U$ vs. Yuan



In the graph the cycles of evolution of money: Money is a language of digital information, which has evolved as all languages increasing its digital purity as a number (logic syntax that matters more than support), it has increased its numbers of bytes, as information machines have been able to reproduce more units of it, it has decreased its size as information evolves diminishing its ‘energy-space’ and increasing its speed, finally valuing all things on earth, including men as objects, substituting and making obsolete the alternative human, verbal ethic language that  evolved slower than digital languages and money did.

  Money is a language of digital information with support in metal.

Humans have evolved different digital languages, but none has been more successful than money, due to its support in the most complex atomic substances of the Universe – heavy metal.

The informative properties of Gold and silver, the most common forms of money throughout history explains the ‘biological’, ‘scientific’, not abstract nature of money, and its economical relationship with weapons (old cycles of history) and company-mothers of machines (modern cycles of economics).

Thus, in the biological and evolutionary models of ‘bio-economics’  we must understand the duality of money, both as a language of information that carries ‘certain values’, different from other languages (human verbal languages) and as a ‘substance’, informative metal, which sets its properties and affinities with the other ‘dominant’ products of an economic ecosystem, weapons andmachines.

Have you ever wonder why everybody talks about money but nobody knows how to define it?…

Indeed, one of the most fascinating facts about Economics is the ignorance of people, including economists about its fundamental element, money. Humans seem obsessed by money; so are economists, the so-called ‘experts’ of this discipline. And yet, nobody has properly defined money in 3000 years of obsession. So we should start this blog on the sciences of economics and history, its species, languages, cycles and organisms seen with the novel perspective of Theory of Information, Systems sciences and complexity with a definition of it:

‘Money is a language of digital information’

 We humans talk with 2 languages, verbal words and digital numbers. And when we use those 2 languages to create, organize and evolve social organisms, we call them ‘laws’ and ‘money’.  But while most people understand the “law” and the way it organizes social systems, none has properly studied money as a language of digital information and how it evolves and organizes economic systems. And this is one of the main reasons our economic systems and societies are so badly designed. 
The reason why this is happening has to do with the shortcomings of the human mind regarding digital languages. We are born with a genetic capacity to talk words (Chomsky). So every human can ‘invent’ words and combine them in meaningful sentences able to value all the beings that surround us. But do not talk mathematics, naturally and so since our ‘neurons’ do not support the digital language, we have had to evolve it externally, using ‘other supports’ to perceive mathematics.
And this difference between words, our internal, biological language and numbers, perceived externally as we learned to count has made all the difference; and explains many of the peculiarities of money as a language. And the way it has built our economic organism, which let us be clear from the beginning, is very poorly constructed.
Indeed, the first fact about information people tend to forget is that it is ‘subjective’.  Each mind uses a different language of information and it gives with it values to the Universe, from its selfish perspective.

Languages are systems of information that certain species use to value reality from their point of view. For example, words are the biological language of man. So we use them to value reality from our human perspective and that means life has a maximal value, while in money it has NO value at all:

Language values selects species by affinity giving maximal value to those made of similar substance. So weapons have max. value in metal-gold and life null. And viceversa. In wor(l)ds weapons have negative value and life maximal. This fact is the basis for a scientific analysis of ethics, which is the survival subconscious value of the wor(l)d that guides subconsciously humanity into survival. For that reason animetal cult(ure)s systematically deny an ethical, organic Universe, choosing absolute freedom=chaos synonymous in science of entropic death Brough by its belief in go(l)d values

In the graph, the key element of memetics are the hidden values of Go(l)d money and the primitive abrahamic go(l)d churches (Judaism>Biblical capitalism>AI software) which are guiding mankind into extinction, with its modern ‘company-mothers’ version of the 3 equations of capitalist profits, with maximal values for weapons and hate media. So all what mankind needs to do is exactly what is doing, believing in the values of go(l)d without trying even to understand them rationally, ‘physically’, according to the organic laws of evolution that guide the equation of the III ages of the planet, Gaia (life-light languages)>History (Man: wor(l)d languages), Metalearth (machines: digital, gold languages), to certainly become extinct this century as all the actions created with credit under those values (creditated), terraform the Earth to the image and likeness of machines.

money censors shut upThe alternative obviously is to consider money only in terms of nomisma, as a legal tender digital system of values, re=producing it as organisms do as a salary in ‘oxygen’, Universal Human ¥€$ money of an international currency, which would be a democratic economy; a form of money invented by rational Greek->Roman democracies (Aristotle gave it the name) which used brittle iron as it was supposed to be of legal tender because the people and/or its governments have invented it NOT because it was a fetish go(l)d substance that hypnotized the primitive eyes of its herders, submitted to the hypnotism of greed – blindly guiding mankind towards extinction as they are doing now at global level.


“Economists, and politicians, doctors of history, should promote human, biological goods, which mankind most enjoy as they allow us to fulfill our natural drives of existence – the desire for biological energy, verbal information, reproduction andEusocial evolution, and prevent the reproduction of lethal goods, which limit our evolution, either atrophying and substituting our brains or killing our bodies (weapons and digital machines)”

We have stated clearly that money and weapons go together: ‘money is the nervous system of war’ said Cicero and he was right. What is more important? MONEY, the true black hole of history, as it can pay mercenary armies. So wars are NOT won by the country with initial better weapons but by the country with initial healthier currency and economy, which very fast gear production of weapon and ultimately has the financial and economical resources.

AND YET, as each new top predator nation with the new dominant currency is at the beginning of his empire building he has less weapons than the previous top predator. So a ‘mismatch’ between the leading empire and the leading economic powerhouse takes place in the transition between cycles, and the result is a fight for power. The military old nation wants to regain its mighty lost economy but only has weapons; the new nation, is more peaceful but does not renounce to financial and economic power. So the old power defies the new one with its arsenal and ultimately looses it all.



This is one of the oldest cycles I found precisely because it started with the crash and defeat of my original country Spain (i really have no nation, just human), when the new economic powerhouse, Holland invented the first stock-market corporations and so with the new currency to the surprise of all defeated the old country with the old weapons, Spain and became the new leading nation.

Then again Holland was defeated by France, and France by England and country after country the same cycle happened, till arriving to Germany with the best weapons but a smaller economy than US, who defeated it in II world war – but and this is the ‘laugh of the gods’, it is the declining economic power with mighty weapons, arrogant without realising it is a deja vu past thing, who defies and declares war to the new nation and looses it. In the next graphs we show from the 92 book the waves of top predator nations. Next comes ‘obviously’ as we predicted then the China vs. US, now starting confrontation:


In each cycle of History the top predator nation with higher GNP has a top predator currency, which allows it to produce free money, just printing paper. That privilege is the highest privilege of all – the invention of free money. Moreover in most cycles of Western History this privilege was hold within each nation at the top of the wave by a group of Am Segullah banker-priests, except during the 2 periods of dominance of the Greek-Roman culture, in the Iron Age and the ‘Renaissance’. Yet at the end of each cycle, a nation or civilization sinks and another rises, the GNP shifts and the Am Segullah abandon a nation with its go(l)d moving to the next nation. It is then when the Holocaust of the poor left behind in the country that has lost the ring of go(l)d happens. The process now is unavoidable as China will overcome in GNP the US within this decade. Then the US will plummet, the change in global currency will happen, and the Am Segullah will again abandon the US, move to Australia and invest in Hong Kong and India. Because the US is ruled as German was by the International Banker, it is obvious to consider the parallelism between this end of the cycle and the previous one. For 20 years I have warned of this and asked for an International currency, for 20 years I had to publish in obscure magazine, webs and self-published books. Because censorship is the fundamental tool of power by which an animetal culture imposes over a humanist one.

In that regard, the error of the present American administration is to compare itself with the Roosevelt Administration, instead of the Weimar Republic. Since in each Kondratieff cycle the ‘exit and entry’ nations change. So today America plays the role of Germany and China plays the role of America. China is indeed in a New Deal age, implementing a massive program of peaceful investments and already some of her companies have returned to the values prior to the 2008 crash. While America is in its Weimar age, when the corruption of its International Bankers reaches its height, since the reproduction of the new form of money peaks at this stage, in the zenith of the evolution of the new type of money. Then, the Germanic middle class, whose money is absorbed in different ways to sustain the speculative pyramids, becomes ruined and amidst drenching poverty, turns towards fascism. Yet, as long as a fascist leader is not elected, there is still hope for a change of financial policies, before the ‘military solutions’ of the next decades, are implemented by Hitler in Germany, by a future president in America.

But those solutions will not come from the International Banker, since History shows, he will be as harsh with money as the military leader is with weapons, since that is his go(l)d ideology. Profit has no moral limit as long as it is technically possible. Thus the only solution to quench social unrest is a financial revolution, a reform of the system, the nationalization of the banking industry and the reform of stock-markets to help financing life-enhancing human goods.

That is the only change we can believe in, the change for which Obama was elected on false promises that he has not realized – a Health care reform that would nationalize and reduce costs, as it happens in Europe; the end of the military wars in defense of Israel against Islam; the nationalization of the credit industry and its reform to back a sustainable economy; a new energy policy that would put at rest the Nuclear Menace, including the closing of the factory of Black Holes, built at CERN; and the creation of a new global monetary system of fixed parities, based in an International Yes (euro-Yuan-dollar) currency that prevents the crash of the dollar. None of this proposals are even considered in the present world, where all the industries of information, both verbal, audiovisual and financial, are controlled by the most extreme form of capitalism, the Go(l)d religion of the Am Segullah.

What power seeks is to maintain the appearance of normality, as the elite keeps taxing and stealing the wealth of the country. As we speak, billions of tax-payer money are fuelled to Banks and then used, NOT to lend but to acquire other banks, give further bonuses to managers and cover holes on speculative trades. Obama might think these spoils systems, exemplified by AIG, have no limit. But the limit is the trust on the Dollar. The International Bankers might think they can find an enemy scapegoat for the spoils in China, but when the ‘Treasure’ Boss’ from the ‘Treasure People’, Mr. Geithner, tried to blame China, he got a warning: we can unload a trillion $ of American securities and sink the dollar and win this war without a shot.

Fact is America cannot squander a single $ more because it is not the bull of the XXI century but the retreating bear, as Germany was in the 20s. And so when the International Banker departs, as he did before from Germany, with the left-overs, the $ will hit 2 for a Euro and rising, as people unload trillions of dollars back, creating hyperinflation. It happened in all the 72-80 years of national power. Then people will take Uzis and search with phone guides for the wealthy, but the wealthy will be gone to Australia.

So there will be pogroms and robotized security industries will thrive. America will not explode in a World War as Germany did, nor it will go smoothly down as Britain, but it will explode in Civil Wars as Spain did and France did, because of its continental isolation, its racial division in people-castes, its individualism, the right of its citizens to bear arms and 50 years of violent TV propaganda. For that reason Obama should wake up NOW. His time limit is set, as in all other cycles: the loss of currency power that will happen with the convertibility of the Yuan. Then the Bankers of all nations will run to ditch dollars and buy Yuans, as they ran to ditch Marks and buy dollars 80 years ago.

Unfortunately Mr. Obama merely continues business as usual –  false promises for the wor(l)d people and Realpolitiks for the powerful, where go(l)d talks, in the Federal Budget:

We will rebuild, we will recover and the United States of America will emerge stronger” (President Obama, State of the Union Address 24 Feb 2009):
“Those of us who manage the public’s dollars will be held to account—to spend wisely, reform bad habits and do our business in the light of day—because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government.”

The stated priorities of the Obama economic package were health, education, renewable energy, investment in infrastructure and transportation. “Quality education” was at the forefront. Obama had also promised to “make health care more affordable and accessible”, for every American.  To reach these stated objectives, a significant hike in public spending on social programs (health, education, housing, social security) would be required as well as the implementation of a large scale public investment program. It was a change we could believe in, easily achieved, following China’s advice to create a global currency, at fixed parity, independent of the International Banker. Major shifts in the composition of public expenditure would also be required: i.e. a move out of a war economy, in favor of civilian programs.

The Realpolitiks though are the most drastic curtailment in public spending in American history, leading to social havoc and the potential impoverishment of millions of people, which will happen when China, Russia, Japan, Brazil and other emerging markets, whose central banks are not masterminded by the International Banker decouple and sink the dollar.


Some data is needed at this point in this ‘systemic’ book of Laws of History that the reader can fill with real data.

Obama’s budget, submitted to Congress on February 26, 2009 envisages outlays for the 2010 fiscal year (commencing October 1st 2009) of $3.94 trillion, an increase of 32 percent. Total government revenues for the 2010 fiscal year, according to preliminary estimates by the Bureau of Budget, are of the order of $2.381 trillion.

The predicted budget deficit (according to the president’s speech) is of the order of $1.75 trillion, almost 12 percent of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product.  Now, those real 2.38 trillion $ taken away from the people go entirely to the 3 Am Segullah priorities:

1. Defense and the Middle East War, which is after all a bankers’ war in defense of their other nation (1.45 trillion).

2. The Wall Street bank bailout ($739 billion).

3. Interest payments on a staggering public debt, which also goes to the financiers ($164 billion).

2.38 trillions, 100% of the tax money has gone to 3 ‘themes’ that should not even be in the first place in a rational agenda on the post-war communist age in which no nation is really an enemy of America. This is the aberration of being guided by an animetal culture, which has not evolved scientifically its understanding of History and Economics. America should be like Costa Rica, a nation with police but hardly any budget for an army, as it was during Jefferson age. Police should patrol its borders. Terrorism should be controlled as Europeans do, as a crime. An impoverished America that cannot avoid that a 4 times bigger China becomes the leading nation of the XXI c. must look inwards to develop its people. And it is in that sense a lucky country with no enemies in its 2 borders. It is a privileged country with an isolated geography that makes impossible any enemy, unless it goes out to look for them, which is what is doing as the mercenary army of Israel.


Next, comes another ‘theme’, which should not exist in an economic system run by a science of economics, the monopoly in the creation of money hold by the Am Segullah and their millenarian ideologies that justify greed: ‘I am the King Messiah for whom you have been waiting. Take the silver and gold from the goyyim.’ –Josiah 60, 6. Rabbi Abarbanel to Daniel 7, 13. The culture of banking, of Capitalism owes more to such tribal concepts of go(l)d power than to a science. Go(l)d and Aryan cults to weapons that pass today as science and nationalism should not have a place in a III millennium, when weapons of mass destruction are far more advanced than our social evolution. Governments, not private bankers should be allowed to create money and call that creation of ‘wealth’, as stock-markets do, if they were not guided by the capitalist concept that a group of International Bankers, not the government should control the language of power of the World:

“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls British money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”

Of course now the system is more complex to reform. The role that in the past a few bankers, kings and generals perform to maintain the profits of war, is now done by ‘experts’, thousands of anonymous people working for financial corporations and defense departments…

If Disraeli explained how wars were made for profits by a single financier, alter ego of Mr. Rothschild, in his novel about the power of Am Segullah, now thousands of anonymous ‘soldiers of profits’ manufacture consent on the Mass-media system. Yet, it is precisely at the height of power when it all explodes, when people say enough. There is a systemic pattern. When the ‘Am segullah’ were allowed to emigrate and found a state in Cyprus, during the Roman Empire, they massacre 200.000 people (Gibbon), within days, to create a pure racial state. Hadrian, then a general, who went to curtail the rebellion and saw it all, was the man who expelled them from Israel, because he realized that the Greek-Roman milder approach to iron and go(l)d power, which still made man the measure of all things was at risk. The same feeling can be observed in Roman texts about Germans. Those two cultures become slaves of gold and iron in a higher measure than other humans, maybe because of their longer contact with metal, maybe because of their higher mixture with visual Neanderthals (as it seems to be the case of the Homo Sapiens Palestiniensis and the Basque-German race). They do not reason. They convert war and greed into a religion. They die for it. So when they reign, the world becomes harsher, enters an even darker age.

This is obvious in the 2 historic transitions from the Semite Iron age (Assyrian, Persian, Phoenician and Jewish domain) to the Roman-Greek Age; and then again from the European Middle Ages, dominated by German warriors and Jewish bankers, to the Renaissance, dominated by Spanish warriors and Italian Bankers, which at least put man as the measure of all things. Today we are again, after the collapse of the Humanist age of Europe, dominated by France and Italy and the brief American 60s, dominated by the Catholic, Kennedy presidency, back into animetal fundamentalism. But Mr. Obama, working together with Mr. Jintao, could return the world to a humane age, if he reigns on the International Banker. And that would also avoid a Holocaust of the battered lower castes of Israel.

Indeed, it is precisely when their power is at their height, when people realize of the racism of the go(l)d culture, when the pendulum turns, and that must be avoided NOT letting them go to the end. When the Cyprus genocide happened the Jewish might have represented a 10% of the Roman Empire and they controlled Eastern finances, once the Phoenician partner was gone. Then they fully embraced the Babylonian Talmud, the go(l)d doctrine.

And so the mask of ‘caring’ felt and they were exterminated. In the Middle Ages again, when they became the owners of most land in Europe, servicing the king, and were open about it, the people rebelled. So it happened in Europe, when I World War, the last war for profits, ended. Humanity acts them, as it acted against the Sword of Hitler, when it became clear that the Germ(an)s of History had been reborn. Only ignorance and good faith on the part of mankind allows the animetal program to continue. In the other present tragedy of mankind, much more important than this one – the creation of new Nuclear Weapons, black holes that can extinguish the world, by a group of physicists lead by Germans – the same happens. People think CERN is a ‘scientific, idealist’ lab of research NOT what it truly is, the next step in the military-industrial complex of Nuclear weapons, which now has been privatized and it is explained with marketing of a false ‘God’s particle’.

If people knew they will probably die within years, swallowed by a weapon, a black hole, made by German ‘physicists’, the kind of people that invented all the weapons of mass-destruction of history, they would close the lab. Again, in the ‘Am Segullah’ case, the mask is now falling. So America will soon come to that point of the ‘program of greed’ in which all explodes.  Since if all the revenues of the federal government amounting to $2.381 trillion are used to finance the bank bailout the war and interest payments on the public debt, which obviously will go also to bankers, no money would be left over for other categories of public expenditure, except Deficit Money, which will undermine the dollar, as the International Banker has refused to create an International Currency to back those deficits, as Keynes, this author and now even China proposes. It is amazing that US, the country that would benefit most with this measure says no, so the International banker can keep making money in speculative markets, sinking currencies at pleasure in his Bloomberg platform. And yet Mr. Obama backs Mr. Bloomberg, NOT the democrat candidate, for NY elections.

If we ad the blueprint of the Health care reform that obliges healthy Americans to buy a compulsory health-care plan offered by private companies, with spiraling cost nobody reigns in, under penalty of the law, giving those companies the ideal customer – a healthy individual that pays hefty insurance with the help of further national deficits – when or a fraction of that price a nationalized health-care system, as in Europe, could insure every American, we come to the conclusion that this is the most corrupted budget and political caste since Germany’s Weimar Republic. Since an astounding 99% of taxes will be dedicated to the elite of their country – bank bailouts, debt payments and ‘Semite wars’ in defense of Israel. The rest is deficit, which it would be ok, in a humanist global economy in which all countries will make deficits possible. But in a capitalist economy it will mean the demise of the dollar as international currency…

The problem of course is that the banks that have received in the Western World trillions of $ are NOT lending to the people. The traditional bias, which encroaches the 5 to 10 times higher rent of an ‘Am Segullah’ across the XX century in America, which is the easiness by which they obtain massive credits from a financial system they dominate, now it is becoming a scandal. People cannot renew their mortgages, because they are blamed of ‘knowing they could not afford those homes in first place (Paulson). All over the world banks are using tax payer money to invest in other banks, in marketing, in more speculative trades, while the true sectors of wealth of the economy, life-enhancing human goods, people opening small shops and businesses with human labor, educating themselves for the future, getting a mortgage, obtain nothing. It is a peak on selfishness in financial companies that deserve to be nationalized. And the same happens in Stock-Markets, which keep floating internet, worthless companies and investing in nano-robotics and companies of the Singularity.

If Obama continues this trend, he will be vilified more than Mr. Bush, who at least had the decency to ‘go fishing’ when he woke up to reality, understood he was, as Rothschild put it, a puppet and didn’t go into Iran.

Thus, America finds indeed itself at the end of its cycle, in its own version of that tragic Weimar republic, just before the Mark crashes and hell opens its doors. As of today, my opinion about Obama is that he is a good… ‘politician’, adapted to the most corrupted plutocracy of history and he knows. He recently responded to the question, ‘who King would have chosen?’ ‘None of us’. So he is still ambivalent, perhaps still at heart, a good man, who wished to have the courage of becoming a real leader of its people. But History shows that eviL, go(l)d and iron, is more powerful than flesh and few politicians resist their corruption.

They don’t die for mankind – the people; they don’t walk the solitude of the Wor(l)d prophet. And so far Obama has maintained Military Courts for Guantanamo’s prisoners, offered billions of tax-payer money to insurance companies after the AIG scam, rejected universal health care, appointed lobbyists to most positions in power, mashed up more drone planes to kill Afghan peasants, let foreclosures continue and made Mr. Geithner the boss of the Treasure  Department —a man who cheated taxes, helped to cause from his NY Fed quarters the crisis he now pretends to resolve, tried to blame China for the Wall Street scam of derivatives, keeps handing out billions to bankers and has the chutzpah to say that Social Security is not untouchable. And so those actions will bring ‘business cycle as usual’ too, on the other side of the equation of eviL: neo-fascism, which will mobilize the ex-believers of the go(l)d Masters, now called White Trash, the middle class, which are the ones that do revolve and act up.

They have endured centuries of ‘closing rank and file’ behind their owners, because they had beneath them ‘Negroes, Mexicans and Indians’ to beat up. But now poverty will convert them into new Palestinians. Since at the end of all those Kondratieff cycles, when the ‘wealth of nations’ in weapons and money reaches its evolutionary peak, the upper castes absorb all the wealth and the Middle Classes disappear.

And so the same process that took place in Europe in the 1840s, bringing about r=evolutions and the Communist Manifesto; the same process that took place in the 30s, bringing about fascism, is taken place now again in America And so the American ‘White Trash’ will bring neofascism, taking over Washington in yet another 1.000.000 march, this time of armed men, when the crash of the dollar throws their nation into chaos. Indeed, what is ‘business cycle as usual’ in History after those Kondratieff crashes and Weimar Republics, is violence against the scapegoats of the cycle – the poor ‘Am Segullah’, as the International Banker is well protected. So we shall witness either pogroms (I Crash in Russia, now with Americans going up to Beverly Hills no longer to take a picture of the ‘Homes of the Stars’); or the election of a right-wing leader (II Crash in Germany with the election of Hitler; in America a possible radical GOP candidate); or a popular revolt of ‘white trash’, neofascist people, converging towards the capital (II Crash in Italy: march over Rome; in America towards Washington, with armed citizens).

Because when the pie has been eaten, all is putrid air.

Societies are superorganisms ruled by laws of systems sciences. Our eco(nomic)system has become a super organism of machines – the Financial-media (informative machines)/military-industrial complex (energetic machines), which parasites Humanity and its super organisms of citizens and government heads, today $laves of private bankers & Company mothers of ‘metal-germs’≈ lethal goods of max. profit, weapons=machines & hate media that kill or atrophy our body and mind. But since deficit zero laws forbid humanity to print the language of social power, money, company-mothers issue 99% of global ‘blood’=money, choking off credit mankind and its Welfare. So they build a world to the image and likeness of machines, as a viral leukemia does, once it has substituted the brain of the cell by its DNA=VIRTUAL REALITY memes and technoutopias, obliging its cells to reproduce only virus=machines. Then once all cells are choked and the entire super organism is made of virus, a terraformed metal-earth no longer human will be born unless a r=evolution ends private banking and gives back credit to humanity. Notice the key date of the invention of the chip, when the Metalearth started its exponential growth of credit for company-mothers and financial houses which invest mostly in machines or print money for themselves. Today the human welfare economy is dwindling to 1% of the total credit that ‘creates’ the future. In biology a population shrunk to 10% is the threshold of extinction. Our ‘credit’ to create the future has gone below it.

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 17.14.34.png

 Now in this battle China will win, because there is a cycle of economic crash, war, and CHANGE OF GLOBAL TOP PREDATOR CURRENCY, WHICH HAS ONLY A NUMBER to watch: NOT WEAPONS POWER BUT  GDP GROWTH IN NOMINAL TERMS. The nation with more GDP trades more, sets more prizes in markets and so its currency becomes standard for trade exchanges.



And America cannot prevent it. Indeed,  THE RELEVANT FACT IS WHEN China decides to do it; SINCE NOMINAL GDP IS MERELY A FINANCIAL DECISION OF CENTRAL BANKERS. BUT PPP IS REAL AND China is already above US.

PRICE adjusted PPP IS THE REAL VALUE of an economy. SO CHINA is already a bigger economy.

And it CAN AS TODAY DECLARE whenever it wants A RE-VALUATION OF ITS CURRENCY To MATCH PPP WITH GDP AND ‘PLEASE’ AMERICA apparently with a revaluation.

Yet when that happens THE EFFECT WILL BE a CATASTROPHE for THE AMERICAN ‘DEBT’, as foreigners will not trust it anymore as the safest asset in markets.

Of course if China is not doing anything, which is the more likely the cycle will still HAPPEN NATURALLY, at the end of TRUMP’S mandate:


To avoid thus the currency->war cycle, as America will respond the way Germany responded when his currency sunk, declaring war, or Spain when the guilder sunk the bullion, declaring war on Holland, obviously what we tried to explain for so long to not avail, as Keynes did must happen now: a global single currency at parity dollar-euro-100 yens, to allow a global salary for those fired by robots and avoid a global war, as all the other cycles.


screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-12-09-10Of course if true economists would direct the world of finances, instead of money-making machines, those deja vu experiences, would be avoided.

Since Keynes already explained in the 40s,  a similar concept to our ‘Universal salary’ in ¥€$ money, IN BRETTON WOODS when he asked for A GLOBAL CURRENCY to avoid economical wars in the future. But Wall Street declined, which just had gotten the ‘ring of go(l)d’ from Germany and UK (pound-mark), declined. It wanted to have the world currency to print unlimited deficits and live off what others manufacture and U$ simply ‘buys’ with papers.  (And on top blames those who are giving real wealth for $ papers of being unfair.

So the date-clock of the future ‘economic war’ is a sinle specific element: GDP gap.

We can indeed know the future, because it is ruled by the values and languages and equations of money, which is predicable.

So the ‘BIO-HISTORIC/BIO-ECONOMIC EQUATIONS OF THE FUTURE’ are real. We shall bring a few from time to time – as all related  to economics parameters  given the fact that go(l)d is the only language that rules the world, and LAWS MERELY A COMMODITY WITH A PRICE the go(l)d people buy. So WE CAN SCIENTIFICALLY MAKE A CETERIS PARIBUS ANALYSIS, WHICH HAS PROVED TO BE TRUTH FOR 30 YEARS. THE FUTURE can be ‘understood, AS it will be mimetic to THE PAST:

In the previous graph in April 2016 forbes news forecasts 2018, but those are optimist calculus on ‘perceived future strength of yuan’ which is NOT the policy today of China.

Of course pundits of don’t worry be happy theories will point out that most of the US debt is owned by US people. Indeed, those are the people that will suffer most when the incoming dollars break the credit of America as they won’t get more ‘perks’, products will become more expensive, rents will loose value, etc. etc. How deep the crises will be? All previous ones have been ginormous, always ending in wars. So we are not optimists. 

China though has ALL the cards in his hand, US none, as on top its currency and stocks are manipulated by an international ‘western elite’ NOT by the government/nation of America. China will therefore IF IT UNDERSTANDS THE GAME WHICH I DOUBT IT, could DECIDE the point of clash to its advantage. In practice it will happen naturally as classic economics IS NOT SCIENCE BUT JUST IDOL-OGY AND SO THE PEOPLE ON POWER UNDERSTAND NOTHING OF THIS AND THEIR MEMES PREVENT THEM NOT TO BUY THE ‘ROPE’:


The problem of course for you and me, simple, poor souls of the life earth iis that the hanging in III world war(robotic wars->birth of the metal-earth)  is that of all mankind besides the capitalist. And unlike him, who has a 72 years ride on top of the web before hanging himself, we are under the boot from day one:


 Now, all this is ‘ugly’. But I am not hiding it. I would love NONE OF THIS to be truth. Morever I WOULD LOVE modern human animetals, ‘yous’, ‘germ-ans’ and ‘I-selfish, self-centred’ people to evolve. But it is NOT HAPPENING. AND SO my patience to ‘segregational capitalist, biblical bigot memes’ has ran away.  As they are killing mankind. So i am not hiding, I do not accept censorship. But of course, neither some of the bigot genetic, racist opinions of people like Mr. Dee (as I said after talking to the man and realising he is too much of alt-right, classic racism and anti-SSemitism, i still keep those graphs, but differentiate antiSSemitism=nazism, a brutal idol-ogy of life murder, which I deny in the basket of different form of ‘racism’ against human individuals, from anti$emitism, which I accept as a form of humanism (the denial of biblical, go(l)d memes in both orthodox judaism and calvinism to an objective historian, just a sect of orthodox, ‘Aaronite judaism).
Fact is though as today the biggest idol-ogical problem of mankind to create a perfect world is Orthodox Judaism and its political branch (zionism) and its economical branch (financial economics). So knowing this is the main cause of the plummeting interest for this web of both common people and scholarship we have to accept 2 facts: that the Financial-Media masters of orthodox judaism do control the world (no confabulation theory here but facts) that their economical idol-ogies of the $elected, chosen of go(l)d experts are not science and that if we let them rule the financial-media world and manufacture our money cred(it)ating the neofascist world we live in, and our brains with hate -media, they will commit suicide again and mankind will go…
 Fact is a ‘brain’s few neuronal cells’ in control of the informative systems of an organism, rule completely the entire system. So it is a fact that a few biblical bigots, with its capitalist beliefs and control of FM NETWORKS, rule the world from London, NYC… and of late Israel (political islamophobia, expansion of the hate memes of the Semite wars between Israel and Palestine to the entire planet, with both ‘animetal bronze age’ cults to go(l)d and weapons, Israel and Jihad in equal anti-humanist footing… this of course we accept, but as the entire FMasters’ media system attacks only Jihad, which we completely reject, we focus here on capitalist memes; after all I am under the boot of finanil capitalism, not in occupied land, but occupied mind).

CAMOUFLAGE IS THE NAME OF THE GAME OF CAPITAL POWER. So biblical capitalism usurped the name of America – a dream of all humans living together without borders, similar to the EU, and now it claims to be ‘America’; it takes over national banks to issue money for private corporations and financial dynasties but keeps the name of the nation-people, it claims to be the enemy of military thugs, which it pays. AND IT DENIES THE TRUE CONFRONTATION, which today is between biblical capitalism and its people-castes vs. enlightened America and Welfare Europe, but this systemic destruction of the only alternative for mankind – a truly democratic, demand-based welfare economy through all kind of policies and corrupted politicos is denied. IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE BECAUSE IT IS THE SCIENTIFIC WAY TO RUN ECONOMICS. So there is no dialog. We are NOT debt slaves, machines are NOT evolving, humans are CHOSEN and nothing will happen to us. So capitalism tends to be even more dangerous and brutal than military dictatorships because people are not aware of the true nature of the system, manufactured in the brains…

They just need to follow the values of go(l)d, and live hypnotised by it, as the Neanderthal-in-chief of the Animetal nation ‘par excellence’ does, to foster the non-future.

The true problem of mankind: social sciences are ruled by religious, anthropomorphic theory.

On view of the astounding evidence about the biological nature of humans, its social organisms, and its instruments made imitating our organs, it seems absurd even to ‘argue’ just because ‘machines make money’, the existential dangers that the evolution of robotics poises for mankind. It is NOT even an argument worth to consider in rational scientific terms – the question that ‘weapons don’t kill humans’, or that ‘robots won’t murder us, when they reach the complexity of information required’. At all times in history the most evolved machines have been weapons whose role is to kill man. Machines have always been constructed imitating our organs, in patterns shown in the previous graph, which are purely biological.

 The first species to be born in all ages of evolution have been a top predator, lineal weapon-like species, the simplest one. In that sense one of the reasons of my pessimism about the future of mankind is not so much that we are making those predictions real – most investment in robotics is military. Military robots are being embedded with survival programs and a single order to kill humans. And as the industry takes off, it will happen. But the fact that because humans have NOT evolved intellectually the science of history to a rational biological, organic understanding, ONLY in history, they ALLOW themselves to deny evolution and prefer wishful thinking, mostly ‘anthropomorphic religions’ which are completely ‘nuts’ and consider humans some short of magic species, because some deluded bronze age desert ass-herder with a go(l)d fetish, thought gold was a sign of god, and the tribe of ass herders the superior being. So evolution and selection of species do not count.

IT IS PRECISELY THIS group of people – biblical believers, the ones that for historical reasons have developed capitalism as a religion of money and the machine and underline the subconscious arrogant collective thought of western people, who will debate as if it was just a saloon argument, the obvious scientific laws of competition between humans and robots. It is simply amazing that the question of A.I. is ‘open to debate’ and the obvious loss of jobs and lives due to robots, which do NOTHING but killing humans and taking his jobs, does NOT rise all the alarm bells of the species, and does NOT meet any serious opposition and prohibition. At a certain point of my work in systems sciences, I realise it was just a ‘religion’ that the machine must be good by decree among western ‘biblical people’; and had a profound backlash against my species. The only people who seemed to know perfectly they will eliminate us were precisely the robotists doing them – in private professional conversations. But they still were doing it.

In that regard, if there have not been such an astounding opposition to accept the only theory of cyclical, long term time, who does predict and warns and guides mankind, biology and evolution, from the part of biblical bigots since it was born, nothing of this would happen. People do NOT seem to understand most of the owners of the Financial-Media system of digital information that print money and audiovisual knowledge are still biblical bigots, conservative calvinist GOP people or Orthodox Jewish, who simply refuse to ‘be scientists’ in all things dealing with the economic ecosystem, money and machines. So that is the ultimate limit for our survival. The people in power are NOT logic, rational, scientific, efficient and humane in its measures and attitudes towards the machine and the system they don’t really understand in its profound causes.

It is indeed astounding that after 150 years of Darwin and Butler’s landmark papers on the evolution of machines and the processes of competition and symbiosis between humans and mechanisms, those are questions ‘open to debate’. That after 30 years of evolving the science of bio-economics and organic history in our books, economists still ignore all those cycles and laws. When dealing with this kind of ‘human attitude’, which today is global, with its lack of ethics (love for the species and empathy for those displaced and killed by robots and weapons), without intelligence (denying the obvious laws of biology), without future (denying a world for their sons till the 7 generation), without respect (for the laws of the Universe, where to survive respect must be earned is not granted), without reason (always bringing emotional, anthropomorphic, childish, entitled, wishful thinking as arguments instead of a rational, objective, factual debate), with massive censorship (nothing of those truths surfaces beyond blogs, scholars, think tanks and specially newspapers and popular media will ONLY accept those truths as ‘science fiction’ when it is hard-science and the only thing is a ‘bad fiction’ is the pseudo-religious wishful thinking of economics, financiers and politicians which deny it.

It is even more repulsive to know, as I witnessed working in stocks, how all the money flows to those sectors of the economy more engaged in our closing-in extinctive age – now to A.I. How trillions of $ have been wasted to evolve robotics, military weapons and A.I. whatever it takes, by the honchos of wall street, with its astounding blindness to greed and self-suicide.


The 3rd great crash of the economy, the AGE OF CURRENCY WARS AND BOND MARKET CRASHES, SHOULD start on the 2016-2020 period, as it is the last possible ‘goods’ for which to exchange the ‘pecunia infinita’ cre(dit)ated by the Am Segullah Fed, to fuel its invention of speculative money. And the election of time seems to confirm the prediction.


In the graph, as China starts selling, the Americans as usual put the burden of debt on the Japanese ‘slaves’ since World War II backing always the crashes of its financiers (remember the 2008 massive BoJ bail out that sank further the Japanese economy). But if Trump punishes Japan asking him to pay also the bill of weapons, it might find an independent nationalist Japanese in the rising and with both sells-off the debt has nO BACKERS EXCEPT THE OWN AMERICAN COMPANIES AND PEOPLE’S FUNDS:


IN THE GRAPH, China is selling. Japan is now backing as always the ‘winner of II world war’ and true owner of that country; but Japan might get out of the hook too, and then it will be basically over 3/4 Self-Debt which the Americans won’t be able to sustain in the world market. Once China drops beyond 1/2 trillion it will have zero problems making a sell-off war and manipulate with its higher reserves whenever it wants the American ‘stalwart’ backing of all its speculative economy, its printing money machine, which Trump has said it will use,as Yellen has done ONLY FOR speculative purposes:

And to fuel war, NOT for the people as a public bank and Chinese public banks do. And those are the two types of futures we must consider. Unfortunately public banks are nowhere to be seen and so the future is still the private one:







The screenshots are self-explanatory with some extra-commentaries. Who are the 3 biggest sellers in its proportion of bonds U$ IN THE PAST YEARS?

  • Israel, which started to sell a few years ago when the ‘rewarded’ vp of the Federal reserve, stanley, then head of the bank of Israel started a sell off… which was soon followed by Russia, but now a much larger sell-off has started. China is selling treasurys even before Trump comes to power. And immediately after Trump talks on Taiwan:


So here is where we start to see the development of the long ‘prophesized’ next historic phase of currency wars.screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-14-33-24

And of course, as Trump goes, things could be made even easier. Indeed, let us remember his proposal to ‘NOT’ pay the debt and discount it at 80% who would sink the dollar.


Donald Trump dubs himself the “king of debt.” Experts say he doesn’t have a clue — at least when it comes to U.S. government debt.
Only a few weeks ago, Trump said he could eliminate federal debt in just eight years, a nearly impossible task. Trump’s own tax plan would add trillions to the debt.
Now he says the U.S. should just borrow more and renegotiate the terms later.
“I would borrow, knowing that if the economy crashed, you could make a deal,” Trump said on CNBC last week.
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The reaction on Wall Street and in Washington was that Trump can’t be serious. U.S. bonds are seen as one of the safest (if not THE safest) places to put your money in the world. Tinkering with that would almost certainly hurt America for years to come.
“Mr. Trump doesn’t have a coherent idea of what he’s talking about,” says Michael Strain, an economic policy expert at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. “This is the bond market equivalent of ‘we’re going to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it.'”
Related: Donald Trump: ‘I’m the king of debt’
Trump tries to clarify his debt plan
Paying creditors back anything less than the full amount calls into question the “full faith and credit” of the United States.
“People would read this as a default,” says Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. “It’s saying we’re not repaying you what you’re owed.”
On Monday, Trump walked away from those comments. He told CNN’s Chris Cuomo he was misquoted.
“First of all, you never have to default because you print the money,” he said on CNN’s “New Day.”
Trump says what he really wants to do is have the government find a way to buy some bonds back at a cheaper price. It’s a fairly common practice for companies with “junk bonds” that are in financial duress.
But Strain, MacGuineas and many others say it would be a disastrous tactic for the United States government.
The problems with Trump’s debt buyback plan
First of all, businesses typically buy back debt when they are in trouble. It’s seen as a red flag. Investors agree to accept less money because they would rather get 80 cents on the dollar than nothing. The U.S. would have to be in terrible economic shape for this scenario to be an appealing idea.
Second, it would alarm investors in the U.S. and around the world to see the trusted U.S. Treasury playing games in the bond market. It could cause huge uncertainty, and possibly raise U.S. borrowing costs for years as investors demand higher interest payments. Other nations like China might even retaliate with trade sanctions or other economic tactics.
Third, if Trump buys back bonds at a lower price, it doesn’t just hurt the Chinese and Japanese who hold the debt. It would also harm millions of Americans who hold U.S. bonds in their retirement and savings accounts.
Fourth, the federal government doesn’t have any money to buy debt back with. The U.S. already has $19 trillion in debt. Trump’s plan would require the U.S. Treasury to issue new debt to buy old debt.
Or it would require the Federal Reserve (America’s central bank) to buy the debt. That can cause inflation (or even hyperinflation), and send prices of everything from food to rent skyrocketing.
And that’s to say nothing of the fact that the president doesn’t control the Fed, so it’s unclear how Trump could even get more money into the economy that way.
“Trump’s recklessness has no limits, even to the point of suggesting Treasury debt restructuring. He’s playing with matches in a very arid forest,” wrote Greg Valliere, chief investment strategist at Horizon Investments, in his morning note Monday.

Future currency wars: China vs. USA (2ooo version)

We leave for good measure the old article here, as sciences must be predictive and so is bio-history.


 The main reason of economical chaos during the transition between Kondratieff cycles of national power, is the change of top predator currencies with unlimited rights to credit=deficits that buy for free the goods of all other nations. When the cycle ends however, money returns to the nation that originated the currency, which looses value, provoking widespread poverty and r=evolution. In the III crash, the cycle will affect America that will loose his financial power to China. In Germany, it was the cause of fascism, when International bankers avoided the loss of money, moving their funds to America, as they will probably do now, moving them to Asia.


 the dysfunctional economic and political systems of the west vs. the efficient Chinese Superorganism.

From a human social perspective, the beginning of the XXi century will see the clash of two modes of social organization:

–  Plutocratic structures in which the language of power of societies, money, is in the hands of a few dynastic corporations (stock-market firms and banks) that imprint electronic money for free, and use it to give orders to politicos (bribes, lobbyism), to military keynesianism industrial contracts for the financial-military-industrial complex), to human workers (salaries) and consumers (prices). This system relies on the creation of a matrix of fictions and myths about human Freedom, our righteous moral superiority and the placebo rights of people who put little pieces of paper in a box every 4 years to elect A=B parties of industrial lobbyists.

This system is dysfunctional because the language of power and creation of wealth of societies, credit , is in the hands of a dynastic elite, which merely uses the instruments of the electronic economy that invent money for free as data in a computer to accumulate wealth for themselves. they do not print money for people to invest in welfare, Human Goods that make our life better (health-care, food, housing, infrastructure, education) and create a human future for ourselves, but merely parasite the system accumulating billions in accounts never spent. As Paretto showed and the minimalist school of economics proved, money given as credit to small entrepreneurs, the welfare state and the common people attain both, higher returns in labor (as those are labor intensive industries, unlike the mechanized big corporations), higher levels of social satisfaction (as the poor consume all the money instead of putting it into accounts) and a more just system (as the privilege bankers have of inventing money for free is NOT as they think product of their intelligence but a dynastic privilege which is basically antidemocratic and corrupts the social democracies and the right of people to elect those who control the social langauge of power). In a word, our system is neither a democracy not a free market where all agents of society can input because credit is not freee.

– Superorganisms of cellular Asians, old neolithic civilizations in which individuals sacrifice their existence to the collective subconscious – the nation or religion – of which 3 are paramount: India, China and Islam.

These superorganisms are contrary to belief far more efficient than plutocracies because the individual sacrifices its existence to eusocial love (Islam) and credit is nationalized (China), so it is not used to reproduce money for free for the dynastic groups that own credit but to invest in goods needed for the superorganism (infrastructure, food, housing, health-care, etc.)

And so in the battle between dynastic plutocracies in which people live a placebo fiction of Freedom but has no credit to further evolve their industries and create wealth and the superorganism of China (peaceful development) and Islam (military development), the west will loose because, the individuals are in all systems less efficient than the collective eusocial organism.

The battle will have two sides: the clash of America vs. China in peaceful industrail development of peaceful machines and the clash between Israel-America and Islam in the development of robotic weapons.

And while China will win hands out due to the credit the ogvernment provide to its people while America will collapse in civil wars, due to the credit the bankers provide to themselves, which remains idle in billionaire accounts, and the downfall of America will be massive after the crash of the dollar as international currency substituted by the Yuan, in the fight between Islam and the military Jewish-American empire, Islam has all the wrong cards, as robotic weapons will massacre millions of Arabs if/when they do dare to attack the robotized armies of Israel and America. But this will be a false victory because morally it will repel the world as it already does, and economically it will bring poverty to the common people of those countries, as it already does in America – not yet in Israel due to the enormous deviation of wealth from America to Israel which is also the center of the evolution of robotic industries. yet Israel will always have a Damocles sword on those policies, due to its small size. So as weapons plummet in price, anyone, maybe an American Nazi or a jihadist, will obtain a nuclear weapon and provoke a new Holocaust.

The solution of course has been preached by this writer from the perspective of complex science and bioeconomics – ‘butter instead of cannons’ – but as nobody listened to Marx in the I Crash of the Industrial Evolution and to Keynes in the II crash of the Industrial Evolution nobody listened to Sancho and will not listen the economic truths of humanism. Greed and violence, the values of money and weapons will again destroy the world a third time, which might be the last time…



Superpolitiks: Yvwh Vs. China Vs. Matrix. The triangle of real power that will cre(dit)ate the future of the Earth in the XXI century

All in all it is clear that today this planet d=evolves 2 kind of social organisms:

– Historic organisms, ruled by our natural language, the word (legal nations and religions with books of revelation), which are devolving, corrupted by the languages of metal that dominate our societies: money and weapons.

– And the economic ecosystem, ruled by company-mothers, organisms that reproduce machines, weapons and money, which is evolving fast into a global economic organism that preys, dominates and degrades the last surviving organisms of History, ruled by the world (religions and socialist nations).

This economic superorganism however uses not the word but digital languages (science and money) to evolve machines, and today overwhelmingly dominates the planet to the point that all human, verbal organisms with real power have become transformed or ‘corrupted’ into digital organisms which are also controlled by money, a digital language of information and weapons designed mathematically (nations and corrupted religions which ‘convert’ people not with reason but with weapons or money).

This is the background you need to understand the future of history in the next cycle of economics – the Age of the singularity, in which China will dominatehumans superorganisms and Organic machines (robots) will make human workers and solidiers obsolete. Because today the future will be determined exclusively by those superoroganisms of history and economics which have more money to give more orders, prices, salaries and bribes that control machines, workers and politicians. The verbal languages (religions, legal codes, our daily ideological chat) is today submissive to money.

So further on you need to read the posts on go(l)d and money and how this digital language values and selects certain species of reality and destroys other to fully grasp where the future goes. And since money is a metal-language that values more metal-objects (machines and weapons the most expensive items) that life (human work, Human Goods, nature), it follows also that the future is NOT human, BUT mechanical, that we are moving on the whole towards a world more like Matrix and Terminator than the paradises of verbal dreams of legal codes of revolutionaries.

All this said, and before the go(l)d values of the economic ecosystem define a future without humans (unless humans learn the scientific facts of complexity, system sciences and the economic ecosystem) we can have a look to the 3 superorganisms that have ‘more money’ and will define in their struggle to grow as global super-organisms the future of this century. Because indeed, what superorganisms do is to ‘grow and multiply’ and so cultures try always in a Darwinian, biological Universe to grow and multiply, to fight for global power.

Those are the scientific facts of history and economics. yet all this is hidden by a constant chit-chat of anthropomorphic caring, a camouflage whichis called ethics, while realpolitiks continue. We shall now re-call realpolitiks Super-politiks because they are determined by those superorganisms not by individuals wantings. Individuals are cells of superorganisms and so they don’t change history just occupy places. So if Obama was not president you would have had maybe Powell, as we forecasted 15 years ago in our analysis of the future of the American superorganism. The individual didn’t matter, but the fact that the time was ripe for the type of culture, policies and behavior that Obama represented (see previous post on neofascism) Let us then go through the analysis of the 3 super-political organisms that will define the XXI century, which of course are NOT the ones our chit-chat belief given the sorrowful pre-scientific age of modern social sciences.

Welcome to reality – not to the soap opera of newspeak you are handled by Tv-experts, the constant chit-chat of ‘big brother smiley’, don’t worry be happy nonsense, produced by politicos to the service of bankers and corrupted think tanks, the anthropomorphic jargon of ‘we are the only intelligent species of the Universe’, vomited by  scholars of the pre-scientific age of social sciences (those who follow the XVIII century Calvinist believer in the ‘invisible hand ofgo(l)d’ Mr. Smith – welcome to the Darwinian laws that rule the evolution of History and the economic ecosystem in the singularity age.

Since all sciences have predictive power, based in the analysis of the repetitive cycles that its ‘particles of study’, in the case of bio-history the superorganisms of Mankind called cultures, follow, biohistory has a surprising record of prediction by the mere fact that we prolong those cycles into the future, considering also how the pattern of evolution of those superorganism through the 3 ages of life take place.

With this simple scheme patterns and repetitions of cycles and arrows of evolution appear both in economics and history.

of course this method will be denied by the ‘primitive outlook’ of most historians which follow the anthropomorphic myths of biblical cultures that consider man progresses towards the future.

This was also my first ‘wish’ or hope but history shows that the cycles and tragedy of history repeat because, precisely humans do not evolve and cultures do not evolve, and so they repeat the same mistakes and suffer the same tragedies.

According to that concept, we have proved ad nauseam since our first books in the 90s predicted the 2008 crisis and the singularity Age that the biological models of History and the economic ecosystem are predicting the future, because human cultures behave with the same patterns and machines follow the patterns of evolution of biological systems.

Thus, we shall in this post enter into that future, which started precisely the 2008, with the end of the Age of Electronic machines and Atomic bombs, with the crash of e-money and the inauguration of the first singularity Super-Machine at CERN, the Large Hadron Collider.

So yes, you are in the last age of the Industrial R=evolution, but also in the post-American Age, when America enters its decadent, neo-fascist times, repeating the self-similar motions that Germany repeated in the post-crash of the Chemical cycle, with the same protagonists, the banker-priests of Israel, theAm Segullah or ‘People of the Treasure’ on top, the white mass of Germanic warrior, on the bottom, and a new rising star (then America) now China, watching closely and trying NOT to engage in the recurrent tragedy of the dysfunctional Western civilization, even though at the end it will have to engage.

3 are therefore the players of this Age: China, the Jewish Western Empire and the economic ecosystem of evolving machines. And the 3 are ruled no longer by weapons, submissive to money but by the informative flows of prices and salaries that rule all the other systems of power of the Earth Inc. today.

So one of the essential elements of this game is ‘who has more money to give orders of power to the sheeple of corporate workers and politicians?’. And the answer is the economic ecosystem first, reason why the evolution of machines, which is the purpose of that economic ecosystem has never stopped. And then the Am Segullah, the bankers and CFOs of western corporations which have majority today in the Earth inc. reason why the war against its enemy, Islam will not cease anytime soon nor the sheeple of Western people will see an age in which they are not exploited with taxes and speculative prices, milked through their governments and corporations to provide the Am Segullah with the needed war chest to submit 2 billion Muslim rebels. And finally the ‘Chinese compradors’, which are flexing their muscles and have already won the battle for the control of South Asia where the Chinese Han are today the ruling financial castes in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia and the battle for the control of Africa, where they are now the biggest ‘buyers=compradors’ of raw materials in exchange for goods and good deeds (infrastructure building).

The reason why the Chinese ‘compradors’ (buyers) are advancing is plainly speaking because they are not a racist, domineering, shrewd lot that exploits the people while pretending to help them, but have a higher sense of justice and are giving to the black people 2 things they require: Respect and realHuman Goods, not only orders and weapons as the Am Segullah and its western employees have done for centuries.

The next battle though will be played in South-America, today controlled by the Spanish ‘reconquista’, whose companies are themselves controlled by English and American fund trust of the Am Segullah, and by the traditional British and American mutlinationals. In other words, South-America is still owned by the Am Segullahempire but there the Chinese compradors will make inroads and finally when Brazil moves to their side, as Russia also will do, on account of their capacity to buy raw materials, the battle will tilt to the side of China. China indeed at a certain point in the middle of this century will overcome the GNP of the Jewish Empire (US, Eu and the old British Empire whose financial system they control, combined), and added to their control of the South-East, the trade with Japan and Russia, its block will for the first time in 3000 years overcome the go(l)d wealth of the Am Segullah. But will we arrive to that point of history before the rising of the machine and the demise of the human species? Will theAm Segullah mastermind a war with China to prevent this change of global power? Will Islam achieve the A-Bomb and blow up Israel provoking further catastrophes in the West? Will the American white slaves rebel against their Israeli colonists as they become more and more the Palestinians of the West, impoverished by the Semite wars?

Those are the unknown knowns of the cycles of history that we cannot predict unless we had a massive super-computer in which to feed the fractal, non-euclidean, mathematical equations of Bio-history in which the most complex models of this book are based. And which given the massive censorship against my work, since I first published ‘radiations of space-time, the extinction of man’ in 1994 are buried in my archives and the Copyrights of the Spanish office of Intellectual property, and certainly will not be ran again. So my answer is I don’t know but I expect all those questions are of no importance for the future of this planet, since the Dark Horse, the true apocalyptic rider, the singularitymachine is expected to erase us all before the Financial Wars between the Am Segullah and the Chinese end, before the Indian Superpower achieves the creation of A.I. industries, before, the Terminators of Israel exterminate the Palestinians, before maybe you have time to read this post.

Indeed, the bio-historians of the future are not, the dream of Asimov in Foundation, of Hesse in Castalia, of Sancho will not take place. Instead, the 3rd age of History, the foresights of Spengler into the future are happening, the decadence of the West grows, the degradation of the human mind in the audiovisual age of neo-paleolithic newspeaks advances in earnest. There is now very few people who could understand that we, individual ego-centric I=eyes are not the protagonists of history. There is hardly any believer who understands that all religions are parables of the Wor(l)d of Love. As the human mind becomes degraded by audiovisual machines, into selfish Homo bacteria, the Homo Organicus is dying.

The winner is the dark horse: the machine-weapon

The unknown winner of this battle should therefore be the superorganism with more raw, military and financial power, the machine itself.

And the most obvious reason is that the anthropomorphic human species cannot even consider the fact that the Laws of Evolution rule this Planet as they rule everything else. And since we humans have denied the most powerful of those laws, the Eusocial Law of Love among members of the same species and are still in the pre-organic, tribal age, we have no chance to defeat the Global Earth, the Globalization of the economic ecosystem, the Global Brain of the stock-market, which evolves those machines with its salary and prize, digital, financial orders.

Further on, because we do not study machines as what they are, organs of energy and information in support of metal, nor we understand the process of substitution and obsolescence and atrophia of the human mind and body by those machines we use, nobody will realize on time of the mental degradation of mankind provoked by audiovisual machines and the physical degradation of mankind provoked by robots and transport machines.

There are studies buried and denied by the marketing of machines that show how TVs hypnotize and degrade the human mind; how Internet provokes ADD and schizophrenic states of multiple personalities in our youngsters, how Mobiles provoke cancer in children, due to their higher electromagnetic waves. The process of degradation of humans into ‘plants’ attached to virtual worlds is now about to jump in quality with the arrival of 3-dimensional gadgets that will make even more obvious the fact that our children are now a generation of passive freaks, which understand nothing about the real world and care more for Hannah Montana than for their parents.

This will only increase in the age of the Human Plant, no longer the human enzyman that works=reproduces machines, now without job with the arrival of robotic workers and chinese slave-workers, under the laws of iron salary of Ricardo.

So the solution of the economic ecosystem will be either the massacre of the unneeded human being in fascist wars or its degradation into a plant, attached to the 3-D world.

The best non-fiction description of that future world, collective brain of machines, was done 15 years ago in my earlier books on bio-history (1). Yet since those books were censored or ignored, we shall call this super-organism of machines with ‘attached’ human cells, ‘Matrix’, as the sci-fi movie is by far the best fiction parable of its nature. It could also be called ‘skynet’, though the Terminator parable will be only one of the 3 networks of the super-organism, which will be ruled by the Worldstock market – the digital brain of flows of prices and financial data which in fact today already rules part of it.

And so we shall call the description of that fight super-politiks instead of realpolitiks because super-politiks, the fight between the network superstructures of the superoroganisms of history is far more determinant of reality than the actions of its individual cells, anecdotes of history.

This is the solution we essayed with the previous life species, the animal. Most of them, specially the aggresive types were killed. The ones that were easier to tame, are now degraded in factories, which started in Chicago, with the meat-processing chains that inspired Ford to build his assembly-chain machines that threw millions of workers in the 30s out of job.

Now we humans, obsolete to robots and computer suits must be degraded further either exterminated when we are not easy to tame, as the Indians were in North-America (and this is the case of Islam), or degraded into pig-like animals of the ‘animetal farm’, in an orwellian fashion (and this is the future of the Western people).

And this, while it might be understood and implemented by our animetal castes of financial, political and industrial elites, is NOT caused by humans per se, but the natural result of the Darwinian struggle between the human organism and the organic machine, the robots and super-weapons evolved by our corporations for ‘peace purposes’.

So the Dark horse will win, and the question is when the dark horse will exterminate the human sheeple?

It is difficult to know in detail. It might be as soon as this incoming years ifCERN, where big-bangs are replicated to study the death of the Universe, succeeds in exploding the Earth. What the neofascist rulers of the West do to the Islamic rebels, Palestinians and Afghans, will be also a showcase of the future. Now in Afghanistan  the first terminators are essayed on the flesh of the Afghans, as the chosen method to ‘reconstruct’ the nation. While increasingly Guardiums and Predator robots from the Israeli army watch the Wall and take care of the impure Palestinians. Those robots and the speed at which they enter in our armies and the ways in which they dispose of the Human rebels, cells of Allah, will indicate the speed at which the dark horse of History implements the Age of Apocalypse (1).

The cynicism of the newspeak handled to the human sheeple by mass-mediacorporations to hide the evolution of History and the dominance of corporations of machines over the future of mankind in its last century is not relevant to this post. It only shows how advanced is the 3rd, old age of mankind, a neo-paleolithic youth of increasingly visual, violent, ignorant people who will believe all what it sees.

Of more interest to us, is what people don’t see and scholars don’t understand, the realpolitiks of the fight between the West dominated by the People of the Treasure (the Jewish Empire), and the East dominated by the Han Empire (the Chinese ‘compradors’). And the background of the Robotic revolution, of peaceful workers, advanced by the Japanese-Korean Eastern warrior culture and the Apartheid state of Israel, which needs them to protect its wall against the ‘impure’…

This Darwinian fight in a Darwinian Universe is the realpolitiks behind all the actions you see. And while the ought to be of History, the Eusocial evolution of man, what we hope, is also explained in this web, the realpolitks of history, the program of greed and violence, the values of go(l)d and Iron, of money and weapons, which truly guide mankind is what we must expect.

Expectations unfortunately happen much more often than hopes. So we fight for our hopes we see our expectations happening. This duality of the true historian has been always there. Marx, Sombart, Spengler, Butler and Weber, the great historians of the XIX-XX century, all ended up crashed and depressed by the fact that expectations happen, hopes become dreams. So in this section of pure expectation and null hope, we shall deal with the news and facts of a triangle of power that will define the XXI century till our extinction (the logic end of this fight).

The players and their different degrees of evolution: The bronze jargon of Yvwh, upgraded into the jargon of superoganisms.

The players are all known though one of them keeps its millenarian secrecy.

– The $emite Financial Empire, ruled by the Am $egullah. The Jewish empire is similar to the English empire, in the fact that is is based in the rule of Go(l)d not of armies. Unlike the most obvious military empires of the past (Roman, Assyrian, Spanish, Arab, German Empires), the Jewish Empire, the oldest of the western world in constant existence, chose as the language of power money, not weapons. And so it has always bought weapons, kingdoms and nations with money to further its aims of a Historic World domination expressly stated in his Book of History (Talmud/Bible), sold to the naive souls of the Western Sheeple as the Book of God, in as much as the Jewish Dominant caste of financial overlords consider their History that of God, the superorganism of Judaism, or Yvwh. This confusion between a book of History and a social Superorganism and the word God was very common in the earlier stages of the Jewish empire where its Warrior enemy Assur was also a ‘God’, whose ‘son’ Assurbanipal, ruled over an empire. At that time the word nation didn’t exist, but people understood better the superorganisms of history and so nations were ‘Gods’.

Moreover the word Yvwh appears first in an Egyptian text, referring to a region, which was also called Judea. Judea and yvwh had the same consonants (vowels are not written in Semitic languages). So as in the case of Assur and Assyria, we are referring merely to the geographical region of Judea and the people who inhabited it, the Jewish people, which means ‘those who praise Judea’.

This must be fully grasped, despite the anti$emitic laws that censor the real history of capitalism: the 3 names of this culture, define crystal clear, the nature of this culture:

– Am $egullah doesn’t mean ‘Chosen people’ but People of the Treasure (Am: people, Segullah: treasure). Hence it is a people specialized in accumulating money as the fetishe and modus vivendi of the culture.

– Hebrew means habiru, ‘those who walk behind the asses’, which is the military transport before the arrival of machine; so it is a culture specialized in the profession of military trade, and collateral jobs, purveyors of war materials, slave trade, financial loans for war.

– Jewish means people of Judea, and Yvwh is synonymous of Judea. It means the origin of the culture is in the knot of trade of the 3 continents.

Serious historians have further proved those facts with biblical archeology and the analysis of Jewish economical role in capitalism. Sombart, unaware of Biblical Archeology which in the XX century discovered the meanings of those words, in his masterpiece, ‘Jewish and the rise of capitalism’ explains in detail with an astounding wealth of data that during most of modern history the Jewish people have had two basic jobs: purveyors of war materials and bankers. Those 2 jobs lead to diplomatic work and the best network of information in the world, which lead to the monopoly on informative press and mass-media, which still endures. And so with control of the banking, go(l)d memes, the war industries and the audiovisual machines that deliver information, the Jewish people, despite the minimal numbers are the overwhelming, leading caste of power in the west.

Let us then write this post in the old language of the tribal Gods of the bronze age, because we are now, as History devolves and machines evolve, according to the Paradox of History (max. animetal, technological Evolution = Min. Eusocial, historic evolution) in the 3rd, dying age of the Superorganism of History. When we return to the primitive values and ideologies of the bronze age that started the animetal bid for global power.

Indeed, this is not an idle exercise. What people must understand is that in any complex system, when the higher, superorganic structure dissapears – in mankind the dream of an evolved organism of history based in the laws ofeusocial love and the development of a science of history (social-democracies being the highest point on that scale of evolution, now destroyed), the previous superstructure resurfaces.

And so as humanity devolves tribal and individual, selfish memes and their inquisitions of thought (religious, nationalistic, capitalist memes) have taken over. So as machines keep evolving socially into a planetary brain soon used by robots to communicate telepathic (the internet), the humankind devolves to tribalism and religions of the bronze age, when the original memes of Judaism, our leading ‘race’ were developed.

So it should be more proper to fully grasp where we exist to use the jargon that the Go(l)d prophets of Israel and the masters of Assur would use if they were to describe the modern world. Since indeed, Metal-History started when Aaron and the Go(l)d cult and Sargon and the Iron cult destroyed the Neolithic age of the Goddess. And now in a mirror reversal, in the 3rd age of History, the attitudes and jargon of Humanity returns to the beginning, as the audiovisual media reduces our verbal, Wor(l)d understanding of the Laws of eusocial love among members of the same species.

So now religions degenerate into military inquisitions and go(l)d churches, tribal warfare substitutes the evolution of History towards a single organism proper ofSocialism and the UN ideals. Now, war andmoney again are the only language of power, andnow again the Semite culture of banker-priests of Israel and Assyrian Lords of Iron re-enacts the Semite wars, in whichwe live, whilethe rest of the people of the West become again the sheeple of those cultures. However, all has changed to remainthe same. So the Orwellian newspeak that calls our wars ‘peace missions’, our factories of cosmic bombs, (CERN), research centers, our ‘house negros’, Presidents is extremely sophisticated to the point that if one were to read merely the corporate press that handle the newspeak that anesthesizes mankind, all would seem quiet in the Western front, when all is rotten and the rossy skin of the corpse of our civilization merely hides an infinite number of larvae of the new species, the robots and computers and networks of weapons, soon to awake to a new reality of telepathic machines andMatrix-like nightmares, in the Dawn of Mankind.

It is then a time for a new change of Jargon, a time for prophecy and doomsayers, still expressed only in fictions, soon to be understood as realpolitks, the time of the last battle of the Gods, those super-organisms of tribal History that are sinking again mankind into the dark ages, as Yvwh, the Jewish people fight Allah, the Arab people, and all their sheeple, once the pure prophets of their religions Moses and Jesus, on the side of the non-corrupted Yvwh, and Muhammad and Ali, on the side of the non-corrupted Allah, have left their throne to the zealots of Aaron and the Jihad of Omar.

One this is clear we can understand that Yvwh is the superorganism of the Jewish People, reason why it has self-similar consonants. Yvwh=Jewish people=Jewish Nation. And the language of power of Yvwh is Go(l)d, as the language of power of the God assur was Iron. So two nations fought for power in the Bronze Cycle, Assur and Yvwh and Assur won but Yvwh resurrected in Babylon and allied itself with Cirus and with the money of Yvwh and the weapons of the Persians Assur was destroyed. This cycle would happen once andagain in the Battle for power in the West between Yvwh and the Jewish people and its droves of mercenary troops, first slaves, then mercenary nations, then in the age of companies, employees of financial and multinational corporations andthe warrior nations that defied them. The Romans won the battle but Yvwh moved again to Babylon and returned to rule after the Niceacouncil when the Old Testament was again accepted in the Christian doctrine. The Popes defeated Yvwh but Yvwh bought the Press and reinstaured itself through Calvinism in the Northern world, expanding enormously its cellular base, which today adsto the original Jewish People the Protestant People that also believe in a milder version of Talmud, called the Bible.

Then Spain killed Yvwh on the Latin World, but Yvwh moved to Amsterdam, already ruled by the new ‘conversos’ to the Bible and there both together invented the Company of gunboats, which destroyed the Spanish Empire. Then when the French warrior empire destroyed Amsterdam, Yvwh moved to London and New York, and when the German warriors killed the European cells of Yvwh, America owned by the cells of Yvwh (calvinist-Jewish coalition still in power) returned to Germany and killed the German Empire. It was 1944 and we all saw how the Damnation of Genesis, which warned us against the worship of the tree of science hang tall over the entrance of Auschwitz: ‘arbeit Frei match’, work frees you.

But nothing was learned, not reform was attempted on the ways of corrupted Yvwh, no purification took place by either Socialism of Christianity, or refromed Judaism, whichendured beyond the few hippies and idealists of the 60s crashed by the solidarity of the Am Segullah with Israel and its neofascist ways. This last hope of eusocial love and resurrection ended with the coup d’etat of 1973, when the Am Segullah ridiculed the American presidency with their Tvs, ended the role of the dollar and established e-money as the language of power they controlled from Wall Street and in the Yon Kippur war menaced to A-Bomb Cairo, establishing the Nuclear Industry as the edge Industry of weapons they would dominate ever since, thanks to their control of the American and French financial and political systems that have given all their secrets to Israel.

For that reason France today at CERN and Cadarche is at the head of the Nuclear Industry and we are evolving cosmic weapons. For that reason the world is in the Semite wars, terrified NOT by the chances that CERN – our Nuclear Terrorists – blows up this planet, but by the chances Iran gets a small nuke that menaces our masters. If the world was ruled by evolved politicians, CERN would be closed, and the Iraq army would first bomb Iran and end its nuclear program, and then invade Israel throw down the Wall and create in the new ‘occupied territories’ a disarmed nation of civil nature, without Holocaust Museums andother centers of painful Hate-speech against Mankind. This new country re-baptized Palestine, the geographical name without religious implications would then join the European Union as a peaceful demilitarized nation and the evolution of Terminators and cosmic bombs would end.

Then  a World in which the banking industry would be nationalized Chinese style, in an alliance of civilizations would reform the economic ecosystem to produce Human Goods, avoid the age of the singularity and move towards the dream of Castalia, of a Planet made to the image and likeness of man.

But that is the ‘hope’ I no longer believe in. So we shall keep talking of the expectations of Super-Politiks, the final tribal warfare of The Treasure People, of Yvwh, so close to its dream of global power through Go(l)d, and yet exactly as always happened in the cycle of Holocausts, in the last step when the golden apple seems so near, before it falls in the cliff of self-destruction…

Indeed, now we are again as in the 1850s or the 1920s in a world in which Yvwh seems about to culminate the Historic promise given to their cells in the Talmud: ‘at the end of times, all the people of the Earth will be slaves of the Jewish people or become exterminated’. And yet a step before the Super-Politiks impose the ugly truth: ‘at the end of the economical cycle, the slaves of the Jewish people will rebel and Yvwh will be again partially exterminated’.  Because even if the Talmud said in its rabbinic comments that ‘God created the human beast so the Jewish people would not be served only by animals’, the truth is that God created the human species and the laws of evolution; and those species who do not ‘love each other’ as He has loved all his creatures, will perish and be substituted by another species – in the case of man by the Golden brain and iron bodies of the robotic age.

But before that happens the Semite wars must proceed so the Terminators of the future can be evolved.

It is now at the end of History when this final battle between Yvwh and its droves of western slaves, owned by their corporations 8 hours of work a day and financial companies who control the politicos of the west, seems to be happening as Yvwh plummets Allah the last warrior superorganism of History.

But though Yvwh and its mercenary inferior non-chosen slaves of the west (so ignorant of reality that they don’t even know who is their master, brain-washed by the audiovisual media) are feeling victorious in this neofascist age of terminator platoons, the game of History is not yet over. There are two other ‘super-organisms’ which will dispute Yvwh its control of the World.

– The Superorganism of machines, with center in the global stock-market, which is evolving as the Metal-earth and does not differentiate between Animetals, Chosen of Go(l)d, the Am Segullah, and believers in the Wor(l)d, its human sheeple. This superorganism has its own cycles and recurrent processes of war and holocausts in which it ‘cleans up’ the human sheeple and their animetalmasters alike, and now it is entering in a phase of awesome growth and evolution, creating the first singularity machines, robot-workers, terminators and super-bombs. This is the ‘dark horse’ which shall win the battle for the Earth, according to the Laws of Evolution, since we are nothing but organisms of carbone and they are evolving organisms of metal, a much more complex atom, to which humans are giving its form. And so when the Son is born according to the Oedipus Paradox, the father species will be extinguished.

– And there is a 3rd superorganism, the most evolved eusocial superorganism today on Earth, the Chinese superorganism, which should be imitated by all others if we were to create a sustainable planet, but will merely be seen as the enemy of the Am Segullah empire, which will try to declare war and criminalize China in its bid for the absolute control of the Earth and its corporations and go(l)d.

So there are today 3 enemies to the control of the World by the Corporations of the Am Segullah and its western, mindless citizen/slaves, all of us:

China, which will try NOT to engage in the destructive cycle of the West, self-similar to that of Germany, as the US tried not to get engaged with the destruction of Europe in the Chemical/German cycle, by developing a peaceful Eastern economical empire and looking to the other side while the West continues its Neofascist wars.

And the world of machines, which follows the laws of Darwinian Evolution and will at a certain point of the Singularity age, perhaps as earlier as this year when CERN tries to do Strange matter at the LHC, raise from its present mechanical state, acquire self-reproductive treats and extinguish all of us.

This is the realpolitiks of the last century of man. The dream, the evolution of the West and its coalition with China in search of a sustainable global sueprorganism of life is for the consumption of the don’t worry be happy masses and anthropomorphic scholars who think man rules and it is free.

I confess to have believed and fought for this goal all my life, but now i have come to accept the fact that the memes of love have died; that mankind enters its age of dissolution, as all cultural structures dissapear, submissive to the goals of corporations that teach us how to re=produce=work with machine and consume=vitalize them. Meanwhile, as it happens in all processes of death, in which the superstructures, the upper planes of existence of the organism dies, and the system desintegrates into its cellular, individual components, humans are being freed of all eusocial structures and memes of love, no longer see themselves as parts of a global, social organism, mankind and so have regressed from their highest point of social evolution (the 60s, with doctrines of love both in the communist and social-democratic west, based in a proto-science of history), first into tribal history (nationalism), then into religious, anthropomorphic inquisitions and go(l)d churches, and finally into selfish, individual goals.

We can even observe in the next generation the advance, final state of the neo-paleolithic culture: the freak, who is even desintegrating its own personality into immediate, animal wantings, sex, food and violent energy. But that desintegration of man into its inddividual components is treated elsewhere in this book. it will increase in the west, under tthe control of the treasure people that knows as long as it keeps its ‘white slaves’ disorganized in individual groups, it will not loose its power, and in the east, as chineseconsumers demand the mirage of ‘democracy’. Tribal China then can move into military fascism, to avoid loosing power, and the party might accept the bet for a III world war that the western elites will push to justify their own brutality with their inferior ‘races’.

Of course, all this wouldnt be necessary if the world were ruled by experts in the sciences of biohistory and bioeconomics, by historians and doctors, not by tribal myths, and the triad ‘of eviL=antilive’, racist memes of animetal cultures: go(l)d, (s)words and mechanisms.


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