U$ weimar


‘If you want to understand the future, study the past’ Confucius.

‘Tragedies of history repeat because people don’t learn of their mistakes’ Proust

‘Canons make us stronger, butter make us fat’ Goering, on the 2 solutions to all economic crisis: neofascism or new deal.

‘The most difficult lies to understand are those we make about ourselves’ Nietzsche

‘You can cheat most people all the time, all the people sometime, but not all the people all the time’ Lincoln

‘If you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it, the bigger the lie the more they will believe on it’ Goebbels

Abstract. As we anticipated for 30 years, in our censored=not-distributed books on Bio-history, the end of the American weimar and the raise of American neo-fascism is now here. So the thesis of this work, as all true sciences predict the future, that man had 2 paths of future, one of ‘entropy and war’ (profits for corporations through war) and one of  welfare and a new deal of global proportions, and that it was more likely the solution of neofascism, given the enormous power reached by the Financial-Media/Military Industrial complex has happened. What can i say?


In the graph now a decade old, the 4 generations of biblical memes and technological weapons advancing full speed to our collective extinction in the robotic wars. The Wall will be the take-off of massive investments in robotised drone-controlled armed borders, which will usher the chip radiation into a full industrialised never to end till we are all done with, final age of America. 


In the colonial age, as UK was the power of the steam machine, colonial fascism was theirs and Germany the incoming power was the good guy (no empire).

In the second age, as germany was the power of the oil-electric engine, it became the fascist nation, and the Jewish-Calvinist American ‘biblical’ FMMI system (Jewish roughly on top of the Financial-media corporations, American of the Industrial-military) the good people.

In the 3rd age of ‘minds of metal the FMasters of America, the ‘Israelis’ (see articles on holocaust cycle, antisemitism, and the like to fully understand beyond the noise the structure of US and the history of judaism) ARE the bad guys, and China the good people who invest in welfare.


In any case, we shall here in a disordered manner as the article was written on pieces first during elections, show the 3 fundamental elements of this tragicomedy (tragic for the suffering of mankind, comic from the cynical view of a humanist silenced writer who saw it all coming was not heard, and now that is happening it is simply forgotten, in the noise.)

Update. 2016  Trump; the american colony and the future tea party.

So AS predicted, Trump was elected, and he will be the transition to the final rebellion of America against his master voice, as he has cheated all his voters, bringing the elite of generals and CEOs of the Financial-Media/Military-industrial complex. But the American people will not take this for ever:


In the graph, the 3rd ‘master’s voice of tv-FASCISM, after Reagan and Bush now comes the 3rd puppie doberman, Mr. Trump. Below in blue the Financial-Media western empire of Israel, the nation of 80% of American CEOs of Financial and Media Industries – the owners:

Update. 12 dec. Das kabinet Dr. Kali

Below the cabinet is now formed for the full age of ‘profesional neofascism’, people that ‘mean it’:

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-13-10-13 screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-13-09-29 screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-13-08-19 screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-13-07-47

There you have it, the biggest assembly of Mad Generals with pre-historic mind-sets, money making billionaires, from the chairman of the biggest world multinational and the one that skyrocket profits in all wars (as oil is the major merchandise sold for high octane fast weapons), along a series of goldman sachs ‘you’ wall street insiders, dedicated to speculate and destroy with market bubbles (Bannon), sell-off of companies in distress (Ross), and mortgage scams (Mnuchin, Indymac). Each of those characters would be in a real ‘humanist world’ a nightmare joke for a dystopian world. Now they rule U$ all.

BUT THE NEOPALEOLITHIC MAN, will tell you all this is a Complotten Theory (read Complex reality) and he does not ‘buy it’ (read he has been pre-programmed to disbelief, a newspeak word FOR the fundamental process of apoptosis of the mind, which systemically negates any truth which conflicts with his program.)

Bannon, a man of Goldman Sachs, (which faked as white supremacist) and Kushner, the true mind, behind the Trumpeter, the true real state mogul, orthodox ‘you’, married to her converted daughter, Ivana, backer of the racist rabbies that want to exterminate Palestinians and build the wall, the man of bibi, the Governor of the American colonies…

Oh, yes, there is a huge deja vu also on 250 years happening. In the 1770s UK stole from US the right to print money. Rothschild took over the Bank of England and obliged Americans to cancel their own money, so they had to buy ‘debt money’ to his private bank, as the Financial-Media masters have done this time, cancelling the creation of Dollars with 0-deficit laws, so they could invent all the money of America in Wall STREET in e-derivatives. Then ON TOP THE UK asked America to contribute with troops to its mercenary wars to build their global financial empire and exploit the 3rd world ‘primitive people’. Sounds familiar – Israel first took over the printing of money and news, owning the financial-media system. Then they invested in weapons with their free printing e-mney machines and bought its military corporations and now they are converting all americans in debt slaves and mercenary soldiers for their global empire (in the graph, the blue western financial-media empire of the ‘israelis’). 

THE DIFFERENCE? Then Franklin went to UK and asked them to give them back the right to print money and end the use of mercenary American troops on those colonial wars.

NOW, the puppets of the colonial empire are so corrupted that they go to ‘Israel’ to ask for more of the same, and the mass so degraded, they DO think actually they live in the land of the free. This again sociologists noticed when they say, there is a threshold of human degradation, clearly reached in America, where the sheeple will be ‘His masters voice’ and NOT even realise the oppression they live in. SINCE there is a minimum of ethics and intelligence required to rebel agains your kings, priests, dictators and billionaires.

But it is only a question of time that the white ‘trash’ people who voted Trump thinking he would clean the gutter, realise it is more of the same and likely start an age of civil wars and police state:

On the graph, in the left a heart-land tea party activist on his hopes for Trump’s election. On the center his ‘true colours’, a Media-guru, real-state speculator, connected directly to the extreme right-wing Israeli party of financial-media newyork ‘Masters of the Universe’, which will expand the control of the colonial nation and his robotic military industries building walls and protected compounds for the o.o2% and its WASP ol’ boys allies. Will the American sheeple go to the end of his degradation and slavery to the profits of splendid little robotic wars? 


So common MEN CANNOT HAVE HUMAN RIGHTS: THE MACHINE IS A TOTEM, THE LOSS OF WEALTH and DESTRUCTION OF MANKIND then needs to BE BLAMED BY THE SYSTEM ON THE POOR, so the neopaleolithic sheeple feels it can laugh at someone in a worse condition to theirs:

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-19-51-17screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-19-56-52Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 19.53.49.png

So a man was/is chosen to do the job and protect the wealthy. So the man was/is hired to blame the poor and hide a bit longer the Masters of the Universe – then, to massacre socialists and blame the neighbour slavs – the old slaves of middle age Jewish traders of human capital, MEXICANS IN THIS cycle, and a neo-fascist leader is chosen among the well known and controlled mass-media masters of the radio-hate age, in this cycle the tv-hate age.

BUT THIS MAN, IS NOT EASY TO CONTROL, AND DOES actually have still a bit of pride. Of course he is depending on them, he works for tv/radio, HE IS heavily indebted to the money-printers, he seems save. In the case of Mr. Trump his favourite daughter has even converted and married a mogul of real state of the ‘Chosen of gold’, but alas, as the campaign starts to work his way, the man seems to have some proper ideas, is not a puppet, but becomes a trumpet of the suffering of the people of the heart-land, Bavaria then, the west and south now, and the Fmasters get afraid. And brutally retire all his help. They expect then the mass of lonely people attached to virtual screens to be sheeple. But the sheeple IS NOT RESPONDING as an automaton manufactured brain.

Panic ensues and the machine with its awesome global power puts the entire controlled western world to insult the man beyond any restrain, trying to pump up the puppet, so obviously lacking any self-respect – she has had none since the FMasters trained and broke her with an Am Segullah ‘doctor daughter’, a JAP staining the pants of her husband, when she was still ‘good’ and tried to give American health-care. Then she said ‘i hate the yous’ but swallowing the dirt and $old the $oul to thm – that it won’t work. So things get out of control. And it will their fall. Watch next week for the cras$h of the Asian markets – 1 trillion treasuries on the hands of China. Watch W.$. selling its dollars and taking their jets to Australia. Watch for the man to change sides and claim revenge. Watch the daughter’s returning to the fold, burning the torah… ‘Sciences predict the future, observing the cycles of the past’ so we have done ‘to help with the praxis the human kind’, but the humankind is not the scientist of history, so that we could not do.

In the german cycle the man took over, and it finally turned the tables on the FMasters and his so obvious eviL=anti-live memes and hate of mankind but as he was not the true saviour, a social-democratic leader but a military one, the solution was even worse than the problem.

What will be then the end of this new cycle? We cannot be sure, and we shall end this post with the doubts of a future quite probable but always with certain uncertainty.

The parallels though are so obvious, despite the systematic denial that all is happening again. Because at a certain moment the pain is so intense that no placebo medicine, no beyonce, oscars, sports, you name it, entertains people.

WHAT THE FUk says people, I am suffering it is real, do you think you can cheat on me forever? AH BUT FROM the Atlantic club of new york, swimming naked looking through those tiled windows to the park, as I used to do when living among them, from the virginian suburbia of military securing the contracts of the nevada death corridor where DARPA rears the terminators that will do us all… in the future, from beverly hills phoney parties of posers and vampires… from newport beach and the artificial lido island, where as my then republican billionaire girl-friend told me, proudly, on our way to a party for the recently $elected texas governor, future US president, 2nd ‘bell-ring of neofascism’ after reagan, mr. bush-there are no ‘negros’ residing, the pain is not felt. SO THEY feel they have it all controlled, the sheeple will not rise. And yet this is the first step to the final gottendamerung.

And so weimar america will soon collapse into neo-fascism, civil and global war not r=evolution, as we always have asked. Because a human r=evolution is the lower probability, against which all have fought, living in the Matrix dreams of the machine, we have arrived there. It is funny though what the FMasters are doing days before the catastrophe – nothing, just trying to compose the corpse of the corrupted body with another make-up ‘puppet’ after the house negro, the puppet wife – in front a self-made man, corrupted, angry, dangerous and armed, which they still think is in their ‘hawkish’ side.

The prediction back then in the original models of the science of bio-history (c.94) was that the ‘leader’ would be a southern populist, leader of TV-hate but alas, it turned out to be a NYC savvy man. The date though is closer to a perfect cycle, 80 years after II world war and the policies similar. But as there is no humanist alternative, Mr. Sanders gone, killed by those who rather die than loose a go(l)d coin to the poor, all is open – might just be a bit of ‘pan et circensis’? Likely nothing will change tomorrow.


Foreword. 2013

This month dedicated to the American political system, after forecasting Mr. Obama’s victory, which will change NOTHING on the American Weimar, we shall forecast the next president, once our ‘house negro’ fails to change the future of the ‘Great Recession’ – the Tea Party GOP candidate, and how it will finally plunge America into a ‘real depression’ – that of the crash of currencies similar to the Deutsche crash of the previous cycle, using graphic texts 20 years old from ‘Bio-history, Bio-economics’ c.94 library of Congress, printed at Book-master Ohio…

Now of course, the purpose of the system is NOT for you to understand the causation of its cycles and its future, but to believe the ‘eco(nomic)system’ of corporations that control the world is the best possible system, and you must not rebel to change them. To that aim you only hear ‘thin air’ optimism about the future and newspeaks – so the dictatorship of corporations is called the ‘free market’, the minsitry of war, is called the ministry of defense. And so on. So it is very unlikely that you, living under the inquisitions of political and economical and technological and national correctness, have ever read a so direct analysis of the similarities of the past and future rise of the fascist parties of Germany and America… as it was/will be ‘again’.

The second part of the article rescues the old graphs of that original book on bio-history, written with the original language of ‘i-logic’ ‘lanwaves’ of time, used to mathematically describe the probabilities of the different ‘paths of future’, according to the equations of bio-history… They relate graphically the historic cycles and ages of the jewish->biblical->capitalist civilization, which as the informative head of America defines its information and hence according to the laws of ‘lanwaves’, its future.

 Trumpuppet: TV Neofascism: all has changed to remain the same.

‘He didn’t talk of people, but of things that truly mattered, machines, roads, weapons, factories.’ Goering, on the leader of the Great-Grand-Germanic military-industrial-nation and the things that mattered to make German great again.

‘The United states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses’. Trumpuppet, the leader of the Great-Grand-Germanic military-industrial-nation and the things that matter to make America great again.

‘Latinos waste (our) money on women and drinks.’ Dijsseelwhatever, president of the European parliament, leader of the Great-Grand-Germanic, honest, superior, mechanical races, who deserve all the credit (of the hijacked European German Central bank) for things that matter, compared to those ‘bad hombres’ and the inferior female, south races who drink life-giving water – the ‘things’ that don’t matter.

‘It is good that germans have long words, to reflect upon them because they are slow thinkers’ Schopenhauer, on the german objectual, OVS language and its entropic-long-sword-like-unbreakable-truths-full-of-falsities, where the human subject always comes last… because ‘it’ doesn’t matter.

“On the day they were going to kill him, Santiago Nasar dreamed he was going through a grove of timber trees where a gentle drizzle was falling, and for an instant he was happy.”

‘Chronicle of a Death foretold’. Garcia Marquez, Latino, wor(l)d master. On the feelings that matter, and the certainty of causal death.

‘Tragedies of history repeat because people don’t learn of their mistakes’ Proust

‘Canons make us stronger, butter make us fat’ Goering, on the 2 solutions to all economic crisis: neofascism or new deal.

‘The most difficult lies to understand are those we make about ourselves’ Nietzsche

‘You can cheat most people all the time, all the people sometime, but not all the people all the time’ Lincoln

‘If you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it, the bigger the lie the more they will believe on it’ Goebbels

Abstract. As we anticipated for 30 years, in our censored=not-distributed books on Bio-history, the end of the American weimar and the raise of American neo-fascism is now here. So the thesis of this work, as all true sciences predict the future, that man had 2 paths of future, one of ‘entropy and war’ (profits for corporations through war) and one of  welfare and a new deal of global proportions, and that it was more likely the solution of neofascism, given the enormous power reached by the Financial-Media/Military Industrial complex has happened. What can i say?


In the graph now a decade old, the 4 generations of biblical memes and technological weapons advancing full speed to our collective extinction in the robotic wars. The Wall will be the take-off of massive investments in robotised drone-controlled armed borders, which will usher the chip radiation into a full industrialised never to end till we are all done with, final age of America. 


In the colonial age, as UK was the power of the steam machine, colonial fascism was theirs and Germany the incoming power was the good guy (no empire).

In the second age, as germany was the power of the oil-electric engine, it became the fascist nation, and the Jewish-Calvinist American ‘biblical’ FMMI system (Jewish roughly on top of the Financial-media corporations, American of the Industrial-military) the good people.

In the 3rd age of ‘minds of metal the FMasters of America, the ‘Israelis’ (see articles on holocaust cycle, antisemitism, and the like to fully understand beyond the noise the structure of US and the history of judaism) ARE the bad guys, and China the good people who invest in welfare.


3 waves of machine wars

Who then rule the economic ecosystem? The answer is not system scientists that understand the nature of this planet, its balances, the biological nature of machines, its competition with humans, and the needed measures to control it, but parasitic bankers of racist religions of go(l)d, which merely have hidden their astounding privileges as a people caste who cares nothing about mankind – IN BRIEF A BIBLICAL CULTURE NOT A SCIENCE.

A case example of what is wrong with our economists.

The people who will destroy America, during his neofascist age, the military that appropriate further funds for absurd ‘mercenary wars’ against the enemies of the ‘other nation’ of Wall street and Hollywood moguls, which care nothing under its primitive go(l)d religions for the future of Amrica or mankind at large. The epitome of this administration dedicated to make Americans suffer again, a thirties bis ominous age, is Mr. Mnuchin, mogul of wall street, from an old dynasty of private banksters, goldman sachs partner, producer of a racist series of entertainment where two ‘survivors’ of the holocaust ruled over a race of super humans ‘victims’ of the brutish mankind they must exterminate, who made his fortune throwing old people from mortgage scam homes and now is dedicated to further deregulate the banking system so he can keep printing billions of $ NOT for investment in humanity but to speculate with prices and multiply the scams of ‘the monopolist issue of financial money’ – the business of the ‘go(l)d chosen’ in their primitive conception of what an economic ecosystem should be according to its ‘beliefs’ of creationist economics.

When asked last week to US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin about the impact that robotization and artificial intelligence were having on the country’s labor market, he replied that none. “This is not on our radars. Its effects as much will look within 50 or even 100 years. ” Indeed mr. Mnuchin a stock speculator, who made his fortune in the scam of mortgage cdos represents the bulk of classic economists,which we shall call here ‘creationist economics’, as it is really a series of ‘opinions’ of a group of biblical imperial bigots of the British I Industrial revolution, for which the only function of economists is to reproduce as much money as possible, among financiers; whatever it takes, because ‘money is the invisible hand of god’.

Bio-economics is real. And the 99% for which economists should be cared are left unprotected to its effects

A new study by two MIT economists, Daron Acemoglu and Pascual Restrepo, academics who have spent years studying the phenomenon, published these days in the National Bureau of Economic Research, suggests that Steve Mnuchin should at least refresh his screen because in the Race to get a job robots are already winning humans. It is not something that happens now, but for two decades. And they win from the street: for each machine that is incorporated in a productive process, six jobs are destroyed and wages are devalued to a maximum of 0.75%.

In the race to get a job the robots are already winning humans, according to a study

In detail, the research covers the period in the United States. Which goes from 1990 to 2007 and considers as robot “an automatic controlled, programmable and multipurpose machine.” Well, it is enough to have one robot per 1,000 workers to destroy the equivalent of 5.6 jobs. During the period studied, a total of 670,000 jobs were lost. Burning (for the time being) saved the tasks of management and added value, while those most harmed were those occupations that incorporate some manual routine, such as assembly lines in industry or transportation.

And the process has not yet even started in earnest. BUT MR. Mnuchin as ALL the previous treasure bosses of America, during the century belong the so called “People of the Treasure”, ill translated as chosen people, as Am segullah means people and treasure, not chosen, an ancient cultures of fetish go(l)d religions, from the bronze age which is the ‘idol-ogy behind capitalism’, as the masters of the historic schools explained us (‘The jewish and the birth  capitalism’ by sombart, the better known, ‘the protestant ethics and th birth of capitalism, by his disciple weber and the master of them all for the ancient birth of a ‘people-caste’ of ‘animetal’ bankers, who made of the religion of go(l)d its instrument of social power, allying with military kings and warriors to exploit together with weapons and money, the farming population of the western world: Abraham Leon’s – the Jewish question, from a socialist hebrew scholar died in the nazi holocaust’. So the conclusion is obvious about the modernised equations of those bigot creationist economists:

WE CANNOT pretend to manage the world of XXI c. robotics and terminators, AI and the supeorganism of the metal-earth, out of the blues ruled by idol-ogies that hold from bronze age cultures of exploitation of the 99% with gold and weapons.

Since those people do NOT even recognise their work is NOT about science an management of mankind but about MAKING MONEY through primitive inflationary ‘scams’ that manipulate the easiness of reproduction of money in digital screens, and for the rest of ‘economical policies’, well, ‘Go(l)d will provide’.

Let us see how Mr. Mnuchin could pay for the wall, as their ancestors have been doing for millennia. Just invent another bubble Mr. Mnuchin, but this do not give all the money to a crony kid of some of your $elected friends, with all the rights and null responsibilities, because the money ‘you’ print is not yours, ‘give to CAESAR what belongs to CAESAR’:

Now ultimately the cycle is simple: the world of corporations doesn’t need humans obsolete to the new machines in each cycle. And its FMasters keep inventing trillions for themselves, but people if they knew would blame them. So ALL KIND OF NAZIONANIST DISPUTES COME AT THE END OF THE CYCLE TO PROMOTE WAR, DIVERT THE ATTENTION OF PEOPLE AND KEEP IRON PUMPING.

Meanwhile the cherished codecrappers of silicon and wall street can keep crapping billions of virtual money for themselves and their AI machines. And as most of them are ‘you memes’, of course, we are modelling the world to the image and likeness of the leading nazionanist nation today, (na)zio(na)nist Israel -a colonial state; hence this cycle is NOT like the fascist cycle lead by germ(an)s and its military-industiral complex, but more like the colonial cycle, against African migrants, Islamic warriors and amerindians, aka Latinos the new targets of fascism, while on the background the origin of it, the banksters ARE no loner talked about. To do so is called ‘confabulation theory’. Perfect chess.

As a friend put it to me, ‘this is the paradise of the you (meme)’. Indeed, the American knows nothing about the issue of money, since it sees it with emotional greed, and cannot reason about it as a language; so nobody questions why the language of social power is controlled by a few private dynasties of bankers, instead of the people, who should receive a share of the language of oxygen-words-money to kick out its actions as cells, and human individual minds do with oxygen and words – but alas money must be in the hands of a cancerous group, to choke the nation, ab=use its mercenary armies, tax them to death and then blame thy neighbour, and that is called ‘freedom’, ‘capitalism’ you name it.

‘People must remain ignorant to stay obedient’ said their intellectual master Calvin, as we all know ‘the intelligence of God is gold’ (Calvin), it is best to order people with digital go(l)d, the invisible hand of god.

Now, when you are inside an organism, you are blind, only the neurons see. So for a European this is crystal clear as soon as he arrives to U$. On the upper classes all are wealthy ‘yous’, which have unlimited credit to create the world. So they can waste billions in internet companies, never mind they will get more and be called geniuses. While the common American cheers ‘four legs, four legs in pure Orwellian style’ to those who oppress them.

And this was the case of Miss Trump’s young husband. He set the record of the most expensive purchase of a building in MANHATTAN, all on free issued money-credit by financiers, just in 2007 before the crash of the market, ruining his family. Of course any other business man would have never come out of that huge debt loss – paying a maximal price just before the market crashed!

But he just more credit, and the parallel legio of ‘you-writers’ twisting truth, told us it was a stroke of genius to pay twice the value of a building before it halved its price with the 2008 crash. And the goebbels method worked ‘if you tell a lie many times people will believe it’.

That man is an ultra-orthodox pro-active backer of the colonist movement and its real nation is Israel, of which U$ is just a colony as long as they issue their money.

Who ‘owns’ Mr. Trump.


As we explained in our articles on Mr. Trump, he is basically a business man from NYC, heavily indebted to his bankers, for most of his career, which rescued him twice from bankruptcy and then offered him a job in the ‘twin’ system of the Financial-Media head of the super organism of the economy – its informative machines, as a celebrity of TV, the mass-media equivalent to the radio hate-memes celebrities (Mussolini et al) of the previous cycle. So as Reagan, the first milder neo-fascist leader of the age of visual metal-communicators, he was savvy enough to manufacture, through the simultaneity of the network, a misleading image of himself as leader of the people, the way the masters of Radio of the previous cycle did, camouflaging, his true masters – then the military-industrial complex of Germany, today the Financial-Media world of informative machines, who runs America and by extension the western world. So his role in history is that of the last ‘American Weimar president on the present cycle of neo-fascism, doing the bid of its Financial-Media Masters.

In the graph we can see him with his bankruptcy lawyer, ultra-orthodox pro-colonist now ambassador to Israel, Mr. Friedman, one of his many ‘friends’ to whom he is paying back due financial favours (as it is the case of Mr Ross, on trade, a shark who broke companies and sold them by assets, and landed him huge loans, as well as Mr. Mnuchin, the foreclosure kingpin).

Now the advantage of the Financial-Media system and any informative ‘particle-head’ of an organic structure is its relative invisibility, speed and ‘wave power’. Your cells ignore your brain; DNA is tightened up an invisible within the cell tiny nucleus, stars ignore the gravitational black hole; money is hidden in the pockets, but precisely for this reason, as we learn in theory of information, it runs the Universe, since its ‘wave power’ allows it to simultaneously program multiple ‘energetic units’. So black holes regulate the entire galaxy with gravitational waves, DNA genes can code the entire body, as a simultaneous wave, equal in all cells; and digital information, money in the form of salary and prices, and metal-communicators have been running the world with its simultaneous capacity to manufacture all the brains of a culture:

  In the graph, the true masters of the world, hate-media gurus, using in each age of the Industrial r=evolution a metal-communicator to program simultaneously all people under the wave with informative memes (the genes of cultures), which become hate speeches when war is due for profits and camouflage of the true Masters of the world – those who own the financial media industry, traditionally in the western world the people of the original biblical culture which first delivered religion, then hate-radio, now hate-tv, the opium of the people… Trump thus was the foreseeable next ‘Reagan’, his so much admired model, to criminalise the poor people of the world. 

Indeed, too many people know about the Industrial-Military complex of energetic machines, the body of the ‘Mechanocene’, the age of the earth in the making, but few know about its head, the Financial-media system of informative machines, which truly control the world and manufactures the brain of people with audiovisual media, and buys them with their monopoly in the issue of money. So he is by far, the most ‘slavish’ of all American presidents to the ‘crony’ group of Wall Street financiers and Hollywood moguls that run the country – and yes, do everything possible to imprint the mind of Americans with confabulation theory bull$hit stuff, holocaust industries, and blaming-the-poor to avoid Americans to know who ‘Owns’ them, and for what they are ‘owned’ – to make profits, and help the true colonial nation, to which 80% of wall street and hollywood owners  belong and put FIRST…. Israel. And of course if you say so , the manufactured brains of the western world will shout to you, anti$emite and genocidal and confabulation theorist.

Fact though is this blog and the small-print books of his author have for 30 years predicted with total accuracy the future, something easy to prove just getting old editions of those books with a simple thesis: the evolution of machines is predictable under the laws of biological evolution, in its 3 phases (bodies of metal, XIX c. in the age of england, engines=hearts, in the age of germany, and minds of metal in the age of U$) and final assembly together into robots, the final age. And its company-mothers and lobbies run politicos, with 2 agendas: maximise profits and then bring its cultural memes to the top. So profits maximise the cycle of consumption machines and when overproduced, as today the chip is overproduced as white collar pc, blue collar robot and terminator, firing people out of labor and war fields, profits are maximising with hate-media and war. So it has been. Then it comes the agenda of the owners of those company-mothers, which today are overwhelmingly in the age of informative machines, the askhenazi elite in control of around 80% of position as CEOs of media and financial industries and Central bankers of the west. So in the politic arena, the world we forecasted would be Israelified, because Israel IS regardless of denial the nation of the Jewish people and make Israel great again its goal.

Now, Israel top business is war. It produces 60% of drones, which watch its wall, and it is expanding worldwide as we predicted long ago, the terminator industry, competing with South-korea; and for that job, Trump was chosen.

So the first time I heard about this guy running for president I looked at his web. And I couldn’t believe it, even if i had predicted it according to the cycles of evolution of machines and its final fascist age of war profits. It was just a topic ‘ad’ for a lobbyist announcing his solution to America, to build a robotised wall to separate the ‘Palestinians’ of America, yes, those Mexicans who were not so long ago Indians living in Arizona, when the colonists came and threw them to the other side of the border and are now unhappy that some ‘still remain’. 

Now in America, foreign policies turn all around Israel, since as long as the FMasters print money and information in an ego-centered country, which knows nothing and cares nothing about the world, all laws are for sale, and those laws of foreign policy are the ones the FMasters care more for.

In this case, once it was clear that Obama had some pride it was required to replace it a $elected president (Presidents are selected not elected, said Eissenhower), who would be  a lobbyist for the radical, right wing racist orthodox side of the Financial-Media Masters; which have arrived to a degree of total control of the American $lave (as issuing its money means owning a people whose only ‘language of values’ is money and ignore all about that spanish poet dictum ‘confundir valor y precio es de necio’ – ‘Only nerds confuse value and price’. So you can always buy an American proud believer on go(l)d.


And this is specially truth of the International Policy of America, which basically is, topic and confabulation theory included, the policy of Israel, which is not the biggest producer of drones and military robots and it is Israelifying the western world at full speed, as we have forecasted for so long, since it is the HEAD not the BODY who decides the future, and once a Plutocratic world was installed at large, with the financial-media masters on top and the military corrupted to control people and make money in the weapons industry, it is all about making WEAPONS and robotised walls, all over the world. In the next graphs we show that structure of what we could rightly call the Jewish Empire (in blue, controlled by financial-media systems owned overwhelmingly by their elite), below the power structure from the film Thrive, of Procter and Gamble heir, who goes to lengths to explain that despite being such the structure of the world, the ‘you’ is not on top, LOL, what people do to get distributed, below from the 92 book that prophesized the israelification of the world by robotised armies for the 0.02%, according to ‘race and culture’, industry and gdp power.

The 7 cultures of the world under the FMMI empire

welathsocial classes wave

In the graph, the true structure of capitalist democracies ruled by company-mothers of machines, where human beings without credit, with its brains manufactured by mass-media machines, its resources exploited to serve those corporations, its politico corrupted by its lobbies and its future jeopardised by the increasing obsolescence of the species to evolving metalife, white collar pcs, blue collar robots and terminator drones, are NOT as the propaganda machines of those corporations, the protagonist of the eco(nomic)system but increasingly the species displaced from it.

In that sense the key to all this non-human future in the making, is and will always be simple: systems and organisms are ruled and designed by their brain, their languages of information; in the case of the super organism of humans and machines we are building by the human language, words and by the digital language of the economy, money. So those who issue money and the use they give it define the future of the world. In that regard,  in a planet in which the verbal ethic law is not longer the language of power, but digital money is, we cannot expect to survive when ±90% of the monetary orders delivered to cre(dit)ate the world are issued by company-mothers to evolve and re=produce machines, NOT for human beings. 10% is in biology the threshold of extinction of populations. How mankind expect to be on top of the world if its gets only that quantity of funding for his future?

 There is today ±25 times more money than in the 70s when e-money was invented but the human population has only doubled. And people has not credit to create a demand economy, a welfare world awash with healthy wealth. All that money, +20 times more is in the hands of company-mothers of machines (stock money, industrial credit) NOT to the service of mankind as mankind, the 99%, has no rights to SPEAK MONEY, WHICH IS THE TRUE FREEDOM OF A SOCIETY RULED BY THE LANGUAGE OF MONEY – we are only allow to chit-chat with worthless wor(l)ds, which long ago were shutted up by money who buys laws as it hypnotises the eye, with its perfect, go(l)d imitation of the sun. And more on that bio-chemical nature latter.
In any case if credit existed for humans to talk money with a Universal salary they would give the kick-out orders of production, which is what money when spoken as a language does:
Fundamental theorem:            cre(dit)ate says the man who speaks money, and creation occurs.
That is
the power of a language of information used to give orders, legal laws in the past, when History ruled, money today when corporations rule. So they speak money to crd(it)ate machines, and creation of the world of machines with that 90% occurs.
While humans, which are the 99%, who have no rights to speak money suffer scarcity, poverty and death by the hyper-abundant top predator machines, aka weapons, of the rival eco(nomic)system, who is killing history as it speaks the language of money.
THIS IS THOUGH A CHOICE OR RATHER AN IMPOSITION OF ANIMETAL CULTURES AND ITS VALUES OF GREED AND VIOLENCE OVER THE RATIONAL USE OF NOMISMA, DIGITAL LANGUAGES TO VALUE AND KICK OUT THE PRODUCTION OF A HEALTHY WORLD. And if that more evolved view of money, sponsored by the most evolved legal cultures of mankind, China and the Greek-Latin world in the western decoupling had triumphed the world would long be a paradise awash with welfare healthy wealth as all organisms are.
 Scarcity is NOT required. Not a single super organism of the Universe in state of perpetual motion≈energy makes his cells suffer the kind of cancerous anoxia, lack of oxygen=money to ‘move and thrive’ mankind suffers. So, yes, I can’t help to judge and study in depth the culture, memes and tools of power of those who are destroying the future of the human wor(l)d and pretend to do so not blinded by greed but as ‘experts’, from a scientific objective point of view, the so-called FMasters (Financial-Media masters who print the digital money and audiovisual idol-ogies that manufacture the brain of people and credit with consumption and work orders their life). Because the decision to make a world to the image and likeness of the machine, with no future for mankind is theirs .

Now, all this should not be happening but if people cannot grasp so simple facts as the linguistic nature of money, the power of issuing it, the lack of democracy when a society does not print its money but a group of private financiers do it, and cannot even ‘feel’ it is unjust that machines get around 80-90% of it, through corporations issuing it for free in stock-markets, while we humans have to be extorted with taxes to pay our basic welfare – just because they are ‘so emotionally attached’ to money that they won’t get it… well, it is obvious at the end, we get the kind of bizarre facts we are seeing today, such as the election of a corrupted billionaire to the precedence of America, which has on top the chuptzah of saying America is robbed because it has ‘deficit’.

I often wonder in this particular case. It is him that nuts or that cynical? Indeed, we will latter deal in depth with this issue. But it is worth to mention it now. It is America, as before Britain, who is taking HUGE advantage of the entire planet, because it has the dominant, international currency of exchange, which everybody must accept as ‘worthy’, backed by its military empire. So while NO COUNTRY can run trillions of $ of deficit, and GET FOR FREE, THE GOODS OF CHINA AND MEXICO, just on exchange for ‘worthless paper printed with Franklyn head’, America by virtue of winning the II W.W. can buy for free and has been doing so for almost a century any goods, while the Mexican and Chinese work his a$$ for a few pennies. Of course, this happened before when England bought out for free half of the world just printing papers.



screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-22-32-52Then though everybody understood so some countries diD not accept UK money. And then UK declared wars to get his ‘free deficit’ money accepted. Now Mr. Trump is either so idiotic or cynical that does not get it MEXICO and CHINA should NOT accept dollars for hard-worked goods. He is ‘robbing’ them, not the other way around. But if he keeps insulting them, of course China will stop giving free goods for printed paper, and the whole flood of dollars will come back to crash America, as it did BEFORE, with Germany, UK, (1930s) FRANCE (1760s) and Spain (1600s), lost a war, and then the world knowing perfectly the scam, no longer afraid of its weapons ditched the currency. So when Spain lost the war to Holland it crashed the bullion and entered civil wars; when France lost its war for India to UK it crashed the Frank and entered civil wars (French r=evolution). German though preferred to use its weapons and blame all others massacring 66 million (II W.W.) and Trump looks-like he would rather go that way (though 1/2 of his people might go for civil war). And certainly if he keeps provoking China and Mexico and everybody else… Only UK who didn’t won I world war (US did), but kept the empire survived with a slow decline to the dollar.

And of course, this will happen sooner or latter because Americans got ‘lazy’ as UK got in the XIX c. after getting for free goods. So why to work as hard as a Chinese or a Mexican in a maquiladora? Just print money and get it. So the quality of UK goods declined and Germany took over, and now the quality of American goods have declined.

Now, I am of the opinion Mr. Trump understands nothing, but surrounded by the Goldman Sachs, Blackstone people, who understand -Everything coming from Germany, where all this happened to the -E letter,  and its perfect 666 chord, they should not be doing exactly the same; because that in words of their admired Einstein is:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” But of course as we shall see printing money for free with no limits and causing debt slavery with wars, is the biggest profit of the job. So frankly at this stage if the trumpeter of the FMasters of apocalypto, who cares, live the day, is not pure -Evil, and only an ignorant, someone should explain him the monetary cycle of currency wars, which America cannot win, so at least he goes back to normal ‘dolce fare niente’ buying for free, the handwork of sweatshops, with the private FED ‘SOMA’… and stop bull$hitting because his remedy, as usual is even worse than the sickness of the FM-world.

This simple example shows the fundamental tool of power of our ‘leading economists and financiers’  of the go(l)d culture – the complete ignorance of politicians and common people on the nature of money and how it rules the world, and its produced with no limit with the same informative machines that manufacture their brain, makes impossible all peaceful reform, unless the Financial System is denationalised, and a global currency, ¥€$ money is imposed as the main procedure for printing money and human welfare not warfare. And save in the process from Greed and death those FMasters who told us, just after the 2008 crises, in a moment of  hindsight and fear, and lucidity thinking on what they did back in the 30s bis, literally, ‘we can’t control our greed, you should regulate us more’  Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, former Goldman Sachs CEO, at the height of the crisis, after stealing 2 trillion $ from the American tax payers

Now they have asked the Trumpeter to scrap all that regulation, and the ‘house negro’, never mind he thinks he is white, has scrapped it all with one of those ‘astoundingly aggressive dark energy’ of its graphological lineal modes:screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-10-00-45 Never a blot of ink did so much harm to the future of the wor(l)d.

Indeed, the Financial-media masters rule the wor(l)d with invisible financial orders and paid-per-view laws delivered by their ‘white house’ negros – no political correctness here, we have explained already what humanism and the scientific method of social sciences an the freedom of the wor(l)d means; political correctness prevents all social inquire on the real causes, and imprints the mind of people with subtle false idol-ogies, which ultimately are hidden hate memes against the poor.

And this is all what the Trumpeter is hired for: to hide behind their rhetoric, absurd return to past, and ab=use of anti-democratic rights, the real problems of the world, the automation, displacement and extinction of humans in labor and war field by robots, and the monopoly in the issue of our money and democratic rights to control our language of power, by a clique, of self-suicidal people. So Keynes dictum goes strong: ‘capitalism is the absurd belief that the wickedest of all people, will do the wickedest of all things for the common good.

And of course, have you ever wonder why in  a world ruled by money, NO HIGH SCHOOL studies economics, which should be an obligatory subject in all countries of the world, with NO censorship on the real schools of economics today forbidden (humanist, socialist, historic, biological schools, the one represented by those pioneer texts)?


‘We are all kings or buffoons, depends on the perspective’ Shakespeare, quote on memory

Let us then remember how the world is run in placebo democracies where there are no judgment votes after tenure with pain messages to politicians, who cannot print money and hence have NOT to obey society but the financial masters and media masters of informative machines on top of them:

welath3 waves of machine wars

This is the pyramid of our society, with the problem that the bottom line, People and living things are being displaced by the robotic revolution of machines. So they are not needed and the solutions are those of fascism:

Of course, I know everybody loves to hate the objective view and jargon of the systems and networks that run the world, as in this view the human individual mattes nothing the physiological networks run it all. It means in the economic ecosystem that the FMMI networks, the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial systems of corporations decide the future as they print money and manufacture brains to match the time of history we are in.

We are chronicling a death foretold in as much as nobody bets for humanist solutions. We shall consider hence the worst scenario. The election of Mr. Trump, as neofascism blossoms by the 2020s, with a crashing eurodollar, a more belligerent China, and a robotised world with no jobs hope ahead.

The other choice is a 8 year slow slide at the hands of Wall Street Lobbyists, the Clintons. Of course the right candidate, Mr. Sanders had no chance. Because those who should back him to avoid the sliding towards the end of the Weimar Republic – the ‘you’ FMasters of the informative machines that manufacture the brains and money of America will as usual deny all responsibility in the rise of neofascism and keep profiting till the end.

Trump, the ‘needed’ candidate for the global war profit cycle.

For that reason unlike all other pundits we have been expecting Mr. Trump to win this election, fully ushering mankind in a neo-fascist age, with a ‘TV-host’, on power clueless, theatrical, a new Nero, like Mr. Mussolini->Hitler, 2 ‘Radio-hosts’, experts on theatrics on the last cycle. This is the key. Mr. Bush was just a rich kid, Mr. Trump is a hate-media ‘pro’, completely unreal, sucked into the virtual ‘mud’ of evilwood ego-trips, fascist films and hate-speeches, and this is what is needed to ‘casually’ start a global pandemonium. Rational, intelligent people would never start total madness. So the man needed for the economic ecosystem to shoot is profits in a real global electronic big-brother and orwellian robotised war IS HIM, the trumpeter of Apocalypto. And so the American sheeple, nicely managed by their ‘owners’, the FMasters of the Financial-Media system that is making huge profits with $plendid little wars will choose him, to commit harakiri in due time.
The specific moment or local crisis, when mr. Trump is president that will crash the world back into an enlarged forecasted III world war, is totally anecdotal, related to Chinese treasurys, Russian empire-building, Grand Israel plans, Islamic terrorism and the manipulation of the news by the FMMI system, which will bundle all those ‘tics’ of time into a perfect toxic bomb.

Unfortunately the ‘program’ of the FMMI ‘economic’ ecosystem goes as expected.

Why Trump has the popular vote.

As predicted for decades on the chances that business as usual would proceeded and the automation of corporations and overproduction crises of e-money and white collar pcs and blue collar robots will bring the ‘American Weimar’, with financiers on top printing money for themselves and robotic companies of higher profits, while people loose their jobs and evilwood maintains a ‘virtual fun reality’ as if nothing happens, with people suffering enormously the destitution, a ‘man of the land’, likely of germanic origin, a ‘populist’, a ‘fascist’ was call in the 30s who promised to save the people from the ‘kabala’ of the Financial-Media Masters, which had ‘done it all again’ the same they did in germany in the 30s, but of dubious origin and purpose would raise.

We of course asked for a humanist, eusocial reformation of the system. But the American civilisation, based in the myth of the self-made man, the brutal, revengeful ‘gods of the old testament’, and the panic against socialism (read Sombart ‘why America has never been socialist’), was to be the Germany of this cycle and rise against the astounding chuptzah  of the ‘Chosen of go(l)d’, blind by go(l)d and segregating memes – in this cycle the industry of the holocaust and the classic orthodox Talmud racism.

Or so they hoped the American people, in its partial understanding of the problems of the nation. So we shall consider in this constantly updated tale of the 2016 elections, first the ‘view of the American white-male voter’ so much insulted by the press. Its fault of course, is his misunderstanding of the arrow of eusocial love that could save mankind and its belief weapons can solve the problem, its racist memes, its ‘deja vu’ ultimate wrong solution. But as Chomsky, yes, even Chomsky, my old penpal activist friend (which of course is also ‘owned’ and has always refused to talk with me of wall street, so it will only accuse the political side of the owners, but NEVER loose its privileges to talk as a mildly puppet) put it: ‘I don’t like either of them, but Trump talk about unemployment, destitution, immigration, the things people care about, Miss Clinton only insults him’. So does the Financial-Media system.

A second very different Trump candidacy? – a possible twist of the story

There is though an unpredictable strike in Mr. trump – namely that its voters belong overwhelmingly to the Tea Party II movement of independence against the colonists.

As we said, these people have been fully imprinted by the financial-media elite that governs the nation from wall street and evilwood, as a ‘colonial state’ of apartheid israel, to believe the astoundingly idiotic conspiratory theory that the problems of America are Islam and the Latinos, short of the enemies of the colonists plus neighbours beyond the wall.

But i believe he actually cares a bit for the Americans and more for them than for the Israelis who own him and as all dogs-on-a-leash he might end up BITING THE HAND OF HIS OWNERS, IF THEY, with their essential indifference to its $laves, do NOT give him the ‘credit’ and ‘credit’, verbal and digital he needs to make infrastructures and put americans to work.

So as the presidency advances and shows he cannot do much to change the status quo of his people, he can abandon his masters. And he might become truly a copycat of the old German neo-fascist party. Let us explore that possibility with the help of the illustrations of mr. Dee, a topic American of the heart-land with all its contradictions, which is more akin to the voter of the old reich of the previous case.

(Nor that the solution will be better, but given the fact that the humanist, welfare, social-democratic candidate Mr. Sanders, as Mr. Nader before have been erased, the choice of 2 evils is quite indistinguishable).

In any case it is by no means granted that Mr. Trump will bite the hand of his owners. It is a very difficult proposition and might never happen. If it does so, it will also take sometime for him to move that path – so far he is chosen to accuse the poor and divert attention, to the non-guilty of the process of destruction of humanity by the overproduction age of chips and the robotic era.

NOW (and excuse that some part of those texts are written in different dates, when he had no won, as we were so sure he would) – he is president, and so the question is looking as always in those texts to the future, AS HE IS GOING TO FAIL COMPLETELY ON HELPING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AS PROMISED, SO WE MUST CONSIDER WHAT WILL HAPPEN AS he fails but still wants to compete for power? Let us consider the most likely scenario according to the cycles – true populism, that is, breaking its present alliance with conservative, staunch apartheid israel, and as the ‘you meme’ is truly authoritarian, an escalation with the press and Israel ‘ordeno y mando’ – I order you obey me – ways with America. Then he would as H. did in the previous cycle change sides. And blame those who actually are easy to blame because they are guilty of what happens in the world at large, with its astounding procedures with e-money.

As we predicted America enters in its final stages of its ‘Weimar republic’ parallel to the 30s, when the astounding massive theft of the FMasters over the country hidden with its absolute control of mass-media starts to hurt so much the people that a neo-fa$cist leader is about to rise. And yet the go(l)d chosen blind by its greed and virtual control do not even realise, it is time to change, so once they ditch Sanders, the first of wannabe neo-Hitlers despite having the entire system against him, is still alive. 

What fascinates me of this $election are many themes – the fact that the cycle is happening exactly as predicted 20 years ago in my first books; and the fact that FMasters, deniers of the Holocaust cycle don’t even ‘smell’ that the Tea Party II is about to say enough; AND THE FACT that once again they have ditched first, squashed fast their ‘saviour’, Sanders. Despite being the only scientist of history who have forecasted all I always had some hope that humans, go(l)d masters and sheeple could be slightly more honorable, intelligent, slightly less slavish. 

Of course, Trump WILL fail his white trash voters, but the bottom line is that if he fails the American weimar will keep going down, and only delay the unavoidable (if the system does not change) 4 more years.


It fascinates though, the callous blindness that greed causes on the Am Segullah, who believe their own lies till the end, that never see it coming because go(l)d is good and righteous, so they can murder at distance labor with robots, people with drones, spread hate memes and convert a peaceful nation like GERMANY before I world war, America before Desert storm into a terrorist organisation with no human rights, they can do everything and do not even realise, because of course, all who criticise them is just a self-hating you or an anti$emite. And this CRAZYNESS OF ‘GOLD HEADS’  in an otherwise seemingly intelligent people, puzzles me. It has always puzzled me the short-sightedness of this people. BUT ALAS, as they believe their own lies ‘the tragedies of history will repeat themselves, because people do not learn from their mistakes’ Proust

It is though far more INSANE, the know it can happen, but they will play calm because is better for business, Wall sTREET THOUGH is only starting to panic, still holding its breadth. How little they understand ‘tomorrow’ so for good measure we show the 20 years old graph, with th final 3rd wave of the 3rd crash of the market we have been explaining (see central post) for 20 years: 2000/01 (stock crash)-2008/09 (real state crash)-2016/17 (currency crash)



In the graphs, the 3 scam of markets – as weapons profits increase stock value at the end speculation further ads a saw like ‘speculative triple bubble- dot como crash: 1st peak, cdos: 2nd peak and speculation in currencies: 3rd peak, which should come after Trump.

So let us do a slight detour to ‘forecast the future by understanding the past’ (Confucius)

The short 8 years cycles of the chip radiation: 2000-2008-2016

I first forecasted the 200o-8-16 short crash cycles of overproduction of e-money and the increasingly growing global war age that would ensue, 20 years ago in my first book on biological models of economics, after correcting the shorter periodicity of the cycle Kondratieff, found studying the train wave in Russia, an underdeveloped country that receive the wave latter, already developed in its ‘discovery phase’ in Britain. Thus I mined data from UK and US statistics, finding a periodicity of 72±7 years, which corresponded to the generational cycle of human beings (72 years) and the short product cycle (7 years) of new forms of machines and fiat money printed with them.

Then I realized there were two waves already completed from 1857 (crash of trains and stock-paper) ±72 years = 1929 (crash of engines and ticker money), so by adding + 72 years, we could forecast the crashes of and e-money overproduction. And then since each ‘medium wave’ in all Systems decompose in 3 small ‘ripples’, consider the existence of two other ‘crash waves’ as it happened in the XIX and XX century, the 2008 and 2016 crashes of e-money that now starts in earnest.

It was then easy to hypothesize the causal duality of the cycle, created b the invention of new energies, moneys and machines by industrialists and financiers that lead historically each nations and its wave of memes of metal to the top position of the world, as owners of the ‘international currency’ and best imperial weapons.

Thus I found the historic parallel British Imperial cycle of steam machines (1784-1857), the German Reich cycle of electro-chemical engines (1857-72 years -1929), and finally the American cycle of electronic machines (1929-2001) that would enter its Imperial, military phase after the forecasted end of the electronic cycle in 2 big future crashes of electronic money in 2001 and 2008. And since the dotcom and derivative crashes of the short-product cycle of 7 years later (2008). As those hypothesized facts are now ‘history’, the scientific method proves the biological model of ‘memes of metal’ is the true science of economics.

And yet, the Kondratieff canonical cycle of 54 years does work in econometric models and stock-speculation. Why? This needs a deeper analysis of the cycle and its inner structure.

The 72 year cycle of stock-crashes ads on two 36 year sub periods of reproduction of peaceful consumption machines till overproduction and market saturation reduces consumption, profits plummet, coinciding with overproduction of stock-money, which finally crashes the market. Then our imperfect democracies allow war lobbyism as industries switch production of the evil twins, weapons and pay politicians to buy them, starting a new cycle of profits based in Keynesian militarism, the modern newspeak for the fascist motto ‘canons instead of butter’. As both machines and weapons are the same product. Armored trains conquer the colonial world. Armored cars are tanks and armed robots are terminators made by the same companies. So the 72 year cycle is:

Human consumption of machines – Crash – Weapons consumption of humans.

But there is a 3rd phase of ‘discovery of new energies’ and machines, with limited economical effect as production is minimal, of another 36 years – which is the ½ generational life in which humans between youth and 3rd age are at their working prime. So the total cycle of grand-fathers, sons and grand sons for a total of 104 years is:

36 discovery years+36 peaceful consumption (crash) + 36 weapons production.

And what scholars know as the Kondratieff cycle is 104/2=52 years, which if we draw the entire wave as Bell curve, shows the exact middle point.

Why then the crash is not every 104 years but every 72? Because the irrelevant young age of discovery of new energies overlaps with the 3rd age of war, as the youth of the grand-son overlaps with the 3rd age of the grand-dad. So only studying the entire technological wave, as Kondratieff ‘experts’ do, you can find 104 years waves and divide them into the spring and winter phases. But for a true historic analysis and prediction of the key phases, the 36 reproductive phase and crash and 36 depressive and militaristic phase, the 72 year cycle is more proper:

1784 (Watt discovers the steam machine) + 36 years –> 1820s, Britain starts the train wave –> 36 years of peaceful train machines -> crashes of 1857+7 years->1864+7 years ->1871.

1850s: Discovery of oil and electric engines+36 years->1890s, 1st cars and light bulbs start the reproductive phase of electro-mechanical engines-> 36 years -> overproduction crashes of 1922-1929-37-> 36 years of bomber and tank wars till Vietnam.

1930s. Quantum, electronic physics are laid down-> 36 years of discoveries of TVs, Atomic bombs calculated with first Eniac computer -> 60s to 2000s ->36 years of peaceful reproduction of electronic gadgets till the overproduction crisis of chips and TVs & the crashes of 2000-08-16 -> beginning of the militaristic age of vigilante chips coinciding with the discovery of visual robots…

THIS IS THE FACTS, as today – but of course, wars and catastrophes in history need a mercurial character – so mr. Trump’s enemies today – Chinese, Mexicans, the usual suspects of GOP might change tomorrow, as the basis of Trump, in those texts on him illustrated by Mr. Dees otherwise excellent illustrations, is a white man, a racist man, an anti$emite, and a european… very similar to the public of Mr. H.


In the POTUS factor, the president of America. We are in the AGE OF ROBOTIC WARS AND SO THE NEXT PRESIDENT SHOULD BE TRUMP, BUT if he is so dumb that not EVEN THE SYSTEM can get him elected, we CAN maybe delay  THE SUPER-2016 CRASH, and slide DOWN slowly with corrupted lobbyist seller of laws, MISS CLINTON, OR the alternative neo-fascist leader Mr. TRUMP sold to the robotic corporations that will construct a  wall compound in America. Or alternatively, if he does care for Americans as his voters think, he might rebel against his FMASTERS AND BITE his hand, as the voters of white trash America expects so naively.

Now the man is angry. Now they have seen the ghost in the machine… He is offended…  They are trying to derail it, but the momentum is building, the gutters are pouring…

AND WHAT THEY WILL DO? SELL THE MARKET AND RUN, PROVOKING WHAT WE HAVE ALWAYS EXPLAINED, THE FINAL GOTTENDAMERUNG, THE FALL OF THE DOLLAR, THE SALE OF THE TREASURIES, THE RAN OF THE MARKET, THE TOTAL CRASH AND THE REVENGE OF TRUMP-TRAIN. And of course, China, has 1 trillion treasuries… watch next week that market Mr. Gross, the guy I met at lido island briefly 20 years ago, saying he was waking up late and looking at the karma of the waves to inspire his trading… the tsunami has come.


A tsunami has been building, the water has retired, the gutter shows the debris, and the people knows.

We only can say one thing – the methods of control of the masses of Judaism, which used to be Abrahamic religions, then mass-media hate memes, the opium of the people, to divert attention of what is going on globally – a group of racist bigots who have stolen the right of people to print their money and are showering with billions of dollars from wall street the robotic companies of their silicon valley peers – uber, amazon, etc. – which are firing potentially million more workers, while pretending nothing happens with evilwood fictions, on the growing corpse of America – ARE EXHAUSTED. AND THE LAST resource to laugh and insult the American people and their new found odd leader, are not working.

So the day before the election, whatever the result might be we bring ‘first’, the view with warts and all of that angry white man who properly educated could have become the army of good, energetic, optimist humanist people that could have save the world but now desperado might burn it not slowly as the FMasters are doing but setting the world on fire. And nobody better to represent that ‘persona’ that the extraordinary political artist Mr. Dee, which as we said warts and All (NRA defender, self-made man mythical thinker, anti-socialist, nostalgic of the past) is not though what the FMasters with its astounding arrogance have sold virtually to the rest of the world – a stupid, biblical bigot, clinging to its weapons and bibles and resentment.

But a human being who for 80 years has given ‘all’ to the People of the Treasure, shelter when coming from the german holocaust, money rights to print on the hope the privilege would be use for the betterment of the land and the world, billions in weapons to their other nation to protect it, etc. etc. and has been paid back with theft, collective murder at distance, despise and a complete lack of empathy so evident in its corrupted candidate. So here it goes, the day before the election, we switch sides and consider that the lesser evil IS Trump NOT the puppet, but the trumpet because when all is rotten and one candidate obviously will keep sinking the boat while denying it is sinking, chaos might be the first step of a renewal or might not be more than the sign of death. But as Spartacus said in one of the oldest cycles of war, r=evolution and holocaust to the envoys of the Roman consul offering him money and freedom to betray its people:

‘It is better to die with honor than live as a $lave’.

That is the point which ‘populations’ are reaching in spontaneous, democratic upheavals against the corrupted system of company-mothers of machines and its go(l)d masters, who merely dismiss the 99% suffering as ‘primitive populism’ from their high minded ivory towers of ‘civilised’ techno-utopian fantasies and righteous victimism.

The only ones that don’t seem to understand are the Go(l)d Masters that pee on the land for so long his golden poison even if  they suffered 13 more in the past, but they denied them all, the cycle, the suffering, they don’t see anything, the sun ‘sweat’, the fetish, the virtual control, they feel safe. So far the man is under their control, he should still loose but and this is the 3rd theme that fascinates me, the cycles happen even with the periodicity we all thought of: History rhymes only the verse changes Twain.

If he wins Wall street will panic the 2016 crash will happen and this ‘german’ outsider and the TEA PARTY WILL KEEP THE GAME repeating its cycles – do i care? Slightly. I did care though for 30 years NOT to arrive to the station. The program though seems fixed. People are slaves,they believe they don’t reason…. So this long post updated in different days and moods reflects the many Kaleidoscopic sides of the Weimar crossroad.

Let us show for good measure, on the limits of prediction of the model of historic cycles, the graphs from the last printed, 2000 edition on the two parallel waves of neo-fascism – graphs are almost 2 decades old, but the data is there:


Alas as we predicted but never were heard, whoever wins the 2016 $election, after the last of the Weimar’s ‘house negros’ servicing FMasters, goes home, nothing will be the same; since the military solution of ‘splendid little wars’ imposes the logic of profiteering corporations against the human solution seen as ‘weak’ by the ‘crazy’ head WHO DONT REALIzE THEY ARE ALSO MADE OF FLESH NOT OF IRON AND GO(L)D AS THEIR rACIST MEMES MADE THEM THINK.

And all gets harsher: The FMasters have seen the leg of satan, the people have thought of a final solution, the real solution, (the little boy on the left corner) have died away – the ‘ominous decade’ of the 30s is within us, the masters of history, Mr. Marx in the first cycle, Mr. Keynes in the second, Mr. Sancho in the 3rd, languish still unheard – nothing will stop the deafening sound of sabre rattles, roaring tanks, drone turbos, and the tickle of coins of profits for the 1%, till all are buried for the sake of go(l)d.


In the graph from the book of 94, the probabilities of extinction by robotic weapons will be a direct function of the profits of robotic, military corporations, once the entire eco(nomic)system turns into a ‘jungle of metal’, where weapons consume humans for profits, as it happened in the previous global age of train and tank wars. It is interesting to notice what we got absolutely right (2008 crash, 2020s car-eyes,tank-eyes, gun-eyes), and what hopefully will be wrong (extinction by the end of the robotic cycle). What we certainly did not happen is our ‘wishful thinking’ of human intelligence and ethics creating with ¥€$ money an international currency, and a Universal salary – a demand economy that demanded butter not canons (click to enlarge for view of those ‘pre-historic’ 1994 graphs, with its peculiar ‘bio-historical jargon’ of that time, now a bit more ‘normal’ given the little pleasure the audiovisual ‘neo-paleolithic man’ has for the creative beauty of the wor(l)d.

As i re-read those graphs 1/4 of a century ago I am astonished by the exact description of the model. In the right graph, we define several probabilities of future (O, A, B, D,) according to the level of growth of stock-markets, which will be directly proportional to the the level of extinction of life, as machines and weapons DO kill life and atrophy human beings.

In the left side of this web we study those ages in detail, as we did in our classic books on the subject 3 decades ago.

5th nov.

We are back again to the circus of placebo democracies in America, where 2 ‘$elected’ candidates representing as usual the ‘peaceful consumption age’ and ‘war age’ of the machine come to compete to do the bidding of electronic corporations, who pay their campaigns and will buy their laws.

As we enter the age of electronic wars, the likely winner  (best for the present ‘war cycle’ of the economic ecosystem) should be Trump if he reigns on his provocative comments to ‘prudish america’; yet if he fails to take power delaying a global age of war for 4 or 8 years, ‘business as usual’ will choose a softy puppet, which shows complete obeisance, and ensures business as usual – Miss Clinton.

Of course the ‘Savior’, best for mankind, Mr. Sanders, will be derailed on due time by the ‘system’, as only a ‘coup d’etat’ against the dictatorship of FMasters could at this stage give back America to the Americans.

In the graph, the election being in 4 days, the result is largely irrelevant, Trump might bring more wars, but that is not clear, as Clinton is also a hawk. Consider the graph; the biggest donor to its ‘money-laundering’ foundation that gives only 10% to charity is Ukraine, the neo-fascist region that has faked a confrontation with Russia, to further erode the power of Europe and continue the trend of provoking wars in its borders, INSTEAD OF ENCOURAGING, the fusion of EU and Russia into a more human social-democratic model of capitalism.

Next comes England, the ‘european buster’, and Saudi Arabia, the ultra-conservative anti-feminist nation where women are even more oppressed than in Iran or Orthodox Israel, and finally Germany the nation which is robotising industries, destroying the welfare model of southern europe and installing a IV economic reich with its control hand in hand with goldman draghi, of the European credit. So obviously one of the preferred themes of Miss Clinton is massive bashing of Mr. Putin, which in turn likely is contributing to Mr. Trump. Pup-pet vs. Trump-eter, take your choice. Both are sold out to the biggest donor. In the case of Mr. Trump, his campaign started just as a lobbying ad for the terminator robotic industries of Israel, the biggest world producer of drones (60%) and terminator guardiums (with South Korea), hoping to expand into a huge 3000 miles border that will be the take-off of the military ‘civil’ robotic industry, which we so long prophesized – the creation of walled compounds for the 0.1%, robotised, and the massive radiation of robotised ‘gun-eyes’, put in all Malls of America. Once the only worthy candidate Mr. Sanders is gone, GOP or GDP are similar though Trump is likely more ‘absolute eviL=anti-live’. But the true question of this election is not so much its candidates, going down the ladder every 8 years but the American people – how degraded by the new-paleolithic age is the nation who once was the hope of Mankind, all humans of all cultures mixed in a single country without borders seeking truth, happiness and enlightenment, escaping the go(l)d and war masters of Europe, if they have chosen such 2 candidates and how ‘erase heads’ are their manufactured brains not even to realise, going with enthusiasm to their meetings?

So indeed, whoever is chosen, business as usual will continue. Thus while likely Miss Clinton is the lesser evil, really a ‘scientist of history’ is more  interested in the causes of the process, the dark horses that move the puppet, the apocalypse horses that move the trumpeter. What DOES NOT MOVE either of them is the American welfare and future. And so it amazes me that the American people so sheepishly elected Miss Clinton over Sanders, the ‘Nader’-candidate of this election who cared for Americans, as the ecological party is now also a corrupted party directed by Miss Stein heavy investor in military corporations.

In that regard before we bust both GOP and GDP parties, and explain the lunacy of having 2 amateurs without the slightest understanding of the laws of systems that regulate efficient super organisms, its blood-energy-reproductive-economic networks and its political-informative-nervous ones, which regulate the 2 languages of social power, money and the law.

PPolitics: real democracy: efficient free systems of information…

IN A REAL democracy, what we call Ppolitics, people-politics; politics that serve the people, as all Nature’s super organisms are, there are no amateurs, no wishful choice but real judgment and real experts.

In humanity true democracy (Ppoliticos) only happened in Greece when it was invented based in vote a posteriori, NOT BEFORE AMONG AMATEURS, true experts of the political and economic network, then by outstanding quality as military, traders and philosophers, today as people who would have studied systems sciences in university and understood how the universe builds its social organisms, were NOT elected but designated by the previous EXPERT, which was then VOTED, exile, death penalty or pecuniary reward and hall of fame (then a statue by phydias and the like:). SO THE POLITICO HAD TO PROMISE ONLY WHAT HE WOULD DELIVER OR ELSE bye-bye Athens to the barbarian world of the $emites (Asia then) or the Germ(an)s, Ukraine then. Some chose death before getting into the pure animetal world we so much cherish.

NOW THIS was for the ministers and president, so to speak, ALL OTHER POSITIONS WERE DELIVERED BY BALLOTS OF CHANCE TO CITIZENS, WHICH DID TAKE SERIOUSLY THE LEARNING OF THE SYSTEM, so they could make the job. And laws were voted very often by referendum.

IN BIOLOGICAL ORGANISMS, cells are located after birth by ‘chance’ in positions of power, and ‘educated’ as neurons, the equivalent to ‘humans’ choosing the career of systems sciences, which OBVIOUSLY would bring to University THE HIGHEST MINDS BY IQ AND ETHICS – both were tested in Achademia and Gymnasium – THE TOP notes. This would be the neurons, but WHEN neurons get cuckoo, and harm the body, they get a firewall of pain, from even the most lowly homeless, skin cell of the foot. Just try to LEAVE the poor without welfare because some lethal virus producer of weapons takes billions of pork – alas, the poor foot will send you an acute burning pain message – the equivalent of the vote-after-tenure, and Miss Clinton and Mr. Trump the pup-pet and the trump-et, down the gutter you go. On that view of course, MR. CLINTON already good be exile on Antartica and mr. Trump, a despicable ‘meteco’, (trader and thief on the old Athens without right to vote) would have never be a candidate. It was understood that go(l)d and the wor(l)d were two lords with different values  and you could not serve both.

THIS IS a real democracy. What we have, as explained in many places are ’employees of the financial and industrial corporations that issue go(l)d in monopoly’ and buy laws to the $elected politicos. Yet still we do have two parties, the party of war =weapons and the party of machines=trade, as we need to fine tune the politicos to the two type of corporations. So basically each cycle of 8 years we have a guy that brings a splendid little war for profits of the GOP and the one that increases the wealth of machines, of the GDP (Great Democratic Party, LOL). Gop->splendid war->Gdp->splendid growth of machines, AND WHAT ABOUT HUMAN WELFARE? Those are the outcast, Mr. SANDERS in this election, Mr. Nader in the previous ones, WHICH CORPORATIONS love to hate and never will do.

HOW WE SPOT them, the only real democrats? Because of its records defending people from the ab=uses of corporations. Alas, Mr. Nader saved hundreds of thousands of lives, proving that without belt  Detroit was killing people and obliging them to take all kind of safety measures. Mr. Sanders was going to give back to the people the right of issuing money. Gone they are. The system is absolutely crooked and only one ‘Occupy wall street, ‘really” might changed it. A one million men march occupying capitol and wall street, La bastille and the palace, that is. NONE else will do as the perfection of corruption is absolute.

And now we can go to the circus. Because our ‘democracy’ is only a circus for ‘all the lonely people’ to switch for a while from the circus of meaningless sports (who use of the less intelligent part of the human organism, his energetic limbs), and audiovisual meaningless telefilms, songs (the debasing of human art and literature) to the pan et circensis of a bunch of ‘sellers of laws’, which have first to entertain the audience with promises they will never delivered, after having worked out with those corporations, and ‘donors’, which laws they will provide to them.

updates- 1 november, a week to go – timing is all.

Alas we have said it: TRUMP IS THE FAVOURITE OF THE ECONOMIC ECOSYSTEM MAKING FORTUNES SELLING WEAPONS AND HATE MEDIA, so those good guys or just corrupted left lesser evil guys, who want to stop him, SHOULD have been doing timing properly. ATTENTION span of the neopaleolithic man DOES NOT LAST longer than a week. ALAS the sexual scandal of pussy-touch explained below, SHOULD HAVE BEEN TIMED FOR THIS WEEK. IT SHOULD HAVE COME EXACTLY THE DAY OF HALLOWEEN, FUC*ING IDIOTS. This is what always surprises me of humans, how badly they understand the timing cycles of the Universe and all its species, my forte as the discoverer of the formalism of cyclical time, which will r=evolve XXI c science likely robotic science, if we keep business as usual. To the point, the less bad GUYS DID THE PERFECT TIMING, bringing a week latter closer to elections the stupid scandal of emails. Both ARE GARBAGE for consumption of the degraded American mind – the puritans, repressed ones that hate the reason d’être of all living beings, sexual reproduction (SO THEY can re=produce more machines), and the sissy ones that are criminal paranoids who hate mankind, the 90% of the 3rd world and always fear ultra-safe buttressed America, with 1/2 of world investment in weapons is ‘unsafe’ because some kid with kalashnikov maroons on Syria.

So Trump is back into favourite land, my friend. TIMING IS ALL. 3 days ago Comey came with its comic mantra, and now IF I WERE Mr. BEZOS, the guy of the Washington post, among HALLOWEEN TERROR, CLOWNS getting berserk on instagram, I would be downloading the BIGGEST LAUGH-YOUR-A$$ PAID PER VIEW CAMPAIGN, on Howard Stern’s tapes of Mr. Pussy-touch, lecherous old man, calling his wife a Piece of A$$, WHICH is what she indeed is – not to called her a Hore sold to the boss. And the ridicule going all the week long would have made Americans feel so pathetic electing the trumpet with his cacophonous sounds that the lesser evil would have been $elected, which is what American presidents are.

And the style had to be NOT only females doing their usual money-making victimism BUT LAUGH, LAUGH at the Guy. JOKING, NOTHING DESTROYS MORE the power people that showing how ridicule they are.

The Higher view: equations of bio-history within the model of systems sciences.

As always in this web on the future of history and economics we write the future before it happens. We have been doing so for 20 years and it has always happened. The reason of course is NOT that we are gurus, but that ALL REAL SCIENCES FOLLOW THE PREDICTIVE LAWS OF THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD:


OR else a science is not a science. So we know astronomy evolved into a science from astrology when it predicted the future cycles of the orbits of planets. And we know medicine evolved into a science with germ theory that could predict the ‘reproductive radaitions’ of viruses that killed people. So we know history and economics became a science with the predictive models of Overproduction and war of the historic, socialist, organic and evolutionary schools (Marx, Kondratieff,  Sombart, Spengler, Schumpeter), which we have refined and upgraded with our discoveries on general systems sciences and cyclical time theory.

IT IS FOR THAT REASON, that all our work for 20 years in social sciences have been predicting future cycles to prove the scientific nature of a biological systemic model of social sciences. And the overwhelming number of ‘prophecies that have happened’ show we are probably right on that assertion. While of course, as The Economist jokingly proved, Classic economics is not a science, as it never predicts the future cycles of the economy and indeed, in the last test of such future indicators that The Economist ran, among taxi drivers, trash collectors, financial ministers and university scholars…  taxi drivers and trash collectors came on top of financial ministers and scholars. This is the prize to pay for creating an ideology of power (financial economists) and then try to run the world with it as if it were a science…

On the other hand, the previous texts and graphs taken mostly from ‘Biohistory-Bioeconomics’ bookmasters, Ohio, c.94, show both the successes and limits in the determination of the ‘sixth’ dimension of systems, its probabilities of future. While the general mass-structure of the future can be guessed, the details would require a far more complex computer model of probabilities than the basic equations of lanwaves used in this web. 

 Neofascism in America, the 2 ages of the Tea party. Historic parallelism.

‘The tragedies of history repeat themselves because people never learn from the past’ Marcel proust.

Neofascism in America will start as in Germany paid by corporations, but as its politicos take power, as in Germany they will go their own way; which way is that will be discussed in this article rescued from previous work.

But there are differences.

In that regard, because America is owned by corporations, owned in its ‘voting majority’ by Jewish people (financial corporations, Media, and most CFOs of the 500 fortune), which overwhelmingly consider the interests of Israel, their true nation, higher than those of America, their ‘colony’, neofascism today has 2 nations involved; and yet astoundingly enough in America, where the composition of the Weimar Republic of Mr. Obama in terms of power is the same that the German Weimar, every player moved by their ‘seemingly’ untouchable, unchanged memes are doing the same step dances the Germans bankers, industrialist and people did then, with a difference. Americans are individualist people that will not easily organize  into a Germanic unified front.

One therefore tends to consider the alternative path of those cycles of history. As unemployment and poverty rises after the next ‘crash’ of 2016 (currency crash), the rise of the Tea Party to power in the 2016-2020 will see a parallel rise of military neo-fascism in washington with the aim of making the splendid little wars an age of global war perhaps against China, or further down the road of Islamophobia and the inverse effect of dissolution of the federal government in its control of states and within states the social and human structures of education, health-care and life sustaining goods. It will be a process that can end in an age of civil wars, private compounds and robotic security as the next decade unfolds in full the ‘new 1940s’…

In that regard, as in Germany the first stage of neo-fascism will be financially controlled by the Jewish elite which paid hand in hand with its then still allied german industrial-military complex, the rise of Nazi to quench socialist unrest. But the key moment of the ‘crash of the dollar’ parallel to the crash of the Deutsche mark will change the tide of history.

First phase.

The first stage of those paths of the future is being played now and it is rather obvious: Today a massive control of the media and political system by Corporations, includes also the presidency, which is merely an upgraded corrupted ‘inner city major’, as those the Jewish Corporations backed in cities during the 80s and 90s, to obtain contracts from local politics for their real states deal and other games of power. So neofascism today is played giving higher ‘personal rights’ to Companies and their property – the robotic machines that are substituting workers and are ‘sacred property’ that cannot be damaged. While the rights of the Chicanos are reduced by considering them illegal. racism against blacks is nominally diminished by the ‘inner city major’ presidency, but economical dispossession grows. So neofascism will focus in America in Muslims – witness the outstanding campaign against the moderate, pro-American Muslim who wants to open the Cordoba Cultural center in NY – and against the biggest minority of poor people, Chicanos – witness the racist laws of Arizona.

In this first phase the Tea Party, the Future Nazi party of America, as it happened in Germany, when Hitler was paid by corporations to destroy the Communist and Socialist organizations of workers, during the 29 crisis, is paid by oil and media corporations (Murdoch ‘greene’ and the Koch brothers) to play the same role that Mr. Obama plays today: to advance the hate against Islam and the poor (mostly latinos, as an african-american is in power).

But the Tea party has a grass movement of white people from the South that will, as it happened with the Nazi party, rooted in the Bavarian south, change sides and bite the hand of his master, when the master abandons America for richer lands to the East and settles in the golden coast North of Sydney to play financial games in H.K. and Mumbai.

And this will happen after the crash of the dollar, as it happened in Germany after the crash of the deutsche mark that saw the ‘great migration’ to NY of Jewish capital, which ruined the Reich. Thus, when in the 2020s China overcomes America and corporate money crashes the dollar moving to the higher profit region of Asia, the eternal cycle of the Holocaust, in which the poor and mestizo Jews are massacred as scapegoats of the rich will be looming on the American ‘Front’.

Since the great corporations will move to Australia and Hong Kong, and so will the jewish moguls, leaving behind the Jewish poor.

It is then when the Tea party without billionaires to fuel its present hate against Muslims will change sides and its rhetoric will move to denounce the fact that 7 million Israelis have colonized through the control of the American political and economical system, America; as the colonial British dominated. This populist Tea Party with a leader we still ignore will be the neo-Hitler of the III cycle of fascism (we cannot predict the ‘individual cells” of an organic system but its generic cycles, so for example, we predicted in our first book, ‘Biohistory, c.94 that in 2000 a fascist, military leader would take over America and start a splendid little war, but we thought it would be Powell, and it turned out to be Bush).

He will state that the Israeli colonists are detracting through speculation and taxes the money of America and taking his troops to fight the Imperial wars of Israel, as the original Tea party affirmed that the British colonists were detracting with taxes and taking troops from America to fight the Imperial wars of great Britain. Yet the ‘Am Segullah’, the financial class of the Jewish people, the true guilty of the Holocaust cycle will be gone, and so the innocent Jews, the ones with a pap and dad shop, the ones who didn’t have enough money to run, will be the targets along other minorities…

At that point, an impoverished America will seek revenge against the Israeli colonists and civil wars will break. The Israeli colonists will have to move back to Israel or massacre the Americans. While Israel,  alone against the Islamic world with the best army of the world, entirely mechanized, made of terminators and predators… fully integrated in the ‘inhuman age’ of the singularity, will probably seek the Final solution and eliminate the Palestinians, while the Arab world or maybe America, depending on who wins the Civil wars there, will seek to eliminate Israel with Nuclear bombs.

It is in that sense interesting to observe the parallelisms between the two waves of fascism, that of Hitler and that of the Tea party, as they were depicted in my earlier books a decade ago, to notice the extreme parallelism of both processes. The Jargon of those books was somewhat closer to the biological jargon of the sciences of Complexity, which I use in my personal work but it is easy to understand:

The previous graphs two decades old ( c.94′ the extinction of history’) considered the parallelism between the rise of german fascism and american neofascism. Now with the rise of the Tea Party some details not known then – as evolutionary history can only foresee the great features of those cycles, become more clear. We do not have yet the leader’s name -a mere anecdote of history moved by systems and memetic cult(ure)s, and to which side he will lean. What we know is that the crescendo robotic wars needed by electronic industries to evolve further the profits of the FMI complex are now in line, the robotic drones are now being approved for the time of the American civil wars and so the ‘big tendencies’ do follow their due course under ‘the usual suspects’.

Of course all this could have been avoided if Israel and orthodox judaism had evolved as its true prophets, from Moses to Jesus to Marx, have told them, into eusocial love, and guided with their money and special qualities for information the human kind into a sustainable world.

Or if the other side of the coin of this culture the go(l)d priests of capitalism, its bankers had allowed the economic ecosystem to evolve into a science to the service of mankind. But the essential characteristic of this culture: ‘do not see the beam in our eye only the girdle in the eye of mankind’ has resulted in the ‘scientific fact’ that the destruction of life and the slavery of man to corporations and the investment of all our resources in the evolution of machines not of man is a ‘science of economics’ not a defect of greed. So at this point it is simply impossible to start a dialog within the Jewish class structure or even separate the ‘banker-priests’ that form its elite from the sheeple which will die in the Holocaust due to the abuses of the banker priests over the American people – the cause – and the murderous behavior of the warrior Animetal cultures – the perpetrators.

And yet the wave of neo-fascism must be stopped not only to prevent the Holocaust of the Jewish Sheeple and the Holocaust of the Palestinians but to prevent the Holocaust of Mankind which always precedes that final ‘zenith’ of human madness. And that only can be done from outside both, the ’causes’ (the banker-priests) and the ‘perpetrators’ (the military cultures). Plainly speaking, the only hope for mankind will NOT come from Judaism or from the right wing and militaristic Islamic Yihads and German-American Tea Party fascists, but from people like Obama IF THEY WERE NOT ‘house negros’ but ‘owners of the white house. It is the corrupted left and the left-wing Jewish Intelligenzia, the people who could have saved America and reformed the cycles of history by nationalizing the financial industry, and eliminating the main cause of this crisis and its terrible consequences – neofascism, war, annihilation of the poor and holocaust.

This has not happened precisely because the Am Segullah and Militaristic castes are ‘hardcore’, efficient, arrogant, ignorant, deluded people who never learn from the cycles of the past, who never see their beams, who always accuse the innocent, who consider their actions righteous, their greed a science, who care ultimately nothing for the sheeple of America and Israel.  The enormous opportunity that this crisis had given to the politicians in power to nationalize, reform and redirect the financial industry towards the creation of a paradise for all humans on Earth seems lost. Those politicians were both corrupted by money and ignorant of the true goals of History after decades of ‘damned lies and statistics’, hearing only the trumpets that announce the progress of our technological idols.

The devolution of Religions

Unfortunately, at this stage of history it is obvious that Judaism has regressed to the traits that cause the cycle of the Holocaust – into a racist culture, based in a book of history, called the Talmud, which is the essence of racial bias. Indeed, while naive readers might think the Book of history of Israel is a Book about the creator of the Universe, it is really just a book of tribal history and an ego-trip of racial superiority, to the point that it has gone a notch farther than German Nazism – the Jewish in that book are NOT only depicted as the superior race but they are more than humans, ‘chosen of God’, the Mind of the Universe that seems to be attentive to ‘a mush over the surface of a lost rock’ (Schopenhauer definition of humanity).

Frankly the astounding thing about this goat-keeper peasant called Mesu, a warrior of the Pharaoh, who saw a burning bush, and thought it was God, because his fire hypnotized his eye, and his brother, who dissented and thought a statue of a cow made of gold, was god because its shiny color hypnotized his eye, is NOT that 2 bronze, primitive peasants believed that, but that billions of human beings today, buttressed with the last generation of weapons, still believe that retarded history – and will die and destroy the planet to protect this myth, instead of evolving into a scientific analysis of history as provided in this web and get on with their myths, paranoias, end the holocaust cycle and work together to save the Earth.

Does this means religions have no role in History? Of course, not. Religions have a fundamental function, which is to promote eusocial love, the understanding that we, all humans are equal, and form part of an eusocial superorganism, mankind; that through love, the sharing of energy and information among ALL human cells, we can build a better world, a planet in which we humans are the collective mind of Gaia, the Earth of Life we must cherish, building a world to the image of man, made to the likeness of the organic universe.

This final evolution of religions, which is embodied in Oikoumene religions, Buddhism, Bahai, Islam and Christianity, however has been corrupted throughout history by the use of weapons to convert others – inquisitions of war – and the use of Go(l)d, of money, to control others. And so Inquisitions of warriors and Go(l)d churches have corrupted the message of love of the most advanced religions. Yihadism is the military corruption of Islam and Orthodox Judaism, with his myths and feelings of superiority based in the concept that the Jewish people are the Am Segullah, ill translated as ‘Chosen people’, when in fact means Am=People Segullah=Treasure, that is people who have money, people of the treasure, the Go(l)d people, is the essential Go(l)d religion. Today the world is owned by the people of this Go(l)d religion, which have accumulated money as an offer to their temples since the age of Aaron and the Golden Calf. This corruption of a religion that has not evolved to embrace all humans (or rather it evolved through Christianity), now facing another religion, corrupted by weapons (Jihadism, which is only a  sect but NOT all Islam) should be stopped. But it can’t because go(l)d pays information or rather misinformation and weapons are big business. So what could have been a goal for all mankind – the creation of a superorganism of history, in which man ruled supreme, through the eusocial evolution of religions – will become the reason of our extinction: the creation of weapons of mass-destruction of the singularity age to continue the hate-speeches and robotic wars of the age of neofascism.

Indeed, it was all told to us by the parables of the first book of true eusocial love religions, the Genesis, which explained how men worshiped the tree of life and were a single nation, and then they ate of the bad fruits of the tree of science (weapons) and Cain killed Abel and his son Tubal became the master of Iron and war, and people divided into tribes with different languages and killed each other, and Lot could not find a single just man to save the cities of warriors, Gomorrahs and the cities of traders, sodomas, and so at the end of times, which is now, in the Age of the singularity, the prophet =historian of the future of Genesis told us what will be our non-future. And many have told us the same, but the stupidwhite man, with his visual brain, hypnotized by Go(l)d, with his arrogance and indifference for the tree of life has never listened.

Neofascism and the singularity Age is probably the last cycle of history, the next Holocaust of the Human Kind, will be probably the last Holocaust… And yet, as much as we wished this not to happen, at present it seems unavoidable, because all the trends and behaviors of past cycles of war, neofascism and holocausts are happening. And of course, as in all those cycles, it is impossible to tell the truth about them. Indeed, on one side the Human Mass that will be killed by the machines of the singularity have no idea of the meaning, evolution and future organic nature of those machines, since corporations and scientists that make money with them will never allowed this kind of information about the negative side effects of robotics and computers, provided here, to be openly discussed by the ‘real powers’. On the other side, the millenarian castes of banker-priests and nationalistic warriors have achieved the unthinkable at the height of the 60s r=evolution: a return to the retarded myths and hate-speeches between nations and social classes that we thought we had left behind.

So today, we live in an absurd American world where ‘America’, which merely is the sum of all the racesand cultures of the Earth in a micro-region of the Earth, feels as an entity different from mankind. We live in an absurd world where the Jewish People, the lower castes of Judaism, which are the scapegoat for the misdeeds of its bankers and the racist doctrines of its rabbis, instead of evolving and embracing mankind as they were about to do in the 60s have embraced the inquisitions of their Bronze Age culture of racist rabbis and Go(l)d bankers, which is the cause of the Holocaust – not the perpetrators, which are the warrior, antisemite castes that dispute them their power over the human mass. So wars and holocausts follow their cycles again. Nothing has been learned from the past.

Now the reader must understand this writer doesn’t obviously want the extinction of mankind, neither the Holocaust of the Jewish people – given the fact that it is a mestizo ‘levy’, luis, which in a fascist state would be signaled out. My position in that sense is closer to that of Mr. Chomsky, a scholar with whom I have had a 20 years old conversation on this and other themes, in that I believe a reform of judaism could have saved the world, if the banker-priests of that culture had evolved their ‘capitalist myths’ and racial myths, their go(l)d beliefs and lead mankind into an evolved international society. This has not happened and so the Jewish question has returned, the economical crisis has happened and the fascist answer is in the making. And while today America is and will be pro-Israel as long as the economical power of the banker priests remains, the cycle shows that the ‘Am Segullah’ care nothing for their lower castes, as the aristocratic warriors of Spain or Germany never cared for their peasants and soldiers. And so they will abandon the country and only then, when the US is ruined and the owners of their corporations are no longer there, as it happened in Germany after they migrated to the US or in Russia after they migrated to Israel, ‘antisemitism’ will thrive and the cycle will happen.

The solution

So there is only a solution to the cycle at this stage, since the behavior of the financial castes of Wall Street will not change – the nationalization of the banking and financial industries.

Indeed, the cycles of poverty and economic crisis that brings the Holocaust could be avoided, by avoiding the causes – either by obliging the banker-priests to follow milder politics of enrichment or by nationalizing the banking industry, the preferred solution – given the fact that the ‘religion of capitalism’ cannot be argued.

Further on, only an organism of history in which the language of power of society, today money, belongs to the elected government is a real democracy and a world that can be reformed to make it sustainable. This must be clear for the beginning. This writer will never accept the ‘death’ of human beings, cells of the superorganism of history as a solution to any of the problems of mankind. Yet the financial industry is already ‘nationalized’ – that is belongs to the nation of the Am Segullah and so if we want to live in a democracy, such privilege must be returned to the ‘nations’ of the people. There is not a ‘free market’ in the financial world but a dynastic monopoly, which is hidden and defended even if it costs cyclically the death of the Jewish sheeple=energy class.

This was already explained by socialist writers like Marx: ‘the solution to the Jewish question will happen when they change their worldly profession’.

But people like me or Chomsky, Jesus or Marx, Ezequias or Moses, who warned their sheeple against the Nathans and Caifas, the Fulds and Goldman, the Herzls and Rothschild are not the cause of Holocausts neither the perpetrators. The prophets of the wor(l)d only warn of what will happen if eusocial love and the survival of the human species is again betrayed by selfish tribalism, Go(l)d myths, greed and murder, the true values of our ‘Animetal’ cultures.

In the two other posts on this theme, the post on the Holocaust cycle, we study the economical causes of the Holocaust and the myths that hide them in more detail.

Thus now that we have dealt with the realpolitiks of the future (maximal probability) we shall consider the minimal probability of humans changing their behavior, followign the laws of the Universe and designing a perfect world. To that aim we shall compare the past and the future, responding to this outrageous question:

‘Could if Hitler had been a humanist change the world for good and WUTHOUT killing 66 million people?!’ We shall see how indeed it could, and then apply the teachings of the model to the future self-similar question, to perhaps enlighten the future leaders of America of the Tea Party to make it a NON-FASCIST party and solve the world.
Because one thing is truth on those ages: AN EFFICIENT SYSTEM CAN ONLY BE HIERARCHICLA WITH A SINGLE HEAD ON TOP AND SO A MULE, A GOOD DICTATOR OF A BETTER SYSTEM THAN THE PRESENT GOLD DICTATORSHIP OF CORPORATIONS AND FINANCIERS IS NEEDED, BUT NOT A FASCIST – A HUMANIST LEADER, THE JOB WE THOUGHT MR. OBAMA COULD HAVE DONE. BUT failed for lack of ethics, intelligence and bravery. ‘Dont serve ever a man who has been a servant’ we say in spanish. Indeed, the African-American still needs a lot of ethics, intelligent and bravery to know what true freedom is. It is turn for a true American hero to return.

PAST – SIMULATION – 1940, Hendaye…

The Meeting of Hendaye, or interview of Hendaye took place between Francisco Franco and Adolf Hitler (at the time, Caudillo of Spain and Führer of Germany respectively).

It occurred on October 23, 1940 in the local train station of Hendaye, near the Spanish-French border, attended by the Foreign Affairs ministers, Ramón Serrano Súñer of Spain and Joachim von Ribbentrop of Nazi Germany.

The meeting marked the acceptance of Spain to join the Axis powers in their war against The British Colonial Empire, due to Hitler’s exposition of his plan to create the First Empire of Mankind, based in the Teachings of the German Scientific, Organic and Socialist Schools of History and Economics, the most advanced of its age, to be proclaimed next Christmas in the city of Lisbon.

Franco’s accepted the Presidency of the Hispano-American Republic, one of the 7 Cultures of the Empire, and dispatches were used to the 5 other ‘natural’ presidents of the World: Mr. Hitler with carefully chosen words, asked their presence, as the Kingdom of Mankind will be ruled by democratic laws and it was needed therefore a quorum of 4 votes to choose the First Emperor for the 10 years period with possibility of 2 re-elections or ‘condemns’, that will transform the planet Earth in a World made to the Image and likeness of Man.

Mr. Roosevelt of the Anglo-American Republic, Mr. Hitler of the European Republic, and its vice-president Mr. Stalin, Mr. Mao, of the Asian Republic, Mr. Gandhi of the Indonesian Republic and the Presidents of the Muslim Brothers and South-African National Party, formed the executive government. The ‘Human Constitution’ was published and the first meeting was hold to prepare the plans for the next phase of the war, the conquest of Portugal, where the Empire will be Proclaimed, giving time to the rest of Presidents to arrive to the meeting or send a representative or decline the invitation.

Within a week Lisbon felt to the offensive of the Pantzers and hardened Spanish Soldiers which after 3 years of war had no difficulty breaking the defenses of the city. At the same time, Mr. Rommel, a distinguished commander in the French offensive successfully captured Gibraltar, closing the straits and establishing a base for the U-boat war, allowing the displacement of 2/3rds of the German Army to Africa by the time the Empire of Mankind was proclaimed.

it was of course to be expected a political fiasco, as nobody believed the quorum of 4 presidents would attend the quixotic dreams of world power of Mr. HItler but it was not. England had tried its best to prevent the attendance of Mr. gandhi jailed, the Muslim Brotherhood president, jailed, the President of the South-African National party, also jailed, and easily convinced Mr. Roosevelt not to attend. And yet the quorum was reached and the Empire of Mankind in which we happily live at the turn of the millenium, was founded. And the Land with no eviL came to be, as men planned.

As it happened in the previous preparatory ears, ignored by all groups of power except a reduced group of scholars, Mr. Stalin and Mr. Hitler, both socialist believers in their youth, and admirers of the biological schools of science, of Darwin, Lamarck and its historic application by Marx and Spengler, had created a commitee directed by Mr. Oswald Spengler, in charge of drawing the natural borders and physiological, economical and political laws for the foundation by the first ‘scholar’ generation of bio-historians, of an efficient global superorganism of mankind.

So, the proposed vice-president of Europe, Mr. Stalin and the President of Asia, Mr. Mao, travelling through Siberia, from his Northern hide arrived on time. The Muslim Brotherhood, a perfect cellular body, joined by Its Assabiyah to Allah, named a new president and finally Mr. Hitler, Mr. Nassar, Mr. Mao and Mr. Franco, elected for 4-0 votes Mr. Hitler, For the position of President of the Empire. Immediatly Mr. Stalin accessed the vacant place of President of Europe, reinstauring the quorum and an ultimatum with the authority given by the Human Constitution to the President of the world was issued to England for rendition and liberation of the jailed Presidents of the Republic of Africa, South of the Sahel and the Republic of Indonesia, which comprised at the time the Indian Empire, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Australian and New zealand islands.

As England did not respond, still laughing iin its newspapers the madness of the project, the war continued. At the time of the last humurous comment of Mr. Churchill however, Mr. Rommel was advanced fast to liberate Egypt and the first columns penetrated Timbuctu, on his way towards El Cabo where the capital of Africa will be founded.

it had not been a plan without shrewdness; now the German army backed by the majority of the nations of the world (Brazil and Argentina had just joined the Hispano-American Republic and the proposal of a capital in the Nicaraguan lake where a new pamanan channel at water level would be built, permited the dispatch of what would become the conquering army of America). roosevelt though could not imagine what was in storage and england dismissed the scheme as an impossible dream. it did not count though of the nenthusiasm that the opressed colonial Africans and Asians have already shown for the plan of a free world…

By the time Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, now without the alliance of the Germans, who were siding with China in his conflict, El cabo had fallen, Alexandria had been acclaimed as the capital of the new Islamic Caliphate and the surprise attack of the Russian army over New Delhi, down the path of kahbul had permitted also the liberation of Mr. Gandhi… so Only the Anglo-American president, the ‘rebel’ as it was called in the world press resisted the obvious victory of the Empire of Mankind, our true God, over the Empire of Go(l)d.

Now Mr. Roosevelt had to decide. To help him Germany had also declared war to Japan but so had done England. In the table he had two letters, one of Mr. Hitler asking him to accept its position at the summit of the Anglo-American continent – which certainly meant to conquer or dissuade Canada to join United States and declare war to Britain, or otherwise accept the invitation and declare war to the Empire of Mankind…

news though on the war were clearly negative for England and even for America. At Nicaragua, spies indicated many of the machines to build the new channel where the capital of Hispano-America would be proclaimed were tanks and an army was assemblied. It could conquer panama in a week and break communications between both coasts, then it could advance through the atlantic coast and certainly Mexico was not a country to trust, and a blietzkrieg through the prairies from texas to minessota, heavily populated by germanic sympathizers break the nation in two and end the war. And even if America resisted, what chances it had to reconquer asia and africa, let alone defend Britain from the packs of u-wolves? None, he knew the war would fail before starting – a pacific front, a mexican front an atlantic front, and what for? to fuel the profits of the bank of England ?

The phone ring. He was expecting it. Mr. Churchill could perhaps be on the line to pressure him further. But no, it was not Mr. Churchill, of course… He had already talked with him twice without giving him a Yes. So now he was expecting a call from the true master of the empire, the grand-son of the man who once had said ‘doesn’t mind whose puppet seats on the throne of the empire who never sees the sun set, as long as I issue his money, I am in control’, the owner of the bank.

At the other side of the Empire of Go(l)d, a Member of Parliament for the site of the city, an obscure position for a man who had so much power, being de facto the ‘invisible president of the world’, was seeing for the first time in 3000 years his position as supreme being, Chosen of the Chosen, tumble. Could it be possible? What would be of all of us, if the Empire of Mankind triumphed?  Their only hope was the sacrifice of America, 300 million workers producing weapons to defend them, this was their only hope, and fast, the old continent seemed lost but perhaps we could isolate America and the Islands, the sea was still theirs, even though the bright strategy of fighting only with u-tubes had decimated the fleet, radars now had made that strategy fail, but not for too long. The Russians were showing a surprising capacity to manufacture excellent weapons pouring out of the baltic and Ireland could soon fall to an invasion, then they would be surrounded, and starved to death, not him of course, soon to leave to New York. Yes, Roosevelt had to be convinced to fall on the side of free market democracies, after all he was one of them.

The phone rang twice, three, four… It kept ringing, it was never stopping, it was ringing and ringing, but mr. Roosevelt did not pick it up. He had made the choice, he was writing the letter. The phone kept ringing but Mr. Roosevelt took the proper gordian solution. He pulled out the cable. At least, silence… the inquisition was out of his mind. he felt releif and restarted the letter:

‘Dear Mr. Hitler, after earlier eskepticism i have come to the conclusion a Human Empire is perhaps the only solution to this war, despite our fraternal friendship with the British people. I agree with most elements of the Constitution of Mankind, specially with your reinstating of fiat money without debt, Your Feder currency, which here have the glorious tradition of the Greenback, though i regret the need for this war andhope to end it soon and return to an expanded global new deal based in butter not in guns, even if as Your Minister of War, put it – get us fat (well i believe Mr. Goring must like then more butter than canons, even if he takes it in secrecy, given is exhuberance :)

In our present moment of sorrow for the recent victims of the Japanese attack, I want to express my gratitude to the Human Empire for declaring war to Japan and to coordinate our military operations in the Eastern front, I am inclined to accept my position in the World Council in representation of the 70% of the population of Anglo-American Republic…

We will not however participate on any military operation against the British Islands whose Prime Minister, a personal friend of mine, I believe could be peacefully convinced to join the union, occupying the natural vicepresidency of our bicoastal culture. Yet even if he refuses and continues the war, I ask you kindly, once operations in Asia have concluded to reduce the bombing of London and merely use peaceful tactics of maritime blockade till rendition is understood.

Looking forward to meet the other members of the council, in the hope of a prompt peace to dedicate our resources to reconstruct a better world.
Yours Sincerely

Potus (-;

And so when Mr. Churchill was deposed, during the famine years of the blockade and labor took over nationalizing the Bank of England, and Japan left alone accepted an honorable peace, the war was over, with a 10% of the causalities a lesser strategy could have caused. And the empire proclaimed the Pax Humanista for a new reich of one thousand years. The goals were set for the creation of a perfect organism for the year 2000, in which all cells of the body of mankind would receive enough energy and true information to achieve happiness and freedom. To that aim the 7 republics, each one represented by a color of the rainbow, accepted a global single currency issued automatically as a ‘universal salary’ for all members.

And the Supreme Court of Biohistorians, in charge of upholding the human constitution and make it real, started to pass to the council the first sets of scientific laws to regulate history…

Now of course, ‘this tour de force’ means to illustrate several points of the science of history:

– That individuals do not matter but super-structures and ideologies do. So if instead of ‘Hitler’ and the “nazi party’, a war group to the service of the German military-industrial complex, Germany had been ruled by a people-caste of scientists of history (so for Stalin and its Russian dictatorship), a perfect world could be designed, EVEN IF IT IS NEEDED TO CREATE A HIERARCHICAL structure of military power to transition between our corrupted capitalist world and a sustainable planet.

– That nations must be eliminated and substituted by cultures, so war ceases to exist. In the previous ‘rainbow’ planet, the 7 natural cultures of mankind become its nations, each one headed by a ‘president’, whose first role would be to conquer all other nations of the culture, destroy its borders and armies. And finally, as one of the 7 permanent members of the executive government of mankind, ‘give up’ their armies, leaving only a police body in each cultural nation, without inner borders, as the 7 presidents ‘govern’ together and need no armies to defend from each other – all conflicts resolved by diplomatic means.

– That a democratic society will need a global currency, ISSUED AS A GLOBAL SALARY TO THE PEOPLE, not as STOCK-MONEY TO CORPORATIONS, since only a democratic demand based economy in which humans vote the goods to produce will create a world to the image and likeness of mankind. Thus the Human Empire establishes a GLOBAL salary of 1000 ‘rainbows’ (Today Yes money) for all its citizens to have enough information and energy as cells do.

– That ELECTIONS MUST BE A POSTERIORI. We cannot ELECT THE LAWS OF SOCIAL ORGANISMS, BUT SCIENTISTS OF HISTORY MUST CHOOSE THEM, and pass them to the executive, which should vote them and make them legal. WHAT DEMOCRACY MEANS IS TO ‘BE ABLE’ AS BODIES DO TO SEND MESSAGES OF PAIN TO THE MEMBERS OF THE bio-historic, legislative and presidential, executive, and local, administrative civil servants, after their MANDATE. SO WE JUDGE the performance of our civil servants. WE DO NOT ELECT THE LAWS OF EFFICIENT SOCIAL ORGANISMS, WHICH ARE SCIENTIFIC LAWS, BUT THE BEHAVIOR AND IMPLEMENTATION OF THOSE LAWS BY the people. This second vote of ‘punishment’ or reward to civil servants is more important than the placebo elections between two parties controlled by financial castes happening in the west.


80 years latter… in a fractal parallel earth in which Hendaye never happened… the Republic of America, during its last years of the Weimar republic had also reached a point of no return… a new leader had arrived to washington in a citizen march. 3 million people had gathered with hidden weapons and took by storm the city, the New Republic had been proclaimed and two possible futures would ensue in all the fractal planets in which history repeats itself…

In one the leader will be a fascist leader, in the other will be a humanist one, but tough as a plantation negro should be…

In the next graphs from the original 94 books on the future wars of Ameria vs. China, written with the peculiar ‘systemic, biological’ jargon of ‘lanwaves’ (masses, herds and waves of social, biological and physical ‘energy’ directed by ‘languages of information) in which I wrote at that time on those cycles we can see the future currency wars of America and China, and the 80 year cycle of global power that causes them since the times Venetia defeated Byzantium  and took the ‘ring of go(l)d in its hands’.

It is the cycle of modern industrial power, of 700-800 years, with 10 decametric smaller generational human cycles of 72-80 years, which now comes to an American end with the soon to be dismissed deficit dollar. At the time we considered this would open in 2008 the confrontation between US and China and future world war, as it happened in all previous cycles.

We havent translated or corrected the original jargon of ‘conceptual cubism’ and ‘bio-historic lanwaves and equations’ which during my student years at Columbia university allowed me to do the model. I find them now rather mystical. The waves are though mathematical waves similar to the general waves of ‘reproductive populations’ and ‘radiations’ of species, with parameters of energy (Y coordinates) and information-evolution (X-coordinates) used in similar models of evolution, reproduction adn extinction of physical and biological systems. Some translations though:

When we talk of a culture we express it in 3 horizons, its simple, military birth, its reproductive, expansive wave if it is succesful in its evolution of memes of metal and its final collapse in its 3rd age. Thus for example, the Roman empire had 3 ages, Rome, Byzantium and Iberia; the Jewish culture has 3 horizons, the talmudian (jewish proper), Biblical (anglican and calvinist, in which the Talmudian reproduced) and capitalist ages (digital age of extinction of the human component of the culture).  Those 3 phases of the Jewish-British-American culture are illustrated in the first graphs.

Then we concentrate on the American world proper and its tri-tensor of economical creation, as now in the capitalist age humans matter nothing, they are just pawns of the needs of evolution, reproduction and war of ‘machines’. And finally we deal with the future wars between China and America.


nt. In the previous text, COws and COps meant Companies of War and companies of peace, which alternate in power through those cycles of overproduction.

In the next illustration, in which I confess my ‘artistic’ side overwhelmed the analytical one (so we draw Asia as a Confucian head :), we mapped out those future ‘yakutian’ robotic warsbetween ‘the old master’ and the new economical power..

They will be driven by corporations that switch to war.

The vs, vs=t and vt, categories are ‘speeds of energy, Vs, information, Vt, and reproduction, Vst’, the 3 dimensional vectors that evolve and decouple in all systems forming ‘physiological triads’ that maximize the efficiency of the superorganism.

They refer to the leading triads of the industries of weapons, money, machines and informations that direct the American economy and all its ‘lanwaves’ of human sheeple. Of course, they have errors, Microsoft has been substituted by Google as it failed to realize the potentiality of the web; Lockheed will leave way to General Atomics as it failed to realize the potentiality of drones and probably Boeing will leave way to I-robot as the maker of land robots to compliment General Atomics drones; Intel probably will crash or buy ARM as it failed to understand the process of ‘miniaturization’ not only of chips but tis platforms and needless to say IBM failed and left way to Apple and samsung as the providers of hardware.

We can see in any case that the ternary structure of the Universe in all systems ‘selects’ always 3 top corporations for each subsystem, one specialized in energy, one in information and one in reproduction, the 3 vectors of all organisms. for example in evilwood, Fox is specialized in energy, in hate-speeches and war; Walt Disney in misinformation, in fantasies of virtual reality that create the neoteny children of modern age, and warner mixes them, creating the infotainment ‘pretentiously’ serious ‘real news’.

In the complex equations of history that the formal model never used in this book – as it would be so strange to you and incomprehensible as the equations of an Asimovian Biohistorian would do – those 3 subvectors and its cross-polinizations are the deterministic ‘casual’ origin of most future actions of the world, as they represent the ‘will’ of existence and evolution of each system. All SYSTEMS WILL TRY TO INCREASE ITS BODY ENERGY, MIND INFORMATION AND REPRODUCTION  AND SO DO CORPORATIONS IN EACH OF THE FUTURE SUB-SYSTEMS OF AN AUTOMATED METAL-EARTH. NOW as the cycle of COWS and COPs moves to foster the evolution of corporations of war, this maximization of the ‘universal mandate of ‘growth and multiplication’ (genesis) applied to machines means the entire system of corporations demands an age of splendid robotic wars to keep profits going for those industries. AND THAT WILL BE MAXIMIZED WITH A CIVIL WAR IN AMERICA OR A GLOBAL WAR AGAINST CHINA (preferred corporate solution that might be aborted by the millions of Americans dispossessed if they ‘march to Washington’ with concealed arms and overthrow the regime:


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