Truman Show

Abstract. The FMasters.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise’ Voltaire, enlightened master of the humanist Euroamerican ‘true’ culture, today puppet of the Truman Show

In the graph, some of the artistic parables of a world ruled by the Financial-Media system of informative machines that print money to control our work time and audiovisual big brother fictions and somas to deactivate any reaction of the mass. In such a world people are increasingly moved in the last visual generation of mankind, (¥ and Z generations) to believe more in the ideologies and alt-facts of the visual media than in reality. Thus they are fed on the cultural point of view the now globalised jewish culture of the owners of American Financial-Media systems, which are imitated in its dual carrot and stick marketing of hate memes and political correctness, by each nation. In this manner a human simultaneous collective hypnotic indoctrination make all humans believe in alt-virtual truth, which has 3 elements, a real hate-media that fuel the eternal age of splendid little wars and enthrones capitalism and its leading FMasters as the superior people; and a political correct placebo game of supposed essential problems and crimes that maintain the people deviated of the more important questions, which can only be ‘shown’ as fictions (the existential problem, the machine problem, the cycles of history, etc.). Ultimately this 3rd element, fiction, is what truly converts mankind into a non-thinking entity living a virtual ‘Truman show’, 24/7 of infotainment with null importance to reality, the only theme taboo in the Truman ‘island-universe’ masterminded by the FMasters from the highest informative satellite world. As algorithms of Information control in abstract the whole of humanity from codes travelling through the satellites of the planet, the increasingly sophisticated world of hate memes, soma fictions and politically correct pillars of the ‘human sheeple’ program the process is transferred as the economic laws of creationist economics are, from a human go(l)d culture to the culture of corporations, aka company-mothers of machines, which become the abstract brains of the new brave world.

Abstract. We live in a virtual world of fictions provided by mass-media networks of ‘metal-communicators’, which make us feel happy and correct, while behind this make-up the world of mankind becomes degraded and obsolete to the new brave world of AI machines. The problem of a virtual make-up worlds is that they can only disguise the sickness of a superorganism for a while. At the end ‘reality’ EXISTS and explodes the rotten corpse. In the case of history, a corrupted society explodes in an age of wars and holocausts, which suddenly ends the fantasy that ‘cheating reality with alt-truths and false information’, do trans-forms the world. Fiction only aggravates a problem, creating a mad-mind, unable to confront and solve the real problems of our society. Today we cannot even explain and discuss in the open those real issues that will define our future. Since for a madman only their absurd paranoias, myths and fictions matter. But who is the neuronal people-caste on top of the eco(nomic)system, which is creating this mad fiction, covering up for their control of the financial-media system that owns the world and it is NOT confronting the real problems of mankind, just caring about their ‘mad thoughts and paranoias’? Those we cannot criticise. This article unlike most of the web dedicated to ‘cultural memes’ and ‘the evolution of history and machines’ – the larger view of systems sciences and how they evolve super organisms, will be more grounded in the individuals in charge of building up the fantasy of reality that is paralysing mankind…

The virtual world. Literary and film parables.

In the ¥-generation, of why, visual people (‘vidi, credo ergo sum’) likely the best audiovisual parables of the modern mind, along Matrix I, is the Truman Show comparable to the masterpieces of the previous European cycle, when humans still undertood wor(l)ds (Kafka’s ‘the castle’ and ‘the process’, Wells, ‘time machine’, Orwell’s ‘animal farm’, ‘1984’ and Huxley ‘new brave world).

In Kafka’s ‘the castle’, the ruler of the city, the ‘capitalist’ is hidden as it acts as distance with money and corrupted laws controlling the population from its invisible ‘higher point of maximal information’. As societies evolved from an earlier verbal age, indeed, the highest point moved from churches to financial towers.

But in the final stages of the ¥-generation, the Financial-Media masters double its high towers with tv-antennas and internet satellites, which manufacture the brain of the people, through ‘interposed’ celebrity-Gods, which interpret the idol-ogies behind capitalism in front of a worshipping audience, pre-programmed by the simultaneity of metal-communicators.

We could say all has changed to remain the same:

In the ancient regime, the military-industrial ‘complex’ was ruled by an aristocratic elite with the absolute right to issue and use weapons in monopoly. In the modern age, of Financial-Media control of societies with informative machines that print money and manufacture brains in monopoly

So our heroes and role models that maintain a dispossessed mass addict to the idol-ogies of metal power have changed, from nation, army, aristocracy, king and money coins with the face of the king, to an army of celebrities, obeying the Financial-Media Master, the king of them all. In Truman show we have those 3 ‘scales’ of society: the SHEEPLE, who admires the celebrity, Truman, who hypnotises the audience of Matrix.

But the true protagonist is the FMaster, Christo, or rather Aaron, on top of the high satellite, from where all information is managed, invisible to both the audience and the aristocratic celebrity, for whom apparently all the people on the set work.

We can compare the world we live with 2 artistic parables (in as much as good art is still the subconscious collective of humanity, parable of society):  Time machine, in which a world of happy ‘californios’, visual mindless ¥-generation people try to be happy and think not on the Morlocks, which behind the scenes parasite and feed on them, but whose mere mention is an absolute taboo the time traveller cannot break, as the ‘sheeple’ offers his life happily to their masters… And Matrix, where humans are milked of their vital force with a ‘tax-farming device’, while maintained into a fiction of selfie superegos, while in reality are a mere program of ‘distraction’ (Matrix III), while a legion of A.I. (Mr. Smiths) continues the annihilation of the life world.

In the graph, the parables of Matrix and Time machine, sold in futuristic metracolor, void of all the ‘hidden meanings’ of a society of visual ‘californios’, with verbal taboos of political and economical correctness, willing to enjoy a ‘data-like’ life as long as they are not awakened till the Morlocks dispose of them; converted into ‘Datas’ and ‘Agent Smiths’, ‘actors of the Truman set’ and ‘celebrity posers’, in the modern parables; all of them covering up for the FMasters and the capitalist pyramid with its cancerous process of destruction of the Life world. In that sense, all will look good as long as the virtual world seems to be ‘correct’, never mind reality below it is more and more looking like the corpse of a human kind, with all its cells attached to the ‘matrix-web’.

Then one day the cancerous leukaemia will collapse the body, and the ‘viruses’, the legios of terminator machines, will as always in a death process, come out of the virtual world, as the Morlocks of a much closer future than the 800.000 years of time machine – just the final moment of the 800-80-8 vortex of evolution of memes of metal


So we shall comment on some of the actions of our FMasters of Mass-media, which do ‘whatever they want’ to mankind mentally and physically with no responsibility.

While providing for their ‘prisoners’ of mind, their ‘Trumans’ an apparently perfect world that hides as in H.G. Wells ‘Time Machine’, under the surface of a virtual, perfect world of ‘manufactured’ brains and beautiful bodies without minds, a Financial-Media Capitalist/Hollywood system ‘owned’ by the Morlocks, banksters and celebrity circuses, which parasite and feed on the ‘sheeple’ which cannot defend itself.

The Truman 24/7 Show

This is in modern parables the meaning of the Truman Show. We are all actors for Truman, imitating the motions of the celebrities we love, which are ‘itselves’ ‘owned’ by the FMasters who own evilwood and manufacture the fictions of the world.

As such we are all trying to be pretentiously perfect, perfectly politically correct, economically capitalistically correct, and placebo correct – demonstrating in entropic neo-paleolithic motions which mean nothing to the cause (don’t confuse action with motion), eating organic food, which of course breathes the same pollute air, recycling painstakingly our trash in little different boxes, to ‘save money’ to the tax-evader polluting corporations that should pay for the recycle of that trash, instead of making us having all those putrid organic little boxes at home; and of course, we do change even our hours, to ‘save energy’ for their factories (and loose light-time in the afternoon when we have free time to ‘consume=vitalize’ our little machines at home.

We must feel perfect, be perfect, love perfection and have egotrips of human entitlement and superiority, TO KEEP DESTROYING THE WORLD without responsibility, like selfish children would do. So there we have it, Political and Economical correctness is sacred. You MUST not come out of MATRIX. You must not know about mankind its varieties, diversities and knowledge of the complex Universe. YOU MUST appear and shout equality and love, while under the surface you must work as a morlock for capitalist corporations THAT SYSTEMATICALLY DENY equality, DENY human rights, DENY medicines to Africa, jobs to humanity, education and welfare, inventing money for their machines, despising man and substituting it for white collar pcs and blue collar robots. You must live in fiction, never see documentaries, occupy your body, never your mind, love yourself, never your species.

The ultimate alibi of destruction becomes then a virtual happy reality that makes you think there is no destruction at all, make you think that those who kill and parasite mankind are its victims, that the billonaires that print money for themselves and choke credit to all of us, ‘earn it’, that the TV-opium of the people that hypnotizes your eyes and deactivates your brain is ‘good infotainment’ worth to see it.

And then there is Truman, the hero, the perfectly engineered, ‘owned’ by corporations worker of companies, the untouchable, the man with all the perks, the slave of corporations of machines, the one who still has a job, a salary as long as machines do not do their job and he doesnt even realize of the nature of the game. He, the morlock well fed.

And then there is ‘Christo’, the man even beyond, the one who set up the show, the ‘stock-rat’, the owner of corporations, the royalty of the world, the bankster-priest of Israel, the Brahmin, the Rabbi, the corrupted politico, the ‘creator’ of the memes that will destroy us all.

Those are the players, and in this section of social news we shall talk of Truman and Christo, we shall deal with social news and its political correctness, bent to highlight the ‘sins’ of the ‘enemy’ cultures of the FMasters, while converting the chosen in the righteous, victim culture of all other Humans.

Let us then as a sample of our daily news-peaks… consider a few social news of aspects of this duality of political and economical correctness – the mass media and legal definitions of who are guilty of the Financial ruin and whose religions are ‘bad and good’ in our Truman Show.

March –  Banksters are Ok… If they rob ‘animal goys’ and belong to the people-caste.

And rob them, they do since the times of the carpet baggers. Just in the last 2 decades, there was first the internet scam, then the cdo scam, then the ‘rescue’ of the cdos scam, which instead of sending the ‘perpetrators’ to jail, ask the american believer for more of it; and he handled them another 1.6 trillion $ in taxes; plus the blood of their sons to the war on terror scam, plus the future till the 7 generation to the evolution of terminators, plus their freedom to the AI electronic big brother algorithms. What else can they give to the Masters. Wonder those biblical believers are call animals by their masters? ‘Religion is the art of animal training, as it trains humans not to think’ Schopenhauer, that notorious anti$emite. ‘People must remain ignorant so they stay obedient’, Calvin, that notorious pro$emite.

Orwell knew better, when he put the biblical lot singing together ‘four legs, four legs’, and converted them into horses, which laboured to exhaustion and then thought when they were sold to the slaughterhouse for leather, they were sent to the paradise. Biblical Americans indeed think that Yhwh – the toponym for Judea in ancient egyptian maps, as then god was synonymous of nation, so Assur was the warrior god, nation, king, capital and people of the Assyrian and Baal>Yhwh, the go(l)d, nation and people of Judea – will rapture them after death, perhaps in the a$$? It is indeed the only country where people love to be raped once and again by ‘those who walk behind the asses’, the original meaning of the apiru>jabiru, a people-caste of ass herders, trading with weapons and slaves in the ancient semite kingdoms of mesopotamia, robbing and enslaving peasants to bring gold shekels to the temple… All has changed to remain the same

Serving time. The 2 trillion and counting theft of crapcode and e-money derivatives in the internet era has found only 2 people worth to serve jail sentences. One is Ponzi scammer that robbed mostly the Jewish wealthy and the other one a Hindi guilty of ‘insider trade’, which is the basic form of inventing money in wall street, where 90% of people in power positions belong to the FMasters 0.2% culture – and ALL, i have been there, practice inside trade at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It was of course hard to find among the silum of straw a Hindi needle, which was duly fed with inside information to nail the needle, which became the perfect scapegoat, along Mr. Ponzi, who rob the only people you cannot rob – the ones who commit systemic theft.

As theft is, how e-money is invented: you float a company, which is worth nothing, speculate upwards its price while the Financial Media tells you is worth billions and then unload the ‘scam’ to normal people in the form of a ‘future profit investment’, as it was done in the past with worthless tulip and future gold mines in colonial lands. So when the normal people have gotten in at maximal price, all the scammers  leave the boat sink ‘all together now’ and the crapcode company in the hands of naive people loose all value ruining them.

Alas, we found ‘magic’ a perfect scapegoat, a coloured hindi, on top of a speculative fund called for good measure ‘galleon’, the spanish boat that carried the gold of America and was systematically plundered and sunk by UK pirates after the spaniards did their part of the scam, extracting the gold from American mines, with the help of enslaved MITA indians. In this fairy tale of FMasters the spanish conquistador is the Hindi fool, who scammed the commoner American-Indian of the modern age of its hard won salaries invested in internet companies. The fool though will be itself scammed and sent to jail by the top pirate, the FMaster who of course is the righteous expert who should have it all as the supreme chosen animetal race:


You live in a permanent Truman Show, where the FMasters control completely the information of the world through its emission of crapcode, sorry e-money billions , and the manufacturing of human brains, without credit but awash with all kind of fictions to maintain them cheaply and happily hypnotised by evilwood soma.

This dual game of  ‘real anoxia and virtual happiness ‘ is the trademark of any cancerous viral sickness in a supœrganism, as the cancerous cell enters the blood system, absorbs all the oxygen-code-money of the system and deactivates the reaction of the parasitised cells with a liberal amount of pleasure hormones to keep the cells dormant.

Conclusion: absolute power corrupts absolutely, but the sheeple loves the wolf.

When an animetal cult(ure) reaches absolute power in a monolithic society with a single language of social control, it soon degenerates ab=using all sectors of mankind with total impunity. This happens in history when the military controls societies and weapons become the only language of social power at the height of the war cycles.

It also happens when money becomes the only language of power and a culture monopolizes its issue and controls with it the rest of society.

The first case gives birth to the kind of societies we understand as supreme evil, the Nazi culture – the paroxism of the germ(anic) cult to weapons – being the best known them.

But the second case has nothing to envy to the brutality of a society ruled by weapons, only that it is easier to disguise as a dictatorship because money is a language of information and so informative money controls easily the media system providing alibis to all wrong-doings with money. Unlike weapons, an energetic language of power, which always is too evident and brutish in its handling of information, hence easier to understand in human informative terms as an evil=anti-live culture, money erases the verbal brain of people, corrupting completely the ethic wor(l)d and reducing all ‘serious’ attempt to edify a human future with a kind of childish irresponsibility that makes all crimes possible, as truth becomes taboo and ethics ‘boring’.

So in go(l)d cult(ure)s crime are dimmed ‘peccadilloes’ when the elite that manufactures information (money or audiovisual media) commits those crimes. We shall consider in this section that peculiar manner in which absolute crimes become peccadilloes and then anecdotes forgotten, when the elite that controls money – in our western world, the jewish elite – commit them. Crimes than any other group of people commit are execrable – genocides, racism, pederastia, etc. But if the criminal is a member of the elite people-caste in power, the Financial-media system will erase those crimes.

So when Israel, an apartheid society with many laws similar to those of Nazi Germany commits is crimes against Palestinians, media explains us that this is right because they are not crimes but self-defense.

And when a Jew commits a crime, lawyers and mass-media will systematically downplay it as a peccadillo. So we prosecute petty criminals and throw them to jail but not a single white collar criminal has gone to jail either in The City or Wall Street, the ‘government’ centers of the Jewish Global Western empire, except Mr. Maddoff (some might say because he robbed jewish charities) and 2 Hindis from Galleon Fund… yes indeed, amazing as it seems, given the fact that around 90% of the people working in  positions of power in Wall Street are Jewish, the FBI managed to find 2 non-jewish guilty from some unknown Indian Republic and threw them to kail to prove that ‘crime pays’ among banksters. LOL…

But this section will not deal so much with such crimes but another type of crimes, those committed by icons of society from the media systems of infotainment – electronic crimes of mental and social degradation.

 Thus, this ‘lighter section’ is dedicated to the unbearable lightness of being human in a World ruled by the Jew cult(ure) of Go(l)d, under the yoke of its financial-media system, whose goals are quite clear:

– The Media system is dedicated to degrade the mind of man with fictions and newspeaks so we do not know what are the issues that matter. And we do not know of course ‘that an invisible man rules the world’ (HG wells parable). So for that reason you need to live in Matrix and work for our collective extinction with a happy big smiley frame of mind. And that is what infotainment provides.

– And the Financial media is dedicated to the ‘issue’ that matter, to issue money only for the Jewish elite of banksters, its corporations and ‘converted’ upper castes of each nation in which they rule supreme.

It is then the task of the Media symbiotic system to make huge statements and ethic admonitions to the usual suspects – all but themselves.

And of course, for the sake of Go(l)d, this righteous final judgements  will be done under their imperative, deformed VSO languages of abrahamic cultures, whose sentences start on the imperative and must be obeyed – since the banker priest does talk with monetary values that enslave people to greed and cannot be discussed.

Go(l)d values have embedded segregational, racist mandates of hate to mankind, the enslaved ‘capital’, which the elite of banker-priests must rule – today the CEOs of financial corporations and the classic economists, which have evolved the world view of fetish go(l)d religions from Judaism to Capitalism .

So the opium of religion is now substituted by the opium of mass-media: You live in a Matrix of fictions that hide who rules the world… as they are both invisible and never guilty, but choose whom to blame of all the illness they provoke, to install the essence of a well-behaved sheeple: ‘capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people will do the wickedest of all things for the common good’ (Keynes). This is the essence of the Truman show, and there will always be people, easy to hire to play the role of Truman, even if at the end they will end like mr. Raj.

February 1.  Of course there is only a god=religion of the righteous.

Every catholic priest is by definition a potential pedophile as every Islamic believer is by definition a Jihadist terrorist. Only the biblical people are righteous victims of both, the lecherous popes and mu-rderous mu-slims who ‘hate’ us for being chosen of the only Go(l)d Almighty, which must belong to the experts of the supreme tribe, to avoid those envious people to murder us all, innocent victims, as we all know of the holocaust… industry, which keeps increasing the number of holocaust films, paradoxically as the dates recede in history, in proportion to the growing power and globalisation of the FMasters culture.

There is a huge campaign organized by jewish lawyers in search of the go(l)d of the Christian Church, orchestrated by Jewish media, and with an obvious aim: to strip off all the wealth the Catholic church has with huge settlements under the coverage of ‘caring’ – always this coverage to protect and justify the massive theft of the financial-media system and those that control it. Of course, pedophiles are criminals, who should be judged. But they are in all societies in which sex is repressed – and that means from Jails to all religions, NOT only the catholic one. Rabbis are often guilty of pedophilia but the news buried and the cases do not arrive to court. The protestant church has many cases of which nobody hears. But those are the ‘authorized’ biblical religions in power. Further on, Talmud, with its brutally racist vision of mankind, which is considered an ‘animal race’ (Goys) allows the rape of a gentile ‘animal’ after 3 years old, which is not a sin; since animals have no rights. This goes to the extreme that adultery with a jewish wo=man is penalized by the 10 commandments, but since Torah applies them only to ‘human beings’, adultery with a ‘shiska’ (slang for whore, but also the name given to gentile women), is considered a ‘case of bestialism’ and torah asks to kill the ‘animal’ who tempted the pious, as Israel shahak, the Israeli humanist explains in his masterpiece on Jewish religion. 

Now, the valuation of those 3 religions is obvious, as religions have evolved from a racist, animetal age towards the understanding of all humans as members of the same species, a ‘minimum’ for a love religion that judaism, as an old tribal religion, surviving under the cover of the ‘paradox of history’: max. Metal evolution = minimal human evolution; does not meet. The corruption of  religions of the wor(l)d by weapons into inquisitions (jihad, old spanish inquisitions with a sword and a cross in the shield) or gold religions (jewish-protestant culture, from the age of gold exvotes to the creationist age of capitalism), is in that sense maximal in the old jewish tribal religion, which sees other as lesser humans; then in the Arab jihadist Islam, which continues the semite tradition of arab warriors the first military animetals of history and minimal after the Vatican Sessions in Catholicism that rejects both war violence and go(l)d corruption in its doctrines.

And yet, it seems we obtain always the inverse opinion, with the political correctness of the holocaust industry, the pederast industry and the military-hate media industry at full gear.

Hence the demonization and grabbing of wealth from the catholic church which as it happens dedicates by canonical law, 1/2 of its profits to charity – hence it is one of the few organizations helping the increasing number of poor whose lives are destroyed by the massive grab and selfish monopoly of production of money of Financial ‘Jewish’ Markets (+75% of CEOs of financial industries, when they are less than 1% of the western population).

Charity indeed, a form of financial democracy and efficient distribution of wealth, is also practiced deeply in Islam. But not of course on go(l)d churches, which need segregation to the other humans they tax, label as enemy for the circle of splendid little wars for profits and convert into human capital.

Now a new form of tax-farming the poor by tax-farming its charity churches is in the making: the Californian Catholic church is one of the few sustains of the poorest latino population. BUT it had to close all its missions and charities to pay for settlements to the hundreds of ‘ab=used children’ now over 40, who suddenly remembered some priest touching them 30 some years ago, and came up with a lawyer to put a millionaire suit to the catholic church which you judges will of course judge in favor of the ‘victim’, with a massive campaign in the ‘you’ owned media, NY Times or LA Times or Washington post, you name it.

Absolute Power corrupts absolutely. A celebrity Pederast gets his prize.

So what happens then when a ‘you’ pedophile rapes ‘a lot’ of children? Well, he might get an oscar prize, specially if he is powerful in the Truman world.

So he will continue with his job at Matrix, if anything with new prices and perks, specially if the raped one is a gentile, an animal that the orthodox elite of jewish lawyers and judges consider ‘impure’. This of course is just another proof of absolute power.

And so this week we have the example of Mr. Woody Allen, a pretentious filmaker (as he pretends to be the American Bergman, by imitating technically but without any insight the masterpieces of morality of Mr. Bergman – having himself no morality at all). Mr. Woody allen raped repeatedly an adopted child; causing the horrified divorce of his wife Miss Mia Farrow. And destroying the life of the adopted child.  But he was never judged and his lawyers saved him. So he could do the same with another under age adopted child, a chinese girl with whom he latter married…

Did the world cry ‘angered’ aainst Mr. Allen? Did evilwood ostracized him? Not at all. Now this year he has been nominated ‘again’ by his usual shallow descriptions of the Jewish East side New Yorker’s millionaire elite of financiers, doctors, lawyers et al. And i bet you whatever you want that the main character of the film, Miss Blanchet, will receive the Oscar for her ‘solo’ acting in the film.

But the raped daughter managed to publish in a private blog of a more human columnist an open letter to the world we shall reprint here, naked of all further comment, which seems not required. Of course, it will be ignored and Miss Blanchet will receive her oscar and Mr. Woody allen will come to Europe to receive his prizes on the pantheon of bull$hit filmakers void of any ‘sacred sense’ of ethics, art and literature, which really have done no works of art of any value – except when they copycat humanist masters, such as Chagall copying badly Mr. Picasso with colors of Mr. Matisse or Mr. Allen copying Bergman, or when they do comedy laughing at all other cultures of mankind, in which they of course excel, from Lubitch to the Cohen brothers, or doing epics of military art and genocide, including obviously its holocaust films (their victims mind the reader are always sacred victims we must mourn as ‘chosen’ humans, the rest are animal victims we must ignore, as Miss Allen was):

Dylan FarrowIf you are a FMasters you can do anything. You can rape your daughter, and then accuse her of being a depressive ‘you-hater’ and get away with murder, and an oscar from evilwood on top.

“What’s your favorite Woody Allen movie? Before you answer, you should know: when I was seven years old, Woody Allen took me by the hand and led me into a dim, closet-like attic on the second floor of our house. He told me to lay on my stomach and play with my brother’s electric train set. Then he sexually assaulted me. He talked to me while he did it, whispering that I was a good girl, that this was our secret, promising that we’d go to Paris and I’d be a star in his movies. I remember staring at that toy train, focusing on it as it traveled in its circle around the attic. To this day, I find it difficult to look at toy trains.

For as long as I could remember, my father had been doing things to me that I didn’t like. I didn’t like how often he would take me away from my mom, siblings and friends to be alone with him. I didn’t like it when he would stick his thumb in my mouth. I didn’t like it when I had to get in bed with him under the sheets when he was in his underwear. I didn’t like it when he would place his head in my naked lap and breathe in and breathe out. I would hide under beds or lock myself in the bathroom to avoid these encounters, but he always found me. These things happened so often, so routinely, so skillfully hidden from a mother that would have protected me had she known, that I thought it was normal. I thought this was how fathers doted on their daughters. But what he did to me in the attic felt different. I couldn’t keep the secret anymore.

When I asked my mother if her dad did to her what Woody Allen did to me, I honestly did not know the answer. I also didn’t know the firestorm it would trigger. I didn’t know that my father would use his sexual relationship with my sister to cover up the abuse he inflicted on me. I didn’t know that he would accuse my mother of planting the abuse in my head and call her a liar for defending me. I didn’t know that I would be made to recount my story over and over again, to doctor after doctor, pushed to see if I’d admit I was lying as part of a legal battle I couldn’t possibly understand. At one point, my mother sat me down and told me that I wouldn’t be in trouble if I was lying – that I could take it all back. I couldn’t. It was all true. But sexual abuse claims against the powerful stall more easily. There were experts willing to attack my credibility. There were doctors willing to gaslight an abused child.

After a custody hearing denied my father visitation rights, my mother declined to pursue criminal charges, despite findings of probable cause by the State of Connecticut – due to, in the words of the prosecutor, the fragility of the “child victim.” Woody Allen was never convicted of any crime. That he got away with what he did to me haunted me as I grew up. I was stricken with guilt that I had allowed him to be near other little girls. I was terrified of being touched by men. I developed an eating disorder. I began cutting myself. That torment was made worse by Hollywood. All but a precious few (my heroes) turned a blind eye. Most found it easier to accept the ambiguity, to say, “who can say what happened,” to pretend that nothing was wrong. Actors praised him at awards shows. Networks put him on TV. Critics put him in magazines. Each time I saw my abuser’s face – on a poster, on a t-shirt, on television – I could only hide my panic until I found a place to be alone and fall apart.

Last week, Woody Allen was nominated for his latest Oscar. But this time, I refuse to fall apart. For so long, Woody Allen’s acceptance silenced me. It felt like a personal rebuke, like the awards and accolades were a way to tell me to shut up and go away. But the survivors of sexual abuse who have reached out to me – to support me and to share their fears of coming forward, of being called a liar, of being told their memories aren’t their memories – have given me a reason to not be silent, if only so others know that they don’t have to be silent either.

Today, I consider myself lucky. I am happily married. I have the support of my amazing brothers and sisters. I have a mother who found within herself a well of fortitude that saved us from the chaos a predator brought into our home.

But others are still scared, vulnerable, and struggling for the courage to tell the truth. The message that Hollywood sends matters for them.

What if it had been your child, Cate Blanchett? Louis CK? Alec Baldwin? What if it had been you, Emma Stone? Or you, Scarlett Johansson? You knew me when I was a little girl, Diane Keaton. Have you forgotten me?

Woody Allen is a living testament to the way our society fails the survivors of sexual assault and abuse.

So imagine your seven-year-old daughter being led into an attic by Woody Allen. Imagine she spends a lifetime stricken with nausea at the mention of his name. Imagine a world that celebrates her tormenter.

Are you imagining that? Now, what’s your favorite Woody Allen movie?”

Absolute power corrupts absolutely to the point the human predator thinks he can get always away with murder and reach whatever ‘dreams’ he have, as if the Universe were not a just, newtonian action-reaction system, with an arrow of social, moral, loving evolution, towards the members of your own species, which will ‘get back at ‘you’, if ‘yous’ degrade, rape, murder and ridicule their own species – mankind. Mr. Nero, like Mr. Allen wanted to be a great artist; a master musician, and so as the ’empire’, corrupted by its greed and violence burned in flames, he sang his victimist songs for the Gotham city he had destroyed. But once he was gone, we all knew war his music was all about – pure eviL=denial of the beauty of life, twisted into a mockery of all what is sacred – a crime, he thought to be a misdemeanour, for which he will burn in hell

So we shall answer Miss Farrow, as nobody has done it properly, AND tell her what is our favorite Woody Allen movie, truly a masterpiece, which should rank among the 10 best American movies of all times. And I say ‘America’, because the best American movies have a pattern, a leit motif, an angst question: the nature of eviL=anti-live memes, which have for so long dominated their culture. And so the two masterpieces of the American cult(ure) of eviLwood are Mr. Coppola trilogy on the ‘Godfather’ and Mr. Allen’s parable of his worldview and his own ‘success’ pursuing his dreams. Crimes and misdemeanours.

For those who didn’t see the film, since evilwood does not give oscars to masterpieces about ‘Judaism’, and his millenarian memes of hate to mankind, the ‘animal species’ of its Talmudian sacred cult(ure) to go(l)d and its values, here is the for once right valuation at Rotten tomatoes – which is indeed what most evilwood films are:

MOVIE INFO: Considered an important entry in filmmaker Woody Allen’s body of work, and certainly one of his most interesting pieces, Crimes and Misdemeanors is an alternately comical and dramatic examination of scruples as it follows two parallel storylines that manage to connect by the story’s end. One follows the exploits of a philandering optometrist (Martin Landau) who is trying hard to break off his relationship with an obsessive, overly dependent woman (Angelica Huston) who blackmails him into remaining with her. Her conniving leads to tragedy. The other plotline deals with a depressive documentarymaker (Allen)…

Now, because people are ‘thick’ – this i concede to the worldview of Mr. Allen, or else he won’t be here in Barcelona playing with his other ‘flute’ badly scored as usual, hailed as a master Nero of the decaying empire – we shall explain the ‘under text’ of the film:

A ‘you’ successful alter ego of Mr. Allen – NOT his depressive, victimist ‘character’ but the true predator, Landau, ab=uses and abandons a woman, which then murders when she menaces him with unveiling to his wife his philandering – think of Miss farrow jr. menacing him to stop raping her, or else she will tell her wife.

Alas! the solution: murder because ‘misdemeanours’ are FORGIVEN AND murdering a gentile ‘animal’ is in Judaism a misdemeanour; raping a ‘shiska’ – a gentile woman , for which orthodox judaism uses the same name that for whore, is in fact a ‘crime of bestialism’… and the penalty is to the shiska – stoned to death.

Indeed, this was customary in Jerusalem at the height of the financial power of Solomon’s temple (when its rabbis, were the bankers of the Persian Empire, as ‘believers’ in go(l)d brought them through slave and weapons traffic, the coins of go(l)d required to enter the temple, then used liberally to promote war profiteering and spread hate-memes in princely courts to push further war…)

So ‘shiskas’ flocked to the city of eviL in search of go(l)d, hoping to land a ‘you husband’ but this ever racist culture who forbids ‘sex with animals’, stoned them to death. TODAY they flock to evilwood to offer themselves for free and a little role in the hypnotic screen. All has changed to remain the same, as one of the oldest text of Mesopotamian cultures explain: ‘the eviL people come from the desert, bringing pieces of copper’… that hypnotise women, ‘they become prostitutes for an earring’ ‘peasants abandon the fields and follow them as mercenaries, nobody comes to the temples, it is the end of the world’… – (Lament of a Sumerian priest.)

Mr. Allen’s alter ego, then has some ‘feelings of guilt’ as he himself might had, when raping Miss Farrow, but alas! NOT only he is NOT condemned, and gets away with murder but he ends up receiving the highest prize on his profession as a doctor.

And so Mr. Allen has resumed in this film the essence of the memes of Judaism and its fantasy that ‘crime at distance’, through money, slavery war profiteering, does NOT pay because humans are so stupid as the fans of Woody Allen, and do not read ‘between lines’.

This is the essence of Judaism in all his masterpieces of eviL, from Talmud to Maimonides ‘guide to the perplexed’ where this, most praised philosopher, compared often to Aristotle explains that Mongoloids are monkeys, ‘look at their noses’, gentiles must be murdered if the ‘you is not caught’ i.e., the famous example: do not help a gentile that has fallen in a well, trip him down if he is on a stair, as it will look an accident, poison him if you are his doctor and you think he is ‘anti$emite (preventive action is called today)… But then of course because Judaism HATES mankind, mankind ENDS up after being ab=used and raped for money, as many times as it can endure, bursting in desperado anger and tries to kill Judaism – the good people converting them to mankind, the bad warriors, perpetrating a Holocaust with the very same weapons, the ‘you go(l)d meme’ have produced for profits. 

Yet even if history has recorded 13 holocaust cycles for financial reasons, Mr. Allen and their ‘lot’ is so thick when regarding the negative side effects of Judaism>Go(l)d cults>Capitalism that he really thinks like every other mogul of evilwood and wall street, the city and ecb, Israel and his top guardium, predator, terminator industries, ‘this time’ will be different, and after raping the wallets an daughters of America, the yankee is so dumb, so slavish to the go(l)d coins he monopolises that he will be a willing slave with stockholm syndrome per in secular seculorum ‘Amen’ (American men, do have indeed an extraordinary capacity as germanic people do to enslave for his masters, and think on top he is free, because his simplex languages do NOT understand lying, which they call ‘confabulation theory’, and so most of the time you can cheat them, just as ‘yous’ do with some nice written words.

Now most people think Godfather is the best American movie, but it is not, as the Italian mafia has zero power, does not control America, and its ‘anecdotes’ on the lower world of casino management are thus irrelevant as social images of America – casinos in Vegas are ALL property of orthodox Judaism which traffics with shiskas – Weinberg and Adelson own them all, Italians are just managers.  But the subtext of Woody Allen’s movies about the parasitic elite of wall street, who rules the nation ARE the true history of American power, and no film is better than a biopic, in which the true credo of Mr. Allen is clarified: murder, steal, lie, because ‘animals’ do not understand. You can get away with murder. Nobody cares. Go ahead. Enjoy while it lasts, and if they come for ‘you’, then take the money and keep running… his other masterpiece.

So yes, Miss Farrow, ‘you’r rapist is a genius of eviL as most of his lot, except the few Lots, who leave the city of Gomorrah, the city of warriors, and the city of Sodom, the city of traders, raping you on the back, the city of pederasts. He did not find there a single Just man, and so the city burned and felt to the cholera of the true Gods of Mankind, who once is clear they cannot convert to love their inhabitants get them up in smoke… Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitates.

Now of course, all is quiet in the western front, because Rome has not burned yet… it was about to burn in 2008 but resisted; it will be burned again in 2018 by Mr. Trump, that lackey of his son-in-law, orthodox master puppeteer explained in other posts. But rest assured, the ‘you meme’ with its systemic hate to mankind, will burn America and then only then, when the city is in flames, finally the u$laves, will go up the hills and hack Nero… 

Our friendly terrorist nations are OK.

And what happens when a white man is a terrorist that massacred hundreds for the sake of a video-game or a weapons industry? We tend to forget his crimes. Indeed, the biggest massacres of recent time in Europe and America were caused by two white men, addicted to the violent video-game ‘call of duty’ and to the collection of weapons of free purchase for the righteous (Lanza in the Newton massacre, Anders in Norway); while jihad terrorists come mostly from our friendly Arab dictator nations, which are also liberally funding alqaeda and Isis, our perfect excuse for the cycle of splendid little wars.

In the graph, the truth about the banned countries. Not a single terrorist comes from them. ALL come from our ‘friendly nations’. ‘Saud Arabia’, the most brutal dictatorship in the region, where women can’t even drive. A nation so corrupted that the dictator has put his name on the country. Not even the kims, dare to call Korea Kim Korea. Next, Egypt, where a brutal dictator who sacked a democratically elected government, friendly with the Palestinians, declaring it a terrorist party, and condemning in mass trials thousands of protesters to death, has become our new ally, and UAE, copycat of ‘Saud Arabia’, where the Ibn Sauds race with the Rothschilds, of legendary war-manufacturing zeal during the XIX c. as the only families to topple the 1 trillion $ fortune. But Alas they play the role of the bad cop paying all terrorist organisations, ‘designed’ to maintain an eternal splendid little war cycle for profits.

And of course, our best ally USA, now a police state, once an enlightened nation that imitated the French r=evolution, but they couldn’t deny racism and go(l)d. So when the most enlightened of them, Mr. Jefferson died, sold his ‘slave cattle’ to fund a little room in Monticello, he had designed himself… neoclassic style. Only problem being they were their ‘negro’ sons… But we know what the ‘Hebrew bible’ tells us: goy, negros, spics, arabs are not chosen, not even humans… they were born of the ‘leg of satan’ (along women and dogs).

Update. Muslims are bad; Jews no longer eviL

How google, aka skynet subtly make us think straight? Simple, it is called AI, algorithms of information that decide what we have to look for. The news came that Google has decided the muslim culture is still bad but the jewish culture is no longer eviL=anti-live, banning any search that relates those 2 terms, jewish and evil, but allowing to search for muslims and bad… after someone denounced both cases.  A salomonic decision indeed, by Google owned by two ‘you memes’.

So i did put the wording there for the official bad guys of the financial-media empire; and we were kindly explained the facts, with a decalogue from ‘coffelicious’:

Fact is though people still relates eviL=anti-live values, and Judaism, with its systemic exploitation of hate memes for the creation of profitable wars, its repression of the natural arrows of life, from sexual reproduction to eusocial evolution and love, the ‘fifth dimension of the organic Universe’ that puts parts into wholes, atoms into molecules, cells, multicellular organisms, super organisms, and species, who must love each other to survive. And no repression of Google search will change the laws of the Universe, and the action-reaction justice of it all.  So do NOT wonder why as hate memes keep growing, and the Truman show increases the storm, minds keep trying to be free, and humanist thinkers become anti$emites. 

Only in Biblical America, ‘the land of the free’ citizens love to be slaves of the Truman show, as Malcolm X, ‘house negros’, singing per in secula seculorum ‘are we sick master’ when their ‘owners’ rob them.


Charity. You give what you don’t throw to the trash.

A new comment on the unbearable lightness of the degraded humanity our FMasters are NOT cre(dit)ating with credit. What for? Capitalism does only credit the FMasters and its profitable goods, hate media of minimal cost of wave reproduction, weapons of maximal price=profits of sale and e-mney printed amore gratis for themselves, according to the equation of profits:

Max. Profits (money) = Max. price=sales (Weapons) – min cost (audovisual media reproduced by simultaneous waves).

So a capitalist dictatorship will overproduce e-money for the FMasters, hate media and fiction for the Tv-manufacturer of brains and weapons to control population and make huge profits on sales to states that tax-farm their population to get money for them.

Alas, we shall comment today on a manufacturer of fiction, or rather her heiress, who alas, seem to be nicer. Since our JAP mistress, is good people. She does give to charity, providing you come to collect her trash.

The first time I realized that trash is charity,  was when my Cuban clean lady told me her stock-market socialite wife had given her for christmas, as a present a boiled egg that was lying on her fridge…

She had 2 sons to feed abroad, so she shut up but was burning in humiliation for weeks, calling her all those horrible anti$emitic names. Yet I am pretty sure the socialite felt she had given ‘enough’. The wealthiest man of the world-t0-be, seed of goozon-e, the future skynet, Mr. Be(l)z(eb)os, does not give even that. He does NOT believe in charity. Charity normally for the FMasters consist in a Museum or Science building with his name, huge on it; and of course, zillions to build up further robotic walls in his segregrational country.

So yesterday I stumbled in this blog of a charitable JAP by chance. The daughter of the Jewish Mogul of F-1, Mr. Ecclestone, who runs an absurd sport in which computers run cars, while some kid pretends to drive them – video gamers in a real console, gives indeed to charity. After buying with the money of this track- test for future systems of self-driving cars a house in evilwood for 30 million $, she self-proclaims herself to be a generous woman that donates to the poor, and advertises it in her web.

On a weekly basis, she throws out a few shoes and bags from her closet, she no longer wears – probably she never wears the same shoes more than twice and auctions them on ebay – whatever pennies she gets, that is her big charity, worth to announce it, proud of it. I met many like her when I worked in evilwood; little shitheads full of themselves, arrogant Japs – the summit of their civilization. Indeed, the repressed, segregational Jew makes mone so their stingy, ugly bitches can put gold chains in her bracelets while mankind is chained, hypnotized by candy crush waiting for Judgement day:

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 3.50.07 AM

Gosh! indeed, this JAP bitch thinks is a privilege to smell her used shoes for some fetishist buying them on ebay, and that is how she plans to give some of her fetish go(l)d. And she advertises her stingy sweat, proud of it; while her wo-ku father (dwarf pirate in chinese – name given to the ‘original’ japs ) steals money time and neurons with its hypnotic sport of automated mechanisms to mankind. We are having fun playing with words.

The amazing thing about the ad is that it is ‘serious’. She really believes the ad portraits her as a charitable woman. It is indeed an example on the degree of absolute power, absolute corruption, and absolute selfishness our FMculture has reached in the internet era, worth to comment also:

.March 23. Who is the master of google searches? Obamapuppet or Cirusex?

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 10.04.38 AM Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 10.04.30 AM Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 10.04.19 AM

In the graph, a silly fact of the modern media world.

Miley cyrus, a kid-actress coming out of age, with some sexual silly-nilly provocation is on top of the hit-searches (her sexual provocations might seem really profound to our kids in a world in which human sexual reproduction is the biggest sin according to the hate-memes against mankind proper of the biblical culture – remember you cannot show nudity in Facebook, but they do have a concourse to make jokes about the Muslim prophet paid by the zuckenbergs, ‘sugar-trader’ in german, as he comes from a long line of slave traders for the sugar business, now trading with all the private lives of mankind, herded with AI and selfie ego-trips to give for free all his information, ‘willingly’ )…

Now the funny thing is that she has twice the number of google hits than Obama, our politically correct house negro president (353 million vs. 175 million) – a perfect parable of the absolute degradation of the human spirit, a silly girl exploiting the repression of the basic ‘orgasmic, creative’ nature of the yin-yang Universe denied by the you culture, which needs us all working re=producing machines not human beings seems more honest and trust-worthy in its ‘important statements’ than our house negro president, traitor of his class, race and species, the human race, dedicated to betray the spirit of the wor(l)d and promote weapons of mass destruction and capital… but always with a perfect smile and script of political correctness.
And the clueless sheeple will go from one to another, clueless waiting for judgment day, perfectly directed to the ‘fictions’ that are worth to know by skynet, aka googlezon-e, which decides what is worth to know (all what is fiction) and what is not (all what is truth and real).

The hardware imposes the truth since indeed ‘the medium is the message’… and if the medium bans you, you don’t exist anymore.. One should only consider the stats of this blog, after google ranked it zero in relevance for any search on  evolutionary economics – which happens to be the title of the blog. So the truths and scientific models of humanity and history, the super organism of mankind in time, which could so much help the future of the wor(l)d became invisible:

 100 million times less relevance that sister (S)Miley… and her permanent waste of the timeline of our, ‘vidi, credo ergo sum’ ¥-generation.

It is a humble realisation of the ethic and intellectual capacity of humans, to notice a simple fact: those who own the networks of metal-communication have always defeated those who have the human truth but cannot express it beyond rudimentary means and by word of mouth. It was NOT luther’s hate speeches who defeated the most sophisticated, loving, artistic wor(l)ds of the Greek-Latin church tradition but the ready access to the German-invented press. It was not Hitler or Mussolini depth of thought in hate-media what sunk Weimar Germany so fast so low but the simultaneous programming by radios of millions of Germans, synchronised and manufactured in their mass-consciosuness, to become a ‘credo ergo sum’ super organism acting together under the collective hypnotism of hate speeches. In Ruanda, an under develop nation with few Tvs the same hate-media speeches provoked a similar genocide only a few decades ago. Now, it is the collective visual neo-paleolithic hypnotism of hate-media, gore movies, virtual fictions and placebo political correctness what makes any attempt to break the Matrix of Humanity and wake up data and neo to a real world still teaming with life, almost impossible.

April. Beware to bother The Truman’s show. Mr. ‘sterling’ and his domestic dispute…

How thus political correctness works? As all double standards of truth, in a hypocritical way. It is supposed to be a virtual world of ‘goodism’, which should not change the corrupted reality of the FMMI system and its owners and corporations, but merely ‘act’ as a make-up of a corpse disguising the rotten system with a thin ‘air’ believe that all will be OK as long as we only talk ‘goodism’ in the public sphere. eviL=anti-live behaviour thus can always be camouflaged with proper ecological propaganda, shallow equality statements on race, religion and profession… Political correctness then it is used to canonise as good, all the cultures, people, professions and machines that have money and give profits; allowing always ‘to dress evil as a gentleman’ (W.Shakespeare)

Now, let us break an arrow for a Jewish ‘normal person’, punished by the system for breaking the unspoken rules of political and economical correctness of the  Truman’s show: Mr. Sterling, owner of the Clippers, an NBA franchise, has been seemingly properly fined with 2 million $, and forbidden to go to his stadium and see his team, because… it seems he is a racist.

The parable is an example of what the anti-human system and go(l)d culture expects from all of us: to respect the staged ‘fairy tale’ of justice and equality for all, while behind the scenes, Mr. Christo runs our lives at will for the profits of the FM-industry, with hidden astounding racist actions against the whole of mankind. So as long as we extinguish life in the ‘closet’ all will be fine. The ‘real sin’ is to show the slightest putrid smell of the humanity corpse we are feasting on – but looks so beautiful in its funerary makeup.

Let us then explain the case. Mr. Sterling was taped in a domestic dispute with an hispanic-black bitch who this 80 year old man fed and paid, we suppose, to make love from time to time. He was so open minded that he let her had her ‘extra-needs’ for flesh covered with younger ‘bigger men’. He told her she could make love to her ‘negro’ friends, but please don’t take them to the games – obviously not to shame him in public. Ah but he said a taboo ‘spanish word’, negro. Yes negro, a beautiful spanish word for black, which only American $lave owners, with their endemic bigotry against ‘spics’ and negroes used in a derogatory sense, trying to blame both ‘inferior races’.

In spanish it is NOT a racist word. On the contrary the ancient spanish culture knows negro is the superior color of the Universe – the color of information. So their highest jesuit priests were ‘black robes’ in ‘black boats’. Black and red are the colours of elegance. Negro ‘zaino’ is the color of the sacred bull, ‘pata negra’, the most expensive food; symbol of absolute quality. And women spend the summer in topless to get a dark color on their breasts.

And nature proves them right. The most powerful species of the Universe is the black hole. The most successful animal on earth, the black ant. And the superior body race, the black man; exploited as a slave by the white entropic, neanderthal ‘red hair’ biblical culture; the overwhelming owners of slave boats. Yet not even this sin is recognised by the FMasters. So there is also a ‘black legend’ about spics, who did buy slaves in the Caribbean but hardly owned any boat. Armadors were sephardim portuguese and then biblical bigots from the first Dutch and english company-mothers of gunboats. Alas! the ‘black legend’ continues and when Mr. Spielberg made his film about slavery, he found among the hundreds of ‘you armadors’ one ‘spic’ slave boat to make it guilty of the heinous crime, in the same way Wall Street fully owned by the FMasters, found the needle in the straw heap: a single Hindi speculator was blamed and jailed for the 2008 collective scam crash.

Thus; we use ‘negro’ in this site with pride in a Malcolm X sense… in the negative to qualify often those  traitors to the human cause who are ‘house negros’ serving the FMasters like Mr. Obama or the celebrity black posers, and on the positive those who are true to their people, the ‘plantation negroes’ so exploited by the system that they are fully aware of the political correctness aka censorship of the system…

Since and this was the point of Malcolm X, there is still zero equality in a world in which the issue of money and media information is manufactured by a small elite with a racist culture of segregational memes, which is covered up with the political and economical correctness of the Truman Show. 

Such was the case of Mr. Sterling, that ‘rara avis’ today, an enlightened ‘haskalah’ you.

He was for a change not a bigot, but made love to a latino woman, paid an all black-team for his ‘negro’ talent, and so he did behave as a normal human being, rejecting the worst memes of its culture. But what has always mattered in the go(l)d cult(ure) is to ‘fake’ humanism, NOT to be a humanist, ethic person but to look like one, while behind the scenes, the anti-life values of go(l)d worship keep piling corpses of spics and negros. What must be repressed are verbal truths, and ethic real values; covered with the hypnotic values of go(l)d which give zero prize to human life and maximal prize to hate memes and weapons, according to the capitalist equation of corporative profits:


Back to the story.

This man tried to keep the ‘tramp’ from making more trouble in public. She was already asking him a couple of million $ for a divorce settlement,  against the family opposition. And so to fast-track her interest on her investment she purposedly taped him in a private conversation in which she insisted he was a racist – to tape his ‘supposed’ crime – but he insisted he was not.

Then she released the tape. And Mr. Stein the jewish boss of the NBA fined him heavily for political incorrectness NOT by his racist actions, which are common staple in the FMasters culture, but for not having the proper ‘wording’. Indeed.

Mr. Sterling did not practice real ‘jewish, daily racism’ proper of orthodox Judaism, the preferred religion of the FMasters, who would never make love to this type of ‘shiska’ or employ them. This people believe in the inequality of races as a ‘dogma of religion’, because they are told in the Bible that Blacks and Arabs are less than dogs because a racist rabbi invented the theory that they come from Ham and Ham peed on Noah (Ham damnation IS IN ideology the origin of modern slavery as practiced by biblical believers and judges till XIX c.). This actually IS OK and America practices it everyday, targeting systematically plantation negroes in their police state; more than 1/2 of its jail population, hardly 14% of their people – and now AI is passing into digital thought that racial biasing, from the pricing of houses in neighbourhoods to job selection algorithms, which as the previous mathematical equations that encode for corporations the extinction of mankind, are NOT understood, disguised with the new sacred language of mathematics – the perfect new hypocrisy of go(l)d against mankind. It is not though OK to tell it in public.

Mr. Sterling on top had a very reasonable franchise/business employing mostly young black people from the ghetto. We are not talking of the usual business – hate media, financial theft, crap-coding of billions of $ for internet kids while mankind lacks any credit, or poisonous soma fictions of militarism to sacrifice American lives in the mercenary wars of Apartheid Israel. We are not even talking of pretentiously good pharmaceutical companies mostly owned by the calvinist-jewish culture  (Swiss-Brits-American) who should be curing people, but spent no money on research on antibiotics and tropical diseases and skyrocket prices on AIDs medicines and sue any generic company that try to do them cheap to save the life of 7 million ‘colored’ kids that die each year because of those diseases. While they spend billions researching drugs for ‘dietary needs’ provoked by our trash food fed citizens. THAT IS ACTUALLY OK.

Those are ‘morlock behaviors’, which can be covered by the perfect world of Truman’s show, by the perfect politically correct world we must believe in. So we all love our pharma companies and eat their supplements, we all get informed by our hate-media Fox and we all revere our billionaire internet crapcoders as geniuses. Because they are perfectly politically environmentally correct people, who drive ‘autonomous’ electric Teslas… read future robotic cars free of human dependence, with AI, telepathic brains and solar skins.


This man, though, a good ‘you’ without those go(l)d actions, it seems pronounced an astoundingly racist comment such as: ‘do not bring your negro lovers to my box’.

Now we are not talking of a man who utters the ‘prayer’ of the pious orthodox jewish believer who in the morning says ‘thanks God for making me human not animal=goyyim, (the rest of Us), for making me male not female (the inferior gender), hope you murder all the idolaters (the rest of mankind) before the end of the days’. This is the pater noster of orthodox judaism that explains why this go(l)d religion of hate and repression of life became the ‘mother’ of capitalism and corporations, while corporations kill life: it is a fetish go(l)d religion of the bronze age, when the first enslavers, the habiru, mesopotamic word which means ‘those who walk behind the asses’, as they were specialised in slave and weapons trade, exchanged for gold, to bring to the temple, whose inner sacra sanctorum was made of gold – so their levi priests, the so called ‘people of the treasure’ or ‘am segullah’, ill-translated as ‘chosen people’, since segullah means treasure – the first people-caste of banker-priests of capitalism; could lend gold to kings to buy more weapons in a vicious circle of splendid little wars – bellus nervi pecunia infinita – till the goyyim, fed up with so much mental and physical eviL=anti-live values kill them all…

All this is Ok. Political correctness again tell us the holocaust cycle has NOT economic causes; so we will NOT reform capitalism, because gold is the language of god (Calvin), its invisible hand, and we shall die all for it – never mind Chief seattle told us, when all the rivers die, we will once more realise we cannot eat gold.

Mind the reader go(l)d herding is the essence of the fetish biblical bronze age RELIGION. YOU CAN BE CHOSEN OF GO(L)D, and have this racist segregational meme all over the place, written in constitutions, segregational laws in apartheid israel, or classic America, but alas, as long as it is a rabbi talking with imperative god-like grammars it is OK.  Nobody will dare to forbid Talmud for being even more racist than mein Kampf, to forbid capitalism for being a culture that destroy life and enthrones the machine, and the bankster who still the democratic rights of mankind to issue our language of social power, money and produce with it orders and actions that would bring plenty of welfare goods for all of us to have a job, food, shelter and peace.

You see, where i am heading. Mr. Sterling did NOT KILL CHILDREN like pharmaceuticals do; did NOT rob our rights to credit as wall street does, did NOT pray for the extinction of mankind, the ‘animal idolater’ as Judaism does, just merely broke the hypocritical surface of ‘virtual matrix happiness’ that MANUFACTURES, DISTRACTS AND MAINTAINS THE SHEEPLE, PERFECTLY HAPPY, THINKING THE WORLD IS OK, SO IT DOES NOT COMPLAIN, IT DOES NOT REBEL, IT DOES NOT R=EVOLVE, IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE WORLD SO WE ALL SURVIVE.

And so against all laws of privacy and property and jewish solidarity this ‘humanist jew’ who do employ black people, invest in them, had a black girl friend and merely asked her not to cuckhold him in public, has become the leader not of the Hall of Fame of the NBA but the Hall of Shame, because he gave us a glimpse on the reality show the Truman show will always hide for the sheeple to live and die happily under big brother smiley. And of course the sheeple cheered and applaud his punishment.

Cheers Mr. Sterling, at least now the ‘bitch’ will not get your 1.7 million and i doubt anyone will ever pay her entrance to the game. Just sell your parcel in the Truman show and spend your billions, on more classy whores.

Haskalah is not the name of the game.


13 Responses to “Truman Show”

  1. aferrismoon Says:

    Sport seems to be being used as the vessel for the imposition of RightSpeak. Every week there’s a hullabaloo about a few words here and there , while death and destruction around the world are demoted to second place by these sports events.

    So it seems for a few words that are not nice one may appropriate property, business and subject the rest of the ‘racist’s’ family to the punishment. Whether or not that happens to Mr. Sterling is another thing. perhaps he’s just another joker in the pack.

    In the UK Paul Elliot was sacked from his job for using the word ‘nigger’ to his friend in some sort of texting argument.

    This from Wiki:
    “In 2003, Elliott was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for his work with young players and his involvement with anti-racism initiatives in football.[4] He was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2012 Birthday Honours for services to equality and diversity in football.[5][6]

    Elliott resigned from his roles with The FA, as a member of the Association’s Judicial Panel and as a nominated member of UEFA committees on 23 February 2013. He also left his role at Kick It Out. The FA accepted his resignation following a reported text conversation in which “discriminatory abusive comments” were made to fellow former footballer Richard Rufus.”

    Paul Elliot is black!
    But he had to go, and apologise, in that special media apology language of emasculation.

    Certainly no apologies for sinking 86million whatevers into a talented ball-kicker while half the world suffers desperate poverty.

    Anyhow forget all that , who do you want to win La Liga : )


    • futureofhistory Says:

      here in La Liga, a team called villarreal owned by the biggest food chain in spain, ‘mercadona’, which has a yellow uniform gives yellow bananas to feed the audience and market the chain. Nothing new there – soccer started as a way to distract miners in Manchester and Liverpool, from their attendance to trade unions on sundays, to complement church distraction. So they were handled also food to further convince them… The news is that a guy threw a yellow banana to the field after eating it, and a ‘negro’ player denounced the team for racism… And the press got rightly indignated, in a parody of USA political correctness, now globalised. Wonder why given the fact that we, the white people are the ‘entropic neanderthal, violent, visual race’, the truly inferior species, to say ‘white’ or ‘blanco’ is not an insult (-;
      In the code of colors the universe gives black to information (black holes, black robes-priests), white to energy, and yellow to the balanced once, hence the 3 colors of the body of our races (see article on races), as blacks have the most perfect bodies, whites are on the other hand ‘energetic beings’ as the white skin, red neanderthals were. But clueless about anything but their dolicocephalic eyes.
      Not to speak the fact nobody criticises in this ‘neopaleolithic age’ the absurdity of making soccer the leif motif of existence of millions of human beings – an entropic, retarded game of ‘neanderthals’, using their most intelligent part, the feet (-; just look at Mr. Messi forehead, backwards, null content in the reasoning part of the brain, sidewards, distance eye-parietal, null, zero verbal skills, but good visual, neanderthal skills and body coordination. Soon robots which are honeying those skills will improve him. There is already a biopic of his life that sells very well. It seems that all what he does when it does not play with a ball is to sleep, (sic), according to their team mates. He has even a bed on the premises.
      Way to go for the future. The Universe is just and good-natured, before you due it gives you a pleasure rush of happiness. That you will know: death after the pain is gone, is a big orgasm, of erasing pleasure. As it is now for the human kind, afat, silly and happy cellular species, all sense of ethics/nervous orders of survival gone… very happy to be hypnotized by big brother TV smiley and using his feet to think – the heroes of the day.
      Our species is grossly overated, but at least if it knew it it had a chance.

  2. aferrismoon Says:

    In news today we may read that Riccardo Zacconi and the 3 others who made the Candy Crush game have entered the Sunday Times Top 1000 Rich List for the first time. The article also mentions the makers of Grand Theft Auto also enetring the gilded top 1000. Their collective ‘wealth’ has risen 15%.

    Daily the increase in screen-watching, ear-plugged people walking the streets continues, now they can also carry coffee, personalised at StarveBucks, in their other hand.
    The screen takes away their eyes, the plugs their hearing and the coffee their sense of taste and smell. Both hands used carrying coffee and device – it seeems like the perfect target for a predator.


    • futureofhistory Says:

      what can i say, it is more than 20 years since i discovered that humans do exist as spengler mused in a’real’ superorganism, History that was dying predated by another growing superorganism, the metal-earth, and its selfish memes, weapons that kill our bodies, visual trash that erases our logic brain… but human could not see the process, not even where the evil=anti-live memes came from, as ‘cells’ do not see they belong to a living supeorganism. They cannot not even see their ‘collective’ brain, as languages of information are invisible – you do not see words, and so human cells ignore from where the nervious orders that destroy them – the digital languages of machines – come from, what is their predator hidden message
      Sports, candycrush, the viral ‘Digital’ anti-human messages of the oldest ‘animetal cult(ure)s, the Chosen of Go(l)d, Am Segullah, jewish – all that acts subconsciously and not even those who emit the messages know what they do. Our ethic, verbal, wor(l)d brain has ‘leukemia’, viral DNA messages that made them replicate machines instead of welfare life goods, and erase their brains with fun audiovisual messages. My error was not to accept as spengler did that it could nto be avoided. I thought i was some kind of avatar of the prophets of ethic mankind, which come in droves in these kind of ages, when a civilization extinguishes in the baroque age, and I could awake a selected group of humans to resurrect the organism of history ans help save it. This only took me to 20 years of suffering and total indifference from both the viral neurons (Jews being just the tip of the iceberg as the main ’emitters’ of viral messages with their control of the financial-media system – hence my special criticism of them) AND the anger from the body cells who HATE to be told they are being programmed.
      Cases like you are very rare. I mean this blog a bit disordered should have word-of-mouth got a serious audience if humans had any capacity ot react. the Very obvious risk of CERN blowing up the planet with strangelets should have made politicians react. Nothing. Nobody reacts, as no cell reacts to a mortal viral sickness. And on my view we are ‘already dead’, post-mortem rigor mortis, when once the neurons are dead, and cannot emmit nervous messages cells still divide feasting in the blood of the organism. All this is in 5D metrics real – the bigger you are the slower your time cycles are the larger you are, but essentially cells divide every day-generation and we divide every 72 years and we are in teh last division. So the viruses are kings and rich and the prophets like me waste their days in blogs like this.
      When i got 50, after failing with my suits to cern to rise any consciousness, suddenly i saw that my time had passed, my energy gone and time is running fast to our extinction within this decade or a couple more…
      so i am now in nirvana=extinction mood, observing detached the astounding process of human self-degradation and dont worry big brother… im doing a couple of documentaries one on the future of history and other on the superorganisms of the universe, its fractal scales and 5th dimension, just because ihave 6 years of pre-work on that, but really the game is over. Even so i cannot truly enjoy the idiocy of candycrush or soccer. I rather get stoned see the sunset or go whoring with some russian supergirl, as long as my latino blood still boils with life… i wont be an avatar of mankind – none will – but i am neither a virus or a cell working for them, ‘steppenwolfe’ perhaps (H.H. book) reflects more my position these days.. Ultimately this Hesse already understood when Joseph Knetch, the master ludi of his Utopia castalia, drawn into the river…
      I think you and a canadian guy are the only 2 people who still read from time to time. That shows how little the cells of mankind care, busy-busy with their leukemia fun, as you well explain in your letter.

  3. aferrismoon Says:

    The World Cup has begun and the first ball was kicked off by a someone in a robotic exoskeleton.

    Coincidentally a footballer retires , at 29, citing the game as ‘boring and robotic’–sow.html

    Hunter Biden was appointed to the Board Of Directors of Bursima Holdings Ltd, which holds a lot of gas licences – ‘Fuck the EU policy ‘ moving along nicely and meanwhile we have an extreme jihadist group taking over parts of Iraq that inexplicably named themselves , acronymically , ISIS, a goddess of Anciient Egypt.


  4. aferrismoon Says:

    The media seems to have linked any social unrest to DRUG GANGS in the favelas :)
    Match fixing, a subject which might be studied in some depth.
    Spain v Holland , takes us back to the Spanish presence in the Netherlands and the rise of Protestant Imperial design via British and the Dutch. Funny how the Dutch made the final in South Africa, a country heavily influenced by them, their brutish play justly vanquished by fluid Spain.

    Will Russia meet the US?

    Will Brazil lose to fellow South Americans?

    Will the winning goal be scored by a transsexual?

    Re: the penalty – get used to it, we lie to your face, we make you angry and proceed to ignore you.

    There’s been a placard about Los Malvinas , so wonder if Eng-er-land will meet THE ARGIES, hand of god , and all that.


    • futureofhistory Says:

      of course brazil will get all the penalties needed to arrive to semifinals and not provoke a revolution.
      spain deserved given its cronic nepotism what it got by playing with old, go(l)d corrupted sacred cows. But dont believe the ‘Dutch revolution’ – the quintaessential myth of capitalism – that the dutch got their freedoms and wanted to become independent of thier king (not ours, the hagsburg were ‘blockhead’ germans who destroyed the spanish rennaissance and plunged the world in perpetual war for their empire; and the spaniards just mercenary armies). What happened is that the first corporations of gunboats and slaves VOC, gave a coup d’etat in Amsterdam, and the inquisition of calvinism terrified the peasants and both togethe founded the dictatorship of banekrs and corproations, that is today at work. Most dutch were with the king but the corporation manufactured guns and boats and printed paper-money and bought everybody. And when it got independent kept selling artillery to the Germans and sustained with profits the 30 years war that killed 1/3rd of germans. Only when the French invaded the country in 1688, the brutal dictatorship of the corporations was lfited… to London. They sunk the dykes, killed 1/5th of the dutch to slow down the french army and bought the British crown, in the ‘inglorious revolution’ a sephardim banker, lopes suaso paid 2 million guilders to the MPs who kicked out their legitimate king and imposed the dictatorship of bankers and corporations in the city, which still stands. The dutch like the spaniards before under the boot of his military king or the brits afterwards under the boot of military corporations, got their kicks by massacring and humiliating less technological humans – amerindians, africans, asians etc. The ‘death’ of life becaem professionalized.
      And that is still there, the dutch are very ‘professional’ they ran 90 minutes like crazy, as if ‘soccer’ were more important than life, which obviously is – it is the soma that ensures the death of life will go unchecked this month of july.

  5. aferrismoon Says:

    David Brat’s defeat of Eric Cantor, Brat has been described as a ‘tea-party’ candidate. You have written a bout the Tea Party possibly gaining control of the Whitehouse.


    • futureofhistory Says:

      yeah but that wont be exactly the humanist solution… they will just switch sides from being paid as today by right wing corporative jewish-calvinist moguls (the Koch) as the nazi party was, to a ‘white-fascist-root-peasant’ party as the nazis became, once the jewish bankers abandoned germany – once wall street moguls delist and enlist in sydney london and H.K. Then they will become the nazi party of america and notice that actually the ‘invading country’ that colonizes US is not islam (that is the paid-per-view enemy now) but judaism and take revenge on the left behind by the banker-priests (The poor). The tea party is thus ‘predictable’ as part of the holocaust cycle which happens when the rich elite of judaism leaves their sheeple behind take the money and run, leaving an entire nation ruined and on the verge of collapse. And that is why it is predictable but NOT positive prediction that the white American will debunk a jewish republican (cantor) of wall street and take a pseudo-nazi, anti-latino, primitive to power… So it is not good news, the ‘future nazi’ has defeated the ‘present askhe-nazi’ as they say in spanish ‘tal para cual’, what you dont see is the slightest emergence of humanism, or the ‘theory of social sciences’ taht improves socialist theories The theory of superorganisms this blog represent, BECAUSE REPRESSION OF HUMANISM IN ANY FORM IS TODAY MUCH MORE ABSOLUTE THAN IN THE 30S. So you can expect exactly what happened in the 30s WITHOUT the little hope of a global new deal, which today is hardl represented by Chinese national banks.

  6. russell olausen Says:

    I figure to read one such as yourself,” futureofhistory” it would be necessary to have declared victory over the forces that can deflect one away, from a contemplative life. I have lived a bit like a beast at the behest of Hollywood but righted the ship when I realized I secretly reviled their brutality. I am on the edge of a big oil field and I see some good old fashioned fascist bullyboy play, hoofing into view. I think sometimes about that 100 yr. old new Cathedral in Barcelona, Goude’ I am thinking. Good at camouflage is a free thinkers trait. Are Catholics mutually exclusive to free thinking?

    • futureofhistory Says:

      catholics let us say are a more benign strain of the same. You see, you live in a superorganism, called history. In all superorganisms designed b nature, the ‘blood’ gets air for free to each cell. And the nerves right information. So all cells feed and work for the community. The Universe has ‘free energy’ and information for all its systems. But there are sickness. Cancer, leukemia, when a tissue or culture becomes selfish and absorbs all the blood/energy of the organism. Then it produces in leukemia or parasitic sickness a ‘soma’, a hormone, a substance that make the cells happy and let themselves kill or work for the paraiste.
      This happened in history when after hundreds of thousands of years of a healthy organism – paleolithic, neolithci in whcih all received food, the air, ‘money’, became no longer wheat as summer, giving for free to each citizen but gold, and a people-caste in Levante started to parasite mankind, first enslaving them to gold fevers, then making them to work for free as slaves. This $emite cultures spread and spread a soma ‘abrahamic religions’ in which the exploited cells of the banker-priest parasites would be told to be immortal, to work for free for them because in the ‘other world’ there would be paradise. The first to suffer the soma were the 11 non-levi ‘slave’ tribes who enslaved the goyyim; the thing has evolved spread all over the world and now excpet the chinese who still give a ‘salary’ (nationalized banks, social security unemployment welfare) to each cell in ‘air’ the rest of MANKIND is asphixiated but all have enough TV-soma to think that NOT to have free air as any cell of any superorganism of the universe is ok. It is a terminal illness. As the leukemia is overextended, teh asphyxiated cells all work as in leukemia for the parasites and are happy as long as they have enough soma Now the world cup, always the superhero, egotrips of the consumer for whom society works, and technoutopia and abrahamic religions and nationalisms, number ones, etc. etc. Catholics were influenced by the platonic love culture of ancient greece, democratic, artistic and humanist and some of that astounding soma bull$hit didnt rub on them. But mostly the same.
      Basically the sickness is called financial captialism. The belief of th ebanker priests they must own the right to issue blood air and distriute it to the cells according to its preferences. Neve happens in nature. Money should be issue from the bottom up as a universal salary to all humancells, and then they will create a demand economy demanding the production ofhelathy welfare goods we need to survive, not weapons for apartheid states, machines for soma videofantasies and otehr truman’s show niceties.
      This is obvious and yet not a single party or social group asks for ‘free air’ as nature provides to all its creatures. That is how efficient is the soma of truman’s show.

  7. aferrismoon Says:

    World Cup again – I noticed that Marca had the headline , on the sports page, ‘Abdication’ in Spanish, and the following day Felipe VI was crowned.
    Some sort of ‘phoenix’ subtext, all that was Juan carlos expunged, long live the king.

    The England defeat – a Scots fan flying the flag in the Uruguay end cheering England’s defeat at the hands of Luis Suarez, not a favourite of the english media.

    If Scotland become independant they will still keep the Queen :)


  8. futureofhistory Says:

    the neo-paleolithic is a pre-verbal age, so visual ¥-Generation are as its name indicates non-verbal. OF course they still use words but cannot do more than a twitter thought, i was showing the page to a top DP from evilwood (grammy winner) who denied vehemently that ‘they can do anything’ and are exactly like the decadent aristocrats of the ancient regime in ‘illustrated XVII c. france’, like sade. So he didn’t believe Allen is a repeated pederast offender and got the oscar. I noticed i was predicting you back in a 2014 letter the election by the tea party of a president that would be the first neo-fascist leader and hate latinos… voila you see Trump was predictableand what is more important avoidable if people would still ‘cogito ergo sum’ not ‘vidi ergo sum’ and ‘credo ergo sum’. In fact when i did film i did only 2 shorts on the parable of the mind, the first ‘cogito ergo sum’, on Descartes, the second ‘hell’ a 1/2 hour film as the mind kept descending on the paleolithic age… You call the ¥-non verbal thinking – only verbal memorising as ‘credo’ the first and last ages of youth and devolution of a language, which like life goes under in reverse way to the youth, as you have the first teeth and loose the first teeth when you enter old age.
    Humans are loosing their mind teeths, their verbal skills, so r=evolution no longer seems possible as it cannot even be understood.

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