4.Islam:neolithic warrior

Animetal Religions believe that go(l)d is the language of God and weapons, ‘Its’ gift to convert other people. Those 2 myths are the origin of go(l)d churches and Warrior Inquisitions that suppress the Arrow of social evolution, fostered by the Wor(l)d, creating all type of ‘religious’, ‘scientific’ and ‘economic dogmas’ in favor of racism, competence between humans, mechanism, murder and greed—the values needed to develop a world made to the image and likeness of metal, not of man. In the graph, the Golden calf and the Dollar Motto, in ‘God we trust’, show the religion of Go(l)d, considered the invisible hand of God. On the right, an Islamic fighter, who believes you can kill to convert humans to a religion of God; and the sword—anti-cross of eviL—shown in the paradigmatic shield of the Spanish Inquisition. They are examples of cult(ures) that use go(l)d & weapons and their values, instead of the values of the wor(l)d, to impose their beliefs.



The memes of the Metal-earth, which made of entropic metal, weapons, and informative, hypnotic metal, gold, the supreme good to which mankind had to surrender his will – as a vehicle of God that gave power to those who possessed it – appeared first in the Fertile crescent with the invasion of the Semite people –  and it will change history for ever.

Semites were till then despised as primitive cattle herders, without the sophistication of earlier agricultural societies. But they were hardened by the environmental conditions, dexterous in the manipulation of cattle, which they started to herd with metal tools, soon applied to the art of warfare. Their genes of lesser importance, however seem to have a higher proportion of the Homo ‘visualis’, the Neanderthal, red hair, hooked nose, guttural languages, huge visual, dolichocephalic brain; and so mental reflection proper of highly developed verbal languages was not among its traits. In fact their language were VSO, verbal, imperative first structures, suitable to receive orders and obey; either because the ‘Lugal’, the king warrior told him so, or the banker-priest who expected gold exvotes for the rituals of ‘covenant’ with the subconscious collective of the tribe, the nation or the God of its people (then all similar terms).

Men of action, feeling a different species, chosen by its metal-dexterity, soon they pressed all the people of the Fertile Crescent rising on top of their populations. Only the Egyptians resisted and copied their weapons down into the Deep South where bronze swords were manufactured. But then, they imitated the hierarchical structures of war of the Semites, in a trend which will make history rather deterministic:

Memes that are the stuff of which history is made – regardless of ‘memetic tendencies’ to the ‘different future times motions’  – jump from civilization to civilization, once discovered, so technology never stops, unless a very organized conscious society decides to do so (as the Chinese-Japanese did with gunpowder to avoid the scourge of war).

So soon the memes of semite bronze age cults to go(l)d and weapons became embedded in the Middle East cultures, and as the VSO imperative languages transferred also from the people-castes on top to their servants, which had to learn to ‘obey’ the imperative warrior-king or go(l)d priests, the civilized world abandoned the Neolithic of respect to Gaia, balance with Earth, ‘immortal, eternal time’, and civilized, equalitarian, SVO languages for the fundamentalist semite cultures of metal, divided in those who made of gold the vehicle of god and language of power that hypnotized people and made them ‘slaves’, of the priests, and military cultures where bronze, latter iron would be the vehicle of God, signified in the ‘fire’ of the smith.

The memes of the semite warrior though would become easily transferred due to its evident power over death, and so soon the Northern barbarians, the ice-desert nomads, the Indo-European, hauling from the Tobol river of the andronovo culture (Russia), a center dedicated 24/7 to elaborate bronze chariots descended with the new weapons and erased the Semite military power. It was then needed an industrial organization of specialized labor to build those chariots. So cities grew around armies, and gold became symbiotic to weapons. 70% of monetary flows would be dedicated to reproduce them. So we can write a ‘first approach’ to Adam Smith’s equation of the eco(comic)system – itself an iconic name of the first banker of gold apples and the first maker of bronze weapons:

Mv = PT, which we write Mv (speed of circulation of monetary mass, or financial economy) = TP, Top Predator products of maximal price (weapons).

It will be the beginning of the ‘belli Nervi pecunia infinita’ (the manufacture and sale of weapons for war produces infinite profits) cycle that defines the third age of history as a vortex of ‘technological evolution’, kicking out the 800-80-8 cycles of overproduction of weapons and war.

The Human side of history, the neolithic, agricultural age of fertility goddesses will ever since decline and a veil of fundamentalist myths and ego-trips of human superiority by the power of metal develop. Burials won’t be anymore equalitarian. The Lugals will be buried often with the corpses of their horses, with abundance of fetish metal, even with sacrificial ‘slaves’ to accompany the ‘animetal master’ to a supposed immortality… beyond death.

But Semite religions were NOT sophisticated. A lot of pamphlets in favor of the Bible have been written talking about the superiority of its culture as a spiritual ‘monotheist’ religion above the animist, taoist earlier religions more in tune with the organic, fractal ‘sentient universe’.

They completely missed the point: none of those gods were spiritual, not even dealing with the meaning of the Universe and the after life, non-existent in earlier Judaism before the Greek influence, because they were historic religions where God was the tribal nation and monotheism merely meant that the tribal nation was at war with all other nations-Gods trying to conquer the world.

So Judaism would talk in his millenarian prophecy that ‘at the end of times, all tribes would be slaves of Yahveh or become exterminated’ (Talmud), meaning NOT a higher spiritual Loving God embodying the ‘fifth dimension of wholes and parts’ that structure the more complex arrows of time in the Universe (clearly understood in Platonism and higher eastern religions); but merely telling us that the go(l)d priests of earlier biblical capitalist cults would conquer the world with gold, making humanity a product slave of capitalism, with metal and the priest-rulers above. While Assur, the people, land, capital and God of the Assyrians asserted the same ‘monotheism’ for his tribe, very much as latter all the great Empires of military power asserted their rule by the grace of God, trying to achieve a natural goal of humanity – the unification of the species into a global super organism, albeit by the wrong methods – NOT using the natural verbal, ethic, nervous language of mankind, through equalitarian laws, but the raw power of metal, in hierarchical systems.

As the semite go(l)d culture became dominant in the west, through trade of slaves, weapons and its manufacture, in the Levantine centers dedicated first to Baal, then to Yahweh or rather to both, the Baal-gold culture and the warrior Yahweh, in what we should call the ‘memeplex of the Baalble’, became the winner of that first war between A-syria and Judea… the lands, gods, people and subconscious collective of the mother of all battles for global power.

Behind them, we can see an increasingly silent mass of farmers, fertility Goddesses, cultural mores to the natural drives of life and its welfare goods. As the Semite wave of metal memeplexes expanded, by conquest or by imitation in nations that resisted conquest by replicating the weapons and hierarchy systems of power of the Semites, the world abandoned definitely the age of Neolithic fertility goddesses, the ‘immortal, reproductive’ age of History, and entered its 3rd informative, old age of technological evolution.

And as memes, like all systems of information have ‘temporal inertia’, meaning they evolve towards higher degrees of power and complexity in their ‘handle’ of human masses, the Semites will for ever since display enormous dexterity in the sacrifice of human life to the values of metal, weapons and money that were symbiotic, even if the human memetic carriers, specially after inso-europeans relegated the ‘semite-arab-warrior’ to a second tier of power, were no longer of the same culture: the warrior elites will now come from Northern Indo-Europeans and the Go(L)d masters will still remain Semite, ‘biblical people’. Hence while both needed each other for industrial war reproduction, catalyzed by the use of money and its values, in genetic, human terms, their cultures differ, and so both allied against Humanity, the common people, oppressed by war, debt slavery, usury, military genocide, you name it… but when things sorted, the semite go(l)d master and the Indo-European warrior metal-masters will ‘argue’ with their tools of power, in war and holocaust cycles that always saw once the Human ‘vital energy’ they exploited was exhausted, a final gottendamerung from where ONLY metal, which would keep reproducing and evolving ever in faster numbers, will come on top. It is then easy to trace the ‘new’ hierarchy of social power of semite civilizations, against which humans will fight to return to true freedom, welfare production, democratic laws, respect for women who embody the ‘higher motions of positive, informative time’ – reproduction and social love – that make a system survive:

graf animetal classes

Animetal vs. human cultures

In the 800 cycles, the cultural divide was between fundamentalist religions of weapons and gold (Semite & Germanic cultures) vs. cultures that understood rationally the ethic and artistic values of the human I=eye>wor(ld and put the law and welfare goods above gold and weapons

 As  the oldest humans to become animetals, exposed to its hidden values of greed and violence, fundamentalism with Gold (biblical sects) or weapons (arab cultures) would become the trade-mark of the banker priests and military sheiks that have ruled those societies without the slightest hint of democratic, female-enhancing, welfare-prone softening of its memes. People abandoned those cultures in growing numbers during many periods of ‘return to civilization’, notably in the biblical jewish->Protestant memeplex. But those who identify themselves as memetic believers on those cultures have stayed in arrested evolution in its memes, in a first ‘infantile’ age of ‘beliefs’ with little reason, whose memes are crystal clear against life drives.

Indeed all semite cultures sponsor a massive denial of the natural drives of life in human beings, to enhance the military and economic reproduction and ab=use of Nature with metal. So we find in all ‘abrahamic religions’ and similar earlier tribal semite cultus: sexual repression that goes as far as male ablation of penis, accompanied by female repression most notable among warrior lineal cultures as the male lineal body is more in tune with weapons than the female cyclical body that better understands re=production and the capacity of gold to catalyze it, life energy repression through dietary laws that forbid the most tasteful seafoods and pork products (which are so similar in genes to our own flesh that we love by similarity its taste). Social love would be also repressed to other ‘human tribes’, enslaved or converted in corpses by the power of weapons. So in this manner an essential biological law of eusocial evolution became broken – since the memes of semite cultures made the tribe and priests superior to other humans.

The semite culture thus is the epitome of animetal civilizations, and while most humans do NOT think their memes are with us, he is fully mistaken. As its military memes transferred by the path of Assur to Indo-European Hittites, even earlier during the Russian chariot invasion; while the religious concept of go(l)d, of money as the supreme goal of capitalism, with no much thought about its nature as a language of digital reproduction of goods, will become when the biblical memes fusion with the military memes of Northern Europeans into the Institution of the Company-Mother of machines and weapons, the STANDARD for the new elite of ‘stockrats’, owners of corporations that have dominated capitalist democracies ever since.

We might say that the semite culture became the top memeplex of history while the mass of mankind stayed in the neolithic age of balance, welfare goods and social love, below as a second working class, and outside of this complementary ‘head-body structure’ with an elite of warriors and bankers and industrialists, mostly of weapons till the train age, on top and a mass of body workers obeying blindly its orders, another aberration of the laws of nature would appears: members of the same ‘Memetic species’ without rights to share the goods, money and laws of society labelled as ‘aliens’, ‘enemies’, ‘slaves=objects exchanged by money’. As if they were NOT human at all.

This was objectively a ‘needy feature’ of any society that overproduces selfish memes of metal, as weapons NEED to consume human body-lives, and money NEEDS to hypnotize and substitute ethic values for the pricing of humans as object, by the very nature of its syntax. So obviously, the elite obliged to kill humans and enslave them to hypnotic money had to justify their aberrant behavior with prohibition memes of hate against the drives of life (repressive prohibitions of abrahamic religions most notably in the 612 precepts of judaism, most of them revolving about life repression, segregation from humanity and the division of humans into artificial good and evil people).

Evil vs. Good IS an aberration of thought in terms of the natural laws of eusocial love to the species, but it will become ever since the trademark of the semite civilization, as it enhances the use of gold to enslave people and weapons to murder them.

The age of the semite people thus advanced even when it changed genes of its carriers to Northern Europe. And while the warrior semites have had its up and downs, the go(l)d priests of capitalism, the Jewish elite of bankers that issue money in monopoly never abandoned the privilege in the west- the vehicle of gold, to order humans digitally (the essential bottom line law of any animetal culture is to monopolize as a people-caste the language of metal power, so aristocrats in any animetal civilization issued weapons in monopoly and only them can ab=use other humans with weapons, while stock-rats and financiers of any civilization issue and herd gold or digital money as ‘experts’ with exclusion of the population they can then choke off credit or convert into debt slaves).

What became more sophisticated with the arrival of metal-communicators, machines that could print both money and news, was the astoduning memeplex of falsehoods and self-serving hagiographies that populate history as a fairy tale in which military men are ‘defending us’ and bankers do not ‘choke us off blood-credit’ but are experts that ‘create wealth’ when they issue money in monopoly.

And to that aim a memeplex of appeasing falsehoods that make people believe they rule and the system is designed for them, appeared with clearly 3 phases: the religious age of believers that though God has chosen them as good and labelled the rest of nations-religions as eviL, susceptible to be treated as a different species… The capitalist age of placebo democracies, where that supposed rule materialized a day every few years in which people herded and brain-washed by propaganda left a paper in an urn and that was the epitome of social power… and finally the age of pure M.A.D.ness, that is virtual realities which simply made today’s people care nothing for reality and so do Not interfere in the final phases of the 800-80-8 years vortex of metal evolution; as reality is no longer of any use for the selfie consumer of virtual Netflix-facebook and evil wood mind-littering memes.

Outside though the vortex of metal evolution is coming with the age of robotic wars to an end. And as it happens in all organic processes that end in an entropic old age similar to the beginning, As WE COME to the end of History, this 3rd age resembles the first one of animetals in the loose murdering wholes ‘human capital’ and ‘infidels’, who do not accept as they shouldn’t the supremacist, Imperative verbal mandates of their Historic books of racial superiority, as $elected or holders of the supreme truths uttered by some bronze age cattle-dealers, who pretend to know the truth about money, life and the Universe. Only a proper counteraction of humanism and the far more evolved euroamerican civilisation could stop this madness and systematic exploration of the western world. And to that aim, we must distinguish the positive form of antisemitism – denounce of its animetal memes, and r=evolution of their minds, by taking their tools of power, weapons and capital from their hands with ‘affirmative action’ – from the negative forms: to treat them the way they treat us, with murder and slavery, or to accept their lies and hate memes against each other and mankind at large that justifies their greed and violence as ‘preventive actions’, which they are not.


Thus we are just in the last phase of corruption of eusocial love cultures by selfish memes of metal. Because today weapons and hate media, gold and its inquisitions and gold churches reign supreme, all the CULTURES OF MANKIND explained in previous graphs and the next one are in total regression, and the more ‘animetal’ worship they show the most regression they cause:

3. The Wave of History

Because the process of the Industrial R=evolution is a process of evolution of memes of metal, in fact its cycles can be connected with the cycles of history since the age of Genesis in which the paradise of life gave way to a new top predator ‘species’, the tree of memes of metal, of technology and its golden apples (informative metal-money), bad fruits (energetic weapons) that impose their power, starting the death of Gaia:

Topological linguistics: Semite Wor(l)d Imperative languages.

The first dominant feature of the semite memeplex is the deformation of languages into imperative systems of orders by virtue of the fundamentalist power of the first animetal go(l)d and war groups of semite hordes that descended upon the Fertile Crescent rivers and massacred its agricultural communities, imposing barking orders from semite king-warriors and gold-priests who affirmed their fire and gold were vehicle of god, with whom they have a covenant. Thus they wrote imperative texts that passed as sacred wor(l)ds of the god that must be obeyed, or ‘else’ origin of abrahamic religions.

And the role of the Semite culture, as the ‘oldest’, most primitive first age of Animetal thought also. It is then when we must consider first given the extraordinary temporal inertia of the animetal memes of the gold iron Semite cult(ure)s which now at the end of history are like all systems back to its original form, the ‘verbal, wor(L)d element that has deformed them with Imperative, non-free minds.

This indeed the fundamental trait of Semite souls: zero mind-freedom, perfectly imprinted by its religious, fundamentalist Go(L)d churches (Judaism) and Military Inquisitions (Islam):


In the graph, the essence of Semite cultures, after the destruction of the fertile crescent and its life cultures related in the parable of genesis, has been the use of metal to degrade and enslave human beings, and not democratic, social, love prophet has been able to erase 5000 years of ab=use of mankind with weapons and go(l)d. THEY ARE anti-humanist cults, with Imperative Languages, in which the verb is uttered first as an order, often supposedly to come from an invisible god, of which the primitive caudillo or modern priest is its vehicle. We see above earlier and modern gold cults, jihadist warriors, in the middle, the pyramid of power of animetal dictatorships and below the deformation of their languages into VSO imperative languages, (which is in the propaganda of abrahamic religions considered a proof that ‘God’ talks imperatively to the ‘human believer’.)

The semites changed the destiny of history for the worst, killing the neolithic and the age of the goddess (campbell) ushering mankind into the age of eviL=anti-live memes; degrading languages into VSO imperative barking orders, growing in arrogance due to the power of go(l)d hypnotism and bronze murder; conquering the western world, and starting the 800 years cycles of anti-history that took us here. So now in the final age of entropy and death of history, the Semites are again on top as Jihad warrior terrorists, and biblical go(l)d capitalist bigots.

The 2 sides of the Semite cult(ures).

3. weapons agesxxAnimetal  cultures start with Semitic Empires that destroy the fertile crescent. This much longer period of metal-civilization makes the Semite culture extremely harsh in the treatment of life with metal, inflexible and fundamentalist, but its two varieties, the warrior and go(l)d believer differ in as much as their languages of power are opposed in properties: weapons’ entropy and monetary form.

The Neolithic paradise of fertility Goddesses was destroyed by the earliest version  of the Metal-earth cult(ures) prior to the Industrial r=evolution of machines, when the selfish memes of metal were reduced to only two species, informative go(l)d and bronze weapons. It was an age dominated first by the Semite cultures, which monopolised both selfish memes of metal for millennia, thus CREATING the most hardcore systems of animetal memes, exploiting the human kind. It is the age of earlier Abrahamic religions, Go(l)d cults to Baal and Yhwh, and Jihad Islam. 

And the first expressions of anti-semitism of humanist nature, against both inquisitions of weapons and go(l)d churches, NOT TO CONFUSE with anti-SSemitism – the memes of hate between both sub-cultures, when warrior Semites or latter on Germanic warriors murdered semitic go(l)d cultures, and viceversa, when Go(l)d cultures exploit and degrade by poverty and debt slavery  all the people in the bottom of the pyramid of financial and military power.

Latter, as the Indo-Europeans learned to control gold (coin age) and weapons (iron age) the memes of animetal hierarchical semite cultures extended globally. But the brutality of 3000 years of imprinting of the capacity of go(l)d to ‘program’ and enslave the human eye with its sun-god color (the most informative atom thus imitate the color of ANY type of light reflected on it, and lasts as a fetish form beyond human death becoming the fetish of earlier gold cults) and the power of hard-metal weapons to cut life, had been so ‘deeply embedded’ on the Semite warrior ‘arab/aSyrian cultures’ and Semite Go(L)d Jewish cultures that NONE OF THE ATTEMPTS OF THEIR ‘PROPHETS OF EUSOCIAL LOVE’ from Moses who uttered defeated the ‘Mosaic damnation’ after the golden calf episode: ‘the jewish will suffer (holocausts) all their life for their love of money’ and Mhmd ‘the arab people are the most eviL of the world’, have been able to reform them.

So as today we live in the Semite wars, between the western empire of the Financial-Media jewish masters and the Jihad empire of terror, once both cultures have reverted to their original ‘sins’ as eaters of the golden apples and users of the bad fruits, weapons that will extinguish us.

Thus in this section, which should go more properly as the next one on the anglo-American culture, leading the globalised FMMI system (Financial-Media/Military-Industrial complex, which added machines to the FMix), in the left side of the metal-earth we study mostly the semite wars, jihad islam, apartheid Israel and the process of destruction of all other humanist cultures, prophets of eusocial love and life memes. Who is worst? Contrary to belief, Islam was an attempt to improve slightly the segregational memes of judaism, by accepting unlike orthodox judaism all human beings as ‘humans’ – since in Orthodox Judaism only jewish people are humans, as gentiles, women and dogs are born of the leg of satan. Hence Islam could expand beyond the racial arab world to other cultures of the neolithic fertile crescent. Thus as today we only hear the side of the Financial-Media masters who own the informative machines that print money in wall street and hate media in hollywood (0.02% of population 80% Of financial CEOs and Media CEOs in the western world), we shall first break a spear in favor of the attempted reform of Mr. Mhmd.

We shall thus in the rest of the article study in depth the 2 sides of Islam, as we study the Financial-Media elite of Judaism and its segregating orthodox talmudic memes all over the web; as well as its prophets of eusocial love, from Moses to Jesus to Marx and Trotsky. So no need to repeat that duality here, which just gets you ‘more censorship on the basis of political correctness’ specially in the western empire they own. In the next graph we see therefore the blue increasingly semitic culture or Jewish empire (placebo democracies with Jewish bankers owning around 80% of financial houses, CFOs of 100o fortune, central bankers and owners of mass-media, which of course considers this factual fact ‘confabulation theory’ :), below in green till black africa the islamic world, which is the one we shall study here.




ALL THIS SAID, we are going to divided our analysis on the two main animetal semite cultures, those that make of an elite of metal-warriors, most notably in the earlier stages of the culture Assyrians and in the modern age Arab jihad warriors, the top of society and those who made of go(l)d priests its elite, most notably in the older age Phoenician sea traders and in the modern age Jewish Diaspora bankers, who transferred their memes of go(l)d to protestant cults, most notably those of Calvinist and Anglican denominations (Baptists and Episcopalians).

Theirs, we insist, are worldly historic religions, but latter the influence of platonic social love directly in the Jewish decapolis, indirectly through Christianity in Islam, will give them a ‘camouflage’ of social love, alway damped in Judaism by the segregational rules that made their believers relate to most other humans only through the vehicle of go(l)d money -ideally through its monopoly and pricing of people with salaries or as debt slaves; less sever in Islam that made truly a r-evolution of semitic thought by accepting the basic laws for the creation of a global super organism of mankind – charity, the sharing of wealth-blood among all believers, with the prohibition of usury and debt slaves; and legal equality of all human races son of God.

So while Judaism->Biblical sects stayed as the epitome of animetal segregational tribal religions, Islam softened the ab=uses of its elites in terms of mandates that rightly defined a just nervous-informative-legal system with all humans equal cells of the organism-body of God-mankind-Allah, and a right economic system, with free flow of blood-lifeline to all cells, through the prohibition of usury and the act of charity.

It was NOT a perfect design of the super organism of history but a much more advanced version of earlier Abrahamic cults, topped by the initial prohibition of a people-caste of priests that had shown to be corrupted easily to go(l)d values.

So Islam flourished able to fusion ‘finally!’ in the semite world the common people and the elite. But this initial memetic theory for the building a global sueprorganism of islamic believers in assabiyah, the bondage of humanity, would be impaired by the raw military memes of millennia of arabic tribes abusing other humans and segregating through tribal supremacism and genetic kinship. So the r-evolution intended by Islam withered away as soon as the prophet died and the military caudillo, Omar, took over the verbal master, Ali, descendent of the prophet and supposedly carrier of the wor(l)d of God, which would become a chiite minority.

In that regard, there is no doubt about which of the two main divisions of Islam obeys closer the laws of eusocial evolution of the Universe applied to the human species, and expressed in the wor(l)d of the prophet, spirt of God, mankind, in its natural nervous verbal language for a simple reason: Sunnies became just another military empire ruled by a caliph, by the power of weapons not the love of the wor(l)d. Chiites however tried at first to maintain that wor(l)d saint spirit as the ruler of society. And so today, it is not surprising that the most ‘enduring’ groups of non-corrupted Islam are Iranian Chiites, which preserve albeit with inquisitorial repression, most of the concepts of Islam as a world religion, while the epitome of the embodiment of animetal raw semite military power, in which Islam is just an excuse to appease and keep obedient the masses, will be the fundamentalist Sunni kingdoms of sheiks in the Arabian peninsula, where most of the land carries the name of the ‘kinship tribe’ that owns it – ‘Saud arabia’… our ally.

Islam: the oldest neolithic culture vs. the oldest animetal warrior cult.

Islam is the oldest human culture, heir of the Fertile Crescent and Valley River, neolithic culture. occupying the same river basins and coastal, sea-farming communities, from the Nile to Indonesia; but it is also the oldest animetal culture, in which the wrong mixture of eusocial memes of love and war memes reaches its paroxysm, exterminating the Fertile Crescent Goddesses cults:

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 9.25.14 AM

In the graph, the base of Islam, its common people represent the values of the original human, life-oriented, Gaia-respectful Wor(l)d, where man and its collective subconscious, God, Allah, Love, that reunites all men through Assabiyah, becomes one. Its elites, after the failure of the religion to ‘cure them’ of its memes, as envisioned by the eusocial messages of love of its prophet (end of the Chiite bid for power, with the intention of creating a global dynasty of prophets, ruling society), with the creation of the abbasid empire on the graph, became a military warrior society, soon corrupting religion, in the same fashion germanic warriors were doing in Europe to the goal of military power. This degradation however was not so extended as in Europe and so during long periods of time in the Middle Ages Islam achieved the highest closest culture to the Perfect World along Tang China. But with the decadence of this first Arab elite, and the use of turkish warriors, entering the gunpowder age, Islam will enter an age of decay, which will become more extreme with the arrival of colonialism, and the final present age in which Islam is at war with the West, masterminded by the ‘invisible black hole of financial digital power’, the FMasters (Am Segullah, People of the Treasure, Israelis, ‘yous’, banksters, whatever yo want to call it, the people-caste in control of the Financial-Media system of the west). So today Islam plays the role of Africa in the colonial I age of fascism: to be the perfect 3rd world target for our weapons systems in defense of colonial Israel, and CONTRIBUTING to it far more than the primitive negroes, as its own cultural degradation back to its animetal, jihad roots and the availability of weapons and communication today, allow the existence of monstrosities like the failed state of Irak and Syria, we promote in order to have a good excuse to build our own orwellian world. This of course is the key to Islam today: instead of solving its problems, the west, let it happen to have a excuse to build a military global world of robotised big-brothers. Today as we reach the 50 years of the Occupied Territories, and The City elite brexits, to be able to control at distance through Financial-Media machines the west without ‘polluting’ their $elected from human direct contact with the new debt slaves of Europe, we can only see a stalemate situation in which the West will let it happen, as long as Islam provides the excuse for our Splendid little wars and internal curtail of human rights in Europe and Anglo-America. The true harm of this process though is NOT to Islam and Anglo-America, the 2 semitic original cultures of war and Go(l)d, difficult to upgrade as history shows, always relapsing into its brutal modes, they deem ‘modern’ (it amazes me how Jewish intellectuals in America tried to convince me that European attempts to create a perfect world based in humanism was NOT modern, AND MODERNITY consisted on producing robots and Internet webs to further reduce mankind to rubble). BUT TO EUROPE, WHICH  is fast degrading itself into a replica of Anglo-America, with the excuse of Jihad terrorism, focused on France, not coincidentally the centre of Jewish power in the continent. Thus ISLAM IS BECOMING the excuse to destroy Europe, and break the attention away from the ECB financial dictatorship to create an Israelified replica in the continent.

In the graph, Islam also occupies the original Semitic Animetal region, the Arabian Peninsula, which destroyed the Fertile crescent of those Fertility Goddesses. And the revival of those Neolithic memes would have been the natural path of reform of Islam, downplaying the religious Abrahamic side of it, as Mossadeq, Nasser and the earlier Gadaffi thought off.  This the west didn’t want. And destroyed.

This duality and opposition explains the role today plays Islam, as the cradle of Jihad terrorism, along the Anglo-American, ‘jewish owned’ culture, the cradle of ‘robot terrorism’, in the Semitic wars between Israel and Palestine (local symmetry), the western, most advanced technological world and the human, most degraded 3rd world (global symmetry).

Islam vs. Israel thus is the ‘regression’ of mankind to its earlier animetal age of ‘Israel vs. Assur”, today the region of Syria.

This is not by chance. Indeed, in the 3rd age of history, as humans have failed to evolve into a global social organism, the perfect world envisioned by all the prophets=scientists of history, and it is about to become just an obsolete species in the growing organism of the metal-earth (Financial-Media/military-industrial system), cultures regress back in time, and as an old man only talks of its youth, the end of the wave of history brings back the oldest of all hate-wars between brothers, in this case between the elite of bankster-priests of Israel, on top of the Anglo-American original capitalist culture ruled from Wall $treet and The city, and the elite of priest-warriors of Islam. Each one using its armies of robots and mercenary soldiers (Anglo-America), and its armies of desperado, brain-washed believers and its terrorist bombs.

Yet Islam, as its role has been casted in the west – the new red scare, communist, primitive old culture we must exterminate – is NOT all ISLAM. OBVIOUSLY the WEST is only interested in converting Islam into a terrorist culture, apt to be exterminated as guinea pig for our weapons and security states. Islam though has the 3 sides we have mentioned:

  • The old neolithic traditions of the common people, as the first Neolithic world, which from Indonesia, to the ganges and Indus, to the fertile crescent and Egypt was occupied by Islam.
  • The top animetal warriors who destroyed that civilisation which went underground in the common folklore and customs of those cultures.
  • The Islamic religion that tried but mostly failed to reform the animetal warrior and convert it to a less racist version of the Biblical Jewish culture among which Mohammed a trader was educated.
  • And finally  its amazing degradation today, which has derived in the present terrorist and militarist rulers of most of Islam, as the perfect ‘enemy’ for the FMMI culture and its systems.

Islam in its degraded animetal old and modern version.

Thus today Islam is the most degraded of the 7 cultures, but we cannot blame this on their people but on the FMMI culture and see it is a warning to the way most of humans will be soon treated, as obsolete people. Islam in that sense is the equivalent of Africa in the Colonial wars, when the primitive negroes were degraded for centuries by slave traders and local caudillos.

Islam, which occupies in its core centre – Arabian peninsula and lateral nations, the original fertile crescent, unfortunately the first societies of Gaia and Humanism to be degraded and destroyed by animetal warriors from the desert, as the ‘Lament of a Summerian priest’ clearly explains – the evil people come from the desert with weapons of metal and gold rings, they capture and enslave our women and take our peasants as mercenaries, nobody comes to the temple, the fields are abandoned, it is the end of the world.

Islam as a reform religion, which failed to control the animetal people-castes.
The humanist side of this culture was represented by Mohammed, and its attempts as he put it to ‘convert the hardest’, most evil, brutal people left on planet Earth, the original arab warrior animetal semite, neanderthal-crossed, visual hypnotised, machist hordes of thiefs and mercenary soldiers of the Arabian peninsula, based in tribal, racist, genetic memes – indeed the most primitive culture of the day. And for a while he succeeded though his method of creating the perfect world, was somehow, a bit out of track – murdering all those who did not convert to Islam, till arriving to India, and realising the massacre would be so huge that he gave up and just taxed the non-believers.

In the duality of Koran, with mostly positive, humanist messages attempting to convert the mass of peasants of those lands to the eusocial memes of a single god, mankind, with its pillars of faith and charity, vs. the Jihad, we can see the duality of all cultures. Now as the world is awash with hate memes provided by the FMMI system (free weapons, racist slurs, visual identification of races by appearance, through TV-screens, despise for all things human as primitive etc), and the west promotes in all those nations military thugs on top, who never truly converted to eusocial love and the spirit of Oikoumene Islam, most of those nations are in civil wars, or ruled by Dictators, oppressing their people. While their priests have sided against the love memes of their religion and enhanced the Jihad and women’s repressive memes, the form over the content. So it is partially because of our insistence on converting Islam, in the energy prey of our weapons and hate media, the most degraded culture today.

Islam as the focus of hate memes of the Am Segullah bankster elite of the AngloAmerican culture.

And this leads us to the culture that has degraded it through colonialism and islamophobia, the other older $emitic culture, which is the most important of the world, as it invented capitalism and the Financial-Media/military-industrial system, and the most peculiar, as its brutality and murder at distance finally achieved ‘black hole status’ as invisible, ruling at distance through their monopoly on the creation of digital money the rest of the world, with degrees of intensity according to the proximity to the elite class.

The devolution of Islam.

Islam has a power behind it, which today is brutally misused by the alliance of Jihad, warrior caudillos and provocative hate memes to foster perpetual splendid drone wars: assabiyah, bondage, the power of systems to ab=use control and sacrifice its cells-citizens to the common Good. As all in reality timespace systems become stronger with time, and so the bondage of semitic cultures, in which warrior male sacrifice their life for the community, which can be a positive force to create a perfect world, if the proper ideologies are met, in the case of present Islam, is the power of the Jihad terrorist, once a huge section of Islam has concluded they will always be as long as the West is ruled by the Jewish Am Segullah banksters, the guinea pig of wars.

This of course, we regret, and Social Europe, when it was still an independent culture, ruled by French-Italian social scientists, tried to avoid, by helping a just resolution of the origin of the semitic wars, the colonial state of Israel. But it failed as since 1973 and the coup d’etat of the Financial-Media Masters from Wall Street and Hollywood, over the American presidency the west has become a milder colony of the same financial elite (Take over by television of the destiny of american politicos, Yon Kippur war, end of dollar convertibility and take over of the American money by wall street, and beginning of the massive radiation of over 20 trillion $ of money invented for and by banksters).

Thus the just solution to the degradation of Islam and Africa by the Anglo-American/European colonial capitalist cultures, which was a just reparation, a global marshall plan spending part of those 20 trillion $ created in e-money in the past 1/2 century, to rise their standards of life and education, easily met, with a limited population and enormous resource in raw materials, with the proper backing of positive social politicians from Mossadeq to Lumumba, was not implemented.

Instead, neo-colonial corporations took over those resources, Islam was labelled as a terrorist movement because Palestinians wanted to have a human treatment, and finally as the whole mankind started its regression back to the past, the unthinkable happened: the French Am Segullah controlled politicos, left the ayatollahs to go to Iran, and the American promoted in Afghanistan the most primitive Jihad, against the socialist, corrupted but still socialist Russian Empire.

As it happened in Germany where the Nazi party was cradled by the west and the local bankers to destroy the humanist, socialist movements, to destroy the socialist movement, first Mossadeq was eliminated and put on top a caudillo, the Shah, son of a british officer of the colonial army, and then, a jihad priest from a Middle Age inquisitorial vision of Islam took power, helped by the French.

Meanwhile the push towards neo-fascism of the Am Segullah elite of Israel and America, made the Palestinian 50 years now, constant humiliation as a less than human occupied people, far more brutal.

And so, we are where we are; in the point that from minor to major on the scale of corruption of the 7 cultures of mankind, Islam ‘nations’ come on top, only paralleled by the Biblical, $emitic Anglo-American culture. The 2 oldest animetals on top destroying the world.

It is again an Islam, ruled by the Arabs, the original warriors, which occupy its core centre.

It is again an Arabian peninsula and lateral nations, that brutalise the original fertile crescent.

The massacre of the Arab marshall people by the combined effort of Saddam and Bush (who told them to raise in arms and abandoned them), it is a reflection of the massacre of the first societies of Gaia and Humanism to be degraded and destroyed by animetal warriors from the desert, of the Fall of Ur and the Sumerian first humanist culture born there, as the ‘Lament of a Summerian priest’ clearly explains:

‘ the evil people come from the desert with weapons of metal and gold rings, they capture and enslave our women and take our peasants as mercenaries, nobody comes to the temple, the fields are abandoned, it is the end of the world.’


Islam and the religion that didn’t create the perfect world.
The humanist side of this culture was represented by Mohammed, and its attempts as he put it to ‘convert the hardest’, most evil, brutal people left on planet Earth, the original arab warrior animetal semite, neanderthal-crossed, visual hypnotised, machist hordes of thiefs and mercenary soldiers of the Arabian peninsula, based in tribal, racist, genetic memes – indeed the most primitive culture of the day. And for a while he succeeded though his method of creating the perfect world, was somehow, a bit out of track – murdering all those who did not convert to Islam, till arriving to India, and realising the massacre would be so huge that he gave up and just taxed the non-believers.

In the duality of Koran, with mostly positive, humanist messages attempting to convert the mass of peasants of those lands to the eusocial memes of a single god, mankind, with its pillars of faith and charity, vs. the Jihad, we can see the duality of all cultures. Now as the world is awash with hate memes provided by the FMMI system (free weapons, racist slurs, visual identification of races by appearance, through TV-screens, despise for all things human as primitive etc), and the west promotes in all those nations military thugs on top, who never truly converted to eusocial love and the spirit of Oikoumene Islam, most of those nations are in civil wars, or ruled by Dictators, oppressing their people. While their priests have sided against the love memes of their religion and enhanced the Jihad and women’s repressive memes, the form over the content. So it is partially because of our insistence on converting Islam, in the energy prey of our weapons and hate media, the most degraded culture today. And this leads us to the culture that has degraded it through colonialism and islamophobia, the other older $emitic culture, which is the most important of the world, as it invented capitalism and the Financial-Media/military-industrial system, and the most peculiar, as its brutality and murder at distance finally achieved ‘black hole status’ as invisible, ruling at distance through their monopoly on the creation of digital money the rest of the world, with degrees of intensity according to the proximity to the elite class.

Islam as the cradle of the first scientist of history.

Now, because Islam is still on the land of the first neolithic cultures, which were at the peak of human evolution in relationship to gaia, the beauty of islam is on those elements we never talk about – its neolithic culture, its gardens, its care and harmony with the tamed nature of the neolithic, its mastery of the poetry of the word, and the science of history.

In that regard, the best analysis of Islam in terms of the science of history was made by the Al-Andalus founder of scientific history (beyond the first stage of accurate collection of data due to Tucydides and Xenophon, in the great Greek awakening of the Axial Age), Ibn Khaldun, which understood the fractal, upper scale of existence of a God of Man, which Islam, the 3rd horizon of anthropomorphic religions, hence the highest stage of its evolution represents.

As it always happens in the extremes of an Empire, (Spanish peninsula in this case) freedom of thought reaches its height. And so we must find in Al-Andalus, the masterpieces of thought of the 3rd age of the original cycle of Islam (Cavalry 800 years cycle) – Ibn Khaldun in the science of history, the sufies, Ibn Hazm in the art of human senses, Abū l-Walīd Muḥammad bin ʾAḥmad bin Rušd (-; Hem, Averroes, in the philosophical arena, and the geometrical delicate work of Alhambra.

The warrior 800 year cycles in Islam. The Imperial ages.

So happens in the other extreme of the Empire, Iran… But we shall not make a long history of the culture of Islam, at this stage – maybe in the future. Just consider the 3 ages of that Cavalry Cycle in which in the temporal, mundane plane, Islam represents the 1/2 T (half of the 800 age wave), consolidation of Empire.

Indeed, the astounding fact of the cyclical patterns of history is that in the middle of every 800 years wave, when the prophet of the wor(l)d that tries to ressurrect humanism, and the master of the (s)word and go(l)d that imposes metal power fusion in harmony (classic age of each wave),  an empire is formed in the most civilized part of the world  at that age, consolidating the weapon, the wor(l)d and Go(l)d into a single balanced, E=I civilization.

This was Rome who lasted 797 quasi-perfect wave years between the fall of Rome to iron soldiers (gaul) , whose weapons Rome took, and the fall of Rome to Cavalry Barbarians (Alaricus, 410s AD). In the middle, of that wave, around 0 AD Rome became the widest empire of the iron infantry/coin mercenary age.

But in the cavalry cycle it won’t be Europe, deeply regressing to a Jewish/Germanic  age of slavers and murderous barbarians, the creator of the biggest empire. The consolidation did indeed happen in T/2, around 800 both in the Northern European Culture with Charlemagne (dying in 814) and the Abbaside empire with Harum al Rachid known in the west for his ‘1001 arabian nights). But the Islamic empire would be much bigger. Those are the dates of T/2 and its 3rd dissolution stage:

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 9.07.29 AM

In the next graph we illustrate with the color codes (red for youth, green for life balance and blue for informative decadence) the art and word, the subconscious mind of that age in 4 of the 7 cultures of mankind.

The reader should notice the ASTOUNDING parallelism of those cultures and its forms, because humans belong all to the same superorganism=God of history Mankind, and its 7 fractal regional cultures are thus parallel in all cycles despite the lineal, manifest destiny, of tribal, racist empires. We are all the same:

cavalry cycle

In the next   cycle, though, the gunpowder cycle, (1208-1945), Europe would take power as in its T/2 point Galileo will found ballistics  and lineal time (V=S/t) to measure the motions of cannonballs and the gunboat corporation appeared almost at the same time (1600s).

So the next ‘cycle’ of Islamic culture won’t be so prosperous, now divided in the canonical 3 sub-empires, the Turkish empire – which kept close to Europe the evolution of gunpowder weapons till the XVIII century, hence reached maximal extension:

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 10.36.52 AM

Then the Persian Empire, of higher cultural quality but less military animetal power than the Turkish one – by the paradox of history: max. technological evolution = Minimal human evolution…

In the graph we can see the consequences of this: the Turkish empire invaded, defeated and conquered Mesopotamia from Persia… which entered decadence, but precisely due to its higher spiritual content, became the site of the Shiite, purest Islamic form (where the descendants of the prophet as it was meant to be, kept power; the priesthood was purer, less corrupted, and so finally in the present cycle of ‘digital weapons’ Iran will become the last theocratic, wor(l)d controlled society, reaching new heights of artistic purity in its films and resisting the final electronic wave of human self-destrution…

And finally the Mogol Empire… which would easily fall as colonies to gunboat european companies. In the next graph we see the 3 ages of the Mogol empire as art moves from its lineal, foundation phase, to its balance in agra, to its formal paroxism in Taj Mahal, to its final decadence and death as a servant of the profits of the East Indian Company, ‘owner of India’ and its ‘human capital’ ever since:

islam mongol

Conclusion: Modern Islam.

It is then clear what Islam is: the civilisation born in the chivalry age of spur armies, during the Middle age, which implanted itself in the age previous to the machine on the fertile neolithic cultures of the Semite age, when warriors took over peasants, on top of the pyramid of social power, and tailored a religion to caters its goals of power, once the prophetic verbal age of Mhmd left way to the age of the Ummayyads and other dynasties of Arab warriors. It has as such conserved its form more than other cultures since warriors ‘last longer’ by killing rivals in the darwinian world of animetals, and the old neolithic human civilisations (the human side of the culture), are in Islam the oldest of mankind.

It is departing from those 2 facts how we can explain the modern situation of Islam, resisting with weapons and jihads the annihilation of all old human cultures by the technological world of machines. In its ‘Semite wars’ against the rival old go(l)d culture of the bible, represented by Israel, its colonists and FMasters, and its mercenary western angle-american civilisation,  Islam thus signifies paradoxically despite the brutality of its jihad warriors the resistance of the last pre-industrial civilisation of mankind.


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