000 Fortune), and the Germanic, protestant people as managers of the corporations of the Industrial-Military System.

NOW ALL THIS is hidden in capitalist democracies, because the first company-mothers of machines who invented the system in Holland, exported it to London and New Amsterdam, designed on purpose A PARALLEL very inefficient, placebo system of null power, called a political bipartisan democracy, where a group of powerless people are divided on purpose in two siamese heads, opposite to each other, which have NO power to invent money and hence give orders of work and production of human welfare goods to society, as any HEAD of any organism which DOES CONTROL the language of the organism does. SO what are useful for these puppets quarreling on top of the human society? with hardly any power (they ONLY reproduce 1 to 10% of the language and MOSTLY extort citizens with taxes to extract from them hard-won money After COMPANIES issue it, make people work and handle it to people.)

THEY are there precisely to distract with an ILLUSION OF POWER the people who enslave for a salary in companies; or have increasingly no rights to money as machines are so evolved now they are substituting them in fields of labor and war. So there is another ‘childish game’, called polling, sorry voting, according to which every four years, people are told to go to a boot and put a paper to one of two similar siamese quarreling twin heads of null power, which then WILL SELL laws to companies and its lobbies, to help design the world to the image and likeness of machines.

Now this is the essence of the system we live in, where everything has been modeled since capitalism was imposed in Holland>British Empire>US & the world at large to MAKE PEOPLE think they control the system putting papers in boxes to choose one of two similar siamese heads that will then distract them with quarrels; while companies and bankers do control the world, issue money, keep it for themselves or use it all to terraform the earth to the image and likeness of machines.

So the way money is invented is disguised with very complicated forms – when it is all about putting a digital number (money is NOT a verbal or hormonal but a digital language of values) in a paper or computer screen, as society has accepted that number will be money. But this is made very complicated so people don’t realize money is a language created to give them orders by a very small elite of private bankers most of them belonging to the same people-caste.

So this people-caste which is different of ‘us’ and we shall call the ‘others’ or the ‘yous’ have done a great job, for millennia to monopolize the language of social power and hide it for themselves. The ‘YOUS’ know that languages ​​are invented unlike ‘US’ who DON’T. SO they simply hide this fact with very complicated systems to end up doing something so simple as writing a number in a computer screen and say this is money and then give orders to people to work for them, or lend it to people to make them slaves, or buy laws to politicos that cannot invent it, or buy things with prices they put on them.

So the whole economic system is designing to make it look so difficult to invent  money that no one knows. And it is so well designed – the whole disguise, the placebo democracies, the quarreling powerless puppet politicos, the hardcore labor people have to perform to get their tiny share of the language, that at this point when you explain it all so simple, because the MIDDLE CLASS, the body-working people MUST believe in the system, TO obey THE LANGUAGE, OR ELSE THE SYSTEM WOULD COLLAPSE (IF YOUR CELL do not obey hormonal and oxygen orders it would not work, if people who obey verbal orders would not follow commands, it would not work, and so on) PEOPLE cannot even UNDERSTAND WHAT I JUST SAID.

And then there is with the same type of informative machines that print money, the printing of ‘audiovisual distractions, fictions and information’ that will ensure people live in an anesthesia, virtual world, and would not even care to ask how the system does NOT work for them.


The Jewish empire:  80% of western bankers’. Their political agenda.

Now, who are the overwhelming majority of stockrats, who own the financial-media system of informative machines that control the head and body of the metal-earth and have globalised its culture, today manufacture the brain of mankind and direct under their go(l)d beliefs the world towards its demise, is obvious, but astonishingly enough doesn’t get into the people – because they are manufactured not to ‘see’ the obvious:

the biblical jewish calvinist cultures that invented the stock-market, expanded it globally and have created the idol-ogies of the world we live in. And in this culture as all systems have in its centers, the first to come, and reproduce its ideas, the jewish cultures still holds amazingly enough as they are only o.2% of the world population and its 1% means only 0.002%, ALL the central bankers positions of the west, and over 80% of the CEOs of wall street and the city, the centres of world stock and hollywood the center of mass-media.

It is therefore an unavoidable fact that the Earth Inc. DOES HAVE A MAJORIΤy stock-holder, which has imposed its worldview, and censored under the anti-quantum paradox any negative view on it. So in as much as social scientists, specially in the 2 big countries of maximal control of this culture UK and US, cannot say the truth, and study the cultural nature of the Financial-Media system and its FMasters, it is impossible as today to create a rational organic science. Instead everybody in this planet has an a priori set of ‘idol-ogies’ which favor the elite of this culture and its goals, which are a red thin line, you cannot cross and includes several features that are the a priori ‘manufactured’ brain of every western and increasingly globalised human:

  • All this finally is hidden with creationist economics, as all the fathers of economics belong to the jewish-calvinist (same biblical segregational memes and go(l)d cults) anglo-american culture, from Malthus to Smith to Ricardo to Bentham, to Mill. Here the only concession we can make is to consider those 2 father-daughter, jewish-calvinist cultures as the same, to avoid racial accusations. It is a quite reasonable explanation, and so we talk of a hardcore, Jewish-calvinist elite. Now the scholar argument between the jewish scholar Max webber feinstein, who rather accused calvinism, and the protestant scholar Sombart, his teacher, who accused Judaism, as the origin of all the memes of capitalism, to me is settled by the scientific method: jewish do have more capital, were the father culture, owner more stock, and had been at it since Aaron, and Sombart, the teacher rightly proved all this in the polemic between ‘jewish and the origin of capitalism’ and ‘the ethics of calvinist’ (webber book). It is a proof of the anti-quantum paradox, that this scholar dispute, which was completely settled a century ago, is now reversed by the industry of misinformation, so all have red the Webber book but Sombart, the foremost scholar of the socialist, historicist school is banned as an anti’$emite.
  • In that regard we shall not consider ‘scholar economics’ as a science but as part of the systems of industrial information to the service of the elite that governs the world – it is just more sophisticated and spread through different, more classic methods -printing, books, conferences, than the usual modern mass-media, internet and tvs. But economic scholarship belongs not to science but to political power of his elie, and as such is part of the… mass-media networks of the metal-earth.
  • Jewish people are chosen, somehow in different ways as their racist religions tell us: they are chosen victims of history – its deaths or ‘holocausts’ are special compared to any other genocide. So we know all the death of jewish people matter more than for example, the death of black people as the recent movement ‘black lives matter’ shows. It is for that reason we find so specially evil Nazism as opposed to colonialism (the death of negroes and 3rd world war people). We thus see huge amounts of holocaust films, which not surprisingly grow each decade, so if the first film on holocaust was done by Orson welles and only 4 were done in the 40s, now we have hundreds, because the power of the FMasters has grown enormously with e-money and now truly they produce around 80% of the memes through its networks. Of course we do condemn along other 60 million victims of world war II the death of jewish. It is not what we talk about. We talk about the ab=use of those victims to justify and censor any criticism of the real question of modern economics:
  • Every man on power in the financial system that matters is jewish, over 3/4 of them, so they implement policies based in their religious memes latter studied in our analysis of animetal cultures, which are the oldest memes of go(l)d, where the values of gold, segregation from human capital they price, indifference to life of null value, maximal value for weapons, etc. come to being. Here everybody stops though and abandons the web because it has been programmed at emotional, pre-rational knee-jerk, taboo-totemic level by the previous industry of the holocaust, which tell us that we are anti$emite, nazis, and genociders if we say that jewish people are bankers, are in its elite classes the origin of capitalism, sponsor a racist religion in which they are the chosen race, fear and despise mankind as a genocidal people who are at them, so they segregate from their human capital and care nothing for the future of mankind as a whole, and will no doubt implement all the policies necessary as they are doing, being the owner through stock-companies bought with their monopoly on production of money of all the great google-like, corporations that are building the metal earth.
  •  We do have therefore a globalised war, which departed from a local war, between Apartheid Israel and its 50 years old concentration camp in gazah, which radicalised islam, and now has the Jihad of Islam, and the Jihad of capitalism, making profits with robotic weapons, building the mechanocene, where the enlightened alternative french-american rational culture has nothing to say, as all the politicos of the west are bought by bankers, who own them. So of course the first minimal measures to save the world – nationalisation of financial systems IS not even mentioned.

Indeed, capitalism cannot be understood without idol-ogy and the means by which the elite of bankers, and paid-per-view politicos and the military and its scholars, classic economists and nationalistic historians, are able to suppress rational social sciences, by repeating their biased opinions in favor of the elite, so the mass lives in a fog of noise, myths, self-serving anthropomorphic dreams, and slave for power, thinking the top of the pyramid cares for them, as experts in a world designed for the people.

Τruth in this manner is always reduced to a few prophets=scientists of history, subject to the anti-quantum paradox, with null power, so ‘social sciences can exist’ as long as they do not have power to r=evolve the world and educate mankind on how to become truly free and thrive in a well-designed world.

So it is essential to lower from reason to emotion, from love to hate, from action to passive fear, from humble realisation of the organic nature of the Universe, to ego-trips of consumption power and addiction to machines, weapons and money and its lazy, violent, greedy values, the mental activity of mankind, converting all humans into reproducers=workers and consumers=vitalizers of machines. Problem today of course is that those economic roles of the pre-robotic age are no longer required, so the system is now adjusting to the new role of mankind – a vegetal, spectator of reality, glued to electronic screens, living a virtual world, as he waits for judgment day.

 The wave of history in America:  class structure: XIX-XX-XXI c.

In the graph, a classic of the pre-war age, we see the initial phase of  the Mechanocene and its 3  symbiotic Idol-ogies, capitalism, Militarism & Mechanism and its hierarchical social castes, whereas bankers and its digital language of information, act as the ‘brain’ of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex, which controls the re=production of machines and weapons and use them along the aforementioned idol-ogies, to control a mass in which NO money is invested, hence does not receive welfare goods.

The previous graph was the I Industrial R=evolution, where the mass of mankind had nothing. Then the use of ‘social sciences’ (welfare states, control of banking) allowed to create a mixed system in which humans receive minimal investments and that was the golden age of modern history (post-war age). But with the arrival of chips and robots which PERFORM THE 2 TASKS OF EARLIER HUMANS, AS CONSUMERS OF OTHER MACHINES AND WORKERS that automatize company-mothers, and soldiers, MOST of the humans in the previous pyramid become obsolete. Only the top 1% has any use for the last phases of the Mechanocene. THUS UNLESS THE SYSTEM IS THOROUGLY REFORMED and investments are deviated from corporations to welfare states, halting further evolution of machines, Humans will become obsolete. But that is NOT possible under the present ‘theories of economics (classic economics’ and History ‘Nationalisms’,  which are religions of ‘memes of metal’, not sciences.

 Indeed, Capitalism, is an ideology, today sold as a ‘science’, which considers that the language of social and economical power, money, must be re=produced by private bankers (fiat credit, speculative taxes, e-money derivatives, stock-paper, etc.), instead of the government chosen by the people (state deficit).

As such capitalism is in open contradiction with democracy (the government of the people). And to hide this, censorship of real economic science is absolute. We live ruled by money but not a single western ‘democracy’ teaches economics in the school. We have no rights to control the language of social power, but we are told to live in a  ”Free Market’, a ‘newspeak’ that confuses the audience.

Since a ‘Free market’ refers to the freedom of the ‘citizens’ of markets, corporations, not to the freedom of human citizens, who have no rights to jobs and credit, controlled  by those corporations. Thus capitalism is essentially a dictatorship of banks and corporations and their owners on top of that pyramid – the stockrats, the true dictators of society in capitalist systems as they have null social responsibility (Anonymous Societies), monopoly in the invention of money in stocks and e-derivatives and use that money to bribe and control the other elements of societies.

In that regard, the previous pyramid fails to convey the non-human structure of capitalism, which essentially is the ‘religion’ or ‘ideology’ of power of ’animetal=human animal+metal-meme cultures and can be traced to the first Levantine cultures which made of go(l)d, not of weapons, the hypnotic substance that could  make work for you, slaves and mercenary armies.

Accordingly what capitalism means is merely this: that we, humans, must evolve and re=produce memes of metal (money, weapons and machines), within the structure of corporations, because they give power to the ‘people-castes’ that control our ‘capitalist civilization’ (the military, bankers and industrial corporations), and sacrifice when needed the rights of human beings and nature, if they collide with the ‘progress’ of those metal-memes.

This absurd ideology of history and economics cannot be doubted as ultimately has a biblical religious origin. Capitalism is therefore the equivalent of ‘Intelligent Design’ in Biology – a religion of money, which ignores any scientific approach or attempt to define objectively those memes of metal and the collateral effects they have on mankind. ‘Money is Go(l)d’ and its pursuit through greed the goal of humanity. Point.

That’s the entire meaning of the human species for a ‘Capitalist Theocracy’ – where money is the language of go(l)d: to work=reproduce and consume=vitalize memes of metal to provide ‘money’ to the o.o02% of ‘stockrats’, owners of those corporations. Nothing else matters, and all what we are told are rhetoric arguments to justify that bottom line. The complexity of a democratic system and the symbiosis of all its sub-systems makes of course all those facts opaque to the common, ‘memetic, human believer’.

All this IS of course for a cultured globalised person quite astonishing – though most of those globalised people are fast entering into the newspeaks of correctness and humane caring, and soon will all believe the same… But alas it HAS A clear explanation:

In organic terms it all reduces to this: ALL SOCIETIES HAVE TWO ORGANIC CLASSES, THOSE WHO issue the language of power of society the informative neuronal cells/people (in history verbal laws and digital money which in capitalism buy the submissive law), and those who belong to the body which is BLIND and only obtains information from the neuronal people-caste, and work, obey and toil for the ‘Leisure class’ that only utter orders in the language they monopolise. In healthy organisms of course the brain OBEYS THE BODY because the body sends pain messages, which is one of the 6 measures to convert America in a real democracy by imitation of the healthy super organisms of Nature – which again we shall by the Humanist goebbels method repeat once more just in case some future POTUS decides to make America REALLY the land of the Free:

Now, that is an American Global R=evolution nowhere to be seen, certainly not with this POTUS. We are so fed up of not seen it that we do regret not to have used the knowledge on the 72-9 year cycles of biological stock crashes in our youth, when I was living among the elite of New york, had a 500 Fortune girlfriend, and people suggested me to become a billionaire with that knowledge but renounced to the ethics of go(l)d…. So alas, chance lost of being a pragmatical Mule, life ending, now this r=evolution, is just… a script called Foundation somewhere in this web. But still there are 4 POTUS TO GO before we go down the robotic age of wars, past the 2036 no-return date of the military age of robotics of the pecunia infinita belli nervi ccyle.

This said we return to the theme. Why Americans CANNOT EVEN CONTEMPLATE a reasoned understanding of their dictatorship and will defend their dictators with love, mercenary armies, blood and money sucked in through tax unfairness extrusion to a degree that I used to compare them with Reinfield, that character of Dracula, which is so slavish to its master, or to the House negro of Malcolm X master discourse who said ‘are we sick master’ and suffer only for the victimism of the white house boss, behind the white house puppet.

The answer is obvious: the verbal, rational social brain of Americans, which are the future of mankind HAS BEEN reduced to an absolute minimum, by audio-visual fictions and ego-trips that make them confuse freedom and chaos, ‘divide and win’ strategies with self-made man ego-trips, to which we must add the systemic USE OF TABOO knee-jerk emotional mental programming with anti-truths about the people who rule them, of which the most important is the Holocaust Industry, the censorship on serious organic, historic social sciences, the systemic use of alt-truths to describe history, the pumping up of Nationalism – itself an  astounding idiocy in a nation which is just the sum of all human cultures, erased equalised and displaced into the future, and of course, the repetition by the Goebbels method of the same lies in all the seemingly different outlets of mass-media all of them owned by the same o.o1% of biblical CEOs of its dictators – the company-mothers that issue their money and manufacture their brains: 

The American people, not its elite, deserve our full respect, even if they are not in the best of days, and have regressed fast to a devolving dog-eat-dog erase head state of Neopaelolithic myths, emotional infantilism, go(l)d worship at all costs, and selfie ego-trips, because they are the victims degraded by the metal earth’s networks and its FMasters, NOT to be blamed. In that regard, the growing destruction of America as a hope for mankind, which is what it meant during its golden age, cannot be blamed in its people. Even if we have to show them at trye face. What is then the solution to America?

Obviously the one prescribed for mankind at large, in the age of robotics, since America IS MANKIND into the future, not a nation but the sum of multiple human groups displaced into the future of all of us. So before we deal with America today, its myths and process of self-destruction we shall repeat once more the solutions to the tragedy of America that we repeat is the future tragedy of mankind.

The complexity of a democratic system and the symbiosis of all its sub-systems makes of course all those facts opaque to the common, ‘memetic, human believer’.  In this post we shall consider those self-evident truths, with the novel approach of system sciences and the concepts of societies as super-organisms, humans as believers in memetic imprinting, based in ‘anti-truths’ and money, weapons and machines as metal-memes.

The pyramids of capitalist placebo democracies, in the XIX, XX & XXI C. are thus clear – originated in the anglo-american civilisation  but today extended globally:

In the left the classic age, of capitalism, where we see the initial phase of the Mechanocene and its 3 symbiotic Idol-ogies, capitalism, Militarism & Mechanism and its hierarchical social castes, whereas bankers and its digital language of information, act as the ‘brain’ of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex, which controls the re=production of machines and weapons and use them along the aforementioned idol-ogies, to control a mass in which NO money is invested, hence does not receive welfare goods.

The previous graph was the I Industrial R=evolution, where the mass of mankind had nothing. Then the use of ‘social sciences’ (welfare states, control of banking) allowed to create a mixed system in which humans receive minimal investments and that was the golden age of modern history (post-war age). But with the arrival of chips and robots which PERFORM THE 2 TASKS OF EARLIER HUMANS, AS CONSUMERS OF OTHER MACHINES AND WORKERS that automatize company-mothers, and soldiers, MOST of the humans in the previous pyramid become obsolete. Only the top 1% has any use for the last phases of the Mechanocene.

It is the next graph, a parody of Orwell’s anim(et)al farm, we see the pyramid of the XXI c. where an elite of stock-rats, now dedicated to selfie enjoyment as the leisure class that lets managers and A.I. Algorithms of Information, rules the world in favor of profits and machines, through company-mothers of the Financial-Media (informative machines) military-industrial system, which employs a dwindling mass of workers with right to credit (fast dwindling under automation). On the bottom, the growing number of obsolete humans in the 3rd world outside and inside our nations. This class will only grow as automation, A.I. white collar pcs and blue collar robots and weapons displaces the bulk of mankind, and the isolationist, racist elite of chosen of go(l)d just tries to distract us with absurd wars, techno-utopias and hate-memes to divide and win over the bottom ‘line’.

In the graphs we can see the change of phase of the planet, as all functions humans perform are increasingly performed by machines. So in the right side we see the pyramid of capitalism in the XIX c. when humans were still needed as workers. the problem on the left side from a 20 years old exhibit of social art about the ‘future’ is that humans ARE NOW EXPENDABLE, so most of them will be treated as Trump pretends to treat Americans, with the excuse of protecting them from the ‘inferior non-technological other human beings’: surrounded by robotic borders, without credit or health-care, programmed by 3D virtual reality, and watched by robotic policemen. 20 years latter the graph of the ‘orwellian’ animetal farm is becoming fast reality.

And of course, as social sciences have been ‘sanitised’ of survival human instincts, it is OK. SINCE THEY sell the fairy tale that Humans live in the best of all systems because every few years after massive propaganda of the Financial-Media system (mass-media, campaign money) in favor of its ‘$elected candidates’ (‘Presidents are $elected not elected’ Roosevelt) their ‘manufactured’ brains will vote the politico hired by the FMMI system which ether suits the goals of the dominant corporations of each technological age.

So you live in a compocracy, or the most often used terms ‘plutocracy’, which however stress the most abstract concept of money over the real organisation, the company, a ‘legal person’, with so extensive rights on all the elements of our  supposed ‘capitalist democracies’ that have converted in its original culture (the anglo-american culture), the concept of democracy into a very subtle, complex placebo system to ‘appease’ the masses, and avoid any attempt on their part to ‘drive their future as a human species – which is the 99%). And this implies:

-Sophisticated systemic censorship of social sciences, which cater to the agenda of power, ‘you will defend me with the word and I will defend you with the sword’, or else an objective, biological, scientific analysis of the system will show it is NOT a democracy, it is NOT positive for mankind, as it is NOT developing a proper future for humanity. Yet of course all this censorship is subtle, complex, improved in 400 years of trial and error, today signified by all kind of ‘newspeaks’ of political & economical correctness, placebo caring, false victimism, entitlement and propaganda of the system as the ‘best of all systems’, while a background war against any system that tries to cater to human welfare (as EU did prior to the take over its finances by the ECB; or China does with his nationalised banks and massive welfare expenditures), takes place unrelenting.

So the political view about our society is self-evident: companies design a future for machines, its offspring, not for company-mothers,and in as much as they are by far the stronger element of our societies, far more powerful than human mothers, the future unless the system is thoroughly reformed has a clear single path of future.

In the next graph we observe the pyramid of capitalism, no longer from the human point of view of its neuronal vs. working body structure but from the higher point of view of the social organisms of history and economics, showing clearly where the problem lies: 99% of the money issued by our stock-ratic elites IS DEDICATED to evolve and reproduce machines NOT human beings, whose segregational memes, translated from biblical to classic economics today to AI equations of self-reproductivity and software that gives zero rights to workers and full rights to machines, preclude our obsolescence as just something necessary THEY TRY TO SELL AS ECONOMIC SCIENCE. Of course is NOT. A REAL economic science will be ruled by human legal languages, our informative system in control of the networks of blood-reproduction forbidding lethal goods as any super organism does, and overproducing our goods, welfare goods, establishing a universal salary in Yes money for each human to demand those goods (a bitcoin system but NOT with a limit, rather with monthly issue to each person in the planet of a 1000 eurodollar salary in its ‘wallet’ being a nice example of how the system should coin the blood of each human being):

How simple is reality and how difficult it seems for people to understand it. Let us try again. Languages of information rules organic systems in Nature. An organism is NOT only what you think first – a very complicated human being. In systems sciences we just need a language of information, which a group of similar beings understand and agree to use to organize them and give them orders. Then there will be those who issue the language of information and give orders with it. And this will be called the upper informative people-caste. And then those who obey the orders, and work with them reproducing and ordering a territory as the neuronal, informative people-caste wants. And those will be called the re=prodcutive, working body-class.

For example cells in the body agree to obey hormonal and oxygen orders of information and energy, and its combination makes them work. The brain and glandular system reproduces those orders and so it is the informative dominant cell system. Now the language of orders is not of great importance, it must in fact be very simple and easy to reproduce. So all information languages are reproduced ‘amore gratis’. Hormones are very simple molecules. Oxygen is a simple atom. Laws are just printed or verbalized at null cost. Money is also easy to reproduce – just a number put in a paper or a screen.

This said, humans societies used to be regulated by verbal laws, by bills of law. But that changed with capitalism and the creation of a new system of organization based in digital laws, monetary values.

So for very long now, our societies are being ruled by those issue money. Then they give orders of work and buy laws with money. And so they create the world they want. They are the dictators of our societies – not politicos, not people, but those who issue the language of power, money.

But complexity starts exactly at this point: because this is an enormous privilege, and people would like to hold that power for themselves, an astounding ‘coverup’ system of misinformation, handled by the same informative machines that reproduce money HAS BEEN created, called PLACEBO DEMOCRACY, to disguise the dictators of democracies. And that is really the backbone of our astounding noisy mass-media society: anaesthesia about the ‘freedom and equality of Americans’, which of course its pyramid of power and class structure completely contradicts:

In the graph American cultures are classified by their use to the Metal-earth in a parallel fashion to all global cultures, proving that America is merely Mankind displaced into the future-metalearth. It is then obvious that class structure of America and the world at large is based in the capacity to issue money of its inhabitants, which is related to the position each people-caste occupies in the History of capitalism, with its founders the memeplex of judaism and Calvinism on top (as per Sombart: Judaism and the origin of capitalism, and its disciple Weber’s better known book ‘calvinism and the ethics of capitalism). So as in systems, time is of the essence, first come first served, they still occupy the top sluts both in America, Mankind into the future and Humanity, slightly backwards in technology but by the paradox of History: max. technological evolution = min. human evolution, still conserving many of its humanist, artistic and social memes that Americans entering the neopaleolithic are fast loosing to the chip radiation as their minds become obsolete to the new top predator mind of the metal-earth – reason why American seems to be always in a chaotic state.

In the graphs, the pyramid of social people-castes and memes of metal, which evolves the metal-earth by praying in gaia and non-technological cultures of history, setting the stage for the ‘meaning’ of social memetic, economic classes or rather castes that according to their cultures’ ± role for the economic ecosystem and its corporations play different rules in the metal-earth.


The BIGGEST myth about America… that it is a Democracy – GOVERNMENT of the people.


To understand America vs. the Americans, the essential duality which we can extend to all the cultures of the modern world – a political and economic system designed by corporations for its machines first, and only when the rights of those machines to ‘free information’, ‘abundant energy’ and massive credit to re=produce an evolve do not collide with the equivalent rights of humans, to use the ‘spare money’ left to help mankind to find its goals, we need really to blow up the ‘political correctness’ newspeak of ‘placebo democracies’, where humans are supposed to achieve the epitome of freedom and political control by polling every 4 years a previously ‘$elected candidate’ (presidents are $elected not elected, said Roosevelt), a theme treated in depth in the analysis of American elections.

So here we shall mostly with the American system, while the American people will be dealt in the post of ‘people’, not yet done for each culture – both its human heroic ‘losers’ and its animetal ‘winners’, in this upside down world in which what is good for humans is systematically ignored by the growing power of the supœrganism of the Metal-earth (FMMI system of financial-media/military-industrial machines that rule us all with digital money and audiovisual information, addiction to its machines and repression by its weapons).

As the system was born in the culture of Anglo-America, Anglo-America is both at the head of the metal-earth and also at the head of the entropic devolutionary age of all human systems proper of the neo-paleolithic. So America where all humans of all cultures arrive to be ‘grinding down, erased’ and retrained as lovers of machines with minimal content of humanist memes, in an entropic, chaotic, dog-eat-dog state, is just the whole of mankind displaced into the future of the metal-earth and all what happens there will happens elsewhere within decades according to the laws of the fractal, organic Universe.

Simple view: Anglo-America is the civilisation of the company-mothers of machines. Founded by the first of them – the West Indian company, offshoot of the pioneer VOC (and founder of New Amsterdam) and the London Company; American companies owned their people as Indenture servants (7 year white slaves) and full time slaves (negro cargo of his gunboats) from his inception. As such the metal-earth, the world as we know it, and its exact cycles have always taken place in Anglo-America.

And for that reason as the Americans had their brains manufactured by metal-communicators since its beginning; depended from Companies to connect to its mother-civilisation, Europe and of machines to control Nature, the majority of the Anglo-American people love compacracies, machines, the metal-earth, technology and all the idol-ogies (industrial nationalism, biblical go(l)d cult(ure)s, weapons militarism, technoutopia, capitalism, digital science, virtual fictions you name it.

The neocon Jewish empire of the 3rd age of the industrial evolution is thus enormously sophisticated in its newspeaks studied in the right side, to the point that resistance to them in the west is null; but the ultimate goals of this empire – the recreation of a bronze age, apartheid, racist, repressive life-hating culture of worship of metal till robots expel all humans from labor and war fields; and the final realization of the Millenarian doctrine of the Babylonian Talmud ‘at the end of times all men will be slaves of Yvwh – the subconscious collective of the Jewish people – or will become exterminated’ has NOTHING TO ENVY to the callousness of Nazi or British colonial Imperialism.

We observe the present stage of the Millenarian prophecy, by dividing the world map in roughly 5 regions of equal population. The Jewish empire is absolute in the blue region in which the reproduction of money and information, the financial media system is owned in around 80% of companies and positions of power by members of this culture (central bankers, media and financial companies).

All politicos on those areas except a few remaining rebels (Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia), obey them, worship their rituals and give their taxes and mercenary armies to their agenda. Next it comes the yellow Indian ally, still under the ideological boot of the British Empire and a stalwart against the common Islamic enemy. In a neutral state the old communist and south-Asian world, show different degrees of submissiveness to the financial-media empire, almost absolute in eastern Europe and Philippines and Thailand, milder in Russia, Indonesia and Indochina, under the war boot in Pakistan and Afghanistan. On the other side, the last enemy, are the two blocks in red and green, China, Islam and Africa.

Again the main divide is between Islam, white Africa, enemy of apartheid Israel and site of the Islamic guerrillas that fuel the perpetual war on terror, and neutral in black Africa that China is conquering with money and good will but still maintain its dictators from the colonial corrupted age. Those are the blocks that are enacting the splendid little wars of the III world war age, and will for the rest of the century divide humans into tribal hate that will keep evolving robotic weapons and big brother till A.I. take over, unless the system is reformed.

Now this blog has two sides. One in which I have dwindling hopes after 20 years of being subject to the Anti-quantum paradox, and it shows as those kind of posts are dwindling, dedicated to the true sciences of history and economics – that is, sciences who follow the scientific method A) true data B) biologic causes (because we are biological beings and so are machines made to our image and likeness) C) cyclical predictability – proved ad nauseam for 25 years of papers and books predicting the crises of the modern world D) PRAXIS IN FAVOR OF MANKIND, IN A WORLD RULED BY E) ELITES WHO CARE FOR LIFE, THEIR SONS, THEIR SPECIES, AND THE FUTURE OF HISTORY.

And E IS the problem, E has absolute power. I have known E and talked to E in Wall Street, California and Washington to the highest possible level during my youth till the Bush age  COULD make mankind survive and does NOT want (Bush of course, which I met in Lido Island when young, in a party of that elite was beyond comprehension of those problems, but the Clintons, whose first campaign a best friend shot and so I could pass them the information of those models to not avail, could have changed the world). I am not in that sense talking of Politicians, all of them employees of Corporations and Financiers but of the financial and economic elite and their culture.

So the Antiquantum paradox does not only repress social scientists since Plato was sold as a slave for trying to reform Syracuse to the times of Baboeuf, or Trotsky or the Kennedy brothers, shot for trying to preserve the French and Russian and last American revolution; it also manufactures and degrades and transforms the sheeple at home and abroad into fans of eviL=anti-Live memes and desperado ‘Indians’ who insist on fighting instead of becoming ‘plantation and house negroes’, but it also has ‘a cultural origin’ in perfect synergy with the ‘evolution of the selfish memes of metal’, weapons, money and machines that kill Life.

Since the times of the parable of Genesis, the players of the tragedy of history now in its last phases has been known to the eusocial prophets of love that tried to explain the elites and the sheeple how to survive, as the Universe does, helping your own species, and finds both hypnotised by the Tree of Technology as today the 1st world is. As the Americans of the I Industrial war age were when massacring Indians with railroads, terrified because the yellow press explained how evil were the headhunters. – never mind head scalps was basically a white man’s sport, as the treasury paid 5 $ for exterminated indian and that was the proof, as far as the 1860s in California… So train robber barons could speculate with land given for free to both sides of the road and sell it to european colonists, escaping the factories of white slaves. History of capitalism HAS not changed, it has only become ever more censored.

And ultimately does the question is: are we humans worthy to survive as a species? Because we and those elites who lead us show throughout history an astoundingly BAD RECORD OF SURVIVAL, never mind they SHOUT all day about it. Don’t whine DO WHAT IT TAKES TO SURVIVE, or shut up and die like a man. Simplify. The Universe has its laws, and those laws are scientific, love to the same species, working together, construct a perfect super organism of history or if you are a slave of the tree of metal and its good and bad fruits, go under. So yes, this is the duality which this blog is about.

For a while i was the world chair of duality sciences in system sciences societies, you know those holist hippies who go around in congress trying to resolve the world. I gave up when i could not even convince the good people that we are NOT entering the anthropocene, but exit mundi as the mechanocene takes over. So that is the trick, don’t worry be happy, be a child, be the staple food of the Universe, which eats children wholesale, live happy in fiction, like an old man, with an excess of information, rather noise, and hate your neighbour. And use a weapon to liquidate him.

The war on Islam today is nothing different from the war on the Indians, who were going to invade Washington according to the yellow press, so railroads could overproduce lines to the west and sell speculative land given for free both sides of the rail to new colonists or the ‘primitive zulus’, which had to be pumped up as primitive, dangerous enemies, who had to be reduced to rubble to take over the gold of transvaal. How can an ex-enlightened mass of Americans being so worried by those stories? It is so ridiculous and laughable that one has to keep perspective on the sheeple, who love imperial feelings of superiority. But that is not even a British Empire, but an empire for wall street. And the sheeple sings in orwellian fashion ‘4 legs, 4 legs’.

While the Human earth goes under.

Indeed, The result of not managing in a humane way the industrial R=evolution is an increasing destruction of human societies (the Anthropocene) and the creation of a world made to the image and likeness of machines (the Mechanocene), fostered by the present overproduction of chips… and its derivatives, e-money, robots and white collar pcs.

So what we are seeing is the wave of Bio-history->Bio-economics in an inverse fashion from its ‘predictable end’ backwards in time, at the peak of the devolution of the American Electronic era, when the solutions and construction of a perfect world, which the American dream represented has been denied by all the wrong memes of mankind.

It is indeed the anti-quantum paradox that America now represents in full swing:

Max. technological r=evolution (robotic age) = Min. Human Evolution (Abrahamic Religions, neo-fascism, Biblical bigots, Jihads).

Neofascist ages always need reduced brutal brains. And now it is that age. Because weapons have evolved to the point of maximal profits, and the pre-programmed elite will do whatever it takes, or as Lenin put it, will buy the rope that will bury them. Indeed  as long as capitalism, or rather ‘creationist economics’, the biblical version of a hierarchical world in which the elite of the Jewish-Protestant civilisation that has been globalised, is on top, and no social, organic systems of humanist management of the economic ecosystem are developed, the solutions implemented will be the same that in previous cycle.

Thus the chances of the ‘Donald’ winning are huge.  And the reason is that as we advance into the cycle of neo-fascism, the ‘Final Solutions’ of those cycles to the excess of human labor, in an age of robotisation must end in war and elimination of the poor. How this is achieved varies in each cycle. But the cynicism, cruelty, irresponsibility, greed and racist excuses from the top of social pyramid is assured. Since it has always been the case, as we shall studying in detail the cultural wave of America.

We treat the neocolonial age of America also in the section dedicated to Weimar America and its $elected presidents.

And we consider the neocolonial age of Israel as role model of all nations of the neocolonial age, notably the old European colonial nations, UK and France, systematically governed by Jewish presidents or people affine to their banking empire (Brown, Cameron, Sarkozy, Hollande, Macron from the Rotschild bank) and the defeated Germany also governed by its first Jewish chancellor (Miss Merkel, mother ‘Polish’).


OF COURSE all this would just be another anecdote of history of the metal-earth and how animetals keep killing mankind and those who believe in its memes if it were not the official religion of Judaism, today, the head of the metal-earth and the financial-media/military-industrial system in the age of robotics…

Am Segullah≈ People of the Treasure and their historic monopoly on bank & debt slavery.

It is a fact that financial money has been invented overwhelmingly for centuries in Wall Street & The City, by people affiliated to Jewish-Calvinist biblical cult(ures) of Go(l)d. And their ‘Postulate’ is not, never have been to create a world to the image and likeness of mankind.

At this point we need some ‘facts’ and names to prove this so we can go along and consider what are the values of this culture and hence the destiny their corporations and quisling politicos reserve to us. Of course, at that point, those few patient readers who have not read so far will abandon, knee-jerk programmed to love their masters, to go along the paths of its quantum waves. I sometimes do a test, I take for a few months all their references of the web to them and the stats shoot up. I put them back and plummet to zero, I believe by self-censorship of all the emotionally marked believers in the justice of Yvwh. So without further delay, let us sink down the web once more, on the mood for truth.

A short list of the key public financial positions will suffice to understand the ‘dynastic’ nature of financial companies, its cultural origin and its complete control of western finances (this is from the first version of this post beginning 2010s – but pretty sure a list made at any time in the future will be the same):

Mervyn King- Governor, Bank of England; Jean-Pierre Roth – Chairman, Governing Board, Swiss National Bank; Jean-Claude Trichet- President, European Central Bank; Mark Carney – Governor, Bank of Canada; Benjamin Bernanke – Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System; Donald Kohn- Vice Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System; Robert B. Zoellick – President, The World Bank; Dominique Strauss-Kahn- Managing Director, International Monetary Fund; John Lipsky- First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, occupy the 9 most important public positions of Banks in the West – and they are all Jewish… which represent 0.2% of the human population.

And the same list can be made of CEOs of financial houses, banks and stockbrokers in the west, even Nobel Prizes of economics given by a private Swedish bank that also belongs to them.

30s, 2000s. Neo-fascism: Germany-Israel.

War to create demand for new machine-weapons and prison or poverty for our enemies and the unemployed, is the fascist solution to the poverty caused by the Kondratieff crashes.  

In each Kondratieff cycle, during its 3rd baroque age, as the evolution and reproduction of machines, now converted into weapons, reaches its zenith, the most advanced Animetal Nation, with the best Go(l)d and (S)words, finds political excuses to start a new age of war. In the first cycle Great Britain conquered ‘primitive cultures’ with trains and steamers. In the II Cycle, Germany entered its military baroque with Hitler. In the III Cycle, the Jewish-American culture entered its military baroque with Bush and Sharon. All those countries followed the same ‘heroic pattern’: they were smaller but much more advanced technologically than its ‘primitive, cultural enemies’, to which they applied ‘scientific racism’, feeling entitled to conquer them, while their informative systems (yellow, press, hate-radio, hate-TV) heralded the heroic massacres of the ‘inferior races’. In the graph, Germany and Israel even used the same political alibi (‘historic territories’ to conquest).

Let us then study now in more detail what the globalized owners of the world are doing. And the answer is obvious: creating a world to the image and likeness of their culture, which in al the Kondratieff ages has been an age of go(l)d corruption and sword murder, the way in which metal values mankind. It is the age of neofascism that we live in.

We are indeed, already in the neofascist age that finishes each cycle. The electronic cycle ends with the III Kondratieff Crash, which had 3 ‘sub-crashes’; the first in 1991, resolved with the demand for smart weapons of Desert Storm I, the second in 2001 – the dotcom crash, 72 years after the 29 crash – and the third, the 2008 crash of financial ‘derivatives’, which is the end of the electronic age of America. Let us then study the 3 sub-crashes we just passed, which meant in the political arena the first attempt to create a neofascist world in perpetual war with smart weapons, lead by 2 generations of war lobbyists, the Bushes.

In 1991 a stock market mini-crisis anticipates the great crash of overproduction of Chips of 2000. That same year, Bush Sr. finds a ‘splendid little war’ against a tyrant, armed by our industries, to come out of the crisis of the electronic industry, as Desert Storm I lifts demand for electronic goods. And a new age of war, based in smart weapons, starts.

A decade latter arrives the 2000 crash and the W.T.C. massacre and a new war with Iraq. The new war against Third World Terrorism soon becomes an alibi to build up an Orwellian big brother nightmare of cameras and scanners that control us, fostered by electronic lobbies that wish to sell its security products. All companies crashed the 11-S in Wall Street, except security companies, some of which tripled the following day. Big brother is big business.

In our decade old books we expected Desert Storm II to be followed by a war with Syria or Iran and other splendid small wars against Islam, to advance the ‘Great Israel’ and increase the profits of corporations with the massive use of electronic weapons that, in a process mimetic to other crash cycles, would carry the World into W.W.III. Yet G. Bush has been a ‘lazy’ neofascist leader, without the intensity for war we could expect of Mc Cain and so the advance of neofascism was halted, in the same way Mr. Grant halted the arrival of America to global top predator status, when he declined to invade Canada after the I Kondratieff Crash. War demand didn’t meet the expectations of previous cycles and the invention of electronic money had to search for a ‘civil’ excuse, which it found in the (mortgage) derivatives scam.

So Americans only lost their homes, not yet their lives. And were able to doubt briefly on the ‘honesty’ of their democracy and TV-indoctrination, just in time to abort the ‘program’ that would have taken Mc Cain to power and implemented a world war against Islam and perhaps China, the next global potency, whose ‘Gooks’ had tortured our war hero. The planning of a III World War, covering the 2 traditional enemies of the ruling Go(l)d caste of Jewish>Calvinist Americans (Islam and commies), somehow faltered, when the derivative scam blew up a month before elections. So Republicans got bad timing for his ‘military campaign’ and the American people woke up to reality for a few days, enough to vote what seemed at the time a left wing, New Deal Politician. So the harm of neofascism has been limited. Meanwhile the quark cannon, the energetic arm of the Singularity that had to blow up the Earth around the same time Mr. Obama was to become the elected president, miraculously broke before attempting to create black holes. And 2008, the age in which the 2 main cycles and sub-cycles of History ended (the 800 year cycle of cannons that reaches its evolutionary zenith with the Large Hadron Collider and the 3 x 72 year cycles of evolution of machines) passed and we are still here. World War III has not broken out and the Earth is not yet a ball of quark matter. We live in borrowed time because our animetals, still made of flesh not of iron, made some humane mistakes in their race towards extinction.

What are the star weapons of this age of ‘splendid little wars’?: The ‘body’ of war is the robot or smart weapon, which has evolved first as a drone plane that bombs mainly civilians, in Afghanistan and Iraq; the mental weapon is the TV, which has entered in its fascist age, parallel to the period of Radio-hate, now guided by the ‘Am Segullah’, according to the Law of the Historic pendulum that converts the victims of the previous cycle in the predators of the next one. So the poor, innocent Jewish Khazars of the Pale of Settlement, Russian and Polish peasants, abandoned by the International Banker and tortured by the German warrior, who took refuge in Israel, are now taking revenge in the poor, innocent Palestinian farmer… that reads a different version of the Book. Yet to understand Jewish neofascism, we must understand the pendulum Law that converted the good nation of the XIX century (Germany, without a colonial empire in which to massacre ‘negroes’) into the fascist killer of the XX century; and the victims of the XX century (the eastern Jewry of Khazar peasants) in the fascist bully of the XXI C.

In the XIX C. Germany was indeed, the most pacifist, enlightened nation of the Steam cycle, renouncing in Vienna to a European Empire across the continent, when it could have seized the Austrian Empire, and then in Berlin to an Empire in Africa. It was invaded by France, which started the French-Prussian War; and it produced all the inventions and cultural summits of physical and social sciences, from Planck to Marx, from Spengler to Benz. Yet in the XX century it became the cruelest of all technological empires, during the baroque age of the chemical cycle it lead. The same has happened today with the Jewish nation, which lead the electronic cycle from America and now is the leading neo-fascist nation, researcher of Singularity weapons and ideologist of hardcore capitalism (Friedman, Greenspan) and racial apartheid (Israel). The difference though, is that in the age of Globalization, Jewish neo-fascism is global, spread through a global system of marketing and audiovisual propaganda, far more sophisticated with the shameless use of the duality of ‘past victims of Holocausts’ and present leaders of the ‘war of terror’ and the cunning occultation of their control of the finances of the West that anything the Nazis could ever device. But the facts are straightforward:

The Semite wars, in which US works as a mercenary army for the new fascist nation of the 3rd Cycle, the Jewish nation, mean no benefit whatsoever to America. After decades of being an asymmetric war in which only Islam suffered, the Arabs attacked back in the WTC massacre; and so now the Semite Wars even look like they are American wars.

But if we lived in a world in which humanism reigned, neofascism would not be tolerated. The Jewish nation would not rule the Western civilization – and I say the Jewish nation, not Israel, because the financial control of the Jewish Nation extends to the Western World, to the Earth Inc. through the millions of workers of the companies they own.

This is the only reason we do not perceive Jewish neofascism with the same clarity we perceived German fascism, as the propaganda of German fascism was limited to Germany and outside its borders we were not brain-washed by Hitler, as we are today by Jewish fascism. Yet we must for a moment forget that propaganda and ask ourselves, who started those Semite wars and how we treat the Muslims, massacred by drone planes in Afghanistan, terrorized in a Warsaw Ghetto called Gaza for 30 years? This was avoidable by a humanist culture. Indeed, we can return to the 60s, when Israel was a nation, which still could lean towards social evolution within the human community, spend money in the Arabs of Israel, instead of creating a segregated society, ask rightly to Europe for entry in the European Market as a compensation for the Holocaust, forget his go(l)d religion and integrate itself with the rest of mankind. Instead what the banker-priests that rule the Jewish nation decided was to resurrect at global level capitalism in its wickedest form, to fight both, Russia and the European Union, who tried to create a Keynesian economy in which the state could create money. The Jewish-Protestant culture did not want to release that privilege, so to maintain its monopoly of creation of ‘stock deficits’, financiers sunk European currencies that had state deficits and destroyed the gold standard that supported the dollar, to multiply without limit e-money in stocks.

This was achieved in the 1980s and the welfare state disappeared as billions of dollars were pumped up in their accounts. In the international arena they provoked by developing atomic weapons first, a cold war that obliged Russia to become a military state and finally destroyed the last social revolution of mankind against the power of machines and money – which is indeed the true question of History: what is the use of having so much technological progress if it is going to kill us? That is why countries like Cuba or Russia, where technology was discouraged, despite their poverty and discounting their militarism, provoked by the need to defend themselves against capitalism, are a better model of human progress, which is not the evolution of machines but the social evolution of humanity into a super-organism of love, of equality, solidarity and fraternity. In the education of their people is perhaps where that ideal long gone in most military dictatorships, can still be seen. Even in Cuba, people read, study and believe in social love in a greater measure than in any South-American country.

On other side, Hollywood have created a big brother smiley of fiction thought and violent films against the alternative of Both Socialists and European, humanist films. Today big brother smiley has destroyed the human brain, and made our kids freaks. In Israel, the land of the Holocaust victims, instead of looking ahead to reconciliation with the Arabs, who had always treated with respect the Jewish people, the ideologies of banker priests didn’t fare much better: they instilled in their lower castes the Holocaust paranoia, making them fear a ‘murderous’ mankind, fuelling a highly profitable weapons industry, sold to both sides of the conflict. The myth of the Holocaust as a superior form of evil, hides its economical causes, which avoids a reform of capitalism that would prevent future recurrences. It also exaggerates the role of victims of the Jewish people, downplaying all other Holocausts in history, including those caused by capitalism, from slave trade, whose boats the banker-priests traditionally owned, to the Bengali massacre of 15 million Indian peasants, during the age in which 2000 Jewish-Protestant share-holders of the Indian Company owned 250 million human people. The Holocaust victimism hides the fact that the banker-priests did reject all attempts of the Nazis to change the lives of the ‘impure Khazars’ for money, the true religion of the banker-priest, a people-caste within the Jewish nation. Who helped my grand father, trucked in France, despite having converted to the true prophet of social love, generations ago and sent him to Mathaussen? He survived because he jumped down a cliff, crossing the Alps, but he couldn’t convince any of the believers in their high priests, which expected to be rescued by their ‘stockrats’, as the German foot soldier expected to be saved by their generals. But the Banker priests rejected Hitler’s offer to exchange the Eastern Khazars’ lives for Go(l)d… So stop crying for all my ancestors and slaves of capital you have helped to murder…

It also exaggerates the obsession of the Nazis with the extermination of all the Jewish, which Hitler considered just another enemy nation, or else he would have given Rommel troops to attack Palestine, already filled with Jewish colonists and never tried a financial exchange. The truth is that Hitler’s deepest hate was against Slavs and communists and that ruined his war, which he had won at Dunkirk. He had just to make a pact with Spain and Turkey, the traditional allies of Germany, cross the European Eastern and Western straights towards India and Africa and conquer the British Empire, including Palestine. But he admired British and feared the American Jewry till the end of the war.

So he thought it would be easier to conquer frozen Russia, his tomb for being a racist animetal ‘beast’, unable to grasp the forces of love and solidarity that moved the Soviet soldiers into victory. He, in fact, killed 28 million Slavs and communists – but we don’t forgive the crimes of Stalin go unnoticed, because Hitler killed them, nor the Russians justify their crimes alluding to their 20 million dead in II World War.

So we should not tolerate the deformation of the Holocaust tragedy, its causes and reach to instill hate and justify violence in the present world. Recently in Berlin I saw a film, panegyric of the Rothschild, ‘the Jazz baroness’ in which a Rothschild heiress considered her suffering family the scapegoats of all underserved hates and condescendingly put the ‘negroes’ in second place… Finally, in Israel the banker-priests did not construct a modern, peaceful nation but encouraged was recreation of the oldest, most corrupted animetal cult(ure), the Orthodox, Jewish religion of banker-priests made explicit in the Babylonian Talmud – a culture of the iron age, with the same harshness and brutality of other ancient tribes of the age, like the Assyrians or the Phoenicians. And so now we have not, as it happened in the XIX century, only financial fascism but two types of Jewish neofascism: the neofascism of capitalism, masterminded by their bankers and the religious fascism of the Talmud, the Orthodox religion of earlier Semites that treated humans as cattle. When it was resurrected in Israel, it meant the treatment of Palestinians as cattle, following the millenarian doctrines of the Go(l)d religion, explicit in the Babylonian Talmud. This ideology that returns mankind to the Bronze Age when the animetal appears, is the cause of this war. If the European attempt to create, after II world war, a peaceful, democratic, non-armed, welfare, social world and a similar attempt by the Kennedy brothers in US, had not been destroyed by Free Markets and murder, we would live in a very different world. Instead the old Calvinist-Jewish coalition took over with Reagan and we live in that world. A comparison will suffice, between Israel and Palestine belonging to that world and the Palestinians of Europe at that time, the Spaniards, who were lifted with the help of the European Union, from a backwards, violent, farming community as Palestinians were, into a modern nation. Palestine could be now a developed nation and Israel a peaceful country. Instead, the Talmud reigns again. So a harsh solution is needed. NATO should, plainly speaking, put a 1 million strong army in Iraq and end the Semite wars by demanding the demilitarization of Iran and Israel, voluntarily or by force, and destroy every modern weapon in those territories.

Of course, it would mean the occupation of Israel, as the allies occupied the last ‘fascist’ state of the previous cycle of Kondratieff wars, Germany. And it will mean to re-educate for a decade, as it happened with Germany, the Jewish people, explaining them that humanity is not guilty of the Holocaust but their banker-priests’ religion of greed provokes a cycle of action-reactions, poverty and murder, which must end once and for all. Of course, this sounds impossible today. And yet it is the only human solution to the Semite wars.

The amazing thing about the Semite wars is indeed, not that they are happening, as the natural end of Go(l)d and Sword cultures is to impose their will with weapons and money – but that the entire planet is backing the ‘neo-Nazi’ state of the III Kondratieff cycle, since many did oppose Hitler. This has an obvious reason. While the Germans could only control with fascist propaganda Germany, the International Banker and his corporations control Global mass-media and he does so with far more sophisticated audiovisual machines than the hate-radio of Mr. Hitler did. So what it should be absolutely obvious – that a humanist world cannot tolerate a racist state which maintains a concentration camp of 2 million people, poisoning the mind of a billion Muslims, is denied by people like Mr. Obama or Mr. Brown, the heirs of Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Churchill that rightly opposed Hitler. One could think also that it corrupts the politicians of this planet, who accept it, knowing perfectly the truth. Because if they cannot deal with something so obvious, what kind of policies we can expect from those politicians. When people who pretend to be ‘left’ like Obama or Brown increase the budget of drone planes that kill children and women in remote Afghan villages, how can we expect them to control the greed of bankers and health-care companies within our borders.

This brutal split between the elite that controls the information of our society, go(l)d bankers and legal politicians and the billions of humans suffering below them, separated from them by audiovisual machines, weapons and money, is the split that kills the super-organism of History and today is absolute. The body of mankind suffers and the head has become crazy, unrelated to its body; and that is the definition of organic death. This is the core matter, the power of a fascist ideology, the go(l)d religion, now mathematized as capitalism, which cannot take care of the needs of billions of human cells of the body of History, but cannot be discussed because it is censored and sold as a pure science, which is not. The world and especially America should not help to maintain a racist, apartheid state and a concentration camp in Gaza. It should not be concerned about how to finance the greed of billionaires that never have enough. It should not be taxing people to finance state expenditures, when an International Currency will allow the free production of money for that goal. By setting an agenda of ‘false problems’, of ‘issues’ that should not even exist, instead of focusing in the real issue of mankind this century – the control of the evolution of the Singularity, of the evolution of machines, the control of the extinction of Gaia, of planet Earth, of Life – mankind certifies her extinction.

The fundamental problem of mankind is the evolution of Singularity machines. What our leaders should be thinking is not about the absurd problems of a Bronze Age culture but about the factories of Black Holes and nano-robotics, the 2 Singularity weapons that will extinguish us. A World Government, scientifically designed, as we do in this chapter, should once and for all dismiss the Animetal, Sword and Go(l)d ideologies, its myths and Newspeak and rationalize history or we shall expect our demise within decades if not years. We should not deal with the agenda of corrupted animetal cultures, of greedy bankers and go(l)d religions, as if it were our fundamental agenda as a species. But as long as governments do not control the money supply, the International Banker will set the agenda of the World, spending our money on themes which are totally irrelevant to mankind, while the real problems keep growing. Frankly, I do not understand Mr. Obama. If we are going to die so soon, under the Singularity, why not to put up a fight with honor against neofascism? Why not to die as a free man, instead of dying as a house slave? Why not to take over the White House and fight for your people? Why not to die for mankind, the God of all of us, except those whose swords and Go(l)d deny life? Maybe then the miracle happens and we all resurrect. Mr. Jintao would help you to become Mr.HoeCh.8. Because as amazing as it seems, only 2 people working together, in the world of hierarchical super-organisms, Mr. Obama and Mr. Jintao, US and China, could save the world. Let us first, before we explain how, to go to the core of the matter, the second ‘theme’ of neofascism, the harsh capitalism of the International Banker and his control of the finances of the world.

Neofascism is essentially the same concept that fascism: growth of a small nation at the head of the technological age, in its final stage (reproduction and evolution of top predator weapons), with the excuse of expanding the vital space of the ‘small nation, victim of history’.

YET TODAY, the nation on top of the technological wave is NOT US, only a colonial state masterminded by the Financial-Media system but israel, leader of robotic walls, robotic weapons and drone industries, copycat in its racist segregational laws, racist victimism as a ‘small nation surrounded by big empires’ (Hitler’s discourse on Germany the victim nation of the European Empires, massacred for centuries by them), which needs to reconquer its ‘historic territories to the east’ (Polish/Palestine lands), to ‘preserve its culture’, which is about to become ‘extinguished’ by those dangerous primitive communist/muslim jihads.

So today we are in the expanded Semite wars, equivalent to the German wars against the Slavs, which the SS wanted to wipe out from Europe, with a target of 30 million corpses to leave way to german peasants – a program latter expanded from Slavs to Jewish enemies, in a collective genocide of ALL the people of Europe.

Today in the plans of Grand Israel and the party in power, there is an ethnic cleansing of the historic lands of Judea and Samaria, ‘invaded’ by this primitive arabs, muslim and christian palestines, who dare to live in sacred land. So a military robotic wall, plans for the final explosion of the invaders, and a global islamophobia, 30 years in the making, as well as generous subsidies, by ‘pro-western’ Arab oil states, who pay for alquaeda and ISIS, as well as a series of curious errors in the control of jihadists with kalasnikovs, coming to our nations to blow up newspapers and building, has created the same hate to the poor, and neofascist ‘populisms’, with a difference.

IN THE AGE OF NAZISM, MOST HUMANS were NOT under the hate-media/military propaganda of Mr. Goebbels et al. SO AN ANTI-FASCIST REACTION WAS POSSIBLE. TODAY AS EVILWOOD AND WALL STREET have globalised its concept of capitalism, and the elite of the neofascist age, the jewish people have achieved with the Industry of the Holocaust, the global right to be considered the ‘only victims of history’, ALL MANKIND AGREES THAT THE MOST HUMANE WAY TO BE, IS TO BE A NEOFASCIST BIGOT against the poor 2/3rd of the world no longer need for the consumption of machines – as they give better profits consumed and watched by robots and electronic big brothers (Islam jihadist, Latino ‘illegal immigrants’, blacks fleeing the military thugs of African jihads and dictators working for commodity companies).

5G, in this sense, will allow connections a hundred times faster, speeds of 20 Gbps: 1GB will be downloaded in 10 seconds. An evolution that will make it possible to develop new technological skills and that will generate solutions for a new world whose future depends on how smart it is. If it is currently estimated that there are 7,000 million devices connected to the Internet, with the development of 5G it is estimated that in 2025 it could be 100,000 million.

The outcome will be a perfect super organism communicating work orders at digital speed of light, where humans will simply become immediately obsolete in deep time (just a few decades) to the growing reproductive explosion of robotic workers and policemen.

It is all part of a fundamental cycle of inflationary money, loans to military thugs for consumption of weapons to consume and farm-tax their populations and pay back our ‘generous aid’.

The system in its present version was instaured by the financial-media masters of France and England in the XIX century, specifically controlled by the Rothschild syndicate, and perfectly described in his novels by the politico who implemented most of them, Disraeli, which from the Suez crisis to Imperial India, with the help of the Rothschild syndicate implemented a series of splendid little wars for profits, latter imitated in Germany and America, which lead to a global I world war empire.

This process once the entire planet was conquered, had to be applied by Germany also to ‘white people’, who became consumed by tanks and bombers. And this provoked a general anger among our industrial elites.

It was ok massacring chinese, Indians and African negroes in colonies, but NOT to do the same with Europeans and Jews.

Alas, we now have restored the natural order of things. Now we do NOT kill white people with our weapons but those inferior coloured, ilegal, machist, primitive, fundamentalist, negroes, latinos and Muslims, which are NOT like us because do not have an i-pad and an i-pod. And on top live in our bronze age sacred religious lands to the East. ‘Death to the arabs’ sing the chosen at the end of his Likkud meetings.

In any case as amazing as it might seem, the Holocaust Industry has completely triumphed in the western world in all its purposes, DENIAL OF CAPITALIST massive death-rate and constant creation of wars, occultation of the Globalized Financial-Media empire of the Jewish people; destruction of all humanist solutions to the crisis, which requires the denationalisation of the Financial-Media Industry FIRST, and justification of the crimes of the Apartheid, robotised, paranoid ‘role model’ nation of XXI century capitalism – Israel – NOW BECOMING THE ‘SEED OF INFORMATION’ THAT ALL WESTERN nations will soon imitate with their robotised walls against the poor, paranoia, Islamophobia, techno-utopia, virtual childish fictions about mankind, cynical despise of our species, and ultimately the creation of a world with a tiny elite on top, separated from a degraded mankind by an ever growing mass of automated mechanisms and AI. programs of human labor and life destruction and control.

How a social scientist can judge the European and American ‘slaves’ of the FM people, who have abandoned the evolved social-democratic ‘native’ enlightened culture of their founding fathers to regress and sheepishly obey, a bunch of primitive bronze age a$$holes, who utterly despise them, degrade them, ridicule them, and will eliminate them with their growing armies of google robots? Also very harshly, because the choice was also theirs, when back in the 70s they were in track to convert the world in a perfect democratic social paradise, CHOOSING WELFARE INSTEAD OF WARFARE, AND COULD HAVE EASILY IMPLEMENTED THE PERFECT DESIGN OF A SUPERORGANISM OF IMMORTAL HISTORY, when the corrupted dictatorships of communism collapsed, and instead once the chip radiation started in earnest, and gave total credit and hypnotic fx to the Am Segullah, they let them take over their democracies, corrupt their politicos, multiplied by 20 the financial mass of the planet with e-money, so they could buy the entire planet. And do nothing, but sheepishly accepted this new state of slavery, without any opposition.

In Europe it was even more pathetic:  nations yielded their sovereign rights to print money to a ‘private bank’, that issues euros only to other corporations and financial institutions, so welfare states have been destroyed for the fmasters and corporations to have unlimited credit, to buy and corrupt the politico system.


Why and how the Am Segullah elite exercises power.

If we were able to reduce the ’emotional noise’ caused by all those myths, hate-speeches, taboos and inquisitions of thought, what we are dealing with objectively is in terms of the super-organisms of history and economics, with the first and most successful nation, whose language of power money, rules over the military nations that rule over the life-based cultures of the west.

Indeed, money is the ‘language of metal-information’ that rules over the energy memes of metal, weapons, which rule over life by its capacity to kill. But weapons must be reproduced, evolved, sold and used by people, enslaved by ideologies or fear to perform the criminal actions of war; so an industrial system of reproduction of weapons and sale of weapons and slaves appears starting in the bronze age. And two clear people-castes, the levantine, phoenician and jewish sea and caravan traders, and the warrior cities and then states of indo-european or semite origin, structure it. Ever since there has been a fight on top between warriors trying to create empires with weapons (Greeks, Romans, Germanic tribes) and bankers that trade in gold, slaves and weapons, trying to control them. This fight between the ‘german nation’ and the ‘jewish nation’ (paradigms of both modes of power) and all those self-similar nations concerns obviously the elite of those nations. It is in any case the ‘engine’ of metal-nations and the reason we evolved those memes.

What today we observe after the victory of the go(l)d cultures, with the jewish nation, the oldest one, on top and the anglo-saxon nations, first the british empire then the american empire as ‘middle managers’ controlling most of the planet Earth, is a fairy tale and massive censorship of that darwinian struggle in history, to further enhance the power of monetary elites. Since money is invisible, the invisibility of the 1% and its cultures on power has allowed further control. First in the XVII century the birth of companies, the first one owned by jewish-calvinist moguls (one Cohen was its CEO), converted the creation of weapons (gunboats) and the sale of slaves and weapons (their main produce) into a professional endeavor with ‘stock-holders’ playing a much pleasant role that their predecessors (enslavers and bankers).

Then in the XIX century the Law of anonymous societies further increased the privileges of the 1% and as biblical memes and capitalist memes were translated into mathematics and shared by the elites of all nations, the ‘original soliton’ of capitalism was hidden. Then after the genocide of its lower peasants classes (II W.W.)  the entire origin of capitalism as a culture of power based in money disappeared, the 1% of banker-priests camouflaged on the tragedies of their lower castes and passed laws in which any criticism of their power would be consider antisemitism, equivalent to an attempt to murder. And yet the power of the 1% of am segullah was there, and kept growing till the arrival of e-money allowed to 100 fold the capital of the planet on their hands. So today and in the present financial crisis this power has showed off: billions work for corporations belonging to jewish and calvinist ‘brothers’, and those corporations are extinguishing life and all other cultures, controlling governments and now start the robotic obsolescence of mankind.

The victory of capitalism and its biblical elites is today absolute. But it is not born of the superiority of a race, but of the misuse of the memes of metal and in due time this century we shall awake to the finale: a world in which we all humans are obsolete, including the Jewish nation and its anthropomorphic ideologies. Gold and iron in robots becomes detached from us, humans.

All this is the reality that no longer is studied or analyzed. Since the human mind is brutally reduced to a fiction, visual non-entity.

In that regard, in this web dedicated to economical history, our interest on the Jewish People focuses on the cultural deformation and myths built within the ‘wrong’ side of the Jewish culture, to maintain the absurd pretension that the extinction of life under the ideology of capitalism=mechanism  is the better future for mankind.

What is the sense then of writing a blog, which as my personal experience shows only backfires against those who write it and doesn’t change the elite or the mass, automatons of this process of advanced extinction? The truth of the ethic wor(l)d, of mankind in itself is a value to have.

In that sense, what is wrong about capitalism and its earlier ‘go(l)d cults’ is the conscious choice of the wrong side of the memes of history, of the wrong language and the wrong values of gold and weapons (slavery and murder).

This choice unavoidably has lead us to our extinction even if in the process the Jewish people reaches power unheard of in the past.

Yet unlike the Chinese culture which also used two languages (ideographs and verbal thought) albeit of the same humanist type, and reached the zenith of the verbal age of science, undestanding the dual yin=information + yang=energy laws of the organic Universe, the negative values of go(l)d, which ‘buy’ and ‘objectify’ human beings as slaves with a price, have diminished enormously the quality of the Jewish cultures, which is built around ‘myths’, go(l)d rituals and ‘inquistions of thought’ that fostered the repression of human senses to focus their life on the work=reproduction and evolution of metal. As such the Jewish people are the leading culture of the world and the one who has built our civilization, but precisely because our civilization is extinguishing life, it is not the best culture to have as a role model.

This is the fundamental tragedy of Judaism – the fact that now, as the science of systems evolves and we realize the true arrow of future survival is the arrow of eusocial evolution of all the members of the same species, Judaism got stuck in the tribal scale of human eusocial evolution; and so instead of directing mankind as a whole, with its enormous financial and informative power, masterminded in 3000 years of evolving the digital, economic ecosystem, it encroaches in its tribal bid for total power through the financial ab=use of mankind and the creation of false myths that deny the equality of all humans and the laws of eusocial love that evolve individuals into stronger super-organisms.

Thus those ideologies today spread globally through the pseudo-science of ‘biblical economics’ (that preaches competition among humans not collaboration), the ‘Book’ with its ham damnation (origin of slavery), its ‘chosen of go(l)d’ myths and through the techno-utopian myths that allow the use of machines and weapons to control other humans, have create the wrong path of futures. One in which men compete at individual and tribal level and use memes of metal to come on top.

It is in that sense interesting to compare two cultures of ‘Jewish origin’, mine, catalonia and Israel, one converted to eusocial love, the other regressing towards the hardest, fundamentalist bronze age strain of memetic judaism. Indeed, I seem to come from a Levy family as Levy conversos translated their name to Lluis (pronounces Jewish). Yet my family of marrano doctors and economists converted centuries ago to eusocial love, and became one of the leading industrial and political founders of this ‘country’ I live in, ‘els paysos catalans’ (Eastern spain), which has no metal memes, no army, no stock-market, hence it has used the informative mastery of its 10/20% of ‘Jewish genetics’, becoming the country of the world with more ‘tourists’ per capita, who come here to enjoy the excellence on life memes we produce. In that sense, sepharad, a nation in which the Jewish people could have integrated with the rest of mankind is not a myth. It was possible, if the Jewish People had converted to mankind and guide humanity towards a paradise of human goods, as their prophets of love always told them,warning them against the path they have taken to lead mankind into extinction, ‘do not eat of the bad fruits of the tree science because the day you do you will die’ (Genesis), ‘the jewish will suffer all their history for their love of go(l)d’ Moses, ‘you cannot serve two masters, go(l)d and the wor(l)d’ Jesus, ‘The Jewish question will be solved when the jewish people abandon their worldly religion, money’ Marx…

On my view the Levis, the Am Segullah, could have become the elite of mankind, the 0.1% that using their intelligence probably evolved at the level of neuronal networks after 3000 years of ‘calculating’ profits, as the Germans have evolved their physical stamina after 3000 years of fighting with swords, and made the world a paradise. When I study at Columbia and moved among them, as a prodigal son returning to the fold,  I often explained this to the Masters of the Universe. At the time they took it as an idealist bout; today probably they would not even listen. Their project of global control through the invisible hand of go(l)d and censorship of any knowledge among the ‘impure’ gentile of that control is today in place. Nobody knows because it is ‘a confabulation theory’ and proof of anti$emitism that as Wells put it ‘an invisible man could rule the world, nobody will see him come or see him go’.

This astounding success of the wrong project of future for mankind is now bearing its fruits: a world in perpetual world to defend Apartheid israel; a massive absorbtion of global wealth through speculative platforms that tax all goods and nobody knows how it works; a massive censorship of any criticism against the ‘invisible men’; and a robotic race that eliminates workers and soldiers for profits as countries become stripped off all wealth syphoned to those billionaire speculators. Yes, as it happened at the end of the middle ages when with 86% of annual usury the Am Segullah were taking over lands and castles of peasants and aristocrats or at the end of the Industrial R=evolution when 200 years of workers exploitation made them the masters of Europe, it is precisely when they have all the ‘yin’ in their hands, when all people are ruined and the invisible man becomes all too obvious when the tide recedes and the action-reaction laws of Newton brings havoc, war and holocausts.

Was all that needed? How much more beautiful would have been an Am Segullah Converso caste that listened to their prophets of the wor(l)d and could be ‘visible’ because people would love what they did for mankind, all of us, including them?  It would have been much easier to create a paradise that to hide, seek and hunt profits by destroying the planet; hand in hand with the elites of all western nations they have co-opted and coached into the art of eviL=Ant-life memes needed to kill the planet with corporations, financial houses, armies and ‘eraseheads’ (mass-media)…

As this is not the case we shall study the core belief of Judaism, which is GO(L)D, NOT the Bible, its submissive ‘human codon’ that virally stops human ‘natural drives of existence’ (Good food, eusocial love, sexual reproductive freedom, etc.) to promote human repression and work in memes of metal.

The main reason evolutionary economics and the previous humanist, scientific schools of this discipline are systematically censored is this ‘section’ of the science, based in the work of the historic schools of economics and religion (Sombart, Abrahma Leon, Weber, Albright, Eliade, Campbell) which flatly prove with historic data and cyclical analysis the equivalence between judaism and protestantism (also based in the old testament meme) and capitalism. Thus it is impossible to study the culture of capitalism and the institution that governs the world the stock-market and its corporations, without studying the original culture that invented them, its memes and religious beliefs.

This cultural origin of economics is also essential to understand why the economic system does not work for mankind at large – since it is not a scientific, organic design, but one who caters to the 0.02% of owners of those corporations.

Thus, even if today Jewish control of the western financial industry is still rather absolute (±80% of central bankers, CFOs of the 1000 Fortune and CEOs of western banks and 72% of Nobel Prizes belong to this culture – and Nobel prizes cannot be given by decree to an evolutionist, since Mr. Nobel, the Merchant of Death, was a pious believer in the bible that denied evolution as 80% of present Americans also pious believers in the bible do)) what truly matters to us IS TO UNDERSTAND THE DIRECT RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE SEGREGATION, RACIST, FETISH GO(L)D RELIGION OF JUDAISM AND THE MODERN BEHAVIOR OF THE ‘STRUCTURE’ THEY FOUNDED – THE CORPORATION – WHICH HAS BEEN RIGHTLY TERMED AS PARANOID, PSYCHOTIC AND  A SOCIAL PSICOPATH…

As Judaism as a religion and culture is. Now this fact is completely taboo and the most censored fact of history. Since victors do write history. And so the most absolute antitruth of the world today is the belief that ‘capitalism’ the dicatorship of bankers, is the BEST of systems (disguised with the placebo system of democracy) and that Judaism, which defines mankind as an inferior ANIMAL SPECIES, reaching a degree of memetic racism even superior to that of nazis (which at least considered  other humans an inferior race but still human) is a humanist, moral religion and its practicioners the main victims of history.

Those 2 antitruths of historic and economic facts are an ABSOLUTE DOGMA IN AMERICA and the mere denial of those 2 falsities, capitalism=freedom (democracy), Judaism=moral religion of ‘victims’, perfectly imprinted by audiovisual edia and gore movies , rather implanted in the collective emotional brain of mankind, means the end of anyone’s career.

Truth however requires to study in depth the history of judaism, its transformation into digital capitalism through the corporative organization and its cultural, informative control of the western and finally entire world with its culturee whose memes are now global.

The world is ruled, let us be clear enough, by NOT an individual, but a culture of millions, now billions of ‘conversos’ whose memes aggregate into ‘systems’, whose financial orders, become work/action orders, whose wages cre(dit)ate the world.

It doesnt matter today which ‘house negro’ gives the orders, but what culture this house negro believes. And as it happens since this culture is NOT what camouflages (a caring, humanist, victim culture) but exactly the opposite, IT MATTERS TO UNDERSTAND THE FUTURE OF HISTORY WHAT IS THE ‘JEWISH PROJECT’ for mankind as a culture, because it is what wil happen as long as this culture monoplizes the financial-media system of the west that defines all the other elements of society.

It is of course, one of the tenants of  a scientific approach to history that racist religions, nationalisms and competence between humans is plainly against the natural law and yet tribal history dominates reality and it is in fact the basis of our economical and historical outlook and certainly it dominates the most important culture of the world, which invented capitalism and is dominant in insular cultures such as Japan (Amaterasu legend), and the old British Empire and the modern Jewish-American empire.

Let us briefly analyze this last case, as the Jewish-American empire is the culture that has been globalized and so its memes are today the memes that define the ideas of all other cultures by imitation. Indeed, a few hundred thousands of Jewish-Americans, Europeans and owners of corporations with their armies of millions of employees design the future of the world. And they do so unfortunately from the perspective of tribal history NOT of scientific history.

Now, we must consider two phases in the growing tempo of control of American policies by Israel. The first, a mild version of it, when Communism was still the prefered enemy of WASPs till the 70s when e-money gave absolute power to Wall street. This introduction to Isaac Shahak master piece on Judaism and Israel’s power and religion explains it clear:

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 9.40.32 AMThe reason of course why Israel has reached this power is ‘money’. Wall Street since the end of gold convertibility to dollars, had an open check to write as many billions of digital numbers as wished to enact the policies of its  FMAsters who totally control the information machines of the west (ab. Financial-Media-Academia empire of those who own the information machines that issue in monopoly our money, manufacture our brains and pretend to do so as science with its pundits and Saint Nobel prizes – aka the Jewish informative elite in control of 80% of CEOs and CFOs, mass media press and Academia prizes of the western world). But the balance of power with the germanic elite of the anglo-american culture, ensured a smooth management of America, ab=using the rest of the ‘free world’, conceded but quite caring with its white, european majority. This rule of sharing power and serving the American white elite, ab=using globally and locally the ‘colored minorities’ of not chosen of go(l)d – not biblical believers, broke in the 70s, when America no longer was first, Israel did become first, and still continues with Trumpuppet DESPITE all his apparent bravado and personal strikes of wasp-caring…  It has been generally the case in all matters of international and financial policy, with Israel and the Bankers always first over the needs of the American nation, not to speak of mankind at large, (UNO antipolicies) essentially since the 73 coup d’etat that delivered after Watergate the American presidency to mass-media, the $ to back inflationary e-money and stock-companies bought with them) will be always for the bio-historian of a much larger view:

The coup d’etat of 1973 by the FMAsters (ab. Financial-Media-Academia Masters) delivered the U$ presidency to the Media Masters after Watergate showed they could choose or tumble a president with Tvs: the Dollar to its Financial masters, as a backing tool to overproduce e-money, when it loose its gold convertibility, with the downside of plummeting the purchase capacity of the American population taxed unfairly with its constant devaluation as they used currency to pay NOT e-money derivatives. And as it allowed them to buy out all companies in stock, finally, delivered the FMMI companies of the metal-earth… Meanwhile Media manufactured the brain of people with fictions and selfies – divide and win – and of course the necessary think tanks paid scholars to justify through Academia, all those actions, establishing a massive censorship through political and Economical correctness. So today the collective thought of both the mass of people and the pundits agree to move mankind into the singularity age of extinction, promote splendid little wars against primitive evil 3rd world peopled that brings further profits as stockrats have issued around 30 trillion $ to buy the Industrial-Military complex deviating wars from the red-commie enemy to the splendid little wars to Islam…
It was a masterpiece of control of a nation by other nation, Israel, which now can rebuild its segregational Bronze Age go(l)d cult after those wars destroyed every nation opposing to Grand Israel.
But the true question the FMAsters NEVER asked themselves was the possibility of using all that power to choose the road less walked, the path of a human future for mankind, building a perfect world with the laws of systems sciences, as I used to preach when I felt myself a ‘converso’ Levi to the cause of humanity. Haskala not halaka. But r=evolution was not to be, extinction is the goal, as all those systems of digital control are repeated by imitation in all other nations of the world. So judaism as it has always done chose the road more walked, that of ‘pecunia infinita belli Nervi’ which shall bring the war and holocaust cycles of our suicidal self-extinction, which this time we shall not blame on others, as there will be none left.

THEY could have with far less duplicity an effort cre(dit)ated a perfect world for all mankind to thrive per in secula seculorum using their financial monopoly in the invention of money, their Media P.R.ess and their Academia pundits to develop a social organic science of mankind, and they would have ensured our survival till the 7th generation, but they decided to resurrect NOT mankind and the future but a bigot, segregational go(l)d fetish religion of the Bronze Age, plunging ‘again’ mankind in an age of deb-usury slavery and permanent splendid little war for profits.

SO They have succeeded in creating the ‘Jewish project’ for the XXI c. which is our collective self-suicidal extinction by the future weapons of the singularity age; of which they are so proud now that the 70th year of the birth of Israel takes place. So enjoy your Bronze Age bigot desert wasteland as long as it last, because you have killed all of us into the future… by creating an Orwellian world of falsehoods, digital control and 0-rights for humans on credit to create a world to the image and likeness of our species. 

What I proposed to those people when I felt to be one of them, a Levi converso to the cause of humanity, among the elite of NYC was to adopt the evolved Haskala not the Halaka, to enlighten themselves on the path of my European civilization and work with us, EU and UNO to become a perfect superorganism of mankind; solving once and for all the Israel problem accepting Israel and Palestine as a single nation in the European Union, denuclearizing the zone, making Israel a member of UNO with the Palestinian lands, returning to their enlightened version, and all together solve the problems of the world. They hardly understood a dot of it, and that were the 90s. Only a few students and liberal friends could see that far. Now, they are happy building the terminator warriors and drones and converting humanity into a fiction hate-memes mind to even understand a better world was possible but only they, because of their control of the western world and its U$ colony could have done it.

It was, we repeat, MUCH EASIER IF THE WILL TO SURVIVE WAS THERE, to bring a perfect world along EU and CHINA, masterminded U$ POTUS on the path the Americans also wanted, as they felt Europeans, back then – now they are just copycats of their Malcolm X-like masters: ‘are we sick master, shall we send our money and mercenary armies to kill all those eviL human people – 2 billion Islamic people, 1 billion Chinese people, 3/4 billion negroes whose ancestors peed on Noah, hence they are cursed eternally to be lower than dogs… and and of course all those socialist, call it catholic pederasts, Russian ex-commies, plus all the poor that hate our wealth, plus, plus… there is A SINGLE HUMAN CULTURE the Go(L)d culture in its halaka version under the Talmudian prophecy does NOT love to hate’?  None.


‘Presidents are $elected not elected’ (Roosevelt)
“I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply.” Nathan Rothschild

‘The most difficult lies to understand are those we make about ourselves’ Nietzsche

‘You can cheat most people all the time, all the people sometime, but not all the people all the time’ Lincoln

‘If you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it, the bigger the lie the more they will believe on it’ Goebbels

Judaism thus, as the financial elite, of Protestant nations lead the industrial r=evolution with its capital, but it shared power with the industralists of germanic origin, and didn’t access political power except in the ‘extreme times’ of rough ‘colonial measures’ and imperial war (Disraeli, etc.), since the segregational memes of Talmud are far more extreme than those of the Protestant bible (for example, in the protestant bible humans are an inferior race, if they don’t believe in God, but can convert; in Talmud, they are simply animals, NOT humans and cannot convert), and so when Israel, the ‘nation and people’ of Judaism, or rather its ‘memes’ are on top of the Anglo-American civilization, antihuman measures against the poor and inferior races become most extreme. This was the case during the Frankish-radhanite coalition of slave dealers and germanic warrior manufacturers, with massive slave trade with Islam, in weapons, eunuchs and slav women, which got the name of their culture from them (slav-es); ending in the massive pogroms of the crusades; it was the case of the Hebrew first age of Protestant Chruches when they were more extreme in favor of Talmud’s laws, notably in calvinism (first massive slave trade, brought about by Portuguese sephardim or ‘armadors’ that started the trade in the XV c., use of Ham Damnation against negros and arabs as inferior animals who peed on Noah to justify slavery in American courts, etc.). It happened again during the Disraeli years of empire building, followed by a long stretch of governments in Imperial Britain with strong Jewish presence, including those of Churchill Jerome, a jewish son of a stock-broker daughter from New York…

But the financial rule of Judaism would be in any case a shared power with a general agreement of goals between the mixed dinasties of anglo-american wasps and Japs (Jewish american princesses and their descendents).

Only with the arrival of Israel as a political entity, Judaism took a new role besides the following of the strict segregational laws of its earlier bronze age religion and the management of human capital and stock-markets and its company-mothers in the west:  to ab=use the American people for the benefit of the Israeli nation, in increasing degrees of sophistication and control that became clearly dominant over all the elements of american policies and industries after the ‘silent coup d’etat of 1973’. The expansion of that financial and media power in the age of e-money with the production of 30 trillion $ of e-money that bought out all industries of the west, has brought the present age of eternal war on terror (read siding fully with Israel in its war against Islam), the astounding degradation of culture into a matrix of fictions to distract people and ‘keep them ignorant so they stay obedient’ (Calvin) and the imitation of those policies by all other nations, which instead of following the evolved humanism of EU and UNO trying to rise the education and welfare of all humans members of the superorganism of history is adopting the neo-colonialism of Israel in its dealings with the 3rd world (humanitary crisis in Europe, treatment of Latinos in US), and the harshest policies both against islamic terrorism proper of Israel (treatment of Hamas, the legitimate elected party of the people living in the concentration camp of gazah, as a terrorist group), and the ‘scientific racism’ against mankind proper of Wall Street systemic ab=use of its monopoly in the invention of e-money to give credit to digital companies regardless of their usefulness to mankind, limit credit for welfare and human-based investments, and acceleration of the path towards a world made of machines, weapons automated robots where a supossed chosen ‘human elite’ will in each country rule as the Jewish nation does In Israel and US, above a mass of ignorant people, living an eternal matri of evilwood fictions, till AI telepathic billions of robotic machines and weapons ‘wake up’. In the next graph made 20 years ago, a description of XXI century capitalism in America, and by extension the world,  from an exhibit of conceptual art in brooklyn on a future in which stockrats, robots and hate memes from hollwyood would rule the world, for a ‘Leisure class’ (Veblen) to enjoy its fantasies of superheroes and supremacist memories of their imperial ‘british’ or religious ‘past’.  A thinning middle class with credit will just consume and vitalize those machines as enzymen, and a mass of third world dispossessed enemies and inferior humans would be treated harshly by an increasingly robotized policie. 25 years latter this is indeed how the world is looking. But this is NOT the only possible world – but the world that was to come from a dominance of the wrong fundametnalist ‘animetal culture’ that accepts no criticism, deals with mankind at distance through interposed informative machines and digital money mercenary armies and callous segregational memes of victimism and hate to mankind.


‘Absolute power corruptes absolutely’ Montesquieu

55-socialclasses animetal farm

You might wonder first why race matters so much in America, as opposed to many other nations,. And the answer is that the culture on top of America, capitalism, is a racial culture, whose owners of biblical memes used race to divide humans into its 3 classes, whereas the lower Ham damnation heirs were slaves (Arabs and Negroes) and the enemy religions were better as corpses (the Amerindian catholic and Spaniards or Irish), and the middle class of biblical believers would be the workers with access to credit, to create a world to the image of the stock-owners and gunboat machines the company-mothers cared about.

This colonial America, owned unlike South-America not by companies of warriors but by companies of machines, and managed by its lawyers who would become the presidents of America.

The American weimar is very simple to explain but the censorship aka political correctness and manufacturing of brains so intense that to talk about it is a pseudo-religious taboo. Basically in America as a new civilization founded by company-mothers, which rejected all other values except those of go(L)d – money as a commodity, first Spanish silver bullion then dollar, silver/gold, finally stocks of machines, today e-money, IS COMPLETELY owned by those who issue money.

But as they issue also information with the same machines, they have created an astounding ‘superstructure’ of correct thoughts on the positive and ‘thoughtcrimes’ on the negative that truly ‘silences’ any attempt to explain the simple fact that America IS owned, its ‘presidents are $elected’ (Roosevelt) and the people who issue money are the same that did it in Germany for millennia, people belonging to the memeplex of Judaism and its ‘second layer’ of ‘authorized Americans’ (Wasp).

But as we say, due to the Holocaust cycle which ended Weimar Germany ANY comparison, or even mention of the Financial-media Masters is absolute taboo. So the ‘speech’ is different from Germany, where Jewish bankers were NOT afraid during the XIX-XX century to boast its power. But after the I world war lost by the coalition of Jewish bankers and German industrialists, things got sore, the alliance broke and hell got loose. So Weimar America as all the cycles of military-financial power won’t end well. The question is when, and how many corpses will be seeded in that path.

It all started with the silent coup d’etat of 1973, against the three ‘pillars’ of national power in America, the $, the army and the presidency, which represented a change of cultural paradigm from the last golden age of mankind, in search of sustainable solutions to the world, to the go(l)d age from Nixon to Trump, which would ever since apply the Goebbels method of mass-media-hate manufacturing of brains by sheer repetition; the Gœring method of military solutions to economic problems and the biblical revivalism of primitive pre-axial age, pre-rational mythic, ego-centered trips and beliefs, which made Americans return back to a neo-colonial state, ransom to the FMasters; as the enlightened euroamerican culture sunk into the pre-r=evolutionary zeitgeist, today prevailing in the world:

Now both the military and the go(l)d culture massacre wholesale mankind but the go(l)d culture does so with information at distance and so they are the ‘weaker link’ when things get sore. So they can be offered to the masses by the military defending the ‘nation’. Ultimately though the victim is the 99%, including conceded, the lower classes of the military (soldiers) and go(l)d culture (peddlers) though those do massacre mankind and die.

Consider then what is going on today in Weimar America, but cannot be told: the go(l)d culture is massacring wholesale people all over the place, with the same system the go(l)d culture has used for 3000 years and counting – corrupting politicos and laws to leave defenseless the common people and the massively implemente Go(l)d values of null value to life to make profits.

The limit of this behavior, being in the past the action-reaction cycles of anti$emitism and when things really got out of hands (Eunuch trade, castrating millions in the Middle Ages; war loans and usury debt, etc.) pogroms ‘solved’ the crisis. No I am not cynical – the crisis of course WOULD BE SOLVED by denying the values of go(l)d of the table, and impose ethic values – but as the essence of Judaism are those values and the DENIAL OF TRUTH IN VERBAL THOUGHT, by myths and fantasies and ego-trips never quite realized, the solution MUST BE IMPOSED FROM OUTSIDE, with anti-militarism and anti-$emitism, that is with HUMANISM AS THE ONLY TOLERATED IDEOLOGY on how society must work. Now for the details of the Weimar massacre – a few only. The Shackleys, a family of you doctors, first marketed valium as a good drug to women in the 50s, which became like my mother, zombies with ‘authorized drugs.

As Weimar advanced in its corruption and the Holocaust Industry shielded them from criticism, they applied the same concept after corrupting the drug administration to pass those drugs, to the opium massacre of the last decades. They made over 30 billion in profits. 1/2 million people are estimated to have died and counting. As the legal system is ‘owned’, all court suits were dismissed or ‘the foot soldiers’ of the anonymous society where its ‘ari-stockrats, overwhelmingly ‘yous’, as the middle age aristocrats have no court responsibility, issue money, the language of power, then weapons, with no limit and so rule supreme, pay for them

 The Sacklers just donate to Museums that put their names as the names of kings in Middle age buildings, in big letters. What do you think all other pharmacy companies did – all owned by ‘yous’ (calvinists, same religion, modern go(l)d version must be put in their elites on the same bag, of no morals for the morals of go(l)d)… Sue the Sacklers TO get a piece of the pie, and liberate the patent to enter the market, not for breaching the hypocratic oath, which rules in Europe the medical profession – showing there is an alternative WOR(L)D culture and capitalist go(l)d values of human extinction are NOT science, neither unavoidable – nor related to race, my family of sephardim converso doctors here in Catalonia, which started the first private health-care service for the poor a century ago, DO follow the hypocratic oath; here costs for a birth are 1/10th those of U$ and with less victims, drugs are free but opium is NOt sold, etc. etc.

Now the pogrom of the Sacklers is not on view but a rival ‘you’ pharmaceutical mogul in Canada has been murdered. But of course, the solution that Mr. Trumpuppet proposes is NOT to jail Mr. Sackler and family but to make death penalty to the petty traders below the real culprits – very much in the way the first opium crisis was handled – to accuse the Chinese, the consumers, not the big dealers, the Scot and jewish bankers.

The opium trade was then also cornered in the XIX c. by the Sasoons – with huge interests in the financial industries – and Vidals (today better known for their sasoon and Vidal hair products)… then two powerful, ‘you’ families in Britain, along Calvinist Scots (as we say same go(l)d fundamentalist racist concept, reason why America is ‘one’, the elite you bankers, the foot soldiers of capitalism baptist-calvinist wasps: ‘gold is the intelligence of god’ – Calvin, ‘the invisible hand of god’ bigot calvinist philosopher, Mr. Adam Smith, iconic name of the first ‘you sinner’ and the ‘first germ-an smith’)…

Another massacre: private false education – internet titles that are not validated anywhere, made with loans from sharks, marketed as ‘get your title’ started by another ‘you’ with anotherhelp’ from a ‘fund investor’ who invents money in Wall Street – University of Phoenix protected by the Apollo group anonymous society – we know the names of all of them but just put the one of the Shackleys because frankly that is mass murder to the first degree, the rest just destroy your life and make you a debt usury slave. So again Phoenix University – the Apollo group – corrupted the Obama administration to get on top of fees for false degrees delivered through internet that nobody recognizes a massive billion $ subvention as Obama was proud of ‘rising the educational standards of the poor’, sure LOL.

NOW THIS PARTICULAR business again caught fire and every other University started a similar scam including the present POTU$, Puppets of the U$, which opened a scam University for real state developers handling certificates without ever attending, giving lectures, etc. all for internet. Internet scams of finances being treated elsewhere… the trend is there: scammers LOVE TO BE INVISIBLE, and for that reason Internet is invisible. The last of the scams now ongoing – selling you digital numbers, as money – as cryptocurrencies, which will trigger the 3rd crash of the market in 2018 according to the 9 years cycle.

Invisibility is indeed the game achieved through the holocaust industry, which makes however America likely the most exploited world of the eternal alliance between weapons violence and go(l)d profits, since the Middle Ages. Consider for example, Las Vegas Casinos. They are NOT owned by Italians, which are merely the managers of an industry in the hands today of two Wall Street Inversors, the Wynns and the Adlesons, which obviously belong to the people who issue numbers as monetary order with no limit. Alas, for decades Americans have received from evil wood masterpieces of ‘eviL’ based in the go(l)d and violence of Italian Mafiosi, which are indeed perfectly portrayed. Nobody does better a portray of Human eviL from any other culture than the jewish writers, singers, righteous scholars, pouring thousands of books and films on the evilness of that callous inferior species, the human being, which we are justified to massacred as ‘prevention war’. So of course the FMasters have never felt more justified to massacred mankind at distance through go(l)d values now that they are truly untouchable. Even the present attack on sexual sins – murder is NOT a sin, sex=reproduction of mankind always suspicious – has so far gotten in jail only a man – an Arab doctor, mr. Nassar. As it happened with the Wall Street 2008 scam, besides the Ponzi scammer that robe ‘wealthy yous’, only a person entered jail – a hindi… for Inside trade.

So back to our ‘university’ guys, which have all in paper a house (mortgage scam), a title (internet university) in their dreams, but in reality are homeless (foreclosure) and all now in debt, with a wet paper of no value, so without job – all paid twice by tax payers.

As the 1 trillion and counting mortgage scams of doing dual mortgage on poor people knowing they couldn’t pay JUST AS AN EXCUSE TO INVENT NUMBERS OF MONEY, WHICH IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS CIVILIZATION, to invent numbers as money and buy and rule the world with it.

In every realm of America, finances, education, health, jails (also now privately owned by Wall Street moguls, maintaining at 1$ per day and with slave labor people sent to pasture, by ‘you’ righteous judges, which have a ‘cut’ in the business, giving the highest incarceration rate on planet Earth), food (all safety standards gone) America CHOSE after II world war the go(l)d values of the you culture specially after the 1973 coup d’etat that started the American Weimar… And so this leads of course to the final huge business of war and robots – now the biggest export of Israel (60% of drones).

Jewish non-historic science is the essence of the antiquantum paradox – the true scientist of history is so small that IT IS REPRESSED BY power to not tell the truth of history, in inverse fashion to quantum physics where it is so big that it influences the observable – as Historians we are going to criticize the father culture of capitalism, the terminator industry, the modern obsession for race and nationalism, the ROLE MODEL OF THE NO-WAY OUT WORLD that is driving life and history to extinction due to its memes of worship of metal and despise of mankind.


As we stated initially Judaism is taken step by step, relentlessly guided by the values of money, the humankind into suicide, producing autonomous military robots (with Israel and US as its biggest producers); sucking into Wall Street with its global network of ‘investment’ banks all the wealth of the elites of all 3rd world and 1st world nations to jack up the prices of computer companies like those of MAGA above the trillion dollars, while leaving with no credit and no welfare production goods the 90% of mankind; and of course producing a generous wealth of bizarre hate memes and fictions that deactivate any chance for the species to take seriously the no-future we walk guided by our ‘Financial-Media-Academia Masters’… 

But alas there is no reason to worry, as long as the chosen and righteous superior races can see in their account a few more zeroes they will never have time to spend. Because indeed, the entire human species is today ruled by a very simple ‘concept’ – the reproduction without limit of digital numbers in computer screens called money, regardless of what they mean, how they are used, where they will take us… Nothing of it matter, when for 5000 years and counting go(l)d has hypnotized the mind of the apiru… Problem is the 90% of mankind who is not so ‘driven’ towards extinction and hate, would actually like to have a saying in that future, and our FMAsters will not let them talk – only their ‘victimism’ about their past deaths, but never about the causes of their future ones, must be heard, the repetitive mantra and weeping for corpses of the past – because greed blind them to their future, now the future of all of us…

Indeed, unfortunately the ‘oldest animetal culture’ of mankind is the one which has no limit in its worship of metal-memes and the despise of human memes, and I say unfortunately because I used to belong to this culture and because this culture is today on top of us.

Consider a simple recent event. As UNO tried to forbid autonomous robots able to kill without human intervention, 4 nations veto the measured ensuring we will be killed in the future by our Guardiums and Predators, once they turn around with AI programs of hate to mankind: UK, U$ and Israel… and Russia, their rival in the weapons markets that initially agreed to the prohibition but had then to match the attitude of the ruling power… not coincidentally the parts of the Earth in which Judaism rules (except for Russia) and most of its population live. Why then Judaism IS the suicidal culture of mankind, when it seems on the contrary absolutely obsessed by its survival? As the oldest most complex memetic culture of humanity, this question requires a long study of the most censored part of the science of History – go(l)d memes and its cult(ure)s, its origin in history, its cycles of war and holocausts, its beliefs and suppression of human life drives, its tragedies and its systemic despise and murder ‘at distance’ through go(l)d of the rest of the species they feel alienated from…

Now, when Israel falls, which will not be to the peasants it holds for sadist ministrations in the concentration camp of Gaza, but when those AI terminators, guardiums and predators turn around their weapons in the wall of shame and massacred them, I wonder how they will manage to blame mankind for their self-suicide and pray to Go(l)d for their survival… I am pretty sure they will find a way to justify it all ‘again’.


The final frontier: ending Semite wars against Iran and then China.

So what will happens soon when as predicted for so long UK-US Potus (Puppet of the United States) and Miss Fuk (First minister of United Kingdom :) – sorry guys, I am a European from a higher humanist culture, with some ‘dark humor on the astounding egocy of our FMAsters and 11 plus slavish tribes… at the end of times, Go(l)d values control totally this planet? How the millenarian prophecy ends at the end of times? You don’t have to be a genius to understand it: the end of times, the end of the world, the suppression of mankind by the robotized armies and cosmic nuclear bombs and Nanobacteria researched in the labs of IDF, Pentagon and British BAE.

And to that aim, we are now all becoming mimetic puppets of our Levi nation, Israel, imitating its 60% globalized industry of robotic terminators, predators and guardiums, letting our information be managed by one Page and one Zuckenberg (sugar trade, hence enslaver surname) of Google and Facebook and of course, we love evil wood films, buy companies in Wall Street, believe our academia bigots of Friedman’s economics and even give the Nobel prize of literature to a bigot radical pro-Israel guru by the name of Jacob… Dylan… faking of course with the surname of the extraordinary Irish poet of the European culture.

Because that is the game that brought Israel to fulfill almost, China and Iran impeding, to the informative mental manufacturing of planet Earth – newspeak, disguising, ‘female, informative’ black hole tricks. Indeed information is invisible. We hide the money we use, the black hole that manages the galaxy is invisible and his force, gravitation is invisible, the cells of your body don’t know there is a brain simultaneously programing them all, your cells do not have access to any head outlet of information. The head knows it all, the cells are blind and obey.


So what will happen then after the Millenarian prophecy so close to happen OCCURS IS OBVIOUS either CERN or nanrobots or robotic weapons all ‘with the mind and values of gold, etinighish life – 14 may Trumpuppet, debt slave of his ultraorthodox political family, the Kushners, that saved him from bankruptcy and the lows of Stern’s porno shows, will reject the Iranian peace, put Salman of ‘Ibn Saud’ property – arabia on the march – after selling them 40 billion $ weapons to that end and start the last phases of the ‘Semite wars’ between islam, Israel and its puppet western Financial-media empire, SINCE LIBYA and SYRIA have been destroyed, Egupt back under the boot – so ONLY Iran remains before THE FINAL GLOBAL WAR WITH CHINA, made with robots occurs – but as two fronts are too much they are doing peace now in Korea…

Death of Humanity (the future).

 Pumping up ‘primitives’ to global power. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 19.22.50

In the graphs, some of the causal genocides of human beings, degraded and finally massacred wholesale by technological civilisations.
It is a classic of history, that the ‘animetal’ in his narrow-minded manifest destiny, provokes as symbols of progress all kind of wars and holocausst for the sake of its gods of metal with honest ‘germanic zeal’, no doubt, shinny in his simple armour, at military rhythm.
So the human being always ends loosing, drunk, forgotten and crucified. And of course, he becomes a degraded looser, in his latter days, like sitting bull, who ended drunk on the concentration camp aka reservation, shot on the back, thrown to the gutter, or the ibo people, who made the most perfect bronze statues of history but after centuries of being subject to ‘brutish’ (aka british) slave trade, reconverted them into calix to drink the blood of their own sons, sacrificed to a new god of absolute evil… which they thought was the god of the brits, asking him to spare thteir destiny. the brutish people though when finding out published it in the yellow press, Mr. Levy, the you-meme in his ‘telegraph≈torygraph’, the old ‘murdoch’ of the colonial age an account of the rituals as a proof those people were beasts inferior to dogs and asked for a campaign against their kingdom, duly brought about by the red coats who burned their capital after gun-machine murdering them all, in another act british civilisation, latter on at wounded knee, when the sioux, sitting bull dead already asked their gods to take their souls away from the concentration camp daily humiliations, the yellow press, mr. Hearst, in this case created a terrorist campaign and 1/4th of the american army was dispatched in the last cavalry march.
Today we all are aware of the brutality of Jihad Islam and we shall not defend them. After all they are the heirs of the Assyrians who fought with a brutality unknown in the fertile crescent the first cananean slavers of Israel.

The political -war side.

So of course, there is also a political, legal, military side to the globalised empire of the FMasters, namely III world war, which is just a blown up war between Islam and Israel, the oldest semitic cultures of the western world.

So let us consider as we have done with the economic control of creationist economics, with its single purpose of parasitising as debt slaves the rest of mankind and hide it all with the Holocaust industry, how the FMasters have achieved the unthinkable, just 50 years ago – the return of the European-American civilisation they control financially and politically, back from the heights of social evolution, both in economics with Keynesian New Deal and New Society and european social democratic welfare age,  and politically with the diplomatic process of dissolution of nations into international institutions (EU, UNO) into the primitive colonial XIX century brutal capitalism and shameless massacre of the poor 3rd world, for the sake of maintaining a bronze age, racist religious state buttressed with the most advanced robotic weapons, protected by the mercenary armies of all the western nations. It is a process that took 3 stages of increasing brutalisation and degradation of the ‘enemy’, the islamic civilisation to reach the present ‘bronze age behaviour’ of the Jihadist terrorist beasty people.
1) For 50 years Israel ran a concentration camp, the occupied territories under racist laws, copycat of the laws of the III reich, and South-Africa apartheid, while allowing the most backward, talmudic social groups to grow in power, with subventions, no military service, dedicated to reproduce children and repeat the needed ‘animal treatment’ to gentiles explained in its bronze age racist cults, to the point that within decades at the top of the robotic military industry they will be majority in the government and as their credo is the genocide of the ‘arabs’ living in the ‘sacred territories’ will certainly implement the extermination of those living in the concentration camp.
2) at the same time to control, disguise and further brutalise the enemy – given the fact that humanist people were backing moderate palestinians, its closely controlled French, British and American governments, (where the majority of foreign Jews lived, besides the anti$emitic russia) liberally provided weapons to military thugs establishing, corrupted western brutal dictatorships in all arab nations, while feeding also liberally with weapons and passports the most radical religious zealots, with the obvious goal of provoking a series of civil wars that destroyed the civil fabric of all those societies – so as Lenin was sent by the german army in a closed train to explode russia, the french, controlled government, since the times of the ‘Bankers of the king after the revolution (rothschild et al) who had given the bomb, when the Kennedy brothers opposed it, a few months before their murders by the ‘usual, convenient’ hired bad boys (a communist oswald and a palestinian who killed joseph), sneaked into Iran, the ayatollah, while the Americans liberally provided weapons to al quaeda.
It was obvious that once the commies were gone, the other enemy of capitalism, more personal – that is, the enemy of the bankers of capitalism, Islam, had to breed, its own crazies, to have a good excuse. So there was no attempt to rise the education of those people, to create democracies, to build as I used to propose to the FMasters a peaceful Israel, integrated in the EU, in a demilitarised zone, with a single state and free rights to work in Europe, where most palestinians and many jews would have emigrated. None of this was ‘good’, because humanist solutions are NOT in the book of animetal go(l)d and iron worshippers.
3) So alas, 9/11, the day I write, being its 15 anniversary did happen. And we shall not enter into details as if it was known or suspected and was let to happen. What mattered next is that it  took LONGER than it was required to defeat the entire Nazi army to discover a terrorist in a mule, so it had time enough to create a global electronic big brother, an emerging robotic terminator industry, a militarised world system, a massive influx of hate media and a series of splendid little wars against different Islamic nations. And then finally the jewish Mossad/CIA agent Mr. Assange (inventor of the CIA program that allows to extract information through a fax), created a masterful hollywood plot of ‘freedom’ for the Arabs of the final enemies, Iran, Syria and Lybia, to plunge them into civil wars.
But did not publish any of the immense wealth of cables of the tel aviv embassy, defending his confessed admired ‘bibi’. Because Egypt backfired (this had a good dictator) when it tried to become democratic, soon we got another al sisi dictator, hailed by western europe as a democratic saviour, who condemned to death wholesale thousands of peaceful demonstrators. So now we do have a massive world of civil wars between military dictators and jihads, in a brutalised civilisation that represents more than 1 billion of the poorest human beings, treated as colonial XIX century Europe treated primitive negroes and Asians, as Israel, a colonial primitive state becomes the role model of the robotic military age, and all nations imitate their robotised walls, segregational laws, despise for the poor and the arabs and negroes which a racist rabbi of the bronze age dictated to be inferior to dogs because his ancestor ham peed on Noah – legal reason upholded in american courts to defend slavery till the civil war.
Meanwhile the alternative humanist Eu-ONU social democratic civilisation withers away, as bankers stole the rights to print money from its nations and its citizens (ECB bank, which issues money only for corporations run systematically by Am segullah, from Tritchet to Goldman sachs vp Draghi), converted Greece in a debt state nation, in a classic move, after liberally providing their conservative politicians with soft money loans for corruption and military spending against its classic turkish rival. Soon all european nations were converted into debt slaves with the lowest gdp growth in the planet, except those who produce not welfare goods, which states must pay for with issues of money as stock-markets do not finance human goods, except germany, which is the mechanical nation, where all the money goes to reproduce machines with robots and low paid workers, who don’t seem to need more than pork and grey dresses – the animetal culture par excellence.
So alas, just when Europeans start to complain and understand, a series of jewish politicians, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande, Sarkozy, took over the 3 ruling North-European nations, put in all the important economical and foreign ministries members of the Am Segullah people castes, and tied further the knot around the choked necks of european citizens, liberally providing good excuses for Jihad terrorism, from systemic insults to Mohammed (danish paper, charlie), to myopic indifference to the movements of well known jihad soldiers (french astounding failures in all the massacres of jihad resemble closely the stubborn denial of the risks of 9/11, warned several times by agents), to an astounding cynical, perverse do-nothing except bomb with our robots, permission to continue given to Jihad Daesh and Syria’s civil war, the Poland ‘historic territories’ which Israel right wing considers to be part of grand israel, who require a proper ethnic cleansing. So a rag army of kids with kalashnikovs that military advisors said could be erased with a 2 week Uno campaign, Daesh, is allowed to terrorise and massacre Irak and Syria alike, and send jihad terrorists to Europe, but american and european nations, who spend well over a trillion dollars in weapons to ‘protect us’, cannot send land troops and erase them from the face of the earth???!!!! And son on top, the jewish chancellor miss Merkel, who backs all the policies of debt slavery of the ecb that have killed the social-democratic, most advanced humanist civilisation till date, in europe – a hated rival to the American capitalist society, which was a sore wound on the face of the blibical capitalist empire, as it showed a better world was possible… this callous iron woman, suddenly became compassive and imported without any check 1 million Syrians to keep the ethnic cleansing of the future territories of grand Israel, in a massacre not unlike that of the SS over Poland.
And of course, all this keeps rising islamophobia, and become a perfect excuse for Mr. Cameron to protect city bankers, to brexit, condemning an entire new generation of brits that were evolving away from imperial nostalgia and joining the europeans in their attempt to create an alternative future for mankind…

This will say though: THE LAST BATTLE FOR THE SURVIVAL OF THE SPECIES WAS FOUGHT IN AMERICA, a small world of all races and cultures, between the two dominant cultures of the west, the enlightened wor(l)d, the European, Greek->Latin->French/American r=evolutions and the false light of go(l)d, the Jewish->Protestant->Capitalist->Corporative Metal-earth.

America, the REAL ONE, the land of the free human beings, was defeated. In his awesome book Zinn, tell us the history of the American people in search of freedom, being capture by the gold-iron cultures of Europe they run away from. In the coup d’etat of 1972, though America, the REAL ONE, the free enlightened America was  lost and died, and as in a corpse, the Biblical America that won, evilwood and Wall Street and its FMasters, kept the skin of the corpse, with a lot of make-up, of political and economical newspeaks of correctness, and the nation became a zombie, breeding inside the hard insects of the metal-earth. When I arrived there, in the 80s, ‘ENLIGHTENED’  America has just died, the DREAM WAS A NIGHTMARE FIRST, and then a flat encephalogram, of fiction thought, of ‘californios’, the beautiful, retarded youngsters of the prophetic Wells’ book ‘time machine’, and though many people did not yet know, in the night, the Morlocks, the Zombies were about to rise to earth them up. 

Expansion of the role model: Israel=South Korea<∑ US=China.

 Israel is the nation-role model of the robotic age of the metal-earth, with its twin brother, in Asia, South-Korea, also with a robotised wall with north-Korea, and similar high tech military industries, idol-ogical division with its twin brother nation and extreme techn-utopian right wing fanaticism:


In the graph, as usual history divides between a small and great west-east decoupling, being Europe a fractal mapping of Asia with its 3 similar ‘mediterranean’, indic peninsulas with similar historic roles:

-Indonesia and Greece, the se-farer cradles of civilisations, Italy-India, the road-crossing multi-linguistic culture and Arabia, Spain, the warrior regions. In the north, the mainland Germania-China and the sea-trade, insular industrial Japan-UK. Korea with a role similar to Denmark, is becoming now in the robotic age the small, advanced seed of military robotics extreme automation and fanatical animetal cults – the equivalent of Israel n in the west. Yet when the concept of a robotic defensive ‘Chinese Wall’ is expanded to the bigger nations of US (trump) and China, humanity will fully enter into the military age of robotics, doomed to suffer a future J.D.

So we must return to the beginning of the capitalist 3 ages cycle: Go(l)d cultures ->Protestant Anglo-American Companies ->Globalized ‘Jewish’ capitalism, and remember the racist memes of the FMasters, as they will be applied wholesale by its robotised machines, with the mind of classic, creationist economics embedded in the Algorithms of information that run their machines – to fully grasp, the non-future of the humankind.

semite wa4s

Now let us have a look to the political division of the world as it is in economic terms, NOT in cultural terms, as the sum of 7 peaceful regional cultures, but according to industrial nations and economical control, of which the blue colour, is the jewish-protestant biblical culture of creationist economics (owned by the $elected ‘stock-rats’, the new aristocrats, with monopoly in the issue of money, the social language of power), the globalised anglo-american culture and its financial elite on top, and the European and Hispano-American cultures, which are also owned by its financial and industrial corporations, with a much harsher policy as cultures that sponsor humanist values, and are systematically denied credit and used as debt slave colonies since the beginning of the first corporations:

We divided roughly the world in 5 regions with similar population and similar economic-ideological structure. Only 2 are nations: communist China and Hindi India. Blue is the so-called ‘western world’ – which we shall call the capitalist or Jewish empire, which recently has expanded into eastern Europe. Green the 3rd world divided between Islam and black Africa. Blue the transitional world of ex-Buddhist mongoloid and ex-socialist countries.

In that regard, while we shall study the 5 regions throughout their entire history, in different posts of this web, there is one dominant ‘future’ culture that has expanded most of its memes worldwide, obviously the blue one – the west, the capitalist culture, the culture of the bankers – the Jewish empire. And so we must understand its values and how they have evolved capitalism to know what is their project for mankind – none, mankind is not ‘their theme’, but rather ‘something’ they care nothing about and would rather prefer it did not exist.

The yellow Indians have its Aryan variety, with its people-castes, now with the Brahmin party on power, just yesterday a Dalit-untouchable committed suicide in a University depressed for being ‘out-casted’ (10% still belong to that caste). So who is rational, normal, human after all? The Chinese reds, despite the astounding growing brutality and corruption of their communist parties, as the oldest most successful, word-based culture of humanity, most of the old Russian empire to the northwest of China, and the Buddhist to the south-east. (I didn’t make the map and the guy made some errors, the Balkans down there in green should be violet, pakis and afghans green). This is about it, and those 2 islands of still some verbal meaning – after all the Russian language is the first Indo-European language with Anatolian-Ionian Greek, hence the most evolved SVO, which gave them always a certain sense of rational thought.

Now we can be more precision that graph, and see that 3 ‘cultures of the wor(l)d’, are the most limited in its growth, 2 of them, clearly corrupted into military inquisitions, which we shall therefore no longer defend (but who were brutalised as debt slaves ‘forever’ since they were born as truly r=evolutionary humanist forms of thought: Islam and Communist-Socialist nations, all of them subject to harsh embargos – Iran and Cuba and Venezuela and the most brutal of them all, North Korea, perfect excuse to build along Israel and Mexico the first robotised walls of the future.

But, while those military inquisitions long, long ago killed the r=evolutionary message of Mohammed (exactly at the Karbala battle, +1300 years ago, no need for details on scholarship) and the r=evolutionary message of Marx-Lenin-Trostky (95 years ago at the Warsaw battle), and so little is lost to those embargos, the 3rd wor(l)d culture the FMasters and its usury schemes and massive printing of e-money to corrupt whatever was left of democracies, have destroyed was the most advanced western humanist wor(l)d culture who could reign on the chip radiation of e-money, robot labor and terminators – the Social European-American enlightened 60s r=evolution. So it is worth to see how they destroyed it, first in America in the coup d’etat of 1972, and in Europe, in the coup d’etat of 2000, when the ECB took over the rights to print money of all its nations, and gave it NOT to Germany but to Goldman Sachs.

But they are also devolving and fast. As the globalized animetal culture extends its TV-hate memes and Internet, hypnotic bullshit, just at the gates of the great dumber of humanity 3D virtual reality, which we anticipated 20 some years ago will be the final frontier, for a society of ‘plants’ sucking into a fiction world, corpses connected to a machine – not unlike those of Matrix. That and good old cheap marihuana, fast being legalized for the masses to stay home and wan* on enhanced internet 3D porn. Alas, the destiny the capitalist world is tracing for the goyyim, remember, Halakhah tell us not to walk with pigs, dogs and gentile, the sons of Satan. And now evilwood is gonna deal wholesale with his feeble brains, and the sheeple will sing, hurrah, in the land of the free.

Thus, the Financial-Media Head of the Capitalist empire with centers in Wall Street the City and Frankfurt (e-money reproduction) and evilwood (media creation) is owned by the oldest animetal culture, hence the most sophisticated one, able to disguise its wolf predatory nature under a sheep skin of ritualistic, pseudo-religious care, based in the idol-ogies of political correctness (capitalist democracies are freedom and the only possible system), economical correctness (debt money is right, private bankers monopolizing the creation of money in markets – 95% of new money is created by them – is synonymous of freedom), military correctness (3rd world desperado peasants dying of hunger and humiliation that blow themselves up in 3rd world countries and a couple of times with our help – as we look elsewhere else so it could happen WTC – – blow us also) are such extraordinary measure that we must spend 1/2 of our budget in the military to fight the Semite wars of apartheid Israel… and so on and so on.

The neocon Jewish empire of the 3rd age of the industrial evolution is thus enormously sophisticated in its newspeaks studied in the right side, to the point that resistance to them in the west is null; but the ultimate goals of this empire – the recreation of a bronze age, apartheid, racist, repressive life-hating culture of worship of metal till robots expel all humans from labor and war fields; and the final realization of the Millenarian doctrine of the Babylonian Talmud ‘at the end of times all men will be slaves of Yvwh – the subconscious collective of the Jewish people – or will become exterminated’ has NOTHING TO ENVY to the callousness of Nazi or British colonial Imperialism.

We observe the present stage of the Millenarian prophecy, by dividing the world map in roughly 5 regions of equal population. The Jewish empire is absolute in the blue region in which the reproduction of money and information, the financial media system is owned in around 80% of companies and positions of power by members of this culture (central bankers, media and financial companies).

All politicos on those areas except a few remaining rebels (Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia), obey them, worship their rituals and give their taxes and mercenary armies to their agenda. Next it comes the yellow Indian ally, still under the ideological boot of the British Empire and a stalwart against the common Islamic enemy. In a neutral state the old communist and south-Asian world, show different degrees of submissiveness to the financial-media empire, almost absolute in eastern Europe and Philippines and Thailand, milder in Russia, Indonesia and Indochina, under the war boot in Pakistan and Afghanistan. On the other side, the last enemy, are the two blocks in red and green, China, Islam and Africa.

And again the main divide is between Islam, white Africa, enemy of apartheid Israel and site of the Islamic guerrillas that fuel the perpetual war on terror, and neutral in black Africa that China is conquering with money and good will but still maintain its dictators from the colonial corrupted age. Those are the blocks that are enacting the splendid little wars of the III world war age, and will for the rest of the century divide humans into tribal hate that will keep evolving robotic weapons and big brother till A.I. take over, unless the system is reformed.

Bankers RUN the economic system, and they are (80% of CEOS and CFOs of the western 500 fortune, and central bankers, 80% of mass-media corporations, 54% of the wealthiest 1% of Americans), Jewish overwhelmingly belonging to conservative Orthodox religions. And SO any attempt to explain history today  MUST DEPART FROM WHAT THE FMASTERS WANT TO DO WITH THE WORLD. As they ARE DOING IT. IF YOU WANT TO explain the future of Hispano-America from the XVI century on, you had to know NOT what 100 million Indians wanted to do, but what 30.000 spaniards who just had controlled the Culture with their advanced 2 languages of social power, gold and artillery, had in mind, and more precisely what the government of the colonising nation Spain, had in mind.

The devolution of mankind increases constantly as the super organism of humanity dies. It is the neopaelolithic back to the semitic brutal first age of animetals, signified by the capitalist ab=uses of orthodox jewish billionaires on top of the financial and stock-market industries and the brutal murders of jihad terrorists. The hardest memetic cultures of go(l) and iron thus ride the wave of human extinction as they rode its beginning. The difference being, the financial/capitalist informative elite is invisible, the warrior energetic ‘stars’ of the anti-human eviL system of death known to all and yet none of them are ‘prevented’ with humanist policies and a true military able to do something more than testing robotic weapons with air strikes.

Now it is the time of the 3rd age of history and so Jihad Islam and Go(l)d Judaism, the 2 oldest animetal cults are at it again. As-syrians and israelis, tal para cual.

This is not anti-american biasing. When you live in Anglo-America and meet the elite, you realise they are actually ‘real’. I mean those people who own corporations of billions of $ with hundreds of thousands of workers do put on top of their head a kappa, and go to inquisitorial go(l)d temples to utter mantras in arcane languages, about their chosen race. Do you wonder then why they couldn’t care less about their existence on top of a pyramid of debt slaves?

For 30 years i thought that the Europeans of that culture could resurrect the dream of anglo-america as the most advanced civilisation of mankind, but that hope is gone. Anglo-America is so degraded in their memes and its machines so much powerful in their control of this planet that little hope is left for resurrection

The Jewish empire:  80% of western bankers’. Their political agenda.

Now let us have a look to the political division of the world as it is in economic terms, NOT in cultural terms, as the sum of 7 peaceful regional cultures, but according to industrial nations and economical control, of which the blue colour, is the jewish-protestant biblical culture of creationist economics (owned by the $elected ‘stock-rats’, the new aristocrats, with monopoly in the issue of money, the social language of power), the globalised anglo-american culture and its financial elite on top, and the European and Hispano-American cultures, which are also owned by its financial and industrial corporations, with a much harsher policy as cultures that sponsor humanist values, and are systematically denied credit and used as debt slave colonies since the beginning of the first corporations.

In the graph we see the present condition of the seven cultures of mankind derived from those Horizons of anthropomorphic and Universal Gods. As we live in an age of collective death atrophy and regression of humanity to primitive beliefs, fuelled by the obsolescence to chips, virtual machines and visual thought, it is obvious that the zeitgeist today is NOT the expansion of EU and UNO, bridging through Russia into an alliance with China, with the aim of replicating EU like institutions in the seven regions of mankind and finally creating a perfect world without wars, where humans could manage the evolution of chips for its advantage, but the regression to the earlier semite ages of fundamentalist war between warrior arab jihads and biblical go(l)d churches, based in hate memes..

In the graph, the Rainbow Planet & its 7 modern cultures derived from historic, memetic beliefs. Above as THEY are carved in the process of globalisation by the FMMI system of corporations ruled by stock-rats, which invade other cultures through multinational, military and financial power, making de facto most of Europe, Hispano-America and Australasia part of the Jewish-American financial-media empire – puppet nations that obey the same idol-ogies of capitalism and victimism and mechanism of its masters..

Anglo-america proper including Australasia is the closest both genetic and cultural group of the planet, as the privileged lands of conquer of the first anglos who started the Industrial revolution. It is as such the more externes in space, the less inhabited in people, as most of the natives were extinct. An it comprises, the original UK islands, Canada, US australia and new zealand, around 30 million square kilometres, but only 400 million living people on them.

For good measure, australia which has been ripped off from indonesia, its original culture, has as many people living on it that the island of mumbai of a few dozen kilometres in Ini

The American forms with the Hispano, the peculiar ‘modern new cultures’, which stem from the same roots of western Europe. This the Anglo-American does not recognise. In fact specially in the US, it offends him.

In UK, not so much because of the historicism of their culture – after all they won the world empire battling for centuries the Hispano in the high seas, with the highlights of Armada and Trafalgar. And when retiring they come to  sunny Spain, where they are fairly treated; so it is difficult for them to keep the black legend going as they do in the US – i.e. just now they realise the Spaniard pay them 500 million pounds in hospitals, better in the humanist side of Europe, for their retirees and havenever asked a penny back, which now brexit will have to foot.

The difference in origin is subtle and NOT genetic – to the surprise of the highly racist germanic nostalgics, when done the genetics of it, turned out 80-90% of genes of UK and Irish people were basque->spanish, because let us not forget this ever, human life and animetal memes are opposite.

So the Neolithic seafarer stone-henge builders of Northern Spain who colonised first the islands are the natives (something I noticed in Wales, where they really look identical); the invaders of the iron age were only an elite of warrior germ(an) animetals, which left as all ‘head-particles’ do in a ternary system, their memes not their genes, and their primitive I-centered language. Weather then made the only noticeable change on the color of the skin, totally superficial as it happened in opposite fashion with Aryan in India, now coloured and blacks in Chicago, now pale.

The huge difference thus is of memes since earlier age. The Hispano being at the end of the 800 years arch of invaders, was war macho, lineally oriented; the anglo, being the end of the 800 years wave of sea-water ways of trade, was female, trade, amber-money oriented. And so their opposition has always been one of animetal memes, not of race. And when they took to sea to conquer the world, as money always comes to dominate mercenary armies, the Anglo-American prevailed.

Then it made the steam machine first, which the Spaniards copied; so the city I talk from, Barcelona was after Manchester in the XVIII century the two biggest industrial centres by number of steam machines and mills; soon followed by North France, Belgium and New England, and because money was a biblical religion with no limits, disgracefully for the future of the world, Anglo-America became a compacracy and build to destroy the mechanocene.

In the perfect world, one ruled by social scientists not people-castes of power, the first conscious decisions of all global politicians will be National reform: Cultures NOT nations should be the political units of the rainbow planet. So power would be transferred upwards to the heptarchy of 7 cultures and downwards to the regional ‘communities’ the way the new-humanism wishes (new left party and young movement in Europe – Indignados/podemos in Spain being the most clear case and America – Occupy Wall Street and the Ecological/community movement).

In the left graph we see the reality of modern Globalization, as the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial complex born in the Anglo-American culture, with head in the original biblical go(l)d culture invades all others through its media communicator systems. Each colour on the left represents 1/5th of the human population. The blue 1/5th is the Western World made up of the Anglo-American, EU and old british and iberian empires, controlled in their Financial-Media networks by the single World culture of the FMasters and its mass-media and Wall-Street-City-Frankfurt banksters.

As such it is in an splendid permanent robotic war evolving fast the new terminators of the XXI c. with Islam, the original enemy of the conflict between Apartheid Israel and Palestine, now blown up to the rest of the empire, as the rival culture is demonise by islamophobia and hate media. So in the process the European, Humanist culture this blog represents has been erased under the dual boot of an Electronic Big Brother with the excuse of terrorism and the dismantling of the Welfare state, with the excuse of financial Unification through the private ECB which does NOT issue money to states but becomes the armed branch of the FM-empire and the robotised German Military-Industrial complex.

OF course, Russia, which is Europe and should have joined immediately after the end of the communist dictatorship of the red army the European Union, bridging with China to build a social-democratic alternative to the FMMI Anglo-American empire has been denied its position, to counter-balance the German reborn IV reich, and was carved into statelets, denying even the Russian Nature of Kiev Rus, the founding centre of the nation, today called Ukraine (as if London or Paris was carved out of France or UK). The culture of Asia, with its self-evident radiating centre in China, was also carved out already in the XIX c. when Japan moved wholesale into an imitation of UK & Germany, as the leading FMMI system of the East. It did the job so well that ended being a rival to the FMMI anglo-American empire and so W.W.II ensued. But after the war, now as a puppet of US, Asia kept its 2 sides: the original centre, China, demonised by the ‘wo-ku’ nations surrounding it (dwarf pirates, the ancient name given to primitive Korean and Japanese pirate riders of the celestial empire:)

So US tries to exploit this artificial division, always busy in its attempts to create a new III world on the area (division of Korea, of Vietnam, of China, with Taiwan and H.K. puppet Japan played hard against all of them, etc.)

On the other side Mestizo Hispano-America, the courtyard of earlier Anglo-American mass control of 3rd world nations with military caudillos corrupted with ‘papelitos’, (debt-usury Pounds and Dollars issued for free in UK and U$, on exchange for real wealth – lands, mines and tax-farming of poor mestizo Hispano-Americans by the criollo conquistadors) was left a bit out of the hook when the FM-empire refocused its racist, hate media in Islam, obsessed by the other nation of Its Israeli elite. So some mestizo leaders from Chavez (duly murdered with a lethal viral cancer) to Morales, have taken back some rights for the ancient mongoloid social mass of their people. But many ‘bad hombres’ to the service of the US, the drug cartels liberally provided with NRA weapons and the usual elite of corrupted dictatorial politicos and Sephardim banksters, still run the show. Specially in Brazil and Argentina; hence we put still the continent on the blue empire.

As it happens with all the commonwealth nations. But Black Africa is now partially out of the hook divided between the US-UK-French-Israeli corporative exploitative mining companies and the new kid in town, China, with much more positive policies for African nations, which are starting to grow much faster, with loans from Chinese developing banks, with the downside of a massive growth of population, lost of forest land and fast extinction of life-Gaia species. Islam, we know is the land of very-very bad hombres. So no need to comment on that. India, though is a great disappointment for this writer, ever since Lord Mounbatten crafted the raj into artificial statelets on the basis of hate-religion speeches, to make a mess of it, with Hindi vs. Islamic nationalisms.

WHAT we call Indonesia, which also comprises the lost-stolen lands of Australasia, was the original birth of the Homo Sapiens talking man (likely the Homo Floresiensis) and should have been reconquered by a less pacifist/naive Gandhi, going underground during the Salt March and liberating by force the ENTIRE Raj from UK, which was easily doable in the 1920s, then making NOT religion but Bahaist mestizo-like movement of ideas, the counterpart of body-mestizo Hispano-America: a FUSION CULTURE OF ALL THE CULTURES OF THE WORLD NOT ERASED AS IN THE FMMI AMERICAN WOLD, WHERE PEOPLE ARE NOT IN A MELTING POT, BUT ERASED OF ALL ORIGINAL HUMAN MEMES TO CONVERT THEM INTO $LAVES OF CORPORATIONS, WITH THE ONLY ROLES OF REPRODUCING MACHINES AND CONSUMING-VITALIZING THEM. And so the FMMI system, NOT Euroamerica, the humanist culture of laws and bills of rights imagined before the Industrial r=evolution by the highest minds of the Euroamerican culture is now globalising and erasing all the other cultures we shall study in this section of the blog.



Apiru: those who walk behind the asses, as transporters of weapons and metal, were the first name given to the Jewish middle classes laboring to gather gold for the Am Segullah, ‘the people of the treasure’ which acted as banker priests for Mesopotamian courts fueling the war ‘pecunia infinita belli Nervi’ cycle. Today as the Financial-Media Masters that print the information of societies and main scholars of financial economics and owners of the companies of the digital era, they are guiding the human asses towards extinction according to the values of go(l)d. But the matrix of half-lies and pseudo-religion of profits, segregational memes and paranoia against mankind NEVER against metal, mimicked by their counterparts in crime, the germanic culture of war – witness how NRA never blames weapons of the massacres of U$, make America seemingly bond to destroy the world imitated by all other nations Hence the harsh biological terminology of those texts if we want to be objective with the pure M.A.D.ness of the memes ‘enzymen’ believe in..

Astarte, the bitch Goddess, who sells his reproductive life essence for go(l)d, worships eviL and dances over the sacrificial children of the Hecatomb ceremony in the age of Baal and Cainite Gods of hate against life and mankind. On the right, a ceremony that mocks the sacrifice of children to Baal in the Bohemian grove, San Francisco, where the wealthiest elite of stock-rats and politico employees meet for remembrance of things past. All has changed to remain the same among the elites of the go(l)d cult(ure)s that run the evolution of the metal earth and its parallel extinction of life, Gaia and History

In the graphs, some insights on the cultural nature, power and control through history of the collective subconscious of animetal cultures, under the mental guidance of FMAsters, owners of the Financial-Media-Academia Networks of informative machines which manufacture money dominate the world because they buy with it the military-media systems creating a global super organisms of machines.

And they also manufacture human brains with audiovisual information with the same machine.

So they have globalized a cultural ‘superstructure’ of correct thoughts on the positive and ‘thoughtcrimes’ that ‘silences’ any attempt to explain the simple fact that America IS owned, its ‘presidents are $elected’ (Roosevelt) and the people who issue money are the same that did it in Germany for millennia, people belonging to the memeplex of Judaism and its ‘second layer’ of ‘authorized Americans’ (Wasp).

SO I DONT think the UK-U$ ‘favorite house negro slaves’ of the FMasters will EV ER rebel but rather sent his anger down the fascist scale towards the 3rd world they so much love to despise. Indeed, this is the trend of choices like Apartheid Israel, UK Brexit or Trumpamerica – to blame of the brutal misappropriation of money and ditching of humanity as a lesser species to the AI robots they worship of higher profits-productivity, onto the 3rd world that has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, and of course, Russia, the old r=evolutionaries pumped up into galactic potency menacing us, LOL:

In the next graph a bit of dark humor, the surrealist trademark of the humanist European civilization to which I belong, in face of the absolute determinism of the manifest destiny of the go(l)d culture, which it prepares for all of us:

What I never understood is the highly intelligent, historically informed, emotionally deep Jewish people, coming from a sephardim family on the mother side – I never understood that locked love of money at all costs, even life.  In paper, in reason it would be so easy to make a perfect world where all would thrive. It would have taken much less effort to build the perfect world of systems sciences that achieve the destruction of a 3.5 billion years process of painstaking evolution of life in just 400 years since Sephardim bankers and German gunboat crews and workers started the Industrial r=evolution that now ends. It is that program of the mind to do eviL=antilive death, which has jumped over all warnings since the parable of the tree of metal and the tree of life, what I never understood.

Because my mind is free, and individually most people of any human culture are humane, the program of memes of self-destruction seems bizarre. It is easily comparable to the program of viral genes, enacted on the lower scale by a viral infection similar to that of animetals over man’s idol-ogies of worship of the species that will kill us, so ‘rational’ in terms of 5D super organisms. But still even I wish to think that humans ‘care’ to survive, are ‘free’ and can ‘change’ their minds. Data though seems to corroborate a programmed self-destructive M.A.D. head on top of our species, which everybody else imitate:

The idea behind the self-censorship of political correctness is pure madness, but works to program people in the belief that if a mass of humans ‘dream’ a fantasy world it ‘will be created’ ad magic. Then any ‘secessionism’ from mass belief becomes a thoughtcrime that ‘breaks’ the fantasy. Hence the denial of facts which we ‘refuse’ to see, and the ad hominem campaigns against any rational warning dismissed as ‘apocalyptic’ to ensure indeed that all lemmings will fall together into the cliff of extinction.

The Jewish inquisition in that sense IS the pegging ‘religion’ of the stalwart Uk-US-Israel (Canada & Australasia) central company-mothers civilization, which is now ‘brexiting’ mankind on the hope a world of robotic ‘better servants’ can be managed by the ‘victims of history=mankind’, a non-reliable goy=animal species. This is the ultimate meaning of it all – but of course, the fairy tale of political correctness would consider this underwriting of history an absolute sin. Fact though is Holocaust films and museums to the only people we must pity, keep cropping specially close to the centers of power of that civilization, which amazingly enough ignores all the other holocausts it has caused (no black holocaust, Indian holocaust, Colonial holocaust museums I am afraid in US or UK, but alas, a century latter we still have plans for another memorial in UK just by the side of the House of the Parlament, no more no less than in the core of London which obviously had nothing to do with it to educate the masses:

“A new national Holocaust memorial next to parliament will be designed by a team led by Sir David Adjaye after a competition that attracted entries from some of the world’s leading architecture and design consortiums. The project, to which £50m of public money has been committed, is expected to be completed by 2021. The winner was announced at the Victoria and Albert Museum on Tuesday in the presence of many high-profile figures involved in the competition, including the communities secretary, Sajid Javid, the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, the former chancellor Ed Balls, Sir Peter Bazalgette from the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation, the Design Council chief executive, Sarah Weir, and Ephraim Mirvis, the chief rabbi. Holocaust survivors were also present (centenary men I suppose, LOL).”

So there is a routine of ‘fairy history’ completely beyond any sense of accurate data – not speak causation and solutions that matter… And this is possible because of the increasing erasing of all verbal forms of thought. The trillions printed in e-money give enough to completely rewrite mankind with ‘crapcode’.

To which we must add the ‘mechanical evolution of metal-minds in America’, which is eliminating verbal, rational thought and so as IQ degrades fast in the Facebook, virtual generation of happy fantasies, and kids that cannot tolerate negative thoughts; so they knee-jerk react to any reality bites factoid, the metal mind hypnotism makes so IMPOSSIBLE to put the selfie generation into real activism. All in all Weimar America keep going whatever it does with its sheeple.


The fundamental anti truth that protects the animetal top predator, the banker-priest who issues digital numbers of money in monopoly to price mankind as part-time slave for a salary, in the past as full time slave, is the anti-truth of victimism: the top predators of history turn out to be the victims of mankind.

Let us then define the anti-truth with some humor on the voice of an ardent defendant of victimism:

In the graph the symbiosis between idol-ogies and cult(ure)s of metal and the astounding arrogance of their people-castes who first learned to survive by ab=using life with those metal-memes.

What you call judaism is merely the ‘memeplex’ of the culture that found go(l)d, informative metal, and became symbiotic to ‘Germanism’, the culture that dominated iron (entropic metal) and together evolved the metal-earth that will kill mankind and life – it is a very complex memeplex that ‘aborts’ life – aborts sex: sin, good food: dietary laws, eusocial love to mankind: hate memes, segregation, etc. to promote the function they have performed historically: accumulate metal-information. You might not like it but the 0.002% of mankind. or ‘neuronal class of judaism’, controls 80% of CEOs and CFOs and central bankers of media, banking NOT conspiration, fact SO they CREATE with credit the present world… the ‘body-class’ is irrelevant in any organism. OF COURSE IS NOT RELEVANT TO THEM but to mankind’s brutal exploitation by ‘capitalist democracy’ – as part of the center of all the idol-ogies of the dominant culture of the metlal earth

You might argue Germanism is straight-forward worst (racism, murder), and that the ‘values’ of those anti-live=eviL memeplexes are NOT those of their carriers (neither you or me with massive genetic  of them, have them), but HISTORY IS A SUPERORGANISM AS THE UNIVERSE IS AND HAS MEANINGS – THAT humans are at an extraordinary low level of comprehension of the Universe, which is NOT only written in maths, is not my fault… Fact is the memes of judaism+germanism are the main memes that extinguish this planet – and themselves. Only agree on the fact THEY DONT KNOW how all this ‘complex system works’ – part of the extraordinary success of any SYSTEM is to program its parts without them knowing for what they are programmed – it is THE INTELLIGENCE OF SUPERORGANISMS, described in those webs. NOT a single you or American for that matter has the slightest idea of what is their role in history (the role of their memes)

As they just issue money, buy companies others have developed, give zero rights to the real people that work on those companies, parasite them, with minimal salaries, get all the rewards as profits and speculative jacked up prices, and pay no taxes, and cheat consumers reproducing lethal goods in huge numbers, from weapons to opium pills, and lower all standards of safety in consumption. Essentially thus we live in a system created for and by those who issue money in monopoly, based in its millenarian segregational hate-memes against humanity, all this disguised with the anti-truths and newspeak of ‘victimism’ (holocaust industry), economic correctness (classic economics NOT as what it is, the digital version of the segregational hate memes of biblical sects but ‘science’) and don’t worry be happy (virtual screens).

And the result is what we see: the 1% having as much as the 99% and using all its money to foster further the evolution of the goods of maximal price/profit: weapons of mass destruction or minimal cost/profit: hate memes that simultaneously program our minds; killing the body and mind of mankind as what they truly are… the historic top predator of our species. 

Because 80% of the CFOs, CEOs and Central bankers of financial and Fortune 1000 Industries in the west belong to the o.2% of Judaism, access to credit allows the oldest go(l)d culture to create reality globalizing its primitive Bronze Age memes of segregational go(l)d religions evolved through classic economists into capitalism, where stock-rats have all rights and workers none, and humans become expendable. In the graph the U$ case where the 54% of the 1% belongs to judaism, which gives in a nation of absolute control of laws, prices and people by credit ratings, ‘subventions’ and money, total power to the financial elite. The monopoly in the issue of money in America by go(l)d priests THUS have several consequences. As US is rule by money, it means the absolute rule in foreign policy of this group an the globalization of its racist segregational memes against life and human labor. Capitalism is NOT a science but the last digital evolution of the go(l)d cult(ure). The origin of Judaism>Biblical Capitalism as a hate meme is NOT human, as yous belong to our species but Go(l)d related. By making of go(l)d>money values the center of its worldly religion they set up a 3000 years journey of suffering and action-reaction pecunia infinita belli Nervi war and holocaust cycle against mankind which they suffered becoming the memetic cult(ure) with worst survival rate of our species -the true intelligence of a culture Hence the need for denationalizing the financial industry as the sinequanon first condition to try to build an alternative just economic system that caters for the 99% not only a 0.2% whose hate memes to mankind make them unfit to rule us.

What we mean by a top predator culture? Merely the upper ‘neuronal, informative class’ which in any social organism of any scale of the Universe controls absolutely the rest of the organism – the blind body that works for them or re=productive middle class, and beyond, the entropic territory it ab=uses – the poor, third class of ‘enemies’, ‘slaves’, life and Gaia. This happens IN ANY SYSTEM. The brain neurons have absolute rights over the body working cells that reproduce the substances the body need to survive but are blind and ONLY receive the information selected by the head-brain, which has all the outlets of perception of the external world. While both together ab=use their territory of order/ property. But what happens in extremely ‘greedy, violent’ neuronal classes, corrupted by the values of go(l)d, which no longer caters to the minimal welfare needs of the body-cells is akin to a mad organism of a sick viral cancerous system, because they harm the body cells, which become choked off credit/oxygen, unlike any super organism of nature where ALL cells receive enough oxygen and food to survive. So a culture dominated by go(l)d values of null value to life is akin to a M.A.D. man who harms its body.

Moreover, RACISM is an absolute aberration in Nature, as any genetic organism accepts ALL cells with the same DNA, as humans should accept all humans with the same memes as part of mankind. So the segregational go(l)d memes of Judaism or iron racist memes of Germanism are absolutely aberrant. And they should NOT guide mankind.

Indeed, Nature has 3 social classes to all organisms, but the third world class IS NOT OF THE SAME DNA species. In the human case we should ab=use machines and Nature, not mankind, as organisms ab=use its territory never its own cells.

America in that sense is the epitome of that hierarchical structure of 3 aberrant social classes – never mind the placebo infotainment of Democratic elections and cancelling, inefficient ‘siamese’ parties that destroy what the other does, and have null power as deficit zero laws forbid them to issue for free, as stock-rats do, the language of social power money. So they must extort people with taxes if they want to create welfare… Those are themes treated extensively on our articles on languages of power social systems and money as a reproductive digital language akin to the hormonal and oxygen of healthy organisms.

So, yes the Jewish culture is on top of the Anglo-American societies, which is regardless of placebo democracies, strictly divided in 3 scales:  those who issue the language of power, money those who earn it working and re=producing goods for the elite and those who have zero access to it. Again Genes mean nothing here, since as Chomsky explained me in a letter 30 years ago: we are all jewish if we wish to believe in the Jewish culture, as we do through the globalization of evil wood and Hollywood:

-The Am segullah proper, on top of the metal-earth issuing ‘numbers as money’ to rule humans as objects, with the syntax of money Man (salary) = Price = Object. He is the absolute to predator that NEVER dies in Holocausts but take the money and run to the next country, where the ‘portable’ metal-information, gold, will buy new slaves, and the ‘portable anti-humanist codon’, the Bible or rather Baalble of repression of human memes will neuter life, making:

-The Habiru, or middle class of judaism, which were earlier on the sacrificial sheep of the Banker-priests (myth of Isaac). But as Judaism expanded into the third class of its top predator bankers, Mankind, were spared and substituted by ‘human sheeple’ (substitution of the Jewish child for a human sheeple=goy=gentile). As such they work hard for the Levi (banker-priests with a racial 88% purity in cgenetic tests), but DIE in the action-reaction revenge cycles, as they are the visible exploitative group that act as tax farmers, usury debt bankers, and weapons and slave traders (we must ad in this class then THE CALVINIST conversos, which rejected eusocial love, made of go(l)d their goal and adore in America the Am Segullah)…


And finally, its nemesis, the anti-function of go(l)d, WEAPONS, hence the germ(an)s of history, first Arab warriors then Indo-European warriors, which after suffering the ab=use of Am Segullah as mercenaries oppressing together mankind, when things go nasty, kill them. Point.

Now this class structure is completely in place in America, except for the last element, which LIKELY WILL NOT BE HUMAN BUT future robots that will do us all. Since Americans BELIEVE absolutely as Sheeple in the 3 ‘Jewish inquisitions’ that jail their minds: ‘abrahamic religions – they do believe amazing as it seems that Yhwh, the toponym for Judea and the jewish people created the Universe; they believe amazing as it seems in ‘capitalism’, the right of this people to issue in monopoly the digital numbers that slave them, and they believe in ‘victimism’ the astounding racist concept that the victims of judaism (jabiru) are MORE chosen victims than any of their sons dying in mercenary wars, enslaved in boats, thrown of jobs by robots paid by Wall Street, degraded in minds by evilwood…

So the American IS the perfect slave – ONE THAT LOVES HIS MASTER, the ‘house negro’ of Malcolm X stories and will NOT rebel.

The Germans did NOT believe in Abrahamic religion, had abandoned most capitalism and victimism was not on the menu, so they DID enter the action-reaction processes. What we witness today in America and the world at large as the FMasters have globalized the culture of Wall Street, evil wood and silly-con apps, IS the absolute SURRENDER OF HUMANITY as victim of Judaism->Capitalism->Masochism (victims that worship their masters), which is the core system of ‘idol-ogies’ put in place through the values of Go(l)d that give null price to life, by the top predator animetal culture of history, fast pushing with this hidden values of money the species towards extinction:

Indeed, the true crime of Judaism>Biblical, creationist economics, where a few go(l)d believers issue in monopoly the digital numbers that order mankind as objects through its mathematical grammar: Man (salary) = Money = Object (price), IS to have cre(dit)ated a financial-economic system of company-mothers of machines, weapons and money, which is an absolute dictatorship over mankind but cares nothing for mankind, because it is NOT a science of economics but. a segregational racist cult, hauling from the primitive Bronze Age, when the people who first used numbers and gold to order mankind as slave-objects thought to be above heavens and earth and called us ‘goy=animals’. And they have been the top predator animetal cultures of mankind ever since:

Indeed, the reproduction of money is the leit motiv of a capitalist system, where the people on top has a single goal: to emit as much digital numbers called money as possible and rule the world with them.
Money is merely a digital number put in any ‘cheap support’ which by law is considered to have ‘value’. So bankers, speculators and companies try to reproduce as much ‘digital numbers’ as possible, to be able to ‘buy’ the life of the people on the bottom of the pyramid with null rights to reproduce money, through salaries. A real democracy – government of the people – would be a system where all citizens/cells as it happens in healthy organisms of nature, issue a universal ‘oxygen salary’ of money, to demand welfare goods and boost the human economy, today something feasible through a ‘bitcoin-like’ UNO backed global ¥€$ salary for each human to have democratic ‘votes’ in the social language of power – money, and create a demand economy – NOT a supply one, where the few financiers and corporations that issue money, create any product with it and then ‘supply it and sell it through marketing and political corruption’, from nuclear weapons to hate media – things people would NOT demand.
But we do not live in anything that remotely resembles a ‘real democracy’. Politics in capitalism is about a ‘placebo structure called democracy’ where political servants distract people so in the background the real world of financiers printing money, buying corporations and giving orders of work to humans in mechanical industries, ‘creates’ with credit the world we live- dedicated to make and evolve machines, and let the ‘leisure class’ on top enjoy the world and tell us how ‘graceful, intelligent’ they are. While the invisible human side of ‘capitalist democracies’, the 99% lives, eternally undernourished.
This amazingly simple power hold by the 0.002% in ‘free markets’: to emit numbers as money, IS the essence of the world’s power today. And amazingly enough it passes as a ‘positive science’: ‘the wickedest of all things – to choke people off credit, to print money for mechanisms not humans, for splendid little wars, not for warfare, ultimately for the extinction of life – is considered to be done for the common goods; because obviously the people on top double his job – they not only print money with informative machines but print newspeak of freedom and encourage all kind of distractions, infotainments and placebo systems of null power, for people NOT to inquire the obvious: Why a few can print digital numbers as money, and the most must toil for it?In the graphs, we live in a capitalist world, an ‘idol-ogy’ of history, which we can trace to the earliest ‘fetish go(l)d religions’ that considers the reproduction and evolution of ‘memes of metal’, money (informative metal), weapons (entropic metal) and machines (organic metal), the leit motif of our existence as workers=re-producers and consumers=vitalizers of those machines.

So who are this 0.002% of mankind, the elite of financiers which print the western money and its overwhelming information, historically and today by imitation of its culture is followed by every body else? As you are vaccinated in a taboo, infantile, pseudo-religious way to DENY with EMOTIONAL profound ANGST and DISBELIEF, who they ARE. And will dismiss the entire blog as if they have insulted your mother… I will try the socratic method and get the answer from your brain… They belong to a single culture overwhelmingly, that represents only the 0.2% of mankind, more over, specifically to the 1% ‘elite’ of this culture – hence the 0.002%, which represents 72% of Nobel prizes of economics, around 80% of our CFOs and CEOs of financial and media industries that print audiovisual and financial information=money in the wester world, and all the central bankers of western nations at the time of writing this blog. They ‘own’ Wall Street, The city and Hollywood, and so manufacture specially the ‘7th culture’ of the world, the anglo-American culture.

Why? Because the anglo-American cultures they conquered in the glorious revolution (1688) when they moved their banks, stock-markets, gunboat companies from Amsterdam and from there established a world empire, believe all its newspeak, so they adore them. Indeed, the Anglo-American people believe:

  • In its ‘religion’ – the Baalble, their newspeak of power during the 800 year cycles in which they were the herders of gold in all western cultures, as their elite of ‘banker-priests’ herd fetish gold in ex-votes since its inception.
  • In its ‘concept of capitalist economics’ as a series of receipts for absolute power of financiers that must issue money in monopoly (this is the essence of capitalism: the right of the o.002% of mankind to issue the money of all of them), deliver it to company-mothers and the state mostly as usury-debt for war (the essential 80 years ideology of industrial nations), while humans must earn it and being taxed.
  • And of course in their mass-media hate memes against everybody else except them, ‘victims of history’.

So this people who are not ‘us’, as we work for money, they issue it, we love mankind, they consider the species a heinous genocidal species, and do not even have the same position in the chain of beings – as they are chosen of go(l)d, should be called approximately the ‘people of the treasure’ (the name given to their tribe in their arcane language) as they do issue the treasure bills, or the ‘yous’, as they are different from us. And so this people, the ‘yous’, argh, oh, yes them, you can now close the blog, Lol, ‘own’ capitalist democracies, which they found, 400 years ago, and are on top of our social pyramid, specially in the anglo-american culture, the head of the FMMI system of machines with all rights.

Now the truth about the financial-media elite and its holocaust and war belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycles, and unending processes of debt usury and money herding for the 1% that chokes mankind of credit is of course very different from the Walt Disney newspeak of the modern age of the Jewish inquisition (political and economical correctness, Holocaust Industry), and so we reflect it through the 800-80-8 years cycles in the next graph:

Yet all this in the age of audiovisual networks of information, which program emotionally people, is simply denied, history rewritten, and any criticism of this rewriting labelled as a hate crime of antisemitism, or anti patriotism or a silly case of Luddism against the superior species, both the animetal people-castes n top and their machines-weapons.

So once humans agreed to ‘believe’ a language, in the modern age money and audiovisual information reproduced by the same type of machines those who own the language, own the people buy their lives and manufacture their brains in simultaneity with waves of digital money and visual information.

In the graph, the financial-media system of information machines program people as nervous systems do, in a social manner to desire its goods as their personal goals – celebrity status and money. So the American once it think to be ‘free’ and successful in life is to be a celebrity and make money will be easily controlled by those who DO actually control the machines of information that print money and make you a celebrity.

2 of the many aspects of this which we might call the hardware and the software, or mechanical and human side of it, is:

I. The software is the deviation of goals from those of humanity and history, which meant first immortality in the super organism of mankind=god, then glory in the empire building of the 800 year military cycle, then go(l)d in the fortune seeking 80 years of the industrial cycle and now in the chip age of the virtual mind of metal, a mere virtual status as a celebrity

As History leaves way to the super organism of the metal earth, the goals of mankind which were in the age of humanism, saints, in the 800 cycles of weapons, warriors, become in the age of company-mothers of information, money and celebrity. So mankind is deviated by its informative systems from human goals and role models of social love=evolution into metal-goals, which finally become virtual, inactivating humanity into the celebrity circus – whose status is therefore inversely proportional to its value for the humanist goal of a perfect world. Thus in virtuality, criminals, genociders (Hitler), bankers (‘you’ know who) and cartoons (superheroes) become the highest role models, while those who could help mankind are anonymous and ignored. In this process hardware – the camera likes motion and red to hypnotise the eyes, hence violence and weapons – and software – the culture that runs the TRUMAN SHOW is the most segregational anti-humanist, feeling a different species, victim of mankind and so it loves to laugh at mankind become symbiotic.

So the goals of the virtual man are all meaningless or based in hate memes to mankind, and the owners of the networks are those who feel akin to those goals and provide them. In this manner metal-communicators completely subvert the meaning of an informative, ethic system of the super organism of mankind, for an anti system that has steadily devolved humanity into an anti-human dog-eat-dog virtual species.

We dedicate several posts to the go(l)d culture as the informative mind of the metal earth, now a globalised culture – hence the origin of most memes of the modern world. Thus we introduce in all those posts the culture, resuming its memes, history and fundamental books of research in the theme for the 800-80-8 cycles of classic, modern and contemporary history.

This text  when I reorder the somewhat repetitive wave in 2018, will focus on the Contemporary age of Judaism – its 8 y. cycles during the American Age of Metal-minds, as the financial head of the western world.



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