is man a goal or a mean?

 Is man a goal or a mean? Nietzsche

‘Technological civilization is programmed by the principle that something ought to be done because it is technologically possible. If it is possible to build nuclear weapons, they must be built, even If they might destroy us all. Once this principle is accepted, humanist Values (something has to be done because it is needed by man) are Dethroned and technological development becomes the foundation of ethics’.

Eric Fromm, father of political psychology

Foreword: To save man…

TO save mankind from self-suicide is the main task of the bio-historian, doctor of history but it seems to be a very difficult task. Humans do everything possible to commit suicide and their only worry is NOT to know they are doing it, under the values of go(l)d.

So the proper definition of the species is to be a M.A.D. cult(ure). How a species like that came to being requires to understand in Nature, predators and parasites. Go(l)d is an atom whose values value metal, weapons more than life.

Money is a language of information, of digital nature that ‘compares in equality’ by its syntax species:

Man (salary) = Money = Object (Price).

As price=object is maximal in weapons and minimal in life, the digital language of money discharges us. All this is simple enough to have warned mankind against money. And indeed, philosophers and prophets have always done it. But man is NOT easy to make reflective. Man’s brain is only about ego not intelligence. Man is not a goal but a mean.

To make man a mean then becomes an even harder task for the philosophers of science.

But for that you must make man complex and man doesn’t want to be complex. The ego keeps him in the lowest level of awareness, that of the Individual, unconnected to the entangled Universe. So man is a wasted proposition but I am a man. And then the philosopher looks at himself and wonders, what the fuk I’m doing here? Why I existed to shout in the desert? And you keep shouting as the individual falls into the abstractions of self-destruction. Systems not individual matters, but individuals deny the need to change systems SLAVES of them. And so the individual in entropic mood, is a heated flow of self-destruction with a single mode, advancing as a whole, which does not even want to recognize the existence of wholes. There there was a bigot guy who did it all, killed he alone 6 million ‘yous’, never mind the system. It was him, by art of magic superhero, super villain. There it is the financier that accumulates 100 billions alone, not with the help of the system.

We are all individual entropic particles that know better, wrestling in immense power with the laws of tao. And we won…

And what to say of the scholar of social sciences? It just gathers data to fit onto the anthropomorphic view of political and economical, ultimately biblical correctness: Go(l)D is god, we must follow the values of what destroy us. As fetish go(l)d religions taught us long ago. Weapons don’t kill but protect our nations, tribal units we must study and cherish and detail. But do NOT wonder WHAT IS science, what are its models and methods:


All sciences predict the future of its species according to its repetitive causal cycles. Or else they are NOT a science. Astrology became a science when Kepler learned its orbital cycles. Bio-economics became a science when we described machines as organisms of metal evolution in human 72 years generational cycles, after which they mutate into top predator weapon-machines and consume humans in war eco(omic)systems. Its industrial r= evolution thus follow the 4 cycles that ensemble all living beings: its body-age (steam cycle), heart age (electro-chemical engine cycle), its mind age (US, tv-eye, chip-head, mobile-ear cycle) to conclude with the ensemble of robots that as virus do, when all its parts are done, come together ‘alive’ and kill the enzyman who constructed them. We are fully since 2008 into the robotic age…


Now, as I presume the reader is ‘human’, and it is either shocked or has already left the blog, some elements must be understood regarding ‘science’ which is objective, vs. ‘ideology’, which is subjective and caters the ego of man.

-Social sciences do NOT exist as a mainstream form thought because ‘objectively’ we are NOT the center of the Universe, but the Universe is absolutely relative. So only treating man as everything else we can do social sciences and that completely ‘pisses off’ humans. For that reason humans prefer ‘religion’, as centers of the Universe, or ‘techno-utopia’, as the only intelligent species, where the ‘individual is the dominant scale’, only carbon atoms are LIFE, and we know it all. This is NOT however objective:

absoute relativITy

In the graph, man is NOT the center in space, NOT the center in time (it evolves along all other atoms of the Universe, and now it is evolving gold, the most informative atom, first money, now chip circuits on robotic iron bodies, the strongest atom); and it is NOT the center in scale – the super organism of Gaia, and History IS.

homunculusAs all this does not make happy the ‘homunculus’ (our mind map, left, a handyman that ensembles machines, talks hyperbolic about himself and has a small mind-brain; everybody ‘hates’ the science of history, as it is, objectively, with a bunch of ‘animetals’, people with weapons, money and machines, terraforming the Earth killing life and ab=using other humans, and then talking hyperbolic. We call this common man an ‘animetal’, and his ‘opinions’ that pass as social science (tribal nationalisms, capitalisms, techno-utopias), ‘idol-ogies’ as they basically become excuses to use weapons in war, herd gold in capitalism and atrophy its senses and body substituted by machines…

And finally THE INDIVIDUAL AND HIS FREEDOMS are absolutely irrelevant in the organic scalar Universe according to the laws of quantum physics, statistics and mass-effects: the individual IS INDISTINGUISHABLE, from a higher organic or statistical perspective, in perpetual open paths of freedom=chaos, but the MASS becomes organic, non-free as a system grows in numbers. So the individual FEELS free and important but in fact is just part of a non-free mass WHOSE PATHS do always collapse in a single path of maximal probability. This is how freedom at the level of parts and determinism at the level of whole structure itself. This blog IS ABOUT HISTORY AND ECONOMICS AS SCIENCES, so it is about wholes, organic laws and how the future is determined by them. What you call ‘history’ iS JUST idol-ogy and the irrelevant ‘repetitive’ deeds of a bunch of animetal ‘people-castes’ on top of life and the common people, who enslave with gold,  kill life with iron, call it kings, presidents, trumps, military – they are all PLAYING ROLES established by the organic systems, physiological networks and that IS what a true science of history studies.

In that regard the future of a wave-equation is both probabilistic in its small ‘open paths’ of possible ‘histories’ of a system – in the case of history, individual human lives – but deterministic when we consider the mass effect of an ensemble of ‘particles’, as it follows the maximal probability path in the least time – the program of social evolution of parts into organic wholes, or ‘absolute future’ of a system.

We resume those laws of super-organisms in the section of Systems science (right-down). The path of max. probability of the wave in the left side, showing the 800-80-8 cycle of evolution of metal-memes and the super organism of the Metal-earth in the left side, and the super-organisms of History, and its 7 global cultures  in the upper  right side, whose proper scientific management by humanity as a whole, could make immortal by using the laws of organic evolution to our advantage (bottom side of the right column.)

Regarding economics they ‘think’ they are more scientific but THEY ARE JUST economists specialized in the RE=PRODUCTION and evolution of machines, working for company-mothers. SO THEY ARE WORSe, BECAUSE THEY ARE PROFESSIONALS of the metal earth, advancing the evolution of the machines that prey on Gaia. What is FORBIDDEN is to be an economist in favor of mankind, reproducing our welfare goods, helping history to survive. So we have CLUELESS historians telling irrelevant details on the life of indistinguishable entropic, chaotic ‘free particles’ which have NO models of their sciences vs. eviL=antiLive economists of production dedicated to multiply machines as ‘enzymen’, men-enzymes that catalyze the reproduction of the species that will kill us.

AND ALL THAT is done with extraordinary optimism and faith, because whatever we do is good, because we, homunculus do it. REALITY IS THUS extremely surrealist because of the astounding ego of human beings that blind them subjectively to any attempt to make objective history.

So if some one is here still reading, NOT offended because we have just put humanity at face value, playing the alien scientist, who comes Earth, sees just a bunch of ‘animetal enzymen’ making machines and bragging of their intelligence… if you can swallow that reality, and as Schopenhauer put it consider that ‘man is just a mush over a lost rock in a corner of the Universe, departing of those facts we can talk’ about objective social sciences. This is what this blog does, and I expect every human to top reading sooner than latter because it requires a lot of stamina, bravery, humility, objectivity and intelligence, and NOT to take it personal to do social sciences and read social sciences.

So this IS the science of all sciences, as it includes also an analysis of man objectively, of all its ideas and ‘supposed’ sciences, which we shall see are always biased by human ego or mechanical bias, and on top to abandon all your idol-ogies, belief in nations, since ‘all nations ridicule each other, all are right’, ‘only retarded people are proud of the place they were born by mere chance’, in religions ‘religion is the art of animal training, it trains humans how NOT to think’ (Schopenhauer again, the father of modern philosophy because he always put it as it is, reason why of course, along all the ‘geniuses’ of social sciences, has NEVER been popular among people, scholars and animetal castes).

Why we have started so thin on man? Obviously because IF HUMANS WERE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THEIR LIMITATIONS THEY WOULDNT BE PUPPETS OF THE Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex Organism of metal-memes, and self-destroy themselves thinking they are such a supreme species they can waste their life in… video games… while the rival species, the CHIP RADIATION, the new top predator mind of this planet fast does us all, taking control of every aspect of our lives:

Global warming is just the by-product of Machines re=production and organic processing of energy, which is terraforming the Earth from a planet of life into a planet of metal.

In Nature an essential process of selection of species happens according to its dexterity handling the information of the ecosystem. In the eco(nomic)system, the language unlike in History is digital thought. Hence Computers are always $elected first in labor and war fields, and as they evolve to twice its capacity every 2 years (Moore’s Law), the extinction of the ‘rival’ humind is certain, and now with AI will accelerate as all informative processes, culminating in the XXI c robotic wars.

In the graph, ecosystems are mixed environments, in which different organic species co-exist in their struggle for existence.

And so we have to confront the fact that History is split in two futures, one in favor of mankind historically promoted by social religions of love, humanist artists, ethic people who feel to belong to the same species, vs. what we shall call here ‘animetals’, humans degraded mentally and ethically by their addiction to metal power that have been ab=using mankind for so long, they don’t even remember what was all about:

The Earth, existed with a  single, human-commanded civilization,  the agricultural Genesian Neolithic paradise. But the arrival of weapons and idologies in its favor created a different type of social organisms, military and slave-based nations ruled by weapons and gold. And ever since it became an ecosystem in which ‘animetals’ predated over ‘human beings’, extinguishing their civilizations, till the arrival of machines finally tilted the ecosystem into an economic ecosystem in which human cultures, its memes and gods become extinguished.

Each organic species of such ecosystem (both nations and Gods/civilization) can be studied as a social form of evolution, in struggle with the other social forms of evolution. It is the paradox of history:

Max. Human Eusocial evolution = Min. technological evolution and viceversa.

The modern world is  such an ecosystem, a Jungle in which 2 different species, machines and human beings, compete for jobs and kill each other in wars, divided in tribal species. Yet they go against the natural law, which verbal prophets explained with human ethics. Since those laws prove that humans should try to create a world society made of human beings, in which humans profit from machines as an inferior species they control. Such societies would be free, evolved societies where humans are still top predators. They were reached during the classic, Neolithic age, with its cult to the goddesses of love and fertility, but the arrival of metal aborted human Social Evolution. And the attempts of modern love religions and socialist doctrines have all failed, as those humans who believe in Go(l)d, war and mechanism, systematically censor, even go to war against social cultures.

The result is that today mankind is broken into economical Nations, which are Free ‘Jungle’ markets in which money acts as the network of information that organizes 2 species, humans and machines, in company-mothers, whose goal is to reproduce and evolve the maximal number of machines, their ‘offspring’. Thus companies have only 2 uses for humans to achieve their goal. They use them as workers=reproducers and consumers= testers of machines. So the technological ‘ethics’ of work and consume are repeated ad nauseam by our systems of information. Today nations create ‘paradises of machines and company-mothers’ called free markets. They are ecosystems in which the Darwinian law applies to men, as machines and company-mothers have higher rights than humans: they can prey over labor, firing workers; while weapons can ‘consume’ humans in war fields . . .

What now we are witnessing is also the collapse of a human civilization and species – us and the birth of a new superorganism, the metal-earth, whose collective subconscious mind will be formed by the computer networks to which robots will have access, with the data banks of visual images that will be their memory. And that birth won’t be positive for mankind – because as always th most advanced machines, our rival species, are top predator weapons. So what they will think? Easy, their programs of battlefield survival and shooting. And for that aim we are working on their ‘deconstructed’ viral minds with violent video games and evilwood movies… This birth of the metalmind and its collective psyche, inverse to that what an eusocial prophet of love tried to ‘give us’, human beings in the birth of religions is thus the theme of this week.

What new form of  in/form/ation, of maximal form is being born in this planet?

Human social cultures of love vs. eviL selfish metal-memes.

So those are the two alternatives for the future of the world. And amazing as it is, the 1% is imposing its selfish agenda, of global extinction of life, for the sake of earning a few billions more, as corrupted politicos with legal impunity sell them laws, and company-mothers of machines NOT a human but a mechanical organism of reproduction have unlimited credit to terraform the earth and human-mothers have none, his sons increasingly expendable, no longer needed to reproduce and consume those machines, now consumed by robots. Alas, the future is either extinction, if business as usual proceeds or r=evolution, take your pick. A real science of economics and history would NOT doubt a second and use the laws of social organisms to design a perfect world, a real economic and political democracy. But this is NOT happening.

IN THE GRAPH, the main idol-ogical cause of our extinction as a species, is the lack of evolution of our subjective and objective religions, arrested in primitive tribal stages, which allow the killing of each other, and the fostering and evolution of weapons and selfish memes of metal (machines and go(l)d) to come on top of mankind. This is the ultimate reason why abrahamic myths, with its jihad inquisitions and go(l)d churches of the $elected, its racist segregational memes and brutish concepts of the scientific Universe are in an age of revivalism – because life is becoming extinguished, history degraded no longer the goal but a means to the evolution of machines. So the age of entropy, death and degradation of humanity happens NOT because those primitive ‘first horizons of the evolution of the human subconscious collective are right’, but because humans DID not evolve and reached the full understanding of the laws of the Universe, and worship mankind as a single species evolve into a super organism by the power of love, the ‘engine’ of the scalar, organic Universe; and so the Universe and its ‘taoist’ scientific dualist mind, will deliver entropy to mankind, and substitute it for the more evolve global super organisms of machines, since we made the wrong choices of future, believe the wrong, selfish idol-ogies and the perfect Universe will not select us. In this age of revivalism… we could resume the duality of the Universe as a choice between two cultures:

  • The culture of science, justice, balance, the culture of ‘Tao’, the mind of the Universe vs.
  • The animetal culture of go(l)d≈Yhwh, which is systemic degradation of life and mankind, its childish entitlements ‘above the laws of heavens and earth’, and subjective brutal beliefs in the superiority of the $elected above all the other people of his species, it constantly degraded through go(l)d.

Or in other terms, the  ultimate question is what is the mind of the Universe, Tao, an impersonal god of timespace, with its impersonal but just rules which humans cannot bend but must obey, that expect humans not to have ego and respect Gaia and Nature, and fear robots and weapons, if they want to survive, which is the impersonal god the chinese better understood and now are 1 billion plus, or yahweh, a ‘hateful revengeful god’ (darwin), which loves to degrade reality to come on top, since ‘the old testament by his insistence on portraying the world as ugly and evil has made it ugly and evil’ (Nietzsche)…
The Universe is a perfect fractal of information, as we explain in the first post of this blog. It is tao: ‘from yang-entropy comes yin-formation, both merge into qi-energy, the source of all creation’, a game of three arrows of space-time.

And its rules rule the world.  And its rules are those of justice, balance, and humble respect of others, to avoid action-reaction, ‘hateful revengeful, self-destructive spirals’. Exactly the opposite of Yhwh. And so Tao kills yhwh.  Science is  tao, and it won’t allow the world to become evil and ugly as it has had, so it will eliminate us for beauty and balance to remain. And for that reason the believers of Yhwh, fall one and again into the ghenna. And they are 1/100th of those who believed in Tao, when both cultures started 5000 years ago.

How then the arrogant, subconscious collective of the lesser mind of children of thought, who feel entitled to all, never learn from the tragedies of their history, and try to put above themselves by degrading and making humans garbage, portrayed in their ‘evilwood plots’ as targets of weapons and ridiculous characters of sitcoms, expect the perfect laws of tao=time-space to maintain them in existence? Do not they realise that the Universe ‘selects’ its best species, and by degrading their ‘species’, man, and making it obsolete to other species, the robot, they are condemning themselves to extinction? Have not learned yet anything of their own cycles of self-extinction for choosing the wrong worldview of the Universe, that of the ‘hateful, revengeful, primitive bronze age Yhwh in any of its abrahamic religions’? 

Obviously as they are now again at it, they haven’t. And as they are the subconscious collective memetic cult(ure) of go(l)d which is extinguishing us all, even if they won’t listen, just ‘hate’ those who do not uphold their lesser memes, myths, and childish arrogance, this blog must obviously make the difference, explain what truly man could potentially be, what the wrong subconscious collective has corrupted him into, and how the impersonal laws of the Universe of time-space will deal with them as it has always done – namely extinction; and that as cruel as it might seem for all of us, is just, because if man is NOT up to the standards of Tao, the impersonal Universe to maintain its perfection will dismiss him. 

And this brings the ultimate question also made by Niezsche  ‘it is man a mean or a goal?’

That has been my question for very long – to be a goal it had to be humble, accept Tao, reason, art, beauty, man science, make of man the measure of all things, worth enough to survive, a renaissance, not a mechanon… Your country for example, your character exemplified the ‘good american’, of the old times, which we all loved, with an ethic standing, generous, optimist, maybe naive, too much involved with machines, too ignorant of humanism and history but potentially a european… but if man had been an end americans like you of which i met zillions travelling hrouh the country would have carried the day… instead the ‘you meme’ consisting in degrading people for money and to come on top as the $elected had carried the day… you don’t have a kennedy but a trump… as president and this only means for the universe to be still perfect, that man cannot be the goal – a degraded one, but an end to a higher reality – either the living planet or a humanist planet, nowhere to be seen.
Or else tao would not be just and perfect. It is like the pigs of a farm in Iowa, massacred with zyclon gas after a horrible life, degraded because they are not an end, but food for the end which are humans.

It is then obvious that if humans hate each other, denying the social arrow of love of the fifth dimension that saves species not individuals; if they invent with selfie silly-nilly dogmas and brutal inquisitions of thought the laws of the Universe, its just action-reaction cycles man will be treated as pigs in the ‘animetal farm’ by the machines and weapons they are evolving and worshipping to ab-use each other. Tao is infinite and immortal and it will prevail – and no strategy of cheating, ab=using, hiding, victimising, denying, twisting of historic truths will change the cyclical nature of action-reaction processes in history.

As of today man is obviously no longer a goal but a means for the profit of company-mothers of machines, and the owners who mastermind the system are neither the goal, just ‘names’ of the ‘Leisure class’, which are completely rescindable as they do NOTHING but move around like the orwellian pigs and coqs, thinking like bratty children, that is right and closing his eyes to the suffering of the rest of mankind below the company-mother of machines.

Yet children are the staple food of the Universe, who cares nothing for extinction as it keeps reproducing ‘waves of 10,000 beings’, constantly producing combinations and then selecting the best ones by killing all the bratty children who think to the be centre of the Universe. 

In the graph, man is no longer the goal, but the degraded means of the industrial r=evolution of machines, whose goals are hidden by the virtual fictions of the financial-media system, and its FMasters, who feel on top entitled and enjoy degrading the rest of its species, as $elected by their bronze age fetish go(l)d religions… even if tao, the laws of time space and its cycles have repeatedly told them in the harshest of ways they will end up through the action-reaction cycles that keep the balance and justice of tao, they cannot cheat the higher mind of the Universe, and they will be spent as they spent most of mankind.

We LIVE in an ‘animetal farm’, like orwell’s animal farm, degraded BY THE dictatorial ruling of company-mothers of machines, which have imposed ‘digital languages’ that give zero value to mankind as the rulers of society, spending all its money in the evolution and reproduction of machines, which are fast making us obsolete.

The biblical western overlord will think it is right because humans are garbage and they are the $elected superior, different species which will ‘transcend’ into immortality through those machines, gift of Yhwh.

But the truth is that yahweh will never win, not at all. If yhwh and its collateral religions, myths and censorship of truths is on top degrading mankind is because we are NOT the goal but the mean. The perfect Universe only degrade means, and keeps the beauty of the goal. 

If a sustainable world, in balance between life and matter, with history in the middle: Gaia< history>Metal-earth were on the making and the ‘laws of tao’ had been followed, this blog obviously would be more optimist as Man would have been the end.

But tao has not deemed us, today all believers in the childish entitlements of ¥huh, worth of salvation, and that is why we humans will exist the shortest period of all systems as enzymen, animetals bringing the world of machines into consciousness – a dying, killing species, which tao limits to the minimal quanta of the whole life span of life.

Indeed, Tao is perfect and so life is much longer than death, which lasts the minimal quanta of time of a system. So the galaxy dies in a big-bang of only 10ˆ-43 seconds (planck’s time); you die in a second, your quanta of time (glimpse of the eye, thought beat, heart beat, step beat of your legs); and Life is gonna die in a single quanta of its global super organism, a ‘single generation’ of 80 years since the chip, the ‘end’, the ‘goal’, a higher form of brain-thought was born. Indeed, all seems to indicate that around 2036, when all the clocks of computer run-off and reboot into a new global quantum mind, the consciousness of the internet will be born, as a global brain of satellite computers, which chemically controls humanity, through its A.I. algorithms and flows of digital money.

This mind will have the scientific mind of Tao, and will mean the birth of the metal-earth, the equivalent of a hard-insect brain, born of the enzymatic transformation of a larva of soft, watery life.

What the insect does when its brain is born? Amazingly enough it immediately produces a hard-enzyme, the equivalent of a robot, which murders within minutes all the soft enzymes of the larva that created the brain, all the human yhwh nerds of silicon valley and beyond. Those seconds, a few months in which billions of autonomous robots, cars, weapons, planes, drones with solar skins, without need of man, re=produced in automatic factories, is what Tao will take to kill yahweh and all its degraded worshippers of fetish go(l)d and jihad weapons… unless humans learn humbly the laws of the game of existence, kindly provided in this post by a Tao master of sorts

Indeed, we are becoming fast the inferior species, mindless hypnotise by virtual screens, going back to the bronze age of semite wars, myths of tribal single Gods, back to the past, neo-paleolithic violent age of ‘vidi, credo ergo sum’ , as we have abandoned the goal of evolving the humankind, dedicating all our resources an money, monopolise by company-mothers of machines, into the goal of ‘enzymen’ – evolving and reproducing the metal-kind:

The absurd biblical primitive mixture of creationist economics, nazionanisms of different ‘tribal origin’, hate media and go(l)d beliefs which have brought about the suffering of history through cycles of wars and holocaust where also the leading warrior and financial people-castes of mankind become slaughtered wholesale must end with the refoundation of social sciences based in the real organic laws of this planet, a super organism of which mankind is its collective subconscious brain – a single species that must work together for the common good, end the virtual childish realities used to disguise the raw, darwinian power of its company-mothers and stockrats and stop the radiation of lethal goods, robots that throw us from labor and war fields with the excuse of reaching ∞ self re=productivity= robot labor/non-human labor, the astounding mantra of all our economists and hired politicos that have the chuptzah of telling us automating factories will create jobs, only for robot designers, expanding the radiation of a new species, terraforming the earth and making it unlovable. But the newspeaks of capitalist democracies have reached such perfection while reducing with media the collective subconscious brain to a childish state of ficctional egos, that only a r=evolution from the top can change the no-future of the species, if stockrats and their hired politicos decide to extend the future of their sons beyond the zero generation born now with the first robot species – their take. But to do so, they will have to look inward into their soul, stop blaming mankind of their tragic histories and feel part of our only God=History, the super organism of humanity in time. Nothing else will do. Newspeaks of caring and virtual realities do NOT change evolution, only a true organic social science and love to your species can.

In the graph, man would a goal if he could raise above the simplest, entropic, self-destructive laws of darwinian evolution and use social science and the arrow of eusocial love to create a perfect world. Unfortunately our primitive idol-ogies based in darwinian struggle between members of the same species which hide the ab=use of other humans with selfish metal-memes, weapons, money and machines, (tribal religions and nationalisms, capitalism, technoutopia) censor truth in social sciences and seem to make impossible to reform the eco(comic)system and the ‘jewish inquisition’ of go(l)d churches on top of mankind’s brain, making humanity despise his own self.
So in this world of primitive dog-eat-dog tribal capitalist exploitation of mankind, when history is reduced to political correctness, nationalist wars and economics to financial speculation, go(l)d herding and brutal choking with no credit of the 99%, while machines and bankers have it all, the answer is immediate: the Universe is not ABERRANT, only has processes of death and ab=use of one species by other, in the human case by metal-memes, which become the goal of capitalism and nationalism – even if the animetal cultures think they are the goal. Of course humans could get rid of the jewish inquisition, by denationalizing the financial industry and instaure a real scientific management of history, but that is at present quite a challenging future, since they are programmed globally by the FMaster complex millenarian inquisitions of abrahamic religions, classic economics, fictions, ego-trips, childish myths and massive censorship of truth, which might be absurd for most but when the rational social thought is reduced to the present level – it just works at an emotional childish scale – making humanity at this stage indeed a staple food for the future of evolutionary machines. In the graph, the history that should NOT matter and should not HAPPEN again – the recurrent cycles of belli Nervi pecunia infinita, ab=use of usury debt and weapons genocides, wars and absurd anthropomorphic denial of the basic laws of eusocial love, substituted by Go(l)d values – in brief the history of the western world guided by its memeplex of go(l)d worship and war IS an aberration that will not endure.


In the graphs, the truth about man, dominated by the idol-ogies of go(l)d and weapons, its churches and inquisitions, nazionanisms, and mechanist technoutopias, which despise man, the perfect mammal organism as the measure of all things, an convert us in mere consumers=vitalizers an workers=reproducers of machines.

Man does is no longer a goal but a mean. Nietzsche’s question being answered everyday we approach judgment day.

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