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The case of Pistorius is worth to study not because of the heinous murder but as zeitgeist of the times. A parable of apartheid nations, paranoid white men, mass-media manipulation, the worship of mechanisms, the conversion of humans into marketing products, the prevalence of racist memes, which never go away, the hypocrisy of the Capitalist, biblical culture; and last but not least the systemic use of ‘faked’ victimism to come back on top.

Indeed, in the picture of two tales, the successful Pistorius animetal would never abandon his attached mechanisms, to pose as a celebrity with her perfect blonde. The murderous Pistorius, will fake victimism and grievance, walking on his HUMAN WEAK body, naked as we will be all in judgment day, suddenly finding he is human after all. And yet it worked, he was not punished as he deserved. So there is also the tale of the sheeple who loves his masters, of the Stockholm syndrome of mankind who only remembers and forgives those who ‘own’ the money to corrupt the legal ‘wor(l)d’ and the metal-communicators to impose their worldview.


When the first all-world-around lonely sailor arrived in the XIX century to South-Africa he wanted to meet the Calvinist president, who was very offended because this guy had proved the world was round, not flat as the bible put it (well Magallanes did that long ago but then he didnt visit dutch fundamentalists in South-Africa). But he couldn’t convince him.

This is the south-african frame of mind of his white people. Fundamentalist biblical supremacists at its best, who made Nuclear Bombs with the help of Israel, its biggest commercial partner after the US during all the apartheid time: the white is superior, he has lost his political power but not his economical one, and he has guns to defend himself from ‘them’…

The guy had all the hang-ups of a violent culture of racist oppression. He lives in a secluded white community, has weapons all over the place and is a paranoid of ‘us against them’, who loves to shoot around and feels threatened in what was considered the safest compound of South-Africa, when sleeping because he had no legs, and feared that the guards will partner with the criminals to kill him – his own declarations. He shot her 4 times through the bathroom door, and boasted his 96% deadly accuracy shooting heads. He is the product of an apartheid nation with zero respect for the life of others. Just a flag for robotic corporations selling androids, who should never have participated in the olympics to start with. Part of our bizarre cult(ure) of terminator drones, mechanical humans and mindless mass-media – a fake, another poser, fucking poser.

Why I am so angry at him? Not because he is a robotman, though i can see the danger of letting androids to run with men in the future; but because he is a coward that pretends to be a hero, he is a racist that pretends to be an equalitarian, he is ultimately the topic fake representation of our world, where bigots come strong as nice people and a reflection of his country, a complete dystopia, caused by the wrong memes who do not die away.

She, on the other hand, was just a beautiful, silly girl who dreamed of being a celebrity and was packing to go to an island to play the infotainment industry that make us all laugh at our own demise, also a product of the mass-media industry evilwood type that we shall deal with next week, probably using him to become more ‘celeb’ on exchange for sexual peccadilloes – one can imagine this man-object who treats probably their objects of love as captured commodities angry that she was escaping as a free spirit that would make love to celebrity islands and would not be any longer his possession. Or perhaps he was just high on EPO, or playing reckless to shoot through a door, or even perhaps he thought there was a ‘negro’ shitting in his bowl. None of those behaviors though can excuse the crime. Because you cannot shoot a human life for loss of property and this is the bottom line in South-Africa and America.

There property – the object – is worth more under the grammar of money than life, human life. So everybody and this amazes me, in both countries justified Mr. Pistorius if it had been an intruder. And now the nauseating part comes in – the family reaching out to the victims’ parents, the kid crying on the stand. You see, again the self-centered money-brain feels so sorry for himself. He is now portraying himself as the victim. So be it. Go to jail and get pounded, become a victim of all those ‘negroes’ you feared so much…


February. 2014.


‘The territorial integrity of Mali must be kept intact’ – alas our ‘socialist’ president – how that name ‘socialism’ has been stained in the past decades!, explain us the reasons of the intervention, which we advanced last weeks – to maintain the colonial absurd map of Mali, together, when in the south lives a corrupted black community and in the north a fundamentalist white one, which historically have been millenarian enemies, as the Arabs enslaved traditionally the blacks and now the blacks routinely abuse the northern  Tuaregs.

We must though keep the artificial borders of XIX century France. In the graph, Mr. Hollande, like a topic colonial employee at the service of la Grandeur is hailed by a group of corrupted dictatorial qisling politicos, which have in the meantime sent their regular troops NOT to fight the desert people (they routinely abandon the cities when the jihadists approach, but to loot and take revenge with death squads, on the conquered cities that the French leave behind. Mr. Hollande though reassured us that he has asked the president ‘whatever’ (as they last the time the next coup d’etat is organized) to ‘respect human rights’.

Today western nations are NOT human nations. As we are not democracies, but just managerial sections of the industrial stock-corporation. And so ALCOA gets record profits on their sales of aluminium for the robotic industry, Samsung too and the ‘socialist’ Mr. Hollande prepares his particular version of Obama’s change we can believe in – the re-establishment of neocolonial Mali to take the uranium.

Meanwhile the Rafale are tested and America lobbies with neighborhood Niger to place a ‘terminator’ base for his drones and future hexapeds on the center of the Sahara.  

A NEW SPECIES IS INDEED BEING BORN, not the colonial French and old one; not the corrupted panhandling to corporations Black politico, also a very old one, but the global network of GPS, satellites, drones and i-robot tanks and hexapeds that will substitute in the future robotic wars our ‘french, desert and jungle’ soldiers…

But wait why Niger and NOT Azawad, the site of the rebels?

Suddenly all becomes crystal clear. Not only we shall test our weapons. As it turns out, Niger, the neighbor of Mali is the second biggest producer of Uranium, and France is the center of the global industry of Uranium today – an honor obtained after providing the Nuclear Bomb to Israel, which the Kennedy administration was not so kin to give away. 50% of its electricity comes from Nuclear Plants and AREVA, its national company is leader in the sector.

So both France and the US are protecting the Uranium of their military-industrial complex and further evolving and justifying their military expenses.

As always the reader should understand that the ‘newspeaks’ of the weekly news and calendar rituals of our civilization are driven by the ZEITGEIST of the age – the overproduction crises and needs of the metalearth.

This is the drill to interpret the news that we follow in this section: the zeitgeist of the world is the overproduction of memes of metal, money, weapons and machines and ‘their needs’ as the superior species, which corporations reproduce and care for. The human ‘newspeaks’ is the cover up of the lineal, unrelenting zeitgeist – the evolution of the machine.

Update jan. 2014.

As we foresaw last year when we gave the first news, the reason of Mali’s invasion was the evolution of robotic drones to fight desert wars and the uranium of Niger. Now France has let the mask fall and deploys drone in a military base in Niger. The excuse as always terrorism – the reason, those are the poorest people on Earth, no defense against us. No further comment is needed:

Le Niger serait-il devenu un lieu de compétition internationale …. pour les drones militaires ? « Activité » qui pourrait être liée plus ou moins à ses richesses en uranium ?

Alors que l’Africom – commandement de l’armée américaine qui coordonne les activités militaires US sur le continent africain  – a réalisé en 2013 l’installation d’une base militaire US sur territoire nigérien – le tout assorti d’envois de drones pour pouvoir surveiller l’Afrique du Nord et le Sud Algérien –  le ministre français de la Défense, Jean-Yves Le Drian, s’est rendu mercredi à Niamey au Niger sur la base où sont déployés les nouveaux drones français qui ont vocation – eux aussi – à renforcer la lutte contre le terrorisme au Sahel.

January. 2013. Colonial Mali must be kept united.


In the graph, Mali is in reality a white arab/tuareg nation to the north and a black nation to the south. Only the absolute indifference of XIX century fascism (colonialism) and its racist credos to the cultures of the human kind and its people, signified by the masterpiece of French racism in the XIX century, the very influential book of Gobineau, ‘the inequality of human races’ , made possible to put together two different cultures for the sake of it and the ‘straight rules’ of Parisian geographers.  Now the mixture of Jewish Islamophobia and faked French Grandeur of its neofascist right & wing, monopolistic Jewish-French politicians, from Sarkozy to Moscovici, have decided that since Arabs& Tuaregs like to be independent and on top believe in Islam, they must be reunited again in another ‘splendid little wars’ for profits of the Western Financial-Media-Military Industrial complex.

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