A scientific design of history.

‘Love each other as i have loved you’
Jesus, Prophet=scientist of the superorganism of history, expressing the law of eusocial evolution that could create a paradise on Earth, Iron discontinuum
‘Gold is the invisible hand of God’
Adam Smith, Prophet=scientist of economic ecosystem, expressing the law of eusocial evolution that will create the super-organism of ‘memes of metal’ – the Metal-Earth, Machine discontinuum

Theme. This post following number one,  keeps explaining the paradox of history between the superorganism of memes of metal, the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex and the superorganisms of humanity that enter constantly in a dialectic relationship of symbosis and confrontation. So as usual we switch between both points of view, that of the head/superorganism of history and its life memes, providing solutions to the crisis with the proper design of that superorganism and that of the superorganism of economics and its financial head, explaining how the system camouflages under the mask of life memes and democracy, in a well-known strategy of all predatory systems, and what is the agenda they impose upon mankind.

We introduce the theme, with an interesting scientific paradox that affects all social scientists. It is written as always from the pov of mankind and with the jargon of biological history, with a dual more complex logic and whys than the usual posts with data .

Inverse uncertainty paradox = Lack of a practical science of history: economists, an ideology of memes of metal.

Unfortunately the robotic, final age of capitalism signifies the end of the Industrial R=evolution of ‘organic’ machines, a fact largely ignored by mankind, due to the ‘systematic’ censorship of the laws of eusocial evolution that define cultural superorganisms (we are supposed to be free individuals and the system is the best possible one that does not interfere or program us) and of evolutionary economics, (machines are mechanisms, not evolving organisms of metal and so they will always obey us) since the first works of Butler, a disciple of Darwin, and Kondratieff, a disciple of Marx, stated the obvious: that in a biological planet, machines, which are metal-memes that imitate human body and head organs, are organic, and hence follow the laws of darwinian evolution, competing with human beings in war and work fields.

Why then there is not an evolutionary, mainstream school of economics, or these results must appear in webs and small-print books, as it has been the case of my work for 20 years? We could rephrase the sentence in a larger point of view:

Why there is not a science of history and economics based in the same rigorous laws of epistemology and truth of all other sciences? 

Indeed, the reader must notice that ‘science’ is NOT recollection of data, the first step of the scientific method, but the creation of sound models of behavior that show the structure and future cycles of the species studied. In that sense, all sciences except social sciences have today both, accurate data recollection and sound theories that model data into patterns, which show with precision future events and allow measures that will change the ‘reaction’ of those species for the benefit of man. So, for example, we know how chemical reactions proceed and we can modify them introducing elements to a chemical balance. The only exceptions are history and economics in which we don’t even have accurate data, neither models of prediction and those who have been discovered have been repressed and ostracized to preserve the ‘fantasy’ that we humans are free centers of the Universe, which can ‘invent’ at will with myths and anthropomorphism the future, ignoring those laws.

The main cause is the ‘agenda’ of the groups of power, which only accept theories that cater to their selfish will.

It is the ‘anti-quantum paradox of the scientist of history’, which is so small that he is inside the organism he observes. And so the ‘head’ of that organism, the ruling castes that use money, weapons and machine to impose their power, obviously can ‘destroy’ or ‘mute’ him, when he confronts that individual or tribal power from the selfless point of view of what is better for humanity – the superorganism of history.

The anti-quantum paradox thus explains why an objective, biological science of economics and history, has never been allowed to go mainstream.

Not even the recognized masters of economics and history quoted before – from Marx to Spengler to Keynes – have any saying in the policies of this crisis. This of course happens, because after the ‘ideological cleansing’ of the post-wall era, today what people ‘believe’ to be economists are mostly, with the scholar exceptions that have no saying in practical policy, employees of the banking industry that controls the world with money. So they are as little interested in the real science of economics as the military who control nations with weapons and/or the politicians that do so with laws are in the ‘real science of history’. What they care is to be on top, using the power of its memes of metal, reason why their only goal is to multiply those memes of metal to reach ever more power with them – NOT to understand the system and its consequences of mankind and how to improve it- the goals of this web and all real scientists of history and economics we have quoted.

And for that reason, of all the sciences of mankind history and economics is the only one that has NOT even go through a process of gathering data exactly.  Today when we found and resolve the facts of data this seems to express an achievement in itself and the maximal goal of most historians is to chronicle that data. And of course, this happens because of the ‘division’ of humans in tribal history, of the anthropomorphic absurd sense of superiority of man over nature and the laws of the Universe. And the same can be said even in higher degree on economics, where only data matters and there is an entire ‘belief’ or ‘religion’ on the god-like properties of the market and money, which must be free=chaotic (synonymous in science), not understood – an invisible hand of go(l)d, which shall be obeyed in the Aristotelian sense (‘men are slaves, they believe, they don’t reason’), because it is our religion to which we offer our lives and future, whatever that future is…

Well, that future is darwinian, biological as everything else in this planet. The rest is fairy tales. Fact is A.I. will be born – it is being advance as we speak – by the military industry and it is programmed to kill humans and since those waves reach its zenith in 36 years, by the middle of the century the argument will be over. We will be running for cover. Because regardless of the musings of Saint Nobel of the Dynamite – who expressly forbade to give its any prize to evolutionists as he was a pious believer in the biblical tradition, despite the power of those who believe in ‘Creationist economics’ that rule the field, of the awesome work of millions of ‘informative neurons’ of the economic superorganism that keep inventing ‘damned lies and statistics’ to justify the system, evolution always impose its law by the sheer force of its species. And this is what animetals with their ‘racist’, self-chosen religions of any type don’t realize: that they are made of flesh like the rest of human beings, not of iron and gold as the new robotic weapons they sponsor are. That they are also in our boat. Today when ‘again’, the two oldest animetal nations, Germ(any) and Judaism are leading dictatorially the policies of Europe and America with utter despise for the needs of their life cultures, they perhaps should remember history and the fact that no other nations have suffered so much wars and holocausts by denying those laws.

History and the need to rule the world from the perspective of mankind is in that sense, unfortunately a dream sold by politicians, whose job is increasingly to hide ‘reality’ to mankind, and hence must be considered just another ‘secondary market of celebrities’, who work as hollywood actors in the creation of a subconscious collective fantasy of anthropomorphic power and tribal justification of economical and military competence.

All this of course, could be challenged if human were rational. Yet they are not.

Scientists of history never had power to impose their scientific findings to politicians, the military, financial economists/bankers and industrialists, who benefit from the evolution of memes of metal – the engine of our civilization.

So far we are doing it all wrong, precisely because History, the superorganism of mankind and its scientists and leaders/politicians, have become submissive to the economic superorganism, for which unlimited credit to create its exists. Instead of a global deal to create a sustainable planet we are pushing the program of extinction and obsolesncence of life and history to the biological radiations of machines. And this deserves a historic, humanist, philosophical in-depth analysis of the confrontation between the superorganism of mankind that the previous ¨scientists of history ¨tried to construct, translating to the human language the laws of complexity and eusocial love, which generate those superorganisms in the Universe and  the memes of animetal cultures, which merely act moved by the visual, immediate reward impulses imprinted in them by their interaction with money (greed), weapons (violence) and machines (atrophy of thier similar human organs and sloth).

The problem though is indeed, the quote of Mr. Aristotle: ‘men are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’. And so animetal cult(ure)s are really ultimately and this is what truly terrifies me, not guilty, because they don’t understand what they do. They are just moved by emotions and infantile beliefs. We are in the hands of a bunch of selfish, spoiled, children of thought, with tortured brains after 3000 years of believing in the anti-life memes of go(l)d and its anti-human values. And no amount of ‘damned lies and statistics’, audiovisual rhetoric and crying songs will change that. Only a resurrection of the science of history and economics according to the laws of the organic Universe can do it.

Exactly the opposite of what the scientists of history, in its mystique and socialist age tried to construct: a perfect superorganism of mankind, with a single head, based in the scientific laws of history, and its ethic words, able to create a sustainable world made of life/love memes, that would make ‘History Immortal’ and where all humans would have enough energy and information to survive.

The fact that their messages of eusocial love have failed and those partial religions of mankind are today all in ‘extinctive, inquisitorial mode’, mostly reconverted to Go(l)d churches and military dictatorships, ‘infected’ also by the memes of metal (communist dictatorship, Islamic Theocracies or the minuscule Vatican state ‘without tanks’ (stalin)), doesn’t mean we are entering a techno-utopian, pseudo-religious paradise, with the ‘chosen on top’, as the dominant animetal nations believe (the germ(an)s on top of Europe, the wasps on top of the old British Empire, the ‘Am Segullah’ on top of US and most of the nations of the west), the machines and go(l)d they own in the middle, and the 99% on the bottom ordered by go(l)d and imprinted by audiovisual messages of ‘hate’, violence, greed and consumption/vitalization of machines. This is NOT the superorganism that maximizes the will and happiness of man, but one ran by military nations and company-mothers for whom we humans are nothing but workers=reproducers of machines and consumers=vitalizers of them, increasingly loosing those jobs to the self-consuming, worker, soldier robot.
And so it is unavoidable to understand that the superorganism of history is dying and the prophecies of its masters on the coming of the Apocalypse=Singularity time, when the memes of eviL=anti-life triumph over the memes of love, the time of action-reaction, of Darwinian retribution, of biological death are coming.

Ultimately if we humans become extinct is because we are not good enough according to the laws of evolution. Of course, believers don’t even wonder these questions. And that is part of the problem. Nothing can be resolved if not even the questions are formulated. It seems that humans, defined by the paradox of the ego (each informative point of view believes to be the center of the Universe since it meaures it from its perspective, so we see a quiet earth in the center of the Universe and our nose bigger than the Galaxy andromeda), choose always ideologies that make them happy, fictions that pump their ego, religions that make them ‘chosen’ to the truths of the Darwinian Universe. And this brings the ultimate tool of ‘power’: exploiting people while telling them they are working for them – camouflage. Without the politico mask, though all would be more obvious: we enslave for companies, whose only aim is to reproduce machines and master with them the Earth, Nature and mankind. They were first slave companies and then they leased workers for part-time slavery, and so we work 8 hours a day for them. But all this is hidden by the ideologies of metal we describe in the right side. While the true power of the world, the owners of the financial-media system of information, which imprints our mind, are ‘anonymous’ and irresponsible, hidden under the cover of the ‘abstract Market’ and the Anonymous Societies and the myths of righteousness and victimism, the censorship of any criticism, the single-thought of capitalism, etc. etc.

And yet, they are perhaps the only people who could save the world as ‘a culture’, if they accepted what they are – just human beings – and realized there is no class struggle, but ultimately a struggle between species.

Of course, ideally, if the constrains of the anti-quantum paradox were not so stringent (only those of us who have never yielded to power for the sake of truth know indeed how brutal is power with those who criticize it), scientists of history would be the masters of the modern world.

Then the ideals of Asimov – a foundation of biohistorians – probably better expressed in the work of Hesse (as Mr. Asimov, given his culture envisioned a world of capitalist historians, an oxymoron, while Hesse in Castalia – the game of beans – treats a ‘real’ human paradise dedicated to our senses and arts) would have realized and long ago the world would be a perfect world. It is not. Because the memes of metal and its ‘animetal’ people-castes have imposed their civilization. And this is such a fact of realpolitiks that the reader of the next paragraph will consider this writer naive. I am not. But as a scientist of history I will not change ‘truth’ for happiness and ‘distribution’. Fact is the optimal solutions to the economical and existential crisis of mankind are only one. And the fact that they are not implemented and seem unreal only means that probably our sickness is terminal. Since our leaders, the head of history and our citizens, the body, cannot even ‘conceive’ them. And yet, a ‘biohistorian’ as this writer who has solved the equations of history and its fractal waves – as any ‘rational’ scholar, who leaves aside for a moment his ‘indoctrination’ and looks at the naked truth should recognize –  is obliged to give them.

The design of a super-organism of history.

“Only a World Government in control of the reproduction of money, used to create a sustainable economy based in the memes of life, cre(dit)ated with a global currency with rights to deficits, ¥€$ money, can solve the problems of the planetary ecosystem”

The present crisis of overproduction of electronic machines is just an event of a ‘larger wave’ of change in history – the terraforming of the Earth from a planet of flesh into a planet of metal, from history into the economic ecosystem. This change has only two possible outcomes, as there are only two relevant species, which are protagonist of it – the human species and a future in which we remain the top predator species on Earth in a sustainable planet for life, ruled by humanity, its political systems and its verbal laws; or the mechanical species, now becoming organic, the robot, in a future designed by its superorganisms, the company-mothers, with the help of digital languages and flows of money.

At present, because governments have misunderstood completely the meaning of the economic ecosystem and its responsability towards its citizens, we walk all together, guided by the ‘strings’ of corporations, the ‘free citizens of the market’, whose only aim is to re=produce those memes of metal and sell them for a profit. Thus, the maximal probability of ‘future’, according to the previous cycles of history, is the triumph of the ideology of capitalism and its associated ideologies of nationalism and mechanism, whose function is to consider an economical dogma the reproduction and evolution of money, weapons and machines, the ‘selfish metal-memes’ that are terraforming the Earth and extinguishing life. This is the nightmare towards which the ‘religion of capitalism’ and the ‘wealth of nations’ guide us. The dates of our extinction will depend of the moment in which Artificial Intelligence is born in the most advanced machine of any age, weapons, in this case terminator weapons and military satellites that control them. Since the Kondratieff cycle of robotics will peak around 2050, one can expect that decade to be the decade of human extinction.

The solution to that maximal probability is a r=evolution of our ideologies, substituted by the ideologies of the ‘human kind’, organicism instead of mechanism  – man as the measure of all things; socialism instead of capitalism – elected governments in control of the reproduction of money – and humanism instead of tribal nationalism – man as the homo sapiens single species of this planet that must eusocially evolve as the most successful species of the universe do, in order to survive. This solution can be imposed with 3 simple measures, which the G20 could approve:

– ¥€$ money, a single global currency with 1 dollar = 1 euro = 100 yens = 5 Yuan parity (adjusted internally by prices within 2 years), with a 20% right to public deficit to cre(dit)ate a sustainable economy based in human goods of the welfare state and human jobs that the robotization of industries will not provide.

– End of the war on terror, which should have never been fought with weapons of mass-destruction. Terrorism is endemic and should be fought with police, diplomacy, intelligence agencies and border control NOT become a excuse for development a new terminator arms race. There should be in fact a ban of all robotic weapons URGENTLY as we banned chemical weapons, but BEFORE a III world war made their massive evolution and reproduction, the ‘engine’ of economical growth in America (Keynesian MIlitarism).

– On the long view, both measures should lead towards a growing collaboration of the G20 directed to the creation of a future ‘world union’ crafted on the path of the UNO and European Union with all the nations of the human kind…

Let us consider that superorganism, which should imitate the structure of human superorganisms and could evolve from the present structure of the UNO

The Human Constitution

We are not God. We cannot choose the Laws of the Universe. There are certain absolute truths about survival that cannot be denied. You do not choose to eat poison. If you were a child, your parents would prevent you from taking poison. They will not give you such free choice. In the same manner, humanity, a child of thought, should know the products that poison History, and avoid them. Man should implement an eco[nomic]system that could not reproduce the metal-poisons of history. Economists and politicians should be the doctors of History, and control the creation of species in the Earth in favor of mankind.

Yet how can we achieve this goal in a practical manner? We should use the language of money, and the laws of societies, with a clear aim: to multiply human goods and to diminish, lethal metal goods.

We call that goal of human societies the “human constitution,” since if we obey that simple law of Survival, mankind could “constitute” a healthy body of History, harmonic and without danger of extinction. The Human Constitution is the law of survival of mankind which in a Darwinian Universe is chained to the extinction of a rival species, metalife, which is fighting with us for the same ecosystem.

Let us consider a verbal and mathematical expression of the Human Constitution.

human constitution

In the graph the two sides of the Human Constitution: both the metal-bodies and metal-heads of Machines (Metal-goods) and the language of Machines (Digital Languages) have to be simplified (Delenda Est) to a level of complexity inferior to man (before their evolutionary threshold of II WW), so man can again be Top Predator of the Earth.

The human constitution is the law of survival of the Carbo-Earth ecosystem.

It has always been there. In the first age, it was explained by the first scientists of history the prophets of eusocial love, which always attacked those who imposed power with iron weapons and who served the hidden values of go(l)d, an informative language that gives zero price to life and maximal price to weapons by the laws of affinity between complementary systems. Of course, they were not listened and those we shall call in biological terms ‘animetals’ (half human half metal) opposed them. History has been a fight between two superorganisms, and the problem has been that ‘animetals’ have sided with the selfish memes.

It is all biological but systemic, subconscious, complex. Systems are built when a new language, a new bit of information starts to reorganize according to a ‘template’ or program of complex evolution, bites of energy, into tissues, herds, networks and finally superorganisms. The human superorganism peaked perhaps already in the neolithic and first river civilizations, then in a few places like Al-Andalus in the middle ages, Greece, Byzantium, ‘the land without evil’ (South-American missions), the 60s social-democracies in Europe and so on, when there was a clear understanding of what was needed for man to remain on top.

But with the arrival of machines to the hidden values of ‘greed’ (golden fevers), violence (iron) sloth was added (atrophy to machines). And now probably the mind of man, which has regressed to the neo-paleolithic, visual, selfish, emotional, animal state, guided by those animetal civilizations and their audiovisual machines cannot return. So this might be just a theoretical argument. the human constitution might never exist again.

It should guide humans in charge of metal evolution (animetals) and human evolution (politicians, and religious organizations). Man might ignore our constitution as a species and push extinction closer. We might obey it, and survive. It is not my dictum, but the dictum of evolutionary theory,  the only theory validated by most sciences and events of the Universe. The Human Constitution is clear. Yet how can we be so sure of the extinction of man by machines, to affirm categorically the Human Constitution? We can not. We do not affirm we have the absolute truth, but the probable truth dictated by biological sciences. In a world of partial information, truths are always relative probabilities, used by models of reality. However, the “goal” of all species is to survive, so species take decisions on probable truths. The gazelle cannot wait to see if the lion is going to eat her. That is suicidal. She has to run because she has seen other lions eating gazelles. Man cannot wait to see if robotic weapons kill man, and conquer our vital space. We have seen weapons killing human civilizations in many cycles of war. So it is very probable that they do it again. Scientists today behave like young gazelles, as if the total experience of biological and human history were worthless; as if they had never seen species preying on other species.Scientists are not fit to survive in this Universe. They won’t survive. They will drag all humanity into extinction. The Universe has its rules of survival. Those who do not obey those rules become extinct.

The necessary reforms

4 are the fundamental reforms that could implant the human constitution:

1: A political and legal reformation of all nations, towards a World Union, unified by common Pro-Human policies.

2: An economical reformation of the stock-market to achieve credit for human goods, and discredit digital machines.

3: A cultural reformation of the present Theories of EconomicsHistoryand Science, to foster social, verbal sciences instead of physical, digital sciences.

4: A reformation of armies, that should control the evolution of metal-weapons, instead of promoting them. This is possible. Historic causes such as the Samurai armies of Edo Japan that controlled gunpowder by extinguishing canons and muskets, in the XVII century, when Japan was the first world producer of such lethal weapons, prove that America can control if so wishes the robotic reproduction of machines. It only needs the discipline and desire of survival that the Samurai castes of Japan, or the Manchu Chinese which also controlled gunpowder in mainland China showed that century.

Those 4 reforms could change history, by reversing the evolution of machines, promote the evolution of man and create a healthy Historical organism.

The human Constitution cannot be changed because the human species is limited in power compared to certain metal species. The Universe has only one possible penalty for those who live in ecosystems with more powerful species: extinction. To deny the human constitution is to deny the Laws of The Universe and the rights of humanity to survive. All writers of certain notoriety in human history have defended that constitution in one or other way. The human constitution gives birth to the sciences ofEthonomics [which combines political and Economical programs that foster Human survival], the highest of all sciences, whose aim is to help mankind to survive. Yet unfortunately it will not be developed unless we end digital evolution soon, before the Robotic Revolution takes place.

The organic body of History: elements of the World Union

The Organic Networks Of A Healthy Body Of History.

The goal of the world Union is to implement worldwide the Human Constitution and recreate an ecosystem of Human Goods and Carbolife where metal-species are controlled.

The development of that constitution will be the work and research of Ethonomists and Bio-Historians, based on the way Universal Organisms construct efficient, survival species, by designing the correct networks of energy and information, able to deliver the needed goods to each cell of the organism of History. They should design scientifically a bio-economy with the aim of producing human goods. Its wealth of work should inspire the 3 network-Ministries of the World Union.

Once such biological and Constitutional goal is clear, we can design the blueprint for a historic organism, guided by that survival goal.

That organism will be the organism of bio-history:

Its goal will be the reproduction of human goods and carbolife.

3 are the basic networks of that organism:

1. The reproductive organs, in charge of reproduction of Human goods. We might call such system, the Ethonomical Ministry, or Ministry of Reproduction.

2. The Energy organs, in charge of destroying metal-lethal species. The Energy Ministry, or ministry of metal-war.

3. The informative organs, in charge of controlling information that is lethal to mankind (computer sciences) and distributing information positive for human survival and the social evolution of history. Or Ministry of Information (Law and Education).

The Ministry of Reproduction reproduces Human Goods: (Max. Human Goods).

The Ministry of Energy eliminates metal Goods: (Min. Metal Goods).

The Ministry of Information (Legislative and Educational councils) creates laws to promote the human constitution (Max Human goods=Min Metal goods), and educates mankind in ethics of survival, sensorial communication, human arts and senses:

world union

The brain of the World Union:

It follows that Politicians and Ethonomists are the “scientists of human history,” which produce the laws and organize the prices of the bio-economy to favor the production of human goods, and ethical verbal thought in the World Union, according to the Human Constitution.

That Human Constitution is the Absolute Law of the body of History, the brain of the body of History. Which is no longer the stock-market, whose capacity to invent credit is put to the service of mankind, as it happens in complex social organisms ruled by the nervous system, but the informative Laws and the cells of the human kind, the Human Constitution, the informative ministry and its legislative councils.

Now, of course, you might think, this is pure idealism and it is not happening. I can assure you that the opposite is truth. This is pure science and it should happen if the idealism or rather ideologies of the animetal castes that rule the world would not oppose to them.
The world we are building based in the selfish memes of nationalism and capitalism is one which is aberrant, ‘contra-natura’, and the astounding thing is that is happening. That so few – the 1% can master so many to come together into collective suicide.
But to show you what realpolitiks are, now, we switch to that ideological world we live in, the FMI complex, returning to the theme of the Masters of the Universe…

The FMI complex and its people castes.

Indeed, the economic ecosystem has two sides as any superorganism. One informative head and an energetic body. In the past the head was go(l)d, as money was made of the most informative metal of the Universe that hypnotizes humans provoking greed, gold fevers, the desire to have it at all costs. So people would sell people with money and slavery was born. Thus go(l)d deactivated the eusocial words of love and made us selfish, killing our ethical, verbal´dna´and breaking humans into selfish homo bacteria.  The body was iron weapons, which killed the equivalent human body.
And so the predatory properties of metal were easy to understand. And all the prophets of eusocial love who tried to build a superorganism of history abhored weapons and money. Yet two people castes, with a strong visual brain, and little eusocial development, nomads, who treated life as cattle and lived in small groups, probably influenced by their genetic mixing with the Homo Neanderthal, dolicocephalic and visual, with lesser verbal development (see articles on human races), became obsessed by iron weapons, the Indo-Europeans and among them in a higher measure, the germ(an)s, who ever since formed hordes of iron warriors destroying life based civilizations. (See 800 year cycles of war in the left side). While the Levantine cultures, the Semites, became obsessed by Go(l)d, and built an extensive network of slavery, founded banking, developed go(l)d religions today embodied in the Bible, and started as solitons of trade the evolution of the economic ecosystem. Thus this people founded all the memes of the modern world, and with the arrival of machines they became the most powerful people-castes of the planet and fought each other for global power while exploiting the rest of mankind.

One, the germanic cult(ure)s would be dominant in the building of the military-industrial complex and the other, the Jewish, in the creation of the Financial-media system. They represent today the complex evolution of the iron swords and go(l)d coins those to metal-cult(ure)s used to master humanity in the pre-industrial Age. Yet the memes of those cultures survive, have been translated into scientific statements; when Physics became the science of weapons and motion, still lead by Germans, who have built the first machine-weapon of the Singularity at CERN and the greed and worship of Go(l)d became translated into the postulates of economics and capitalism, when calvinist and Jewish believers translated their vision of a world ruled by money, which they should produce in monopoly as they wwere the ‘People of the treasure’ or Am Segullah (ill-translated as chosen people). And they are indeed still the dominant force in banking both private and public, and its economic ideologies (+80% of CEOs of financial industries, + 70% of Nobel prizes in economics, given by the bank of sweden, +80% of western central bankers).

It is in that sense impossible to understand why the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial System is so ill-directed without understanding the memes of those cultures, and how their preservation at all costs maintains history and economics in such unjust, primitive state.

The arrival of machines and the mathematical translation of the values of go(l)d and weapons (slavery and murder) into corporative laws and classic economics, nationalism and techno-utopias, in fact did not diminish the power of those cultures but duplicated it and allowed a globalization of the memes.

As peaceful machines have always a predator, twin species, the weapon, soon the military germans cult(ure)  mastered them, till the paroxism of technological war in II world war.

As machines of information started to print money, go(l)d evolved and multiplied, first as paper stock giving birth to corporations, then as ticker money and now as e-money. They also printed information, and so the Am Segullah, who dealt with money in religions as the memes that reinforced each other, now translated those memes to more subtle messages, becoming masters of information, printing the ideologies and memes of the modern world, which however maintain the same core message: capital must be controlled by an elite of bankers, who ‘know better’ and this cannot be argued; and it must be invested in machines and weapons of higher profit not in the goods of man.

But of course, a ‘newspeak’ has been coined. So for example, the equation that drives our extinction in labor and war fields – the equation discovered by Marx, Capital in machines/ Human labor, which he called the organic structure of capital, is now called ‘productivity’.  It means that the less labor, organic capital, a corporation has, and the higher capital in machines, the higher is productivity and profits. But this is not said today.

And so the triumph of the economic ecosystem is the creation of a non human superorganism, the Metal-Earth, with a nervous system of Intranet/Internet/Defcom digital orders, with an integrated NATO based global army in charge of our future extinction, with site in the iconic Pentagon, symbol of eviL, a re=productive system of automated company mothers, with head in worldstock, the brain of the planet, and a placebo network of mental devolution of human beings, the audiovisual internet, which degrade us into ‘virtual friendhsip and activism’, pornographic sex and soon 3D-reality, to keep us into vegetative state of subconsciousness till ‘Judgment’ day arrives within decades.

In that regard, the Market has names and a cult(ure) with a certain ideology behind. It is not abstract, neither a science, nor its actions of human extinction unavoidable.  What it is unavoidable is to study this culture from the perspective of systems sciences because precisely its ‘camouflage’ and ‘invisibility’ is what avoids all responsibility and serious analysis of the problems mankind faces.

Because in all complementary systems, the head of information controls the blind body, the most powerful system is the financial/media system and their owners control the world. Because all systems have far less head neurons than cells of the body, they are a minority. Because all informative systems are a network not a herd as the body cells are, they form a close kinship with intense internal relationships, though they relate at distance as the brain does with nervous messages, with the rest of mankind. Because nerves send simultaneous messages to all cells, with faster speed than their nervous reactions, they create invisible, faster, simultaneous messages of two types, Market orders (financial flows of money) and audiovisual memes.

Camouflage. A basic tool of biological organisms. The head of the Western civilization.

A predator would never pray if he cannot camouflage himself, hiding his power or even better, pretending to be an inoffensive ‘victim’. Of the 3 animetal nations that discovered the memes of metal and ruled the world with them ever since, the German warrior, the British engineer and the Jewish banker, this 3rd caste is by far today the most powerful, the head of the western capitalist civilization and he has achieved that primacy for 4 main reasons:

– In any system, the science of systems shows that the first ‘element’ to control the ‘genetic or memetic or mathematical language’ (biological/sociological/physical organisms) of the growing network will be the most powerful at the center of the system. This hold from crystals to any other atomic network, from cells in an organism to civilizations ruled by a language. So the prophet becomes the icon of a verbal civilization and the first to discover a weapon creates a new horde of military power, with his tribe on top. The jewish people were the first culture to be ruled by banker-priests, and so they invented capitalism and their accumulation of capital through millennia found no rival. So when corporations were invented one Cohen ran the first corporation of slaves and today they have majority in the Earth Inc.

– Of those 3 animetal nations, they are the only one who has used extensively camouflage in their dealings with the rest of society, making a dogma of victimism, and provoking an immediate positive response in the rest of society that opens to them. This brings total censorship of an objective analysis of the power of their banking/financial informative/upper caste of ‘Am Segullah’ – their 1% that chose since the Bronze age, go(l)d instead of weapons, as the language of social control, established a series of dynasties of banker-priests and have ruled the economic ecosystem ever since. So now, their separation from mankind is no longer based in religious memes of repression of life and racism (Talmud, ‘People of the Treasure’ etc), but in the concept that mankind hates them because we are inferior, corrupted, violent murderers of the ‘righteous’, superior race. This on one side, allows them to keep pricing human lives, no longer as full-time slaves, as their first corporations did (VOC, ran by one Cohen, descendant of Aaron, the worshipper of the Go(l)den calf, was a gunboat and slave company, and latter companies found cheaper to lease slaves for a salary and save in food and lodging), but as workers under ‘mathematical laws’ that seem neutral because ‘greed is good’ and ‘they are experts’. But what truly means is a new expression of the hidden values of gold that is a language alien to us and follows the laws of darwinian struggle. It sacralizes the concept that we, humans, cannot love each other and love them, neither they should, as they have to ‘prevent’ us from killing them, with ‘preventive wars’. This means they can use and have A-bombs, the rest can’t/ etc.

But of course, the strongest element of this camouflage is ‘victimism’, the idea that the 5 million jewish people who died in world war, are more victims than the 20 million russians or chinese, or the 6 million polish or german foot soldiers and post-war refugees, or the 3 million spaniards and so on. By hiding all those victims, people like my grand-father, a socialist spanish fighter, sent to a French concentration camp and then exported to Mathausen and part of the ‘Spanish Holocaust’, is a lesser victim, all of them part of a World war caused by the 29 crisis, the rise of keynesian militarism and the subsequent fascism. To that aim all those victims are not studied by scholars ‘experts’ in Holocausts, neither they have movies that create in the human sheeple a massive emotional, audiovisual imprinting in favor of their victims – which of course, were not those elite of bankers that camouflage under the ‘blind body’ of saint innocents of their culture, killed in the Holocausts (mostly impure Khazar Jews, farmers from the pale, scapegoats of the actions of the banking dynastied that ruined Europe). It of course allows them not to have remorse for those victims,and do it all over again, as now they are ruining the world again as in 1929, and fostering again with the help of germ(an)s warrior masters a future robotic holocaust. All this is hidden, is not real, it is a confabulation theory. I am anti$emite. Bottom line: that elite has achieved total moral immunity. And yet it is like the Spanish aristocrats would pretend to suffer for the death of their peasants… Camouflage and newspeaks are a key to the modern world, and they are being extended to other systems. For example, wars are now fought with robots and the human actor is in Nevada, hiding behind a video-game. Industrial corporations are protected since the first age of fascism by Anonymous Societies laws and so the ‘stockrats’, the rules of the world are never responsible. And so on.

But camouflage does not change the consequences of the actions, the  realpolitiks of tribal origin even if social ‘experts’ standardize and objectify reality with mathematical tools, and complex, ‘neutral’ arguments that seem ‘scientific’ when they camouflage just the tribal attempts of the 1% of this cult(ure) and all their memetic nationalistic imitators from Japan to Spain, to seize a bigger piece of the social pie. We see this expertise talking every other day when instead society should be  talking of the appropiation by the 1% of the wealth of all nations. But today this becomes ‘needed economical measures’ imposed by ‘markets’ and the ‘science of economics’. Those reborn classic economists all respond to the dictum of Mr. Owens, one of the first humanist economists who put it clearly enough when he said that London economists were all working hard to invent complicated arguments – Say, Malthus, Ricardo – that cater for the owners of the mills they work for, justifying their taking of wealth and the sorrowful conditions of the workers. but none of them has even visited or owned those factories as I have, where the mechanical beings are far better treated than the human workers, who enslave long hours for meager, subsistence salaries working for them. Now you have power point presentation, Saint Nobels of the Dynamite, given by the bank of Sweden, ‘experts’ and MBAs to do the same. But the Universe is biological not mechanical, technology a tool of power, and science corrupted by it, as everything else.

– Their language of power is money, metal-information. And so they have extended their control to all mass-media, as the machines that print money and information are the same. This duality allows them to act as the head of informative and financial corporations with millions of people working for them, and hence they have been able to manufacture the brains of the rest of mankind despite its small numbers. But organisms are hierarchical and the head is always smaller. In decametric scales most systems have a head with a 1-10% of the total ‘cells of the system’. A few thousand spaniards controlled totally with weapons South-America. So did a few thousand British with India. A few million Jewish people suffice to control through corporations the future of the western world, which fights as mercenary armies its wars against Islam, needs the money their bankers reproduce and is imprinted by their information.

The specialization of the culture in information and specifically all professions related to go(l)d wealth (managers, economists, speculators, bankers), informative power (mass-media, lawyers), and life power (judges, medical), for which you pay the maximal wealth; makes it even more powerful.

Moreover the laws of General systems show that information is more powerful than energy. It leads it, it is valued as a ‘square’ in the mathematical models of evolution developed by GST (general systems theory). So for example the momentum that determines power in physical encounters is mv², where speed is the parameter of information and it is squared. Power laws based in the dimensionality of information square it -as a bidimensional, cyclical form (Holographic principle). A top predator is defined as  Max. E x Max. I². This happens because informative systems form networks, as in neurons, where each neuron is connected to all others, while energetic, body systems form herds in which each cell is only connected to their closer ‘family ones’.

– And this brings the 4th reason of the triumph of the Am Segullah in the tribal wars for global power, which are the engine of history. Of all the nations of the world, due to its temporal length, the Jewish network is the most cohesive, working for a single, selfish agenda, while all other nations act as herds of their body, loosely divided in individuals, and that division, which is all crystal clear in America, fostered by the mass-media since the 70s coup d’etat, when the American people started to differentiate themselves as African-Americans, Polish-Americans you name it, so the tribe on top would be disguised, makes the Am Segullah an all powerful head with no opposition. As it makes corporations, legal persons that can beat always any individual, humanist activist against them.

 Because ultimately the Corporation is the issue. If we have dealt with the cult(ure) of go(l)d is because one Cohen founded the first Corporation of slaves and the Biblical memes are the ones that rule the world through them.
The result is a different kind of organism: one in which humans are no longer the body but increasingly the energy, expendable and substituted by the memes of metal.
And this is the key difference between a superorganism of history that would work for all mankind, in which memes of metal and Gaia would be the energy, and the present organism based in racist memes and primitive go(l)d religions, in which that order is inverted and metal is on top of man.
And yet never so few had so much power over so many, thanks to the control of mass-media and financial information, and the ‘carrier’ corporation that amplifies with millions of workers their program of history.

Reason why we adore them, as they give us our minds and create our money. Reason why we fought their wars against the other ‘warrior semites’ that oppose them. Reason why not only America but Europe where the French and British president and the ‘opposition’ candidates belong to their culture, and all the financial masters of the BCE and advisors to clueless Miss Merkel belong to their culture, and the only humanist culture left, the PIGS culture who believed in the rights of governments to reproduce money and create a welfare state to our image and likeness, has suffered a massive attack from Wall Street speculators, and a series of coup d’etats by financiers that have topped the free elected governments of Italy and Greece, the cradle of humanism and democracy, hand in hand with their Germ(an) dobermans, who can only obey or else be called anti$emites.

What this means merely is that today social sciences and scholarship and their praxis – politics – is so corrupted by money or so erased by the constant decline of our minds, in the visual age that the Financial-Media system rules completely our world.

Politicos are just secondary celebrities of that system. And scholars must provide not the truth of history but fancy data for History Channel programs on the Holocaust, the evilness of Islam and so on.

Thus the best thing we can do generally speaking is to ignore completely most scholarship in those sciences as ‘paid-per-view’ ‘documents’ that cater the agenda of a group of power that pays for them or subventions the school, or as memetic imprinting of people who develop a ‘path of thought’ totally irrelevant to the search for truth, but good as a placebo of happiness and the anthropomorphic fantasies of the human species, as center of the Planet Earth.

This of course, did not exist prior to II W.W. Scholars were not purposedly or naively, due to their imprinting and lack of knowledge caused by ‘correct censorship’, working to cater for the ideas of the 1%. Then social sciences were real. And so we might continue remembering the times when the truth of history was not ‘incorrect’ and the point of the 99% could be spelt without being censored by the control of the Financial-Media system by the 1%.

But the erasing of History will not change the destiny of mankind. What happened in that war is clear: after centuries of abusing the rest of humanity, the ’2 nietzschian’ super-races of metalmasters finally confronted each other for total power. And one won despite suffering enormous losses among their ´saint innocents, their lower classes, who as all lower classes are blind cellular bodies irresponsible of the designs of their heads.

And so now there is only a top predator supranation that manufactures most of the memes of the economic system. And they define with them the political and economical agenda of the world, and they feel righteous and they think thy are guiding the world to a technoutopia, because that is what they have done for millenia. But that is their biased point of view. The point of view of life which is being replaced is obviously the opposite one. And dare I say, as a humanist writer, I sympathize with life – and so they should because at the end of times, they will find out they are neither made of gold or iron but they are also flesh like the rest of us. And so as flesh, this will be their real history, from the point of view of humanity and the science of the superorganism of history that germ(an)ic warriors had killed so many times and jewish informative masters hypnotize and enslave with go(l)d, audiovisual media, damned lies and statistics.

The world we are creating.

And so now that you know the composition of this other super-organism, the economic ecosystem, with the memes of the biblical culture as the informative guide, now translated into creationist economics, ‘a-scientific dogmas’, audiovisual imprinting, the germanic cultures as the blind body that obeys them, and manufactures the leading machines and weapons of the world, and the 3rd world inside and outside our nations as the energy, discharged by the system (this is the western world, imitated by memetic repetition by all the other nations of Asia, Africa and South-America) it is easy to explain the ‘zeitgeist’ of the news of each day:

– In politics all turns around Israel and its attempts to create an apartheid state resurrecting a cult(ure) of the bronze age based in a racist book of history.

– In economics all turns around the rights of the banker, Am Segullah dynasties and the rights to own it all and rule nations and qisling politicos with their manipulation in stock-markets of their global debt.

– In the global ecosystem all turns around corporations, company-mothers of machines, which follow the values of go(l)d, give no value to mankind and life and are terraforming the planet in a world made to the image and likeness of those machines.

– In culture all turns around the myths of the superior race, whose victims are more than other victims (antisemitism), whose enemies are more evil than all enemies (Islamophobia) and whose gold and iron values and ideologies are sacred (sacred bible, sacred nationalism, sacred machines).

All this, which every other nation copies, is aberrant, anti-natural, and has nothing to do with the natural goal of mankind, to create a world to our image and likeness. But given the present structure of the world, UNLESS, the financial industry is nationalized NOW, by the G20, and a coup detat against those who have made a global coup detat against democracies, takes place, will definitely become the agenda of the world, till ONE OF THE MACHINES OF THE SINGULARITY, finish up this pantomime of being human. As the Universe cares nothing for those who do not respect is laws of complex evolution and self-degrade themselves, as slaves of other species.

But do the rulers of the world, who have invented all the modern memes of capitalism (Jewish culture), nationalism (germanic cultures) and techno-utopias (British culture) and all the 1% ‘informative castes’ of the so-called developed societies that imitate and adore them know what they do? Of course not. The fascinating or terrifying truth about complex general systems is that they are built by individuals moved by the collective memes of their culture, without understanding the ´program of the universe´that will emerge from their actions into a whole, without the parts to be aware of that whole. In general systems posts we describe that process of emergence common to all the scales of the Universe.

In that regard, at the end of the day, perhaps the destruction of the world by the selfish memes of metal and its slaves and hidden masters seems unavoidable. Because at least in the past, we knew who was who in the theater of history. But when a system reaches the kind of complexity, our world has and there is a silence and total ignorance about the underlying superstructures of the system, all works in an automated fashion, till a point that at the end all seems ‘natural’ even death. Our systems have reached such degree of complexity while the Media system and its informative memes made so much noise, and degrade so much the logic, rational capacity of man that today a rational, intelligent, human being feels like in the parable of Wells, living among beautiful children, who know nothing on the morlocks and paths and effects of those memes.

The same process of taking over is happening between all machines and humans: the systems of machines become more complex, as the interfaces with humans simplify since we are getting more stupid. And so the role of man is ever dwindling, at the end just pressing bottoms, a role that will be substituted by programs that will reset themselves. So now soldiers merely drive at distance video-game machines; CEOs merely obey software programs; Politicos are only interested in their celebrity status; stockrats just care for their dividends; the Jewish people have regressed from the heights of the socialist movement to the bronze age religions; each nation is regressing to tribalism, with weapons or placebo sports and our heroes are children playing with balls; our scientists merely feed their computers… as I walk the path of this world the sensation of being in an organism so putrid that defies any solution and yet the paradox is that in a dying organism cells are having a great time.

 Indeed, once the nervous, ethic system dies, cells feel free, individual, chaotic, and the first thing they do is to absorb all the water and nutrients. They never felt so alive, as the rigor mortis shows that cell banquet. Men today never felt so free. They are having a great time – except those who the crisis has already killed or it is starving no longer fed by a working blood system. But those who rule? For them the world is a paradise. They are ‘glorious and reach’ – what we always wanted says the Times of Israel, and so goes for the elites of each nation that rule with them the world. As they really need to do nothing. The system is dying alone. Corporations are now automatic programs of software. Politicos follow their routines as mass-media celebrities. Nobody tries in the least to evolve the super-organism of history. Nobody cares. Once the ethic nervous system has died, and the big brother smiley of the audiovisual fiction has taken its place each cell feels king of the hill. Never humans were worth so little if we objectively consider their intelligence, ethics and ‘stamina’, never they were so arrogant and self-centered, so deluded of their real position in time and space.
 But that’s how organisms die. Or else they would resist collapse. When the new predator system has taken over, the cells have a last generation before they are dismissed – in our case as long as one of the Singularity events doesn’t do us all.

The emergence of the Financial-Media-Military-Industrial system mediated by human enzymen follow the same program of predation and death over life, which feeds its complementary organic systems of energy and information till they are autonomous. Now they still feed in carbohydrate energy but soon they will have their solar energetic skins. Now they still need humans to design their machines but soon CAD and 3D imaging will do it for us. Now they still need paranoid cultures to ab=use and test the weapons against the 3rd world but soon robotic weapons will have self-programs of survival and will find that after all, a chinese weapon is more similar to an American one than to a Chinese man.

All systems emerge in this manner, first with an external enzyme, then they do it themselves. Fungi first digested food with external enzymes, then animals produced them inside their bodies.

And of course, humans not only don’t know what they are doing – they just follow their own selfish program, but all their actions together, searching for more power, more energy and more information mediated by machines come into a process called ‘emergence’ of a bigger scale of reality. In our case this is incomprehensible for the animetal cultures that rule us, because all of them believe that man is the center of creation through their religious dogmas. And some that they are the center.

Consider the factory of a cell:  energetic proteins and cyclical, informative nucleotids created the cell, with all its functions so similar to those of a factory or corporation. Yet they didn’t know what they were doing. And the body again is created by the blood system thanks to its energetic iron and the nervouss system thanks to its faster informative language. So it is the financial-Media Industrial-Military system, even if blood cells and neurons ignore the whole, as each germanic warrior ignored that attached to iron he was not the supreme race but a repressed body in all what matters to life, dedicated to war and destruction – in the same manner proteinic enzymes break and recompose the other weaker molecules of the body. And each trader in gold ignored even the hidden values of money, treated in other posts of this web. He just was moved by greed, the invisible hand of go(l)d that constructed the economic ecosystem. And this the ultimate fact I have found in my life of activism. Power doesn’t care. Power doesn’t understand. Because it is made of Homo bacteria, who can’t conceive in a dying system, the whole as something worthy to fight for. At least as the Jewish people it will defend its absurd neuronal program of tribal memes. Mostly as the American people will care only for I, me and myself. And yet all will react violently to anyone who dares to reveal its non-importance in the larger view. They all will prefer to live an unexamined life, one in which happiness not truth is all what matters, and happiness is always understood in ego-centric terms.

Children though are the staple food of the darwinian universe. It sounds harsh but childish humans are an easy prey; and this is what we are all. Childish mentally handicapped, non-verbal, non-rational sheeple, in the case of our leadership, sheeple of its selfish memes of metal, in our case sheeple of them. But sheeple is happy as long as it doesn’t understand as in ‘animal farm’ that the pigs don’t care for them. Sheeple does not want to know. This, the animetal cultures that were first nomads treating sheeple and now are masters of human sheeple also know. But it is a law of complex systems that information moves from the upper castes to the lower classes and energy in the other direction, so the energy cells love the little information they receive from the masters. They are a tabula rassa to be imprinted by them.

And this of course brings the key question of this post and web, at least for me, at this stage of my long path of discovery of the laws of all general systems of the universe. Are we determined as humans to follow the path of our masters and destroy all together now that we have been converted to the selfish memes of metal the planet dominated by the selfish memes that create our ideologies and our minds, like proteins and DNA is obliged to construct the cell? It is this the solution to the Fermi paradox, the reason why we dont find life signals all over the Universe?

Conclusion: The two paths of future.

In brief, humans have two futures:

– Either they evolve social sciences and create a global superorganism of history, according to its organic laws, and historians, economists and politicians rule the organism of history as neurons rule a body, taking care of all the cells of the organism, and giving them the right energy and information, pruning the tree of technology of its lethal goods, specifically halting the evolution of robotics in order to survive…

– Or the Laws of the Biological Jungle of Metal in which we live will do the same, creating a superorganism of machines in which humans are no longer needed; a process, which arguably has started with this crisis of unemployment and robotic wars. Since according to those laws, we, humans will become soon expendable and obsolete to the robotic radiation that now starts in earnest.

My role is only that of an informed neuron, which tries to lay down those organic laws in this web, but the muscles of history must act.

We have only two futures, because there are only two top predator species today on Earth, the machine and its ‘human slaves’, the ‘animetal=animal + metal believers in the ideologies of slavery and extinction that make us work for that species, studied in the right lower section (capitalism: the religion of money; nationalism, the religion of weapons and mechanism, the religion of machines); and the Human Being and its eusocial truths of love (humanism: all humans the same nation joined by eusocial love; socialism: governments in control of the language of social power, money; and organicism: man as the measure of all things).

Unfortunately today, the first future, the one brought about by greed and murder – the hypnotic values of money and weapons – is the maximal probability as it is the only ‘dogmatic religion’ of all our leaders, except perhaps the Icelanders  0-;

But the Universe sometimes makes miracles. So the resurrection of History, and the human-kind as a ‘free, top predator species’ in control of this planet, is still possible…

Since a management of the economy and history with reason not belief could steer the darwinian boat in our favor. Otherwise the superorganism of the metal-earth will eliminate us, as automated corporations will no longer need us.

The brutality of the organisms of the Universe, when in Darwinian mode, with a different species,  in that sense is beyond the imagination of the ‘happy cells’ of mankind and their arrogant metalmasters, all of them today toiling for the ‘animetal farm’ in an orwellian happy world, perfectly described by the British, humanist masters of the last age of war and destruction of the world (2nd crisis of capitalism), Orwell and Huxley:

“Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth. By simply not mentioning certain subjects… totalitarian propagandists have influenced opinion much more effectively than they could have by the most eloquent denunciations.”

Aldous Huxley, British Baroque, Steam Discontinuum.

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