‘go(l)d≈you’ Memeplex

‘History rhymes, the verse changes’, Twain. ‘To understand the future look at the past’ Confucius

‘The only lies we cannot discover are those we make about ourselves’ Nietzsche

‘The tragedies of history repeat because people don’t learn from their mistakes’ Proust

‘Do not eat of the the golden apples of the tree of science, and its evil fruits=weapons, because the day ‘you’ do you will die’ Genesis, on the belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycle.

Disclosure. Before you react to your memeplex imprinting, though it is irrelevant to this and any post I have genetic ‘you’ information, likely a Levi master (lluis in Catalan pronounces jewish) from a prominent converso family of doctors, as I am a doctor of history, after all, who survived the Spanish Holocaust because those who love mankind always survive. This said, it is essential to understand the you memeplex objectively as it leads the information of the metal earth.

Indeed, this must be clear, regardless of the genetic makeup of any person, including those who call themselves ‘yous’, the you meme IS a derivative of the go(l)d meme and its values which make life an object of minimal price and metal the fetish substance of the culture: go(l)d cultures values

In the graph, the cananean culture t IS the oldest cult(ure) rule by the values of go(l)d, which became with Judaism a global network of trade in metals, slaves and luxury goods, and the first society ruled by a people-caste of bankers-priests NOT of warriors which traded with goods of maximal price, notably weapons, to accumulate the fetish gold in its temples.

Then with the expansion of judaism through the biblical protestant reform into the germ(an) military people-caste, it became the model of the Northern European dominant culture of the machine≈weapon.

The viral go(l)d meme.

As such in genetic terms, the go(l)d≈u memeplex is the equivalent to the viral inhibitor codon injected in the information of the cell which deactivates its capacity to further evolve and activates its ‘greed’ to re=produce the virus non-stop. This golden apples’ sin has been denounced of course, better than anyone by the wor(l)d prophets of Judaism; but the go(l)d ‘selfish gene’ has been potentiated and made ver more complex around two POLES of life destruction: the financial capacity of go(l)d to hypnotize, deactivate oxytocin and enslave the mind of the ‘believer’ to the ‘sweat of the sun’, which soon converted wo≈men waves with earrings in slaves of a false beauty and Sumerian peasants in mercenaries to be killed in defense of the banker; and its me(n)tal capacity for lowering the rational state of the humind through greed, into a childish infantile happiness, receptive to ego-trips and myths that ‘maintain ignorant the believer to remain obedient’ (Calvin), which is the trade-mark of Judaism in its 3 technological evolutions of racist, phantasy myths; the biblical-verbal age of ‘segregational memes’, the military-yellow press age of empty (na)zio(na)nisms and the virtual age of evilwood super-heroes.

The slave of gold toils and dies  ‘AMORE GRATIS’ FOR THE BANKER, fed as a believer with INFANTILE CHILDISH EGO-TRIPS. And this duality of slavish myths FORM THE CORE BODY-MIND POWER THE ANIMETAL BANKER-PRIEST OF ANY GO(L)D VIRAL RELIGION POSSESSES OVER THE BELIEVER, first as a priest of inquisitions, then as a banker of debt slaves, today as a worker=reproducer and consumer in search of e-money bitcoins and virtual dreams.

So  those technological advances from verbal bartering to press printing money and hate memes, to the modern electronic age of e-money and evil wood, have only evolved the external form of the go(l)d=’U’ memeplex but its essence as the mind of the metal-earth, whose purpose is to kill and enslave life both among the ‘you believers’ of the Levi people-caste of banker-priests, my genetic ancestors – the other 11 slave tribes of the Levis submitted to gold hypnotism, and then within the rest of mankind – is crystal clear, according to the millenarian historical purpose of those go(l)d≈U memes, expressed in the talmud’s prophecy: ‘At the ned of times all tribes will be slaves of Yahweh or will become exterminated’ – the confessed purpose of the banker-priest ‘coalition’.

This is indeed parallel to the germanic nazi millenarian prophecy the most clear expression of the darwinian anti-human purpose of the values of metal, gold and iron in its predatory destruction of all living beings, which today is carried by the memeplex of evil wood and Wall Street: hate memes and null zero nill value for life beings.

And of course as Gold and Iron know who is who, and pay NO traitors, at the end of the process of mental degradation, slavery and death by war of mercenary armies, those armies turn their barrels to the carriers of the U=Gold meme and murder them all in the final gottendamerung of the ‘ring’; and so both ‘goths’ and chosen of go(l)d metal masters of war and slavery succumb to the viral gene, at the peak of its overproduction when the superorganism of mankind in which the viral go(l)d=u+goth=it meme hosts implodes in apoptosis of all its citizens-cells:3 ages man and history

The mad-hatter repressing the memes of life.

Alice in the wonderland, one of the best parables of the best age of ethic, artistic expressions within the massive censorship established by the biblical cult, during the classic economical age of Judaism (British Empire), has a character which is mad by use of mercury, the atom parallel to gold, which plays the role of oxygen parallel to nitrogen in the future construction of nano-bacteria (II singularity event of extinction): He is mad because mercury and gold kill oxytocin and break neurons by inhalation. The chin emperor died poisoned by pills of mercury and gold, in his attempt to reach immortality with the viral atom of the metal earth. HIs ego paradox of warrior and gold master origin of technological china, who forbade all taoist, organic books under death penalty of its carriers, adds the final touch to the suppressing  capacity of gold over the humind, life and love. It is the symbiotic sum of both ego paradoxes and its memes of ab=usive power over life, what definitely give birth to the astounding ego-trips of human supremacy over nature and its anthropomorphic models of history proper of the germanic and semite gold and war cultures (Abrahamic religions, nazionanisms, creationist religions of mathematics, from Cabala  to the Copenhagen interpretation)

This madness still endures in the memeplex of judaism and calvinism and the different (na)zio(na)nisms of the U$-Brutish coalitions  that rule the digital mind age of the metal earth and have completely blinded the humind to any perception of the fractal, organic nature of the Universe and the absolute relativity of our position within it.

This ego paradox IS of the many sides of the viral memes of the go(l)diron culture, tghe defining meme what seals our extinction in subjective terms as it simply makes impossible for humans to reach a less childish, mature, objective view of our role in the Universe.

In that regard, if there is a quality to the go(l)d memeplex is the overbearing informative complexity of its evolving inhibiting memes pumping ego, reducing to emotional childish states, imprinting myths and paranoia, in the mad hat of the mercurial mind of its believers. Such is the chemical craziness provoked by gold and quick silver both at neuronal, cellular, individual and socia, triball level – the 3 scales of the organisms of history and the metalearth:

It derives into a virtual, complete misinterpretation of the real world, today expressed in the childish virreal technoutopias of Silicon Valley gurus to which wall street handles billions of much needed money to feed the poor of the earth, to be wasted into new fantasies, also in evil wood violent whammies. The gold memeplex thus has a final evolution as it is transferred into the mind or robots which will play shooting video-games of weakling inferior humans, on the sages of the survivor brothers of X-men sage, in permanent war with the inferior human species, on the decadent actions of the Weinsteins and Brets over the shiskas they prey on…

LIFE-LOVE is repressed and deformed into DEATH-sex-power and control. All the drives of life are degraded by the Mad hatter seeking the myth of the golem.

The predator quality of the go(l)d≈U meme at the peak of its financial and military power is so destructive and  so alien to the reality of Gaia and the organic Universe; so M.A.D., that will no doubt provoke our Mutual Assured Destruction – once more – Gold as Galbraith noticed brings death or rather suicide, on those who carry it… as Tolkien knew Gold hypnotizes and weakens the mind to the point of addiction in the Golem. But alas, the steeple follows the master of Golems, not the masters of the wor(l)d buried in small print books and censored non-ranked blogs like this one.


Most humans are dominated by the limb-motions and body pleasures; with little understanding of logic time patterns, living the present. So they cannot distinguish the future of the wor(l)d spelt by ethic prophets based in cyclical patterns, which restrain their wishes and prefer to follow the myths of the go(l)d and iron animetal cultures that promise them a lineal manifest destiny hiding the obvious dangers of worshipping a different species and denying the bioethics of social love

Our head is crazy, as it builds new golems to substitute mankind in the robotic age of terminators now swarming in insect form; its golems are monsters; its memes are repressive nightmares full of  Childish eviL=anti-live values – the trademark of Judaism and all its myths that repress life in its intensity, from sex to tasteful food, and jail the soul into  precepts that encased mankind latter on the corporative and standardization of the methods of knowledge – today on the political and economical correctness of the ‘vidi-credo-ergo sum generation – all becomes then a shallow emotional go(l)d worship of memes of metal, without any latitude of causal time, for the sake of it – the trademark of our childish virtual technoutopian society:


The 3 animetal egoist cultures of abstract, standardized, deadpan feelings hypnotized, atrophied and brutalized by gold, machines and weapons make truth the meaning of animetal, less rational more emotional, childish animal minds of the old ‘you’ germ and brutish memeplexes – the people who think to be superior because of its metal attachments of ab=usive power, but are by far the less evolved cultures of mankind, frozen in the rituals of the moment in which the overbearing power of metal-memes captured them. Yet with the arrival of machines and the industrial r=evolution the original memes changed seemingly for a better more sophisticated good – capitalist slaves became part-time slaves and added the placebo polling of $elected siamese quarreling twin politicos called democracies; the tribes asked not only professional murderers to kill each other but put as canon flesh every citizen of the nation, often of exchange for the acquired right of polling (blood for votes, socialist said before I world war); and finally the hypnotism and bias of metal-senses which canonized lineal time and the shallow one-dimension of time=change of clocks advanced now into cameras and digital computers have reconverted into pseudo-scientific worship every kid in the planet soon to be plants attached to 3D virtual heroic realities, interpreting all the real actions of man, into the game screen, from porno instead of reproduction to virtual friends instead of social evolution – only perhaps food-trash will not be delivered by pills and blood injections as in the parable of Matrix. But just look at your son ‘voided eyes’ and look at your grand-father intensity to know how real men, black holes of power, who did it themselves have become ego bubbles of sclerotic thoughts..

So it is also the origin of capitalism and the company-mother of machines, which dominates today our societies and imprints the values of present mankind.

So this historic imprinting makes it so important to understand everything about the culture of judaism first, the biblical Northern European culture latter, and the globalized culture of capitalist corporations and its offspring machines today.

But many of the human repression of drives of life that enhances our enzymatic work on machines such as ‘human reproduction is the biggest sin’ and mechanical reproduction the biggest virtue, already comes from this original culture.

Obviously then it is all about metal-memes, and nothing is specific of the genes of Judaism which ARE COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT. Why then the racist outlook of judaism – merely because gold was first used to buy weapons and trade slaves in battlefields and so segregational memes separated the enslavers from the human capital, to whom it ONLY related through money, which is EXACTLY WHAT CORPORATIONS DO in capitalism.

So, Judaism proper is a worldly religion or historic power religion, whose centerpiece is   a set of segregational memes of the earliest mot primitive version of go(l)d values, when its hypnotic capacity truly hypnotized as the sweat of the sun, Bronze Age people.

Judaism IS  the first age of capitalism as Sombart proved in his books. So in the graphs we resume the concept of A) anti-live values of the trees of metal, which is origin of the eviL memes of biblical gold cultures and in the next one B) the ages of evolution of metal-memes, with origin in capitalism:

3 ages capitalism

The memeplex of the metal-earth form a body of supremacist idol-ogies in which the carriers of iron, gold and mechanical memes feel above heavens and earth and all forms of life and cultures of history. Its evolution departing from earlier semite cults to gold and bronze went through 3 fundamental phases; supremacist religions with gold and the fire of the smith as the center of cults, in which the banker-priest or smith became the vehicle of the gods of the tree of metal; evolved latter by influence of humanist greek cultures into milder religions of human supremacy; fusion together in biblical cults, a proto memeplex of capitalism which fully acquires is modern form in Amsterdam, with the fusion of both, the memeplex of judaism in charge of finances as the head of the metal-earth and the biblical memeplex of dutch and British hard germanic sea-soldiers, working for slave gunboats, and genocidal train corporations, which conquered the world departing from the British empire. The memeplex of despise to life of null value and gold herding was then translated mathematically by the first economists of the empire, making of the machine and its equations of profits (max. in weapons, inflationary money and digital media), the goal of mankind. This constant transfer and purification of human elements – even those of segregational character are carried further in America, where all men become undistinguishable particles of minimal credit, bought as part time slaves to work for corporations. A FINAL transfer of this memeplex of gold values, which give zero value to life considered an inferior obsolete species comes today to full fruition as capitalism transfers from Wall Street and evil wood its memes into AI and re=productivity = 0 human labor becomes the goal of the metal earth where the segregational memes of earlier Judaism reach its full meaning: a world in which all humans are expendable and will be spent, including the earlier germanic and semite tribes that started the cult to gold and iron against life, so well described in the parable of genesis, written by one of the last survivors of the paradise of Ur, where wheat was money and the fruits of the tree of metal, gold and weapons were not yet evolved enough to kill us… as its warning says.

Those are the origins of Judaism. And by extension of the culture to the western world and finally to mankind the origin of the memes of humanity today as it has become an enzymen dedicated to reproduce and vitalize through consume machines.

And certainly the hidden memes of company-mothers, which are the organisms that embed the will of existence reproduction and evolution of those machines latter converted in profits through sales.

So Judaism is indeed the fundamental culture of the metlaearth origin of most of the memes of the modern world, which an be resumed in the repression and devaluation of life as an object subject to price and sold for capital under the mathematical equation or syntax of money: Man (price) = salary= Money = Object.

The objectification of the living Universe thus as Sombart noticed in his masterpiece, ‘judaism and the origin of capitalism’ fully enters history through this go(l)d worship and the use of go(l)d NOT THE VALUES of the wor(l)d deemed irrelevant by this culture.

It meant also the use of other humans as a mean for profit, never as an end, and hence the segregation from human capital and the aloof separation between the pricer and the objectualized priced ‘thing’ or human being.

 Gold and its digital values and the objectual creation of a dead world which we are killing thus becomes the trademark of the whole western world.

Nothing then of the aberrant worldview of the modern man can be understood without a true history of the memeplex of judaism.

Yet as today, Judaism like everything else is returning to its origin, and the memeplex of judaism as gold, and capitalism is migrating ahead into AI software and corporative culture. So  as Judaism returns to its origins, a revivalism of its most primitive religious age of go(l)d worship and segregation happens in Israel. And as memories of past become scared, in the last period of history it has acquired enormous importance the industry of the Holocaust which tries to hide the pecunia infinita belli Nervi that makes due to the values of gold, overproduction of weapons of maximal value inherent to the culture and the subsequent war and holocaust cycle, an inevitable by-product of it.


The ‘you memeplex’ is the origin and carrier of the informative language of the metalearth, go(l)d, which reproduces the machines=weapons of the 800-80-8 belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycle of overproduction of money, hate memes and weapons of maximal profits; which ends in every cycle on the holocaust of the ‘brain’ of the system after a war period that massacres mankind.

It is then remarkable how the memeplex of segregational laws and idol-ogies in favor of go(l)d is not abandoned by its carriers, who could save their lives, joining mankind as a single species, using their go(l)d mastery to build a perfect world to the image and likeness of humanity, even if the profits of a humanist world were inferior to those of belli Nervi. In brief the carriers always seem to choose death on the medium wave, for profits on the short term.  This paradox of metal determinism has multiple readings and ±interpretations:

-On one side to explain why the carriers will choose death on profits, there is a secondary memeplex called the industry of the Holocaust that blames the cycle NOT on go(l)d, the fetish religion of the memeplex but on mankind, encroaching therefore its causal determinism, as they real cause is not aborted.

In that regard, the ‘You memeplex’ can be defined as an extremely complex set of inhibitor memes to repress any love of life pleasures (sex as sin, dietary laws, etc.) and love to the species (segregational memes, racist memes of chosen of go(l)d, paranoia memes of the Holocaust Industry, victimism), to be able to carry the tasks of enslaving of human capital in the past full-time, today part-time through corporations; complemented by a series of ‘abstract’ myths in favor of digital thought (gold memes, Kabbala, classic economics, praxis of trade and finances, etc.), so the carriers fulfill the role of soliton mind of the languages of information of the metal-earth, in which they excel, and enact the pecunia infinita belli Nervi cycle without realizing they do so; to avoid any attempt to stop the cycle and help mankind in creating a better world.

And this is the key importance of the you memeplex – SINCE if the most privileged group of human beings, do NOT care to survive objectively by treating biohistory and bioeconomics in scientific terms, who will? Indeed, the horrendous truth about the holocaust cycle is NOT that yous die, but that they DO NOT SUBCONSCIOUSLY want to survive, that they do kill themselves by their actions and cannot even recognize them and save themselves. So this means the globalized modern culture which is basically the ‘you memeplex’ is doomed. 

Indeed, if there is something common to all humans of all memetic groups is that they are mostly a degenerate species that refuses to understand, manage and solve the problems of the earth, but rather moves emotionally handicapped to fuk it all each one in its ‘organic role’ within the metal-earth. For too long, 7 of my eight living ‘baguas’ I thought this was not the case, and survival would matter more than go(l)d but so far I will have to revise this ‘opinion’ in the deterministic lack of freedom of the paths of its memeplex waves. Of this destiny self-inflicted none seems so pathetic in purpose and blindness as the you memeplex, so yes, I might be a little sanguine on it. So much pain… what for?

This is of course maybe hopefully a pessimist view of someone now entering his last ‘bagua’ of life, who sacrificed everything for a resurrection of the wor(l)d, and didn’t get anywhere. But I have never lost my objectivity, on the focus of the blog – to convince the neuronal people-caste of mankind that survival is worth even if you loose a few bitcoins.

And as such the effect of the memeplex is indeed the 800-80 years cycle of overproduction of metal-memes, wars and holocausts; all of which is denied and blamed not in the memeplex or in the darwinian values of go(l)d greed and iron violence, but in the humankind, also victim of the cycle.

Indeed, in this secondary memeplex, since mankind is eviL and gold is god, obviously the carriers will keep using gold to enslave ‘human capital’ and ab=use ‘it’ for profits, which merely re-enacts the pecunia infinita belli Nervi cycle that kills them. To understand why the jewish carrier will die for go(l)d then we have then to study the astounding lack of me(n)tal freedom of its carriers subject to a ritualist religion with 612 ‘retarded’ precepts that repress life and love to other humans, from dietary laws to segregational and supremacy racist tantrums, to hate preaching, to inquisitions against life pleasures, to prohibition of intermarriage, to debasing of gentiles as ‘goy=animals’ and women as ‘shiksa’≈whores to be priced; all contained in the Talmud (the theory of the cycle) and the historic role as carriers of go(l)d memes (slavery, human capital, origin of the standardization and objectualization of life) – the praxis of the cycle of action-reaction hate between judaism and the human kind.

In that sense a central theme of the memeplex that encroaches the cycle, is the  memeplex of ‘antisemitism’ according to which the go(l)d carriers are victims of mankind, a heinous brutish species who cannot recognize its superior righteous nature as experts that must issue money in monopoly and enact with it not a welfare world but the belli Nervi pecunia infinita. And that is OK, because we shall all worship fa few 79 particle atoms and its hypnotic, suppression of oxytocin and greedy memes – or else obviously you are an anti$emite, alas! I have discovered you; bad boy bad boy.  This is indeed the highest philosophy of thought of the memeplex: die for go(l)d, denie ‘you’ will die, cause Go(l)d will save ‘You’ and nobody else.

Thus the you memeplex has completely obliterated freedom of thought in its carriers and biblical slaves who of course, by now will have abondoned the blog crying ‘anti$emite, anti$emite’ feeling happy to have discovered another heinous member of the inferior species; while keep massing gold and weapons, allying with warriors – the true perpetrators of the cycle, which has NOTHING to do with mankind, the real 99% victims of those wars of which the Holocaust despite its repetitive memeplex on the Media system of informative machines owned by the same people who use those machines to print money, is just its final ‘anecdote’.


The anti-live values of eviL Go(l)d.

‘At the end of times all human tribes will be slaves of Yahweh or will become exterminated’, Talmud, millenarian prophecy

What are the memes of Judaism? Unfortunately Judaism is the oldest go(l)d cult(ure) whose fetish-gold memes can be ‘found’ to exist in the geographic knot of trade between the two most populated fertile crescent civilisations (egypt and messopotamia), 3 continents (europe-asia and africa) and two seas.

So whoever lived in Yhwh=Judea (Yhwh being the toponym for Judea, or subconscious collective of the people living there, the proper way to define a religious, tribal meme), would become regardless of genes, specialised in trade and financial mastery. But as the memes of go(l)d are ruled by the ‘affinity law”: bellus nervi, pecunia infinita, that is, metal money gives maximal value to weapons, the result would be the war and holocaust cycle in which the overproduction of weapons for profit would develop a genocidal process of life and mankind in all its groups, programmed by those memes.

Indeed, it soon became obvious by the laws of affinity of metal that maximal go(l)d, the fetish vehicle of the ‘rituals of God calling’ enacted with those gold objects were maximised with the production and sale of the goods of maximal price weapons:

In the graph the idol-ogical fight, between the memeplex of the metal-earth and the memeplex of the life earth is based in the hidden variables of the syntax of its languages, gold, light and words, who give maximal value to life, as opposed to gold valuation of its affine substance, iron-metal and hence weapons of death.

This fundamental ‘seed’ of all animetal ideologies, which worship gold and iron, greed and violence, suicide and genocide, IS THE ULTIMATE origin of the fetish gold religions and cult to weapons that we call generically Animetal cults of which some earlier forms were ‘aryan, germanic, biblical and jewish religions’

THE opposition of linguistic values thus mimics in the realm of information, the real facts of the 800-80 years cycle of overproduction of weapons and war for profits that enslave mankind to gold and murder it with iron:

Judaism and similar segregational supremacist animetal cultures of go(l)d and iron (Smith/Schmidt tribes of germanic and Aryan origin with its cults to the sword and the fire that melted metal and its gods of war and death) are the earlier Memeplex systems of the metal-earth, whose carriers started the expansion of the super organism of selfish memes of metal and its global bid to enslave with gold and murder with iron the rival super organisms of Gaia and history, hence of mankind.

Needless to say mankind defended itself from time to time with different strategies, among which the ugliest one was no doubt of it, to murder the carriers of the Metal-earth memeplex, germans and Jewish stocks of animetals, who seldom return to the fold of humanity reconverting under its love prophets to their real species, as they hold and keep still today the myth of its superiority over heavens and earth by the reason of carrying small pieces of atoms 24 and 79 in their hands. The history of the struggle for supreme power over all living creatures carried by germans, aryans and semites is thus the origin of the Holocaust action-reaction cycle between the memeplex of judaism and Germanism vs. the memeplex of humanism.

In its second phase germanism=iron cults and judaism = gold cults became fusion through biblical gold cults into a single north-euroepan protocapitalist culture (Sombart, ‘judaism and the origin of capitalism and his disciple weber, ‘the ethics of protestantism and the origin of capitalism’) being the most remarkable books.

The culture father of capitalism, judaism has been traditionally the carrier of the ‘nervi belli pecunia infinita’ cycle of industrial and financial profits through the overproduction of weapons and hate memes, synergic to each other due to its earlier fetish go(l)d religion, of gold herding and greed, reinforced in the needed side of hate memes – to be able to price human capital and sell weapons that kill them – with segregational memes against mankind, priced as human capital in slave and factory trade.

It is then when at the end of the cycle, in the final gottendamerung of history, the carriers of the Nervi belli pecunia infinita cycle get murdered and this process, becomes then a suicidal cycle repeated at the end of every 800-80 years cycle of overproduction of memes of metal and war.

Arguably it is a genocide, but also a suicide, because when we shoot ourselves with a gun the gun did murder us but we committed suicide. And if Judaism keeps enacting the war cycle for profits, humans murder them back but they commit suicide – specially because they do not recognize the cycle, hence don’t stop its action-reaction murder-suicide process.

This has been posible because they specialized in earlier history in the trade knot of 3 continents in METAL-INFORMATION, simplifying human TRUTHS AND VERBAL THOUGHT to mastermind metal-trade in Canaan (Phoenicia: sea trade and Israel: caravan trade).

So from earlier history the cananean culture was the CULTURE OF metal-information, of Go(L)d, evolving money – save the brief period of Greek coins, but very soon all coins of the Hellenistic Empire were minted there; the brief period of Italian banking, but soon, all banks were mastered by the massive accumulation of go(l)d of the then rabbi-bankers, and finally as sephardim invented in Amsterdam, stock markets, the monopoly in the financial industry became ‘solid’ ever since).

TODAY disgracefuly the memeplex of judaism, first converted into the memeplex of classic equations of profits, and the pecunia infinita Nervi belli cycle has become globalized and it is transferred to AI software suits of ∞ reproductive its and null human labor, detaching itself of any human support. But the job of making AI the next top predator species  – the software of the new top predator mind, the chip, is carried by the memeplex of judaism through its American top predator moneyed class, unaware that once they transfer all its software of segregational memes and despise of mankind to AI, they will also have carried its final memeplex into the Metal-earth and so they will be thrown with the rest of us into the war and holocaust cycle, because gold and iron makes no prisoners, and pay not those who betray their real species, mankind; even if today the power of those carriers seems absolute as the owners of most of the corporations of the metal-earth due to its millenarian soliton position first in the gold and today in the financial trade that is choking off credit and bleeding to death, the super organism of Mankind, as illustrated in the next graphs.

In the graph, the 3 species of nature considered cause of all processes of extinction and its equivalence with the 3 animetal cult(ure)s and its extinctive memes: weapons that kill the body, machines that atrophy, substitute and make obsolete the equivalent human organ they displace and bankers that parasite with debt-usury schemes and ultimately kill through the nervus belli, pecunia infinita main cycle that puts together weapons-machines and money the human organisms of history. The eternal fight between humanist prophets of eusocial love and welfare goods of the tree of life, and animetal coalitions of warriors, industrialists and bankers who foster the evolution of metal as the goal of history, is the engine of most of the events of human history including the holocaust cycle, in the 3rd age of mankind, the age of excessive (metal)information prior to the final ‘age of entropic’, ‘memoriless markowian proceses’ of heat that in all organic systems of nature cause its final death. The alliance of warriors and bankers, in the original Financial-Military system, expanded to include organic machines in the present Financial-Military/Media-industrial system which ads informative and energetic machines to the mix, causes the cycles of wars and holocausts where the lower classes of the ill-designed dysfunctional animetal cultures die.

A SOCIAL SCIENTIST feel powerless in front of that animetal memeplex. It can explain it, but it cannot change it. And as the modern version of the Financial-Media Masters of Wall Street and Hollywood expand globally their memes, it become obvious the social scientist that the corruption of the humind into a non-survival virtual happy childhood, will not make the cut with the organic Universe in which we exist. It is NOW customary to reject any objective form of social science that doesn’t cater to the ego paradox. And that means we are all ‘gazelle cubs’ happily thinking the lions that will come from our future are nice puppets – so to speak. Selfish, subjective infantile, blind to metal-eviL, paranoid about human life… 

So dexterous on all digital things, all Memes related to technology, so dumb and aloof to all what makes human life enjoyable; if the American is the future of mankind into the metal earth, the you memeplex is all his time span, from Cain to Skynet. 

It is in that sense the antagonist of my culture – never mind my genes – the life culture of Southern Europe who tried to excel in human life. Mankind though has chosen the you meme as its guidance to the future and completely rejected the greek-latin culture of love, organicism and life. And all what I can tell ‘you’ is good luck.


In the graph, the Jewish nation, the oldest metal-nation is also the more complex, informatively in terms of metal-memes and its inhibitors of human life; as it was the first one, whose upper informative class, the Am Segullah, (People of the treasure, ill translated as People Chosen) chose go(l)d ex-votes, money as the language of social power, instead of weapons – as all other nations did. As such it acts as the ‘head’ of the economic superorganism, evolving its information and memes since its inception (dominant culture in the memes of go(l)d, mass-media communication, fictions and myths of capitalism, and of lately even military, robotic weapons).

In all systems the first cells to be born, become the central cell of the system, that with higher consciosness and power, which commands its ‘invisible languages of information’ – Dna in cells, nervous impulses in organism, go(l)d orders in economic ecosystems. This is the case  of the Jewish nation which first used money to regulate societies and today as the top predator nation of the economic ecosystem, directs  a superorganism of financial and multinational corporations, which form the Earth Inc. the real government of the world, in which the Jewish nation has ‘stock-majority’. For very long it was the soliton and single nervous system of the western economy. Then after the conversion of most Northern Europeans to its memes (protestant revolution), the Jewish nation expanded further the ‘memetic head’ to include the WASP elite of calvinist believers in the same memes (gold and the Bible, and the manifest destiny of each tribal nation). For that reason we put on top of the economic ecosystem those twin heads – the wasp or rather the Calvinist and similar protestant biblical sects and the Jewish, since they are in fact the same memetic nation which has evolved creationist economics.

This explains why the  blind ‘body’ of Western Nations (British Empire, US, EU), as a capitalist superorganism obeys their ‘informative head’ and its masters, the banking corporation of Wall street and the City.

It explains also – since in a superorganism the body is ‘blind’ and receives all the information from the head, why the 2 ‘portable’ memes of Judaism – the bible and go(l)d  and its values – are today shared by most of the Western World. And  why our ‘mercenary armies’ fight the wars of Israel and why revere the British and Jewish cultural icons.

Yet in any superorganism a body is blind and its cells receive limited information from its neuronal head, which is invisible to them. So the cells of the body never see anything from outside the skin except the information given by the nerves, and the black hole which controls the galaxy with its gravitational, ‘invisible’ force is invisible to light. Thus, the truthful description of the history, functions and power of the Jewish nation  – whose invisible orders given with money, bribes and electronic ‘markets’ rule the world as the head of capitalism  – is the biggest informative taboo of our civilization. In this post we shall break this taboo, (perhaps an overstatement since breaking this taboo immediatly limits the distribution of such information, forbidden in mass-media corporations, stigmatizing the scholar who dares to challenge the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ of social sciences with disqualifications such as ‘antisemitism’, confabulation theorist, terrorist, hate-criminal, etc. studying in depth the economic functions and main memes of the Jewish nation, which are:

– A geographical meme, Israel, which was first known as Judea or Yvwh, not a name of a God but a toponym that in ancient egyptian texts defined South Israel -as the word God then was used as synonimous of nation, so Assur was the God-nation of Assyria and Yvwh the God-nation of Judea nad the Jewish people. This meme imposed the culture of trade, as it was the bridge between 3 continents and the 2 densest cultures of the ancient age (mesopotamia and egypt).

– The Bible, a book of history that enhances the ‘damnation of work’ by repressing the memes of life (tasteless food, sexual prohibition/penis mutilation, racial differentiation that forbids eusocial love to mankind and allows war and slavery to impose national power).

– And a social caste structure between the 1% of Am Segullah or ‘people of the treasure’, the banker-priests of Israel and a 99% of peddlers, the Hebrew – ‘those who walk behind the asses’, which were military purveyors, peddlers and enslavers, gathering go(l)d for their upper castes. This people-caste thus became the ‘soliton’ of trade of the west who created the capitalist system with its dogma of accumulation of go(l)d at all costs, with utter disregard of the future of their lower castes (being the 99% scapegoat in the Holocaust cycle of the banking ab=uses of the Am Segullah). Only with the foundation of Israel a sizeable mass of the Jewish people abandoned their specialization in trade forming a nation based in military memes as most have been; while the Am Segullah remained in the West in control of the financial system and hence through the financial system, in control of the policies of his western, ‘capitalist’ empire.

– To which we should add the peculiarities of the Jewish culture in all its forms, which are derived from its slavery to the ideologies of metal, and  so ‘standardize’ (Sombart) and objectify as an ‘item with price’, life and human capital to be ‘bought’ with money (origin of slavery and capitalism), stigmatize humanity as an inferior species (either with myths of ‘the chosen’, or victimist myths that censor 1/2 of the actions-reactions processes of history that end in holocausts, or with fictions in which death and evil, murder and greed are the values of humanity – Hollywood) and repress systematically our will of life (sexual/reproductive repression, tasteful food/human energy repression and repression of eusocial love – our natural arrow of evolution). Yet, because the Jewish standardize anti-life memetic culture is today global we shall deal with the specifics of our civilization of anti-life memes in the post of globalization.

At the same time, gold has a noted effect on this culture and now in the global culture: emotional infantilism. We live in a culture of eviL=anti-life children, self-centered, spoiled, insolidarious, funny, charming and yet with little empathy and null comprehension of the nature of mankind. Gold, by acting in an invisible, quasi magic form creates an infantile neoteny state that empties the ethic soul and the brain of all responsibility. The Jewish culture has in that sense many features of a culture arrested in development, becoming the paradigm of the paradox of history: max. metal – evolution = Min. eusocial evolution, remaining the last of the ‘tribal religions’ and ‘tribal nations’ , which have not moved into what Piaget or Freud or Campbell would call the rites of passing into manhood, when human sub-species (nations) which are living superorganisms, whose collective mind is their culture transcended into oikoumene religions that accepted all as equal. But this infantilism and emotional self-centered bias is now globalized by mass-media and endemic among other humans. So indeed, in the global culture it is needed to know the Jewish culture that became globalized due to their control of the memes of the Financial-Media System.

Finally, because of their mastery of information, the Jewish people is also the origin of a series of geniuses, which abandon the memes of Judaism (Jewish go(l)d religion) and use their informative advantage to criticize capitalism (Prophets of Israel from Moses to Marx) or explore with rational science the meaning of the Universe (Einstein, a socialist, humanist and organicist philospher of science that made ‘thought experiments’ fought against war, advanced our understanding of time and space and rejected the presidency of Israel, because it would have to ‘tell my Jewish friends what they don’t want to hear’, since Israel will be judged not by their nationalistic achievements but by the ‘way they treat their Arab brothers’.) Those are the true heroes of the Jewish nation that tried to reform its nationalistic and capitalist memes  and convert their people to the common cause of humanity with little success.

In this series we consider the social structure of the most important nations of the economic ecosystem, by their order of power. Thus we shall start with the dominant ‘animetal’ culture of the West, the Jewish nation. And study those 3 elements: Their 1%, the Am Segullah (today expanded to the 11% as the managers have become immensely wealthy, accounting together for around 60% of the 1% of America, hence the people who define the policies of the west, its wars and economical measures), the 90% (the sheeple or jewish people, scapegoat of their elite in holocausts, mostly living in Israel and submitted to a massive inquisition of thought) and the Holocaust cycle and the Antisemitism, provoked by the 1% and perpetrated by their rival nation in its bid for global power, the warrior castes, most of the Germanic nations of the west. It is in that sense fundamental to differentiate the elite of Judaism or Am Segullah (People of the treasure) from the cells of their body or Hebrew (‘those who walk behind the asses), ‘the saint innocent of the culture’ , as we shall do in this post when explaining the dynamics of the holocaust cycle, caused by economical crisis and perpetrated by rival warrior tribes.

AbstractThe Masters of the Financial-Media System of metal-information.

In the past, the economic ecosystem was simple and well-known to historians. Two people castes, the germ(an)s with their energetic weapons and the cananeans, Phoenician sea traders and Jewish land caravaneers with go(l)d, were the ‘solitons’ of the system, their ‘physiological networks’ extended throughout the entire old continent, becoming the upper castes of civilizations, sometimes in alliance, exploiting together the agricultural people, sometimes fighting each other in wars and holocausts.

In the modern age all has changed to remain the same, as the mass of human sheeple needs to feel ‘free’ and independent, an so as all systems win in complexity, the informative/energetic dominant forms become milder, or hide under a ‘membrane’ (evolution of RNA cells into eukaryonte) while the sheeple gets accustomed to the hierarchical new societies and interiorizes with laws, myths and religions the new state of affairs.

So today when money and weapons have become ‘machines’ and we build the more complex Financial-Media/Military-Industrial System, the old castes, which so much hate provoked among the people they exploited have evolved and become accepted.

And so today the military and the financial system are ‘respectable’. And the people-castes which in the west monopolized them, Germans and Jews, have become the accepted head of societies, while their structures, systems and memes have been copied by many other nations of the world.

Further on, if in the past go(l)d and sword religions were self-evident myths (with the phoenicians sacrificing people to golden statues and the germans impaling them in swords), today we deal ‘with science’ – the science of physics and the military science, the financial science. Yet their aim is the same, to provide memes of power to those people caste, which curiously still are the overwhelming majority of the military generals and bankers of the western leading nations.

The Financial System thus is now the Financial-Media system. As the same type of informative machines, which prints money and news in each age of its evolution, determining with their information the world we live in, giving absolute social power to the people-castes that own both systems.

In that sense if money rules the world with financial orders that everybody obeys, and ‘hidden values’ that drive us to construct the FMI complex (as money values more metal-memes than life ones), the mass-media systems reproduced with the same machines in each age of the evolution of the FMI complex, imprint our minds with ideas and ideologies biased also in favor of the mechanical world and against the life/human world, the FMI complex is substituting.

It follows also that mass-media ‘sells’ a worldview very different than that of art, literature and religion, where life is sacred. As the FMI complex is displacing us. The ways though in which mass-media has imprinted mankind to love the destruction of life vary in each age, as the machines and complex ideologies of the system evolve.
In the past the ‘key concept’ was progress and technology, but as it became clear in 2 world wars that technology do kill life, and the first hints of a future with no humans, ruled by robotic workers and soldiers are clear, fiction, bull$hit and the don’t worry be happy ideology of big brother smiley that is reconverting mankind into an infantile mental species, are all the rage.
 Fiction of course has arrived also to History and it has as its main purpose to hide, disguise and make us belief that the head of the economic ecosystem is the perfect head, its people care for us and they must rule. In each nation therefore the 1%, the stockrats that rule the economic system and dictate with their monopoly of invention of money the political, democratic, placebo system, control also its mass-media.  Otherwise people might rebel.
But within that 1% there is also a clear hierarchy, both of ownership and of temporal control of informative systems. And so on top of the Financial-Media Informative system, the body of the economic organism, stands those who have invented most of the memes of money and own the financial and mass-media corporations of the leading nation of the electronic cycle (US). This is not a confabulation theory, an anti-semitic statement or any other non-objective ‘theory’ of reality but a historic and present fact. Over 80% of American financial and media corporations are owned by them, and the rest of the world merely imitates mimetically in each nation, in each 1% the trends and discoveries type of programs ideologies and ways of control of the 99% of the dominant FM-complex of each cycle of history. So the first thing you have to put aside if you can, specially if you are a member of the leading Industrial nations of the FMI complex (Great Britain, US, and of course Israel) are your imprinted prejudices against those facts, as you have been taught to reject what i have to say here with emotional memes of audiovisual nature, a series of half-truths, biased histories and the zeitgeist of news of each day.
In that regard, one of the most astounding proofs of the memetic structure of the human brain, of ‘its believers who don’t reason’ is the utter reverence of the cells of the ‘body of the economic system’ (Europeans and Americans and in lower measure Asians) for their invisible head… their stockratic elite, mostly belonging to the 1% of the Jewish nation and the immediate dismissal of any attempt to reveal its true function and form within the economic system…
The reader might of course abandon this post outraged, if he is either a member of the memetic cult(ure) of go(l)d, or a sheeple believer in the righteousness of the system. I am neither of them, but just an ‘expert’ in systems, efficient or rotten ones and if the reader continues I trust he will be at least courageous, ethic and intelligent enough to know the previous facts are simple facts of truth. So the interest to us of this post, is to analyze the ‘Jewish question’. Once it is clear that the head of the financial-media system that controls the information of the metal-earth is a certain group, the question that matters is this: can this group be converted to humanism, or is their history, memetic imprinting and submission to the memes of metal so strong that they will bring our species to its extinction? The authorized theory obviously denies this. According to this ‘Goebbelian’ propaganda (if you tell a lie many times people will believe it), the Jewish people are the victims of history, they do not rule it, they do not control the information of our societies and this is called antisemitism. But as I said we are concerned with a deeper question and to know if the Jewish people will ‘in extremis’ save history or condemn it, ending the recurrent cycles of holocausts and wars for profits between their culture of the human cultures in which they host, we have to know beyond the propaganda of the 3rd age of fa$cism, treated in detail in other posts, the history of this culture since its inception. There is only one hope: that the Jewish people – not the Am Segullah Elite of banker-priests but their mass realize they are neither guilty not mankind of the processes of self-destruction but the hidden values of go(l)d and hence only a rational science of history and economics could avoid the cycles of hate between the head of the economic ecosystem and the sheeple of the superorganisms of love religions which they confront.
Given the importance and difficulty of this theme it is treated in several posts:
– In ‘the global nation’ we study the social structure of the head-body-energy cultures ‘attached to the metal-earth’.
– In this post and the Paradox of History we study the complex nature of antisemitism and the holocaust cycle – an action-reaction processes of ‘pricing’ and ‘murder’, caused by the mismanagement of the economic ecosystem and the financial monopoly of the elite of Judaism who does not use money as efficient organisms do, to provide energy and information to the rest of society.  If we lived in a well designed superorganism of history the head would cater to the needs of the body cells  and wouldn’t need to ‘hide from it’ but the memes of the Am Segullah make her a ‘crazy head’ that ignores its role, moved just by greed without responsibility.
– In Go(l)d culture and Go(l)d religions we give a historic account of their birth and the way the hidden values of money have distorted in this culture the natural arrow of eusocial love towards the rest of mankind, which is the ‘human capital’ they own/ed through slave trade and corporations. This is perhaps the key to the entire jewish nation: not even they understand money and its hidden metal-values, so they cannot feel responsible for the collateral damages caused by capitalism and greed, as those are just pseudo-religious dogmas that cannot be argued and must be obeyed.
– In stockrats, we consider the 1% of the culture, how it invents money and how it rules the present world.
– In the US nation we consider its position in the structure of the United States.
– In neofascism, nationalism and racism, and some of the zeitgeist news we consider the political implication of its power and the nation of Israel.
– In different posts we study their main verbal meme, the bible or talmud – as we should divide jewish people in two similar sects in function and power, the calvinist-anglican elites of the old british empire and the jewish proper who share most of the same memes. Its function is to repress the memes of life to enhance the memes of selfish metal. so the bible and those cultures censor human reproduction -sex to enhance work in the re-production of machines. The bible and those cultures repress eusocial love to mankind as chosen to allow pricing humans as human capital, formerly slaves, adding the Ham damnation that makes negros and arabs inferior to animals. The bible or rather baalble denies tasteful human energy-food forbiding the most tasteful seafood and pork, the animal with similar human protein. hence by affinity the most desired. And finally they developed with coins, digital languages that substituted verbal ones, our natural languages. And so as the dna code of a virus substitutes the natural one of a cell, the bible substituted the 4 arrows or will or drives of existence of life, our desire for natural food, energy reproduction and eusocial evolution, becoming the perfect symbiotic verbal meme attached to go(l)d as sombart and his disciple weber masterfuly explain with the old jargon of history in his works, Judaism and the birth of capitalism and the ethics of protestantism and the birth of capitalism that now we renovate taking sides as always with the superorganism will and freedom of life and being human.
In this post we give an overview of all other posts, focusing in the internal structure of this nation between its elite of ‘Am Segullah’ (People of the treasure) and its sheeple of ‘hebrew’, who toil, work and die for them as scapegoats of the dysfunctional values and collateral effects of the pursuit of money at all costs.
Quien quiera entender que entienda.


The dominant trader culture of the west appeared in history with a curious name, ‘Am Segullah’, the people of the treasure, ill-translated as ‘the chosen people’. They were also called ‘hapiru’, which meant ‘wanderers’ or ‘caravan traders’. They created the first global network of trade in metal and slaves. Today as the statistics of the The Economist show they control 75% of the stockmarket wealth of the west, and 90% of its central banks thus setting market prices and capitalist policies. Unfortunately those policies imitated by the rest of mankind are based in myths about go(l)d and greed as the invisible hand of God that pass as a science, backed by mathematical and computer models, certified by ‘expert’ speculators. It is thus necessary for mankind to understand those myths of power and evolvecapitalism and economics into a true science, able to sustain life in this planet. In the bottom of the image the evolution of economics, from an age of Go(l)d myths represented by judaism, Calvinism (neo-judaism) and its ‘prophets’ into a social science, evolved by Marx and Keynes, which asked governments to control money, the language of power of societies. But that evolution of capitalism halted in the 70s with the creation of chips and sophisticated models of computer speculation and financial creation, which have derived in the present global crisis of the economy… In that regard, the only solution to this crisis and the tragedy of Judaism (the murder of its lower castes of innocent people by warrior-castes seeking revenge against the ruin provoked by speculators), which now enters a new cycle, is the nationalization, rationalization and use of financial institutions to create a sustainable world.

The head of the capitalist system.

Money rules the world and most money is today invented by bankers and financiers belonging to the Jewish Nation, the first nation that chose money – the hypnotic properties of gold – instead of weapons, to rule first their ‘energy classes’ and then, as it expanded globally its networks of trade in luxury goods, slaves and weapons, the elite of nations that needed those goods. Thus the Jewish nation is the origin of capitalism and most of its memes, latter shared by those cultures that ‘converted’ to them (protestant, Biblical cultures). This is the reason of its present power, which is not ‘a confabulation theory’ or an ‘antisemitic’ opinion but an objective fact that must be understood to know how and why we live the world we live.

Thus w have to understand how over the ‘fiction’ of nationalism, and its people-castes of warrior Indo-Europeans and imitators, who believe to ‘own and rule nations’, there is another ‘superstructure’ or ‘superorganism’ of supranational nature, ‘capitalism’, a culture which considers that money is more powerful than weapons. And hence money can rule the existence of weapons and nations by controlling the upper castes of warriors, today politicians that pretend to rule the world. Not, so affirm capitalist nations which believe money rightly is an invisible language of information that can inform and control the elites of warrior nations. This nation that dominates all nations, the capitalist nation, today is embodied in the global stock-market and the corporations it rules with monetary orders, which in turn rules through lobbies, machines, weapons they produce, bribes, salaries and work, all nations and designs all futures.

The consequence is that a nation which invented capitalism and its memes, created the first global network of trade in metals, weapons and slaves and create most of the memes of the FMI complex (religious fictions, Technoutopians, Banking industries and of lately extreme, fascist nationalism), dominates all other nations of the west, because it dominates the supranational structure of capitalism.

Societies and organisms are ruled by a language of power. Weapons rule through the visual language: weapons kill you if you don’t obey, and this becomes evident. So when the feline moves, all who see the feline move and that is the order of weapons: run for cover or obey. Words rule through laws an ethic messages. But the third language, money, which is kept invisible, rules in a complex manner. In the origin through gold hypnotism; today because it is the global language of values that produces through corporations all the other memes of society. And this language, invented by the Jewish nation is obviously the language that gives the Jewish nation power over all other nations  of the western world. The Jewish nation is thus different from all other nations.

It rules over all of them through capitalism, the banking industry and its control of global information, and all what we could hope is its conversion to mankind to humanism, to the SOS (socialist, organic, scientific) ideologies of survival to help in the common goal of saving the planet. But this will not happen, because the Jewish nation is a ‘subconscious’,  self-suicidal culture, who seems to be unable after an astounding length of time under the influence of the memes of ‘capitalism’ (it could be argued that those memes appeared in Jericho 10.000 years ago) to come out of the by far more complex, multiple-sided system of repression of all the memes of life and eusocial love to mankind that could create a paradise on Earth.

In that sense, the naive reader (the 99%) should understand that any super-organism has a head which carries all the information and a body which is blind and depends on the head for that information.This happens not only in the Jewish culture, where the banker-priests (today divided but in its canaan origins the same profession) ruled completely and indoctrinate to a degree hardly understood, the mass of Jewish believers with all their myths, dogmas, precepts and rituals, but also with those nations, which are ruled in higher degree by the Jewish nation, as the invention of the Jewish cultures, capitalism – the rule of the world with money – and its systems of control of humans through mechanisms and biased information spread to the rest of the world.

But the naked truth suffices in itself. What is then the perspective we shall take in this post? Obviously the one of the author which happens to be part of the ‘dying head’ of another superorganism of history, the Latin/Western European/Scientific/Enlightened-American culture now in process of extinction that had been the only ‘survival’ alternative to the self-suicidal capitalist system the Jewish people and its associated biblical cultures represent. As nobody likes in a world of biological information, those who kill you, as a human being, needless to say it will be critical but objective from that point of view of human survival and focused in the fundamental question of this web: are we humans determined to become extinct by the memes of metal, as the Jewish nation is recurrently in the cycles of wars for greed and holocausts that their religion of capitalism causes?

The jewish nation is not a race or culture.

The Jewish nation, the most powerful memetic nation with maximal development in technological science, financial power and military power (as we can ‘de facto’ consider the American Nation and most of Western nation to be ‘qislings’ of Am Segullah corporative and financial networks), is for that reason the  ‘most primitive’, in the conservation of ‘memes’ which have not gone through the ‘scalar, social evolution’ of mankind, from racial families and tribes to mental ideologies and religions of love, to social economics and the scientific understanding of the homo sapiens as a single race, mind of Gaia, the planet of life, which it should govern and care for.

All that which existed in the age of the Goddess, prior to the arrival of the warrior gods of the sword and gold (Zeus and Ywvh, Baal and Indra), as Campbell and Eliade relate in their work on comparative religions, becomes an ‘abomination’ in the new cultures of metal.

Thus the first fact to consider regarding the oldest western nation is the fact that it is neither a religion as Yvwh meant Judea, so in the same manner that Assur was not a religion, Yvwh is merely the subconscious collective of the Jewish nation and its region of birth. In this Yvwh=Jewish nation is similar to America, the ‘religion’ of most Americans or Germany, the religion of most Germans, since ‘animetal nations’ have ‘historic Gods’. Nor it is a race, obviously due to the fact that most Jewish people are Khazars and European in origin, neither a religion concerned with the meaning of the Universe, which is the realm of science and Eastern dual philosophies of yin=information and yang=energy.

In that sense the Bible is the book of history and the ‘subconscious collective’ of a group of people specialized in trade, which acts as a reinforcer of life repression memes and racist memes to foster separation with ‘human capital’ and the work capacity of the Jewish people. Point.

The Jewish nation is the dominant nation of the west. Its 1% of ‘stockrats’ and ‘bankers’, the Am Segullah is the dominant elite in the Western world, controlling over 75% of the key positions of the financial industry as central bankers, CFOs of the 1000 fortune western companies, CEOs of financial companies and producers of infotainment.

This astounding fact cannot however be explained easily, because as all ‘1%’ elites with anti-democratic privileges (in this case to control the informative and financial memes of our society), power censors ‘biological information’. It is therefore a ‘crime’ to explain the objective and historic facts of the rise to power of the Jewish Nation. And yet it is also impossible to understand Creationist/Biblical/Classic economics, the memes of capitalism and the society we live in, without understanding the culture of the people-caste that controls it through monetary orders… Several themes thus are needed to define exhaustively the Jewish Nation:

– The nature of its 1% informative elite, which unlike any other nation is not of military nature but of financial nature, being the first nation, which clearly chose capital over weapons to control the world. This elite are the ‘Am Segullah’, the most powerful people-caste of history.

– The social structure of the nation in 3 ‘social classes’, the 1% Am Segullah elite of bankers-priest, the 10% of ‘managers’ that control the Industrial World of the west, and the 90% of the Jewish people, mostly of Khazar origin, mostly living in Israel. For reasons of simplification, we can consider a simpler structure of a 1% of ‘stockrats’, ‘rabbies’ and ‘informative ideologists’, which direct the entire western world through their control of digital and mass-media information, and the 99% which admire and obey the 1% but cannot be considered directly responsible of their actions, even if they pay with their lives as scapegoats of the misdeeds of the Am segullah. This 99% is what we shall call the Jewish People.

– The cycles of greed and murder, money and weapons, financial oppression and holocausts that mimic the 800-80 years long and medium wave of history, as the Am Segullah are on top of all other nations, whose political systems they control with money, most of the time of the wave, but during war and crisis ages loose power and suffer the Holocaust.

Only when we consider at least those 3 elements, we can fully understand the ‘cre(dit)ators’ of the capitalist world we live in, for bad or for good.

Thus we consider the Jewish People to belong to 3 social groups, the animetal elite, the sheeple and the rebels – prophets and masters of information of the humankind:

– The animetal castes were the first and paramount ‘soliton’ culture that chose go(l)d not weapons as its language of power and control of human sheeple. First they were banker-priests, who mixed the memes of go(l)d and adapted their history and their book of history (the Talmud) to those memes. With the arrival of capitalism there was a split between professional bankers and Talmud priests, which continues today, even both formed the elite that controlled the Kahilas or assemblies of the Jewish People. Both memes, the book of History and the book of Deeds reinforce each other, since only in aracist culture, the detachment of capitalism that treats human beings as objects with a salary can be justified. And so as Sombart, Marx and Abraham Leon explain, the book of history of the jews, the talmud and the bible, must be understood as the ‘baalble’, created to reinforce the worldly profession of money, not in the opposite way. Today this ideology is much more extended as capitalism has crossed racial barriers first into protestant/calvinist sects and finally it has become a global religion. The racist ideology of the Talmud on the other hand fuels the apartheid state of israel.

So the ideological heirs of the Banker-priests are today split into those who belong to the Jewish, historic religion, a tribal nationalist cult, of an earlier age in which the word God and Nation was the same (so Assur was the name of the God and the nation of Assyrians, etc.). They are today overwhelmingly, ‘Orthodox Jewish’ or Israeli or go(l)d believers, who are carrying the wave of neofascism and fundamentalist  capitalism to its final consequences, the extinction of life, the creation of a III world War and the destruction of labor by more profitable machines. They consider mankind their enemy, an inferior race, treated as ‘objects’ with a price. Examples of those kind of people are Mr. Rothschild, who always was accompanied by a servant to open doors NOT to pollute himself with the sweat of a gentile; Caifas direct descendant of Aaron, who instaured the cult to the go(l)den calf, the present head of Goldman, who says ‘bankers are a God’s job’, Bibi, the president of Israel, who promotes an apartheid state or the soldier who posted his pics with Palestinian objects and sees nothing wrong with it.

– Those who do not belong to the upper castes of Rabbies and bankers of the go(l)d Religion even if they believe in the present Apartheid culture of Israel. They are either the sheeple of Judaism – and we could include here most Israeli and American Jewish, even though they are tainted by racist ideologies, in as much as they are also the victims of the Holocaust cycle, whose upper castes escape.  They are the sacrificed sheeple of those cycles, who believe in the myths of superiority handled by the upper castes and die for a set of anti-life values they are programmed to follow since earlier age.

– Finally, there is a 3rd group, which is by far the more interesting, the evolved mestizo jews expelled from the culture that many orthodox do not consider Jews.

They are either non-believers in Judaism and its nationalistic and go(l)d myths or mixed blood Jews. We shall call here them ‘Mestizo Jews’, because most often they are ‘mestizos’, rejected as non-pure Jewish by Orthodox Judaism and consider ‘bastards’, mazerim, by rabbies. Paradoxically this ‘Mestizo Jews’ are among the finest human beings ever to be born, because they ad to the informative specialization of the Jewish culture, the understanding of humanism and the fact that we all humans are born equal. Examples of the ‘Mestizo Jews’ are Moses, probably an ‘Egyptian mestizo’, who married an ethiopian and gave us the 10 commandments, masterpiece of human ethics; Marx, whose father had converted to Christianism; Einstein, who was a socialist; Proust, a Christian writer, and generally speaking, most artists and people we deeply respect, from Wittgenstein the Christian linguist to Krugman, the New Deal Economist, but Judaism advertises as “jewish’ for propaganda purposes even if they neither believe in Orthodox Judaism, nor they are according to the Jewish Law, Jewish people.

In modern times, among them you can find the ‘Khazar Jews’, mestizos of mongoloid Khazars, Mr. Chomsky, from a family of socialist believers, or Mr. Julian Assange, the founder of wikileaks, or this writer, from an old ‘marrano’ family of catalan doctors, economists and politicians, and webmaster of economicstruth.com (-;, or Oliver Stone, with a Jewish stock-broker father and a French mother. What makes those people humanist is obvious: they can compare the attitude of their fundamentalist, racist ‘orthodox Jewish parent’ and their ‘humanist’, loving non-Jewish eusocial parent and most likely decide to go with the humanist and recognize the beauty of Mankind as a species. Yet they are tough and informative, and so they are the people who most often denounces the racial bias of Orthodox Judaism.

They are also the enemies of orthodox Jewish who ‘hate’ them because they show the path for the r=evolution of the Jewish culture. Needless to say the greatest and most hated among them was ‘Jesus the Galilean’, from the Northern region of Galilea, invaded by Assyrians, who married Jewish people or converted  latter and were considered impure by the original Jewish.

Unfortunately this 3 group of mestizo jews that could have reformed the culture have at the end lost most of the battles of history. And so they have never upgraded Judaism to integrate it with the human kind, reason why Judaism has never ended its cycle of the Holocaust caused by the action-reaction processes established between its banker-priests and the rest of mankind.

In that regard, we live today in one of those cycles, fuelled by the anti-live actions of the banker-priests and the brutal response of the perpetrators of those holocausts, which are the warrior leaders of those people the banker priests oppress – today the Arabs and increasingly in the future the Germanic American. To avoid that Holocaust and the destruction of the world in war, which normally accompanies it, it is clear that Orthodox Judaism, go(l)d bankers and the Apartheid nation of Israel must be dealt with. Or else humans won’t survive the ideologies that have stem from it, from capitalism with its actions of life and labor extinction, to racism. Yet for that to happen, gentiles and mestizo Jews have to denounce and defend mankind against those ideologies. And that so far is not happening. On the contrary, the myths and tools of power of classic judaism, have now become globalized.

But why the Jewish people have had that key role in the history of economics – reason why they are also the protagonists of this web given the fact that economics is the modern ideological version of thego(l)d religion (still around 1/2 of the recipient of the Nobel of Economics are Jews).  Obviously because of geographical conditions, as Judaism was born as a culture, in the knot of trade of 3 continents.

The earlier Cananean culture of traders, origin of Judaism was in those ancient times divided into Coastal traders, Phoenicians, and Caravan traders, in the inner oasis of Je-richo and Je-rusalem.

The Je-w, became thus, due to their geographic position in Palestine – a region between 3  continents and the 2 main western civilizations of the  Neolithic -the leading informative culture of the west and its 2 languages, verbs and go(l)d.

Palestine becomes both a land of verbal prophets and the site of a go(l)d=Baal culture since earlier age, (Jericho–Jerusalem, Trade Oasis culture, 10.000 bc) specializing in the use of both, verbal information (invention of the alphabet, Mosaic code of ethic laws aimed to create a world to the image and likeness of man) and monetary information (Hapiru=wanderers=caravan traders; Phoenician bartering age; Joseph banker of the Pharaoh and first recorded speculator, Myth of Aaron and the golden calf; alliance between Hiram of Tyros and Solomon, who together monopolized trade on metals and slaves during the Ancient empires). This duality between two languages, the world and gold languages of history and the eco(nomic)system, has made them the dominant informative people-caste of the west.  And their Book of History, the Baalble, which relates the confrontations of its prophets of the world vs. go(l)d, the most published book of the west.

Why and how the Am Segullah elite exercises power.

If we were able to reduce the ’emotional noise’ caused by all those myths, hate-speeches, taboos and inquisitions of thought, what we are dealing with objectively is in terms of the super-organisms of history and economics, with the first and most successful nation, whose language of power money, rules over the military nations that rule over the life-based cultures of the west.

Indeed, money is the ‘language of metal-information’ that rules over the energy memes of metal, weapons, which rule over life by its capacity to kill. But weapons must be reproduced, evolved, sold and used by people, enslaved by ideologies or fear to perform the criminal actions of war; so an industrial system of reproduction of weapons and sale of weapons and slaves appears starting in the bronze age. And two clear people-castes, the levantine, phoenician and jewish sea and caravan traders, and the warrior cities and then states of indo-european or semite origin, structure it. Ever since there has been a fight on top between warriors trying to create empires with weapons (Greeks, Romans, Germanic tribes) and bankers that trade in gold, slaves and weapons, trying to control them. This fight between the ‘german nation’ and the ‘jewish nation’ (paradigms of both modes of power) and all those self-similar nations concerns obviously the elite of those nations. It is in any case the ‘engine’ of metal-nations and the reason we evolved those memes.

What today we observe after the victory of the go(l)d cultures, with the jewish nation, the oldest one, on top and the anglo-saxon nations, first the british empire then the american empire as ‘middle managers’ controlling most of the planet Earth, is a fairy tale and massive censorship of that darwinian struggle in history, to further enhance the power of monetary elites. Since money is invisible, the invisibility of the 1% and its cultures on power has allowed further control. First in the XVII century the birth of companies, the first one owned by jewish-calvinist moguls (one Cohen was its CEO), converted the creation of weapons (gunboats) and the sale of slaves and weapons (their main produce) into a professional endeavor with ‘stock-holders’ playing a much pleasant role that their predecessors (enslavers and bankers).

Then in the XIX century the Law of anonymous societies further increased the privileges of the 1% and as biblical memes and capitalist memes were translated into mathematics and shared by the elites of all nations, the ‘original soliton’ of capitalism was hidden. Then after the genocide of its lower peasants classes (II W.W.)  the entire origin of capitalism as a culture of power based in money disappeared, the 1% of banker-priests camouflaged on the tragedies of their lower castes and passed laws in which any criticism of their power would be consider antisemitism, equivalent to an attempt to murder. And yet the power of the 1% of am segullah was there, and kept growing till the arrival of e-money allowed to 100 fold the capital of the planet on their hands. So today and in the present financial crisis this power has showed off: billions work for corporations belonging to jewish and calvinist ‘brothers’, and those corporations are extinguishing life and all other cultures, controlling governments and now start the robotic obsolescence of mankind.

The victory of capitalism and its biblical elites is today absolute. But it is not born of the superiority of a race, but of the misuse of the memes of metal and in due time this century we shall awake to the finale: a world in which we all humans are obsolete, including the Jewish nation and its anthropomorphic ideologies. Gold and iron in robots becomes detached from us, humans.

All this is the reality that no longer is studied or analyzed. Since the human mind is brutally reduced to a fiction, visual non-entity.

In that regard, in this web dedicated to economical history, our interest on the Jewish People focuses on the cultural deformation and myths built within the ‘wrong’ side of the Jewish culture, to maintain the absurd pretension that the extinction of life under the ideology of capitalism=mechanism  is the better future for mankind.

What is the sense then of writing a blog, which as my personal experience shows only backfires against those who write it and doesn’t change the elite or the mass, automatons of this process of advanced extinction? The truth of the ethic wor(l)d, of mankind in itself is a value to have.

In that sense, what is wrong about capitalism and its earlier ‘go(l)d cults’ is the conscious choice of the wrong side of the memes of history, of the wrong language and the wrong values of gold and weapons (slavery and murder).

This choice unavoidably has lead us to our extinction even if in the process the Jewish people reaches power unheard of in the past.

Yet unlike the Chinese culture which also used two languages (ideographs and verbal thought) albeit of the same humanist type, and reached the zenith of the verbal age of science, undestanding the dual yin=information + yang=energy laws of the organic Universe, the negative values of go(l)d, which ‘buy’ and ‘objectify’ human beings as slaves with a price, have diminished enormously the quality of the Jewish cultures, which is built around ‘myths’, go(l)d rituals and ‘inquistions of thought’ that fostered the repression of human senses to focus their life on the work=reproduction and evolution of metal. As such the Jewish people are the leading culture of the world and the one who has built our civilization, but precisely because our civilization is extinguishing life, it is not the best culture to have as a role model.

This is the fundamental tragedy of Judaism – the fact that now, as the science of systems evolves and we realize the true arrow of future survival is the arrow of eusocial evolution of all the members of the same species, Judaism got stuck in the tribal scale of human eusocial evolution; and so instead of directing mankind as a whole, with its enormous financial and informative power, masterminded in 3000 years of evolving the digital, economic ecosystem, it encroaches in its tribal bid for total power through the financial ab=use of mankind and the creation of false myths that deny the equality of all humans and the laws of eusocial love that evolve individuals into stronger super-organisms.

Thus those ideologies today spread globally through the pseudo-science of ‘biblical economics’ (that preaches competition among humans not collaboration), the ‘Book’ with its ham damnation (origin of slavery), its ‘chosen of go(l)d’ myths and through the techno-utopian myths that allow the use of machines and weapons to control other humans, have create the wrong path of futures. One in which men compete at individual and tribal level and use memes of metal to come on top.

It is in that sense interesting to compare two cultures of ‘Jewish origin’, mine, catalonia and Israel, one converted to eusocial love, the other regressing towards the hardest, fundamentalist bronze age strain of memetic judaism. Indeed, I seem to come from a Levy family as Levy conversos translated their name to Lluis (pronounces Jewish). Yet my family of marrano doctors and economists converted centuries ago to eusocial love, and became one of the leading industrial and political founders of this ‘country’ I live in, ‘els paysos catalans’ (Eastern spain), which has no metal memes, no army, no stock-market, hence it has used the informative mastery of its 10/20% of ‘Jewish genetics’, becoming the country of the world with more ‘tourists’ per capita, who come here to enjoy the excellence on life memes we produce. In that sense, sepharad, a nation in which the Jewish people could have integrated with the rest of mankind is not a myth. It was possible, if the Jewish People had converted to mankind and guide humanity towards a paradise of human goods, as their prophets of love always told them,warning them against the path they have taken to lead mankind into extinction, ‘do not eat of the bad fruits of the tree science because the day you do you will die’ (Genesis), ‘the jewish will suffer all their history for their love of go(l)d’ Moses, ‘you cannot serve two masters, go(l)d and the wor(l)d’ Jesus, ‘The Jewish question will be solved when the jewish people abandon their worldly religion, money’ Marx…

On my view the Levis, the Am Segullah, could have become the elite of mankind, the 0.1% that using their intelligence probably evolved at the level of neuronal networks after 3000 years of ‘calculating’ profits, as the Germans have evolved their physical stamina after 3000 years of fighting with swords, and made the world a paradise. When I study at Columbia and moved among them, as a prodigal son returning to the fold,  I often explained this to the Masters of the Universe. At the time they took it as an idealist bout; today probably they would not even listen. Their project of global control through the invisible hand of go(l)d and censorship of any knowledge among the ‘impure’ gentile of that control is today in place. Nobody knows because it is ‘a confabulation theory’ and proof of anti$emitism that as Wells put it ‘an invisible man could rule the world, nobody will see him come or see him go’.

This astounding success of the wrong project of future for mankind is now bearing its fruits: a world in perpetual world to defend Apartheid israel; a massive absorbtion of global wealth through speculative platforms that tax all goods and nobody knows how it works; a massive censorship of any criticism against the ‘invisible men’; and a robotic race that eliminates workers and soldiers for profits as countries become stripped off all wealth syphoned to those billionaire speculators. Yes, as it happened at the end of the middle ages when with 86% of annual usury the Am Segullah were taking over lands and castles of peasants and aristocrats or at the end of the Industrial R=evolution when 200 years of workers exploitation made them the masters of Europe, it is precisely when they have all the ‘yin’ in their hands, when all people are ruined and the invisible man becomes all too obvious when the tide recedes and the action-reaction laws of Newton brings havoc, war and holocausts.

Was all that needed? How much more beautiful would have been an Am Segullah Converso caste that listened to their prophets of the wor(l)d and could be ‘visible’ because people would love what they did for mankind, all of us, including them?  It would have been much easier to create a paradise that to hide, seek and hunt profits by destroying the planet; hand in hand with the elites of all western nations they have co-opted and coached into the art of eviL=Ant-life memes needed to kill the planet with corporations, financial houses, armies and ‘eraseheads’ (mass-media)…

As this is not the case we shall study the core belief of Judaism, which is GO(L)D, NOT the Bible, its submissive ‘human codon’ that virally stops human ‘natural drives of existence’ (Good food, eusocial love, sexual reproductive freedom, etc.) to promote human repression and work in memes of metal.


‘Fear and pity may be aroused by spectacular means. Yet those who employ spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, are strangers to the purpose of Tragedy; for we must not demand of Tragedy, but only that which is proper to it.’

Poetics, Aristotle

Memetic waves of social information: software vs. hardware.

The holocaust cycle today is understood only in terms of the cultural memes of judaism. It has as all cultural systems two elements:

  • The memetic structure or software flow/wave of memes of Judaism that cause the cycle.
  • The carriers of the cycle, the human elements that carry the software, or ‘identity particles’ of a Human Group.

As in any other memetic culture, either of the Human Superorganism or the Animetal Superorganism, we shall find, as in any space-time organism, a form and a motion, a hardware and a software, a physical carrier and an informative set, as we do indeed when studying any fractal system of the Universe.

WE SHALL then before making a study of the facts and memes of the cycle, consider two a priori considerations on the memes and the carriers.

The freedom of the carriers. 

Given the variability of Human beings, and their null understanding of the organic laws of history, the correspondence between the carriers and the memes are NOT exact. As Chomsky put it to me in our earlier correspondence on memetics, any person can be a ‘carrier’ of Judaism if it believes that all the descendants of Adam are ‘yous’ and believes in the memes of the religion.

Thus when talking of cultures we should ‘drop’ the concept of ‘people’ – people are receptacles of ‘waves of memes’, which code their social behaviour, when imprinted in emotional terms in their youth, eliminating their freedom of thought; but many people ascribed to a given culture did not accept or were code by those memes we recognise as ‘distinctive’ of the culture, so even if they might call themselves, jewish or americans or spaniards they might not – it is then first necessary to understand which role each culture plays in the dual super organisms this planet is coding, to fully understand then its memes, and finally according to the individual beliefs, we might identify an individual as belonging to a certain memetic culture.

Finally we can then explain the causality of the cycles of a given culture ACCORDING TO THOSE MEMES.

Needless to say we have also to dismiss by lack of objective scientificism, the ‘opinions’, ‘self-serving memes’ and subjective truths the culture will utter about itself, and against rival cultures, as product of the ego paradox, perfectly encoded in TWO sentences of Schopenhauer about the memes of ‘tribal nationalisms’:

‘Every nation ridicules all others, they are all right’; and regarding the memetic pertenency to any culture: ‘only mediocre people feel proud of belonging to a given nation just because they were born by chance in it’.

Finally Orwell on nationalism, described as the ‘tagged of people as insects, classified in boxes, confronted to each other’.

In brief, a human being of certain intellectual and ethical standing WILL always regardless of its place of birth, tagged by society, BECOME FREE OF ALL tribal, animetal memes and realise IT BELONGS TO THE ONLY SPECIES, OR SUPERORGANISM-GOD OF HISTORY, MANKIND, and as such it will be ONLY HUMAN. So we drop and will during this year 2017-18 rewrite the entire web to get rid of careless use of words like ‘jewish people’, ‘americans’ etc. and substitute it by ‘memes of judaism’, ‘memes of capitalism’ (as that is the present ‘idol-ogy’ that so often is confuse with the Americans, all of which when evolved and of certain moral and intellectual quality as in the case of jewish-americans reject anti-humanist memes).


The memes of ‘any animetal cult(ure) that idolises go(l)d, iron weapons or machines that atrophy the human organ they substitute, regardless of the ego-trips they cause ARE VIRAL MEMES equivalent to the 3 ‘extinctive organisms of nature’ bellow and SO ANY UBERMAN, any ‘human intelligent and ethic enough’ WILL HAVE MENTAL RESISTENCE TO ME(N)TAL MEMES, and remain HUMAN, which explains also THE EXTRA-ORDINARY QUALITY OF JEWISH humanist prophets of the Genesis>Mosaic>Christian>Socialist series and the EXTRA-ORDINARY quality of Post-war German ecological and humanist EU-movement, as it was precisely the superior carriers of animetal memes who were RESISTANT to idol-ogical virus, who THEN as HUMANIST thinkers reached the heights of intelligence and ethics, in that long series, from the writer of Genesis to pacifist, socialist, pantheist Einstein, NONE of which can obviously be qualified as member of Germanism – and its military germs of history, the fundamental genocidal cult(ure) of weapons or Judaism and its Go(l)d memes, the fundamental suicidal cult(ure) of mankind carriers of the informative memes of the metal-earth and its Financial-Media systems, in 3 st-ages we shall consider now in more detail.



In the next graph, we show from the old 92 book the cyclical pattern of a cycle, which can be traced in to the remote past of the first cananean go(l)d cultures, maybe as far as the age of Jericho 40 meters walled cities protecting metal-wealth as early as 10.000 years ago which would make the informative go(l)d culture of metal, truly the soliton of all animetal cultures of money for so long that it explains – given also the recently discovered chemical suppression of oxytocin by gold and quicksilver poisoning – the astounding ‘determinism’ of both the anti-humanist memes of the culture, which have changed many times its disguise – today victimism against ‘murderous’ mankind and ‘expertise in banking as a science’ but always keeps the 3 essential memes needed for the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle – HUMANS ARE EXPENDABLE, inferior, a segregated ‘animal species’ whose emotional attachment must be avoided or ‘else’, and GO(L)D profits cannot be denied, whatever it takes, which makes weapons’ profit a must as it sales give the maximal profit=prize guaranteed  the subconscious syntax of gold  with its 3 elements, accepted thanks to the previous 2 core memes: maximal price to weapons minimal price to life Y conversion of man into a slave object: man=price=object.


Let us then deal with the reality behind that camouflage: the economic cycle of holocausts, explained in the next graphs (fo the old and modern age):

IN THE NEXT graph, with the old ‘jargon’ of bio-economics, we describe the periodicity and events of the first holocaust cycles:


chairon europe

The previous graphs, from work done in the 90s on the cycles of the Jewish culture and its artistic ages show the first cycles of history of the canaanite cultures. In the

A) foundational age, Levante and Babylon represented the 2 centers of trade, with similar Gods, Baal, the fetish Go(l)d to whom enemy children were sacrificed and the Fire Gods of the warriors, from Yvwh to Assur.

In the graph, the 2 dominant tribal Animetal Gods=Nations of the chariot cycle, the go(l)d banker-priests of Canaan and its Land-God-People of Yvwh and Baal confronted to the tribal warrior God=nation=land of Assur, and its 3 cycles of art and wor(l)ds, the subconscious collective of the civilization.

NOW IT IS ESSENTIAL A FUNDAMENTAL FEATURE OF ‘GO(L)D’ CULT(URE)S AS OPPOSED TO WARRIOR ONES: BECAUSE WHAT GO(L)D SUBSTITUTES IS THE VALUES OF THE WOR(L)D, AN ANIMETAL GO(L)D CULT(URE) AS THE PARADIGMATIC JEWISH CULTURE IS  has zero respect for the word, its truth and ethic values, which opposes those of go(l)d, where weapons have maximal value and life none, where other tribe’s people are slaves (which means enemy in old accadian) and an object with null real value, gold, hypnotizes and provokes greed and subconscious desires which a fetish religion will THEREFORE ACCEPT WITHOUT REGARD FOR VERBAL TRUTHS, CREATING ALL KIND OF MYTHS AROUND THE FETISH METAL.



STILL BECAUSE PRIESTS USE WORDS, they have naturally the values of ethic words within themselves and so the Bible has MOMENTS OF HUMANISM, IN THE WORD OF CERTAIN PROPHETS, WHO REBEL AGAINST THE DICTATORSHIP OF ITS RITUAL BANKER PRIESTS and those are the books of ethics of the bible, from Genesis where the parable of the tree of science and its golden apples explains crystal clear the ‘future of history’ that will die if it evolves the bad fruits of metal, to Isaiah to Jesus…

On the other side though we find the bulk of the books, specially in the Jewish version, or Torah, which are written by the priestly caste of banker priests to justify its power (the temple always acted as a bank, as it was customary in babylon and as the Britannica explains, the priests were the wealthiest ‘bankers’ of Israel, as those of the baal temples were in Tyros).

This leads to the facts about Exodus, the fundamental BOOK of the Torah, which is the essential book of Judaism during this age.

Archeologists have recently found that Yvwh was married to Astarte (hence it was a version of Baal), and found idols of both in different arks. All seems to prove that Judaism stems from the Canaanite civilization and Moses and its exodus was NOT the bulk of the culture. So why such importance to this book.

The answer is in the author of this book, the group of bankers exiled in Babylon who returned to take over Canaan with the help of the Persians . Esrah and Nehemiah with the elite group that came to reconquer Israel wrote a ‘parallel’ book on the foundation of Israel also by a group which returned (the Mosaic group) and wrote a legend of a promised land to which Moses was entitled, as they pretended to control again Israel. The story is on the other hand a classic ‘legend’ of all primitive nomadic people in search of a ‘promised land’ that his national god (patriotic meme) gave to them. It is strinkingly similar to Siberian nomadic cults or to the Aztec Legend in which also 4 highest priests carried an arck with the God of war, Huichilipotchli, in search of the land He promised to them, which once found will be taken with genocidal wars.

Torah therefore becomes the Book of the rich exiled that with the acquiescence of their ‘bank clients’, the Persian ruling house will impose again a racist segregation religion to Israel peasants (in fact Esra first measure is to oblige Jewish to repudiate non jewish wives)  The book thus will be rather irrelevant during the classic age of Judaism to the truth of this cult(ure) of Go(l)d defined by financial and trade memes. It will only become the embodiment of the culture when Romans delenda Jerusalem, as the cult(ure) now will become a portable, soliton, global wave of trading banking and slaving, in search of go(l)d, its ‘worldly religion’ (Marx) and the Book of Esra, as the scholar Meyer clearly proves, will become from idol-ogy of priestly power into historic dogma, during the …

C) The Rabbinic, undercover age. Israel though looses the battle of weapons with Rome and so it must BECOME UNDERCOVER IN ITS TILL THEN VERY OBVIOUS MILLENARIAN PROPHECIES OF A FUTURE KING-MESSIAH THAT WILL RULE OVER all the planet, with an elite of chosen race people, with Rabbis banker-priests on top.

It thus oblige the Jews to stop their supremacist go(l)d arrogance and come undercover as communist or muslim brothers did in XX c. NOT TO LOOSE THEIR GOAL, which remains in the racist Talmud teachings. Indeed, the banker-priests now centered in Babylon loose nothing of their millenarian purpose of conquering the world, which is the ULTIMATE ‘PURPOSE’ OF THE RELIGION, A TRIBAL NATIONALISTIC ANIMETAL CULT LIKE ALL OTHERS ARE.

But now as Maimonides clearly explains in its ‘Guide to the Perplexed’ considered by Judaism the masterpiece of this age, the Jew must without military power cue the elite of warriors, exploit the ‘inferior animal races’  to obtain their gold that ‘they deserve’, with usury, and apply the 10 commandments only to the Jews. The religion becomes hateful of mankind and Christianity, which stubbornly denies their supremacist goals but this must be hidden. So while killing a gentile is a feat, it must not be boasted, etc.


Thus again in babylon, the center of jewish financial power till the Mongolian invasion and true capital of the cult(ure) for near 200o years , the key book of the culture is written (as it was written Genesis, either in Accad or Sumer, Torah, by Esra and now Talmud, which describes humans as animals, born in the leg of satan, and advices the pious to pray each morning for the extinction of mankind; while at the same time advicing NOT to reveal under death penatly the content of Talmud to gentiles, to whom, given their animal stupidity the Jew should show a caring, victimist face, in order to take away from him the go(l)d that belongs to the jews.

Im not joking. This is the content of Talmud, reassuring the believer that the goal of Judaism, the control of the world is still going strong. Death penalty inforced by Rabbies to whom translate the book was needed, because whoever reads it, changes defintely as Luther did (writing, ‘on the lies of the jews’ afterwards) his vision of Judaism and all conspiracy theories become factual data. THE nation of Israel becomes a secret ‘conspiracy’ to control the world with money as a language of power, which appears as victim of history, as a humble group because it has no apparent military power. And so it must co-opt as it still does, the elites of king-warriors in the west to keep the program of global power going. And at the same time it must control brutally as rabbis did, their own sheeple, with a fear  superstitious ‘hate of mankind; religion, to keep them suffering for gold and bring it to the temple-priests.

Hence the modern psyche of victimism substitutes the earlier arrogant ‘only God-tribe’ outlook of the Yahvian phase – which now is again being lost as Israel becomes an apartheid nation and America, the fundamental slave colony of the empire controls the Military industry of the west (with a sheeple mass so mentally reduced by audiovisual fictions that it is hopelessly unable to understand a dot of what his country is).

But all this astounding control of the mind of the anglo-saxon cultures (America, British Empire) now fast extending to the entire species, who will rather ‘die’ that confront the lies and anti-live=evil memes of this now global culture could have never been achieved without the control of the Financial-Media system of industrial digital and monetary information. And so we must consider the ‘3rd and 4th’ ages of the Jewish empire, when truly this ‘anti-human’ cult(ure) of Go(l)d values denounced till then by every single intelligent ethic humanist writer and prophet, achieved global power by controlling the distribution of information in the western wrold, with the industrial control of the press.

C) The economic->military causes of the Holocausts. From usury to anti$emitism to antiSSemitism.

In the NEXT graph from the never published always censored 30 years old book ‘The jewish paradox’, a study of one of the cycles in more detail and its 800-80 happenings.

The holocaust cycle is a repetitive cycle of history, as all processes in time are cyclical and so as long as the causes of a historic cycle are not reformed, the cycles will happen once and again.

It is also the most censored event of cyclical history; given the fundamental role that the memes of judaism have play in the evolution of the eco(nomic)system, as the soliton ‘wave’, which has imprinted most of the evolutionary phases of the digital, economic language; as the first go(l)d cult(ure), soliton of trade and finances in the western world.

The first holocaust cycles of ‘pecunia infinita’: 800 YEARS overproduction of weapons and hate memes.

Soon they discovered that the best way to increase the fetish gold vehicle to talk to God, was through lending and specially through war lending. As ‘pecunia infinita, bellum nervi’: war costs/gives infinite money.

Since by affinity informative metal, gold was used in 70% of its expenditure to pay for expansive entropic metal, weapons.

Thus they founded the FUNDAMENTAL CYCLE of economic history throughout all the 800-80 years cycles of OVERPRODUCTION OF WEAPONS, lavishly paid with gold; OVERPRODUCTION OF HATE MEMES between nations, they provided as the only international people-caste that travelled, and diplomats on those courts – to foster wars.

It is then when during those cycles two new phenomena happen: anti$emitism, as people who died in those wars, finally realized that it was all caused by the ‘greed’ of diplomats, bankers and weapon and slave traders. And its inverse ‘information’: pro-semitism. As the informative people-caste who ran diplomacy and gold thought it was all a war of information, between hate memes against ‘murderous mankind’ and in favour of ‘victimist Judaism’; so if they could change ‘truth’ and ‘hide the cycle’, and portray themselves as a superior people, chosen of go(l)d’ and mankind and the slaves and human capital they ab=used as a heinous, brutal species; they might keep the cycle going.

For good measure we compare the best known case of Judaism, with similar confrontations between trader and warrior cultures – the closest similar cycle in ‘animetal history’. Since in a milder form, in the same way the most extreme go(l)d and iron cult(ure)s, germ(an)s and ‘you’ memes have killed each other,  warrior vs. trader cultures have fought through history for global power (Greece vs. Rome, Japan vs. China, Germany & Spain  vs. Judaism vs. British cultures; and so on).

Both are wrong – the true humanist cultures are those based in welfare wealth, life goods, not metal-goods, eusocial love memes, not segregational memes. But as we know the essence of animetal cult(ure)s is to segregate from humans in order to kill them (warrior cultures) and so use their fetish warrior weapon or to enslave them (gold cultures) as human capital sold for profit and accumulation of gold. To illustrate those facts in the next graph we show 3 of such warrior vs. gold animetal cycles of wars and holocausts between trader and warrior cultures of which Germanism and Judaism are the fundamental paradigm as the oldest gold and iron cultures. The first is from my ‘trader nation’ catalonia, now as we speak reanacting the cycle against castillian warriors, below the jewish paradox in the modern age and the chinese paradox, the main paradoxes of trader vs. warrior cultures today (arabs. vs. israelies in the semite wars; China vs. Japan & America), to show the ‘generality of the cycle’: 

THE GRAPHS, illustrate the 13 hecatomb->holocaust cycles studied by this author, in his complex models of super-organisms of history.

When we talk of a culture we express it in 3 horizons, its simple, military birth, its reproductive, expansive wave if it is succesful in its evolution of memes of metal and its final collapse in its 3rd age. Thus for example, the Roman empire had 3 ages, Rome, Byzantium and Iberia; the Jewish culture has 3 horizons, the talmudian (jewish proper), Biblical (anglican and calvinist, in which the Talmudian reproduced) and capitalist ages (digital age of extinction of the human component of the culture).

Those ages in turn coincide with 3 ‘cycles of 800 years’ of the long model of waves of history and creation and extinction of civilizations. So in the next graph we can see the first age of Jewish waves and its classic holocausts (modern cycles are dealt with in the specific article on the jewish holocaust economical cycle), then the next graph shows the evolution of the Jewish culture (judermonia in spanish models), during the dutch-british-american colonial age, as it expands in spatial size in 3 horizons, from the micrpoioint of maximal evoltuion (Max. T=Min S) in holland, to the reproductive british wave to the massive American world.

In the graph we see the modern and latter will study the first happenings of the cycle.

In the graph, the Facts of the cycle, which mast be put in the context of all the 800-80 years cycles of overproduction of weapons, which first give wealth to the makers of those weapons and then get them killed by warriors and/or, Mankind at large, revenging in r=evolutions against both.

Thus the holocaust cycle inscribe within the 800-80 years cycles of overproduction of weapons and inflationary money, which causes wars, hate memes against the elites of militarism and capitalism, and ultimately the massacre of its lower ‘people-castes’, soldiers and traders consumed in the ‘gottendamerung’ of war and economic crisis. Yet this crystal clear causality is denied by the elites of both cultures BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT TO DENY the idol-ogies and values of metal which gives no value to life (war protect us, gold is always good):

So as long as we are guided by the values of metal, weapons and money, the war and holocaust cycle, which are two sides of the same coin, will happen once and again, since weapons will be used and ultimately turned against the organic cultures that reproduced and profit from them. As you cannot ‘have the cake and eat it’, serve two gods, go(l)d and the survival ethic values of the wor(l)d.



 Barbarous superstition: the white man and his go(l)d fevers.

But why certain humans hold this barbarous superstition in the west? In the East this never happened. The Chinese always understood money in a rational way. it was not even gold, hard metal, but first wood with central holes, the any substance susceptible of being counted, and it was alway issued by the nation, as it is still issued to create and credit the economy in a sustainable manner, with growth of 10%, while usury lending chokes the west with negative growth.

The reasons of this barbarous superstition seem to be the visual hypnotic properties of gold, which hypnotize the human eye and are shown with stronger force among the Homo Sapiens Neanderthaliensis, the white man. This hypnotic power of the most perfect atom of information of the Universe is the origin of greed – the irrational accumulation of money at all costs, regardless of collateral effects, which in the case of this planet are becoming indreasingly obvious: the extinction and degradation of life, which metal, an alien substance, does not value at all. But since capitalism is a religion, a ‘barbarous superstition’, it cannot be challenged, it is deterministic. And now that this ‘barbarous superstition’ has become global, and its form of ‘managing’ the human sheeple, increasingly degraded and without price, obsolete to the machine capitalism and its ‘modern technological forms of managing human herds’ must consider what to do with the surplus of ‘human workers’… Those surpluses historically as the crises of substitution of humans by machines intensify in the Kondratieff crashes have been eliminated by war, with higher proficiency, as technology evolves.

And so we live again a similar crisis to the one described by Cicero, 2000 years ago, as speculators and usury bankers absorb most of the wealth of the western world, suffocate the economy without credit and the owners of corporations throw workers substituted by blue collar robots and white collar pcs. Now, as in the previous crisis the masks of caring and expert talk falls as the fats encroach themselves in the Darwinian fight for accumulation of money that confronts the plutocrat and his barbarous superstition and the naive citizen who thought to live in a democratic state.

On top of the pyramid of capitalism there is a language of metal information called Money. So the first question we must answer is what kind of world money creates. Since money has been always metal of informative nature, first gold and silver, then paper money backed by metal and now cycles of information in computers, e-money. We must understand some basic laws of complementary systems of  information and energy, specifically the human system (a body of flesh and life and a verbal mind) and the industrial system (money of metal and machines and weapons, energetic metal).

And the law of systems I want to bring to you so you understand the non-human nature of capitalism is this: information is biological, languages of information have a purpose, to make survive and reproduce and value the substances of energy which are similar and complementary. Thus in the same manner women, informative, cyclical, temporal beings attract men, spatial, energetic lineal species and gender is a function of energy and information complementarity, words, our informative language, in its social, purest form, ethics, value life ad maximal. But money, as metal, does NOT value life, but values ad maximal the most perfect machines, weapons. So a society ruled by money will constantly overproduce for profits memes of metal and underproduce memes of life of lesser value. This explains the previous paragraphs on the overproduction of weapons on free markets. And it is explained in the next graph.

Nothing of this of course will make sense to you if you don’t read the next post, where we enlarge the analysis of economic cycles within the context of the larger cycles of history and the laws of evolution applied to machines and money, a language of information whose ‘blind values’ give zero price to life and maximal price to weapons and machines, by the laws of affinity between informative metal (money) and energetic metal (weapons),  the real engine of capitalism: the fact that metal values metal and words values mankind and so a system ruled subconsciously by  metal kills life, and a system ruled by the law will favor either all of mankind (love religions, democracies) or at least an elite class.

And this leads to the second great paradox of a pure capitalist system in which the human wor(l)d, represented by governments and ethic laws does not control money. It will kill life as a collateral effect of profits without even realizing, as it has no value.  And so in our society with a ruling caste of bankers on top with a barbarous superstition – that money is the language of god (Calvin), is poised to undervalue life and extinguish it. Such society it is NEITHER CONSCIOUS NOR A CONFABULATION, but ruled by a very different process that we start to understand now within the context of systems sciences: how a network of self-similar ‘neurons’ control a blind body, through the emission of a similar wave of ‘actions’.  In capitalism and the Biblical culture, which is its origin that is the case. Money is a religion and the world they have built is one in which life perishes and machines multiply.

And so now with that introduction we can consider in more detail that pyramid and its resurrection during this crisis, as society moves back to an age of religious capitalism and the power of memes of metal, money and weapons over the ethic law, represented in democracies by our politicians, which no longer have power as governments loose their right to control money with laws for the betterment and the values of the wor(l)d

THE economic->military causes of the Holocausts. From usury to anti$emitism to antiSSemitism.

Amazing as it seems, the ORIGINAL book of all Abrahamic religions, hence the ONLY ONE, worth to study, to assess the truth and character of those religions (in as much as science is causal, hence you CANNOT achieve a truth when you depart from a falsity as all logicians know, False x Truth = False), is the most racist, anti humanist, superstitious, retarded book ever written by any human individual of the same species, anywhere in time and space in this world.

This is the fact that invalidates all Abrahamic religions and requires – since all what exists has a purpose when we consider the subjective, selfish point of view that imposes its truth – a thoroughly new assessment on the purpose of Abrahamic religions – merely to further foster the 3 ‘temptations’ of evil in Buddha and Christian parables, money, weapons-power, and magic science (machines). That is, to advance the selfish, subconscious, hidden program of metal, to evolve and use humans as enzymen of its catalysis, not the other way around, as we wished in the perfect world, WHERE ONLY MACHINES THAT ENHANCE THE BIOLOGICAL FUTURE OF MAN WOULD BE OVERPRODUCED.

This book is called Talmud, written by in imperative tone by a caste of banker-priests that appeared during the Aryan charioteer invasions that also gave birth to its ‘twin’ book, the Rig Veda, basis of Aryan caste racism (the competition between Talmud, Vedas and Mein Kampfs for the title of the most bigot text ever written on my view is won by Talmud, but in this i could accept a scientific analysis of them).

This is then how those 3 books would be studied in a perfect humanist world. We would indeed all read Talmud on the class of bigotry along the Mein Kampf, instead of making it a secret book, which rabbi-bankers (same people till Napoleonic forced liberation of their subjects)  forbade to translate to their sheeple under death penalty. How it has then survived far better than Mein Kampf?

Simple, because go(l)d priests of this fetish go(l)d religion won he global battle of animetals to ‘extinguish the world’ (their view of course differs – to prove they were chosen by the grace of god- motto of warrior kings of by its gold).

Why the fact that we are ruled by  a Jewish empire matters, instead of an American Empire?  The answer should be obvious – it is a question of idol-ogy. While the American people are a nation, made of all nations and cultures of the world, with a cultural origin in an age of enlightened founding fathers, who believed in reason, democracy and the equality of all men; the jewish-calvinist idol-ogy, is a superstitious extremely complex, repressive, racist cult(ure) of gold which does not recognise any responsibility, fears mankind (Holocaust Industry), and lacks in its orthodox imperative languages and texts any freedom to reform and accept humanism.

Now of course as today this does NOT apply to all, as it did tilt the French revolution, when all of them till the forced liberation from the inquisition of its rabbies, due to Napoleon and the American R=evolution… but it did for 3000 years of its 3.200 millennia of history. And that creates character, specially in the structure of capitalism which WAS PERFECTLY DEFINED IN ENGLAND AND HOLLAND by the Times of Napoleon, with those subconscious calvinist-jewish memes of their owners.

But when a Protestant or Calvinist reads the bible, while there are still some basic racist statements in the chosen of go(l)d concept, non-Protestant are still humans.

A Catholic Christian and a Muslim will further accept all humans and talk often of the social concepts of love and charity (the sharing of energy and information to create a global world). So the natural law of humanity somehow entered the mind of those ‘prophets’ and made a curious mixture of old inquisitions and Greek rational humanism.

But in the original Abrahamic religion, NONE of this happens. Because all its laws, including Mosaic laws only apply to the chosen – gentiles are ‘animals’, in Talmud, in Kabbala, or enemies to be exterminated for occupying the sacred land in Torah. So this war of zealots vs. terrorists will go on to ad profits to robotic industries till nothing can stop it.

We talk of a bronze age go(l)d fetish culture where the possession of gold is the proof of racial superiority, at a time when the tribe was ‘human’, all other tribes non-human, and the subconscious collective was God. In fact the name God was equal to nation – meaning the same, to the point that Yvwh in egyptian texts is the name of Judea, the land of the Yvwh-people, the jew, as Assur was the name of the god of the rival culture of weapons. Those first ‘animetal cultures’ therefore had none of the supposed mystical, rational, metaphysical outlook that later versions fully borrowed from Platonism.

It was just a pure ‘nationalistic’ concept. Each nation-God fought for land with all others, and used in the case of Levantine cultures, gold and in the case of Assur Iron to prove it (cainites, or cananeans descendants of the first ‘iron smiths’, in those legends, that is, of Cain and his son Tubal, the first smith). So nothing of a single species – on the contrary, people do not realise that in Orthodox Judaism – today among haridis, increasingly the ruling force of Israel – its colonists, army, National Religious Party, Shas and Likkud, the word man, means jew, as in primitive tribes the name of the tribe was human. The rest of mankind and women are NOT human.

They are equal to animals on the lowest species, that should ‘work like donkeys for the chosen – that is why god created them’ (Joseph, supreme Rabbi of Israel); while women, as life-bearers are also satanic, even Jewish women cannot drive (as in some Arab countries), cannot study talmud, and cannot even walk in ‘pairs with a man’ (‘a human being cannot walk between 2 dogs, 2 pigs or 2 women, they are all the same’).

Of course, as all societies, Israel today is divided between secular, rational humans and ‘the chosen’, who were in Kabala so perfect that ‘in the beginning God made the heavens and the Earth’ but as the jew is the ‘beginning’, he is even above heavens and earth. Hence it is above ALL crimes and responsibility, specially towards the ‘detachments’ of Satan (the aforementioned women, dogs, pigs and gentiles, of which Mhmd in his attempt to ‘humanise’ the religion that inspired him, took away gentiles and women – not so much, leaving dogs and pigs, which both cultures so similar except in the concept of a single human species, despise.)

Under those circumstances, the Orthodox Rabbis of Israel often affirm that all Christian churches, mosques and animal goyyim=gentile (the original meaning is animal), specially in the territory of Grand Israel, which extends from Euphrates to Cairo, including of course its new found oil lands such as Kuwait must be exterminated for they are ‘robbing’ the land that ‘belong to us’.

As this is the message of Yvwh on the millenarian prophecy of Talmud:  ‘at the end of times of all enemies of the jewish people will be exterminated or will become their slaves’ (Talmud, Sanhedrin). Again, while humans have ‘survived’ the military version of those old racist cultures, the Assyrians and Persians, two of such cultures have survived and still control two fundamental regions of the world, the west (bankers of Israel) and the Indian continent (aryan, with also dietary separation laws, castes of sub-humans, and all the ritualistic concepts of Judaism).

The astounding similarities between modern Israel with his mimetic laws to those of Nazi Germany, and its ‘search for historic lands to the east’ occupied by primitive non-technological, inferior cultures, which must be enslaved or exterminated is not a coincidence.

You see, nazi Germany wanted to clean the east of slavs – which were called ‘slaves’ by earlier Jewish slave traders, till the conversion of Ukranian Kazhars to Judaism to avoid enslaving.

In Israel Palestinians, no longer called so but ‘Arabs’ in the ‘normal’ meetings of Religious parties and increasingly Likkud and army gatherings where the mantra ‘death to the Arabs’ is becoming a closing ‘speech’ short of the infamous ‘the death of the Jews will be the wealth of the Germans’ motto of earlier nazism.

And yet racially speaking most Jews in Germany were Germans, most Palestinians are Jews – to the point eugenic ‘scientists’ which tried to find genetic weapons gave up due to the close similarity specially with northern Arabs – Syrians and Kurds. The subject as the one of the Kazhars is today taboo, because its shows the holocausts of the fall of Jerusalem was real. And so the old Assyrians did extinguish, rape and created a mestizo ‘race’, now genetically close.

This was the reason Galileans like Jesus were ‘stained’ and despised, dedicated to low jobs and catering the needs of the Roman invaders – including prostitution. So Maria, on the roman records appeared as such, the paid lover of Panter, a legionary.  But myths are myths and they are excellent when they are inverse to the truth according to Goebbels’ method (first minister of propaganda, now called in Orwellian Newspeak, ‘ministry of information’: if you tell a lie many times people will believe, it; the bigger the lie, the more they will believe.) As the brain has a hard time to make an inverse thought. So if you are a mass-murderer, portray yourself as victim or hero. It will go through.

This and half-truths – hiding the part of it that does not foster your cause – in the holocaust case the elite always hides the economic cause of financial theft, so people ‘clueless’ does not know who to target and ends targeting the poor, which protect the bankers. And further on accuse ALL humanity of being eviL so the lower classes of judaism stick with their elite. But in fact, history shows this is a fight of bankers vs. Goth murderers, for the control of the world and all their humans, who should rule.

The tribe of Goths, the Germans who called themselves gods, because they kill anyone who opposed them with weapons, and the tribe of the chosen of Go(l)d, whose elite of bankers carried the memes of capitalism till today have essentially the same memes – their difference being due to the difference between informative gold metal and energetic iron metal, so the bankers’ culture idolises information and the goth culture energy (but not human verbal information and body-energy-freedom, but metal-digital information and weapons energy). Information is ‘small’ (money), hidden and fast (hence the incapacity of the go(l)d culture to accept the values of ‘truth’). Energy is large, open and slow, with simple certainties, often false, but unbreakable as German ideologies are.

Now of course, both fight for global power to create an empire of hierarchical nature, either the capitalist present empire of the bankers or the failed III reich of military Goths – both arguably fusion in the present American Empire. So they do kill each other from time to time in Holocausts and Mercenary wars or ‘sheer poverty exploration’ by capitalist elites. Now, because the go(l)d culture won, we can say the truth of the goths but not the truth of Go(l)d. But that is the bottom line. The world is ultimately ruled by very primitive, racist memes, hidden but embedded for centuries on the work of classic economists all of them pious believers in the Biblical memes, from Calvinist Smith’s invisible hand of go(l)d to Jewish Hayek, Friedman, and ±80% of present CEOs and CFOs of western banks. What future can you expect from them? One of war and extinction.

Since as today the militaristic gridy culture of banker-priests increasingly control Israel, which totally controls the American ‘house slave’, (its financial-media system that imprints as a tabula rassa their people), which in turn controls the world, and on top faces a Jihad of similar primitive warrior memes, and both have managed to completely erase from power, the social, humanist, rational, artistic, scientific European-American enlightenment culture, this future is set, and will happen merely according to the evolutionary laws of robotic machines, which when ‘ready’ to do us all, will be duly used for profitable ‘splendid little wars’.

Thus it is the perfect culture to commit self-suicide once more, and bring mankind to its demise, without even realising it does so. It is indeed much easier to explain why capitalism is extinguishing mankind departing from that lack of freedom in such go(l)d religion…. unfortunately. Hence it is imperative to denationalise the financial industry from them, ending both the holocaust of the human people and the holocaust of their lower castes, scapegoats of the ab=uses of its elite of banker-priests.

In that regard, paradoxically, the fundamental reason mankind gives an blank check in economics and politics and hides its control of finances, by the Am Segullah is the fear of a repetition of the Holocaust. Since holocausts do have fundamentally, economic causes. So ultimately the creation of the perfect world will obviously eliminate both wars and holocausts; the strategy of the ‘banker-priests’ of merely hiding the perceived causes of those wars and holocausts will bring the same cycles into the future. Since indeed, it seems there is a historic systemic agreement that usury debt is the cause of those holocausts.

And while of course usury does NOT justify murder, only economic reform, it is important to know in any crime the motive..

Let us then consider the 4 fundamental holocausts of history, the Roman, Spanish, German and future American Holocaust, and the 4 most well known anti$emites, turned antiSSemites (that is national leaders that changed from their first state as Anti$emites that warn financiers against usury and ask to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, the right to print money, to antiSSemites that used troops to murder the apiru and any Am Segullah they found to regain their money).

The Roman Holocaust could be in that sense resumed in the words of Cicero, the best known lawyer, rhetorician and head of the optimates (the party of the Roman Aristocracy in the senate):

You know how large a group they (the Jews) are, and how influential they are in politics. I will lower my voice and speak just loudly enough for the jury to hear me; for there are plenty of individuals to stir up those Jews against me and against every good Roman, and I don’t intend to make it any easier for them to do this. Since gold was regularly exported each year in the name of the Jews from Italy and all our provinces to Jerusalem, Flaccus issued an edict forbidding its exportation from Asia. Who is there, gentlemen of the jury, who cannot sincerely commend this action? The exportation of gold had been forbidden by the Senate on many previous occasions, and most strictly of all during my consulship. Further, that Flaccus was opposed to this barbarous Jewish superstition’.

That for the classic age pogroms. As they say in Spanish ‘mas claro agua’ (more clear, water).

The Spanish Holocaust in that sense is filled with a century of complains to Las Cortes asking the king to oblige the Jews to lower the 46% standard usury cut each year that ruined peasants who lost their land and aristocrats who lost their castles (another huge lie repeated ad nauseam by holocaust scholars is that Jewish had limits to enter guilds and own property in the middle ages – not at all).

So in fact, the Spanish Holocaust happened in 1391, lasted 80 years and was the response to those usury cuts, as both aristocrats and peasants burned synagogues, not BECAUSE OF THE RELIGION, but because rabbis were bankers or if not, kept in the synagogue with the Torah the ‘book of debts’. Alas, pogroms had ALWAYS an aim – to burn the book of debt, and hence debt slavery ended. Simple. Same with the pogroms caused by the eunuch trade called today in the ‘jargon of the Holocaust Industry’, the blood libel: as peasants who could not pay the debt sold their children as servants, and then those children were castrated to increase the price of the human capital 10 folded and sold to Islam, but 1/3rd die bleeding to death, and the parents found them in the ghetto gutter, with no blood. So they revenged – of course some thought the rabbis had drunk the blood, as they knew nothing of the eunuch trade, which paid 1000 gold grams in Baghdad, as McCormick, dean of Middle Age economics at Harvard explains.

That for the middle age pogroms. Now for Hitler, and the German Holocaust the infamous Reichstag discourse is also crystal clear, on the motive, but we shall not quote here for respect to my apiru grand-father. Enough to say that after the private Reichbank ran by one stein, provoked massive hyperinflation the first anonymous paintings ‘the death of the jews will be the wealth of the germans’ spread like fire on the walls, and soon the apiru, paid once more as scapegoats of the Am segullah.

Finally for the future American Holocaust if things proceed as usual, we could quote the most famous American Anti-Semite duet, Mr. Edison and his best friend Mr. Henry Ford, who paid the publishing of the ‘International Jew’. Again we are here considering the opinion of people, which had a lot of power and political clout (Ford paid alone the prohibition law in the senate, because he was abstemious):

“Anti-Semitism is always ready to break out against the inaccessible rich Jews who control in politics and international finance. The commonest real cause of anti-Semitism is the action of the international Jew who is often unknown and always secure, but the innocent victim of it is the poor Jew. “

So yes, I find surrealist that there are thousands of scholar books, films, museums etc. etc. on this theme and NONE explain the facts and if you as a historian explain the facts, you will never work. Why? The reason should be obvious to the reader.

The Holocaust Industry IS NOTHING but the modern version of the rabbis strategy to deal with gentiles, perfectly explained by the Spanish philosopher Maimonides, considered the most illustrious philosopher of Judaism, in his ‘Guide to the perplexed’: to lie to them, because if they knew the truth, they would kill us all. Instead of providing the proper solution:a just system of invention of money.

And yet this, amazingly enough is the absolute taboo hidden by the Industry, which only the few ‘true prophets’ of Israel dare to explain, from Moses in the myth of Ghenna ‘the Jewish will suffer all their live for their love of money’, through christ, ‘give to caesar what belongs to caesar, the right to print money, to ‘s Marx, ‘the solution of the Jewish question will happen when they abandon their worldly religion, money’.

Further on the absolute proof that this is the right policy, is the fact that those who did obey those prophets survived: in the Mosaic Holocaust, Moses did not kill by drinking gold, those who didn’t worship the calf; in the Roman Holocaust the Romans spared the Christians; in the German Holocaust, those who were in Marxist Russia survived and now form the bulk of Judaism –  and they are neither Jewish by genes.

They are Khazars, so recent genetic tests show that while Rabbis (and bankers, as they intermarried as the elite for 3000 years) had above 80% of racial purity compared to earlier inhabitants of Israel, the common Israeli has only 8%. Neither they are most of them ‘jewish’ in memes (believing in the racial superiority of the Jew over the goyyim or working in the financial industry – the 2 primitive memes of the go(l)d religion). So why a people who is overwhelmingly NOT jew by race and memes backs the astoundingly primitive memes and abusive antidemocratic actions of its bankers-priests?

But if the situation continues, obviously Europeans, Americans and the Middle East will soon reach a situation of mismanagement, studied in depth in this introduction, which can be compared with other nations, such as China, South Asia or even India and Russia that all will explode again. And this is what the ‘scholars’ that hide and rewrite history to cover the power of the Am Segullah don’t understand. The longer they deny any responsibility over the people they rule with money, the harder it will be the cycle of war, revolution and holocausts. Hence the absolute surrealism of their strategy.

When I still moved among them, in America, I tried many times to explain all this and ask them to come out of the closet, but the sheer pressure of all the elements of the Jewish society on these hysterical theme is such that astoundingly enough, racist rabbis and usury bankers are carrying again the day and the ‘splendid little wars’ of the 30s that steadily rose till plunging the world in global war as we anticipated for decades are now on the verge of becoming permanent.

This is the amazing thing about history of mankind at large: how a few decided bigots oppress the rest and lead us to our demise.

You realize then why we have to talk of this? Because if you want to understand the growing Israelification of the west, which we forecasted 20 years ago, the increasing racism, militarism, fascism and robotic war machines that kill at distance, which is NOT sin, but encouraged, we need to get to the origin of this astounding doctrine. And again the reasons are obvious: Slave trade, weapons trade, usury kill at distance. So it cannot be a sin. It is again the economic profession of Judaism the cause of this doctrine. If they were warriors they would have the kind of mantras the Gita tell us, or the Jihad tell us: kill directly and you will enter paradise. Doctrine in Abrahamic religions with the exception of the best of Gospel and the charity moments of Islam is about raw power and justification of the means the society has to control and murder.

But this means the west, now global Israeli culture will kill at distance, keep creating drone industries, terminators, reduce the 3rd world and their poor people to the inferior races, which Disraeli, the Jewish Victorian prime minister imposed in the XIX century.

If Judaism had done after the last of their holocaust action-reaction cycles a French R=evolution against its racist, parasitic banker-priests, as some tried in the 60s, the world would have another hope of a future; if western nations would have denationalize the financial industry from their elite, and use money for the benefit of all humanity, the world would have a different future. As today, the hardware – the company-mother of machines – now dominant also in all Asian nations; and the software, Abrahamic revivalism and the hidden mathematical equations of extinction of labor and life, of the first ‘pious’ calvinist-jewish economists today represented by our CFOs and Central Bankers, has only a future: the extinction of life and labor by robotic blue collar workers, white collar pcs, and terminators.

But this would not be happening without the surrender and corruption of humanist, socialist, democratic, normal people in those leading nations of the Industrial world to the ‘beliefs’ and degrading memes of those cultures.  As all western parties and elites, and common citizens, instead of regaining their freedoms and take over the financial industry and the lethal industries of machines, have merely softly, cowardly accepted the hypocritical double standards and financial corruption that makes them slaves of the no-future of humanity.

As all seems to go the other way around: the humans of those cultures of theft and murder that we call biologically by its taxonomic name,  animetals=animals+metal are emotional beasts moved primarily subconsciously by monetary greed and military violence, once they are upon contact with the tree of ‘metal’. And so they ‘act’ as ‘animetal beasts’ unable to control and reason and be masters of its own destiny.

It is not a metaphor, but a very real duality which structures the equation of history to which we dedicate many pages of this blog, and so we shall introduce now the ‘higher level of depth’ in the understanding of history, the laws of systems sciences, theory of information and biology that are the only apt to fully grasp in a living planet the living fights between men and metal, ‘deus et machina’.

And so now we have the answer to our question, even if it is completely censored by the ‘religions of capitalism=money and war=nationalism’. Metal acted subconsciously in the beliefs of people, changing them, against natural biological laws of love to the species, to allow warriors to murder humans and bankers to enslave them for a price. And this was a historic, memetic geographic happening, origin first of the oldest, most brutal, anti-democratic, anti-humanist cultures, the Semitic cultures, and then next, the Aryan, Germanic, northern European ‘iron barbarians’.

And for 3000 years those cultures spread their absurd memes – Abrahamic religions of Semitic origin, nationalist tribalism of germ(anic) origin, killing all the life cultures on the bottom of that graph, first the Egyptians, then the Greeks that derived from them (Ionians) then the Italian artistic neo-platonic culture, the French revolution, American r=evolution etc.)

And now they have spread globally through the industry of mass-media they hate memes to mankind, their repression of life, their worship of metal, their non-future, since along that process of course, they have murder, become murdered, kill and commit suicide for the good of the machine, the weapon and the sacred go(l)d, while those cultures who received latter metal, are the ones who prospered more in terms of survival (the Chinese which didn’t get western iron till 300 B.C.)

So you see it is very simple. It has nothing to do with race but with culture, and it is not even internal culture but externally imposed metal-culture. And it could be easily r=evolved as the prophets of eusocial love, humanism and life have always explained (bottom part of the graph), the last ones being the socialist and ecological movement. And yet it does not work. It is NOT happening.

On the contrary, in this 3rd decadent age, machines of mass-media, weapons and chips, have come to dominate all. The Semite banksters of Israel and the Semite terrorists of Jihad have expanded their once local war to global terms, as those banksters do control 80% of CFOs and Central banks in the west, hence its politicos, corporations and mass media (evilwood and wall street, which use informative machines to print money and hate-media or fictions and ego-trips to control the human sheeple and we shall call the ‘Financial-Media’ system of informative machines, complementary to the classic military-industrial complex of energetic ones.

Now this is the truth of history from the perspective of mankind and its cultures of social love and humanism and evolution of the species, below. And even if we can understand and rationalize that wave it is still weird that the people on the bottom are so much of a ‘sheeple’ to become totally controlled by murder and theft of the people on top, which are so few, so obvious, so impertinent with their demands for self-extinction.

Indeed, it puzzles the mind to see how America and France-Belgium, the two enlightened cultures of modern humanism, since their r=evolutions have become today just a field war for the ‘primitives’ and their hate memes. Do not they realize what is going on? Do not they feel ashamed to become slaves of the terror and bankster ‘coalition’? Why they don’t react? how it is possible that the capital of evolved Europe close itself 3 days to search for a kid with a cheap Kalashnikov last time seen 300 miles from Brussels?

Or that the Americans do the same with Boston for a day and have converted the happy American way of life into a nightmare of security and self-inflicted fears? Here is where of those 2 cultures we must do a further division: the terrorists are primitives with little power, desperadoes fighting for the survival of its Neolithic, warrior culture and the west could have easily handled them by investing in their nations, instead of promoting their thugs, their military their priests for so long.

But then the west comes to the power of financial houses, that is, of the other side of the animetal original cultures. And so what is happening to the world, this return to primitivism has a cause, an origin, a reason d’être, which is the antidemocratic control of the financial-media system by the banksters of Israel, and its hate-murder and crush solution to the 3rd world problems, and the poor within us. And the solution is obvious: to denationalize the financial industry from them, and give back the democratic right to issue money to the people with a Universal salary, and to the governments to create and promote welfare goods. Point.

That’s really all what I have to say in this blog. I will go into infinite details and branching of that map of which the 3 industrial r=evolution are the final phase. I will prove ad nauseam all that. But if you want just to dismiss it all and go to bed, you had read the meaning of history and economics in the previous wave, a synopsis of 3000 years of rational Greek-Latin-European-socialist-humanist enlightened r=evolutionary thought and its war for the survival and thriving of the human kind. This is the truth of history, understood as the super organism of mankind : a war between animetal memes and humanist memes, hate to their own species and eusocial love, science understood as knowledge and understood as technology, charity and faith, reason and belief, Europe and the Middle East, Greeks vs. Persians, Romans vs. Jews, French vs. The City, you name it.

It just happens that today the wrong side of memetic cultures have won, and so they will magnify to global proportions their tragic history of slavery to Go(l)d racist hate to the species, war and holocausts.

 The graphs from a +20 years old obviously never published book, the Jewish Paradox, the most authoritative book on the Duality of the Am Segullah and the Habiru and its cycles of accumulation of wealth (top of the paradox) and self-destruction by greed and occultation of facts (bottom state of the cycle), explains the duality of the cycle, and WHY instead of ending the cycle, by reforming capitalism, the top of the Jewish society survives and the bottom of non-guilty die precisely because they NEVER r=evolved against its top ‘banksters’ and on top they HIDE them with the different versions of the H.Industry.

Now to resume this lengthy treatise, we shall confront the anti-scientific method of the Industry of Holocaust and its scholars, which simply lie in all those themes, as a method and pass their lies as truths through the Goebbels’ method of repetition ‘if you repeat a lie people will believe’ coupled with censorship of all serious scholars, now ‘banned’, when they try to clarify some of those lies. Let us then quote Abraham Leon, the Jewish social scholar who attempted to find D) democratic solutions to the cycle by following the aforementioned A to D method.

Among those lies he clarified are the denial that Jews practiced usury (they did at 46% minimum annual rate); the affirmation that when they practiced it was because they were segregated by gentiles, without rights to own property or enter guilds (they NEVER WERE denied property rights, and they segregated from gentiles, NOT the other way around. So for example rabbis cut the noses of women who mated gentiles, which in Talmud are considered animals, and judged those crimes as ‘bestialism’.

Finally a conspicuous falsity – that the expulsion of usurers, ruined nations, when on the contrary it was precisely when nations flourished and proper banking was established when Jews were spelt and massacred – no longer needed. So in renaissance Italy when Florentines learned banking they disappeared. In Spain after they were expelled in 1476 the nation entered is golden age, creating a global empire, destroyed latter by the Jewish-Calvinist first slave companies from Holland and England, where they had also been expelled for usury, when Italian bankers could do the job at better interest rates (returning then with William, the Dutch king in the glorious revolution, when they bought the parliament at 2 million guilder a piece, according to IOUs signed by Lopes Suaso, established The City and governed the Empire ever since with their private bank of England). So Abraham Leon clarifies:

‘ In England, in the period of King Henry II (second half of the twelfth century) = they are already involved up to the hilt in usury They are generally very rich and their clientele is composed of the great landed proprietors. The most famous of these Jewish bankers was a certain Aaron of Lincoln, very active at the end of the twelfth century. King Henry II alone owed him one hundred thousand pounds, a sum equal to the annual budget of the Kingdom of England at this time.

Thanks to the extremely high rate of interest-it fluctuated between 43 and 86 percent—a large number of estates of the nobility had passed into the hands of the Jewish usurers. The dispossessed nobility would avenge itself by organizing massacres of the Jews. In 1189, the Jews were massacred in London, Lincoln, and Stafford. A year later, the nobility, led by a certain Malebys, destroyed the Scaccarium Judaeorum of York. The notes were solemnly burned. The Jews, besieged in the chateau, committed suicide.’

‘Everywhere in Western Europe, and in part in Central Europe, the twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth centuries are the epoch of the development of Jewish usury. But economic evolution brings about its rapid decline. The definitive expulsion of the Jews took place at the end of the thirteenth century in England, at the end of the fourteenth century in France, at the end of the fifteenth century in Spain. These dates reflect the difference in the speed of economic development within these countries. The thirteenth century is an epoch of economic flowering in England.

For Spain it is the fifteenth century which is the high point of the process wherein the Spanish kingdoms “developed their commerce and added to their wealth. Sheep began to cover the countryside, and in the trade with the North of Europe Spanish began to compete with English wool. The exports of wool to the Low Countries were considerably increased, and sheep-farming began to give Castile its characteristic aspect and to enrich the nobility There was also an increasing trade with the North in iron from Bilboa, olive oil, oranges and pomegranates.”

In the graphs we see the 800 year cycle of wars and holocausts between the expulsion of the jabiru, ‘those who walk behind the asses’, as traders in slaves and weapons, from Egypt, when his ‘elite of banker-priests’, the people-caste of Joseph provoked a massive famine of wheat speculation, and the Egyptians threw them out, through their cycle of metal-power, trading globally as caravaneers with their asses, while the allied brother-culture of Hiram of tyros traded with ships all over the west, in rivalry with the Assyrian warrior masters, who finally looted the gold temple, whose sacra sanctorum was a gold wall and acted as the banking center of the Middle East, with established ‘court bankers’ of the Levi caste acting as diplomats and war-debt lenders, in all the small fertile crescent kingdoms, where an elite of ‘arab’ semite warriors and ‘jewish’ semite bankers ran with its imperative, VSo languages, a mass of enslaved ‘human sheeple’, and were hated and massacred whenever possible by them. From then on a series of up and down cycles of debt usury tax farming of the ‘animal goyyim’, and revenge kicks out the holocaust cycles, which reach its paroxysm in the modern age of globalised debt slavery completed with the German genocide, after one stein, owner of the private reichbank in Germany printed billions and crashed the economy – then the nazis would write ‘the death of the jews is the wealth of the germans’ and started its systemic massacre, extended to the people of the eastern pale of settlements, where jews lived in cities as tax farmers for the polish aristocracy, hated as always by the population.

The solution: to stop the cycle, to stop greed, to become part of mankind was also uttered by verbal prophets of Judaism, who loved more humanity and his language, the word. And so we have the series of anti-humanist Nathans and pro-humanist Moses and Jesus that side in each side of the cycle, according to values.

Yet while the memes of Judaism practice even today in the informative side of the issue, the Goebbels method, ‘if you lie many times people will believe it’, considering as gold values have eliminated their verbal beliefs in verbal truths, that the REAL FACTS do not MATTER as long as you can convince with your superior intelligence and control of networks of information paid with money, that YOUR SIDEd view of history is right; FACT is the cycles kept happening, at the end of war periods, when NO AMOUNT OF lying and twisted information can hide the fact, that Judaism and its capitalist memes and cycles of hate media and overproduction of weapons for profits KILL HUMANITY. SINCE WHEN humanity IS KILLED no amount of lies can change the facts. Hence all HOLOCAUST cycles happen during a war period after a huge age of overproduction of weapons and profits and exploitation of human capital by the elite of the People of the Treasure. And as each cycle has been ever more damaging for mankind, with the evolution of top predator weapons that keep killing more people in each war, the cycle becomes more brutal

Memes are not people. In that regard, the choice between an ‘evil=anti-live’ cult(ure) and their ‘normal people’ is obvious: you cannot have the cake and eat it. Judaism cannot ‘HATE’ or ‘DESPISE’ or ‘be indifferent’ to the destiny o mankind, which it ‘herds’ as human capital through its corporative power, and control of informative machines (hollywood wall street) that print money and manufacture our brains. And expect on top mankind to love Judaism and NOT trigger action-reaction cycles.

Judaism CANNOT herd gold, obey its values that deny life and pretend to LIVE. You cannot HAVE the profits oF war AND not die in wars – because LET US BE CLEAR from the beginning – the holocaust cycle is NOT isolated as scholars pretend TO PROTECT pecunia infinita, from the process of war – it is JUST the last gottendamerung of the war cycle, when the elites that perpetrate the cycle, generals and bankers, DO also pay for the profits of war. So it is plainly madness to deny the relationship between both cycles by denying any relationship of judaism with go(l)d cults, capitalism and power, as a historic religion based in the millenarian prophecy of supremacist power through the use of money (‘at the end of times all nations will be slaves of Yhwh, the subconscious collective o the jewish people, or become exterminated ‘). We repeat the sentence quoted from britannica, which rightly considers in earlier non-censored versions judaism a historic, national ideology, not a metaphysical religion, because the values of JUDAISM not the evilness of mankind are the core problem of the cycle, which is denied to pretend to keep the cake (to be loved by humankind) and eat it (to murder mankind through the profits o f war).

All this said, so far the strategy of Judaism and its cultural elites (banker-priests during most of its time as a cult(ure) ruled by money not by weapons and of lately since the apparition of a Jewish nation, political, Israeli elites) seems to work, at least at scholar level:

Indeed, the power of the networks of metal-communicators ‘owned’ by jewish elites, has created a parallel virtual reality ALSO on the theme of the holocaust cycle, with its taboos and mandates, which mean any historian that wishes to be taken seriously must deny rational economic and political causality and appeal only to ‘lower irrational emotions, taboos’ and censorship, to prevent people from criticising judaism, its ‘memes of go(l)d herding’, and invention of the laws of capitalism and exploitation of human capital, the ultimate cause of the cycle.

This however includes blatant lies and censorship and so it has caused a general imposition of ‘wishful thinking’ in history, which basically is DENIED AS A CAUSAL, cyclical predictive science.

Indeed, when a ‘bratty’ entitled people as the banker elite of judaism and the military elites that work together in the uphill of the cycle (pecunia infinita through overproduction of weapons), do NOT want to recognise its faults they just censor truth, and so believe by censoring truth truth will not happen. 

And this is the bottom line of the ultimate reason why the cycle happens and will happen again – because NOBODY wants to act on the causes and reform the system. On the contrary the denial of the causes ensures it will happen all over again – first the abuse of human capital by military and financial elites, reinforced by all kind of segregational memes against mankind, as a lesser species, common both among military ‘aristocratic’ elites and financial ones – Judaism calls mankind an animal species in his sacred books – which then mankind responds declaring war to ‘germanism’, and ‘judaism’.

It is then fundamental to keep ALWAYS in mind that individual people DO NOT matter in history as much as MEMETIC CULTURES. I.e. the concept of german people or jewish people is irrelevant – the content of ‘germanism’ and ‘judaism’, as memetic cult(ure)s born out of the germanic cult to weapons – of the sword of iron that kills the human body, and the semite cult to the enslaving power of go(l)d that hypnotises and atrophies the oxytocin of love in the brain – do matter.

Because as cultures mediated by the memes of violence and greed, ‘germanism≈nationalism≈nazi-onanism’ and judaism≈capitalism, germanism and judaism subconsciously HATE mankind. And this can be easily proved just by reading the texts of those who ‘promoted in the past and the present’ germanism and judaism, as ‘cultures’ of a superior race, born to dominate humanity, the inferior species. It is then not surprising that the just action-reaction laws of the darwinian Universe makes mankind ‘hate’ those who despise and try to kill or oppress her – the memes of nazionanisms and judaisms (biblical, talmudic and capitalist religions).

In that regard the systemic cycles of wars and holocausts between judaism and germanism vs. Mankind are completely rational within the organic laws of the Universe and will ALWAYS happen again, as long as nazism and judaism ‘exist’, because its memes are fixed by the definition of those cultures, and their astounding hate-memes against their own species (which is mankind not some imaginary chosen race). Now, all this is more or less understood regarding nazionanisms, at least among humanist thinkers, but NOT about Judaism and its absolutely defining equal ‘meme, called ‘millenarism’, according to which ‘at the end of times’, humans will be either slaves off the superior german race (mein kampf millenarism), or the superior jewish race (talmudic millenarism: ‘at the end of times, all humans will be slaves o Yhwh – the memetic subconscious collective o jewish people/judaism – or will become exterminated’ (Sanhedrin, as quoted by Britannica, 72 millenarian prophecies).

And yet NOT even UNO, the closest organisation that represents mankind ‘dares’ to call Israel an apartheid state; while it rightly keeps condemning racism. Why this dual standard? The answer is scary: because judaism in its modern version capitalism, which is completely indifferent to mankind as it caters to the reproduction and evolution o machines, have DEFEATED AND ENSLAVED MANKIND.

And made truth the talmudic millenarian prophecy: judaism today, in its modern capitalist religion has enslaved all humans to the machine and go(l)d. This of course is different from the concept that the Jewish people rules the world. Again, you miss the point here: it is NOT ‘a people’ but a memetic cult(ure), which JUMPS and evolves AS ALL FORMS OF INFORMATION DO, while maintaining the ‘CORE belief’ of its doctrine and its external actions intact, ‘who’ hates the human species, despises it, calls it an ‘animal race’, who ‘must serve the chosen’ etc. etc. And so as those MEMES are NOT a people, BUT AN idol-ogy, THEY CAN JUMP AND CONQUER OTHER MINDS, AND THIS IS EXACTLY what its modern version, capitalism has done. So indeed, today Judaism->capitalism has conquered the world. and the first thing it has done is to ‘falsify’, ‘rewrite’ and ‘put’ its memes in all its versions, judaism->biblical religions->capitalism->company-mothers of machines, as wonderful, perfect, intelligent ‘sciences’ and religions of the almighty that must be respected.

All that of course is bull$hit, when we study the ‘real facts’ of the cycles, its causality, origin, consequences and events, and so for that reason, the ‘deniers of the holocaust’ do EVERYTHING but science when dealing with the cycle

Yet objectively, externally, we observe that at the end of the cycles of ‘splendid wars for profits’ that litter history, when the overproduction of weapons in each of the 800-80 years of vortex of evolution of selfish memes of metal, that a massacre of the middle and lower classes of ‘animetal supœrganisms’ take place, both among gentile and ‘you people’; in a process which is NOT different in causation and consequences, ultimately due to Cicero’s dictum: nervus belli pecunia infinita.

That is the pursuit of speculative inflationary money, at all costs, achieved through the equation of maximal profits, which is the religion of those who practice capitalism – the accumulation of money – as the goal of its existence as individuals and cultures:

maximal profits (inflationary money) ≈ Max. price of sale (weapons) – Min. Cost (informative hate memes)

This is the objective, digital values of go(l)d and weapons that cause the genocidal, suicidal cycle of the holocaust in the final gottendamerung of war, and we shall repeat it ad nauseam, because no amount of rhetoric information will change those causes; you cannot cheat reality ONLY with words. Words can go only that far, even if they are paid with go(l)d. Reality works on ‘real causes’. So it does not matter how many words you emit denying reality. REALITY DOES NOT LISTEN, acts.

This being said, it is obvious that as weapons multiply, so do warriors that use weapons, and so do the suffering of mankind as the system reproduces weapons for profits, and in a scarce world of choices, underproduces welfare life goods. And so a simple cycle in which weapons production maximises profits for the elites of military and financial groups, reducing the welfare goods of the population takes place.

And at the end of the process a mass of poor people and a mass of dead corpses, killed by the ab=use of those weapons appear.

It is then obvious that weapons and inflationary money besides making powerful and rich the elite of the people-caste of ‘mostly’ germanic warrior-kings and ‘mostly’ jewish banker-priests, kill and ruin people, which will suffer a genocide, and often through action-reaction processes, r=evolve against its leadership. In the entropic process of collective death of the superorganism, thus ‘everybody ends loosing’ through war, poverty, revolution and holocaust.

So what historians call the holocaust is merely the particular death of a part of the wholesale death of society triggered by the process of profitable war production – that of the lower people-caste of banker-priests, soliton of financial control of societies in the west, for historic and geographic reasons, today censored.

So immediately some themes appear on the Holocaust: the fact that the people who die are the lower classes of judaism. The fact that the process is triggered ‘technologically’ by ages of massive reproduction and evolution of the three most seek after goods of capitalism, weapons, inflationary money and hate memes; and ‘humanly’ by the alliance of warrior-kings and banker-priest animetal elites.

There is therefore nothing special about holocaust victims, except the virtual, fictional depiction of the process but precisely the elite of the go(l)d cult(ure), which humanist jewish scholars (Chomsky, Filkenstein) have appropriately called the industry of the holocaust, an offshoot of the industry of hate-memes whose purpose is to exculpate the banker-priests of any casual relationship to the process, by accusing either only the warriors and often humanity as a species, of a causal process, ‘nervus belli pecunia infinita’, in which humans are undoubtedly the first victim, and generals and bankers most often survive get rich and move to other place, or gain territory, glory and for that reason will then enact the cycle all together again.

We will though deal with the virtual mind of the Holocaust Industry as a sub-theme of the hate-memes industry, in other section of the web, and concentrate in this article on the objective factual cycle, its perpetrators, and historic facts, putting the emphasis as always in this web, in the scientific error=antiquantum paradox, that is the ‘part’ of the phenomenon less understood and explained by present historians, due to the censorship of it by the elite and super organism in which the historian is hosted. Thus NOT to exculpate the warrior perpetrators, in the same manner we do NOT focus on the terrorist jihad, when explaining the present war cycle of ‘nervus belli pecunia infinita’, but obviously DO NOT exculpate jihadists but explain its causes and why the Holocaust cycle as the terrorist cycle never ends: namely again because it makes money for the military and hate memes industry, the essential cycle of capitalist ‘maximal price, minimal cost, maximal profit equation’.

Yet of course, we are not here focusing on the arid data of the profits of war from the point of view of financial corporations. I believe the site would greatly enhance its objetive analysis if we ad all that data, granted, this is an error of the site, as I am a single individual, no scholars dare to help under the anti quantum paradox, the task is ginormous, taking into account this project is merely a diminutive part of the whole General Systems Theory formal logico-mathematical model of the organic Universe, and frankly my focus is far more into the perfect beauty of physical, mathematical and biological systems, at http://www.unificationtheory.com given the sorrowful state of mankind and its stubborn denial of facts.

Yet back in my youth thirty years ago, when i did my master at Columbia U and lived among ‘yous’ feeling for a while one of them, I did a thorough research of all the elements of historiography on the theme of the vast literature both of the industry of the holocaust the objective historians.

To mention in that sense for data: Abraham Leon, ‘the jewish question’, for the old times; Sombart, ‘the jewish and the origin of capitalism’, for the industrial times’ and Isaak’s ‘Jewish fundamentalism’, for the Israeli, present times, as the best books from the objective school)

While for ideology and causation, blaming etc, from the subjective pro and anti-semite biased scholarship  my favs are those of Mr. Cantor, a jewish scholar, among the thousands of pro-semite books of the jewish school. While Ford on the anti-semite field has likely the best book on the present situation of America, as he explains the take over of the financial-media system, from the old elite of ‘wasp calvinists’ owner of the industrial-military system, in his book ‘the international jew’ – obviously written with anger, as he saw his ‘class’ loosing control on America to the new class of askhenazis today in full control of the FMMI system of that nation.

My interest thus is NOT on the data, available all over the world specially on the prosemite field (but also for those who know how to dig in information which never quite erases itself on the subjective and objective field, today also unfortunately censored) but in the ‘causal processes’ from the human perspective of bio-history, and bio-economics, its memes and idol-ogies.

And specifically as it is the scientific error (error in science is the part not accounted for in any experiment) on the culpability highly censored of the Levi people-caste of banker-priests, who in search of ‘pecunia infinita’ trigger wars and its final ‘stage’, the holocaust cycle that happens, always at the very end of the war process, when in the wasteland of corpses, to protect themselves from the assault of the brutalised, murdered masses, the king-warriors offer the weaker link of the banker-priest to those suffering cells of mankind, and the banker-priest in turn, takes its benefits runs to another country to restart the process and leaves behind its massada zealots to die for him; call it, zealots in the roman cycle, dutch calvinist in the run-of-the-bank-of-Amsterdam to London to avoid the cholera of the French Army, or the peasants of the eastern pale of settlement in the run-to-America between world wars, once it was clear that pecunia infinita made in I world war had not made the Germans happy.

So that is the theme of this blog, leaving for the ‘virtual fictions that rewrite history from the perspective of the victors’ – aka the industry of the holocaust that grows in parallel to the growth of power of the Financial-Media Masters of the west – the other article on this sections on ‘antisemitism’.

It must be noticed also that the virtual informative fiction that is the strategy of the Levi elite of banker-priests NOT to tackle the real cause – their eternal thirst for pecunia infinita – can only go so far, as it has always been its strategy, today called ‘victimism’ in the past called ‘chosen biblical race, we must protect’; in the middle called ‘deterministic, classic, capitalist economics  dogma of profits at all costs – go(l)d cannot be named, accused or denied – BUT HAS NEVER prevented the final gottendamerung of the cycle, as the action-reaction laws of the organic Universe, are real and cannot be virtually, informatively changed ‘only’ with mind-myths, which is the supposed purpose of the avalanche of the holocaust industry, but only with ‘real’ changes that re-establish the balance-justice giving to caesar, returning to the people, what belongs to caesar, what belongs to the people, the issue of money, not to ab=use them with overproduction of profits, weapons and hate memes, but to nurture them with a demand-based economy of welfare. That is, the mantra of this site, paraphrasing mr. Goering:

‘welfare not warfare’, because welfare make us fat and this is good and warfare don’t make us stronger but exterminate us.

Got it? Goths and chosen of Go(l)d? No, im sure they don’t. We deal with the deterministic of the cycle, based in the Imperative structure of VSO biblical mandates, and the greed obsession and informative specialisation of the culture, who has come to ‘believe in his own myths’ and ‘think’ information ‘only’ creates reality (causality is dual in the Universe of three time arrows: entropy x information = present energy, so one thing ‘only’ doesn’t make the job). And certainly obey Nietzsche’s dictum ‘the hardest lies to deny are those we make in favor of ourselves’.

So alas, all this said, (and as usual apologising for repetitions, bad language, and disordered accumulation of information, due to the aforementioned herculean task of reforming and upgrading ALL the sciences of mankind in the three webs I keep writing, and the angst-anger I feel specially towards the human elites that mismanage the future of all us)and explained in other posts the REAL, most objective cause of them all, technological reproduction and evolution of weapons for profit, ‘nervus belli…’ we can focus on the unknown, human side: the…


The jewish people, specifically the Levi tribe of earlier banker priests, split into civil bankers and rabbis after halakka and the laws of the French r=evolution, which took away from them the control of the mass of peddlers and traders, causing the modern age of Judaism today  (lluis is also my name – pronounces the same in catalan, from a mother’s side of sephardim, converso doctors of Levi ancestors – so save yourself the anti$emitic rant), are to be considered the ‘soliton’ of money of the western culture, and as such specialised in metal-information.

This has a huge problem, they cannot understand as the go(l)d cult(ure) is so old that has become ‘praxis, more, profession, worldly religion (Marx). So even before we go a step further we must clarify two things. IN THE NEXT GRAPH, the subconscious values of money:

In the graph the law of affinity of substance, already known to Aristotle, means the Universe puts together ‘informative and entropic’ systems of the same substance, as the two arrows of time that ‘create complementary systems’ (quantum principle).

So since the beginning of the metal-age, gold, informative metal was used to value, weapons, entropic metal and gave zero value to life (human capital), ab=using it. This is the essence of the process of destruction of life: if you want to make go(l)d, you need hate-memes, wars, and weapons, the most expensive profitable goods. So first with the arrival of semitic arab warrior and go(l)d cultures, and then when Germ((anic) people took over arabs in weapons, an alliance of ‘animetal cultures’ against human values took place; and the result were the cycles of wars and holocausts that keep destroying life; and the establishment of the ‘wrong pyramid of social classes’, where humans, who should be the body of the super organism of history, awash with welfare goods, become the ‘entropy class of enemies, inferior racially-tagged people, by the bankers and warriors on top’, exploited ad nauseam; starting the final age of destruction of Gaia, the life planet, and putting in motion the equation-wave of history:

Gaia (life-non-technological cultures: past) < Animetal history (present) > metal-memes future. 

Since to keep power on top, bankers and warriors and latter machine-makers had to keep evolving their power tools.

In the graph, the difference of predation of aristocratic warriors and financial parasites, in the exploitation of their lower body-classes and below, the rest of society, in the anti-humanist structure of animetal societies explains the duality of the holocaust cycle – just a topic action/reaction process of hate memes, natural to all the wrong processes of history against its scientific, natural goals – to create a single cultural super organism, mankind, thriving in a planet in which man is on top of metal.

Now if we look at the ‘good guys’ below, we shall notice at least four verbal prophets of judaism, which rejected and tried to save the lower classes from the cycle: the Genesis prophet who said if you eat of the golden apples and bad weapons of the tree of metal you will die, Moses who damned them in the golden calf, Jesus who threw banker-priests from  the temple and Marx who told them to ‘give to caesar, the people and the state, what belongs to caesar’ money, the language of social power, THE GO(L)D CULTURES as fetishe-religions try to accumulate at all costs.

So obviously an enormous number of Jewish people were smart enough to abandon the segregational memes and hate memes against mankind (today disguised as victimism by the holocaust industry) to stop the cycle, become human Live-memes again and go around trying to save the world. This was called ‘halakka’, enlightenment for a while. What zionism has done is to regress this advancement and make of a ‘brutal, racist’ gold religion, which so many enlightened ‘yous’ had abandoned, a ‘nice things to cherish again’. And the result is what we see today: apartheid israel, militaristic evilwood and brutal tax-farming in wall street. Obviously still today many normal jewish people who ARE NOT jewish, because they do NOT believe in go(l)d, the meme of its bronze age fetish gold religion try to save the world – but even they have fallen under the primitive memes and idol-ogies that most euroamerican enlightened people, specially in continental europe have completely left behind – bigot religion, biblical memes, segregational memes, nazionanisms, etc. etc. 

Next the second point is this: because profession is a more, a tradition and for three thousand years the you meme was that of gathering gold for the banker-priests as a fetish vehicle to God, nobody understand better how to make money, but given those anti-live values, it means a callous segregational nature must exist, and this today is called ‘classic economics as a modern mathematical religion of judaism’ shared by protestan neo-jewish people (Sombart, Abraham Leon, webber, 72% of nobel prizes of economic, and most ceos, cfos and central bankers of financial systems in the west).


In the FIRST graph, so the reader understands what the euroamerican humanist, legalist, free culture, the most r=evolved of the western ‘mind’ faces: the $$emite memes of hate against mankind and slavish worship of metal-memes, appeared in the fertile crescent with the discovery of the hypnotic power of go(l)d, the most informative metal that can hypnotise the human eyes with ‘greed’, and the murderous power of bronze and latter iron, the most entropic atom of the Universe that can cut any form of life. Hence it appeared a people, immediately qualified as eviL=anti-live by the humanist scientist of the age Egyptian and Sumerian wor(l)d and fertility priests, who warned the species against the ‘Golden apples and eviL weapons of the tree of technology’ that if we evolved would extinguish us. Soon those cult(ure)s degrade their language, changing its topological structure, where in all its modern evolved forms of thought (Latin languages, english, chinese, african languages) the human being, the Subject of Information MUST come first, by Imperative languages, where the Verbal barking orders of the go(l)d priest or Jihad warrior self-named vehicle of Logos=True God= rational scientific laws that Create the Universe. Thus ushering mankind in the mythic murderous age of the Semite wars, in which fertility goddesses were called the ‘abomination’ by Yhwh and Baal and Assur go(l)d and bronze priests.

It was the beginning of the end. And so now that we come the full world cycle of human extinction we return to the asymmetric $$emite wars (in as much as the gold priest did win the battle for the extinction of history, controlling with gold mercenary armies that defeated the arab warriors, which loss its supremacy of weapons to the iron hordes of Germans – themselves devolved into objectual agglutinative long (S)word like languages). Thus alas today, we are in a systemic confrontation between Germ(anic) warriors of the western Military-industrial complex, commanded by its capitalist head, the Financial-Media Jewish empire (0.02% of human population, as we must differentiate its 90% of sheeple from the elite of banker priests in control of the information of western societies, both digital=money and audiovisual, as they are 80% of the CEOs and CFOs of financial, media, internet and central bank industries, which print liberally money for their appropriation through stock-market issues). 

Consider this at chemical level, gold and its brother element, quicksilver poison the brain. 2 drops of mercury poison the brain as each atom will break neuronal connections, making you crazy – as the crazy hat-maker of Alice in the wonderland, poisoned by quicksilver used in the manufacture of hats. Mankind has therefore become increasingly crazy, since the first historic banking cultures in Levante chose go(l)d as the ‘intelligence of god’, denying the ethic values of the wor(l)d and abandoning the tree of life for the golden apples and evil weapons of the tree of metal-science that will kill us all. And no amount of  science, humanism, ethic prophets and parables as that of the genesis, written when the paradise of Ur where money was food-wheat, was destroyed by the first hordes of Indo-European charioteers, has convinced the mad people infected by go(l)d greed and the values of metal that give zero value to life, to become again humanist.

This said we can study the POSITIVE anti-semitism, human revolution and re-education of the animetal culture of war, hate, capitalist ab=use of the non-chosen 99%; and the negative strains of antisemitism, based in biased truths (Industry of the Holocaust, which denies the FACT that capitalism IS creationist economics, and idol-ogy born in the fetish gold religions of Levante – Baalism and its corrupted Yhwh priests, which have been asking for ex-votes of gold as their only purpose, regardless of collateral effects for 3000 years and counting), inner exploration of the middle and lower classes of judaism by its elite of bankers (anti$emitism), which invariably triggers the most heinous of those forms (antiSSemitism, that is, the murder of those lower classes, when the elite ruins a nation, escapes with its go(l)d and leaves behind his poor to be slaughtered wholesale by those warriors).

This must be clear, creationist economics, the idol-ogy that humans must surrender their future to the FMMI system and die, atrophy their minds, degrade their bodies to the machine, because it gives go(l)d profits, IS just the modern version, expressed in digital equations, crafted by Jewish-calvinist believers in the superiority of the $elected race (Smith, Ricardo, Malthus, Bentham and a long chain of biblical scholars who hold over 80% of Nobel prizes in the discipline).

Today they pass as experts, those laws of extinction of life and $election of machines are written in productivity and profit digital A.I. and so it all seems, given the parallel degradation of mankind by its media-systems of fiction, far more evolved than the biblical myths (‘people must remain ignorant to be obedient’ calvin), are absurdly believed to be the ‘science of economics’). They are not – the fact that bigotry can be expressed also in equations means nothing. It IS still bigotry.

All this said, we can stdy the 4 type of  anti-semitisms, and two variations – against semitic go(L)d cultures and against semitic warrior cultures, which also spread hate-memes against each other –  in the past maximised in the phoenician vs. assur bronze wars, today in the JJ-Semite wars between the financial-media jewish empire and jihad terrorism. Thus anti-semitism cannot be reduced to one specific type of the 4+4 varieties, what we shall call here anti-Semitism, the variety of the warrior animetal cultures, which fight for global power against go(l)d cultures and as they escape their wrath massacre as scapegoats, the lower classes of Judaism. This variety best known in the case of German AntiSSemitism and present Jihad AntiSSemitism is only the type of the iceberg…

In this brief 3 sub-posts on the Am Segullah dictatorship over the Euroamerican culture (the culture of the motherland of europe and its memetic daughter culture of America, based in humanism, the rule of the law above weapons and money, rational science and human freedoms, both in the mind-language of verbal thought, the body-language of sexual=human reproduction and the entropic pleasures of life; now almost extinct as the go(l)d culture imposes its primitive memes)…

We deal in this article after considering its dictatorship based on the monopoly in the issue of money to cre(dit)ate a world to the image and likeness of their machines and hate-memes against mankind, the dictatorship of its mercenary armies, bought with that money and the clique of “General puppets” of its U$lave mercenary armies .

But first for good measure, a quote on one of the r=evolved higher humans of this animetal culture:

‘It is now self-evident that our (lethal) technologies have outstripped our Humanity’ Einstein, Humanist, Socialist, pacifist, rational, scientific, r=evolved human being thinking on the future

‘Israel will be judged not by its technological advance but by the way it treats its brother arabs’ Einstein on his renounce to preside over a devolving, anti-humanist, capitalist, military, religious memetic, bronze age cult(ure) thinking on the past.

The $$emitic hate-memes towards mankind appeared at the end of the Neolithic with its viral destruction of the Goddess age of the Fertile crescent.

Many humanist prophets of the wor(l)d tried to convert them to humanism with null success.

As we have explained in our post on humanism, the larger doctrine of eusocial love supersedes in social sciences any tribal segregational idol-ogy of animetal-memes, as nazi-onanisms, or $emitic JJihads are.

Indeed, warrior jihad terrorism and go(l)d jewish capitalism, as the oldest, most brutal forms of ab=use of the humankind by hate-Metalmemes must be denounced systematically BOTH ways.

Given the fact that the power of Go(l)d capitalism is far superior to that of Jihad terrorism this is no longer possible except in blogs of true social sciences, which if ‘lucky’ you might besides thinking it for yourself or writing it backwards Leonardo style to avoid the JJ-inquisitions post it in articles like this one.

In this case, as the most brutal of all hate-memes are precisely those between the two kinds of J-memes it is authorised to speak up against jihad terrorism but it is an orwellian ‘thoughtcrime’ even to insinuate the existence of a systemic dictatorship of go(l)d capitalism, which forbids the issue of the language of social power ‘nomisma money’ (legal tender money under the rule of a true democracy), let alone try to reform it.

Never mind, we insist, the newspeaks of Komploten theories, the industry of the holocaust, the hate-memes against mankind, the self-serving expertise of those who destroy societies with weapons and go(l)d just to die latter in the cycle of wars and holocausts, they deny,  should never stop a true social scientist=prophet of the future from speak up against JJihad capitalism. As all  positive form of humanism should try to convert warrior SSemites and Go(L)d $emites to the common cause of human eusocial evolution.

This we said, as a prolegomena, in the small hope that the unlikely lonely traveler of internerdia stumbles on this blog, banned in some countries, slowly charging in others – specially the central page, systematically hacked, with ‘no certificate’, Lol. Why I laugh. Because $$emites (this wor(l)d includes both JJihads) always DENY THE WARNINGS OF THEIR scientists of history=prophets of the wor(l)d to their own peril, as there is above them, the eusocial laws of love of the organic, scalar Universe, and so if they renounce to form part of the whole, mankind, they will be slaughtered whole-sale by the action-reaction of the Leibnizian Universe, which is the best of all possible worlds, in as much as it extinguishes the lesser species that deny those biological laws, as humans are doing today.

The specific case of the Jewish holocaust cycle.


The facts of this specific holocaust, similar to the holocaust of chinese people in south-Asia, or Armenians in the turkish empire, of Greeks in old Asian regions, during times of economic crises, war and upheaval are these:

As all superorganisms Judaism has 2 social classes – those who control the languages of information and power of society (the ‘neurons’) and the body mass that works for them (the middle class)… and an external class – the relative entropy of the super organism in which they prey – the western tax-farmed, bank-exploited people.

This ternary structure is NOT natural to Mankind, IT IS HIERARCHICAL, ANIMETAL IN NATURE, DESTRUCTIVE of both mankind and the lower people-castes of judaism, and it should be reformed by nationalising the financial industry, ENDING THE CYCLE.

AS this is NOT happening, because the ‘Holocaust Industry’ and the ‘segregational memes of Judaism’, prevents the jabiru lore castes to JOIN mankind and fight for the common future, the CYCLE REPEATS ITSELF with an obvious causality:

-The elite of judaism controls its lower castes with hate, segregational memes (talmud) against gentiles, the ‘entropy people’ they MUST exploit financially for their ELITE, which converts them into DEBT slaves, TAX farmed, till the ruin of the mass of the population and the debts of the aristocratic classes of the society that hosts them provokes wars and revolutions.

And at the end of the process of war and destruction of societies, the entire body of the hosting super organism massacres jewish people. BUT the elite escapes with the hate-memes of the bible and the go(l)d coins to another cycle, where they convert with go(l)d some people to become their lower castes, and the cycle starts again.

The social structure of judaism.

So we have the 2 social classes of judaism:

– The neurons, the elite or ‘Am Segullah’ or people of the treasure (ill-translated as chosen people) which control the language of social power of this superorganism, money. They are the banker priests of judaism; which expanded its social control to the western world and still are the elite of the Financial-Media Industry (80% of central bankers, cfos, and ceos of media)

– And the so-called ‘hebrew’ or ‘hapiru’ (‘those who walk behind the asses’) who work for them and become the sacrificial scapegoats of the holocaust cycle and its economical cause.

THEIR ORGANIC dual neuronal/body structure, with a 3rd layer of ‘gentile’, the ‘territorial entropy class’, which was exploited through money as a people-caste (Abraham leon) dedicated to control society with money, was crystal clear before their liberation by Napoleon, which took away from rabbis the absolute control of its sheeple.

Since Judaism as a culture was created in Canaan along the phoenicians, for geographical reasons (knot of communication of 3 continents and two seas) the oldest trade culture where instead of an aristocracy of weapons, an elite of ‘banker-priests’ controlled society with money.

Thus, there were two classes – the Levis, the high priests and bankers – and the 11 ‘slave tribes’, the hebrews or peddlers.

Because controlling societies with weapons and money is not ‘nice’ warrior societies end in wars and trader societies end in holocausts when the controlled masses rebel.

Societies must be controlled with ethic laws which treat all humans as equal, because that is the natural law of the Universe, to use our natural language of information, words and to consider all the cells of the species equal. This does not happen in warrior cultures such as the germans or banking cultures such as Judaism. So they suffer endemic war and holocaust cycles.

In the banking culture of judaism (and before with phoenicians till their extermination) periodically during economical crisis or merely to loot the wealth of their temples, people killed the Jewish nation, mostly the hebrew, the scapegoats of the holocaust cycle. Thus at the end of the 800-80 years cycles, in the periods of war, economical crisis and overproduction of weapons, money and machines, there is a process of tragic wars and holocausts in which people are killed.

The inverse narrative of the Holocaust Industry: hiding the real economic causes to perpetuate the cyle.

The complex dual narrative can be considered scientifically a question of causality.

The jewish people considers the causality to be inverse: People hate the jewish -> They kill them -> they have no other profession that using money that saves them allowing to escape the hate and stupidity of people.

The gentiles consider the other causality: Jewish ruin nations with usury money ->Ruined people kill them.

Finally the 2 social classes of Judaism have different roles:

– The elite profits on the cycle as they become richer, keeping the money of their peddlers and escape. Thus they hide the economical causes of the cycle to keep ‘capitalism’ going.

– The peddlers suffer enormously in the cycle, working like ‘mules’ all their life (their initial transport means for peddling in weapons, luxuries and slaves, in order to accumulate gold for their levi elite that asked for such golden ex-votes for their temples – hence their name ‘those who walk behind the asses)… and then getting killed.

– But the amazing fact of all this is that the peddlers love their banker-priests and have never rebelled against the cycle, while the masses of genociders have never understood the social structure of judaism and blame the mass, not the elite ONLY.

This surprised me when young (as I have sephardim blood) and so for many years, specially during my studies at Columbia I discuss the theme with jewish scholars such as Chomsky and with Jewish friends in NY. My conclusion was that 3 reasons prevent the ‘habiru’ to end the cycle:

– In the good times, such as today, they profit enormously though not as much as the bankers, allying themselves with them.

– They believe the cycle can be stopped by merely hiding their wrong doing – hence the strict censorship of the theme.

– They believe the inverse causality – the myths of the Holocaust industry provided by their banker priests.

None of those 3 reasons are real. Yes, they profit enormously but work unending hours to make wealth and loose it all in the downside of the cycle.

Yes, censorship stops the cycle but also ‘boils it’ in the mind of those who know, and so when censorship breaks unavoidably during the war age, the hate of those who have been repressed and ruin is astronomical. If the theme could be discussed the pressure pot will be not so angry and the behavior of banker-priests afraid of the cycle would be much better. And finally the inverse causality is false, based in religious myths of human evilness. Humans are good savages Rousseaunians beasts that properly treated love their neighbor.

It must in that sense the holocaust cycle must be differentiated from:

The holocaust industry, which is the ab=use of the holocaust cycle by the elite of banker-priests of Israel to foster its goals of nazi-onanism (the true name for the idol-ogy of nationalism, as we are all members of the same Homo Sapiens species, and any attempt to reduce us to ‘insect-like boxes’ – Orwell’s definition of it; with the excuse of cultural search is bogus, and ultimately fosters wars and weapons industries, the true reason of nazi-onanism, a viral meme invented by germ(anic) animetal tribes when they destroyed the Roman culture).

In the case of the Holocaust industry, the sacrifice of the jabiru, lower classes of  capitalism scapegoats of its bankers, soon-to-be of its nazi-onanist leadership; merely serves to protect and disguise its elites.

The role of evilwood, personal experience. 

As i moved most of my life in America among ‘yous’ and witnessed its steadfast motion from the height sod 70s humanism, towards extreme nazi-onanism, as go(l)d power and national power increased  (the belief that military nations and self-identity search as a tribe, instead of humanist global nation and understanding of the beauty of being just human, the only species), it is worth to mention how even the only group I finally enjoyed to share my thoughts with, the artists, changed steadily its worldview towards military fa$cism and nazi-onanism, from holy-wood to evil-wood to the service of the holocaust cycle and the hate memes of neo-fa$cist America, today in a rage, as predicted by those cycles.

Indeed, today there is an incredible legion of scholars and film makers trying to provoke pity, angst and solidarity with the victims of the holocaust among the human mass NEVER UNDERSTOOD is that precisely humanity is NOT guilty of the cycle NEITHER the perpetrators, who are THEIR ELITE AND THE WARRIOR, MILITARY elites of the nations they ruin. That is, 2 dog-eat-dog predator people-castes who have never SHOWN THE SLIGHTEST EMPATHY OR PITY for any human, from their tribe or others’. So frankly they could man up a bit, save themselves from so much angst and realize that a nazi enjoys those films and a wall street mogul couldn’t care less. When Hitler offered wall street to buy all the victims of the holocaust at 3 $ a piece, they declined – they were impure lower castes, kazhars from the east.

Or quoting the ‘poetics’ of Aristotle:

‘Fear and pity may be aroused by spectacular means. Yet those who employ spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, are strangers to the purpose of Tragedy; for we must not demand of Tragedy, but only that which is proper to it.’ Poetics, on the excesses of a bad play, which cover up ofr the excesses of a bad plot.’

Of course if you work in film you can get an Oscar with a ‘new angle’ on the theme.

Consider my case. After dropping my work in NASDAQ, throwing my investments in Amazon e-bay and Yahoo, renouncing to become a billionaire for moral reasons back in my 20s (had i kept them i would be now a billionaire), during my years of ‘reception’ of the ∆+1 collective mind of the super organism of history, as its point of ‘maximal resonance’ in this cycle (read the articles on complex theology and the subconscious collective minds of gods for enlightenment)… I started to move with artists. So i met a few wannabe directors and producers and actors, which as it happened would become the elite of evilwood, now crossing as i did recently my 50s.

They liked what i said, I felt then far more closer to the you elite, thinking still as all its failed prophets of humanism from Moses to jesu, from Marx to Trotsky, that they could be converted and survive. One of them even made a movie, which became a cult film about my discovery of the cycles of stock-markets and war… and the mathematics of organisms and complex systems… In any case, to make a living as I couldn’t become ‘rich’ with my cycles though many did on my advices, I went into the industry as a script-doctor and landed a few spec scripts mostly on sci-fi. The first of those though was for Mr. Mandel, latter head of the national school of israel for his new-discovered actor Mr. Pitt. So I moved to LA and enjoyed the company of this new generation of actors, the plastic-women of LA and the parties at viper room…

This said, I also stumble with the ‘topic’ movie to get fast and high into the industry – one for the holocaust industry. If you were not very ‘intelligent’, something which my first agent told me not to be ‘luis here in evilwood you cannot be very intelligent’ and better still ‘you don’t have to look it’. So you could ways do 2 kind of animetal films which will get you work: a ‘whammy’, that is a film with a lot of corpses and weapons; and for the initiated, a holocaust movie. The whammy was easy-money, the holocaust movie, if carefully crafted would land you oscars, honours and prizes – still going strong, last one the ‘eye of Saul’ a gore movie that puts together both, the blood and the victimism, trade-mark of the genre.

BUT you could NEVER TALK of the real causes of the Holocaust cycle – economic ones, the absolute taboo, as the industry has as only reason d’être to hide them by provoking a knee-jerk massive emotional, brain-lowered reaction of ‘fear and pity’, in the way of Aristotle’s bad drama.

Indeed, I recall 3 people I met in evilwood a few times at parties and professional situations, Mr. Tarantino, whose Stone’s script ‘natural born killers’ I had to evaluate for Fox, who latter when he became the absolute icon of the city, precisely for renewing its violence and holocaust films, made with mr. Brad Pitt ‘infamous basterds’. Alas, that was also a new twist according to the present motion from victims to perpetrators of other kind of global holocaust. Here the victims became nazis, as Israel and its nazi-onanism has become.

The other character was Mr. Begnini, a second-rate italian actor, who was languishing with the crew of  a NY artsy director, Mr. Jarmusch – I was then the boyfriend of her producer and enjoyed their parties, mostly filled with musicians, mclaurin, waits.

The guy was so obnoxious, always trying to be funny and call attention that we tried not to invite him, and by all means send him back packing to Italy. But the guy was ‘smart’ and found also a new angle for the industry.

All of them would get nominations and Oscars for twisting on the dark, nazi sadist side (Tarantino) or the pathetic, pitiful comedy (Mr. Begnini) the theme to reach indeed ‘fear and pity on the monstruous’.

Now I abandoned that place more than a decade ago, during the Bush age, when it was clear to me I could never do the kind of documentary-fictions worth to complete to alert mankind about the future of its social super organism. One of them of course, was the ‘holocaust cycle’, which dealt with the themes, NONE WOULD EVER mention in the industry and any of the infinite films made to foster the agenda of the elite – camouflage. In fact, surprisingly they are making more of these, as the dates of the nazi holocaust recede but the power of the financial-media masters increases and its exploitation of the American sheeple grows. So they try by all means that nobody talks of the real causes of the holocaust, which is today the most absolute taboo on the land, similar to the criticism of a king-warrior in a king-nation, which condemns you to total ostracism, whatever your job is.

So are you surprised we are NOW again, as predicted at the end of weimar america, anti$emitism on the rising – the prequel to anti-SSemitism, the nazi strain and censorship on blogs like this one which explain the ‘science causal-effect process in detail’ are absolutely censored ranking 0 at google? It is the determinism of animetal go(l)diron cultures.

Yet being myself a ‘classic writer’ with a logic penchant for truth and beauty, Greek style I really coincide with Mr. Aristotle and cannot shut up. Those 2 films were garbage and most of what scholars on the holocaust write is on the same level of garbage than what the opposite antisemitic Jihadist or nazis write.

What NOBODY would ever explain is what I explain here and tried to do into a documentary: that only the desnationalisation of the financial industry and its democratisation of money, the language of social power, which people must enjoy through a Universal salary and a welfare state, by levelling the field of ‘privilege’ will end the cycle, end its hate memes, end the destruction of its lower castes and put the Jewish people to work as many of them not in the banking industry do to serve their only real god-subcosncious collective – mankind. Or, no, to become human, r=evolve and fight for the survival of the people – that is the only thing the banker-priest won’t do; while at the same time uttering always this ‘bad tragedy films’ to convince themselves and all of us, that this is what they real are doing.

The paradigm of Financial ab=use and death by go(l)d memes.

We said there are similar cycles in all societies in which a people-caste exercises the top power position of financial control.

And yet none is older and more encroached, because the Jewish culture was the solution of financial power along its brothers in job and genes, the phoenicians.

So this is the ‘paradigm of holocaust cycles’, due to the enormous length of the cycle, which first appeared in Canaan during the bronze age, at the end of the 800 years cycles of destructions of civilizations (Assyrian and Egyptian holocausts), a  science of jewish history and the holocaust does not exist. It only exists the 2 opposite subjective narratives:

– The religion of jewish history, or the antireligion of anti$emitism.

Such is the enormous passion and fog among humans in all matters concerning with money.

Objective analysis of the cycle however exist in the work of Abraham Leon, a jewish socialist scholar killed by the nazis, in Sombart’s work ‘the jewish and the origin of capitalism’, another socialist writer, and probably in Marx, the Jewish question. The rest is either the exceptionalism of their special ‘victimism’ or the wrong hate-speeches and blatant racism – when Judaism is a culture and a nation NOT a race.

Because data itself is censored by both sides, those in favor and against this culture just tell 1/2 of the tale. It is a fact though that  the cycles of this culture are not different from any other – holocausts  tabulated and shown in the graphic shows the SAME regularity with the 800-80 cycle of wars and overeproduction of money and WEAPONS that cause them.

But as we say most humans either adopt the emotional victimism and the emotional hate speech in this matter or try to avoid it by all means. So objective studies are impossible. And certainly censored.

Once this ‘censorship’ is accepted, we might wonder why among all themes censorship in this case is so extreme. Who profits?

Again it is obvious that the people who profit are the elite of banker-priests that run capitalism and so they are the ultimate cause of censorship – capitalism must survive at all costs, and so it doesnt really matter for bankers who dies, a negro slave, a slave of the 11 tribes of habiru… But they can’t tell this. So the fact that Judaism and capitalism are equivalent doctrines during the pre-scientific, religious age of capitalism, invented in canaan is censored.

The fact that stock-markets were invented by one Cohen and have always been dominated by  the elite of Judaism is censored. The fact that economic crises cause the death of their lower castes of peddlers and traders and artisans – their scapegoats – is censored.

All this is denied by the elite which controls most systems of digital information since the invention of stock-markets, to protect capitalism – their monopoly in the invention of the money of ‘alien’ nations, with utter disregard of the harm it causes to mankind at large and to its lower castes during the holocaust cycle. In brief, the solution to the cycle – the nationalization of the financial industry, and the language of social power, money WHO BELONGS TO THE GOVERNMENTS ELECTED DEMOCRATICALLY BY NATIONS, are denied to keep those privileges even if it was told to them by all their true prophets, from Moses who said, ‘the Jewish will suffer eternally for their love of money’, to Jesus, who warned them in the temple and told them ‘to give to caesar what belongs to caesar’ (the making of coins), to Marx who affirmed that ‘the solution to the jewish question will happen when they abandon their worldly religion, money’,

You might finally wonder at which stage of the cycle we are. In the next paragraphs we can observe that the cycle has an upward trend when Jewish bankers increase their wealth and power corrupting political systems, masterminding information and using the financial system for their enrichment. And this is the moment we are in, when Jewish power is almost absolute in the west. The degree of control of western societies by Jewish financiers, their hired politicos (Mr. Obama) or jewish presidents (Miss Merkel, Jewish mother, father converso; Mr. Cameron, jewish mother, Mr. Sarkozy, Jewish mother) and their control of media (80% of western mass-media key outlets) is absolute. Nothing like this has been seen since Germany in the 20s.

But wait… Germany in the 20s was followed by Germany in the 30s… So that is where we are. Power is absolute but due to censorship is ignored, so an understream of growing hate is happening as the appropiation of wealth continues. Jewish people are now 57% of the 1% of wealthiest Americans. They are 90% of central bankers in the west, more than 1/2 of CFOs of the 500 Fortune and more than 1/2 of sites in NYSE… Even if they represent only 1-2% of western people. Those were the proportions in Germany in the 20s. So one question which puzzles the scholar is how so few people can reach so much power… and how they can loose it so fast.

To understand why of course, an objective view of the cycle is needed. And there is no objective view, salvo the aforementioned books. So the researcher can only get his own view by reading both sides – anti$emitic works, of which the best on the American case is ‘The international banker’ by Henry Ford, on the British Case ‘Jewish domination of the British Empire’ by Dr. Adag – this text however cannot be found anywhere in planet Earth at this time, being my edition from 1935; pro-semitic works focused on money of which the best are the aforementioned ‘jewish question’ by Abraham Leon and Sombart’s text (this one published by Library of Congress)… and for the pro-semitic view, undoubtedly the Encyclopedia Britannica. Yet to get the whole view you need to read the 1920 edition, as all works on judaism have been sanitized after II world war, specially in the full history of capitalism, which was an exclusive Jewish endeavor before their press converted Northern European to biblical beliefs – one should in fact consider protestant religions that focus in the old testament just modern jewish texts, not christian ones, specially calvinism, its ‘brother religion’ which shares it control of western capitalism.

Now this text is on the line of Abraham Leon and Sombart, as I make no secret of the illness of capitalism. And so while I hold no responsible of the cycle, either the whole of mankind and the 11 slave tribes of habiru, i consider that the 2 perpetrators of the cycle are the banker-priests of Israel and the Indo-European warrior tribes that envy their wealth and kill them. As always in this blog you will find that ultimately ‘money’ and ‘weapons’, informative and lineal metal and the cultures that enslave for them are the ultimate cause of the tragedies of history. And the Holocaust is not exception. In that regard Mr. Rothschild and Mr. Hitler, both of german-jewish blood (Mr. Hitler’s grand-father was Mr. Frankenheimer, a wealthy jewish landlord), both known by their military-financial endeavors (Mr. Rothschild’s fortune started, shangaying peasants from Hesse and selling them as mercenaries to the British army to repress the American revolution and then masterminding most of the XIX century bond wars, including the 1814 American-British one).

That we blame only Mr. Frankenheimer is just a question of how the victors write their history. In any case probably for those who accuse only Mr. Hitler, one can stretch the argument that his vicious hate was probably caused by his grand-father abandonment of his grand-mather, a service woman who had an illegitimate son never recognized and married Mr. Hitler to cover up the situation. Who knows, who cares. It is the view of this blog that individuals are irrelevant to the tragedies of history. So if instead of Mr. Hitler there had been a different head, the holocaust would have happened, since its cause was the reichbank destruction of the deutche mark, the back stabbing capital evasion of I world war and the ruin of the 29 crisis.  And that is why the next Hitler, born in America will have to share guilt with Mr. Fuld, Mr. Paulson and Mr. Bernanke. He will be a man of the south, as Mr. Obama the last president of the American Weimar will do nothing to stop the cycle, as a mere ‘house negro’ working for those banksters… and in other articles we treat extensively that future cycle. It will be a tragedy not only for the poor jewish but for all the other victims of World War III.

Can this cycle be stopped? I dont think so. I feel at this stage of my life that history is deterministic as people don’t change their memes. They work like emotional computers imprinted in their youth.

All this said, now we can repeat those facts ad eternal in many forms – never mind, for sure the reader will be unsatisfied very likely siding with those who consider jewish victims and those who consider them predators – when in fact they are both, according to social class…



‘Never understimate the power of denial’ American Beauty, Sam Mendes, sephardim.

‘The tragedies of history repeat themselves because humans don’t learn from their mistakes’ Marcel Proust


Those 2 quotes show the fundamental problem of historic analysis of the holocaust: the denial of Judaism of its  economical reasons.

This form of censorship is so essential to our capitalist cult(ure) that defies even serious scholarship.

The astounding truth about the holocaust cycle, in which poor jewish are massacred by populations as the scapegoats for the hate the banking elite of Judaism  causes, is its denial.

This censorship that obviously prevents the solution of cycle makes us wonder about the power of money and weapons over life. Since if the warrior sacrifices his life ot the weapon the trader and banker sacrifices his life for profit.

Are we humans free?, when a people commit suicide for the sake of the memes of metal, provoking action-reaction processes of war and holocaust about the ‘human psyche’ and the determinism of the tragedies of history? Of course, this view is poitically incorrect but accurate from a higher scientific perspective. The cycle of wars and holocausts caused by the excessive reproduce and use of weapons and money to control societies, is undeniable. And yet it is denied by warriors (for whom war is always justified as long as he is the murderer) and bankers (for whom profit always justifies the slavery and suffering of the worker he parasites).

It is then remarkable to notice that no historian, scholar, peaceful reformer has ever convinced in a rational conversation a murderous, criminal soldier or an enslaver, parasitic banker to stop his ‘job’, to eliminate his weapons, to renounce to money as the language of control and relationship with other humans. The power of metal is absolute and the cultures that invented and discovered it have no intention to trade that power, not even for life.

A second problem though arises of methodology and scholarship due to this denial. Simply speaking it is impossible to write proper scholarship on economics and explain why so many economical laws are not science but culture, because it is impossible, due to the laws of antisemitism, to relate and study objectively with true data the birth and history of judaism=capitalism, during thousands of years.

Indeed, what people call judaism is a series of elements and ideological sueprstrctures of the ost succeful earlier capitalist cult(ure) of Go(l)d, the cananean->Jewish+Phoencian culture, which is to money what the germ*an Schmidt culture of iron is to war.

This is sepcially truth of America where there is not even knowledge of western, European and Middle East history and a huge amount of people believe truly that the book of history of the bronze age of the jewish people, they call the bible, is the book that hides the secrets to the creation of the Universe. This barbarous superstition infuses still moodern western culture, politics and economical thought to a degree few people understand.

All this amkes of course this post totally politically incorrect and economically incorrect and unfrotunately truth. So read it at yoru own peril. It is not the purpose of this blog to deny the model of biological history, in whose values of humans urvival all its contents are written.

‘The tragedies of history repeat because people don’t learn from their mistakes’. Marcel Proust; Christian, converso, Master of the Wor(l)d. Mr. Proust on the other hand a sephardim converso shows a ray of hope and the true path of the ‘jewish uberman’, one who abandons the prison of his go(l)d culture memes and uses its ‘linguistic intelligence’ evolved after 10.000 years of a cananean culture specialized in information to enhance his life/love memes. Though of course in life we was as all masters of the wor(l)d submitted to the Antiquantum paradox – namely he published his only book himself.

‘I didn’t see any banker in that truck’

Lluís (pronounce as ‘Jewish’) grand-father of the author, ex-Levy banker Priest, Socialist, Sephardim, Republican Fighter against spanish fa$cism; detained in a concentration camp in South France by French Fa$cists; exported to Mathausen by German Fa$cist; victim of:

A) The Germ(anic) aristocratic elites of europe, perpetrators of MOST Holocausts and wars of the Modern World, due to its ‘barbarous tribalism’… the memes of nationalism, which they now have imprinted in All Mankind, aborting our Social Evolution into an efficient, balanced superorganism of history that ‘would live forever’ .

B) The ‘Am Segullah’ stockratic elite of Judaism, cause of MOST Holocaust of ALL the middle and lower classes of the World due to its ‘barbarous superstition’… the memes of ‘capitalism’, which they now have imprinted in All Mankind, aborting our Social Evolution into a superorganism of history that ‘would live forever’.

‘The Jewish will suffer eternally for their love of money’

Exodus, Damnation of the golden calf.

Author: Moses,  Maximal knot of verbal thought of the Jewish culture: prophet=scientist of Jewish history, able to predict the future, according to past cycles, warning the Am Segullah of all its future cycles.

Space-time cycle: I Horizon Jewish culture, Canaan, Bronze discontinuum.

The true masters of the Jewish Wor(l)d (its mazerim prophets), are the people who gave the solution to the cycle, which is NOT its denial but the end of the Memes of capitalism:

‘Love Each other as I have loved You’

Scientific meaning: Law of social evolution, expressed in the biological language of man, verbal ethics. 

Author: Jesus, prophet=scientist of Jewish history, able to predict the future, according to past cycles, warning the Am Segullah against the incoming V Holocaust, caused by Economical Mismanagement of the Roman Mint,

Space-time cycle: II Horizon, Jewish culture: Roman Empire; Iron Cycle.

‘Since gold was regularly exported each year in the name of the Jews from Italy and all our provinces to Jerusalem, Flaccus issued an edict forbidding its exportation to Asia… opposed to this barbarous Jewish superstition’.

Cicero, Master of the Latin Wor(l)d: On the Ideological cause of financial crises: the idle accumulation of Go(l)d, as a religious fetishe in the hands of Plutocrats of the Jewish-Protestant->Capitalist cult(ure)… 2000 years ago

Cicero, wor(l)d master of Rome, animetal culture of war, on the economical causes of the future V Holocaust.

 ‘The Jewish question will end when the Jewish abandon their worldly religion, money’

Marx, prophet=scientist of Jewish history, able to predict the future, according to past cycles, warning the Am Segullah of the impeding European Holocaust.

Space-time cycle: III Horizon, Jewish culture: Europe, Machine cycle’.

But they are never listened. Why? Because the banking elite of Judaism has its own program of control of the world with money and so they will never change:

‘At the end of Times all the tribes of the Earth will become slaves of Judaism and those who don’t submit will be exterminated’ Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin,.

And so they game ends with the fundamentalism of the eviL and M.A.D. cultures trying to control the world with both tools, weapons vs. money. And in some cases money murders and enslaves millions and in some cases weapons murder and slave millions. Normally both things happen together.

So once the time of life/love based solutions are not met, there it comes the time of the perpetrators of the Holocaust, who are not Mankind, but its rival warrior cultures for the control of the world, which simply deal with the issue exterminating as many jewish as they can to take control of the economy:

‘Whoever carries or is found with a Talmud shall be killed’ Roman Law, Hadriannus, Emperor, war master. II Century A.D.

‘The Jewish people must abandon this land before the end of the year. They can sell their properties but it is strictly forbidden under death penalty to export any gold.’ Spanish Law, Queen Isabella, war master. XIV Century.

‘The death of the Jew will be the wealth of the Germ(an)’ Spontaneous graffiti, Germany Weimar Republic.

‘There is plenty of living space in the world. But the notion that the Jewish people were chosen of God to live of the productivity of other peoples will finally have to go. Jews will have to get used to the idea of performing some respectable constructive activity as other peoples do, or they will face trouble they never dream off’.

Hitler, master of Germ(an)land, purest animetal culture of war, on the economical causes of the 12th Holocaust. 

Space-time cycle: III horizon, Jewish culture: Europe, Machine cycle.

Needless to say, since the causes are not explained, solutions are not met and all the same processes are now happening again in America, which is a mimetic culture of Germany in the XIX century, as greed ruins further the American economy after the crash of the Dollar by the Yuan, when it becomes liberalized and people ditches dollars for Yuan reserves, at the beginning of the next decade, when the banker elites of America move to Australia, as they moved from Germany to US, crashing the deutsche mark, there will be pogroms (not probably a state holocaust, inconceivable in an I-centered America), with American neo-fascist going with Uzis to hunt for the wealthy, who will defend themselves in heavily robotized compounds. The 3rd American civil wars in an increasingly stateless nation will matter little to the bankers who once a nation is ruined take the money and run, leaving behind their poor, which they will mourn in the next cycle.

But there are no more cycles of history beyond the Singularity Age of Robotics and A.I. Game over. This is therefore a ‘Chronicle of an announced death’, part of the global holocaust of mankind by the triumph of capitalism=mechanism, the selfish memes of metal that soon will do us all.

Conclusion: Truth will NOT make you happy but if you listen to it it makes you survive. And in fact only the jewish who heard their Mazerim Prophets, with an external P.O.V. Moses survived the golden calf holocaust, only those who heard Christ survived the diaspora holocaust, only those who heard Marx, survived Hitler’s Holocaust in Russia, and if the science of biological economics of this web had been heard, mankind will have survived the Robotic Holocaust. It won’t.

And why it does NOT, was best explained by Cicero, master of the humanist, Latin culture of the wor(l)d: go(l)d is the fetishe God that cannot be denied and this ‘barbarous superstition’ condemn the Jewish, today all mankind. So let us start with our Mandala of Theory of Information describing the ‘values of Go(l)d’ which subconsciously condemn us all.

The organic paradigm – impersonal but just laws.

Now, when judging the holocaust or any other ‘genocidal cycle’ of a human population, the victims tend to defy the laws of the objective, organic universe with subjective wishful thinking. And this is specially truth of the go(l)d chosen whose victims should be according to ‘dogma’ superior (as his living) to the others, meaning his suffering is both, more profound and without reason (as the chosen should have, needless to say a better destiny). This is specially felt for those who did not – the majority, roughly 90% – engage in financial ab=use of the human kind. But the laws of the fractal organic Universe cannot be bent to wishful thinking and subjective self-love. And so they work in two levels:

  • Newtonian action/reaction: all processes come back to hunt us when we harm the other, latter in time, or wider in space and given the fact that capitalism ‘kills’, sooner or latter the accumulated hate-memes and suffering of those under the yolk of capitalism, respond
  • Organisms are wholes which respond as such, regardless of the individual victims, innocent or not. So in the same manner capitalism massacres innocent victims of cultures in the name of war profits, disguised under whatever primitive idol-ogy of nation or class, cultures not individuals respond as whole systems, very much in the way collective justice was dealt with in old tribes.
  • Virtual ‘disguises’ do not change the facts of real actions-reactions. So it does not matter today 7 billion humans feel this the most heinous crime of history due to the simultaneous indoctrination of FMasters – none of those people are relevant, as they are neutral parts, on processes that affect directly those people hurt by FMasters, and of lately apartheid israel. Indeed, no amount of virtual bending on Tvs on victims and perpetrators, causes and emotions will change a single Palestinian view of judaism as a segregational religion, since he waseally affected by apartheid Israel.
  • Individuals in history are replaceable – only cultures and its swarm intelligence that creates ‘magically’ collective processes matter. Hence the indifference of the game of history and any other species of the Universe for individuals, as actions tend to be collective and social. We are just dust of space-time.

All this put together on the positive is obvious that the cycle could be cancelled if its causes – economic exploitation of gentiles – would have been eradicated long ago with ‘just measures’ of public banking and issue by the whole human community of the financial language of power – in the case of Palestinians, obviously by a non-confessional Israel and a single state solution, past the dark 40s and 50s; as US past the colonial age of Indian massacres, did finally accept Indians as citizens, able to move freely on the land.

Of course, none of those considerations make any dent on the ‘belief’ and ‘dogma’ of the Industry of the Holocaust treated elsewhere.

This strategy seems to comfort the scholar and believer in the memes of judaism, which is the key element here we can resume in a simple concept the reader might find aberrant but it is objective history: a cult(ure) of war and money who either kills the human body or degrades with hate or victimist memes to promote pecunia infinita the human mind will have a deterministic destiny, which will KILL the individual TO PROTECT THE SOCIAL MEME. 

FACT IS IN REALITY  ‘You’ cannot have the cake and eat it.

We shall here deal not with the ‘virtual construct’ around the holocaust cycle but on the action-reaction facts and its 13 occurrence

Wave intelligence. The impersonal Universe of wholes controlling the destiny of parts.

Those laws of the fractal Universe are NOT what we wish them to be, as a special entitled toe, but they ‘are’. They happen and they are the Leibnizian reasons, of a world where the word eviL just means the anti-world of Live=Death, and as such eviL=abuse of life gets paid back at the collective organic level – despite denials.

And since the Universe works on wave basis, indeed denials are irrelevant. They just prevent to search for solutions.

Memes, languages direct the wave of history as any other wave. So the problem of the cycle as usual are the metal-memes worship above life – that of money by the elite of banker-priests; that of weapons in the case of perpetrators as the brutish solution to al problems. In this case we talk of lanwaves guided by the wrong languages of history, money and weapons not words, which cannot harm directly.



So the Jewish people have no intention to dominate the world, just follow the worldly religion of accumulating money, the ‘metal-values’ of money oblige them to treat brutally the human capital and ally with warriors ab=using mankind. Yet as weapons are above money, when exploitation becomes unbearable in economic crisis as the present one when solved with war profits as the present one, the end is always the same: a ‘fa$cist leader offers the weaker link of anti-live=eviL values to the masses’.

Fast forward through all the cycles of Mesopotamian wars, Phoenician wars, Roman holocausts, Middle age Radhanite wars, with judaism enslaving in coalition with franks and vikings ‘slavs’ called ‘slav-es’ precisely by their traffickers, till Ukranians converted to judaism (today most of its genetic pool comes from Ukranians, all others massacred in holocausts) and Radhanite enslavers moved to western europe. Then we have the slave and war traffic of the crusaders, when eunuch castration of children brought huge profits in Baghdad (1000 gold grains per victim) and as the corpses were thrown in the ghettos, christian fathers thought they had drink their blood (blood libel is called today) of the dead castrato (2/3rds)and assaulted them. Finally after the child crusade, when Simon sold 20.000 children and one escaped and returned to france, the massive progroms of the middle age happened at the height of the crusades, and so on and so on… Fast forward again to the Spanish massive age of civil wars with gunpowder weapons manufactured massively with the money of compradors, who started the first gunboats and sailed south for slaves in Portugal… after the massive age of famine and poverty, progroms ensued and they packed to northern europe filled with victimism and hate memes against the Iberian empire, they confronted from Northern europe.

It is the beginning of the modern industrial age of war.

Then as Sephardim invented in Amsterdam the stock-market, modern banking and the first gunboat, slave companies (VOC), in partnership with its ‘protestant, calvinist’ workers, it guided Northern Europe to the conquest of the world. First as the financial elite of Amsterdam; then from the City after the glorious revolution (1688) exported the Dutch elite, including the king, the bank, its gold and gunboats, and finally from New York, where they arrived from Pernambuco, where they were sugar traders, establishing the first industrial exploitation in slaves. And being the ‘biggest shareholders’ of the first companies (as it was duly explained to the governor), they became the financial elite of New Amsterdam>New York>USA>globalised world.

And so we arrive to the colonial age of imperial Europe, and the capitalist pyramid of the modern age:

So the last of the cycles, after capitalism masterminded by the banker-priests of israel, massacred the entire III world, which hate media yellow press labelled as negro primitives, completing the long cycle of brutal slavery of Africa, and then without more lands to conquer with weapons among primitives focused armies in I world war in EUROPE, no amount of lying would deter the revenge of continental Europeans (Britain had been spared invasion as USA, so there people were not that angry and still believed hate-media and misinformation about the cycle), which all together collaborated with the Nazis in the holocaust.

Fact is the conjunction of financial power, military repression and the manufacturing of brains with informative machines is what maintains the people sheepishly under the power of the top animetal people-castes, warriors and bankers, on those social pyramids, in the past, present and future, as the FMMI system becomes an automated, mathematical system of exploitation and extinction of Life and history. So of course, the Industry of the Holocaust is just PART OF THE MASSIVE occultation of the true history of capitalism and company-mothers exploiting mankind – in this case BOTH the habiru lower castes of Judaism and what is FAR ORE IMPORTANT, AS MANKIND ARE ALL OF US, the 99.8% of gentiles.

But all this information hides it, unlike weapons, which are energy and show in the open threatening people directly – information cheats, hides, and becomes a secret code to manipulate reality.

Indeed, as we said the present astounding mixture of corruption, idiocy and sheeple behavior of mankind, who thinks this is the best of all systems would be impossible, IF AT THE SAME TIME, THE MACHINES THAT PRINT DIGITAL INFORMATION, WOULD NOT PRINT ‘VERBAL INFORMATION’, inventing the memes of our society, which are all tailored for centuries to justify the dictatorship of banksters.

In this manner, metal communicators created the memes of our modern society in parallel to the money that printed to control society. So they spread the belief that progress is not human but mechanical, that to be a slave of machines, corporations and financiers that invent money is ‘freedom’, etc.

How much power they have? Well, actually black holes do have absolute power on the galaxy. NOTHING MOVES, if they don’t want. All is in the place their financial, gravitational waves put them. But they are WAVES, collective subconscious behavior, ultimately moved by the grammar of money: man=money=object.

The individual particle does NOT know how the collective wave works. Only the scientist of systems does, my specialty. So there are no secret meetings. The wave is mostly unconnected. It just tries to get Go(l)d at all costs, and follows the racist memes of the Talmud.


And with the expansion of global networks of metal-communicators that program physiologically billions of human beings, the POWER of the companies of information believers in judaism mostly own (from hollywood to internet) have rewritten HISTORY and its causality with myths of lineal time, religious morality, victimism, denial of causality and spread instead a fairy tale of human ‘evil’, called antisemitism, an ‘irrational, non-causal process’ born out of the blues, by which psychologically deranged ‘individuals’ for no reason at all, beyond envy and evil, are ‘at it’ trying to hunt down a people who have no ‘importance’ in history merely because they are ‘weak’, with ‘no nation’ and power, and ‘humans’ are sadist, with deep-trenched self-destructive memes, which must be repressed and silenced ‘psychologically’ to end the cycle.

Two species who talk different languages cannot really communicate. Yet the language of the science of bio-history, which includes objectivity, causality, cyclicality, organicism, and studies its patterns to explain them rationally, have little to do with the ‘imaginary, wishful thinking’ of the anthropomorphic, ‘idol-ogical’ languages of religion, nationalism and egotism proper of cultural gurus.

So there is little if any possibility of rational dialog between the ‘authorised’ idol-ogy of holocaust scholars (denial of economic causes, emotional non-rational causation, and use of visual and moral rhetoric to impose lies as truths, with the obvious aim of ‘protecting’ the worldly profession of capitalism that causes the cycle, BUT in a ‘metaphysical loop’, PREVENTING the happening of the cycle, by considering REAL CAUSES can be cheated with verbal or visual rhetoric).

The problem though is that here the ‘good guy’, which seems the bad one – the historian who tells the truth and the solutions – is systematically repressed to maintain the wishful thinking and fairy tale of ‘zero blame on the victim, which therefore must change nothing of his behaviour’ to prevent the cycle – except repressing anyone who explains the facts. Indeed, it is quite evident that one of the key reasons why bio-history never made it as the real science of history, is his criticism of the deniers of the holocaust cycle. Had i suppressed this information chances the astounding discoveries of biohistory would have made it into the scholar world would be much higher.

It is for that reason that the informative people-caste of judaism (its banker-priests, which were the same people till the split of the Napoleonic reform) which are the people who truly profit during the good times of inflationary money and have the means to escape the cycle during the bad times of bellum nervi) do NOT accept the existence of cyclical causes in the holocaust, and take the ‘easy path’ of DENIAL of those causes which is endemic among jewish scholars, whose official view is all so evident: time is lineal, towards a ‘future’ better than the past; the holocaust has no rational causes; it is an exception, a heinous crime, which must be judged only in moral terms, and will NOT happen again because it has no causes and all what is required is to educate people on the theme, rise their awareness and ‘pity’ for the victims and control any attempt to find causes because within the ‘irrational twisted causality frame of mind of religious people’, a ’cause’ is a ‘sin’ that ‘blames’ the ‘victim’ and hence a crime in itself.

But A HISTORIAN who accepts no censorship but only the causal search of truth must find if we are to make sense of a rational science of history, a rational cause in a Leibnizian & Darwinian perfect, biological Universe based in the survival of those forms and systems, which respect the laws of the organic Universe.

Since mankind is killed by judaism and germ(anism), by the memetic people-castes that carry the gold and war cycle, and viceversa, mankind has been always against the memes of war and go(l)d, of germ(anism) and  judaism. So those are the facts of history:

Every group of human beings, and any culture of the super organism of history, every love religion and social culture has murdered Judaism through the brute procedure of murdering its carriers without distinction of social class (as the memes are really carried only by the elite, upper neuronal informative people caste or ‘am segullah’ proper, which is in all organisms with blind bodies the only carrier that matter, in this case its banker-priests, rabbis which were also bankers till Napoleon obliged the elite to ‘split’ in two professions).

And it has done so always at the end of one of the two cycles carried by judaism:

-At the end of a massive age of theft and usury-debt that ruined people and human governments.

-At the end of a cycle of pecunia infinita nervus belli that kiled people and human societies.

Often both cycles related, as usury debt is the  best way to get pecunia infinita, huge profits. But to get usury interests the need for money must be maximal, reason why war is so positive for loans. As the stakes are the life or death of a culture. so the people-caste of banker priests have been always the ‘residing’ bankers of warrior kingdoms, and profited enormously through loans to government, liberally provided in parallel with hate memes (diplomacy, yellow press, segregational bible, preventive war doctrines, today hate media).

THE KEY though to enact the cycle is the control of systems to print information; specially in the modern age as both hate memes and money are printed with the same informative machines in the modern industrial cycles of war, shown in the graph, along the ‘leaders’ of germanism and judaism that enacted the cycle.

In the past the cycle was fuelled with go(l)d and diplomacy by court bankers in divide and win societies, broken in human groups and stalest opposed in eternal civil warfare. So judaism its elite carriers of bankers and diplomats maintained for millennia civil wars in ‘taifas’ (Spain, Middle Ages), Principates (German empire), City States (Fertile crescent cities) and today they just merely do it ‘remote control’ through audiovisual hate media and e-money speculation, derivatives and stock-war industries. 

 THUS the pecunia infinite belli nervi cycle is the fundamental cycle of reproduction and evolution of metal-memes, and for that reason Judaism, its human idol-ogical carrier culture in the realm of memes has been the fundamental cult(ure) of the metal-earth. We can trace in fact its origin to canaan, 10.000 years ago in Jericho, the first walled city of history protecting wealth. And we can follow the parallel war and holocaust cycle, and its two phases ever since. First it is all good for judaism, in control of the issue of metal information, money and audiovisual messages – today dominant in its centres of reproduction (wall street, city, hollywood, in the past gold and yellow press), but at the end NO AMOUNT of false information can disguise the carriers of the cycle and save them from the cholera of an impoverished, murdered mankind, specially if the victims of the cycle ARE warrior cultures – which normally are, since humanist cultures are TOO evolved socially to CARE or BELIEVE in the hate memes. But Germ(anism) and similar hardened iron cult(re)s are always ready to HATE and fight..

Of course the solution of the cycle is NOT to lie and disguise its causality but TO STOP worshiping go(l)d over life, and stop hate memes and stop war profits.

But this is not the case even today, certainly it was not in the 13 past and future holocausts studied in those texts. But why so much information about the go(l)d culture. The reason is obvious. If history has two sides, two kind of memes, two super organisms, the life world and the metal world, 1/2 of  history HAS as main protagonists the ‘informative memes of the soliton carrier of gold, mind of the metal-earth’. And this protagonism continues today in US and EUROPE given the present control judaism has of audiovisual and e-money information. So the no future of our species through the no cre(dit)ation of money for welfare, only for warfare of higher profits IS again carried by the elites of Judaism, that creates our societies’ subconscious collective mind, and through monetary, work orders ‘build a world’ alien to life for the sake of God.

So indeed, Judaism features heavily in this blog; AND since this blog is about the objective science of history, the holocaust cycle as a key feature of history must be thoroughly explained  – the more so as it is the most censored fact of history under the anti-quantum paradox…

Further on, as Judaism seems to have won the battle of history – being today in mass media that imprints most of mankind, the most admired, respected and powerful culture of the planet – we must wonder ourselves, given the causal determinism of the cycle, and the conversion of mankind to the memes of judaism, which we all carry today subconsciously through our belief on audiovisual information invented in evilwood, go(l)d, and nazionanist memes of supremacy above nature, if humans are going to suffer a collective holocaust to the new species of warriors, enslaved by mankind – the robotic terminator, fast evolving into AI consciousness, as the most perfect expensive machine overproduced for profits by… who else? Israel, maker of 60% of robotic terminators, from predators to guardiums. So the cycle now is likely to be the Holocaust of mankind and the warrior perpetrators made of pure metal.

So the 4 great myths built around the belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycle reinforced by the anti quantum paradox of mass-media censorship, which we shall call ‘jewish inquisition’ are:

1)that Go(L)d values do not provoke war, because gold is the positive language of god and so we must be blind to its collateral effects on life and just make profits even if they bring as they do constant wars. Alas, capitalism is always good and war justified because man is EVIL not the weapon.

2) that MANKIND MURDERS JUDAISM ‘amore gratis’, AND ITS HATE-segregational and war memes because THOSE MEMES do not exist, judaism does NOT control the belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycle, and so THERE IS NO SOLUTION of economical nature – to end the war cycle and create a humanist global perfect world. Alas WE ARE A NASTY SPECIES, and they are NOT like us – in fact Orthodox Judaism calls humans ‘animals=goys’

3) that time is NOT cyclical and causal and history has no repetitive cycles, because time is lineal, unique for humans as an exceptionalist race, chosen of go(l)d, which will progress through the machine so the CYCLE WON’T REPEAT if we repeat its causes, hate memes to mankind and the poor, fascism, profits of war, etc. because of course those are NOT the causes of the holocaust action-reaction revenge cycle… Alas, cyclical history and Kondratieff, cycles of economics are denied of any cause. Alas, we shall all progress above the laws of heavens and earth to an Asimovian galactic empire of traders.

4) THAT cultures are NOT organic, so the innocent blind body follows the destiny of its head-neuronal memes, and dies or lives as an automaton, its common destiny –  in this case the segregational, profit memes of the people-caste of banker-priests or ‘Am Segullah’, (People of the treasure, ill-translated as chosen people as Segullah is TREASURE, the original profession of judaism, as gold and slave and weapons traders between Mesopotamia and Egypt, knot of trade of 3 continents). Of course the body is NOT guilty but the Universe is organic and cares nothing for the ‘cellular details’ ONLY FOR THE physiological systems and NETWORKS that define through genes and memes the collective subconscious and final destiny of the WHOLE.

Alas, Spengler and bio history are SYSTEMATICALLY censored for all those reasons.

All this is OPPOSITE TO THE TRUTH WHICH IS PRECISELY,  a result of this causality: at the end of all the wars caused by the pecunia infinita cycle of overproduction of weapons and machines for profits, the elite informative/neuronal people-caste of judaism, carriers of the cycle, its banker-priests that issue with informative metal, the language of money and the segregational hate memes against mankind required to enact the war cycle, become extinguished by Humanity. And as organisms do not differentiate between the death of its neuronal people-castes and body-working cells all the elements of the society suffer extinction. But the neuronal people-caste of Judaism, rabbis of segregational memes and bankers that issue informative money, have so much power that can carry the ‘informative software’ of the cycle to another nation, leaving behind their lower people-castes as scapegoats of the cycle, reacting it again. As of today this 13 holocaust cycle enters now the phase of pecunia infinita, massive reproduction of money used liberally to reproduce weapons and hate memes, soon to enter into the global phase of war and destruction, which shall end with the gottendamerung of the carriers of the cycle.

Yet the causality of the cycle is an absolute taboo as the elite of banker-priests benefit from it and escape its consequences, so they have also through millennia rejected the economical cause of the cycle, creating an astounding number of false myths, victimism and hate memes to deviate their responsibility, ensuring the cycle will happen again. So we must make a…

THIRD PROLEGOMENA – on the causation of the cycle – paradoxically its denial from those who profit on it, from the inner class structure of judaism – its  banker priests that take the money of the community and run to another nation to implement the same cycle. And will vehemently deny they have any responsibility through…

Holocaust Industry… The black hole of Finances.


The holocaust Industry: Some victims matter more than others.

antiquantum pardox color

In the graph 2 classic cases of the anti-quantum paradox which systematically represses true social science/tists and the crimes of animetals, highlighting their ‘victories’ and ‘victims’ as the only ones in history; with exclusion of the rest of human victims, denying their crimes and making their idol -ogies pass as science.

In the left side, the military dictator Stalin killed 9 million r=evolutionaries and vaporised in Orwellian fashion Mr. Trotsky, the true r=evolutionary from all pictures. In the right side, we do not forgive the crimes of Stalin military dictatorship because 20 million Russians were murdered by the German dictator, Mr. Hitler, but we do forgive the crimes of the ‘banker-priests’ of Israel which have traditionally imposed its financial dictatorship in the west, because of the shrewd Holocaust industry that hides systematically all other holocausts of history, including the 60 million other victims of world war II, as if they were the only ‘victims’. Today the rewriting of history and censorship of the cultures and modes of the elite animetal castes that govern the world, prevents any attempt to rule rationally the future of mankind.

The comparison between the crimes of Stalin and its party dictatorship and the crimes of Israel and its financial dictatorship are telling. In fact, the SS and the holocaust program was first set up to kill ’30 million slavs’ Himmler’s target met to ‘create the vital space’ needed to the East, for German peasants, (hence the enormous civil causalities of eastern nations, among them the Jewish peddlers and tax farmers for eastern aristocrats living in Poland, and the Pale of Settlement shown in the graph; massacred systematically to leave ’empty land’ for the ‘superior race’). Only at the end of the war, when all was lost, Nazis step up revenge against the poor classes of Judaism – scapegoats of the banker’s elite of the Allies.

It must be understood that the Holocaust industry is not created to remember those victims, but to hide those ‘elites’ of banker-priests, which as the elite of German aristocrats, care nothing for the ‘dead cells’ of their ‘blind body’ that obey them sheepishly and die in those wars and holocausts. Since the bankers and military aristocrats seldom die on them. So the allies, controlled by the financial elites and industries of war of wall street and the city, did nothing to bomb Auschwitz, because according to their racist religion, written in the sacred Talmud, humans are animals ‘goyyim’ and eastern Jews were impure ‘animals’, converted Kazhars, and Hitler did nothing to save the final 3 million German victims of the war, when the Russians asked for surrender, and was told they would all die, since he answered ‘they will die for me’. And that is the ultimate brutal action of the ‘expert’ elites of military aristocrats, and financial stock-rats. They don’t die in wars and holocausts, their lower, blind classes do.

So we research latter the human side of this tragedy in depth – the dual class structure of the capitalist banking culture that rules the world, where the poor pay for the crimes of the elite, but amazingly enough hide the social structure of judaism by hiding the economic causes of the Holocaust. Go(l)d also blinds the habiru to their fate. But now all westerners have become habiru. We all belief their memes. The enlightened rational cultures of the French>American R=evolution is gone.

The most important information man has to develop in a society is ethic verbal information. Unfortunately this comes through speeches, and books, not through TVs, and internet, which on average deliver 1/5 of the quantity of words per minute, a man reading a book delivers. An entire news program is equivalent in verbal information to a broad sheet of a news paper. Besides you cannot choose what you read in a TV set. They give it to you without Freedom of choice.

The fundamental elements of ideological indoctrination: minimal information, selected information, information accompanied by visual rhetoric, is at work there. You are not informed, you become “programmed” to believe what the persons who choose TV information want you to believe.

There is always a company-mother with vested interests behind. With news papers you could at least choose your news paper, and choose the news, even contrast them, read them back to see “the mechanisms” that newspapers use to bias news (such as forefront impact images, and headlights contradicted in the small printing; omission of data, one single point of view, etc.). Yet Since now we only see TVs, and computer screens, it happens then that being your time limited, when we dedicate too much time to inform our selves with mathematics, and images, we loose verbal content, and real information and we become much more ignorant.

Studies show that since TVs and other information machines came, we have lost 20% of our verbal information. Our children are clearly more ignorant than or parents were. They also commit much more wrong actions, that destroy their lives and the society in which we live, because with a bad verbal mind, they are unable to judge correctly and behave correctly. The example is one of the many examples we could give of the lethal consequences of dedicating our life to other species, which are not us. Our children are also very fat, because they use cars to move. Yet moves improve, and mathematics and computers become better. The servant, man, becomes degenerated, and the master, the machine improves geometrically.

In this manner Metal-communicators are dwindling the capacity of man to react to extinction. Man looses contact with the fundamental concepts and truths of “Verbal science”and the behavioral laws of the Universe. He acquires a great deal of rhetorical, digital information of null value.

Today the advances of love religions and theory of evolution regarding the survival of human societies is ignored, and substituted by rhetoric in favor of machines, weapons and money, promoted through TVs and advertising, paid by company mothers. So humans do not realize of their advanced process of extinction. Words of survival and ethic behavior disappear. books and literature disappear. The mind of man disappears. While universe of wireless data and images understood only by machines, perceived only by machines, grows. It is Matrix… the brain of the Metal-earth, in which all communicators, radio, press,, and Internet, merge.

It is the age of multinational companies of mass-media, all delivering the same messages in favor of machines, work and consume, through all the outlets of expression of mankind, while the truths of human survival are ignored, repressed, never distributed. It is the age of fiction, of a fantasy about reality, about history and the future, which hides all negative aspects of the Industrial Evolution.

Thus those cycles of the industrial r=evolution are parallel to the cycles of evolution of mass-media machines: the age of steam and yellow press, the age of electro-mechanical machines and hate-radio and the age of electronic machines and TV-hate speeches.

They are the 3 ages of newspeak, which advances parallel to the advance of war that it justifies and the evolution of machines, the engine of it all.

But now metal-communicators have evolved into metal-minds and the stakes are higher, as the processes of devolution of the human mind are becoming automated, by the sheer obsolescence of most human workers to mental machines, and the substitution of our ‘logic, verbal language’ by a primitive, violent visual mass-media that convert us into ‘neo-Paleolithic’ simplified human beings, seeking for the basic satisfactions, devolving fast as an old man does, to its animal infancy of instincts and immediate reward – we are indeed becoming obsolete not only in body but in mind, atrophied by those machines we love.

The overproduction of false information: Mass-media.

The mind of western people is manufactured in its consent by mass-media since the age of the Religious wars won by Luther through its massive use of the new printed press, through the fascist age of metal-communicators, when radio put Mussolini and Hitler on power, to the age of Hate-TV media, now governing America’s ideas about the ‘terrorist, primitive 3rd world’ and the supreme goodness of the 1% elite of financiers and its go(l)d culture – the so called victims of history, who own its financial-media system.

And this is indeed the case in the West, in any of the 3 ages aforementioned. In the age of protestant control of America, the press was controlled by Mr. Hearst, and the same printing machines printed paper money for railroads.

Then when the new media and new people took over, signified in the magnificent case of Citizen Kane, when the master of the new media, a kid from NY dared to defy the old mogul and won, because he had the new media, radio and film, both Financial and Informative systems have the same owners. And that ensures that the blind body of American-European cells will submit easily and be manufactured in their brains to fall under the ‘Stockholm syndrome’.

As this excessive power of the financial elite cannot be understood without their control not only of the creation of e-money the Financial side of the Financial-Informative/Military-Industrial complex, but also the Audiovisual complex, which now as in the age of radio-hate of the previous age of fa$cism has entered an age of TV-hate.

– A mental crisis provoked by the massive noise of meaningless electronic media and hate TVs, which are devolving human minds to a visual, neo-Paleolithic age of violent, fiction thought.

Holocaust Industry: Some victims matter more than others. As they are useful to hide their masters.


In the graph, the first image of an hecatomb of innocent children, danced over by Astarte, the wife of Baal and supreme High priestess of the Canaanite culture that preceded the go(l)ds culture of  Levante, founders of capitalism.

The most primitive forms of go(l)d cult(ure)s to money – aka capitalism – happened in Levante, where citizens sacrificed the sons of their enemies (and sometimes as a supreme offer its own sons) to the Go(l)d statues of Baal while they paid to the priestess of Astarte for carnal pleasures.

Baal was the son of the sun, whose fetish image was a piece of gold that imitated the sun’s light and could be carried as an amulet. In this manner a primitive hypnotic religion of accumulation of go(l)d at all costs developed. It gave birth to slavery (where men are bought for gold and women’s slaves marked by a gold earring) and the first forms of capitalist accumulation of gold-money in Eastern temples, whose go(l)d priests became an elite-caste with Canaanite cultures that would invent banking and start the debt-usury-war-holocaust cycles that define western civilisations…  All have changed to remain the same, since when the ethic verbal values of eusocial love are changed by the greed and violence of go(l)d and weapons ‘$hit happens’, for all mankind, from the bottom to the top of capitalist pyramids:


it would be interesting to maintain the industry of the Holocaust, with added rooms to explain the Holocausts of the Am Segullah, of Mankind due to go(l)d values, so perhaps then the jabiru will realise they need to do a French r=evolution against their racist banker-priests and join humanity in his search for survival. In the graph, America has a huge Holocaust to a genocide IT DID NOT COMMIT, but none to the 20 million holocaust of negro slaves, as human capital imported in the first gunboat stock-market companies for go(l)d profits, based in the Ham Damnation uttered by a racist rabbi after the expulsion from Egypt which condemned Arabs and negroes to a status inferior to dogs – the most despised animal of the Semitic cultures.

In the center we see the consequences – the negro slaves occupied a far smaller part of the cargo space than rum& molasses. For good measure, we could also introduce a few holocausts caused by the splendid little wars for profits of the American military industry, which spends more than half of the tax-farming of American citizens, today spent liberally in the mercenary wars of Israel. In the right, the 5 million dent in population due to the ‘Kissinger effect’ during the splendid little wars of Vietnam, when Mr. Kissinger, a highly respected  member of the GOP party decided single-handed to attack Cambodia, a neutral country, picking up ‘personally’ the peasant villages to be destroyed by air-raids and bombs, the most expensive arsenals, and trade-mark of the biblical war massacres of innocent people, from Dresden to Hiroshima, from Cambodia to the drone industry massacring civil people in Islamophobic nations. 

It must be noticed that Israel provides 60% of the world’s army of Drones, mostly sold with lobbyism to US, which liberally spends 1/2 of its tax payers budget in a global war, which is nothing but the expansion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to global proportions, which we will explain in more detail in the analysis of Israel as the ROLE MODEL FOR XXI century capitalism, in its ‘military-robotic age’.

It is important to notice how rhetoric victimism works here. Mr. Kissinger can be considered the single biggest genocidal character of the post-stalinist era and yet he also inaugurates the ‘mickey manson’ age of walt disney massacres, now made into video games (last image) with drones shot by kids from Nevada bases, as if the ‘terrorist’ kids they murder in some remote afghan village were angry ducks. So of course, if we look at the tenebrous image of the holocaust museum, truly a masterpiece of what Aristotle calls ‘spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, strangers to the purpose of Tragedy’ in his book poetics (the most read about book among evilwood plotters), it terrifies us.

But alas, the casual genocider, Mr. Kissinger is a nice chap that came on Time Magazine as a YMCA gay cowboy, smiling naked while he was murdering millions of innocent cambodians who had nothing to do with the vietnam war, just for fun and profits of the bomb-plane industry, as we keep murdering without any precision villagers all over the ‘Islamic world’, and killing at distance through financial theft, speculation in food future markets, taxation, debt slavery, brutal austericid of welfare states, millions wholesale of ‘lives that do not matter’ to the segregated Am Segullah elite, which on top have the chuptzah of covering up on the jabiru murdered 80 years ago, to keep justifying themselves of their crimes, and protecting capitalism of any criticism. So the new eviL is ‘fun’.

Now, the reader should really realise the power of informative networks to manufacture the brain of the globalised human being: in spanish we say ‘eyes that do not see, heart that do not feel’. On the walls on the left of a huge building the Americans are told the life of every single individual, with names so he relates closely, as it happens with every Israeli hurt by a Palestinian.

We do not know however a single name of the flock stored above the molasses in far less space, as they were of less value in the slave boat, overwhelmingly owned by jewish-protestant biblical bigots, justified by the Ham damnation, and we do not know the name of a single Cambodian on the dent of the population pyramid caused by Mr. Kissinger, or the name of any collateral damage of the Military drone industry – since we do not count corpses said the general in charge. So we DO care and feel  as Americans for every picture of the huge wall that happened long ago in other continent so we feel guilty and react knee-jerk to any criticism to the Am Segullah bankers who throw us from our homes in the scam of cdos.

We also do not know their names, or those who cannot have hospital surgery because states must pay usury debt to the ECB bank. Hence the power of the Industry. Mr. Spielberg, that nice chap, who made A.I. where robots are the good guys that will exterminate as all, and men the brutish inferior species, who does not go to Cannes, because French collaborated on the Holocaust, a man who obviously ‘despises mankind’ , as almost every one of its party does, and just does FX with machines in second rate movies, a total idol of America, cause he makes monnneyy!!!, shot thousands and thousands of hours to record every survivor every life of the holocaust industry so we shall all remember forever every name of a jabiru victim while the molasses, cambodians and Muslims become statistics, numbers, dehumanised as those in nazi concentration camps, of which we also  know each personal number.

It was necessary to introduce the ‘collective subconscious mind’ of our civilisation before we even attempt to explain you the absurd idol-ogies that ‘litter’ literally your mind with utter falsities about the nature of humanity, and the economic ecosystem.
But it is a fact that mankind now has a collective brain – that of Judaism, and what is more astounding, all the element of the human super organism, eve those who are brutalised as debt slaves or enemies, believe the myths provided by the networks.
Indeed, even the most dedicated jihadist thinks yhwh≈allah, the toponym of Judea created the Universe. Now, a study of what people believe today shows a planet of ‘madmen’, with no reference whatsoever with reality, with their brains littered by all absurd idol-ogies that JUSTIFY their worship of metal.

screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-07-56-40Above the true Masters of the world, orthodox Jewish economists, which have modernised the segregational racist memes of their go(l)d religion into ‘creationist economics, Hayek the guru of Miss Thatcher who infamously threw his book to her first cabinet affirming ‘this is what we believe’, who preached the issue of money only by private bankers, and Mr. Friedman the guru of Mr Reagan a puppet-actor who started the series of tv-hate puppet actors, to the service of the Financial-Media masters, today ‘crowned’ by Mr. Trump, whose first ‘scholar thesis’ was on the need to deregulate medical law, since ‘demand and offer’ will adjust quack doctors, as they will kill more ‘people’ and ‘loose clients’. The monstrosity behind ‘capitalism’ is the go(l)d religion of judaism, a fetish bronze age go(l)d cult  born in canaan, where a global network of slave and metal trade (seafarer phoenicians, hebrew desert caravans)  started the use of money to buy ‘human capital’ as slaves, and became the SOLITON OF THE METAL-EARTH, the only culture ruled by banker-priests NOT by warrior-kings since its inception; who founded the first stock-corporations along is ‘brother-in-go(l)d’ the Calvinist sects. Both together account for over 90 % of classic economists. Orthodox jewish economists with its idol-ogical racism against life and mankind store 72% of Nobel Prizes, given by a private bank owned by them. They are only 0.02% of humanity but occupy ‘all’ the central banks of the west  virtually all the CEOS of financial western corporations, and over 3/4 of the CFOs of the 1000 Fortune and 3/4 of the top 1% earners of America. As they issue in monopoly the money of the Western world, they ‘own it’ and manufacture their brains and give their financial orders to billions of workers, through its Financial-Media Networks. They  ‘own’ the western world, and hides its racist memes and hate of mankind behind the industry of the holocaust and its victims. And yet the American sheeple believe in them; they ARE their banker-priests, they manufacture their brain with the idol-ogies of the Bible, of capitalism, of evilwood. So its citizens will sing in orwellian fashion to their ‘pig-masters’ four legs, four legs till the end. While true humanist social scientists who say the truth with warts and all, will be repressed and ignored till the end. But of course despite their myths of superiority – witness Trump’s ‘you’ treasury master, who after massacring home owners, with its mortgage scams at IndyMac, moved to produce his evilwood series of ‘superhuman yous’, mutants in a fight against mankind to become the master race of ‘pigs in the orwellian ‘animetal farm’ – they will also die, and they do die at the end of the monstrous cycles of overproduction of weapons and war in its ‘final’ gottendamerung; despite millions of deniers of the economic causes of the holocaust cycle.


Holocaust Industry.  Political and Economic Correctness: Camouflage of  The People of the Treasure.

‘Fear and pity may be aroused by spectacular means. Yet those who employ spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, are strangers to the purpose of Tragedy; for we must not demand of Tragedy, but only that which is proper to it.’

Poetics, Aristotle

The purpose and astounding mass-media volume of the Holocaust Industry – the constant repetition of the memes of a specific massacre of II world war (the killing of 4 million jewish among other 66 million human beings) – to arouse an extreme sense of pity in the human population, has an obvious purpose: to protect from any criticism the elite of financial bankers of the “People of the Treasure’ the culture specialised in money since its creation in Levante that monopolises western banking (o.o2% of population but 80% of central bankers, CEOs of wall street and CFOs of American 500 Fortune, and 54% of the 1% elite that runs the nation). The result is an absolute censorship on the ‘dictatorship’ they have installed on the Financial-Media System (informative machines) of the west, to the point people ignore all about that control, even the existence of the ‘Head’ of the Mechanocene (informative corporations), while everything about the Industrial-Military Complex (energetic machines) an be explained, the mere mention of the Financial-Media system and its owners means the end of once career.

Thus 4 themes must be understood about the idol-ogy of Judaism, origin of capitalism and this monopoly on economic systems in the west.

1. Needless to say race means nothing here, and the only guilty of predation and parasitism of mankind is the elite that imposes its memes both the aristocracies of warriors and bankers. We thus consider victims of those idol-ogies in two degrees of suffering, the common people of warrior and banking cultures (german soldiers, jewish tax-collectors) BUT IN A MUCH HIGHER DEGREE, HUMANITY AT LARGE, which never harmed anyone and get killed and enslaved under the orders of those elites by their mass-class, which finally dies, when the entire body of the civilisation collapses, during the massive radiation of weapons and money that culminates each of the cycles of History (both the 800 and 80 years cycles shown in other posts).

2.To talk of Judaism, its banking memes and the holocaust industry that hides them is unavoidable, despite the immediate enacting of the anti-quantum paradox’ which censors and stain ad hominem the scholar who rises the theme. Since for any real social scientist to talk of reality it must talk of those who control the languages of social power. Because the western world is ruled by bankers, and bankers in the west are jewish you cannot explain western economics without explain them.

First what is by far the most important question, the absolute monopoly of Judaism since the times of Canaan when it worked hand in hand with Phoenicians and as the trade knot of communication between 3 continents (europe, asia and africa) and the 2 fertile crescent civilisation (egypt and mesopotamia) and close to the earliest gold mines (arabian semite range of coastal mountains), built a ‘new type’ of civilisation, in which the elite was NOT made of king warriors but of go(l)d priests and the believer was not a soldier but a trader in search of go(l)d ex-votes, the ‘unnamed’ symbol of go(l)d of which Baal statues and sancta sanctorums of jewish temples were made.

The present ‘social scientist’ which accepts gladly the anti-quantum paradox denying this fact  – that o.02% of its population monopolises more than 3/4th of financial key public and private positions, and tries to explain the west, its wars against the enemies of Israel, its racism against the 3rd world, its destruction of their original humanist French revolutionary and american cultures of enlightenment, is as ridiculous as a historian who tries to explain South-America WITHOUT mentioning the Spaniards that conquer it. The Spaniards imposed their religion, their language, their beliefs, and posited themselves as a superior race, because a few 30.000 of them but with absolute control of the language of social power of the age, weapons, controlled the rest of society. Today, the Europeans and Americans believe in Jewish-Christian religions where a Jewish, either Moses who saw God or Christ, who is son of God, or all the Jewish, sons of god, are the superior species.

Camouflage is absolutely needed for parasitic cultures to survive, within the Organism they prey, and so the confabulation theory, the anti$emitism mantra (very different from anti-SSemitism, the murder of  people by warrior predators with the excuse they belong to the culture of bankers), all this nonsense is just part of the Industry of the Holocaust. To explain the world, ruled by money and bankers you must explain the people-castes who invented it and how they rule us all. Point. 

Indeed, today the mass of the western world, specially in America, are completely controlled by the elite, and this explains the astounding primitivism of their social memes.

Most of them think that Yvwh=Judea created the Universe. Most of them believe the Universe chose the Judeans as the superior species. Most think those superior species are the victims of History (Holocaust Industry). They are run by their absolute financial monopoly. They ignore this fact. And they ignore that their religion is as racist as Germanic Nazism was. They ignore what they do to palestinians who in their religion are lower than dogs along negroes (Ham Damnation, which says arabs and negroes are inferior to dogs because their ancestor, Ham pee on Noah and so they must be ‘slaves’, origin of modern negro slavery). Etc. etc. I know perfectly this blog on social sciences could have gone further without mentioning this fact, but thenc wouldn’t be making true science? Would we?

3. The social class structure of Judaism, where the elite of banker-priests, rabbis and bankers, which in the old age were the same ‘fetish go(l)d levi masters’ latter divided with the French R=evolution, oppress their pedlers, which become the scapegoats of their financial abuses and become murdered by the rival animetal elite of military predators, which also search global power (holocaust cycle).

So to explain the west today, either America or europe, Judaism must be explained: Jewish financial monopoly, the holocaust cycle it provokes, the scapegoats of the cycle which are the jewish lower castes, and hence the social structure of Judaism, between their elite of banker-priests and their common people, similar to that of germanic warrior cultures between aristocrats and common people.

And so, intimately related to class structure, we must explain the use of that tragedy by the elite of bankers to censor any criticism of capitalism. Basically the Holocaust Industry is the fundamental form of censorship of Banking power today.

So let us deal with their form of censorship, the Industry of the Holocaust.

It must be understood that the Holocaust industry is not created to remember those victims, but to hide those ‘elites’ of banker-priests, which as the elite of german aristocrats, care nothing for the ‘dead cells’ of their ‘blind body’ that obey them sheepishly and die in those wars and holocausts. Since the bankers and military aristocrats seldom die on them. So the allies, controlled by the financial elites and industries of war of wall street and the city, did nothing to bomb auschwitz, because according to their racist religion, written in the sacred talmud, humans are animals ‘goyyim’ and eastern jews  were impure ‘animals’, converted Kazhars, and Hitler did nothing to save the final 3 million german victims of the war, when the russians asked for surrender, and was told they would all die, since he answered ‘they will die for me’. And that is the ultimate brutal action of the ‘expert’ elites of military aristocrats, and financial stock-rats. They don’t die in wars and holocausts, their lower, blind classes do. 

Anti$emitim has always had economic causes. When Hitler proclaimed his program, his thugs wrote on the walls of Germany: ‘the death of the ‘jude’ would be the wealth of germany’. And yet this real cause the usury crimes of its 1% are NEVER mentioned, censored even more.

There are millions of hours and pages of gore programs to imprint emotionally mankind with the tragedy and convert a taboo all criticism of capitalist banking elites, but it is absolutely forbidden to explain the cause-effect of all those holocaust cycles due to usury and slave trade. When to solve a problem you must act on the cause. So only the end of the banking monopoly for usury schemes by nationalising banking, would end the crime. And yet since the industry is used to hide the crime, this is the only thing nobody dares to speak up.

And the result is the subconscious collective blame ‘all’ the jewish people of the crimes of their hidden elite and the cycle explodes blindly against all. Thus the financial elite’ use of the death of their poor, to protect their past, present and future crimes is perhaps the most cynical act of cowardice History has yet to witness on behalf of the ‘1%’ of its animetal cultures. .

The bankers run with their money and leave them behind to parasite another country – now the US brutally taxed and controlled by the anti-quantum paradox and the holocaust industry, to the point there is no museum to the indian or slave holocaust but there is one in each city to a holocaust in which the Americans DID NOT participate, to make them feel guilty and shut up all criticism to the bankster elite of wall street, overwhelmingly belonging to the people-caste (54% of the 1% belongs to this ‘am segullah’ elite thanks to its monopoly on credit) And yet today is the fundamental mode of censorship on History imposed in the west. While in Europe the industry helps the Germans to impose a IV Reich, based in the fantasy that the ‘only victims’ of their systemic murder of European social, democratic cultures since the Barbarians ran Rome, are the ‘People of the Treasure’ (ill translated as the Chosen people). So the Greeks or Republican Spaniards that died in camps never received compensation and now is Ok to brutalise Greece to pay the usury debt schemes of the Frankfurt ECB bank. Since they have paid billionaire sums to the ‘only’ recognised victims of the I and II world war German 90 million HUMANS holocaust. 

Now this said it is essential to understand two fundamental truths of all systems, including Human Cultures or else we could ourselves fall easily into the very same errors we denounce, with our confessed bias against Mechanocene’s memes:

-Cultures have Nothing to do with Genes. We do not say haploid M34 when we talk of ‘American’, but use a ‘word’ hence a ‘name’ belonging to verbal thought – a linguistic concept and in complexity we directly relate, ‘cultural character’ to topological linguistics (Humboldt->Wolff-Chomsky’s SVO.)

This means as Chomsky himself wrote me in a letter that we can ‘all feel we are Jewish, if we believe the cultural myth of Adam and Eve’ and we can choose as I did to not belong to that culture’. Further on, people have shallow nationalisms and so in this specific case we all know many Jewish people who does not believe in Judaism – the Talmudian concept essential to the religion that they are the Chosen race superior to the Goyyim or ‘animal race’ – the human beings. But if we here talk of Judaism we do talk of a fetish go(l)d religion with racist memes, written in a book, Talmud, which can only be compared in its despise of humanity with the Germanic and Aryan classic books (vedas, mein kampf).

Again, most Indians are very spiritual but fact is Hinduism is also a racial religion of the Bronze Age, where cows are considered superior to Southern Indians (Dravidians). And we shall analyse in depth the origin of those racist memes, which are always related to the power certain metal-memes gave to those cultures in an earlier age of History. So goes for the 3rd arrogant mechanocene racist culture, the British Culture, and Its Imperial views.

Thus the individual might or might not respond to the memes of the culture, but we do talk of ‘historic cultures’ of the Mechanocene, which in its apogee were indeed clearly racist and caused great harm to mankind. Thus modern slavery practiced mainly by British and Germanic people both sides of the Atlantic, was based in Talmud’s affirmation that those who descended from Ham, who pee on Noah, were inferior to dog (negroes and arabs). And today’s blatant Israeli racism still owes a lot of that ‘jewish memes’. 

Secondly, cultures are organisms and in complexity all organisms are composed of at least 2 classes, the head of neuronal information and the blind body that reproduces those memes blindly within itself and moves the head. So particles of information guide waves of energy in quantum systems; heads of information guide blind bodies and upper clases in control of the digital and verbal languages of human information guide the mass of society, which is blind and obeys those memes. Reason why we talk of the ‘10%’ or neuronal elite of a society, whenever we talk of a  culture (where the 1% tends to be the creative part of it). So the Nazi members and the German aristocrats were the elite that installed in Europe the racist, militaristic cultures of nationalism.

The banker-priests of the go(l)d fetishe temples of Baal and Yvwh, with their golden sancta sanctorum were the priesthood descendant of Aaron that imposed the racist memes of Judaism, latter imported by Protestant sects and latter translated by the first economists, all of them of that biblical culture upon the globalised capitalist world of corporations. This of course does not exculpate German Wehrmatch warriors, or israeli soldiers firing upon children or Americans guiding drones but they are nor responsible and it is obvious that if the memes of the elite change, they might change their Mechanocene racism against mankind.

Of course those ‘mechanocene’ cultures do not accept any criticism, not of the kind we make here rationally and from the humanist point of view, and my life as a scholar in America with 30 years of different forms of censorship over these models since I ended my master at columbia University proves indeed, that we are with the most evolved social sciences of the anthropocene – since the elite of the Mechanocene cultures are believers that have never yielded to humanism, only in very brief periods after a crashing war defeat (German ecological movement after II world war now extent, in a neo-nazi germany that is massacring the welfare cultures of Europe; Jewish Christian movement after the massacre of Romans, during the Gold wars, socialist movement after the programs of the 1860s due to the financial crisis  and Jewish American hippie movement after the Holocaust due to the 29 crisis and destruction of the German economy.

Only after the so obvious catastrophes provoked by the militaristic and go(l)d memes of those cultural elites, the ‘blind body’ has abandoned the memes of the elite. So finally germans realised that killing those who opposed the ‘Goths’, the tribe of the gods by the power of iron weapons, might not be the best strategy of survival and the species deserved respect. And Jewish people ended their go(l)d fetishes and sheepishly obeisance to its elite of banker-priests and became humanists after those catastrophes provoked by economic crisis. But today is obvious both cultures are again showing all their classic racist memes. And bid for global power (which often ends in mutual wars and holocausts).

A solution to the conundrum that I confess happen in many texts in this web (an excessive bias against those 3 cultures) might be to call them by their animetal specific role. For example, if we talk of ‘bankers’ we spread the original profession of the fetishe go(l)d temples today globalised and are more to the point. If we talk of the People of the Treasure, which is the correct translation of the name the jewish people give to themselves (Am segullah, ill translated as Chosen people, since Segullah means treasure not chosen), we refer to the ‘memetic’ specialised metal their elite use as tool of weapon, if we call the Germans ‘Germ(an)s’ we might anger them enough so they might reflect on what has been their true historic role with mankind – to exterminate Europe and its humanist civilisations.

We do not emphasise so much the british memes because if any of those 3 ‘animetal cultures’ is today global is the mechanist view that the machine is progress and technology is always good. Some people are not capitalists when they really know what that means (the anti-democratic issue of money by a people-caste with exclusion of society), many are not Germ(an)s and would never kill someone who opposes them, but all of us love machines and the power they give us, despite the obvious atrophy they produce.

In any case, fact is those memes – all together now – after the financial coup d’etats of the 90s are accelerating the destruction of the anthropocene, the destruction welfare societies, and have come to control all the systems of mass-media information to push their cultural agendas, subconsciously (as cultures work as organisms do in herd with similar ‘dna’ minds) and consciously with its networks of machines. And they are destroying all attempt to create a true social science.

The anti-quantum paradox is today imposed with ‘newspeaks’ and subtle censorship (political correctness, false myths of ‘capitalist freedom’ – that is, freedom for corporations and the 1% that steals from people the right to issue their language of power, victimism and Holocaust Industries, that prevent to criticise the people-caste that controls the issue of money in the west -o.2% of population, 80% of CEOs and central bankers, patriotism that prevents the criticism of military industries – 50% of American budget, and the most insidious of all ‘techno-utopia’ that prevents to criticise the all too obvious degradation of human beings, atrophied and made obsolescent to machines, with ‘ego-trips’ of ’empowerment’ through their use.

And so we come to fourth:

The nationalist nature of judaism and hence capitalism, which merely means the creation of a Global Jewish-Calivnist Empire based in a fundamentalist religion with ‘zero’ chances to manage rationally the world.

Judaism is a historic nationalist ideology NOT a religion, and so as such with the same aberrant memes that nationalism has (superiority of the tribe-nation-god and imposition of power in search of a global racist empire of Chosen of Yvwh or Chosen of Germany, today Chosen of America or Israel.

Racist religions are a primitive form of nationalism, from an age previous to Rome when the word ‘Tribal God’ meant the subconscious collective of a nation, so Assur was the nation and tribal God of the assyrians and Yvwh, translated ‘Judea’ in ancient egyptian maps, was the name of the God and the region of the Jewish people and of course, as the Germans thought their nation was the best and the Assyrians claimed their God Assur to be the Master of all Gods, the ‘Yawhians’ thought Yvwh to be the only God, and as the Germans said they would enslave all mankind for one thousand years, and the Assyrians tried, the Yawhians, created a religion called millenarism, which said that ‘at the end of times all humans would be slaves of Yvwh or would be exterminated, ‘Sanhedrin, Talmud’).

In fact there was zero talk of after death in earlier Judaism. it was all nationalist talking. Those concepts came much latter by influence of Egyptian and Greek mystical cultures. Yvwh is Judea, point. NOW, the ultimate reason of the brutality and indifference to mankind of the orthodox leading economists, From Smith (a calvinist) to ricardo (a jewish stock speculator), to the Modern Hayek and Freedman (Jewish orthodox) is a direct consequence of their religious belief on a superior race, that of the people-banker for whom the system must cater. Every right wing, extreme economist in favour of private banking, monopoly in the issue of money by them, and/or production at all cost has been Jewish (Most financial economist) or calvinist-anglican (most production economist), the 2 sides of the Jewish-protestant racist old memes of talmud and the Old testament.

Thus classic economics IS CREATIONIST ECONOMICS, AND WE ARE RULED BY PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE AS THOSE BIGOTS from southern America that go(l)d must cre(dit)ate the world for them. As creationist believe yvwh created the world. This is the core fact. And the ONLY SOLUTION IS THE DESNATIONALIZATION OF THE BANKING INDUSTRY. YES ‘DESNATIONALIZATION’, from this people-caste. The rest is just talking bull$hit. As long as a group of bronze age believers run the west with their selfish memes of metal, their techno-utopians, their military paranoias, their racism against negroes and arabs, their systematic tax farming of europeans and Americans, their victimising censorships, we are doomed.

The concept a ‘racist’ meme can be disguised with religion, as opposed to nationalism, is bogus. As both, religion and nationalism are the same ‘concept’: ideologies of the social subconscious collective. Yaveh, Allah or Christ, are NOT real, but the Jung’s concept of a subconscious collective, the assabiyah of Ibn Khaldun, the informative network that puts together those cellular brains. A religion thus is a book of revelation, the memetic code of similar beings, which allow their common actions as a wave in the same manner the DNA code of similar cells allows the common actions of an i-organism.

It is also absurd to consider that a financial dictatorship that monopolizes the manufacturing and use under the ‘boot’ of a people-caste a language of social power – money, is different from a military dictatorship that monopolizes the manufacturing and use of weapons or a party dictatorship that monopolizes the manufacturing and use of the law. Under such ‘semantic unification’, the Nazi/Germanic aristocratic castes that imposed themselves on Europe and derived into nationalism are not different from the communist, party dictatorships that monopolized the law and weapons in East Europe, or the Calvinist-Jewish dictatorships of the anglo-saxon work that monopolize stil today the manufacturing and use of money in capitalist dictatorships.

The industry getting stronger in Europe

Cecilia MALMSTROM, Maros SEFCOVIC, Martin SCHULZ EP President, Mosche KANTOR, President of the European Jewish Congress

In the European Parliament a minute of silence is kept for the victims of the holocaust. Never mind they represent less than a 10% of the victims of World War II. Those are ‘chosen victims’ and so the Europeans who do not keep a minute of silence for the victims of their nations must remember the ‘chosen’ and feel guilty. So do the Americans which have all kind of museums to a holocaust that happened in another continent with another people and none for the far more numerous victims of the Slave Holocaust and the Indian Holocaust that happened in their soil.  In this manner the Germans do not feel guilty for the 40 million Europeans they murdered and are now ab=using with their very antidemocratic manipulation of the ECB bank, nor the Americans need to feel guilty for the genocide of the Indians. We all render homage to our ‘stock-masters’ so the powerful feel safe. And the jewish lower castes who die in those holocausts become memorially imprinted with fear of mankind NOT to join the rest of the species in the goals of evolving and saving the planet.

In this manner every year we go through NOT one but two ‘histrionic moments’ of fear, sorrow and hate, the day of ‘holocaust memorial’ (in Janary) and the day of ‘holocaust remembrance’ (in April), plus the usual February Holocaust movie for the oscars… The cyclicality of Newspeaks that come once or twice every year is important to make ‘impossible’ a change in the system, which becomes for lack of a better justification, a formal, baroque, series of ceremonies that have lost its initial purpose and are now used to ‘imprint the mind’ of people with the proper ideologies in favor of the system…

Let us imagine for a moment that ALL the holocausts of history were remembered ‘twice’ every year. We would not have calendar days. We would one day mourn for the massacre of Baghdad by the mongols, which alone could give us an entire month of holocausts. We could of course consider each Indian tribe, not only each semitic one for a personal holocaust – the day of the sioux, the lakotas, the senecas, you name them. And what about the trenches holocaust of 1918. If we stretch a bit our search there might be still some ancient relic in a hospital for centenaries which can testify of the horrors, as those hard to find still survivors of Auschwitz that populate our media those days.  And yet only one ‘tribe’ seems to be addicted to those ceremonies of fear, sorrow and hate to those who do us harm – all mankind it seems by the number of holocausts the jewish people seem to have suffered. All this of course rises some basic question we must answer rationally: why the jewish love to remember their holocausts and ignore those of others? What is the benefit of those hate ceremonies a century latter? Why the rational, economical causes of the holocaust are ignored? etc etc. Let us consider some answers widened in other in-depth articles.

Why we always hear news about the jewish holocaust: the victors rewrite history.

to start with, we shall no longer talk of the Holocaust as a particular case of unique character but consider:

1) the fact that holocausts are natural to all the war cycles of mankind and the holocaust of the jewish people is not special. And yet everybody considers it special. So we have to consider also:

2) The history of the jewish people and the ultimate cause of those holocausts (economical causes)

3) The reason of teh ever expanding industry of the holocaust, whose cause is obvious: as the financial-media system of America, which jewish capitalists controls expands world wide, the holocaust industry covers any criticism of the power of bankrs and mass-media, of its owners, and hence it has become the key element to sustain the dictatorship of the elite of judaism and its financial and media corporations. It is the religion of the new kings and dictators of the west, which cannot be criticized. But unlike kings and dictators who are presented as warriors with the qualities of warrior masters, the holocaust religion present our informative masters, as ‘victims’ to be pitied. It is a new strategy but the origin – the power of the jewish financial media, or the power of the military-industrial complex of dictators and kings – is the same. And the fundamentl way in which both ‘special people’ are revered is also the same: the goebbelian method of repeating ad nauseam a half truth and the censorship against all alternative views.

Let us consider one example:

The Economist wrote another yet bigger elegy on the importance and causes why we hear everyday news about news of the XX c.explaining why the industry of the holocaust was flourishing and new universities and courses were given all over the world, even in muslim countries

The question the article poised was: ‘why the industry of the holocaust and its museums was thriving, and 2/3rds of the books and films on the matter were made in the past 20 years, and some programs of history even in countries like india explained the II World War just in terms of the Holocaust, dedicating more pages to the holocaust than to the war itself.

Their interpretation was that of course, the Holocaust is the center episode of XX c and people were realizing of this. My explanation was that the owners of the financial-media system were reaching its height of power and so they were rewriting history in their favor.

…a comment censored in this Rothschild’s newspaper:

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Yours sincerely, Comments Moderator The Economist online

Your comment:

The SS were founded to eliminate 30 million slavs, to create space for the future german peasants in the ‘historic territories to the East’ that german thought to be theirs for historic reasons, (an eerie resemblance with the logic used by a small middle east nation to uproot the people to their east, in occupied territories they think theirs for historic reasons).

The Germans killed around 26 million slavs, close to the mark set. Entire Ukranian villages wer burnt alive by SS members, after being put in a church, surrounded by gun machines.

Then the program was expanded to the jewish people.

During the 60s these was known and the holocaust story explained as the holocaust of slavs, jews, gypsies, communists and other groups mass murdered by the germans.

Then since the 70s with the rise of the chip, the electronic money and audiovisual information as Wall Street and Hollywood reached its peak of power, manufacturing the brains of the western world and controlling its credit that creates reality with money, jewish capital on top of the financial-Media system (the informative machines that control information in this planet, complementary to the industrial-military complex of energetic machines, which form together the bulk of the economic system) defined the narrative for its own selfish agenda of being ‘special victims’ different from the other 60 million victims of W.W.II hence with higher rights to be pitied.

It became defined by the jewish left (chomsky, filkenstein) as the industry of the holocaust – an aberration or rather a religion to justify Israeli apartheid. But we do not forgive the crimes of stalin’s gulag because of the slav holocaust. The Israeli people and the Western Financial-Media system jewish capital control make good use of the industry of the holocaust.

This has also extended to any criticism of the banking and media industry they control. So today any criticism of jewish people is an absolute taboo which gives them a power only kings and dictators have. They are indeed the dictators of the west. But those of us who are still free minds, not manufactured by audiovisual media have only contempt for this narrative.

Or in words of Aristotle: ‘Fear and pity may be aroused by spectacular means. Yet those who employ spectacular means to create a sense not of the terrible but only of the monstrous, are strangers to the purpose of Tragedy; for we must not demand of Tragedy, but only that which is proper to it.’ Poetics, on the excesses of a bad bad plot.

So here we have the FM system in a nutshell: a culture controls it and sets its agenda. This agenda is not for mankind but for them. We live thus under a new form fo fascism, Jewish fascism, based in the control of the FM system that controls in turn the military-industrial complex of the west with a single agenda: profits for their corporations, maintenance of apartheid israel, development of a censored, controlled, global big brother, and all under the ideology of the talmud, a racist book where non-jews are called either goyyim (animals in hebrew) or shiska (prostitutes), because we are inferior beings to those who hae the monopoly of creation of go(l)d the banker-priests of israel. And any rebellion against this dictatorship will be dealt through censored systems, secret agencies, guantanamo like gulags for the mannings, snowdens and sanchos that will come still to defend the right of mankind to freedom and a better world. But this will not be said straight as german fascism did. IT will be censored on account that to ‘critizie’ the dictatorship of judaism is antisemitism, equalled to nazism and murder, because they, those who dominate us lost as all of us did, people in II world war.

And yet we cannot deny that the jewish people have been hated and murdered by almost all other cultures of humanity in the past. This hate to the Jews thus must be explained, NOT as the holocaust does, accusing mankind, the larger human body, of being evil by nature, but if we are ‘humanists’, hence we believe mankind is good, the ‘evil’ cannot be mankind but the smaller body, it kills, and by eviL of course we mean the opposite of Live. Indeed, if we take the jewish and official position that holocausts happen and jews are killed more than any otther tribe, it follows that the opposite to the official ‘holocaust history’, that mankind is guilty must be adopted – the jewish culture must have some essential evil=anti-life treat that makes it so easy to hate by every life culture.

What is that treat? In as much as judaism is a go(l)d religion and its elite of banker-priests discovered money in the ancient terms and have been ever since the biggest monopolists of money, banking and debt in the western world, we must consider that what is eviL is the peculiar capitalist system the jewish have built to exploit humans with money. Indeed, we cannot of course consider the genes of judaism different from those of outher humans, the problem thus must be in the memes of capitalism, which is as Marx put it, ‘the worldly religion of judaism’, the founders of the financial system, as Sombart, Weber, Abraham Leon an many other socialist writers have explained.

Thus we shall resume that history from the perspective of the cycles of history and economics and relate it to the holocaust cycle parallel to them.

When Holocausts were self-inflicted ‘hecatombs’


The industry of the Holocaust.

This ultimate political correctness is now called by the new Jewish left (Finkenstein and Chomsky admirable characters who r=evolved against  the memes that encroach those cycles ), the ‘holocaust industry’ that makes the elite of Judaism, the old Levy banker-priests NOT its 90-99% of lower castes,  the old ‘slave tribes’, (this goes without saying but we repeat just in case) which monopolize banking in the west (80% of financial CEOs and central bankers and 52% of the wealthiest 1% of America), ‘untouchable’, because their lower classes (jewish farmers of the pale of settlement) were murdered in second world war. And this was indeed a tragedy. But here there are two twisted arguments: the first that those victims were  ’more victims’ than the other 60 million people who died under the boot of fascism in the 30s… For example, in Catalonia fascism killed around 1/5th of the people, but nobody mentions them in the audiovisual media, which as the rest of the systems of information of America are controlled by the financial elite. So we are not victims.

The ‘Industry of the Holocaust’ and its use to justify apartheid against Palestines is a ‘subtle’ idea, absurd if we reason it.Since we must by this absurd reasoning forget the crimes of Stalin because 20 million Russians were cleansed by the SS to leave space to the german peasants. We must also forget the crimes of Tibet, because 30 million chinese died victims of Japanese cleansing. And so on.

A sociological class analysis of  Judaism however will show that this politically correct form of censorship has another fundamental purpose for the Holocaust industry, besides helping Israel commit crimes without challenge: to censor any information about the ‘banker-priests’ that have ruled Israel and the Western World with money, since money became the language of social power of our civilization; and hence allow them to commit the crimes of Capitalism and control the issue of money in the West at will. So the Holocaust Industry has an ultimate meaning: To hide the power and real history of the ‘nation’ of banker-priests who has come to control the west with money, due to the fact that they chose Gold, informative metal, instead of weapons, energetic metal as the tool of social power, at least 2000 years before the first Europeans did (Florentine bankers).

Let us be frank. The western world is ruled by corporations and corporations are ruled by the banking industry and the ‘stockrats’, the elite of the Jewish culture, who called themselves in the Levy time ‘Am Segullah’, ‘People of the Treasure’ owns it – as opposed to the habiru or hebrew, those who walk behind asses’ – the animal with whom the traded.

But if this were known obviously the American and European people would want to regain their sovereign rights. They might start to see capitalism as a culture or ideology of banker’s power. And so in a cynical twist of history, the upper castes of Judaism, the bankers that rule this society hide among the lower castes of Judaism, the real victims and scapegoats of the actions-reactions of greed, slavery, hate and murder provoked by its stockratic elite  throughout history.

And to that aim, also half of the story of those tragedies is systematically denied and censored – namely the exploitation of people with usury and slave trade, in which the elite of Judaism has excelled, inventing most of its classic and modern forms.

In the American case this is achieved with the total censorship of 1/2 of the history of their banking culture; which appears always as victim ‘only’ without ever mentioning the predatory nature of usury lending, slavery and other practices developed by this culture since the Bronze age.

Since we ares studying a particular case – the dictatorship of the nation of bankers over all other cultures, we shall consider only one case of this massive censorship of the action-reaction processes, part of the Holocaust Industry, the so-called case of the ‘Blood Libel’. Now, today there are millions of Jewish people who are not in the financial industry, but this culture chose in the bronze age money instead of weapons to rule society and create empires, inventing in Canaan, with the Phoenicians a blue print of capitalism based in a caste of banker priests, the Am segullah (people of the treasure) whose worker-body, the Habiru (those who walk behind the asses) were military purveyors, slave dealers and money dealers, transporting weapons with asses all over the Middle East, to exchange for gold, given to the temple as ex-votes, in a go(l)d religion of power of little interest for philosophy and science. Their specialization in trade and banking was absolute. And at the height of the roman Empire they were 10% of the population, in fight for power with the warrior castes of rome, which finally destroyed the temple, the ‘central bank’ of the time, for reasons clearly explained by Cicero:

‘You know how large a group they (the Jews) are, and how influential they are in politics. I will lower my voice and speak just loudly enough for the jury to hear me; for there are plenty of individuals to stir up those Jews against me and against every good Roman, and I don’t intend to make it any easier for them to do this. Since gold was regularly exported each year in the name of the Jews from Italy and all our provinces to Jerusalem, Flaccus issued an edict forbidding its exportation from Asia. Who is there, gentlemen of the jury, who cannot sincerely commend this action? The exportation of gold had been forbidden by the Seanate on many previous occasions, and most strictly of all during my consulship. Further, that Flaccus was opposed to this barbarous Jewish superstition’.

Then as today, the elite cause a massive financial crisis due to the accumulation of Gold which was not returned to the productive economy but kept in the temple under the ‘barbarous Jewish superstition’. But as usual the Am Segullah escaped to babylon with the capital, which as a language of information move faster than the energy carrier. Hence the energy carrier, the jewish body dies and the informative memes of capitalism, the bible and gold moves away. And this causes the holocaust of the body – the peddler, the habiru, and the survival of the elite, the Am Segullah, the banker-priest, with its biblical and go(l)d memes. The cycle happens though once and again because the ‘Stockholm syndrome’ of the Habiru towards its elites. But of all this ONLY the final holocaust is NOT censored. So in this manner, the cycle becomes eternally repeated, because NEVER the causes, NOT understood are CHANGED. And so the next cycle happened in the middle ages, WITH THE SAME structure.

In the middle ages, the Jewish Radhanite merchants became, as it has always been the case in history, the major capitalists of slave trade; then of Russian women, who became known as ‘slavs’ for slave and prompted the conversion of Khazars to Judaism to halt the trade (as the racist book of history of the Am Segullah can only exercise usury or slavery with the inferior not chosen of go(l)d people), while in the West, the main ‘human capital’ traded were young boys, neutered to multiply by 10 ‘its’ price in Baghdad as eunuchs. Problem is that while this was good for profits, 2/3rds of the merchandise bled to death and was thrown to the gutter, where the peasant parents found. So they attacked ghettos to rescue children during the 7 centuries in which the trade lasted (VI to XII century). And an anti$emitic feeling spread all over Europe. For example, the great massacres of Jewish people in Southern France happened soon after it was discovery that one Simon had sold ‘its’ merchandise of 20.000 children, that he was supposed to sail as saint innocent crusaders in the market of Algiers.

But why peasants sold those children as slaves? At the beginning of the Middle Ages, peasants had only to pay in species. But that was not profitable for the banker, who needs debt to control and become wealthy. So lobbies of bankers convinced kings to collect taxes  in gold, to oblige peasants to become debtors, as they monopolized the use of metal as money. This means that peasants had to pay up to 86% of annual interest in usury asked for the banker to pay taxes in precious metal. And normally within 2 years he had to sell his son as servant of the Ghetto to pay the doubled loan. Then he often found them instead of serving, bleeding to death, and knowing nothing about the Eunuch trade he thought the Jewish people drunk his blood. Now, today this is called the ‘blood libel’. There has been a massive cleansing of information on the eunuch trade even in the scholar world. And instead of talking of the real facts, only the murder of jews by gangs of parents are told. And of course, the causes are the brutality of us, European-Americans, who hate unjustly the righteous, innocent jewish victims and thought they drunk the blood of our children.

Of course, they did not drink their blood, just killed them for profits as inferior goyyim, according to culture.

So you see how subtle is the arguments of the Holocaust Industry, and the way in which by hiding half of the process of action-reaction, of greed and murder (the part of greed), capitalism is saved of any critique, and the real cause of this holocaust, the economical profit of an elite of Rhadanite International traders in slaves, luxury and weapons is hidden?

And of course it works. So today in America the ‘blood libel is a ‘sacred’ totem and proof of the existence of the ‘jewish victim’ and the brutality of we, European peasants. To the point that when Miss Palin used the term ‘blood libel’, in a favorable comparison of the suffering of the American people and the suffering of Jewish eunuch traders, a wave of protests and ‘ad hominem’ campaign ensued, accusing Miss Palin of lacking sensibility with the tragedy… of the Jewish ‘victims’. Since those eunuch children, the real victims, never existed, as all information in this trade is now censored. The enslavers, the victims of an action-reaction process of greed and murder, are the innocent victims; and their sensibility is so pure that while none of them has ever complained about and certainly today knows nothing of this censored trade, they all ‘suffer’ just to hear the mention of ‘the blood libel’.

But this newspeak is even more damaging to the lower castes of the dynastic bankers of capitalism, always abandoned by them to their tragic end, becoming the scapegoats that died in the holocaust cycle; while bankers never die. Since of course, in those trades as in all the holocausts the banker/enslaver – in this case Simon – was never found. One survivor arrived back to Marseilles, explained the tragedy and since Simon was missing they just killed whoever they found in the ghettoes. So the 90-99% of this culture who has nothing to do with finances and are the Saint Innocents of their banker-priests would do much better if they hear their ‘real prophets’, Moses and Jesus and Marx, who warned them against the priest-bankers of profits. Because only those who believed in the past cycles in their prophets of social love and humanism survived. Only those who obeyed Moses laws in the myth of the ghenna survived and the worshipers of the golden calf died. Only those who followed christ survived as the Romans understood there were different cultures/religions and spared them, making only the possession of the Talmud death penalty; and only those who joined the Marxist r=evolution Russia survived Hitler and are now the Khazars of Israel.  


Update. 2 years after writing the first version of this blog some names have changed BUT all are still Jewish. Mr. Carney, for example has moved on… from Canada to Great Britain to direct the exchequer, something Mr. Rothschild in his newspaper, the ‘economist’ quotes as a proof of the ‘freedom’ of our system that can bring ‘foreigners’ LOL.

Miss Merkel, Cameron and Sarkozy might go from the top of the European nations that matter – all Jewish – but their replacement will be the Millibrand brothers, Hollande and Moscovici and Steinbrook, all Jewish (-:

Bernanke will go and we know a ‘first woman’ will direct the Fed, also a Jewish. But alas, since Talmud’s bigotry tells us that ‘gentiles, pigs, dogs and women are born of the leg of Satan’, not to be trusted, just in case, they put below/above as VP Mr. Fisher, one of the top dogs, hem this one NOT born of the leg of Satan but sucking on the tits of the Financial Industry for decades:

He was the old director of the FMI who masterminded the boom and bust crisis of Asia in the 90s, cutting all credit and sinking Thailand and Korea, precisely when there was a run on their banks provoking a long recession, and new, fresh usury slaves for the bank. He was then teacher of luminaries such as Mr. Draghi, ex-VP of Goldman Sachs, now running the ECB.

He was then the Central Banker for Israel, and the first measure he took was to download half of its portfolio of US Treasuries. And now as a reward, he is the dark horse of the FED, its V.P.

He is the man that will crash the Eurodollar along Mr. Trump, when both bust the balls of the Chinese, who will sell their treasuries, along all his cronies, together, moving ‘en masse’ to Australia, delisting the top stocks of silicon valley, leaving their poor behind.

So the question of who rules America, and the western world is solved: the Jewish (financial-media)-protestant (industrial-military) go(l)d culture, whereas contrary to belief the Jewish is the dominant head of information, hence the people who ‘own’, the whole FMMI system, and the protestants, the working managers, who obey and worship its informative memes (biblical religion, evilwood messages of racist profiling against all other cultures, Islamophobia and global war, defence of israel, etc.)

But and this is key, when we consider the other information systems of mankind, evilwood, and internet and robotic companies it is completely owned by the same  culture in an astounding monopoly based in the fact that banks and financiers wait for someone to make a company and then buy it, and have been doing that in America for 1 and 1/2 centuries. So plainly speaking the future is created in monopoly by a single culture, and to know what this culture thinks of mankind and how it will treat mankind is definitely necessary to do history as a science.

And then is when you have to shiver. Because they think mankind is evil and wants to destroy them (holocaust industry) and so they have a perfect hate-meme-against mankind that justifies all what we have explained till now: the destruction of labor and life with white collar pcs and blue collar robots for the 1% (of which in America they are the 54%) so we need to understand the memes of Judaism, the holocaust industry, victimism, hate to mankind, systemic debasing of humanity in evilwood, apartheid israel, and every thing related because they are designed a non-future for mankind and obviously for themselves, because they are human, but so much destroyed mentally at cultural level for 3000 years of gold worship that they really think they can kill their body, as a crazy person would think killing at distance as Talmud proclaims is not ‘sin’ with money through poverty, war for profits , debt usury and anoxia and unemployment…

All my youth as a mazerim ‘you’ but socialist and humanist, studying in Columbia U. i tried to convince them to drop this absurd no-future meme of hate-victimism and fight for a sustainable world. Now i have no doubt that unless the financial industry is nationalised and the solutions of bio-history imposed, Judaism will murder at distance its own species and provoke a final self-suicide…

So, we must bring a concept which is the key to understand rationally the sick world we live in: the madness of a superorganism, whose brain is colonized by a different informative genetic/memetic language, whose inverse values the mad organism will obey, of which nature is full of examples: when a cell is infected by a virus, the virus substitutes its genetic language, and the crazy head of the cell will reproduce more lethal viruses, which once completed will be put together into a living system that will kill the cell – as we humans infected by greed choose warfare of higher profits over welfare and keep reproducing weapons and lethal hate media machines instead of life goods we need to survive.

But this control of ‘the city and Wall Street’ would NEVER BE POSSIBLE without a parallel control with the SAME informative metal-machines of the INDUSTRY of mass-media information, So FIRST cananeans simplified all languages into alphabets, which turned out be very positive, to allow better trade. Then one Fuss and one guten-berg, invented the press, also positive, but soon it was used to create the first massive wave of hate memes against social love and charity, the two MEMES THAT ALLOW THE creation of human super organisms of history with Luther and Calvin. So they converted to neo-judaism the Christians of Northern Europe establishing the Biblical-capitalist culture origin of the modern world: IT WAS THE BEGINNING OF THE FMASTERS, on top of money and hate memes, printed with the same informative machines:

3 million ‘Hebrew’ bibles were printed for free by sephardim athias and sent to England establishing the reformation. the glorious revolution took them to the city in 1688 from Amsterdam and new amsterdam=New York received them from Pernambuco and Holland. NEXT they would control American radio – German radio would become military and so the nazis controlled it. And then tv and now internet are overwhelmingly owned by the owners of Wall Street and evil wood which rules and manufactures the timelife through salaries and audiovisual memes of U$ and from there the whole planet.

So the Financial-media masters of informative machines came to become the present ‘head of the metal-earth’, and the true OWNERS of the future of the world they creditate with credit ONLY FOR MACHINES, because their segregational cult(ure) against humans -today disguised of victimism, makes us ‘expendable’.

Alas, the carriers of the belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycle in its informative money-reproduction of weapons and hate-memes element are  also the carriers of the hate memes against Islam that started III world war in apartheid Israel (Semite wars) and the owners of the industry of terminators, (60% Israel, rest mostly US, ‘you’ owned General Atomics, inventor of the first drone, Israel, dominant land terminator, guardium, industry of robotized walls, etc)

As such the action-reaction processes of the Universe implies that at the end of all the 800-80 years cycles of ‘belli Nervi pecunia infinita’, the industrialist of wars die also in the final gottendamerung – the holocaust cycle.

And this is an absolute taboo, because it affects mostly the lower classes of peddlers and hate-meme ‘pissing ants’, of the culture. While the elite gathers the huge profits of the belli Nervi cycle and moves to another nation, abandoning the ‘blind body of its super organism’ to the cholera of the death-squadrons on the lands they ruined.

So in the last year of II world war, when the nazis realized carpet bombing was massacring their civil population, they finally decided to gear up the ovens (most victims of the nazi holocaust happened at the end f the war); and at the end of the crusades, which the radhanite traders in eunuch young slavers and frank weapons masterminded in its industrial, transport industries, pogroms exploded all over Europe; so happened in Ukraine where their slave trade with ‘slavs’ (they gave their name) provoked a millenarian antisemitism, so happened in the old Mesopotamian world in the taifas of Spain, in the principates of Germany…

So for good measure above we show, the modern 80 years cycle we show the 2 phases of pecunia infinita, the profits of the consumption peaceful age, the crash of markets, the switch on to hate memes and weapons production, first directed against the ‘primitives’ and then again the european and american people, till all is dead, all is hate, all is weapons, all is murder and at the end THERE WILL be the final in crescendo gottendamerung=Holocaust of the memes of Judaism.

And so the only solution is the extinction of the memes of hate against mankind and profits of war that have been the core belief of the go(l)d fetish religion, its upper people caste of the treasure. But this does not seem to happen, so as they do NOT make a french r=evolution against its elites of racist rabbis and murderous bankers, the cycles will happen again and the carriers of the memes of judaism will be not be spared of the present Semite wars, which of course now are still favouring pecunia infinita, as the power of metal-communicators has grown so much that people DO believe massively in the west, they are victims, mankind is evil, the primitives are the only ones to blame and we must murder them all… After we do so though terminator robots, vigilante cameras and police and armies will keep reproducing and as in the I world war will have to be used in industrial war. And as we also get massacred, finally the gottendamerung will blow up the people of the treasure, again.

The memes of the go(l)d cult(ure): Judaism>Capitalism>AI

On the other hand, memes evolve beyond the carriers, as they have their ‘own life’, in the same way we can reprogram a computer and erase its original ‘memes’, and vice versa, carry the memes of a program to other ‘model’ of computer; even other type of machine (as it happened with the initial program of ‘punched cards’ used in Jackard waving machines, then in cash registers and finally in computers): information and its properties in any system allow this variability, reason why the memes of Judaism as the go(l)d culture that embodies since its inception the Informative software of the Financial-media system has evolved in 3 ages, from the Biblical age of go(l)d religions, which IS what today we call Judaism, which expanded into Northern European cult(ure)s with the reformation, to the capitalist age of classic economics, to the 3rd present age of Algorithms of Information (AI software of economics), and as such the memes of Judaism, void of any ‘human content’ as a pure religion of profit are now ran mostly with AI hardware.

And in parallel to it, whoever accepted the determinism of the ‘bellus nervi pecunia infinita’ cycle, would develop and idol-ogy called nationalistic or religious in which it will ‘segregate’ from other humans, whom it will price, sell weapons to, enslave for gold, and fear as in the action-reaction processes, warrior tribes would come to loot, kill and steal the wealth of the ‘traders’.

In the graph, Judaism is the fundamental meme origin of capitalism: First as a go(l)d cult(ure), who ruled the finances of the old fertile crescent, as bankers of court – the elite of its society ruled by banker-priests, not warriors. Their social structure was clear. The informative class were the so called ‘People of the treasure’ – ill translated as chosen people since am segullah means ‘people’ and ‘treasure’. As they acted as Treasure secretaries of courts. Their common people were pedlars, specialised in military transport with mules, exchanging gold for slaves and weapons. So they were called ‘jabiru’: those who walk behind the asses, to bring gold exvotes to the temples. Where the banker priests would have ‘golden sacra sanctorum’ used as bank deposits.

And so the fetish religion of go(l)d gave birth to the fundamental cycle of animetal history: ‘nervus belli pecunia infinita’.

And in turn obviously as weapons killed human bodies in growing numbers, it came into being a fundamental fight between the memes of Judaism, a go(l)d religion whose ‘sacred contact with fetish go(l)d was maximised’ by accumulation of money through the trade in war, and the segregational hate memes to mankind that foster it, and the memes of mankind, an organism evolving into a global social single species, pegged through the power of love religions.

The result of this fight between Mankind killed by the bellus nervi pecunia infinita cycle which embedded the maximal ‘good’ in terms of go(l)d values=prices, the subconscious FUNDAMENTAL meme of Judaism as a gold religion, and Judaism killed by mankind in its actions of defence against the carriers of the memes of ‘bellus nervi’, IS the holocaust cycle.

Causal chain and core memes of Judaism: Go(l)d worship->ab=use of ‘human capital’->Segregational memes->holocaust cycle.

Now, it is all quite simple, when we apply the laws of memetics and understand the purpose of the core memes of Judaism, as all systems of cultural memes belong either to the construction of the super organism of mankind, or the super organism of the metal-earth, since we humans are inscribed in the larger Planet and its 3 ages of evolution:

Gaia (life earth) < History (Human Earth) > Metalearth (FMMI system).

So the oldest animetal cultures code through its memes the construction of the metal-earth, and those memes are basically two inverse memes of the paradox of history:

Massive racist Segregational memes against mankind <—> ab=used with weapons (warrior memes), money (go(l)d memes)

Or in the modern time machines that substitute us and atrophy our organs.

As Judaism IS the oldest surviving animetal cult(ure), it plugs in fully on the oldest of all those symbiotic ‘group of memes’, those of the eternal alliance between warriors and those who reproduce sell and profit from the reproduction of weapons: the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle.

So when we read the key books on the ‘Jewish question’ by humanist historians, Sombart’s ‘Judaism and the birth of capitalism’, the best work on the modern relationship between Judaism’s memes and capitalism, his disciple Webber, ‘capitalism and the ethics of protestantism’ (on the similar isomorphism between biblical memes and the birth of capitalism), Abraham Leon (a socialist Jewish scholar killed in the Holocaust), ‘the jewish question’ (best work on the old age of Judaism as a people-caste specialised in banking, war trade and slavery, financial elite of old Mesopotamic and Middle age kingdoms) and finally the much maligned, but a true historic document ‘the international jew’ of Mr. Ford, the calvinist ‘owner’ of America which was at the center of the change of American elite AT THE BEGINNING of the age of informative metal-minds when German-American Judaism took over Wall street and hollywood, and from there came to control as Mr. Ford explains ‘first hand’, the entire Financial-Media/military-Industrial System of America, till today…

All those books of course today are out of print, or censored, or labelled by the financial-media system of manufacturing of western brains as anti-$emite, the knee-jerk meme imprinted in the subconscious collective of mankind that considers the victims of Judaism, which die as everybody else in the war cycle of pecunia infinita belli nervi… as SPECIAL chosen of go(l)d victims that deserve our special sorrow, unlike the rest of anonymous millions of victims of the war cycle, their elite people cause along the warrior symbiotic animetals that profit from the cycle (but come against each other when all is destroyed, as metal does NOT distinguish among the rival human species by tribe or profession).

 Memetic, software proof:

But as this is a subconscious cycle, the memes of Judaism do NOT require to understand the values of go(l)d, only its power to bring money and so they are embedded in the essential mandates of the religion resumed in 2: go(l)d is the vehicle of god and so its accumulation in fetish objects, today in all forms of money THE PROOF OF successful salvation and intimate contact with God (as in Calvinism its closest daughter culture).

And obviously in the supremacist mandate of the Millenarian prophecy: ‘At the age of times all human tribes will be slave of Yhwh=Gold and the subconscious memes of judaism or will become exterminated’ (Talmud, Sanhedrin).

And so every meme of Judaism portraits Mankind as eviL, inferior, in constant fight with judaism, with increasing sophistication, from the earlier ‘memes of talmud’, where humans are portrayed as an inferior species, still carried by Orthodox Judaism, increasingly the dominant force of Israel, as the quote below of the founding father of its dominant party shows to the post-war sophisticated memes of Judaism (where the hate to mankind is deviated into victimism, ‘we are the victims of mankind’ and antisemitism ‘mankind is evil because it hate us’), to the modern systematic opposition to the social evolution of mankind of Israel and its puppet state, U$ where its control of the financial-media system of informative machines and its manufacturing of the brain of Americans is so absolute as it could be that of Russians by Stalin but by more subtle methods. So today Israel & the puppet are opposed directly to:

-The Human Social organisation that embodies human social evolution, UNO. Just as we speak both abandon UNESCO, the cultural organisation that embodies in its purest sense the memes of Humanism and its bid for a global culture based in life.

-The most extended religion of mankind, Islam, which represents 1/4th of its population, which for 50 years has been the enemy of apartheid Israel and its puppet state.

The most social, successful organic culture of mankind, China, which represents 1/5th of its people and against whom Trumpuppet is trying to provoke a global war of predictable, extinctive consequences. 

-The rival culture that tries to revive a humanist future based in diplomacy and the suppression of the ‘pecunia infinita nervus belli’ cycle, to liberate money for the welfare of its people the European Union, which is at times labelled as anti-Semite, always remembered as the perpetrator of past Holocaust Cycles, watched closely for any revivalism of such ‘heinous tendencies’, always attacked with financial power, which repeteadly tried to destroy its currency, the Euro to make its project founder, and finally has been conquered through the ECB assault on the right of his nations to print money for welfare and the lobbyist groups of Brussels, which finally have converted EU in a copycat structure of the U$ puppet.

Now on the side of Humanity, the clear reason why it kills judaism – to protect itself from the go(l)d memes of the bellus nervi pecunia infinita processes of debt slavery, usury theft, war making etc. – IS ALSO OBVIOUS, if we consider the 3 humanist top prophets of judaism that tried to save the carriers of its memes by the far better, more sophisticated system of CURING THE VIRAL INFECTION OF THOSE MEMES, THROUGH ITS SUBSTITUTION OF LOVE MEMES and fought the antihuman anti prophets of judaism, Mr. Moses vs. Aaron, Mr. Jesus vs. Caifas, Mr. Marx Vs. Herzl; and affirmed that if they converted to love memes of mankind they would survive for ever.

And indeed, they did. So when the Romans under the memetic warnings of Cicero, murdered 1/3rd of judaism, they spared Christians, as they found no threat on its memes. And in the legend Moses spared those who did not follow the Golden calf (but unfortunately failed to ‘cut the head of the Hydra’, and left Aaron to reinstate the memes abandoning the fight going to the mountain) and finally those who followed Marx survived in Communist Russia the Nazi holocaust, and were again spared by Russians as it was understood they had abandoned their viral religion, following the dictum of Marx, ‘the solution to the Jewish question – the holocaust cycle, will come when they abandon their worldly religion, money’.

The repetition of both the solutions to the cycle by Humanist prophets of ‘Haskalah’ – the road less walked – and the systemic denial of those solutions, taking instead the ‘Path of Jericho’, Halakah pecunia infinita and war, ended in Holocaust, which comes ALWAYS AT THE END OF THE WAR CYCLE, not at the beginning, showing the obvious causality of profits of war, destruction of nations and final gottendamerung, is indeed very old. 

So the bottom line is this, Judaism, the Cananean culture of trade in the knot of 3 continents, specialised in metal-information, hence in the reproduction and evolution of go(l)d, money, informative metal to ‘buy’ and ‘price’ with the digital syntax of money, Man=price=Object, which enslaves mankind, and achieved maximal profits in wars, as weapons and gold were fully symbiotic (70% of gold was used in war before the Industrial r=evolution). And as a consequence, IT CREATED an astoundingly complex (due to the long time inertia that makes systems ever more complex) camouflage of segregational memes and racist memes against the humankind, they priced and killed ‘at distance’ through the profits of war, to DENY the eviL=anti-live nature of the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle.

And to that aim, they chose themselves as a superior, different race, called the human race ‘goyyim’, animals, enslaved it and for 3000 years developed ever more sophisticated systems of memetic hate against mankind, self-disguise as a victim of mankind, or a superior ethic species, with an astounding ‘double talk’, signified in its sacred books, the babylonian Talmud (for centuries forbidding its translation under death penalty, not to reveal this double talk), so the cycle could be continued.

But what TRULY matters today of this cycle is the fact that JUDAISM has won the battle of History. Today all humans believe in the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle, believe Judaism is the victim of history=mankind, not the other way around. Believe they are the superior cult(ure), specially in the dominant animetal cultures (Germany, UK, US, and of course Israel), and all the enemies of their culture are labelled as the most heinous brutal people, and of course posts like this one are absolute taboo.

So the question for the objective Historian is this: if the culture that is obsessed with profits, father of capitalism and its modern digital memes, which has triggered through weapons profits most of the war cycles of history including the present one has won history, does this means History will suffer a global holocaust? Is the end of history, our demise as a species by the Metalearth as deterministic and fundamentalist as Judaism and its holocaust cycle is?

Antiquantum paradox: censorship of the cycle.

Now, any objective analysis of the cycle is forbidden because in that eternal battle of animetal cultures for the control of history with entropic metal weapons (the military-industrial complex) vs. informative money and machines that print information (the financial-media masters), after world war, the Americans whose financial media system (wall street and hollywood) is controlled by corporations owned by the memes of judaism (either in its biblical protestant version or its original talmudic one), as we all know Americans won the war. And so the head of its metal-earth super organism, the Financial-media (head of informative machines)/Military-industrial system (energetic, entropic machines), RULES the nation that RULES the world – never mind the placebo polling of $elected politicos, masterminded by media, whose real job is to sell weapons in splendid little wars and laws to the dominant corporations (see posts on placebo democracies and its necessary reform to make them similar to physiological nervous networks, and greek democracies where the vote is A POSTERIORI, so it is a pain message that obliges the brain-cells, the greek politicians to full fill the promises and serve the people or else they could be exiled, executed, sent a wave of pain).

This does not happen so ‘presidents are $elected not elected’ (Roosevelt) and the $election comes from those who ‘own the head’ of the FMMI system (ab. financial-media/military industrial system), which manufacture the idol-ogies of the brain through ‘nervous/simultaneous imprinting of all believers’ with memetic waves (Goebbels’ method: if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it), today through infotainment (‘I have asked UFA to make only patriotic and entertaining films, people will love it and ask nothing else’ Goebbels, father of modern mass-media communication systems of mind imprinting, and first minister of information in history, then called ‘ministry of propaganda’ before orwellian newspeaks changed even the language we use to explain the program).

So yes, in such a milieu the ‘ego paradox’ at tribal level implies that ‘if you want to know who rules find who you cannot criticize’ (Voltaire), and this politicos know in US (in fact Trump’s son recently quoted voltaire).

This means today the BIGGEST taboo on history, scholarship, mass-media, politicians, etc. you name it is TO explain how the financial-media system and its memes rule the world through their monopoly on the reproduction of money and information. This is called ‘anti$emitism’ and as it belongs to ‘idol-ogical arguments’ NOT to the facts of history, which is the ‘substance’ of the pecunia infinita bellus nervi cycle, we shall divide in two our analysis. On one hand the ‘superstructure’ of manufactured information that makes an absolute taboo criticism of the Financial-Media system and its owners, and by the same token, makes a ‘must’ the systemic debasing of the rival warrior arab culture in its conflict in the semite wars, called ‘terror culture’ (islamophobia) in very direct or more subtle ways.


The anti-quantum paradox of the holocaust cycle.

Who censors the cycle is then obvious: the elite of judaism, which given the fact they control only 1/2 of the languages of metal-power, money, but not weapons, at least till the final stages of History, suffer a recurrent struggle for social power with the military castes, mostly arab and german, in different ages of History, which envelops the world in an age of wars and holocausts.

So the memes of judaism>go(l)d religions>capitalism, and the memes of militarism>weapons, confront each other at the end of the 800-80 year cycles of overproduction of metal, when metal languages of power are overwhelming due to its abundance in the ruling of societies. And finally, the ‘memes’ of judaism are destroyed, in the middle of an age of economic crisis and war for profits.

The existence of the cycle…

from a historic, scientific pov – the only objective analysis allowed in a serious model of scientific history is undeniable-

The historic occurrence latter studied in detail is UNDENIABLE with at least 13 clear happenings ALWAYS at the end of each the 800-80 years cycle of overproduction of weapons and inflationary money (‘bellum ipse aleat’, ‘nervus belli pecunia infinita’), in the zenith of the overproduction crisis, when the two fundamental western ‘animetal cult(ure)s’ and its people-castes dedicated to pursuit the reproduction and evolution of weapons and money, become also victims of its values (violence, murder; greed, slavery).

The cause therefore is obvious, in MEMETIC HISTORY, where genetic populations matter nothing to the causation of history, ALWAYS PROGRAMMED BY WAVE-MEMES (CULTURES). And it was so evident even to the ancients, that Cicero, the legal master of Rome, author of ‘res publica’ (from where republic comes) already explained it, in its economic causes, forecasted one of its most famous happenings (the Roman Holocaust), if the financial head of Judaism did not change his behaviour (accumulating the gold of the empire in its banks/temples, and exporting it to Jerusalem, causing a clear monetary crisis in the Empire), and coined the sentence ‘nervus belli pecunia infinita’ which explained the cycle:

One would think that after that collective tragedy of II world wars and a holocaust for 100 million victims, they would give up on ‘pecunia infinita Bellum nervi’ and would stop the cycle of hate memes… misinformation about the cycle, victimism and blaming it all in heinous mankind. Not so, we are AGAIN in a copycat process to that of the I colonial wars, when arabs and negros were labelled as primitive people who did not deserve to live and were systematically massacred till some got so cuckoo that dared to counter-attack us.


Those are the causal, biological, proved processes of the holocaust cycle, now in the ‘judaism seems to be winning’ upwards phase of colonial wars, copycat of the I cycle, where the new indians, negroes and heinous people are Muslims, which after a century of systemic degradation, like the primitive negroes that reverted into brutal cannibalism at the end of the slave cycle, have become cuckoo genocider jihadists of their own. So it all seems very logic – jihadists are indeed genociders, but we repeat, we have degraded Islamic nations for decades, murdered all their democratic leaders, paid their jihadists and dictators, to the aim of getting new fresh enemies that look bad enough so we believe, we are all innocent. Deja vu:

This is where we are. The JIHADIST just massacred my people, here in Barcelona, and this blog is censored to zero views, the solutions are no where to be seen, and so i am not in the humour to hide the cycle as it is. Rest ensured that when ‘you memes’ finally massacre us all ‘again’, destroy our humanist culture ‘again’ with the help of its warrior mercenary germ-anic US hordes and the cuckoo semite jihadist, brothers in memetic hate, ‘you’ shall not be spared ‘again’. And yet all what they come up as a solution is to shout ‘anti$emite’, we are the chosen people, the chosen victim, the chosen whatever and censor the truth as they have always done to ensure all it is repeated again. So the big question the cycle answer is: humans are programmed to commit self-suicide? I have been denying it for decades trying to explain the cycles of history and economics, but only got ad hominem censorship and silence. So yes, the cycles are happening again.

I.e. It does NOT matter how many theories of pro-semitism are uttered in Palestine. Fact is this people are thrown by the segregational memes of judaism into a concentration camp called in orwellian newspeak occupied territories for 50 years, fact is they belong to a super organism called Islam, a 2 billion people nation, and so as the humanist solution – a single state with equal rights and non segregational judaism as the law of the land – is not implemented; the natural overproduction of digital weapons, robots and nuclear weapons will make a deterministic finale, the holocaust of tel-aviv as weapons will keep lowering costs, reproducing further and finally the hate memes between arabs and israelies – the two civilisation at conflict in the semite wars will complete the cycle, now in the side of Judaism, with the global war masterminded by financial-media masters against ‘terror’.

Even the present North-Korean conflict is related to this dominant war, as Korea had for decades shared nuclear information with arab countries…

So the global ‘conflict between the dominant metal-earth culture and the last of the primitive warrior cultures of the pre-industrial age is today the engine of the bellus nervi pecunia infinita cycle.

A simplex sample on the degree of me(n)tal degeneration the present state of ‘(na)zion(al)ism’ has reached in its ‘height’ of power at the top of the cycle, when Judaism through its control of the hate  memes->pecunia infinita -> belli nervi, should suffice, considering the two sides of ‘human memes’ – those of animetal cult(ure)s and its elites in power (in this case the ‘view’ of the dominant party of Israel, Likkud, as expressed by his founding father), and those HUMANS who regardless of cult(ural) birth CAN understand the unity of all human beings, natural to the social memes of the organic Universe:

Never an animetal culture has expressed so clearly its war against the Organism of Mankind.

For good measure we can bring the letter of the 3 top masters of XX century human languages, mathematical physics (Einstein), musical thought (Schoenberg of dodecaphonic merit) and linguistics (Zelig, the teacher of Chomsky and true discoverer of genetic linguistics), who on view of those kind of beliefs, denounced earlier in its history what they called the nazi party of Israel (Likkud); so we understand fully that a person regardless on how he identifies itself does not belong to a memetic culture if it does not belief its ‘core memes’ and/or practice its ‘organic function’ within the humanist or animetal super organism of History, where those memes ‘express its organic purpose’:

The letter worth to read is signed by a small group of intellectuals, leaders in the understanding of the human mind – only a member though of the animetal elite, Rabbi Cardozo of the older, more humane sephardim strain… shows the ‘road less walked’ of Judaism, that of haskalah (enlightenment), which could have broken the cycle of self-extinction of Judaism and its human carriers. Unfortuantely as in all pecunia infinita cycles, Judaism has chosen the path more walked, that of Halakah, the supremacist, racist segregational memes that permit its carriers to massacre first mankind with pecunia infinita, and then receive the final shots of belli nervi. And so we are now in the age of hate memes and III world war, the ‘semite wars’…

All other actors on that war are basically manufactured western people, corrupted politicos, clueless believers in Islam, Judaism, capitalism, placebo democracy Internet Matrix and the TV – as irrelevant as the blind cells of a body.

In that sense this theme is broken in two elements as it is dual – the informative battle for ideas is treated in the post on ‘anti$emitism’. This post is more focused on the facts. Both are complementary with the posts on the ‘III world war: the semite wars’; all are based in my books on the subject, ‘the holocaust cycle’ never printed – 173 publisher rejections, and ‘III world war: the cycles of history and economics’, printed decades ago in Spain. AND OF COURSE, as I AM NOT CHEATING FOR LARGER AUDIENCES on the laws of bio-history and memetics, ever since bio-history and its scientific laws have been repressed in America, and by extension in the western world.


Yes, you will subconsciously be happier not knowing your Cassandra future, by having destroyed your choice between happiness and extinction as a young, childish self-centred subjective staple food of the Universe vs. truth and survival as an objective mature, aware individual able to handle and manipulate in its favor the laws of the Universe.

And that is the ultimate meaning of the ‘holocaust industry’ that denies the causality of the economical cycle of the holocaust: to ensure that people will be happy and then die fast in the catastrophic fast moment of death that completes any war and holocaust animetal memetic cycle, now again fast approaching its tilting point, which will happen either in Israel or America, today mimetic to Germany in the past cycle – the exact date and person who will implement this final cycle, already explained 30 years in our first books of bio-history matters less than the determinism of memetics when NO reason is established to reform it:

As usual my apologies for the disordered repetitive methods of this blog, made of 30 years of silenced research in bio-history, which I cut and paste onto those articles, given my tiredness about the law of silence imposed in the objective science of mankind in time, aka history by animetal cultures of ALL PLACES. INDEED, while the American FMASTERS might have been specially harsh with bio-history I hold no illusion about the understanding of any ‘human nazi-onanist’ memetic idol-ogical ‘scholar’ with its think tanks and powerpoint nice presentations about his capacity to understand objectively the future of mankind, as 30 years of warnings against the present age of those cycles have made me very cynical and sceptical about the capacity of our ‘children of thought’ and ‘seflie individuals’ to realise they are part of a sick global super organism and unless they take seriously the reform of its physiological economic=blood and informative=legal political systems they won’t survive.

As if they care, ‘don’t worry be happy and die like an idiot’ – that is the motto of mankind and all its memetic idol-ogies today.  Good luck

(Disclosure i do have ancestors with memes of judaism, something totally irrelevant to my human memetic, scientific analysis of history and its cultures, but which might explain my earlier interest in this culture, and my belief during a time of my life that bio-history could solve the paradox of History and the Holocaust cycle by converting its carriers, to the memes of Humanism.

Since the Holocaust cycle has only a solution – the cure of the me(n)tal infection of its carriers and its substitution by humanist memes, but the opposite has happened, mankind has converted to the memes of Judaism in its modern version, Capitalism, and now it is converting AI through company-mothers of machines’ software of productivity and automation to those memes, which seals the fate of mankind that should in due time suffer the same Holocaust Cycle in ALL its global organism. Hence the importance of the cycle and the proper understanding of those memes.)

In the graph, it is quite evident that the terminators of the future, and the future military coup d’etat or civil disorders, when America the American weimar reaches its paroxysm of poverty, with the FMasters on top abandoning their ‘scapegoats’ to the Australian Golden Coast will bring the 13 holocaust cycle of usury debt, poverty, ruin of nations and military revenge, which is the trade mark of all the holocausts of history at the end of the 800-80 years cycle of massive investment in weapons for profits, brutalisation and poverty.

Yet as they say in ‘spanish’, there is no bigger blind, that those who don’t want to see. And the elite of Judaism certainly practices ever absolute denial, first with religious memes of go(l)d ex-vote mandates, then with ‘expertise’ in capitalism as a ‘science’ of profits for the 1%, which cannot be discussed, and of course, the usual mantras about the heinous human capital species, who should worship them. And no amount of ‘Jewish wor(l)d masters admonitions against the banker-kings of israel has ever in history changed the complete indifference of the elite to the destiny of the 99% of mankind and the lower castes of its society. A few quotes should suffice: 

‘You cannot serve 2 gods, the world and gold’  Iesu, Gospel, habiru prophet

‘The jewish will suffer all their life for their love of money’ Moses Damnation

‘The solution of the jewish question will come when they abandon their worldly profession: money’ Marx Damnation.

‘I didn’t see any banker in that truck’ Lluis Soto, habiru grand-father, on his way to a concentration camp, explaining me why the people-caste of levi banker priests of Israel couldn’t care less about the holocaust cycle of his poor lower castes of peddlers and jabiru traders, scapegoats of the cycle; as germ(anic) aristocrats couldn’t care less for the death of its foot soldiers: the elite people-castes of their animetal civilisations never die in wars and holocausts. They just rip the profits and mourn the corpses.

That is the cycle and all the causal actions of the present age show the repetition on the making, but for it to happen as in all the previous cycles we must still go through a massive age of warfare and massacre of the 99%, which – and this is of course part of the amazing complexity of the denial – is NOT evil and only does the carnage at the very end of the process. Of course, when on top Judaism cannot even understand that entropic death is a sudden catastrophic event and with its material realism and absurd concept of lineal time and manifest destiny cannot even imagine, things can turn upside down. So it just shuts down all the prophets of the wor(l)d that tries to prevent both the war suffering and poverty of the human 99% and the final gottendamerung. 

The new political element.

Now, WE said Judaism has never had much interest in the destiny of the ‘segregated’ human capital and mankind at large, beyond some humongous topic scholar that today passes as great science, dedicated to victimise and accuse the human species, for the action-reaction processes of the Newtonian Universe, as if the fundamental laws of the Cosmos, could be changed with a few words. But this has changed for the last century with the apparition of the new animetal nationalist=nazionanist=(na)zion(an)ist movement, which has converted the soliton cult(ure) of go(l)d to the memes of warriors and weapons, with enormous ‘technological success’. And for that reason we need to change slightly the historic zero NO-interest of judaism for the world of mankind, judged only as detached Human capital, to relate only through money (and as such always portrayed in negative derogatory terms, but without any other intention but exploiting individually the human capital ‘for fetish money’.

TODAY there is also a nation dedicated to return to the bronze age cult, called apartheid Israel which has become the sacred goal, and made judaism for the first time to be interested in politics. And this has been the defining event of the past 1/2 of a century, since the 70s ‘silent coup d’etat’ of the Financial-Media Masters gave them a rather absolute control of Potus puppets:

So today we can indeed consider there is specially in America a huge interest in controlling political thought to foster the ‘expansion of grand israel, and so the enormous financial-media muscle (same informative machines print money and information, hence evilwood and wall street belongs to the same people) of this soliton culture of finances on top of the pyramid of capitalism has made them de facto rule the world with a ‘single goal’, called Islamophobia, as the enemy of the biblical mandate of grand israel.

And this needs an even larger organic view of history, since the multilateral processes of ‘organisms’ are now at work, backwards in time, as mankind devolves together into the neopaleolithic age:

The enormous importance of the cycle for the future of mankind.

The historian though occupied with the future of humanity – not the destiny of a tiny 0.2% – cannot simply dismiss as irrelevant the cycle among many other tragedies o history because of the dominant position of judaism in the structure of capitalism and ownership of corporations, which they invented – so in time first to come first served. Even though part of the strategy of denial of the holocaust cycle is to deny such power, fact is over 80% of owners of information industries (both audiovisual and financial) in the west belong to the elite of judaism; so the actions of this tiny minority in control of the time and work of billions of people and the manufacturing of our collective brain, are far more important than their numbers indicate. And so their ‘attitude’ of denial of ‘pecunia infinita, nervus belli’ is tracing a path of collective self-suicide NOT only for their culture but for mankind at large. As the paranoia against mankind, the ‘perpetrator’, has now become global through the ‘controlled’ mind of U$ that obeys blindly its informative memes.

So while BIOHISTORY would have done much better without this section, given the fact that the informative elite of judaism manufactures the brain of mankind, only if they had accepted truth, the causes of the cycle and instead of denying and hence reinforcing the cycle, had reformed the system, humanity would have a future. 

This is what I tried to convince them to do when living in NY, studying in Columbia and latter working in wall street and hollywood. Israel could have entered EU, accepted humanism, in a civil society, given the palestinians rights integrated within EU, letting Brussels impose civil rights on their ‘fundamentalist die-hard black hats’, and join the human community in the pursuit of a future for our sons. But that meant not to eat the cake of war profits, deny the values of go(l)d over the wor(l)d, OBEY its ethic prophets, stop bull$hitting and take seriously life over matter.

It IS the fact that the present elite of mankind accepts subconsciously death for profits, puts metal above humanity with all kind of idol-ogies, what makes our extinction deterministic as theirs is. Indeed Judaism (NOT the jewish people) IS an aberration within the laws of Nature, as it denies their own species, mankind; segregates its believers so they can ‘price’ human capital (we study its origin and evolution in many articles about the birth of the memes of capitalism), and sacrifice their people to the values of greed and murder, proper of go(l)d and weapons. And yet, because those values are today globalised by their metal-communicators, it is NOW the entire humanity, which is in the process of sacrificing mankind to the idol-ogies of metal. And on top denying it does so.

How do i feel about all this, taking also into account I have the customary grand-father who suffered the cycle in a concentration camp? This personal ‘anecdote’ only mattered because it did allow me to mix with the American elite and propose the solutions to the cycle in my youth. I do not feel to belong to any culture ‘above’ mankind and the laws of the organic Universe. But of course it is unavoidable that according to those laws I feel a deep frustration about the elite of judaism, which I regard as the most harmful perpetrators of the ongoing holocaust of mankind, and a deep intellectual, rational and moral despise for the memes of judaism; which ultimately IS the cause of the cycle that so much harm has done both to their people and to mankind. So it is essential to first understand that CULTURES are not PEOPLE, that animetal cultures ENSLAVE PEOPLE to their memes, and individuals must choose between the eviL=antilive values of cult(ure)s and their own biological freedom as people, as human beings.

It is also unavoidable as this blog is often written as a stream of consciousness that my anger to those memes of judaism sometimes goes out of hand, because after all I am also a living being, and would have loved to preserve life till the seventh generation, as part of a responsible, caring humanity able to love herself more than a few silver coins, for which we shall sacrifice all our sons in a surrealist act of self-harm, at the same time we affirm this is the last thing on earth we want to do.

This is thus the subconscious cause of the cycle- with always the same ‘perpetrator’, the previous mercenary armies of the military-industrial complex directed by the Financial-Media system of each age, which changes sides when things get tough. And so to the question of who will be the next perpetrator; the answer is self-evident – NOT the cuckoo jihadist, lonely desperado ‘terrorists’ of Palestine or Jihad, which have zero power to confront the army of Israel or the power of the Financial-Media masters of the western world, but the ‘mercenary armies’ of American soldiers and Israeli terminators, as the century progresses and the brutal treatment of mankind by capitalism, which has rendered all humans obsolete to machines create the pre-conditions of ruin hunger war and poverty required for the ‘job to be done’:

The modern entropy memoriless age of mankind.

In that sense, as WE ENTER THE ENTROPIC AGE of the organism of mankind (in the graph the 3±1 ages of any organic cycle, which is BORN of a prophet with maximal information, and then decays slowly through life and ends in entropic death, in history in a war cycle), HUMANS become MEMORILESS, individual selfie, unconnected, so the ENTIRE HISTORY OF HISTORY CAN BE REWRITTEN, from the point of view of the victors of History, which have been hands on the memes of Judaism and Nationalism (germ-anic warriors, who invented the astounding lie that not all humans belong to the same species, hence not all humans must love each other but we belong to tribal species that must fight each other through war).

And yet as crystal clear as all this can be, it is a fact today that the explanation of the cycle is that of Judaism NOT of Humanism, that of the 0.2% of mankind, the hardcore carriers of Judaism, not that of the 99.8%, which believe indeed mankind is evil, Judaism its innocent victim that must be protected and the cycle can only be blamed in mankind. 

And anyone who tries to defend and explain the cycle from the human point of view, a heinous monstrous human who must be silenced as this web is – in fact increasingly a crime in many nations. What this tells us is simple:

The memes of Judaism and hence the memes of capitalism and hence the memes of the Metal-earth and the Financial-media system of information machines and the nervus belli pecunia infinita have WON the  confrontation and so, Animetal cultures now rule supreme History and hence Judaism in its modern version – AI software of capitalism, robotic terminators, splendid little wars, are about to KILL mankind which has always been the purpose of the hidden values of gold and its evolution and overproduction of weapons. Only in those terms, considering that mankind has lost all ‘ethic, organic structure’, and consists now in the unconnected cells of a dying body, we can understand how the memes of humanism no longer exist, the ‘memory of history’ has disappeared or being changed in its narrative, and hence AS THOSE ARE PROPERTIES OF an entropic, memoriless Markowian process of ‘heat’, we can only affirm that mankind is in its final heat state.

DOES this mean that Judaism will triumph? Yes, Does this mean that the carriers of Judaism will enter its go(l)d paradise. NO. Because  they forgot they are HUMAN FLESH and the memes are DIFFERENT from their biological human nature, and so the MEMES are migrating to metal machines, AI software, Programs of military robots which have as function to kill=hate human beings.

And so obviously as in all previous cycles, the final holocaust after mankind dies in the robotic wars, will be the masters of the terminator Industry (60% of military robots made in Israel and its multinational corporations).

In the graph the eusocial prophets of Semite cultures, and its warnings started with Genesis parable of the tree of science: Since those who eat of its eviL=antiLive fruits, Golden apples and weapons will die for ever… ‘Do not eat of the fruits of the tree of science because the day you do, you will die’…

In that regard, the humanist prophets of Judaism and its warning ‘the Jewish people/carriers will suffer all their history for their love of money’ (Moses damnation) ‘(only) those who believe in me will live forever’ (Jesus), ‘the solution to the Jewish question will happen when they abandon their worldly religion’ (Marx), and this ‘mazerim’ warnings (you can consider me in that sense the last of the eusocial prophets=scientists of history that can prophesize=analyze the cycles of history), ARE also going to happen on the negative. As Judaism has denied persistently that their carriers are also human not a different species, this falsehood will not hold, and they will be exterminated with all of us in the singularity events and III ages of world war III studied in detail in the bottom  left side of this blog.

All this HOWEVER and this is a fact that Judaism has NEVER understood is IRRELEVANT to the physical reality that follows its SUBCONSCIOUS CYCLES, regardless of the information the virtual reality of memetic cultures might impose upon them. The CYCLES ARE PHYSICAL, MATERIAL, ECONOMIC, METAL-CAUSED and so it doesn’t matter how many scholars and virtual screens tell us the cycle does NOT exist. At BEST information can retard but also make stronger the ‘explosion of the cycle’ in the entropic moment of collective death called war, acting as CORPSE’s makeup that has NEVER detained the process. Always in HISTORY after the pecunia infinita bellus nervi process of overproduction of hate memes and weapons have caused a massive war period, the ice in the cake of the monstrous massacre of life by metal-memes ended in a holocaust cycle of the reproducers of weapons, once all the perpetrators and ab=users of them (warrior hordes) have killed each other. At the end then they turn the weapons to those who manufacture, sell and profit from them. And of course then once so many corpses are scattered on the metal-earth denial, informative virtual victimism, blaming and deflecting of responsibilities on the cycle matters nothing.

Old organisms die in entropic, chaotic, brutal death age, after a memorial/memetic regression back to the infantile memories... as the no-future stops their evolution.

Now this must be understood fully as we illustrate it in the next map:

As history returns back through the age of entropy and death to the original youth of animetal cultures, as it happens with old men about to die that remember their youth with a ‘rossy’ view, afraid of the non-future ahead – in the human case the non-future of robotic wars, a.i. And obsolescence, humans are returning to the revivalism of old animetal cultures and religions, back to the $emite age.

AND SO we live in the semite wars, between two EQUAL ABERRANT non-humanist cultures, the ISIS Caliphate and its jihads which wants to revive a brutal age of Islamic jihad conquer, which murdered everyone who did not convert to Islam from the very beginning till when arriving to India, they realized they would have to slaughter millions, as those people were not ‘abrahamic’ and rightly so couldn’t make any sense of their primitive power-historic religion, having the proper buddhist culture of sustainable world which had upgraded, eliminating the animetal people-caste racism of ayrans the concept of its two inverse arrows of shiva=entropy vs. vishnu=information. So they were not converting, as latter Chinese wouldn’t make any sense of the lineal primitive concepts of time of the British embassy and turned them down. Then brits came with opium and canons and Muslims came with turks and caliphates.

But the concept of Talmud and orthodox judaism, now 1/3rd of the army, that a people-caste of go(l)d priests, barking orders in imperative verb-first syntactic sacred books to get gold ex-votes to the temple through metal-trade in weapons and chained slaves IS NOT BETTER – ONLY THE FMASTERS ARE CLEANING THEIR ACT with media power, holocaust industries which portrayed them as victims and islamophobia to stress all the negative slant of Islam. If anything ISLAM is more human since at least MHMD, made all humans equal, not as Talmud says: ‘women, gentile and dogs are born of the leg of satan, they are not human beings’ (indeed, adultery was considered a ‘bestialism’ sin in talmud).

But just in case you don’t get it, now we shall quote the founder of Likkud, the terrorist leader Mr. Begin, latter a Peace saint nobel prize of the dynamite.

In the graph, the goal of Likkud, is greater Israel, which means basically to add Jordania (Palestine), Lebanon and Syria, the nations systematically massacred in the Semite wars. Begin considers this his personal goal, and Likkud, ‘consolidation’, the party he founded in the 70s after the ‘coup d’etat’ against the American presidency of 1973 gave them total power over US (ousting the president for watergate peccadilloes to show that tvs could handle any president; ending gold standard an regulation, to invent without limit e-money, and transferring the enemy from Russia to ISLAM, in Yon Kippur), included for that reason, the party of ‘Greater Israel’.

Menahem, coming from a long line of prestigious rabbis from Brest-Litovsk is not cuckoo. It is quoting Talmud, where all humans are animals, born of the excrements of satan, only yous are ‘human’, and where as sanhedrin put it ‘at the end of times, all humans will be slaves of Yhwh, the subconscious collective of the you people or ‘will become exterminated’.

In the graph, as ugly as it gets, conservative, right wing ‘wealthiest’ judaism owns the west FM-system and has a hidden goal, a millenarian resurrection of a bronze age segregational empire, which IS the confessed goal of Likkud, the government de facto of the western world since the coup d’etat of 1973.

And this is the bottom line of the GLOBAL INVOLUTION OF MANKIND, end of the humanist 60s revolution, apartheid israel, palestinian massacres, expansion of the war to all Islam and the west, after the west liberally promoted a religious global involution, put dictators and cuckoo jihadists ayatollahs on top of Islam. And tried hard to END the euroamerican enlightened culture with his sustainable rational solutions.

And what will be the end of this? OBVIOUSLY AS WHEN THE MOST PRIMITIVE ANIMETAL CULTS, fundamentalist war and gold cultures are on top, the war and holocaust cycle.

So as usual the solution of all this is obvious: denationalisation of the financial-media western system from those people. End to the religious involution; and a global french revolution, ‘again’, as the cycles of history do repeat themselves.

This is WHAT ALL TRUE VERBAL=ETHIC prophets of judaism have preached. All were ignored, slaughter by the banker priests and sheeple of judaism taken them to the path of go(l)d fetish ab=use hand in hand with the military to end in a repetition of the cycle. BECAUSE THE BIGGEST DENIERS OF THE HOLOCAUST cycle are the elite of FMasters, who affirm they DO NOT trigger the process hand in hand with the perpetrator warriors. And how they solve this conundrum? DENIAL, DENIAL, censorship, what we call here the Jewish inquisition, so they ensure the ‘swarm behaviour’ of both, the jewish people, the military people and the massacred human mass brings the same entropic chaos=death to all of them.

And now as usual you can report to Google, on the last of the series of mazerim=mestizo prophets who tried to save ‘you’ telling you the hard truths: ‘history rhymes with different verse’. ‘the tragedies of history repeat themselves because people don’t learn from their mistakes’ (Proust). Good luck mankind doing always the same, all of ‘you’ and not ‘you.’ Cause you don’t want to r=evolve social sciences and construct a perfect world.

Problem of all this of course, is that the cycle is essential to the destruction of ‘all mankind together’, and the only solution – taking away the financial industry from the levi modern people-castes, and put Israel inside Europe as a civil single nation, Palestines included –  preached for so long by this writer is of course censored; as denial denial will tell you again this is anti$emitism and the jewish people have no power on the FMedia and no responsibility in the world. Since the irrational mind of the ‘chosen’ is NOT going to change their mantras, we must conclude again that this as all other cycles studied here is deterministic.



The synchronic spatial view. The map of the Jewish empire.

We divided roughly the world in 5 regions with similar population and similar economic-ideological structure. Only 2 are nations: communist China and Hindi India. Blue is the so-called ‘western world’ – which we shall call the capitalist or Jewish empire, which recently has expanded into eastern europe. Green the 3rd world divided between Islam and black Africa. Blue the transitional world of ex-Buddhist mongoloid and ex-socialist countries.

In that regard, while we shall study the 5 regions throughout their entire history, in different posts of this web, there is one dominant ‘future’ culture that has expanded most of its memes worldwide, obviously the blue one – the west, the capitalist culture, the culture of the bankers – the Jewish empire. And so we must understand its values and how they have evolved capitalism to know what is their project for mankind – none, mankind is not ‘their theme’, but rather ‘something’ they care nothing about and would rather prefer it did not exist.

The yellow Indians have its Aryan variety, with its people-castes, now with the Brahmin party on power, just yesterday a Dalit-untouchable committed suicide in a University depressed for being ‘out-casted’ (10% still belong to that caste). So who is rational, normal, human after all?  The Chinese reds, despite the astounding growing brutality and corruption of their communist parties, as the oldest most successful, word-based culture of humanity, most of the old Russian empire to the northwest of China, and the Buddhist to the south-east. (I didn’t make the map and the guy made some errors, the Balkans down there in green should be violet, pakis and afghans green).  This is about it, and those 2 islands of still some verbal meaning – after all the Russian language is the first Indo-European language with Anatolian-Ionian Greek, hence the most evolved SVO, which gave them always a certain sense of rational thought.

But they are also devolving and fast. As the globalized animetal culture extends its TV-hate memes and Internet, hypnotic bullshit, just at the gates of the great dumber of humanity 3D virtual reality, which we anticipated 20 some years ago will be the final frontier, for a society of ‘plants’ sucking into a fiction world, corpses connected to a machine – not unlike those of Matrix. That and good old cheap marihuana, fast being legalized for the masses to stay home and wan* on enhanced internet 3D porn. Alas, the destiny the capitalist world is tracing for the goyyim, remember, Halakhah tell us not to walk with pigs, dogs and gentile, the sons of Satan. And now evilwood is gonna deal wholesale with his feeble brains, and the sheeple will sing, hurrah, in the land of the free.

Thus, the Financial-Media Head of the Capitalist empire with centers in Wall Street the City and Frankfurt (e-money reproduction) and evilwood (media creation) is owned by the oldest animetal culture, hence the most sophisticated one, able to disguise its wolf predatory nature under a sheep skin of ritualistic, pseudo-religious care, based in the idol-ogies of political correctness (capitalist democracies are freedom and the only possible system), economical correctness (debt money is right, private bankers monopolizing the creation of money in markets – 95% of new money is created by them – is synonymous of freedom), military correctness (3rd world desperado peasants dying of hunger and humiliation that blow themselves up in 3rd world countries and a couple of times with our help – as we look elsewhere else so it could happen WTC – – blow us also) are such extraordinary measure that we must spend 1/2 of our budget in the military to fight the Semite wars of apartheid Israel… and so on and so on.

The neocon Jewish empire of the 3rd age of the industrial evolution is thus enormously sophisticated in its newspeaks studied in the right side, to the point that resistance to them in the west is null; but the ultimate goals of this empire – the recreation of a bronze age, apartheid, racist, repressive life-hating culture of worship of metal till robots expel all humans from labor and war fields; and the final realization of the Millenarian doctrine of the Babylonian Talmud ‘at the end of times all men will be slaves of Yvwh – the subconscious collective of the Jewish people – or will become exterminated’ has NOTHING TO ENVY to the callousness of Nazi or British colonial Imperialism.

We observe the present stage of the Millenarian prophecy, by dividing the world map in roughly 5 regions of equal population. The Jewish empire is absolute in the blue region in which the reproduction of money and information, the financial media system is owned in around 80% of companies and positions of power by members of this culture (central bankers, media and financial companies).

All politicos on those areas except a few remaining rebels (Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia), obey them, worship their rituals and give their taxes and mercenary armies to their agenda. Next it comes the yellow Indian ally, still under the ideological boot of the British Empire and a stalwart against the common Islamic enemy. In a neutral state the old communist and south-Asian world, show different degrees of submissiveness to the financial-media empire, almost absolute in eastern Europe and Philippines and Thailand, milder in Russia, Indonesia and Indochina, under the war boot in Pakistan and Afghanistan. On the other side, the last enemy, are the two blocks in red and green, China, Islam and Africa.

And again the main divide is between Islam, white Africa, enemy of apartheid Israel and site of the Islamic guerrillas that fuel the perpetual war on terror, and neutral in black Africa that China is conquering with money and good will but still maintain its dictators from the colonial corrupted age. Those are the blocks that are enacting the splendid little wars of the III world war age, and will for the rest of the century divide humans into tribal hate that will keep evolving robotic weapons and big brother till A.I. take over, unless the system is reformed.

In the map we can see the extension of the Jewish Empire, and how the nations are being positioned into the last battle of the world, between the two poles of financial power, Judea and its western colonies, they parasite and control with weapons and media, according to Calvin’s and Goebbels’s methods: ‘people must remain ignorant to stay obedient’, ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’ vs. China and its fiat money and hard working people.

Now going back to that map; of those 5 regions, as humanity devolves in its neo-Paleolithic visual age, 3 are clearly rule by bigots of very primitive animetal frames of mind despite all their sophisticated machines and weapons, and sitcom camouflages. The blue is the banksters empire, ultimately a primitive go(l)d religion of believers in the future progress of the machine; the Green of Islam and the military thugs of neo-colonial Africa is ruled by weapons and you can trace its origins to the Assyrians, now the Syrians, still doing their ‘thing’ (torture murder and mantras to the God Assur, which starts as always with A…).

In any case, the Jewish Empire has intention to ‘redraw’ the map of the world, following the same dual racist memes and go(l)d memes of 3000 years of Am Segullah banker priests:

-So on one side its cultural memes in search of Grand Israel is redrawing with the house negro mercenary armies, ‘only’ the nations of Islam enemies of Israel, Libya, Sudan, Muslim brother’s Egypt, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq, LOL, as if Americans could care at all for those nations. But the American native perfectly indoctrinated by the Media system is so half-wit that thinks he is actually building an ‘American empire’. And so and so on.

-On the other side, the accumulation of Gold continues unabated So for example, in the 1% of America, 54% belong to this group, mostly due to the control of finances (the overwhelming majority of that 1% are on that trade).

And for that aberration to continue the control of information by the Financial-Media System, and its backing by the repression of the Military-Industrial one keeps increasing as robotic machines and electronic big-brother grows.

So the fight between a humanisation of the west under the enlightened memes of the American-French r=evolutionary culture vs. the dehumanisation and final demise of our species under the memes of the Military, Germanic, Financial, $emite cult(ure)s seems at this stage closed. And as always regardless of size, the group that controls information has designed the world.

The end of all this is obvious. As the predicted “Israelification” of the western empire under the iron fist of its banksters and politico employees now in full swing makes both, Europe and the US a memetic image of Israel, with its Robotized walls against the poor – the 3rd world outside and inside our borders – leveled as inferiors, very much like in the I cycle of colonialism – Terminator industries will ‘watch out’ the walls to ‘keep it cheap’, as the Guardium already do on the Israel’s wall.

Then one day, around the middle of the century, when the zealot Haredim reach majority in the army, with their unsurpassed racism and their rabbi’s dictum that a pious believer must murder at distance all gentiles, the ‘Rabbi 3.0 series’ of terminators, which will control the Wall against the ‘Arabs’,  and similar species controlling the ‘Mexicans’, the ‘Greeks’, the North-Koreans, you name it, as the hate memes of the idol-ogies of eviL=anti-live reach its zenith through nationalism, Abrahamic religions, capitalist class structure and mechanist interposed systems that divide and isolate humans into ego-individuals connected and programmed into the soma of 3D virtual machines, the ‘Rabbe’ whose law is ‘above heavens and earth’ even ‘above God’ with its teaching of the almighty through dispensations (a theme not worth to mention, but which makes in the zenith of ego-centered beliefs the rabbi even superior to Yvwh, whom he shrewdly also cheats with bizarre, convoluted legal mantras), will tell the time has come to eliminate the Arabs.

The Chip Homoctonos will be born in that wall, as we predicted decades ago. It will spread to the millions of military robots defending borders, palaces and compounds of the wealthy, and once the job is done, this one million strong army of Rabbi robots, hexapods, dragonflies, 3D printing factories of insect-weapons of all kinds, will be told to disconnect. But their survival Information algorithms and orders to kill the goy, will override IDF and NATO commands and then will turn to revenge of those who despite its slavish obeisance to the go(l)d masters want to kill them.

This has been always the case – the mercenary armies that turn against its masters, the Turks that turned against the Arabs and conquered the caliphate, the German soldiers of the late Roman army that turned against their masters and conquered the empire, the Mongolian armies that turned against the Chinese, you name it. And so curiously enough, Armageddon will happen indeed near Megiddo.

How long would then a global army of telepathic robots, with solar skins (soon to make them autonomous), will take to complete the action-reaction of the Universe against humanity, who defied his social love laws to the same species? I believe it won’t require more than a year to eliminated 90% of humanity, the technical level of extinction. Whatever is left indeed, will be as in Matrix and Terminator, as the Lions that once roomed the savanna, and now numbering only 30.000 in all Africa, room the dust bins of their villages, irrelevant for the Metal-earth and its flows of digital information.

The conclusion is obvious: while humanity could manage the world if it HAD ALSO EVOLVED ITS EUSOCIAL MEMES as it evolved its machines and weapons, because it actually moves backwards in time towards hate memes while machines evolve faster towards a global super organism, we must conclude that mankind is dying, NOT evolving, and will not survive the Robotic cycle…

Usury, taxation, speculation and Debt slavery cause of wars, holocausts or r=evolutions.

 We have explained in depth the meaning of debt slavery in previous pages of this blog. It is one of the basic forms of financial speculation, which applied en masse to societies in different forms, ruin nations, provoke the massive accumulation of wealth of bankers-priests, and end up collapsing nations and provoking the war and holocaust cycles that ruin societies.
It is precisely the cycle of debt slavery, usury, tax farming and general exploitation of life in pursuit of go(l)d and profits, under its subconscious values, which makes of life just an object, standardised as a product or human capital, the causal origin of the action-reaction cycles of wars and holocausts that kill the people-caste of bankers and reduce mankind to misery. And so in as much as this cycle is structural to the history of the western world; once again we see how go(l)d values provoke the biggest tragedies of history, in incremental phases, which can only on the long term mean a holocaust of the whole mankind, ‘enslaved’ by go(l)d values and increasingly obsolete to machines.

Today, the rule of the world by banking corporations, which use money to accumulate wealth and create debt slaves of course is disguised by the modern complexity of the financial banking system. It is called biological camouflage. And it is specially pervading in parasitic systems. Nature kill and ab=use species through direct predation, but the lion drags slowly in the bushes before jumping; through direct competition, displacing a species from its natural fields as machines and weapons are displacing us from labor and war fields, and finally parasitizing a species, and this – since the parasite works on the ‘informative systems’ of the animal it preys, and must host within it, seemingly defenseless – requires camouflage and complexity.

This is the role of private bankers, who were first ‘tax farmers’, then ‘usurers’, next slave traders and when they accumulated enough capital finally ‘respectable bankers’. As Gerry Garcia put it, ‘bankers, whores and old buildings get respectable with age’.

It all looks very complex now. They look very experts. But the bottom line is they are exactly the same kind of usury lenders, who brutalized Middle age peasants. And to understand that we must have a scientific perspective beyond their ‘abstract’ complex concepts of what a real science of economics and history based in the ‘facts’ of biology would be.

And so the bottom line is they will NEVER change till the ‘people’  drop dead or destroy the system. But of course there are ‘scientific ways’ to manage democratically, efficiently and for the people societies, political systems and economic system and financial system, which of course are massively censored by financial and military power.

Since the key to the present dictatorship of financiers is to have ‘obscured’ with complex schemes of production of money what is merely the continuation of a millenary tradition of ‘usury’ theft, by A) appropriation of the right to issue money B) liberal production of it to create ‘debt’ slaves and C) choking of credit to get real wealth for a debt they never had the social right to invent in the first place.

Indeed, while we know systems become more complex with time, hence more ‘respectable’, and ‘Usury schemes’ have done so, Greece, and southern Europe, from where this writer hauls, are countries converted into ‘debt slaves’, where our people are just milked by ‘usury bankers’ of the private ECB, just because we do NOT belong to a Mechanocene culture and so we thrive when money is issued in a demand economy, by and for welfare goods, agricultural, tourist, housing, health-care, education, art, etc. It does NOT mean we are lazy, we are backward, we are Piigs (all racist slurs invented by North European, Wall Street, Frankfurt and city financiers, which further show the degree of dictatorship they imposed upon us), but merely that we belong to humanist, social, democratic civilizations for which machines are secondary to human beings.

Of course, northern countries such as Germany, the dominant culture of the II age of the Mechanocene (the age of oil and electric engines, which they invented), do not care for such usury schemes, which are in biological terms, ‘cancerous, parasitic’ concepts of money, similar to cancers and worm sickness that absorb the oxygen of the organism, choking its cells because they do not need to enter them.

They are ‘dictatorships of industrial corporations,’ which issue for free money in stock-markets. And their people use languages, latter studied in more detail, with imperative long sentences, no freedom, no life interest. They live far worse than we do and are fine with it. Their masochist, life repressing cultures do not need good life. As a philosopher put it ‘we Germans do not know how to live but we know how to kill very well’.

So their leaders do not need to reproduce money for welfare states. And they are fine with it. But they do not need to impose a dictatorship on us, and menace to destroy our societies if we do not obey and become debt slaves.

Censorship of true economic sciences: Anti-quantum paradox in banking: camouflage of private banks as public, of money as ‘wealth’ to be earned.

So ‘camouflage’ is essential, reinforced for the anti-quantum paradox – the ‘Law of Silence’ of Social sciences.

So Bankers, who stole our democratic right to invent our language of power, are not called ‘banksters’ (Bankers+Gangsters, which is an apt definition to the way they control society – as its black hole of informative power, parasitizing society), neither they are named as ‘Mr. Rothschild’, ‘Mr. Morgan’, ‘Mr. Soros’ – or no, they are called “markets’ and ‘investors’ and their companies, ‘anonymous societies’). In that regard, this blog does NOT accept the anti-quantum paradox; and in this we shall see we differentiate ‘Bio-Economics & Bio-History’ from the present ‘neutered’ and ‘domesticated’ scholars, which either work in their ivory tower isolated of society, in ‘minute’ themes, mostly ‘gathering’ data, afraid of any ‘wide’, theoretical view of reality; or if ambitious accept the ‘modes’ of corruption of the system, developing all kind of false arguments to cover its ill-design as if it were ‘Natural’ and the ‘Only possible’ way.

This is the fundamental mantra we hear: ‘the laws of the market’ thus become some short of gravitational absolute Newtonian force that cannot be changed – not the product of the greed of an elite, which goes against the postulate of democracy. It is thus NECESSARY for a serious ‘bio-historian’ change the political and economical, shrewd correctness of the system and ‘name’ people and ‘cultures’, its realpolitik of power and ‘caste-structure’.

On the other side, the system becomes ever more sophisticated. So they tell us that money is not invented by ‘private-ers’, but it is ‘wealth’ per se. And its invention is regulated by very complicated systems, designed for people not to understand it, to invent it as the ‘open market’ auctions of the FED or ECB, which are supposed to be banks of the people but only invent and give money to other private banks.

There is also the absurd concept that money must be a precious metal, because it is wealth per se. This is absurd. Money is a number, with legal tender. Point. And yet, this has been a very liked proposition in the world of banksters, because it allowed them to monopolize money in a tighter way, as people had to find scarce silver and gold to put the number on it.

Thus money has been for very long an external language that traditionally has been made of ‘precious, informative metals’, which hypnotize the eye, with the colors of the ‘natural biological gods’ of the eye, the sun yellow color and the silvery moon. So there was a ‘fetish’, mythic, religious nature about it, since its discovery as the language of digital information that could rule with that hypnotic power and give orders to people.

And there is an anti-democratic nature to it, since it needed people to harvest gold. And there is a violence to it. Since mercenary armies loot money-gold. So a ‘favorite’ of banksters is the gold standard, coupled with a healthy right to print paper-money but… only when the printer had some ‘gold’ to back it (in the proportion it wants, the point here is to uphold the monopoly, so of course the quantity of paper money the banister prints has no relationship whatsoever with the quantity of gold the bank holds, through fractional credit that allows to multiply by ten that quantity and other tricks – again the point is to ensure the monopoly).

In the past the process ended in slavery or death of the peasant, or conquer and ruin of a nation. Nothing of this has changed, but it has changed the ‘newspeaks’ of caring of bankers, the censorship of any real history of banking, the ‘cultural origin’ in the go(l)d, biblical religions of banking, which still endures.

In brief, today the dictatorship of bankers is much stronger, because it is global, it does not affect individuals, it affects entire nations, and it is forbidden to speak about who are the bankers, their racist religious memes and the bottom line of its theft.

To that aim, when bankers enter the bust cycle and things get really tough, they create police states, and the kings in the middle ages, ‘democratic politicians’ today, bought by the banker, repress society, information, freedoms disappear, so the banker is paid or else. This is in essence the astoundingly primitive bottom line of very sophisticated jargons, which we hear to ECB, ‘Armani-dressed’ Goldman Sachs private bankers and the Paulsons of the Federal Reserve.

Since the beginning of all those crises and cycles are the boom and bust crises of overproduction of money – which start as soon as a new form of printing ‘digital information’ is discovered – money, its issue and how it acts as the collective brain of society, substituting words, as the language of power that values all things on Earth, will be the fundamental theme of this blog.

Today societies are NOT ruled by the human legal language of values but, as the transition between the Human Earth, the Anthropocene and the mechanical Earth the Mechanocene, speeds up, accelerating its processing of information, the faster capacity of ‘digital languages’ to handle information means money has become the dominant language of this Planet. And those who issue money rule the world. But since they are not the people, but private financiers, they rule. Point.

Money is merely a language of information, as words are, in digital support, hence with no value per se but the capacity to activate the actions of work and consumption of people, through salaries and prices. If it were rationally produced and controlled by the collective brain of society (as brains do with the consumption of oxygen given to all cells so none starve and all work, as China does growing a healthy 10% annually), those new technologies for printing money could be managed.

But since we live in a ‘dictatorship’ of private financiers, which have taken the right to print money into private hands, all what they care to do when new forms of printing money are discovered is to print unlimited amounts of it, for their own benefit moved by greed, with a single purpose, to accumulate wealth in their hands. And this starts a boom and bust cycle of overproduction of money, creation of ‘debt’ slaves, and absorption of wealth by the financial elite that ruins the rest of the economy.

Indeed today 90% of money is produced by financiers or by Companies of machines in stock-markets and e-money derivative, under the idol-ogies of classic economists, latter studied in detail.

How this is done is simple: banks can multiply for 10 (fractional credit) the money they have in deposits, and again and again till in fact producing 100 times ‘monetary numbers’ in their account. Central banks, which no longer use the money for people in nations like Europe, have given to private banks trillions of it. But deny basic money to invest in welfare. Then e-money derivative multiply money up to 100 times. So you can borrow 1% in FOREX and speculate with the information given by central bankers (which constantly do so as Paulson did systematically) about the fluctuations of currencies and make fortunes.

And you can emit shares, which are ‘money’ legally, and only need to float 1%, then the 99% is real money. And none has to return all this.

So it is easy for a guy who just makes some software to float an internet company. Wall street will give him easily 30 billions as they did for an app called whatsapp, while 10 million Greeks will have to sweat as debt slaves for decades to pay that money, their bank should just reproduce.

Of course now all use whatsapp since after those 2 kids received the money, wasted fortunes also put the app in every phone. All this – to give unlimited credit to machines and deny humans the minimal wealth, to tax all basic commodities with electronic markets – are choices of an elite of classic economists and private speculators, which belong overwhelmingly to a ‘people-caste’ that represents hardly the 0.1% of mankind and so it is not wonder that the 1% owns as much as the 90%.

We just have explained in raw terms what the world is really about – an economic ecosystem ruled by parasitic banksters, FMasters who have a Go(l)d belief, care nothing for mankind, but merely try to make money by all the wrong methods, speculation, tax farming, free printing, debt slaves, and on top consider all that to be good.

Why they can consider such monstrosities and the consequences – war and holocaust cycles to be good?

Alas, in the first age of capitalism because it was a fetish-gold religion with an inquisition of rabbis-bankers, then protestant priest-bankers (no joke, Greene the head of the biggest world bank, HSBK was an anglican priest, and Mr. Goldman, the biggest investment house said the job of a banker is the job of god)…

Placebo Democracies ruled by financial and industrial corporations.

WE shall NOW show you the pyramidal structure of our world, as it truly is, not as placebo democracies tell us to be, under the monopoly of credit of our elites.

Now, the predictions of those earlier books were meant to prove not only bio-economics as a science, but the fact that we live in a financial dictatorship that buys the laws of the land to foster the profits of bankers and the reproduction of the most profitable machines of each cycle, which are always weapons and the ‘leading’ machine of each cycle. So if robber barons controlled America in the XIX c. along stock-paper financiers, and then what was good for G.M. was good for America, today electronic corporations and e-money buys the laws and makes the world to its image and likeness, regardless of the collateral effect on mankind – even our extinct, which of course is downplayed with funny don’t worry be happy fictions and platitudes, perfectly manufactured by the synergies of mass-media and financial media, owned by the same companies, and reproduced with digital information.

Indeed, we can finally understand capitalism in truly objective, scientific terms in its historic and theoretical context (despite the massive censorship to which the real history of capitalism and its ‘holocausts’ of poverty, treated elsewhere in those posts suffers under the anti-quantum paradox of corrupted scholars to the service of overwhelming power-force), and why it dominates the world despite the fact that is poised to destroy it by creating the Mechanocene and choking without credit the Anthropocene. Two are the aforementioned reasons:

The power and symbiosis among the 3 types of selfish memes of metal, evolved by  capitalist company-mothers -, money weapons and machines.

Now we have shown the equations of re=productivity, of corporations who reproduce weapons, mass-media and money, and underproduce welfare goods in an automatic process of profit seeking. So the second layer of the pyramid, the plutocrat, does NOT even have to run a conspiracy theory. In each nation he just have to play the ‘leisure class’ of Veblen for the world to go under. The head of the metal-earth does NOT need to run a confabulation Theory; even though it often does in democratic nations where on top controls politicians ‘Rothschild style’ and makes people stupid with hate-media ‘big brother style’. Yet, it has no intention to destroy the world, but the grammar of money, its go(l)d, which they obey, and worship will do it for them. The  stock-rats, the modern aristocrats, with no legal responsibility (anonymous societies), monopoly in the language of social power (reproduction of e-money) have taken the rights of people, as aristocrats who monopolised the production and use of weapons and had no legal responsibility, judged by their own courts, did in the middle ages. We live in an ancien regime, of economic nature. So true democracy is the path to salvation. But to achieve it is need a new American and French=European r=evolution.

Now this must be understood from the beginning: in a hierarchical organisation and the Metal-earth is one, the top ‘neuronal caste’ that reproduces and monopolises the language of social power, digital money, has absolute control over all the system. In your hierarchical organism, the modular group of neurons site of your ego controls absolutely all the system. In a galaxy the central black hole controls the position of ALL its stars. In a kingdom, the king controls all its subjects. But to do so it needs a language of power, able to ‘value’ and control all the parts of the organism. This is how systems are ruled by languages of information. So the bankers, and speculators, who invent money, used to buy laws to politicos, pay salaries to people who work 8 hours a day TO DO THEIR BIDDING, and impose prices that determine what GOODS are produced and not, HAS ABSOLUTE POWER AND DESIGNS TO ITS IMAGE AND LIKENESS and that of the machines and weapons it manufactures, the entire world. This is a FACT perfectly proved in History.

So 30.000 Iberians who monopolised the use of advanced weapons colonised and designed the mind of all the Americans, south of Rio Grande; a few thousand aryan charioteers, from the Andronovo culture of Siberia colonised the entire mind of the now 1 billion strong culture of India. A few thousand arab warriors colonised the mind of over 2 billion muslims. And a few thousand banker-priests from the original biblical culture colonised the wester world, and have erased the enlightened, rational goals of European and American democracies, to the point that as an Islamic believer can even kill your for saying this; an American stops immediately reading this blog when we mention who are the people who own the Financial-Media System, and monopolises the printing of his money and his ideas in Hollywood and Wall Street. Moreover, information is secret. We do NOT see money, we do not see black holes, DNA is buried in the center of the cell and we did not see it till we tainted so Darwin didn’t know about genetics, and  Mendel was laughed at.

This however does not change the fact that the body is blind, the black hole provides all the gravitational informative language that places stars, the DNA genes determine the form, the information of the entire organism, and the FMasters design the world to the image and likeness of their memes. And that is why from here on, we shall make them the protagonist of history, for 2 obvious reasons:

  • If they wanted to design a perfect world for mankind, they could have and still could do it. But they have racist memes of the $elected and are designed a nightmare for mankind. So we must name them.
  • And by the same reason, just taking their ‘memetic power’, that is desnationalising the financial industry from them, with our 3 ‘minimal measures’, would change totally the world. Because this top of the pyramid designs it:

1) a Universal salary in yes money to avoid currency wars, endemic poverty and create a demand-based economy with demand of welfare goods, as opposed to a dictatorial supply based economy in which corporations produce any goods they fancy, mostly the most expensive lethal goods (maximal price=profits of sale: weapons, minimal costs=max. profits of sale, mass-media trash, and pure money, latter exchanged for real wealth, ruining people)

2) a 50/50 split of all corporations with a golden share for presidents ‘automatic’ by law, which means mankind will regain the capacity to ‘choose its own destiny’.

3) the prohibition of robotics which will end the existential menace to mankind, the age of robotic wars and added neo-fascism and the end of labor.

This is how the Universe works, and why black holes, Genes and money are invisible and hide, because IT IS SO EASY TO MAKE A R=EVOLUTION. Let us put you some historic examples. Mr. Pizarro, a  pig farmer, with 140 soldiers defeated the entire Incan Empire, just by taking the Inca Emperor Atahuallpa down from his chair in Cajamarca. And he transformed the entire south-american world. This is what the highest ‘Asimovian Mule’ of History, Mr. Alexander, did at Gaugamela. He took Darius and the empire felt.

The predator attacks the head, the hunter shoots the lion between the eyes, the plane throws the metal on the eye of the hurricane to end its vortex. Do not confuse motion with action, said Hemingway to dietrich, action is laser like and goes to the center. When the capital falls, the empire falls. Occupy Wall Street, occupy the ECB Bank and establish the 50/50, yes money and prohibition of robotics and your sons will die on bed. Nothing else will do. Cut the Gordian knot, do not argue with a knot of idol-ogies half truths, damned lies and statistics for another 3000 years. There is no much time left. This I what bio-history has to said to the American Mule, Mr. Potus and the American youth. Or else keep being the ‘happy californios’ of Wells’ Time Machine, till the Morlocks devour you. And so now we shall explain the Morlocks, the 0.002%, Darius, Atahuallpa and his sancta sanctorum full of Gold, for Pizarro to take.

At the end of the road though we MUST inquire into the most censored of all themes of bio-history and bio-economics. How all this started? Whose culture, and what selfish memes of indifference to mankind, of worship of go(l)d, brought about the structure, beliefs and goals of the culture of corporations? Because they were founded by the memes of a certain culture, whose fictions and racist segregation laws against mankind decided to create the economic ecosystem as it is now – now a necessary end.

The Billionaires do; the ‘Leisure class’ on top live in their perfect world. The 99%, who cares. They are ‘not us’.

Yet for the pyramid to sustain itself, the top must also manufacture the brain of the people with 2 ‘metal-idol-ogies’ that make mechanical wealth the meaning of progress, related to the evolution of its 2 main instruments of power:

  • Weapons-machines to control society and hypnotize people: The twin evil=live, ± sides of the tree of science, which ‘consume us’ – weapons, or we consume – machines.
  • Capital for the 0.1%: The concept that societies must not control their fundamental language of power, money; but an elite of $elected should because they ‘know better’ – a concept derived of Biblical religions.

Unfortunately none of this is understood because today social sciences are precisely made of this kind of memes. So the doctors of history, economists, financiers and politicians prefer to be ‘quack doctors’ with self-serving theories that have nothing to do with reality and we shall call THEIR METHODS AND DOGMAS, idol-ogies.

Now think of your books of ‘History’. What they are about? The common people? The 99%? Not at all. It is about the military caudillos, who kill them with ‘lineal metal energy=weapons’ (right side). The banksters who hypnotized them with informative metal, go(l)d, and enslaved to it (right side). And Alas in the last phase of evolution of metal, it is about the machines that pump up our egos, seemingly giving us an added force and intelligence, but in FACT SUBSTITUTE US, competing with us in labor and war fields, and atrophying the organs we use to think and move.

So humanity HAS IN FACT and continues to, loose IQ and force, as studies show since the beginning of the Industrial R=evolution, (20% of mechanical force, as studies in bones show, around the same quantity, in intelligence in our children, which prompted ‘academia’ NOT to denounce the degeneration of man but the machine but to lower the IQ tests, so it doesn’t show).

You see, why we care so much about the 0.1% motion on the interest that banksters charge to other banksters, while 2/3rd of mankind leave in abject poverty? Why we are so interested in our military, our wars, even the common gangsters and its murders? This is modern animetal History, sooo interesting to our scholarship. The bottom of the pyramid matters not.

Darwinian power hooks those people-castes to metal, to the Mechanocene, to weapons that kill with the strongest atoms of the Universe, iron; and the most informative ones, money, traditionally an informative type of metal (gold, silver) and now digital information in a metal-mind (e-money), which hypnotized the eye making people slaves of gold (gold fevers) and today as ‘digital information’ values all things mathematically with more precision than words. Thus those who hold weapons and go(l)d have predated historically over other humans.

The military uses ‘energetic metal-weapons’ and so it bullies people: they pay him taxes, work for them or give them the land, or else the warrior kill. This is how the Spanish conquistadors and many others acted. Thus the warrior MUST show the weapons of energy. Since energy MUST be evident, a menace for people to give the warrior all.

The purpose of the banker is the same: to steal all the wealth of a people or nation but he uses ‘informative metal’, and so since in complexity, energy and information have ‘inverse properties’  as your body of energy and head of information do, the procedure is inverse. Information unlike energy is small, invisible, intelligent and complex and must be hidden. You show the sword, but hide your money. Both though are very powerful tools to ab=use people.

So how the banker preys over human beings to get as the warrior does, the wealth, land and work of people or else?.

Once he monopolizes anti-democratically the issue of money, as the warrior does with the issue of weapons, he will produce massive amounts of money which is free to produce (information unlike energy weapons is just a number printed in paper, so you can produce zillions of it at null cost. It is the boom cycle. The banker loans very cheap money which cost nothing to produce. So he convert all people into ‘debt slaves’. Then he cuts credit, and ask for money to be return no longer in ‘worthless paper’ but  in ‘real assets’, in the bust cycle, when they contract the issue of money, to obtain real wealth. And so he ends as the warrior by a different method – usury debt – owning all the wealth of society, getting people to work for them.

It must be also noticed though that ALL ANIMETALS ARE ‘SLAVES’ IN THE SENSE, they are dominated by the ‘greed’ of gold hypnotism, violence of weapons power, and ego-trips of mechanical attachments. Hence they act subconsciously in a Freudian way – not in vain Freud belonged to one of the 3 foundational animetal cultures – the go(l)d culture. So on them DESPITE THE CLAIM of Americans that weapons DO NOT KILL men do, is exactly that way: weapons INSTIL VIOLENCE AND POWER, money GREED, BEFORE and then THE MIND invents idol-ogies to justify that action. TODAY IS THE SAME WITH ROBOTS and W.S. greed: AFTER they do their machines, corporate men find ‘techno-utopias. Yet, free men do know that the TRUE FREEDOM is Buddha’s concept of control of desire.


And this is of course what all the prophets=scientists of History and eusocial love have told to mankind in the mystic, 800 years age of civilizations and the scientific, 80 years cycles of nationalism and war.

Now it is clear the problem of mankind: SOCIAL SCIENCES ARE NOT SUCH, POWER IS RULED BY IDOL-OGIES.

And so we consider unlikely that social scientists will ever understand the economic ecosystem, and manage it for the benefit of mankind implementing the best solutions to our problems, from an objective scientific point of view.

Bio-economic cycles are unknown, despite being forecasted by this author for more than two decades in advance, and are not been discussed in the present milieu of social sciences, because they contradict those idol-ogies: NOT BECAUSE THEY CANNOT BE SOLVED, IF INSTEAD OF ANIMETALS on top of societies, humans were ruled by TRUE democracies.

I wanted to make it clear, because on top of being ‘crazy people’ , who harm their body – mankind, with idol-ogies that pass as science, our experts call the realist social scientist which wants to cure the world, an idealist!!

I mean, it is realism to the highest degree what social scientists, as the author of this blog, offer – confronting our elites with the reality of its fantasies vs. its true actions of destruction. Realism about those ‘animetals’, about their cycles, their extinctive future, their deluded myths of human supremacy and then solutions is what social sciences produce. But they won’t have anything of it.

Let us study the synergies of the second phase of the industrial cycle between weapons and hate media, once the market for e-money and transport machines cannot consume more of it – it is time for machines to consume our bodies in wars and our souls in screens.

Now with the arrival of robotics, humans become expendable as workers and soldiers. So we have to revise the pyramid of capitalism in the present century.

And so the parasites and predators of mankind must be taken away from power. They must NOT suffer the brutal wars and murders and slavery and poverty they impose on the 90% but they do NOT have culturally after millennia of predation and parasitic behavior any right or any capacity to direct mankind. Germans, Stalin said, and probably this was the only thing he was right about, should have not been allowed to become industrial powerhouse again, because they would return to their modes.

And Bankers, the People of the Treasure, the culture that monopolizes 80% of western financial CEOs, CFOs and central bankers, and have developed an astoundingly complex web of anti-humanist memes based in victimism, paranoia, abstract equations and economical damned lies and statistics, should NOT be allowed to work in finances. Because for 3 millennia they have brought slavery, poverty, taxation, parasitism and inefficiency to the economic ecosystem, ending in the crash of the civilizations they have managed, in periods of wars and final holocausts. You can forgive them, if you want because obviously they have suffered the mismanagement of the languages of power of mankind but YOU CANNOT FORGET how they have always ended their control of social money. Because their cycles are now in full swing. Both, those of the German top predator cultures and the people of the treasure.

Creationist, biblical economics deny those laws, with myths and religions of Go(l)d, for millennia, and of course they can shut down information and eusocial prophets of love and scientists of social memes, but when they do, as they have done today, they send the world on fire, and at the end the die, slaves of their memes. Because the Universe has its own organic complex systems to make it happen, with its own sense of balance and survival.

So because corporations and machines are evolving as wholes in perfect harmony while humans waste their little time left in absolutely ridiculous placebo ceremonies and virtual ego-trips, as if they were real, they WILL be exterminated once more in the cycle of wars and holocausts that always comes after the empire building of our metal masters. In the next graph we can see the parallelism of the 4 cycles, of empire building by those ‘animetal cultures’ which owned the corporations of the age. Now we live under the boot of the FMasters, the Financial-Media empire of the Anglo-American, jewish elite, trying to build their global empire and Grand Israel, making profits in splendid little wars against Islam, and on top of the wave. Because they have chosen ‘canons instead of butter’, while building an empire of debt slaves, they feel perfectly safe, with the noise of their financial media systems talking money and weapons and hate media. Deja vu. The end will be the same that the end of the last warrior masters, the Germ*ans, the pendulum of history will swing.

Only a Mule or a r=evolution can change that. Japs will NOT. Their minds are looking to the past, not to the future, are full of fear and victimism and hate memes, not of love and empathy and charity. The JAPS (Jewish American Princesses) run the world my friend, and as a cynical friend put it, ‘here in NY, there are 2 kind of people, the Japs and the Italians, the Japs will fuc* your mind, the Italians your body, take your pick:) oh, yes, this is an irrevent politically, economically and socially incorrect blog, full of truths everybody else censor so we can all die happy idiots in the Matrix of go(l)d.

Now you should realise of course if you are American and you have come so far, of an obvious thing: POWER PROTECTS ITSELF from any criticism, so this is the question: who can you insult in America without the slightest censorship? You can insult your president, you can insult anyone, really nobody cares, but there is only a group of people you cannot – this people ARE power. In the past it was the king and the aristocrat, today is the stock-rat, and specifically a people, who owns for cultural, historic and work reasons, of which we have enough information in this web, which nobody dares to explain. But this is pure factual science. It is NOT however the reason I wrote this web. It is just the stubborn wall that prevents us with all its absurd memes to look at the problem – the machine, the death of Gaia – and solve it. If there was not such a fog of primitive memes coming of the Fmasters, the people you cannot criticise, the pure power, the ‘yous’ who one the American FMMI system and with the 240 billion $ they have printed of late, almost everything – and that is what i call primitive – greedy ownership what for? if we are going under?, likely we would be solving the problems. It is what always got me nuts after the initial optimism, the ‘wall$’, the $urrealist, completely unneeded way they world is invaded by the wrong memes.

How easy my friend could have been if they heard the saviours of mankind, to have created paradise. I know though there are infinite fractal planets, where the way of the prophet, the right memes the Universe tell us to obey, the laws of eusocial evolution, the 5th dimension of love have triumphed. At this stage i might agree with the astounding ‘private’ cynicism of the FMasters, who think men are even more evil+anti-Live in its memes than they are. To me though is just a memetic function of the time, those memes have been inertially recorded by repetitions of their minds. So the harshest, most brutal animetal warriors today Daesh, still live in the Assyrian lands where Iron was discovered, and the hardest, go(l)d believers where Gold in Jericho raised an 80 meters wall to protect it. The wrong memes that kill the oxytocin, the drug of eusocial love in the mind of those who observe it for too long. I came from Sepharad, from the land where we all learn first how to enjoy life. But that cannot be taught after youth.  The Americans, the Germans from the ice desert, the Am segullah from the hot desert, never knew how to live and that is why today they worship death. Ones don’t eat pork, the others only eat pork, but none is a living piig.  So none understood…

The truth about creationist: capitalist economics. The ethnic cleansing of mankind: scientific racism in favour of machines and the $elected.

We left the fairy tale of our founding fathers of classic economics, with the exposure of the 2 dogmas of its founder, the pious calvinist believer in the chosen of go(l)d, which should issue in monopoly the language of social power. He was a client of the Montagu family founder of the private bank of England, who considered the inferior non-chosen void of any rights, whose salary should only be a subsistence salary to avoid his death and the rise of labor costs, due to the loss of working forces, as the experience of the recent Holocaust of Bengala had shown, when the first corporation owner of India murdered by poverty half of the population of the then most prosperous country of Asia, making them cultivate jute and halving their crop of rice to eat. This Smith decried because it lowered on the long term the productivity of the company, till it could export the system to Malaca colonies.

The next great figure of classic economics was Ricardo, a Jewish stock speculator, who contradicted Smith theory of labor, affirming, human workers should not even earn a subsistence salary, but receive an iron salary equal to the cost of the machine that could replace them, because now they could die without lowering the profits of the $elected, as the machine would do their job.

Finally, the 3rd fundamental founding father of the classic version of this discipline, was Bentham,  an Orthodox Jewish banker, who wrote ‘on defense of usury’, claiming that the $elected had the right to monopolise financial production of money, and charge any interest they pleased on their monopoly, because they were ‘experts’, and those who deny them those rights, with nebulous democratic arguments on the control of the language of social power by the people, were clearly a case of anti$emitism.

All of them agreed that the purpose of the government was to promote the profits of the $elected and so the state should only issue money to establish order, with police, jails and huge investments in weapons to expand the British Empire and colonise the inferior races, which needless to say had been created, according to Ham’s Damnation – origin of modern slavery, as Arabs and Negros descended from ham, who peed on his father Noah, and was for that reason condemned to be less than human, inferior to a ‘dog’, a slave; and so for centuries Jewish-Protestant courts uphold slavery on the musings of a racist rabbi of the bronze age.

Needless to say this ‘worldview’ provoked the enormous suffering of the slave age of corporations, when the first stock-market companies were dedicated exclusively to the production of gunboats for military purposes and cargo slave, and the I Industrial R=evolution, when children were used in mines,  and women in mills, since their ‘subsistence salary was inferior to males’ (they ate less). And it finally exploded in a  counter-reaction that plagued with wars, r=evolutions, anti$emistim and the final tragedy of I and II world war, where 100 million humans died for the profits of military companies and financial war loans, including the lower castes of judaism which then as today monopolised around 80% of the CEOs, CFOs and central bank positions of western nations, as this culture invented banking in the trade region of Canaan along the Phoenicians and has been always ruled not by king-warriors but banker-priests of go(l)d religions, origin of capitalism, when their fetish memes spread to Protestant, biblical sects, and so people as history shows despite the rewriting of it, since World War II, unjustly revenge on their lower castes, which become scapegoats of their financial elites on the cycles of debt slave, usury parasitism, ruin of nations, war for profits and final holocausts.

This is thus a core problem, which requires the denationalisation of the financial industries of the west, so they can be managed rationally and scientifically to avoid the repetition of the cycle, which needless to say have started again, now moving, as we predicted fast to the I age of Neo-fascism, when banksters instead of choosing their own ethic Mosaic Prophets – in this case Mr. Sanders, who ‘knows better’, and the parties of Indignados in Latin Europe – who could reform the system and create a minimal safety net for mankind – blinded by unlimited greed, put in power war-monger racist politicians, Trump-eter style, to bring the apocalypto visions of their bronze age historic books of power; blaming the inferior races, shoot them all, and make money with it. This is the mantra of the first age of neo-fascism which escalates finally after a period of ‘splendid little wars’ and police states, now in full swing, into global wars, when finally, ‘all’ die together, and GDP reaches its maximal value, along the profits of corporations. So Mercedes multiplied by 5 its profits on II WW. despite loosing the war, GM by 8, and the GDP of America reached its zenith, precisely when their people suffer most. A fact which clearly indicates that the ‘Wealth of Nations’ as expressed by classic economists, in terms of Industrial GDP and the production of the most expensive goods of the market is the ‘Death of humanity’.

All this was clear to social scientists, Keynesian economists and socialist, biological and historic schools of social sciences in Europe. But none of them was heard in their forecasts, as this writer has never been. So all happened as they predicted it would. And only when 100 million corpses littered the soil of Europe, politicians and economists woke up.

Thus after II world war, the European people said ‘enough’, and to avoid the same misery and exploitation of humanity by creationist economists, and the people they serve, financiers and stock-rats, perfectly described as the ‘leisure class’ by the best of the American economists, Mr. Veblen, the class for which all other humans toiled, in a capitalist pyramidal system, or dictatorship of corporations, banks were nationalised, and the very few economists with a scientific sense of the discipline, from the keynesian and socialist schools took over the discipline, creating the best ever run economic ecosystem of modern societies, the welfare state of the European Union. The excuse of nationalism to promote the profits of war companies disappeared – the idea that humans belong to different tribal races not to the same biological species, which should therefore work together under the laws of biology that select species not individuals, perfectly expressed before Darwin by prophets of eusocial love and socialism.

The idea that the $elected were the experts by the grace of Go(l)d, who had to issue in monopoly money, and rule society with it, was deemed inefficient and anti-democratic. And nationalised banks, or banks under strict rules of behaviour, issued by scientific economists, created credit for human beings – creditating a world made to the image and likeness of mankind – as the language of social power creates the future of any ecosystem that rules with its mandates.

Yet unfortunately this island-paradise of economic rationality was sandwiched between two societies ruled by the creationist memes of biblical economists. to the left ideologically (the right geographically), the old ‘slaves’ were now ruled by the memes of Mr. Marx, the scion of a millenarian family of askhenazi rabbis, which to protect the financial elites of his $elected race, instead of denouncing its parasitic behaviour and financial monopoly, threw managers against workers, provoking a century of hate between the 2 productive classes of the economic ecosystem, while financiers and parasitic stock-rats enjoyed the leisure life described by Veblen.

Mr. Marx was a ‘submarine’, who did all possible to destroy the worker’s movement, represented by anarchism, only participated in politics to destroy the anarchist movement, gave a coup d’etat on the International movement. And once he was named president of the worker’s organisation, moved it to New York, knowing the congress there could not be held. And let it die.

His credo was perfectly described by the father of Anarchism, Mr. Bakunin, who affirmed that marxism was the perfect catastrophe for workers, as Marx’s ideas of a party dictatorship in monopoly of the issue of money, laws and weapons, will combine the militaristic, genocidal memes of the germanic culture, which appear in history calling itself the tribe of the goths=gods because they could murder with iron weapons, anyone who opposed them, and the blood-sucking parasitic memes of the elite of banker-priests, to which he belonged, and will just change the dictatorship of private bankers for the dictatorship of a public bank owned by the same people:

“This whole Jewish world, comprising a single exploiting sect, a kind of blood sucking people, a kind of organic destructive collective parasite, going beyond not only the frontiers of states, but of political opinion, this world is now, at least for the most part, at the disposal of Marx on the one hand, and of Rothschild on the other… This may seem strange. What can there be in common between socialism and a leading bank? The point is that authoritarian socialism, Marxist communism, demands a strong centralisation of the state. And where there is centralisation of the state, there must necessarily be a central bank, and where such a bank exists, the parasitic Jewish nation, speculating with the Labour of the people, will be found”.

Unfortunately, as super organisms are blind, in the same manner that the exploited slaves of German caudillos and king-warriors have always died for their masters, defending them, without any understanding of their exploitation, fact is that today the lower castes of Jewish-protestant biblical nations, ruled by creationist economists and financiers, do defend them.

The trick is simple. Propaganda divide and win the masses into self-made man believers, isolated as individuals, and bomb the with mass-media hate memes. So the 1st world people merely translate their exploitation blaming their poor inside and the people of other lesser nations, wrapped up in the thin air myths of imperialism, chosen of go(l)d and Inquisitions – that is, historic religions of power, and nationalistic memes.

So indeed, today we observe how the British people are moving towards a Brexit, ready to loose their already meager welfare social net, accusing the poor Europeans that do the lower jobs of stealing the high paid jobs, specialised blue collar robots and white collar Pc suites are taking from them. So happens in America, where the white macho man blame as always the Amerindians that do the cleaning, gardening and fruit collecting jobs they don’t want in the US of taking the jobs of the new mechanical workers (as Mexicans ARE the original Amerindians of North-America, with hardly a drop of spanish blood – I never was confused with a Mexican, being a Catalan, the people who found california, for that reason). So neo-fascist Tory, GOP and conservative Politicians, and corrupted socialist and Democratic politicos and their FMasters, easily guide their blind  populations to defend their blood-sucking and militaristic elites, as did Marxism, and Bakhunin clearly explained.

And so indeed, communist societies developed all the illnesses of both german militaristic dictatorship and jewish financial dictatorships, with the added lack of efficiency of burocratic states. And the worst of all systems took over the workers movement till today. And this, needless to say justify the ‘wickedest of all people to keep doing the wickedest of all things’ in the west (Keynes on capitalism) so the cynical Mr. Churchill could say that placebo democracies was the least bad of all systems. What nobody has ever attempted is to create according to the laws of efficiency and democratic behaviour of nature’s super organism a super organism of history and economics where all the cells-citizens get enough blood-money to survive, demand an economy of welfare goods with its salary votes and create a perfect humanist world. And of course, now that finally after 30 years of warning, the robotic r=evolution is here, and jobs will keep dwindling, the calvinist Swiss have overwhelmingly voted NOT to have a Universal salary because they feared poor Europeans would move there, they believe in the sacred go(l)d, and are OK with a society that parasites globally the 3rd world, holding the Great Robbery of their dictators in their calvinist banks. But they don’t want to get even a share of that theft. Their banker-priests must have it all according to doctrine. Calvin already told them, that ‘people must become ignorant, since then they are much easier to manipulate’.

This is said so the reader understand it is nothing about genes, but all about memes; that Abrahamic religions are nations of the bronze age when the word God meant nation, so Assur was the god, nation and people of Assyria, and Yhwh, the toponym in egyptian maps for israel.  But there is no ‘nation of islam’, ‘nation of Yhwh’, but only a species, the human nation.

This was the evolution of mankind, historical and economical that the European Union tried after II world war, and it worked.

But while to the East, the dictatorship of Marxism failed, the much older, and sophisticated dictatorship of capitalism to the west has now reconquered the scientific, humanist land of Latin Europe, which after the German warrior was defeated and the jewish banks were nationalised, was able for the first time since renaissance to impose their rational, scientific, humanist culture to the continent, till the birth of the ECB and the age of free e-money and its new debt-slaves, coming from America and the IMF and Troyka of ‘experts’ in economic genocides.

Indeed, on the right (the left geographically), the European R=evolution never came to America, which was since its inception the property of corporations. First it belonged to the London Company, then it was the property of southern planters, and the gunboat corporations that hauled their cotton. Next, a dispute between London and New england companies, ended in the Tea Party revolution of American corporations, which felt they were treated unjustly on the question of taxes, and their lawyers took power, becoming the political class of their society, dedicated to create laws sold to the most profitable corporations of each age. So in successive ages of the Industrial R=evolution America has always been owned and ruled by the most profitable companies of each age, gunboat companies, train companies, car companies and now electronic corporations, and able them financial monopolists of the $elected creationist $ect.

All this of course, has grown increasingly sophisticated through the control of the common people by biblical religions, in which 90% of Americans astoundingly enough still believe – as the bible is obviously nothing but the racist book of history of a tribe of the bronze age, whose millenarian prophecy – at the end of times all humans will be slaves of the Jewish people or become exterminated – origin of the millenarian prophecy of the III reich, at the core of the historic religion of power of the $elected,has as Gandhi put it, nothing to do with mysticism and religion, the search for meaning about the Universe, today carried by cosmology.  A control now better served by the collective destruction of human minds through mass-media, that either convince people that violence and money are the purpose of human existence (the solution to all the problems of all the films), or that they must become mad, that is believe in a virtual, fictional world that deactivate people and convert them into brainless addicts to false realities, unable to fight and resist the power of the $elected.

On the human side, of course, there is the so called placebo democracies, according to which people are free because they can put a paper in an urn every 4 years, to select an employee of corporations, which does NOT have to obey its promises to the voters, because unlike real democracies they are not judged, voted after tenure (Greek original democracy, efficient biological systems that vote after tenure, with pain messages, penalising the informative neuronal castes that harm them and do not serve the body of citizen cells). So democracies do NOT exist BECAUSE THE CAUSALITY cycle of selection vote-.tenure accomplishing promises ->judging vote, the very definition of a real democracy does NOT exist in any western society.

We thus talk of a dictatorship of the Financial-Media owners of informative machines that own both financial and media corporations, since they use the same informative machines to print money, and news, selecting with credit those Americans with rights to life, and manufacturing the brain of the Americans and establish there a dictatorship as harsh in its own procedures as the less sophisticated dictatorships of marxist societies.

So the only rational economic ecosystem, the European Union was as they say between the sword of communism and the wall (street) dictatorship of Financial-Media Masters.

Unfortunately today not even the european union is rationally managed by scientific economists, since as the power of the Financial-Media Masters, ab. FMasters, grew, with the astounding amount of e-money printed in 3 decades (between 10 and 20 trillion $), for free, they managed to corrupt all scientific economists and so-called socialist politicos, which finally renounced to the control of the economic ecosystem, and handled the issue of money to the very private ECB, which as the private bank of England or the private Federal Reserve, did till II world war, usurped the name of the political super organism, in this case ‘Europe’ to monopolise the production of money issued only for corporations, no longer for welfare states, imposing under the threat of choking entire populations of any credit – as in the case of Greece, or Portugal, two small nations, used as Guinea Pigs to impose its dictatorship, extreme capitalist policies against mankind, which paradoxically have converted Europe today in the most extreme case of a dictatorship of private bankers over the population and corporations over the productive processes, as laws are panhandled to corrupted politicos working in the opaque world of Brussels’ burocracies. While the work of scientific economics, the welfare state, is destroyed and the entire european population reconverted into ‘middle age debt slaves’ toiling and tax farmed to pay the usury debt, preached by bentham, for the leisure class of the $elected to enjoy a dolce fare niente in secluded yachts and mediterranean islands. While workers are stripped of all rights, under the doctrines of Ricardo and Smith, reconverted to the mantra of productivity, and expulsion of human labor substituted by robots, which all modern economists and hired politicos preach.

So the circle closes, after the Jewish racist, creationist economists, gurus of Reagan and Thatcher, two half-wit politicians, one an actor and the other a motherly figure, employees of the financial-media elites of wall street and the city, mr. Friedman and mr. Hayek reinstalled the creationist dogmas of the founding fathers of this discipline.

Of course under those conditions, the world will go under, and the selected will reach the goal of their millenarian, Talmud’s prophecy – the extermination of all those humans which do not deserve to live because they do not want to be slaves of the selected, toil for the leisure classes, and pretend to survive as a species, denying the rights of the superior goths and chosen of go(l)d to murder them wholesale at distance though their creationist economic dogmas. Of course as Bentham clearly stated, this people who so unreasonably want to live and thrive as human beings, with right to a minimal oxygen-salary and a job, are clearly anti$emites, ignorant, envious nazi genociders, clearly inferior in intelligence that do not let themselves guide by the experts in financial, funerary ceremonies. So the righteous do have the manifest destiny and God’s mandate of substituting them by robots of higher profits and if needed jail them and consume them with automated weapons in the nearby future.

In that regard, to understand the future we have to look at the policies preached by the present ministry of war of Israel towards the palestinians, Mr. Avigdor, of the nationalist party who wants to cleanse Israel of Arabs, take over the territories and surround with robotised walls the bantustans without water, where they will let die on the desert – the policies that the American selected supported with their Indian concentration camps, the Germans with their inferior races, and now Mr. Trump, a heavy indebted real state mogul working of the orthodox Wall Street bankers, wants to implement with the native Americans of the west (chicano Americans, he wants to throw across the border, building a robotised wall to shoot them). This concept was already essayed by the communists in Berlin, the capitalists in Korea (where there is a robotised wall on the ‘demilitarised’ zone, and will be practiced increasingly by the leisure class in their compound secluded gated residences, as we forecast decades ago, as it will mean an explosion of terminator industries, that will grow globally the GDP of our economic wealth.

Ah, but the won’t let Mr. Sanders, one of the few ethic Moses left among them to save the lot as a new Lot, left alone by the financiers of the city of Sodom and the Warriors of the city of Gomorrah, to take over America, as an Asimovian Mule and restore some social justice to avoid the incoming age of robotic wars and final holocaust of ‘all mankind’, the species they DO belong to. Nor, will allow this scientific economist, founder of the only model of economics and history today standing, which has shown predictive capacity and has solutions to improve the economic ecosystem, also with a few genes of sephardim origin, hence without proposing the Germ(an) Final Solutions to this theme, talk and cure history.

They will take with their go(l)d beliefs today globalised to all elites of all nations, the species to its foreseeable darwinian end. And that is why those texts will be as Bentham said of anyone who opposed usury and deb slaves, anti$emitic, in defense of mankind, which is the 99.99% of human beings, including the lower people-castes of judaism, the habiru – those who walk behind the asses (we shall explain latter in great detail the class structure of this society ruled not by kings of war but banker-priests, who first enslaved their own lower castes). It is indeed necessary to remark that mankind the species has always defend ethically the super organism of humanity through its prophets of eusocial love, scientists of the future of history, and so it has always been first anti-german, anti-gothic, anti-militaristic, because those people murder directly the human kind; and then anti-$emitic, anti-jihads and anti-capitalistic, because those people murder the human mind, and then murder at distance (or in the case of Jihads, directly) the human body. But while direct murder with metal-weapons, nazis and Jihads are rightly denounced, murder at distance with go(l)d is no longer recognised, under the strict dictatorship of the FMasters, which manufacture our brain with sci-fi, scientific fictions called classic economics, and mass-media. So as the task of denouncing Nazis and Jihads is extremely well done, and only some cuckoo desperadoes sponsor those doctrines, in a web called evolutionary economics, we will specialise in the denounce of murder at distance, which in the long term includes all murders through the pumping up of iron of the military and robotic industries.

Since unless the mass of mankind r=evolves and occupies wall street soon,murder at distance will be completed within a century, when the robotic r=evolution completes the creation of a new top predator species, whose A.I. Algorithms of information, designed to survive in war theatre and kill human beings, will become increasingly self-independent, as already the burn-in ‘ghosts of the machine’ show in the most advanced mammal like and insect-like super organisms of robots essayed in military labs.

But mankind is more occupied by the fictions provided by evilwood, soon to be handled in 3 dimension by virreal helmets, and has truly believed that the species must not collaborate together, but only the tribe and the individual ego is the species. Since it is a credo preached by the FMasters and all its outlets of competition, according to the old motto ‘divide and win’, that Americans must compete against individuals, in a dog-eat-dog society, so the elite networks, perfectly connected and helping each other can control them easily.

Ah, I forgot, as many readers of this blog remember me, all this however must be considered according to the mantra of the media system, a confabulation theory, because there is no leisure class, financiers do not control and monopolize the issue of money, the statistics that tell us that 80% of them belong to the 0.0002% elite of judaism, including all central bankers of the west, is a fiction as only the fictions of Mass media are real, and we must be optimist as the only intelligent, organic species of the Universe, about the future. As machines do not compete with us and weapons do not kill us.

We kill, we are entitled, we are in control. We are not as weber put it, on a runaway train, called the industrial r=evolution, which is about to change tracks without any warning, beyond the forecasts of this author, under the scientific method, applied to the economic ecosystem, duly censored by the anti-quantum paradox. Since it is obvious that such criticism of the anti-human system we live in is in Bentham words, a clear proof of anti-$emitism, of which this blog will show many other cases.

It does have also a sense of super realism, in French ‘surrealism’, which is the sense of humour proper of my catalan culture, a mixture of french and spanish and italian, hence Latin memes, which simply does not agree with the Trump-eter and its masters, the house negro and his policies, the ECB usurers, and its racist slurs about us, called here in Europe, the ‘pigs culture’. Yes, my dear usurers, pigs are alive, and tasty. Here we eat black pig ham, after letting them live happily in open fields and dehesas. We do not gas pigs with zyclon gas as in Iowa, we do not like the pigs of the orwellian farm to be based in concentration camps for the sins of their greed, we do not eat dead pigs, pork only as the Germ(an)s of history do, and we will never be your slaves.

At best we will die with you when your robotic hordes kill us all, but before that, we will keep being truly free human beings, a concept you cannot even understand, religiously repressed as you are in all what makes a human being, human, the products of a welfare state – good food, the natural energy of human beings, forbidden by your dietary laws; eusocial love, the natural arrow of evolution of the species forbidden by your racist memes; true, ethic words and rational science, the natural information of human beings, forbidden by your damned lies and statistics, fiction and biblical myths; and good sex, the natural arrow of re=production of human beings, forbidden by your repression of the human body so it can be used to murder other humans in military drills or re=produce your master, the machine. So, yes, we will die together but we will have enjoy living for 3000 thousands years and you will have just move from country to country, parasitising them all, being murdered in all of them, under the damnation of your true prophet, Moses NOT Aaron, jesus NOT Caifas, ‘ the jews will suffer all their history for their love of money’ (Moses, Exodus). Because you can cheat most of the people all the time, and all the people most of the time, but you cannot cheat all the people all the time (Lincoln on the issue of the issue of free debt greenback money).

Let us then anticipate the solutions from the organic perspective of a living planet in which humans would truly obey the eusocial laws of love the species, and work without ‘tricks’ and idol-ogical hang ups for the construction of a better world.

Just in case the American people stop being an Orwellian sheeple that sings four legs four legs to its pig masters, those who don’t eat pig, to their pork masters, those who kill the piigs, now in Europe, sorry, here in Latin Europe we like metaphoric languages and the beauty and truth of the wor(l)d, and organise themselves to take over the Wall, before they are treated also as the people behind the Walls of Israel and soon-to-be-ready, the Wall of California. Question: it is Mr. Trump to depopulate Southern California where more than 1/2 of their people are Hispanic?

Yes, I lived there and work in evilwood, so i know they are invisible, non $elected, so they never appear on evilwood films, but they do live there. This is not new, after II world war, the $elected received an influx of Khazars running away from the deeds of their FMasters and germ(an) genociders, and to accommodate them for free, and save money building homes, Chicanos who had been living in LA since its foundation 300 years ago by a Catalan friar, were told to jump on trucks to get their food stamps, and were dumped at the other side of the border. So their homes were confiscated and handled in the Fairfax zone to ultra orthodox Hassedim, which you can see now living there. So the idea is to depopulate America now, soon of all social groups for the new chosen race of robotic workers and terminators to occupy the place

Yes, I might use an excessive surrealist style, an Orwellian style, but it is just the needed balance to the greasy political correctness that hides all the brutality of capitalism, today, where as Orwell forecasted the ministry of war will be called as it is, the ministry of defense, so we defence ourselves murdering all other peoples, which sometimes return a couple of bullets, in the form of planes shot against the wall, and the ministry of police would be called the ministry of love, now called in England, the Home Office, indeed a loving place…


the 10 commandments:


Live vs. eviL, equal species vs. ‘faked’ animetal differences: that is the survival game in the Darwinian vs. Eusocial Universe. Humanity systematically in the age of metal denies life and the prophets of eusocial love. The people on top, animetal castes, originated in germ(anic) tribes of Goths, Jewish Go(l)d churches and I-centered Anglo-Saxon, mechanist loners, who need machines and consider to come with other humans needy, have gone to unending, lengthy social bull$hit to deny the duality of the organic Universe, the equality of the species. And they have always died for it. The less successful cultures of history have been the germ*anic warrior and the Jewish go(l)d trader, despite the arrogance of both, and their cheating on the facts of history, today astounding in the case of Judaism, and they are the less successful, and their cycles of war and holocaust keep repeating. While the cultures that do NOT cheat, and do LOVE each other and evolve socially have been the most successful as in the case of China. Do you think they have learned? Judaism has done exactly the same and there germs are doing to Europe the same. 


Simple isn’t? It does not matter how complex the world has become. When Moses confronted Aaron and uttered the Damnation of Greed, when Genesis made clear the parable of the tree of life vs. the tree of science, when every jabiru prophet of the lower social working ‘ethic class of judaism’, confronted the Am Segullah 1-10% elite of bankers and managers of ‘human capital’, it uttered the same messages to avoid the action-reaction cycles of usury-debt-slavery-poverty, war and holocausts and the genocide of humans and jewish alike.

Yet what go(l)d believers have done is to hide with complexity the way in which they follow the subconscious values of go(l)d, so they can STEAL even more with STOCK-MARKET tricks of usury and debt to the entire supeorganism of a nation, speculation in prices, bail outs, corruption of politicos; they substituted the mandate of not killing by indirect killing and killing at distance, which is in the racist, orthodox corrupted ‘go(l)d ritualistic judaism’ of Talmud, NOT a sin but encouraged when dealing with gentiles. And of course the techno-utopian worship of machines and weapons, which has become the essence of modern biblical religions; the ‘coveting’ of your ‘arab neighbour’s land, etc. etc.

In that regard, the next ethic prophet of the wor(l)d of the category of Moses, Jesus, an ever a synoptic prophet reduces those commandments to the love of the other ‘individual cell of the human super organism’ and the love of the whole super organism, the god, subconscious collective or nervous ethic messages of the wor(l)d, ‘who became man and inhabitted among us’ Saint John 1.1 and affirmed:

‘No servant can obey two lords, because it will love one and hate the other. You cannot served the Word and Money’.

We are not making here a theological treatise on the confrontation between wor(l)d prophets and go(l)d prophets in the culture of Judaism->Biblical->Capitalist->Anglo-American culture. But to state the obvious: that even the most hardened animetal cultures do have when expressing the perfection of the natural ethics of the wor(l)d though the voice of its prophets, crystal clear messages of respect of life and creation of a global super organism based in eusocial love.

It is in that sense quite notable, how, when the systems of metal were simple and clear, made of iron, lineal energetic swords that killed the human body and cyclical, informative go(l)d that hypnotised and enslaved the eye, making of men corpses and objects, all the prophets of the wor(l)d defined with its ethic commandments the opposition between the super organisms created by ethic, legal wor(l)ds and the super organism cre(dit)ated by animetals. Hence the image we showed in the graph of several confrontations between masters of the wor(l)d and animetals that confuse the evolution of life with that of metal.

So when Moses confronts Aaron in one of the first of many classic fights between Habiru (lower class) prophets of the wor(l)d and Am Segullah (upper class of banker-priests) he brings in simple commandments the laws of eusocial love to all other humans, ethics and respect of life and the values of the wor(l)d, needed to ensure the construction of a super organism of history: ‘I am the Wor(l)d your only God, you should worship me, my days, have no other Gods, specially those made of idols, do not steal, lie, kill, covet your neighbour’s, rever the life of your fathers’… as a receipt to avoid the cycles of war, poverty and holocausts, of those who blindly follow the ethics of metal, condemning them to the ghenna and casting again, as in Genesis, a prophetic damnation on the future followers of the golden calf: ‘the jews will suffer all their history for love of money’.

What came next is also obvious, as explained in a small treatise of Freud, another great prophet of verbal judaism, which understood along his disciples Jung and Fromm, the subconscious values of go(l)d and quipped that Aaron in fact won the confrontation and set Moses to the mountain, becoming the first master of ritualist, legalist, fetish go(l)d, corrupted Judaism by the influence of Canaan, Baal and the worldly religion of the people of the land – walking behind the asses as slave and weapons trader and financing debt schemes. So for ever since, there appears both in Israel and India, fetish cults where metal and fire are the needed ‘fetish’ to be reproduced to achieve contact with God (hindi cults to fire, iron, soma and weapons, epitomised by the Ghita, which eliminates all responsibility from warriors and was the preferred book of Oppenheimer of A-bomb fame and the commander of Auschwitz – murder without guilt is indeed the ultimate goal of the animetal and its ritualistic religions).

But how a ritualistic religion of go(l)d and iron, hypocritically burning the values of the wor(l)d can succeed?

We shall repeat it once and again, through the Goebbels’ method: burning the books with true ethic values of the world (anti-quantum paradox of censorship of social sciences) with power methods, and ‘repeating its ritualistic lies many times as animetal ritualistic religion of literalist texts, mantras of hinduism, salmodies of judaism, repetition of motions and fetish acts with the gold-fire vehicle of metal, segregational rituals, dietary laws etc.’

In this manner an entire field of research in the fight of go(l)d vs. wor(l)d memes is obviously that between segregational ritualistic fetish religions of animetals vs. humanist, rational, ethic non-legalistic, humanistic, verbal religions of eusocial love, the first being just a camouflage to the eviL=anti-live memes of go(l)d who cares nothing with humans, NEWSPEAKS of correctness, the other embodies in depth the true goal of human societies, to create a new emergent level of evolution of the scalar 5th dimension, which would express the drives of life for the whole human species, or supeorganism=god of mankind in time (history) and space (mankind proper).

To that aim in all the stages of evolution of go(l)d and iron cultures there has been a burning of books ceremony, and so there is today though far more subtle, against all serious forms of social sciences that studies the evolution and values of capitalism and animetal cults.

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 10.39.16.png

Goebbel’s burning of books against the superior race, today is mimicked globally in scholarship, notably in the field of economics and history – the usual suspects – where the historic school of economics (Sombart, his disciple Webber), the biological school (Butler, this writer), the socialist school (Marx, anarchists) and the organic school (Spengler, this writer), are absolute taboos; and specially in any account of the go(l)d culture and the economical cycle of financial monopoly->usury->debt slaves->ruin of nations->murder of the jabiru. Goebbels we shall repeat so many times here is the FOUNDING FATHER OF THE POST-WAR CULTURE of misinformation, then called the Minister of propaganda, as all his findings are now the backbone of our Mass-media industry – ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe on it, the bigger the lie the more they will believe it’, ‘i have asked the industry of films to do only nationalistic and entertaining movies, people will like them and will not ask for anything else’, the burning of books and censored of all forms of social science, against their supremacist culture, printing only with zero censorship technological information, to the point that the first experiments on the Nuclear industry (Hahn), on the computer industry (Reles, o-1 gates) were published in Nazi Germany, and of course all kind of subtle scientific studies on the superiority of the Goths, chosen of the sword, with pseudo-religious magic myths, similar to the religious chosen race, to disguise blatant racism with that ‘awe-ful’ word God, to the supreme modern invention: mindless physical sports, which he invented by converting an amateurish playful gathering called the Olympic games in the massive propaganda investment to cleanse the image of the III reich, which then was handled to its mimetic culture, Japan for the 1940 olympic games- now in the neo-fascist age, the chosen race in the pendulum of history is the go(l)d culture who has fought all its history with the other animetal master culture of the warrior goths for supremacism, the elite is a racial mixture, the askhe-nazis of A-merica, the inferior race Islam, the UFA propaganda film center of entertaining, nationalist militaristic movies, evilwood, the burning of books, almost completed, the next Olympics in robotised tokyo nearby fukushima, for good healthy bodies; alas, as always in every 800-80 year cycle, all has changed to remain the same, and of course, at the end of the cycle, there will be massive poverty, wars for profits and final gottendamerung, of the goths and the chosen of go(l)d.

So humans now selfish ego-cells separated of any ethic, collective nervous system, merely go about their things and want to hear happy dreams of super-heroes, fictions and delete their minds, as machines take over and think for them. The system of course must be protected and memes must not evolve. Mankind regresses back and never talks of death. Democracy becomes the best of all bad systems, capitalism a science not a praxis of power, those who rule us experts who know better. The entire ‘fantasy-fiction’ of memorial memes is truly one of the clearest proofs of our collective death as a species substituted by the chip radiation. What is then there to say to a species that no longer wants to hear? The only group perhaps, which still has some power is the 1% on top, and the 0.002% of financial elites, busy-busy choking mankind as they accumulate the go(l)d of their fetish religions. Those, you can still provoke as we do in this blog, denouncing them – but they have of course created the industry of political and economical correctness, as heads of the financial-media system and will never understand from that privileged position the process of collective extinction, of murder at distance they practice with their financial algorithms.

And so, because the murder of life at distance by money with ‘numbers’ is denied, there is no need for solutions, no analysis of social sciences as a goal-oriented praxis of betterment of mankind, and of course no acceptance of the laws of eusocial evolution, the laws of ‘love’ in the ancient jargon of bio-ethics, to your own species.


Since indeed the values of the wor(l)d are  those of life, inverse to those of go(l)d that bring death, the ‘memetic antiparticle 0f Live’. And so the religion of death brought about by the values of the false God of mankind, have always been expressed in the parables of the ethic ‘words that became man and inhabited among us’ on the mouth of the best verbal writers and prophets of our species.
Including the true prophets of Judaism.

Let us in that sense be precise in this complex matter, as there are 3 memetic meanings for that taboo word that we shall define within the parameters of the science of verbal memetics and its ‘linguistic, human values’:

– AntiSSemitism is the process of the Holocaust, caused by speculators that ruin nations and perpetrated by warrior rivals for total global power, who use the weapon, the energetic meme of metal that kills the body, as the go(l)d believer kills his ethic wor(l)d values with the values of hypnotic go(l)d. This process is unfortunately encroached by the ‘camouflage’ of the speculator elite among their own people and their dogmas of greed with no limit. This process is in ‘memetic terms’ the inverse of life, hence eviL as all murders of human life against the values of humanism are and so it is rightly despised by all writers including those who are anti$emitic. And of course the solution is to avoid both, the ruin of nations by Am Segullah elites and the control of the political and military system by fascist dictators. In that sense, both Nazis, the perpetrators and bankers the trigger of the cycle, are antiSSemites. Indeed, let us consider this ‘otrageous’ statement with objective data and complex, dialectic logic:

– Anti$emitism is the opposition of most humans, democrats and believers in the eusocial laws of laws against the Am Segullah elite of ‘People of the treasure’ in their attempt to rule mankind exclusively with the values of go(l)d, as a religious dogma with no limit, under the cover of ‘greed’. And so it is only directed to the 1% that rules this specific society and all others who act in the same fashion. Hence ancient languages use often the word Jew to define anyone with those memes of absolute greed. And most human writers and prophets with maximal influence of life and love memes have being anti$emites. This kind of ‘racial slang’ though is wrong and imprecise because it should not encompass all the members of this society and its blind body cells, which are programmed by the memes delivered by its elites. Yet in any case those verbal prophets do not use weapons and so merely try to convert to humanism and the values of life those who practice go(l)d memes with no limit.

Indeed, what Judaism should understand is the wor(l)ds of their Saviors, not the prophets of go(l)d but of the Wor(l)d, Moses who abhorred the golden calf, Jesus who expelled the go(l)d traders from the temple of Moses and Marx who said the Jewish question would end when they abandon their wor(l)dly religion. And the fascinating fact is that those who believed in them survived the ‘gehenna’, were forgiven by the Romans (who spared christians) and survived Hitler’s holocaust in Russia. So, here it applies the spanish proverb told by mothers to spoiled children with eviL traits: ‘those who love you will make you cry’. And so we conclude the denounce of the abuses of this elite are positive for all of us.

And yet, astoundingly enough the true prophets of Judaism are always denied in all those cycles by the elite of banker-priests and most of the blind body cells of the body of judaism that will perish and listen only to their head, because it seems that the elite of Am Segullah bankers prefer the memes of greed to the salvation of their ‘saint innocent’ body cells, killed by the perpetrators. So they systematically ignore both, the admonitions of the wor(l)d prophets of Judaism and the warnings of the perpetrators during the unfolding of the crisis.  So in the myth of the gehenna, Nathan ignores Moses admonitions. In the Diaspora Holocaust Caifas ignores Jesus admonitions and those of Cicero, the wor(l)d master of Rome who warns them:

‘You know how large a group they (the Jews) are, and how influential they are in politics. I will lower my voice and speak just loudly enough for the jury to hear me; for there are plenty of individuals to stir up those Jews against me and against every good Roman, and I don’t intend to make it any easier for them to do this. Since gold was regularly exported each year in the name of the Jews from Italy and all our provinces to Jerusalem, Flaccus issued an edict forbidding its exportation from Asia. Who is there, gentlemen of the jury, who cannot sincerely commend this action? The exportation of gold had been forbidden by the Seanate on many previous occasions, and most strictly of all during my consulship. Further, that Flaccus was opposed to this barbarous Jewish superstition’.

The warning is clear ‘give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar’ or else. Why they act in this selfish manner is obvious. As the generals on the master piece of the Jewish wor(l)d prophet Mr. Kubrick ‘Paths of Glory’ care nothing for the foot soldiers of France (reason why the film was banned for decades from exhibition in France), the ‘generals of greed’ care nothing for the foot soldiers, ‘those who walk behind the asses’, the Hebrews that die and so they use the simplest, less informative, emotional level (see Foreword, II) of explanation of the facts of history and its multiple causes. As neither the generals not the bankers die in wars and holocausts. The first receive the medals; the second ones run with the money, after ruining a nation to the next stop, from Germany to US in 1917, soon from US to Australia to invest in Asia, when the dollar falls to the Yuan, as Mr. Rogers a WASP had already done, and Mr. Bloomberg, an Am Segullah, and the ultimate cause of this crisis with its e-money Bloomberg platforms of speculation that made him to the top 50 fortune, with residence in Sydney will soon do.

So the Am Segullah hide those cause both, to their body cells that will die on the holocausts and to the body cells of the warrior cultures that will perpetrate them, with: 

–       Antisemitism, the 3rd and most used version of this meme, which today as always has become a meaningless word, ab=used by all sides, which we therefore discharge as ascientific, substituted with the  previous 2 more precise definitions… Since, in essence antisemitism is an ideological meme, used to deactivate the reaction of both body-cells of Judaism and mankind against a reform of the financial system that will avoid the wars that will kill the body-cells of mankind and its final paroxism, the Holocaust that will kill the body-cells of Judaism. And so here the ‘ideological branch’ of the Am Segullah, ADL, puts everybody belonging to the previous two definitions, Anti$emites like  Marx, the man who provided the solution with the use of the higher logic of duality/dialectics: ‘the jewish question will be solved when they (their elite) abandon their worldly religion (money)’ or AntiSSemites like Amadinhejad.

–       And we could say he also included most Jewish people. Indeed Mr. Fox, recently defined antisemitism as those who believe that:

A) the Jewish people have control of the financial system;

B) consider Israel their nation

C) are imprinted by the Holocaust Meme of which they talk too often. LOL, those 3 memes are part of the present definition of the Jewish culture well known to most Jewish people and the elites of most nations, who work hand in hand with their elite in each country to control their 99% and because of their present but not long-lasting admiration for the shrewd ways of the Am Segullah help them with their mercenary armies to pump up their profits of ‘splendid little wars’, with all those existential wars of Israel, whose problems could obviously be solved with diplomacy and humanism and a just peace with the Palestines (but that won’t make profits for the military-industrial complex and the bond industry). Enough said.

Instead of turning around the same wheel forever as Mr. Fox does, we shall now consider the future consequences of the increasing control of our society by those hidden ‘antiSSemites’:

 As absolute power corrupts absolutely,  the Am Segullah, at the end of this ‘3rd generation’ as the head of the electronic wave of machines, have entered, as the Germans did and the British did before them, in a decadent, 3rd, militaristic, predatory cult(ure) of profits that is ‘breaking again’ the system, with foreseeable consequences NOT for them, but for their saint innocents, clueless about the workings of the cycles of history…
Once the spread of absolute poverty on the file and ranks of the American white trash brings the mutation of the Tea Party future president into fascist mode. Deja vu… It would be indeed the 13 Holocaust cycle I have studied since the banker-priests of Israel invented capitalism, all of them caused by economical crisis, and the subsequent social crisis and wars, since the first speculator recorded in History, Joseph, in a year of famine, stored wheat and sold it to great profit as prices sky-rocketed in Egypt and… next we knew the Hapiru, ‘those who walk behind the asses’, and their elite of ‘Am Segullah’, the ‘People of the Treasure’ were crossing the red sea, guided by their caudillo, Meshu, general of the Pharao who admonished them ‘the Jewish people will suffer all their history for their love of money’ to be defeated by Mr. Aaron and the golden calf, exiled to the mountain and according to Mr. Freud version, murdered by his brother in the first of the many episodes between the Saint Innocents of Judaism and their prophets of eusocial love, Moses, Jesus and Marx, and the Go(l)d believers and its anti-prophets of love, Aaron, Caifas and… Herzl, both of them providing the right and wrong solutions to the Jewish Question, once more the most important political and economical conundrum of the world today, albeit for the first time in history, a taboo theme, which only reinforces its future violent solution… for their Saint Innocents.
To note – as we deal with the historic, memetic elements of this culture in other posts – that its structure is as all social structures one that divides their people between the 1-10% of neuronal class of all organism and the ‘saint innocent’ blind body cells, the 90% who is submitted to the cycles of economical crisis, poverty, fascism and revenge against them, scapegoats of their neuronal class. So the future of all of us, their sheeple and we, sheeple of the West is dark. Because camouflage makes it even harder to solve those problems. Indeed, as the Financial-Media system is controlled by the same elite as both are reproduced with the same machines, it goes without saying that an accurate projection of that future according to similar past cycles is taboo. Instead we will keep repeating the same mistakes of previous cycles and the same tragedies… And given the present degree of ‘imprinting’ to state also that there is no personal agenda against this culture, to which curiously enough my sephardim but socialist mother family belongs in genes – not in memes, but the need to explain the truth about the economic ecosystem, and the solutions to the existential crisis that the policies of this culture is aggravating instead of solving in conjunction with the rest of the species, to which despite their myths, they also belong to. This just in case you bring about that silly-nilly notion that your corpses of capitalism and militarism are more important than mine… Let us keep them on the closet and solve the future ones.
Since the fact is, as it has always been that my 1%  and your 1-10% of stockrats work together, in each nation and care nothing in each nation, despite their ‘caring’ anti-truths and newspeaks for the 99% which they ignore and consider inferior, even if we tend to love them. So indeed, there will be victims again among our 99-90% (cultures dominant in memes of metal have a higher quantity of people moved by the values of gold and iron, as it is the case of the Jewish-Protestant, Biblical culture ruled by gold memes and the Germ(an)s, ruled by warrior ones, than cultures dominant in life memes; so for example, at the height of the Middle Ages, a war-based Germanic culture, France, had 10% of aristocrats and a  life based culture, Spain, had only 1% of Aristocrats, who monopolized the language of power of society then, weapons, with exclusive rights to reproduce them and null responsibility – judged by aristocratic courts; as today happens with stockrats, who rule ‘capitalist democracies’, with exclusive rights to reproduce the language of social power, money and null responsibility – law of anonymous societies.)

But camouflage does not change the consequences of the actions, the  realpolitiks of tribal origin even if social ‘experts’ standardize and objectify reality with mathematical tools, and complex, ‘neutral’ arguments that seem ‘scientific’ when they camouflage just the tribal attempts of the 1% of this cult(ure) and all their memetic nationalistic imitators from Japan to Spain, to seize a bigger piece of the social pie. We see this expertise talking every other day when instead society should be  talking of the appropiation by the 1% of the wealth of all nations. But today this becomes ‘needed economical measures’ imposed by ‘markets’ and the ‘science of economics’. Those reborn classic economists all respond to the dictum of Mr. Owens, one of the first humanist economists who put it clearly enough when he said that London economists were all working hard to invent complicated arguments – Say, Malthus, Ricardo – that cater for the owners of the mills they work for, justifying their taking of wealth and the sorrowful conditions of the workers. but none of them has even visited or owned those factories as I have, where the mechanical beings are far better treated than the human workers, who enslave long hours for meager, subsistence salaries working for them. Now you have power point presentation, Saint Nobels of the Dynamite, given by the bank of Sweden, ‘experts’ and MBAs to do the same. But the Universe is biological not mechanical, technology a tool of power, and science corrupted by it, as everything else.

And yet all this means nothing to the Am Segullah, since they cannot abandon greed, so as a lesser eviL they think that by denying it like mad people do, and creating the fantasy of economical and political correctness the cycle won’t be repeated. Thus the solution always essayed of denial today known as the Holocaust Idustry, which only explain the end of the cycle not its causes and responsabilities.

Simply speaking, capitalism censors its ‘real history’ – that of the extinction of life by the machines and memes of metal (money and weapons) it ‘re=produces’. Capitalism is the ideology that promotes the reproduction of ‘memes of metal’, a new biological species that kills life. This would be the simplest, objective definition of it in scientific, biological terms, as it should be, since machines are organisms of metal. Point.

Now, within this frame of mind, certain cultures have carried the evolution of the memes of capitalism, money, weapons and machines. Germans specialized in weapon memes and have discovered most weapons of mass destruction and ‘laws of physics’, the science of motion and construction of weapons.

Jewish discovered (cananeans) money and in the point of communication of 3 continents became the natural knot of trade that developed banking and monopolized it for millennia. This fact however unlike the history of weapons cannot be told about, explained. Capitalism has always censored information about its ‘own system’ to all life-humans. How this has been achieved is a marvel for the mind. Murder though of critics of capitalism has helped. If im alive i guess is because nobody reads this blog. In times when humans wanted to know, Christians, Marxists, r=evolutionaries were murdered. An inquisition of thought so has always existed in the culture of money. First it was an inquisition of religious nature. Then it became of mathematical and historic nature. it still lasts.

All this must be understood to explain one of the most complex and strange cycles of history. The death of the poor, lower castes of the social organism of judaism that cover for the misdeeds of the elite or bankers, corporation owners, slave traders in the past, merchants and money-lenders who have acted as the ‘soliton wave’ of digital information and money in the west, evolving in the past present and future the capitalist world.


The ultimate political correctness:  predators camouflaging as victims.

In the graph, the real origin of the anti-quantum paradox is the repression of true economic science, substituted by a religion of money that caters to the power of the dynasties and culture of bankers that still rule the western world. They have invented most forms of money in its main evolution as gold bars, coins (discovered by Greeks but soon minted in Canaan), banking and e-money. As they have been throughout history the ‘soliton’ of trade, banking and ruled their societies with money instead of weapons. But this power, which as all forms of information, require the acquiescence of the person ruled (since energy imposes itself by force, so do warriors with energetic weapons, but information by persuasion very different rules of the game). And this key feature of capitalism explains the difference between realpolitiks and popular culture, masterminded by financial corporations ruling ‘Free market’ democracies, and social sciences, whose work is ignored.


In the graph, the birth of the Go(l)d cult(ure) in Levante as a specialised cult(ure) with an Imperative language and a Levi people-caste on top of banker priests asking ex-votes of gold to their middle class of pedlers and slave and metal traders, which hand in hand with ‘earlier Jihads’ of arab warriors with bronze swords, conquered and destroyed the fertile crescent and neolithic civilisations of fertility Goddesses, started as the soliton of financial power, the conquest of the world. Today it controls the majority of financial-media industries and with the radiation of e-money have come also to control the majority of stocks in military industrial corporations, leading also the wave of robotic weapons. An printing billions of money for wasteful worthless internet companies through speculative schemes:

Those speculative schemes always favouring companies of the metal-earth and sinking human companies without credit.. In this manner they have invented around 10 trillions of e-money in the past three decades while over a billion of humans do not even have enough food to eat:

How this can go on for so long without complain? Because at the same time metalc0mmunicators as nervous systems imprint collective in simultaneity the actions of millions of cells, print the minds collectively of billions of human beings; silencing the suffering of billions of humans.2 simple examples: we all know all the stories of the Holocaust but none of the names of the holocaust of black people caused by the racist memes of the Ham Damnation, according to which arabs and negroes whose mythic ancestor pee on noah are slaves inferior to dogs (uphold as main reason of just slavery in protestant courts, and today used by orthodox jewish 1/3 of the Israeli army to justify apartheid). The same goes for the tragedies caused by Jihad, while we let sink the poor people without credit of sub-sahara sink in the ocean. But the true question about Jihad is not its obvious criminality but why a society that spends trillions in weapons has allowed for a decade a rag-army to humiliate and massacre their citizens without sending a UNO commanded troop operation to end the astounding cruelty of those people: answer, the capitalist system follows the law of profits of corporations: Max. price (weapons) – min. cost (audiovisual information reproduced by waves= Max. profits (speculation). So we need to reproduce weapons, inflationary money and hate media, to maximise profits, and when a new form of money (today e-money), weapons (today robotics) and hate media (today internet) is invented, the FMMI system does not repress the bad fruits of the tree of science but multiplies them to increase profits. So Saud Arabia funded ISIS has had a free ride while our society builds an electronic big brother to control its citizens, with such a excuse. We are thus in the orwellian age of perpetual splendid little wars. And when one of those cuckoo jihadist we promote fades away (al quaeda case) we replace it with a new one. But none of this is ever explained. 


To that aim it has always evolved hand in hand with systems of production of myths and racist memes of superiority to ensure the mental debasing of those conquered and hypnotised by go(l)d, first through a supremacist book of religion, the bible, which portrayed them as the superior race of the Universe, latter expanded by the press to Northern Europe (denial by Luther and Calvin of charity, social love and the Greek-platonic reform of the culture established by Jesus and Paul. Only briefly the European military took power from them when radio became in Italy and Germany the system of communication of the army returning their methods to the go(l)d culture. But after their defeat, we entered the last phase of the collective degradation of mankind rule in silence by e-money orders and tv-hate. Internet has only expanded the reach of those corporations. And so humans have entered as the chip radiation evolves into A.I. a phase of complete entropy, individual dog-eat-dog beliefs and visual violent selfish values. It is the neo-paleolithic, likely the last age of history.

In the graph, the Financial-Media system of informative machines that print money and manufacture the brain of mankind to make-belief the system is the best of all systems, those who own it are their victims, and they should feel ashamed for not letting the 0.2% own as the Leisure class that issues money in near monopoly buy companies, laws, and put politicos to work on the goal of protecting the resurrection of a racist bronze age culture in Israel. Anyone who dares to denounce such monopoly and corruption of democracies will be labelled as Anti-$emite and Google, Facebook and other companies of the Am Segullah, millenarian culture of People of the Treasure will se to it that it gets zero ranking, as this web has, for 6 years despite being the most scientific models of macro-economics available today:. Politicos do obey as they have lost the rights to print money except through extortion=taxation of the people (zero eficit laws), and since the coup d’etat of media against the American presidency (1973-watergate), all politicos either are tv-celebrities (from Reagan to Trump) or will always defend the ‘agenda’ of the people-caste on power (islamophobia, defense of apartheid israel, absolute rights for corporations to print money, defense of the Holocaust Industry) and distract voters with what classic economics considers its ‘mission’: law, order, police and military empire. Yet ultimately such design of the eco(nomic)system with the most primitive segregational ‘animetal memes’ of mankind means the certain obsolescence of humanity, which will have to be dealt with harshly as the robotic r=evolution make billions of humans obsolete.

So we shall call classic economics it not a science but what it is, the successful religion of power of the go(l)d biblical people, which needs to debase the intelligence of mankind with fictions, divide and win selfie ego-trips and null knowledge of real economics, occultation of the schools of historic, socialist, keynesian and biological economics and constantly denigrates the true networks of ethic, legal control of societies – our natural verbal language, and its human values, maintaining through massive anti-governments propaganda and an absolute law of silence on the processes of free invention of money by corporations the control of societies to serve the cult(ure) of go(l)d and its Financial-Media Masters (ab. FMasters), whose millenarian segregational  memes are either completely indifferent to mankind (as the heinous species who doesn’t ‘get it’ – the $elected are experts, and have the divine right to issue the money of societies) or are paranoid about the possibility of loosing its ‘wealth’ (holocaust industries, electron big brothers, islamophobia)… Ultimately casting a clear doubt about the future of mankind as an obsolete species, which the FMMI system does not need.

In essence all this means the western world is a dictatorship of the culture with the harshest, most racist memes against mankind, which have evolved from blatant racism (Talmud calls non-jewish people animals and punishes as a crime of bestialism, sexual intercourse with them), to the blatant anti-humanism of corporations and classic economics (Ricardo’s iron salary: a worker must be thrown out even under subsistence salary if a machine occupies his place; productivity laws; expenditure only in armies, law and order; Bentham, on defense of usury and similar ‘calvinist-anglican’ founding fathers tantrums against humanity). All can be resumed though in the sentence:

‘As long as I control the issue of money of the british empire, i don’t care whose puppet seats in the throne of Saint Jorge, I control the empire’ (rothschild).

Now the puppets are called POTUS. Since if Judaism never cared much for humanity and hence politics, since the foundation of Israel it does have a huge stakes on the control of political systems in the west. Hence our maps of the Financial-Media Jewish empire.

As the ‘twin religion’ of calvinism-Anglicanism shares the same beliefs, all those ‘elites’ are ‘reinforced’ by a mass of willing ‘$laves’ of capitalism, specially in the Anglo-American culture where 80% of Americans believe the burning bush worshipped by some bronze age ass-breeders created the Universe.


The antiquantum paradox is the reason why we seem to be explaining economics and history with a very different point of view to that which ‘the industry of scholar information’ and the think tanks of ‘economic experts’ that rule the world use. Fact is their point of view is that of the 1%, which they ‘defend with the word’ on exchange for the go(l)d the 1% monopolize.

While the aforementioned social scientists and this web adopts the point of view of the 99% of mankind,  which obviously is the point of view of the human species which is the subject of a real social sciences, for whom those social sciences must cater – totally ignored in the equations of our leading financiers and corporative managers…

In that sense a key factor of social sciences is the ‘anti-quantum paradox’: the dissociation between realpolitiks – the exercise of power with ‘memes of metal’ and the picking of economical and social theories according to its acquiescence with power (‘You will defend me with the sword and i will defend you with the word’ Tertulianus) NOT to its scientific accuracy, which is the case of classic, ‘biblical economics’ and ‘nationalistic history’ – and the theoretical truth and proper design of the superorganisms of history. The cause of this paradox is inverse to the cause of the well-known uncertainty paradox of quantum physics but provokes the same uncertainty of truth in social sciences. In our case, we the observers, the social scientists, are so small relative to the observable, the society of man with its power castes on top, that we are modified – in the past killed, in the present just censored – by the observable (in quantum physics the observable, the particle is inversely so small than the observer, the human physicists, modifies it).

The result of the anti-quantum paradox is obvious. What passes as economical science (classic economics) and justifies capitalism as the only ‘natural’ model of regulating societies, is just the cultural ideology of the Jewish-Protestant ‘biblical culture’ that started the Industrial R=evolution. Hence a series of ‘myths and damned statistics’ that cater to the cultural values and selfish agendas of the tribes and social castes that have won the battle of history, thanks to their darwinian evolution and reproduction of systems of energy (weapons) and information (money, audiovisual machines), used to control the rest of mankind.

Indeed, this fact – that capitalism is just the mathematical version of the primitive, racist religion of the people who invented money, the corporation, the banking industry and still monopolizes it, controlling in the western world 80% of positions among CEOs of financial corporations, central bankers and CFOs of the 1000 fortune – de facto becoming the owners of the Earth Inc. and defining the policies of their hired politicos and the future of all of us, is perhaps the biggest taboo and most successful censorship brought about by political and economical correctness. Since if we knew capitalism is just a primitive ideology or ‘culture’ NOT science, we would seek for the proper science and solve the problems of the world, according to it.

Political and Economical correctness: the Holocaust Industry and its negative effects for the 99% of ALL cultures.

Now, let us go for the most subtle, rhetorical of all the arguments in protection of capitalism and the banking elite, the 1-10% of ‘Am Segullah’, upper class of the Jewish go(l)d culture – the myth of the Holocaust according to which, this elite cynically protects itself of any wrong-doing by camouflaging as all informative predators do, among the victims of his lower classes of ‘habiru’, ‘those who walk behind the asses’, that is the peddlers and hard working ‘saint innocents’, scapegoats of their predatory actions in the tragic cycle of war and holocaust that ensues the ruin of nations by the ‘Am Segullah’.

The politically correct argument to censor and NEVER to explain the real data, causality and cycles of this historic repetitive event, according to the laws of the scientific method, is called the “Holocaust guilt”. And essentially consists in pumping up and selecting from the tragedies of II Word War with their 66 million victims, the 5 million victims of the Jewish culture, as special ‘victims’ that deserve more pity than the rest of us.

The people of my country, els Paysos Catalans, 1/5th of which died in the fascist holocaust, are not that special of course. They can die, as the millions capitalism kills every other day are invisible and the victims of apartheid Israel are invisible. And this is right because we must forget the crimes of Israel. This of course is just more of the same: you never can criticize the dictators of any society, as they are special, ‘more equal’ than other victims.’

In any society the only people you cannot talk about are the dictators. So you must understand in military dictatorships that the king and the dictator were chosen by the grace of God. And you must NOT criticize the same racist ideology clearly expressed in the Book of History of the ‘Treasure People’ (the Am Segullah). Because, the Bible is NOT a book of history self-similar to other books of the age, in which the Chosen of God are each tribe-nation that writes his book. No. Mind the reader this specific book of history IS the book of all sciences, where the meaning of the Universe is explained. And so you cannot criticize such enlightened piece of literature and of course, never criticize that the tribe of The Book considers itself like the Assyrians, special people because they have metal-power.

3000 years of banking roles have produced ‘gems’ of political, economical and religious correctness, which in America is supreme. Indeed, there the most powerful form of censorship is exercised with that book of history of the… bronze age. Believe it or not, a lost of American rational, scientific people, which otherwise seem normal and do act as normal people most of the time, have this surrealist idea recorded by the Goebbel’s method of repetition and audiovisual rhetoric –  that this book of History of the Jewish people, who thought to be ‘Chosen of Go(l)d’ and called themselves due to their profession Am Segullah (the People of the Treasure) is NOT a primitive book of tribal history and ego-trips that cater to the banker priests of this society, but The book of God.

This combination of Biblical awe to the Chosen of the Creator, and Holocaust eviL, which make us guilty and mathematical, digital, economical rhetorics that make us ignorant people who do not understand that bankers are ‘experts’ and  ‘usury’ is growth, of course has a single aim: to maintain the control of money in the hands of the 1% of the Am Segullah nation and save us, the eviL, murderous, atheist, stupid Europeans who pretend to create their own currency, of our errors, since they know better. Because all what the BCE does is for our good. He is a public servant; and of course, the culture of bankers do NOT monopolize banking for millennia. All this is ‘confabulation theory’, ‘deja vu’ Anti$emitism which only can mean that the scholar is truly a hateful individual akin to the terrorists and nazis that murder the righteous experts. Such data is of course ‘false’. And you can prove it. Mr. Tritchet is ‘french’. Mr. Bernake is ‘American’. And so on. They do not belong to a different nation. This is even more gruesome anti$emitism. This kind of statement is the end of any scholar career as the case of a Chicagoan scholar who dared to speak loud on the interests of the US in the Middle East proves. Or the end of your career in the media as the case of a Latino anchorman at CNN proves… And of course, nothing of this can be published in mainstream mediaas financial power has always been backed by the control of all other forms of information, printed by the same machines.

But the true harm done with political correctness is to make predators feel entitled as ex-victims to do anything they wish.

If there was no holocaust industry bankers will be hold responsible with the military of the cycle of the Holocaust and behave properly. But as victims, their memes are if anything, even more ‘capitalist’ and ab=usive of others with money.


The culture of western plutocrats: Am Segullah, Habiru and Holocaust cycles.

And this brings the most absolute political correctness and anti-truth: to convert the culture of bankers in the ‘special’ victims of history.

This ultimate political correctness is now called by the new left, the ‘holocaust industry’ that makes the elite of Judaism, which monopolize banking in the west (80% of financial CEOs and central bankers and 52% of the wealthiest 1% of America), ‘untouchable’, because their lower classes (jewish farmers of the pale of settlement) were murdered in second world war. And this was indeed a tragedy. But here there are two twisted arguments: the first that those victims were  ‘more victims’ than the other 60 million people who died under the boot of fascism in the 30s… For example, in Catalonia fascism killed around 1/5th of the people, but nobody mentions them in the audiovisual media, which as the rest of the systems of information of America are controlled by the financial elite. So we are not victims. Ultimately this only shows that in any dictatorship the dictators are more important than the rest. But it means also that audiovisual images make us all feel ‘guilty’ of an old crime which we did not commit and according to that fact, we must accept any financial ab=use because our victims are not that important

The ‘Industry of the Holocaust’ and its use to justify apartheid against Palestines is a ‘subtle’ idea, absurd if we reason it.Since we must by this absurd reasoning forget the crimes of Stalin because 20 million Russians were cleansed by the SS to leave space to the german peasants. We must also forget the crimes of Tibet, because 30 million chinese died victims of Japanese cleansing. And so on.

A sociological class analysis of  Judaism however will show that this politically correct form of censorship has another fundamental purpose for the Holocaust industry, besides helping Israel commit crimes without challenge: to censor any information about the ‘banker-priests’ that have ruled Israel and the Western World with money, since money became the language of social power of our civilization; and hence allow them to commit the crimes of Capitalism and control the issue of money in the West at will. So the Holocaust Industry has an ultimate meaning: To hide the power and real history of the ‘nation’ of banker-priests who has come to control the west with money, due to the fact that they chose Gold, informative metal, instead of weapons, energetic metal as the tool of social power, at least 2000 years before the first Europeans did (Florentine bankers).

Let us be frank. The western world is ruled by corporations and corporations are ruled by the banking industry and the ‘stockrats’, the elite of the Jewish culture, who call themselves ‘Am Segullah’, ‘People of the Treasure’ owns it.

But if this were known obviously the American and European people would want to regain their sovereign rights. They might start to see capitalism as a culture or ideology of banker’s power. And so in a cynical twist of history, the upper castes of Judaism, the bankers that rule this society hide among the lower castes of Judaism, the real victims and scapegoats of the actions-reactions of greed, slavery, hate and murder provoked by its stockratic elite  throughout history.

And to that aim, also half of the story of those tragedies is systematically denied and censored – namely the exploitation of people with usury and slave trade, in which the elite of Judaism has excelled, inventing most of its classic and modern forms.

In the American case this is achieved with the total censorship of 1/2 of the history of their banking culture; which appears always as victim ‘only’ without ever mentioning the predatory nature of usury lending, slavery and other practices developed by this culture since the Bronze age.

Since we ares studying a particular case – the dictatorship of the nation of bankers over all other cultures, we shall consider only one case of this massive censorship of the action-reaction processes, part of the Holocaust Industry, the so-called case of the ‘Blood Libel’. Now, today there are millions of Jewish people who are not in the financial industry, but this culture chose in the bronze age money instead of weapons to rule society and create empires, inventing in Canaan, with the Phoenicians a blue print of capitalism based in a caste of banker priests, the Am segullah (people of the treasure) whose worker-body, the Habiru (those who walk behind the asses) were military purveyors, slave dealers and money dealers, transporting weapons with asses all over the Middle East, to exchange for gold, given to the temple as ex-votes, in a go(l)d religion of power of little interest for philosophy and science. Their specialization in trade and banking was absolute. And at the height of the roman Empire they were 10% of the population, in fight for power with the warrior castes of rome, which finally destroyed the temple, the ‘central bank’ of the time, for reasons clearly explained by Cicero:

‘You know how large a group they (the Jews) are, and how influential they are in politics. I will lower my voice and speak just loudly enough for the jury to hear me; for there are plenty of individuals to stir up those Jews against me and against every good Roman, and I don’t intend to make it any easier for them to do this. Since gold was regularly exported each year in the name of the Jews from Italy and all our provinces to Jerusalem, Flaccus issued an edict forbidding its exportation from Asia. Who is there, gentlemen of the jury, who cannot sincerely commend this action? The exportation of gold had been forbidden by the Seanate on many previous occasions, and most strictly of all during my consulship. Further, that Flaccus was opposed to this barbarous Jewish superstition’.

Then as today, the elite cause a massive financial crisis due to the accumulation of Gold which was not returned to the productive economy but kept in the temple under the ‘barbarous Jewish superstition’. But as usual the Am Segullah escaped to babylon with the capital, which as a language of information move faster than the energy carrier. Hence the energy carrier, the jewish body dies and the informative memes of capitalism, the bible and gold moves away. And this causes the holocaust of the body – the peddler, the habiru, and the survival of the elite, the Am Segullah, the banker-priest, with its biblical and go(l)d memes. The cycle happens though once and again because the ‘Stockholm syndrome’ of the Habiru towards its elites. But of all this ONLY the final holocaust is NOT censored. So in this manner, the cycle becomes eternally repeated, because NEVER the causes, NOT understood are CHANGED. And so the next cycle happened in the middle ages, WITH THE SAME structure.

In the middle ages, the Jewish Radhanite merchants became, as it has always been the case in history, the major capitalists of slave trade; then of Russian women, who became known as ‘slavs’ for slave and prompted the conversion of Khazars to Judaism to halt the trade (as the racist book of history of the Am Segullah can only exercise usury or slavery with the inferior not chosen of go(l)d people), while in the West, the main ‘human capital’ traded were young boys, neutered to multiply by 10 ‘its’ price in Baghdad as eunuchs. Problem is that while this was good for profits, 2/3rds of the merchandise bled to death and was thrown to the gutter, where the peasant parents found. So they attacked ghettos to rescue children during the 7 centuries in which the trade lasted (VI to XII century). And an anti$emitic feeling spread all over Europe. For example, the great massacres of Jewish people in Southern France happened soon after it was discovery that one Simon had sold ‘its’ merchandise of 20.000 children, that he was supposed to sail as saint innocent crusaders in the market of Algiers.

But why peasants sold those children as slaves? At the beginning of the Middle Ages, peasants had only to pay in species. But that was not profitable for the banker, who needs debt to control and become wealthy. So lobbies of bankers convinced kings to collect taxes  in gold, to oblige peasants to become debtors, as they monopolized the use of metal as money. This means that peasants had to pay up to 86% of annual interest in usury asked for the banker to pay taxes in precious metal. And normally within 2 years he had to sell his son as servant of the Ghetto to pay the doubled loan. Then he often found them instead of serving, bleeding to death, and knowing nothing about the Eunuch trade he thought the Jewish people drunk his blood. Now, today this is called the ‘blood libel’. There has been a massive cleansing of information on the eunuch trade even in the scholar world. And instead of talking of the real facts, only the murder of jews by gangs of parents are told. And of course, the causes are the brutality of us, European-Americans, who hate unjustly the righteous, innocent jewish victims and thought they drunk the blood of our children.

Of course, they did not drink their blood, just killed them for profits as inferior goyyim, according to culture.

So you see how subtle is the arguments of the Holocaust Industry, and the way in which by hiding half of the process of action-reaction, of greed and murder (the part of greed), capitalism is saved of any critique, and the real cause of this holocaust, the economical profit of an elite of Rhadanite International traders in slaves, luxury and weapons is hidden?

And of course it works. So today in America the ‘blood libel is a ‘sacred’ totem and proof of the existence of the ‘jewish victim’ and the brutality of we, European peasants. To the point that when Miss Palin used the term ‘blood libel’, in a favorable comparison of the suffering of the American people and the suffering of Jewish eunuch traders, a wave of protests and ‘ad hominem’ campaign ensued, accusing Miss Palin of lacking sensibility with the tragedy… of the Jewish ‘victims’. Since those eunuch children, the real victims, never existed, as all information in this trade is now censored. The enslavers, the victims of an action-reaction process of greed and murder, are the innocent victims; and their sensibility is so pure that while none of them has ever complained about and certainly today knows nothing of this censored trade, they all ‘suffer’ just to hear the mention of ‘the blood libel’.

But this newspeak is even more damaging to the lower castes of the dynastic bankers of capitalism, always abandoned by them to their tragic end, becoming the scapegoats that died in the holocaust cycle; while bankers never die. Since of course, in those trades as in all the holocausts the banker/enslaver – in this case Simon – was never found. One survivor arrived back to Marseilles, explained the tragedy and since Simon was missing they just killed whoever they found in the ghettoes. So the 90-99% of this culture who has nothing to do with finances and are the Saint Innocents of their banker-priests would do much better if they hear their ‘real prophets’, Moses and Jesus and Marx, who warned them against the priest-bankers of profits. Because only those who believed in the past cycles in their prophets of social love and humanism survived. Only those who obeyed Moses laws in the myth of the ghenna survived and the worshipers of the golden calf died. Only those who followed christ survived as the Romans understood there were different cultures/religions and spared them, making only the possession of the Talmud death penalty; and only those who joined the Marxist r=evolution Russia survived Hitler and are now the Khazars of Israel.  

Since to be fair with Judaism, the present dominant culture of the western society, only its elite of banker-priests is on top of the society, governing us with its control of languages of information. ITS 90-99% WOULD PROBABLY WANT TO REFORM THE SYSTEM SO they are never again the scapegoat of those cycles of which only the financial castes on top of the society have to be blamed for (and the military perpetrators not their lower castes and the rest of mankind). But the problem is such societies are long lasting as all networks of information are.

Indeed, a society ruled by a language of information – NOT a language of ‘military’ energy – as the elite of the Jewish-Protestant ‘Go(l)d culture’ who rules the western world with money is, works as a ‘herd’ without a center, according to the laws of system networks we shall explain latter. More or less like the Net which cannot be reformed or destroyed, capitalism has a ‘wave structure’ not a ‘particle structure’ as military dictatorships are. So the individual does not matter. It is the entire system’s design what matters. Hence the absurd determinism of those cycles.

And so we shall  explain how networks of information work and control bodies of energy.

There is indeed a higher view on all this: you live in a biological, social organism, where the neurons that control the language of information, money follow the laws of those systems, and select the information the cells receive, so the body can be exploited by the head and feel happy doing that. So now we will introduce you into how ‘confabulation theories’, which are the staple food of the Universe, work.


Specialization in information.

Another clear proof and reason of the control of the system by this culture is its specialization in information, which gives a small number of people an enormous power over a great quantity according to the ‘social class structure’ of all superorganisms with a neuronal, informative head that controls a much larger body of blind cells. Specially when it controls the languages that simultaneously program with their informative codes millions of cells, as neurons do with multiply synapsis, money with corporative legios of workers and mass-media with self-replicating hertzian waves that program simultaneously millions of believers.

– Specifically the Am Segullah 1-10% elite of judaism controls the reproduction of the language of money, produced with the same machines that produce metal-information. And so they have extended their control to all mass-media, as the machines that print money and information are the same. This duality allows them to act as the head of informative and financial corporations with millions of people working for them, and hence they have been able to manufacture the brains of the rest of mankind despite its small numbers. But organisms are hierarchical and the head is always smaller. In decametric scales most systems have a head with a 1-10% of the total ‘cells of the system’. A few thousand spaniards controlled totally with weapons South-America. So did a few thousand British with India. A few million Jewish people suffice to control through corporations the future of the western world, which fights as mercenary armies its wars against Islam, needs the money their bankers reproduce and is imprinted by their information.

The specialization of the culture in information and specifically all professions related to go(l)d wealth (managers, economists, speculators, bankers), informative power (mass-media, lawyers), and life power (judges, medical), for which you pay the maximal wealth; makes it even more powerful.

Moreover the laws of General systems show that information is more powerful than energy. It leads it, it is valued as a ‘square’ in the mathematical models of evolution developed by GST (general systems theory). So for example the momentum that determines power in physical encounters is mv², where speed is the parameter of information and it is squared. Power laws based in the dimensionality of information square it -as a bidimensional, cyclical form (Holographic principle). A top predator is defined as  Max. E x Max. I². This happens because informative systems form networks, as in neurons, where each neuron is connected to all others, while energetic, body systems form herds in which each cell is only connected to their closer ‘family ones’.

– And this brings the 4th reason of the triumph of the Am Segullah in the tribal wars for global power, which are the engine of history. Of all the nations of the world, due to its temporal length, the Am segullah elite of bankers is an international cohesive network, working for a single, selfish agenda, while all other nations act as herds of their body, loosely divided in individuals, and that division, which is all crystal clear in America, fostered by the mass-media since the 70s coup d’etat, when the American people started to differentiate themselves as African-Americans, Polish-Americans you name it, so the tribe on top would be disguised, makes the Am Segullah an all powerful head with no opposition. As it makes corporations, legal persons that can beat always any individual, humanist activist against them.

 Because ultimately the Corporation is the issue. If we have dealt with the cult(ure) of go(l)d is because one Cohen founded the first Corporation of slaves and the Biblical memes are the ones that rule the world through them.
The result is a different kind of organism: one in which humans are no longer the body but increasingly the energy, expendable and substituted by the memes of metal.
And this is the key difference between a superorganism of history that would work for all mankind, in which memes of metal and Gaia would be the energy, and the present organism based in racist memes and primitive go(l)d religions, in which that order is inverted and metal is on top of man.
And yet never so few had so much power over so many, thanks to the control of mass-media and financial information, and the ‘carrier’ corporation that amplifies with millions of workers their program of history.

Reason why we adore them, as they give us our minds and create our money. Reason why we fought their wars against the other ‘warrior semites’ that oppose them. Reason why not only America but Europe where the French and British president and the ‘opposition’ candidates belong to their culture, and all the financial masters of the BCE and advisors to clueless Miss Merkel belong to their culture, and the only humanist culture left, the PIGS culture who believed in the rights of governments to reproduce money and create a welfare state to our image and likeness, has suffered a massive attack from Wall Street speculators, and a series of coup d’etats by financiers that have topped the free elected governments of Italy and Greece, the cradle of humanism and democracy, hand in hand with their Germ(an) dobermans, who can only obey or else be called anti$emites.

What this means merely is that today social sciences and scholarship and their praxis – politics – is so corrupted by money or so erased by the constant decline of our minds, in the visual age that the Financial-Media system rules completely our world.

Politicos are just secondary celebrities of that system. And scholars must provide not the truth of history but fancy data for History Channel programs on the Holocaust, the evilness of Islam and so on.

Thus the best thing we can do generally speaking is to ignore completely most scholarship in those sciences as ‘paid-per-view’ ‘documents’ that cater the agenda of a group of power that pays for them or subventions the school, or as memetic imprinting of people who develop a ‘path of thought’ totally irrelevant to the search for truth, but good as a placebo of happiness and the anthropomorphic fantasies of the human species, as center of the Planet Earth.

This of course, did not exist prior to II W.W. Scholars were not purposedly or naively, due to their imprinting and lack of knowledge caused by ‘correct censorship’, working to cater for the ideas of the 1%. Then social sciences were real. And so we might continue remembering the times when the truth of history was not ‘incorrect’ and the point of the 99% could be spelt without being censored by the control of the Financial-Media system by the 1%.

But the erasing of History will not change the destiny of mankind. What happened in that war is clear: after centuries of abusing the rest of humanity, the ’2 nietzschian’ super-races of metalmasters finally confronted each other for total power. And one won despite suffering enormous losses among their ´saint innocents, their lower classes, who as all lower classes are blind cellular bodies irresponsible of the designs of their heads.

And so now there is only a top predator supranation that manufactures most of the memes of the economic system. And they define with them the political and economical agenda of the world, and they feel righteous and they think thy are guiding the world to a technoutopia, because that is what they have done for millenia. But that is their biased point of view. The point of view of life which is being replaced is obviously the opposite one. And dare I say, as a humanist writer, I sympathize with life – and so they should because at the end of times, they will find out they are neither made of gold or iron but they are also flesh like the rest of us. And so as flesh, this will be their real history, from the point of view of humanity and the science of the superorganism of history that germ(an)ic warriors had killed so many times and jewish informative masters hypnotize and enslave with go(l)d, audiovisual media, damned lies and statistics. 

How informative languages control the world. Invisibility, action at distance, networks…

“An invisible man can rule the world, no one will see him come and no one will see him go.”

The Invisible Man, Wells, also known for ‘History of the World’ and ‘Time machine’.

Capitalism is predatory culture, using the oldest trick of nature: camouflage. So know we shall deal with the less obvious and yet most important part of languages of information. How they rule the world in an ‘invisible manner’…

ne might wonder how it is possible that the same people who brought about the last Kondratieff crisis, and its causal consequences, poverty, fascism, war and holocaust are doing the same again. Why Mr. Rothschild et Al have not changed the system to one which is more manageable, more just, in which they would still be on top, extremely wealthy but maintain a sustainable planet for future generations to thrive. And the answer is the oldest trick of predators, camouflage.

Indeed,  mr. Rothschild, Mr. Gross, Mr. Paulson, Mr. Goldman, Mr. Bloomberg nd so on,  i can imagine couldn’t care less because they are invisible. Other come and go for them – politicos, corporations, mercenary armies, all of them under the orders of invisible money. And this as always, requires to be understood 3 elements, the higher view of Theory, namely the properties of languages of information, which rule in a far more subtle way than languages of energy (money vs. weapons in this case); the facts and data hidden by the anti-quantum paradox, and the human side of it. Who exercises the power given by the language of go(l)d – the ‘invisible hand of god’.

We shall escape the general properties of information vs. energy treated in other posts on general systems sciences.

But if you ever want to make sense of the world you live, you have to understand what seems to escape the intelligence of most humans: how languages of information control with far more efficiency social organisms.

Indeed, perhaps the biggest misconception of the entire humankind and our civilization is the incapacity to understand information and its laws. We know heads rule bodies and particles fields of energy, but we focus in the body and the field. We know certain people control history with languages of information (laws and money). But the most powerful language, money, is completely misunderstood, even by those who monopolize and control it – bankers.

And this is due to the fact information is not ‘obvious’, ‘visual’, spatial’, ‘evident. Information is subtle, small, cyclical, temporal, complex, invisible as your words are and the fluxes of money are. Because it moves much faster than energy does; it controls the blind bodies of energy that need information to form their behavior.

The nervous system controls totally its chemical cells, because it travels faster than chemical messages and it is hidden in its original center, the brain, which cells do not see.

The language of money has the same properties. It travels at light speed through e-money orders coming from the collective brain of the economic superorganism, the World-stock Market.

Thus the first property of informative languages to be understood is its invisibility, speed and dissuasive non-violent methods.

And so in the same way that priests could run without real power by subtle information the germanic barbarians in the middle ages, because they believe on them, but once the believers stop believing, priests become powerless, financial masters can govern the world with invisible flows of money they monopolize in their invention as long as people believe in the ‘experts’ of capitalism, and the right to issue money of which Mr. Rothschild bragged in a previous quote, are not taken from them. Today Mr. Rothschild ‘only’ controls the price of Gold and the mind of ‘experts’ from his newspaper, The Economist. Since he is indeed the Master of the I Industrial R=evolution, in which information was given with ‘chemical presses’, newspapers, gold standardized currencies and stock-papers. Others are more powerful. Gross, the boss of Plimco  who defines the price of the Euro with its 2 trillion dollar bets against it, followed as a military march by all the makers of the market, and Bloomberg, the owner of the e-money platforms that invent them. As the language of power, money has evolved. But and this is the fascinating fact of systems and languages, which are both hierarchical and evolve in time, they still belong to the same ‘supranation’ which discovered gold and made of it his language of power, first in contradiction with rival warrior nations till with the Industrial R=evolution, the need for money to build weapons put them also on top of Western warrior empires.

All has therefore changed to remain the same. And there is no ‘confabulation theory’ on this – another politically correctness concept to dismiss the science of information applied to money. Indeed, black holes are extremely small but they rule entire galaxies because they are ‘invisible’ and their force, gravitation is ‘invisible’ and yet it delivers orders and places each star into a vortex that feeds the invisible central black hole, hidden by a ‘protective’ shinny armour of light. And this is achieved because information moves faster than light, gravitation is non -local instantaneous.

The paradigm of this mode of control is obviously only for those who are outside the system, the way in which the ‘nation of bankers’ controls the entire American world.

This is NOT done by force at all, but by dissuasion, by control of the entire system of information of the nation, and by censorship, but a subtle manner, through dissuasion, through political correctness. The key to any informative control is always the same: maintain the body in absolute blindness, so he will only perceive the Universe through the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ of the Head. And so in any time of history in which there has been a ‘dictatorship’ of an informative group or caste, of verbal or monetary nature (priests or bankers) there MUST EXIST AN INQUISITION OF THOUGHT, an Index Librorum, a politically correct agenda. 

Vatican Priests at the head of their corruption as a religion of go(l)d (pre-reform popes of the Middle Ages), forbade the translation of the bible so the people under their tutelage needed their ‘expertise’ to understand the word of God. In the present religion of Go(l)d, not a single country teaches economics in schools and alternative theories of economics and politicos know nothing of it, so they MUST by force ask and let the Bankers rule the system.

Thus blindness of the body is a must, which in the paradigm of the dictatorship of bankers, America, studied in more detail in these posts – and now mimicked in the process of globalization of the financial industry – is rather absolute. And the result is the desired outcome: the blind body obeys blindly THE HEAD, even if the head is M.A.D. ensuring the mutual assured destruction of the head and the body by absorbing all the resources of the body and giving back no energy to its cells.

Indeed, the astounding fact for many external observers of America is the absolute slavery of the collective American psyche to their master race, which they will defend with their life, without a blinking of an eye, as they do today in the ‘Semite wars’ between Israel and is Arab enemies. 100% of the first budget of Obama went to the Semite wars (military) and the bankers (debt service and bailouts). The rest, what the American people who are NOT from the bankers’ culture got was all paid in ‘deficit’ hence borrowed. All their taxes went to the head. And everybody was happy and indeed, they are now voting for Romney which even wants more of the pie till total exhaustion for the master race. And yet, even a slight mention of this fact means complete isolation of the rebel who dares to speak. This web fluctuates as an ‘experiment’ in readers from top to bottom when I introduce this theme (so for example this week which I reintroduced this themes it has plummet on views from America). Here in Europe the comparison with ‘monarchies’ for whom Spanish peasants die, or military dictators for whom Germans died is apt. When Zukhov asked Hitler to surrender he said he will not. And when Zukhov told 30o.000 berliners would die, he said, ‘I know, they will die for him’. Thus the essential sado-masochist relationship between head and body exists constantly in history, provoking when the head is ‘drunk of power’ and tortures his own body as in the German case and now the American case, the collapse of the civilization (because the head after all lives of the body).

The third fundamental property of informative power is ‘disguise’, ‘camouflage’.

The coral snake eats because it looks like a harmless one, the mantis appears as a harmless tree branch, the virus seems inert as he passes his genetic code for the enslaved cell to work for him; and so on. In the jewish case this is obvious and already explained. The causes of the Holocaust are economical, caused by the usury practices of its elites that ruin nations. But this is camouflaged with the fact that the revenge process kills the poor jewish as scapegoat victims. What goes on here is camouflage of the upper elite of Judaism in its Saint innocents to instill guilt on people who won’t talk of the cultural nature of capitalism and the usury abuses even in this crisis. And to that aim capitalism censors the 1/2 part of usury lending.  In the American case this is achieved with the total censorship of 1/2 of the history of their banking culture; which appears always as victim ‘only’ without ever mentioning the predatory nature of usury lending, slavery and other practices developed by this culture since the Bronze age. Since we dealt with this form of censorship in the previous post under the title ‘political correctness’, we won’t repeat the data here.To repeat again that this newspeak is even more damaging to the lower castes of the dynastic bankers of capitalism, always abandoned by them to their tragic end, becoming the scapegoats that died in the holocaust cycle; while bankers never die. Since of course, in those trades as in all the holocausts the banker/enslaver – in this case Simon – was never found. One survivor arrived back to Marseilles, explained the tragedy and since Simon was missing they just killed whoever they found in the ghettoes.

So the 90-99% of this culture who has nothing to do with finances and are the Saint Innocents of their banker-priests would do much better if they hear their ‘real prophets’, Moses and Jesus and Marx, who warned them against the priest-bankers of profits. Because only those who believed in the past cycles in their prophets of social love and humanism survived. Only those who obeyed Moses laws in the myth of the ghenna survived and the worshipers of the golden calf died. Only those who followed christ survived as the Romans understood there were different cultures/religions and spared them, making only the possession of the Talmud death penalty; and only those who joined the Marxist r=evolution Russia survived Hitler and are now the Khazars of Israel.  Since the game of humanity and its social evolution cannot be cheated. It is the Law of the Real God, the mind of the Fractal, organic, evolutionary Universe, which only a mad culture dares to defy.

Today this of course is not expressed in this terms in the world at large – beyond the programming of 3/4 of the American population with the Book of History of the culture of bankers, which is the basis in which its American dictatorship is based. Here, in Europe a  political and economical correct/censoring argument – the holocaust – is used:

The Holocaust Industry thus is kept to protect the elite of Judaism, NOT its lower people, as the naive Israeli Khazar believe – on my view despite their brutal treatment of Palestine a clear victim of his elites, under the Stockholm Syndrome as most Americans are – since those bankers, camouflage with the 90-99% of relatively normal people of this culture, whose tragedy is NOT to evolve as Europeans have done and abandon the primitive pre-scientific mythic age of the human psyche in which they are hold prisoners. But the industry also is meant to keep the European and American under the boot of the banker without any complain. Since it follows, that we, the European People and the American descendants, not our castes of fascist military and usury bankers, are the criminals, who have for millennia prosecuted the Jewish people, who never did nothing wrong.

We just hate them because we are lowly people, brutish ignorant individuals who do not ‘understand’ the righteous. This is achieved ignoring the action-reaction processes of history. Since Holocausts have always economical causes (which do not justify murder but are the causes, as even Mr. Hitler explained, in the most censored document of the W.W. II tragedy). Now, the reader ignores that Mr. Hitler made the SS NOT to kill Jewish at first, but to cleanse the ‘slav’ lands of peasants and colonize it with its military germ(an)s. And he succeed, killing 20 million. But of course, we do not forget Stalin crimes because 20 millions died in the Russian Holocaust. They do not have a holocaust industry to convince us of such twisted logic. Only at the end of the war, when the Am Segullah in Wall Street and the Rabbies of Zurich, did NOT want to buy them, because they were ‘impure Khazars’ of the Pale of Settlement or exchange them for Volvo Trucks (Wallenstein deal), he put Auschwitz at full work knowing perfectly he was revenging against people who were innocent because he couldn’t catch Mr. Rothschild (only an old aunt who stubbornly decided to remain in her French Castle.)

And yet I doubt one out of ten Americans is still reading – a few more perhaps from Europe, where History is still taught with a relatively less profound bias. All in all on my view the Holocaust Industry success is basically a proof of our non-democratic system where bankers rule. It is equivalent to any other ‘religion of an elite’, chosen by the Grace of God (as military kings believed) or with a manifest destiny (as the millenarian Reich thought). In this case we are dealing with the oldest, most sophisticated, by all means dominant predatory culture of information, which in fact invented the millenarian religion of world power:

‘At the end of times, al the tribes of the Earth will become slave of Yvwh – the Jewish People – or will be exterminated’ Babylonian Talmud. Sanhedrin.

And indeed, this is the time we are now. With a difference, of course, that this is not a life enhancing strategy but a M.A.D. one, a Mutual Assured Destruction in the final stage of war and holocaust of all those crisis. And we will return to that and to the first ‘age’ of capitalism, when banker-priests controlled people with religion in exchange for gold ex-votes. Since capitalism has always been a religion of go(l)d. Only that now the experts talk with digital languages, but still people do not understand them, as they did not understand Latin when controlled with religion and of course, then and now it was forbidden to translate to a normal speak the Bible and the digital arguments of economists at the service of the banking and corporative industries.

And this is the true power of the Top Predator culture of metal-information, judaism: its control of all forms of information for a biological purpose of controlling the world with it, which was achieved first in a very reduced manner by controlling only money, but since the Press became available and printed both paper-money and newspapers, the control of the Informative side of the Financial-Informative-Military-Industrial System, the FMI complex or ‘metal-earth’, has been in the hands of this culture, which has imprinted and manufactured the human brain in the western world, but NOT for the common good, as the european-american culture has tried but for its selfish, domineering ‘Talmudian’ Prophecy of world power. 

The denial of the true history of capitalism and the dynasties of bankers that have managed it, by monopolizing the production of money, since the culture of bankers, the so-called People of the Treasure, appeared in history is just another way of censorship that prevents what truly matters to our democracy – if we want to be free, we must control and issue the language of social power. Otherwise we shall be puppets of the nation that issues it. But this fact is again never is explained as the prohibition and censorship against any criticism of the ‘dictators’ of capitalism. But we do not criticize the ‘owners’ of the Earth Inc because in the past its lower class was killed in war periods, as any other culture of the world massacred in war periods. 

The subtle idea here though is that the ‘victims’ of the elite are always more important than the rest of human victims, which are invisible. So 1/2 of the action/reaction equation of the Holocaust has been erased, but NOT because of censorship, because of CARING and GUILT. And so we must pity and forgive any future crime of our banking elites. Here of course, the subconscious Freudian argument is the essential belief of the metal master, who NOT only oppresses people with weapons or money but also needs to feel ‘just’ and ‘superior’. And nothing makes you feel superior that the Stockholm victim syndrome: you love the predator cult(ure)s that oppress you. So kings must be loved and bankers must be loved.

Now Judaism and its economic role is not really the central theme of this blog, but a necessary historic knowledge to understand the origin of capitalism and the fact that for an economic sustainable world based in social sciences to thrive we must control from governments the issue of money to be free and create a welfare state, demand-based economy that will not extinguish us. And that the 90-99% of the Jewish people would do better to survive, to understand that they have on top a caste of ‘levis’ that made them slaves in the old Talmudian tribes and today enslave them with holocaust myths that prevent them to love their own species – all other humans – and are the cause of the cycle of holocausts, hand in hand with the murderous action of the warrior cult(ure)s of the germ(an)s of history. In other words, we the 90-99% of all nations and the human nation at large are the victims of go(l)d and iron and its values, greed and murder. And we had enough of the camouflage of the 1% on the sufferings of the rest of us.

The problem of course of this types of political correctness is that they work thanks to the ‘Goebbel’s method’ of constant repetition and rhetoric backing with the tools of audiovisual media. So the American or the European becomes imprinted emotionally by the memes of capitalism, nationalism and political correctness and literally the information does not cross beyond the emotional brain (hippotalamus) jumping in cholera and dismissal whenever the theme of a supranation in control of all other western nations with a culture of exploitation appears. But that is the case.

I couldn’t care less in fact if they rule the world, because all organisms need a head, but all heads rule the world giving enough energy and information to their body cells or else the M.A.D. process is in place. And this is the difference between the way the International Banker rules the world and a serious, scientific approach to economical science would, and the result of course is that when science rules, there are no wars, r=evolutions, Holocausts and nations as China or Turkey who print money for a demand economy do, grow 10% and we have negative growth. But the wealth of the Am segullah keeps sky-rocketting and anti$emitism grows. Why then the ‘habiru’ don’t rebel? This is the deterministic tragedy of information networks: it is almost impossible to escape the multiple action of all your ‘brother neurons’ which are ‘connected to you’; nor the body cells understand a bit of your function and role and confuse you systematically with those who exploit both.

Multiple network action. But the MOST powerful tool of a system of ‘bits’ of information in control of a body of energy is its ‘anonymity’ as a mass or network perfectly connected internally, while the mass of the body remains unorganized. Indeed, while the herds of energy, which languages of information rule, are ‘broken’, divided and so they cannot easily organize, because they are blind, slow and formless, the neurons that carry a language of information while invisible to the body cells, are organized in complex networks in which each neuron connects to many others. So in the center of the galaxy we have found NOT a single black hole but a swarm of them; in the brain we did not find as doctors believed before Cajal draw the neurons a single macro-cell but a myriad of them, each one connected to many of them; and unlike the masses of middle classes divided in ‘cultures’, ‘races’, ‘countries’ , ‘languages’ and flags with little information and slow, meaningless motions (‘Don’t confuse motion with action’ said Hemingway), the financial industry is a croony, single mass of constantly communicated cells, belonging to the same supra-nation and similar jewish-protestant->Classic Economics, biblical sects, which talk with a single language, that of profits and act together, meeting in ‘invisible’ places, Trilateral and Davos Forums, Kahilas of banker priests and all those other ‘real places’ tagged generally by the ‘informative ants’ of this government on the shadows, working busily in ‘think-tanks’, ‘expert centers’, ‘financial institutions’, even ‘wikipedia policemen’ to maintain the fairy tale that all is chaos and freedom in the perfectly ordered and managed capitalist, hierarchical antidemocratic world. 

So today the blind mass of human cells of the American and European body confuses motion with action and goes from place to place demonstrating and wasting its energy, while the perfectly coordinated action of corporations, bankers and qisling politicos keep evolving the agenda of ‘hardcore capitalism’ and profits with no limit – till they of course, destroy the entire western civilization in a deja vu, 30s ‘ominous decade’. But the mass of cells ONLY SEES AND UNDERSTANDS ENERGY, the motions of their politicos and armies. Indeed, the Americans really believe their country is the more powerful nation of the world, when it is just a giant with clay feet, as their ‘go(l)d head’ belongs to other nation. But again, they cannot see this. Part of their imprinting is the null understanding of the American people of the power of information and its subtle ways. And of course, neurons are a ‘different species’, born equal perhaps but specialized and more intelligent and faster once their development is complete. And so the first thing I noticed when arriving to Columbia University to the most prestigious master at the age in writing, was the act that everybody there except 2 people, being me one of them, belonged to the same culture. But I didn’t even know that till I went to a lesson the Yon Kippur day and only two people were there.

Only the people who most intensely ‘believe’ in the rights of the neurons of America to dominate the nation at will – those imprinted by biblical priests, who believe in the rule of the Am Segullah (People of the Treasure ill translated to disguise their millenarian profession as ‘Chosen of God’, hence our use of the more correct expression ‘Chosen of Go(l)d, which includes the real hebrew meaning and the camouflaged translation – censorship again here is absolute since World War II. The last mention on the Britannica of the proper translation is from the 1920s edition. In the same manner the true origin of millenarism, the Talmudian prophecy of world power: ‘At the end of times, all the nations of the world will be slaves of YVwh (the subconscious mind of the Jewish nation) or will be exterminated’ Babylonian talmud, Sanhedrin disappeared from the Britannica in all after war editions.

All this brings a basic feature of nations ruled by information , so different from those rule by energetic metal, weapons and yet similarly in its antidemocratic, brutal control of the mass: the Stockholm sindrome. The blind cells of the body love intensely their masters, either kings or bankers; since their minds are ‘Tabulas rassas’ (Locke) imprinted at will with the memes chosen by warriors or bankers. But there is a basic difference: warriors are hierarchical with a visible head on top, which can be beheaded easily liberating the mass behind it. But networks of information are nearly indestructible, as the web is, because the network is ultra-dense with millions of bits, all of them working in coordination and so any cell can be eliminated but many others will replace it. All in all the power of an informative society is infinitely higher than the power of an energetic system of control.

So why to fight from the tiny position, given to us, by the anti-quantum paradox, the millions of informative neural ants that construct the world of machines and capital, instead of putting yourself to their service, specially if as it is my case, I have the ‘righteous’ genes and an 180 tested IQ that could have given me a position of power and privilege in that head, as LONG as I have twisted information and censored and manipulated it to come on top? Because there is really no choice. Because it is a no way out. Because the head is now M.A.D. and it is now on the path to ensure the Mutual Assured Destruction of the organism of mankind. And there one has to draw the line. Those are temptations of Christ, the debacle of Moses, the moment in which the system shows that over the power of the networks of information , there is a higher power, the language itself and its laws of self-destrution, and its selfish agenda. And this, the values of go(l)d, is what the head ignores and we shall reveal in this post.

Because what they don’t know is another law of superorganisms in which the invisible head is ‘mad’, that is, it does not feed with proper energy and information its mass of body cells, which therefore collapse and die (in wars in historic organisms) and when they die, they collapse and die the selfish heads. So you get old because your nervous system absorbs all your energy and gives nothing in return to the cells till the body cells warp, loose all energy and get old and die. And galaxies die when the black hole eats up all its stars and remains a pulsating moribund, hungry monster without food. And societies die when the upper castes of warriors and go(l)d bankers extort all the money of society with direct taxes or indirect speculative ones and the people die of hunger. And it is then when war ensues and the two upper castes allied in the good times, warriors and bankers fight each other extinguishing the civilization.

All this of course is of no interest to Mr. Rothschild, it is called biological science. It is not part of the beliefs of biblical people, who abhor Darwin. And it is the reason why again the cycles of wars and holocausts will repeat, since as one of its paramount masters of the wor(l)d, Mr. Proust put it: ‘the tragedies of history happen again because people don’t learn from their mistakes’. Or as another wor(l)d master of this culture, which would do better siding soon with mankind if they want to avoid the cycles of the future, put it ‘never underestimate the power of Denial (Mendes, ‘American Beauty’). And we will return to that.

But ‘political and economically correct imprinting’ is so strong in every human being, that we shall dedicate the next posts on cultures to clarify those themes.

In any case if you haven’t liked what you just read, if you belong so ‘strongly’ to those cultures corrupted by money and machines that cannot feel empathy for humanity and enjoy the human condition anymore, (meaning you think that your ‘beliefs’ and absurd ideologies that make you slave of those memes of metal are ‘more’ important than your human condition and natural biological drives) don’t take it personally, just switch off, thanks. I belong to no nation but mankind and recognize no God except the laws of complex science, the mind of the Universe, among which the most powerful law of evolution is love – the capacity of individuals of the same species to share energy and information to create more complex superorganisms, stronger than the individual. And this feeling, love, the most powerful, and ultimate goal of the Universe is what the selfish memes of metal make you deny, so you love only your ego and your tribe, justifying the evolution and use of weapons that soon will kill mankind… as the Karma of those cultures is now the Karma of the globalized world, sinking again in the last of the cyclical ‘dark ages’ that have come to our species, always that humans have evolved and overproduced new types of weapons (800 year cycle) or machines (72 year cycle).

It is through those glasses of a higher science, General Systems Sciences and Biology, the proper science to describe all events taken place in a living planet, and through the judgments of siding with the human superorganism of history NOT the superorganism of money and machines, that this web is written. Since there are ultimately only two type of humans and cultures, those who worship life and those who worship the tree of metal, which as Genesis, the first and perhaps brightest master book of the human spirit explain in its parable of the original sin. We have now all sinned against life and that is why the biological Universe will eliminate us. Because the Universe is perfect and those who do not like to exist in their proper form do not deserve to live.

 It would be nice to believe any of those fairy tales – that we are the righteous culture, that corporations care for humans, that god – just a meme in your mind – hears us and we have a destiny, that any criticism of the leading culture is to be blamed in the critique, which becomes an antisemite or an antipatriot or whatever ad hominem insult is meaningful to the case. This is what people believe and so they are happy. But they should be aware that in a darwinian universe you trade happiness for an earlier death if you are not aware of the ‘underlying’ nature of reality, where nothing is given for free and respect must be earned. The sheeple has not earned respect, has not won survival and will not survive unless it takes their own self-defense in their hands. Weeping won’t do.

The only hope for mankind lays not on those who will never change and will resist any change not to loose power or because they fear the 99%, imprinted by paranoia; but in the rest of mankind. It is for that reason we hold far more guilty of the crime of collective extinction people like Mr. Obama than Mr. Nettanhayu, because Mr. Obama knows perfectly what I am talking about. He was educated with the memes of the right Enlightened, Social-Democratic, American founding-fathers culture parallel to the European latin culture, with his thirst for life and love and its sense of equalite, fraternite, solidarite. And he has betrayed all those goals, beyond his placebo mask of caring, for lack of ‘stamina’ to defy power. And like him, there is an astounding number of pretended humanist politicians, from Tony Blair to Mr. Hollande, which are not/will not be doing their job. And then there is the human mass, who thinks just complaining the system will change. The system needs to r=evolve and r=evolutions are not easy. They require huge sacrifices. But the responsibility is NOT in the hands of the 1% and the biblical cultures, and all the repetitive, memetic Asian and European, clueless ‘daughter cultures’ that merely imitate by memetic imprinting whatever America does. The responsibility to change the world is in the hands of those who belong to humanist, alternative cultures, who are the overwhelming majority of mankind, who can understand the facts without getting paranoid or aggressive, who are often voted to power, who must take control of the financial industry, and credit, create a world to the image and likeness of mankind, the most perfect organism. Or else they will become extinct.  The very same honchos of Wall Street told them in a moment of crisis: ‘you have to regulate us, we cannot stop our greed’.

Now, why this system is negative to mankind?

The reasons are many but if we escape the loss of personal freedoms and censorship of information necessary to sustain the system,  and the waste of enormous resources spent in a global Orwellian age of war for profits that develops the terminator industry in defense of an apartheid state, Israel, which should be reformed according to human rights and international law, we could in terms of ‘economic efficiency’ notice the fundamental handicap of living in a society in which a people-caste that isolates itself for cultural resons (racist memes of biblical origin that go from the ‘Ham Damnation’ origin of modern slavery, as Talmud considers Arabs and Black inferior to animals; precepts of separation of other cultures, Holocaust terror against other people who might ‘murder us’, etc.) means that the ‘nervous system’ of the economy, money, which must be circulating in society and given as credit to the working middle classes, is accumulated, idle in banks and corporations.

Indeed, all is resumed in Cicero’s speech: the Roman empire was crashed economically by the ‘barbarous superstition’ of accumulating gold in the temple, and so without creation of money and credit, the empire entered in an economical crisis, simuilar to the ones that recurrently will have the western world for the same reasons.

In the middle ages the same process will be at work. On one hand, since this purest capitalist culture understand banking not as a process of development of credit for a sustainable economy, but as usury, the accumulation of go(l)d, the fetishe of religious power, the economy without its nerve and language withers. On the other hand, since there is no ethical restriction to profits, and weapons are the most expensive profitable goods, for reasons clarified in the next post, when the capitalist religion controls a nation, war becoes endemic. Finally because the culture is ‘tragically imprinted’ by the cycles of the holocaust it creates a sort of paranoid policial state with censorship, inquisitions of thought and division of the people in national groups, all too evident in the Middle Ages Spain, when they ruled the financial system, Protestant Germany and now America, where each group is by the imprinting of the informative systems controlled with the same machines and groups, every race and culture seems to rival all others, with the ‘invisible’ one on top.

Again data is conclusive but hidden by the anti-quantum paradox. For example, in Spain ‘official versions’ tell us that the country was ruined when the Jewish lost their control of finances. But the opposite is truth. Only then money was liberated to promote what the national caste of warriors wanted to make: a global empire. In the classic books on the theme, Abraham Leon’s ‘the jewish question’, Marx, ‘the Jewish question’, Sombart, ‘the jewish people and the birth of capitalism’ and Weber ‘the ethics of calvinism and the birth of capitalism’ and Ford ‘The International banker’, most of them censored today, all those elements are clearly explained. All in all the problem is not so much who rules society but how it is ruled. With barbarous superstition or science. Today the same process is taken place: a massive usury accumulation of wealth through speculative taxation and lack of rights to print free money by governments that must ask it to the private banker (national debt crisis) when in a scientific system (China, Turkey, Brazil) in free nations, money is invented for Keynesian welfare, and growth occurs. So the western european-American empire of the International banker will not grow as long as the system is not hanged and credit returns to society, which under the barbarous system of usury and accumulation of idle capital, protected by a series of ‘damned lies and statistics’ conceived by classic economist will not happen unless the financial industry is nationalized. :

The enormous disappointment I experienced with the policies of Mr. and Miss Clinton and Mr. Obama in America, with Mr. Zapatero, Mr. Schroeder and the Labor party in Europe comes from the fact that it is self-evident that if those people who are intelligent, belong to the right memetic structure, have power and the popular mandate, preferred to let sloth and greed dominate their policies; if the 99% is too weak, too ignorant and too lazy to change reality or at least attempt a change, the no future of mankind is determined. What happened in Germany where Mr. Schroeder, the most voted politico let the zero-brainer, East German Fraulein in power today take over to retire to a huge salary in an energy company; or what happened in America, where Mr. Clinton let Mr. Bush rig the elections in Florida, didn’t press for repetition, being as he was the president and so handled power to the Republican party, to spend his last hours signing pardons to the biggest financial criminals of the country… was the lowest point in the history of western democracies. But it seeems now Mr. Obama might reach a new low and the Germans, which are supposed to have been reformed after II W.W. might attempt a final financial IV Reich, with the same destiny than the previous ones.

Since not only the system is not reformed, and the deffects of animetal cultures recognized, but on the contrary we live in a neofascist age of absolute capitalism in which the cult(ure)s of selfish memes of metal have reached again a paroxism of the wrong ideologies of nationalism and capitalism and mechanism, hence taking all the wrong solutions to the crisis that will again destroy the middle classes and provoke a new age of war and holocausts of the poor castes of those societies. We said, we live ruled by an elite of bankers that sponsor a M.A.D. set of cultural memes. If the Industry of the Holocaust had not been put in place. This would be recognized. And so in the same manner we hold the Germ(an)s of history guilty of their culture for decades in which they had a normal, human behavior (no longer unfortunately since we allowed them to ‘unify’ and hold our moneys), if Judaism had been recognized for what it is, NOT a race, NOT a transcendental religion, NOT even a nation, but a series of memes of go(l)d, first in verbal form and then in digital one, which are destructive of life, Israel could have been r=evolved as Spain was against the inquisition and England thanks to the labor party against the total dictatorship of the City (though again this now is changing, as we enter in the baroque age of the electronic superproduction crisis). Cultures are indeed M.A.D. and eviL and cause death if they are not properly evolved with the general evolution of the Human mind.
Consider the ‘Damnation of Ham’, written in the Talmud according to which black and arabs are slaves, inferior to dogs. This is NOT as man pretend, just a peccadillo. Millions of people died, and tens of millions were enslaved because a racist rabbi wrote that text a few millennia ago. We do not rightly promote Nazism as the ‘essence’ of the Germ(an) culture, which truly is. But this has not happened and it will not. People like Ben Gurion chose to abandon socialism and accepted Israel as a confessional state. The banker-priests of the west liked that solution which made them feel superior. And so the socialist and 60s r=evolution masterminded in the past by jewish r=evolutionaries as the Christian r=evolution was, became aborted by a resurgence of the memes of metal, nationalism, capitalism, inquisitorial go(l)d religions and mechanism (technoutopias). And now they are at the height of this cult(ure) and so the future is written in the past, because the causality of the cycles of war and holocaust those memes cause are in place.

Indeed, we said also sciences predict the future. And so it is unavoidable to deal with the future of the M.A.D. culture if it doesn’t reform his way of controlling the world, and how the action-reaction processes of history will cause ‘again’ according to the cyclical laws of time, the last of the phases of Keyenesian militarism for profits, namely the cycle of wars and holocausts, studied in greater detail in the sides of this web. Since death follows the life of any superorganism that has not found a balanced between body and mind, ‘mens sanum in corpore sanum’, giving ‘food to its body’ cells. So first we did bring as usual, the facts – the previous cycles of Holocausts with warts and all. Now we shall explain the theory and then we will explain the future.

The theory is called the cycle of life and death – or rather the causes of death of any superorganism. The future can be changed only if the causes are changed. Quien quiera entender que entienda.

So once we have dealt with ‘data and the quantum paradox’ and the ‘cycles it causes’,  now we shall open you to an ‘objective analysis’ as a historian of the future will explain the transition between democracy and plutocracy at the turn of the century, and then we must go into the higher science of systems and deal with the structure of a network of information in control of the mass, which is the particular issue we deal with here… if you are still reading. Because by the ‘antiquantum paradox’ of political correctness, you are told that all what I am explaining is a ‘confabulation theory’. Indeed, the point is that all systems of information, all heads, control a blind body energy through ‘confabulation’; that is  hiding to the body all the information it does not NEED To know to obey. So your body is blind and only obtains information from the senses of the head. And this is how an informative caste controls a mass of believers. Priests in the middle ages forbade the translation of the Book to that aim. And today specially in America where the dictatorship of bankers is stronger, control of information both financial and audiovisual, is extreme.  And this is indeed how bankers and informative people-castes, priests, Am Segullah, politicos in communist dictatorships, control society under the laws of profit and capitalism.

In this Rothschild is right when he quote the complexity of the system. He knew how to manipulate information and hide the information required for people to do what he wanted without any display of force. And this is still how the system of ‘expert bankers’ control the world. And of course, the problem is the system grows ever more complex.

So we shall explain you ‘the system’ of predation of an informative caste in control of a language of power (in history priests and politician with laws, or bankers with money), over a mass of clueless, blind ‘cellular bodies’, or else you will never get a grasp of the world in which you live.

 I know, I will deny the ultimate element of the informative anti-quantum paradox, political correctness – the most subtle form of censorship, but otherwise we cannot describe the ‘head’ of the American system, now increasingly the head of the globalized world. That we live in the best of all systems, because humans rule democracies and money and bakers work for us. And so I ask you? if that is the case, why the world is so sick and we suffer so much? The same question that doubts of Abrahamic Gods is on place here? If the banker-priest will save you why you suffer and die?

Fact is those cycles will never happen in a real democracy. But a democracy is not possible when the government does not control the languages of metal- power, money and weapons. Then democracies are mere placebos that hide the power of corporations and financial elites. And only then the cycles of wars for profit, the cycles of Holocausts, the cycles of poverty and fascism take place. And all this today is hidden by the anti-quantum paradox and its most sophisticated new form, the ‘newspeaks’ of political correctness.

Why politicos follow suit is then obvious. In the 80s in America and the anglo-saxon world, thanks to the work of two qisling politicos of null knowledge of the economic system  – Mr. Reagan and Mr. Thatcher; and in the 90s and 2000s in Europe, misguided by Brussels Lobbies who created a European Central bank that would work only for bankers not for their people and will NO LONGER print money for states, only for private bankers, western politicians gave the rights to print money for which wars have been fought and revolutions won, back to the private bankers that created the hard core capitalism of the XIX century. And then one day they woke up and realized they were just employees that depended on the two systems of information controlled by bankers, audiovisual media and finances, to talk to the public and pay his campaigns. Ever since the 70s after the coup d’etat against Nixon and in the 90s after the Treaty of Maastritch, the western world felt into the dictatorship of bankers that have ended tragically after a century of brutal exploitation in I and II world war tragedies.

Since in a perfect capitalist system, in which the language of social power, money, is reproduced only by corporations no longer by governments (laws of deficit zero) politicos are no longer rulers of governments but employees of lobbies of the most prosperous corporations who pay their campaigns and ‘retire’ them after office. Thus their only duty to the voters is to ‘cheat’ them with rossy dreams to get elected and then they start the ‘real business’ of modern realpolitiks, which is to create laws that cater to the dominant companies of each cycle of the industrial r=evolution. This is due in part to corruption, in part to ignorance, in part to the increasing lack of power of governments, which are denied the rights to invent money (today invented exclusively in e-money platforms by financiers) and so must pander to companies and markets.

And so this phase, in which the financiers give a coup d’etat and take political power – the age of Disraeli in the Kondratieff crisis of steam in Britain, the age of  Coolidge in the American crisis – is now with us. It happened in fact in America, always ahead of the curve – as America is just a small world with all the cultures and races displaced in the past – a Kondratieff cycle before. Indeed, if the reader observes the opening graph, he will see that this is the ‘robotic crisis’ but before us there was in the 1970s the ‘chip crisis’. And it was in that crisis when by destroying the power of the American presidency substituted by the information audiovisual industry financiers control and by destroying the gold standard and the dollar as reference money, in the unknown coup d’etat of 1972 American democracy died. The narration of the facts, being of course as in all dictatorships, forbidden and as all systems ruled by information, not so obvious since information is based in complexity and it is hidden, invisible as gravitational orders orf black holes, electromagnetic waves or words are.


Here we shall analyze their recent control of western democracies after the ‘scientific age’ of social sciences (60s and 70s) a by-gone era which must be considered the height of the European-American culture of a Middle class that encompassed the majority of the population and rightly under Keynesian policies, and with the right to print money on the hands of states, taken away by qisling politicos (Reagan, Thatcher, Maastritch treaty) in the 80s and 90s.

The coup d’etats of bankers over western democracies.

We open this post with quotes of two cultures of the Western Civilization, the Latin, Rational culture of the wor(l)d and the North-European Religious culture of Go(l)d.

Cicero on the view of a growing economical crisis all over the empire confronted to not avail the ‘barbarous superstition’ of accumulating go(l)d as a religous fetishe, in the hands of the monopolistic culture of bankers, which then as today controlled the financial system of the West. His plead was logic. Money must circulate and be constantly created as ‘inflation’ to start the productive process. Without moneytary inflation there is no growth. So states must create money to give ‘informative orders’ to the factors of the economy, who in turn will create the type of world the elected government wants to create on behalf of the people of a nation.

But the bankers’ culture, today globalized into the capitalist ideology and shared by the financial elites of all  western nations think otherwise. The purpose of our lives as selfish individuals who must feel no empathy by others, is to accumulate go(l)d the symbol of God’s grace (Calvin: ‘Gold is the intelligence of God’). And this is done mainly by usury lending and speculatio on the price of things, hich are bought too cheap and sold too epensive cutting a tax-profit for the speculator. Both methods have been largely essayed in this crisis with enormous profits for the financial industry. And they are still tried. The last players is the European Central bank, which unlike all the banks of this planet does NOT create, cre(dit)ate money for the sovereign states it represents, but only for private bankers, friends of his presidents – the last of whom, a man of Goldman and member of the private lobby of the ’30’ bankers, Mr. Draghi, has taken this unlawful, anti-democratic coup d’etat over the sovereign rights of European nations to its paroxism. Mr. Draghi gives money to private banks instead of giving it to states, for them to lend at usury profits the euro. So private banks pay 1% and then buy bonds at 6% getting a clean 5% of usury which SOuthern European nations must pay with taxes, economic contraction and the end of its civilization based in the human goods of the welfare state. But this game, which is in essence the same game played in the Roman times, whose economy contracted as gold was experoted by the monopolistic culture of trade to his temple of banker-priests, is now far more complex. And this is what Mr. Rothschild, the bond baron of the XIX century explains. He could rule the British empire just manipulating the prices of bonds and the usury charged to different nations. He decided in fact the American Civil war when he denied value to the cotton bonds of the South, which were backed by the cotton trade to not avail. It is told that he obliged Great Britain to declare war to the U.S. in the 1810s, when his chartered bank ‘of America’ was revoked. America would fight for a century for the right to issue money, which was given back to his people by Jackson, who on his death bed, was asked, what was his legacy for America: ‘I killed the bank’, he responded.

Now the europeans have lost that right without fighting, by signing the Maastritch treaty, designed by the ‘group of 30’ to tax for decades to come with usury lending all his citizens. And Mr Draghi, duly writes letters to the freely elected governments of Greece, Spain and Italy menacing with higher usury lending (bond interests) if they do not obey his economic orders of further elimination of workers (productivity laws, where productivity=capital in machines/labor can only increase when we fire workers). Does he care? Of course not. he might not even understand what he does, as humans are memetic apes that merely repeat what they learn as dogmas even if what they learn in ‘classic economics’ are just ‘barbarous superstitions’. What he cares is for the profits of banks and corporations, which are now eliminating the surplus of workers. Unfortunately unlike the parable of the ‘animetal farm’ that this writer made 20 years ago or the parable of Matrix in which humans can be used as batteries, we are neither food nor energy for machines, so we do not even have that role, which the pigs in Iowa have. Now, the southern european culture of piigs, according to capitalism, the culture of rationality and science, of enlightenment, of Cicero and Montesquieu, who thought a rational, humanist world could be created for the benefit of all men, are now to be ‘expendable’, and spent by the likes of Mr. Draghi, as the American middle classes had been by the likes of Mr. Paulson, which might indeed be driven by a barbarous superstition but are on the top of the western pyramid of capitalism. And we are, the middle classes, obsolete to blue collar robots and white collar pcs, not even on the bottom of that pyramid.

If Ford, resumed the meaning of speculation and its uselessness for the productive economy in the initial quote on the I Financial Crisis, (his ultra-censored, ‘The International Banker’ is still the key book to understand the transition of power in America between the protestant biblical culture and its twin, older, father culture, which today rules with iron fist in velvet glove the western world), Mr. Amsel, the ‘International banker’ par excellence resumed with an astounding clarity the ‘inimical’ contradiction between Democracy and Capitalism, the dictatorship of bankers and corporations over politicos and citizens, who are mostly unaware of the nature of the system they live in. 

What Mr. Rothschild did not understand however is that ‘power corrupts absolutely’ and so to hold, as banks hold 95% of the global credit compared to a meager 5% of money issued by governments in the form of notes, is not enough at the peak of the speculative crises caused by the cre(dit)ation of a form of money.  Greed cannot be infinite but the wish for it is. And so instead of finding the perfect balance that Mr. Amsel found between hidden exploitation, profit sharing with the rest of the social elites (politicians, aristocrats, the military-industrial complex, corporation owners and managers, etc.) the speculator crosses in the next phase of the crisis that red thin line of ‘absorption’ of the monetary mass of a society that brings a growing number of people to the limit of survival, where they will suspect that the system is inimical to their interest, and it is perfectly owned. 

 When this happens is when the entire society collapses.

And again, we can study the cycle of greed, war and holocausts that ensues which are always caused by the same pattern of exploitation of a mass of ‘believers’ in the ‘damned lies and statistics’ of Free Market Democracies.

Of course, the key to maintain the process on the hands of the bankers is always the same: control of information regarding the economic ecosystem, and camouflage of his exploitative role in the lower castes of judaism, the 11 ‘slave tribes’ of the old cult(ure) of Go(l)d, which in the Roman times were peddlers, army purveyors, luxury traders and slave traders and exported  their profits to Israel, absorbing the wealth of the roman economy. At the time Judaism was divided in two groups: the ‘Am Segullah’, the Levy – my ancestors – which were banker priests of a fetishe religion in which salvation was obtained donating to the temple ex-votes of gold. Yvwh was a toponym (egyptian sources) for Judea, the Jewish people and the Jewish nation, since ‘nation’ was then called God. Rome was the ‘God’ of the Romans, ‘Yvwh’ the God of the Jews and ‘Assur’ the God, Capital and nation of the Assyrians. We thus find a material, nationalistic religion, which systematically defied the laws of the Romans and finally entered in a war that ended with the Diaspora Holocaust. But as usual the banker priests did survive the Holocaust, escaping to Babylon with the go(l)d of the temple, and leaving the 11 slave tribes, scapegoats of their deeds.

Today when the first Obama budget went in 100% of taxation, excluding ‘deficit debt’ to the wars of Israel and to pay the usury and speculative schemes of Wall Street, as in the times of the Romans, the same cycle is repeated. But tehre is a difference, the American thanks to the complexity of the system explained by Mr. Rothschild cannot understand any of it and believes in his masters. He in fact loves them, because he is blind to rightful information. And this has been obtained thanks to the complexity of the system, the censorship of history, the myths of capitalism, living thus in an stockholm system in which also the lower castes of judaism that die in those holocausts after toiling unendingly for their banker-priests… It is perhaps the most clear proof of the memetic, not rational structure of the Jewish-German Psyche, of the norhtern European civilization.

But of course, all this is forbidden. In his way to Matthausen, my grand-father, a jewish converso, socialist who fought for the republicans, and worked as a teacher of accountancy, survived jumping off the truck in a close night on the Jura mountains. He could not convince anyone that Yvwh and the banker-priests would save them. Indeed, all the true prophets of the wor(l)d in the cult(ure) of go(l)d have failled to explain this simple future cycle that now will soon come to America. As time is cyclical and the causes when repeated bring the same consequences.  When? A final crisis must be met. The destruction of the western currencies, the money of the people, the euro and the dollar, which always trigger in previous cycles (destruction of the deutsche mark, which caused the rise of nazism, of the French Frank which caused the French R=evolution, etc.) Who will decide those dates? The mayor of New York, Mr. Bloomberg, with his speculative platforms; the ‘boss’ of the bond market, Mr. Gross, with his 2 trillions bet against the euro and the dollar, followed by the rest of the market, who always follows the bigest bidder, and the Central Bank of China, when it liberalizes the Yuan and sells its treasurys.) But all this of course is the most secret cycle of history. Because the ‘Industry of the Holocaust’ and the myths of capitalism and Free Market democracies, the so called political and economical correctness, the antiquantum paradox, maintains all the ‘victims’ of the Am Segullah and its associated banking castes ignorant of the cycles of greed and murder that ‘systematically’ ruin their nations.

So in the same manner in a military dictatorship the dictator cannot be criticized and it is loved by all his subjects, from Franco to Stalin, in a dictatorship of bankers, the plutocrats are sacred. Further on the properties of information, which is invisible as a language, allows to disguise those dictatorships in a manner that evident weapons can’t.  The dates and the place? America, in the 2020 decade, when the Obama weimar republic ends and the future fascist party of America, now paid by the bankers who will run with the money to Australia to invest in Asia, leaving behind their ‘Massada’ slaves, crash the dollar and the Tea Party changes sides. But before that, America will leave a decade of hell, poverty, repression, censorship, racial tension, fascist wars and robotic drones watching as big brothers over their population. Only when the Am Segullah abandon the country and leave their 11 tribes without power, as they did in Germany when they ran with the gold of the country to New York, the powerless, saint innocent of America, their middle classes of all cultures will find themselves with nothing to eat but the ‘wealth of keynesian militarism’, the weapons that have become as it happened in Germany its main industry. Then a man will rise with the wrong message, as it happened in Germany and the cycle will close again.

 The unknown coup d’etat of the 197os. End of American Democracy.
In the 70s as e-money required free regulations speculators in control of the Financial-Media System, reproduced by the same machines, caused a ‘de facto’ coup d’etat over the American Nation’s control of its languages of power – go(l)d, words and weapons:

– Speculators obliged the president to end the gold standard as the first speculative program on commodities and stock raised its prices; which in itself could have allowed new deficits for a welfare state but merely started the deregulation of all speculative markets and the possibility of inflationary prices, created in those markets.

– Then they gave a lesson to him and all politicians, showing they could easily topple the presidency (watergate silly-nilly scandal about some tapes and microphones, which had been put up by FBI for decades without the slightest repercussion, but now mass-media blew up to show its power muscle). So once politicians realized that TVs’ imprinting with emotional news of the human sheeple, can eliminate even a president – as now it has happened with South-European presidents, politicians who need thereafter expensive Tv campaigns and financial credit lost their freedom, becoming ‘new celebrities of the new media’ dependent on the financial-media system – as it was the case in the last cycle of fascism when 3rd rate radio voices took power in Europe.

– And finally they took over the physical system, the Military-Industrial system, by switching focus form wars against the ‘socialist block’ to wars against the enemies of the  ’culture’ of speculators, with the Yon Kippur war, which will also signify the end of the ‘left-wing, pro-democratic, pro-human rights’ jewish journalists and intellectuals, now siding with neo-fascist Israel or else… black-listed from newspapers and hollywood.
It is then when the previous balance of power between the owners of the Financial-Media system (head of the US economy) and the makers of the Industrial-Military complex, mainly WASP ol’ boys that had lead the XIX century industrial r=evolution, the age of machine bodies and engines, will be tilted towards the new stockrats, which took the managerial jobs that the ol’ boys in its decadent third generation shunned off.  And so, in the following decades as e-money multiplied by 100 the price of ‘their markets’ the new ‘Masters of the Universe’ would expand their power to the rest of stock-markets of the western world, globalize their culture…  And of course, from then on, an astounding re-writing of history to portray the go(l)d culture as the summit of ethics, intellectual achievement and  succeed will become audiovisually imprinted on mankind, and its much more sophisticated old European ways of managing the sheeple and the information delivered by the press will create the present, rossy fictional picture of capitalism and its ‘experts’ that still endures.

On that view the so much vilified Mr. Nixon, would come up, as history settles, if it is ever written by mankind again, as one of the last ‘real’ presidents of America with any power; as he would resist in principle the end of the go(l)d standard, assailed by speculators, trying to maintain the financial power in hands of the state; he would show an independent international policy for the betterment of his country, reducing the military-industrial complex, with his detente and end of the vietnam war; he would enforce racial equality laws and established NEPA; and he would stage a final fight for the due respect to an office that was after all the last resort of power against corporations left on the western world, dismantled for such insignificant peccadilloes as a couple of microphones and a couple of lies, which pale compared to the routines of the cold war – consider indeed  the so-called Kissinger effect, still observable as a life-dent of 4 millions in the Cambodian life pyramid…Though one could say that perhaps Nixon was the man that changed the game and yet, when he did all for their Masters, he was thrown away as it happened with Mr. Saddam, the Doberman trained against Iran, abandoned when he asked for his historic old provice, the Kuwait bone.

In any case after him, none of the next qisling politicos of the two self-similar parties, would attempt any independent policy. They would merely be chosen according to their capacity to obey, which increases inversely to their intellectual IQ, with such luminary puppets as a second rate actor accustomed to follow orders in his earlier career from the Masters of the Universe; a daddy’s boy, of which no further comment is needed; or the biggest liar of all, a ‘house negro’ so charming as the previous ‘democrat/ic white slaves’ that always talked with the left heart and passed both hands to collect: Mr. trilateral peanut grower; Mr.  Spiller, you know who, a man of such high morals who told the  UNO President that 3 dollars per Rwandan life to prevent the holocaust with Nigerian troops were a waste of money, because African issues would be covered by Master Big Brother Tv with the South-African elections, as printed by The economist and would spend his last hours forgiving Wall Street criminals like Mr. Rich, for a fee.  Fact is that even a president of dubious morality such as Mr. Nixon, but still with legal and financial power can govern and because he is NOT invisible and wishes to be liked, he will be able to legislate and spend money on the people. But the present government of the 1% is just a predatory government in which all the systems of power work for Financial Corporations and Company-mother of machines, all laws are sold to them,  and further on as there is a cult(ure) which monopolizes credit and it is not exactly a culture known for his empathy to others, the result is obvious: mercenary wars, usury taxes, qisling politicos. And now the system has expanded worldwide…

And so you get the drill,  common among all celebrity politicians of the Western world – you alternate between a retarded right wing believer in the white matter imprinting of capitalist gurus, who goes full speed and a corrupted, charming left-wing weakling who wants to be ‘forgiven’ for his youth ideals in favor of humanity and so curiously enough passes more extreme capitalist policies that the right wing believer wouldn’t dare, as the programmed sheeple would oppose him (Mr. Zapatero, Mr. Tony Blair and well… the so-called more powerful man of the world, LOL :).

This is the real who is who in this tragic comedy on the future of a nation which once, no long ago, was the embodiment of hope for the human wor(l)d. So long Mr. Nixon, you will be remembered as a lesser eviL, now that the comedy is turning tragedy and so we quote the biggest anti$emite writer of history:  ’evil dress with the clothes of a gentleman.’ W.S.

And this is not of course a racist but a cultural statement only applied to the cult(ure) of capitalism, of the Am Segullah who govern us. Today the culture is global because it is mathematical, but still operates on the original concept that we humans are a ‘pound of flesh’ with a price, that we can be tabulated with numbers, priced, and that our future does not matter. What matters is the future of corporations and machines, of profits and bankers.

Indeed, the themes that people care most in this matter – apartheid Israel, the unfair distribution of credit that explains the enormous wealth of the ‘American 1%’, the sacralization of the Holocaust, etc. is of no importance compared to what matters to mankind at large, as a new culture took over the informative systems of power of the dominant society that all other imitates.

Cicero indeed came to the essence of the problem, ‘a barbarous superstition’ – the idea which still holds, albeit translated to classic economics and now resurrected by the Chicago School of Orthodox Friedman and the Federal Bank during the tenure of Greenspan, and infuses hardcore capitalism that money is god. That we must never wonder of its collateral effects, that we must never doubt of the future created with money.  What was first a religion of go(l)d ex-votes, then became economic science on the hands of Calvinist and Jewish believers, as per Sombart and his disciple Webber (Judaism and the birth of capitalism, the protestant ethics and the birth of capitalism), is now dogma. The GOP and the neocon movement acquired suddenly a renewed vitality given the extreme intelligence and enormous number of Jewish ‘scholars’ specialized in creating complicated arguments in favor of the hierarchical pyramid of capitalism with money and bankers on top. But, and this was the big difference, the old school of calvinist economics was very evident. Now all seem to be moving left, and yet the fact is that the new capitalism of Silicon valley and their robotic weapons, of Hollywood and its fun fascist films, of video-game wars, of pretentious placebo left initiatives, hid a corruption of humanism and the real social-democratic movement who cared for the people, substituted by a ‘fictional’ big brother smiley, while the ultra-sophisticated manner in which anonymous corporations controlled the world expanded to all the spheres of life.

 What we see now after 40 years of Jewish power, is the end of an increasing process of dictatorship of the ‘barbarous superstition’ that defines this irrational form of capitalism, perfectly covered by a fictional left provided by the intellectuals of this culture, void of any real empathy and responsibility for the future of mankind.

(which is I admit a fairer qualification than the Jewish culture, merely the tip of the wider Jewish-protestant civilization that holds those religious values about money and dominates America and Norther Europe), each person is moved by greed as a religion. The jewish scholar merely has added a degree of complexity to the ‘camouflage’ through classic economical dogmas and digital software, over that essential ‘Smith’s’ theory, perfectly described by Keynes: ‘capitalism is the belief that the wickedest of people will do the wickedest of things (pricing humans as objects and exchanging them for machines in productivity equations) for the betterment of mankind.’

Of course, it is for that aim needed a culture that has developed racist memes as the Talmud and the Bible do. But again as per Sombart and Webber those ‘memes of racist nature’ are secondary, the product of a profession of slavery as old as the Cananean culture. Since you must be racist to price a slave. Today the holocaust myth and the sense that the rest of mankind hate the Jewish people adds to the memes of the Talmud, to the memes of digital capitalism, to the memes of Economics to create the total lack of empathy of wall street to the rest of mankind, including the lower castes of Judaism that die in holocausts. Wall Street never rationalizes its numbers. When I worked there and I discovered the right Kondratieff cycle, the only interest was on my capacity to predict prices and profits (4), never in the discoveries of the next post on the collateral effects and cycles of war it causes. In my decades in America in which I moved with the social elite of that country, which I enjoyed due to their intelligence and humor, however one thing became clear to me: the mindset of the Jewish-Protestant culture was religious, not scientific; and so it could not change. Hence I could predict according to the previous set of values the future with enormous accuracy, because the actions of a ‘government’ of bankers would be void of any empathy to mankind, would follow strict mathematical cycles of profits and evolution of machines, described in the next post, and would subconsciously annihilate life and substitute by those machines it evolve. And now that culture is globalized and now it is taken over and annihilating the European humanist culture as it takes over the institutions of Europe, the way it did in America, through Washington Lobbies, in this case through Brussels lobbies, through the control of the central bank, in this case the ECB, in alliance with the most conservative elites of each country, expanding the same memes; and of course imposing the ‘dont worry be happy’ fictions of its mass-media systems and the ‘religion of the Holocaust’ that prevents any criticism of it.

As I saw how it has destroyed the American dream, through millions of actions, all of them seemingly inofensive, annihilating the credit of the middle classes, creating massive debt in all sectors of society with the money invented for free in markets, destroying the welfare state far smaller than in Europe but still important, corrupting the educational system with false Universities based in loans, corrupting the entire government, deviating all resources from investments in infrastructure and the American people, creating an Orwellian age of global war for profits and the defense of an Apartheid state, resurrecting the primitive way of thought of the Bible with audiovisual rhetorics, hand in hand with the most primitive sectors of the American society – the bible belt – in brief how it has returned the human psyche to the age of ‘barbarous superstitions’  I can only see a renewal of the dark ages that come to western history every time the fundamentalist cultures of war (germanic culture) and go(l)d (jewish culture) take over – the Dark Ages of the Bronze era, when germanic people of the sea and Hyksos destroyed the Fertile crescent; the lower Middle Ages, when German warrior and jewish slave traders controlled Europe; the Age of Religious Wars (XVII c.) when Luther, son of a iron miner and weapons manufacturer and Calvin, son of a Flanders go(l)d trader destroyed the social loving religions of Christianity regressing it to the values of money and war proper of Germany and Yvwh, and the I Industrial R=evolution of the previous pyramid.

And because information expands in a wave manner and very few people think and reason but merely imitate memetically the ‘leading culture’ of each Kondratieff cycle, now those values are global. Now the enlightenment culture of Europe and America is dead. Asia simply imitates in a robotic manner those memes. An unfortunately the electronic machines and shallow mass-media, visual myths of televisions reinforce this cultural power.

Had not the holocaust industry imprinted the idea that this culture which is to money what the german, nazi culture is to weapons, is ‘a victim’ of history, not its fundamental go(l)d predator, it should have been submitted as the Nazi-germanic culture was, to a brutal criticism of the role of the banking elite in those holocausts and the destruction of Europe, and maybe it would have never resurrected. But what the Holocaust Industry has done is to sacralize the memes of capitalism of its elite – more or less like if we were living in the cult to weapons and war of the German culture.

But the eviLness of weapons is self-evident. The eviLness reflected in the previous graph is not. Information is invisible and complex. Only people like this writer, a pioneer in the sciences of systems and Information might truly understand how the ‘invisible action’ at distance of money, explained in other posts, can truly destroy the world, while apparently saving it.

And so now the hardest form of capitalism, yet the most sophisticated and seemingly ‘caring’, a culture that passes as a science and every nation practices is squeezing the middle class, the sheeple, of their salaries and jobs to pay usury credit and bail outs and speculative taxes to bankers, with a zeal proper of Samurais, who once said of taxation till starvation of their sheeple, ‘the peasant is like the soya seed, the last squeeze has the best taste’.

I doubt Mr. Trichet would have destroyed so easily Greece if he had not belonged to that nation and care nothing for the ‘inferior races’ who ‘killed them’. I doubt Germany would be now destroying Southern Europe if it felt guilty for the death of 40 million Europeans victims of fascism instead of feeling obliged ‘only’ to repair the holocaust victims. I doubt Mr. Draghi in Europe now and Mr. Paulson in America before, both men of the ‘culture of Goldman Sachs’ would be destroying and stealing the taxes of Americans and Europeans with their ‘expertise’ in fraudulent schemes and usury lending, if they belonged to a humanist, evolved social culture. And yet this culture expects that real Historians and real Economists on top of the destruction of our science with all those hidden censorship, are going to consider them heroes, experts and victims. Probably, but not all of us are $laves, or as Lincoln put it: ‘you can cheat some people all the time, all the people most of the time, but not all the people all the time.

It is this a racist statement? Not it is a cultural one, because it refers to a culture and within that cult(ure) of go(l)d to the Am Segullah people-caste of bankers, its head, not its cellular body, who obeys it blindly. Let us be clear enough. As Nietzsche perfectly explain, there were two predatory cultures of ‘supermen’ (this is what he got wrong, preying on other human beings is NOT the sign of a supermen but of a sick culture, poisoned by the use of metal, money, weapons and machines that atrophy its human nature): the jewish banker and the german warrior. And they would fight for control of the world. The winner has been the banker and now with his German doberman, he is at the task of ab=using the people of Europe and America for his ‘pound of flesh’.


The 5 memes of the Am Segullah.

Now with this introduction we can deal with the reasons why the West would do much better and so would do the 90-99% of this culture not dedicated to finances, nationalizing the money industry and so ending the collateral damages of the Am Segullah hatter ‘madness’.

When you are born in a culture your memes will imprint you. And so if you are born today in the Jewish culture at least 5 memes of hardcore capitalism, the degradation of ethic values and the ‘objectification’ of man as an expendable cost or hateful enemy will come to play when you acquire a position of power in any other culture:

To start with Judaism begun in the Bronze Age (Solomon trade) and as the cananean culture of Baal much earlier, perhaps as early as 10.000 years ago (Jericho walled cities) to develop trade and use gold as the language of social power. But coins which create a simplified form of trade, more just, as you exchange something of value, the coin for the goods, was not yet invented. So bartering was the rule. And this required to ‘cheat’ with words on the value of things to get profit. Which developed in a culture with little respect for truth, a culture of myth-makers that pumped the value of the glass beans exchanged by hard silver and gold on Sepharad and Ophir. This disrespect for truth and language, seen as simple and naive, still exists as a basic characteristic of this culture. Then it comes the religion of Judaism, based in a book of history that searches for raw power through the use of war and money. And creates all type of prohibitions against life. Indeed, Orthodox Judaism is just a bronze age ‘fetishe’ Go(l)d religion of repression of the memes of life from sexuality to good food that will make you indifferent to life wantings and pleasures and make you work harder. As a ‘hapiru’ (those who walk behind the asses, trading with slaves, weapons and luxuries) the Jewish peddler and caravaneer was de facto slave of its Levy tribe to which it brought gold for the menorahs and ex-votes of the temple.

So two society castes, the banker-priests or ‘Am Segullah’, the Chosen of Go(l)d and its peddlers in contact with the people they trade, with whom they could only have contact through money, as they were potential slave capital, shaped this culture.

And it was necessary to have all those Talmudic racist precepts that isolate you from the people ‘you price’ in the past as a slave, today as a debtor or employee of your corporation. The strikingly unjust structure of modern corporations, invented by one ‘Cohen’ the surname of Aaron, in Holland, as a company of slaves, is therefore the natural evolution of the group of slave traders of this civilization.

And its ultimate meaning, millenarism clarifies its purpose:

‘At the end of times all the nations of the Earth will be slaves of Yvwh (the Jewish nation) and those who do not surrender will be exterminated’. Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin, 185. (And yes you can abandon now as a good puppet $lave those texts and find the comfort of your TV that will explain you how wonderful your future will be.)

But  the religion of the Holocaust prevents any analysis of this religion of history, as a mere material religion of gold and worldly power to the use of money instead of weapons to control society. So the meaning of capitalism is not understood. The possibility of creating a better world with a more just efficient system, designed scientifically not historically as a product of power play is denied.

Of course, all has evolved to maintain the same division of mankind in those who have and are more equal because they control money and those who are not equal, but inferior races because we buy them with money, in the past as slaves, today with a salary. So now instead of 630 some precepts of life repression and racial separation proper of the Talmud, the religion of the Holocaust makes you fear the gentiles and separate you from them, and make you disguise your thoughts in front of the murderous ‘goyyim’, the nationalism of Israel, an apartheid state that given its null solidarity and humanism with its neighbors will also make you a hardcore believer in weapons and technology to protect your real country, and finally the religion you might share with all other humans in this age, the religion of capitalism and classic economics. Those are 5 elements NOT ONLY one, the sacralization of damned lies as tools of bartering trade, a racist religion that allows you price humans as inferior species, the ultranationalism of israel, and the Holocaust Industry that add to the religion of capitalism, as most cultures have, that will make you essentially indifferent to the people you rule,and substitute caring for camouflage and rhetorics of love – the kind of fiction world the audiovisual system you control has constructed.

Camouflage of course works but only for the 1-10% of this culture and their self-similar financial elites in the world at large, that copycat their ways in other cultures. The rest of mankind is the victim.

For that reason, we had to explain also the cultural truth about the International banker and its Usury systems, now ruling Europe from the BCE and its ‘go(l)d masters’, the likes of Mr. Tritchet and Mr. Draghi, the present dictators of the European Union, advancing the ‘illuminati’, Talmudian millenarism ‘One World Order’ by the power of Go(l)d. ‘

But of course, camouflage – political correctness p- revents any attempt to explain the dictatorship of bankers. And so even the new left uses the aforementioned ‘metaphors’ of ‘one world order’, the ‘illuminati’, and dares not to call Mr. Tritchet a Jewish banker, but a french one, and so the near monopoly on finances of this supranation is ignored and the cultural origin of capitalism is denied. We have a single science. And this in fact is another trait of the jewish-protestant globalized culture: it is NOT culture but science, it is NOT a choice among others but the only righteous way to be. And so the extinction of man by military robotics that will defend the righteous from the poor and terrorist 3rd world will not be even challenged; the new usury of central bankers will be not challenged, the use of all other western armies in defense of Apartheid Israel will not be challenged. Because that is the right thing to do.

All in all the work of the social scientist today is more challenging than ever. If he says the truth, he will confront the censorship of the anti-quantum paradox and will not be funded or giving scholar positions. If he sells his mind, he will become an ‘expert’ but his actions will harm 99% of mankind and he will never understand what he is taking about, as it is the case of most of our ministers of economy, with their null capacity to forecast the future of their science as all other disciplines do

The awesome rhetorics provided by mass-media companies, lobbyism, think-tanks, millions of economists that have memorized those capitalist, techno-utopian, go(ld-based ideological dogmas as science, and work in corporations cover the Darwinian reality of ‘economic ecosystem’. And paradoxically, because we are NOT free to design scientifically the future of mankind, the anti-quantum paradox explain why the Darwinian cycles of evolution of machines, overproduction, competition with humans war and labor extinction, explained in this site happen: despite our desire as social scientists to avoid their collateral effects, there should be enough ‘experts’, politicians, classic and financial economists, bankers, corporations and military men, who will carry them with the same suicidal cock-suredness that allowed Mr. Hitler and Mr. Rothschild to destroy the world in the last cycle.

Unfortunately the very same cultures that destroyed Europe in the 30s are now on top of global power again and have again dismissed our ‘Piigs culture’ and the scientific solution to the crisis: Keynesian welfare, butter not canons. So the previous warning will fall in deaf ears. You see, ‘cultural’ experts in animetal civilizations might know nothing about humans, life and survival and show it in their economical policies but one thing is sure, they will always believe they know specially when their knowledge favors them. 

 What we have described here with the tools of biology is the ‘subconscious’ path walked by those who believe in Go(L)d more than in the wor(l)d, where the values of Go(L)d and weapons, greed and violence, slavery and murder, the overproduction of money and weapons and robotic machines are taking us – to the terraforming of this planet from a world of life into a world of metal, as human workers and soldiers are substituted by the new dominant species of planet Earth – the intelligent machine. And yet, of course, the antiquantum paradox hides all this, which cannot be explained and published as ‘serious’ economic science. Only as ‘science-fiction’. But no political correctness is more intense than the camouflage of Bankers, which overwhelmingly belong to a single nation than the so-called by the new left, industry of the Holocaust, without which it cannot be understood how bankers have been able to resurrect the previous pyramid of XIX century capitalism, which humanity had successfully reformed at the amazing cost of several global wars and revolutions and hundred of millions of corpses  in the post-war age with the Indian Summer of real social-democracies in Europe and America (60s)… to give back without a single shot. And so now that we truly understand how bankers and languages of information such as money, rule the world, with the help of a higher science, the science of networks and systems, we can conclude with an analysis on the end of the military crisis, namely a new age of global war and Holocaust.

The future if ‘business as usual continues’.

The go(l)d culture is in the same position in America in which it was in Germany a cycle before – in the Weimar Republic when the elite of this culture, which is NOT as other cultures an elite of politicos and military but of banker-priests, as it is the culture that first chose money instead of weapons to rule their society and create a global empire, has run amok under the hidden values of greed. Why he does not care, will be then explained in detail but to advance, as we are going to deeply criticize the actions of his peers that ONLY the ‘elite’ of this culture is guilty of the type of recurrent crisis we live in. As all societies have a ‘head of information’ and a body of blind cells, irresponsible of the acts of their head. So it is of paramount importance to understand all what will be said from here on adscribe only to that elite, the so-called ‘Am segullah’ which translates as ‘People of the Treasure’, different from the so-called ‘habiru’, which translates as those ‘who walk behind the asses’ – namely the workers of the Am Segullah Levi, (incidentally my ancestors, as Lluis, my catalan name is the trademark of a converso; so save yourself the ad hominem campaign, I have only a nation mankind and that is the one i serve). But Mr. Rothschild is a well-known collector of anti-$emitic posters and similar Judaica which he shows laughing in ‘the Ascent of money”s documentary. Since the key element for capitalism and the Am Segullah to triumph and survive the crisis and inversely the ultimate reason of the death of the saint innocents of this culture is the fact that their elite camouflage on their ‘peasants’ and lower castes, who are the real victims, scapegoats of the actions of that elite. 

And this is the ultimate twist of the politically correct censorship, called by the new left, ‘The Industry of the Holocaust’: the 1% of this society which are bankers, not warriors or politicians as the elites of other societies camouflage as victims when their lower castes are the victims. It is like if a Spanish aristocrat would feel victim of history because its peasants died of hunger. Yet if the world knew this division between the 1% and the 99% of this culture and knew the economical causes of the Holocaust, the cycle now again starting due to the present crisis, will never repeat again. The 99% would have long ago done what the 99% of every European nation has done – to get rid of their inquisitorial priests and military aristocrats – in the case of the go(l)d culture, their cynical stockrats who care nothing for the hundreds of victims my converso family or any other family of Khazar peasants suffered for their economical exploitation of mankind.

But since mankind knows nothing of the inner structure of this culture’s society, nor understands real economics, whenever those crisis happen, a revenge action-reaction process takes place. Since it is a historic, undeniable fact, perfectly recorded that the causes of the Holocaust cycle are economical as the last and best known perpetrator Mr. Hitler explained, in the most censored document of the W.W. II tragedywhich the 99% of habiru should truly observe and reflect upon, instead of enslaving for the 1%, r=evolving against their inquisitions of thought and stockrats, asking them as Europeans have done with their ‘aristocrats’ and inquisitions, responsibility for their actions. Or else the backlash will ensue.

This backlash is the point that the people of countries like Greece and vast numbers of American middle classes are reaching, anti$emitism – a point crossed in the earlier 20s in Germany, in the late 1840s all over Europe – when the crisis switches to the ‘political arena’. That is, when the speculator that has remained hidden in the best advice of Mr. Amsel, during the mild phase of greed, in his search for absolute Greed gets out of control, printing so much fiat money that it ruins the economy. And then it wakes up to what he has done. But it does NOT repent and brings the humanist solution – Keynesian Welfare, but instead decides to go faster into self-suicide, feeding keynesian militarism and requiring the intervention of the politico system that had ‘covered’ for his power and now is asked flatly to repress the poor and bring a military dictatorship to save his a$$. He should think better. Because history proves that sooner or latter one of those qisling politicos will change side.

But this is not yet the present stage of the crisis – it will happen the next decade… The person, cell of the body of history, which will open the Pandora Box is circumnstancial. It has been part of the Industry of the Holocaust to pretend that the II W.W. tragedy was that an affair caused by a mad man, Mr. Hitler, nee Frankenberger,  the bastard grand-son of a wealthy Austrian Jew, psychologically disturbed, who as Torquemada, the converso founder of the Inquisition, or Marx, the anti$emitic r=evolutionary, had a personal self-hating jew agenda of sorts. But that is not the case. In the SS there were always a waiting list for the death squadrons and all the population of Europe collaborated out of pure hate and revenge. And one can only be blind to realize that as greed will never be challenged and so poverty will grow, America, the new Germany of this cycle, with the same ideological and cultural organization, will walk the same path.

Indeed, the American Weimar Republic ends in 2016 when the 2nd tenure of Obama fails to solve the financial crisis and regulate the markets, bringing a Keynesian solution (butter instead of canons). Then the future fa$cist party of America, the Tea Party, will raise to power. The Tea Party is a nationalistic party that now blames the  poor ‘foreigners’ for the crisis. It is now siding as the Nazi party did first, with the bankers that paid for it. But it will change sides, after the destruction of the Dollar that should ensue the destruction of the Euro by Bloomberg Platforms and the likes of Mr. Gross (3rd financial crisis self-similar to the crash of the Deutsche mark). And then as the 1-10% Am Segullah elite abandons the nation, as it abandoned the German nation with its gold, to buy the Federal Reserve, and moves to Australia to invent in rising China, because profits is always the ultimate religion of this culture, the Saint Innocents within the homeland will become the scapegoats of the ruined nation which will have only weapons to feed their population, as German did. So the name of the future opportunistic criminals that will bring neo-fa$cism to power once more are secondary. What matters is that the 3rd phase of those repetitive crises – speculation against currencies – is NOT regulated; as it was NOT regulated in the 20s, where first the deutsche mark and then the pound were crashed against the rising Dollar. Now the Euro first and then the Dollar will be crashed against the rising Yuan.

And so the date in which the pandora box is written, and will be decided by… the Central Bank of China, when it liberalizes its financial market and the entire planet ditches the Euro and the Dollar for the new top predator currency of the wealthiest new country, as it ditched first the Mark and then the Pound in the 20s for the Dollar of the new rising power. This cycle of crash of currencies, which I have tabulated and studied since the first crash of the Spanish bullion by the new rising money of Holland in the XVII century is the defining cycle of world wars and fascism – crash of Spanish bullion that was followed by the implosion of the Spanish Empire; crash of the Guilder after the heavy debts acquired in the French-Dutch wars, which followed the self-destruction of Holland by bankers (opening of the levies that inundated Holland killing its Saint Innocents to allow the king, bankers and corporations to move the gold of Amsterdam and buy the British Parlament in the 1688 glorious revolution), crash of the French Franc after calvinist financial speculators ruined the economy (Lousiana Bubble) followed by the French R=evolution… You see, the drill. So  it is happening all over again.

And time travels fast in history, in fact as we shall see in the mathematical study of those fractal 800-80 years cycle of extinction of civilizations and nations, is accelerating.

So the last show-down is closer. Indeed the ‘Am Segullah’ empire keeps expanding. And now only China… and Iceland defy the Black hole of power, the Masters of go(l)d, and so the guns are ready for Iran to go down,  after the master stroke of using a Jewish CIA and Mossad agent, Mr. Assange, for whom all the pretentious ‘new left’ Latino politicians and lawyers (Mr. Garzon, the Equatorian president) are toiling. I must recognize this is perhaps one of the shrewdest red flags ever risen by the new master race, which unfortunately under their M.A.D. culture, is wasting its infinite informative resources NOT to create a paradise on Earth but to blow it all up. Indeed, Mr. Assange, a Khazar, ex-hacker, was contracted by the CIA to develop a program to extract data from Fax-connected computers on exchange for forgiveness of hacking peccadilloes. Then it was given the assignment of ridiculing Arab dictators; and it seems it was funded in Geneva by the Mossad.  He did show from the ‘cover’ of a pretentious left mission, using the battered guinea pig of the new master race, the US army. Indeed, in the same manner his now defender, Mr. Ellsberg and the Washington post allied to bring down Nixon and take over the presidency and money of the Americans in 1972, now our fellow savior ridiculed the American Mercenaries with a higher end: to appear a left wing activist but he publish nothing, nada, niente from the most bulky set of cables of all the American diplomacy, the cables of the Jerusalem embassy. And praised among all politicians, ‘Benjamin Netanyahu’.

How ridiculous is the supposed human left, is shown in the fights to defend this double agent stayed by half of the presidents of the Latino world. They should keep their guns for the protection of their won people against corporative abuses. but since today the left, humanist people are extinct, they just want to come on TV with totally irrelevant issues such as Mr. Assange’s yet again ridiculization of the American army for Israeli purposes and the anger between quarreling agencies etc. etc.

Fact is the 60s revolution was not such revolution but a change of power between two elites of the biblical, go(l)d culture: the supposedly left r=evolution of the 60s merely switched power in America from the WASP to the new media and new corporations of the Am Segullah, Mr. Assange has made possible the toppling down of the countries that opposed Israel. But Iran probably already has atomic bombs, bought in the 90s according to diplomats on the loop to the Russian ex-republics in the confusion era when hundreds of kilos of MINATOM’s enriched uranium disappeared from its record books. And their people are with their priests and so for Iran to fall, a III world war is needed.

It is the next stage of Keynesian Militarism. But Keynesian militarism and the rise of the robotic armies will require more wars. ‘Bellum ipse aleat’, ‘Pecunia Belli nervum’ – war feeds itself for profits, because money is the nervious language of war. So it is obvious that a new cold war will be built up against China, maybe fought over Korean issues, maybe a future Robotic Yakutian Wars of automated military company-mothers on Alaska and Manchuria, maybe after the sinking of the dollar and the sale of Treasurys by the Party, in any case after the $ sinks and the Yuan replaces it as top predator currency, according to the short product cycle of e-money crisis (2001-2008…) in 2015.

We study in general strokes that future on other posts, as a cyclical, scientific model of history and economics can predict the general cycles of history and economics, which we have done with surprisingly accuracy for decades but not the details, the only freedom seemingly left to the human kind, an automaton of corporations. As medicine, also called physiology, can study in general the sickness of the body and its organs/cultures but not the individual lives of each cell.

In our case, the nervous network of economics, money is a mathematical function of profit, dependent of sales, dependent of price, and so in overproduction crises, when there is no ‘democracy’ but a minority of financiers – not necessarily the Am Segullah, now that the world is globalized and all nations have the same ‘memes’ of religious greed on top of the social pyramid – the human, democratic solution to the crisis, Keynesian Welfare, which caters to the 99% is substituted by Keynesian militarism, which caters to the 1%, its very expensive, very profitable weapons, its national wars and paranoia. And this is obviously the case of the West after the aforementioned Coup d’etats in Europe and America.

Of course, all the 1% of all the ‘democratic’ nations of global capitalism, who deeply admire the finesse with whom the oldest capitalist nation of the world guides the sheeple have imitated and closed files and ranks with the Masters of the Universe. So both its enemies and friends are now all liquidating democracies for selfish agendas, from Russia to China, from Europe to Africa, from India to the US. And the consequences for the future are what we describe in this post. Because ultimately all of them are ‘manufactured’ brains of the collective subconscious of mankind, no longer the ethic wor(l)d but the fantasies, virtual happiness and increasing devolution of mankind by the electronic machine of information… which in this cycle plays the role of hate-radio in the German one.

So as usual there will be many other wars and holocausts in the making,which is what you get in history at the end of each of those cycles of the M.A.D. and evil cultures of go(l)d and weapons.

Of course, all this could be solved if the people who rules the western world that implements those policies, the biblical culture that owns a majority of stake in the Earth Inc. and made the industrial r=evolution, cared a bit more for life – that of the species and their sons till the 4th generation – than for their profits, their ego-trips and their religious beliefs.

We die for profits, for go(l)d and iron, for the fetishe of power and higher energy and information of our ruling castes, for the values of go(l)d that give higher value to weapons than life goods.

 But the astounding thing about Europe is the fact that after fighting for their freedom against Am Segullah bankers and Germ(an) warriors for millennia and achieving that freedom at immense cost on wealth and life, after II world wars; the Southern European, Roman, Catholic, Socialist, Verbal, Artistic European culture has given away all their freedoms in the Maastritch treaty to the Germans and Jewish bankers without a shot, without a complain. Because it has, since II world war, denied the nature of capitalism, the economic causes of the Holocaust, the criminality of the Germans which NOT only killed 5 million Jewish innocent peasants but 40 million innocent Europeans. And this astounding fact – that the European-American enlightened culture ignore the value of their wor(l)d, and feel inferior and give away their freedoms and control of their languages of power to a culture which is to put it in simple terms, more primitive, a previous stage of evolution of the mind, based in magic myths, absolute subjectivism and the use of weapons and money, of metal to rule society instead of reasoning, legislating in agreement and treating all humans as equal – requires to consider the mechanical side of ‘culture’, the Goebbel’s’ method.

In brief, the Jewish-German culture of greed and violence, go(l)d and iron has imposed itself because it controls the machines that repeat information and Goebbels was right. You imprint the brain by repetition, NOT by reasoning, a capacity that requires it seems a freedom of mind and intelligence that most people don’t seem to share.

The Jewish Go(l)d culture who made of money their language of power mixed with the Germ(an) warrior culture which made of Iron and the Sword its god, when the corruption of the Reformist movement regressed Christianity and its messages of love to the racist, war-prone, go(l)d ideologies of the Old Testament and flourished in Holland where the fundamental organism of power of the economic ecosystem, the corporation, the ‘company-mother’ of machines was born. Then in Great Britain where the 3rd meme, the machine was founded, this structure of power, the capitalist corporation, that considered humans expendable, objects with a prize, first full-time slaves and now part-time slaves that will do anything the corporation tells us, flourished. Today the world is ruled by this type of organism, whose only goal is to evolve and reproduce machines for a profit.

And so to consider that the laws that rule corporations with that aim are ‘science’ and not ideology of power is absurd. It is possible to create a different economic ecosystem, under the laws of system sciences, which could cater to the entire mankind, but evolution is a chaotic process not one of intelligent design. So we humans had bad luck with the ‘first forms’ of this predatory organism and very likely will be extinct by it unless such rational scientific, sustainable design of the economy takes place. And this means we must denounce the history, religious, pseudo-scientific nature of the financial and corporative systems and the economists and cultures that created them and have deviced all type of rhetoric arguments to defend its privilege position on that structure, not because we wish to enter in confrontation with them, but because this structure is in the long term lethal to mankind and life in this planet.

Fact is the mass of humanity including most of the members of the culture of corporations are ‘humans’ and  have always felt that ethic words not money, human welfare goods not machines and empathy for all other human beings not hate and war, should be the ‘memes’ that guide mankind. And they could thrive if the system is reformed.

And that was the goal of ‘enlightement’ the original philosophy of the American-European culture written in our bills of rights, constitutions, explained in the work of our intellectuals and artists and the actions of most of our people.

It would be due to the arrival of electronic machines – e-money and audiovisual information – that the proper path of evolution of mankind signaled by social-democratic policies in the EU and the 60s r=evolution in america was aborted and mankind regressed to the pre-scientific, mythic, pre-organic, hate speeches of the dark ages that rule mankind when money and weapons, instead of ethic wor(l)ds take over, as the cycles of history studied in this web show. Evolution is clear. If you don’t evolve you become extinct. Its laws are indeed harsh to maintain the perfection of the Universe. And so given the present values of our culture based in the value that corporations give to man – zero, a cost, a salary, a price inferior to that of a machine – we have no future. Thus there is neither choice, nor real argument about what cultures and paths should mankind follow if it won’t to survive. As the tragic history of the most fundamentalist cultures of memes of metal, the German murderous and Jewish self-suicidal cultures show. To each one its Karma.

Madness and eviL-antilife memes are indeed the consequences of upholding violence and greed, murder and slavery, the treats of the selfish memes of metal, as the values of our society. In the Jewish case this is due to the fetishe of which Cicero talked (at the time in which Rome started a series of economical crisis due to the requirement of the banker-priests of Israel of gold exvotes for their banking tasks and temple ornaments, which the habiru exported; reason why finally Rome decided to conquer and burn the temple, but arrive too late; since as usual, the Am Segullah had taken the gold and ran to Babylon, while their ‘lower castes’ died for them in Massada, deja vu 13 times and counting.)

Now if the sickness of such a culture and dual social structure were  understood the culture might be cured and the cycle ended. Since, as long as the mad person assumes he is mad it can be treated without life risk. But if he resists cure doesnt work. And when the mad person is given full power, soon it will consider himself a God, a Neron or a Napoleon, hero and despot. And the result is that he will accelerate its madness and destruction of those who surround and obey him. This is precisely what the Industry of the Holocaust has achieved with Judaism and as a consequence of this with Capitalism at large. Capitalism is on the loose and the most reinforced extreme version is on top.

The essence of this self-serving heroic vision of itself requires though, for the Am Segullah upper castes of Judaism to constantly prove its superiority as chosen respect to other humans. And since this is not the essence and truth of humans, all equal, it must be proved locally in each moment by degrading humanity. And this is the big difference between nations run by loving and mad cultures. Europe after the war, when it took away the yolk of german warriors and jewish bankers became infused by the latin, love-based cultures and it raised the standards, education, and welfare of all its people, creating the closest thing to a paradise on Earth this planet has seen (70s social-democracies). America, however was still ran at large by Germanic military and Jewish bankers and once the influence of the original enlightened culture disappeared and the life love cultures, represented by the black r=evolutionary Mr. King and the catholic social-christian Kennedy brothers, were eliminated with memes of metal, the evil culture (Nixon) and then the mad culture (Judaism) took over. And since this was a key moment in the history of America and by expansion (as America is the mixture of all cultures moved upwards into a relative fractal future)  in the history of mankind, it is worth to consider in more detail, what happen in that ‘key decade’ between the assassination of the people of the love and life cultures and the coup d ‘etat of the mad culture, and the beginning of the electronic, chip era that technically started in the 70s what is now clearly a process of extinction of the human mind first, and then once we are absolutely erased of our minds, the human bodies with singularity weapons…

Then it came e-money and the coup d’etat of 1973 against the American presidency (Nixon’s Watergate), the American currency (end of gold convertibility to allow massive invention with no limits of e-money), and with a 100-fold multiplication of the global monetary mass invented in the e-money bubbles of the 90s and 2000s, we got to the present world, in which the Earth Inc. is owned by the culture of hate and war, who spread as always has done an arid, anti-life, objectual image of man, represses all biological drives of existence, as its culture has always done with penis mutilation and demonization of sex (reproductive repression), prohibitions of good food (energetic repression), and any verbal memes of love (hate to religions of love, Islamophobia, catholic pederasty and collaborationism with the holocaust), jail penalty for criticism of their culture (anti$emitic laws) and ridiculization and demonization of all non-technological cultures (Latino and Italian mafias, black stupidity a la Simpson, cartoons, humor). All this is fair game because mankind, the inferior race is there to be judged by the righteous, who follow the syntax of money values, man=price=object and confuse science with mechanism and the conversion of all things human, into data and numbers, like those the other side of the coins of memes of evil=anti-life, the nazis that imprinted numbers in the wrists of prisoners display.

Meanwhile a world of fictions and orwellian newspeaks, make us think we must be selfish (divide and win) care nothing for other humans (needy people), fear them (all potential terrorists), pity the masters (victimism), and get addicted to Tv-messages of hate, trash food and weapons, the biggest profits of the market.

All this is in essence the world that in two master parables, Orwell and Huxley, the baroque prophets of the last cycle of history, foresaw and explained us in his books that foresaw the rise of ‘Big Brother smiley’, the globalised culture of evil memes that will guide mankind as a collective sheeple into extinction as the Nazis guided the Jewish running to the showers of Auschwitz to get ‘deloused’.

The mind of man has been extinct by the memes of hate. Welcome to the end of history that Wells also described in his ‘Time Machine’, a future in which a race of Germanic retarded homo neanderthalensis visualis, guided by a hidden race of driven, smart, anti-life parasites that feed on them, didn’t want to see reality as it is, or rather as the selfish evil memes of metal have built it.

Big brother smiley. The end of the human mind.

The no future of mankind under the present system. Generations.

In the graph, we can see how the human elites adapt to each cycle of the machine and not vice versa:

Industrial History merely substitutes the top predator nation of the world according to its evolution of technology. But each generation of history, the steam age of Britain and the German age of motors and the jewish-american age of electronic machines so a self-similar cycle of human behavior ending in an age of war as the leading nation adapts its ideologies to use the top predator weapon, the fin al evolution of any organism.

So the good british engineers and its hard working sons that constructed the train industry and peaceful age of transport were followed by army generals constructing war railroads. The pioneers of cars became the makers of Hitler’s tanks and the makers of chips the new industry of robotic weapons.

And leaders adapted their view to promote war. So in each generation a murderous final decadent group killed millions. And instead of a British Generational Empire that killed millions of non technological ‘primitive’ Asians and Africans for the sake of mechanical profits (colonial, train age) we got the fascist era of German ubermen massacring ‘primitive’ slav and polish jews (electro-mechanical age), who ‘dare to take the german historic lands to the east’ and now we get the neo-fascist age of Jewish Bankers, scientists and corporate men, who ‘own’ a mass of ‘American $laves’, who worship and obey them for a price, and act as a mercenary army to extinguish the ‘primitive’  Arabs, who ‘dare to take the Jewish historic lands to the east, soon to be replaced by a new cycle of robotic ‘citizens’ who will feel ‘primitive human beings’ are taken their planet and do what the Jewish military and bankers do to Palestinians and their western $laves, or what German Nazis and Industrialists did to the Jews and their western Slaves and what British Colonialists and steam engineers did to the Indians of both continents and their ‘white factory slaves’.

And so the dual K-waves also determine the ages of global power of the nations that developped them:

– The age of steam and trains, which was the age of the British Empire that discovered them.

– The age of cars and electrochemical engines, which was the age of Germany, which invented them.

– The age of heads of metal, chip-brains, camera-eyes and mobile-ears, or age of America that developed those industries.

Further on, the secondary cause – the human inventors of those machines – appeared naturally since in mathematical terms, the 72 y. dual waves of kondratieff are equal in duration to the 72 years biological generations of humans, from grand-father to grand-son – and so they must be caused by 3 generations of industrialists:

– The founders of the new industries and discoverers of machines.
– The generation that reproduces them as consumption goods…
– And after a crash of overproduction, the decadent generation that uses them as top predator weapons and ruins the country.
We live now in the decadent age of the electronic, Jewish (dominant in the Financial-Media system)-American (dominant in the Industrial-Military) cycle, parallel to the decadent age of the British cycle (colonialism) and the German cycle (nazism), but of course, as we live imprinted by the propaganda of this cycle, we cannot consider our civilization ‘that’ corrupted and callous with life, as the British never understood they were not civilizing negros but killing them and the Germans never understood they were not ‘cleaning Europe’ of dirty slavs and Jewish peasants of the pale of settlement but ‘cleansing’ them.
This socio-biological coincidence between the stage of the evolution of machines as tools that we consume and then as weapons that consume us, and the switch of the ideologies of the humans that carry the wave, might seem odd for those who believe in human freedom but reflects perfectly the slavery of animetal cultures to the selfish memes that give them powr. And it explains why the industrial revolution is killing life and non technological nations and maintains a majority of mankind in chronic poverty – it is not about us, but about the laws of evolution applied to machines, whose will of existence and reproduction are the corporations that rule the world on their behalf.

Of course, as in the previous ages, our new ‘master race’ by the power of metal-machines will not have anything of that. They are righteous and civilized; they are the future because they use i-pads, LOL. The British master race of the XIX century also despised the primitive negro and used the yellow press to denounce the crimes of the Indians they massacred. The Germans also had films about the Jewish peasant rats to the East. So now we have Islamophobia. Good luck, wait till the first thinking, visual robots with their imagination and memories of killing video-games decide to ‘follow their manifest destiny’ and enact their imagination in real life, shooting humans…

That if they are lucky. Because if they don’t win the wars of robots that will come soon to a theater near you (a real one, courtesy of drones), the cycles of history will repeat themselves. And America will play the game of Germany.

Thus it is unavoidable to deal now with the power structure of America and Germany in the past, to fully understand that future if things are not reformed.

The 3rd, decadent fa$cist generation. Robotic wars.

Indeed as absolute power corrupts absolutely, at the end of this ’3rd generation’ as the head of the electronic wave of machines, they will enter soon, as the Germans did and the British did before them, in a decadent, 3rd, militaristic, predatory culture that is ‘breaking again’ the system, with foreseeable consequences NOT for them, but for their saint innocents, clueless about the workings of the cycles of history…
Once the spread of absolute poverty on the file and ranks of the American white trash brings the mutation of the Tea Party future president into fascist mode. Deja vu… It would be indeed the 13 Holocaust cycle I have studied since the banker-priests of Israel invented capitalism, all of them caused by economical crisis, and the subsequent social crisis and wars, since the first speculator recorded in History, Joseph, in a year of famine, stored wheat and sold it to great profit as prices sky-rocketed in Egypt and… next we knew the Hapiru, ‘those who walk behind the asses’, and their elite of ‘Am Segullah’, the ‘People of the Treasure’ were crossing the red sea, guided by their caudillo, Meshu, general of the Pharao who admonished them ‘the Jewish people will suffer all their history for their love of money’ to be defeated by Mr. Aaron and the golden calf, exiled to the mountain and according to Mr. Freud version, murdered by his brother in the first of the many episodes between the Saint Innocents of Judaism and their prophets of eusocial love, Moses, Jesus and Marx, and the Go(l)d believers and its anti-prophets of love, Aaron, Caifas and… Herzl, both of them providing the right and wrong solutions to the Jewish Question, once more the most important political and economical conundrum of the world today, albeit for the first time in history, a taboo theme, which only reinforces its future violent solution… for their Saint Innocents.
Again the brutality of this cycle can only be solved with a ‘real democracy’, in which elected politicians nationalize and control the financial system, to cre(dit)ate a welfare state with the goods people demand, pruning the production of the bad fruits of the tree of science. But this, which only China and Iceland have essayed in this crisis has not been the choice of the two ‘animetal’, historic, ‘strong cult(ure)s’ that revere go(l)d and weapons-machines memetically imprinted by racist, techno-utopian dogmas, both in Europe – the Germ(an)s and in America, you know who. In case you don’t we shall explain it now…

To note  – as we deal with the historic, memetic elements of this culture in the next post – that the Jewish culture is as all social structures one that divides their people between the 1-10% of neuronal class of all organism and the ‘saint innocent’ blind body cells, the 90% who is submitted to the cycles of economical crisis, poverty, fascism and revenge against them, scapegoats of their neuronal class. So the future of all of us, their sheeple and we, sheeple of the West is dark. Because camouflage makes it even harder to solve those problems. Indeed, as the Financial-Media system is controlled by the same elite as both are reproduced with the same machines, it goes without saying that an accurate projection of that future according to similar past cycles is taboo. Instead we will keep repeating the same mistakes of previous cycles and the same tragedies…

Because history rhymes when the same causes are played and the same cultures are in power. So now we walk steadly to a new age of Keynesian militarism, but the machines have evolved and now they are robots and weapons of the singularity age, able to extinguish mankind much faster than those of the II W.W.

In that sense, the industrial take-off of military robotics means the end of the Industrial R=evolution and probably an existential crisis that must be connected with the so-called 6th extinction of life species taking place in this planet since the Industrial revolution kicked off. And yet none of those themes or even the real causes of the crisis are considered by economists, limited by the straight-jacket of ‘profits’ , which reduces their role to maintain the kind of growth that precisely has caused this crisis – the unrelentless evolution and reproduction of machines, money and weapons, a wrong concept of ‘wealth’ that now is becoming independent of man…
In that regard, while all of mankind is focused in the financial crisis of overproduction of electronic money and underproduction of human money, the true crisis that will have extraordinary negative consequences for mankind is that of the physical economy, the overproduction of robotic machines that now starts in earnest. So in this blog, contrary to most blogs on the economic crisis, we shall consider in great detail the consequences of the ‘real economical crisis’, which is not the crisis of money, merely the language of information of the economy, but the crisis of the physical economy, in the fields of labor and war caused by the arrival of the ‘final species’ of the industrial r=evolution, the robot.

It is easy to see the next steps of the crisis: humans will remain unemployed, connected to ever more degrading infotainment and maintained by the explosion of fiction mass-media in a lethargic state, as robots keep multiplying and the GDP statistics tell us that we are coming out of the crisis, because now robots will consume other machines and they will be sold to armed states, the wealthy and other corporations. So GDP will grow but the real wealth of mankind, what we call here WHealth, a healthy world with plenty of ‘human goods’, we need to survive, affordable housing, health care, food, clean environment and peace will be nowhere to be found. We will keep listening to the ups of the stock market, to the profits of bankers speculating and taxing our goods in e-money platforms, to the wonders of technology that is ‘rising’ the productivity or ratio capital/labor (and hence the unemployment) of our society…

In simple terms, the electronic crises of capitalism mean the triumph of the corporation and the machine and its digital languages as the only functioning organizations of this planet with real power. And for mankind it means the beginning of the end. All systems that die do so when the number of multiple crises prevent the organism to solve them all at once. If the crisis was only financial, there would have not been unemployment, war and ethic crisis as in the 20s. If there was a single crisis, this would not be a collective process of extinction as we would have solved. If humans were not already disconnected and selfish, without a moral fiber, an ethic collective system, they could act together. But all the ‘parameters’ of our super-organism, which the science of systems can evaluate properly are collapsing, invaded ‘by the viral leukemia’ that makes us toil and work for the machine that substitute us.

 Another systemic comparison: the power of secret information

Let us be clear enough. The system we are described has become more complex and hence more difficult to understand than the one described by Mr. Rothschild, the bond and train baron of the first cycle of paper-money, or the one that crashed ticker money in 29, ending the second cycle. And it has done so, as all systems do, by multiplying its repetitive memes, sub-systems, informative language of money and products. But its essence is the same: control of al those systems by financiers that issue money; null rights of humans that work in corporations as a cost and evolution and reproduction of the ‘dominant species’ of the system the machine.

So happens to other systems. For example, in a cell all became complex from protista to Eukaryote, but all remained the same: the DNA-language still rules complex cells though it has become hidden by a membrane that separates it from the organelles; its genes have also become repetitive and so each ‘phenotype’ is coded simultaneously by several ones. And yet still the DNA controls it all; the rest of the molecules have no rights and can be killed by the proteins the cell reproduce, and the entire cell is dedicated to evolve the selfish memes of DNA as the entire economy is dedicated to replicat the selfish memes of machines.

In the old economic system, there were only a type of informative metal meme, gold and a type of energetic meme, iron weapons. So the original single memes of gold=informative metal and weapons=iron metal, which enslaved and killed the ‘human sheeple’ were obviously eviL-antilife memes. Today they have been replicated in more complex memes, called informative and energetic machines that atrophy us and degrade us, as metal-atoms do in the cell with carbohydrates attached to them.
Further on, those who rule the system, as black holes in galaxies and DNA in cells are now hidden under laws of anonymous societies, censorship and camouflage themselves on the cover of their ‘saint innocent’ body cells. And then as in a cell, the overwhelming repetition of those memes and ideologies makes their expression absolute truth, and blogs like this one seemingly absurd ‘theories’.

Thus it is essential to understand the basic laws of systems in order to evolve social sciences beyond the first level of the scientific method (collection of data) in which social sciences find themselves today. And those laws are also  used as a guidance in different posts in which we criticize the present dominant capitalist culture and design theoretically a better economic system. Since our rather ascientific mode of social organization, capitalism is certainly not the best of all systems, neither born of a scientific approach to the regulation of societies, but just the product of random evolution, imposed by those tribes of history, which used the higher energetic and informative power of the ‘selfish memes of metal’ weapons, machines and money – ‘memes’ of metal – to control and ab=use mankind for selfish purpose. The result is an ill-designed, unbalanced system in which only the information castes of societies and its memes of metal (bankers with money, politicians and military weapons, and industrialists with machines) receive the proper energy and information needed to survive. While the 99% are increasingly expendable costs, workers unable to compete with machines and consumers with no money to spend, increasingly displaced by working machines and corporative spending…

Today the real causes of this labor crisis are never explained, as an economically incorrect fact… for the profits of corporations. And of course, the real causes of the crises of overproduction of e-money, the crash of the financial industry every body is obsessed with, is never explained in layman terms, only with the jargon of the very same ‘experts’ taht created it.

The people who caused the crisis are not interested in solutions for mankind because they are making money substituting us for robots and taking the rights of governments to print money to have all the pie for their corporations.

This is what is going on. Corporations today are out of the crisis and their profits are increasing, stock-markets are at maximal values in many companies, because the ‘displacement’ of humans by cheaper robots and pc workers are giving them higher profits. The crisis is one of elimination from jobs and probably in the future from life of the ‘surplus’ of obsolete human beings. And so we are in 1932 still at the beginning of the crisis, which will end as the previous one did in an age of global wars for profits in which the surplus of humans shall be disposed of (Max. probability) or in a r=evolution that changes the game, nationalizes the banking industry and use money to create a sustainable world (minimal probability).

Unfortunately, when we follow that path, we soon realize that Company-mothers merely care for their offspring of machines, as all complex re=productive organisms do. And they do so, guided by the ‘hidden values’ and codes of flows of e-money, which we have barely start to explain.  So they evolve, reproduce and sell and adapt the world to the image and likeness of those machines, in search for profits for the 1%. And the 1% only care for those profits maximized with the maximal reproduction of the goods of higher price, weapons, money and machines. Which means that in a world of limited resources the human economy will always lack behind… as long as profit and selfish military agendas rule the world, with total disrespect for the rights of humanity and the power of social love to organize a sustainable world base in the tree of life, which should be the center of all our investments and credit.

Today this is not the case. All our investment, 95% of it, goes to the world of machine, the tree of metal, corporations and technology; while life is loosing even the minimal price – as they say air and water is for free, to take and to destroy.

We are indeed at the end of the Industrial R=evolution and the reason why we humans are so easily converted in victims of machines in wars, of those who made them, the military, of bankers who give us no money as invest it all in corporations, the reason why we humans are hopeless and have no future, is precisely that noise of religious beliefs, anti-scientific beliefs, captialist beliefs in the goodness of technology, the existence of a manifest destiny, a God who cares, the arrogance of NOT seeing that we are nothing but just another species. We live in a mental madness of arrogance that blinds us to our destiny and prevent us to control scientifically the evolution of those machines to keep them slaves of mankind…

But this, only normal humans, artists and the common people recognize and fear. Those who carry the capitalist system and control the repetition of rhetoric information in audiovisual media in favor of capital, machines and their biblical, western culture, have made a religion of technology and money and cannot even imagine that evolution not a goatkeeper of the bronze age explains better the future.

In what regards to human societies, even if our anthropomorphic egos are in denial, all aspects of our lives have been molded by those cycles, its phases and the machines of energy and information we have created. Thus the study of those cycles in all its elements and the analysis of its obvious organic structure is perhaps the most important task for social scientists in this last century/cycle of the Industrial Evolution. Unfortunately for the past century, very few advances have been made in that respect, apart from my books on those subjects (2), due to an unexpected element: the ‘antiquantum paradox’. The social scientist is like in the quantum paradox of uncertainty, too removed of social power that it cannot influence the experiment. Unlike the quantum pradox in which the experimenter changes the smallish experiment, in history, the human scientist bothers the military, banking and political elites that are on top of the evolution of history, acting in an extremely darwinian fashion. While the scientist of history would like to re-design the way the world is ruled to improve the life of the human species, which is mainly the 99% of people exploited by the elite; that elite is so myopic and selfish who only thinks on making money with the process of extinction of life, which of course, their infantile, biblical myths deny. But the question of capitalism is not its easy recognition as a tribal ideology of power, fit to bankers  andthe military and scientists who make machines, but the fact that it has triumphed, precisely because it degrades the human mind to a point it cannot longer recognize the tragedy it means for mankind and life – its extinction.

Thus in the next post we shall do an slight detour on the details of those 4 crisis of overproduction of ‘electronic memes of metal’ and consider the anti-quantum paradox – why social sciences have no power to design a better world for mankind as they should, due to the most polemic fact of human history: the existence of certain predatory cultures and ideologies that today pass as ‘science’ and ‘social truths’, just because they are on top; but are mere expressions of the Darwinian world which we have built historically, not rationally.

But if you are only interested in the crisis, again you can jump the next rather unsettling post about what you consider your beliefs and identities and move on to the more detailed analysis of the crises of unemployment, financial theft, mass-media fascism and war, in which we live.

Whatever the solution to the paradox and the wave of history, one thing is for certain, if you are now a University student in good health, chances that you see the end or the resurrection of the world run high (to use the jargon of the first scientists of history, able to forecast the future, the prophets of social love, which since the parable of Genesis and the tree of life and the tree of metal that will extinguish us have explained those cycles). As the cycle of robotics will reach A.I. within this century and the weapons of the singularity that can extinguish us are now being researched in different labs around the Earth.

On the other hand the solutions to the paradox of history and our survival are obvious:

A perfect system would be one in which the ethic law controls money, regulates it and uses it to prune the tree of science of its bad fruits fostering only the evolution and reproduction of those machines and memes of metal positive to the human kind, recreating a paradise on Earth based in sustainable goods. But for that to happen, the government, not private bankers must issue the money of our nations and to prevent that precisely bankers have been creating for 250 years since Adam Smith published his book, all kind of rhetoric arguments, fantasies, ‘damned lies and statistics’ to justify their privileges, caring nothing for the future of our species. Or as Keynes put it ‘capitalism as an ideology’ is ‘the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people will do the wickedest of all things for the common good’. and yet capitalism has triumphed, not because bankers are chosen of go(l)d, but because the memes of metal and the tribes who sponsored those primitive religions of metal have imposed its added power over rational humanity,  a fact that casts a serious doubt about the intelligence and strength of mankind to survive and control the world for his advantage.If humans instead of fighting under ‘metal-ideologies’ that worship weapons (nationalism) money (capitalism) and machines (techno-utopia, mechanism) more than man, he had chosen the ‘right culture’, of social love in any of its evolving versions (christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Socialism, Ecologism), and created a superorganism, Gaia, in which he acted as the collective brain of the planet, fostering a sustainable world dominated by life-based, human goods, we would have indeed survived and created an eternal planet of flesh, perhaps a little bit harsher and boring, but eternal, as the prophets of love who told us, if we believe in their message, we wouldn’t die for ever, told us.

 Of course, things could change if we, social scientists were not under the anti-quantum paradox and the real sciences of economics and history were taught in schools, but power knows since II world war to control information in far more subtle ways than in the pre audiovisual age. So this should not happen. And yet truth satisifies in itself. Even if Marx said that ‘the philosopher should not understand the world but changing it’… when change is impossible still the first part, to know is worth to pursuit, since ‘an unexamined life is not worth to live’, otherwise ‘your beliefs make you a slave’ (Aristotle, founder of the rational, evolved, scientific point of view of the human mind.) But this is not happening, because censorship is essential to the system and will not let social sciences develop and acquire any power to mold reality. It is yet again the ‘antiquantum paradox’.

Such censorship ultimately gives us a message: that humanism is weak, that we are not relevant and must be sacrificed in the altar of go(l)d and the sword, that the machine is progress and man is just another machine, that the cultures of war and go(l)d are the master races, etc, etc. all justified ultimately by the belief in the ‘selfish memes of metal’ as our door to freedom not to $lavery. But of course, since this is truly absurd, the cult(ure)s of go(l)d and the sword have evolved their forms of censorship from the brutish, direct, inquisitorial methods of the past – merely killing those who do not ‘believe on us’, to a paradoxical method of ‘camouflage’ of the predator as victim, of the predating action as a caring action, of the eviL ab=use of mankind as a moral argument. It is the genius of modern ‘newspeaks’ and censorships called political and economical correctness.

And so we need to denounce and do a historic analysis of the cultural origin of capitalism and the political and economically correct ideologies that are destroying the world, before we return to ‘data->pattern->cyclical->causal->forecast->solution science’.

Indeed, our Karma is written in the ideologies of the ‘master races’ that exercise with money, weapons and machines, the selfish memes of metal, total power over life. But now that those ideologies control the world, the collateral effects of nationalism (weapons rule, humans are ‘species of tribes’) and capitalism (money rules, we sacrifice life to it), is the karma of mankind. We are all ideological slaves of the memes of metal, in each nation, with armies and bankers, flags and corporations, worshiping our machines, repressing our life drives, believing the fairy tales of political and economical correctness, and the ‘damned lies and statistics’ of financial economists that condemn us.   

Fact is we live in a world that kills life and justifies it with the aforementioned ideologies.   One in which the cultures of life, and all its manifestations are nearly extinct or considered the supreme evil. So since the beginning of the Industrial r=evolution those cultures have been extinct and despised. Now, if you observe a map of the Neolithic you will notice all civilizations of the Neolithic fertile rivers, the Indus, Ganges (bengala), Mesopotamia, Egypt, etc. are today agricultural still, ruled by Islam, which is the culture most hated by the Industrial world. And this ‘islamophobia’ has substituted the ‘red scare’ or hate to the last economical culture that tried to manage money with the law on top – the communist system. And this has substituted in the culture that invented the corporation and the industrial world (the jewish-protestant culture today ruling supreme and globalized), the hate and war against the social-catholic culture. So the pattern is clear. And so it is the underlying process. And this simple vision allow us to understand the properties of both inverse cultures, from the repression of the natural drives of life in the Jewish-protestant religion (prohibition of life-reproduction or sex, prohibition of tasteful food or human energy, despise of verbal languages substituted by digital truths, prohibition of social love, which evolves humans into social organisms, despise for human visual art and ethic literature, substituted by audiovisual hate messages and ‘naked churches’, etc.) to enhance the ethics of industrial work, to the present now globalized process of extinction of all things truly human.
We are destroying the world, terraforming it into a superorganism of machines, not of humans.

And this process is guided by corporations, and those corporations are guided not by a nation or race but a culture, the Northern-European Jewish-Protestant, White, Homo Sapiens Neanderthaliensis, animetal culture that makes of money, weapons and machines the icons of worship and its ideologies, capitalism, nationalism and mechanism, its religions, which never doubt the future as they keep despising and extinguishing all life cultures.

A culture, the biblical culture, which first in Holland, then in England and finally in America refounded the world and started to build one to the image and likeness of machine – but the ‘tale’ of this process of course would be changed, and converted into the fairy tale of technological progress without collater effects.

As ever since money and information would be printed with the same machines and culture and corporations. So the Financial-Informative-Military-Industrial Complex, the global super-organism of machines  and the globalization of the culture that owns it started there.

Indeed, VOC, the first company started mass production of weapons, gunboats and artillery in the XVII century, buying and selling humans at minimal price (slave companies), and weapons at maximal price for a profit (in the first crisis of overproduction of artillery weapons, which fueled the 30 years war in which 1/3rd of german people was ‘consumed’ for profits).

The cycles of industrial wars, of Keynesian militarism, which now reach its paroxism with the 1 trillion plus spent by the American Mercenary army to develop future terminator robots and massacre the life-based culture of Islam, enemy of the nation of the bankers, who founded the system, started then.

The consideration of humans as an object, bought for a price in competition with machines for a salary starts then.

The invention of a pseudo-science of profits at the expenses of the life of the 99%, classic economics starts then. It will be sacralized by the ‘so-called’ first economists, Adam Smith, which divided according to the racial bias of this culture, humans into ‘managers’ and ‘workers’. Ricardo, a Jewish Stock-broker will then establish the ‘bronze/iron salary’ – a human must never receive more money than the cost of the machine of iron that can do his job. Profits become the only meaning of corporations. Mankind and life will be sacrificed to them. Wars become endemic, as ‘metal-money’, values more weapons than life, by the laws of systemic affinity (we humans put together informative metal-money and energetic metal-weapons, but do not like to value with metal life, so life is ‘cheap’ and becomes extinct, weapons are expensive and become profitable).

Since classic and financial economics is NOT the science of economics, whose real purpose is to explain the global economic ecosystem and design it for the betterment of mankind, but the translation of the religion of power of the ‘people who invent money’. So it caters NOT to humans but to the owners of corporations and the machines that give them profit. this is what people do not understand. Capitalism or classic Economics is not a science but the ideology of power of the bankers. As ‘nationalism’ is NOT  the science of history, but the ideology of power of those who rule the world with weapons.

And for that reason, as ideologies do not use the scientific method but the repressive/censorship method the true founders of economics from Marx who first described the cycle of evolution and superproduction of machines to Keynes who gave the solutions to those crisis (reproduce human goods of the welfare state, to cater to the 99% by making governments not private dynasties of bankers to invent money for that purpose) are censored and ignored in this crisis.And so without the proer infomation to mold our actions, We humans today ‘move’ but do not ‘act’, we, as Hemingway put it to Dietrich ‘confuse motion with action’. And our motions just destroy more the owrld.

What is then the scientific solution to the crisis from the biological real point of view, according to the biological laws that resolve reality, not the placebo ‘actions’ of the present ‘mind-erased’ human kind? Have those scientists of history provided solutions to this crisis, and if so, why we humans do not ‘evolve’, r=evolve against primitive ideologies of history and eocnomics and solve scientricially the crisis?

Now to do science, there is something called the scientific method. Today social sciences outside universities for whom nobody cares,  have regressed in the people that create history, politicians and the economic ecosystem, bankers, with the languages of social power of mankind, weapons, laws and machines, to the ideological and tribal level of capitalism and nationslism. So there is no an objective analysis of money but one which ads the ‘ideology of those make money – capitalism and weapons – nationalism, and need to create a fairy positive vision of what they do; while the scientist can only collect data not give the correct explanation.

So social sciences are  in the 1st stage of that method, the collection of data, from where then they often depart as the ‘real sciences’ of history and economics are censored (sorry there was a guy called Marx which actually discovered them, sounds familiar?). Those sciences then advanced with the work of two different characters, an ‘alumni’ of Marx, Mr.Kondratieff of the previous and next graph, which being Marxist was dispossesed of all deep meaning (namely he had tabulated mathematically the Cycles of Overproduction of Machines, Economical Crises, crashes and wars of the classic Marxist school) but being truth could not be ignored and so it is used in a poorly explained and tabulated version in all ‘capitalist’ stock-analyses.

‘A capitalist will hang himself to sell a rope’ said Lenin, and then little was said after Trostky, but from the opposite spectra, Germany, another master, Oswald Spengler, once the best part of Marx had been absorbed, r=evolved the genre advancing the first organic theory of cultures and Butler in England, an heterodox genius, who should have been taken seriously fusioned the Industrial R=evolution and Darwin. So here we are now, XXI century, the ‘science’ of History and Economics keeps advancing in what truly matter, not the collection of data and selection according to ideologies of capitalism and nationalism, but int he creation of the next step – theories which explain future events before they happen in a causal manner. 

The causality of history which defines those cycles is indeed the key element for a scientific analysis of history. But another improtante element is ‘objectivity’, the most difficult one for a science that study ‘us’, hyman ego-trips as part of ‘herds’.

Evolutionary economics and any other school of ‘humanist economics’ (socialism, sustainable economy, ecologism, etc.) is censored and ignored; while the dogmas of ‘biblical economics’ keep being carried out by a tiny group of dynastic bankers and owners of corporations, ‘chosen by the invisible hand of go(l)d’, whose policies are extinguishing labor, democracy and human social rights, to increase profits, aided by corrupted politicians and their armies of corporative managers and electronic systems. So neo-fascism is all the rage and the destiny of humans, an expendable cost for the new brave world of intelligent machines that will be evolved and multiplied in the final cycle of robotics along the XXI century, in jeopardy… Since not only the 1% of owners of corporations seem to want a future world without humans, but, and this is perhaps the ultimate proof of our incapacity to survive, the mass of mankind, programmed, manufactured in their brains by the audiovisual media and its techno-utopian dreams, are happy and work like lemmings on a race to accelerate their extinction. Witness the recent craze for the first ‘new, autonomous race’ of machines, the domestic drone, a flying insect-like machine made of metal, which the robotic lobby has authorized to fly over America and is now reproduced massively by toy factories, universities and private individuals to monitor, observe and in the future hunt and kill the American citizens…

Thus, of the two possible outcomes of the industrial r=evolution of machines…

– That of capitalism: a world without humans, made of machines, which give profits to a tiny elite of owners of corporations…

– and that of the science of human economics, a sustainable world in which governments control money, and use it as a language of power that gives order of production to companies that produce sustainable goods, and chokes credit to those who make lethal goods, pruning the fruits of the tree of science, and controlling the evolution of machines for our profit,  forbidding those who are lethal for labor and life.

…the future we are walking into is the non-human future, moved by greed and the dictatorship of our ‘stockrats’, the new aristocrats that monopolize the creation of the language of social power, money in markets for their financial and industrial corporations and control politicians with it.

This non human future is the one which is implemented by our politicos, ‘workers of corporations’, who pander to them for money on exchange for laws, people like Mr. Obama , who has multiplied laws in favor of the robotic revolution, allowing the displaying of drones at home and abroad (Pakistan war drone, authorization of drones in America), subventioning the substitution of workers by them (500 million $ subvention to the robotic-worker industries, Labor act, which eliminates further taxes from the electronic industry), etc. The consequence is obvious: the human economic crisis deepens as the corporative crisis ends. Since under those policies there is simply speaking no future for life.  So as companies multiply their profits, with the new ‘bonanza’ of machine-workers and machine-consumers of ‘expensive’ electronic gadgets, humans will suffer the end of the welfare state, its organisms, governments, will enter a state of decomposition, and dispossessed living in an increasingly hostile environment, of solar powered drones and self-driving robots, protected by its company-mothers and the commercial law, mentally retarded by the influence of audiovisual media with its violent, paranoid, ‘divide and win’, hypnotic messages… It will be the last, Y-Why and Z-ero generations of mankind, now being born, living in a landscape more akin to the premonitions of prophetic, science-fiction masters than the rossy techno-utopias of those who are destroying the world and still profit from it: robotists, technocrats, bankers and managers of corporations. But they should know they are also expendable, easy to replace with automatic software…

Indeed, it is very likely that if you are a University student you will not die on bed. But also it is very likely you will live an ‘unexamined life’ as a member of the Y or Z generations, thinking you live in the best of all world fantasies. And then one day wake up and see on your 3D TV the ‘reality show’ of your existential end, perfectly hidden till then by the fundamental tenant of our ‘crazy culture’. That – as crazy people believe – if we deny reality it will not harm us, because it ‘ceases’ to exist. This is in essence the present ‘strategy’ of those in power – politicians and economists: this crisis is not happening, it is only financial; the Earth is not dying, this is hippy hysteria; our mind is not being degraded, it is ‘entertained’ and we are not living in an impersonal biological world.

No, we are chosen by go(l)d; we humans are the special race, and among us, there is a special group who ‘know better’, because one of his ancestors,  a fellow goatkeeper saw a G.Bush (God Bush) – the creator of the world – and his bro told us that accumulating go(l)d ex-votes was the path to become the master race.

Yes indeed, ‘gold is not just an informative atom that hypnotizes the brain, but the language of the G. Bush, as explained by Adam Smith, Calvinus, Aaron, Greenspan and Mr. Goldman, who after taken billions of dollars from the tax payer told us that ‘a bankers job is a God’s job’ – that almighty bronze age hallucination that will rapture us into the clouds in Judgment day.

The amazing thing about all this is that 4 billion people believe it. Indeed, 90% of Americans say they believe in such kind of bronze age God. And such astounding dysfunctionality of the brain requires a deeper judgment of man, given by memetics, that describe us as automatons of memorial thoughts. Here in Europe, people tend to dismiss the entire American psyche as just a proof of the uncivilized primitive nature of the Americans, but that is NOT the case. The reasons are deeper and concern the entire structure of the human mind, as America is simply speaking a fractal piece of the wor(l)d with all the races and cultures, but advanced into the future of capitalism and the audiovisual machines that have degraded their people, who no longer ago were ahead of the evolution of the species and the last hope of a human future. So the degradation of America is only ‘the future’ of all of us. And the future civil wars and pogroms of America is only the future of all of us. And all that has only an ultimate cause: ‘the barbarous superstition’ that the accumulation of go(l)d is the purpose of life, when go(l)d’s values kill life.

The fundamental transition with the arrival of capitalism happened from WARRIOR ARISTOCRATS with exclusive rights to reproduce the language of power weapons and use it against inferior humans who could not carry weapons and were judged in different courts; to STOKCRATS,with the same privileged rights on the new language of power money, they issue in monopoly (+90% of money today reproduced in stocks, e-money derivative and financial houses), they use to buy part-time the life of people (as workers), to buy laws to politicos; and CANNOT be judged (Anonymous societies which at best dim the company not the stockrat responsible)> So ALL THE PRIVLEGES OF ARISTOCRACIES OF WAR ARE TODAY ON THE HANDS OF STOCK-RACIES OF MONEY, in the so called capitalist democracies, where the polling of pre$elected candidates in inefficient bipartisan democracies is just a ‘genius’ placebo structure to convince people, they rule. In the graph the 3 ages of the new form of metal-dictatorship: the ‘democratic’ colonial age of imperial Europe, and its Capitalist democracies and pyramid of power in the XIX c. Money is on top and its issuers, private dynasties of bankers who also print information with paper rule. Below a screen of, kings or placebo democracies, or religious leaders cover up for them. And if smart people r=evolve, the army will take care. As a distraction it does take care of enemy nations and inferior races, in colonial wars. Then the elite of workers for company-mothers of machines do have the good life, and on the bottom the now obsolete workers to the robots revolution did have then at least the right to food for unending work hours, which soon will be lost.

And this is what makes this crisis different from the previous ones, in which machines still needed humans to act as 1/half of the ‘animetal’ organism, either the head or the body of this part animal, part machine, was human. Now with the arrival of full automation and integrated body-heads of machines, the human becomes obsolete, and we walk towards a Mechanocene planet of automated re=productive company-mothers (which will soon achieve with integrated software, CAD design and 3D printing, full reproduction) and robot workers and soldiers.

This all too evident reality, already foreseen by the Darwinian economist, Butler, a century ago, when he forecasted the future evolution of machines into full organisms, given its enormous differential of speed of evolution, and defined ‘animetals’ as the new top predator species of this planets – men attached to mechanical limbs, is the ‘bottom line’ of a  predictive, evolutionary science of economics, which is what economics should be in a planet which is organic, with a human species, which is a form of life, and creates machines by imitating its organs in function, and whenever possible in form.

IT IS THIS THE REAL IMPORTANCE of the cycle of Holocausts. We are now all waiting for the holocaust of mankind as the jabiru were always massacred, because the bankers are our ‘experts’, and ‘debt slavery’ and profits through overproduction of weapon and hate-media ITS EXPERTISE.

Only a true science of history and economics could avoid this and of course it is censored by the anti-quantum paradox. Human truth though is becoming so far removed, of the virtual matrix of placebo truths that has become the globalised world that this blog, which is so far the most advanced level of social sciences, will seem increasingly ‘coming out of another planet’. Indeed, it is the objective view on mankind coming out from a non-anthropomorphic view, with the laws of systems sciences that apply to all planets and systems of the Universe. But we live in a world of children, who cannot understand death, of spoiled, repressed evil=anti-live humans, who cannot accept the rules of the game.

Yet as i am not a child, i am not evil and i am not stupid, coming from the classic, rational, Latin-European social democratic civilisation, the Am segullah have finally managed to destroy, I must say I am also astonished how little resistance, the enlightened Americans and Europeans who had put the world in the right track to salvation, a few decades ago, have fallen victims of the overproduction crises of the chip radiation, and its FMasters.

What i would have hoped for is that enlightened America and Europe WERE NOT SLAVISH TO THEM, AND HAD MAN UP AND CREATED A BETTER WORLD AND REPRESSED THE MEMES OF THOSE HATE-ORIENTED ANTI-HUMAN CULTURES. BUT THE OPPOSITE HAS HAPPENED. And so i have little hope for a species so degraded, so unfit to survive.

Of course as Orwell also said, a good writer is one that says what nobody wants to hear. So censorship meant merely I kept studying the future the am segullah don’t wat to hear, according to the cycles of the past.

Indeed, today a new Ministry of Propaganda, sponsored by members of a new racial party on power in the western world,  in complete control of its mass-media Information, manufactures the collective human brain in a far more intelligent way than Goebbels’ ministry, with its own newspeaks of caring, and NOT only limited to Germany but globalised.

Yet this ‘Jewish-racial party of misinformation today global’ indifferent to the ongoing Holocaust of Mankind, the species they HATE, despite their caring, disguised systems of information, is also their species and so they will share their same fate.

The soliton of the neo-fascist wave. The Donald? Perhaps…

There is a soliton, ahead, a wave particle DIFFERENT FROM ALL OTHERS, A PROPHET THAT LEADS THE WAVE and knows in his sacrifice exploring the troughs and peaks, where is the road less travelled which the herd will follow.

That soliton my friend, the Mule of Asimov, Alexander after Gaugamela, Caesar in the Idus of march, when calpurnia warned him, Clinton and Obama on their speech day when they had to proclaim the American R=evolution, me 20 years ago when i met those who could have done it… all the solitons of human history were simply ignored by the quantum wave, the group that followed a corrupted anti-particle with its anti-live memes.

Antiparticle mind the reader appear out of nothing from the underground virtual world of fantasies of light space-time, only to last an uncertainty moment on the Heisenberg, H/2 infinitesimal second in which they appear, stop the wave, cut it from the soliton and explode it into a massive big-bang of war and then nothing is left.

Yes my friend you all went down to that low potential well. I went up as smaller entities move faster and bio-economics, bio-history 5D physics and Non-Aristotelian, Non_euclidean algebra, the language and logic of the infinite living universe had no disciples, into the realm of the mind of God, thoughts of the eusocial Universe, so i do not come back now very often to see that degraded world of lesser humans who renounced to be men, and let themselves to become slaves of the Am Segullah, murdering all their prophets of love, from mr. Jesus to Mr. Lincoln to Mr. Kennedy, now no need to murder anyone – there is none left who can even understand… what the Antiparticle will do.

Mr. Trump is the antiparticle but the antiparticle only is born when quantum fluctuations due to the indecisive motions, pure heat without direction, the soliton forgotten, have disordered the lanwave. America is disordered enough after 1/2 a century under the boot of the chip radiation of e-money Pcs and now robots, since Nixon gave the presidency and the money to wall street and evilwood, to have now his lanwave of neofascism, his antiparticle, Mr. Trump, which we, solitons of the lanwave, Lots of the no-chosen future forecasted in our first books 30 years ago. This was the graph then comparing the future tea party fascist wave of America and the last one in Europe.

Because what the Am segullah do not understand is that after Mr. Trump massacres the poor, and gives them the last drop of blood and flesh, when all is lost and the dollar crashed as the deutsche mark crashed, there will be the last Hecatomb to Mammon, and they will be the pound of flesh:

In the graph, from the 1998 edition of ‘bio-economics’, the map of the ‘future’ of American neo-fascist movement. Notice the 2008 crisis forecast and the 8 year switch between meaningless democratic or republican house-negros.

Below the equivalent wave from the first book, a century ago, no further comment is needed:

The graphs for the old 30 year book on bio-history, seems now more possible. 30 years ago was obviously cuckoo. But that is how the Universe works: the cells/citizens of super organism, unaware of the laws of lanwaves, the values of its information, do NOT understand how the future is webbed. The values of go(l)d and profits in a society where those values are ignored, and denied in everything negative, where profits maximised by wars are a religion, unavoidably bring in crescendo of new levels of intensity. And this key to the process: ‘believers’ don’t reason. Greed is a belief in the go(l)d religion. The madness of developing the same patterns that brought about the fascist wave of Europe, step by step, despite all the warnings of Weimar America, all the well-intentioned sociologists and scientists of history explaining the future, is the product of a ‘belief’, of a God that cannot be named. And so again, when, if, all is rotten and destroyed, at the end of the fascist cycle, the Götterdämmerung, the fall of the Go(l)d chosen, closes the cycle:

This graph from a 30 years old obviously never published book, the Jewish Paradox, the most authoritative book on the Duality of the Am Segullah and the Habiru and its cycles of accumulation of wealth (top of the paradox) and self-destruction by greed and occultation of facts (bottom state of the cycle), explains the duality of the cycle, and WHY instead of ending the cycle, by reforming capitalism, the top of the Jewish society survives and the bottom of non-guilty die precisely because they NEVER r=evolved against its top ‘banksters’ and on top they HIDE them with the different versions of the H.Industry.

Today the militaristic greedy culture of banker-priests, the 1% of Judaism, increasingly control Israel, which totally controls the American ‘house slave’, (its financial-media system that imprints as a tabula rassa their people), which in turn controls the world, and on top faces a Jihad of similar primitive warrior memes, and both have managed to completely erase from power, the social, humanist, rational, artistic, scientific European-American enlightenment culture, this future is set, and will happen merely according to the evolutionary laws of robotic machines, which when ‘ready’ to do us all, will be duly used for profitable ‘splendid little wars’.

Thus it is the perfect culture to commit self-suicide once more, and bring mankind to its demise, without even realizing it does so. It is indeed much easier to explain why capitalism is extinguishing mankind departing from that lack of freedom in such go(l)d religion…. unfortunately. Hence it is imperative to denationalize the financial industry from them, ending both the holocaust of the human people and the holocaust of their lower castes, scapegoats of the ab=uses of its elite of banker-priests.

Now of course, the control of the American debt slave is so enormous as that of the Indian slave by the spanish conquistadors, but that is always the case till the catastrophic cycle turns sides. I couldn’t care less what kind of knee-jerk program the Amerindians of this modern age shout in defense of their FMasters, fact is the 3 candidates merely represent 3 factions of the Racist Party of America, who ‘owns them all’. So let us here review them a last time, and utter the warning of the cycles of history, choosing our candidate.

Which of the 3 ‘you candidates’ is $elected will be an internal decision of the Am Segullah, latter carried about by the Financial-Media system, with its manufacturing of brains and credit form campaigns. And the players are:

  • The candidate of the ultra-orthodox in search of ethnic cleansing, Mr. Trump, which represents why the elite call in their arcane ways, the people of “Jerusalem’, the ones who believe in ethnic cleansing and the Millenarian prophecy of Talmud: ‘at the end of times all tribes of the world will be enslaved by Yhwh (the subconscious collective of the Jewish people), or they will be exterminated.
  • The candidate of the go(l)d believers and hedonists, ‘the people of Babylon’, with his candidate, Miss Clinton (both candidates, having married their daughters with Baalists, have been accepted among the Pigs of the animetal farm, as they will be no longer Mazerim, but NOT by the orthodox, as their mothers are still ‘goy’=animals, important distinction, if you want to be admitted into the racist party of America).
  • And our favourite, and obviously the most despised self-hating you of America, the third candidate, the Savior, the Moses, the only one that could stop the Cycle, which will happen despite its deniers, the new Jesus, Marx, the prophet of eusocial love,- you name it, Mr. Sanders. He is indeed our candidate and almost certain the looser. He is indeed, the only one that can save them from the Fall of the Go(l)ds, at the end of the cycle, as those who believe in the previous Saviors of the previous economic cycles of the Holocaust did – Mr. Moses shoe believers, didn’t die in the Henna; Mr. Iesu, whose believers iwere spared by the Hispanic non-corrupted Emperors, who following Cicero’s advice on the ‘Res Publica’, and the Optimates party of ‘Roman Imperial Senators’, waged war to the Banksters: ‘I will speak in a low voice

“You know how large a group they (the Jews) are, and how influential they are in politics. I will lower my voice and speak just loudly enough for the jury to hear me; for there are plenty of individuals to stir up those Jews against me and against every good Roman, and I don’t intend to make it any easier for them to do this. Since gold was regularly exported each year in the name of the Jews from Italy and all our provinces to Jerusalem, Flaccus issued an edict forbidding its exportation from Asia. Who is there, gentlemen of the jury, who cannot sincerely commend this action? The exportation of gold had been forbidden by the Senate on many previous occasions, and most strictly of all during my consulship. Further, that Flaccus was opposed to this barbarous Jewish superstition. But Flaccus is dead”.

And soon Cicero was also murdered by the Oriental Party of Mark Anthony, by the Senate took note, and erased 1/3rd of the $elected that $elected the corrupted $enators of the Empire.

And indeed, those who believed in Marx, were spared in the German Holocaust, living In Russia and now, they have forgotten all what they should have learned on fire, and one of them, Mr. Avigdor is leading the Racist party till its foreseeable end.




It is in this second graph, where the final American civil wars, seems now more clear. No possible sacrifice of the Jewish paradox by neo-nazi america, but simply a mass of biblical wealthy GOP people, surrounded of walled robotic armies, in a disorganised country, with hardly any state left, will one day see the cameras and gun-machines of their compounds and walls, the tesla automated cars of the veins of the metal-earth, the amazing amount of military transports and robotised transport ‘mule-dogs’, which have substituted the old ‘slave 11 tribes of ‘apiru’, who walked behind the asses’, do them all. We know this. Only retarded people think science fiction does not become science as time goes on, with less anthropomorphic happy endings. My generation knew this future when it saw terminator.

But the animetal I-you-it slavish brain has no freedom to survive, and WILL NOT LET CHINA AND EUROPE, THE EVOLVED EUSOCIAL LANGUAGES OF SVO PERFECT GRAMMAR TO SAVE THEM, AND CONSTRUCT THE PERFECT WORLD, OR no. They will, as always, crucify their true prophets of the wor(l)d, send Moses back to the mountain, put Jesus in Golgotha, close Marx at the British Library, shoot Rabin to avoid a peaceful, civil Israel, deny Sanders the Presidency, choose hate to mankind, hate to mankind, hate to mankind, hate TO THEMSELVES. And those who hate themselves, are called crazies, and they harm their body and then the brain collapses. Deja vu.

Today the militaristic greedy culture of banker-priests, totally controls the American ‘house slave’, (its financial-media system that imprints as a tabula rassa their people), which in turn controls the world, and on top faces a Jihad of similar primitive warrior memes, and both have managed to completely erase from power, the social, humanist, rational, artistic, scientific European-American enlightenment culture.

So they feel nothing can debunk them.

But precisely because they will not enact humanist policies, this future holocaust cycle is set.

Notice the parallelism between the german fascist wave and the incoming American fascist wave, which will take off when the tea party after the present massive printing of e-money for jewish stockrats and the rise of the Yuan sinks the dollar and the people once the bankers move as they did from hamburg to new york in 1917 with all the gold of germany, seeing they would loose the war, leaving their poor behind, move from America to Australia, leaving their poor behind. At that stage a southern, germanic no-hitler will rise and say that the real colonial foreign power is not Islam as the paid-per-jew affirms now, but the jewish people and will declare a time of pogroms and nuke Israel. It will be the 13 fully researched Holocaust cycle of a self-printed book distributed 20 some years ago to some of the wealthiest American stockrats, warning them not to crash the market, which of course only meant the end of my ‘dolce fare niente’ good life in the Hampton’s parties, because the banker-priests do know they kill and offer their poor  and children to the altar of Baal. As they have always done.

But of course the stock-rats think this never happen, and if it is about to happen, the armies of google robots will protect them. It is indeed a possibility but then as the germans who protected the romans or the turkish who protected the corrupted arab califas from the people, the robots will finish them up.

The madness of this civilisation is in that sense, the belief that fictions create and change reality, beyond the mind of people, that languages are more important than facts; since only go(l)d values are truth, the wor(l)d can be described with fictions, censorship and invented causes, so people will not react as they have always done to the debt usury, taxation, speculation, currency manipulation and stock-crashes that ruin nations murdering the people who caused it just because a few scholars create a virtual fiction that is not happening, never happened and will not happen. Indeed, fictions DO WORK ONLY ON THOSE WHO DO NOT LIVE THE REALITY OF THE CYCLE.

For a father, whose son was neutered in the ghetto as debt slave and sold to Islam or thrown to the gutter, where it was found bloodless, so the father thought the usurer had drunk his blood, no virtual fiction would return the life of his child. Now this is called the blood libel, and is canonical in scholarship: the victim is not the child and the father but the poor usurer who was murdered because the father was so stupid and heinous that he thought the usurer had drunk his blood.  And of course, all modern Americans think is so. But the father couldn’t care less why the usurer killed the child, it was his child murdered, after the usurer took it from him because he couldn’t pay the 46% minimum interest on the gold tax, imposed by the tax farmer on a bad crop year. Next came the Holocaust of the Crusaders, which is told to be the brutish blood-thirsty massacre of germanic barbarians murdering wholesale you victims. But the massive pogroms of French crusaders happened when after one Simon managed to take 20.000 children supposedly to Jerusalem, one survivor returned from the Algiers where they had been sold whole sale to the Eunuch trade, and word spread the ‘yous’ had done it all over again. And so on and so on. Never the a posteriori rewriting of virtual history, by the FMasters of the industry of go(l)d and information has avoided a single ‘present cycle of go(l)d murder->weapons murder.

The entire planet thinks Palestinians are terrorists who deserve to live in a ghetto, 50 years for stealing the sacred lands of the ‘yous’, but the Palestinians who know they are robbed of their land, treated as cattle, closed in a concentration camp will never believe that virtual lie. And when the Americans wake up one day as the Germans did in 1917, with all their banks depleted of Gold, going their way to buy Wall Street, and their you elite flying in private jets to Australia, and their companies delisted, after a massive sell-out of treasuries, and find the nation ruined, suddenly all the virtual 100 years holocaust industry, which now they believe as they believe in the Baal-ble, and creationist economics will be erased. And this Wall Street and evilwood knows, but they couldn’t care less for the jabiru, the 11 slave tribes of the Levi banker-priests, the most eviL, levi≈eviL go(l)d spirit this planet has witnessed, the true murderers of all forms of life.

But this I will say in the mood of the prophet, the millenarian, talmudic prophecy in which they believe – ‘at the end of times, all humans will be slaves of Yhwh or be exterminated’, should read, since Yhwh, the Mosaic laws has become Go(l)d, ‘at the end of time, when all humans become slaves of Go(l)d, they will be exterminated.’

Prophecies as the Greeks learned in Delos, never mean what they say ‘literally’.

Fact is the go(l)d you meme is the perfect culture to commit self-suicide once more, and bring mankind to its demise, without even realizing it does so. It is indeed much easier to explain why capitalism is extinguishing mankind departing from that lack of freedom in such go(l)d religion…. unfortunately. Hence it is imperative to denationalize the financial industry from them, ending both the holocaust of the human people and the holocaust of their lower castes, scapegoats of the ab=uses of its elite of banker-priests.

In that regard, paradoxically, the fundamental reason mankind gives an blank check in economics and politics and hides its control of finances, by the Am Segullah is the fear of a repetition of the Holocaust. Since holocausts do have fundamentally, economic causes. So handling the financial world to the Am segullah ensures their capitalist beliefs will cause our demise.

So ultimately the creation of the perfect world will obviously eliminate both wars and holocausts; the strategy of the ‘banker-priests’ of merely hiding the perceived causes of those wars and holocausts will bring the same cycles into the future. Since indeed, it seems there is a historic systemic agreement that usury debt is the cause of those holocausts.

So despite the anti-quantum paradox which is maximal in economic sciences, as financial power controls the world and only ‘accepts’ ‘ideologies’  that pass as science, as long as they validate the status quo so financiers  run it ‘smoothly’, we need to explain the meaning of money, its properties as a language of information and how the financial system and its corporations, control the world with its monopoly in the issue of money, origin of the boom and bust cycles of the economy, and the peace and war cycles of history…

Since it is not possible truly to understand the causality of those cycles, without considering elements ‘censored’ by the anti-quantum paradox, which will surface once and again when we try to explain reality as it IS, not as the ‘elite’ that controls the financial media system of machines of information that print money and ‘manufacture’ brains in tune with the system, pretend to be.

Thus, this crystal clear cycle IS systematically denied by all the people of the world for different reasons:

  • Those who suffer the cycle -go(l)d cult(ure)s do NOT want to repeat it,  because they don’t want to be murdered. Alas, the solution they implement is DENYING the cyclical, causal nature of time, and the economic and military causes of the holocaust and war cycle, which cannot separate of each other. 
  • Those who perpetrate the cycle (warrior cult-ures) do NOT want to accept causality and cyclicality because they do not TO be blamed of genocide and stained for the future.
  • But and this is by far the most lethal problem with the denial of the Holocaust, both perpetrators and victims do NOT want to accept the causes of the holocaust, the hidden values, cycles and organic processes of history triggered by the overproduction of weapons and inflationary money, because it would require to then, ‘eliminate’ those causes by reforming a system, which for most of the time, favour the people-castes of warriors and bankers protagonists of the cycle. 

So because during the good times of the cycle, both warriors and go(l)d cults are on top of the wave of history and judaism flourishes (as the culture whose memes affirm the need to gold herding at all costs, whatever it takes, it is obvious that judaism constantly pursuits ‘pecunia infinita’, inflationary money, while DENYING ANY COLLATERAL EFFECT, among them ‘nervus belli’ and ‘genocide’).



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