The 3 levels of scientific analysis in socials sciences


Now for those who believe in ‘social sciences’ based in ‘political and economical correctness’, I sympathize with them, but ideologies, religions and power expert talk, even realpolitiks of power are NOT science, and though they cripple in social sciences in subtle ways as political and economical correctness are they tamper with the scientific method apply to social sciences which now we will describe confronted with the ideological method of BOTH right and left activism (and we might sympathize with schemes such as the ecological movement, the left wing ideas, even with the demise of Mr. Nixon or the Industry of the Holocaust, but this is not an activist web, but a scientific one, and so all will be judged with the scientific method – ultimately though as they say in spanish, ‘those who love you must make you cry’, only a true understanding of the ultimate reasons why mankind is self-destroying itself, can bring the true solutions to that zeitgeist – other matter is if men are up to the task of surviving)

So there is here no place for ideology, neither for wishful thinking, only perhaps some fantasies of r=evolution as we are humans after all and can only wish Mr. Marx dictum to be truth (the philosopher must not only observe reality but try to change it).

Today humans are hooked by ‘greed’ (the hypnotic desire to obtain gold in the past, money today), ‘violence’ (the use of weapons to kill), and ‘sloth’ (the use of machines to enhance our energetic and informative power, or do the work for us). This is the initial trait that make us ‘act’ without reflexion. And then once we act, after the ‘fait accompli’, humans have developed historically beliefs that justify the exercise of power with those ‘memes’ of metal, money, weapon and machines – technoutopias, that worship machines, nationalisms that worship weapons, capitalism that worships money and racist religions that separate them from other humans and nature, as the ‘carriers’ of a manifest destiny given by their control of metal-memes.

Instead of those ‘sacred ideologies’ of our civilization that prevent the creation of a real science of history and economics (or silence those who do create it) this blog is going to use the ‘true’ scientific jargons and methods proper of the scientific method THAT APPLIES TO ALL SCIENCES, WITH NO ‘EXCEPTIONALISM’:

– Collection of experimental sound data about history and economics.

– Introduction of that data into patterns and cycles of evolution and extinction, proper of all species.

– And the higher view of Universal Systems, which reinforces the views of the biological approach to machines and the economic ecosystem.

Thus to study such complex crisis, its consequences and solutions 3 themes will focus this blog:

 The imperfect ‘capitalist democracies in which we live, where the fundamental rights of free societies – the issue of the two languages of social power, bills of money and bills of law, by citizens and freely elected governments – have been usurped by corporations, which use them to create a world to the image and likeness of their offspring of machines and weapons, with utter disregard of the rights and goods demanded by most human beings, which are never met or produced.

– The opposite is happening as a consequence  of the increasing monopoly on credit and money by corporations we live a crisis of  overproduction of digital money and machines/weapons – the ultimate cause of this crisis  of which nobody wants to talk – since the overproduction of machines provokes in a planet of limited resources, a systemic scarcity of welfare goods and jobs we need to survive, as humans become substituted by machines which compete and displace us in fields of labor and war.

–  So, we advance the solutions to the crisis, with models of an efficient, democratic, social organism of history, based in the laws of General Systems and Superorganisms.

Since, if humans lived in ‘real’ democracies, based in a demand economy, there would not be scarcity of welfare goods for most of mankind and the use of almost all the resources of the planet by corporations, for the evolution and reproduction of their offspring machines, will not happen but we would instead suffer ‘overproduction’ crises of life-based goods demanded by mankind

Now let us consider how we can merge those 3 levels after this hiatus, continuing our analysis of this crisis, the wolfs dressed as sheeple, our banksters (a perfect word to define their camouflage and true nature), who only care for their class and prey with ‘complex mathematical jargons’ on the humankind, and how a true science of economics and history could design a praxis, a better world.

Why we call ideologists to those mainstream economists that cater to corporations is rather obvious – they do not follow the laws of the scientific method but those of ideologies of power.
– First they CENSOR economic information whenever IT COLLIDES with the groups of power – both the human owners of the corporations and the collateral effects on life and mankind. To the point that the main ideologists-economist of the last decades Mr. Friedman argued with Samuelson, a serious keynesian, humanist economist that DATA DIDNT MATTER, WHAT MATTERED WAS THE LOGIC OF ECONOMIC ARGUMENTS, aka ideology. And we live under his ‘expertise’.
– Second as a result of that faillure to collect relevant data, economists never forecast the future. To the point htat the economist made a poll among finance ministries, scholars of classic economics dustbin collectors and taxi drivers on the future of economic indicators and dustbin collectors and taxi drivers came first.
– Third as a result of this there is NOT SCIENTIFIC MODEL OF ECONOMICS, certainly evolution is forbidden, when we live in a biological planet But mr. Nobel was a pious biblical supremacist and maker of weapons (merchant of death, was his nickname) and so it is forbidden to give Nobels to evolutionist.
So we come to the conclusion that an ideology, ‘biblical supremacism’ which is the belief of most ‘sacred cows’ of economics from Smith to Friedman is the IDEOLOGY WE MUST study to understand THE EONOMIC VIEWS OF CORPORATIONS FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF ITS IDEOLOGISTS, CLASSIC ECONOMISTS, WHILE A SCIENCE, BIOLOGY IS WHAT WE MUST STUDY TO UNDERSTAND THE SCIENCE OF ECONOMICS FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD.

In that regard the web follows the classic humanist masters of social sciences – not the ideologists of the financial-military-industrial complex – and so we have to distinguish in the ceremony of confusion that political and economical correctness has established both.

This has been the work of a time-life, first laid out in my pioneer Spanish books on Biological history and my conferences on Cyclical Time, Fractal Universes and the fifth dimension, Social Evolution and Monetary Systems, and the Financial-Media-Military-Industrial Complex system that controls today this planet, given at the International Congress of Systems sciences, during my tenure of the  Chair of Duality, formerly dialectics, which forecasted this crisis two decades in advance, with a depth and foresight not found to my knowledge in any other author. Or perhaps as it happens with this never heard of blog, some other serious social scientist is writing perfectly ‘censored’ by the Financial-Media System in some other obscure blog…

In any case, a better exposition of these themes with a more neutral, academic tone, can be found here in different books at kindle on these subjects.

THE FIRST OF THEM, which already  forecast this crisis, its development and future, by comparing it with the two previous cycles of machines…. is 20 years ago – a book I published with the hard-core language of objective biology, at the end of my studies at Columbia U. in which I considered the degraded men of the present zeitgeist, when WE HAVE FORGOTTEN WHAT MEANS TRULY TO BE HUMAN AND NO LONGER CARE TO MAKE a world to our image and likeness, a world in which life could thrive, in which we could manage money and machines for our advantage… enzymen. Here is the cover, curious relic of the 90s and the oldest proof of the scientific soundness of evolutionary economics as the only model of the dismal science that taking a step further the work of the great pioneers, from Darwin and Marx to Kondratieff and Keynes give us the proper tools to understand the future of the eco(nomic)system.


 The readers should notice that on the bottom of that cover there is an ‘anti-form’ : History of the Wor(l)d. SInce we humans have a biological language, the ethic word, that tell us how to survive by evolving all together, in a single global social organisms, guided by the arrow of social love – by sharing energy and informaton as organisms do, by taking care of life, by resurrecting the goods we need to survive, by managing the economic system to our advantage.
Thus before we keep studying business as usual – our demise for making of metal-money, weapons and machines our goal, we will consider that dream of a better world designed with the proper tools of biological economics, to the imitation of the most perfect superorganisms of nature – us, not as social beings but as individual mammals:


 A social, free democracy & demand economy could create a world love

The solution is obvious: a real democracy that caters to the need of the people and it is efficient, as social organisms made by nature are requires at least 3 elements:

– The control of the 2 languages of social power by the collective brain of the organism, the informative/nervous legal system and the financial, blood, energetic one. Otherwise the organism is totally dysfunctional. Imagine your body with two ‘siamese’ heads, each one going a different way, or more accurately with a brain giving nervous/informative/legal orders of motion left, when the heart/blood/economic/financial system acts independently moving the body right. In your body the nervous/informative/legal system CONTROLS the economic/blood system and uses both to ‘feed’ with right information and energy ALL the cells of the body, even if the neuronal ‘people-caste’ obtains 10 times more energy for its commanding role.

Today the system is even worst. It is called a cancer: there is an astounding minority, the 1%  of stockratic owners of corporations, with a managerial ±9% that have absolute rights to the entire blood/financial system of the body and give none back, as cancers do, multiplying their wealth, and extracting the meager resources of the rest of the body – a bloated, mindless liver that absorbs all the healthy blood and sends poisonous ‘memes of metal’, weapons and hate-media to the rest of the body. It is like a leukemia, in which the brain of the cell – our verbal, ethic, humanist laws that made us reproduce the welfare goods we need and love and share energy and information with other cells as healthy bodies do – is substituted by the DNA of the virus – our ideologies of human hate, selfish ego-trips, homo bacteria behavior, and techno-utopias that consider machines not life the meaning of it all – that make us reproduce only the viral DNA, poisoning our planet.

Instead we should select through a financial system owned by the brain-goverment, the good fruits of the tree of science that make us survive and evolve our brains and forbid those who kill us and trash our brains. So we would have massive investment in health care, housing, agriculture, education, humanist sciences, tourism, languages, environment, infrastructures, non-fiction information (documentaries free press), a credit handled by nationalized financial industries to private entrepreneurs in all those sectors, who would maximize the efficiency of individual entrepreneurship and the public rationale of non-profiteering bankers, just civil servants with the job of selecting the best purposes for credited companies. While those companies who create lethal machines for our body and brain will have null credit or would be legally banned,  despite its higher profits (as weapons and digital trash software are the most profitable goods, in mathematical, economic equations: profits = Maximal price  (weapons, the most perfect, top predator machines) – Minimal cost (digital software, that reproduces easily with no limit).

Finally labor will be the goal not productivity, which is exactly the opposite equation of labor. Since productivity=machines/labor, grows when we put more machines and fire more workers: ∆Productivity=∆Machine-capital/Labor

This equation, so simple and easy to understand that a school student can explain it is  the mantra of our corporations and corrupted politicians, who tell us the anti-truth that rising productivity will create labor, when it does the opposite.

What those equations of productivity by firing workers and profits by creation of lethal machines tell us is several things:

– Machines compete with humans in labor and war fields and corporations are promoting those who destroy our lives, because their purpose is not human. It is to create a world made to the image and likeness of their offspring of machines, and so they need ideologies that justify that destruction, which are better served in a language we do NOT understand.

– the corruption of the political system is so absolute that they are pushing all the policies that destroy labor and life and citizen’s wealth to service corporations and bankers. So this leads to the 3rd measure (after a real control of the 2 languages of social power by elected governmetns) – a real democracy that ensures politicos will not be corrupted employees, puppets-clowns, house-negroes et al of those corporations, or else citizens can easily penalize them harshly. And again the model to achieve such perfect democracies is Nature and its perfect mammal organisms.

– Indeed the organism is also a perfect democracy, because those commanding neurons are JUDGED-VOTED a posteriori, with PAIN messages by a feed-back nervous power given to the cells. This means in a perfect democracy there would be also a VOTE at posteriori which will allow citizens to penalize those politicians AND BANKERS to the service of the people that ABSORB MORE ENERGY than they are allowed, or lie and do NOT try to accomplish their programs.

A real democracy will vote first in open lists NOT TO PARTIES BUT TO PEOPLE, because there is only a ‘natural social science’ whose purpose would be to BUILD A PERFECT WORLD, ACCORDING TO THE LAWS OF NATURE, designing a perfect social organism that caters to the need of all mankind. So the choice is not of two siamese parties to the service of corporations but of individuals, ethic and intelligent enough to make the best of the resources of this planet. But the main vote would be a posteriori with penalties of jail for crimes against life or fines for monetary gain (negative, pain messages), or re-election for a job well done, or a salary pension if the politician retires.


The no-way out deja vu self-destruction of the western world.


Usury Lending from a central bank – the  ECB bank, converted by the financial lobbies of Brussels into a private bank, which does NOT issue money to governments but only to banks for them to lend then to governments and cut a 6% of bond usury – had not happened in Europe since the times of the Rothschild Syndicate and the Private Bank of England (XVIII C.) that curiously cut the same usury tax (6%) to the Americans and British for printing their money! Since money is just a language of information easy to reproduce as words are -and its true meaning is to start as all languages the actions that direct the ‘cellular body’ who obeys the language. So money must be printed by elected governments and credit control by democracies to choose what products to create and what lethal goods to repress. This is no longer the case of European nations, which now depend in the private-ers of the ECB bank, ruled by a vicepresident of Goldman sachs. But such situation that obliges corrupted politicos to tax their citizens to a level of extorsion that has destroyed the welfare state and is killing an increasing number of people will not last. If it still happens is because the mass-media is controlled by the same corporations, which heavily invested in the past decades and the same dynasties of stockrats. So people don’t even know what money is. When people had information and men like Franklin printed money and news to inform the population Nations like America went to r=evolution to get rid of such colonial state. The outcome of becoming a colony under the dictatorship of bankers is obvious in the map. The European Colonies of the ECB bank under control of the  Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complexcensorhsip have negative growth. Only the 2 hardest military and Theocratic dictatorship of the world, North Korea and Iran, which have also massive economical sanctions from the international community reach that degree of self-destruction. Spain, for example, will have to spend a 3% of their national GDP to pay the usury lending cut of the private bankers, when in the past was growing the same amount, when it could print money to pay for their welfare state that achieved the highest life expetancy of the world. Now that 3+3% goes to a few financiers like Mr. Gross, a Jewish-American bond master, the new Rothschild that decides the price of the Euro and a few other thousand owners of banks and speculators in bloomberg’s platforms. On the other extreme, the nations that control in a higher measure their financial system (China and the African nations that are now under their patronage) have the maximal growth in the world.  

Today there is NOT a single political democracy because GOVERNMENTS AND BANKERS HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY. They are only vote a priori or NOT voted at all (Bankers), so they do NOT have obligations to respond to their promises. IN FACT THEY HAVE IMMUNITY TO judgement (anonymous societies, parlamentary immunity). And all this is covered up with the absurd notion that ‘democracy’ consists in voting two siamese heads that will ‘jerk’ the body left and right in cyclical, self-destructive actions of what the other party did. NOT A SINGLE efficient organism has two siamese heads with opposite directions, which tell us that the purpose of bipartisan democracies with weak judiciary systems and lack of vote a posteriori and referendums are placebo systems in which the real power is in the monopolistic, hieararchical one-head stock-market and corporative system, the FINANCIAL-MEDIA (INFORMATIVE)/INDUSTRIAL-MILITARY(ENERGETIC) SYSTEM OF RE=PRODUCTION AND EVOLUTION OF MACHINES FOR WHOM ALL HUMANS ENSLAVE, AS PART-TIME WORKERS, AND CONSUMERS, whose propaganda mission is to reproduce and evolve=test those machines.

And the fact that MOST HUMANS agree with an slavish system, created by corporations that HAVE ALWAYS treated them as slaves – in fact the first corporations used only slave labor and indenture servants (white slaves for 7 years, exported to america) and workers with no rights; the first capitalist democracies allowed also the vote only to the wealthiest people. And THEY ONLY ESTABLISHED UNIVERSAL VOTE, when they needed CITIZENS to become soldiers and die ‘for free’ for the military-industrial Complex (I world war), because before OBVIOUSLY soldiers were paid mercenaries, as people wouldn’t die for free for their elite people-castes, called them aristocrats or ‘stockrats’, owners of corporations that profit in those wars.

It is for that reason, as voters in the 20s used their power to vote demand-based economies and socialist parties able to give them real rights and create a demand-welfare based economy THAT THE FINANCIAL COMPLEX EXPANDED INTO THE MASS-MEDIA COMPLEX with yellow press, hate radio and hate TV, INCREASINGLY MANUFACTURING THE BRAINS AND IDEAS OF MANKIND, CREATING AN ORWELLIAN ‘NEWSPEAK’ OF CARING to hide the brutal ab=use that capitalist democracies dish out to to the 90% of human beings (middle, working/reproductive body class, and energy, poor, ‘alien-enemy’ class, expendable as there is no longer ‘consumption and work positions for them’, substituted by machines)


We live in a system in which a new top predator ‘organism’ the company-mother of machines rules the world for its off-spring of different species. And in the posts dedicated to the corporation and the market, we shall observe that the design of the corporation and the global stock-market is a perfect design, matching with astounding precision the most efficient mammal organisms of the planet – reason why we truly admire the efficiency of corporations. What is missed here is the fact that we are not machines, that corporations cater for the rival species, that their efficiency is our dismissal, the the better designed those weapons and digital corporations are the faster we will be eliminated, that the more they overproduce those lethal goods the less resources we will have.

This is the key to the entire ‘conundrum’, and it requires to unveil 3 ideologies that deny the laws of biological sciences:

– Techno-utopia, the belief that machine progress is better than human progress, and metal-memes is ‘wealth’ while the healthy Human Goods, WHEALTH, in this blog and its models of ethonomics, is waste. This is an astounding antitruth. WHEalth that makes us survive and makes us evolve is always better. Memes of metal might kill or atrophy or enhance our capacities and must be selected through selective credit to the corporations that re=produce them.

– The nationalistic ideologies that divide the species in tribal groups who therefore feel as different species and authorizes their use of weapons to attack other humans.

– And of course the ‘go(l)d religions’ of Biblical origin, who invented capitalism, the belief some are more equal than others, and have to rule our languages of power as ‘experts’ who are chosen by go(l)d, while the rest of us are loosers, sinners, ‘goyyim-animals’, originated in the earlier ages of history, when cattlers from germ(anic) and $emitic cult(ure)s to weapons and go(l)d, enslaved and murdered the neolithic paradise of the Genesian parable, in the fertile crescent and the southern regions of Europe. Yes, those animetal cult(ure)s, the supermen of Nietzsche, the enzymen of machines of the biological models of this work, are equal to us in race, and inferior to us in ideologies, believers that don’t reason, children of thought that censor their minds and ours, victims of their self-destructive thoughts – atrophied and repressed in all what is human from reproductive sex to social love, as enzymes, attached to a metal atom with an atrophied carbodyrate who go around the cell killing life molecules are, with the same manifest destiny – to end life and terraform the Earth. Yes, this is the 2nd layer of objective analysis in social sciences, bio-sociology and so now we shall deal with the scientific method and the 3 layers of complexity and accuracy and predictability of this blog that renews the methods and truths of economics and history…

And that truth and its praxis is clear. If men want to survive the process of extinction by perfectly designed company-mothers of machines it must redesign their economic and history systems. Humans must return and improve where they left in their evolution of mankind as a global social organism, before banksters gave the coup d’etat of 1972, against mankind at large –  to an enhanced UNO, to the social-democratic age of the European Union prior to the coup d’etat of the ECB, and America must stop their fascist bid for global war to come out of the crisis German-style. Nothing else will do. Otherwise the future will mimic that of the 30s and 40s, entering into an age of vigilante robots and global war, Orwellian style, as the ‘soothing’ newspeaks of political and economical correctness maintain a human sheeple ignorant of their non destiny.

Time is running out. As the cycles of the graphs of this web show a series of non-return points coming closer – the next, the third short crash of the 8 year cycle of e-money and currency speculation towards 2015, equivalent to the crash of the deutsche mark that brought fascism and world war…

In simple terms, we are walking through the 30s bis with the same people in power, the same growing resentment, the same passion for war for profits, the same non-future for the western world. And nothing can be done because financial economics is a ‘religious’ doctrine of go(l)d worship at all costs, even with the accepted sacrifice of life of the mass of mankind and on the long term, as history proves, at the end of the cycle, of the elite who thinks the situation can be sustained ad eternal just by hiding information and denying all responsibilities. That will not do as history proves.

– Regarding the question of wealth, the key element here is to distinguish between human wealth, healthy goods, WHEALTH, and industrial and financial wealth, metal-memes that might enhance us but mostly kill our bodies (weapons) or atrophy our minds (digital software).

The truth our elites of ‘metal-masters’ forgot: company-mothers of machines are not human

In that regard, only a proper, biological scientific approach to social sciences explains the reason why our ‘authorized’ social sciences discourse does not meet even the simplest level of the scientific method – accurate collection of data, creation of sound hypothesis based in objective, non-anthropomorphic models that PREDICT THE FUTURE of the species we study and final verification – as we do in this blog and have shown in our books that predicted this crisis 20 years in advance – is thus evident:

Humans have completely forgotten the laws of biology and survival in a Darwinian Universe in a biological planet… But to ‘forgive’ the facts of reality doesn’t change reality, it merely is an act of madness that makes the confrontation with reality harsher.

So human wantings, fantasies and desires are always checked by a ‘larger’ set of truths – those of the Universe and the biological planet in which we live. In this planet the game is called re=production, and it happens in a biological fashion.

Species with better energy bodies – e – and information brains, i – become top predators, exi. And then reproduce in massive numbers, ∑exi, extinguishing competing rival species. This process is in essence the process that happens also among human tribes and species of machines. Machines reproduce in larger numbers during those overproduction crises, competing with humans in labor and war fields. But those economists who explain this fact, from Marx, who found the first overproduction crises to Kondratieff, the face of the previous graph, who found its regularities, to Keynes who explained the last of those crises in the 30s and its solution (welfare investments in alternative demand of life-based goods) to this author who evolved those thesis into a full biological model of economics, 20 years ago during his student years at Columbia University, are simply ignored.

Yet this absurdity  – to ignore, deny, even hate the truths of biological and  social sciences, because it is not ‘subjective’, and doesnt make us ‘chosen of god’, substituting it by ‘ideologies’ that pass as ‘religion’ or ‘science’ but are ‘anthropomorphic ego-trips’ – chain us to an absurd destiny we no longer fight – to use all the resources of this planet, through the corporative system which monopolizes today most resources and institutions of power, including political institutions, TO EVOLVE, REPRODUCE AND TAKE CARE OF OTHER SPECIES – NOT OF HUMANITY.

The result of course is the overproduction of memes of metal and the underproduction of welfare goods we need to survive. WE SACRIFICE THE SPECIES TO TECHNO-UTOPIAN DREAMS OF A WORLD of machines we confuse with OUR FUTURE.

And so what we observe is the opposite of what our utopias and religions tell us – not ‘progress’, and a better future, but an increasingly more difficult no-future caused by a parallel collateral effect of the evolution of machines: the automation of the self-reproductive systems of machines (factories and corporations), who keep throwing humans out of job, and the increasing numbers of human victims that die each new generation of more evolved weapons. And those two facts require a biological, Darwinian analysis of the relationships between humans and machines.

This is what we do in this web, taking on the classic analysis of the greatest economists of history (Smith, Ricardo, Marx, Schumpeter, Kondratieff and Keynes), all of them aware and critical of the process of overproduction of machines, extinction of labor and war profits that happen cyclically as Companies keep reproducing machines for a profit.

The parallelism of those cycles is startling and can be studied at all levels and in all type of sociological, economical, political and cultural events. And we will do that in this blog.

But because the future is what we choose, we also advance, using the laws of general systems sciences, information and biology, a better model of mankind, a future in which we could survive and be happy – even if in the present ideological conditions that future is becoming ever more distant from us… 

So in the last section of this ‘book’  we shall consider a rational control of the economic system,  which could work for mankind, if we humans remain in control of it using the laws of biology to that aim, but the present system that we shall describe now and the natural outcome of the evolution of military and industrial robotics with no control ‘in a free market’, will mean according to the laws of evolution our extinction if we let the Free Jungle of Metal-machines and its company-mothers dominate the world.Indeed the astounding, ‘memetic’ fact about the human species is this: we are creating a new biological, organic species, the machine, under the same biological laws that create other species, which we can resume in the ‘Oedipus paradox”: species evolve new species, better than them, their ‘sons’, and then their ‘sons’, once mature, kill the parents (as Oedipus did in the greek tragedy). So amphibia gave birth to reptiles that gave birth to mammals that gave birth to humans that gave birth to machines, and each new species predated in the previous one.

It is of course a deja vu experience. It is not the first time it happens.

Indeed these people who prefer to ruin the world and labor day and night 24 hours in global markets to ruin mankind instead of using their power to create a paradise, have done it before 3 times and so they know their drill. Remember, people are slaves, they believe they don’t reason and these people believe in capitalism, in techno-utopia, in nationalism, in Abrahamic Religions and all those ideologies tell them it is right, it is good, it is their manifest destiny to destroy the world in wars and holocausts for greed and profit. 

Because after all they do not see it like that. They are solid believers. So let us deal once and for all with this ‘new species’ – the most powerful people of the world, at true value, of course using biology and reason, since we live in a biological world and I am a scientist. I don’t bull$hit. I don’t believe. My mind is free. And that is my only prerogative in this Orwellian world.

And so we have to deal with the ideologies that deny the truths of the superorganism of history and evolutionary economics science and evolution,  ideologies of biblical origin that we therefore call in this web creationist economics’ – the ideologies of capitalism, nationalism and mechanism that today rule supreme the ‘so-called’ science of economics.



‘Some men are natural slaves: they believe, they don’t reason.’ PoliticsAristotle

The animetal, a new top predator species, appears on planet Earth.

Man + Weapon = Warrior; Man + Machine = Science; Man + go(l)d=Trader.

Cyclical, soft, in-form-ative metal (silver and gold) and lineal, energetic weapons (iron and bronze) were the first metals humans discovered. Coins imitate cyclical, informative organs (heads, brains, eyes), while lineal, energetic weapons are bodies of metal that kill lineal, energetic human bodies. They are primitive versions of the iron bodies and electronic, cyclical, sensory heads of modern machines. When humans associated with them, they achieved higher strength and acquired a new language of information, able to give values to reality (money). Warriors joined human bodies and lineal metal, weapons, killing other humans; bankers used informative metal, gold, to give orders and enslave mankind; scientists believed in sensory machines and digital languages, considering inaccurate human senses and verbal thought, made obsolete by their telescopes and numbers. The animetal and the tribes that changed their ‘language of power’ from human, agricultural energy (farming communities) to iron energy – warrior cult(ure)s; from verbal ethics to the ‘values’ of money – go(l)d cult(ure)s – and from worshiping life to worshipping machines – scientific cult(ure)s, have ever since ruled the world, as people-castes and extinguished or enslaved ever since life cultures…

Yet in the process they were obliged to evolve their weapons, money and machines, giving birth to the cycles of evolution of weapons and machines, which shaped the history of their civilization. 3 Animetal nations will be paradigmatic in that process: the Jewish culture, self-named ‘Am segullah’ or ‘People of the Treasure’ (ill-translated as Chosen people) the oldest culture, who used money as the language of social power, establishing most of the informative memes of modern capitalism and creationist economics, still forming the overwhelming majority of bankers, CFOs and market makers, with dominant majority in the Earth Inc. and the 1% of the leading nations of the electronic cycle, the US, of which they are the ‘informative head’ of its ‘blind body’ of Germanic people and ‘energetic’ classes (life-based culture, the so-called ‘minorities’, Nature). The German nation, the dominant culture of the Iron discontinuum, discovered of most weapons of mass-destruction in history, and perpetrators of most of the Holocausts of old and modern times. And the British culture, discoverer of the machine. Those 3 cultures fusion today into the US at the head of the process of involution of the human species. Thus it is necessary to understand the origin of those nations, their relationships and fights for total power, wars and holocausts and other action-reaction processes to fully understand the ‘human side’ of the present world.   Specially if we want to understand why ‘reason’ and the memes of life and love that could make us survive aren’t being implemented by our ‘informative experts’, politicos, economists, scientists and technocrats…

The animetal.

Contrary to belief the dominant species  of planet Earth is not and has not been for the past 5000 years the human being, but a symbiotic species between life and metal, the Animetal.

An Animetal is a human organism which activates mechanisms: energetic weapons, informative money or machines. ‘Animetal’ is a biological term coined using the same system that chemical and biological sciences use to classify its species. In biology and chemistry we join two names to describe a mixed species. So there are carbohydrates made of carbon and water. And there are animetals, different from human animals, since they add the power of informative/energetic metals to their life organs, from armored knights to modern car owners and Internet nerds.

The Animetal is neither a human being nor a machine of metal, but a combination of both, with a higher content of energy or information than any other living species. And so he has been the top predator species of this planet for 5,000 years, since the myth of Genesis about the tree of life vs the tree of metal was written.

‘Men are slaves, they believe, they don’t reason’. 

The power of the memes of metal and those who use it to ab=use mankind imposes its will but also its ideas to the human mass.

Power requires money, weapons and machines to impose itself ‘anti-democratically’ over the human mass. But humans resist power when they are aware of its unjust behavior. So any ‘ideology’ that justifies power is always welcomed and promoted. Yet such ideologies by force must be false to appease the masses into ‘believing’ on the goodness of a system that is geared to destroy life in this planet. And so we, humans, first act subconsciously, becoming addicted to the higher informative and energetic power we reach with those ‘metal-memes’ and then we think ‘a posteriori’ and justify those actions with ideologies crafted and promoted to convert evil into good, slavery into freedom, and so on. A memetic theory of humanity as a species that ‘believes’ by repetition more than reasons by intuition (Aristotle), who acts first and thinks latter, is then the only rational explanation to the collective ‘madness’ of mankind.

In brief, humans are hooked by ‘greed’ (the hypnotic desire to obtain gold in the past, money today), ‘violence’ (the use of weapons to kill), and ‘sloth’ (the use of machines to enhance our energetic and informative power, or do the work for us). This is the initial trait that make us ‘act’ without reflexion. And then once we act, after the ‘fait accompli’, humans have developed historically beliefs that justify the exercise of power with those ‘memes’ of metal, money, weapon and machines. Those ideologies that make us slaves to the evolution and reproduction of the ‘memes of metal’ are basically 3:

– Nationalism that justifies the use of weapons to defend the tribe.

– Capitalism that puts money over the legal, rational world as the language of power we must follow.

– And mechanism, which considers the machine the measure of all things), become then ‘beliefs’ transferred memetically generation upon generation till its meaning is completely lost.

The methods by which those ideologies have been imposed upon mankind are obviously ‘memetic’, similar to the manner in which animals are trained and imprinted or computer software is evolved in neural networks, or ant paths become intelligent methods to direct ants towards food: repetition, repetition and repetition. ‘If you repeat a lie many times people will believe on it’. So the ’4th leg’ of the entire subconscious collective in which mankind lives are the methos by which those ideologies are imprinted: rhetoric repetition, ‘damned lies and statistics’, anti-truths, fictions, myths of happiness, inquisitorial religions, censorship…

If men could reason easily they would discover through reason the falsities of those ideologies, which are aberrations of Nature. Since the laws of nature impose the existence of a single species, Homo Sapiens, (hence no tribal warfare, as species evolve together, in history in a global superorganism), the supremacy of the human, biological, rational language of words (ethics, laws) over the alien metal-meme, money as language of social power (socialism that consider the market needs to be regulated by the law) and organicism (the new philosophy of science, sponsored by systems science, complexity and biology, which is substituting the mechanist, simple, reductionist vision of physicists of the world as a machine; when in fact the machina is a primitive organism).

This key opposition between ideologies that make us slaves of the future of the machine and its memes of metal – capitalism, mechanism and nationalism – vs. the scientific natural laws of the Universe that promote as the laws of biological survival we should follow humanism (Homo Sapiens), Socialism (law over money) and organicism (man as the measure of all things), is the ‘other’ battle of mankind in the ‘realm’ of languages and information, which the ‘heads’ of the economic and political system, economists, politicians and scientists of history and economics, is the battle for the ideas of the future, humanity has lost to the machine, history to economics governments to corporations.

And so we must talk of the physical economy and the facts of history, guided by the subconscious collective head of ideologies that relegate us, human beings, as a secondary species in this planet. What the ideologies of capitalism/mechanism/nationalism do is to ‘hide’ this hardcore fact of our world as it is, hiding the fact we humans are irrelevant to the ‘economic ecosystem’ (since all the economic actions and news must be understood as an effect of the fact that corporations rule the world with their monopoly of production of money, the language of social power, they use mostly to reproduce, evolve and sell for a profit their offspring of machines). If humans knew that capitalism doesn’t mean freedom but slavery to the ‘free citizens of the market’, corporations, that buy our life-time for a salary, have unlimited credit to cre(dit)ate reality and dispose of the law at will, paying for it to politicians, probably they would not be so happy and could rebel. So what those ideologies do is to create a ‘noise’ – military term that means information that distracts the victim – as we, humans keep creating a non-human future…

We study those ideologies in the right, lower part of this web.

So what world those ideologies have created, a world of slaves. And as such, a world which can be mathematically described with a simple decametric wave of evolution of memes of metal, their ‘icons of power’ for whom they slave; the wave of history of which this last phase of the Industrial evolution is just its final Hecatomb. A wave which proves our rulers to be indeed nothing but animetals, humans so degraded in their me(n)tal capacity that they even enjoy the bull$hit that fills up their empty brains.

In that regard, to fully grasp the process of evolution of ‘memes of metal’ and extinction of life cultures on planet Earth, and the ideologies that sustain that process, we have to move backwards in time, even beyond the beginning of the Industrial R=evolution, to the ‘first age of metal-history’, when the discovery of gold and weapons, informative and energetic metal, at the time of the parable of Genesis, extinguished the neolithic paradise of life goods and goddesses of fertility, starting the ideologies and castes of power that have ruled the world ever since, confronting rhythmically the cultures of life and love that opposed them, and tried to create a world made to the image and likeness of the humankind.

The mathematical, ternary structure of the long, medium and short waves of History and Economics.

The 800 hundred waves of evolution of weapons and the contending human waves of eusocial love and its prophets, explained in the left side of the web dedicated to the ‘science of history’, understood as the science of the evolution of mankind into social superorganisms, confronted by the ‘animetal cultures’ which divide us in nations and social classes according to our power measured by the quantity of memes of metal we possess…
In the graph, the complete wave of ‘evolution of metal’ is a ternary, decametric, 800+-80+-8 fractal wave of long, medium and short cycles, as those I used to map out in General Systems science the evolution of all other species on Earth with 3 distinct waves:
– The 700-800 year cycle that superposes 1000 year waves of civilizations, spotted by the great philosophers of history, Hesiode, Ibn Khaldun, Vico and Spengler, who also found its millenarian structure in the past, which define the life and death of civilizations, as new forms of metal-weapons appear (Bronze age, chariot age, iron age, coin age, spur age, gunpowder age and digital age). It is the main wave that structures ‘history’, studied in the upper left side of this web.
– The 70-80 Kondratieff dual cycles of ‘professional evolution’ of weapons, now in the form of machines, which accelerates decametrically the speed of evolution of technological information, as it happens in all evolutionary processes that accelerate the reproduction of information towards a ’3rd warped’ age; studied in the upper right side of this web.
– The 7-8 year business cycle, which appears clearly defined after II world war, thanks to the advances on electronics and a new acceleration of the evolution of the product, which during the XX century becomes evolved into a new ‘generational species’ every 7-8 years.
– And we can further see that with the help of Computer Design, companies are moving to an even shorter year period of development of new, more evolved machines in 8 months.

Consider now that humans have no evolved significantly in 50.000 years and machines are evolving every other year… Thus it is clear that the age of the singularity is fast approaching, as a ‘point of no return’, for our species that will cease to be the top predator species of this planet when military A.I. is born (by far the most evolved robots and forms of Artificial Intelligence are robots developed by DARPA and the Israeli army; embedded with survival programs, whose job is to kill ‘humans’; so humans shouldn’t need to be very smart to understand that when those machines become ‘free’ to think, they will perform their task that will become their ‘will of existence’).

In any case, it is very likely that if you are a University student you will not die on bed. But also it is very likely you will live an ‘unexamined life’ as a member of the Y or Z generations, thinking you live in the best of all world fantasies. And then one day wake up and see on your 3D TV the ‘reality show’ of your existential end, perfectly hidden till then by the fundamental tenant of our ‘crazy culture’. That – as crazy people believe – if we deny reality it will not harm us, because it ‘ceases’ to exist. This is in essence the present ‘strategy’ of those in power – politicians and economists: this crisis is not happening, it is only financial; the Earth is not dying, this is hippy hysteria; our mind is not being degraded, it is ‘entertained’ and we are not living in an impersonal biological world.

The mathematical  structure of the Economic waves.

The 80 years waves of evolution of machines and its consequences for the cultures of mankind, as explained in detail in the section of this web dedicated to the economic cycles (right upper side). In the graph, we can see on top the 3+1 ages of its evolution: humans first created their company-mothers, the corporations that soon became the institutions with more power of this planet, monopolizing the creation of money, extending european empires globally, corrupting the politico system and starting in earnest the professional evolution of the memes of metal, shortening its evolution to a mere 72+8 years cycle of national power that accelerated the demise of life-based civilizations. And so we went through the age of Britain and its steam machines, the age of germany and its electro-chemical engines, and the age of America and its heads of metal, all of them divided in two periods: the period of consumption of ‘good machines’ that saturated markets, crashed and then mutated into their evil Twins, weapons, which consumed us, human beings. So after the crash of the train economy, europe and America entered a period of civil and colonial wars fought with armored trains.After the crash of the car, tanks and hate radios brought about fascism and II world war and after the crash of the electronic economy we entered the present age of neofascism, vigilante cameras and splendid little wars against the 3rd world.

Yet not all humans were memetically imprinted by the worship of those memes of metal and so during those periods the industrial world lived an age of artistic splendor, as the effects of those machines that made obsolete human artists, sprung a new age of creative in painting (substituted by the camera, or ‘metal-eye’), literature (substituted by film) and political, non-fiction thought, (with the arrival of new ‘prophets’ of love and the super-organism of history, who fought for a better, sustainable world). The failure of humanist and r=evolutionary artists and politicians to change the system, however opens an age of absolute power for the ideologies of the machine as most humans become ‘fictional’ characters imprinted by audiovisual media, and workers and soldiers are made obsolete by the wave of machines. Thus history is coming to its final catharsis, when the millenarian confrontation, between the tree of life and the tree of metal reaches its climax.

In the graph, the ‘Industrial r=evolution’ is the organic evolution of metal, as we have created those machines by imitating the functions and forms of our biological organisms, must be considered the last ‘age’ of modern history, which in the last 10.000 years entered the age of metal, which changed the landscape of this planet from a Neolithic, life-based civilization into one based in the power that those ‘memes of metal’, energetic weapons, informative money and organic machines gave to the ‘elite-castes’ of mankind.
It is fundamental in that sense to understand under the laws of complex systems, how the financial (money) – Military (weapons) – Industrial (machines) complex and its ideologies (capitalism, nationalism and mechanism) – evolve together with mankind as a symbiotic superorganism of human beings and metal-memes, in a process similar to the creation  of any other complex system of energy and information.

For those with some knowledge of biology and fractal systems, the Kondratieff wave is a fractal, dual, complex wave of evolution, of the energies and hardware we use to power machines, which are the main product of the industrial economy, and add together for a wave of 72 years that defined an age of modern history: The age of steam and england, the age of engines and germany, the age of metal-minds and USA and now the last age of the industrial r=evolution, the age of robotics.

In detail, those dual ‘K’-waves of 54+54=108 years superpose each other, giving a mean periodicity of 72+-7 years. This was ignored by economists, who also ignored the ultimate cause of the waves (the evolution of machines and its main parts, bodies of metal in the first dual wave, engines in the 2nd dual wave and heads of metal in the 3rd wave, now all put together into robots). So the K-waves are still analyzed in mainstream economics as 54 years waves unconnected to the physical economy, which originates them (1).

The authenticity of that structure is such that when I discovered it two decades ago in my foundational books on evolutionary economics (1), they allowed me to forecast back in the 90s with all precision the ‘future’ dotcom and real state crashes of 2001 and 2008, 72+7 years after the 1929-crashes.

Further on, 72 years is the biological life-span of a human being and its 3 generational ages (youth, maturity and old age, or grand-son, son and grand-father). So there is a parallel 3 generational wave of ‘founding fathers’ of the new machines’ industries, reproductive sons that expand the machine worldwide and decadent grand-sons, which use its ‘evil twin’ machine, the weapon to keep owning the world. And so the dual K-waves also determine the ages of global power of the nations that developped them:

– The age of steam and trains, which was the age of the British Empire that discovered them.

– The age of cars and electrochemical engines, which was the age of Germany, which invented them.

– The age of heads of metal, chip-brains, camera-eyes and mobile-ears, or age of America that developed those industries.

Further on, the secondary cause – the human inventors of those machines – appeared naturally since in mathematical terms, the 72 y. dual waves of kondratieff are equal in duration to the 72 years biological generations of humans, from grand-father to grand-son – and so they must be caused by 3 generations of industrialists:

– The founders of the new industries and discoverers of machines.
– The generation that reproduces them as consumption goods…
– And after a crash of overproduction, the decadent generation that uses them as top predator weapons and ruins the country.
This socio-biological coincidence between the evolution of machines and the life of the humans that carry the wave might seem odd but reflects perfectly why the industrial revolution is killing life and non technological nations and maintains a majority of mankind in chronic poverty – it is not about us, but about the laws of evolution applied to machines, whose will of existence and reproduction are the corporations that rule the world on their behalf. Perhaps the strongest proof of the truth of this model is epistemological: all sciences predict the future of the species they study by observing the patterns of the cyclical past and projecting those cycles into the future.

And so humans would do much better considering in an objective manner the laws of evolution of the economy and its memes of metal, understand its laws and regulate them for the benefit of mankind, than quarreling among them and talking only of ‘money’ and ‘people’, seeking to get more power by ab=using other humans through the use of their memes of metal… This selfish, blind strategy of humanity and its tribes have no future at all. And yet, it is imposed by sheer force and repression of rational solutions; so it seems there are no explanations or solutions to the crisis of mankind. It is the paradox of the scientist of history…

The anti-quantum paradox: we social scientists are so small compared to the observable – the animetal people-castes, cultures and elites that rule the world with memes of metal – that if we talk, they silence us and so we ‘are uncertain’. Social sciences are uncertain not because they are not possible but because they are neither known nor the social scientist can impose its praxis through the r=evolution of mankind without being ‘destroyed’ by the observable. So  let us end this introduction to the real biological science of history and economics, after our proof of its existence,  with a deeper mathematical and sociological analysis, putting names to the observables.

What they can do to us? Nothing. We are just a drop of water in the sea of the web. These days they don’t even eliminate to the r=evolutionary social scientist. It is not required. And even if that were the case, who cares:  ‘a life not observed is not worth to live’ (Aristotle) This the observable who never observed itself objectively doesn’t know. Our worlds are different worlds. Even though both will end soon.

The dictatorship of corporations imposes a non-human point of view on social sciences

All those facts, which are the basis of Evolutionary Economics, allow us to study the present age, crisis and economic cycle, in all its aspects – sociological, political, industrial, economical, ecological, cultural, etc, which is the purpose of this wave that tries to renew the methods of social sciences.

Now, let us be clear from the beginning. What the exact periodicity of the cycles of overproduction of machines tell us is very simple:

That the dictatorship of corporations over all human institutions is much stronger than we ever thought.

Indeed, if humans were free and our institutions were free, there would be resistance to those cycles. Countries would not enter in war so easily when it is good for production.  Governments will stop the process of creation of lethal machines. Ideologies that cater to corporations, including economics would not be so extreme. 


All this said – the present crisis, its solutions and its no future, if ‘business as usual proceeds’ in a nutshell -the purpose of this web is wider than the analysis of the crisis.

We wan to renew social sciences and bring a more complex, human point of view to History and use the laws of biology and theory of information to study the evolution of history and economics, its super-organisms, social evolution and time cycles, from an objective, scientific, non-censored perspective, following the laws of the scientific method, including the design of an efficient, humanist economic system based in the laws of social systems – as sciences do have to give solutions and a praxis for the betterment of mankind.

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