‘Past’: British Empire


I. UK, PAST: Western European culture.


III. Modern Age. Brexit Nostalgy:  NEWS.

“The Basques were the first to catch whales commercially, and dominated the trade for five centuries, spreading to the far corners of the North Atlantic “for [they] were then the only people who understand whaling”, lamented the English explorer Jonas Poole.  ’80 percent of British genes are Basque in origin’ Wikipedia, on different aspects of the seafaring cultures of the Biscay bay; British Past, pre-metal age.

“Many of you have long experienced in your manufacturing operations the advantages of substantial, well-contrived, and well-executed machinery.

If, then, due care as to the state of your inanimate machines can produce such beneficial results, what may not be expected if you devote equal attention to your vital machines, which are far more wonderfully constructed?

Owens, ‘manufactures in England’, classic age. On the change of culture from life to metal, and the beginning of the rule of company-mothers.

“It must all be worth it because there is something inherently, superhumanly British that means we can defy the laws of nature and still prevail.” Nesrine Malik on Brexit, future age. On the nostalgia that comes in the old age, when an organism agonizes and looks to the past glorious classic age.

Abstract. Britain as usual in all past nations, lost its cycle of top predator power, which in UK was… the steam age, 2 centuries ago has entered as predicted for all civilizations, once past its animal Zenith of power in its entropic decaying age. It was apparent ever since I World Wart took away from Britain the go(l)d ring and Iron Sword of financial and military power, passed to the American civilization.

The process however was not so evident as other civilizations, since the new top predator nation was the daughter nations of U$, with a shared protestant-Jewish elite of stock-rats, the new aristocrats of the age of the machine, without legal responsibility (anonymous societies) and full monopoly of the language of power (money) as aristocrats had on weapons, and laws during the Middle Ages.

So ultimately the elite didn’t change, and that meant UK could continue at the level of its informative, ‘neuronal castes’ in the top predator position of the metal-earth, specially in the Financial-Media informative machines industries, preferred always by the elites.

Yet their people suffered a clear lost of power and welfare, so it took two decisions:

  • On one side British people could always emigrate to America and the old Dominion nations of Canada and Australia to continue on top of the wave, as many did from Mr. Murdoch to Hugh Grant.
  • On the other side Britain could join its European parallel nations, as it did in the EU integration.

This second fusion however would not be stable, as UK IS A DIFFERENT culture, where there is total power-control of the Financial Media elites and so it has never accepted the mild social-democracies of Europe with higher rights of the common people.

IN the American-UK civilization the control of company-mothers over their systems of politicos, media education and memes of hate to foster its main industry, weapons is absolute, unlike in Continental Europe where after some r=evolutions and wars, the people reached a degree of minimal rights to the issue of money and the democratic existence of a demand economy.

HENCE AT THE FIRST CHANCE, UK, DURING A TORY, right wing=animetal rule, Brexit Europe and came even closer to its daughter civilization, US, becoming part of the global Financial-media Jewish-American empire, fully integrated in the Semite wars and digital era. Yet the nostalgia of empire made their commoners proud as always of sacrificing its human rights to the power of its elites…

Let us then study the past, present and future of the UK culture,



UK IS WHERE THE METALEARTH EMPIRE WAS BORN. IN THE NEXT graphs thus we have 2 sides as always – the side of the FMMI system, of the metalearth, which un UK is the story of world stock, and the study the human side of UK, the anglo-people.

As the dominant feature of the 7th UK->US culture is to put capital and machines, and its company-mothers first, we will consider in more detail the mechanical side of UK.

The Anglo. On character, and birth.

AS RACE then is the secondary classification of the anglo-world, we need to make a fast analysis of what the dominant white animetal Anglo-merican people are in terms of the ternary races of the mind, and where they haul from, even though we stress that ALL Americans except the stock-rats owners of corporations (overwhelmingly jewish or calvinist germanic people), are INDISTINGUISHABLE PARTICLES, SUBJECT TO A PERMANENT STATE OF POWERLESS ENTROPY=CHAOS=FREEDOM, valued merely in terms of credit.

As in the case of Pausanias, though, we can make parallels between cultures on genetic and memetic origins. Genes matter little, but imprint one of the three races of the mind; so that is the only parallel worth to ‘see’ – memes do the rest. Yet as cultures expanded, and mixed genes, the original memes being reproduced by conquest on other minds, sometimes not well received, merging ‘aborted’ cultures, sometimes giving birth to new fascinating forms, genes dilutes but leave the imprinting on the globalised cultural world. This is specially the case of the Anglo, which originally comes from the white homo sapiens neanderthaliensis, who died in western europe,  at the end of the 800 years space-time cycle-arch of warriors, which from its parallel Asian form, Korean, come and go, with new weapons, staring with its invention Mongoloid, informative Korea/Manchu/Mongolian/Altai region (gunpowder, arch, stirrup, press), and by selection of its more active leaders, and caudillos come to Hispania, to rest, with no further land to the west of Finisterre, where they dolce fare niente and enjoy the pleasures of the body, once they used only to move their entropic limbs and weapons.

Then this basque-iberian migrated after the last glaciation to England, still representing +80% of the genes of the british islands. And over it, the wave of germanic conquerors of the 400 ad stirrup wave came to conquer – needless to say a genetic drop of water but with far more memetic consequences.

The northern Hispano would indeed reject the roman, mediterranean peninsular culture of its southern counterpart – humanist, social, life-oriented, gospelian for the harsher animetal versions of the old testament bible.

And hence its ‘mind is that of a semite believer’, culturally, NOT of a South-european.

It is thus the Anglo, tough warrior in sporty as his close cousin, both descendants of the Ber-e-ber-Basque-Iberian, itself the first man, born of the verbal dominant, visual powerness of the oldest human being on Earth, which as all warrior top predator species was the first to be born, and it will be the last be death – forget what meant to be humans, which is ultimately the spirit of the writer of this web.

Thus the homo sapiens neanderthaliensis, the first white man on the graph, still dolicocephalic but with an obvious growth of its verbal thinking forehead, meant the birth of the western man.

The Angl0-Hispano in that sense, is the quintessential Homo Sapiens Neanderthal; the visual man, in its origin closer likely among all the other characters to the original Anglo-American (now almost gone, mind erased by the FMasters and its revivalism of animetal, first semite, mythic biblical cultures). Also an active, visual, generous, optimist man, a younger version of the Hispano, on virtue of its same genetic make up. As the basque->hispano colonised the British Islands, 10.000 years ago and made anglos 80% still today of Basque->hispano genes.

$emites, Hispanic & Germs-3 neanderthals

In the graph, the 3 cultures that shaped England, in the centre the original western seafarer Basque culture, its genetic imprinting, with a living, flexible outlook that made the Brits the hardest seafarers after the sinking of the Iberian Empire, in the right, the Germanic chariot and iron culture, of smiths, in the left the go(l)d Jewish->Protestant culture of capitalism that took by storm the nation, with the Glorious R=evolution of 1688 when the entire sephardim-calvinist Dutch ‘International’ moved on, when the French invaded the country, with their stock-rats, central banksters, and gunboats, to found the empire, based in massive debt for imperial wars.

Thus the most important by far is the first, the jewish, capitalist culture, the less important turned out to be the indo-european once considered both genetically and memetically relevant.British is and has always been The City, and then the rest of people, mostly of basque origin with some germanic input – hence the classic very tough Western seafarer and iron smith cultures of western Europe, unfortunately converted to the primitive Biblical memes, which Darwin could not fully erase.,

So the anglo was first Hispano>Latino and then the anglo abandoned European cultures colonised by three million ‘hebrew bibles’ given for free by Athias, a valencian sephardim, kicked out after centuries of usury debt for the splendid profits of war, in the cycle of wars and holocausts that plagued Hispania in the middle ages, and provoked when the Hispanos unified, the expulsion of the FMasters, who never learn from their mistakes. Alas, they reconquered the mind of the Hispanos of the North (: and debased their human side.

So  the  essential earlier character of the Anglo-American, is semite, jewish in its Biblical reductionism.

In the graph, the 3 cultures of the white man, on the right side, the ‘Germs’, who entered History murdering everybody else, with their chariots and lineal iron weapons, in the centre the Hispanic, seafare culture of the Neolithic who colonised western europe, pursuing whales till Britain, with its worship of life memes, on the left side, the humorous interpretation of the surrealist American artist, Mr. Dee, on our elites and their cult to baal still dedicated to the worship of go(l)d. Those who worship selfish metal memes, informative gold, and energetic metal, weapons the ‘yous’ and the ‘germs’ (memetic references to their ‘murdering ways and $elected concept that they are not ‘like the rest of us’, but superior ‘animetals), have faired far worst in history. They were the majority of white cultures 5000 years ago, but western europeans did carry the wor(l)d, because of their balanced sense between the tree of life and the tree of metal as opposed to the other 2 cultures of eviL=anti-life memes, now again controlling the wor(l)d. So the future looks dim for our collective survival, with those enthusiastic genociders on top.

Now, because it seems this time is about germ warriors, you go(l)d believers and innocent hispanic to be massacred, we will explain the real history of the 3 groups – their cultures, genes matter not, it is all about memes.

The you from the Go(l)d $emite->Canaanite->Jewish->Biblical culture of informative metal, that massacred and slaved the World 5000 years ago, and kept doing till today.

The Germ comes from the Andronovo, Siberian->Russian->German culture of Bronze chariots that massacred the world 3000 years ago… And kept doing it till today.

The Hispanic comes from the Basque-Iberian-Western European (French-British) Neolithic culture of stonehenge masters and whale hunters, the only white man who likes to enjoy the pleasures of life, and keeps trying till today…

And it is interesting to notice that despite so much effort on those who worship the tree of metal, yous and germs, those who taste the tree of life, the Western Europeans (brits still having 80% of hispanic genes), fared far better, as the Portuguese, Spanish, French and British cultures represent today, 2/5ths of the world speaking people, with another 1/5th going to the Life tree worshippers of the Chinese neolithic… when at the time this history began they were compared to Germs who extended from the Rhine to the Ienesei and the Semites who overpopulated the conquered fertile crescent, clearly a drop in the sand of ‘numbers’.

Now, the obvious question here is what is the subtle difference between germanic cults to weapons, Jewish cults to Go(l)d, and the anglo-hispanic ‘basque’, more vitalist view?

Obviously the western European has always closer to life, and more flexible to the changes of it, fighting the sea, the northern European with its germanic lineal swords, and inflexible words, whose falsities seems truth to him, and his objectual languages, where the object comes first, has no feelings for it no emotions, it is the essential killer of life.

It is the simplicity of the line that looks perfect in its void and entropy without meaning. Life is imperfect, laughs, smiles accelerates its e-motions. It curves, bends.

He loves death as much as the weapons that make him survive. In the opposite side the Go(l)d believers deny death, as it is caused at distance, through go(l)d, debt slavery and mercenary armies.

But none of them understand death, and laughs at it. Both are in fact quite similar, and far less vital and sophisticated, less humans despite their astounding racism against Latinos – the internal negros of this 3rd fascist age, both in Europe (piigs countries) and in America (chicanos)

This shows in its absolute lack of Sense of art and humour, which only comes from self-reflection and hence capacity to reasons and change route. The astounding fundamentalism of the go(l)d FMasters who have rewritten history NOT TO FACE their religion of profits at all costs, including collective self-suicide after murdering by poverty most of mankind, and the Germ(an) culture responsible for all the massacres of europe, since the dark ages of the 1200 BC (charioteers) through the Barbarians of the 400 AD, to the final paroxysm of the gunpowder weapons (I II world war), is what sets history in course. Indeed, the cycles are happening guided by the mathematical values of digital money and the technological evolution of weapons, because Jewish banksters and german technocrats NEVER learn from their mistakes. You cannot make a joke about Nazis in Germany or one about the Holocaust in Israel. Tanto monta monta tanto.

 The british 

The British nation is a racial/body x memetic/brain  combination of the German and Jewish nation since its conversion to calvinism and other protestant sects that shifted emphasis from Jesus, the meme of eusocial love to all the species, to yvwh, the meme of racial differentiation and idolatry to go(l)d and war as means to impose your will.

This change in the reformation changed the British culture, always ambivalent between the latin, eusocial world and the german world definitely to the animetal ideologies. And as a mixture of both would also be the origin of the memes of the machine, organic metal combination of energy and information systems, before separated in the weapon and the coin.

Thus the British and American empires will have their origin of the two most powerful ‘animetal nations’ of the West:

– The Jewish Nation and its ‘daughter nations’ of protestant/calvinist origin, first Holland, then Great Britain and finally America (and other go(l)d based capitalist, Anglophone nations, in which they still rule, notably Canada and Australia, the next ‘stop’ of their ‘Am Segullah’ elite (People of the treasure, camouflaged in the translation as Chosen People), once the cycle of ruin and holocaust of their innocent sheeple is completed…

– And the German nation, and its daughter nations, the ‘aristocratic European countries of the ‘Franks’ (a German tribe origin of France), the Swedish and other Scandinavian countries (origin of all Germans)…

The oldest of those ‘daughter nation’ is India with its division in people-castes, with ideologists of war on top (Brahmin and his baghvad Gita, the book of choice to calm his angst of Mr. Rolf Hoess of Auschwitz fame and mr. Oppenheimer of A-Bomb fame) and then soldiers, and with the life cultures they oppressed (Dravidians) as inferior animals to their cows. Today the resurgence of Hindi Nationalism after Britain imposed its ‘divide and win ‘policies, so profitable in South-America and Africa, breaking an excellent collective future of social evolution of all religions that was taken place in the Indian Empire into the Islam vs. Hinduism present hate (against the opposition of Gandhi that died for the right cause), is once more a problem for all of us. As Jihadist Pakistan vs. Caste India both with nuclear weapons can be one of the origins of the III world war.

Both ‘nations’ together, the Jewish nation (ideology) and the German nation (race), gave birth to the British Empire and the American Empire that masterminded both kinds of memes, those of war and go(l)d. They are studied in the left side column in their moments of global power, thanks to their development of Steam machines (origin of British power) and minds of metal (origin of US power).

Abstract: The regression of the world continues in the neo-fascist age of the chip radiation. As the overproduction of chips, white collar robots, blue collar pcs, drone terminators and e-money reproduced for corporation and bankers, with complete despise of the human lot, the centre of the FMMI system of Financial-Media (informative machines)/military-Industrial mechanisms (energetic machines) tries to disengage from mankind. It is the isolationist age of Anglo-America, signified by the pull out of all global institutions of its 3 leading nations, Israel, which for decades has done everything possible to bust the UNO, US, which has collaborated and now the last hope for a redemption of anglo-america, Great Britain, the closest of the 3 nations to the European, rational humanist social culture, in tune with the ‘eusocial laws’ of the fractal Organic Universe.

I had put a lot of hopes on England, after all part of the western culture, once colonised by seafarer northern spaniards (still 80% of its genes are basque), with a certain sense of humour (capacity for self-criticism) and knowledgeable of French pleasures, Italian art, and Spanish Fiesta, and ultimately the land of Darwin.

So if there was a country that could resurrect the human spirit of Anglo-America, now lost among the Jewish and American biblical neo-cons was UK, where i moved very young to study at the Fabian ‘London School of Economics’, but soon abandoned that perverted once socialist school to spend my wasted youth among the beautiful people and elite of that world, which as the elite of the US, seemed to have some idealism, to create a perfect world, but that was the 80s, before the chip radiation started the massive erasing and degradation of mankind from bottom to top.  It is though that elite of Oxbridge dilettantes, the people who have provoked this catastrophe. The Camerons and Farrages, who have in a casual manner, done a silly bet, of which they are all so fond, on that country, which has sunk the nation and by extension, sunk the hopes that anglo-america would react to the increasing degradation of the human species.

This is indeed how historic tragedies happen – by games of chance.

What came next was just a proof of the null face value of that elite.

Since the 3 main culprits of the fuc* up, who convinced a lot of old small town, imperial nostalgic know-nothing people, to sunk the ship, singing, ‘god-save-the-queen’ (‘give me 3 reasons to stay in Europe’, said the old hat), were the first to abandon the boat, they just blew up.

That to me, was the ultimate symbol that nothing remained in UK of the old imperial spirit that had won the war for the future of mankind to the European Iberian->French culture in the classic age of gunpowder. Indeed, if something had shown UK for 300 years of empire building, was a minimal ‘sense of imperial honour’. Now not even that remains on those who didn’t remain.




In the graphs, from the original book on bio-history, we see the expansion and reproduction of the capitalist wave and its hierarchical class structure based in race from its origin in Amsterdam after the conversion of Germanic warriors from the Christian eusocial love wor(l)d to the go(l)d culture.

It is by far the most important negative action against the future of history, as if the Italian renaissance not the Lutheran go(l)d cult had won the battle of the modern world, man and the organism, not go(l)d and the machine would have guided the future of history:


Company-mothers of weapons-machines conquered the world as they made obsolete companies of warriors. The last Human world empire, the iberian conquistadors, strongest Human warriors, selected on the 800 arch of Animetal waves coming from Korea to Spain where the survivors learned to enjoy life had in tiny boats with a 10% survival rate created a global empire, which the Company of Gunboats, VOC easily erased from a tiny nation, Holland, within 2 decades. Such is the speed at which a new top predator reproductive species liquidates the mighty old ‘dinosaur’. Then VOC migrated to London in 1688 in the glorious r=evolution with all the tools of the modern world, stock-markets to invent digital money speculating in shares, a central bank to print and legalise companies-money yellow press to print hate memes and money, artillery to kill at distance, slave workers as cargo and shipmen, a go(l)d biblical cult(ure) to money and segregational memes, and scientific racism, worship of technology, clocks to enslave human time to a salary, stockrats on top running faked democracies with a single war party, then split in a consumption one with the arrival of machines. The modern world was born and in 300 hundred years terraformed the Earth…

In the graph, we can see a few of the unknown holocausts of mankind, produced by the mechanisms of murder at distance of stock-rats, its corporations and quisling politicos, from the return to Middle Age servants in Russia provoked by greed (export of wheat to Amsterdam) to the murder of 1/2 of the Bangla desh population, obliged to cultivate jute and tea for the london market instead of rice, to the 20 million slave negroes, cargo of the overproduced gunboats of the first company, to the opium massacres in China,when the company that murdered 1/2 of the bengalis switched production to the more profitable opium, to the systemic carving and debt slave->war cycle implemented in South-America and other 3rd world countries.
 None of those holocausts of mankind today matter, because ‘capitalism is a science’ not and idol-ogy of power and only the lower classes of the Culture of Go(l)d, the jabiru are supposed to die in holocausts. The rest die in ‘just wars’, as Mr Obama, said, receiving its Nobel Prize of peace as a good house negro that has tripled the drone industry’s sales from Israel to the US.
 Now, we can return to the how of those cycles of war, once we have observed its whys. And be more precise about the final present phase of overproduction of e-money and the wars and crashes to come.

Hence the regularity of those cycles of peaceful machines and weapons and war, which have become standard since the beginning of the age of company-mothers of machines, increasingly enormously the number of corpses at the end of each 80 years cycle:

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 00.55.46

 5. machine ages CYCLE redux

english cycle birth

In the graph, the first cycle of the British Empire, when the calvinist-Jewish international took over the Renaissance that casted so much hopes about a revival of the memes of rational, humanist Europe in the masterpieces of Shakesperean England. But Shylock won the battle for the pound of flesh, with the arrival of Cromwell, named the ‘Messiah’ by the Sephardim financiers that migrated and founded The City, to become the owners of England for centuries to come. Now they have done it ‘all over again’, breaking with continental Europe afraid of humanist infectious ‘memes’ of eusocial love against the $elected.

In that regard, we don’t live in a financial democracy or demand economy, but a dictatorship or monopoly of bankers, and stock-market corporations, which reproduce most of the money of the world.

As the leader of the banking system explained it during the I Industrial R-evolution (cycle of overproduction of stock-paper in Britain):

“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws. The few who can understand the system will be either so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class, while, on the other hand, that great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”

“I don’t care whose puppet seats in Saint George’s Throne, as long as I issue the money of the empire where the sun never seats, I control it, and I issue its money’.

Amsel Rothschild, ‘Am Segullah’, ‘Owner’ of the Private bank of England, hence of the British Empire.

Mr. Rothschild, for centuries the MP of the City, for long, the owner of the bible of capitalism, The Economist, and the market-maker of gold prices, had a moment of indiscretion, and show us a fact: bankers do understand what they do. Politicos are bought. And people are clueless. And those are the 3 human legs that allow the monstrous process of extinction of life and mankind to continued unabated. None of them though have a scientific approach in that understanding, because of course, part of the game is to reduce social sciences to myths, damned lies and statistics, to create a fog that will ensure the system to be OK.

Now, this is not what scholars explain when talking about money and the rights of bankers to reproduce it, because scholars are bought. You will defend me with the sword (or gold) and I will defend you with the word, said Tertullian. It is the anti-quantum paradox: the goal of the financiers that pay those prizes and universities, is not to serve mankind but to appropriate the wealth of society, through the boom and bust cycles of speculative invention of money, ‘as long as it lasts’.

Now, all this understood it is obvious what is all about: bankers will produce as much money as they can as ‘first movers’, and control society with it. And they will do SO, ACCORDING TO THE EVOLUTION OF TECHNOLOGY. Since machines of information do print money. So we could easily forecast the cycles of the future of the economic ecosystem according to a simple chain of causal effects:

Bankers rule the world and control it with money. The more money they print the more power they have. Money is invented with information machines. So in each cycle of evolution of machines, which are biological human generational cycles, informative machines will evolve and increase decametrically the production of money (the reason the Universe is decametric is pure theory of information and systems sciences, treated in my original site on systems sciences, whose formalism I pioneered two decades ago, so we shall not go so far into details (1).
What matters here is the parallelism between the cycles of evolution of machines, weapons and money, which act as a symbiotic organic system reinforcing each other.

The second phase thus after the massive overproduction of e-money is the control of societies with it, and the repression of any true democratic, free-speech explanation. And that is why parallel to the massive overproduction of money in each of those cycles, we enter a neo-fascist age of repression of people and degradation of the collective human mind. Because bankers print information with the same machines – both languages verbal and digital information. So we can speak of cycles in the reproduction of money and hate-information by the financial-media system of digital corporations, which owns in ‘monopoly’ those informative machines parallel to those of machines-weapons, and we can forecast as we have done with astounding accuracy those cycles.
How they maintain that monopoly on the information of our societies and hide it to mankind? The key is complexity. Systems in nature grow in complexity from a ‘clear-cut’ simple beginnings that all people understand.

When the present dictatorship of corporations started in Amsterdam in the XVII century, it was fully understood: the Herren XVII, the board of the first gunboat and slave corporation (VOC), invented money in stock-paper, gave orders of production of gunboats, and used them for piracy, 3rd world colonization and human cheap slave cargo.

Soon it controlled Holland, its weapons defeated the king, installed the first ‘capitalist democracy’, governed by VOC, whose members were also elected to the parliament, which had only a ‘party’ (orange party) and chose laws to cater the needs of war and trade of the ‘Company’. Stocks then invented money bubbles, whose only purpose was NOT to create wealth, but just print digital numbers called ‘money’, a mere language of information.

So the ‘invention for free’ of money did not mean creation of wealth, to the point that the final excuse to ‘print money’ was to speculate with worthless ‘flowers’ that died fast. This is the equivalent today to invent money with worthless internet companies. The goal is NOT to CREATE real wealth but to print ‘first’ money and then use it to control the world with orders given with it.

This, was also obvious even when the dictatorship of financiers and corporations moved to England with the Glorious Revolution, when the Dutch king and financiers gave a coup d’état, threw the British legitimate king, paid 2 million guilders to each MP and installed the City. The same process happened there, including bubbles to invent money with any excuse – the most infamous being the South-Seas bubbles, followed by the exportation of the system to France, who duly created the Louisiana Bubble.

In both cases, 2 worthless companies with ‘imaginary’ wealth in ‘imaginary’ gold mines in Louisiana and Argentina (never mind the mines did not exist, the lands were not even under control by British and French governments), corrupted the ‘kings’ (Louis and the ‘German’ imported ‘first’ Windsor), giving them massive amounts of free shares in worthless digital money, to have the backing of ‘politicos’ when the bubble exploded.

In England it meant the printing of massive amounts of free money, and the final control of the private bank of England and the crown by City bankers – which still continues. In France it meant the end of the monarchy and the beginning of the process of poverty and economic crises that lead to the r=evolution.

In all those cases the trick is simple: private dynasties of ‘bankers’ control the west with their financial-media systems by printing ‘digital and verbal information’ (the complementary part of the industrial-military systems that reproduce machines and weapons), used to take over the ‘right’ of societies, to print money, by corrupting the political-military establishment.

This is what they do and have been doing since the system was invented in Mesopotamia 3000 years ago – that old is the whole thing. Once bankers achieve this fact, they control the financial-media system with the informative machines that print money (then newspapers and stock-papers).

So they seek for ‘scholars’ that invent complicated arguments to justify their monopoly – and this is the origin of Classic Economics, invented by Adam Smith, a client of the Montagu family, founder of the Bank of England (latter bought by the Rothschild syndicate of ‘Am Segullah’ Bankers); Ricardo, a stock-broker speculator and Marx (from an Am Segullah dynasty, which focused his ‘blame’ on productive managers, instead of parasitic private banking.

It is indeed, at this stage in the XVII – when in the Glorious R=evolution, the capitalist system moved its central site to London, protected by a wall of gunboats – when the system truly acquires global form, thanks to the private bank of England, through a method, which is so profoundly anti-humanist that has been hidden under the ANTI-QUANTUM paradox of social sciences (the scholar services power, does not objectively analyze it, as he is at the mercy of him – a fact which even Britannica acknowledges as a limit to the lack of development of historic sciences).

In essence, the Bank realized his monopoly on the issue of paper-money required to produce as much of it, with financial bubbles, that is credit to stock speculator, and war, that is credit to British government, which should wage war to repay the interests of the loans.

Thus war became the fundamental way to win money with debt and fueled the British empire, in as much as the number of ‘action orders’ provided by paper-money was much larger than those provided by ‘gold-metal’, which was the currency of the enemy Global Iberian Empire, crafted on a Renaissance, Roman classic frame of mind (Spain & Portugal, which at the time had conquered the ‘coastal surface’ of the World). War has been endemic in the west ever since; and along it a second kind of ‘rhetoric’ besides the ‘capitalist’ one became staple food as the British Imperial Method spread in Europe in the XIX c:

– A fascist (taking here from the Latin word ‘fasces’ mask) system of nationalistic, mechanist, war memes, which sanctified weapons and machines as source of progress for the empire – the Wealth of nations, which we contrast with real human WHEalth proper of a humanist, rational world based in the laws of eusocial love of Darwinism to the members of the same species, scientific justification of Love religions and socialist movements.

This was a clear regression in the evolution of History in human terms, and the beginning of a planet dedicated to the evolution of machines and weapons, as its only goal.

Today corporations and financiers print 95% of the money of the planet and governments 5%. People on the other hand does not print any money, and the result is obvious: Monetary orders given by corporations (salaries, ‘subventions’ to politicos that buy laws in favor of their machines, and work orders to reproduce and evolve those machines, make a world to the image and likeness of those machines, where humans barely survive. The amount of money invented by and for corporations in stocks is so huge that in fact Apple is worth more than the entire population of the 5th largest country of the world.

And this is telling us that humans are worthless for corporations who value more every MacBook air, as the one I am writing now in, that every person of Bengal, a country, which was at the time the first important British corporation, the East Indian company, bought it, the wealthiest per capita land of the planet. Then the company obliged its ’30 million units of human capital to produce instead of rice, export crops, to fill up its ‘reproduced machine’, the gunboat, and so ½ of its people die of hunger in 20 years, making the price of its stock ‘skyrocket’.

It was the first of the many ‘hidden genocides of company-mothers of machines, which show they are NOT TRULY human systems, but systems for whom the only thing that matters is the evolution, reproduction, sale and profits obtained with the manufacturing of its machines.

In that regard, it is all quite simple in a world ruled by money, which on top is reproduced in 95% of its e-money forms by an elite of financial and industrial corporations:

How the 1%, overwhelmingly bankers and owners of stock-companies can have more than the 99%? The answer is astoundingly simple: because there are people who print money, mere digital numbers on a screen, before on paper, and people who labor and sell their life for it. So those who print money are the 1%; those who toil for it and are taxed of their blood-money, the 99%. Since money is just a digital language, whose support of ‘numbers’ have evolved from precious, informative metals (silver, gold), to Companies of weapons-machines paper, to modern numbers printed in computer screen. As the meaning of a capitalist dictatorship, sorry democracy is for the 1% to print AS MUCH MONey AS POSSIBLE, this goal drives the modern world through its cycles of boom and bust credit, usury debt, printing of money changed by real assets that ruins people, and the final war cycle, when money is printed for war loans. However AS TO KNOW WHO RULES YOU, you just need to see who you cannot criticize’, the entire industry of economics works to hide the simple fact that the 1% ARE FINANCIERS who print money for themselves. So ever since Marx accused the manager of the company, Smith and Ricardo the worker, and everybody everybody else, the financiers ARE hidden, by paid-per-view economists whose fundamental role is to invent weirdo models to deny the simple.

The fundamental transition with the arrival of capitalism happened from WARRIOR ARISTOCRATS with exclusive rights to reproduce the language of power weapons and use it against inferior humans who could not carry weapons and were judged in different courts; to STOKCRATS, with the same privileged rights on the new language of power money, they issue in monopoly (+90% of money today reproduced in stocks, e-money derivative and financial houses), they use to buy part-time the life of people (as workers), to buy laws to politicos; and CANNOT be judged (Anonymous societies which at best dim the company not the stockrat responsible). One of the most bizarre idologies of history is ‘capitalist democracy’ according to which a tiny elite of stock-rats and financiers have absolute rights to print the language of social power money, as ‘experts’, which they herd for themselves or use to evolve machines and print information to manufacture the brain of people, and this is called ‘freedom’ of the market (not of the people). Indeed, the reproduction of money is the leit motiv of a capitalist system, where the people on top has a single goal: to emit as much digital numbers called money as possible and rule the world with them.
Money is merely a digital number put in any ‘cheap support’ which by law is considered to have ‘value’. So bankers, speculators and companies try to reproduce as much ‘digital numbers’ as possible, to be able to ‘buy’ the life of the people on the bottom of the pyramid with null rights to reproduce money, through salaries. A real democracy – government of the people – would be a system where all citizens/cells as it happens in healthy organisms of nature, issue a universal ‘oxygen salary’ of money, to demand welfare goods and boost the human economy, today something feasible through a ‘bitcoin-like’ UNO backed global ¥€$ salary for each human to have democratic ‘votes’ in the social language of power – money, and create a demand economy – NOT a supply one, where the few financiers and corporations that issue money, create any product with it and then ‘supply it and sell it through marketing and political corruption’, from nuclear weapons to hate media – things people would NOT demand.
 But we do not live in anything that remotely resembles a ‘real democracy’. Politics in capitalism is about a ‘placebo structure called democracy’ where political servants distract people so in the background the real world of financiers printing money, buying corporations and giving orders of work to humans in mechanical industries, ‘creates’ with credit the world we live- dedicated to make and evolve machines, and let the ‘leisure class’ on top enjoy the world and tell us how ‘graceful, intelligent’ they are. While the invisible human side of ‘capitalist democracies’, the 99% lives, eternally undernourished. 
This amazingly simple power hold by the 0.002% in ‘free markets’: to emit numbers as money, IS the essence of the world’s power today. And amazingly enough it passes as a ‘positive science’: ‘the wickedest of all things – to choke people off credit, to print money for mechanisms not humans, for splendid little wars, not for warfare, ultimately for the extinction of life – is considered to be done for the common goods; because obviously the people on top double his job – they not only print money with informative machines but print newspeak of freedom and encourage all kind of distractions, infotainments and placebo systems of null power, for people NOT to inquire the obvious: Why a few can print digital numbers as money, and the most must toil for it?
So ALL THE PRIVILEGES OF ARISTOCRACIES OF WAR ARE TODAY ON THE HANDS OF STOCK-RACIES OF MONEY, in the so called capitalist democracies, where the polling of pre$elected candidates in inefficient bipartisan democracies is just a ‘genius’ placebo structure to convince people, they rule. In the graph the 3 ages of the new form of metal-dictatorship: the ‘democratic’ colonial age of imperial Europe, and its Capitalist democracies and pyramid of power in the XIX c. Money is on top and its issuers, private dynasties of bankers who also print information with paper rule. Below a screen of, kings or placebo democracies, or religious leaders cover up for them. And if smart people r=evolve, the army will take care. As a distraction it does take care of enemy nations and inferior races, in colonial wars. Then the elite of workers for company-mothers of machines do have the good life, and on the bottom the now obsolete workers to the robots revolution did have then at least the right to food for unending work hours, which soon will be lost. It is important to understand the consequences of living in a dictatorship of company-mothers of machines and money NOT in a democracy, as Democracies were created in Holland by the first company, as a cover up for their political power NOT the other way around: 1) The language of power of society changed from warrior law to money and so did the values, as money, an informative metal from go(l)d to e-money cycles gives zero value to life and maximal to weapons 2)Hence war became endemic and much more lethal as the overreproduction and evolution of weapons caused much more victims. 3)A cover up of newspeaks of freedom substituted hierarchical visible kings as money is ‘invisible information’ so camouflage is best to avoid r=evolutions. This derived in modern newspeaks, to create a walt disney world of freedoms with NO power. 4)But the bottom line, the power of money and its maximal price goods, weapons remained even when machines, which ‘only’ atrophy our organs became its dual twins; companies still hold power in virtue of its most perfect species, top predator weapons that kill humans. So the overproduction crises of the 800 year cycle of classic weapons just accelerated professionally and has NEVER stopped. On the contrary increased its quantity of victims as the quality and price and profits of the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle got stronger, reason why we can predict cycle of stocks and parallel wars.


 The steam cycle.

The cycles of evolution, reproduction and mutation into weapon of each of the ‘energy machines’ of the Industrial terraforming of the earth have an absolutely easy to describe patterns, albeit humans of course deny it. We deal with the limits of huminds to accept a Universe organic, structured, deterministic, made of blocks of time, from past to present to future through 3 ages and symmetries in many other posts. Things could be explained simple but my mind has reached a degree of understanding so deep that it no loner is fun to explain simple. In any case is worth to understand  first the scheme of it:steam age england

The graphs resume the birth and evolution of UK, as it enters at full steam, its glorious age, of the I Industrial R=evolution, when it was on top of the world. UK is indeed the culture that founded the global stock-market empire, the capitalist culture by excellence.

In the graphs, with the old jargon of the c.92 book, the rhythms of professional war in the stock age; while each human generation a new gunpowder nation took over, with a higher financial-military power (bellum nervi, pecunia infinita), it was from 1604 onwards, when company-mothers of machines professionalized the inflationary use of money in war, and the evolution of scientific machines≈weapons, when the rhythms of human death consumed by those machines acquired a perfect ‘peak’ in each ‘peak’ of the stock-market, when overproduction crises demanded wars.

But its top predator status on top of the global world ended 150 years ago, when Germany invented the age of engines, oil cars and electric motors. Let us remember from the old 94, wave graphs that modern age of Anglo-America, the founder of Worldstock and its digital paper money order that have ever since ruled the world for the few $elected.:

The human generations of the Industrial r=evolutions.

SO let us have a first sight to the human parallel generations of the industrial r=evolution that control history, studying those ages in more detail.

All this said we can establish the first synergies and parallelisms between the metal-earths waves of machines and the ‘human generations that have carried’ their evolution, regardless of the existence in all nations of humanist people who follows their life wantings and do not contribute obsessively to the making of machines.

So let us continue with the ‘science’ of economics as IT is, before we explain the causal, biological process behind it in more detail, now from the human perspective of the enthusiastic technological nations and its generations of people who discover those machines and build global empires with them, in their 3rd weapons phase:


As the 99% has absolutely zero power with zero control on the language of money, their destiny is established by the 1% – the stock-rats and corrupted politicos which pander to them to get their ‘fair share’ of the financial pie. Yet all this process is hidden by the brain manufacturing with informative machines that will adapt human collective consciousness to each ‘phase’ of the evolution of machines, making us enthusiastic in the first phase, when a new energy is dedicated to overproduce money for the 1% and kill the surplus of people as a bomb that defines the left-over wars of the previous mechanical cycle. It is the age of discovery, the age of ‘victor’ generations, founding fathers and hard generals coming home with primitives’ corpses and land trophies. Then as the new energy and form of money is applied to the reproduction of more substantial machines societies enter a pleasant reproductive classic age, which meant for each nation of the industrial generational cycle (Britain in the 1830-40s, Germany in the change of century, America in the 60s; the robotic age in the incoming decade) a pleasant period, the We-generation of entitled humans; which will not last forever, as overproduction crisis will switch the machine into weapon, to consume humans, deplete arsenals and keep profits coming to the 0.02% owners of those corporations that seat in the top of the pyramid of capitalist democracies, as absolute dictators of our destinies, the modern ari-stockrats with unlimited rights to issue the language of power money, to buy human lifetimes with it, exempt of judgment by anonymous societies. So they can move on, buy corrupted politicos, produce hate media, declare wars, most likely to primitive non-technological subhumans in shitholes where they can be duly spent to increase sales of armored trains and steamers up to the Congo river, down to the far west, where subhuman Indians and negros can satisfy the demand for gun machines – but of course the victor generation rewrites history so we all know America civilized the west and Stanley met Livingstone… Next we witnessed the change of paradigm in Germany from the highly cultured fin de siecle after the crashes of overproduction of electric ticker money, radios and cars, to make armored cars=tanks and armored planes=bombers with the added problem that lacking a courtyard empire as America with the Amerindians – call them Sioux or Chicanos, and England with the black men, call them negros or politically correct Africans, it had to consume white people beyond its borders looking for new territories among the primitive slav peasants of Poland and Ukraine. It will then come the present age of crisis of overproduction of chips and its derivatives, e-money, robotic blue collar workers and terminators, and white collar pc-suites and so we duly find our new primitives, our new colonial nation, our new war on terror, to fight it with our most beautiful ‘product’, the robots weapon for us Rilke put it in the eve of the German wars ‘what is beauty but terror, which menaces to annihilate us’?

In the graphs, the British steam age of huge ‘bodies of metal, steamers and iron horses’, German age of electro-mechanical engines discovered by Otto and Siemens, applied to cars, tanks and bombers and the electronic American cycle now in its 3rd military phase:

SO let us have a first sight to the human parallel generations of the industrial r=evolution that control history/

All machines go through a first phase of discovery of a new energy, which is then applied to make bombs and print money, the simplest purest forms of information – money and energy – bombs – to be ‘made’. Then it is applied to a machine that radiates/reproduces in enormous numbers, and finally to a weapon, as weapons are the most evolved machines of each age. So the 3 ages of each cycle are the key to go further in its analysis.

The Graph shows those 4 national Generations who build metal-bodies, engines & metal minds assembled in robots – to notice that all of them belong to the same Memeplex of Biblical sects, either Judaism, or Protestant cult(Ure)s to weapons, heirs of the earlier animetal people-castes that brutalised the life of Europeans in the 800 years war cycles – all has changed to remain the same, and so this people will in the fourth cycle guided by Israel as the role model of apartheid, robotic weapons, walls of separation and absolute despise for the life of other humans NOT belonging to their elites have no problem building a world of robotic weapons defended the wealth of the top of the pyramid of capitalism, unless a r=evolution of social scientists take the control of the metal-earth:

– British generations, who used physical, steam energy to power metal bodies, trains & steamers & print stock-money, ended after the 1857-73 crashes in an age of racist yellow press & colonial wars.

– German generations of electro-chemical engines, hearts of metal that printed electric money, the software (ticker speculation) and powered cars and planes, the hardware, ended in Nazism

–  American age in which electronic systems printed e-money, the software and evolved ‘Minds of metal’; mobile-ears, cameras-eyes and chips brains now in its decadent ‘Weimar Republic’, when bankers keep printing money for themselves, militarism is on the rage and all ethic and social standards have plummeted as ‘monetary and military values’, the values of greed and violence provoked in man by the hypnotism of money and the use of weapons, reach its ‘overproduction zenith’.

– This zenith is the inaugural time for  an new brave world, an age of robots & singularity weapons when all those parts are put together into organic machines, completing the industrial evolution of metal. It’s the last cycle that must be aborted for life to survive, designing instead an eco(nomic)system that switches production to welfare goods.

We study all those generations and ages with great detail in the left side of the web, under the label 72+9 cycles of the industrial r=evolution.
So we deal with the similar victor generations of war ages, the angst generations of crashes and the happy generations of overeproduction.
If we circunscribe to the age of metal-minds in America those generations are obvious:
-Victor generation (II world war and 50s: end of the age of military tanks, discovery age of tvs and metal-minds)
-Happy reproductive generation (hippies when massive audiovisual media are peaceful)
-X-angst generation (maturing in the 90s as this writer when it starts the series of crashes of markets)
-¥-millenial generation (war generation of hate-media)… which will give birth to the last generation of humanity if the system doesn’t change, and robots take over:
-zero generation – which should be born now but should not die ‘on bed’… if the system is not reformed, according to the next phases of the robotic r=evolution, the age of automated factories and warobots.

The FINAL 3 Generations of mankind however are very different from previous ‘generations’ in as much as they live in the mind of metal, and the degeneration of its mental qualities – regardless of the incapacity of humans to accept any criticism – is quite real. Basically, their minds become atrophied, obsolete and increasingly reliant for all intellectual tasks in apps and virtual screens, with null verbal understanding – focused therefore in their bodies and ‘limbs’, but as the process is collective and their parents are NOT about to denigrate their sun the slide down in IQ compensated by the growing beauty of its bodies, all seems OK for the ‘Ego-CENTERED man’.

The graph shows how old is truly Imperial Nostalgy. Had not the Germ(an)s being so dumb, and brutally racist, they should have taken over the British empire in 1866, when animetal history had given them the ring of the go(l)ds after Sadowa. Then, if the Germ(an) emperors, likely the most dull rulers of the western world, from the Spanish Habsburg that destroyed the Piigs bid for global power with absurd German wars, to the last Hitlers, had done what was to be done, England would have ended then and there.

How? Obviously History has multiple parallel histories but as all fractal paths of parallel worlds (not Universes but planets which as the points of an electron nebulae play different histories of the world), Mr. William I, the Bismark Emperor, should have dethroned the defeated Francis Joseph, and stated flatly on Wien, that:

‘All Germans are now unified, Wien is the capital of the Empire, and finally we do have enough manpower to rescue from the murderous, criminal 400 years slavery, set by the Turks, the Christians of the Balkans’. Alas, hand in hand with the Russian Emperor, down the Danube, the German armies would have caused the 3rd Fall of Byzantium (first to Christianity, from its roman heights, then to Islam, now the ‘Orient Express’, of Mr. Moltke). At that point Germany would have overcome Great Britain as the powerhouse of the Industrial r=evolution and followed the route to Egypt, and Baghdad for the oil to their Mercedes Cars.

Would it have been better or worse for the European world? Obviously better, because once we are set into industrial collective extinction, at least ‘give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar’ – the world belonged to Germany in the age of German engines, as it has belonged to US in the age of metal-minds and soon will belong to the robot in the age of metalife – as it belonged to the European Latin Empire in the age of humanism, which now it seems so difficult to resurrect. Thus Germany would have conquered his Turkish->Islamic and African Empire, but NOT his European Empire in the XX century and 66 million Europeans NOT only Jews, would have not died.
For the III world, it would have been likely the same. I doubt Mr. Leopold to whom Bismarck gave Congo, would have been better or worse than Mr. William. Once the white racist Neanderthal man crossed that ‘red thin line between the purity of youth and the evil ‘white man’s burden’, it has all been down the road, as the next graph of the British culture shows. Indeed, instead of the Germans the British did construct a second Empire when Mr. Bismarck renounced to his:

asian steam cyce

Below we see the present industrial phases of the cycle, as we switch from peaceful industrial consumption and overproduction of money, go then through a crash of the market, as we predicted 30 years in advance, enter then an age of hate memes to provoke wars against primitive people easy to kill and violent enough to respond and maintain the healthy process of war profits going:

Cultures that accept as dogma metal-money values above the law, maximal for weapons, minimal for life, impose an equation of war for profits, maximized overeproducing weapons of max. price and informative machines that print for free digital languages of money and audiovisual hate memes against mankind that foster war. The result is the creation of the Financial-Media (informative machines) + military-Industrial (energetic machines) system: the Metalearth’s super organism.
The equation of profits of the Financial-Media/Military-industrial super organism of company-mothers of machines its responsable of the 72 years generational≈national cycle of capitalism that switches synergies between inflationary money and consumption goods v. hate media and weapons consuming humans with mathematical precision every human generation, when overproduction of inflationary money and machines cannot be sold as new mechanisms substitute labor. So capitalism switches to weapons and hate media, pays war-monger politicians that consume arsenals and people.

So for good measure above we show, the modern 80 years cycle we show the 2 phases of pecunia infinita, the profits of the consumption peaceful age, the crash of markets, the switch on to hate memes and weapons production, first directed against the ‘primitives’ and then again the lower classes of the industrial people (in the west european and american people), till all is dead, all is hate, all is weapons, all is murder and at the end THERE WILL be the final in crescendo gottendamerung of the national military and financial elites.

What is then the present state of those cycles? Let us update it and explain it in detail, as in many other posts:



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