A biological science of economics and history

 A true, biological science of history and economics.

The 80 years waves of evolution of machines and its consequences for the cultures of mankind, as explained in detail in the section of this web dedicated to the economic cycles (right upper side)

The reader must understand that the issues of this crisis go well beyond a mere ‘depression’, even a global ‘financial crisis’ and the repetition of the patterns of the 29 crisis, but reaches existential status, as we are literally dealing with the future of the planet. For that reason this web is also a web of history, of which economics and its cycles explained in the previous graph are only its last stage.
In that sense, 20 years ago my first books on this organic model of history and economics and its cycles, inspired in the work of Darwin, Marx, his disciple Kondratieff, Spengler and Schumpeter appeared after my master at Columbia U. (1) predicting with accuracy the evolutionary cycle of machines and its future 2001-08 crises of overproduction of electronic machines that – if the model was scientifically correct – would provoke massive financial crashes of over-reproduced of e-money, extinction of labor by white collar pcs and blue collar robots and an age of keynesian militarism based in robotic weapons, as it happened (dotcom crash, derivatives crash and future dollar crash). None has done a prediction of those crises with such insight and anticipation.
Why then, these models have never became mainstream? The answer is censorship, which paradoxically is also explained as part of the organic model of history and economics – a sort of new quantum uncertainty paradox, explained below. In any case this ‘3rd reconstruction’ (after multiple hacker’s attacks on this web) has 4 sections:
– The scientific section dedicated to the organic, systemic evolutionary model of history and the reference books on the model (upper left side).
– The facts/cycles of history  (lower left side) and economics (upper right side), which can be considered a continuation of the process of evolution of ‘memes of metal’ (weapons and money), started during those cycles of history.
– And a 4th scientific section dedicated to a real, biological science of economics, where the evolution of memes of metal is studied as it ‘is’, with the laws of biology, which define a process of evolution, reproduction, symbiosis, darwinian competition and substitution of life species and human workers by machines, carried about by its ‘reproductive’ organs, company-mothers, which are terraforming this planet from an ecosystem of life into an ecosystem of machines.
Yet this crystal clear process of terraforming of the Earth by machines, which human governments should manage scientifically, for our benefit, pruning the tree of science of its lethal goods and encouraging the goods that bring about a global, sustainable economy that benefits all of mankind, is today guided by the wrong ideologies of history and economics – capitalism, nationalism, etc. – which are preventing mankind from evolving socially as a single species, according to the laws of science and the universe.
Thus this 4th section is dedicated not only to explain the ‘real’, biological facts of the science of economics, but mainly to define in terms of ‘memes’ those ideologies that reinforce the survival of a reduced human group (nation or social class) but on the long term damage the survival chances of our species.  Because indeed, in the biological universe ‘respect must be earned’. And so if humans cannot reach the minimal informative intelligence to design the world to their image and likeness, according to the laws of superorganisms that rule the biological universe, corporations will design it to the image and likeness of their offspring of machines, as they are in fact doing.
Indeed, today under the ideologies of capitalism and mechanism, humans only evolve machines and weapons as the symbol of progress and deny any collateral effects of the competition between both species. This implies that in a free market, with no significant legal/human regulation, where companies are the only ‘free citizens’ with rights to free credit in stock-markets, the needs of humans will be overlooked and the process of substitution and obsolescence of humans to organic machines- the ultimate cause of the present global crisis… explained below – will continue, creating a world made to the image and likeness of those machines, which are in its final cycle of organic evolution (see graph), as robotic workers and drone soldiers that expel us from fields of labor and war.

The mathematical, ternary structure of the long, medium and short waves of History and Economics.

The 800 hundred waves of evolution of weapons and the contending human waves of eusocial love and its prophets, explained in the left side of the web dedicated to the ‘science of history’, understood as the science of the evolution of mankind into social superorganisms, confronted by the ‘animetal cultures’ which divide us in nations and social classes according to our power measured by the quantity of memes of metal we possess…

For those with some knowledge of biology, the Kondratieff wave is a dual, complex wave of evolution, of the energies and hardware we use to power machines, which are the main product of the industrial economy, and add together for a wave of 72 years that defined an age of modern history: The age of steam and england, the age of engines and germany, the age of metal-minds and USA and now the last age of the industrial r=evolution, the age of robotics.

In detail, those dual ‘K’-waves of 54+54=108 years superpose each other, giving a mean periodicity of 72+-7 years. This was ignored by economists, who also ignored the ultimate cause of the waves (the evolution of machines and its main parts, bodies of metal in the first dual wave, engines in the 2nd dual wave and heads of metal in the 3rd wave, now all put together into robots). So the K-waves are still analyzed in mainstream economics as 54 years waves unconnected to the physical economy, which originates them.

The authenticity of that structure is such that when I discovered it two decades ago in my foundational books on evolutionary economics, they allowed me to forecast back in the 90s with all precision the ‘future’ dotcom and real state crashes of 2001 and 2008, 72+7 years after the 1929-crashes.

Further on, 72 years is the biological life-span of a human being and its 3 generational ages (youth, maturity and old age, or grand-son, son and grand-father). So there is a parallel 3 generational wave of ‘founding fathers’ of the new machines’ industries, reproductive sons that expand the machine worldwide and decadent grand-sons, which use its ‘evil twin’ machine, the weapon to keep owning the world. And so the dual K-waves also determine the ages of global power of the nations that developped them:

– The age of steam and trains, which was the age of the British Empire that discovered them.

– The age of cars and electrochemical engines, which was the age of Germany, which invented them.

– The age of heads of metal, chip-brains, camera-eyes and mobile-ears, or age of America that developed those industries.

Further on, the secondary cause – the human inventors of those machines – appeared naturally since in mathematical terms, the 72 y. dual waves of kondratieff are equal in duration to the 72 years biological generations of humans, from grand-father to grand-son – and so they must be caused by 3 generations of industrialists:

– The founders of the new industries and discoverers of machines.
– The generation that reproduces them as consumption goods…
– And after a crash of overproduction, the decadent generation that uses them as top predator weapons and ruins the country.
This socio-biological coincidence between the evolution of machines and the life of the humans that carry the wave might seem odd but reflects perfectly why the industrial revolution is killing life and non technological nations and maintains a majority of mankind in chronic poverty – it is not about us, but about the laws of evolution applied to machines, whose will of existence and reproduction are the corporations that rule the world on their behalf. Perhaps the strongest proof of the truth of this model is epistemological: all sciences predict the future of the species they study by observing the patterns of the cyclical past and projecting those cycles into the future.
This is what I did in my first books that developed in full detail those waves, forecasting as earlier as c.94 (library of congress) in my book, ‘Bio-economics, bio-history, a theory of unification’ Bookmasters, Ohio, 97, the 2001 and 2008 crashes. Moreover, the complete wave of ‘evolution of metal’ is a ternary, decametric fractal wave, as those I used to map out in General Systems science the evolution of all species on Earth with 3 distinct waves:
– The 700-800 year cycle that superposes 1000 year waves of civilizations, spotted by the great philosophers of history, Hesiode, Ibn Khaldun, Vico and Spengler, who also found its millenarian structure in the past, which define the life and death of civilizations, as new forms of metal-weapons appear (Bronze age, chariot age, iron age, coin age, spur age, gunpowder age and digital age). It is the main wave that structures ‘history’, studied in the upper left side of this web.
– The 70-80 Kondratieff dual cycles of ‘professional evolution’ of weapons, now in the form of machines, which accelerates decametrically the speed of evolution of technological information, as it happens in all evolutionary processes that accelerate the reproduction of information towards a ‘3rd warped’ age; studied in the upper right side of this web.
– The 7-8 year business cycle, which appears clearly defined after II world war, thanks to the advances on electronics and a new acceleration of the evolution of the product, which during the XX century becomes evolved into a new ‘generational species’ every 7-8 years.
– And we can further see that with the help of Computer Design, companies are moving to an even shorter year period of development of new, more evolved machines. Consider now that humans have no evolved significantly in 50.000 years and machines are evolving every other year…

If humans prefer, as it has been the case for most of history, to hear the ‘crazy’ ideologies of tribal history and greed that dominate still our societies, instead of evolving the sciences of history and economics and its praxis – politics and banking – they will not make it and will be substituted.

This might seem unthinkable for self-centered humans, but it is the routine of the Universe; since its organic laws of life and death might be cruel but they happen and they are ‘just’ as the Universe needs to reinforce its design with the extinction of those who do not follow it, or else it would not achieve its perfection and beauty. Or as Aristotle put it: ‘some men will always be slaves, they believe, they don’t reason’. But slaves have no rights, not even the right of life.

Today most humans believe in ideologies that don’t reason nor understand scientifically history (the superorganism of mankind) and the industrial revolution that forms the bulk of economics (the superorganism of memes of metal) but believe in the ‘invisible hand of go(l)d’ (capitalism) and the abstract nature of machines (technocrats), which will always be good to man.

Fact is the wave of electronic machines is competing and making humans obsolete in fields of war and labor, and this hard facts are the themes of the next posts of the central stream of this web.

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