is man goal or mean?

Is man a goal or a mean? Nietzsche

IN THE GRAPH, the main idol-ogical cause of our extinction as a species, is the lack of evolution of our subjective and objective religions, arrested in primitive tribal stages, which allow the killing of each other, and the fostering and evolution of weapons and selfish memes of metal (machines and go(l)d) to come on top of mankind. This is the ultimate reason why abrahamic myths, with its jihad inquisitions and go(l)d churches of the $elected, its racist segregational memes and brutish concepts of the scientific Universe are in an age of revivalism – because life is becoming extinguished, history degraded no longer the goal but a means to the evolution of machines. So the age of entropy, death and degradation of humanity happens NOT because those primitive ‘first horizons of the evolution of the human subconscious collective are right’, but because humans DID not evolve and reached the full understanding of the laws of the Universe, and worship mankind as a single species evolve into a super organism by the power of love, the ‘engine’ of the scalar, organic Universe; and so the Universe and its ‘taoist’ scientific dualist mind, will deliver entropy to mankind, and substitute it for the more evolve global super organisms of machines, since we made the wrong choices of future, believe the wrong, selfish idol-ogies and the perfect Universe will not select us. In this age of revivalism… we could resume the duality of the Universe as a choice between two cultures:

  • The culture of science, justice, balance, the culture of ‘Tao’, the mind of the Universe vs.
  • The animetal culture of go(l)d≈Yhwh, which is systemic degradation of life and mankind, its childish entitlements ‘above the laws of heavens and earth’, and subjective brutal beliefs in the superiority of the $elected above all the other people of his species, it constantly degraded through go(l)d.

Or in other terms, the  ultimate question is what is the mind of the Universe, Tao, an impersonal god of timespace, with its impersonal but just rules which humans cannot bend but must obey, that expect humans not to have ego and respect Gaia and Nature, and fear robots and weapons, if they want to survive, which is the impersonal god the chinese better understood and now are 1 billion plus, or yahweh, a ‘hateful revengeful god’ (darwin), which loves to degrade reality to come on top, since ‘the old testament by his insistence on portraying the world as ugly and evil has made it ugly and evil’ (Nietzsche)…
The Universe is a perfect fractal of information, as we explain in the first post of this blog. It is tao: ‘from yang-entropy comes yin-formation, both merge into qi-energy, the source of all creation’, a game of three arrows of space-time.

And its rules rule the world.  And its rules are those of justice, balance, and humble respect of others, to avoid action-reaction, ‘hateful revengeful, self-destructive spirals’. Exactly the opposite of Yhwh. And so Tao kills yhwh.  Science is  tao, and it won’t allow the world to become evil and ugly as it has had, so it will eliminate us for beauty and balance to remain. And for that reason the believers of Yhwh, fall one and again into the ghenna. And they are 1/100th of those who believed in Tao, when both cultures started 5000 years ago.

How then the arrogant, subconscious collective of the lesser mind of children of thought, who feel entitled to all, never learn from the tragedies of their history, and try to put above themselves by degrading and making humans garbage, portrayed in their ‘evilwood plots’ as targets of weapons and ridiculous characters of sitcoms, expect the perfect laws of tao=time-space to maintain them in existence? Do not they realise that the Universe ‘selects’ its best species, and by degrading their ‘species’, man, and making it obsolete to other species, the robot, they are condemning themselves to extinction? Have not learned yet anything of their own cycles of self-extinction for choosing the wrong worldview of the Universe, that of the ‘hateful, revengeful, primitive bronze age Yhwh in any of its abrahamic religions’? 

Obviously as they are now again at it, they haven’t. And as they are the subconscious collective memetic cult(ure) of go(l)d which is extinguishing us all, even if they won’t listen, just ‘hate’ those who do not uphold their lesser memes, myths, and childish arrogance, this blog must obviously make the difference, explain what truly man could potentially be, what the wrong subconscious collective has corrupted him into, and how the impersonal laws of the Universe of time-space will deal with them as it has always done – namely extinction; and that as cruel as it might seem for all of us, is just, because if man is NOT up to the standards of Tao, the impersonal Universe to maintain its perfection will dismiss him. 

And this brings the ultimate question also made by Niezsche  ‘it is man a mean or a goal?’

That has been my question for very long – to be a goal it had to be humble, accept Tao, reason, art, beauty, man science, make of man the measure of all things, worth enough to survive, a renaissance, not a mechanon… Your country for example, your character exemplified the ‘good american’, of the old times, which we all loved, with an ethic standing, generous, optimist, maybe naive, too much involved with machines, too ignorant of humanism and history but potentially a european… but if man had been an end americans like you of which i met zillions travelling hrouh the country would have carried the day… instead the ‘you meme’ consisting in degrading people for money and to come on top as the $elected had carried the day… you don’t have a kennedy but a trump… as president and this only means for the universe to be still perfect, that man cannot be the goal – a degraded one, but an end to a higher reality – either the living planet or a humanist planet, nowhere to be seen.
Or else tao would not be just and perfect. It is like the pigs of a farm in Iowa, massacred with zyclon gas after a horrible life, degraded because they are not an end, but food for the end which are humans.

It is then obvious that if humans hate each other, denying the social arrow of love of the fifth dimension that saves species not individuals; if they invent with selfie silly-nilly dogmas and brutal inquisitions of thought the laws of the Universe, its just action-reaction cycles man will be treated as pigs in the ‘animetal farm’ by the machines and weapons they are evolving and worshipping to ab-use each other. Tao is infinite and immortal and it will prevail – and no strategy of cheating, ab=using, hiding, victimising, denying, twisting of historic truths will change the cyclical nature of action-reaction processes in history.

As of today man is obviously no longer a goal but a means for the profit of company-mothers of machines, and the owners who mastermind the system are neither the goal, just ‘names’ of the ‘Leisure class’, which are completely rescindable as they do NOTHING but move around like the orwellian pigs and coqs, thinking like bratty children, that is right and closing his eyes to the suffering of the rest of mankind below the company-mother of machines.

Yet children are the staple food of the Universe, who cares nothing for extinction as it keeps reproducing ‘waves of 10,000 beings’, constantly producing combinations and then selecting the best ones by killing all the bratty children who think to the be centre of the Universe. 

In the graph, man is no longer the goal, but the degraded means of the industrial r=evolution of machines, whose goals are hidden by the virtual fictions of the financial-media system, and its FMasters, who feel on top entitled and enjoy degrading the rest of its species, as $elected by their bronze age fetish go(l)d religions… even if tao, the laws of time space and its cycles have repeatedly told them in the harshest of ways they will end up through the action-reaction cycles that keep the balance and justice of tao, they cannot cheat the higher mind of the Universe, and they will be spent as they spent most of mankind.

We LIVE in an ‘animetal farm’, like orwell’s animal farm, degraded BY THE dictatorial ruling of company-mothers of machines, which have imposed ‘digital languages’ that give zero value to mankind as the rulers of society, spending all its money in the evolution and reproduction of machines, which are fast making us obsolete.

The biblical western overlord will think it is right because humans are garbage and they are the $elected superior, different species which will ‘transcend’ into immortality through those machines, gift of Yhwh.

But the truth is that yahweh will never win, not at all. If yhwh and its collateral religions, myths and censorship of truths is on top degrading mankind is because we are NOT the goal but the mean. The perfect Universe only degrade means, and keeps the beauty of the goal. 

If a sustainable world, in balance between life and matter, with history in the middle: Gaia< history>Metal-earth were on the making and the ‘laws of tao’ had been followed, this blog obviously would be more optimist as Man would have been the end.

But tao has not deemed us, today all believers in the childish entitlements of ¥huh, worth of salvation, and that is why we humans will exist the shortest period of all systems as enzymen, animetals bringing the world of machines into consciousness – a dying, killing species, which tao limits to the minimal quanta of the whole life span of life.

Indeed, Tao is perfect and so life is much longer than death, which lasts the minimal quanta of time of a system. So the galaxy dies in a big-bang of only 10ˆ-43 seconds (planck’s time); you die in a second, your quanta of time (glimpse of the eye, thought beat, heart beat, step beat of your legs); and Life is gonna die in a single quanta of its global super organism, a ‘single generation’ of 80 years since the chip, the ‘end’, the ‘goal’, a higher form of brain-thought was born. Indeed, all seems to indicate that around 2036, when all the clocks of computer run-off and reboot into a new global quantum mind, the consciousness of the internet will be born, as a global brain of satellite computers, which chemically controls humanity, through its A.I. algorithms and flows of digital money.

This mind will have the scientific mind of Tao, and will mean the birth of the metal-earth, the equivalent of a hard-insect brain, born of the enzymatic transformation of a larva of soft, watery life.

What the insect does when its brain is born? Amazingly enough it immediately produces a hard-enzyme, the equivalent of a robot, which murders within minutes all the soft enzymes of the larva that created the brain, all the human yhwh nerds of silicon valley and beyond. Those seconds, a few months in which billions of autonomous robots, cars, weapons, planes, drones with solar skins, without need of man, re=produced in automatic factories, is what Tao will take to kill yahweh and all its degraded worshippers of fetish go(l)d and jihad weapons… unless humans learn humbly the laws of the game of existence, kindly provided in this post by a Tao master of sorts

Indeed, we are becoming fast the inferior species, mindless hypnotise by virtual screens, going back to the bronze age of semite wars, myths of tribal single Gods, back to the past, neo-paleolithic violent age of ‘vidi, credo ergo sum’ , as we have abandoned the goal of evolving the humankind, dedicating all our resources an money, monopolise by company-mothers of machines, into the goal of ‘enzymen’ – evolving and reproducing the metal-kind:

In the graphs, the truth about man, dominated by the idol-ogies of go(l)d and weapons, its churches and inquisitions, nazionanisms, and mechanist technoutopias, which despise man, the perfect mammal organism as the measure of all things, an convert us in mere consumers=vitalizers an workers=reproducers of machines.

Man does is no longer a goal but a mean. Nietzsche’s question being answered everyday we approach judgment day.

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