Its Nukes


I. Fukushima: the eternal Nuclear accidents.

II. Korean War: the eternal excuse for the military industrial complex.

Abstract. Following our analysis of the mirror symmetry between Korea and Japan, now competing in the digital era, we consider their mutual love for nuclear weapons for peace, and nuclear peace energy for death, Fukushima and the Korean never ending war stalemate.


Manga is always useful to hide the real Japan, an automaton society of machines and human puppets, in the graph 2 mangas for Japan Inc. hiding Fukusima kind of realities.

Pluto(nium), the manga character used in the 60s by the JAEA to advertise nuclear plants encourages a Japanese kid to drink irradiated water because it is ‘safe’. The newspeak of the French and Japanese industry at the head with US in the evolution and number of nuclear plants explains why accidents like Fukushima and perhaps CERN happen.

Newspeaks of course require censorship. And so as in the case of CERN, once the social alarm was not enough to steer the course of this tragedy and prompt action from political and social groups, a veil of censorship has fallen over Fukushima. To talk about Fukushima disaster in main stream press is forbidden, even liable, as CERN’s issue has become to the western press. It seems both ‘nuclear issues’ are ‘things of the past’, but of course they are not. The quark canon at CERN (no other technical name deserves the final ‘evolution’ of the Nuclear Weapon’s Industry) will double its potency in 2015, crossing the threshold of production of strangelets and maybe black holes, and Fukushima, as this excellent Fukushima diary explains, keeps provoking new deaths and pollution.

And yet our technological civilization has as single religion the machine, and so the ‘name of god’ cannot be spoken. CERN’s incoming genocide and Fukushima’s ongoing one are ‘taboos’. God must be respected. Indeed, the wider view – the religion of technology that cannot see the collateral effects that machines are having on this planet – is needed, given the degree of indoctrination of the human sheeple, who no longer understands and cheers the values of life.

Ongoing Fukushima Genocide: More info at Fukushima Diary.   Children’s ‘future’ Genocide reported.


Some 39 months after the multiple explosions at Fukushima, thyroid cancer rates among nearby children have skyrocketed to more than forty times (40x) normal.

More than 48 percent of some 375,000 young people—nearly 200,000 kids—tested by the Fukushima Medical University near the smoldering reactors now suffer from pre-cancerous thyroid abnormalities, primarily nodules and cysts. The rate is accelerating.

More than 120 childhood cancers have been indicated where just three would be expected, says Joseph Mangano, executive director of the Radiation and Public Health Project.

The nuclear industry and its apologists continue to deny this public health tragedy. Some have actually asserted that “not one person” has been affected by Fukushima’s massive radiation releases, which for some isotopes exceed Hiroshima by a factor of nearly 30.

But the deadly epidemic at Fukushima is consistent with impacts suffered among children near the 1979 accident at Three Mile Island and the 1986 explosion at Chernobyl, as well as findings at other commercial reactors.

The likelihood that atomic power could cause such epidemics has been confirmed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, which says that “an increase in the risk of childhood thyroid cancer” would accompany a reactor disaster.

UPDATE. Christmas. 2013

According to the Fukushima plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco), dismantling the Fukushima Daiichi plant will require at least 12,000 workers just through 2015. The company and its subcontractors are already short of workers, however.

While there are currently some 8,000 registered workers, there are 25 percent more openings for jobs at the Fukushima plant than applicants, according to government data. These gaps are often filled by the homeless and the unemployed, those who are down-and-out.
It was reported last month that among the homeless men employed cleaning up the stricken nuclear plant for less than minimum wage, there were also those brought in by Japan’s notorious Yakuza gangsters.

RT’s Aleksey Yaroshevsky caught up with an investigative journalist who went undercover at Fukushima, filming with a camera hidden in his watch. He said that when a certain construction project requires an immediate workforce in large numbers, Japanese bosses usually make a phone call to the Yakuza.

“This was the case with Fukushima: the government called Tepco to take urgent action, Tepco relayed it to their subcontractors and they, eventually, as they had a shortage of available workers, called the Yakuza for help,” Tomohiko Suzuki told RT in November.

Japanese police say that up to 50 Yakuza gangs with 1,050 members currently operate in Fukushima prefecture.

Earlier this year, the first arrests were made. One Yakuza was detained over claims he sent workers to the crippled Fukushima plant without a license. Yoshinori Arai took a cut of the workers’ wages, pocketing $60,000 in over two years.

It also emerged that many of the cleanup workers, who exposed themselves to large doses of radiation without even knowing it, were given no insurance for health risks, no radiation meters even.


Update, april 13.

Sometimes i wish i were wrong. Most of the times but once you have seen the monster you cannot forget or forgive him. Yesterday the government finally acknowledged, a month later that Fukushima is a 7 event like Chernobyl was, as we have said all along this month.

When asked why it did not say the truth earlier, it bluntly responded as if that answer was acceptable, that if it had said so, people and foreigners would have abandoned Japan – meaning people must sacrifice their lives for the well-being of Japan Inc.

Still, the recognition of the importance of the accident has not changed Tepco’s plans NOT to bury the plant, as we asked from the beginning, to limit radiation, but slowly piece by piece, with the sacrifice of more Japanese people, dismantle it in the future. Why? The answer lies to the south, in the river Ota. I went to the river Ota, once it was clear to me that Tokyo tech didn’t want the wisdom of organicism to build up a more just and humane society but to build up better robots. So armed with a cam, I took the bullet-train stop first in Kyoto and finally arrived to the city where all started. And the first surprise was the rebuilding of the entire city with only a small memorial building, a half-destroyed dome and a museum in the center. Why? The Japanese after the war did not want to recognize the disaster they have brought upon themselves; they did not change; the Americans didn’t want them to change, only in the surface, so they would keep producing the machines of the FMI system, now for their American masters. That was all the change required and Japan performed well. The Japanese nuclear agency even invented a nice little manga character, Pluto(nium), to advertise the new nuclear plants that soon will spring up all over their coasts, so the Japanese will drink the water of the nearby springs without fear of becoming irradiated. The irony of a nation victim of the nuclear bomb that makes an icon of the nuclear industry cannot be easily understood without the larger view of Japan Inc. and the Financial-Military-Industrial Complex which the Earth has become,

Fukushima like Hiroshima must not represent a change on the direction of Japan Inc. only a hiatus. So the plants cannot be buried, because they would become a memorial to the foolishness of man, as Chernobyl is. Hiroshima was rebuilt very fast so nobody would remember and Pluto the manga character, soon convinced children of the wisdom of making Nuclear Plants in the densest populated island of the world. Now Fukushima must also be buried in the memory of the Japanese people, and for that it must be buried on the colorful sands of Sendai.

And so the plants will keep radiating for months to come, as the slow, never tried process of dismantling a radiating molten core of uranium and plutonium, is performed for new victims of TEPCO.

But of course, by then, Fukushima da-ichi won’t be TEPCO. The powerful zaibatsu has played with its corrupted pawns, all those aggressive-passive politicians that have come with the ‘banksters’ solution once more: Tepco won’t be nationalized. Only the Fukushima plant will be taken from Tepco and nationalized so the company that broke all safety standards, and it is still killing unneeded and unknown numbers of human beings and life fauna, will not pay fines, will not compensate their victims; all the Japanese people will pay them with their taxes, so profits keep coming to Japan Inc. The Message is clear: pollute, murder, save money whenever you risk human lives. This is the Free Market, the FMI complex, and its citizens, corporations are not being bothered by some collateral damage on the human sheeple. We don’t count corpses. We count profits, and as the news were ‘sipped’ days before the announcement the market was already profiting. Tepco was back on the spot, up, up as new columns of smoke surged from plant one, and 6 earthquakes threw down to the floor the citizens of Japan.

Update, april, 7.

And so slowly we are ‘becoming trained’ to accept the unacceptable: Tokyo power throws tons of radioactive water to the sea. Radioactive cesium will accumulate on fish. The sushi market will plummet. Here, in California, sushi used to be my main staple. You can already notice a decrease of customers. Radiation levels outside the ‘evacuation zone’ have shown to be up to 10.000 times those permitted. The loss of land at the astounding prices of Japan in that area is such, that it will be soon repossessed. All this could have partially avoided with swift action to bury the reactors. But there is a hierarchical order in the pecking world of the financial-military-industrial complex in which we live. And Gaia and those humans that live on it – agricultural and fishing communities destroyed by the Tsunami and Fukushima come last. They are always sacrificed, have always been in Japan and the world at large, since mechanism and the cult to money, weapons and machines changed the future of mankind.

So nobody talks of burying the plants. An aftershock could break the water-filled containers. Till when?

Will mankind react on time to create a sustainable planet? Or will the Financial-Military-Industrial complex evolve till poisoning the planet beyond our survival?


TEPCO, a free citizen of Japan Inc.

I visit Japan and filmed the ceremony in honor of the lost souls of Hiroshima. I went to the museum and saw the suffering faces of those who still remember. But the government of Japan doesn’t seem to learn from its mistakes. All has changed to remain the same. In this excerpt from the film quantum roulette we show the beautiful ceremony and museum in honor of the victims of Hiroshima. But the past is easy to remember. What about the future victims of Fukushima?

So back to Japan and why TEPCO will delay for months the admission of this accident, provoking thousands of radiation victims: Tepco is just a citizen of the FMI system, whose purpose is to feed machines with electricity at the minimal cost and to that aim it ‘eliminates’ the human life cost. But all this is done with digital numbers so Tepco ‘human enzymen’ don’t suffer much doing it.

We, humans, are always a ‘cost’ for a corporation, which works with a ‘syntactic equation’ proper of the ‘values’ of money that exchanges humans for pieces of gold since the beginning of the FMI complex: man=price=object is the economical equations of all monetary transactions. Man has a price which is a salary and the salary is a negative price, a cost for the corporation.

On the other side there is the object which the company reproduces and has also a price, but a positive price, its sale is a profit for the corporation. So all corporations discount humans (today substituted by blue collar workers, called robots and white collar workers called PCs) and help their machines. And this is good, you are told by the ideologies of capitalism, mechanism and nationalism that make you a slave of the machines that substitute you, the money that enslave you for a price and the weapons that kill you cyclically in times of war when top predator machines consume humans instead of humans consuming machines. Now in times of peace nuclear weapons do not consume Japanese, Japanese consume the electricity of nuclear weapons… But things have not changed that much; only your brain is much better imprinted with the memes of the FMI complex. So you are happy. You are part of Japan Inc. look at those Toyotas, never mind you live in a place not much bigger and a Kobe filet mignon cost more than a computer. Resources must be spent in producing PCs not meat, electricity for machines, not sushi. This is progress. This is what you wish and want, little piece of the FMI complex and its most eastern part, Japan Inc.

I was in Japan giving lectures on complexity when I chaired ISSS Duality science (before the chair was canceled after suing CERN, but this another story). It was the Tokyo Technological Institute and I saw the Japanese of the post-war. They thought they had changed their national spirit because they have moved from doing weapons to doing machines, and they were advancing the robotic age. They didn’t realize they had not changed at all. They still worshiped machines more than life, only of a new kind.  And they were being sacrificed to and by their company-mothers. They had little rights. The old Zaibatsus existed in a disguised manner. Tokyo power had 40% of the electricity of the nation. Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Sumitomo now participated by the American plutocracy and divided in smaller corporations however worked together with a single obsession: to evolve the best machines.

And so the answer to the impossibility of Fukushima’s burial is obvious. Japan Inc. is competing with Korea and US and Germany for the top notch in the high priesthood of Nuclear industries, accelerators, techno-machines and could not recognize a mishappening of the size of Fukushima, and so the truth has to be buried, sacrificing future lives 10 days in the road, by denying the seriousness of the incident.

Fukushima must be ‘cured’ and the people around must die in 10 years from radiation, when nobody is on the news, so we ‘solve’ the little mishap and can carry the reproduction of new nuclear plants. This is a given, a non-spoken truth that will continue sending workers to radiation, maintain in the perimeter between 15 and 30 miles, half a million people exposed. It will radiate fish on the sea, which accumulate heavy metal in their organisms.

The press has already profited for the scary campaign and now it will appease the sheeple and convince them this was an accident. What the press has never said is that this was not an accident, the tsunami didn’t cripple the plants. The plants merely lost electricity for a few days, and without electricity a plant radiates, heats and explodes. So the accident is easy to repeat as earthquakes 9-scale, if CERN is not causing them, will not happen often but black outs, loss of electricity, might happen in a myriad of plants being built around the world. And that larger view is this one in a nutshell:

The humane Japan, once more sacrificed.

I was also in Sendai, a touristic zone for the connoisseur that wanted to flee the Financial-Military-Industrial Complex with its 70 million ant-workers, coming out of the subways in white and black at 7.50 pm. Within 10 minutes all were in their cubicles. Their company-mothers were asking them a sacrifice that summer: they were sweating at work without air conditioned to save more money to their owners, but they were told this was to reduce global warming, a campaign paid by the Nuclear Industry, the placebo that hides the more pressing problems of the evolution of robotics that throw us from jobs and nuclear weapons and predators that will kill us when the FMI complex becomes truly a biological ecosystem of machines that has displaced man as man displaced mammals from  mother-earth.

Yes, Sendai was charming: small wood houses and small lots of nicely arranged farming; fishermen villages. All that was gone, but the sacrifice was not enough. Now the Sendai people must die as the bewildered sheep always does, happily obeying their masters, believing the FMI complex cares for them. But the function of Japan is not to care for his people but to evolve the robotic r=evolution. We made bodies of machines in the XIX c., heads of machines in the XX c. (ear=mobiles, chips=brains, eyes=cameras) and now we are putting them together in the III Industrial R=evolution of robots. And suddenly the meaning of the FMI complex becomes clear: a global organism that reproduces machines with its 3 physiological systems – the nervous/informative/monetary system that gives orders to all the components of society, with salaries, prices, bribes; the energetic/digestive/weapons systems that kills life and the ‘reproductive systems’ of increasingly automated company-mothers of air, sea and land machines, which imitate life in metal.

Japan Inc. is at the head with Korea of the most advanced organic robots and they will use both, solar energy and nuclear energy to become autonomous; they will consume the eyes of Sony and the chips of Toshiba and the iron of Mitsubishi and Honda will assembly the new citizens of Japan Inc. which are making obsolete their workers. This is happening, will happen during the XXI century guided by the equation of productivity imposed by corporations: productivity = capital/labor. So as we fire more workers and put more robots productivity rises. And this is the future: a world in which humans are obsolete, productivity rises, labor disappears and so we need 2 things to keep labor happy:

– A matrix of fictions handled by 3-D virtual realities, cheap processed food that seems more and more like what we feed to our animals.

– And methods to liquidate peacefully with just wars, invisible radiation, future terminators and other machines of the singularity age, the rebels.

Japan is also at the head of this process. And Fukushima leads the way. The FMI complex has though an attached, secondary system, a relic of the old good times when humans were building truly human super-organisms, called Gods, (networks of DNA-believers with the same code of love that shared energy and information among them as cells of the body do); or civilizations or cultures. That was Japan in the Edo times that you can still glimpse at Kyoto. No longer. Now the simplex, attached to the FMI complex of Japan Inc. are a group of clueless politicians who work for corporations not for the Japanese people.

And yet since the Japanese, even those perfectly indoctrinated working at TEPCO are still human, we can expect, as Fukushima keeps radiating and the wishful thinking of TEPCO becomes more hopeless, a certain amount of the population, today still puzzled by the infantile methods of ‘saving’ our 10 billion $ a piece plants and the mass-media propaganda that hails the sacrifice of TEPCO workers, ‘the 50 of Fukushima’, so TEPCO makes money, its stocks grow and the plutocrats who think to run the show but merely parasite the FMI complex and all of us, get fatter.

At certain point I hope people will protest about the pouring of water that becomes radiactive and falls to the ocean, the cesium 137 that lives 30 years and will accumulate in hamachi, saba and sake…

As today all what is expected of the Japanese people is to die for Japan Inc. with order, Bushido spirit and quiet silence for years to come, so Fukushima doesn’t break the unrelentless pace of extinction of life in this planet, the natural goal of the FMI complex hidden in its equations of profit and productivity.

The false ideologies of a non-human future that will not go away.

This is the big picture nobody wants to talk about. We are self-centered people and so we cannot, will not, wish not to see the obvious: we have become slaves of our machines of measure (scientists) of war (nations) and of profits (corporations and the money they invent in financial e-derivatives and use to cre(dit)ate a reality made to the image and likeness of their machines). We are terraforming the Earth and we are NOT the future of the Metal-Earth we are creating. And this is taboo; because what needs to be reformed is our entire civilization, one in which we run towards a goal that is plainly speaking the extinction of life, but we run like horses do, toiling without distraction, with our eye-lateral vision closed. In the Orwellian animetal farm we live all is so complex that cannot be even understood by those who have a limited part in the construction of the whole.

And at the summit of it all there are 3 ideologies that cannot be disputed (yes i repeat this, because this is how today ‘truth’ is imprinted, no longer by reason but by repetition, following the first master of modern mass-media, Mr. Goebbels’ minister of propaganda and radio of the 3rd Reich: if a lie is repeated many times people will believe it). And that is how your ‘truths’ have been imprinted on you, repeated ad eternal, so you believe in:

– Mechanism, the belief  that the Universe is NOT an organic system and man is NOT made to its image and likeness, but that machines are the measure of all things and the meaning of knowledge. On top of this ideology seats CERN with its ultimate weapon and machine of measure. And so nobody during the Fukushima crisis has even wondered about CERN as part of the Nuclear Industry – never mind unlike Fukushima, CERN might irradiate 7 billion human beings – the entire sheeple of the FMI-complex.

Indeed, CERN is the summit of mechanism. And this is sacred. We must not think that man is the measure of all things – that is subversive thought. Those ideas have always been ‘negative’ for the industrial evolution of machines – the worldly profession of physicists. We must all believe in the FMI complex, in the energy of machines that now are feeding even in agricultural goods (ethanol), rising the price of human food. So we will worship CERN’s bigbangs and Tepco’s nuclear plants.  Imagine that Fukushima workers think their lives are more important than saving 10 billion $ plants for Tepco. That could be the beginning of a serious r=evolution. Imagine that a worker of Fukushima burns himself in front of Tepco’s headquarters as the Tunisian hero did. That could spark a Japanese awakening.

– Capitalism, the belief that we should NOT create an economic ecosystem in which machines are our slaves, and the language of social power, money, is produced NOT by their company-mothers but by our governments, freely elected, hence used to reproduce and promote the welfare goods of biological nature that cater to our natural drives (our biological food, housing, health-care, culture, education, environment, etc.). This is taboo in capitalism, the religion of money for a few on top and the machines they build.

So MONEY, the experts of corporations, called economists, tell us, must be reproduced by financial companies in global stock-markets and then handled to companies of machines and used to evolve and re=produce them. That will make the free citizens of the free market, corporations, happy.

The rest of society however must earn their salary and work as part-time slaves (an improvement over the first gunboat corporations for which all were full-time slaves).

So we, happy slaves of capitalism, pass deficit-zero laws and our beloved governments must extort money from us through taxes.

– Nationalism, the belief that we are NOT the members of the same species that must love each other and evolve together, to create a paradise on Earth, a sustainable planet, a world in which humans would be eternal, but we must compete between us, and kill each other, reproducing the best machines – always weapons, because we have different cloths with primary colors called flags, and for those painted cloths we must sacrifice ourselves.

This is Japan Inc today. Japan doesn’t compete with weapons, and so we think it is a peaceful, loving country.  It is not. It just changed the machine. Now it competes with Korean Robots and German cars but still doesn’t allow other humans to enter their country. In the Tokyo subway, they move out from you because, as we all know, foreigners smell bad. They might be polluted. Let us then breathe the clean air of Fukushima without humane smells.

And so when you add capitalism+nationalism+mechanism, you get the Japanese XXI century frame of mind.

Japn is developing robots to help the elderly not to pay a much better filipino care-taker. Japan my friend deserve Fukushima because after Hiroshima it didn’t learn anything. Their samurais changed from making weapons to make machines and their bewildered herd followed the dictum of Samurais: ‘a Japanese (peasant) is like a soy seed: the last squeeze gives more juice’.

 And only if you are aware of that arrow of evolution we have set in motion, and we back with the 3 ideologies of mechanism (machines are the future of man, not organic systems of metal that substitute and make obsolete human beings), capitalism (money is the language of god, not a language whose values are different from those of words and give zero value to life and maximal value to machines and weapons) and nationalism (the idea that we are different races according to a piece of cloth, called a flag, so we must not love each other and evolve together as members of the same species, but use weapons to come up on top), we can interpret the world as it is, including Fukushima.


Sports play an essential part in the info-tainment industry, the positive one, just in the surface.

Indeed,the information side are the news or rather newspeaks, whose function is to instill hate and repression against all the natural life memes of mankind; now focused due to the ownership of the FM system by the Jewish Am Segullah ‘banker priests’ on hate messages against Islam (Islamophobia).

To balance the act though we need placebo happiness. This is fiction from evilwood – the comedy part; and sports, who develop our body and atrophy our mind. So we become a neoteny race of children, easy to manipulate. Sports thus are important to the system. And this week we conceded the Olympic games, the highest industrial show-business of this genre.


Olympian Fukushima.

This month one of the last heavens of humanism, athletic sports, played without machines, the human body at its best within the limits of flesh have surrendered its ideals, once more, one might say, to the industrial corporations, robots and machines of the future.

The olympic spirit is long gone. And this is more of the same. As it happens, when i was a kid i lived in a beautiful, huge home in barcelona. My neighbor just a floor below was Mr. Samaranch, president of IOC who brought the games to barcelona, and made them a multinational of corporative finances. I recalled the ‘suave’ manners of this man, who transformed the spirit of athletics into a money-making machine of sponsors and distractions for the masses through TV-opium…

But it did not need to fall so low as to give the games to one of the flags of the non-future world of robotics, prosthetics, nuclear infernos, and automaton humans with zero interest for the pleasures of the body, as Japan Inc. is.

IOC has chosen the less humanist of the 3 candidates, madrid, Istanbul and Tokyo, to host the feast of the human body: Japan Inc. its robots that introduced its candidacy, its ultra-corrupted Politicos to the service of its corporations, and the radioactive tomb of Fukushima, still leaking and leaking for decades to come, the impossible to stop radiation of Plutonium… 140 miles from the site of the games.

Japan will spend more money building a future stadium than it has spent cleaning up the uncleanable Fukushima.

140 miles means water leaking from the plant goes down the coastal streams to Tokyo in a few days.

140 miles means the ban that countries like China and Korea – not exactly very concerned for ecological disasters – have basically forbidden consumption of food and fish obtained in the outskirts of Tokyo.

140 miles means the Japanese legal system and health system is ‘updating’ the ‘dangerous’ level of radiation, lowering it enough for kids to be able to drink radiated water, and it has even brought back the old ‘manga’ that announced the goodies of Nuclear radiation in the 50s.

AI Robotic age. Death of Humanity (the future).

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 12.02.02

This is Japan at its best – never surrender, never changing route, never doubting that the machine is the idol for whom to enslave. After Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan became with France the biggest investor on Nuclear plants.

Now after Fukushima Japan Inc, and Manga Pu will help us to radiate all the tourists, IOC members and athletes of the world; so we now we ‘can’ live in a  trans-humanist planet Japan Inc. is building for us.

Mr. Abe lied and it has he has been lying for months.

Tokyo is being affected by radiation, and to hold Olympic games nearby Chernobyl or Fukushima is a whole statement of what truly matters to the world: to prove that Japan inc. is the model, that we back its policies against life and the environment, to prove that to ‘die for Japan Inc.’ is a ‘challenge’ up to the alley of our best athletes.

This prize shows the wrong message, the FMMI message not the humanist message the Olympic spirit once means. This shows the Olympic games are just another ‘show-business’ of the Financial-media Matrix that distracts our world. It shows it is just part of the propaganda machine of big corporations.

This is what COI sponsors, or rather they are – Japan Inc. – those who sponsor COI. We gave the prize once to AOL & Coca-cola (Atlanta games) and now we have given them to Honda and TEPCO. Wait till the new Asimo Pistorius run faster than 9 s. the 100 meters. Bolt won’t be a Jamaican athlete or even a ray but a synonymous of levers and bolts; Asimo III will be olympian.

It has denied the first Islamic games, in which women without veils could run; marathons would show the astounding beauty of that city, running through beautiful bosforus palaces and blue and green mosques.  It has denied 1/4th of mankind the right to learn how to cultivate a sound mind in a sound body. It has denied the bridge between the west and the east, modernity and tradition, the mechanical and human world, the right to rise healthy kids, the respect to showcase the best of his world.

Why? Because for the financial-media/Military-industrial complex of machines that rule the world, Islam is precisely the last non-technological culture, and must therefore be used as targets for consumption of our weapons. It CANNOT give us a humane face. We CANNOT stop hating islam, or else, all our neo-fascist newspeaks of eviL enemies of the righteous, the ‘fasces’, ‘mask’ (latin) will fall.

The choice was obvious. 1/4th of humanity, the poorest ones, Islam, have never hold games. We use it as canon flesh for our duck practice with future terminator robots in the ‘semite wars’ of our leading nation, owner of the western financial-media system, the Jewish nation, leader of the 3rd electronic cycle from its owned sites of evilwood, The City and Wall Street

Thus islamophobia is all the rage: it makes money for the military industrial complex of robotic weapons And it helps apartheid israel to sustain with mercenary armies its western empire, of which Japan is a willing servant, now compensated with an olympian site.

Istanbul deserved long ago the games, NEVER given to 1/4th of mankind. But those are the non-human ‘dogs’ of the talmudian Ham damnation, the sons of Ham, the man who a racist rabbi said to have pee on his drunk father, condemned for eternity with the ‘negros’ not to be humans. And so no ‘negro’ or ‘islamic’ nation will be taken seriously by the western Empire. Crossed.

Istanbul deserved teh games to show to the world that the children of Islam could have other goal in life besides repeating in madrassas for a piece of food, the suras of the Koran.

Then there was madrid as the best second, for it is a city where the pleasures of life from food to sports, the pleasures of the flesh from sex to love, flourish; for it was a sustainable model of the games, cheap and focused in the athletes of which Spain has a huge reservoir.

The only non-candidate was the one it won, tokyo. It could organize the first future robotic games with machines running with solar skins vs. machines running with Plutonium/Thorium ones radiating in a non human world.

COI has been a bit advanced for its age, LOL, those will be more of an appetizer of things to come: the future Robotic Games of the XXII century.

II. Korean War:

Eternal excuse for new digital weapons

In the graph, while the North piles up old Nukes, the south militarizes with robotic terminators, in open competition with Israel’s budding industry, its similar wall separating two brother cultures in both cases.

One can only feel a certain respect for the small Koreans, who have stand the germ(an) bully, reassuring they will only ab=use nukes if attacked first; after 50 years of massive military high-tech manoeuvres on the other side of the increasingly robotised wall of shame. So just leave the underdog alone, find your SPLENDID little war of the 9 year product cycle to showcase your arsenal for the business of america, somewhere else, Mr. Trump-eteer of Apocalypto, .


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