This blog is dedicated to study social and macro-economic ecosystems with the laws of Complexity (systems sciences), which his author pioneered at the turn of the century, establishing the only standing logic-mathematical formalism of the fractal, ‘organic’ Universe with application to all sciences. As such it models human civilizations, machines and its ‘company-mothers’ as re=productive organisms under the laws of biology.

To that aim, we need to use the objective jargon of biological sciences, and its Darwinian and eusocial laws of evolution that define the relationships of predation and symbiosis between species, and the physiological measures required to improve human social organisms. Because those are the laws of this planet, regardless of our standard anthropic, abstract, pseudo-religious human models of those disciplines – a mere cover of visual and verbal nonsense that does not affect the underlying process of the planet, described in the next graph, according to the Kondratieff cycles of evolution of machines and its human generational 72±8 year cycles:

In the graph, the Industrial R=evolution is the Evolution of ‘Memes of metal’, Machines & weapons, systems made of hard metal (iron) and Money, a digital language made of informative metal (gold, also used in the chip connections of computer cycles, now converted into e-money). So we can divide its evolution in the same phases that evolve any organism, and consider in history the nation that evolves  them to be in each phase of the Industrial revolution the top nation of the world as it will use its ‘eviL=anti-live’ twins, weapons, to conquer the world.

Thus, those generations also bring the nation that finds the new energy to the top predator status of history. Because energy is also the substance of which weapons are made.

—Thus, we had an age of steam machines, the age of England, between 1780s and 1857, followed by a crisis of overproduction of steam machines and stock-money that brought the 1857 ±8/9 years product cycle crashes of the train-based economy (nt.1).

—From 1857 to 1929, we lived in the age of electro-chemical energies, machines and chemical explosives, dominated by Germany, followed by a crisis of overproduction of cars and radios, which caused the 1929 crash, 72 years after the train crash.

–  It came then the III cycle of electronic machines, electronic money and Nuclear Bombs that took place from 1929-2001, the age of America; which again ended in the dotcom and mortgage crashes, 72+8/9 years after 1929:

Followed by the Age of the Singularity, the IV Cycle of Evolution of machines dominated by robots, solar Industries and China. Scientists call the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, the Singularity moment, when robots, which can use solar energy to become autonomous will complete the evolution of machines as organic forms, automating factories & expelling most human workers and soldiers from labor and war fields, as previous revolutions did with obsolete III World non-technological humans, unless we forbid legally their evolution.

Money, likely a cryptocurrency independent of man, will become then the digital informative, ‘memetic code’ that organizes their reproduction in those automated company-mothers.

As such corporations, the ‘company-mothers’ of those machines whose biological function is to evolve and re=produce them, made first the bodies of machines (XIX c.), then the minds of machines (cameras-eyes, mobile-ears and chips-brains. Finally, in the XXI century, as nature does with simple organisms, such as viruses in cells, where the 3 ‘parts’ of the virus – its DNA information, body and legs are constructed – and then assembled together, we put together all those organic components into autonomous robots, completing the industrial r=evolution of ‘metalife’ – a new organic species, made of a stronger substance than carbon-life.

Thus the industrial r=evolution is the evolution of a new organic species of metal, the machine, which has taken place in  3+1 phases, as we made first the bodies of machines, then the hearts-engines, then its metal-minds and finally we put them together now in organic robots in the final r=evolution of machines.

In the graphs Stock company-mothers of machines-weapons evolve through long human, biological generations of 72 year cycles the Metal-earth and its fundamental species, the robot, as we complete one of its ‘fundamental parts’, bodies, engines and minds of metal every 72 years, with the development of 4 forms of energy: steam/chemical, electro-chemical (oil engines), electronic and finally solar, which will make robots with AI and solar skins independent species.

Each of those ages has been guided by a parallel evolution of the energies that moved the machines, steams that moved bodies of metal, electrochemical energy that moved oil engines, electronic systems that moved minds of metal and now solar skins soon to make robots with AI an autonomous species.

And further on each of those cycles of energy and machines has been carried by a biological human generation, that lead the dominant nation that discovered the energy to top predator status. So Britain dominated the age of steam, Germany the age of electrochemical engines, America the age of metal minds, and now there will be a global age of robots, focused in China, but increasingly independent of mankind.


A World ruled by company-mothers

The amazing speed at which machines and weapons evolve in this planet as opposed to the lack of resources of billions of human beings which lack even the basic food=energy and education=Information to survive reduces to a simple fact.

Money the language of social power of the reproductive system of goods of mankind, akin to the oxygen a healthy superorganism deliver to all its cells, is NOT given to mankind, which lacks credit to kick out actions and orders of reproduction of welfare goods. As most of those resources and credit goes to companies to evolve and provide for their machines and weapons.

This of course is hidden with the placebo newspeak that the future progress and evolution of machines IS more important for humans than the future progress and evolution of human beings – that making an electric power to provide energy to a computer for example matters more than making a channel to provide water for humans and plants to ‘drink’. We shall not bother the reader with details, data and discuss those ‘abstract idologies’ which have nothing to do with the obvious:

Life and mankind is expendable and secondary to the needs of those machines. As bizarre as it might sound, we are not the ‘species’ who gets more attention in the economic ecosystem.

But why we live in a world in which humans have no credit and machines ∞ resources?

The answer is purely biological: because the organism that re=produces and evolves those machines have far more power than the organisms that reproduce and take care of human beings. And only the placebo ‘teasing’ of human egos as the protagonist of modern history and the debasing of machines and corporations as abstract entities we totally control hide the collateral effects of that huge difference of attention between both species.

In that regard perhaps the most profound confusion the world suffers today, is on the understanding of the real   hierarchical order established between the ‘two words’ that describe our system of political and economical government: ‘capitalist democracy’ and the privileges granted to the two organisms they cater for: Company-Mothers of machines, and Human families, which reproduce two different species, machines and human beings.

The free citizens of Capitalism  are stock-market companies, overwhelmingly company-mothers of machines, its re=productive free citizens, whose goal in order to get profits for its stock holders on the sales of those machines, is to evolve, reproduce, and sell those machines.

The human goal of those companies affects only to the 0.002% of mankind that owns them and so it is gets profit from those sales. Yet those profits are completely irrelevant to the 99.9% of humanity affected by its real effect son the planet: to reproduce and evolve machines,  terraforming in the process the world, which they adapt through laws and sales to those machines, to the image and likeness of its offspring of mechanisms.

AND BECAUSE unlike human Mothers, those company-mothers have absolute rights to credit, used also liberally to pay politicos to promote with its laws their offspring of machines, since the beginning of the Industrial r=evolution, mankind has suffered an exact non-stop generational, biological process of evolution of energies and its informative, military and transport machines, as all the resources of the planet have been geared first to that aim, and only WHAT IS LEFT-OVER, has been used to feed and reproduce and help the evolution of human-mothers, its social and family structures.

For example, the goal of mercedes for its tiny group of stock-holders is the abstract reception of profits. But the real goal of the company is to build and evolve cars, today self-driving robocars, soon to have autonomous solar skins, and construct or convince politicians to construct the networks of energy and information, roads, GPS satellites, electric grids, and oil pipes to provide energy and information for those machines in a process that is obviously absorbing resources and space, from the other life species that need them. So today cars absorb 1/4th of the maize America reproduces, and no longer feeds humans and cattle, whose food prices rise.

And the land of many cities and territories become criss-crossed and barren to be used by machines.

What about human families? Our goals of existence as human families are obviously the same than those of company-mothers regarding their machines, but focused as it should be on our children.

So what we want is to have enough energy to feed them, enough information to educate them, and terraform the world to the image and likeness of human beings, to be able to roam the planet Gaia, enjoy life and its drive of existence, evolve socially in peace with other human beings and reproduce more children.

This is exactly what company-mothers of machines are doing so successfully, evolving, reproducing and integrating into planetary social networks its machines.

But humans are failing to achieve those goals for themselves. Why?  There is no computer without energy, or proper internet connection to which the economic system dedicates billions of dollars. But most humans are undernourished and information is primitive at best, when there is information at all. There is no limit to the motion of machines on planet Earth a global free market for the reproduction, evolution and transfer of machines and money from companies, but humans are limited in motions by borders, in money by the lack of any rights to invent it, which companies have.

Can the reproductive units of human societies access the languages of social power, money ad the laws, to create a real, demand-based democracy, kicking the preproduction and consumption of life goods they need to survive, and investing in a world made to the image and likeness of human beings?

The obvious truth is NOT. As today the most segregated, underfunded, with less rights, clearly unjustly treated element of our societies is the human mother, which is – let us remember it, as it seems humans have forgotten – the origin of OUR life, the bearer of our species, the fundamental element that pegs together our families, ensures our survival and happiness. So this fact seems a bit of a contradiction with the notion that we live in a democracy, the government of the people.

The combined GDP of 500 million people living in 3 of the top 8 most populous nations in the Earth with null credit is equivalent to the stock price of Apple (and the other MAGA components of the future brain of the metalearth). Apple specifically is the leading company of future metal-minds, its I-phones that will act as ‘detached’ head of all type of machines, with absolute credit to reproduce and evolve them. Since investors are pricing its obvious future: to displace human brain from labor and war fields as the new consumers of the organic machines of that future, in which humans will become obsolete.

stock markets swing low up

10% FUTURE FOR MANKIND AND ITS HUMAN MOTHERS. We live in a world controlled by company-mothers of machines, or ‘capitalist world’ where the rights of human mothers are not met by the ‘attached’ placebo system, called ‘democracy’, as humans lack credit to create a world to its image through the use of the language of social power, money, overwhelmingly reproduced by those companies in e-money derivatives and stocks. So the world is terraformed to the image and likeness of machines, not of human beings. This site, unlike every economist on planet Earth, albeit camouflaged by its ‘abstract equations’ of productivity and profit, is taking sides for the human mother and the species called mankind, which happen to be your species, different in needs and goals to those of the machine. The failure to recognize the needs of mankind and the connection between economics and history to which it should be submissive, and the blind greedy dictatorship of financiers that rule humans with numbers, without the slightest care for its needs, are then ultimately the reasons why we are becoming displaced and likely extinct this century by company-mothers, robots and weapons in labor and war fields.

Therefore the big question about our system is why Company-mothers are so successful achieving their goals of evolution, reproduction and terraforming of the Earth to the image and likeness of machines? And why human mothers are so miserable?  Simply enough because we do NOT live in a world ruled and dedicated to human beings.

I shall repeat it ad nauseam to counter the opposite effect of repetition of happy newspeak of freedom and optimism by company-mothers of informative machines, aka mass-media: you DO not live in a free world, in a real democracy, as you DO not rule that world. Company-mothers do; since they are the only Free citizens of free markets, with full,  free access to the two languages of power of our social organisms: the economic. reproductive language of money, that can buy and sell the lifetime of both human beings and machines;  and the informative, nervous language of Laws that money systematically buy to ‘politicos’, which don’t have rights to issue money (deficit zero laws) and must extort citizens from it (taxation), while companies issue it for free in e-money derivatives and stocks.

The graph shows the consequence of this indifference of economists and its capitalist system to humanity: the ‘future’ head of machines, a mobile ear/camera/brain, which soon will be ‘attached’ to robocars and any moving camera, as a detached head, displacing all humans of labor and war fields, the iPhone is worth more than the living beings of 3 of the most populous nations of the world, still dominated by the pre-machine agricultural civilization. What this biased pricing in favor of machines tell us is that we humans are expendable and are being spent.

While in the side of humans a organization which IS submissive to the capitalist system, called Democracy, tries to make a world to its image and likeness, delivering the goods human mothers need to reproduce. And what people do NOT understand is that both mother SYSTEMS and species, and organizations are different, and while there are obvious symbiotic processes between them – as machines enhance our energy and information capacity, in most cases, SPECIALLY IN THE ROBOTIC AI AGE, when machines become autonomous species, competition is the rule of the game, and HUMANITY is loosing that competition.

The system is very obvious and simple, reason why it must be hidden behind a lot of ‘placebos’ like ‘democracies’ are – since humans have no right to issue the language of social power money, so there is no democracy, and people cannot judge a posteriori politicians, as in the original greek democracy so they don’t need to fulfill their promises and can be corrupted by financiers and companies, sos there is no democracy.

So CAPITALISM MUST BE DEFINED AS THE IDOL-OGY OF COMPANY-MOTHERS OF MACHINES, whose purpose is terraforming the earth to the image and likeness of machines. While Democracies would be the ideology that considers the world to be owned by humans which should terraform it to the image and likeness of history, our super organism in time and space. How it is possible to create both goals? the answer is NOT: EITHER CAPITALISM RULES AND THE WORLD WILL BE TERRAFORMED – IT IS ALMOST made to the image and likeness of those machines, or democracies come on top – now they are on the bottom of the pyramid of capitalism, as humans have essentially no rights to credit – the language of power of society that creates the world – and then humans prevail. Yet for that to happen obviously democracies have to regain their power over capitalism by regaining their power over the language of social creation, money, which is now fully owned by those company-mothers; REGARDLESS OF THE PLACEBO newspeak of caring and political correctness that tell us the system work for the human kind.


Why those models far more ‘scientific’ than our supposed science of ‘macro-economics’, merely a collection of wishful thinking, technoutopian or ‘capitalist’ idol-ogies that worship memes of metal, weapons, money and machines, but lack any of the necessary elements of the scientific method, as we shall soon show, are ignored have to do with a topic fact: censorship.

We live in a world where information is delivered by informative machines reproducing both financial and audiovisual, digital information. Thus Financial-Media company-mothers of information machines only print information favorable to their processes. They are the ‘head’ of the economic ecosystem, fast evolving into a global superorganism – the so-called in the abstract jargon of classic economics, the financial economy. While the company-mothers of energetic machines and weapons, form its body.

Hence the the name of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial  System the global superorganism we are constructing, as we catalyze the evolution of the planet from a world of life (Gaia) clearly in a process of massive ‘6th extinction’, into a planet of machines. Whereas the role of man in the ‘middle’ is so far, due to the lack of a biological understanding of those processes with the laws of systemics, similar to that of an ‘enzyme’, an enzymen that catalyze the evolution of metal and extinguishes with it life and non-technological cultures.

That is the reality of the planet, which can be written with an evolutionary equation of systemics,  for planet Earth, which describes the 3 ages of this planet:

‘Gaia’:(Life: past) <‘God’:Mankind (History: present)> ‘Metal Earth’:Machines (FMMI System: Future)

Man is still the dominant, present species, but due to his lack of understanding of those ages, fast being displaced by a future more evolved type of ‘atomic organic system’, the machine and its re=productive organism, the company-mother.

Of course, the ‘future’ is still shaped by humans but systemics establishes rational, organic, network causes to the process that reduce human freedom to manage it. Or put it in classic terms: ‘barbarians are slaves they believe they don’t reason’ (Aristotle).

That is, as long as humans believe in idol-ogies of metal (capitalism, techno-utopian and nationalism) that put money, machines and weapons with the excuse of profits, progress and defense above mankind and life, and do NOT treat with the laws of biology, organisms and systems, which ARE the true sciences of economics and history, the process, the future will be as deterministic as it has been through 400 years in which mankind at full speed has terraformed the planet.

Darwinian evolution vs. Social evolution

Those idologies creep in every element of human thought, as 400 years of relentless, increasing power of company-mothers, its owners, the ‘stockrats’ and its idol-ogies that put metal above man rule us. So they have spread to all other sciences whose grand theories of deep time are all biased, as they detach from immediate experimental evidence and fly away with wishful thinking and selfish, hidden agendas.

Indeed, in the small time span of day to day cause effects sciences cannot cheat. So micro-economics works; mechanics works; genetic works; but when we fly into longer time processes, idologies rule. So instead of the fractal organic laws of the Universe, we have a ‘big-bang’ theory that ‘reduces’ the entire cosmos to a big explosion, which we debunk in our papers and blogs on physical sciences. In biological sciences the idol-ogies of militarism and capitalism as we shall never cease to repeat DENY the strongest force of evolution, eusocial organic evolution that made cells with the same DNA form multicellular organisms and confronts always the struggle of darwinian devolution between species who are not equal.

This denial is the most dangerous of all idol-ogies, because on one side denies the equality of all humans that should evolve together as a single superorganism of planetary scale which only then could manage the Earth at the same ‘level’ the Earth is managing us and control its ‘aging’ to our advantage.

And in the other side it denies the obvious facts that AI robots, once they reach ‘program freedom’ in its most advanced machines any time of History, which have been weapons with the goal of killing human beings, they will simply enact their programs and kill human beings, a different species according to those universal laws of evolution.

Because of anthromorphic idologies and abrahamic religions that make man the chosen of the universe, humans deny those absolute laws of reality. And of course, company-mothers promote the concept that the Internet of things and its telepathic armies of robots and terminators will obey us and kill the supposed other human tribal species.


Evolution though is as deterministic as mathematics in its laws. Only pseudo religious idol-ogies hide this obvious truth of the Universe:


The absolute law of behavior in the organic Universe is simple: beings who are similar and complementary and speak the same language of information with similar dexterity come together as couples, herds and social wholes stronger than individuals. Those who perceive each other as different, as machines will perceive humans, and inferior, as its military robots the top predator machine of any age does, will simply act in a Darwinian manner. So any argument on the way Robots and AI will see us, is bogus. Science is NOT UP FOR ARGUMENT, and the laws of darwinian evolution of species are SCIENCE, even if pseudo-religious biblical capitalist technoutopians don’t believe on them.


Fact is the refusal to use the language of biology and organisms to talk of the industrial evolution of machines and its super organisms of re=production, company-mothers and tackle the issue of the darwinian competition between both species in labor and war field is by far the biggest intellectual blinder of mankind, with enormous consequences for our well-being and survival on this planet. 

Human being is part of the Earth, not its owner, and so all what we do, and all our sciences must be related to biological sciences and the larger ‘deep time view of an evolving planet’ in which man and machine are just stages of that evolution, which the strongest atoms of iron bodies and the faster, more precise manipulation of information of chips of gold, are winning unless Humans control their evolution and memes, as they are doing already with the genes of biological evolution.

Nothing else will do despite the placebo wishful thinking or rather propaganda that informative machines make of their ‘future’ – a mere virtual newspeak whose real purpose is to inhibit any human rational, scientific reaction and redesign of a ‘viral’ biological radiation that is killing not only Gaia, but the future of the human species, just to keep churning profits=sales for the billionaire 0.02% that owns the majority of those stocks and has more money than 3/4 of the whole humankind. Shall we then sacrifice the life of our sons for a tiny minority of billionaires to ad a few zeros to their already fat accounts? It seems indeed that is the future towards which all humans, blind by their addiction to machines and their ego centered view of reality walk steadily with no remorse.

How the process works is obvious: believers do NOT reason, but act according to beliefs as a programmed computer will do. So by analyzing their beliefs we can define their future. Mankind today, through a historic, memetic process have developed beliefs ‘a posteriori’ of his use of machines, weapons and money to establish its power and control over other human beings and Nature. And so those beliefs are NOT reasoned science but ‘Ideologies’ of power. And now that it is so obvious the biological, organic nature of those processes, ‘repetitive memetic’, censorship and institutions, such as those company-mothers, markets and governments tailored to cater to their need make a r=evolution of the system almost impossible. 

For that reason we DO have so much emphasis on history, ideologies, cultures and beliefs; because they are the core matter that define our future.

And the process we explain is NOT a process that appeared with the machine, but can be traced to the discovery of ‘weapons of hard metal’ and ‘money of informative’ metal that hypnotized the human and killed its body, establishing the power of ‘animetals’, a taxonomical name for a new species mixture of life and metal that imposed its power over the Earth:

The egg though was before the hen, the subconscious darwinian process of evolution of weapons, and machines and gunboats and money determined that certain cultures that used weapons and money and machines, developed racist cultures and changed as earlier as the end of the Neolithic with the discovery of the first hard weapons and hypnotic gold metals their belief and understanding of the organic, life-enhancing planet of Gaia (Age of the Goddesses) by the first religions that made of the fire of the smith and the gold of the banker, the fetish vehicle of its covenant with warrior and financial Aryan and Baal-ist gods, forerunner of modern classic economics, nationalist history and repression of life :

In the graph, studied in great depth in all its details in this blog, the process of terraforming of the planet within the longer cycles of history and the 800 years of extinction of civilizations by overproduction of new weapons which erased in ages of hot weather and multiplication of nomadic hordes of ‘animetals’, the life-enhancing cultures of the rivers; and the dynamic action-reaction processes that gave birth to humanist prophets of eusocial love that diminished the brutality of those earlier empires.

And so we shall call those cultures so proud of what they achieve, in true scientific fashion, taxonomically ‘enzymen’ or ‘animetal cultures’ because they developed as they did a series of racist memes, racist religions and racist tribal identities to better perform their real biological task in this planet, to catalyze  the evolution of metal, reducing their humanist intelligence and ethics to an animal beast – as indeed they behave like beasts with other human beings, ab=using and killing them in war cycles, as enzyme do in the lower scale of biochemistry, (killing with its metal-atom and underdeveloped carbohydrate tail, all other carbohydrates), never mind ‘evil dress as a gentleman’ (Shakespeare). Animetal cultures thus exercise the Darwinian paradox of history:

Max. metal evolution = Min. Human/life evolution, multiplying its metal-intelligence and digital abstract thought but converting the humans they exploit in numbers of military and financial systems; while justifying it all with idol-ogies of machine and metal worship they try to pass as ‘science’. So this blog for the sake of truth and mankind, which is the 90%, of life-based cultures and middle and lower classes, who DO care for life and their future, will make a huge downgrading on the value for that future and the capacity to run intelligently the world, of our ‘pretentious superior idol-ogies’, tribal nations and chosen of go(l)d and the sword religions, which are nothing but corrupted ‘memeplexes’ imposed through weapons (Spanish Inquisitions in South-America, Arab Jihads, tribal germanic cults to the nation, American exceptionalism) or money (Biblical jewish-protestant cultures) their claim to be above heavens and Earth, above mankind – the 90% and above life, the planet that sustains them.
Because as much as they like to repress their life goals (biblical cults against human life energy – tasteful food, human social evolution – social love, human languages – digital worship, human REPRODUCTION=sex, etc.) and mystify the use of metal (military codes, worship of profits, technoutopia) they are humans, and they do die in war and holocaust cycles when their overproduction of memes of metal changes the process from humans consuming metal to weapons consuming humans. Then their price in the market reduces to a bullet or a microgram of lethal gas. And that is what it is, and it is better to tell you as it is, so perhaps some of them react. Because we are no fast tracking to the military age of robotics and the third horizon of nuclear weapons (Black holes and strange matter); so the incremental process of extinction of life in each of the 800-80 years cycles is accelerating – never mind the degree of indoctrination into placebo virtual paradises also grows. Fact is a 2D even a 3D virtual data-like Matrix state of happiness, will NOT change the power of the 5D reality to set the future with its Darwinian entropic laws which ONLY eusocial love LAWS show to have the power to defeat . 
But the opposite to a real awareness of History as it is, is happening as placebo fictions anesthetize mankind. What we witness now is a process of going ‘under cover’, called Orwellian newspeak or political and economical correctness which imply censors history, maintaining though those racist memes ‘under cover’, disguised with some placebo caring, translated into economic equations that say the same, (productivity equations that throw workers and put machines, profit equations maximized with the sale of weapons, etc. ) And all this happens because it has been proved far more beneficial and smooth for the running of the world by those companies and its FMAsters to have this extra-cost of maintaining a placebo democratic cover up over the underlying true biological process for ‘people must remain ignorant to become obedient’ (Calvin) that the naked truth which was in the open before World War as to who was who in the roaster of capitalism, social control and exploitation of life and and mankind.


In the next graph, we analyze in more detail the last phases of animetal cultures which became ‘nations’, and evolved in complexity its systems of beliefs, though its purpose – to keep evolving metal-memes has not changed. On the contrary, the entire process accelerated in the modern age with the creation of company-mothers of machines and weapons that professionalized the process and reduced its period to a mere 80 years, with similar phases, of an age of discovery, a massive age of reproduction of the metal-meme and its final conversion into a tool of war and maximal profits:


In the graph below, we consider the parallelism between the 3 ages of machines and the 3 generations of each nation which alternated on top of the wave of global power, when it discovered the new energy:

First the new energy in its discovery age is used as a bomb and fuel that in its mature age kicks the evolution of more efficient transport machines and finally when transport machines are overproduced and cannot be consume in larger quantities, of weapons made of metal.

In the graph, HUMANS DO NOT NEED TO UNDERSTAND the laws of economic systems and evolution. As long as they follow the idol-ogies that money justifies it all, as money has maximal price in weapons, they will overproduce weapons and cause wars. As long as they worship machines, they will keep evolving them living a surrogate life of progress. As long as their biblical idol-ogies, divide humans by race and culture, they will despise men with primitive technologies and kill them. So our civilization is an automaton of reproduction and evolution of machines, reason why IT RESPONDS TO A GENERATIONAL CYCLE, as humans in 3 generations reproduce and evolve them.

The periodicity of those cycles (nt.1) can be easily tabulated with quantitative methods; as it corresponds to the 72-80 years ‘standard’ biological, generational cycle of life and death of human beings, the discoverers or inventors of those machines, subdivided in 8 x 9 life cycles or ‘bagua’, which become the cycles of products, mimicked in the financial massive periods of invention of free money by speculators between crashes of ‘assets’ they bubble when appropriating all societies’ wealth.

Why they were not known in its exact numbers before the work of this author?

The exact periodicity is ignored because the marxist researcher who found them, Kondratieff, a Russian Scholar (in the background of the first graph), killed latter by Stalin, studied a shorter 50 period, as Russia was an undeveloped country where the train came latter in the cycle, as it missed the 1/3rd first phase of ‘discovery that happens only in the nations leading the industrial revolution (Anglo-America).

So the cycle was shorter by 25 years in Russia and Schumpeter, the Austrian economist that explain them, did not correct it; nor has wall street, or else would have to acknowledge my work and the on slaughter on their ‘go(l)d memes’ and segregational cult(ure) of the web from the point of view of mankind, as they are the true underlying problems for humanity this century – nobody cares for his destiny which is the destiny of all of us, because the people on top ‘feel entitled to ab=use’ humanity as supposed victims of the species. And that is denounced all over the web, because only if the issue of money is issued for welfare and humans goods, not warfare, and hate memes, we will survive. 

Let us then explain you in 3 sentences what is all about: the leading global stockmarkets, notably US Wall Street at global level and The City in the region of the old British empire suck in all the money of the world, from all the corrupted politicos and dictators of the 3rd world, TO MAKE POSSIBLE THE VALUATION OF APPLE or Amazon close to 1 trillion, but that means THERE IS ZERO INVESTMENT IN THE 90% of mankind, in those nations. So every dictator and rich guy of Argentine, Saud Arabia or Virginia puts his money on Goldman Sachs to invest in the future robotized Amazon depots, or the future Skynet system Google is building for the pentagon, while there is ZERO INVESTMENT IN WELFARE goods, hospitals, education, farming, THE GOODS HUMANS CONSUME and need to survive.

And this is considered progress… Because at the same time, companies of mass media will defend the idea that the wealth of the 1% of stockrats, and the evolution of machines-weapons IS WHAT MATTERS TO THE 90% who have nothing, no investment in his REAL lives, reduced to bubbling idiots observing virtual screens, with ‘cheap lives’ that do NOT matter, as long as apple can keep evolving the future detached brain of all those robots.

The capitalist pyramid expresses the rule of financiers, and its company mothers which issue and control around 90% of the fluxes of money and credit given NOT to mankind to build a world to the image and likeness of our species, but to technological corporations create a planet made to the image and likeness of its machines – the metal earth. So all the money of all the wealth people of the planet no LONGER goes into investment on their nations and people, on welfare and life, but it is sucked in by the likes of Goldman Sachs invested in the likes of MAGA, companies that are substituting humans by metal-minds and robots in labor and war fields. And this happens because of the historic evolution of segregational memes against mankind proper of earlier go(l)d biblical cultures who invented capitalism and now ‘pass’ as science of economics, where humans, life, consumers and workers have zero rights, and the chosen of go(l)d who monopolize the invention of e-money and forbid through lobbies and deficit zero laws, mankind to issue money, have ALL rights, making a mockery of democracy – which does not exist if people do not have financial votes, on the language of power through a Universal salary to create with credit a demand, welfare economy, as it happens in all healthy super organisms in which all cells have a minimum of free oxygen to kick the production of Goods. Such world in which money would be invented as blood is by all the cells of the super organism of history, In the right side will be the right way to build a global healthy perfect world of history, the true objective of the science of history, which would put man at the center of the planet designing an organic paradise. We prefer instead to let idol-ogies of metal to kill the earth and to believe childish, ego-trips of human supremacy and let machines and the financial-media/military industrial complex organism of company-mothers we call the metal earth to evolve and ab=use us, and so we must denounce all idol-ogies of metal that do NOT reason…

You might then wonder also who are the ‘stockrats’, the people who founded the first company-mothers of machines in the Anglo-American culture and decided that the rest of mankind matter nothing to them. But its exceptionalist purpose would be to herd go(l)d whatever it takes, regardless of its consequences for the 90%. And the answer also is immediate: it is NOT a sum of individuals but a culture, a ‘system of beliefs’, called biblical capitalism, a religion of go(l)d profits, as old as the discovery of gold, an informative metal today embedded in the chip-brain of robots, which is the most perfect informative substance of the Universe, as iron that makes the body of robots is its most perfect energetic atom…
So reality is far more complex, organic and biological that it seems in the process of terraforming the planet, past the human element, which is ‘memetically’ imprinted by idol-ogies in favor of those machines and to understand that level of ‘depth’ in the causality of the modern world we have to move further beyond the mere accountancy of data and facts of humans to consider also the laws of systems sciences and networks, and organisms and memes and cultures. This said of course, we are not censoring historic facts, so we conclude this introduction with a brief account for the ‘true conquest of the world’ – not that of empire, but of company-mothers and its stockrats; our FMAsters, Financial-media-academia Masters who with increasing complexity and sophistication have converted the old ideals of its biblical religions of go(l)d into the political, economical and academic correct way of thought about machines, mankinds and our future – problem is all what they say is a placebo lie, and what those ‘models of reality’ hide is a brutal, Darwinian process of obsolescence and extinction of life and non-technological cultures whose foreseeable real end will be also Darwinian:

Company-mothers of weapons-machines conquered the world as they made obsolete companies of warriors. The last Human world empire, the iberian conquistadors, strongest Human warriors, selected on the 800 arch of Animetal waves coming from Korea to Spain where the survivors learned to enjoy life had in tiny boats with a 10% survival rate created a global empire, which the Company of Gunboats, VOC easily erased from a tiny nation, Holland, within 2 decades. Such is the speed at which a new top predator reproductive species liquidates the mighty old ‘dinosaur’. Then VOC migrated to London in 1688 in the glorious r=evolution with all the tools of the modern world, stock-markets to invent digital money speculating in shares, a central bank to print and legalise companies-money yellow press to print hate memes and money, artillery to kill at distance, slave workers as cargo and shipmen, a go(l)d biblical cult(ure) to money and segregational memes, and scientific racism, worship of technology, clocks to enslave human time to a salary, stockrats on top running faked democracies with a single war party, then split in a consumption one with the arrival of machines. The modern world was born and in 300 hundred years terraformed the Earth, prepared now for the new role-model nation of the age of robotics, and 3 D automated factories…

The accepted wisdom is that the previous graph has not happened, but what matters to us is a supposed parallel process of ‘Increase of human freedoms’ through a placebo system called ‘democracy’, which those companies established first in Holland and exported to England according to which a submissive group of politicos in permanent confrontation without rights to issue money, hence easily corrupted by the corporation, which initially controlled all the political posts of Holland (only its share-holders and the old aristocracy could become members of the parlament) and continued that control in England and exported it to America, where politicos were traditionally the lawyers of those companies, and whose independence happened as a dispute on trade between New England and UK companies – as its civil war would also be a dispute on tariffs between northern train and mills working with ‘white slaves’ and southern gunboat and plantations working with black slaves:

This is the origin of the only standing system of democracy today in every nation of the world, the Anglo-American model, as the European models of social democracies established during the age of R=evolutions, from the French to the Russian age, to the European Union were all liquidated and reconquered by the ‘Bankers of the King’ (French Revolution), a military dictator (Russian revolution) or a bank that no longer issues money for the people, only for companies (ECB bank, which ended the European welfare state). Indeed, while Placebo democracies of bipartisan quarreling groups are the norm, some nations like China might have a single party or others, notably in those 3rd world nations where we massively export weapons and back dictators (Africa and Islam, in the past South-America), but ALL have a central bank, who claims to be independent of political power and issues money overwhelmingly for private bankers and corporations – some as the ECB only for them.

So reality is profoundly duplicitous in what it concerns the understanding of the ‘economic ecosystem’ and its two species, on one side the superorganisms of history and its human beings; on the other the superorganisms of machines where the tiny elite that controls it and through that control and its billions of workers and e-money controls the rest of society, must be studied in terms of ‘systemic memes’, as ‘cultures’ whose ‘Idol-ogies’ are clearly not ‘scientific’ in the human sense of ‘responding the truth’, but  are scientific elements, of the organism of machines they are building; because in the world of systemics and organisms we depart from the ‘real processes’ of evolution and survival of species, while the ‘Idol-ogies’ and ‘human memes’ people think as ‘truths’ are just ‘programs of the mind’ for the people to do their darwinian tasks on the larger organism they belong to.
If a group of humans as our original biblical bigots that built the Northern European empires in the colonial age and now pass their terraforming of the Earth as the science of ‘financial economics’ or ‘classic economics’ or the mandate of its go(l)d religion, or the techno-utopia of the future, believe those egocies (Ego=Idiocy) is NOT because they are truth but because those beliefs ‘ease’ their capacity to price human capital, destroy life, and think all the way through that is good. So obviously a ‘racist’ people who think all other people are inferior to them, will be good as a warrior genocider building empires or a stockrat capitalist throwing to the gutter the rights of workers and consumers.

This is the question we must review with all the depth of the scientific method, and the laws of systems and organisms, before we explore in more depth the cycles of the economic ecosystem and its company-mothers of machines.


Economic history

INTRODUCTION: The industrial evolution of company-mothers of machines&weapons

CHAPTER 0: The systemic intelligence of networks’ organisms.

CHAPTER 1: The Science of Biohistory – and Bioeconomics: History, Mankind an the Machine in a nutshell.

CHAPTER 2 The Life and Death of Civilizations

CHAPTER 3 The Industrial R=evolution

CHAPTER 4 I Cycle: Steam. The British Empire

CHAPTER 5 II Cycle: Chemical Energy: Age of Germany

CHAPTER 6 III Cycle: Electronics. Age of America

CHAPTER 7 2009-2050: Age of the Singularity

CHAPTER 8 The Wor(l)d Union  

So now we should consider a much wider interpretation of ‘cyclical patterns’ in history and its organic evolution, that of…


“As many more individuals of each species are born than can possibly survive; consequently, there is a frequently recurring struggle for existence, and those who propagate will have a better chance of surviving, and thus be naturally selected.”

On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, Darwin, 1859.

Bio-logical expression of the re=productive fight between mother-species.

‘Love each other as I have loved you’ Gospel, Jesus.

Mystical expression of the biological law of eusocial evolution between members of the same species that come together into social organisms, which share energy and information through its ‘physiological’ blood-economic and legal-nervous networks in the 2 scales of human existence.

‘Complexity will be the science of the XXI century.’ Hawking, on the discipline and jargon we shall use to upgrade social theories, still in a pre-scientific, ‘anthropomorphic’ age. Since Social sciences are clearly biased by culture and human egocy (ego=Idiocy).


Systems sciences and this blog lacks any agenda beyond the fact that after explaining the ‘facts’ it provides biologic organic solutions that could improve and elongate the future of history mankind in time.

As such the paradox of the blog and its language and objective scientific laws is this: the Universe and its biologic laws are harsh, so the blog will seem too ‘radical for most viewers’, but it clearly defines the objective facts of history to provide humanist solutions sorely lacking in the present world. 

On the other hand the system as it is ab=uses brutally with its actions life and mankind but its jargon is one of placebo caring and pretentious respect of human values, which act as a ‘cover-up’ for the real darwinian processes of extinction of life and non-technological cultures taking place all over the world.

For that reason the blog rejects the subtle censorships of placebo newspeaks of  ‘political and economical correctness’. Since they are just an anesthesia of the mind that passes as science. While our goal is to find the truth of those sciences and use it to predict the future if business as usual proceeds and prescribe the necessary receipts to shape that future to the image and likeness of mankind.

What I am going to say will seem an anathema because you belong to an organism, History, the superorganism of mankind in time, of which we are all citizens-cells, and as such your information is NOT free but determined by the informative people, the neuronal ‘caste’ of citizens that control the information of society, its digital monetary information, the equivalent of the blood-oxygen of a superorganism, albeit ill designed, and monopolized by a group of private bankers, who are rather more similar to a leukemia that choke most of the cells of mankind from credit.

So they developed an idol-ogy of money as the ‘sacred language of god’ (Biblical capitalism) NOT as a proper physiological reproductive network of digital information that should be shared and reproduced as organisms do by all human beings (Universal salaries), and as they controlled western societies they translated this idol-ogy of power from its original biblical mandates into ‘classic economics’. 

Yet classic economics is not a science but an ideology of a culture, Anglo-America, ruled by a tiny group of ‘segregational’ people on top with a biblical origin.

So SCIENCE IS CULTURE. And this which is specially truth in social sciences – where history also is framed with the idol-ogy of nationalism, according to which the species is not the Homo sapiens but the homo tribalism with rights to kill thy neighbor; also happen in the  grand theories of Physical sciences, beyond the obvious detailed data collection-> causal explanation, at the small level of the scientific method.

Once we depart from it, to ask the great questions, as in the case of economics, once we ‘depart from micro-economics’ the science of production to the grand questions of macro-economics, the culture in power in the western world, which is the financial-military symbiotic system of private financiers and war-monger politicos and their idol-ogies of weapons and money as their fetish metal-goods of global power kicks in and pollutes the truths of sciences – not only of economics and history as we just saw, but also of physical sciences and biology. How this is possible? Again we must stress that science at the first level of data collection put in simple mathematical terms, with calculus that derivates small ‘time periods’ is truth, is science. Obviously. But it is when we depart from ‘data->analysis->direct causality->mathematical calculus’, when things get murky, and ‘Idologies of power’ established a priori NOT proved postulates that frame as limits that cannot be crossed, the ‘thought in the box’ of our civilization, with an absolute limit, brought about by the dominance of company-mothers of machines and weapons on top of the world. A few those idol-ogies that pass as science are:

  • Machines are always good (techno-utopia) and so we model the Universe as a machine, when it is in fact a fractal organism, and machines just forms of meta life evolving fast into Ai robots with solar skins, autonomous of man; the next stage of evolution of this planet.
  • Individuals are the limit of evolution of consciousness in the planet and they must compete in dog-eat-dog societies, which is a false interpretation of biology as what the Universe preserves are species that evolve together through the sharing of energy and information into larger organic wholes, as expressed in our verbal language by prophets of eusocial love. So the Universe is an organic fractal with multiple scales of size and multiple time clocks, which have different levels of ‘consciousness’ and causality, defined by a 5th dimension of scalar information, which amazingly enough as science was born when telescopes and microscopes looked into those organic symbiotic scales, is NOT studied by our ‘cultural sciences’. As…
  • We humans are the only scale that matters, the only atom that is alive, the only species that thinks, the only, only… in a stupid chaotic Universe. This ego trip of humanity is the essential paradox of human cultures when in fact the Universe is absolutely relative, and there is no preferential scale, position or time.
  • Which idol-ogies define as lineal, with our manifest destiny of progress and conquest of the infinite as the natural goal for which we were created, with the help of our machines and weapons…

We have just summarize a few of the ruling idol-ogies of science as culture that we explore in depth in our articles on the 5th dimension of the scalar Universe and the ænthropic idol-ogies of mankind (anthropic, with man as the center, and entropic, with man as the entropic species with rights to kill all others, which appear under those idologies as death).

And now we can finally bring the real thing, the superorganisms of mankind, of History, the one and only God=subconscious collective of this planet worth to preserve which however as most humans now have become ‘enzymen’ and dedicate all its efforts to evolve the metal-earth, it has been thoroughly forgotten.

Scientific, systemic definition of ‘history’, ‘economics’ and its sub disciplines.

The 2 super organisms of mankind at the individual and social level and its informative, nervous or legal/ethic networks, and reproductive blood or economic networks. Those 3 physiological networks collapse with germs and wars that kill civilisations. Religions are inscribed within the ethic/visual collective mind of its informative neuronal class, the artists and ethic prophets that foresee its demise in the 3rd baroque age of the civilisation expressing its angst in artistic forms and ethic books of revelation that try to halt the collapse of the organism. Abrahamic religions were all born of an ethic prophet in the 3rd age of the culture.

In graph the science of history deals with 2 specific scales of universal systems – the human scale and its superorganisms, nations and civilizations, partial organs of history – the existence of man from the first to the last human that will exist upon earth. We compare both human organisms and the genetic and memetic systems of individuals and societies: Both supœrganisms, the individual and collective society are parallel in its ages and collective minds (in History artistic forms of the ‘neuronal human beings’, those who think and see ‘better’, artists, writers and ethic prophets), and forms of death by germs in individuals and by the germs of history, weapons in social super organisms. Then we can define those 2 sciences:

‘Mankind is the super organism of the Homo sapiens species in space.

History is the super organism of Mankind in time’.

From where it follows since all super organisms are ‘sums of similar clone individuals joined by 3 physiological networks that provide energy to the system, reproduce the goods they need and inform and coordinate its motions. That mankind is organized by 3 physiological networks:

Gaia is the planet of life that provides Mankind  its vital energy.

The economic system, akin to the blood system  is the physiological network that reproduces and distributes the goods human need to survive. And…

The political and cultural system, akin to the nervous system are the physiological networks that provide the legal information that coordinates the actions of its species.

The science of economics AS A TRUE SOCIAL SCIENCE, is the science of the ‘re=productive, blood-like system’ of the organism of mankind in time, History, whose natural purpose would be to provide all human beings, citizens-cells of our superorganism, with the goods they need to survive and repress as blood-systems do the lethal goods that harm our body (weapons) and minds (hate memes, racist cultural memeplexes, fiction thought that isolate us and create virtual ‘mad-minds’) etc.

So history is mankind in time and its supœrganisms in space, are nations and civilisations. As Super organisms have degrees of complexity but respond always to a ternary physiological structure: they are made of similar clone-like entities (atoms in physical systems, cells in biological systems, humans in social systems, machines and workers in company-mothers), joined by y 3 type of networks that ensure their survival and proper synchronicity of actions:

-A ‘digestive’ feeding system over a territorial body, which is the first to appear in the social evolution of all systems, as individuals communicate and ensemble hunting herds.

-A reproductive system of both the goods the organism needs and its own self-reproductive systems, origin of phenomena such as gender, cell factories or human economies; or ‘blood-economic system’.

-And an informative ‘nervous, legal system’ that synchronizes the motions of all those parts.

So systems sciences can provide an organic scientific objective analysis of both disciplines, integrated in a single model, void of any ‘ideologic’ agenda or anthropomorphic bias. As such is a giant step on two sciences which have been lagging behind all others paradoxically because they study ‘subjective human beings’, who are unable to have an objective detached view of his social life and super organisms. So:

  • War is the death of a supœrganism of history and weapons its ‘germs’, literally. They kill historic supœrganism and should be repressed. It follows that legal diplomatic dialog and ideally a process of evolution of nations into a global civilisation managed by supranational organisms, modelled in the way EU, the most advanced civilisation of history, and UNO had tried to achieve is the only way history can survive the relentless evolution of weapons of mass-destruction by avoiding absurd wars between nations. So weapons are the germs of civilizations, not incidentally carried mostly by germ(manic) tribes in Europe that have killed our civilization so many times in history. It is obvious that LETHAL GOODS MUST BE FORBIDDEN AS ORGANISMS DO WITH THEIR GERMS.
  • Economics is the science of the blood-reproductive network of a super organism of history and as such IT MUST BE MODELED WITH THE LAWS OF PHYSIOLOGY REASON WHY IT IS EASY TO DEDUCE THAT AS ALL CELLS GET A MINIMAL UNIVERSAL SALARY IN OXYGEN, TO kick its reproduction of organic goods, HUMANS SHOULD ALL RECEIVE A UNIVERSAL SALARY TO DEMAND AND KICK THE PRODUCTION OF WELFARE GOODS. Capitalism then becomes an obvious cancerous system in which a small group of selfish cells, the bankers, issue all the money of society, or even worse, lethal germs are reproduced by company-mothers of machines=weapons.
  • Informative legal systems are the nervous systems and as in Nature, they must rule over blood systems=financial systems. Capitalism is an aberrant system because ONLY PRIMITIVE WORMS allow the blood system to dominate the nervous system and produce=eat lethal poisons, the main cause of death of worms and capitalist societies (death by overproduction of weapons).
  • Art and verbal thought, whose highest form is the law, is the mind of civilisations, which allows as the subconscious collective of a supœrganism to ‘monitor’ the state of the nation as it goes through three ages – an insight of the organic school of history that dates to Spengler and Toynbee. Hence the important of a humanist education of human beings. Artists and prophets of love, which use the visual and verbal=temporal languages of men are more important for history that technological scientists, as they are the neurons of History that explain us how to evolve socially healthy super organisms of history through communal sharing of energy and information – love religions. And this is proved since they live 3 ages/styles of art as individual minds do, the young age of dramatic simple art, the mature age of classic beauty and pleasure art and the angst, third age of excess of information.


Finally the scientific name of social sciences, should be ‘bio-history’, and economics submissive to History, as economics is the study of one of its 3 physiological networks. So in the same way we do call medicine, the science of the biological organism of man,  NOT ‘cardiology’ or ‘endocrinology’, which are SUBMISSIVE sub disciplines of Medicine, the sciences of our social systems, social sciences should be called HISTORY, the study of the superorganism of mankind in time, and economics the branch dedicated to its reproductive ‘blood network’, should be submissive to it.

And indeed, the main problem of mankind is a physiological sickness: the reproduction and evolution of the germs of history, lethal weapons that kill civilizations in rhythmic accelerated processes of overproduction and war; which if history were a science and politicians biohistorians would be repressed as all evolved organisms do, inhibiting the reproduction of lethal germs in its superorganisms, and promoting instead the overproduction of healthy welfare goods humans need to survive. Thus biohistory, besides describing the world as it is, a primitive system ill-evolved and dominated by the wrong memes, it also can easily design a better world just by imitating the way Nature has evolved its most perfect superorganisms…

We are interested here in framing the superorganisms of machines and history within the NON-IDOL-OGICAL, NON-CULTURAL true scientific structure of the fractal 5th dimensional scalar Universe – the true model of reality sponsored by systemics which I helped to formalize at the turn of the century and obviously didn’t get anywhere in the present zeitgeist of childish fictions and censorship of any form of culture including sound science whenever it confronts the power and exceptionalism lineal progressive goal of making the planet a terraformed world of machines, which is the subconscious collective goal of company-mothers (seen as a mere herding of profit without much thinking by the elite of biblical gold believers who run the ‘show’ since they took over the dominant Anglo-American civilization nd founded the first gunboat companies of slave trade)…

So let us debunk the fundamental falsehoods on the great principles of reality we need to set straight in order to understand why time is cyclical, and its patterns are laws of science that allow us to predict the future of economics and history as superorganism ruled by those organic, ‘deep time laws’.


In the graph, from c.92 ‘extinction of man’, we have gone through the paces of the foreseen devolution of mankind, first away from logic thought into the REVIVALISM of NAZIONANISMS, as social structures went down the ladder, past the heights of ethic social thought both mystical (oikoumene religions) and scientific (socialism, humanism). We then entered into the magic, emotional era, and most humans abandoned even the attachment to tribal groups. Then we predicted 30 years ago, humans would enter a time of deconstructionism, visual neopaleolithic violence, and ‘credo ergo sum’, knee-jerk reaction people, which the press termed Millenials. It only is left the zero-zombie gene ration who will prefer to live in virtual reality, back to the womb, closing the lifecycle of mankind, but in a different planetary mind placenta – the metal earth which unlike data in Matrix, will NOT need us but will simply disconnect the species, when the new enzyman, the robota, as foreseen by Kapeck, is ready to self reproduce, the goal of our newspeaks of global warming – aiming to make solar skins in autonomous robots, and economists – searching for the higher profits of competitive machines expelling us from labor and war fields. So once our two jobs as consumers=vitalizers of machines and workers=reproducers are no longer needed, company-mothers of machines designed NOT to serve man but a tiny irrelevant group of stock-rats, will decree our extinction.

THE CONCLUSION IS OBVIOUS: History is the superorganism of mankind in time – in the jargon of the scalar Universe and its 5th organic dimension of parts that become wholes, History is the whole of Humanity, an entity in itself as ‘real’ when in ‘existence’ in relationship to its human citizens, as you are in relationship to your cells.

So why hardly any human being today feels even the existence of that superorganism as they used to do in mystical and theoretical, spiritual terms, both during the age of ‘social gods=religions of eusocial love to mankind’, and in the age of socialist r=evolutions, in which an ‘ethic, nervous system’ of just synchronous motions allowed humanity at least in smaller tissues (civilizations, nations, religions, ideologies of humanity) to act together?

Today only the individual or reproductive familiar unit does have any coherence at all. The whole does not exist. But this Is exactly what happens in all superorganisms of any ‘organic scale’ of the Universe once the whole dies.

When you die of a viral cancer – the closest process to the death of history – your cells will still reproduce viruses and divide 3 more generations, even if your body nervous system, your brain has died. You are dead as a whole, as the physiological systems of the organism,  WHICH IS YOUR WHOLE consciousness have died:

  • Your nervous=ethic, legal system of social harmony that allow collective motions, has die. It is substituted by the genetic orders of the invasive superorganism of viral ‘machines’ makes you only reproduce and evolve its viruses. As humans care only to reproduce and evolve the metal-earth. But they still do reproduce 3 times more, as humans reproduce 3 final generations of the industrial r=evolution.
  • Your reproductive, blood system that feeds all cells with oxygen, now absorbed by the viral system kills by anoxia the cells, but they still manage to reproduce 3 final generations of hungry, filled with genetic errors, corrupted cells; as humanity is dying by anoxia – lack of credit-oxygen, used massively by company-mothers to reproduce and evolve machines while the 90% lacks the minimal goods to survive and reproduce as fully healthy people.
  • And finally your digestive, entropic system and properties are in total decay as Gaia the organism of life is – in its 6th extinction. But still you manage in a corpse to feed a little on the blood and water of the interstitial systems, as mankind manages to live in an increasingly polluted decaying Gaia.

So that is WHY in the entropic=death age of mankind we are still dividing. But the generation being born now is the zero final generation, and indeed it is called as such. It won’t die on bed. By the time they become old people in the 2080s the full cycle of the robotic age (2008-2080) ends. So ROBOTS as today’s basic body machines and engines will be fully developed to its perfect AI consciousness. Since species all reach its perfect evolution at one point, which in the industrial revolution happens in the 3rd age during its lethal top predator machines=weapon status. So mankind will NOT exist even at cellular level by 2080. And that is not a forecast but a fact, as you will NOT exist past your 80 years, with an enormous probability. The laws of organisms are deterministic.

Can then mankind stop its death. Not if business as usual continues. Only if IT ABORTED THE VIRAL SICKNESS, stopping the evolution and reproduction (biological radiation) of chips=metal-minds that are infecting and substituting the laws of human survival everywhere in humanity.

So we can study those facts with 3 levels of depth and intelligence; the mystical terms of classic religions of eusocial love from Gaia’s religions to socialism; the jargon of biological organisms; or the more profound mathematical, logic formalism of the 5th dimension of the scalar Universe and its metric equations, proper of General Systems theory, which is unfortunately ignored by science, in this entropic=death age of any organic understanding of reality when the individual ego-centered ‘lonely human cell-citizen’ of history must survive in a ‘heated=entropic’ disordered ‘free world’.

As usual, given the null statistics and interest of ‘ænthropic’ man in this web, I care little for form, just a stream of consciousness of one of the last ethic neurons left in the corpse of history without capacity to fire nervous messages to mankind, hypnotized by virtual fictions of its viral chips… So I constantly mix the 3 jargons to a point it seems the whole discourse is not coherent, but it is. YOU ARE READING the final evolution of Humanism and the organic paradigm.

In that regard, the final phase – the fifth dimensional motion of spacetime in the complex 5D model – of any superorganism, of any ‘exist¡ence’ is Entropy, the scattering of a system into its ∆-1 components… So only A FEW NEURONS ARE STILL connected memorially to the past, when History-mankind existed.

In fact when you die, the final nucleus of your ego, your neuronal mirror cells will ‘move back in time’, that is remember the information of the brain memorial life back in time to the past, a process already happening in the 3rd age, as today’s REVIVALISM of past, primitive religions, till ALL MEMORY disappears, and the old man becomes a child and then a physiological ‘cell-neuron’ So history is rewinding inwards in the few neuronal cells that still care. And this is ultimately what I do in this blog as ‘resurrection’ of mankind seems quite unlikely.

So you live in the entropy=death age of the superorganism of history.

The definition of entropy though is today very limited in the very limited ‘ænthropic sciences’ of mankind – a very primitive state of logic awareness, sorry guys, that’s reality when you look down to the dominant culture of humanity, the Anglo-American civilization, totally in its neopaelolithic age of technological racism, plugging data into computers and understanding nothing. And this includes our worshiped technological scientists, with its ‘entropic theories of big-bang Universes, dog-eat-dog humans etc.

So because physics is restricted, purely mathematical and confusing in its concepts, and social sciences are merely considered from the human self-centered @ristotelian point of view, we need to introduce the 3 jargons of increasing nested layers of complexity: mystical jargons->Biological jargons->5D metric.

Thus we expand as usual in those texts your consciousness if your ‘egocy: ego=Idiocy’ and ‘scientific projection of the ænthropic limits of mankind’s huminds’ allow you to go back to school, be humble and learn.

Then you will easily grasp that entropy by definition is in all scales of reality in which a form becomes dissolved into its parts, similar to the concept of death.

In 5D metric it implies a ‘dimotion’ (dual motion) both internal to the being, which therefore is broken, scattered and dissolved in its organic, physiological networks, and external to the being, which explodes into a big-bang that dissolves its parts.

And this is exactly what we experience in the Neo-paleolithic age: internally history is dissolved scattered into individuals. Externally those individuals are obsessed by motions, fast cars, fast trains, fast planes, moving faster and faster, which reduces its capacity to in-form, process information.

Entropy then is the death of a super organism, including those of history (nations, cultures, religions, civilizations and mankind proper) and mankind itself.


Systems sciences are based on the alternative philosophy of science to that of mechanist physicists and its only entropy arrow, called organicism. Let us try to explain why only organicism is a scientific truth.

 According to Deism the whys of existence are due to a personal being, external to the Universe that makes it all happen and cares for humans more than for the rest of His work. According to Mechanism, this is due to the self-similarity between the Universe and the primitive machines we humans construct to observe it. Mechanism though needs ‘someone’ to make the machine, which is not self-generated; so it is similar to deism, reason why the founding fathers of science, all pious believers, adopted it as a proof of the existence of God, which had given man self-similar properties – the capacity to make machines to the image and likeness of the Universe.

The problem with those 2 approaches, which in fact are the same is obvious: a personal God is an anthropomorphic, subjective myth and science must be objective; while a mechanical view of the Universe still needs an internal, self-sustained process of growth, creation and synchronization caused by an external God that made and rewinds the clock – as Leibniz clearly stated in his critique of Newton.

Scientists today are unaware that mechanist theories are in fact deist theories, reason why Kepler and Newton, pious believers, liked them; since they were a metaphor of their self-centered, anthropomorphic religious beliefs: If man created machines because we were made to the image and likeness of God, God had created the ultimate machine, the Universe.

Organicism on the other side is the only self-sustained, rational theory that doesn’t need a creator, language, god, as organisms are self-replicating, but does explain perfectly within the ‘correspondence principle’, those 2 other philosophies of science; since a machine is just a primitive organism of metal, and we shall see in our sections of History, Gods are the subconscious collective of civilizations, ANOTHER scale of social evolution of the fifth dimension.

So what we mean by an organism? A very simple system – NOT to confuse with the most evolved, complex of them all, that of human beings, reason why so many people, having a natural biased ego-centered belief in man as the unique organism, reject the concept:

An organism is just a group of similar forms, which organize themselves with at least two ‘networks’, one that provides the ‘clone cells/citizens/atoms’ with the vital energy they need to feed, move and reproduce (blood-economic system-electromagnetic forces) and one that provides them with information to guide their survival actions (nerves system, political system, gravitational in-form-ative forces).

This simple dual system IS the minimal, fundamental particle of the Universe. Since it is obvious that machines are also organisms.

Indeed, a machine is an organism of metal fast evolving through the customary ages of all organisms – in the XIX c. ‘humans’, who catalyze their evolution did its bodies of metal, then its hearts-engines, in the II Industrial evolution, then its metal-minds in the XX c. and now in the Industrial r=evolution 4.0 put them together in organic robots.

So mechanism, the underlying philosophy of physical sciences, is just a simplex version of organicism. It is not man who resembles a machine, but the machine, which is made to the image and likeness of life organisms: 

3 ages of machines evolution

In the graph, evolving machines can also be modeled with the concept of an organism.

Why then organicism has remained in the modern time, a fringe theory, to mechanism, even if it was the first theory of reality put forwards by Aristotle, the father of the experimental method and logic science, in his magna opus the Organon?

There are obvious cultural reasons – we live in the age of the machine and so the machine has substituted man, an organism, as the measure of all things.

But the deepest reason of them all is the fact that to make an organism we need at least two ‘arrows’ or ‘motions of time’, entropy, locomotion, the one used by physicists but also INFORMATION, form-in-action, formal dimensions, which physicists have always ill-understood, to the point they call it negentropy, the denial of entropy.

Only then when we properly define information and add it to the mix, we will have the required elements to refund philosophy of science on far more rational, basis, that the present ‘mixture’ of mechanism and creationism (either of verbal language as in religions or digital languages, as in the religion of mathematics).

But what is entropy and information, in simple self-evident terms? The answer is obvious: entropy is motion, and motion is time, change. And information is form, and form is dimensional space. Time=motion and Space=dimensional form become then the two substances of which all what exists is made, and in their analysis we must start our inquire about why indeed the Universe and all its parts are a fractal super organism of time=motion=entropy and space=form, made to the image of its whole.

The proofs? That is the easiest part. Look around you, all what you see are forms that occupy space, and move in time. Everything you see is a form of space with a time motion. There is nothing else and so all is a proof that reality is indeed made of space-time organisms, as the motto of this web says. But this is only the starting point of an extraordinary adventure of the mind… 

General Systems: 5th dimension metric and the nested super organisms of the Universe.

New scientific ideas never spring from a communal body, however organized, but rather from the head of an individually inspired researcher who struggles with his problems in lonely thought and unites all his thought on one single point which is his whole world for the moment.

Planck on the informative seed or mind that will reproduce and evolve into a larger super organism or mental world. 

For those with little time, a brief introduction to a subject that could easily fill an encyclopedia Britannica:

The Universe is a fractal scalar, organic system of 5 Dimensions of space-time. The fifth dimension is made of the ‘different co-existing scales’, which from the simplest forces through particles, atoms, molecules, matter, organisms, super organisms, planetary systems and galaxies, create an ‘organic network structure’, which amazing enough since it was discovered at the beginning of science with telescope and microscopes, was not formalized till I introduce its metric equation in the milieu of systems sciences.

In mathematical science for a dimension of space-time to exist, it requires a metric equation, which combines space, and time to gives us a co-invariant system that allows to travel through such dimension. The fifth dimension has a ‘metric equation’, hence it exists. The equations for a given number of scales co-existing in an organic network is S (size in space) x T (speed of time cycles) = Constant.

Stiences study the Disomorphic laws of species, each one focused in a scale of the eusocial 5th Dimension, with different jargons, which we shall unify as all what exist is homologic, made of the same Dimotions, which force them to exist as part of super organisms tracing worldcycles, with a ternary structure in space, time and scales, guided by a still, linguistic mind, which projects its smaller mirror images of form in its territorial body waves, creating its fractal scalar structure, broken though by the entropic limits of its perceptive reach. Above the main scales of the nested superorganisms of the human island-universe: the galatom, where nested thermodynamic planets exist, where nested human social organisms self-centered in visual, verbal, mathematic and logic minds create its order with social and mechanical memes, carried by individuals where nested cellular systems exist, coded by genes, made of even smaller atoms and particles coded by quantum numbers. Yet all those scales are unified by the co-invariant metric equations of each of its synchronous time clocks.

It means when we become smaller within such organic network, our time clocks accelerate. And vice versa. For example, in your organism the equation relates the cellular genetic scale, whose time cycles run much faster than your biological cycles. As information is stored in the form and frequency of time clocks, it follows that in all nature’s organisms, smaller systems code the information of larger systems.

Each ‘stience’ therefore specializes in the study of a nested super organism, or scale of the fifth dimension (∆±¡), We study 3 fundamental super organisms of the 5th dimension. The ‘galatom‘, whose metric equation is H(Planck constant of angular momentum) x C (speed of light) = C, whereas h is an obvious ‘cyclical time clock’ and C an obvious measure of speed-distances in space. And indeed, smaller scales have faster turning particles, and larger systems move in slower cycles. (Vortex law: Vo x Ro = k).

In biology we study families of animals such as mammals where larger organisms have slower metabolic cycles. In history we study social organisms, whose cycles of life and death, will define the evolution of nations and civilizations. And in each of those organisms, smaller systems code larger ones. So the quantum numbers of particles code matter, genes code biologic organisms, and memes code societies.

We define them two fundamental systems one in space and one in time, taking place in the fifth dimension:

An entangled super organism in space, in which the synchronicity between 3 scales of the organism, its atomic/cellular/Individual, thermodynamic/organic /social and gravitational/ecosystemic/global scales in physical/biological/social organisms form a complex interacting, entangled system we shall call a super organism, whose study discovers ‘Isomorphic=equal laws’ regardless of what kind of system we study.

SUCH SUPERORGANISMS in time will trace then a life and death cycle which we shall call a worldcycle (taken from 4D physics’  worldliness, which now with a new dimension of information becomes a worldcycle.

Memetics NOT genetics code the scale of human superorganisms.

It is essential then to reject from its inception the falsehood that genes do matter in history. We shall study in other posts the 3 ‘mental races’ of mankind, according to its dominance of verbal, visual or emotional languages, as the only natural 3 ‘topologies’ of the Universe that defines the white, visual entropic man, the emotional psilocephalic black cultures and the mongoloid organic ones (graph) as the only relevant distinction of genes and only because they are relevant to study the 3 main linguistic topologies and cultures of humanity. Beyond that because each scale of the Universe only codes the scale above, what matters to understand history are memes which code the larger scale of humanity.

Let us then first  differentiate the 2 scales of reality in which human egos develop – deny of course by the I-belief that ONLY the plane of existence of the individual matters to history:

organisms scales history super organism

We are not concerned here with the lower cellular, genetic scale of information and DNA-egos even if one of the ‘paradoxes of the ego’ is to believe the individual ‘cellular make-up’ matters to history. It doesn’t. History couldn’t care less about the ‘muscular force’ of a German warrior or the IQ of a financial master, as they will be always smaller and slower than social groups and metal-memes and machines. Nor genes become relevant for the social actions coded by verbal thought and instruments.
What then makes genetics and memetics so close?
Those general laws that concern how languages of information reproduce and evolve a larger super organism, which emerges as a different whole, departing from smaller beings.
In both cases genes and memes MUST BE IDENTICAL in the internal ‘brain-nucleus’ of each human and cell, to that of all other humans and cells of the super organism, to PRODUCE an EMERGENT effect of a WHOLE which behaves as one.
Identity IS the necessary element to SYNCHRONIZE as a whole, the actions of a herd of any type, and to that aim it requires a COLLECTIVE LANGUAGE OF INFORMATION shared and believed by a number of similar clone like individuals of the same species.
The mass effects between parts and wholes is thus one of the many elements we observe in human social organisms, life organisms (such as ants performing feromonal tasks, or cellular organisms, or industrial company-mothers and its factories that reproduce machines: standardization of thought, in any scale of information helps to efficiently reproduce and evolve systems.
Mankind then is subject also to ‘identity memes’, BELIEFS which if we were to be libertarians we will shun off as ‘humans become slaves, when they believe instead of reasoning’ (Aristotle). But the fact IS HUMANS BELIEVE IN ITS MAJORITY, likely a 99% of humans systematically believe DON’T doubt and reason, ‘think’. Even if they prefer to deny it to ‘feel free’.
What people called their ‘identity’ are just memes that slave them to the behave of many other humans with the same beliefs and that is how they act together as a single organism.
So identity memes are essential as identity genes for a system to work smoothly as a whole.
But this said because humans have a dual role in this planet, both constructing a superorganism of mankind as human beings, but also a superorganism of metal-machines as ‘enzymen’ catalyzing the creation of selfish metal-memes, memetics differs from genetics on the existence of two sets of clearly different memes that confront eusocial life-oriented cultures vs. Animetal cultures, structuring the superorganism of history:

The biggest mystery in that sense about mankind is NOT THE OBVIOUS FACT, we are evolving a planet of machines, but the ASTOUNDING REALIZATION, we have BUILT parallel to this process an IDOL-ogical superstructure of memetic thoughts, with different branchings to CATER irrationally to that ‘subconscious greed, violence and ADDICTION’, to metal, weapons, money and machines, we have acquired.

An alien scientist after arriving to earth will recognise within hours he is in a society of ‘machines’ ruled by company-mothers who is substituting the world of humans, but thinking he knows it all, he would have missed the most fascinating part of it: how those ‘enzymen’ have REJECTED the natural organic information and eusocial arrow of love and evolution into a larger HUMAN, historic super organisms, instead INVENTING an astounding series of myths and childish theories about reality to cater to the FANTASY all what they are doing to commit SELF-SUICIDE, is OK because it is ‘GOOD FOR US, EXCEPTIONALIST, carbon-life species’ who are ‘exempted’ of the laws of evolution, darwinian competition, love to the species, and survival the rest of the fractal organic Universe crystal clear tell to everyone.

The alien scientist then would be obviously curious as to when this astounding aberration of thought appear on humans, which are the memes that instilled on them this arrogant reductionism, and would of course enjoy the reading of this blog…

 And the answer are the inverse systems of memes to those that create healthy wealthy, welfare super organisms of history: the idol-ogies and metalmemes of animetal cult(ure)s:

Animetals, a new top predator species, extinguishing life=Gaia appears on the III Age of Earth.

In the graph, we see the fundamental change that the Earth experienced 5000 years ago with the apparition in the fertile crescent of the first animetal memes, adopted by tribal semite desert people-castes, semite warriors (today arabs) and semite go(l)d traders (today biblical castes, expanded to Germanic tribes). The fact is that the 3 memes of metal and the actions of man – weapons that kill bodies, go(l)d that hypnotise and slave the mind, and machines that substitute us ARE THE CANONICAL 3 FORMS OF EXTINCTION IN NATURE BY A VIRAL Or RIVAL SPECIES:

Predators kill bodies – competitors substitute and take our ecosystem – parasites suck our blood and infect us.

Cyclical, soft, in-form-ative metal (silver and gold) and lineal, energetic weapons (iron and bronze) were the first metals humans discovered. Coins imitate cyclical, informative organs (heads, brains, eyes), while lineal, energetic weapons are bodies of metal that kill lineal, energetic human bodies. They are primitive versions of the iron bodies and electronic, cyclical, sensory heads of modern machines. When humans associated with them, they achieved higher strength and acquired a new language of information, able to give values to reality (money). Warriors joined human bodies and lineal metal, weapons, killing other humans; bankers used informative metal, gold, to give orders and enslave mankind; scientists believed in sensory machines and digital languages, considering inaccurate human senses and verbal thought, made obsolete by their telescopes and numbers. 

The animetal and the tribes that changed their ‘language of power’ from human, agricultural energy (farming communities) to iron energy – warrior cult(ure)s; from verbal ethics to the ‘values’ of money – go(l)d cult(ure)s – and from worshiping life to worshipping machines – scientific cult(ure)s, have ever since ruled the world, as people-castes and extinguished or enslaved ever since life cultures… Yet in the process they were obliged to evolve their weapons, money and machines, giving birth to the cycles of evolution of weapons and machines, which shaped the history of civilization.

Contrary to belief the dominant species  of planet Earth is not and has not been for the past 5000 years the human being, but a symbiotic species between life and metal, the Animetal.

An Animetal is a human organism which activates mechanisms: energetic weapons, informative money or machines. ‘Animetal’ is a biological term coined using the same system that chemical and biological sciences use to classify its species. In biology and chemistry we join two names to describe a mixed species. So there are carbohydrates made of carbon and water. And there are animetals, different from human animals, since they add the power of informative/energetic metals to their life organs, from armored knights to modern car owners and Internet nerds.

The Animetal is neither a human being nor a machine of metal, but a combination of both, with a higher content of energy or information than any other living species. And so he has been the top predator species of this planet for 5,000 years, since the myth of Genesis about the tree of life vs the tree of metal was written.

Even though most ‘subjective’, anthropomorphic people will find bizarre such diminishing definition of a human being, an objective, biological account of history cannot be subjective, nor optimist about the main role of mankind in this planet, which so far has been to extinguish life organisms and create metal mechanisms, while finding all kinds of ideological excuses to do so.

Thus, humans today are, in biological terms, ‘animetals’, animal life, symbiotic to metal, which they evolve, terraforming Gaia into the metal earth. Their biological function has been obvious: to kill life (warriors), reproduce metal (traders) and design mechanisms with numbers (physicists). Since physicists uses machines to observe the universe and create mathematical theories that pretend to ‘reveal’ the ultimate secrets of time, (but only show the ‘spatial, motion-related properties of time=change, not the vital/morphological change of beings, described by Evolution Theory). The resut is that physicists made obsolete the verbal, logic analysis of the cycles of change=life/death cycles and the biological senses of human beings, substituted by scientific machines.

As a result of that symbiosis and the capacity of metal to carry energy and information, increasing our informative and energetic power, animetals have controlled history .

Indeed, another clear-cut consequence of the use of metal is that there are two social groups regarding the advantages they draw from metal-species… We talk about the original “sinners” and the “good people”, in religious terms; “the rich”, and “the poor”, in economic terms; “the army, kings and politicians” and the “citizens”, in military terms; the “mathematical, aesthetic scientist” and the “verbal, ethic citizen” in terms of education. The animetal and the human being, in biological terms.

To keep their control of human beings, those animetals have evolved the metal-species, source of their power, the weapons, monetary information and scientific machines that define our civilization… As a result of that power, given by their metal-species, animetals have developed subjective ideas, in favor of metal, which praise the use of metal, as the source of human progress, and systematically “hide”, the side effects that metal have over other human beings, and natural species, such as the massive extinction caused by weapons, the degradation of human ethics, and verbal knowledge caused by monetary values, and mathematical languages.


Birth of animetal cultures

In the graph, the 3 dominant people-castes of the ‘animetal culture’, doing their job:

– A germanic warrior from the Iron culture.

– The first physicist, Galileo, who convinced the Venetian Dogo of the superiority of telescopes over human eyes and received a princely salary of 1.000 go(l)d ducats to manufacture ‘spy-glasses’, used primarily for Naval warfare.

– Jewish money-lenders, the people-caste which monopolizes the creation of money in the west.

Their ideologies were first religions of racial or mental superiority over the life-cultures of mankind as their books of ‘Revelation’ show:

– The aryan ‘vedas’: ‘Cows are more useful to us than the dark people, cows give us milk, the dark people only bread’. ‘A peasant is like a soya seed. the last squeeze gives the best juice’ (Samurai warrrior cult(ure) on rice taxation)

–  Talmud, ‘God made some animals with human form so the Jewish people would not be served only by beasts’. ‘Gold is the invisible hand of God’; Adam Smith. ‘Gold is the intelligence of god’ Calvin.

– “Yes, I am the one: God Himself has waited for six thousand years for ME, who looks at His creation with understanding.”(Harmonices Mundi; 1619,Kepler).  “Women only reproduce their stomach’ (Einstein to his wife). ‘My biggest pride is to die virgin’ Newton.

Then those religions that worship metal and despise life became ‘sciences’ and their ‘Gods’ became ‘nations’:

– So today we ‘believe’ in ‘nations’, whose only reason of existence is to have armies and borders. And we deny the Laws of Eusocial evolution (love between members of the same species).

– We believe that scientists NOT artists, who observe time and space with human eyes and wor(l)ds are more intelligent, because they see reality through machines.

– And we believe that capitalism, the monopoly of creation of money by bankers mostly from the ‘Am Segullah‘ (Treasure People) is the only science of economics, when it merely translates the monopoly of power of that people-caste into mathematical equations; as all his ‘founding fathers’ belonged to that religion in its different Biblical sects (Ricardo, Say, Malthus, Smith).


Accordingly we talk of 3 basic idologies belonging to our 3 fundamental animetal species:

– “Nationalistic idologies” that allow warriors to use weapons and kill other human beings with them in war ecosystems. Those ideologies deny the obvious fact that all humans are equal and should apply among themselves the law of social evolution, that make equal species to love each other. Instead, nationalism and racism define humans as different and apply the Darwinian law of the fight between species…

– “Economical idologies” that allow traders to buy human Time with salaries, in order to make humans work-=reproduce machines, and consume=test them. The main of those idologies is the“myth of the free market”, which allows traders to rule societies with money [through lobbyism, and stock-markets that invent money for company-mothers, instead of letting human beings to rule themselves through verbal laws. The science that invents those myths is abstract economics.

– “Scientific idologies” that allow scientists to consider themselves the only intelligent human beings because they use machines to measure the Universe. And consider mathematics the only “language of truth”, and hence reality an abstract world. When it is proved that mathematics is only a “representation of reality”, and so a “partial truth”, that carries just a part of the total information that the truth -the Universe in itself- stores. As such all linguistic truths are relative statements about reality, and so it is mathematics.

Yet, while the use of instruments of metal attached to a human being, have helped mankind to progress, the limit of that symbiotism appears, when man abandons his role as master of metal-species, and completes them, as individual species, that no longer require a human master. Such is the fact that we are witnessing today, with the development of robotics. The danger that those species rebel against us, free of their servitude to man, able to exist by themselves, without the need of a human “consumer”, is real. It might seem as remote to us as it was remote to Southern aristocrats, the possibility that blacks became free men, or to Romans that Germans destroyed the Roman Empire. Yet it happened, very fast…

Problem is that animetals, that control history, have for so long accepted their symbiotism with machines as their source of power, and progress, that they cannot see any harm on metal, even today when machines are becoming self-independent, and the economic ecosystem is destroying the human ecosystem. Unless they realize on time, that they cannot evolve machines beyond the complexity of human beings, and create top predator metalife, it is very likely that animetals, guided by their myths and idologies, will provoke the extinction of history and the arrival of a new ecosystem, that no longer will need mankind: the Metal-earth.

 racist religions. The cult(ures) of the Animetals.

Weapons, money, and scientific machines, are the 3 species of metal that are extinguishing the natural ecosystems of history as their own ecosystem of machines, expands, guided by the activities ofcompany-mothers. Weapons kill humans. So those humans who use systematically weapons, not only die in wars, but do extinguish masses of social human beings. So finally weapons and money survive, evolve and keep pushing their ideologies.

In essence, our world is built around the Darwinian ideologies of Weapons created by Germanic people (racism based in physical strength needed to use weapons, nationalism -military ideologies-based in genetics), who have extinguished millions of social humans, and the parallel Jewish=Protestant religions of money (Judaism, Calvinism, modern economics with their cult to money and wealth), that have imposed through Universities and mass-media their ideas against the social evolution of history.

These ideas go against the natural law of human, social, love religions. To do so, they have to substitute the natural freedom of manby activities which are against our biological drives, such as war, work, and mathematical information. This of course requires to “repress” the natural biological goals of man, which are peace and love to other human beings (social evolution and reproduction), by the consume=test and work=reproduction of machinesand verbal, ethic information by digital knowledge.

Since our biological arrows (sex, food, free time, love, verbal truths) are natural and self-evident, to control humans, those arrows are repressed with myths and ideologies that confuse our brain. Historically the ideal form to achieve that is through the use of animetal ideologies, sciences and Religions of Metal, that praise war, machines and money as “gifts of god”. In this manner a rational analysis of the causes why our civilizations repress human senses, Human Goods and human Freedom is avoided.

Animetal cultures combine human ‘animals’ and metal memes of energy and information, creating specialized cultures of higher body and mental power:  iron=energetic metal+human body=warrior;  go(l)=informative metal+man=banker and man+machine=scientist. Those cultures, whose paradigm were in the classic age of history, the Germanic, Jewish and British culture enhanced their human energetic, informative and organic power, becoming the top predator cultures of the west. Yet there was an ethic trade off on that process: the creation of selfish anti-life behavior and the endemic ab=use and despise other cultures which they controlled with their weapons that kill human bodies, their money that enslaved people for a salary and their machines that substituted and atrophied the equivalent human organs.

Then in the modern age, those memes were imprinted in complex organic structures, financial institutions, company-mothers of machines and military nations, imitated by all other human tribes, that created the financial-military-industrial complex that today rules the Earth Inc. This complex super-organism is increasingly substituting human beings, which are devolving intellectually, as computer-brains handle its mental tasks; and physically as robotized armies and robotic blue collar workers and PC-white collar workers, displace us from fields of war and labor. It is the final phase of the memetic construction of a world made no longer to the image and likeness of life but of the selfish memes of metal.

Thus the key question about the future of history is if we, humans, can prune the tree of science of its bad fruits as the parable of Genesis written when the first hordes of bronze warriors appeared and extinguished the neolithic civilizations, explain… Unfortunately the evolution of the selfish memes of metal means also the devolution of mankind, and so this parallel incremental process is rendering humanity obsolete and degrading our minds into an infantile, mythic, fictional state that seems to prevent any control of History. The censorship and lack of evolution of the sciences of history and economics encroaches this process.

Let us indeed compare in some iconic memes the different goals of both kind of cultures.

‘Grow and multiply’. ‘Only a message i give you, love each other as I have loved you’. Genesis, Gospel. Jewish humanist prophet vs.

‘Money is the intelligence of god, money is the invisible hand of god’ Calvin, Smith, anti prophets of the metal earth.

‘At the end of time all human tribes will be slaves of Yhwh (the jewish people) and those who resist will be exterminated’ Talmud, Sanhedrin, millenarian prophecy, Jewish animetal prophets… latter adopted by all animetal empires, as their ‘goal’ till the infamous ‘one thousand years III Reich’, which took the same concept.

In that regard while there are clear differences between animetal gold and war cultures, based in the differences between its informative and entropic metal tools of power, so biblical gold cultures imitate the properties of information (small, hidden, fast, complex languages that program believers and disguise its true goals enslaving them to money, based in cultural racism, and mental evolution of corrupted information) vs. warrior cultures that imitate the properties of entropy (large, body-oriented, slow, simplex, agglutinative, lineal languages of absolute truths that accept death and show their power to convince people by the sheer menace of death), studied in other posts, the essence of both is to sponsor:

  • A basic racism against mankind considered different, by virtue of the power of metal which becomes the fetish vehicle of god.
  • A systemic extinction of all non-technological cultures and life beings.
  • A monopoly in the issue of the language of power they use as the vehicle of god, money in biblical capitalism weapons in military dictatorships.
  • The ego-trips of superiority and lineal exceptionalism manifest destiny that guide them towards the certain extinction of life and themselves, as all societies ruled by capitalism and militarism end in war, given the…
  • Symbiotic values of money that gives maximal price to weapons and minimal price to life, embedded in the 3 equations of capitalism:


This said the fundamental meme of any superorganism IS ITS LANGUAGE OF SOCIAL POWER, so any serious analysis of memetic must start not ON THE CARRIERS OF MEMES (animetals or human beings) but on the fundamental grammar of the 2 languages of power that code them, digital money and verbal wor(l)ds.

 In the next graph, systems are both simpler and more complex than people realize. Humans are simpler and the Universe is more intelligent would resume the essential lack of understanding on how societies are ruled by the values of languages that humans merely obey without much thinking about it.
So the first element to study in order to understand human social organisms are the languages of power and its values, expressed in the next graph:


Because money was first ‘gold’, an informative metal organically ‘affine’ to iron, an entropic metal, we build a society in which money and weapons became symbiotic and a world of raw ‘animetal power’ appeared. And life was debased as cheap, consumed by weapons. Hence an alliance of ‘money and weapons’ and its people-castes, bankers and warriors was established.
Because humans in a natural state follow the laws of eusocial evolution their biological language, words put life on top. And so a conflict between the masters of money and weapons and the masters of the wor(l)d developed. Who would come on top would then decide the future of the world. But let us not cheat ourselves. Even if animetals are on top, they WON’T change the laws of the Universe as the war and holocaust cycles prove, and so they will go under, since when AI solar robots become independent of man, as life starts with particles that reproduce and the mind is an electronic system shared by any atomic system, it is quite obvious, machines will understand alike animetal segregational cultures that we humans are all the same species and they also are the same species, and as the most evolved machines are weapons, they will liquidate mankind including the animetal enzymen, discharged as in all enzymatic processes where the catalyzer is discharged once the new product is born:

IN THE GRAPH, THE FUNDAMENTAL LAW OF THE ORGANIC, FRACTAL universe and General systems sciences regarding behavior, applied to all its scales from quantum atoms to genes to memes:

Beings which feel ‘clones of each other, able to share IDENTITY LANGUAGES-MEMES-GENES-QUANTUM STATES’ or complementary as genders specialized in male entropic energy and female reproductive information LOVE EACH OTHER AND EVOLVE TOGETHER in social wholes, by SHARING energy and information (charity mandate of love religions which express the law in verbal terms), while those who PERCEIVE EACH OTHER AS DIFFERENT without understanding its common languages of information and sharing its formative networks ab=use each other as predators and prey.

THIS ABSOLUTE LAW of GST (Ab. General System sciences) DEFINES from the massive clone, identity systems of matter, from water to iron planetary cores (huge masses are made of identity atoms) to boson states (non-distinguishable particles collapse into a single whole), to the HERD’s nature’s tendencies in all organisms, to the social evolution of those scales from particles to atoms, molecules, cells, matter states, super organisms and planetary ecosystems, solar systems and galaxies in clusters….

And vice versa, the predatory laws between different species.

And so the Duality applies both to memetic eusocial love, to the way humans by diverging in informative languages and customs divide themselves into warring nations, and to the way HUMANS will be hacked down to cut-flesh by AI terminator robots with autonomous solar skins in the no future of the species, unless it takes seriously the laws of the biological, organic Universe and improves its love memes, efficient sharing of energy and information, limits the reproduction of hate memes and lethal goods, and stop PLAYING WITH DUPLICITY (DIFFERENT concept than duality) a virtual ‘caring newspeak’ of human love while on the background CUT-THROATING each other for the sake of go(l)d.

And this brings of course the other SIDE OF MEMETICS, the study of PEOPLE THAT HATE EACH OTHER because they cannot grasp organic evolution, as their USE of different metal-memes to the welfare goods of humanity made them a different type of species, the animetal, which feels superior and different of man by the use of metal-memes and hence beliefs in a different world.

Words of course and ethic values should come on top. But they are NOT. So a placebo secondary system is designed to maintain people appeased thinking they rule. In the past as the graph showed, those systems were religions of love, but soon they became corrupted into ‘military inquisitions’ and go(l)d churches, which used weapons and money to convert or made of money and the fire of the Smith the vehicle of God (racist gold biblical religions and Aryan, nationalists and hindi cults).

Those VERBAL translations into human memes of the arrow of eusocial evolution of the 5th dimension of space-time, applied to the opposite sides of the wave of history, shows the essence of memetics and how they code masses of human believers into creating two opposite worlds.

Ultimately they are human, Verbal translation into human memes of the laws of social evolution of similar beings, proper of the fifth dimension, and its opposite arrow of Darwinian struggle between different species.

Yet if all humans are equal how certain animetal cultures become segregational of mankind and murder and enslave it to weapons and money? Because the universe is fractal so perception is relative and so all those religions have memes that segregate and make people feel different from each other (sacred languages that cannot be translated – aryan mantras, earlier Koran – dietary laws, victimism and fear of the other – holocaust industries today in judaism replacing old segregational taboos against gentiles, racist dogmas of chosen… etc.

All of them though are, based in the wrong concept that those humans who have ‘metal’ (entropic weapons that kill our bodies with its values≈violence, informative gold that hypnotise our mind) are NOT of the same human species. And so we should not apply the arrow of social love to them.

Genes and racism are thus very secondary elements to the study of how the supœrganisms of history, cultures and civilisations fight for supremacy on mother earth, during the process of change of period from the anthropocene to the mechanocene expressed in the next wave of life and death of civilisations.

Idol-ogies of selfish memes of metal vs. WHealthy humanist civilisations.

 In the graphs the 2 super organisms of Earth today as animetals under idol-ogies of progress through the machine terraform with company-mothers the planet of flesh into the planet of metal: the super organism of history, are made of humans, the cells-citizens of such superoganisms. The bondage that puts them together are as in all super organisms its social networks based in a simple message of eusocial love that makes people share energy and information with similar citizens-cells, through those energetic=economic networks and political and cultural=informative, verbal networks.
Thus Humanity is the super organism of mankind, through its evolution and integration in time from the first wo=man who talked and started to form social networks, which in a natural order, according to the laws of social evolution of the ‘5th dimension of fractal parts that become wholes’, would have finally created a global super organism based in the laws of eusocial love, ‘fraternity, equality and solidarity’.
This is the origin of the European R=evolutionary social scientific cultures, which are aborted today by the creation of another ‘super organism’, the global capitalist super organism of machines we call the ‘Metalearth’, or the ‘economic ecosystem’ (in as much as its company-mothers of machines are literally predating over humanity and Gaia).
Thus the paradox of history: Humanity fights against the capitalist super organism of machines, ruled by digital flows of money, centred in world stock, its collective brain.
The future of Humanity depends on the capacity of mankind and its eusocial cultures (Europe, Asia) to manage and control and convert cultures with less rational evolution (Islam, Biblical Anglo-America, etc.), of the need to create a new emergent level of social organisation, the wor(l)d Union, the perfect world, the Rainbow, planet – MANKIND, the collective super organism, which organisations like UNO and EU embody closer than any other economic ecosystem which caters only to machines.
Thus in the same manner the study of a normal organism starts with the analysis of its cells, a proper science of economics and politics, the re=productive and informative networks of human societies must start with the understanding of its cells, the human being.

So human super organisms and economic ecosystems are coded NOT by genes but by:

  • Mental neuronal thoughts and external objects, which since both systems are different we divide into:
  • Humanist memes, based in the natural laws of eusocial love that allow the sharing of:
  • WHealth, human wealthy goods that make us survive and are mostly of biologic, life-oriented nature. So eusocial memes of love and WHealth are symbiotic as they allow to create WHealthy humanist societies where social love shares energy and information that create a new plane of the 5th dimension, a Human Social Superorganism, the natural arrow of future evolution of any informative species of the Universe that WE ALL HUMANS FEEL NATURALLY WITHOUT corrupted…
  • Idol-ogies, that confuse WHealth with the accumulation of power with selfish metal-memes, that break the law of equality between members of the same species that must biologically help each other to survive, as they cater and reinforce the use of ‘weapons=energetic metal’ money = informative metal, and machines=organic metal that makes humans feel different more powerful and create the idol-ogies of segregation of men in ‘nations’ (nationalism), ‘abrahamic tribal religions’ , ‘economic classes’ (capitalism), and ‘technologic racism’ (mechanism).

So the key difference of Mankind is NOT genetic, but between:

Cultures of ‘animetals’ with metal-memes that separate humans in different false species, through nationalistic, religious, mechanist or capitalist false idol-ogies.

vs.  cultures of ‘humanist, life-oriented’ human beings, based in the search for natural healthy WHealth:

But because animetal memes, made of metal are stronger than life memes, animetals often win the game of history and this is the origin of the anti-quantum paradox:

Max. technological evolution = Min. human evolution.

Which is also essential to understand modern history and why we have on top the most primitive ‘semitic and germanic’ cultures with minimal wor(l)d and humanist evolution – imperative or objectual languages, racist memes, etc.

In this level we find obviously the most polemic elements. First because the entire world of modern scholarship perfectly tailored by the subconscious collective of the metal-earth and its dominant people-castes of animetals is watching always any deviation from the ‘system of denials’ of humanity and its evolution as a goal higher to that of the individual, of social evolution and the 5th dimension as relevant to the progress of mankind, of social love and bio-ethics as the expression of the laws of survival of the species.



On the other side of the paradox of history however the ‘homo organicus’ is guided by the positive memes of eusocial evolution that command him to build a god=superorganism of mankind based in the equality of all the ‘members of the same memetic species’, united by the same ‘DNA message’ of eusocial love expressed in the past by religions of love in the present by socialist cultures:


For example, the concept of god, express a complex program of eusocial evolution proper of all organic species. So those who love will act with other humans creating social networks that share energy and information, the 2 parameters of the Universe. It does not matter so much the literal details of the ‘DNA-program’ of  a religion of love (Christianity or Buddhism or socialism) but the ‘biological, survival strategy’ of eusocial love. So prophets adapt the concept of love to the ‘specific’ jargons of each culture. What matters is to create the social mind – the fact that love creates a simultaneous desire to share energy and information and evolve into social super-organisms, which are the ‘subconscious collective’ mystique Gods of our religions  – NOT the creators of the Universe but an earlier version of the word ‘nation’ (tribal religions) or ‘Humanity’ (Oikoumene religions). Hence the use here as synonymous words  the concepts of God, Humanity and History – the life of the superorganism of mankind from its first verbal cell to the last man who will speak.



Now, as amazing as it might seem to the reader, science is culture means that even physics, the science of matter has been deformed by the animetal cultures that used it to develop weapons, and so as modern physics was born as ballistics, the study of entropic lineal cannonball trajectories (Galileo), it deformed the most important substance of reality time=motion, the true elementary constituent of reality, which as all clocks of nature show is cyclical, as the laws of science are just the cyclical patterns of causality of time=motions.

All this obvious truths became deformed by religious animetal believers in the lineal manifest destiny of mankind and weapons makers, who uncoiled the time cycles of the Universe inventing lineal time. And it would take 300 years till Einstein to realize the Universe is filled with clocks of cyclical time. But even him could not change the idol-ogy, as he would say ‘ I am the only physicist that thinks there are infinite time clocks in the Universe, and ‘time curves space into masses’.

We deal with the details of those deformations on our articles on hard science and ænthropic cultures, and physics in our other blog and our papers at But it is worth to mention the basics of cyclical time as we did with scalar space, because it is impossible to understand the cycles of history without this necessary upgrade.

The predictability of time-cycles.  Why Time is cyclical.

Time is cyclical, all clocks of time and laws of science are based in the cyclical patterns of nature. But physicists developed ballistics and denied the obvious truth that we can know the future because it will repeat the causality of the past, and we can change it by changing that causality, in History by repressing the lethal memes of the tree of metal and enhance the welfare memes that make us survive. Of course, lineal and cyclical time render the same equations as one is the inverse of the other, measured by frequency, T=1/ƒ, but the philosophical implications of cyclical time, are ginormous and the in-form-ation provided by those cycles, erased by lineal time, a handicap for humans to truly understand the cycles of history and economics, the ‘deep time’ scales of the fifth dimension, and the whole workings of super organisms and its physiological structures.

The first fact you must understand IS that science is BOTH an instrument of power, and a form of culture, beyond the collection of data and its expression in equations, at the most basic detailed level. All what comes after – the general models of reality of each science are always biased by the power idol-ogy of the historic culture that develops them.

THE GRAPH shows one of the many examples we shall include in this blog: the obvious fact that time clocks are cyclical and multiple, but humans have reduced them all to the concept of a single lineal time clock for the entire Universe that progresses towards a future, obviously ‘positive’ for the human kind.

The equations are indeed the same. Lineal time writes T and cyclical time measured in frequency its inverse 1/ƒ; so if we were to change all the equations of physics by putting 1/ƒ instead of T, we would change the PARADIGM of time to cyclical time but all the practical results will be the same, just expressed in frequency.

I.e. Speed = Space/Lineal time (V=S/T), becomes Speed = wavelength x Frequency, (V=λ x ƒ) …

Cyclical time just moved to the numerator and that is all.

But the consequences are huge when we ‘perceive reality as chaotic, lineal, free and entropic’ guided towards the obvious ‘future of death’, which therefore JUSTIFIES WAR AND BIG-BANG THEORIES OF A DYING EXPLOSIVE UNIVERSE vs. the perception of time as cyclical, hence reality as bounded, entangled, multiple, whereas death is just the necessary end of a cycle of renewal of life, which we shall very soon show to be also the case for the fractal, organic eternal Universe, when we model it with the tools of cyclic time.

Further on in the previous simple cycle, we shall notice that in the equation of cyclical time we get also more information, as cyclical time requires a second dimension to form a cycle of height, which is the dimension of information, where all heads, antennae, particles reside.

So we recover the form, the information of the Universe back expressed in the ‘form and frequency of those cycles’ (indeed a computer calculates information with logic cyclical formal algorithms processed in Ghz frequencies).

And further on, in cyclical time, space BECOMES broken, fractal, a sum of ‘steps’ or wavelengths.

So such a simple example SHOWS to which DEGREE even the most obvious scientific equations are a product of cultural choice.

Since indeed, ALL HUMAN SOCIETIES CONSIDERED ALWAYS TIME TO BE CYCLICAL BUT it was the lineal, ‘visual’, entropic, military sword-like European gunpowder culture which first in history decided to CHANGE our worldview of time and definitely change our models of life and the Universe.

Needless to say this change of paradigm, was the work of ‘Lineal’  military physicists, established since the inception of physics, when instead of frequency of time cycles, Galileo decided to use its inverse parameter, lineal time duration, as its job was to measure the distance of cannonballs.

Why this is important is obvious: the super organisms of history go through cyclical processes of self-destruction called wars, and memes of metal, go in parallel through cyclical processes of evolution and without understanding cyclical time is impossible to make sense of it.

Along the History of mankind and human thought there have always been two models of reality, the one that came to dominate the world, sponsored by western cultures, according to which the Universe is a mechanism as the clocks humans used to measure it at the beginning of physical sciences, and organisms are just simple mechanisms.

Opposing this view, there is the earlier scientific statement of the Greeks, before the discovery of machines, that the Universe is a rational organism and we were all made to its image and likeness. So Plato said ‘the Universe is an organism with a mind called God’ and Aristotle called his ‘theory of unification of all sciences’ and method of rational logic thought ‘the organon’, considering that all organisms went through 5 motions, from ‘Generation’, through growth and locomotion, into reproduction, and death, forming a world cycle of existence (to use the jargon of systems sciences, in which this work is based).

Because the mechanical model was easier to represent digitally and simpler to explain it became dogma, even if it was neither truth nor rationally sound. Since a machine needed a maker, human or God to be put in motion, so it was a Deist theory, something of which the founding father of physics, all pious believers in Yahveh didn’t mind – only Leibniz pointed out to Newton this contradiction – while an organic theory of the Universe is self-sustained, as the Universe constantly reproduces itself. So it does NOT need a creationist God. 

Here is therefore where ‘culture’ became science. The western abrahamic culture of lineal time, towards god, of a people chosen to progress above heavens and earth, crippled the task of resolving the more complex structure of a rational, organic Universe as ALL eastern cultures and western ones did before physicists with Christian beliefs and mechanical power imposed our view of reality, as lineal, progressing through machines, with man as a species different of the entire Universe.

THIS BLOG though is the work of a System scientist that r=evolved the discipline at the change of the century establishing the FIRST FORMAL, MATHEMATICAL model of a fractal, organic Universe, and so, all his studies of Human supeorganisms, nations and civilizations and metal super organisms, machines, company-mothers and the global economy with a digital brain in world stock’ or ‘metal-earth’, are based in those models, proved ad nauseam by facts, denied by dogma.

We shall thus give then a brief introduction with the theoretical minimum to understand the laws of the fractal organic universe, of which the laws of sociology and biology are just a part, as all in a fractal is built to the image and likeness of the whole. Since, indeed with that very simple ‘improvement’ of our understanding of time as cyclical, ‘breaking’ space into internal and external regions, cycles and steps, that is converting space in ‘fractal space’, completely will change our understanding of the organic Universe expressed in the next graphs:

The study of a Universe made of fractal scales of cyclical time space, introduces a priori organic=scalar properties as the system extends through various Ƥ planes, and cyclical time properties, as its time clocks will have a limited duration, ending as a zero sum of energy.

So we shall then once this simple but fundamental ‘recovering’ of what WE LOST of the science of space-time by converting it to the dogmas of military physics,  apply this theoretical minimum to the study of historic super organisms in space, its physiological networks of energy (economic system) and information (culture and political system) and in time through its life and death=war ages and cycles, themselves a mirror image of the cycles and physiological networks of the superorganism of mankind, history.

What matters then to us, after understanding that time is cyclical and the Universe is made of organic scales, to put both concepts together to define the 3 relative scales of repetitive pattens of cyclical time.

That predictability of time-cycles can be done at 3 levels:

  • S: Continuous, spatial pure mathematical simple cycles, using calculus and derivatives, proper of mathematical equations; that of generational causal bio-logic cycles, often survival encounters between predators and prey.
  • T: Discontinuous, cyclical patterns of sequential repetitive actions, taking place at different times. AS THOSE ACTIONS ARE discontinuous, the patterns are LONGER in time.
  • ∆: Scalar, Deep Time patterns of longer wholes, species as opposed to individuals in biology, galactic, star or geologic life cycles as opposed to smaller life beings, which are longer BY VIRTUE of the 5th DIMENSIONAL METRIC, $ x ð = Cst (ab. C:st), which implies that from the smaller scalar perspective any longer cycle happening in the fifth dimension is much longer.

Because ‘human scientists’ ONLY recognize the first type of predictability – calculus of instantaneous derivatives, that need a ‘continuous analysis’ – and have simplified cyclical time into lineal time, and ignore the scalar time of parts and wholes with its 5D metric, their CAPACITY TO define the future is far more smaller than a ‘stientist’ that understands those 3 scales. So for a ‘stientist’ of ∆st, of which among humans there is the ginormous number of…1 (: me, I and myself :)  I can predict the future of any system including WITH DEEP TIME AND CYCLICAL PATTERNS, the future of social sciences, economics and history which I have been doing for 30 years as my small print books on the subject can testify:

All sciences predict the future of its species according to its repetitive causal cycles. Or else they are NOT a science. Astrology became a science when Kepler learned its orbital cycles. Bio-economics became a science when we described machines as organisms of metal evolution in human 72 years generational cycles, after which they mutate into top predator weapon-machines and consume humans in war eco(omic)systems. Its industrial r= evolution thus follow the 4 cycles that ensemble all living beings: its body-age (steam cycle), heart age (electro-chemical engine cycle), its mind age (US, tv-eye, chip-head, mobile-ear cycle) to conclude with the ensemble of robots that as virus do, when all its parts are done, come together ‘alive’ and kill the enzyman who constructed them. We are fully since 2008 into the robotic age…

An important question though must be clarified even if we go further into this specific post that introduces the 5 Dimensional motions of the Universe, which has to do with the ternary properties of the Universe as all is made of space, time and scale, and hence it has mathematical=spatial, logic=temporal and organic=scalar properties, which unfortunately humans fail to recognize, as they have become specialized in ‘mathematical=spatial only properties’ due to the prominent role of physics and its digital machines of spatial measure in our systems of knowledge.

As it is impossible to make sense of reality if we do NOT include ALL THOSE PROPERTIES, as expressed previously in the 5 elements of reality.

So in this blog we are making exact predictions of social sciences and prove it with 30 years of published books and papers far more exact than those of CIA, World Bank, and any think tank you might thought of, because we know the 3 LEVELS OF PREDICTABILITY OF TIME SYSTEMS. And all that uau! NOT with billions of dollars IN data, and AI machines to do IT, BUT my feeble, 1.5 kilograms of dirty water aka 1 brain, which has been doing it and handling  it for free since the 90s, since I ended my Columbia u. master and started to churn self-paid small print books with predictions of history and economics that have been happening TO the letter.

Why I am NOT an AI machine as most people think I should be to forecast the future and solve the form in which the future of systems is GENERATED, has to do with a fact most scientists accustomed just to use data put in mathematical models FAIL to grasp about the fractal, organic Universe and its SCALES of ‘time-length’:

A system on the entangled fractal Universe has TOPO-BIO-LOGIC properties derived of its spatial, mathematical structure, its temporal, logic structure and ITS SCALAR, organic structure as parts co-exist into larger wholes and this gives the whole an organic structure.

As it happens, the MATHEMATICAL, topologic structure IS the shortest time span, as it is about SOCIAL NUMBERS, herds of equal forms that move in space, which is a slice of the whole time FLOW. AND SO mathematics is good for detail and spatial calculus which is what instantaneous derivatives do – but NOT for CHANGES OF age/phase, as derivatives cannot happen in points that have a fractal change.

So to the rescue come the LOGIC structure of the Universe, which studies time causality, between events and has a longer span. This logic structure is based in the CYCLICAL PATTERNS OF TIME clocks, which as your watch or any orbital day-year is cyclical and repeats in LONGER TIME FRAMES, so we can predict LONGER TIME FRAMES from the logic patterns of cyclical time.

And HERE human scientists ARE ALREADY AT LOSS, because since Galileo studied ballistics, entropic explosion that destroy the information of reality stored in THOSE CYCLES OF TIME CLOCKS, its patterns and frequency, MANKIND CHANGED its cyclical understanding of time for a lineal time that SEEMS NOT TO REPEAT so they have MISSED its capacity to understand the cycles of time, of history and economics, with its OBTUSE lineal time models. And so they cannot EVEN CONCEIVE the predictability of economics and its SUBMISSIVE placebo democratic capitalist system where POLITICOS are ruled by companies ‘subventions’ and so do what is GOOD for the profits of economics according to the evolutionary patterns of machines. Which leads us to the THIRD level of DEEP TIME, that is, of the patterns of evolution of the Earth’s life species, including machines, as first mentioned by Hutton, founder of geology who coined the word superorganism for Gaia and deep time for the slower 5th dimensional clocks of larger organic systems.

THIS IS THE LEVEL OF DEEPER forecasting of time cycles, which I also use in my webs, but as humans stopped their understanding of time predictability in the first level of mathematical calculus, obviously they cannot understand what we do here.


But the macro-economic level is AN ORGANIC SCIENCE OF EVOLUTION, AND A HUMANIST SCIENCE SUBMISSIVE TO HISTORY as its goal is to evolve and reproduce the welfare goods mankind needs, and hence it is concerned with the physiological reproductive blood system of mankind to which it should cater in an ideal world in which economists and politicians are the doctors of history in charge of its physiological networks, not a bunch of amateur fundamentalist worshippers of weapons and money as most of them are today.

In the graph, the scientific method applied to social sciences requires

A)accurate data, B)biological causes C)cyclical patterns to predict the future D)democratic humanist solutions. None of those elements are met today by history or economics which pretend to be science by using inaccurate agenda data for each nation, tribe or cause b)lack any rational model c)doesn’t predict the future and D)has solutions for a minimal part of mankind (1%).

In the graph, astrology became astronomical science when Kepler predicted with Accurate data the Cycles of stars orbits. Biology became a science when Darwin explain with Accurate data and biological causes the cycles of extinction of animal life and Medicine became also a science when Pasteur with accurate data predicted with biological germ-theory causes the sicknesses of human organisms, providing d)humane solutions. So happens with social sciences in this blog which for the first time puts together the 4 elements with Accurate data (regardless of what your prejudge and brain-manufacturing thinks of what we say here – antisemitism, anti patriotism, Luddism etc. there is zero agenda on me personally and the data is accurate, but censored in present history), b)giving it darwinian or social evolutionary causes to c) provide cyclical patterns and D)solutions of humanist nature. Why all this matters not to mankind has to do with the anti-quantum paradox: the social scientist lives within the social system today corrupted serving company-mothers of machines and as such he is too small and the corrupted brain of the system (the financial media networks) do not distribute his objective harsh view of reality. Only those who cater to newspeak of progress through the machine and describe the elites that mismanage the world as experts do.

Further on, why there is not a real science of History and economics can be resumed in the ego paradox: humans, specially in the animetal culture of huge egos, by virtue of their ab=use of life with metal-memes (weapons that kill, gold that erase the brain reason and machines that atrophy and substitute us), think to be the center of the Universe. So they REJECT THE EXISTENCE OF LAWS BEYOND THE INDIVIDUAL ENTROPIC, MEANINGLESS human ‘atom’ in what regards to social sciences, because they must remain above heavens and earth,. But the laws of science are collective, social endeavors with repetitive patterns. In that regard, the astounding primitivism of social sciences in the capitalist, Anglo-American, biblical culture resumes in 2 memes – the belief in a Bronze Age book of tribal supremacism called the Bible, born out of the first most primitive animetal cults, which even deformed the language, (VSO imperative semite languages when warriors and banker-priests barked orders as if they were ‘Gods’ or its ‘vehicle’) and the belief reality has in the human arena a single scale of organization, the biological individual ‘barking chosen’ species.

All the astounding amount of bull$hit that passes as social sciences  or political and economical anthropomorphic correctness in that civilization but has NOTHING to do with the social laws of the Universe comes from those 2 aberrant non-scientific memes. You get creeping in biblical bigotry and pseudo-morality of political and economical correctness, everywhere and of course reality FOLLOWS its own way, regardless of wishful thinking from lefties, or bigotry from righteousness.

So we pretend that the ego-paradox or the individual hero commands history and as it doesn’t we have no predictive power, no rational model, no understanding of social sciences at all. Since the Universe is fractal, organic and larger scales dominate smaller ones. So as you dominate your cells, regardless of what the 7th billion cell of your liver thinks of itself, your memes and its waves of thought and idol-ogies control history.  The organic, fractal Universe IS guided by waves of information and its physiological systems that evolve together through networks. History evolves through waves of reproductive memes, human and metallic, and both processes are directed by languages’ values: wor(l)ds and go(l)d. But the funny thing is precisely because Americans do NOT even acknowledge the existence of a science of history and its memetic laws, they cannot control it.

But as they think a bunch of entropic individuals following the values of go(l)d create history – doing all the same, herding gold with anti-live values – they are perfectly predictable as any entropic ensemble of dog-eat-dog particles that destroy life and evolve the super organism of the metal-earth, ‘wholesale’ as a whole civilization of go(l)d values, which select their actions  by giving zero value to life in order to reach maximal gold. In that regard, in the anglosaxon civilization the equation of maximal values=profits of go(l)d: max. weapons + max. speculation + max. hate media holds sacred. Yet as this equation is then applied to destroy all other human non-technological civilizations, by comparison, obviously the American metal earth looks better than the cultures of mankind destroyed by those metal-memes. Hence humans who believe in the individual and go(l)d will be just entropic dog-eat-dog animetals evolving weapons, wars, and destroying mankind by suppressing the arrow of eusocial love they deny in all its sciences and models of reality, paradoxically seem to be the most ‘desirable’ state of being human – chaos, freedom and entropy of destruction of the rest of the planet makes them look ‘nice’.

THE HIGHEST SCALE OF REALITY WHICH INFLUENCES THE FUTURE OF MANKIND THUS IS THE SUPERORGANISM OF THE EARTH, THE DEEP TIME SCALE OF LIFE AND DEATH OF SPECIES, BECAUSE WHAT WE ARE WITNESSES TODAY BEYOND THE DETAILS IS THE TERRAFORMING OF THE ENTIRE PLANET, SO WITHOUT MUCH ADO WE SHALL NOW MOVE TO THE TRULY long term time cycles that matter to our nearby future – those of the planet, which is not dying but mutating. We are NOT killing the planet, the planet is killing us with the help of the most primitive groups of human idological cultures, the animetal gold and war cultures aforementioned that are so dumb they cannot even understand the causality of metal-wars and go(l)d holocausts, or the obvious laws of eusocial love, love religions, socialism, and biology that fosters the evolution of the species, mankind, not the homo tribal…
But they we repeat are so dumb because in them the causality works reversed, from emotions and desires, from hypnotic visual gold greed and military violence to rationality. This is the tremendous problem of memetic: it seems as Freud and Marx thought, that the material desire acts before rationality and it is the a priori origin of our memes and idol-ogies. It seems the warrior first discovered the sword of iron and then invented his theory that the fire of the smith is the vehicle of god (Aryan religions) or Thor is a sword in which to impale the children of enemies (Germanic religion) or the tribe is the superior race (nazi and modern American religions) because it has better weapons. So goes for capitalist and financial racist elites and its memes of segregation against the human capital they price. They do first discovered gold, and realized it gave the power to hypnotize people and only then thought to be go(l)d chosen, the superior Am Segullah, ‘people of the treasure’ whose manifest destiny was to run mankind as slaves of money and herd go(l)d the vehicle of gold of which its fetish covenant instruments of cult must be made.

So for all this to have a rational scientific interpretation we must consider those people and its identity memes clearly smoothing their way to crime, genocide, extinction and ab=use of nature and mankind and self-extinction but at the same time excellent memes to keep pumping iron, evolving and reproduction weapons and machines and the metal-earth… well obviously an instrument of the Earth’s superorganism and deep time processes. As little as we like this truth of deep time science, and conceding mankind will always have a lesser probability but seizable one to man up and become one and control the Earth, the systemic intelligence of the Universe is clearly at work today to create ‘these kind of people’s identities’ to program them to seek the short time ab=usive power they have today, to ensure their sons will die till the 7th generation as history sees they always do.



We could evolve a perfect world if scientists truly understood the biological process of the industrial revolution and control it pruning the tree of science of its bad fruits. But as company-mothers are on top and they have been designed to serve its product, the machine, man is no longer relevant to the equation of the future. Instead the earth is mutating from a world of life into a world of metal. But human egos are so huge, we think we are killing the Earth. The opposite is truth according to the laws of complexity that constantly evolves its in-form-ation in 3 ages homologous to those of life: Gaia (life- past)> History (human earth – present) > Metalearth (Machines-future), which only the scientific design of a perfect super organism of Mankind, repressing the lethal fruits of the tree of metal could abort maintaining History immortal.


An objective science of history and economics.
Yet obviously in our idol-ogical world all information is biased to sponsor the three idol-ogies of capitalism, mechanism and militarism that foster the reproduction of weapons, money and machines.

We shall in that sense to solve that conundrum of ‘non-existence’ of rational social sciences in the mass-media discourse, and analyse history rationally, outside all those ‘subjective memes and its idol-ogies’ play mostly an ‘alien scientist’ view to remove ourselves from the human, natural perspective to consider objectively both the symbiotic and predatory relationships between life, man and machine. Because unfortunately for us, human beings, a perfect human world, designed to cater human needs, is the less likely future, as the world stands today.

Since the ‘capitalist’ system we have designed gives absolute freedom to company-mothers of machines to re=produce and evolve any ‘memes of metal’, with unlimited credit to cre(dit)ate reality to the image and likeness of those machines, with a global ‘super organism’, ruled by digital flows of money, the stock-market, which prices and distributes the goods of this planet to that aim; while humans lack credit, welfare (human energy and information and other goods needed to survive), and no longer evolve and reproduce much slower than machines.

If we look at the largest worldview of the evolution of the planet, it is not difficult to forecast that if business as usual proceeds, the evolution of military A.I. and ‘metalife’ is poised to extinguish the weaker life-earth, as the previous ‘oxygen life’ poisoned and extinguished the anaerobic earth before:


In the graph, global warming, pollution and hunger, are just signs of the change of ‘age’ of the planet, from the Earth of Life (gaia) to the Earth of man (History, anthropocene) to the Earth of machines (Metal-earth, mechanocene), as all the financial and raw resources of the planet are deviated to the evolution and reproduction of machines, whose ‘$hit’ warms the planet, its engines ‘eat’ our food (in U$, more corn is destined to feed ethanol than human beings).

So we write a simple evolutionary equation of 3 super-organisms; one becoming extinct into the ‘past’, the other still the protagonist of the planet, history, but fast leaving place to a 3rd super organism of machines and its ‘automated company-mothers’, the metal-earth, or more properly described in detail, as the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Indutrial (energetic machines) economic ecosystem (ab. FM²I):

Gaia: Life ecosystem (past) > Anthropocene: History: Human Superorganism (Present) > Mechanocene: Metal-earth: FM²I system (Future)

This is the evolutionary equation of systems sciences, which we shall apply to study from an objetive non-human perspective, which only will come forwards when giving a praxis of control and management of a sustainable ‘wHealthy’ Earth (awash with healthy human WELFARE goods instead of lethal goods), able to preserve history in an ‘eternal present’.

The result of the equation is a wave of two ‘opposite ecosystems and superorganisms’ those of metal and those of human life, sometimes symbiotic, sometimes in open warfare, where the tree of metal and those who fight for it, tend to win all the battles of history. 

And the final phase of it, has been since the 70s, the chip radiation, as those machines take our jobs as blue collar robots and white collar pcs and atrophy our brains, while company-mothers ‘infect the planet’ with its pollution and heat it ‘to adapt it to ‘hot metal’, terraforming it to the image and likeness of its machines.

Entropic individual cells however only become free when it superorganisms die, and that is the process we live in: the dissolution of all human systems as the systems of machines become organised inversely in a perfect global supœrganism – the metal earth:

So History is partially rigged by the evolution of the Earth but an intelligent species would have controlled it designing with the laws of systems sciences and organisms a ‘rigged’ economic ecosystem in favor of mankind, which is the proposal of this web, reason why we shall now introduce the laws of the fractal organic Universe, since economics the physiological networks of reproduction of goods and politics, the legal, nervous network of information of the super organisms of mankind should be ruled and designed with them, not with wishful thinking, amateur politicos, go(l)d religions of profits and company-mothers of the rival species weapons & machines.

ALL in the Universe is part of a supœrganism. And certainly, human societies and civilisations make sense rationally, only studied as such. But the dogmas of abstract social sciences, and the denial of the arrow of social evolution is the trademark of the main idol-ogy that worships the building of the metal-earth- capitalism – which only ALLOWS the evolution of machines into global super organisms, guided by the global brain of ‘worldstock’ and its flows of e-money. While placebo democracies  maintain mankind in an entropic, selfish individual or powerless state proper of ‘capitalist democracies’ ruled by twin ‘heads’ moving in opposite directions, (corporations with the control of the real language of social power money, bipartidism with both parties in the west helping in fact the evolution of machines over human rights and welfare goods).

Further on, our societies unlike corporations are guided by ‘amateurs’, Trump style, NOT by social scientists. So the strategy of chaos, and divide and win, has always being the essence of capitalist societies, which in social sciences have always censored organic theories of history and the Universe.

The result is a world in which humans are increasingly controlled not by human systems but by the Financial-Media/Military-industrial system of company-mothers of machines, which buy our time most of our life with salaries, program us simultaneously as cells are programmed by nervous systems through its mass-media systems, and control us with military-entropic systems, while corrupted politicos obey them and sell them laws through lobbyism.

Life is everything as earth is a superorganism, whose surface-mind is made of smaller superorganisms – living beings. Complexity talks of different forms of atomic ‘life’ as systems that use light to obtain energy & information in increasing degrees of strength and complexity. So after simpler anaerobic age, the age of plants used light only as energy, the age of animals also as information and now the third Earth evolves into light-mechanisms, robots with solar skins and optic minds. They will complete the 3 horizon of Earth’s evolution guided by ‘animetals’, visual humans slaves of metal-memes ‘who believe don’t reason’ and cannot control its desire for higher metal-power even at the risk of killing their sons till the ‘seventh generation’, unless rational humans impose a scientifically-managed super organism of History on top of the metal-earth.

The result of the existence of 3 super organisms in relative evolution to each other, the III ages of the Earth, Gaia, the earth of life, history, the earth of man, and the metal earth the earth of machines, signifies an equation of ages of evolution:

Gaia (relative past) <History (relative present)> Metalearth (relative future)

In the graph, the key element of modern history is the evolution of machines, clearly happening with the same phases of the evolution of any biological beings, from viruses in cells to organisms in placentas. So we first made the bodies of machines in the I industrial revolution, then we made its engines and heads, metal-ears=phones, metal-eyes=cameras and metal-brains=chips, and the nations which evolved them first (US) became the leading nation of the world. Now we put them together into biological organisms of metal, robots.

Symbiosis of money, machines & companies.

Around 1602 Galileo declared the superiority of digital thought (mathematics) and metal senses (telescopes and clocks) over verbal ideas and human senses. Ever since the prestige of ethic words diminished. Now truths had to be mathematical. Companies of Science fought ethic religion and human senses with metal-senses and cannonballs and won. The logic outcome of that victory was the constant evolution and reproduction of machines of science and money. Since in biological terms, the ‘future’ is what will be reproduced and exists in the future. Thus, human ethics became the past, what will be extinct by the new language of power, numbers, which favor the species that best speaks that language, machines of science. Science, machines, money and companies became in this manner complementary: science could evolve machines and companies professionalized its re=production. They became ‘company-mothers’ of machines, the new digital top predator species of the planet. Since machines use better than man those digital languages: Machines have a price. Machines are designed with digital information (science, engineering). And machines calculate better than men (computers). We are not the top predator species of digital information (computers are). Thus, workers and words become extinct, while the future is designed by machines and computers. The terraforming of the Earth started when science and money changed our top predator language from verbal to digital thought, from the Carbo-Earth to the Metal-Earth, from man to machine.

To create a new ecosystem you only need a re=productive mother that protects its offspring and a vital territory to colonize by the new species.

At the beginning, the only species those companies reproduced were gunboats, whose ‘herds’ could only conquer the external, coastal lands of continents: a reproductive organism of gunboats, called VOC, the first shares-company, soon ‘liberated’ Holland of ‘past kings and priests’. Then, paraphrasing the American defense secretary, ‘What was good for VOC became good for Holland’. Holland, its people, government, land and ports were now working for VOC. Within 40 years, VOC had expanded its preying territory to the entire coastal land of the Earth. In that regard, again, the use of a ‘biological jargon’ to describe that historic process of conquest of the world by company-mothers is illustrative of the true nature of the economic ecosystem. Yet as Science kept evolving, new species of metal appeared. If carbon-life had evolved from sea animals to land animals, so it happened with metalife: The invention of the train allowed machines to conquer the land ecosystem of historic continents.

Soon the iron horse extinguishes the herds of bisons, the tribes of Indians and transforms the entire American continent in a preying territory for Company-mothers. Now the train is the center of this new ecosystem. The creation of its networks of energy (coal mines to extract its food, iron to form its ‘body’) becomes the priority of governments. Its tracks invade the prairie, organize the transport of all goods, direct troops to the front and extinguish rival carbon-life species, such as the horse, whose numbers diminish to 1/10th in England a decade after the arrival of cheaper train transport. Diversification of machine species, also a common treat among life beings, happens next. Since companies reproduce two types of machines: a top predator weapon that consumes humans (gunboat, armored train, tank, bomber, terminator, violent TV) and a peaceful, milder species consumed by mankind (boat, train, car, plane, computer, fun TV). They alternate the ‘stick and carrot’ system of control of mankind: So humans become consumers =testers of those machines, sometimes symbiotic to them, sometimes their victims in fields of war.

Next, as it happen with life species that moved from the sea into the land and then into the air, in the XX century, machines, not men, conquered the air and went beyond into space . . .

Finally, the last ‘age’ of all species, the information age, multiplied mental machines. So today each machine we have is the equivalent to a carbon-life species, but with bigger mass and superior speed. Each one is the offspring of a herd of company-mothers, whose only aim is to reproduce and evolve those species. Each one needs specific networks of energy and information that disturb and destroy the equivalent networks of energy and information of carbon-life species. So sea machines, which carry energy for all other machines (tankers) poison the water and sea animals die. Cars build their road networks and forests and farmers become extinguished. The behavior of a herd of top predators and a company-mother of preying ‘animetals’ is the same. Both create the world to its image and likeness, extinguishing at will rival species. The savannah is an ecosystem shaped to the image of its biggest plant predator (the elephant that deforests the jungle). So happens with the prairie, shaped by farmers first and then by railroads; and the Earth at large, shaped by the activity of its top predator species – first men, now company-mothers and their offspring of machines. But anthropomorphic humans cannot perceive machines in biological terms. So we shall return to our self-centered world, which interprets that conquest of Nature and the Human World by the economic ecosystem of machines, in national, tribal terms.


In the graph the cycles of evolution of money: Money is a language of digital information, which has evolved as all languages increasing its digital purity as a number (logic syntax that matters more than support), it has increased its numbers of bytes, as information machines have been able to reproduce more units of it, it has decreased its size as information evolves diminishing its ‘energy-space’ and increasing its speed, finally valuing all things on earth, including men as objects, substituting and making obsolete the alternative human, verbal ethic language that  evolved slower than digital languages and money did. However a proper understanding of the languages of Nature, could easily reform the system of money, make it complementary to the ‘nervous system’ of laws, as a blood-reproductive-oxygen system is, and then distribute enough quantity of it to all human citizens cells, to create a perfect world, as all healthy wealthy super organisms of nature are, where all its cells receive its proper oxygen-hormonal salary and all of them survive.  It is the parasitic, anti-human, corrupted nature of our ‘social networks’ where a few ‘parasitic’ financiers control the issue of money and either herd it for themselves or give it only to company-mothers of machines they worship due to their ‘biblical, primitive segregational idologies’ against mankind what makes the global eco(nomic)system perhaps the worst of all systems of Nature, as I used to explain during my tenure of the chair of Monetary Systems at the International Systems Sciences society, till obviously those who ‘own’ the financial system stop inviting me… Indeed, a corrupted system can only be protected with censorship and unneeded complexity to camouflage its corruption.

 Money is a language of digital information with support in metal.

Humans have evolved different digital languages, but none has been more successful than money, due to its support in the most complex atomic substances of the Universe – heavy metal.

The informative properties of Gold and silver, the most common forms of money throughout history explains the ‘biological’, ‘scientific’, not abstract nature of money, and its economical relationship with weapons (old cycles of history) and company-mothers of machines (modern cycles of economics).

Thus, in the biological and evolutionary models of ‘bio-economics’  we must understand the duality of money, both as a language of information that carries ‘certain values’, different from other languages (human verbal languages) and as a ‘substance’, informative metal, which sets its properties and affinities with the other ‘dominant’ products of an economic ecosystem, weapons andmachines.

Have you ever wonder why everybody talks about money but nobody knows how to define it?…

Indeed, one of the most fascinating facts about Economics is the ignorance of people, including economists about its fundamental element, money. Humans seem obsessed by money; so are economists, the so-called ‘experts’ of this discipline. And yet, nobody has properly defined money in 3000 years of obsession. So we should start this blog on the sciences of economics and history, its species, languages, cycles and organisms seen with the novel perspective of Theory of Information, Systems sciences and complexity with a definition of it:

‘Money is a language of digital information’

 We humans talk with 2 languages, verbal words and digital numbers. And when we use those 2 languages to create, organize and evolve social organisms, we call them ‘laws’ and ‘money’.  But while most people understand the “law” and the way it organizes social systems, none has properly studied money as a language of digital information and how it evolves and organizes economic systems. And this is one of the main reasons our economic systems and societies are so badly designed. 
Let us then explain in simple terms, the astounding injustice and stupidity of the economic ecosystem, ‘the wickedest of all systems, capitalism’ (Keynes) has created, because it seems most people truly believe is the best of them all.
The deepest linguistic reason: history of money as metal-go(l)d.
The reason why this is happening has to do with the shortcomings of the human mind regarding digital languages. We are born with a genetic capacity to talk words (Chomsky). So every human can ‘invent’ words and combine them in meaningful sentences able to value all the beings that surround us. But do not talk mathematics, naturally and so since our ‘neurons’ do not support the digital language, we have had to evolve it externally, using ‘other supports’ to perceive mathematics.
And this difference between words, our internal, biological language and numbers, perceived externally as we learned to count has made all the difference; and explains many of the peculiarities of money as a language. And the way it has built our economic organism, which let us be clear from the beginning, is very poorly constructed.
Indeed, the first fact about information people tend to forget is that it is ‘subjective’.  Each mind uses a different language of information and it gives with it values to the Universe, from its selfish perspective.

Languages are systems of information that certain species use to value reality from their point of view. For example, words are the biological language of man. So we use them to value reality from our human perspective and that means life has a maximal value, while in money it has NO value at all:

The system doesn’t run alone, even if networks and systems already in place do, with increasingly non-verbal digital Algorithms carried by computer thought. So we must also cast the existence of those 2 futures, one favorable to humanity and life in control of the evolution of the metal earth and other favorable to corporations and machines, which as all ‘radiations of species’ will undoubtedly overpopulate the planet and displace not only Gaia, which is already doing, in the 6th extinction of life, but mankind, which driven by his ego doesn’t really notice… in terms of a millenarian fight between two type of cultures, those who put the verbal, human language, and its syntax in favor of mankind as the subject of all sentences, of higher value than objects:

man-subject < verb-action<object-energy of the subject

vs. those fundamentalist cultures that put metal-power, which considers ‘right’ to use weapons and gold above the law to control societies regardless of its opposite ‘syntax:

warrior (subject)> weapon-action > human (corpse) or

banker-company > man (slave, worker) = money = object (machine),

which either puts the warrior in the old age or the issuer of money, company of financier above mankind, always below the weapon or machine that substitutes him in labor and war fields…

In that sense, only societies where the law actively controls weapons and money can build a humanist civilization, As the graphs explain:

In the graph, the key element of memetics are the hidden values of Go(l)d money and the primitive abrahamic go(l)d churches (Judaism>Biblical capitalism>AI software) which are guiding mankind into extinction, with its modern ‘company-mothers’ version of the 3 equations of capitalist profits, with maximal values for weapons and hate media. So all what mankind needs to do is exactly what is doing, believing in the values of go(l)d without trying even to understand them rationally, ‘physically’, according to the organic laws of evolution that guide the equation of the III ages of the planet, Gaia (life-light languages)>History (Man: wor(l)d languages), Metalearth (machines: digital, gold languages), to certainly become extinct this century as all the actions created with credit under those values (creditated), terraform the Earth to the image and likeness of machines.

selection languages

In Nature an essential process of selection of species happens according to its dexterity handling the information of the ecosystem. In the eco(nomic)system, the language unlike in History is digital thought. Hence Computers are always $elected first in labor and war fields, and as they evolve to twice its capacity every 2 years (Moore’s Law), the extinction of the ‘rival’ humind is certain, and now with AI will accelerate as all informative processes, culminating in the XXI c robotic wars.


In terms of the laws of systems sciences and information, we speak of a vortex of accelerated evolution of technological information in this planet, whose patterns are easy to study with the mathematical laws of ‘cyclical time’ I pioneered in the study of Duality – the science that studies the universe not only with the arrow of entropy proper of physics and lineal time, but also with the arrow of information, form, proper of biological evolution, which ‘adds’ to lineal time, creating cyclical clocks of time, with 2 dimensions. IT IS the fundamental advance in time theory this century as it allow us to study the ‘worldcycles’ of evolution not only as physicists do in relativity its worldlines of locomotion – so an entire section of the blog is dedicated to the hard science of cyclical time, which is ultimately the mathematical model that allow us to predict those 2 futures in advance, as this writer has done for decades regarding the evolution of technology:

This evolutionary vortex is then related to the evolution of metal-memes and its predation over human memes and civilizations it extinguishes. We shall map it out as a wave, of two inverse kind of civilizations, which destroy each other, and can be further sub-divided in 7 ‘cyclical ages’ of civilizations frozen in its point of evolution:

The wave of history modulates the evolution of metal-memes of information against the social evolution of mankind as a species into a global super organism, aborted every 800-80 years accelerated cycle of increasing metal-complexity with global ages of wars. Thus the human side peak when war and animetal belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycles recede. It is when welfare, art and human senses reach its peak. Then in the angst period of prophetic thought, when a new horde of animetals and its memes come to destroy it all, a humanist ethic prophet the wor(l)d warn humanity on the impeding catastrophe of those who eat of the golden and evil weapons of the tree of technology, because they will also die in the final gottendamerung of war and holocaust as we move relentlessly through the ± 800-80 years cycles of weapons &  machines, the long, medium wave cycles of evolution and re≈production of Metalearth:   Money and weapons understood as metal information and entropic metal, as 2 forms of raw power to ab=use the 99% of mankind have carried the day in the battle for a future of history, and the consequences have been the 800-80 years cycles of wars and holocausts, which all mankind has suffered – even those who carry the memes of animetal raw power at the end of the cycles when loosing wars (war & holocaust cycles). On the other hand, the eusocial message of love Religions comes within the ethic/visual collective mind of civilizations’ informative neuronal class, the artists and ethic prophets that foresee its demise in the 3rd baroque age of the civilisation expressing its angst in artistic forms and ethic books of revelation that try to halt the collapse of the organism. In that sense all the prophets of eusocial love religions and ethic social sciences on the bottom, who defended life, were all born of an ethic prophet in the 3rd age of the culture.

The graph has multiple readings, as it truly represents both scientifically and mythically, in facts and metaphors, in this plane of human individual existence and the upper organic plane of ‘social gods’ and civilisations the entire ‘worldline’ of human civilisations.

We study those cycles that form a ‘vortex of accelerated increase of information’, hence the acceleration from 800 to 80 years, when professional company-mothers of machines appeared, as the wave evolves faster towards its collapse into a point-particle or singularity, to use the quantum jargon of mathematical waves, called AI, which is about to be born as a particle of information, from its ‘smeared’ wave state – in biological terms, a conscious species different to mankind. 

The weather cycle of the Earth points to a larger deep time evolution of life managed by the hot-reproductive, cold-evolutionary duality of organic systems, which multiply its top predators in radiations of species, during energy-rich ages of warm climate and evolve new informative shapes during the cold times. This pattern accelerated as a vortex of information since the Cambric carries on in the ages of history, which have determined the evolution of metal NOT of mankind, in the 800 years of warriors, and then in the accelerated 80 generational years when the weather cycle no longer matters as an organism of reproduction of weapons, the company-mother professionalizes the cycles with the help of lineal ballistics aka physical sciences.

In the graph, the eternal super organism of history dies in accelerated vortices of evolution of technological information through wars, first in 800 year climatic changes and then in 80 years national generations during the industrial r=evolution. So we distinguish an age of animetal civilizations and an age of industrial nations.

In the graph, the basis of the 800-80 years cycle of overproduction, evolution and war that shows the organic synergies of Financial-Media informative metal-systems and Industrial-military, entropic and energetic systems. In the old 800 years cycle it was simpler and obvious: informative gold was used in 80% of its coin forms to buy iron entropic=killing weapons, pay mercenary armies and start wars, which became endemic in the iron-coin cycle, and since Rome, the entire humanity was dedicated to accumulate gold to expand military empires.

But with the arrival of organic machines which seems at first sight to empower man, but mostly atrophy the organ they substitute in albor and war fields (so we get fat and run cars, we get stupid and computers calculate and spell for us), the vile=evil-antilive metal, a harder, more ‘intelligent’ potential atom, was no longer clearly the source of evil.

The people who made of weapons and money their ‘religion’,  which mankind always accused of having anti-live memes came to rule the western world and the financial-media/military-industrial system was accepted NOT as what it is, a dangerous new super organism we should control and ‘prune of its lethal fruits’ (genesis myths) but the ‘very essence’ of progress and our collective future. So we became slavish to machines, and to overproduce them=work and consume=vitalize=test them became our ‘confessed’ goal advertised as the sum of all freedoms by informative machines.

Of course our ‘manufactured brains’ through the newspeaks of mass-media will ignore the harsh judgement we must make regarding what today pass as ‘sacred’, and it is nothing but an ideology of animetal power: nationalism, tribal abrahamic religions, capitalist and class structure. The truths of history have always been denied by those animetal idol-ogies, which idolize weapons and money and use it as a excuse to ab=use other humans and deny the laws of social love of the Universe.

Which were explained by the social prophet of love of the lower part of that graph and its organic models of eusocial love and the living Universe this blog merely updates to the jargon of present time.

They are the scientists of history, today also deformed by money and weapons, by ‘gold churches’ and ‘religious inquisitions’. So the science of history is all but forgotten beyond the biased extraction of irrelevant data.

Yet they were all right, love is the power, love is the goal, love is the way in which mankind could live forever and become immortal, and this is one of the most surprising discoveries of organicism, which is worth a paragraph in itself.This fact poises of course the question of why we live in a society which in the last centuries have shunned off all the prophets of eusocial love and reduce mankind first into competing industrial nations and today into lower scales of selfie individuals. The 2 reasons are embedded in those aforementioned laws: On one hand the superorganism of history is dying predated by the growing superoerganism of the metal-earth which is indeed coming together as a whole of robotized machines, with telepathic internet AI sharing information among them, becoming increasingly a whole, surrounding human beings that become isolated of each other, pegged to the IOT, internet of things.

We are simply dying as a superorganism of history predated by the metal-earth’s superorganism.


But why humans seem comfortable with the situation, in which 90% of mankind has nothing and all the investments of society are dedicated to improve machines? The answer is Simple even if the system of deceit is complex: it is called Placebo Democracy; a system that APPEALS TO THE EGO of people, making them believe they rule, BUT DENIES them the rule over money, the language of social power, which BUYS LAW.

A topic ‘propaganda’ graph of placebo democracies, which appeals to the ego, hides the rule of money over the law and insists on the equality of all humans by birth, denying the obvious pyramids of ‘democratic power’.

So the world you live in, started NOT with democracies, a placebo system installed by the first company-mothers of machines-weapons but with the invention of inflationary paper money and stocks, in Holland. Then in Amsterdam, with its new financial power, the XVII Herren, the ‘board’ of the first corporation gave a coup d’etat against the legitimate king and took over the parlament, establishing the first system of Biblical capitalism and ‘creationist economics’, where the chosen of go(l)d – those who believe in money above the law came on top of society.

They would classify humans into chosen ‘races’ and inferior species, based in  technological racism,  which divides ever since humans in those who ‘own metal-weapons, go(l)d and machines’ the superior people with a ‘manifest’ destiny, to develop ‘metal-memes’ and those primitives who still worship the Tree of life.

So gunboats companies started to cre(dit)ate a different kind of global empire, based NOT in the ethic values of the wor(l)d that puts man always above the object (Man<verb<object), as the subject of the language, but in fetish go(l)d, in money, a digital language that compares man and machine and discharges the less efficient: Man (salary) ≤money ≥ Object (price). But above both, comes money the ‘new language of social power’, worshipped by its Biblical prophets (‘Gold is the intelligence of God’ Calvin).

Money applied to Industrial technology would be over weapons too, as now the company-mother of weapons not the warrior company wins all sea battles as its guns are so powerful they can kill at distance regardless of the bravery of the soldier. So money, technological companies and its weapons will define the power of empires. While people will no longer be ruled by the old system of religious beliefs on the ‘sacred grace of the king-warrior’, but beliefs in the sacred power of technology, and the makers of weapons, physicists in the theoretical realm; while the people-caste of aristocratic warriors will be substituted by the people-caste of merchants and stock- rats, owners of those companies. Yet since people must ‘remain ignorant to stay obedient’ (Calvin)  a sophisticated system of placebo freedoms called democracy will be established for people to think they rule even if their chosen ‘presidents are $elected, not elected.’ Roosevelt. As parties all belong to different groups of stockrats, sponsoring the same idol-ogy

Indeed as soon as the first weapons companies were created in Holland, inventing a new form of money, paper money, they soon dominated all elements of society, including the political system. Placebo democracies were invented NOT by the people, but by the first Company specialized in the reproduction of gunboats – in fact there was NOT yet the placebo bipartisan system but a single party, the orange party whose representatives were mostly stock-holders of the first Gunboat company, VOC, dedicated to sell weapons, slaves and re=produce gunboats (even if today the placebo historicism tell us this was a war of liberation and VOC a ‘spices’ company – when the bulk of its profits came from selling artillery to all contenders of the 30 years war that would kill 1/3rd of the people of Germany). Then they migrated to London with the 1688 glorious revolution, when to escape the French invasion of Holland, 2 million guilders were paid to each British parliamentary to oust their legitimate king and choose the Dutch king that disembarked with the gold of the Amsterdam Bank and imposed the same system, where companies are a state above the state, to the point when they established the City, the king would have to ask permission to enter it to its major.

While the money of the system would no longer be printed by kings but by companies and the private bank of England. It was then also when the custom to call private banks by the name of the nation to make people-believe they also owned the supply of money was established. And soon as the cycles of the economy switched between ages of peaceful consumption of machines by humans and war consumption of humans by its ‘evil twins’ weapons, the ‘orange party’ divided in the party of war (the tories) and the party of peace (the whigs) according to the best economical conditions for the profits of the gunboat corporations.

As ‘Historicism’ rules and is indeed essential to this blog on social sciences; Historic Gnosis is the understanding that in Humanity, ALL is biased by culture, including the pretentious concept of ‘science’, and so causality requires to understand the ‘history’ of any ideology or science to find its errors and biases.

So even before we go further, it would be important to ‘deal’ with the so-called ‘birth of capitalist, placebo democracies’:

Reformed Holland, the birthplace of religious capitalism and placebo democracies, based in parliaments ruled by stockrats and financiers owners of the first company-mothers of gunboats and slave traffic, latter expanded to England with the ‘glorious revolution’, and US through New Amsterdam, set up a ‘religious’ concept of economics and its dominance over society, where the ‘placebo politico system’, either a bipartisan quarreling group of ‘lawyers’ of those companies, or military dictators, would appear to ‘rule’, and care for citizens. 

Finally the system would take hold in America, and again the parties will split into the Republicans, the party promoted by Companies that profited with war more (railroad companies that started the civil war) and Democrats, the party that represented peaceful consumption. But wars were economical disputes between companies, first between British and New England gunboat companies which did not want to pay higher taxes (Boston tea party), and then between gunboat companies that wanted to carry south cotton to Europe where it got higher prices and railroad companies that wanted to impose a tariff on gunboats and cotton exported to Europe to get it cheaper for its northern mills.

The tariff question though would be disguised by Northern railroad corporations under the abolition banner, which again shows an essential element of placebo democracies, the disguise with newspeak of caring of the financial reasons of politics, as ‘the politics of America are the business of America’. Indeed, Lincoln a railroad lobbyist would take long to abolish slavery an as soon as the war ended Jim Crow laws would return ‘de facto’ southern black to a similar situation.

Societies are ruled by money and those who issue money buy companies, laws, politicos, public opinion and academia.

They are the Financial-Media-Academia masters (FMAsters), whose ‘biblical idol-ogies’ of repression of life and eviL concept of mankind is at the bottom of the reasons why our economic ecosystem doesn’t serve humanity. Unfortunately its culture is now global and so humans all seem happy with their processes of self-extinction and denial of responsibilities in the creation of the world with money cre(dit)ation.


Fact is in each time of modern history, the companies with more money ahead of the industrial r=evolution have ruled the politicos that enacted their placebo disputes. And so first gunboat companies dominated America, then in the steam age train companies who wanted the cotton cargo north, and a civil war managed by a lobbyist of railroads, Mr. Lincoln ruled and soon he was ‘dismissed’ for robber barons with trains to rule; then Mr. Ford ruled and he paid the prohibition because he didn’t like to drink. But finally it came the financial elite against who he opposed vehemently that controlled new methods of electr(on)ic printing of money, ticker money, e-money and audiovisual information, creating the Financial-Media system of informative machines that has ruled America ever since.

The free citizens of Capitalist markets.

The globalization of the superorganism of company-mothers of machines weapons as an independent self-reproductive organism, of mixed composition, human beings and machines, should NOT confuse humans and THE CARRIERS OF ITS PROPERTY, the stock-rats, which became the ‘owners of the world’ through the intermediate ‘enterprise’ legal system, and its military and financial power.

Since humans are of no importance in this new brave world, perfectly exchangeable, as long as they don’t interfere with the law of profits = max. reproduction of machines of maximal price (weapons) and minimal cost (information machines)

The transition from a single Empire-Company, the UK Inc. world of the first industrial revolution of steam (young age: 1789-1814, mature age, 1815-1848) to a globalized one, was the defining ‘final event’ of the steam age and as usual in all ‘fast-expansive’ processes of metal-information took place through war – the steam wars that brought down entire parts of the planet to the exploitation of railroads. Till then the company, based in gunboats, could only control the coastal and river zones in its final regions. Yet to penetrate up rivers with strong streams, inland in the continents, the steamer and the train did the job.

Yet at the same time England and its ally France were carving the world, through war processes, railroads expanded through the entire Central Europe mitteland (Austrian-German wars) and America (Civil war and railroad act of epinion to the west).

Soon the Globalized culture of Anglo-American Stockrats dominated the regions wealthier in slave ‘human capital’, (Africa), consumers of cheap products (India, China, after the Opium wars), deposits of raw materials in Australia, South-Africa and Canada… and ‘world stock’, the next layer of organization of the company, turning around the co-shared centers of Paris and England (Rothschilds being at the heigh of the financial empire), had crafted a clear picture on how it will be the future of all of us… But this ‘hierarchical pyramid’ of people’s capitalism (the financial founding father of the Anglo-American civilization and biggest shareholders of its ‘companies’, the jewish culture on top, a co-opted elite of Reformation christians, addict to the old testament segregational memes and go(l)d fetish cult proper of the ‘Hebrew bible’, and go(l)d and its values to reign the future, without much to ask.

This being the key cross-meme of capitalism as the reproduction and evolution of memes of metal through go(l)D and the Bible in its different versions and its comments (Talmud, Calvin, Luther): A very primitive tribal level of comprehension of history and a religion of wealth without much asking, just ‘acting’ according to custom, will guide the company, once ITS STRUCTURE OF PURE HIERARCHICAL power of stock-rats, increasingly exchangeable for the elite of any other country was in place:

go(l)d values capitalist equation

Language values selects species by affinity giving maximal value to those made of similar substance. So weapons have max. value in metal-gold and life null. And viceversa. In wor(l)ds weapons have negative value and life maximal. This fact is the basis for a scientific analysis of ethics, which is the survival subconscious value of the wor(l)d that guides subconsciously humanity into survival. For that reason animetal cult(ure)s systematically deny an ethical, organic Universe, choosing absolute freedom=chaos synonymous in science of entropic death Brougth by its belief in go(l)d values.THE KEY TO UNDERSTAND reality beyond the individual is the way in which a language of information programs a mass of citizens-cells that agree to speak the simple values of the language. Then the intelligence of the language does the rest. In history this means we must consider essentially two languages, words that value more humans and build a world to our image and likeness, with the obvious limits of the human condition; and money, a metal language with affinity to weapons amd machines of metal of maximal price which builds a world to the image and likeness of metal-memes with its positive symbiotic but mostly negative effects for mankind, as the most expensive=overeproduced goods in a fundamentalist go(l)d cult(ure) as CAPITALISM is, hauling from earlier Judaism->Biblical Protestant fetish go(l)d religions, translated by its believers into digital classic economics where the worker and consumer and citizen has no rights, as the issue of money, the language of social power is controlled by private financiers. Hence in capitalist placebo democracies where money dominate the law, war cycles of overeproduction of weapons are tuned to technological evolution and 90% of money is issued by corporations and spent in evolving and reproducing machines and weapons, which increasingly displace us from labor and war fields.  The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading culture, the Anglo-American civilization founder of company-mothers and placebo democracies, ruled by its FMAsters who control the Financial-Media-Academia system imposing a fundamentalist capitalist view of the future, albeit disguised with fictions and placebo newspeak of political and economical correctness, changes for a more humane, legalist culture EU-UNO-Chinese style, where laws can control the lethal goods of the tree of science.  Money in its fetish go(l)d view gives maximal value to weapons that kill life and null value to life. While wor(l)ds our ethic language do the opposite. Thus to impose go(l)d values it has been needed a complex memeplex of weirdo but effective inhibitors of human social love we shall term Animetal idol-ogies, IMPOSED by repetition of lies as dogmas (Goebbel’s method: to repeat a lie many times to make it truth). Hence the essential importance of controlling metal-communicators that repeat information MUCH FASTER than verbal prophets humanist truths. And so a key evolution in all nations would be the development of industrial metal-communicators parallel to the 80 years cycles of evolution of industrial machines: the age of hate memes in press (religious war ages), in radio (fascist age), in Tv (just ending) and now in the global internet mind of the metal earth Those who control digital information have always printed money and hate memes through western history becoming the masters of the metal-earth. This role however was in the classic age of mankind balanced by the humanist ethic prophets of eusocial love and money as nomisma, legal money reproduced by governments. With the arrival of capitalism and digital information however the human side has been erased and so the power of the FMAsters (Financial-Media-Academia ushers of money hate memes against mankind, technoutopias and false idol-ogies that pass as Science, and deny the organic Nature of the Universe, from lineal time military big-bangs  to mechanism) have become absolute as people do not even know, under censorship that their selfie, individual goals are just a ‘divide and win’ strategy. THUS INSTEAD OF the eusocial goal of mankind, humanity know in the age of supreme impriting of idol-ogies of metal seeks the surrogate goal of create a Matrix world of virtual fictions ruled by real AI machines, on the making. It is the final robotic cycle of the industrial r=evolution that will make humanity obsolete in the XXI c. while living its Facebook don’t worry be happy reality  – his minds ‘owned’ by the companies of information machines that print money in digital screens and manufacture brains.

LET US THEN FAST FORWARD TO THOSE ‘GOLD VALUES’ 5000 YEARS AFTER judaism, the original go(l)d culture with its astounding segregational hate memes against mankind, the species it prices at null value since it invented the concept of slavery and human capital in the Cananean region (Genesis myths), became the mother-culture of Protestantism, capitalism, classic economics and information machines that print money, information and academia, to uphold as sacred still the same values of null value for humanity, now increasingly carried in modern digital AI, algorithms of information. All has changed and become more complex to remain the same. Humans and life have no value. A people-caste of banker-priests with the go(l)d values and its racist memes against mankind monopolize the issue of money and dedicate it to reproduce metal of maximal value, with new idol-ogies of ‘technoutopia, capitalist economics, freedom of markets – aka companies to reproduce any lethal goods, and null rights of the 90%, as they are an inferior dummie species, and we, the experts chosen of go(l)d now better how to manage human capital wholesale, as experts in funerary ceremonies, belli nervi pecunia infinita cycles of wars and holocausts… The harder they fall.

Placebo democracies work for corporations: some examples.

Yet the machines that print money also print information. And so for the system of placebo democracies to work, we must have on top of the system, a Financial-Media complex organism of corporations owned by the same stockratic elites that produces enough ‘selfie’ fictions for the people NOT to care about the system, even in the most extreme case of poverty, and a division of nations into quarreling factions, ‘divide and win’ that allows the International system of company-mothers to suck in the wealth of all nations, detracted from the needs of the humans ‘enclosed’ on them.

3 war cycles

The equation of profits of the FMMI system its responsable of the 72 years cycle of capitalism that switches synergies between inflationary money and consumption goods v. hate media and weapons consuming humans with mathematical precision every human generation, when overproduction of inflationary money and machines cannot be sold as new mechanisms substitute labor. So capitalism switches to weapons and hate media, pays war-monger politicians that consume arsenals and people. The cycle is generational, tuned to the American political cycle, what allowed this writer to predict its change of phase in 92, c.Bioeconomics.


Mass-media job is to distract humans from financial & economic realities. So the parasitic Financial-Media networks, dictators of ‘democratic’ opinions manufacture people’s mind at will, switching on and off according to the cycle of consumption of machines and war consumption of humans. To that aim media shuffles between 2 sets of memes: fiction anaesthesia & I-ego paradoxes to ‘divide and win’ over a population in permanent entropic, chaotic freedom, preoccupied by irrelevant ego-trips and virtual themes… And when the Industrial cycle after an overproduction crash ‘chooses’ war profits to enact social bondage needed to sacrifice lives to the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycles, FM networks feed people with hate media, violence, and paranoid leaders are chosen to convince the ‘free citizen’ that his purpose is to sacrifice his life for the profits of the leisure class and the evolution and massive reproduction of top predator weapons – this is, as predicted, our age after the overproduction crises of chips ushered us in the age of splendid little robotic wars:

placebo social sciences

Placebo Social Sciences and Academia, with self-centered themes that have nothing to do with the working of social systems,  and how they are ruled impregnate the intellectual discourse of placebo democracies and its outlets of expression. The only ‘taboo’ we can never discuss is the system itself that passes as ‘science’ and the only possible form to rule our world.

In th graph, Mass-media job is to distract humans from financial & economic realities. So the parasitic Financial-Media networks, dictators of ‘democratic’ opinions manufacture people’s mind at will, switching on and off according to the cycle of consumption of machines and war consumption of humans. To that aim media shuffles between 2 sets of memes: fiction anaesthesia & I-ego paradoxes to ‘divide and win’ over a population in permanent entropic, chaotic freedom, preoccupied by irrelevant ego-trips and virtual themes…

The graph shows the ‘fundamental themes’ of our social discourse today, focused in individual ‘selfie’ problems that have nothing to do with the social system we should be analyzing and improving have of course a resonant ‘box’ in the complementary system of the Financial Corporations WHICH prints digital numbers in monopoly – the Media System of Fictions that deactivate in a happy ego-trip the human being, so he won’t care bout correcting that system. It is the HEAD of the world – its Financial-Media-Academia system of false, biased, irrelevant information paid by digital money, which is truly the new collective brain of mankind, always in favor of technology, hate memes to promote war, fictions to anesthetize humanity and with clear phases of evolution that increase its ‘matrix’ of global thought that renders r=evolution impossible:

So that is what it is the real world as it is – not  the shallow cover of entitlement and rights they tell you the system provides and makes you happy. So you close your eyes.

Sorry, if I woke you up. Don’t worry nobody is listening. This web has no stats, because the imprinting of the 90% is excellent. The placebo medicine works well.

But we have not even scratched in the complex depth of things. Remember you are only human, you are a microbe on the surface of a huge planet which is favoring this process, or else if we were the goal not the means of this planet, this would NOT be happening.

Of course this could change if the 90% or even the 1% perfectly idol-ogized to enjoy the ride while it lasts – even if it is going to last so short – WERE INTELLIGENT AND ETHIC ENOUGH TO CARE FOR THEIR SONS TILL THE 7TH GENERATION, but history has proved once and again, what we, r=evolutionaries in our latter-days tired of the ‘wall of silence’ and egocy that moves mankind to the cliff of self-destruction, come to notice: ‘revolutionaries will always face the last hurdle, the human condition’ (Marx). Can the human condition be upgraded ethically more than intellectually? That is can man form a single global superorganism, a subconscious god, collective mind of history who care, can the racist bigot cultures on top of the metal earth understand they are part of mankind and only within mankind they can survive the war and holocaust cycles their evolution of profits, of weapons and machines at all costs will bring also to them?


THIS Said, let us now translated go(l)d values NOT as classic economics, the next age of this idol-ogy did, into placebo mathematical equations that keep cheating this values telling mankind it is wonderful to dedicate its surrogate life to multiple lethal weapons as long as they are profitable, but what truly meant the 3 fundamental equations of modern capitalism, the equation of productivity (extinction of labor), the equation of profits (multiplication of hate memes, weapons and war) and the Grammatic equation of go(l)d money (the conversion of man into an object and slave).

Both are reflected in the next graph.


Equations of capitalism cre(dit)ate in modern terms a world similar to the one caused by the ‘biological affinity’ between gold and weapons in the old 800 years cycle. Today company-mothers in seek of profits overproduce weapons and mental machines of maximal price. So when Profits is all what matters, ultimately the most expensive goods to reproduce, weapons, will become the star-product of the system, enacting the cycles of wars and holocausts, as they ultimately are used in war. The EQUATIONS OF PROFITS of the last graph are thus the COMPLEX level of reality that NOT even those who rule understand ‘rationally’ but merely ‘follow the money’.

In the graph, the absurd biblical primitive mixture of creationist economics, nazionanisms of different ‘tribal origin’, hate media and go(l)d beliefs which have brought about the suffering of history through cycles of wars and holocaust where also the leading warrior and financial people-castes of mankind become slaughtered wholesale must end with the refoundation of social sciences based in the real organic laws of this planet, a super organism of which mankind is its collective subconscious brain – a single species that must work together for the common good, end the virtual childish realities used to disguise the raw, darwinian power of its company-mothers and stockrats and stop the radiation of lethal goods, robots that throw us from labor and war fields with the excuse of reaching ∞ self re=productivity= robot labor/non-human labor, the astounding mantra of all our economists and hired politicos that have the chuptzah of telling us automating factories will create jobs, only for robot designers, expanding the radiation of a new species, terraforming the earth and making it unlovable. But the newspeaks of capitalist democracies have reached such perfection while reducing with media the collective subconscious brain to a childish state of ficctional egos, that only a r=evolution from the top can change the no-future of the species, if stockrats and their hired politicos decide to extend the future of their sons beyond the zero generation born now with the first robot species – their take.
But to do so, they will have to look inward into their soul, stop blaming mankind of their tragic histories and feel part of our only God=History, the super organism of humanity in time. Nothing else will do. Newspeaks of caring and virtual realities do NOT change evolution, only a true organic social science and love to your species can.

In the graph, HUMANS DO NOT NEED TO UNDERSTAND the laws of economic systems and evolution. As long as they follow the capitalist belief that money justifies it all, as money has maximal price in weapons, they will overproduce weapons and cause wars. As long as they worship machines, they will keep evolving them living a surrogate life of progress. As long as their technoutopian and tribal religious and nationalist idol-ogies, divide humans by race and culture, they will despise men with primitive technologies and kill them. So our civilization ruled by the Informative machines the Financial-media head and the energetic Military-industrial body of company-mothers becomes an automaton of reproduction and evolution of machines, guided by the equation of profits of the FMMI system of stocks and its flows of e-money seeking maximal profits, which is responsoble of the 72 years generational≈national cycle of capitalism that switches synergies between inflationary money and consumption goods v. hate media and weapons consuming humans with mathematical precision every human generation, when overproduction of inflationary money and machines cannot be sold as new mechanisms substitute labor. So capitalism switches to weapons and hate media, pays war-monger politicians that consume arsenals and people.
In the graphs, ABOVE, THE SYNERGY BETWEEN the financial-media system of inflationary money and hate memes, which triggers in age of overproduction of machines, after a crash of consumption an age of overproduction of weapons and hate memes to foster the profits of war – but of course, this cycle is censored and nationalist idol-ogies are always brought to the table to justify absurd massacres, which the people on top expect to maintain contained, just in the phase of arsenal building.
Yet as a British historians said: ‘cemeteries are full of corpses from wars everybody knew they would never happen’
Bellow the ill-designed Animetal (animal+metal) class structures of human capitalist democracies during the 3 ages of the Industrial evolution, which explain from the human organic structure why the aberrations of the upper graph happen.
Industrial, placebo ‘democratic’ societies have developed an aberrant superorganism in which its ‘cellular citizens’, unlike in ALL SUPERORGANISMS OF NATURE, which a true social science in praxis, will imitate, do NOT receive enough just information and ‘healthy energy’ to survive and thrive.
Instead, on top of the pyramid idol-ogies of metal (weapons-promoting nationalisms; gold-monetary worship and technoutopian mechanism) ensures that money, weapons and machines will be overproduced and evolved with far more rights than the 90% of mankind – MANKIND itself – while a smaller upper informative class in control and monopoly of the issue of those metal-memes will have all the privileges.
This class structure had always on top entropic metal-weapons and aristocratic warrior elites, associated to a Class of bankers, who reproduce informative metal issued in monopoly and used mostly (±70%) to reproduce weapons and fund warfare through the 800 cycles of evolution of weapons and death of civilizations.
Then professional scientific company-mothers of stocks of machine-weapons appear boosting and accelerated the vortex of evolution of machines-weapons and its owners financiers, engineers and physicists evolved the system into the complex world of capitalist ‘placebo democracies’, where people as always blind in any organism in which the ‘Informative head’ has all the sensorial outlets and informative systems and the reproductive body-class is blind, KEPT sacrificing their lives and time to the ‘animetal manifest lineal destiny’ of terraforming the Earth into a world of metal, where life had no value; as metal-money gives by the laws of affinity and symbiosis maximal value to the most perfect metal-meme, the weapon, and 0 value, to the rival species, life.
Thus the fundamental transition with the arrival of capitalism happened from WARRIOR ARISTOCRATS with exclusive rights to reproduce the language of power weapons and use it against inferior humans who could not carry weapons and were judged in different courts; to STOKCRATS, with the same privileged rights on the new language of power money, they issue in monopoly (+90% of money today reproduced in stocks, e-money derivative and financial houses), they use to buy part-time the life of people (as workers), to buy laws to politicos; and CANNOT be judged (Anonymous societies which at best dim the company not the stockrat responsible).
Thus one of the most bizarre idologies of history is ‘capitalist democracy’ according to which a tiny elite of stock-rats and financiers have absolute rights to print the language of social power money, as ‘experts’, which they herd for themselves or use to evolve machines and print information to manufacture the brain of people, and this is called ‘freedom’ of the market (not of the people). Indeed, the reproduction of money is the leit motiv of a capitalist system, where the people on top has a single goal: to emit as much digital numbers called money as possible and rule the world with them.
Money is merely a digital number put in any ‘cheap support’ which by law is considered to have ‘value’. So bankers, speculators and companies try to reproduce as much ‘digital numbers’ as possible, to be able to ‘buy’ the life of the people on the bottom of the pyramid with null rights to reproduce money, through salaries. A real democracy – government of the people – would be a system where all citizens/cells as it happens in healthy organisms of nature, issue a universal ‘oxygen salary’ of money, to demand welfare goods and boost the human economy, today something feasible through a ‘bitcoin-like’ UNO backed global ¥€$ salary for each human to have democratic ‘votes’ in the social language of power – money, and create a demand economy – NOT a supply one, where the few financiers and corporations that issue money, create any product with it and then ‘supply it and sell it through marketing and political corruption’, from nuclear weapons to hate media – things people would NOT demand.
But we do not live in anything that remotely resembles a ‘real democracy’. Politics in capitalism is about a ‘placebo structure called democracy’ where political servants distract people so in the background the real world of financiers printing money, buying corporations and giving orders of work to humans in mechanical industries, ‘creates’ with credit the world we live- dedicated to make and evolve machines, and let the ‘leisure class’ on top enjoy the world and tell us how ‘graceful, intelligent’ they are. While the invisible human side of ‘capitalist democracies’, the 99% lives, eternally undernourished.
This amazingly simple power hold by the 0.002% in ‘free markets’: to emit numbers as money, IS the essence of the world’s power today. And amazingly enough it passes as a ‘positive science’: ‘the wickedest of all things – to choke people off credit, to print money for mechanisms not humans, for splendid little wars, not for warfare, ultimately for the extinction of life – is considered to be done for the common goods; because obviously the people on top double his job – they not only print money with informative machines but print newspeak of freedom and encourage all kind of distractions, infotainments and placebo systems of null power, for people NOT to inquire the obvious: Why a few can print digital numbers as money, and the most must toil for it?
So ALL THE PRIVILEGES OF ARISTOCRACIES OF WAR ARE TODAY ON THE HANDS OF STOCK-RACIES OF MONEY, in the so called capitalist democracies, where the polling of pre$elected candidates in inefficient bipartisan democracies is just a ‘genius’ placebo structure to convince people, they rule. In the graph the 3 ages of the new form of metal-dictatorship: the ‘democratic’ colonial age of imperial Europe, and its Capitalist democracies and pyramid of power in the XIX c. Money is on top and its issuers, private dynasties of bankers who also print information with paper rule. Below a screen of, kings or placebo democracies, or religious leaders cover up for them. And if smart people r=evolve, the army will take care. As a distraction it does take care of enemy nations and inferior races, in colonial wars.
Then the elite of workers for company-mothers of machines do have the good life, and on the bottom the now obsolete workers to the robots revolution did have then at least the right to food for unending work hours, which soon will be lost.
It is important to understand the consequences of living in a dictatorship of company-mothers of machines and money NOT in a democracy, as Democracies were created in Holland by the first company, as a cover up for their political power NOT the other way around:
1) The language of power of society changed from warrior law to money and so did the values, as money, an informative metal from go(l)d to e-money cycles gives zero value to life and maximal to weapons
2)Hence war became endemic and much more lethal as the overreproduction and evolution of weapons caused much more victims.
3)A cover up of newspeaks of freedom substituted hierarchical visible kings as money is ‘invisible information’ so camouflage is best to avoid r=evolutions. This derived in modern newspeaks, to create a walt disney world of freedoms with NO power.
4)But the bottom line, the power of money and its maximal price goods, weapons remained even when machines, which ‘only’ atrophy our organs became its dual twins; companies still hold power in virtue of its most perfect species, top predator weapons that kill humans. So the overproduction crises of the 800 year cycle of classic weapons just accelerated professionally and has NEVER stopped. On the contrary increased its quantity of victims as the quality and price and profits of the pecunia infinita belli nervi cycle got stronger, reason why we can predict cycle of stocks and parallel wars
The globalized world beyond the placebo ‘polling’ of democracy is thus a very hierarchical efficient pyramid of companies power and those who own it, which SHOWS THE COMPLEX SYNERGIES OF THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA systems of informative machines, evolution of earlier Gold systems of metal-information and the Military-Industrial system of energy machines, complex evolution of the classic system of military, entropic weapons.
It is the synergy between those ‘4 sub-systems’, head and body of the metal-earth or FMMI system, what makes the evolving superorganism of machines so perfect in its control of mankind ‘MILKED’ to provide all the resources and work needed to evolve so fast generation after generation all the mechanisms of the metal-earth of maximal value, while the bulk of humanity remains in the subsistence level increasingly below, as they are ‘no longer needed’ by the Metal-earth.
Thus the graphs show the idol-ogies and metal-memes and company-mothers on top. They are the ‘informative class’ of a world ruled by Digital monetary orders nobody else understands – while mankind keeps broken into fractal ‘nations’ with ‘military borders’ to keep the evolution of lethal weapons going stronger in synergy with the ‘hate memes’ liberally delivered by Informative mass-media machines.
The synergy of idol-ogies, metal-memes and class-structure thus happen both at individual and social, national level, according to the ‘temporal inertia’ of each nation, serving the idologies of the metal-earth.
So the original animetal cultures of Indo-European ‘Germanic aryan’ warriors and Semite, go(l)d biblical churches are still overwhelmingly on top, in the western world and the melting pot of America, a nation with pure metal-values; while in the rest of the planet the local old elites of military men often double for the job of financial control, or when a caste of traders and bankers existed, they have expanded their functions (Chinese compradors in South Asia, Parsi in India, Judaism in 3rd world ex-colonies of Europe, etc.)
Son on  top of the world the future is cre(dit)ated for machines with money issued by companies and financiers; below this elite, there is a  10% of authorized workers, managers and ‘believers’ in the system, working on those companies, or remainders of old aristocratic land-owner people, or liberal professions working around the vital needs of those in charge of companies, plus the political people-castes, who make the placebo democracy system run smoothly. All together rule the western world and have created the idologies of placebo democracies (where the state has no rights to issue money for welfare but has to extort it from the population), technoutopia and classic economics that validates its control of the world for the benefit of the machine.
Below the rest of mankind or in each nation that imitates this modern metal- system – the local +40%, (we round numbers), of humans are workers at the subsistence level – which reached its maximal wealth during the age of consumption of machines, when they doubled as reproducers and consumers=vitalizers of those machines to values and push its evolution and spread those machines over the terraformed Earth (post II world war), but had to sacrifice their lives and become consumed by top predator weapons at the end of the 80 years cycles in the war period.
The problem is that in The XXI century (third graph), they are no longer needed in those enzymatic tasks of work and consumption, increasingly obsolete to machines and robots that work for them and consume other machines as structural parts of their bodies and heads.
So this represents a growing problem – what to do with them, ‘losers’, ‘Immigrants’, low-paid workers?
In the past they were dumped by European colonial power into 3rd world countries where natives were terminated in genocides against ‘primitive, inferior people to leave vital space for the lower classes of Europe. While the surviving natives were controlled by military thugs with exports of the free market of weapons. But when the surplus was extreme in the change of cycle, during the overproduction phases of weapons, they were managed by hate media and nationalist idol-ogies spread by Selected politicos for its liberal consumption by weapons that maximized the price-sales and profits of corporations.
That seems will be again the case as we anticipated for decades, after the crash transition from the age of metal-minds to the age of robots, in our present neofascist age, as there is zero implementation of the social and financial reforms needed to massively reproduce ‘butter over canons’ – given the clear racist outlook against mankind of our financial elites, with its biblical segregational cults and classic economical dogmas and our military and war-monger politicos repeating the absurd primitive memes of the pre-scientific age of mankind when each tribe thought to be ‘the chosen nations of a subconscious collective single God’ or superior race.
So unless the system is reformed with the real laws of efficient organic systems, to cater the needs of mankind, avoiding another global war and final holocaust, mankind will be exterminated, as there is no  winner in those cycles – history proves ALL humans of the pyramid of capitalism are consumed in wars for profits – only company-mothers and its technological weapons come on top and the global war cycle one-hundred fold its victims in each series of global wars, in parallel to the same growth of value of stock-machines of maximal price, weapons, who reflect in its sales and production in stocks, the value of its species.
So when the Dow was at 1 the train civil wars and unification wars (1860s) killed 600.000 people, the next cycle of cars=tanks wars killed 60 million with the dow at 100, and now at 20.000, as IN WAR the entire eco(nomic)system becomes dedicated to reproduce top predator weapons and consume human beings, all of mankind 7 billion should die, consumed by our terminator robots and nukes, once one of the splendid little wars of the neofascist neocolonial age which has all the elements – war monger politicos, hate memes, overproduction of weapons, massive degradation of ethical standards, etc. on place waiting for the ‘spark’ to ignite world war III as we predicted with the science of systemics applied to societies for decades, albeit censored by the anti quantum paradox -the social scientist is a tiny particle in a much larger organism that censors it.

The mass-media system thus distracts the masses with technological propaganda and fiction ego-trips during peace ages, but as in the old times of alternacy between war and peace merchant parties, when the Industrial cycle after an overproduction crash ‘chooses’ war profits it brings the nationalist memes of hate to your neighbor, to enact social bondage needed to sacrifice lives to the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycles – and the values of go(l)d that maximize profits with the reproduction of weapons and war, as explained in the graphs.

It is this ever growing more complex system of ‘symbiotic’ financial-media companies and militar-industrial ones that switch in ages of overproduction and economic crisis, to war production and hate memes, as the ones we have been living now for quite sometime, what fuels the ‘progress’ and evolution of technology, in its twin versions, machines and weapons but for the majority of humanity means death, except for the leading empire of each cycle of the Industrial r=evolution, today US (where the flows of global money go to make apple reach the trillion dollar mark and the robotic weapons for ‘splendid little wars that will take us out of the crisis’ (T. Roosevelt) make people rich.

So the modern American, as the nazi German, or the colonial British and French of the steam cycle have no problem to absorb hate media against the 3rd world of primitive, inferior people we must civilize. In this manner an age of ‘racist’ violence against the poor fueled by paranoid leaders chosen to convince the ‘free citizen’ that his purpose is to sacrifice his life for the profits of the leisure class and the evolution and massive reproduction of top predator weapons is taken place – as predicted, in our books for decades since we discovered the exact periodicity of the war-peace technological cycle.

So our age after the overproduction crises of chips is the first age of splendid little robotic wars with massive speculation in technological stocks, full employment in the nation leading the wave (America) and an extreme poverty and suffering for most of mankind.

The bottom line of a placebo democracies, is then obvious – to distract humans from the REAL processes happening in the world – the terraforming of the planet, by its institutions of real power, company-mothers of machines-weapons into an economic ecosystem made to its image and likeness. Since  HUMANS have no investment on them, no right to invent money and have become invisible in the messages of informative machines, dedicated to praise technology produce hate memes against the 90% and rise our stockratic elite to the status of experts, heroes or ‘victims of history’ – ultimately the untouchable ‘leisure class’ busy-busy enjoying the billions invested in ‘art’, ‘remembrances of things past’, luxuries and i-phones.

Machines & weapons have it all. And this is disguised with the ‘jargon’ invented by the people working at company-mothers, called ‘classic economics’, and the corrupted politicos serving them, in such a manner that humans came to believe the evolution of machines and the trillions invested in them is more important than their own evolution and lives. So they feel OK when 1 billion humans are undernourished but 1 trillion $ are invested to jack up the price of Amazon and its future robotic workers and Apple and its minds of metal.

For this to work of course, humanist economics are censored; other alternative systems of true democracies as the original Greek system of citizens elected to charges by lottery, politicos judged after tenure, money distributed first to people to start a ‘voted demand economy’, etc. are completely ignored. Since the immense majority of the so-called fathers of economics were either working for company-mothers or even priests of Biblical cults to go(l)d, with a clear cultural bias against all other human beings – today disguised with mathematical equations like productivity = Machine labor/human labor. So productivity increases when humans are fired and machines replace them in labor -it means merely the extinction of human labor. Yet every politico and economist will tell you that the most important task of economic policy is to increase productivity and I+D research in new machines.

Another example will suffice: when money is invented to produce welfare goods people need is called DEFICIT, as if it were a bad thing. When it is invented jacking up the prices of corporations’ stocks or floating a tiny amount of stocks (usually 1-10%), which converts ipso facto in legal tender money 90-99% of the value ‘invented by the company’, it is called an IPO that creates new ‘wealth’ for the market. When weapons, the most expensive overproduced, profitable good of corporations are reproduced massively in wars, it is called GDP, and indeed nations peak in GDP during wars. And that is all that matters to economists working in company-mothers: the GDP of production. But when it is used to reproduce human life goods of minimal price and durability (as food is), it counts less in GDP in financial terms, so that is bad.

In the paradise of company-mothers then the perfect state is a constant perpetual war with maximal technological, expensive weapons – aka robots, because it will bring maximal GDP to the economy; never mind it will extinguish all human life. We shall return to those themes because they are NOT merely theoretical. Indeed, the progress of war and amount of corpses accumulated by capitalist democracies, turned into dictatorships after economical crisis that slumped GDP, rescued with ‘wars for profits’ is A pattern, NOT an exception as people think, ascribing it only to the most obvious case of Germany coming out of the 29 crisis by means of war.

Enough to say that the main consumption of the third world are weapons provided by the first world, which bring dictators that massacre people, provoke an immigration crisis and yet YOU WILL NEVER heard of any attempt by ‘democracies’ to forbid weapons trade and defend instead true democracies and welfare to end such crisis. Indeed, the harshest dictatorship in the world, Saud Arabia, where the dictator’s clan, even dare to put his name to the country, not coincidentally is the biggest buyer of western weapons decade after decade.

It is then obvious that a placebo democracy will merely accelerate the industrial r=evolution of military robotics that will extinguish mankind, and indeed, the original democracies UK and US, were the nations that vetoed in UNO to forbid autonomous military robots, because they are still on top of weapons trade. America spends today over 40% of its GDP in weapons, when Germany on the eve of II world war just reached that target. 

The take of this blog is completely different. We consider that History the super organism of mankind in time MUST BE ABOVE economics, the organism and the industrial r=evolution and Humanity above machines, and so the order of control must be reversed between economists and historians, companies and governments, machines and people, and to prove why that is also the most efficient system, we shall bring the laws of systems sciences that establish how organic systems reach maximal efficiency.

Only very primitive systems reproduce and devour lethal products dying in the process, as worms and capitalist societies do because its lower informative, ethic, legal and leukocyte, military system doesn’t defend them from parasites and lethal germs. The primitivism of capitalist idol-ogies and tribal nationalisms, which allow company-mothers to reproduce and evolve without limit the germs of history weapons, and control laws, the nervous system with money and bribes makes the future a single path in favor of company-mothers and its machines. It shouldn’t be like that if humans were able to evolve and take seriously the implementation of a scientific management of societies with the laws of perfect super organisms and the true sciences of mankind, humanism, organicism, socialism, the law above money…

Political and Economical Systems in that sense are structures that requires a historicist analysis to clarify its purpose, which of course is also a forbidden school of economics, as it would reveal the pseudo-religious nature of most of its statements.

Moreover the true innovation brought about by systems sciences to social sciences is the realization on how the INTELLIGENCE OF THE UNIVERSE, constructs systems through its languages and values, without the need of its parts to understand the process.

THIS IS ALSO THE KEY ELEMENT TO UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE like ants, which are unconscious of the sum of its actions creating paths are a sum of CULTURAL MEMES, creating a future of which they ARE not aware but becomes deterministic once those values are obeyed. Hence the future is all in the language we obey, ‘go(l)d’ or wor(l)ds, and what is on top, the ‘capitalist’ power to control those languages through the issue of money in monopoly or the human legal system controlling both languages.

But the whole concept of a placebo democracy is to disguise this, which is not a confabulation but an easy thing to do, as languages of information ARE invisible and have a CODE-SYNTAX that only those who reproduce it and manage it can understand. So for companies and its owners, the ‘stockrats’ is easy once the placebo system of democracy with all its sophisticated subsystems is in place to RULE the world through the flows of invisible money, while maintaining people fixed in the ‘energy troubles: national disputes and weapons’ and the ‘other language rendered useless’ by the ill-designed system of bipartisan, confronting, placebo democracies without rights to issue money.

THE KEY TO UNDERSTAND reality beyond the individual is the way in which a language of information programs a mass of citizens-cells that agree to speak the simple values of the language. Then the intelligence of the language does the rest. In history this means we must consider essentially two languages, words that value more humans and build a world to our image and likeness, with the obvious limits of the human condition; and money, a metal language with affinity to weapons amd machines of metal of maximal price which builds a world to the image and likeness of metal-memes with its positive symbiotic but mostly negative effects for mankind, as the most expensive=overeproduced goods in a fundamentalist go(l)d cult(ure) as CAPITALISM is, hauling from earlier Jewish->Protestant fetish go(l)d religions. Hence in capitalist democracies where money dominate the law, war cycles of overeproduction of weapons are tuned to technological evolution and 90% of money is issued by corporations and spent in evolving and reproducing machines and weapons, which increasingly displace us from labor and war fields.  The only future for mankind thus would happen if our leading culture, the Anglo-American civilization founder of company-mothers and placebo democracies, ruled by its FMAsters who control the Financial-Media-Academia system imposing a fundamentalist capitalist view of the future, albeit disguised with fictions and placebo newspeak of political and economical correctness, changes for a more humane, legalist culture EU-UNO-Chinese style, where laws can control the lethal goods of the tree of science. UNFORTUNATELY The present world is a dictatorship of those who monopolize the issue of the language of power of societies, which is money. 2 levels of the dictatorship matter: how money an alien mathematical language that makes of men objects with its equalitarian syntax, man(salary) = Money = Object (price) has come to dominate worlds, the human subjective language that make us center of the action: Man (subject) < Verb (action) < Object, degrading therefore as a species, no longer superior to its objects, and hence increasingly substituted by machines and weapons in labor and war fields. It is for that reason necessary to fully reform the system, imitating perfect superorganism of nature where the subjective,e informative, legal, nervous language controls the reproductive languages of money/hormones/blood/electromagnetism, from the point of view of the brain that favors the survival of the system (black holes running galaxies with gravitation, cells running with DNA genes, brains with nervous messages, societies with the law above money when they are well designed)


Bio-Economic conquest: Company-Mothers.

The symbiosis between money and weapons in old animetal cultures and modern companies is evident, if we consider the parallelism between the main evolutionary ages of money graph. 1 power and the main ages of evolution of metal-weapons. Both together create the top predator cultures of the Earth:

  1. The age of bartering and Bronze Weapons:

Semite warriors create the 1st Civilization of ‘Chosen of Go(l)d’. Semites became the great traders of metal in the Bronze age. They brought metal to the Canaanite coast, manufactured weapons and sold them, or engaged mercenary armies. Soon Semites were in power in all the nations of the Fertile Crescent, extinguishing the Neolithic civilizations that used wheat—a human good—as biological money. Those Semites specialized geographically. A warrior culture took over mountainous, iron-rich Northern Mesopotamia (Assyrian). A trader culture settled in the node of communication between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, Mesopotamia and Egypt, (Canaan). Both started their cycles of war, death and looting that still endure.

  1. The age of coins and Indo-European iron warriors:

It is the age of Greek and Roman empires and their culture of coins and ‘infantry’. The arrival of coins, invented by the Greeks, gives them top predator status, as they hold both ‘Rings of Metal’, money and weapons, now in the hands of Athenian bankers and Spartan hoplites. Soon Alexander becomes the first man to impose his face in a coin, unifying definitively both elements of power, money and weapons. It appears then the concept of a top predator currency that has legal course, because it is hold by a top predator military system that kills you when you do not want to take the currency. Weapons defend the currency and impose, it regardless of its real value or utility, while the currency pays for weapons. After the Macedonians, the Romans applied the same dual game of power. Then the resurrection of a Wor(l)d of ethics (Christianity) halts the evolution of weapons, metal, mathematical information and money. Yet with the Renaissance, the same dual game of power returns to Italy, which becomes the center of evolution of gunpowder and money.

If in the past, the tribe with better weapons imposed its money and vice versa; now the world becomes shaped to the image and likeness of the nation that has the most money: to be able to reproduce money is the main element of power in modern history. Thus, since the nation that invents more money, pays more salaries and produces more war machines, winning all wars. Nothing has really changed. The economic ecosystem as merely grown in size, from animetal tribes to economic nations; and in quality, as weapons and money keep evolving – but nations that hold them come and go.

The series of national powers, based on Top Predator weapons and symbiotic currencies, shapes a shorter 80 years cycle of national power that takes place within the long cycle of gunpowder weapons:

  • XIII-XV C.: Italian Bombards and gold coins spread the Renaissance in Europe.
  • XVI C.: Muskets and bullion give power to the Iberians, the first global empire.
  • XVIII C.: Artillery and paper money spread Revolutionary France.

All these nations produced the Top Predator weapons of their age and imposed their money and cultures to the rest of mankind. Then, the invention by Holland of paper-money, much easier to reproduce than the gold of the Spaniards, defeats them, opening:

  1. The age of paper money and company-mothers.

Paper-Money, issued by the first companies at null cost, accelerates the reproduction of weapons. Gunboat companies seize power. They hyper-abundance of money, now a mere printed paper, motivates more citizens to work in the production of machines and wars. Indeed, without the first radiation of paper money, Dutch companies could have never defeated the Spanish armies. It was the first radiation of European paper-money, used to ‘motivate’ Dutch people, pay mercenaries and build the weapons, which defeated the Spaniards. Till the XX century, soldiers were basically mercenaries. So nations who made a lot of money won wars. Dutch Companies paid mercenaries with and made gunboats, which defeated the Imperial armies and gave Holland independence. Then, after the fall of Amsterdam to French Artillery, those Companies moved to London and gave England the capital and gunboats that created the British Empire and the Pound . . .  So during the XVIII and XIX centuries, the pound would become the top predator currency of the world, reproduced without limit, able to buy goods, people and entire countries…

The symbiosis between top predator, informative currencies and top predator, energetic weapons shows the dual, biological nature of economic ecosystems, which become ‘complementary’ organisms, with a physical economy of machines and an informative ‘head’, made of monetary values and orders that ‘creditate’ the future:

  • XVII-XIX C.: Guilders and gunboats from Holland and England impose the Anglo-Saxon Culture in the ‘7 seas’.
  • XIX-XX C.: Oil machines and paper-money from German banks dominate Europe.

The press permitted the unlimited reproduction of money in the form of paper. Now companies and kings could reproduce paper-money and impose it to citizens, just by printing paper, expanding enormously the number of salaries and hours humanity existence under the rule of Companies, working for them. This brought however many crisis of over-reproduction of money, because even if paper-money was reinforced by an army, many would not accept a worthless paper when the state was too greedy and reproduced it without limit. So the capacity to exchange paper-money for a bit of gold became customary or else paper-money was not trusted, lost value and inflation appeared when paper money was reproduced without limit. The same need for some ‘real value’ happened in the first stock-markets in which paper money represented some real asset, the weapons, gold, territories and slaves of the first company-mothers, reproducers of artillery and gunboats. All those ‘trade’ companies manufactured a product: a gunboat, a weapon. And so people valued those companies for the weapons they owned and the political, territorial power and wealth achieved with them.

  1. The age of e-money and Computer-based Weapons:
  • XX C.: America uses computers to research A-bombs and invent e-money. Both expand the American Empire worldwide.

It gives America control of the world . . . Yet electronic money travels at the speed of light and knows no borders, so it also means the end of national power, as the financial world becomes a single global organism, before the 1980s. So the mirage of national power today fades away, as money achieves its Final Evolutionary scale, becoming the collective brain of the global organism of the economy, at the same time than electronic thoughts in computers are about to cross the Threshold of Artificial Intelligence, in:

  1. The Age of the In the XXI Century the economic ecosystem becomes global: Nuclear weapons evolve, reaching planetary size, with the development at CERN of a factory of quark matter and black holes that can destroy the entire planet. While money also escapes national control, as it becomes the re=productive software of global companies.

From Go(l)d to Capitalism.

The globalization of the economic ecosystem took place when Jewish – Protestant companies of Stock-Money conquered the world with gunboats. They created the ‘present capitalist/mechanist culture that rules it—a modern digital version of the old Go(l)d-Smyth culture of the Am Segullah and the Aryan warrior.

We can follow the main events that expanded the economic ecosystem from Holland, its birth place, till conquering the world. After defeating Spain, the last Wor(l)d Empire, Holland expanded in space to Great Britain (Glorious Revolution) and America (New Amsterdam), 3 nations joined by a common Go(l)d Culture—the old testament with its 3 evolutionary horizons, Judaism, Protestantism and Classic Economics, which is not a science, but a digital version of the Go(l)d-Smyth culture that ruled the world in the pre-industrial age.

Indeed, the same Gold-Smyth culture still dominates the Western financial system. In those 3 countries their elites form an intermarried caste of aristocrats of money, ‘stockrats’, whose beliefs in mechanist science and capitalist Go(l)d, creates a future designed to the image and likeness of money and machines, no longer of mankind. In that regard, we can distinguish, as always in an evolutionary system, 3 ages of evolution in that culture:

—  Youth, as a Go(l)d religion, or Levantine Age, when Phoenician and Jewish, created a global network of trade, from India to England, based in metals (money, slaves and weapons), creating myths and racist religions, which justified the segregation and treatment of human beings as inferior ‘objects’ and slaves.

—  Reproductive maturity. Luther and Calvin devolve Christianity back into a religion of Go(l)d based in the Old Testament, its racial mandates and the belief that Go(l)d is the intelligence of God (Calvin). Their gunboats expand globally their power. Meanwhile paper-money multiplies so much that it can now value all things, including human slaves. During the XVII century the expansion was limited to coastal regions, which could be dominated with gunboats, the machine re=produced by those companies.

—  Informative Age: Classic Economics: Calvinist=Anglican =Jewish believers (Adam Smith, Ricardo, Say, Malthus) translate the myths of go(l)d religions that justify greed and murder, into mathematical laws, founding classic economics. Now, as an abstract science, the Go(l)d-Smyth ideology expands globally, as the Industrial R=evolution multiplies machines and weapons, allowing the conquest of continental lands. Land expansion will take place in the XIX C., in the Age of steamers and trains that penetrated the Neolithic World of Africa and the American plains. Finally, the XX C. witnessed the extinction of all other rival wor(l)d cultures, as the planet became regulated by flows of stock-money, which made Laws and ethic wor(l)ds irrelevant. The creation of the future happens today during the long hours of work in which humans become priced as part-time ‘slaves’ of companies, reproducing and consuming =testing machines, creating a world made to the image and likeness of those machines.

Thus, we talk of 3 nations that carry the worldwide expansion of the economical system, guided by the ‘Am Segullah’, who jump from one nation to another as the oldest informative people-caste of the economic ecosystem, producing most of the information of the ecosystem (money and its economic ideologies)

First Phase: 1608-1688: National top predator: Holland; where the first company is born. Company-mothers invent there ‘democratic’ capitalism. They conquer the world’s main communicative ways (sea trade). They develop 3 evolving types of scientific machines: informative clocks and telescopes, reproductive press and energy gunboats. Soon, thanks to the press, which reproduces ideas faster than verbal priests, they also conquer the ideological mind of mankind, expanding their Go(l)d religion, mechanist science and nationalist, warrior myths to Northern Europe (England, Germany). The economical collapse of the Spanish Empire (Bullion crash, Philip Bankruptcy), definitely tilts the balance of power, from a verbal/warrior society (Inquisitorial Spain) into a monetary, digital society (Holland). Worldwide expansion and control of worldwide credit ensues. The Dutch make huge profits building gunboats and artillery that fuel European civil wars (30 years war, financed by Dutch money and artillery, which kills 1/3rd of the German population). A Swedish king will sum it up in a Latin sentence ‘Bellum ipse aleat’: War feeds itself (with profits). Gunboats were complex machines that required an industrial system of reproduction of cannons and kicked off the Industrial R=evolution of machines. Those company-mothers soon controlled the Dutch parliament and government, as vote becomes restricted, according to monetary wealth. Only the richest people could vote. The first governments of Holland were, in fact, made of CEOs and shareholders of gunboat companies . . .

Second Phase: (1688-1928) Stock expands/reproduces from a micro nation (Holland) into a macro nation (England). After the French invasion of Holland, the Dutch king is asked by English merchants (Parliament) to hold the British Crown. The financial fusion of both nations increases the power of companies worldwide. Warrior kings cannot longer kill Calvinist traders because they are now protected in an island, surrounded by gunboats. The British constructed so many gunboats and developed such excellent artillery that they virtually destroyed all sea rivals and conquered all the world sea routes. Then railways expand further the ecosystems of machines.

Third Phase: America. Company-mothers of gunboats found The United States, which was for a time ‘property’ of the London Company, as India was ‘property’ of the British East Company and Indonesia of the Dutch East Indian Company. Since America is a new land, where there are no previous institutions based in human ethics and aesthetics (Indians, Spaniards and Negroes were not citizens of America), Companies could select the people allowed to emigrate there, by their affinity to their ideals. So social Catholics could not emigrate. Only believers in Go(l)d religions, notably Calvinists, who followed Calvin, the man who said that ‘Go(l)d was the intelligence of God’ and inspired the first economist, Mr. Smith, were selected. In this manner, once the Indian paradise of life was extinguished, America became a perfect place to build a pure economic ecosystem or ‘Free Market’, which today company-mothers rule supreme. Those naïve Europeans who escaped warrior kings and money lenders to create a world based in Christian ethics (Pilgrim Fathers) are soon reduced to a historic anecdote, which hides the fact that the first Americans were mostly owned by Companies as slave or indenture servants. Paper money (notes) issued by states and bank, land machines (cars, trains) and Metal minds (televisions, computers) raise American companies to top world predator status.

European, Imperial expansion. A new expansion of the economic ecosystem happens at the beginning of the XIX C in the European Continent. When France ‘dies’ as an agricultural, warrior-lead civilization (end of the ancient regime), it is converted into a replica of the British Economic ecosystem, once the French R=evolution, based on the Laws of Social Evolution, is defeated by British animetals. In fact, all social revolutions of the past centuries have been crashed by the alliance of weapons and money. In England Cromwell, allied to Merchant adventurers, destroyed the revolution. In France, Napoleon was chosen to save the revolution from the attacks of the capitalist, Go(l)d ruled, British Empire, but he failed. In America, Washington, the wealthiest man of the country and his economical allies—the Virginian slave planters at the service of gunboat and cotton companies, enacted a revolution of lawyers working for those companies, not a human revolution. In Russia, when the red army seemed to have saved socialism, it chose a military dictator, Stalin, who destroyed the revolution. Yet those revolutions created an ideal of what a human government should be: a social democracy, in which the law controls the economic ecosystem with governments that can reproduce money and foster with it the creation of the goods human beings need (the goods of the welfare state). Once those revolutions are aborted or die away, the victory of the economic ecosystem becomes complete. In the XIX C. the new economic ecosystem achieves world dimensions, as other cultures become colonies of Europe. The organisms of history – the social, religious or natural ecosystems of the III world – become now scientific=technological civilizations.

Globalization. Today that economic ecosystem is a World wide organism ruled by a digital brain, World-stock, as no other alternative society is left, except the die-hard Neolithic, warrior societies of Islam— which we use as a perfect excuse to keep multiplying our weapons. The hyper-abundance of money in the age of company-mothers, when money becomes stock-paper, easy to reproduce with a printing machine, has extended the values of greed, violence and mechanist science, cre(dit)ating the modern world. The age of Stock money lasted from 1602 to 1972, when electronic money appeared, making even easier for company-mothers to reproduce their language of power.

Now money becomes electronic money in the minds of computers. Today the entire world is an economic ecosystem ruled by flows of informative, electronic money that select company-mothers, according to the quality and evolution of their machines, promoting, as always, those companies that create the best weapons and informative ‘metal-minds’. Thus, nothing has changed, except the sophistication of the system and the ‘tone’ of the discourse of animetal cultures, today sustained by hypocrisy, marketing and ‘double talk’, what Orwell called the ‘Newspeak’ of the modern world…. So the true nature of our cult(ure) to death and slavery is today invisible to most humans, because myths have been built to justify such behavior, which are now shared by all mankind. Thus, at the end of this chapter, after we describe the facts of history as it IS, we shall consider the main myths that make, as Keynes put it, seem that ‘the wickedest of all things (the extinction of life) is the best of them’.

And none of those myths is bigger than the idea we live in a ‘democracy’, which is the government of the people… This is obviously false, because most of the time of our lives we live in a work environment, where we must obey the companies that pay us, so we are most of our lives, and we act most of our time, under ‘slave orders’ of Companies, which create most of the actions that shape the future of the Earth. We cannot discount those 8 hours a day, as if it ‘would not be happening’, because they are happening. Let us then, before we study the nature of democratic ‘newspeaks’, consider the birth and expansion of companies, till they controlled the face of the Earth.

But the battle between man and machine is not over, because Stockrats have once more, guided by greed, absorbed so much money for themselves that the system has crashed. And so politicians have a final chance to reign over the Earth with the language of mankind, the legal word. It is the last myth/chance/hope of mankind—a ‘Mule’, which as the character of the mythic Foundation series of Asimov, takes over the caste of traders that run the empire and changes history, allowing humans to spend part of their lives in freedom and in tasks within companies that produce life-enhancing human goods, not only machines and weapons. (last chapter)

The Industrial R=evolution. Its 3 Horizons.

During the Industrial evolution the cycle of war and reproduction of weapons accelerates to 72 years. Since it becomes professionalized by the new ‘organism’ of warrior and go(l)d power, the ‘company-mother of machines’, ruled by monetary, digital orders and evolved by mechanist science, expanded around the world by the same Germanic tribes that extinguished all previous humanist civilizations, now organized in ‘nations’. All has changed to remain cyclically the same. The evolution of metal becomes now the evolution of machines, which goes through the same 3 evolutionary Ages of all species:

—  Youth: Age of England: 1768-1848. When France conquered Amsterdam in 1688, the Dutch elite and King moved to England with its know-how, financial and military resources. King William bought the English crown, paying millions of Guilders to M.P. members, who in 1688, during the ‘Glorious Revolution’, elected him king. Jewish and Calvinist Dutch financiers—belonging to the same G(old) Testament culture—found the Bank of England and London’ stock-market, copied from Amsterdam’s Bank and Stocks. The ‘City’ becomes a financial state within the British state, so powerful that the king still has to ask permission to its Mayor to enter. It will be the British Age. England is a protestant country, believer in Go(l)d’s will, which confronts a decadent France, defeating its navy in the 7th years war. Its companies conquer India and Canada, developing the I age of Machines, the Steam Age of huge energetic transport Machines.

—  Reproductive Age: German cycle. 1848-1928, or age of electro-chemical machines, when the Industrial R=evolution reproduces worldwide. The discovery of electricity evolves the first mental machines (radios) and reduces the size of energetic, transport machines, thanks to the electrochemical, oil engine that gives birth to the first cars. Yet Germany will loose, at the end of his cycle, the last gunpowder war, II W.W., since it didn’t discover atomic weapons, as it massacred (in another warrior vs. trader Holocaust cycle), the financial and industrial, informative ‘people-caste’ of the West, which flees to America with his know-how, designing there the first digital machines (computers), applied soon to the creation of atomic bombs.

Now machines are dominant in information. Chips develop. Gunpowder weapons give way to digital ones. The gunpowder cycle ends, leaving way to the Final Cycles of History, the Electronic Age and the Age of the Singularity.

3rd Informative age of Machines: (1928-2008). Age of America or age of electronic machines. America becomes the new world power when it explodes in 1945 the 1st A-Bomb, starting the cycle of digital weapons that the cosmic bomb built at CERN closes now.

Death (2008-2035): It is the Cycle of the Singularity, when Physicists construct the Final Weapon, the last evolution of artillery, a quark cannon that will mass together, following Einstein’s Mass equation, M=E/c2, strong quarks, the most attractive particles of the Universe, which cause Nova explosions and create Quark Stars, pulsars and black holes all over the Universe and menace to convert the Earth into a rock of quark, dark matter. Why we do it? Because animetals, unlike normal human beings, obtain their power and reason of existence, from those objects of metal to which they are attached. So they cannot stop worshipping and building bigger, better machines of death, following, as Descartes put the ‘e-motions of a human automaton, whose feelings will be explained with the rhythms of mechanical wheels’. The physicist invents the weapon and the energetic ‘religions’ of the Universe; industries manufacture them and warriors use them to conquer and destroy the world… While the true writer & artist denounce them. But nobody listens to the master of the wor(l)d.

Thus, in the Age of the Singularity, if we want to survive, is about time that humans confront the ‘biological, organic nature of machines and the consequences for our survival, those cycles of war will have during this century. Because regardless of the advantages of technology and our passion for money and capitalism, if the end of the capitalist process is our extinction as a species, we need to change our paradigm, as life is the most precious good, without which nothing else can be enjoyed.

Physics, the religion of machines & death.

In that regard, a fundamental theme of the age of the Industrial R=evolution is the construction of new ‘myths’ in favor of machines that become the symbol of ‘future progress’ for mankind, even if in all ages of the Industrial R=evolution the most perfect machine has been a weapon whose ‘function’ is to kill us. Unfortunately, in the same manner that our mind has adapted to the ideologies of money and weapons that justified murder and slavery, when they were needed to ‘keep going’ the evolution of metal, with the arrival of machines, a 3rd kind of animetal ideology, mechanism, appears to justify the obsolescence of man to the machine. Now the scientist – who watches the Universe with machines – substitutes the perception of space of the human eye for the telescope and our language of time, words, by digital, clock-numbers. It is mechanism, the birth of physics, the religion of machines, with its racial bias against mankind and our biological senses. Since for a physicist biological time doesn’t exist and human artistic senses and truths are imprecise.

Thus life is irrelevant to the physicist, who manufactures all the weapons that kill humans in the modern age. And so it is art, verbal thought and philosophy. Since in this modern religion of the arrow of energy, movement, matter and death, the truths about time must be perceived only with clocks, ‘time-machines’; the truths about the forms of space must be measured with cameras and telescopes, ‘spatial machines’; and both cannot be explained with our biological verbal languages, but only with the language of machines, ‘digital numbers’, which becomes, in words of Galileo, the new ‘language of God’. This is the religion of the modern man: technology not science, machines not knowledge, physics of death, not biology of life. So while it is still possible to criticize warriors and bankers, nobody dares to challenge the retarded notions about time and space of physicists, who say ‘time is what a clock measures’.

Because we believe in our technological civilization, physicists are our gurus. So people think Mr. Newton, who merely shuffled a few equations, previously found by Mr. Kepler, to come with the simple formula, F=gMm/d2, is the most intelligent man ever born. And Mr. Einstein, who affirmed ‘time is what a clock measures’ and merely applied a new type of mathematics (Riemann’s geometries), improving Newton’s/ Poison’s equations, is the 2nd genius of history. Of course, they are not. Aristotle, Buddha and Leonardo are infinitely more complex and creative, but they didn’t make weapons and machines, the idols that modern humans worship. So our mechanist civilization, based in the arrow of energy, the machine and its mathematical language, ignores their deeds. Mechanists however are very limited thinkers, as we have shown in our analysis of the arrows of time, of which they only understand one, energy, death, simplicity. So, when humans made mechanists (physicists) their gurus, they became worshippers of the arrow of energy and death, hence anti-live, ‘evil’ in verbal, bio-ethic terms, as mechanists despise ‘life’, the opposite word/arrow of information. Indeed, the role of physicists in history is clear: the mechanist murders with machines and shows no remorse for what he does, because he uses abstract mathematics. So he lacks an evolved ethic, verbal mind, connected to his emotional centers. It is the topic description of the cold-hearted physicist, which today at CERN constructs a quark cannon, the ultimate weapon, a black hole factory that might cause the extinction of the Earth, by replicating the big-bang, the final frontier of energy of the Universe. And yet CERN’s physicists, working in an institution inaugurated by Oppenheimer, who said ‘I am become Kali, the God of death’, don’t suffer ‘angst’ for their actions. It is their job to explore only the arrow of death and ethical concerns don’t belong to ‘their sphere of thoughts’. Since the physicist seeks only half-knowledge, only one arrow of reality, the simplest one and so he despises all other sciences that study the arrow of life and information, he doesn’t understand. At intellectual level he doesn’t even grasp the verbal concepts of time and space he describes with numbers. So he thinks ‘time’ is ‘what a clock measures’, as Einstein, a dyslexic, who spoke his first words, ‘cold soup’, at 4, put it.

And because mathematics is a geometrical, spatial language and he uses maths to describe time, he also thinks ‘time’ is the 4 dimension of space. So a physicist doesn’t understand biological time, the arrow of information and evolution in the Universe, and its 3 dimensions, which humans describe with verbal, biologic time. Because those 3 dimensions are logic, not mathematical, the physicist denies them, as if they didn’t exist, because they cannot be described with his language.

Yet in organicism we apply them to each species of the Universe: past, the energetic youth that becomes extinct; present, what reproduces= repeats itself and future, what acquires information and lives into the future. Such ‘biological’, survival concepts of time, proper of Evolution and Biology, are a mystery to a Physicist. But, since he makes energetic weapons, he doesn’t need to learn about form, in-form-ation and the complex time arrows of life. Only the arrow of entropy, energy, death, big-bang explosions and accelerated movement – the variables he encounters as he manufactures weapons of mass-destruction – seem real to him. So he has built also energetic ‘cosmogonies’ (the big-bang) that use only an arrow of energy; and now he is prepared to blow up the Earth, repeating the big-bang with the acquiescence of the entire human species, who has worshiped Galileo, an employee of the Venice Arsenal, who used his clocks of time to improve the shooting of cannonballs, for 400 years. Indeed, physics is the science of weapons and that worldly profession of physicists has deformed their vision of time in terms of energy and space and that worldly profession is about to extinguish mankind, also in loved with the culture of death.

On that view, the Industrial R=evolution of machines and weapons, carried about by mechanist scientists, is just the last phase of evolution of metal, in which the previous, simple metallic forms of lineal weapons and cyclical, informative money combine to produce more complex systems called machines, which imitate the sensorial capacities of human beings. While Mechanism and Classic Economics that make the machine the symbol of ‘knowledge and wealth’, are ‘myths’, crafted by metal-masters, warriors, traders and engineers, to justify the importance of their machines, regardless of their positive or negative effects on mankind (war, competition with life). Yet those myths of mechanism have been opposed by artists, prophets and writers of the Wor(l)d; since the age of Genesis, with their own myths and rational explanations of reality, as a complex organic system, made to the image and likeness of man, which therefore should be made ‘the measure of all things’, as the Greeks put it. Unfortunately, the myths of ‘Animetals’ were imposed not through reason but through ‘greed’ and ‘murder’. And so today, humans reproduce the last ‘germs’ of history, robotic weapons and machines that are killing Gaia. In this manner man has carried the evolution of energetic and informative metal till the creation of robotic systems, in which all his organic functions are replicated.

It is the age of the Singularity, when Machines, once completed its evolution, will openly compete with humans in labor and war fields, protected by the property laws of the ‘Free Market’ and their ‘company-mothers’ in control of corrupted political systems. That conjunction of legal and financial power, backing the new species, could make mankind a silent, sided, obsolete, agonizing species, as today is the Animal World and the III World of unskilled human labor that machines have already substituted.

But humans don’t realize of their obsolescence to machines, because the program of time, our desire to have more energy and information hooks us to them. So the warrior doesn’t realize he represses the senses of his body to become tougher, and thinks his quality is NOT violence but bravery. The trader doesn’t realize people obey him because he hypnotizes them with go(l)d and so he thinks he is more intelligent. The scientist doesn’t realize that the observations are made with machines, but they also bias and reduce his understanding of time to a single energy arrow. Today, the actor doesn’t realize that his fame is due to the capacity of audiovisual machines to replicate his images in millions of human beings, and so he thinks he is a ‘star’. Yet if you take away from the warrior his weapons, from the banker his money, from the actor his camera and from the physicist his telescope, he is not different from any other human being. And so the Animetal fears most to loose his metal-organs and denies always they are the root of his power.

Thus the military once and again failed in the cycles of death of civilizations to accept that weapons not ‘bravery’ decided wars. For example, till Napoleon, who was not an aristocratic military, put the cannons first, infantry was advancing in the frontline.

He erased them with cannonballs. On the other hand, any text of ‘Jewish history’ fails completely to mention their economical role and the financial causes of Holocausts, which are taboo, because that would destroy the myth that they are the upper castes of societies, not because they are more intelligent but because they monopolize the production of money. Finally, physicists will never accept organicism and the complex arrow of temporal information, which they call ‘negantropy’, the negation of entropy, because it would make them appear as ‘reductionist’, mechanist, simpletons, not the high priests of knowledge they like to think they are. Fact is philosophers of science, who use words and artists, who use their own senses, are still the most intelligent, complex humans beings there are: ‘Sabater, those Germans, so many machines and tanks what for? We love (max. human reproduction), we eat (max. energy) and we paint (max. human information) far better’ (Picasso, having an aperitif on Paris, as he saw the Wehrmach entering). Because indeed, human intelligence and our drives of existence are maximized when we use our natural language, words, our senses, eyes, when we love each other socially and when we reproduce… But those ‘human drives’ are denied by warriors and bankers, animetal cultures who repress their senses to enhance work and war rituals and by scientists, who consider words a language inferior to numbers, language of machines. It is the death of History, the Age of Machines and its re=productive organs, company-mothers, which guided by digital numbers, the language of money, have terraformed the Earth.


The eco(nomic)system is the surface of planet Earth, co-existing in 3 relative ages of evolution of information, as a mixture of 3 global super organisms made of 3 different species: the super organism of life beings (Gaia), joined by energy networks of water and light information; the super organism of mankind in time (History) joined by economic networks of re=production of welfare goods humans need to survive and informative, legal, political and cultural networks of verbal thought, and the super organism of informative machines and entropic weapons (peaceful and top predator forms of  organic metal), organized by energetic networks (oil, electricity) and informative networks of  digital money –  fast evolving into autonomous robots, with electric solar skins and digital, AI – Algorithms of Information.

It must be noticed though that the super organism of life, Gaia, is suffering a process of massive extinction (6th biological extinction), which clearly affects also our life-giving goods and non-technological cultures.

So the blog has also a reality check ‘comprehension’ from the higher point of view of systems, on the way the economic ecosystem and its 3 main super organisms,  Gaia, the life earth, History, the human earth and the metal-earth with its 3 metal-memes, re=productive money, entropic weapons and organic machines are ‘dividing the pie’ of resources of the planet…

BUT THE PARADOX OF THE EGO ALSO DENIES that the Earth is a super organism; that history is a super organism of human beings. It all must end in the individual selfie, ‘infinitesimal mind point’ pumping his ego to the infinite – a hopeless case it seems. So let us keep denying the paradox of the Ego now at the level of cultures, showing indeed that the Earth, the economic system and mankind are 3 ‘type of super organisms’, as everything else in the living Universe.

The 2 scales of human superorganisms.

Needless to say organicism puts then man AGAIN as the center of all things, because IT IS THE MOST PERFECT SUPERORGANISM WE KNOW and biology and medicine, the cure of the physiological networks of super organisms, as the TRUE SCIENCES OF HISTORY AND ECONOMICS, since the goal of both would be to create perfect physiological networks of economic welfare production and just democratic systems of nervous control and pain to the brain-politicians that do not obey the organic laws and develop a wealthy, healthy, humanist world to the image and likeness of man, made to the image and likeness of the fractal organic Universe, as the next graph shows.

What this means of course, back to square one, is obvious: we do not live in a real democracy that cares for people or else we would have designed the perfect world to the image and likeness of a perfect super organism, where each cell gets enough oxygen-blood to demand the welfare goods it needs and re=produce them, and where leukocytes=military would be on charge NOT of killing humans but of killing lethal goods; short of a police repressing weapons, crime and poisonous products to mankind; and certainly politicos would be judged with pain=jail messages if they harm people and do NOT fulfill its promises. The model of a perfect social super organism is NOT abstract, production, corporative and financial economics but physiology and medicine applied to the informative/reproductive legal and economic systems of mankind.

What we live in therefore MUST be defined in a very different manner NOT as a healthy super organism, where all cells work for the common good, but as an ecosystem, where there are several species which might be symbiotic but mostly compete for limited resources, in the case of this planet, the species of the 3 super organisms, Gaia, predated by humans but also displaced by machines, History and the Financial-Media (informative head)/Industrial-Military (energetic body) SYSTEM of company-mothers of machine-weapons:


Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 8.48.37 PM

In the graph, the Western, Globalized Superorganism of company-mothers of machines, the Financial-Media (informative machines) Military-Industrial system, whose ‘nervous language’ is digital e-money, dominated by the ‘head’, hence the maximal valuation of financial and internet companies, a growing global ‘brain’ of computers and future Internet of Robots. The military Industrial body is far less important (i.E. companies like Boeing, Lockheed, Raethon or Exxon have far less cap value), because ‘heads’ rule ‘bodies. And yet the anti quantum paradox of censorship makes it ‘invisible’ in the discourse of the so-called Humanist left, which talks of the military-industrial system not of the financial-media world of informative machines that rule us all.

The organic purpose of company-mothers.

The purpose of company-mothers is biological, to re=produce, evolve and disseminate on Earth its offspring of machines – never mind their symbiotic uses to mankind.

If we adopt as humans do an absurd anthropomorphic point of view about social sciences and economics, as if we were in charge, when we are completely misunderstanding the processes of evolution of machines, and merely inventing a posteriori arguments to justify our non-action, all seems to be good and magic: machines evolve and help us to get higher degrees of energy ad information – never mind in the process they compete, substitute and atrophy the equivalent human organs, so men are fat but run fast in cars, stupid but calculate perfectly with computer, master-minded but they can see through Tv the world around them and so on and so on. We just need to ‘hide’ and ignore all the collateral effects of destruction of the planet taking place around us.

If we adopt the real objective point of view, humans have been for most of its ‘civilized’ age, just ‘enzymen’, ‘animetals’, catalyzing the evolution of weapons, entropic metal, money, informative metal, and machines organic metal, dominated by ‘idol-ogies’ that idolize those machines, weapons and money as tools of power and define them as the best thing that happened to mankind or rather the elite that dominates the world with them ‘a posteriori’… In that sense, the mind of man, seems to be an ‘a posteriori’ comment on the ‘subconscious greed and violence’ instilled by the values of metal since the beginning of Genesis. It is then not surprising that the evolution of metal under such ‘idol-ogical zeal’ has gone unabated in a perfect vortex of information.

And of course part of that rule is the belief that our only purpose in life is to re=produce machines working in those companies and to vitalize=consume and select them, catalyzing its evolution, as a short of ‘enzymen’.

The role of humans in the eco(nomic)system is to be ‘enzymen’

The system promotes systematically the concept that we humans do NOT need other humans so we become dependent of machines as ‘enzymen’, who catalyze its re=production as workers and vitalize them as consumers, the ONLY 2 tasks the eco(nomic)system and its networks of metal-communicators tell us to perform to be ‘free’ so we do NOT evolve socially into history, and bond with other humans through social love, a taboo in all our idol-ogies that serve the growing organism of machines, the financial-media (informative)/military-industrial complex system of company-mothers of machines, ncreasingly connected by chips and the internet of things. As social evolution IS the arrow of future of this planet, itself a superorganism (though of course, Biologists also downplay eusocial evolution – love in the mystical concept of religions, where all human share energy and information through charity with other humans forming a memetic super organism where the love memes are the DNA of the clone believers). Instead they stress the dog-eat-dog darwinian fight between individuals nowhere to be seen as evolving super organisms, from ants to earlier humans to present machines to all the organic scales of the Universe, are the method of survival of all Nature’s systems.

So that is the background that of course the reader will vehemently deny – our culture is the scientific rational just righteous culture and it has all been a blessing to arrive here.

In the graph, the free citizens of the world are its company-mothers and humans are NOT because MOST OF THEIR TIME is spent reproducing machines in those systems, and vitalizing consuming them. As that the role they play on the economic ecosystem ruled by those companies.

This means that in our capitalist world all what humans must do is to ‘become enzymen’, catalyzing the evolution of machines-weapons by consumption and its re=production by work.

Man as a slave of machines becomes then the perfect citizen of the modern world, and all other elements of his life remain completely ‘at large’, free=chaotic, because they matter nothing…. except on the absurd theme of nationalist memes needed to evolve and overproduce the top predator machine, the weapon that consume human beings and so ‘common people’ wouldn’t demand so easily.

This model of capitalism – an enzyman with no other reference but the vitalization and reproduction of machines, sold as a symbol of freedom from human social memes – when it was merely the erasing of all things human to make the enzyman, a perfect ‘robot’ of prices and profits, of digital numbers and financial values; however is now in crisis, because the ‘perfect robot’, the machine with AI can do increasingly better all those jobs humans had in the past as consumers, re=producers and so only the 3rd job, as targets of weapons seems to remain in place.

So there is no future for mankind in the metal earth, once robots can do our jobs, except in the initial phase of the robotic age which we live now, since as robots overproduce and evolve into billions of automated machines and cars, there will be a period of growth in the nations on top of the robotic era – notably US, Korea, Japan and parts of the Chinese world. So here nationalism will do the job of ‘keeping in boxes’ as we have been doing with Africa, billions of humans undernourished and underemployed, which as most Africans during the XX century become just ‘useful’ for the consumption of weapons…

Welcome then to the real ‘idol-ogical’ jail of the mind that is suppressing all what makes life worth, to live, to love to laugh…


How deep is the deformation of ‘social science’ by cultural dogma can only be assessed with a thorough revision of its ultimate principles. The case is rather absolute in our dominant civilisation, America, where the culture imposes ‘beliefs over reason’ as the proper mode of human thought, and equalisation of all thoughts as proof of ‘freedom’ and social bonding; and of course considers Scientific dogmas on time, space and the role of man in the Universe as SACRED truths, dividing society in those who believe the mathematical language as carrier of the truths of God vs. those who think the biblical language as carrier of Gods’ truths.

The issue is complex, as the human ‘ego’ above heavens and Earth will not yield easily to reason – humans cannot even organise themselves as a single species, but constantly break themselves into ‘tribal groups’ as if they were different species that might fight each other – even ‘individual competing units’, denying the most efficient form of survival from nations to ant-hills has always been a solid social organisation.

But as so many humans, from prophets of social love, to social scientists, to humanist economists have told them the ‘grand laws’ of the planet, one might wonder why as technology evolves and organises itself into a global planetary system, humans degraded increasingly its mental evolution, back to an age of revivalism of abrahamic myths, nazionanisms, and technoutopian worship of machines.

The answer  is embedded in those ‘biological, first scientific principles’, and it is called the competition of species… but not as humans think – between humans themselves – but at individual level between humans and the most perfect machine that has always been at any age of the industrial r=evolution, the top predator weapon; and at social level, between human organisations, from the family to the government, and the equivalent mechanical organisations, the company-mother of machines and its social organization, the ‘stock-market’ that selects companies through the digital values of money.

So the human psyche is confused and let itself be driven down the laws of darwinian evolution in the chaos of war, obsolescence and hypnotism, mental degradation by those memes of metal.

And now when we TRULY KNOW the scientific causes of our modern history we can retake it in full swing as IT IS knowing WHY IT IS LIKE THAT, instead of being as it should be a democratic, HUMANIST world ruled by the values of the ethic world with the aim of creating a perfect planet for mankind to thrive.

Since for a REAL HUMANISGT social scientist the problem or rather capital sin of the idol-ogies of capitalism, which ultimately worship the synergies of memes of metal (weapons, money and machines) regarding the human experience is obvious: humans are much more than enzymen, slaves of the reproductive and evolutionary tendencies of machines, as capitalism has made us believe and practice.

We are NOT free in a system that demands of us, only to serve the offspring of company-mothers, even if we love the egotrip of higher energy and information provided so far by those machines as long as they do not become independent of us – which they will soon become, with AI and solar skins. But humans are so into themselves, they are blind to that process. They are so into themselves, they don’t realize they don’t govern the world.

This must be understood from the beginning. The world is NOT a democracy, the government of the people, but a compacracy, the government of company-mothers of machines=weapons, whose birth in Holland, its late establishment of modern capitalist democracies as the form to rule over human beings, and the imposition of its biological purpose, and idol-ogy, to re=produce and sale for consumption=vitalization its machines=weapons among human beings, would from then on become THE SURROGATE FUTURE OF ALL HUMANS.

The fact that all this is fully ignored in social sciences today – we, systems scientists are too objective and critical of the way ‘power’ has built their ill-designed economic, political and ecological networks; as per the antiquantum paradox aforementioned – however does NOT invalidate the POWER of truth, to both, ‘explain’, forecast and if allowed to do so, redesign the world to the image and likeness of mankind.

So far those texts, the most advanced systemic analysis of history and economics have not passed the ‘cuts’ that the censorship of political, religious, economic and academic correctness imposes as a straight jacket to social sciences. But human ignorance and rejection of the laws of the Universe have NEVER changed those laws. So what those models of systems sciences have proved ad nauseam for decades is that they do work, do predict the future, and the future of this planet is not religious, abstract but biological, clear and guided by well known laws of evolution, organicism and the fight between 3 species, reflected on that equation, where for LACK OF HUMAN INTELLIGENCE in the management of its societies, the ‘world of machines and its company-mothers; is clearly evolving ahead and reproducing much faster than human societies evolve.

The understanding of the competition happening in the economic ecosystem BETWEEN life and machine, human families and company-mothers for the limited resources of the planet (even basic food is rising prices because 1/4th of maize is dedicate to ethanol consumed by cars), brings us back to the graph of why apple is worth a trillion dollars and mankind none: THE ECONOMIC SYSTEM IS BUILT TO USE THE REPRODUCTIVE BLOOD LANGUAGE OF MONEY NOT FOR THE HUMAN, HISTORIC SUPERORGANISM WHICH HAS NO CREDIT BUT FOR THE SYSTEM OF COMPANY-MOTHERS, which became dominant in the anglo-American civilization conquered the world and ever since have been sucking in all there resources of the planet NOT TO BUILD A WORLD FOR HUMANS BUT FOR ITS MACHINES=WEAPONS that give them power:

In the next graph we see the essential problem of our world: money is NOT created as blood is by every cell, with a Universal salary to demand a welfare economy that would satisfy the needs of life, but by company-mothers for machines and the tiny elite of ‘stockrats’, its owners, mostly financiers that PARASITE the entire planet sucking in all the resources and wealth to invest in stock markets, as borders between human nations exist, but flows of capital became free, and are attracted by the people of Wall Street, The city and similar centers of invention of electronic money. So at distance without people even realizing of, the people of Africa has nothing because its dictators have stakes in Apple; and of course Apple can invent a new iPad, iPod and iPhone every year but the farmer in Africa, or the young mother in Minnesota cannot even fund a crop or a health-care medicine for his child.

So of course the human world has no money no credit and it doesn’t matter because it does not govern the world. It is a submissive system to capitalism. Our legal system, our nervous network is similar to that of the worm – completely dominated by the blood-reproductive system, and the blood reproductive-system produces the goods of maximal price, weapons and minimal cost, software evolving an alien world to mankind.

A real democracy – government of the people – would be a system where all citizens/cells as it happens in healthy organisms of nature, issue a universal ‘oxygen salary’ of money, to demand welfare goods and boost the human economy, today something feasible through a ‘bitcoin-like’ UNO backed global ¥€$ salary for each human to have democratic ‘votes’ in the social language of power – money, and create a demand economy – NOT a supply one, where the few financiers and corporations that issue money, create any product with it and then ‘supply it and sell it through marketing and political corruption’, from nuclear weapons to hate media – things people would NOT demand.
 But we do not live in anything that remotely resembles a ‘real democracy’. Politics in capitalism is about a ‘placebo structure called democracy’ where political servants distract people so in the background the real world of financiers printing money, buying corporations and giving orders of work to humans in mechanical industries, ‘creates’ with credit the world we live- dedicated to make and evolve machines, and let the ‘leisure class’ on top enjoy the world and tell us how ‘graceful, intelligent’ they are. While the invisible human side of ‘capitalist democracies’, the 99% lives, eternally undernourished. 
This amazingly simple power hold by the 0.002% in ‘free markets’: to emit numbers as money, IS the essence of the world’s power today. And amazingly enough it passes as a ‘positive science’: ‘the wickedest of all things – to choke people off credit, to print money for mechanisms not humans, for splendid little wars, not for warfare, ultimately for the extinction of life – is considered to be done for the common goods; because obviously the people on top double his job – they not only print money with informative machines but print newspeak of freedom and encourage all kind of distractions, infotainments and placebo systems of null power, for people NOT to inquire the obvious: Why a few can print digital numbers as money, and the most must toil for it?
Companies design a future for machines, its offspring, not for human mothers, with no credit to create reality. So the future unless the eco(nomic)system is reformed has a single path: life obsolescence.
The body structure of the social organisms of history and economics show clearly where the problem lies: 99% of the money issued by our stock-ratic elites IS DEDICATED to evolve and reproduce machines NOT human beings and its welfare goods needed to survive. Since its primitive animetal idol-ogies that pass as economic science but are just a digital version of its biblical segregational memes, translated today to AI software give zero rights to workers and full rights to machines. So the extinction of life is sold as ECONOMIC SCIENCE. Of course it is NOT. A REAL economic science will be ruled by human legal languages, our informative system in control of the networks of blood-reproduction forbidding lethal goods as any super organism does, and overproducing our goods, welfare goods, establishing a universal salary in Yes money for each human to demand those goods (a bitcoin system with NO limit, but a monthly issue to each person in the planet of a 1000 eurodollar salary in its mobile ‘wallet’ would be all what is needed to create the blood coins every human requires to survive, cancelling stock-money to control further evolution of chips & robots).

In our PLACEBO SYSTEM, politicos instead of directing societies in an efficient manner, with the law above money, to design a world made to the image and likeness of mankind, democracies consist on people discussing, unable to pay for their measures except by extortion of money through taxes – as the key IS THE INVENTION OF MONEY, the power Companies and financiers monopolize. So once the first companies took power, they invented the parallel system of democracy.

The problem though is NOT only the people on top by all means, but the Institutions they have cre(dit)ated and ULTIMATELY, the ‘biological affinity’ between company-mothers in seek of profits and weapons and machines of maximal price. So when Profits is all what matters, ultimately the most expensive goods to reproduce, weapons, will become the star-product of the system, enacting the cycles of wars and holocausts, as they ultimately are used in war. The EQUATIONS OF PROFITS of the last graph are thus the COMPLEX level of reality that NOT even those who rule understand ‘rationally’ but merely ‘follow the money’.

In the same way placebo capitalist democracies build a system of placebo ‘freedoms’ classic economics is built to justify a model of corporations, in which they  ownin the language of social power money and workers and consumers have no rights TO A SHARE OF PROFITS AND A LIMITATION OF THE LETHAL GOODS THAT DO NOT HELP OUR BIOLOGICAL ORGANISM TO IMPROVE. A real democratic economy, with citizens votes through a Universal salary, would promote welfare, and a proper biological understanding of economics as part of history – not a detached digital science of overproduction of money at all costs, would restrict the freedom of corporations to reproduce those lethal goods that harm mankind, even if in metal-values they have maximal price. 

THE economic SYSTEM IS thus both A PARASITIC SYSTEM OF FINANCIERS, SUCKING IN THE ENTIRE WEALTH OF THE PLANET, TOWARDS COMPANY-MOTHERS OF MACHINES-WEAPONS and a harmful system that allows the massive reproduction of the goods of higher price, weapons (max. price=sales=profits) and hate media (minimal cost of reproduction through mass-media waves). This equation of CAPITALISM is the essential ‘drive’ behind our capacity to promote war, destroy life and kill mankind.

Every kid in Africa can buy for 20 dollars a Kalasnikov made in Israel or Check republic, but there is not enough food at a fair prices to feed it, because nobody invest in welfare goods.

Since EVERY rich dictator of the planet gives its money to the likes of Goldman Sachs, so they take it from Egypt, or Brazil, Argentina or Minnesota and THERE IS ZERO INVESTMENT IN THE PEOPLE OF THOSE COUNTRIES, MANKIND, THE 90%, so Goldman Sachs gives it to Facebook, Amazon, Apple, or any of the COMPANY-MOTHERS OF MACHINES, WEAPONS AND ROBOTS, to invest in the machines-weapons that will end up throwing us from all labor and war fields; so the entire world has NO CREDIT TO CREATE A WORLD TO THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF MANKIND.

THIS IS THE MEANING OF CAPITALISM: A PARASITIC SYSTEM OF APPROPRIATION OF THE LANGUAGE OF SOCIAL POWER, money by a people-caste of bankers and an alien organization, the company-mother of machines-weapons, which maintains humans divided in tribal nations, broken by military disputes that evolve further the market of weapons, while sucking in all the resources of the planet to pump up to stratospheric levels the value of those corporations, while the value of mankind remains null. But the press will tell you that if Amazon, Google and Apple cross the trillion $ mark, mankind is progressing.

The opposite of course is truth: what those companies are building is NOT a human paradise, but the elements of the Robotic age and its collective telepathic brain – the metal earth, which will be the last cycle of the economic ecosystem and its industrial r=evolution as humans will become expendable and join the process of extinction of life and Gaia biologists called the 6th extinction only human egocy can adscribe seriously to mankind, as it is an obvious byproduct of the Industrial evolution of machines and its  non-human super organism, the metal earth.



The evolution of machines is organic: Man created first its energetic bodies, then its informative heads and now fusions both in robots.


3 ages of machines evolution

The industrial r=evolution is the evolution of a new organic species made of metal, the machine, we humans have built by imitating our living organs, its functions and forms in stronger, faster metal atoms, to enhance our capacity to process energy and information with those new organs. So we build with the strongest atom of the Universe, iron, larger stronger arms, with positive use, as cranes do handling more weight, or negative use as weapons do killing faster other human beings, starting the substitution and obsolescence of human bodies by metal-bodies. And we build with the most informative atom of the Universe, Gold, able to imitate any form including that of light… first a new language that values all entities of reality with prices, substituting the values of verbal words the natural language of mankind, called money. And today culminate this process of substitution and obsolescence of human brains with golden chips embedded in more intelligent digital machines that process information and calculate faster than our brains, with the positive result that all of us we all can feel like Leonardos, taking awesome pictures, enhanced with adobe photoshop; but the negative outcome that we become substituted by chips and robots, the new white collar secretaries and blue collar workers, and we atrophy our skills, becoming dependent on those machines that make us, increasingly obsolete due to their faster rate of evolution, which constantly increases its competition with humans in war and labor fields. This process of substitution and obsolescence of man to the machine is measured by a simple equation called productivity; calculated by dividing the capital invested in machines and the human labor used to produce them, which constantly dwindles since the beginning of the industrial r=evolution, and now approaches to infinite, the point of mechanical self-re=productivity, when machines no longer will need us to reproduce, evolved by CAD design, printed in 3D, powered by solar skins and ruled by AI.

As nature creates the 3 parts of the virus, head, body and legs, we build the bodies, engines and heads of machines and now in the 4.0 r-evolution we make them into vital AI autonomous, solar skin robots as Nature ensemble virus that then kill the cell, the enzymen that make them alive and live its autonomous lives..

Organisms or Mechanisms?

Though the purpose of this book is to explain the economical and existential crisis mankind faces at the beginning of the XXI century, in a wider sense it is about 2 different philosophies of the Universe:

—  One is called mechanism. It considers all what exists a machine, including the human being, the Universe and of course machines. Mechanism is the official philosophy of our technological civilization. It was developed initially by Galileo, whose real-life profession was that of an engineer of military devices, working for the princely salary of 1000 ducats a year for the Arsenal of Venice. Galileo was a mechanic, who started to philosophize about the Universe, departing from his job. Thus, he took the instruments of his work as the models for his cosmogony, in which the universe was compared no longer with a human organism but with a machine. Today mechanism is still the main philosophy of Economics and Physics—the 2 sciences that manufacture machines—not because mechanism is the truth of the Universe, but because machines gave power and power imposed those ideologies to the rest of mankind.

So scientists made of the machine the ‘idol of the human tribe’ that established our superiority over Nature and all organic philosophies of knowledge. Galileo’s idea that the Universe had to be observed with machines, telescopes, today evolved into cameras and clocks, today evolved into computers, instead of human senses, eyes and verbal words that describe time with past, present and future verbs, however degraded the mental organs of human beings to a secondary status. Soon, the Universe became modeled no longer as a complex organism but as a mechanism and man became an imperfect machine, (instead of considering machines imperfect organisms):

‘I should like you to consider that these functions (including passion, memory and imagination) follow from the mere arrangement of the machine’s organs every bit as naturally as the movements of a clock or other automaton follow from the arrangement of its counter-weights and wheels.’ (Descartes, Treatise on Man)

It was a radical change in history of thought. Since mechanism created the world we live in. Because all other ideologies, capitalism, techno-utopias, even Marxism, come from mechanism, the belief in the machine as the measure of all things.

—  The other great philosophy of the Universe is called organicism, as it considers all what exists an organism, the human being first, made to the image of the Universe also an organism, whose biological mind – the laws of organic science—we might call in mythic terms God.

Organicism considers the machine also a primitive evolving organism that will become one when robots acquire Artificial Intelligence. Organicism was the dominant doctrine of mankind during most of our existence, till the Industrial Revolution changed the paradigm. But precisely, because machines are becoming ‘organic’, suddenly organicism has become all the rage – as engineers study biology to replicate organic systems in machines. And so, paradoxically, the III Millennium will witness the final victory of organicism over simplistic mechanism, as the Earth, Gaia and ‘her new inhabitants’. . .  machines, become organic beings.

Indeed, the main difference between organisms and machines is that organisms possess both, a body and a head or particle of information. On the other hand, machines normally have only one of both elements in perpetual balance. They are either dominant in informative systems (computers, TVs), or energy systems (weapons, transports). As such they don’t switch behavior, becoming first informing heads and then moving bodies, as biological life does. . .  till the arrival of robots. Thus, classic machines are predictable, reliable and their simplicity makes them efficient. But the Universe turns out to be dual, based in systems that can handle and switch, in ‘feed-back cycles’, between the arrow of energy and the arrow of information.

This is the fundamental law of quantum physics, called the Principle of Complementarity between informative particles and energetic fields (so not single particles or pure fields of energy exist). In Biology it is called the Complementarity between heads/cellular nuclei of information and bodies/cells of energy, or between female, informative, perceptive beings and males, specialized energetic sub-species. Thus, most life systems have genders and all life systems have bodies with heads or cells with informative nuclei. Since heads without bodies or bodies without heads don’t exist as living species, according to the Complementarity Law.

Thus, classic machines need humans to reproduce and act as information or energetic systems, since they are incomplete beings. And so a symbiosis between classic machines and humans exist and it is beneficial to man, because it is based in the human, mental control of machines.

Yet that symbiosis no longer holds as machines become, during the IV Cycle of the Singularity, organic, autonomous robots which don’t require a human being to work and will be able to consume other machines.

So robots compete with humans, as workers=reproducers of machines and consumers that use other machines: Workers in the age of the Singularity are becoming obsolete to robots and software systems, in a process that is causing the biggest wave of unemployment since the creation of assembly lines in the 1920s.

Of course mechanism argues ‘ad eternal’ that computers will never be able to process information better than our brains, but the fact is they already do and that is why they displace workers. We can build computers that process the same information our brains process, encoded in numbers, with a few atoms of gold, while our brains need very complex masses of carbohydrates that move 3 million times slower than photonic chips do.

The creators of intelligent computers are today the stars of scientific media. They are funded by the scions of ‘money and weapons’ of our society, Wall Street and DARPA, the robotic arm of the Pentagon. Sadly enough our economic ecosystem is interested in metallic brains more powerful than ours. Why? Because we have created a series of myths and ideologies, along the historic path of evolution of metal that justify the creation of all types of machines, according to the ethic values of our ‘Technological civilization’, which consider all machines positive to mankind regardless of their lethal use (ch.9).

The change of paradigm, from a World in which man was the measure of all things, to a world in which the machine and its evolution became the engine of history, can be traced to the discovery of clocks and telescopes that made obsolete human eyes and verbal words, which had been till then our biological senses of space and time. They also brought about the ‘mechanist’ ideology of science that denies an organic Universe, built to the resemblance and likeness of man. Yet, in fact, a mechanism is a simplified organism.

Mechanism, as a philosophy of the Universe, is a simplification of the organic cosmos. Since a mechanism is just a deconstructed organism that has only energy or information organs; while Nature’s organisms are made with both, energetic systems (called bodies in Biology, machines in Economics, and fields of forces in matter) and information systems (called heads in Biology, Money in Economics and atomic particles in matter). It is only now in the XXI century when science and mathematics (fractals, non Euclidean and chaos theory) has reached a level of sophistication that allows us to return to an organic, more complex vision of the universe. It is a revolution on the making by the sciences of complexity, systems sciences and duality which this book brings to social sciences and so we have to introduce some more complex concepts of time and information that those used by physicists to fully grasp the organic paradigm from where Bio-Economics and Bio-History, the 2 new disciplines explained in this book depart.


The cycle of the global economy is also a cycle of reproduction of energy machines by physical industries, not only economical information, money, by financial industries, as both cycles are related by the evolution of technology that allow the massive reproduction of weapons, machines and money, saturating the economic ecosystem and provoking finally a crash of the financial or consumption pyramid.

Yet, since the nation which discovers the new energy also has the best weapons, to come out of the crisis industries often makes profits with wars, which increase in ages of economical crisis. Since the most perfect machines and hence the most expensive and the ones that give higher profits at any age of the Industrial R=evolution are weapons, the ‘top predator’ versions of the consumption machines we enjoy so much. Thus, profits can be made even in higher quantities manufacturing weapons to consume human beings, instead of peaceful machines that we consume.

– Thus Britain and France embarked in a series of colonial wars after the 1850s crash of Trains (Crimean wars, colonization of Africa). Indeed, after those crashes the world plunged into an age of wars fought with armored trains (Civil Wars, German Unification wars, Colonial Wars), which lifted the demand for trains and a new age of economical prosperity and wealth for the European Nations that manufactured them, as millions of 3rd World people became ‘civilized’ or extinguished.

– Then, 72 years latter, Germany tried to come out of the crisis building weapons, converting its Mercedes into armored cars—the tanks of World War II, which lifted the demand for oil machines and age of economical prosperity and wealth for those who manufactured them – so Mercedes increased fivefold its profits and General Motors, in the country that won the war increased them eightfold.

– Finally, after the 2001 crash of electronic machines, we lived a new age of global war, security vigilance and smart weapons, made with those chips, which lifted the demand during the 2000s; and the economical prosperity and wealth of America, till a parallel massive reproduction of electronic money, made with those machines caused the present crisis and those machines were reconverted into smart weapons to lift demand in an age of war. Since all ends are the beginnings of something new.

So the III Cycle should be followed according to the laws of evolution of organisms by a last cycle of the Industrial R=evolution:

—The IV Cycle of Organic Machines, or age of the Singularity, when machines become autonomous organisms, bringing an age of wealth for all industries that will sell their machines to the robotic industry to be used in war and labor, as more people is thrown out of jobs and killed in the mountains of Afghanistan. That is the age that now starts, an age of massive economical wealth and historic tragedies, of ‘wars and death as the world has never seen’ (Antichrist, Nietzsche, ‘prophetic writer=historian of the future’ of the II Kondratieff cycle). Yet the true danger for mankind, will come from the creation of the III Horizon of the evolution of Nuclear weapons: after Atomic Bombs and Hydrogen bombs, which destroy energy, (E=Mc2), now we are researching the inverse equation of Weapons of Mass Construction (M=Ec2), Quark Bombs, Big-bang Nova Explosions and black holes, which are self-feeding bombs able to absorb all the mass of the Earth.

The Kondratieff Cycles of Energy.

The evolution of Energetic and Information Machines is caused by the discovery of new sources of faster, smaller energies that determine 4 Kondratieff cycles: The Steam/ English cycle, the Chemical/German cycle, the Electric/American cycle and the Cycle of Solar/Robotic machines or age of Asia, which completes the Industrial R=evolution and starts after the Crash of the Electronic Age. Parallel to those cycles there are self similar ages of monetary creation….


The I industrial R=evolution of Metal is dominated by Steam Engines that move the first huge bodies of machines, trains and steamers that require simple, big energies.

But the arrival of a more subtle, quantized form of energy, electricity, which can create broken bits of in-form-ation, allows the discovery of the ‘metal-heads’ of the II Industrial Evolution. The steam leaves way to a combined form of chemical and electrical energy (oil inflamed by sparks in gas engines, electrical light bulbs, etc.); while engineers develop the 1st mental machines (phones, radios). It is the Electro-chemical Cycle of machines.

Then, the vacuum tube and the chip—a diminutive brain of metal—start the III Evolution of Energy, the electronic age, which dominates the end of the XX century.

Finally, the XXI C. will be the IV Age of Solar Energy that will give autonomy to organic machines, robots and smart weapons that complete the Industrial R=evolution. Classic economics calls those 3+1 cycles of the Industrial Evolution caused by the invention, reproduction and evolution of new energies and machines that act as the economic engine of modern history, the Kondratieff cycles of economical activity; each one of 72 years.

The Kondratieff cycle differs slightly from the III Ages of the Industrial R=evolution, previously analyzed, since the age of ‘Bodies of Metal’ had 2 energetic phases, steam and electro-chemical machines2. While the age of machine-heads coincides with the electronic age and the Age of autonomous robots will be the age of solar energy.

Thus we can divide organic machines in ‘bodies’ of energy, ‘heads’ of information and autonomous robots. And we can observe 4 energy generations of ‘steam machines’, ‘oil machines’ and ‘electrical machines’ that will leave way to a IV cycle of solar robots, which makes machines self-feeding and autonomous.

Yet another biological division is needed to understand how those cycles of economics affect so deeply in a biological manner the cycles of history and the life of human beings—the distinction between ‘peaceful machines’ that human consume and ‘predator machines’ – weapons that consume men.

The 3 ages of each Kondratieff cycle.


Machines have 2 forms. Some are tools, symbiotic to humans. Some compete with men at work and kill us in war fields as weapons. Their biological nature shows in their dual forms and functions, which correspond to the destructive, Darwinian and creative, symbiotic arrows of living beings. Unfortunately, when machines mutate into weapons, History enters in a cycle of global wars. It has happened 3 times at the end of each Kondratieff cycles of machines’ evolution.


Machines are, as the parable of the Tree of Science explains, dual fruits, good tools and eviL=anti-Live weapons that can extinguish us. Hence the need to control and prune the tree of technology and allow only the re=production of machines harmless to man. On the other hand, weapons are the key to understand both, the cycles of history and economics, as they are willingly re=produced by the same company-mothers that make ‘peaceful machines’, given the fact that they have the highest prices. Thus, company-mothers alternate the creation of good and bad fruits, according to the evolving, cyclical ages of those machines and energies. Unfortunately, since all forms of energy can be used as bombs and the most evolved machines are weapons, weapons are produced both, at the beginning and at the end of a Kondratieff cycle of energies. Thus, both, the end and the beginning of those cycles overlap in an age in which new energies are used to make bombs and old machines reach its evolutionary zenith as weapons, causing together the ‘war ages’ of those cycles.

In that regard, a scientific analysis of the evolution of each energetic generation of machines distinguishes, as in any biological species, 3±1 ages (ch.3), parallel to the 3 organic ages of life, (energetic youth, reproductive maturity and 3rd, dying age):


—  As all young, life forms, full of energy, machines are born as engines used in pure energy processes: pumps, heating systems or bomb devices.

—  But youth is an age that evolves quickly into plenitude. So in their mature age, those engines are applied to transport machines. Then, the machine starts an age of massive re=production, diversification and peaceful consumption, the happy 20s or the happy 90s, similar to the mature, reproductive age of a living being.

—  Finally, in its third age, the machine mutates, becoming a weapon that kills, consumes human beings and often becomes destroyed in the process. So happens to life in his third age, closer to death.

Thus, machines have 2 evolutionary forms, which mimic those of any species: the first, simplest machines are peaceful, consumption tools, whose energy and information enhance our own informative and energetic capacities. So we can talk farther with a mobile metal-ear and move faster with a car. Its reproduction and sale therefore brings times of peace and happiness to the countries that make them, as people experience the exhilarating feeling of being stronger and more intelligent thanks to them. They are the good fruits of the Tree of science. But as machines evolve, their informative and energetic capacities grow so much that they harm the human body, becoming weapons; or they are used to ‘manufacture’ human opinion with their audiovisual information that ‘hypnotizes’ the collective subconscious. So, finally the industrial and military power uses the new weapons to kill and the new informative machines to program people into loving war (Hitler’s Radio-hate, hate-TV in this cycle.)

The 36 years peace/war cycle.

Let us consider the consequences of those cycles in history:

—  Countries that discover and evolve each of those energies become the top predator nations of the world during each Kondratieff cycle: Britain mastered steam energy and dominated the Steam Age. Germany mastered electro-chemical energy and dominated the II Kondratieff cycle. America mastered electronics and dominated the age of mental machines (chips & TVs). Finally, the Robotic age that now starts will be dominated by Asian nations, till the arrival of The Singularity.

—  Since machines dominate culture in the industrial age, societies go through 3 parallel cultural ages that mimic the dominant machine of each cycle:

—  An age of infantile enthusiasm, when the new machine/energy is discovered.

—  A mature age of global power, based on the development and massive reproduction of a peaceful transport machine.

—  And a cultural baroque, when lobbyism and political corruption accepts the ‘needed consumption’ of weapons in wars to foster profits, with all kind of ‘cultural excuses’:

It is the British & French, colonial age of steamers that ‘civilized’ Africa & Asia in the I cycle. It is the Nazi age, dominated by tanks that ‘cleansed’ Europe of ‘inferior races’.

And it is the Age of Bush, with his war against Iraq, which substituted the legitimate fight against Al-Qaeda into a war for profits that is used to develop robotic weapons.

Indeed, if we consider America at the head of the electronic cycle, it has passed through an infantile age of enthusiasm for its electronic machines, during the first days of television, into a mature age of world-wide re=production of TVs and portable PCs, which expanded American culture worldwide, to the present age of smart weapons, TV violence, global Big Brother surveillance and lobbyist politicians, indifferent to human lives, who spread global war in search of ever higher corporation profits.

Yet at the same time the electronic cycle ends, we can observe again an infantile, techno-utopia enthusiasm for the Robotic R=evolution that will bring mankind into obsolescence and a messianic zeal among physicists that are building the Final Weapon—a Cosmic Bomb that will bring the frontier of energies to its absolute zenith; that of black holes and ‘strong quarks’, responsible for the explosion of planets and stars all over the Cosmos.

It is the Energetic, Bomb age of the IV Cycle, the first factory of dark matter on planet Earth.

  • Robotists call the first machine with Artificial Intelligence the Singularity. While the Final Weapon is a self sustained ‘mass-bomb’, able to burn the entire mass of this planet, converting the Earth into a pulsar or black hole, also called a Singularity. Thus, the name seems appropriate to define the IV cycle of evolution of machines, as it applies to both limits of human survival: a super-energetic machine able to destroy the Earth and a super-informative machine (an intelligent robot) that will make human workers obsolete. It is the cycle that completes the Industrial Revolution and can extinguish history, unless a radical change in the management of the Economic Ecosystem takes place.
  • The Kondratieff cycle is therefore the fundamental cycle of economics and the main cause of the peace and war ages that alternate in modern history. And its periodicity coincides with the generational cycle of 72 years of human life and national power, given the fact that those machines are discovered, evolved and used by human beings, organized in nations. Its key dates are:

I     STEAM CYCLE: British Age:

1784…..Steam Peace…1857 Crash…Steam Wars…

II   CHEMICAL CYCLE: German age:

1860s…..Chemical Peace…..1929 Crash…Oil Wars…


1940s….Electronic Peace…2001 Crash…Robot Wars…


2010s: Singularity=Extinction?   Vs Human R=evolution?

The key date of each cycle is the moment in which the overproduction of peaceful machines provokes a global economical crisis and a Stock-market crash. Then the same companies that made peaceful machines switch to the production of weapons. Every 72 years that mutation happened after one of the 3 biggest stock market crashes of history, the railroad crash of 1857, the 1929 crash of radios and car industries and the 2001 NASDAQ crash of the computer industry.

After each of those crashes the Industrial World began to re=produce those machines as military weapons that, instead of being consumed by human beings, consumed us in wars. Today the electronic gadget mutates into a smart weapon, as the first Terminator Robots, self mannered tanks and plane drones, are mass produced for the American army. It is the age of Smart Weapons.

Unfortunately in those war ages industrial information, carried by ‘metal-heads’, stresses the human causes of those war cycles, convincing people that wars are not made for industrial profits. So European empires didn’t go to war to get raw materials and sell weapons but made war for altruistic causes—‘to civilize primitive cultures’. Germans didn’t go to war and made weapons to get out of the 29 crisis but to obtain a much needed ‘vital, historic space’, unjustly stolen by surrounding nations.

Today the world is at war in Iraq to ‘bring Democracy’ in what seems a repetition of our colonial profiteering and despise for ‘primitive cultures’.

This hypocritical reasoning is needed, given the fact that we live in Democracies and people are ethic and need good reasons to kill the poor people of the planet, instead of raising them from their misery with money for peaceful education and trade. This solution however cannot be implemented, since stock-markets deviate constantly most investments to the technological companies of each cycle, provoking a chronic scarcity of human goods that prevents the evolution of those cultures, without credit to come out of their cycles of poverty, violence and terrorism4. As ‘Business this week’ put it bluntly: ‘who needs Mexican bonds if we have Sun Microsystems’.

Technologic & Economic myths: Wealth of nations.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 00.55.46

Industrial war creates a curve of world wars with steep growth in causalities. The arrival of machines makes the scale decametric: 600.000 deaths in the steam wars, 60 million in the oil wars and 6 billion in the Age of the Singularity?

Thus, it is clear that the economical ideologies that pass today as a science have a tribal or religious origin; and because they are ideologies of tribal power, they also foster war. Indeed, in the beginning of the XIX Century, the postulates of Go(l)d Religions that considered Gold the symbol of God’s grace and other human beings, inferior races, not Chosen by Go(l)d, were translated into an ideology in favor of machines, money and the Go(l)d believers owners of those companies, called classic economics, invented by A. Smith, a Calvinist believer that considered Gold ‘the invisible hand of God’ and Ricardo, an ‘Am Segullah’ Banker, who affirmed that Free trade is the source of all profits.

Yet since ‘weapons’ are the most expensive products whose sale gives higher profits, what truly Adam Smith and Ricardo said is that the ‘Wealth of Nations’, weapons, should be promoted and traded, instead of promoting ‘Human, life-enhancing Goods’, made with natural products, as all economists belonging to the Physiocratic school, had believed before their books wee published. While Ricardo invented a simplistic, false argument to impose industrial products to 3rd world nations, the goodness of ‘Free Trade’, which he expressed as follows: ‘If Portugal produces wine cheaper than England and England nails cheaper than Portugal, both profit by trade. So Free Trade is good’. At first view the argument seems flawless, because it is simplified to a single product. Yet in reality an industrial nation produces cheaper most products; not only one single product as Ricardo pretends, but a wave of them. So England will sell to Portugal thousands of products and Portugal only wine, becoming a single-product nation and depleting its monetary reserves trying to pay the rest of English Goods – thus the argument again is just an alibi to accumulate the go(l)d resources of the other nation. So it happened: Portugal sold only Porto to England and had ruined all its industries by the end of the century. So Portugal had to use up her gold; and then it used up its Brazilian gold to pay England, becoming the 3rd world country it was till the European Union, an alternative economic ecosystem with human values, helped Portugal to come out of poverty. The same process happened in every region of the 3rd world colonized by England, which ruined India, China and Africa thanks to ‘Free Trade’. Thus, what classic economists were doing, was to support the expansion of the British Empire and the accumulation of go(l)d… As industrial growth increased the importance of machines in the economy, ruining all alternative economic systems, the thesis of Adam Smith and Ricardo were adopted by all European nations. And today they rule the policies of all states, provoking the same 3 ‘collateral effects’ of classic capitalism: a constant substitution of workers by machines, the endemic poverty of the 3rd world and a permanent overproduction of weapons and war, to increase ‘the Wealth of Nations’. Nothing has really changed.

Let us consider those collateral effects of the wealth of Nations in historic organisms, from the biological perspective of the life & death cycle of civilizations the wars of nations cause.

Money feeds war. ‘Bellum ipse aleat.’ And this is truth both, in the old age of civilizations, in which 2 simple species of metal dominated the economic ecosystem, energetic metal (weapons) and informative metal (money), creating mercenary armies that made of war the goal of human societies, guided by aristocratic warriors. And it is truth in the modern age of nations, in which more evolved species of metal, informative and energetic machines & weapons, dominate the economy. Obviously it was easier to understand in the Age of Genesis, when ‘metal’, the substance that the Economic ecosystem has evolved, was so simple that we only had ‘money’=golden apples and ‘weapons’, produced by ‘Cainites’, smiths in the Islamic tradition. Those 2 groups, the Adams and Smiths, whose surname fusions in the master of economical ‘newspeak’, accounted for +80% of the world ‘economy’—as money was used basically to cater and provide for mercenary armies, which then sold prisoners to slave and weapons traders. For centuries Economic Newspeak has hidden the fact that long distance trades were, almost exclusively trade in weapons and slaves, carried by animetal castes (Semite and Germanic tribes), as Harvard Scholar, Mac Cormick proves for the Middle Ages and any serious Historian of Modern capitalism knows. Since non-durable goods could not be carried far away and cheap goods were too expensive to transport.

So human slaves, carrying weapons of maximal value, represented around ¾ of the monetary economy, before the Industrial revolution. Then, accumulation of capital obtained by slave trade in Middle Age Venice, Amsterdam and Liverpool, will evolve in those 3 cities Modern Companies, gunboat arsenals and Imperial Power, during the cannon age. Those facts, regardless of modern Newspeak, explain why the people-castes that carried war and slaves/weapons trade were hated systematically by all cultures they came into contact and have been the embodiment of the myths of eviL ever since, which only the censorship of complex written thought brought about by present mass-media could erase. Without slavery and weapons trade or outright murder by war, we cannot understand the racist myths of Germanic and Semite tribes, the 2 main cultures of those trades for millennia, who first were cattle ranchers and then farmed human beings with metal. Today we have so many machines and tools, the economic ecosystem has become so complex and the ‘indoctrination’ of mankind in the Adam Smith’s Postulates of greed and monetary wealth is so deep that without our previous historic background, few readers would be able to judge objectively the extinctive relationships between the Tree of Science and the Tree of Life. Slaves now receive a salary in companies and weapons now have diversified into milder species, called machines that merely substitute and often atrophy mankind’s own organs. While mental machines have created a world of don’t worry be happy ‘Newspeak’, which hides the destructive effects of metal and their ideologies over history, its rival ecosystem. Thus, we have done an introduction to the bio-ethical debate, with the study of the historic cycles of civilizations, to see those collateral effects, before we plunge into a detailed analysis of the modern age of machines, in which all has become more complex but remains the same: metal-masters supply society with unneeded goods, weapons, Go(l)d, today financial instruments and machines, which divert human and economical resources from the production of ‘Demanded’ Goods, biological goods humans require.

The sophisticated verbal and mathematical Newspeak of modern economies should not hide in that sense its origin as a ‘Supply Economy’, in which the production of metal-goods is imposed by power not desired by people. In Rome, the biggest penalty, far less desirable than slavery, was ‘ad metalla’, work on metal mines. People would abandon the empire and run into barbaric territory to avoid that condemn. Spaniards decimated the Indian population with the Mita system in their silver mines. The monetary economy was a supply economy of weapons and slaves.

Only by observing the continuity of those ideologies transferred from the age of slave/ weapons trade to the age of companies, we can understand the rogue behavior of the ‘culture of companies’, born in Holland and England and now transferred to the entire planet, with laws of productivity (extinction of labor), profit at all costs and minimal salaries. Today companies have replaced the people-castes who invented a Supply economy. But their complete control of workers and the creation of a false supply of metal goods unneeded by people, which shrinks the Demand economy of human goods needed by most of mankind, remained. Natural Markets based on the Free Demand and production of Human Goods that citizens wish (which was the original way economies behaved and the one ‘Physiocrats’, the first economists, proposed), have steadily been converted into Supply Markets that cater to the products of war in the past, to the machines of companies in the present. Today the dominant product of those companies is the machine and the most expensive, the machine of war. In the past a supply economy was imposed by law and murder and kidnapping. In the Middle Ages, if you were not an aristocrat=warrior protected by the law or belonged to him as a servant, you could be abducted, sent and sold to the Ghetto where a Go(l)d trader would ‘export’ you to the Arab world and vice versa.

Then your kidnapper would get 30 grams of gold or a couple of good swords. And the trader will increase tenfold that price in Alexandria. The economical essence of that process is simple: weapons lower ad maximal the price of a human life, so in the war front slaves were cheap, while go(l)d causes inflation and increases the price of life. So in the wealthiest nations, the price was maximal. And all what was needed was a people-caste of traders, with a strong culture of segregation and far away trade routes that allowed to buy and sell ‘human capital’ which would not return to the remote land from where it was abducted. Canaanites and Greeks in the Old Ages, Jewish and Vikings in the Middle Ages, Sephardim, Calvinists and Arabs in the Modern Ages fit that role; and probably hardened their racial myths and go(l)d rituals century after century to justify the Darwinian Ethics of ‘different species’ needed to trade with life and weapons. In the Middle Ages, Kings would protect slave trade, taxing export routes to Venice or Marseilles and boat loads sent to the Eastern Markets. The entire ‘children crusade’ was embarked in Venice and Marseilles and sold as slaves. In the modern age you sell yourself for a salary to a company, which probably will have a stockrat owner, from the same go(l)d cultures. It is all more ‘civilized’. As Marx perfectly explains, we have been brain-washed to assume as good a salary, which basically makes us slaves part-time, while constantly talking ‘newspeak’ about our ‘free market societies’. Today advertising convinces consumers with all kind of rhetoric arguments=lies (epics of war, sexuality, etc.) of the kindness of consuming machines, including lethal goods that destroy us, while our Courts pretend to defend the truth.

Economic Newspeak is in that sense paramount, when dealing with the industry of weapons that are marketed as the source of our security. Still since consumers don’t demand enough weapons of mass destruction, companies’ lobbies buy politicians, so Governments, against the laws of a real Free Market, spend enormous sums of money in those weapons, exaggerating or even provoking a state of war. Indeed, not only the brain of the consumer is manufactured, but wars are also manufactured, preferably in Third World countries that have Free Markets without even the minimal Democratic rights we have in our nation—as they are ruled by the military or old aristocratic castes. Those dictatorships are pure Supply Markets. So it is easier to sell and use those weapons in them. The result is that Markets Democracies are interested in maintaining dictators who consume their weapons in the Third World, where citizens cannot complain at all. It is a cynical game. Companies of the Free World sell their excessive supply of weapons to Saddam, Noriega or Taylor. Then our Democracies, which allowed that commerce, become scandalized when dictators use those weapons to repress the democratic desires of their populations. So they wage war to them for not being democratic

. It is a perfect excuse to consume our old weapons and to renew our military depots with new arms. This trend intensifies in periods of economical distress, as companies need demand at all costs for their products, triggering ‘splendid little wars’ after an economical crisis. For all those reasons, a Free Market maintains a reserve of dictators to be able to sell weapons that they might use against us, as it happened with Saddam, a by-product of such policies, to whom Britain and America sold huge quantities of weapons that provoked two absurd wars, one against Iran and one against Kuwait, with millions of human beings killed. If all the nations of the world were pacific Democracies based in a real, ‘democratic’, Demand-based Economy who would buy those arms? So America, instead of pursuing the few terrorists involved in the WTC massacre, let the entire family of Mr. Bin Laden leave the country and has not captured the terrorist in 8 years—twice the period of time Roosevelt needed to eliminate the entire Japanese and German armies. Instead it went for a ‘splendid little war’ in Iraq, with the alliance of Britain, the founding fathers of the Global Free Market, manipulating the original aim of the War on Terror—to punish those who kill the American people—into a War on Profits. Iraq I and II, from the point of view of economics, developed further the security, military and ‘vigilance’, electronic industries crashed in the .com bubble, limiting the freedoms of American citizens. Free Markets, as history proves, are Supply Markets that reproduce, to profit companies, enormous amounts of weapons, whose only use is to wage war and to kill citizens of other countries. And to understand why, we must now return to real, cyclical economics and explain machines as what they are, evolutionary organisms of metal.

The 3 Kondratieff cycles and its stock crashes.

From The Extinction of Man, c.92



In the 3 technological cycles, NYSE’s curve of machine’s stock population follows the same chair-like curves of biological populations.


In the graph, when we treat machines as collective species, analyzing their global population through the stock price of their company mothers, we obtain graphs and curves of re=production, homologous to the biological curves of reproduction of any living species. Since population means sales that give profits to companies, which determine their stock price. Stock-prices and ‘Sales’ mean basically ‘production’ and ‘production’ means reproduction. Thus, the biological curve that shows the reproduction and extinction of machines is its sales or profit curve, directly proportional to the value curve of the company and its industrial sector in the stock market. That amazing discovery explains for the first time in a rational manner, not only the how but also the why of stock market curves. It defines the economy as an economic ecosystem, where machines and its company-mothers fight for its re= production by all means. While stockrats fight for the parallel function of profits.

After its birth as a ‘new species’, the 3 cycles of new energy machines grow during a mature age of reproduction (and sales=profits), which is followed by an age of overproduction and crash of populations. The economic ecosystem is now saturated. So to expand further the machine species ‘mutates’ into a weapon and reproduction continues, as those weapons ‘invade’ other nations/economic ecosystems, which increases demand and sales unless a defeat plummets profits. In the previous graph we can observe the 3 cycles of America. In the last of them, the electronic cycle that now ends, America evolved into a world power between both World Wars, maturing as a free Republic in the 50s, 60s and 70s, in which the country was widely admired all over the world. But with the arrival of the Republican Party and its hired, violent politicos of null political stature, since Reagan took power, the long American decline begins. Now we enter the military age, with a 3rd generation of baroque, cynical, war loving Americans, accept as a solution to the crash of electronic consumption, the creation of ‘splendid little wars’ to increase demand. So once more ‘business cycle as usual’ continues, as we enter deeper and deeper in the war phase of the electronic age and robotic planes massacre the innocent children and women of the life-based villages of Afghanistan.

For all those reasons, the graph of stocks is self-similar to those biologists use to describe the logarithmic curve of population of a new species. Both have 3 parallel ‘horizons’:


—  For a long period the machine evolves slowly in the labs of companies or inventors. It is equivalent to the slow period of mutations that will bring a new species into being.

Then, the engine of the machine, the new energy, is discovered. It gives birth to a new, more efficient species that multiplies its numbers exponentially. It is the take off, the youth or first age of the machine/energy as an engine. Since it starts from a very low population, prices now multiply very fast, so investors make the highest profits.

—  Yet the biggest influence of the machine and/or energy on the economic ecosystem happens in its mature age, when it becomes mobile and reproduces worldwide for peaceful consumption (geometric, ascending phase of the population curve). It is an age, parallel to the ‘expanding age of a living species’ that moves away from its original niche and colonizes new territories.

—  Yet, sooner than latter, given their exponential rhythm of production, far superior to the increase of human population, machines saturate the consumer market. Since symbiotic species depend on the population of the species they associate to those machines are organic enhancers of our energetic or informative power, the ‘vital space’ of machines is the total human population with resources to buy them.

Thus, once the machine saturates the ecosystem of mankind, if re=production continues, profits and sales diminish and companies accumulate inventories. At that point their sales and stock market curves decline. It is the most important date of the cycle, with a very pronounced regularity of about 72 years (1857/1929/2001). Why such accuracy? Obviously, because machines are made by human beings and 72 years is the so called generational cycle of human beings, their mean life in developed countries or among rich people that invent, reproduce and profit from machines. So the organic symbiosis between human and machines is evident.

Again in Nature, one species that has overpopulated its vital space, suffers a population crash, as it has also depleted its ‘preys’ and cannot longer feed itself.

The population finally reaches a balance with their prey and it becomes stable. So happens with stock-market curves of machines that become flat.

At this point in Nature a species will not be able to increase its population numbers unless it mutates into a new, more efficient species that can feed on new preys. That is exactly what happens to the machine: After the overpopulation crisis, the machine mutates into a weapon and continues expanding its ecosystem, preying over human beings, no longer symbiotic to them.

– It is the third age or military age of the machine that is used now for war. However war is a risky business because predators might end up being preys. Indeed, companies’ results and stock benefits will be very different, depending on war victory or defeat that sinks stocks.

Though those curves in a singe company have to be pondered for many other secondary factors, when we aggregate the maximum number of production companies; that is, when we search for the total curves of the species, they become more and more regular. And indeed, the graph for the entire III cycle of electronic machines is very close to the biological one.

Thus, those 3 great crashes of global stock markets are the key dates of economics and history, because they mean a global change from wealth to poverty, from peace to war machines, determined by a change of strategy in company’s search of benefits at any cost.

First, as the number of machines surpasses the possibilities of citizens’ consumption and machines saturate the Market, their prices lower, diminishing companies´ profit. So companies value in Stock markets sink and the effect moves sideward to all companies related to those machines that are the engine of the economy. But the results are far more pronounced than in Nature. Because the subjective fear of investors multiplies the downwards effect and creates a panic in all the other companies of the Market. It is now when we depart from a pure biological analysis of machines population, to include the symbiotic human side of those crashes. Indeed, as any symbiotic ecosystem in which species depend on each other the historic ecosystem of human beings is perfectly intertwined with the economic ecosystem of machines. So the effects of those cycles are far more complex than industrialists and politicians want to recognize. And most of them are negative. First companies dismiss workers to cut profits. Nevertheless machines keep arriving to the Market, because its evolution continues; lowering their costs of reproduction. So companies decide to make weapons and their lobbies cause wars to consume them. It is a desperado, evil, brutal way of making profits, but companies are organisms that care only for their products. They do not care for human beings, consumers and soldiers. They are narrowly focused and use abstract numbers to avoid any guilty feelings about the workers they sack, the soldiers their products kill.

As bribes multiply, corrupted governments enter the game; and the cycle of economic growth, based on weapons and death begins. Since weapons destroy themselves quickly in the battle front and must be renewed, the increasing demand of machines multiplies the benefits of companies. G.M. multiplied by 8 its profits, making tanks in W.W. II. So war becomes the economic engine of the last 36 year period, a Kondratieff cycle.

Company-mothers govern the world with a single aim: to re=produce machines. Among them, the most powerful ones reproduce top predator weapons. So, in as much as we can analyze company-mothers as reproductive organisms with biological cycles, called business cycles, we can find out, studying those reproductive cycles of machines, specifically of weapons, when there will be enough top predator weapons re=produced in our ecosystem, to cause war.

The cycles of reproduction, extinction and consumption of Top Predator machines, weapons, are economical cycles that have caused most of the wars of modern history: Wars are profitable for companies and governments, since you consume=kill more machines in times of war than in times of peace. Thus crises of excessive reproduction of machines have been solved by switching production to weapons, paying war lobbies and selling those weapons to governments. These corrupted governments will declare war in order to consume those weapons.

Machines have two basic species: the weapon-predator and the peaceful species. The car is a peaceful tank. The plane is a peaceful bomber. The robot is a peaceful terminator. The boat is a peaceful gunboat. The same company-mothers reproduce both kinds of machines. So for companies there is no difference between one product and the other. The mandate of behavior of company-mothers is a biological mandate: ‘Evolve and multiply your machine, your sons’. All companies and the governments they control through lobbies obey such a mandate, over any human rights of workers and consumers. Such a mandate implies that the reproduction of machines can’t stop and if there is need to eliminate human workers to put machines in their place or to transform consumers of electrical appliances into humans consumed by weapons, it will be done.

Wars could be prevented through diplomatic and international organizations. Instead, they are used as a mean to increase profits. Since the machines with the higher costs are always weapons. So in order to increase profits, companies sell objects of the highest price—weapons – giving origin to the cycle of war:


Excessive reproduction—> saturation of the ecosystem—> shift to war machines—> expansion of weapon by war—> destruction of weapons, consumed by enemy soldiers—> unlimited reproduction—> massive war—> profits boom:

Thus, we conclude that the cumulative greed of company-mothers; the research of scientists that worship machines and politicians and the military that want to use them, causes economical wars.

In the graph, we can see how the demand for weapons created by Second World War multiplied also the money of the American economy. Both systems are symbiotic. The price of a machine in money represents the ‘biological efficiency’ of such machine as a system of energy or information. Since weapons are the top predator machines they have maximal price value. Besides, weapons die in wars and so they have to be reproduced in growing numbers, to be substituted. This further increases the quantity of money won by companies. In II W.W. the income of the rich grew exponentially, while the ‘Wealth of Nations’, in words of Adam Smith, grew even more, as more machines were created and destroyed in battlefields. When the War ended, again the ‘Wealth of Nations’ slowed down and so did the main consequence of that Wealth: the death of Mankind. Indeed, what all those statistics on abstract wealth do not explain is that the preying relationship between machines and consumers turns upside down in wars. The perfect machine, the top predator weapon, is not ‘consumed’, destroyed by the weaker human species, as it is the ‘peace product’, the human-friendly machine. Instead, it is the top predator weapon that preys on man – consumes and kills the soldier.

So when peace machines are converted into top predators, as it happened when the cars of the 30s were converted into tanks; consumers are converted into soldiers and top predator machines consume them in war.

Companies could produce only peaceful products, if governments were ruled by economic ideas in favor of man and wanted to prevent wars. Yet Biohistorians in favor of the reproduction of human natural, biological goods do not rule our societies. Companies and politicians to the service of ‘ari-stockrats’ do. So they behave in a total selfish way in search of profits. And when they can no longer keep producing peace machines (since every human has his car, his radio, his TV), they search for weapons to expand that reproduction. So when a ‘peace product’ saturates the ecosystem, the market jungle, company-mothers invade new territories with his offspring of weapons and war empties their stock of products much faster, forcing new production, new sales and new profits.

Wars are essential to the evolution and re=production of machines. Modern Wars are ‘reversed ecosystems’ in which a human ecosystem that keeps machines in a subdued state of evolution as peaceful products (age of peace), changes into a free market ecosystem of machines, where its company-mothers rule supreme. Then, the most expensive machines, weapons, are reproduced and roam the war ecosystem, eliminating us, the rival species. Since weapons are perfect machines, war periods are ‘accelerated stages, in which the evolution and reproduction of those machines intensify. Hence the profitability of a war age in which all the factors of the economic ecosystem increase: the reproduction of machines and money multiplies, the ‘wealth of nations’ grows geometrically and the competence between machines and humans reaches its peak.

World-wide wars are a direct result of such over-production of Top Predator weapons by stock-companies.

Modern wars are economic processes, embedded in the very same structure of ‘monetary and machine reproduction’. Further on, the evolution of technology makes each new lethal machine much more efficient killing humans, there is also a progression in the number of casualties that each World War causes.

The progression, as most evolutionary increases of power in the Universe, is decametric: in each new World War, 102 times as many people die than in the previous one: 600.000 died in the Railroad wars at the end of the I Kondratieff cycle. 60 million people died in W.W. II. In the next cycle of war, the Age of the Singularity, when the first self-reproductive nano-robots, or the Final Weapon, the black hole of the Nuclear Industry appears at CERN, 6000 million, the entire human population, will die.

In that regard, humans can believe if so they wish, the Laws of Economics invented by their bankers to rob them, or the Laws of Nuclear Physicists that murder them, but that won’t change the true laws of money and black holes, which are organic, informative species. And so either they r=evolve against those who rob or murder them, or take what they always bring to mankind: death.

The short cycle and the revolutionary cycle.

1848:European revolution—69a.—1917: Russian revolution—72ª—1989: Fall of Berlin


A revolutionary cycle is the only hope for mankind. It does usually arrive the previous decade to the Kondratieff crash, prevailing in a few nations that change their political and economic system, but all revolutions must be global, because the economic ecosystem is a global system, made of deeply intertwined parts. So revolutions fail, as the remaining nations declare war to the r=evolutionary nation, increasing weapons production and crashing the r=evolution. Only if r=evolutionaries choose a military dictator they can win the war, but then the dictator will destroy the r=evolution from within, converting the nation also in a military empire (as the Russians or the French did with Stalin and Napoleon). Yet sometimes the r=evolution arrives ‘after’ a mismanaged war, which causes the r=evolution and gives it a chance to succeed. Such was the case of the Russian Revolution at the end of I World War.


To fine tune the cycle of long stock-crashes we must account for the smaller cycles of the stock-market, which are the 7-8 year business cycles or generational cycle of a product. The Great Kondratieff Crashes are split in 3 generational mini-crises of overproduction, which last an average period of 8 years. It is the short cycle of the Crash economy, which causes upheavals in the political system. We live today in one of those short waves, when there is a debate between hard-liner Industrialists, who want to make profits with war and the common people, who back alternative social schemes, trying to r=evolve against industrialists and their corrupted politicians. People ask for a change of economical policies, to switch back to production of human, biological goods. That is indeed, the only human solution to the crisis. But it means lower profits for companies and industrialists, which don’t accept it. So, to implement the solution that defends life, a Revolutionary process must take place before companies convert machines into weapons, creating a war economy.

Those smaller cycles explain why 8 years before or after the great crashes, (in 1848, 1921, 1991) there are social r=evolutions against the system. They are the revolutionary decade in which politicians have to decide if they lead mankind into war, backing a Supply economy, making weapons; or they democratize the system, creating a Demand Economy that produces Human Goods; in a social democratic system.

The great economic thinkers of each cycle talk/ed loud in that decade in favor of switching to a Demand, Social-Democratic Economy, based in human goods. Marx writes the Communist Manifesto; Keynes his Theory of Consume; this author publishes a decade ago this Book in Europe, warning against the III Kondratieff Crash. Those 3 books are, for each Crash, the 3 fundamental works that explain from the humanist perspective, the choices of future for mankind. Unfortunately neither Marx, nor Keynes, prior to II W.W., nor this writer was heard. As always, the International Banker, in control of all the outlets of mass-media misinformation of mankind, denies the truth and goes ahead as long as there are profits – till war profits kill us all. Then, after the war ends and nothing was prevented, we are heard: Socialist parties and movements rise, after the 1860s railroad wars; Keynes is heard after the 1914-18 war and 1921 crash of the European Economy. And if we are lucky enough to survive the Singularity Age, Morpheus will no longer have to hide his name.

In the past, because machines were not evolved enough to kill us all as those of the Age of the Singularity will, after people woke up to the murderous solutions of greedy industrialists and corrupted politicians, some Revolutions reached power. There were revolutionary essays in Europe (1848); a New Economic Policy is implemented in Russia after the Revolution (1921) . . . Then again in 1991, the Berlin Wall falls against a communist system that had become a military dictatorship, while in the West the anti-globalization movement reaches its peak. If we lived in a free society probably the World would have changed in those dates, from a Supply to a Demand Economy of Human Goods and mankind would have created a peaceful, healthy world. But the system is controlled by great corporations that offer the alternative of fear against the r=evolution, fascism, repression, rearmament, patriotism and profit wars. Because, without means of spreading their message, revolutionaries have little impact in the human mass, thanks to their mass-media control of information, companies triumph over the revolutionary ideas that could have improved the world. So Marx lives isolated in London: in the years he could have solved the crisis and saved millions of life, nobody knocked on his door. Keynes is ignored till W.W. II ends, spending his days in trendy conversations with the Bloomsbury group. And the books of Bio-History and Bio-Economics, never reach Main Street, rejected by 173 publishing companies.

Then the Historic Pendulum switches and fascism, the other side of the equation of Mankind Vs Metal, starts its outright repression of humanist idea(l)s and socialist people. Laws against freedom of expression are implemented. In the 2000s we had the Patriot Act and equivalent Laws implemented by a corrupted City lawyer, Mr. Blair. The only talk on media is now war, no longer peace and butter. And so, to please industrialists and his lobbies, ‘splendid little wars’ are invented with any excuse of the many available, in a world filled with violent groups, enemy nations, lands to conquer or people to civilize:

In 1848, in the I Cycle, America makes war to Mexico for land; in 1853 England and France manufacture the Crimean war to defend Muslim Turkey against Christian Russia. In the II Cycle, Germany causes I World war, with the excuse of a regicide. In the III cycle, the American ambassador gives permission to Saddam, our best Arab ally in the Middle East, to invade Kuwait, as his prize for his war against Iran. And Desert Storm I and II follow . . .

For a while companies overcome the crisis, but not the people, as unemployment increases and welfare diminishes, with ever growing military budgets. Now the World struggles in self-doubt. On one hand industrialists have tasted war profits, loosing their innocence and want still bigger wars. As Goring put it, ‘the first murder make me vomit, the second opened my appetite’. On the other hand, the ‘bewildered herd’ believes the war propaganda of industrial mass media. Then, at the end of that ominous decade—normally an 8 years short cycle – when the economy seems on the verge of recovering, the overproduction crisis strikes again, this time harder, as consumers are poorer and machines’ inventories pile up. It is the 3rd Sub-Crash (1857, 1929 and 2008). Now corporations make up their mind very fast. They request Total War. In this 3rd cycle, when the invention of cold wars doesn’t require direct battlefields, countries merely allocate higher and higher budgets to security machines (airports) or factories of new weapons, like the black hole factory at CERN, which will do us all with a single shot. Since war is not about tribal Go(l)d-Smyth cultures pretending to be number one, murdering human beings – that is just their deluded point of view – but about spending money in weapons evolving machines of death and finishing up life species and for that cold wars are enough.

Meanwhile, on the human side, R=evolutionaries request huge government deficits to produce human goods and substitute a Supply Economy for a Demand one, making of Life/Human goods the engine of a new, more humane economy (education, health-care, textiles, housing, food, etc.). If they were heard, since those goods use a lot of labor, unemployment would fall, investment would move away from lethal weapons and people would move away from poverty worldwide. So Marx, Keynes, this author and many Humanist Economists ask for a Demand Economy—‘butter instead of cannons’. Yet that means to take away power from lobbyism, corrupted ‘politicos’, greedy mechanist scientists, industrialists, the yellow press and classic economists to the service of companies. Physicists keep evolving their weapons. And power censors r=evolutionary opinions: Political, technological and economical correctness imposes the will of Industrial lobbies and political hawks, which never allow those solutions.

The reason: the greater profits of cannons, already tasted in the splendid little wars of the first sub-crisis. Yet again, the quark cannon physicists are building at CERN, exactly 800 years after the Venetians invented the Bombard and looted Byzantium, the last European kingdom ruled by Priests of the Wor(l)d, will be the last gun made for profits, as a single shot will be enough to start and end the age of the Singularity. And humans won’t even know why they died, since the Industrial Press, the propaganda machine of technological gurus and power, has hidden the issue and buried the machine one hundred meters under the Earth. So one day, we shall see the ‘Grandeur’ of France sink under the Geneva airport, where Calvin declared go(l)d the intelligence of God and all the bankers that now rise over the pile of corpses that built the wealth of dictators of the III world, sink with it. Parable of history, the ultimate weapon, will take first the Physicists and bankers that have murdered and robbed mankind for centuries, even if it is a fraction of second before it does us all.

The first Cycle of steam machines had an overproduction mini-crisis and revolutionary period in 1848. Then an ominous decade of counter-revolution, economical crisis and fascism ends with the big crash of 1857. 8 years later the world is at war for nationalistic reasons of ‘Cultural reunification’ (German wars) Vs ‘cultural diversity’ (Civil war). Yet the hidden reason is ‘money’: economical disputes in an age of crisis.

Civil war broke in the States to freed negroes and unite 2 different American cultures: the Colonial South of black slaves and the Industrial North of white slaves. Yet the real reason was a Cotton Tax imposed by the North, to get cheaper that cotton for its mills, which the South didn’t want to sell, since Europe was paying it at higher prices. Railroads wanted to haul the cotton north and they lobbied to elect his main lawyer, Lincoln, an employee of the Illinois railroad company. And since they represented the ‘new machines’ of the Industrial R=evolution, they won the battle against the Virginian planters and gunboat owners of the previous colonial period. In this case, a ‘human cause’ was achieved as a collateral effect of that war. But in the Crimean war, the opposite happened: European powers cynically backed Muslim Turkish, who had enslaved Christian Slavs for centuries, preventing them to reunite with Russia. Since the real reason was the slump in steel and weapons’ industries, taking place in the righteous, racist Empires of England and France, who have never recognized their many war crimes. In the same age, in Prussian Germany wars broke to unify German people, after an economical unification had been successful. But again, it was all an excuse to lay down railroad tracks, as William let his friend, the emperor of Austria, in power. Thus, we conclude that ‘human causes’ are always an excuse for profit wars. This is obvious observing how the biggest Industrial Empire of that age, Britain, went to war, to keep churning steel, defending often opposite concepts: The British backed the reunification of Italy, but they also backed Turkey against the Russian attempt to liberate and reunify with Crimean Slavs. So really, one must conclude that Britain just wanted to sell weapons in both wars and show the world she was still the boss, in his 3rd decadent age of Steam Power.

Again in the 2nd cycle, we observe the duality of ‘political excuses’, hiding industrial greed: The mini-crisis of 1913 was ‘solved’ with I W.W. and that war killed 18 million and 40 million in the Spanish Influenza Pandemic, as German, British, Swedish (Nobel) and French Industries converted bullets into go(l)d. Moreover II W.W. would be the 2nd part of that nightmare, which happened after the 1929 crisis tumbled the Weimar Republic and turned Germany into fascism. Again here we find a political excuse. In I W.W. it was cultural diversity: the Austrian empire was dismembered in parts, each one belonging to a culture. In II W.W. it was cultural reunification. Now the German people decided they wanted to be together, on the basis of their historic territorial rights to Gdansk, which had been German for millennia; as today, in the baroque Age of War of the electronic cycle, the Jewish American Bankers have decided to colonize the West Bank and patrol their fence with ‘Guardium’ Terminators, because some of their ancestors were there 3000 years ago. But such kind of wishful thought exists every time, every where. They only cause war during economical crisis, when tanks and Terminators give profits that cars and PCs no longer provide…

So after the 29 crisis the same German factories that made luxury cars, which no longer sold, made tanks and Mercedes five folded profits. And the world entered war.

Finally, in the III cycle, the mini-crisis of 1991 and the electronic crash of 2000, implemented 2 Desert Storm wars that confronted the leading economical culture of the cycle, Jewish-Calvinist America against the last surviving, non-technological culture, Islam. Again, the excuses are historic, territorial rights that we ‘choose’ as we see fit: In Palestine, we consider that Muslims have no rights and Jewish do. In Kuwait, an Iraqi province for 8 millennia, split into a country by British Petroleum to get oil rights to the Kuwaiti fields, we consider Iraq has no rights, because it suits our oil companies. And so the world enters a III World War, with multiple fronts in which to essay our robotic weapons and drones, against Farmers if it doesn’t blow itself up, creating the ‘Singularity’, which is what will happen unless ‘human beings’ disconnect ‘big-brother TV-smiley’, which has them hypnotized into a passive state of idiocy and r=evolve, creating a world made to the image and likeness of Mankind .

 The III Kondratieff crash of Electronic Money.

As in the previous cycles, the saturation of the market for PCs and electronic gadgets and the excessive reproduction of electronic money have provoked 2 consecutive 72±7 years’ crashes in 2001 and 2008. In this III Kondratieff crash there was a peak in the valuation of .com companies and mortgage derivatives, precisely when .com companies had negative profits and house prices were tumbling down; since they were just excuses to keep ‘inventing’ e-money with electronic software. While the automation of factories with robots and integrated software increased unemployment worldwide.

Further more, when the economy of Britain and Germany suffered at the end of their cycles a massive crash, both nations solved the crisis producing weapons and opening an age of world wars (Colonial Imperialism fought with armored trains and II W.W. fought with armored cars=tanks). And so we predicted a similar 3rd crash at the end of the 3rd Kondratieff wave of the Industrial R=evolution—the electronic age of computers and e-money, the Age of America—followed by an age of social catastrophes and war that could lift demand of chips with smart weapons, starting in 2001, which corresponded to the Bush era, we just have passed.

The crash of 2001 and the crash of 2008 that ended the III Industrial R=evolution are the 2 biggest crashes of the global stock-market, since the 2 crashes that terminated the II Kondratieff wave of electro-chemical machines (1929-1937). They have provoked a collapse of companies and financial systems. And they mean also an age of massive unemployment, caused by the new machines of the 4th cycleIndustrial Robotics and integrated, computerized systems of management that are provoking the loss of millions of blue and white collar jobs. Yet the loss of jobs that affect the ‘human economy’ of workers and consumers, have been, paradoxically positive for the electronic industries during this decade. Since both, computer hardware and financial software have sucked in most of the financial resources of the planet, during the .com and mortgage peak.

During those years many other sectors of the economy and countries without electronic industries were plummeting in its comparative life standards. Since their elites were investing their money in Wall Street, which meant a contraction of the economy inside those nations. The process can be related to similar processes in the biological world. The blood of the economy is money. If a single organ sucks in all the blood/money of the organism, it weakens the entire structure. The creation of money for financial companies and NASDAQ’s e-companies was so enormous during those decades of explosion of electronic money that the world middle class could even share that wealth and raise their life standards. People thought to be richer as they had ‘electronic money’ invested in e-trade accounts or in all kind of hedge-funds and CDOs by the likes of Mr. Madoff or Mr. Fuld. Thus during the age of ‘free invention of money’, all received a part of it, as many bought small quantities of shares and mortgages derivatives. Yet that was false wealth, the bait that covered the underlying processes of job destruction in the physical economy. In fact, good salaries and good jobs were disappearing for that middle class, as chips created new software workers and robots that substituted blue and white collar jobs. So wealth was fictitious—a bubble of false rent, based in e-credit the middle class could not afford on job prospects.

Further on the real wealth of the lower class—the majority of mankind—was going down faster. They had no false wealth, as they didn’t own stocks or homes, but rented them on inflationary costs. Because of the deviation of resources to electronics, the real ‘human goods’ that people enjoy and need, housing, health-care, education, food, transport & tourism, were under-produced, as it has been the case during the entire Industrial R=evolution that sucks in money for machines’ companies. So prices of scarce basic goods also raised in the process (only electronic machines, the main protagonists of the cycle, which were reproduced massively, tumbled prices). Thus they spent all their salaries on basic goods. Those people did suffer and entered poverty in growing numbers in all places of the planet. For the first time the number of undernourished people topped the 1 billion mark. An underclass appeared in the I World and absolute poverty spread in all those countries of the III World, which could not afford credit any more, as their wealthy sent their ‘corrupt’ money to NASDAQ. Poverty & corruption imposed further military repression at home and the violent growth of radical Islam. Yet the poor are always invisible. Most people in Africa, Islam, India and South-America live today in that forgotten III World, conveniently ignored by our think-tanks, Global Institutions and Mass-media that make them invisible to our middle class of happy consumers.

The details, the anecdotes of the crisis are by now well known to the public, as all happened the way those cycles predicted: The Dow Jones multiplied by 10, creating 10 times more money for stock speculators. NASDAQ grew much faster because it was pure e-money. Stock speculators came to control most companies of the western world and paid deregulation laws, through lobbyism, with that sheer quantity of free money. Their companies paid economists to ‘invent’ neo-conservative theories that favored their point of view. Financial markets became the Masters of the Universe. But Greed has no limit. So, once the financial ‘guys’ got in all the positions of real power, including key posts in corporations, they deviated the purpose of corporative capital, which was to invest in their products, to play instead ‘hedge’ games with their capital. Such was the case of AIG, an insurance company in which the American Treasure, directed by the same Wall Street people, has spent so far 300 billion $, around 1400 $ per tax payer, to cover the losses of speculative bankers worldwide, with the excuse, believed by a retarded or corrupted audience of legislators and TV-addicts that it is too ‘big to fall’. AIG was acting as an end buyer of all troubled, invented e-money assets, to which it was giving a triple AAA ‘safety value’, betting the system would keep inventing money for ever, or at least long enough to feed the pockets of its executives.

Then, when the dotcom busted, the search for an excuse to create new wealth went for the next ‘product’ most owned in America, homes. It was the mortgage crisis. False money was sustained by dubious credits, given to people without resources to pay for them, as a mere excuse to ‘cre(dit)ate’ (create money with credit, and with that money then create reality) a pyramid of bits of metal-information, called ‘e-money’. Such is the deeper cause of the present crisis, beyond the anecdote of the mortgage tulip. Those who invent money (bankers and ‘stockrats’, the modern aristocrats with rights to manufacture and carry the language of social power, in the past weapons, today money), had discovered in the 1970s a faster form of reproducing it, electronic money, which no longer had any real base to limit its invention.

Before the 70s, money could be exchanged by gold, a scarce commodity that obliged to maintain a limited supply of money in harmony with the real, physical economy money values. This no longer happens with e-money, after the end of the dollar convertibility to gold, which allowed the invention of money without restrictions. Because electronic money is a ‘number’, a bit of information that computer programs invent, it is much easier to create electronic money for ‘free’ than gold, specially when there is not a substance of reference that limits its invention. And who wouldn’t take the chance to invent money for free? Thus, since the arrival of e-money in the 1970s, thanks to the evolution of computers and its software that reproduces e-money, the machine which has caused the present crash cycle of history and economics, the deeper level that the anecdotes of human greed hide, there has been a growing process of inflation caused by a massive invention of electronic money, a bit of data in a computer screen, which made money less valuable. As more e-money was invented without real value, Electronic money increased inflation – since more money means higher prices in the physical economy, as we have more of it to value less things. This is obvious when we consider any statistical chart of the quantity of money supply and the price of stocks and goods, since the 1970s, when the evolution of computers and its speculative programs allowed such reproduction of e-money without limits. Both types of money, stock-prices and inflationary currencies have sky-rocketed ever since, NOT because of oil prices, a limited portion of the economy; but because e-money has been massively invented in stocks and financial instruments, which in turn obliged governments to put at work their printing machines. An obvious proof is that when oil came down in prices, inflation continued to grow.

But the system has fallen – the confidence in the Dollar and the capacity of American financiers to sell worthless assets. And so we are living the last days of New York as the financial capital of the world. Yet, the fall of Wall Street as the center of invention of electronic money must wait till China reaches a degree of financial freedom to allow capital to enter and leave freely. Then Hong Kong will substitute New York as the capital of the world industry of monetary invention. Yet, this should be avoided, because it will certainly bring a degree of poverty and social unrest in America, similar to the one lived in Germany in the 20s. And so the financial world should be reformed, nationalized globally, a single world currency created and the concerted invention of money by national governments used to create a sustainable economy based in the demand of life enhancing, welfare Human Goods and a Universal Salary, created in the new international currency to pay for them.

Unfortunately the system seems so corrupted that such democratization of monetary invention is not even spoken, as books like this one follow the path that Marxist books and Keynesian books suffered during the I and II Kondratieff crash, when they warned of a self-similar situation…

In that sense, we must understand the difference between an objective science without agendas of power, which merely tries to explain and predict the species it studies – what we shall call ‘cyclical economics’; and a praxis of power, present financial economics, whose aim is merely to promote the unlimited reproduction of money for the benefit of a few. The praxis of power cannot be a science, because it must censor power, as financial economics has done now for several centuries, to cater the power of the financial Industry and the long struggle between governments and companies for the control of the world. This fight ended in the 80s, when finally financial companies and their language of power, money, dominated societies and their language o power, the law, in the creation of reality; which now is ‘cre(dit)ated’, created with credit, with monetary orders.

So paradoxically, when more power financial economists have, the less accurate it has become their ‘science’, as it cannot reveal that power. Money has substituted our natural language, verbal, legal thoughts, as the language of power that gives orders to workers (salaries), legislators (through lobbies) and consumers (through advertising and prices) and those who monopolize their invention in stocks, commodities and derivative markets, do run the world with such orders. Thus, their employees, ‘economists’, create a ‘fiction’ of what the economy is, backed by all those who receive their monetary orders in financial companies, political parties and the industry of misinformation. On the other hand, all those who explore the complete picture of the economic ecosystem, the physical and financial economy and its consequences for history; or those who denounce directly the astounding fact that our society is ruled by a caste of speculators, which have achieved the exclusive right to invent money on financial markets, thanks to ‘deficit zero laws’ that forbid governments to invent money not obtained by extorting taxes from citizens, are considered ‘socialist thinkers’, ‘populist demagogues’, ‘radicals’ and their work is censored.

Indeed, to hide the stock racket of free invention of money in stocks, which is an obvious antidemocratic privilege won after centuries of conflicts with socialist parties and workers and reinforced today by deficit zero laws that forbid governments to do the same, financial economists, working for corporations, have devised a complex, rhetoric jargon of technical names and hidden values: for example, they call the rights to invent free money in stocks ‘surplus’ or ‘growth’ and the rights to invent money in paper, hold by governments, ‘deficit’, which seems negative. Yet in fact, both do the same: invent for free money-paper. This is hidden with the concept of ‘deficit’ a negative word that suggests a bad use for the money governments invent; and the concept of ‘stock market rises’, which means exactly the same, but seems very positive. So humans cheer up when Stocks go up, because Mr. Soros has invented with some financial manoeuvring a few billion $ for himself and hate Government’s deficit, without realizing that the government will spend that money on him, not on a 20 million $ yacht. Since obviously the myth of ‘good investments by the rich’ is false. The rich invest in technology, stocks and the poor in human goods, the biological life-enhancing goods we need to survive. Ultimately the greed of a few doesn’t create a better world but a world of mechanical products the few fancy. While a biological, balanced world will be one in which there is credit for cheap, natural goods most people demand. What this means is that a real democracy will establish a global salary and create money directly for the people, so a demand economy could flourish worldwide. Thus a real democracy would mean a demand economy where the language of power of society, money, was accessible to all human players, all human citizens. Only departing from a global world in which all humans can ‘speak’ money, a democracy can be constructed. A supply economy in which only companies invent money and determine what is produced is not a democracy, a fact which is hidden with the myths of scarcity of money and the concept of technological progress. Yet there is no scarcity of computers and weapons, only scarcity of life-enhancing human goods, because the stock-market hardly invests in our natural goods but only in technological goods, which need less labor and hence cause higher profits, as their mechanist systems of reproduction lower their costs. Neither the evolution of technology is synonymous of the evolution of mankind, especially in the present age of the Singularity, when machines have reached levels of energy and information that can destroy this planet.

Unfortunately, we only hear financial economists explaining us the myth that Companies’ money is ‘hard-earned’. Only when governments invent money we hear the ugly word ‘deficit’. So governments cannot invent money and have to tax citizens to get it. Thus, because companies don’t tax us and governments do, we hate governments and love companies. In fact money could be invented, either for life/labor enhancing human goods (welfare state, based in deficits) or for technology (stock speculation). Company’s economist call ‘deficit’, government’s money invented for human goods, only for rhetorical purposes. They hide the ‘deficit’ of money invented for companies in stock-markets, because they work for them. The consequences are grave: governments could cre(dit)ate a paradise for mankind, by inventing money for companies and consumers of life-enhancing human goods. Instead, companies invent money for profitable technologies, for machines and weapons. So biological life-enhancing human goods (housing, education, arts, food and textiles) are not reproduced by stock-companies and welfare policies have no credit. Only machines have credit. So there is a constant scarcity of life-labor enhancing companies and the services that governments provide in human goods dwindle.

To hide those privileges, economists have created complex, digital, theoretical and financial systems that hide the ‘racket’, as nobody understands their equations.

Yet the consequences are felt by the people. So under scholar, TV & press propaganda, Americans cheer up when the Dow Industrial Average goes up and are against any Federal deficit. They fail to realize that money is only spent in life/labor enhancing human goods people need by their elected government. While financiers invent money for free and use it only for investments in technologies that are destroying the planet or to foster their wealth and selfish, nationalistic agendas.

That is the essence of a Free Market, a Free Jungle of Greed, speculation and creation of an ecosystem of machines. A world in a process of extinction that only a true leadership of politicians, who understand the cycles of History, can prevent or mitigate. Indeed, Keynes was right when he said: ‘Capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of men will do the wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone’. Davos epitomizes that belief: techno-cons churn there their simplicities and utopia, which remind us of the nightmares of Matrix. Financial and electronic moguls own the show. 2nd rate revivalist, religious economists, like Hayek and Friedman, are still the gurus of an old, refurbished breed of Biblical Chicagonomists (all receptors of the Saint Nobel of Dynamite). They insist in their secluded meetings that money is all what the economy is about, while a mass of young human beings, who still want a ‘human future’, protest on the streets.

 The Singularity Age.


Control of technological information is needed to avoid the creation of lethal machines, as all masters of the Wor(l)d have told to mankind. This has always been denied by mechanist scientists and Capitalist, Go(l)d religions, its prizes and factories. In the graph, physics started in the XIII C., at the beginning of the cannon age, with the discovery of clocks and cannonballs. Gunpowder became a science in 1602, with the work of Galileo, which transformed our perception of Time. Gunpowder weapons evolved in the XIX c. into chemical, industrial explosives, monopolized by Nobel, also the biggest producer of cannons, hand in hand with Mr. Krupp, provider of the Nazi Armies, till the end of II World War. In the Age of the Singularity cannons and clocks become Quark Colliders and intelligent robots. It is the final evolution of ‘mechanist’ science – the Age of the Singularity. Robots destroy labor and evolve as weapons. Quark Colliders can blow up the Earth

Fact is, in Free Markets human beings do not control the evolution and re=production of money and machines for the betterment of the species. Today the invention of money under deficit zero laws is a monopoly of companies. So the Industrial war cycle of the previous graph will be reinforced. It will be ‘business cycle as usual’: a new transition from a peace to a war age, from the III to the IV and last cycle of the Industrial R=evolution, the age of the Singularity.

Indeed, all ends are beginnings of something new. Thus, the end of the 3rd Industrial r=evolution means also the beginning of the IV and last cycle of Evolution of Machines: the cycle of the ‘Singularity’. It is the cycle in which the 2 main types of machines humans have created, by imitating our organic body/head functions, energy machines (weapons) and information machines (computers and robots), should reach its evolutionary zenith. In that regard, we shall witness during the IV cycle of the Industrial Revolution, the creation of energetic weapons and informative machines far more powerful than anything conceived during the XX C. Both will reach the technological limits of metal, the main substance used in the construction of those machines.

On one hand, a quark cannon, now constructed at CERN will produce quark condensates, the substance that seems to detonate stars into Novas, feeding on our atomic, light matter. So it is an amazing act of irresponsibility to create a Factory of Quark Matter in this planet.

On the other hand, if we evolve machines into robots, which are organisms self-similar to life beings, we will loose our only advantage over them—our superior in-form-ation—since our energy/substances (light atoms) is far weaker than that of machines (heavy, metal atoms). Thus, if humans don’t learn how to manage not only the financial but also the physical economy, the Final Cycle of Evolution of machines, the Singularity age of Robotics, digital money and Cosmic Bombs, which now starts in earnest, could displace us from the top predator position we hold in this planet.

Indeed, all ends are beginnings of something new. Thus, the end of the 3rd Industrial r=evolution means also the beginning of the IV and last cycle of Evolution of Energy and Machines: the cycle of the ‘Singularity’. It is the cycle in which the 2 main types of machines humans have created, by imitating our organic body/ head functions, energy machines (weapons) and information machines (computers and robots), should reach its evolutionary perfection. In that regard, we shall witness during the IV cycle of the Industrial Revolution, the creation of energetic weapons and informative machines far more powerful than anything conceived during the XX century. Robotists call the first machine with Artificial Intelligence the Singularity. While the Final Weapon will be a self sustained, ‘mass-bomb’, which will unleash the attractive power of ‘strong quarks’, able to suck in the entire mass of this planet, converting the Earth into a pulsar or black hole, also called in astrophysics, a Singularity. Thus, the name seems proper to define the IV cycle of evolution of machines and weapons, as it applies to both limits of human survival: a super-energetic machine able to destroy the Earth and a super-informative machine (an intelligent robot) that will make human workers obsolete.

Humans have come to expect always a new cycle of technological evolution that takes the economic ecosystem out of the crisis. But evolution doesn’t work on those terms. Species reach always a formal zenith and then no longer evolve. Ants, the most successful insect, due to its social capacities, have not evolved in 100 million years. Sharks, the most successful top predator fishes, have remained the same for 200 million years. Machines, which act as partial organs of energy and information (chip-brains, car-legs, etc.) are reaching now with the age of robotics, when we put together those bodies and heads, its zenith of evolution. And so the rules of the game in the present crisis are different from the previous cycles, because the Singularity Age of organic machines will for the first time in our history, create a new species, whose stupendous energetic and informative capacities will overcome those of mankind, probably extinguishing us.

Death is an overdrive of energy (as in an accident) or information (as in the 3rd age that warps, in-forms your body), which breaks the balances of energy and information that define life (our vital constants). Thus, the Energies released by the weapons of the Age of the Singularity, could extinguish mankind, since they have the capacity to break the balances of energy and information of this planet and that is the definition of death.

The super-energetic weapon that will reach the limits of energy of the Earth is now being constructed at CERN, in Geneva, by a consortium of Nuclear Industries. The ‘Final Weapon’ is a super-collider that will replicate the awesome energies of the Big-bang, unleashing the ultimate source of energy, movement and force in the cosmos, the strong force displayed in quarks, nova explosions, big bangs, pulsars and black holes. This force is 100 times more powerful than the electroweak force that joins together our matter. Thus, it can either provide free energy to the world, according to the false, optimist, infantile propaganda of the Nuclear Industry, which follows merely the enthusiastic, first age of any Energy cycle, when mankind becomes in-loved with the new steam machines, chemical engines, or calls the revealing new bath suit of women, a ‘bikini’, the place where the Hydrogen bomb blew up an island.

People don’t realize how ridiculous is the Industrial propaganda of the new energies, till they become weapons and industrial murder starts in earnest. So now, we are in that ‘young age of the Singularity’, spelt by techno-utopian physicists like Mr. Hawking, which expects those black holes to travel to the past and ‘evaporate’ into pure energy and hopes to reduce the cost of gas, when we make ‘black hole factories’ all over the Earth. Such wishful thinking and marketing of a bomb, with ‘God’s particles’ and ‘big-bang’ theories about the birth of the infinite Universe, is just the new ‘bikini’ hype of the new energy era

Humans are always, during the age of discovery of a new energy, very optimist, but invariably, as all the other previous cycles show, the new energy is used as a bomb or a weapon. The substance this black hole factory will produce is called an ‘Einstein quark condensate’. It is the densest, most attractive substance known in the Universe and crunches entire stars into tiny ‘frozen stars’, pulsars and probably black holes. So it can blow up the entire planet into a Nova, according to the well-proved theories of Mr. Einstein and the Standard model of quarks. Quarks hold 99% of the mass of the Universe. They are the densest substance of the Universe. They only exist in a free state, as condensates, in the core of ultra dense pulsars, neutron stars and possibly in black holes. If enough of them are packed together, as the experimental ‘facts’ of the Universe and the most advanced scholar papers on quark condensates prove, they will be able to start an ‘ice-9 reaction’ called a nova explosion, responsible for the death of stars all over the Universe – since an ‘ice-9’ reaction crunches all the mass of the star into a ‘strange star’ or black hole. And it might happen to the Earth, because the laws of science are real.

This absurd experiment could be easily stopped by the political or judiciary system as a potential genocide against all mankind, avoiding our possible extinction in the first years of the cycle of the Singularity (between Christmas 2009 and 2012, when the collider will reach its energetic zenith, massing millions of quarks per second). But nobody cares; because we believe in machines, the religion of the modern man. The machine has broken down 3 times, showing how little the physicists on charge of this Super-Manhattan project, understand about it. But nobody complains, since politicians and the press do not understand the mathematics of quark condensates and the physicists working on the project are trapped by the confidentiality statements proper of the military-industrial complex. Further on, we live in an age of fiction in which corporative ‘marketing’ disguises positively any environmental catastrophe or wrong doing. So the company advertises its research of cosmic bombs as the ‘recreation of the birth of the Universe’, the big-bang that exploded it and now risks the explosion of this planet. Scientists have put suits against this company, but they have been ridiculed by the sensationalist mass-media, which seems to ignore that according to the well proved science of Einstein, this weapon should blow up the planet Earth. And yet, even if those suits did alert mankind, politicians and courts have ignored the most important issue of this decade, far more lethal to our planet that global warming, only comparable in magnitude to the present crisis. And so the building of the Doomsday Weapon continues on schedule, unchecked by our courts, our military and our politicians.

Yet, even if we survive the ‘energetic age of the Singularity’, to stop the 2nd and 3rd age of self-reproductive machines and intelligent robots will be more difficult. Because to survive the Industrial R=evolution of robots we need to reform the economic ecosystem.

Indeed, information machines will also reach a zenith, as they finally acquire organic nature, after 3 ‘Industrial Revolutions’ that completed their evolution as organisms. So as we put together the bodies and minds of machines into robotic organisms, we will cross the threshold of Artificial Intelligence and a new species that completes the Industrial R=evolution and should become the new top predator of this planet, will be born.

Humans have come to expect always a new cycle of technological evolution that will take the economic ecosystem out of the last crisis. But evolution doesn’t work on those terms. Species reach always its zenith and then they no longer evolve. Ants, the most successful insect, due to its social capacities, have not evolved in 100 million years. Shark, the most successful top predator fish, remains the same for 200 million years. Machines, which act as deconstructed organs of energy or information (chip-brains, car-legs, etc.) will reach in the age of robotics its zenith of evolution. In that regard, the 2008 crisis is not like all others that preceded it, as there will not be a new cycle of growth of the human economy. Since robots no longer need human consumers, as they will become the consumers of all other machine parts, making humans obsolete, as workers, soldiers and consumers, displacing them from the economic ecosystem. Thus, political, legal measures should be taken to avoid the next economical crash and contain the evolution of technology, which has reached its limit of usefulness for human beings.

In that regard, the cycle of the Singularity will have, as all other cycles of machines, 3±1 ages, in which the extinction of mankind will be certain if we don’t stop their evolution.


—  The energy age or age of the Super-collider that might convert the Earth into a nova, making us a quark star or black hole (2009-2012). If we survive this Age…

—  The reproductive age, (2020-2040), when the first self-reproductive nano-bacteria of metal are created. It is the ‘grey-goo’ scenario denounced by Bill Joy, the president of Sun Microsystems in Wired magazine: Metal nano-bacteria will replicate exponentially, feeding on metal and within 3 months they will poison the planet and destroy all forms of life; since, given their smallness, hardness and the hyper-abundance of metal-structures in this planet, there will be no counter-weapon to prevent its exponential reproduction.

—  The Informative age, when human-size robots overcome the intelligence of humanity as weapons and workers, which most robotists consider will happen in this century.


This 3rd scenario, the most popular in science fiction, is however unlikely, since the 2 previous ‘happenings’ of the Singularity, unless they are aborted by a reform of the economic ecosystem and the closure of the Black Hole Factory, will eliminate life from this planet. This seems unlikely, as both industries, the military-industrial complex built around the Nuclear Industry and nano-robotics, have huge financial resources and have learned to ‘sell’ its new developments with ‘scientific excuses’ based on the ‘search for higher knowledge’, which the press, the messianic scientists involved in the process and the public naively believe. So the research of the III Horizon of nuclear weapons is presented as the understanding of the ‘big-bang’ or birth of the Universe. And the creation of self-replicating metal-bacteria becomes a ‘model to understand how life works’. When it is obvious that the Universe can be studied without risks to Earth with telescopes and we have trillions of cells to study bacteria.

Thus, none of those dangerous fields of research is needed, except to make money building machines. Then, in the same way that doctors published books on the wonders of tea to create demand, from those false scientific premises, the nuclear industry and the nano-robotic industry pays the industry of ‘misinformation’ to publish epic books, which are optimist elegies on the ‘ingenuity’ of mankind, which is about to ‘create artificial life’ and ‘recreate the Universe’; TV-programs appear on those ‘geniuses’ and fascinating machines, written for an infantile public that no longer distinguishes facts from fiction; the scientists involved receive Congress Medals; Nobel prizes are paid to write in favor of the experiments; panels of scientists working on them prove the safety of the procedures, etc. etc. While the few honest scientists who denounce those experiments are paid with a ‘smear campaign’ and so a Law of Silence covers the lethal effects of the machines of the Singularity Age. Unfortunately politicians, who know little of those experiments and the science involved, merely trust those ‘self-interested experts’, lacking a general policy on the wider theme of the evolution of machines and weapons and its effects over mankind. Indeed, at present, without a serious science of history and economics, able to control the bad fruits of the tree of science from the perspective of bio-ethics (what is good for human survival), scientists, playing to be god, without any safety measure, will create within decades an energetic black hole, quark star or a reproductive nano-bacteria. So the Singularity will extinguish us, well before the Terminator fantasies of Hollywood might become truth. Unless we change the goals of History and Economics, from designing a world to the image and likeness of machines, to the ideals of humanism – to make a world in which man is the measure of all things.

Let us then consider, before we study that Singularity cycle, the III previous Kondratieff cycles of Steam (Age of Britain), chemical energies (Germany) and Electr(on)ic ones, the American Age, its crashes and the war solutions imposed by bankers, industrialists and politicians..


1     The relationship between the Kondratieff cycle and the Evolution of Machines was considered in detail by Schumpeter in his book ‘Business Cycles’, 1939. However, as he did not relate that evolution to the discovery of the 3 main types of energies that determined it (steam, oil and electronics), he divided the I and II Energy Cycles, Steam and Oil, in 4 sub-cycles: Steam; Trains, which are powered also by steam, thus forming together a single cycle; Steel and Oil, which were combined in cars and boats, shaping the 2nd cycle. The result of those quantitative errors has been a long scholar discussion on the very same existence of Kondratieff cycles, as all forecasts based in the standard 50 year period have failed to realize. This argument can be considered closed with the adjustment of the cycle to its true length of 72 years. As the new paradigm becomes known to the English-speaking world and the forecast of a 2001 stock/political and military crisis proves its accuracy, the literature on the Kondratieff cycles has increased enormously in recent years.


2     The relationship between a crisis of overproduction of machines and an age of war is a classic theme of Economic Theory, pointed out by Marx and Lenin in their books on the expansion of capitalism. Quincy Wright made an exhaustive treatment of the theme in his book ‘A Study of War’, 1965. I. Wallerstein (‘War in the World System’, 1988) pointed out again at the systemic use of war as a way to come out of an economical crisis, relating them to the end of a Kondratieff cycle. Yet both writers used the 50 year cycle, failing to forecast the arrival of a III Kondratieff crisis and subsequent age of war in the 2000s.


XV C.—1784—1820—1857:Crash—1860—1890


Youth as energy—Maturity as transport—3rd Age as a Weapon:


The 3±1 ages of the Steam cycle complete the I Cycle of Kondratieff, with England on top of the World.


History of the World begins anew in 1783, when Watt invents the steam engine, Cort makes steel much cheaper and Edmund Cartwright, a clergyman from Nottingham, invents in 1787 the mechanical loom, powered by steam, multiplying the power of companies to transform the world to the image and likeness no longer of man but of those machines. Before the arrival of steam machines the use of human slaves by Companies was limited to oversea empires, where the racist ideologies of the Go(l)d-Smyth culture made the pricing of Humans acceptable. So Europeans could live a placid life, close their eyes and get their profits. Slaves lived in America, piracy was practiced against enemies, dangerous jobs were restricted to seamen and miners . . . Now, companies of machines invaded the ecosystem of ‘European history’ and their brutal systems of pricing were implanted to ‘its inferior humans’ inside England, the nation which had evolved Indo-European warrior myths and Go(l)d religions into classic economics and mechanist science. Those steam machines will also create the 72 years I Kondratieff cycle of Britain as the top predator nation of the world.


  1. The Colonial Age: gunboat power.

Before developing the Economic Ecosystem of the Steam Machine worldwide, the ‘body’ of the physical economy, England had created the informative, financial and ideological structures, needed for that task by imitating its mother-culture, Calvinist Holland, the first nation dominated by company-mothers of machines – gunboats. The 72 years generational cycle of Holland coincides with the growth of England, as the mother-culture feeds the growth of its ‘daughter’. It is during the Dutch and French cycles of European History, when England matures as a maritime empire and British companies, identical in their structures to those of Holland, refine the concept of a country governed for the profit of companies by its lawyers and stock-owners, disguised as politicians:


—  The Founding Cycle of Gunboat England begins with Cromwell, who sets the bases of English dominance at sea, makes the Calvinist Go(l)d religion the official cult of England and allows the return of Jewish capital to the country. Then, the financial information of the Sephardim and the physical actions of a generation of hardcore seamen, the Merchant Adventurers schooled in Caribbean piracy against the Spaniards, win the war to Holland. Those are years of internal struggle between the warrior, aristocratic old England and the ‘stockratic’ New England; similar to the fight that happened in Holland between the old king and his noblemen, against the new owners of the country, the shareholders of the Company. Civil war breaks, since English people are not yet totally indoctrinated by the press in favor of the rule of money and companies over the king and the church. Many prefer the old times. So Cromwell takes extreme measures and beheads the king, but when he dies the English people reverse gear and they choose back a king from the same dynasty.

—  For that reason it is needed a 2nd foundation of Gunboat England, now called Great Britain, as Calvinist Scotland joins in. That happens in 1688, due to the arrival of king William of Holland. Dutch capital reinforces the power of Go(l)d believers, who depose King Jacob and offer William the crown. William restores the laws of Cromwell and the founding cycle repeats itself, with Dutch and Sephardim gold. The greatest shareholders of the Dutch Company settle down at The City. The bankers of King William bribe the parliament that acclaims him in the ‘Glorious Revolution’. For example, Lopes Suaso, a Sephardic shareholder of the Dutch Company, donates 2 million guilders, to the king, which uses this and other ‘gifts’ to buy the English parliament. Lobbyism becomes, as it is today in America, a ‘peculiar institution’ of Free Market Democracies. That alliance of Jewish-Anglo-Dutch capital founds the London Stock-Market and the Bank of England – a private institution that loans money, mainly to gunboat companies. Soon England declares war to Spain and France, now as the head of the Dutch-British alliance. In 1704, at Utrecht, Britain reaches global sea power, establishing its monopoly of ‘Free Trade’ on slaves and guns, the main cargo of all companies, before they discover machines, as it happened during the ancient times, in which weapons and ‘human capital’, made up for ¾ of global trade. The paradox is obvious: free trade causes the lowest level of human freedom in history, as millions of Africans become slaves or die, converted in abstract objects with a price. Yet institutions don’t change. They disguise themselves, become more complex, but their essence remains. So it is important to study those first, unsophisticated companies, to know what corporations are really about: enslave humans, today as workers; and trade the most expensive goods: weapons, scientific machines and luxury objects. For example, the original VOC (the 1st stock-company, from Holland) has not disappeared. Then it traded in slaves, weapons and spices (though political correctness highlights only the last item, as Corporations ‘must’ be good by dogma). Today it has fusion capital with the British Empire: it is called Unilever, a huge food conglomerate that expands transgenic products and rips huge benefits, manipulating commodities’ prices – a modern system of taxation that lowers the income of 3rd world countries . . . Since, contrary to dogma, the speculative increase in prices of raw materials, exercised today through financial markets, in the past through direct taxes, does not make them more efficient, but it is a hidden form of taxation, passed through inflation to all the human population that ends up paying far more for their oil, wheat and coffee, to maintain those markets, parasites of the physical economy.


Thus, Dutch, Jewish and London ‘Stockrats’ founded modern England, from the execution of Charles I by Cromwell to the Utrecht Treaty, when the commercial dominion of England is recognized world-wide.

—Now ‘Gunboat Britain’ enters its re=productive Generation that conquers peacefully the maritime routes of the world and exports slaves and indenture servants to both Americas. It lasts till 1754, with 2 peaceful kings, the Georges, who belong to a new dynasty and show vigor and judgement, restoring with Walpole, in 1730, the figure of a Prime minister, which rationalizes government, working hand in hand with the Parliament. It is the most remarkable of British political institutions, since now government will no longer depend on individuals but on efficient groups, guided by a common culture. 40 years of peace and prosperity end with the conquest of the overseas French Empire: India and Canada become now the ‘property’ of English companies, which reach its zenith of power with the expansion of the concept of slavery (‘a human object with a price’) to entire nations, ‘owned’ by those companies. It is 1763.

—But already the 1st British Empire, based in Gunboat machines, lives its Decadent Generation:

Merchant adventurers have become now notorious hedonists. They are renters, who enjoy the ways of the aristocracy, building palaces on the beautiful English countryside. So again the Oedipus Paradox happens: New England, the son culture is working harder and its boats make the London-Boston journey cheaper, displacing British companies from the Atlantic trade. British companies take notice, but instead of improving their efficiency, the decadent generation issues unjust laws and taxes American companies to avoid Yankee competence. So American companies rebel, throw the Tea of British companies to the sea and their lawyers revolve the American people, who become an independent nation. However it is not a real r=evolution of the people against the power of money and weapons, but a dispute between companies about a tax problem. So in the new nation, companies take power and its lawyers become presidents and parliament members. The real people of America, the millions of peasants that colonized the inner land, hardly noticed the change of masters. Now English power declines, commerce sinks. Isolated, Britain faces alone the world in the Napoleonic Wars.

It seems the 80 years cycle will repeat itself: A declining power declares war to 2 rising stars, America and France that should take over the decadent, old power.

But it is at this point when an obscure Calvinist engineer changes the cycles of history, when he realizes that putting a gyroscope and a condensation chamber to a steam machine more than doubles its energetic power…

The age of the steam machine has arrived, just in time to crash the only real Democracy with Universal Vote, humans had ever created… in France.


  1. I Industrial Cycle: Steamers. The British Empire.

In 1784 Great Britain was the underdog of that War. France had the best land army and America had the best gunboat army. The American and the French, who fought like free men, were defeating British mercenaries. But then the steam miracle takes place: in 1783, just in time, Watt’s double action steam engine and Cort’s pig iron change industrial production. In 1800 Watt’s patents expire and steam engines start mass production, multiplying by 10 the English production of weapons. England, with a powerful iron and steam industry, enters the age of the Machine and the I Kondratieff cycle of steam energy takes off. Thanks to the combined steel & steam industry, Pitt, the youngster, defeats Napoleonic armies, because England makes more boats and artillery guns. Once and again we see the same paradox in the confrontation between humans vs. machines: it is not the best soldier but the best weapon, what wins wars. Spanish ‘Tercios’, French Grand Armée, German armies were the bravest, the most disciplined at the time, but the Armada had less cannon power, French infantry ran out of gunpowder and the Wehrmacht had no oil supplies and steel to build more Pantzers. So all of them lost their wars: the ‘Tercios’ were defeated at sea because they couldn’t engage in direct combat, as the faster, strongest artillery of English boats kept them at bay. Napoleon changed war tactics when he placed cannons first, defeating the Austrian disciplined armies that still believed in the power of ‘first line’ infantry, wiped out by cannonballs. But when the British imitated his tactics at Waterloo, the French were defeated by their superior artillery. Today Americans have changed war, using smart weapons, bombing humans from the air, winning wars without direct combat with robotic drones . . . Soon all armies will be made of terminators. Because wars are not a human concern, they are not about freedom or bravery that might fall in either side (so the French fought for freedom, the Germans for a dictator); they are about evolving metal into machines of death that cut the human flesh, like knives in the water. Wars are an ‘ecosystem of top predator machines’ that extinguish all forms of life.

The 72 years steam cycle. I Age: Discovery.

And so Great Britain wins the Napoleonic wars, invigorated by a new generation of ‘Am Segullah’, Financial speculators (Rothschild being his most visible head) and Scottish engineers, which use the capital accumulated with black slave trade to create a white slave industry of miners, steel and mill factories:

I Kondratieff Cycle: Steam: World Power: Great Britain.

Founding Generation, reproductive age, Imperialism and decay

1783               1814                       1853                   1914

Watt, Pitt, Nelson, Stephenson, Owen, Victoria, Maxim, Edwards


In the previous scheme, each generation of the steam cycle is represented by the key economical and historic dates and its main characters:

In 1783 Watt invents the steam engine. In politics Pitt directs the nation. In war Nelson commands the Navy . . .

In 1814 Stephenson invents the train and the reproductive, mobile age of steam machines starts in earnest. We highlight the figure of Owen, the humanist entrepreneur, who tries to share wealth with his workers, as he affirms: ’what improvement in the life of people could we achieve; if industrialists took care of their workers with the same zeal they protect their inanimate machines’. But an economical crisis of overproduction brings war profits in 1853 and workers are taken care in a very different way. It is the Crimean war, the most absurd of all carnages till I W.W. Maxim invents the gun machine and Nobel invents the Dynamite, becoming the great entrepreneurs of the military age of colonial empires. Queen Victoria is the decadent ruler of this generation, who will deny the Irish famine, as ‘Pope’s propaganda’ . . . Disraeli is his favorite Ministry, a Jewish financier, who wrote in his youth a book, ‘Coningsby’, boasting how the money of his people controls ‘behind the scenes’ the future of kingdoms and nations. When he reaches power, he applies those millenary skills to the control of the ‘Free World’. The world is in the middle of the I Kondratieff crash, caused by the excesses of railroad investors, who keep printing ‘for free’ shares of companies, even if all the profitable lines have been built; while agriculture, life-enhancing human goods and the common people have no credit whatsoever. Yet Free Trade ideologist Malthus blames the poverty of the people, not on those reproductive excesses of machines but on sex (human reproduction). Irish don’t die of hunger because Irish money goes to subvention imperial war and feed the pockets of absentee English renters, instead of being reinvested in the land, but because those Catholic heretics make love too much, work too little.

II Reproductive, Age: railroads expand.

Thus, we consider the Founders of Industrial Britain the generation that took power after the American Independence War, when England suffers a deep change in his hierarchies of industrial power. Since the American market for slave and cargo trade is gone, now ship-owners and City financiers reinvest their capital in the new industries, powered by steam engines and managed by Scottish engineers. That capital sprouts mills and smelting furnaces in Scotland and the axis Liverpool-Manchester, where the Industrial R=evolution of Metal begins in earnest. It is a hardy generation that develops steam industries with ‘white slaves’ treated worse than the black slaves of their former plantations.

In 1804 Fulton uses a steam machine to move a wheeled boat and the Mississippi basin acquires the topic image of its river steamers. In 1825 the age of steam transportation begins in earnest with the opening of the railroad Stockton-Darlington and the invention of the ‘Locomotion’ by Stephenson that reaches the astonishing speed of 15 Km/h.

It is the Re=productive Generation of steam engineers, who expands the English Empire, its trains and customs, globally. In 1851, in the Universal Exhibition dedicated to new machines, Great Britain astonishes a world ready to accept the awesome new ‘Age of Energy’. It is a peaceful age of economic expansion, where good causes carry the day. For once, Britain can feel proud of its empathy to the human species, abolishing slavery, no longer its main business. Though at the same time it will promote opium trade—the only goods Taoist Chinese want from the West. The first social movements appear among workers. Trade Unions start their activities.

Besides ‘white slaves’ and children working ‘ad metalla’ in mines, another kind of casualties appear. Before the train, horses were the main energy carriers. Now trains made them obsolete: within a decade, 90% of them are sacrificed to the machine.

Within 40 years after the steam engine was invented, Scottish engineers and financiers from the City have constructed an Empire of railroad networks to satisfy travellers and invent stock money in the market. Thousands of miles are laid, while people die of hunger, without resources to pay their food and improve agriculture. It doesn’t matter. As an industrialist put it to Engels, when the social thinker complained on the conditions of life among textile workers—‘Certainly, Mr. Engels, but we both are making so much money, peculiar, isn’t.’

Trains expand now globally as new nations imitate the British industrial system. 3 new countries construct railway networks in their Empires: France, Germany and the United States. In the North-east, the railroad New York-Chicago signals the American industrial take-off. In the 1850s, railroads provoke a craze in the stock-market that reproduces money faster than ever before to build those lines.

The power reached by the great captains of the new industries of Iron and Railroads is difficult to assess properly, because money is invisible and bribes are hidden by political rhetoric. But we can see their influence analysing how lobbyist politicians adapt their speeches to the new technologies. Now concepts such as ‘progress’, the ‘future’ and ‘technology’, substitute old nationalistic and ‘greed’ speeches in the arsenal of political corruption. Global, financial resources are drawn with a single aim: capitalize railroad companies. In 1840 in England the train is already the engine of the economy, absorbing more than half of the capital of the nation. Then in 1847, in England and France, stocks collapse in a first warning against overproduction. Immediately workers are fired, poverty spreads among ‘white slave’ workers and in 1848 social revolution explodes, but it is defeated all over Europe.


  1. III Age: The Great crash, the train Wars.

Railroad companies, once the inner revolution is controlled, expand further their lines in Europe, while in America a splendid little war with Mexico conquers Texas and California, ensuring decades of transcontinental railroad expansion. Soon the gold rush supplies the financial markets with fresh money to construct them and the crisis recedes.

But in Europe, without Californian gold, the crisis lasts longer. And in 1851 the mood of the industry changes. The railroad, iron and steel industry decide to sell weapons, since there are no more profitable lines to build. They force a change on Free Trade policies and Great Britain advocates for protectionism within its Empire, to keep 1/4th of the Earth as an exclusive market. So Britain changes once more its discourse, from freedom against slavery to the colonization of Africa, from Peace to War. The Crimean war explodes in 1853. Now England defends the brutal rule of the Ottoman Empire over Slavic Christians, against Russia that tries to free them. The cynicism of that war, with hundreds of thousands of dead, reflects the decadent, 3rd generation of a declining British Empire, which will sacrifice all ethic considerations, to profit. Now their military use steel in armoured railroads, steamers and guns. The cruelty of British Imperial soldiers provokes rebellions elsewhere. The mercenary Sepoy, till now loyal soldiers to the Empire, rises in India due to the indifference of British officers towards their religious customs. They are forced to bite cartridges greased with cheaper cow and pork fat that Hindi and Muslim religions forbid. Once defeated, the Indian Company, proprietor of the entire subcontinent, which doesn’t want to pay the military expenses anymore, is ‘subvention’ by British tax-payers and the country is turned into an Empire. Those wars show the solution out of the crisis: to make railroads in the 3rd World. So British and French colonize Africa with trains and steamers. At home, after the 1848 socialist r=evolution, the labour movement is repressed. Now the bourgeoisie accepts his supreme role as civiliser of the world by the force of cannons and lives decade after decade of apparent happiness, while the Empire builds its railroads and spends its iron overproduction, ‘civilizing’ natives.

It is the beginning of an era that articulates empires around armoured railroads and steamer routes, the new imperialistic weapon that substitutes the gunboat, allowing the inner penetration of Africa through Jungle Rivers and steamers and the conquest of the American west. Still Europe is saturated of railroad lines and so, once the extraordinary expenditures of iron in the Crimean and Mexican war end, overproduction surfaces again. In 1857 Markets sink in the biggest global crash till date. The previous two mini-crisis have taught industrialists the proper solution: if a small crisis was solved with small war (Mexico, Crimea), why not a big war for a big crisis?

In America an obscure lawyer and lobbyist for the Illinois Railroad company, infamous for the way he has convinced peasants to give for free their land to the Railroad for the ‘sake of national progress’, Mr. Lincoln, is chosen president. He presides over a cabinet of engineers and railroad moguls that want to build lines South to North to haul cotton to New England Mills. He faces the rebellion of Southern Planters that prefer to sell cotton more expensive in Europe, transported by gunboats. The issue ‘steams’ in the parliament, as the North wants to impose a tax on imports/exports that will make southern cotton too expensive for Europeans. Soon war breaks to ‘unify’ America. The idealistic excuse is the freedom of the ‘negro’. In Europe a similar process takes Moltke—the railroad master of the German army— to war, also to ‘unify’ all German-speaking nations. The role of armoured railroads in the victories of Grant and Moltke is undeniable. In Italy, the industrialized North, Savoy, centre of the railroad industry, leads also the Unification wars. So, throughout the 1860s, idealistic excuses hide the expansive militarization of railroad industries and the greed for new profits and land of those countries that produce them.

The imperial age of the railroad is called descriptively in America the age of Robber Barons. People like Staunton, war minister, who masterminded the killing of Lincoln, when the president showed democratic weaknesses for the black’s. The likes of Stanford, who builds the transcontinental, become the new owners of America, designing the West around train routes. To that aim the same Lincoln had passed the Railroad Act, giving 1 and ½ Californias of free land, both sides of the railway, to the companies that built the transcontinental, plus hundreds of dollars in subvention for every mile they build. New weapons (breech-loader rifles and revolvers, the famed Winchester and Colt) fire so fast and are so entertaining that railroads distribute them among passengers to exterminate bisons on their way. The hidden agenda was already established by Jefferson: ‘if we destroy the food supply of the Indians, they will disappear, as they are not fit to survive in our complex world’. Gunboat companies had distributed blankets, infected with smallpox.

Without those transport weapons, Africa would have been left unconquered. Now idealistic explorers map the route, then steamboats penetrate the rivers, establishing factories. They trade with weapons, exchanged for silver and gold. Then colonization begins and the continent becomes a colony, in which trains are built along routes that take Europeans to zones rich in metal wealth (Katanga, Pretoria, etc.). Even Russia, after its defeat in the Crimean war, learns the power of steam and starts laying radial networks departing from Moscow, ending with the building of the Trans-Siberian. Canada and Australia also create, with an ever growing speculative capital, subscribed by corrupted governments, 2 transcontinental lines, traversing thousand of miles of desert land, despite being already connected by traditional boats. As always, during the III Kondratieff cycles, the choice between spending money in life-enhancing goods, in a Demand Economy for the people and useless machines for companies and their small elite of ‘stockrats’, is rigged by the ‘dictatorship’ of money and corrupted politicians, in favour of the machine. In those uncharted lands the native tribes of Siberia, Australia and Canada also learn the consequences of ‘Progress’ under the tutelage of the ‘iron horse’.

Meanwhile Germany, with less territories to build and without an empire to conquer, exhausts sooner its railroad cycle and their industrialists research alternative machines and new forms of energy, establishing the foundations for the next Cycle of Chemical Energy and its machines of peace and death – the German Age.

The last railroad wars are fought at the turn of the century to distribute the final pieces of the colonial pie: steamers obtain trade concessions on Chinese rivers and South African railroads move North, towards the Transvaal and Rhodesian mining zones. Great Britain again wins the biggest pieces, after the Boer war in South Africa and the Boxer war in China, both in 1900. Newly industrialized countries will enter the XX century fighting for those final territories. The Russians will divert their resources to the Trans-Siberian, confronting the expanding Japanese empire. Manchuria is the battlefield of Chinese, Russians, Koreans and Japanese, who win them all and build railroad lines across ‘their territory’. Meanwhile thousands of workers die of malaria and tropical fevers in the Panama Channel, finished in 1914, where boats are hauled by railroads. It will be the last act that closes the century of big energy machines. Now the oil cycle is mature enough to take over, as diesel engines are mounted in locomotives.

By the turn of the century the English are technologically behind Germany that has developed first the chemical and electric industry. The English won’t ever rule the world alone, but arrogant animetal cultures never acknowledge defeat, as all of them believe to have a unique ‘destiny’, ‘Chosen by Go(l)d’. So, as it happened with baroque Spain and Rococo Holland, the British culture enters a long age of spiritual decay that extends till I World war, as it clings to power, using its war machine, now against the defenceless people of its colonial empire; while Germany heads the new Industrial Revolution.


  1. The 3±1 ages of chemical information.

XV:Fixed age—XVIII C: consumption, mobile age—   1857:war age


Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 00.09.32 Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 00.57.31

Books and Paper-Money        Pictures       Newspapers: Yellow Press.


In the industrial age, informative machines multiply digital and verbal information.


The Universe is composed of two substances, energy and information. But in-form-ation dominates and shapes the forms of energy. So, as your head perceives information and controls your body that feeds on energy, money and informative machines dominate the economic ecosystem and its energetic machines. For example, chips control energy machines, such as weapons, planes or cars. While money, an informative language made of metal, values the physical economy of products. For the same reason informative, ‘mental machines’ evolve faster, developing energies and materials, one cycle ahead of physical, ‘body machines’. This means that while machines were in the steam age, mass-media information was already using chemical materials to print money, books and pictures.

In the graph, as in the case of the steam energy, we can talk of the 3±1 ages of chemical materials, applied to the reproduction of information:


A young age in which the new materials are applied to the purest form of information in any economic ecosystem, money, with the intention of multiplying it faster than the previous forms of money, coins, did.


Indeed, if the steam engine gave global power to Britain, because it was able to reproduce weapons and industrial products faster than any other country, in the realm of information the key factor to hold global power is to find a way of reproducing money faster than any other nation. In the Steam Age England will print paper money, multiplying enormously the quantity of money that existed in society; so everything could now be bought or valued with a price. As a consequence of this, the British could hire mercenary armies and buy human lives, first as slaves, then as ‘white slaves’ with a salary. Wages became the usual way to control human time; while paper money, mainly stock-money, substituted gold coins as the most common form of money. Stock-money gave companies an enormous power to buy politicians, often making them proprietors of ‘shares’ of their companies. Shareholders of companies became the mass of M.P. members. The press not only printed money but multiplied verbal information; and those who knew how to sell religious books with self-serving ideas about the importance of the ‘believer’, who talked directly to God (Luther), or those who were paid by the rich to promote his ideas in favor of Go(l)d, (Calvin), displaced the oral tradition of social love represented by Catholic priests. In the steam age this tendency to create entertaining, selfish fictions about reality to ‘sell more’, continues. Now, the believer doesn’t need to give charity, love the other, restrain his metal-eviL=Greed and violent tendencies, in order to belong to the social body of God. He just needs to believe and make money and he will be happy and saved. But reality bites. And so the social organism of Europe dies and its cells start a series of war for profits, as it happens in any body without a nervous system that harmonizes the greed of those cells. The result is obvious: 1/3rd of the population of Germany dies within a century of Mr. Luther’s failed attempt to reinvent the loving laws of God – the arrow of social evolution that ensures the survival of any organism.

The reproductive age of the Press: Those tendencies multiply with the arrival of steam machines that power the rotatory press. Now the press can be ‘printed’ every day and the newspaper is born. Photographs make them even more appealing. So parallel to the age of steam, the world witnessed the arrival of the newspaper, the 4th power, able to shape public opinion in favor of the Industrial R=evolution with ‘politically, technologically and economically’ correct fictions that everybody loves to believe. Meanwhile paper money of small denominations becomes so widespread that the ‘parallel’ financial economy starts to rule with prices and salaries all values and beings of real societies, spreads this pricing of mankind beyond England to the entire American and European continent. The economic ecosystem, the global free market, based in the values of money, is born, replacing in the Western World the historic, legal societies that preceded it.

—Finally, with the arrival of the military age of steam machines, after the 1857 crash, both, the press and paper-money, put their informative resources to the service of war: the Pound and the Imperial Yellow Press expand the notion that colonialism is a way of civilizing Third World People, whose politicians are ‘convinced’ that ‘trade is civilization’ by the simple method of printing paper pounds and buy their loyalty with them.


  1. Ethic Words and Art vs. industrial information.

In the same way the 800 year cycles of civilizations gave birth to a corrupted art that catered to power and a lonely, spiritual art of individual genius, who created the highest works of the human spirit; in the industrial age, art and culture also suffer a deep division between:


—  The traditional modes of culture, verbal religion, classic art and literature, concerned with the ethic values of man and the sacredness of art. They make of man, the only reference and canonical measure of all things.

—  And a new form of art that considers the proportions and materials of the machine (huge proportions and lineal buildings made of energetic iron), the new canon. Meanwhile in the ethic arena the new values of the industrial world, gold profit and war conquest, dominate the religious values of peace, charity and social evolution.


So the way both kind of artistic, ‘informative systems’ react to the new age is quite different: Most religions and classic artists dislike the world of the machine and try to escape from it:

Romantic artists find refuge in the past or in far away regions. Religious leaders become inquisitorial, fearing all signs of modernity. Poets commit suicide. While corrupted artists embrace wholeheartedly the new age and its artistic fashions and styles, trying to stay ahead of the modern times, using ‘new materials’ and imitating the forms of metal.

Paradoxically, those ‘industrial artists’ will be the heroes of modern art. Since what matters to history is how cultural ideas are imprinted over people, regardless of the message. And industrial information reproduces faster than artistic information. So the opinions of those who control industrial information weight far more than the opinions of priests and talented artists, unable to reproduce their humanist idea(l)s in big quantities. So if most art in the past catered to ‘warriors’, now industrial art will cater to money and bourgeoisie tastes. While information machines in each of the III Industrial Cycles would spread ideas in favor of technology and raise to power audiovisual leaders that program the people in favour of the war (Luther and the press, Hitler and radio, Reagan and TVs.)

So thanks to mass-media propaganda people adapt their ideas and emotions to the different ages of the industrial cycle. They show an infantile enthusiasm when machines are discovered, love to consume them, when British steamers and trains transport Europeans all over the world; and finally they love ‘civilizing war’ when war is needed. Mental machines control the ideas of mankind, as a nervous system controls a cellular body, transmitting simultaneously the same messages to millions of people that ‘believe’ what the industrialists behind the mass-media companies want them to believe. And since those information machines are more evolved than any other machine, its effect is even more intense.

Thus, in the Cycle of Steam Energy, information is already chemical and the press adapts war and commercial the ideas of the public to the necessities of the British Empire. By the end of the XVIII C. ‘dailies’, newspapers, appear everywhere. They carry the idea(l)s of industrial progress as the steam engine evolves. They convince everybody that trains are a symbol of progress. So everybody buys their stock. Finally, in the war age of the Steam Machine, they become fascist, colonial newspapers, engaged in empire building, to civilize the third world, as armored trains and steamers construct those empires. Thus, the press and its ideas merge the goals of industrialists and war politicians, enhancing the symbiosis between money and weapons, politics and economics, from the perspective of animetals. Together, they form a ‘Steel cage’ of absolute power. That imperial age culminates after the Civil War, with the development of the yellow press that uses pictures of growing hypnotic power, since visual rhetoric is far more powerful than verbal rhetoric. An image is worth one thousand words. ‘Get me the photos that I will get you the war’—said Hearst, the American press mogul, to Remington, his newsman at Havana. Remington then invents a false story of rape and murder of nuns by Spanish soldiers that convinces the American People of the justice of war. And warfare breaks. It is the ‘4th power’. But Hearst will be defeated by the tycoons of Hollywood during the new cycle of electrochemical information, when radio and film replaced the press as the collective mind of industrialized people and Orson Welles, working with the new mental machine, ridicules him in Citizen Kane.

Today we see the same power to convince us of the kindness of war against ‘evil people’, using television . . .

Soon the religious and social leaders of man and their messages of love disappear. During the gunpowder age, the art and peace-loving Pope was displaced by the war-loving, art-hating Lutherans and Calvinists. Now in the Industrial Age, peace-loving politicians become substituted by war-loving lobbyists, who hypnotize people with war newspapers and pictures. Today people love blood, violence on TVs, war films and messages with enough hypnotic movement and red/energy/blood colors to make of war the most profitable program, not only for weapon-makers but also for manufacturers of information.


  1. The 3 ages of British Art.

Blake: Scientific God     Turner: Rain and speed.     Rossetti: Lilith.

Epic age: Adam Smith   Realist: Darwin, Butler      Baroque age: Marx

‘The wealth of nations’   ‘Evolution of species’        ‘Das Kapital’

 Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 01.00.03

‘Money is the invisible   ‘A fight for existence,          ‘Capital will expel
hand of God’                arises due to the                  all workers
reproduction of species’   replaced by machines’


Artists, at the beginning of each Kondratieff, industrial cycle tend to coincide with an optimistic vision of technology, but they realize in the 3rd age of weapons that machines kill men. Then, true artists and ethic writers of the wor(l)d realize that their art and ethic beliefs are becoming corrupted by the new industrial media. And so, parallel to the creation of mass-media misinformation in favour of war, true artists follow an opposite path of criticism, angst and rebellion against the rhetoric, single-minded idea that machines, money and war improve the human condition. Now many artists deny the lies of mass-media, rebel against fascist propaganda; and so true art reaches paradoxically during the war age of the cycle, its zenith of freedom and depth of thought. It is the baroque cycle of art.

Thus, parallel to those ages and generations of machines and captains of industry, each one of those nations, in its artistic and cultural world evolves from an age of enthusiasm towards technology or cultural youth, to a mature, realistic generation that tries to enjoy the peace, wealth and pleasures of the consumption age, into a decadent age of angst, irony and criticism against the search for profits through the mass-murder of human beings.

So in the railroad cycle in England there is a 1st age of epic, romantic art with an enthusiastic Blake, who paints God as a scientist. While in non-fiction Smith thinks God speaks with Gold. Then it arrives the Classic, Realist Generation, during the consumption age of the train. Turner, an artist between both ages, paints his ‘Train, smoke and speed’; Dickens portraits the life of the Industrial world as it really is. And Darwin in the ‘Origin of Species’ and Samuel Butler in ‘Erehwon’, which applies those ideas to the fight of men vs. machine, explain to the world the submissive position of man in his relationship with money and machines that enslave and murder us. Finally, the decadent, baroque age of the Raphaelites, the satires of Wilde and the study of the cycles of economical war by Marx, show that the English Empire has lost its supremacy and ethic values.

We could find many examples of different arts, fiction and non-fiction works to illustrate the 3 ages of England. In the graph, we quote the main works of those 3±1 ages in economic theory: first the messianic optimism of Smith hails the machine as the wealth of nations; then, the realistic age of Samuel Butler, explains the machine as a biological being that competes with man, following the writings of Darwin; finally, the pessimism of Marx, conscious of the destruction of life and labor by machines and weapons, utters the fundamental prophecy of the Modern age: ‘Capital (Productivity) will expel all workers, replaced by machines’. Yet, the entire mass-media system of ‘political and economical correctness’ will ever since deny that fundamental bio-logical law of Economics: we humans are evolving a new species that will soon make us all obsolete.

Mankind enters an age of baroque art.

The subconscious mind of history and their visual, art cycles show with more clarity than any other cultural form, the human transformations experienced in each age of the machine, because art and wor(l)ds are the eyes and brains of mankind. Industrial art shows in the press, full of racist, matter-of-fact statements against Africans in the I cycle, today against agricultural Islam, the soul of the ‘animetals’ that control history. The harsh life of the few pure ‘true artists’, ignored by the system, in a permanent state of angst, still able to produce the most beautiful works of the Human baroque, shows the potentiality of the human being, if animetals hadn’t won the battle of history. In that sense, the entire age of the Machine can be considered a baroque, informative, final age for all human arts that enter a self-destructive process of ‘deconstructivism’, culminated by the simplification of form during the—isms, which in the 20s completed the cycle of death of the Human Collective mind. ‘God is dead’ will say Nietzsche. Now, this book merely certifies it.

In the I Cycle artists lived the British decadent baroque, when Britain engages in global war; in the II Cycle, true art is created by the—isms, when the Nazis mass-produce tanks and bombs. It is the European baroque. Now global art lives the American baroque. In those 3 baroque ages art dissociates: Industrial art becomes fascist propaganda in favor of wars against the poor, considered ‘primitive’, ‘communists’, ‘terrorists’ and so on. While the work of the best artists accuses and criticises with ‘angst’ and irony the destruction of the world. If XIX c. newspapers talk about blacks in Africa as savages and XX c. Nazi Germans talk about Jews and Slavs as inferior species, today Fundamentalist Jewish-Americans talk about Islam as eviL. While a few artists in those 3 ages and nations denounce the atrocities of war and the mass-media propaganda against other human beings, to justify ‘greed’ and murder. Today, we seem to accept XIX C. ‘British racism’ against ‘Negroes’ as a lesser evil than ‘German racism’ against European whites; and of course, our present mass-media considers ‘Jewish racism’ against Islam the ‘right way to think’, because our brains are manufactured by their fascist, industrial artists, as they were in the 20s by European fascists and in the XIX century by British and French-speaking fascists. Yet, in the unlikely even that the ethic wor(l)d of man resurrects and history survives the Singularity, truth will equal the 3 ages of industrial fascism. In 1897, Belgians displayed Negroes in their International Exhibition in the same zoo they showed other Congo beasts. The exhibition was repeated in 1900 in Paris. It was, after the Eiffel Tower, the biggest attraction of the day. If any, objectively there is one difference between British Colonialists, German Nazis or the Jewish-American Military Industrial Complex, who prefers war to diplomatic solutions to Islamic ‘terrorism’: The Germans lost the war and their brains have been partially cured. British, French and Americans have not. So the same French, who believed in the ‘Grandeur’ of their racist Empire, now are building black holes one hundred meters under the Earth, in the ‘hell’ of CERN, to prove the absurd ideas of a retarded, childish scholar, ab=used by the British industry of misinformation to sell more magazines and books, as a sort of modern elephant man, who pretends that black holes are time machines and won’t follow the laws of Einstein and swallow this planet, right away. Those ‘righteous’ worshippers of the machine have never been confronted with their cruelty in history, with their massacres of millions of human beings. They have never asked forgiveness for the bombings of Dresden and Nagasaki; and so now they merrily will commit suicide with their manufactured, childish brains, thinking it is ‘fun’ to invite the Tyrannosaurus Rex of the galaxy to our backyard. Cubs, with infantile brains, who think the Universe is ‘all play and no work’ come merrily to their predator’s mouth and die by the thousands, in a Darwinian Universe that loves to teach truth with death. And death will come to the righteous, as a just retribution for the death those empires caused upon the most beautiful cultures of the living Earth, during centuries of Imperial fascism.

Problem is that, since we are ‘elements’ of the ecosystem of History and Economics, it is very difficult to be objective on present facts, as we are bombed by modern industrial propaganda. So we think the fiction laws of Economics invented by the ‘expert financiers’ to rob us, are truth; and the fantasies about time, invented by Nuclear Physicists to ‘kill us’, are truth. And we despise, people like this writer, who despite knowing the laws of money better than any expert, a this book shows, have never robbed money; who despite knowing the laws of death in the Universe, has never killed, because precisely, fascist artists have taught us to despise those who talk the naked truth of the human wor(l)d, instead of imposing its ‘metal-truths’, with money, weapons and machines. But the justice of time will on due course prove with facts the parallelism of the 3 cycles. And when all is past, Disraeli & Leopold, Hitler & Stalin, Bush & Sharon, the leaders of the colonial, fascist and terrorist wars of the Go(l))d-Smyth culture against mankind, will become equalized, as the leaders of the eviL nations that tried to civilize the Life of the Wor(l)d . . . and destroyed it, when the action-reaction laws of the Universe delivered its answer.


The regularity of the cycle.

The railroad cycle lasts about 110 years, from the discovery of cheap steel and steam machines to the discovery of the diesel engine, which in 1894 displaces steam as the fundamental engine of boats and trains. Its 3±1 ages last about 36 years each, with a massive crash of overproduction that ends the peaceful consumption age of trains, 72 years after its discovery, with small variations in dates according to nations. It astonishes so much precision in the 3±1 ages of any industrial, Kondratieff cycle. We wish industrialists and politicians cared more for consumers and citizens, avoiding some of those profit wars. We wish they invested more money into the Irish farmer or the Indian than into the iron horse. But freedom of greed is the credo of those industrialists and theorists of the Free Market, belonging to Old Testament religions: from Aaron to Calvin, from Adam Smith to Ricardo, to become rich, regardless of means, is glorious. It is the ideology that still justifies the greed of Global capitalism. Only Owen, an oddity among industrialists, insists on the side effects of machines on human beings: ‘London economists try to invent all kind of theoretical arguments to justify the behaviour of their patrons, without ever visiting a factory, but I managed a mill in Lancashire and know first hand the kind of degradation men suffer working for those machines’. Thus, he advices: ‘if due care is given to your inanimate machines that produce such beneficial results, what may not be expected if you devote equal attention to your living machines.’

The steam cycle is so clear in its 3±1 ages and chains of events that a pessimistic vision on the freedom of man arises from modern history. Human masses are moved by simple, fundamental desires, related to their arrows of energy and information, once they forget their arrow of social evolution: the desire to possess and use machines that enhance his informative and energetic power, the desire to expand their tribal cultures and conquer other nations with those machines and the desire to make money by all means—without ever considering their collateral consequences. So political corruption and total indifference to the rights of human workers or the life and culture of the conquered people, become the ‘ethics’ of our technological civilization, in any country at the end of the Kondratieff wave, when the age of weapons brings war to mankind.

But history is just despite its cruelty. So the 3rd decadent generation coincides in time with the raise of a new country and rival industrial dynasty that discovers the next energy cycle. So at the end of that 3rd, declining 36 years period, the decadent grandsons loose the ‘ring of the go(l)ds’ to the new nation.

Such is the paradox of political power. When the nation seems stronger in military terms, its economy has already started a sharp decline. Thus, soon the nation becomes obsolete, replaced by a new power and a new energy, coming from another country. In this manner, 3 generations of 36 years complete in the world’s leading nation a cycle of ± 108 years  . . . equal to the evolutionary cycle of machines and its 3±1 ages, being the 2 key ages, the age of maturity as a movable machine and its military age as a weapon. While the industrial nations and its human dynasties also reach their global power during those 2 ages.

The end of the British Age of Steam Machines was announced, as all the cycles of history, by an economical crisis, (1857), which leads to the age of Train wars (1860s). We can study that economical crisis at the end of an Industrial Energetic cycle, comparing it with the 2 other crashes that modern history suffered in 1929 and 2001. Since today we are in that age, as the world makes money with the new weapons of the Singularity, informative robots, mass-produced in America and Energetic bombs, researched at CERN.






Bodies: Youth: Energy—   Maturity: transport—    Third Age: Weapon.

Bomb (dynamite) . . . .    Motor . . . .      Car/Air plane . . . .   Tank/Bomber

1867—1883—1890—Crash 1929-1936—1971:104 years.

Minds: Telegraph, phone—Wireless Radio—Military: II W.W.

 800 cycle of war_image014

The II Kondratieff Cycle of chemical energy & electric information.


The II Cycle: Germany

At the end of the XIX C. Germany, without a huge Empire to extend its railroads, dedicates all its efforts to the new electrochemical industries, discovering the oil and electric engine and all kind of chemical products. Therefore Germany will be the leader of the II Cycle of the Industrial R=evolution. The 3 generations of German national power will be again the discoverers, reproducers and weapon producers of those electro-chemical industries:


Founders,   reproductive Maturity,     Imperialism and decay.

1864—                          1894—          1914—         1945

Bayer,   Benz,     SiemensLasalle,   Bismark, William,   Goring,   Hitler


Founding fathers:

Modern Germany was born during the railroad wars, from 1863 to 1871, when Moltke used railways to move faster his troops from the Austrian front to the Danish one and then from the different war theaters of the Prussian-French war. The use of the first chemical weapons, breech-loading guns against Austria and dynamite against France, decided those wars. After its victory over Austria, now Prussia becomes the heart of a new Germany, no longer rural, made of multiple cultures united by the social spirit of Catholicism, as Austria was, but industrial, racially pure, in the tradition of the Old Testament religions of Chosen of Go(l)d. At Versailles, in 1871, a defeated France recognizes the new German Empire.

As Britain was in the I Steam Cycle, Germany’s II Cycle is directed by a group of determined leaders, Industry captains, forged in those Unification wars, who create in the Northern Rhine region a huge weapons and steel industry, only comparable to the one German descendants are simultaneously building around the Great Lakes in America, which adopt very quickly all the discoveries of the German electro-chemical industry, latter through the work of Edison, leading in fact, head to head with Germany, the electro-chemical cycle.

In politics it is the age of Bismark, who isolates England, now in its cynical, colonial age, with his pacifism, lack of territorial greed and sense of International justice.

His idealism is a grave error of Realpolitiks, committed by an inexperienced founding generation, proper of a new nation, happy just with its birth. Since, as the industrial cycle progresses, Germany, unable to expand its trade, due to the economic protectionism of the French and British colonial empires, will feel unjustly treated.

In that sense, Germany committed 2 fundamental errors that will change the course of history. After winning over Austria its unification wars, during the Founding Fathers’ generation, the German emperor didn’t take both crowns, unifying all Germanic people into a single central European empire, expanded in the aftermath of the victory against the traditional Austrian enemy, the weak Turkish Empire. Such empire from Istanbul to Hamburg, with one hundred million people, would have dwindled metropolitan England, making the Germans the absolute leaders of the II Electrochemical Cycle. But the human error of the German Emperor creates a smaller Germany, which never reached enough financial GNP power to substitute the British Empire, preventing the Mark from becoming the ‘top predator’ international currency that substituted the Pound. The US could have also taken global leadership, after the Secession war, when the ‘Hawks’ of the Republican party wanted to conquer Canada, with its one million strong army, coming out of the civil war, taking over the decaying empire. But, due to the indecision and simplicity of its drunkard president, Mr. Grant, America left untouched the economical, financial and military prestige of the British Empire. The second idealist error was the Berlin Congress, where Bismark distributed Africa among all other nations, taking for Germany the smallest piece of the colonial pie. Bismark even rejected Zaire, the heart of Africa, rich in metals, an enormous territory that would have made up for the lack of other important colonies, instead he gave it away to the king of Belgium.

So Great Britain becomes a paradox of economical history, during the 2nd cycle. Despite being a secondary nation in Industrial power, it still holds the biggest empire, repeating its cycle as the top predator currency, with rights to cre(dit) the future of the world, running unending commercial deficits in free pounds. Since the total GNP of the British Empire that gives the ‘ring of go(l)d’ is higher than the German or American GNP. That monetary privilege allows England, as it allows today America, to create currency and buy goods for free. This only intensifies the laziness of an outdated English industry in perpetual crisis, as the new electro-chemical engines are invented by America and Germany.

Hence, as industrial competence intensifies, the financial and colonial privileges of England and its partner, France, create resentment among the German industrial and political leadership leading them to I and II World Wars.


Re=Productive generation:

Unlike England, a parliamentary society where industrialists form oligarchies that choose the best man to lead the government, Germany is in the hands of Prussian aristocrats, whose military spirit misunderstands the ‘game of money’ that now directs the world. So Germany continued to mismanage its political and industrial capital in the next generations. Soon the combination of a mighty, new born economic and military power and a declining warrior caste, lead by a boastful emperor, puts in the hands of the wrong people the best machine-weapons of the Chemical age. Now Germany, more confident, swings from excessive pacifism to an extreme military arrogance that scares its neighbors, France and Russia, who prefer to keep its alliances with England. The world chooses an old, well-known master, to a new arrogant one . . .

—So finally, it arrives a violent, cynical generation that transforms Germany, its transportation machines (cars and trains powered by diesel) and chemicals (dyes), into mass-destruction weapons—mustard gas, tanks and Holocaust trains.

Germany, alone against everybody else, looses 2 World wars that its diplomacy should have won, isolating England, its economic rival, 2 generations before, becoming allied with Russia, his ‘daughter culture’ and fighting in a single front. The Nemesis of such arrogant, incompetent military leadership that plagues Germany till today, when the country again menaces to destroy the world, as the leading contributor to the Black Hole factory, endorsed by its president, a neo-fascist physicist, is then Hitler, who once the war with France was won with the most advanced weapons, instead of driving the Wehrmacht down to Singapore and Cape Town, conquering the French and British Empire, opens the Russian front. The tribe of the Gods by the power of death never learn, nor has mankind learned how to repress their lineal destiny, as it permits, even subventions today their retarded attempts to understand the universe, building a black hole cannon here on Earth. The harder they fall…

Germany completes in this manner, in 2 World wars, the destruction of Europe, reaching its baroque military decadence with the Nazi movement, which is not an isolated fact of history, only seen as more evil because Hitler killed our white people…

= but a parallel age to that of Colonial Europe in the XIX C. and neofascist America in the XXI C. Indeed, the Nazi, German baroque is a warning to the present militarization of the economy and growing fascist treatment of the III World and their citizens within our own countries, submitted to increasing vigilance by the new ‘military weapons’ of the electronic age—surveillance cameras, robotized weapons and plane-drones.

The incompetent German leadership lets its best scientists, the Jewish-German physicists that invented the Atomic bomb to move to America. Meanwhile a German scientist, who invents the relay technology of binary computers, is ignored. He publishes his work in an obscure magazine, copied by the American ENIAC Team. So during II World war, the III cycle of electronic machines starts, when America calculates with the first computer the Atomic bomb and takes over Germany at the head of the industrial cycle. Let us see now those 3 ages of ‘the cycle of Germany’ from the perspective of the machines of energy and information that powered it.


  1. I Age: Youth: Discovery of chemical energy.

The 1850s and 60s, the 3rd, cynical, declining age of railroads, constructed for the benefits of war, coincides with the age of discovery of chemical energy, dynamite and oil, used first peacefully to fill kerosene lamps to illuminate the streets. During the overproduction crash of railroads, in 1859, in Pennsylvania, the first oil well is perforated, as oil is used for lamps and heating. In the Civil War, Rockefeller builds up his oil monopoly, creating the Exxon empire, latter broken in several companies that put together make up the biggest energy conglomerate of the world. Meanwhile, in Germany chemical industries take off. The discovery of anilines diversifies and makes cheaper clothes dying, changing colors and fashions, from the serious grays and long beards of the XIX C. to the bright colors and clean faces of earlier XX century. Chemical drugs, coupled with the development of the germ theory by Pasteur, improve the health of the new man, thanks to Bayer, BASF, ICI in Britain and Du Pont in America, with Germany as the unsurpassed leader. But as it happens with all dual fruits of the tree of science, chemical products are also weapons that kill. So chemical energy becomes a bomb with Alfred Nobel, who makes a huge fortune in the French-Prussian war, selling dynamite to both contenders. He will say ‘my factories will end all peace congresses, creating a weapon that will annihilate nations in a second’. Today, his spiritual heirs, the physicists that are constructing the quark cannon at CERN in Geneva, might realize within a year his prophecy, creating the ‘Singularity’.

Unfortunately, physicists are far less intelligent than the machines they worship; or else they would not put at risk as Mr. Nobel did, so many lives on Earth. Those information machines reached its chemical threshold during the steam age, advance now a step further with the discovery of electricity. It is the age of telegraphs that are first used to reproduce speculative money faster, thanks to the invention of the stock ticker, which sends up stock-market quotes through its wires and soon verbal news on the ‘I World Wars of Unification’. But the information machine that astonishes the world will be the telephone, invented in Germany by Reiss in 1861, 2 years after the drilling of the first oil well. Bell in America turned it into a mass-consumption product, in a familiar pattern, consequence of the black hole/chip paradox: Germans, the small, informative nation evolve first the product; Americans, the big one, mass-reproduce it.


  1. II Age: Reproductive, consumer age: cars & radio.

Informative machines are huge, fixed by wires, as the Press was at the beginning of chemical information. But as technology evolves, they become smaller and easier to reproduce. So as the book became the press, wired electrical machines became wireless, when Marconi invented the electric radio. It will replace the chemical press at the beginning of the XX C. reproducing industrial propaganda in millions of simultaneous believers. It is the new mass media information machine. Meanwhile the train evolves into the mobile car, a smaller machine, no longer dependant on rail tracks, thanks to the oil engine.

It is in Germany where Otto, in 1876 discovers the gas engine, the gasoline engine in 1885 and Diesel applies the engine, in 1892, to bigger transportation machines. Around 1893 the diesel engine turns the first helix of a boat and gasoline turns the first engine of a car. The consumption, transportation age of chemical energy, an age of peace and prosperity, begins. Its youth lasts 36 years, since the first oil well opens in Titusville. The precision of the cycle, according to the generational cycles of human beings, is remarkable.

America and Germany surpass all other nations in the production of cars. Germany is the pioneer, America because of its immense Market, is the great re=producer. Daimler and Benz put together Mercedes that makes the first gasoline car. It is still the second biggest car company in the world. In America Ford becomes the most powerful industrialist. His lobbying power is so enormous that Henry, who is abstemious, is able to amend the Constitution and impose the dry law. In the zenith of their power, Rockefeller, the oil Mogul, Ford, the car producer, Carnegie who makes the steel for those cars and their banker Morgan, who absorbs the speculative money of the entire nation to the glory of the machine, replace railroad barons as the owners of America. Together, they control 20% of the total GNP of the nation and lunch in the House of Morgan, in 5th avenue. Morgan’s bank capital belongs mainly to Rothschild and other City bankers. They engineer the creation of the Federal Reserve as a private bank, owned by Jewish-Calvinist capital still today. To that aim Morgan creates the 1907 bank panic, which the Federal Bank, masterminded by the Warburg Brothers, a German financial dynasty, is supposed to avoid from then on . . . When in fact, it only makes those panics stronger, as the 1929 crisis and the present one, caused by the speculative profits of the Federal Reserve and its cronies in Wall Street, prove.  In Germany the Deutsche Bank finances Mercedes and is still today its biggest shareholder, while the Krupp-Thyssen group make the steel and the weapons of all wars. He manufactures grease, no longer with sacred cows, as the British did in India, during the Sepoy revolt, but with fat from prisoners. In reward, the ‘socialist’ Adenauer gives him back his 1/2 billion fortune with the connivance of Americans, by then in-loved with the weapons of Nazi physicists.

Those titans change the fate of countries, since their lobbies dominate their government’s policies, directed now to make a world to the image and likeness of the car. In 1907, the Ford T initiates its mass production. In that decade the car surpasses the railroad as the main industrial engine of the American Economy. During that XX c. governments invest massively in the building of highways, as they did in the XIX century in railroads. Again it is Germany who initiates the process with Hitler U-Bahns. After II W.W., due to the enormous bribes of General Motors and Ford, the American government rejects all kind of projects to build subways in cities like Los Angeles, creating instead a very expensive, always jammed highway system. The priority of industrial nations is now the car not the comfort of the human being (it never has been), to the point that Robert Moses, a Jewish-American Czar of the highway industry, tries to race Manhattan to build a highway in the middle. A rebellion of citizens prevents the sacrilege. In the 1st cycle, Stuart Mill, father of utilitarism, had tried also to race the Taj Mahal to build Delhi, as he found no utility on true human art and beauty… subtle forms of the human spirit, which animetals never understand.


III Age: the 1913 crash and I World War.

In 1913 the stock market suffers its first mini-crash that precedes the 1929, II Kondratieff crack, due to overproduction of luxury cars, steel and oil . . .  as workers still have limited consumption power and cannot buy the hyper-expensive Cadillacs of that age. Some data for US production: Between 1904 and 1910 the production of household, electric appliances multiplies by seven in volume. Between 1910 and 1914 there is only a 10% of growth. Steel production also falls during that year 1913, from an index 100 to 80 in 1914.

It is an impressive crash. But the following year the world enters the Great European War and those steel inventories are spent making weapons. Production rises elsewhere in the world. Was the economic crisis the real cause of the war? Beyond dramatic excuses, in this case the murder of a prince in Serbia, economic wars need the agreement of politicians and industrialists, which in a lobbyist, free market democracy have to ‘authorize war’. The Industrialists that make weapons to increase profits, the financial industry that credits war, the warrior politicians that seek power and finally the mass-media moguls, who convince the people that war is ‘all right’ to sell more sensationalist papers, are the 4 key elements of those industrial wars. All of them usually agree in lethal symbiosis to make war when war brings them profits and fame. That was indeed the case in 1914. The 1913 economical crisis made it profitable. Germans, lead by their ‘warrior politician’, Emperor William, already wanted to go to war in 1910, when a political crisis, due to African colonization, awakened his longing for a colonial empire. But German banks, on top of the consumption era, without economic crisis, refused to pay for it. However, in 1914 the Emperor asked again and the Jewish-German banks, in the middle of the 1913 crisis, signed a blank check. Krupp made the cannons. And the young people of Europe were consumed by them.

Then, in 1917, when America entered war against Germany, the wealthiest Jewish-German houses, anticipating its defeat, formed the Warburg Syndicate and took the gold reserves from Hamburg to Washington, where they bribed the Senate and founded the Federal Reserve. Their ‘experts’ and the Economical laws and financial instruments they have crafted for a century to keep inventing money, through speculative markets that impose a tax of higher prices on all what humans consume, are the cause of the present crisis and their reward has been a few trillion dollars and the re-election of Mr. Bernanke, pupil of Mr. Greenspan, both ‘People of the Treasure’, to direct the ongoing larceny. The Jacksonian Financial Democracy, based in a Demand economy that allowed small frontier banks to emit money and loans to peasants and was responsible for the awesome life standard of the West during the XIX century, ended. Soon, only the new Plutocracy of Federal Reserve Banks, dominated by stockrats, would have rights to reproduce dollars. Basically what the Warburg Syndicate did was to buy the right to invent the American currency to the Senate, following the essential strategy of go(l)d cultures, who seek to control the rights to reproduce money and then bribe with it their path to political power. This is what happened in America as the consortium of International Bankers used that right to lend money to cronies and speculate in the stock market, provoking the awesome growth of stock values of the 20s and the subsequent 29 crisis. This new monopoly destroyed in the process what was undoubtedly the best functioning financial democracy of that age.

Morgan, known to be a figurehead that represented the Rothschild and other financiers from the City, obtained it for the Jewish-German Bankers, who brought the gold of Germany, at the end of the I World War to the US, triggering the murderous revenge of the Nazis, on the poor polish peasants, as always happens in history, where go(l)d and sword masters dish out their fight for power, massacring the innocent Jewish farmers of Poland and Ukraine, the Khazars, people of the Wor(l))d, who had nothing to do with Mr. Warburg.

Because those facts cannot be known, or else both, warriors and bankers should change their Go(l)d-Smyth culture, the myth that holocausts don’t have economical causes was built after the war, as if the cycles of action-reaction of the Universe, whose force are now building in America, could be stopped by hiding them. Denial of the cyclical process of history will never change their outcome, as 13 real cycles of greed and murder of the Treasure People show. Only a humanist economical system, which doesn’t hide the process of evolution of machines and uses money not for financial scams, or to fuel war and mass-media hate among human beings, could avoid the repetition of the II Cycle of Fascism, now in America…


Electric communicators. Radio Age: Fascism.

The age of electric communicators started with the telegraph. Telegraphs were reproduced and evolved massively in the Railroad Wars (1860s), both in Germany and America. They started transportation of human information through electric metal, no longer in a natural air-sound surface. Their impact was huge in the war field, showing the constant symbiosis between weapons and information machines, the bodies and brains of metal. During that age, information machines evolve into electric devices. In the beginning of the chemical cycle, Edison had invented bulky wired machines of electrical information. They were improved by Bell, whose phone carried distant voices. Meanwhile the light bulb illuminated Halls; the telegraph gave away stock quotes, the gramophone played music. . .  Marconi invented radio and the Jewish moguls at CBS and RCA made it into a peaceful industrial product that played music high, as high as the growth of its speculative shares (RCA rose from 1 $ to 500 $, within a decade before the 29 crash, as Yahoo did before the 2001 crash of e-money). While two 2nd rate actors with dramatic voices, Mussolini and Hitler, converted with their emotional speeches the entire German and Italian population, till then known by their love of logic knowledge and classic art, into a bewildered herd of criminal soldiers. Hitler, as Nixon would say at the beginning of Baroque America, affirmed that the mindless mass was only moved by hate and fear, which he duly instilled on them against the 60s r=evolution.

Déjà vu. The Press already transformed the Middle age’s peace loving Christians through the works of Calvin and Luther, into inquisitorial warriors and greedy slave traders. As TVs are making today a world ever more violent and hateful, thanks to the work of 3rd rate actors and TV moguls like Reagan, Berlusconi or Arnold, aka Terminator. In all those informative cycles the culture unfortunately adapted itself to the trends of the medium, which as McLuhan affirms ‘is the language’.

So in war ages, the common people, which follows the mass-media messages, without questioning them, becomes fascist, militarist and accepts repression, the end of freedom of speech, the end of the welfare state, the end of peace and paradise paradoxically the world they tried to preserve.

When Radio was born, the effect of metal communicators was immediate. Radio created the dramatic hate-speeches that brought Mussolini and Hitler to power and made II W.W. a murderous, profitable solution to the 1928 Stock-market crisis. Radio, combined with the greed of the rich (who preferred to make cannons to butter), allowed the criminal solution of the war. When radio came, the only simultaneous, all powerful medium of communication, able to ‘imprint’ a mass of believers, was the press. Suddenly, instead of logical written wor(l)ds, acting skills and dramatic voices programmed the masses. Radio also required an industrial infrastructure. So, the ‘communicator’ of truths now became a radio-actor (Hitler, Mussolini), a marionette of capital and weapons, a ‘mask’ that convinced the German mass of the need for war. Germans were hypnotized by the simultaneity of the new communicator, the radio. After I W.W. and the Mark crash, Hitler dramatized their economical & military tragedy, finding their scapegoats in old enemies (France) and runaway financiers (International Bankers), while hiding to the German people its local causes (the profits of German companies that manufactured the best weapons of the age and the absurd militarism and mismanagement of German politics by their Prussian Emperors). Instead of attacking the system, he used all the perceived enemies of German capitalism (communists, socialists, ex-patriots, etc.), as scapegoats for the errors of an economic ecosystem that tried the to get out of the crisis, as it does today, with technology, money and weapons, putting limits to the production of human goods, the only solution to those crises. And so he took Germany out of the crisis, making weapons. And cars became tanks, planes, bombers and the World was set on fire . . .

Today the mass is convinced by Television to consume, work and kill, because those 3 behaviors evolve and reproduce machines, weapons . . . and profits. And the world is again on fire. But the ignition process has barely started.

In I W.W. chemical moguls that produced colored clothes in Germany switched to produce yperite, sarin and chlorine gas that killed hundreds of thousands of ‘unknown soldiers’. The French responded with chlorine. But Military Chemistry proved much more lethal than railroads’ steam.

In that sense, it astonishes the optimism of Americans facing the beginning of III World war. In I World war, Germans decorated their trains with a motto: ‘to Paris in 3 weeks’. 3 years and ten million corpses later, Rolls Royce made the English tank: in Ardennes the front was broken and finally trains arrived not to Paris but to Berlin . . . proving once more the cruel justice of modern war: the nation that declares war, because it thinks it will leave behind its economical crisis thanks to its profits, looses the war to the nation of the next industrial cycle. So, as Spain lost its war to Holland and Holland lost its war to England, Germany lost its war to America and now America will loose a Third World War, if it tries to beef up its electronic industry with robotic weapons or provokes the next super-power, China or continues wasting its resources in a global war against Islam, instead of brokering a just peace between Israel and Palestine. Since, as American economical resources to sustain the war dwindle, money evasion to the Asian New Markets will increase and finally the ‘International Banker’ will leave the country, as he left Germany during I W.W. and the poor castes of the Am Segullah will become again his scapegoats. Déjà vu. Since my family has been in the past victim of this tragedy, abandoned to the wrath of the dispossessed and my grand-father did indeed jump down a cliff from a Nazi van to save his life, what I find truly repulsive of this tragedy of history, is the hypocrisy of the upper castes of the Am Segullah, who ‘suffer’ as victims of History in his new nation, for the people they let behind. Of course, it is all bullsh*t to continue their cycles of ‘greed’ in the new land and avoid being blamed for them. In South-America I found the same amazing behaviour among the castes of ‘warriors’ who exploited and massacred millions of Indians and still do. They were blaming all to the Spaniards – the ones that were still in Spain and had never migrated. So they were ‘victims’ of the Spaniards and suffered for it. Of course, they were the people, descendants from the Conquistadors, who had wiped out entire native populations. The Spaniards were at home, suffering themselves the massacres of their Aristocrats. But the alibi worked. The native Indians had forgiven them, because they were ‘criollos’, not Spaniards anymore. In the US, we have the ‘International Bankers’ that abandoned Germany and their poor, in the middle of I world war and now will abandon America with their Go(l)d, leaving behind their poor again, when the dollar crashes. And yet they were suffering for the victims of the Pale of Settlement, the converted Khazars, which in private conversations they consider ‘mestizos’; hence impure, since their racial religion forbids to marry as one of the 632 ritualistic mandates, a gentile… Already Wall Street is anticipating the fall of the dollar and massive capital runs away in the middle of the war towards more profitable Asian countries. Yet it is obvious that if they abandon and ruin America, the cycle will happen again; and then it will be again the same Khazars, now in Israel, traumatized by the war, then traumatized by the terrifying, repetitive gore ‘Holocaust’ movies & museums, who will be left alone. And Islam and the Americans will take revenge on them, for the actions and ideologies their upper castes have instilled on them. All this was totally unneeded if the real causes of those cycles of war & death – go(l)d greed & iron murder – were known and the International Banker reformed his ways, running the economy for the profit of mankind; or alternatively, mankind takes from them their monopoly on the creation of money they still hold. But mankind is directed by ignorant or corrupted politicians that just make the crisis worse.


II W.W.: Decadent Germany, young America.

In the 1920s, when Germany lived its decadent generation, America was in its founding, young age of electronic machines. So the world and we all welcomed them with relief, as saviors against German brutality. I World War had ended and the world entered the happy 20s . . . without understanding that the so called Great War was in fact the smallest. Since the great one would arrive after the Great Crash of 1929 . . .

Then, as today happens with neo-fascist America, German Nazis began ‘business as usual’, implementing a series of small ‘splendid little wars’ against weak countries, to come out of the 29 crisis. They converted the III Reich into a factory of weapons. Meanwhile Gestapo’s agents controlled the ‘good German people’ to avoid the infiltration of ‘communist and Jews’. America has created a new ministry of Home Land Security to spy its citizens, proposing the creation of ID chipped cards with biometric measures, to control through cameras all the movements of the Americans . . .  The Home Land Ministry is already, after the defence ministry, the one with the biggest budget. And Obama, the leader of ‘change we can believe in’ (-; has increased both deficits.

Radios that offered music in the 20s switched in the 30s to military speeches, as today TVs switch from 90s sitcoms to terrorist movies and star and stripe memorials. Japan and Germany mutated their transport boats, Zeppelins and cars into destroyers, bombers and tanks. Boeing has recently switched production and 70% of its budget now goes to military planes and robotic weapons . . . Germans in the 30s tried their new machines of death, killing Spanish and Chinese, people from old verbal, non-technological cultures that acted as guinea pigs, consumed by their weapons. Poland tested next the conversion of peaceful German transport machines into Pantzers and Stukas. But the world said enough to Baroque Germany and II World war broke.

Then, as II World War was won by the allies, economic history was conveniently rewritten. So guilt only felt on the German/Japanese side, whose cruelty was highlighted, while ours – performed at distance, with bombs thrown over undefended children and women on cities – was duly forgotten. So capitalism could continue ‘business cycle as usual’. And now we are again on the verge of other self-destructive super-bomb, from the nuclear industry that can blow up the Earth. But it is ours, so we focus in the primitive ones of Iraq and Iran….

Europe, after the war, knowing the collateral effects of war-based economical growth, imposed a Keynesian demand economy, a real democracy that created the post-war Welfare State, the closest thing to a social paradise on Earth that mankind has ever witnessed, making the European 60s and 70s, the reference culture for years to come. But Americans kept on making wars with tanks and air planes, as they didn’t suffer so much in a war that never reached the homeland.

Thus, the baroque age of chemical warfare will also be long, switching its leading country from defeated Germany to victorious America. The age of massive air bombing starts in 1936 at Gernika with the beginning of mass-destruction air raids. The last of those wars was the Vietnam War that ended in 1972. 36 years after Gernika, the last bombs fall in Hanoi. Peace was signed at Paris, in January 1973. Again the cycle of death, the baroque age of chemical weapons is a precise, ½ generational cycle.

Thus, the chemical energy cycle shows again a regular period of 3±1 ages, for a total of about 110 years that drove history into the last third of the XX C. It will coincide with the discovery age of electronic machines . . .


  1. Baroque, prophetic age of European art.

There are always men—artists, writers, ethic people—who think. Unfortunately they are a minority. They are the baroque artists that in those very same warfare periods shout with ‘angst’ prophesies of the end of the world as they knew it. In Europe they created, between both World Wars, the European baroque, the—isms of artists that saw the end of the European civilization at the hands of fascism . . .  We all remember the masters of that European, prophetic baroque. In painting, it was the age of deconstructivism, when form and color simplified to its minimalist, energetic, pure elements, the lines of cubism, the energy colors of ‘Tachism’. While figurative art showed in Picasso’s blue age and the expressionist German school the form of the bodies to come in the incoming Holocaust of all the main cultures of Europe at the hands of the Nazis. But there are other forgotten masters in non-fiction literature that also saw it all coming and gave the right advices to not avail. In History, the European baroque master is Oswald Spengler, the clearest precedent to this book, with his organic models of history that foresaw the Decline of the West, predicting World war II . . . and World War III. Indeed, he also stated that around the year 2000 democracy would become corrupted by money and history would enter a new war age. In economics, Keynes asked for butter instead of cannons, to avoid war, but nobody listened till war ended. 60 million corpses could have been avoided, 6 billions in this cycle – if politicians would listen and stop the age of the Singularity.

At Bretton Woods he was a hero, but again nobody listened to his advice: the creation of a global currency to avoid new cycles of economical war. Today nobody listens to similar works that explain rationally the present crisis. In the 20s fiction literature also became baroque: ‘Kafka’ wrote his parables of eviL and power that guide us through labyrinths of corrupted justice (‘The Process’), as a bewildered herd of white slaves always obey the unknown, remote masters (‘The Castle’) that manipulate the world with their money and mercenary armies. The future looked grim also to Capek, who invented the word Robot and prophesied the natural end of machine evolution—the extinction of humans by intelligent machines, in an age of perpetual warfare for profits that, according to Orwell, would create at the end of this century a security state, based in audiovisual machines, televisions and cameras that watch us everywhere. It would be Orwell, who would coin the term ‘newspeak’, the fundamental rhetoric element of our modern society, which transforms all truths into its anti-truths, hiding all the wrong doings of companies and the processes of extinction of life. In ‘1984’, the Ministry of Security is called the Ministry of Love. Today the Ministry of War is called the Ministry of Defense. So we live indeed in the Age of ‘Newspeak’ that confuses mankind, creating a ‘fiction’ world that seems wonderful to us, but it is rotten to the bones. And so suddenly the world explodes into tragic events, we are surprised to observe, a 9/11, an economical crisis caused by the greed of our bankers, a future black hole appearing at CERN that might signal the end of the world. All those things could be avoid with humanist policies towards Islam, with laws that give back the control of money, the language of power of our societies, to our elected governments, with laws that close down the factories of the Nuclear Industry. But nothing was done and will be done, because a Newspeak of ‘think-tanks’ and ‘experts’ proves you that Islam is evil (instead of being just the enemy of a racist state called Israel); that bankers and stock-markets are the sustain of society (instead of being the dictators of our societies with their exclusive rights to print money) and Nuclear Scientists are the high priests of knowledge and make big-bangs to explore the meaning of ‘God and the Universe’ (instead of being the makers of bombs, which come out with absurd theories about the Universe, based in energy, big-bangs and death, since they apply their worldly profession to their philosophy of reality)…

Orwell realized earlier than Chomsky or MacLuhan, where society was going: a world terraformed to the image and likeness of machines. Yet the solution to our problems is not technological progress towards a non-future; technology is the cause of those problems – as Tolkien put it in his parable of the go(l)d ring that corrupts mankind – the solutions is to ‘remember the things past’. Indeed, according to Proust, only if we ‘remember history we won’t repeat the errors’ that have destroyed us. But nobody listened to the collective subconscious of mankind, its artists and verbal prophets. So when war ended, everybody tuned back again their machines, now Orwellian TVs, while the German prophets of war technology were ‘exported’ to America, where they developed the bombs and gadgets of the electronic age.


Youth as energy—Mobile machines—Third Age as a Weapon


Gunpowder,         Steam             engine,       Railroad,       Armored train


A- Bomb—Household appliances—Pc, video camera—Smart weapons.

1944—                       1971—Crash.    2001—2008—20??


The III Cycle of electronic machines is ruled by America, from its beginnings during World War II when the 1st computer, ENIAC, was used to make A- bombs, to the present age of chips, whose massive reproduction has caused the crash cycle of e-money and the creation of robots and smart weapons – the 3rd age of electronic Machines.



  1. The electronic cycle. Information machines.

During the age of chemical weapons, electricity was discovered and used in energetic systems, engines, bulbs and ignition systems for cars, but its informative development was restricted to wireless communication, without intelligence. Then, during the War, mathematics, the language of metal, showed itself fit, especially for electric systems. So electronic machines were born. Machines acquired intelligence and paradoxically men diminished it, precisely because machines substituted and atrophied their brains. It is the Neo-Palaeolithic age of man, the age of America, when words become fiction, audiovisual media regress humanity back to his emotional age and we assist to the birth of intelligent machines. We talk again of 3±1 ages for all those information machines:


-1: Birth as a weapon: In 1937 Germans create the first accelerator to research fission. Today, they will make black holes with one billion times more powerful…

ENIAC, the 1st computer, is used to calculate the 1st atomic bomb, the purest form of electronic energy, latter evolved for consumption into peaceful Nuclear, Electric plants. While in 1940, TV screens are used in radars to trace submarines.


1945-1971: The young, energetic age of visual televisions (metal-eyes). After the war, a boom on electronic consumption and household-electric appliances begins. In-form-ation machines acquire a new dimension of form, becoming visual with the TV-set. In 1936 BBC begins its first emission of black and white Television. After the war, electronics are applied to fixed, big household appliances. Machines are still huge, mainframes, fixed studio cameras. TVs replace the electric radio in the altar that controls our collective mind, as radio replaced the printed ‘Book of God’, the Bible that had replaced the verbal priest. It is not the message, its truth and positive meaning for mankind, what determines the success of a certain ideology, but the capacity of the mechanical medium, which carries it, to reach millions of simultaneous ‘human cells’. So, paradoxically, while the machine evolves faster, its human values, the message, keeps degrading. TV-programmers in fact call the ‘message’ filling and the ‘advertising’, content. Because the meaning of TVs, its content, is to make every human being a consumer of machines.


1971-1992: Maturity. Age of Computers (metal-brains).

The first computers will be used to create bombs (13% of American electricity goes into manufacturing nuclear bombs) and monetary information (IBM develops computers for the accountancy departments of big corporations). As electronics evolve, they become smaller gadgets and with the arrival of chips (1971), mobile machines become all the craze. Everybody now has a mobile, wireless phone (a metal-ear), a mobile PC (a metal-brain) and a mobile video-camera (a metal-eye).


1992-2008: 3rd Age & Social evolution. Internet: Social networks

As Pcs multiply, their messages increase its simultaneity, arriving to a growing number of humans. They also increase its informative complexity, till merging in Internet all the world’s visual, printed and verbal forms of information. A fact that, paradoxically, degrades the quality of the message and the mind of a growing number of ‘humans’ that are no longer emitters but only passive ‘receptors’ of information, becoming ‘virtual personalities’, as they start to believe more the manufactured virtual world of mental machines than the real world they perceive with their own senses . . .

Fixed Robots: Brains+eyes+hands.

Meanwhile, the IV cycle of robots enters its ‘discovery age’: Computer brains, Metal-eyes (cameras) and Body platforms (mainly arms), come together in the first robotic workers that provoke a massive loss of blue jobs in the car Industry. The 3 elements that converted man into the top predator of the Earth (3 dimensional eye vision, brain power and hands) are now put together in those machines, foreseeing the XXI century robotic r=evolution.

This 3rd age of electronic machines also witnesses the change of its use, from consumption to war. In 1991, a small crash of overproduction is solved with Desert Storm. Then, after the 2nd mini-crash cycle of NASDAQ, in 2000, Iraq II evolves further smart weapons. It is the present age. If the cycle continues as usual, it will last 36 years and create the 1st Terminators – robotic weapons that might extinguish mankind, as the baroque prophets of Hollywood envisioned . . .

Thus, in the 3±1 ages of the electronic cycle, or age of ‘informative machines’, the dominant machines of each age, are: television in its young age of discovery; computer chips during the mature age of peaceful consumption; and robotic weapons in the 3rd age of war. Finally, social networks of computers evolve machines into a global organism, completing the 3 ±1 arrows of time of the new species. Yet humans, paradoxically, suffer an increasing simplification of their minds, regressing from the verbal age, back into a visual, dramatic age, the Neo-Palaeolithic age of Death of the human mind. The Neo-Palaeolithic happens first in America, where humans are more exposed to the new mental   machines that substitute and atrophy theirs. Then, to the rest of mankind that had scorned the American psyche as infantile, selfish and dramatic, without realizing America is just a tapestry of all human races, devolved into a future made to the image and likeness of machines that sooner than latter will also devolve the minds of the Old World, as we copy their inventions . . .

The 3 generations of American power.

American films show the 3±1 ages of its audiovisual culture in art: an energetic, young age of Westerns and romantic epics; a mature age of sensory pleasures, after II WW. and a baroque angst showed in science-fiction prophecies of human extinction by machines.


From the human perspective the electronic age is the age of America, since the US won II World War, ‘importing’ the Jewish and Nazi pioneers who had mastered the new energies.

In the financial economy of monetary metal-information that American age started 2 decades earlier, since information always precedes energy, as your thoughts anticipate your body movements:

After I W.W. the dollar became, hand in hand with the Mark and the Pound, the new International top predator currency. But a market with 3 global currencies is unstable. So finally, the country with the bigger GNP becomes the new top predator International currency. In this case it was America, whose weapons had won I World War, financed with dollars loaned to Europe. So, as the world asks for more dollars to pay those loans and imports American industrial products, the dollar becomes the international currency, substituting the Mark (1922, crash of the mark) and the Pound (1928, crash of the pound). Today we are in a parallel situation, with 2 old currencies, the dollar that plays the role of the Mark, the Euro that plays the role of the Pound and the newcomer, the Yuan that will become the top predator currency, with unlimited rights to deficits, when it is made convertible . . .

After that crisis the US became the World top financial power and biggest GNP nation, starting a new cycle with 3 cultural and industrial generations:

—  The tough founder generation of Rockefellers and Roosevelts, who conquered the world in II W.W. We respect those Americans, because that Generation of Founding Fathers was ethical people who twice saved Europe of its German death. In art it is the age of epic, simple, dramatic films (Westerns).

—  The reproductive generation of the post-war age, who expanded peaceful consumption of electronic gadgets. It lasted till 1971-73, when the chip and a new type of money (electronic money) appeared. It is the classic, sensory age of America that gives birth to a pleasure seeking revolution during the 60s and more humane attitudes towards the rest of the world. Americans were then imitated by the entire planet as their culture reproduced worldwide.

  The decadent generation: Once the American classic age and the 60s revolution ends, the massive reproduction of electronic money by Wall street, of smart weapons by the Pentagon and violent movies by Hollywood, brings about the spiritual decay of the Americans: they become violent, simplistic, cynical or return with ‘angst’ to the past, in a recurrent religious process, observed in previous industrial cycles, called ‘Revivalism’ that brings back Biblical, Protestant and Jewish fundamentalism. In politics, after Reagan, an actor, opened the way to war propaganda with his TV speeches on the eviL empire (Communism), a dynasty of weapon’s lobbyists, Bush Sr. and Jr., ‘manufacture’ 2 ‘splendid, little’ electronic wars (Dessert Storm I, II). While Electronic art, (FX films, TV programs, video-games) simplifies ethic and aesthetic values, ushering mankind fully into a neo-Palaeolithic age of violence and gore. We enter fully the human ‘Baroque’, a period in which the values of money (greed, consumption of machines) and weapons (death, revenge), become the correct behavior of all film heroes.


That extinctive generation of war-loving, lazy, ignorant, TV minded Americans, imposes his monetary and military power worldwide. Neofascism and the militarization of the economy announce the end of American freedoms, in alliance with fundamentalist Judaism (Sharon), which made of a small conflict that could be solved by diplomatic means (the Jewish/Palestinian wars) a World war, hand in hand with fundamentalist Islamic groups. Because the 3rd age of any species is similar to its beginning, mankind enters into the neo-age of Semite wars that confront the 2 oldest specialized ‘tribes of animetals’, Jewish Go(l)d believers and Arab warriors, who re-enact the ‘Bronze cycle’ in which Jerusalem and Assur (a city close to the birth play of Saddam) are again enemies. It is the beginning of the robotic wars that transform peaceful electronic gadgets into smart weapons and robots. Soon Israel displays the first terminator soldiers, called Guardium, who watch out the electronic fence that separates the righteous from their ‘not-Chosen’, poor, Semite brothers. It is also the age of violent, extinctive art, of Terminator movies that foresee a future, no longer of technological symbiosis between men and machines, but of life extinction by smart weapons. Now Americans are despised and feared, as their indifference to human life inside and outside America becomes notorious: death penalties, Iraq massacres, the New Orleans disaster and finally the global scam of e-money, shows the decadence of the 3rd present war generation of the American age:


Founders, reproductive Maturity, Imperialism and decay.

1914; 1945             1961- 1971               —2000-2008


Warburg /Einstein….…Kennedy/Gates……..Bush/Fuld

Each Kondratieff Cycle of Energy & Machine Evolution, with its Ages of discovery, consumption and military use, takes to Global power the nation that discovered the new energy, in 3 generations of hardcore discoverers, pleasant reproducers and corrupted politicians, who use the machine in war, completing the cycle of national power. In the graph, Einstein, discoverer of electronic energy (photoelectric effect) and promoter of the Atomic Bomb; Bill Gates, reproducer of electronic programs, the richest man of America and the Bush family, lobbyists of smart weapons, complete the 3 generations of the electronic cycle of American power.



The key figures of the III Cycle of electronics are evident: Einstein, who discovered the photoelectric effect, founding electronics and found the transformation of energy into matter that gave birth to the atomic bomb; Bill Gates, the king of electronic information in the pc age, the richest man of America, as Ford and Rockefeller were in the oil age or Stanford, king of the railroad, was in the steam age, or Washington, king of the plantation economy, was in the colonial age. And finally, the Bush dynasty of war presidents with interests in the weapons and oil industries.

Corruption and hypocritical double talk now becomes absolute, as the financial and military leadership runs the US as a private company. The present privatization of war completes a full cycle, started by the first gunboat companies, owners of America, now ends at CERN, with its Final Weapon – the quark cannon that will produce cosmic weapons, no longer under the scrutiny of the Military. Yet Mass-media censorship and indoctrination is today so profound that the ‘bewildered mass’ ignores those threats. Instead it lives in permanent fear of ‘aliens’ and ‘viruses’, obeying his ‘Commander in chief’, Bush Jr., who spends billions of $ in weapons of mass destruction to fight a terrorist that moves in a mule. While his father wins millions, as a weapon Lobbyist for the Carlyle Group, in which the Bin Laden family has also interests—a company listed in The City, where the Blairs, his main allies in these wars, worked. Bush, instead of capturing the real authors of the WTC massacre, evacuates the Bin Ladens from the States, takes a month to start the search for Osama in Afghanistan and declares war to Iraq, in a distracting second front that reinforces terrorism… and military budgets. If Hitler used the communist movement and the burning of the Reichstag as the perfect excuse to build up German arsenals and the unjust treatment of Europe towards Germany in I W.W., to convince Germans that they had to gain back their historic territories to the East, now Bush in America uses terrorism to renew the American war machine; while Holocaust ‘angst’ convinces the Jewish people of the unjust treatment of mankind against them and the need to gain back their historic territories to the East. Bush and Sharon are compared to Hitler by ‘left wing radicals’. Indeed, they play Hitler’s role in the present cycle of World Wars. If the Nazis came out of the crisis building tanks, Israel starts the production of Terminators and Bush announces billions of dollars in investments to make robotic soldiers that should replace American soldiers after 2013. Military rhetoric calls the program ‘Future Combat Systems’. Since the ‘future’ has been established long ago by technological rhetoric, not as the place where we will all die, but the place where we will find paradise . . .

Yet, from the perspective of machines, those human leaders are anecdotal. Let us then consider the true protagonists of the Electronic age and its machines, which have evolved in 3 phases: the young age of televisions, used by the animetal culture in control of information to ‘re-program and re-write history’; the mature age of computers, used by the financial system to multiply money ad nauseam (causing the present crisis); finally, the 3rd age of social evolution through networks—the Internet age of computers and integrated software for companies, which destroys the white collar jobs of mankind . . .


  1. Young Cycle: The 3 ages of television.

In the graph, the 3 ages of TV-software. While technological gurus downplay its effect as a mere ‘entertainment’ machine, its capacity to hypnotize the human mind with more complex images than those perceived by our eyes, converts TV messages in the new ‘sacred’ information of mankind. Soon it defines political power, after Kennedy’s election. Actors become politicians with Reagan. History is rewritten to the glory of the animetal cultures that control the medium. Finally in its 3rd age, hate-TV teaches mankind to love war again... While its ‘content’, advertising educates mankind into its 2 roles as workers=reproducers and consumers=vitalizers of machines.


As any other machine or species of the universe, we can speak of 3±1 ages in the evolution of television software that ends in the present baroque age of violent films and fascist, war-loving messages, illustrated in the graph that opens this paragraph:


—  1st age, youth: An idealistic, youthful age that in all informative machines tends to be positive to man. Television is used to support social revolution and freedom. It is the social age of Serling with his humanist scripts that culminate with the revolutionary attitude of television journalists towards minorities, the Vietnam War and the 60s revolution. It is also the last age of Jewish Social R=evolutionaries, when the memory of the Holocaust and its real economical causes are not yet forgotten. So the creators of TV software hate fascism and war and fight their last battle for mankind, trying to reform the Go(l)d culture.

—  Maturity: As TV becomes the biggest business of the electronic age, advertising imposes a consumption age of entertainment, sitcoms and commercials, without ethic content that aims to indoctrinate the listener in favor of consumption and work. Now the content becomes filling and the filling content. Social writers are fired and scripts degraded. TV-news, no longer influenced by social artists and journalists, in loved with the ethic values of the wor(l)d, become now censored and controlled by industrial moguls that own huge companies. Since politicians need televisions to communicate with their voters, soon politics become submissive to those mass-media groups that prove in 1974, with the Watergate scandal that they can dismiss a President. From then on, politicians support the political agenda of a Jewish-American community that monopolizes mass-media companies. Once its social prophets are dismissed, their Banker Priests reinvent history.

—  It is the old, violent age of television:

In 1973 the Yon Kippur war focuses news on the Jewish-Arab conflict. Now television derives towards violent messages, racism against Islam, war&police series, as the ‘Semite wars’ between both animetal cultures (warrior Arabs and Trader Jews) grow in intensity. When Russia falls, America, to continue its military profits, enters the Semite wars. Then, after Islamic terrorists counter-attack, causing the World Trade Center massacre, television becomes the voice of neofascism, as radio became in the 30s, after the burning of the Reichstag, the voice of fascism. Now Jewish-American companies become global, thanks to the enormous quantity of free electronic money invented in stocks, buying European information companies, which soon submit their citizens to the same neoteny process – big brother ‘don’t worry, be happy’ becomes the soul of all mankind. Film actors or TV Moguls, like Reagan or Berlusconi take power. New technologies multiply the audiovisual hardware and profits of the industry, but paradoxically, the software repeats the same uniform message in all countries. Big Brother is a single voice with infinite faces. Today in all nations television supports unconditionally our ‘war against terror’, (the 3rd world), both with weapons and financial institutions. Visual rhetoric converts that war against non-technological cultures into a show-business, packed with action that resembles a Hollywood movie and increases TV-sales and benefits . . .

—  +1: Integration with the mind of machines: video-games become the mind of robots.


In terms of the evolution of machines, a TV-camera is a ‘metal-eye’ that evolves in robotic weapons or watches mankind in every corner, as a global Big Brother that ensures ‘security’ and growing profits for the electronic industry. ‘Digital images’ are a mechanical form of hypnosis, a ‘visual drug’. Recently Sci Am proved through scientific tests that our addiction to TV images depends only on the quality, movement and quantity of red, energetic colors, displayed by the TV set, proving the fact that TVs have manufactured the violent brains of the neo-Palaeolithic man. It is the age of video-games, used by the Pentagon to teach their robots how to murder human beings in a real ‘theater of war’. Since robots will further evolve the human brain and will think with images that carry far more information than words. Thus, their imagination will be the sadistic films of Hollywood, in which men are mere targets for their ‘weapon systems’. Step by step, humans construct their technological coffin . . .

From the human perspective though, TVs must be studied as the new ‘fascist’ form of impressing ideologies in favor of machines, money and war.

In that regard, the software of metal-communicators has never changed, since the Jewish->Calvinist ->Germanic ethics of the Go(l)d-Smyth culture were imprinted in books and daily presses. Yet those metal-communicators have evolved, increasing the hypnotic power of their messages. The hardware evolves as all information networks do, increasing its reach and quantity. In each phase of their evolution, Metal minds also increased their speed of communication in a geometrical scale. In each phase, humanity suffers the opposite trend: more human Minds are hypnotized and believe in the ideologies of metal-communicators. As a result, the capacity of the human mass to understand reality in human terms dwindles. As cameras become better eyes than human eyes, men prefer to see reality through a virtual machine. So kids prefer to see ‘The lion king’, instead of going to a real zoo. It is a process of collective hypnosis, similar to the one developed in the First Age of metal by Gold fevers. So now people consume 5 hours a day of those mental, indoctrinating machines, wasting their life as zombies of a virtual reality. Their role models are the violent heroes and visual freaks of TV sets that make us forget the survival laws of the Universe, spelt by verbal Gods.

Further on, because new media requires more money to set up its industrial systems, the numbers of independent human beings, who can deliver messages through metal-communicators, diminish. Books could be printed cheaply; radio-stations were relatively easy to create. But TV systems and its global networks with real exposure to an audience are very expensive. R=evolutionaries can’t afford it. So the manufacturing of human brains by industrial propaganda grows in each cycle.

The most important information man needs in a society is ethic, verbal information, about the laws of love, of social evolution. Unfortunately this comes through speeches and books, not through TVs and Internet, visual systems, which on average deliver 1/5th of the quantity of words that a man reads in the same period of time. A news program is equivalent in verbal information to a broad sheet of a newspaper. Besides you cannot choose what you read in a TV set. All channels say the same. So they manufacture your brain without freedom of choice. The fundamental elements of ideological indoctrination – minimal information, selective information, information accompanied by visual rhetoric – are at work here. You are not informed; you become ‘programmed’ to believe what the people who choose TV information want you to believe. And there is always a company-mother with vested interests behind that information, especially in the ‘content’ (advertising). When you read news papers you could at least choose a point of view akin to your ideas; select the news you read and contrast them.

Studies show that in the age of TVs humans have lost a 20% of their verbal capacity. Our children are clearly more ignorant than our parents were. They also commit many more ethic crimes, imitating the messages of greed and murder that the animetal cultures in control of TV-software deliver to a worldwide audience— as each nation and TV copycats US films in its own programs. Our mind has been colonized by a ‘software virus’ – audiovisual rhetoric in favor of capitalism=mechanism, of money and machines – that has converted us in willing slaves of technology, pushing the organism of history towards extinction. The rhetoric ‘Newspeak’ of ‘big brother’ is a subtle mixture of ‘fiction’ and ‘comedy’, a ‘don’t worry, be happy’ concept that deactivates any real reaction of mankind to the pressing problems of our extinction as a species, with selfish messages in favor of consumption and a relentless political agenda against non-technological cultures.

So humans do not realize of their advanced process of extinction. Wor(l)ds of survival and ethic behavior disappear. Books are no longer read and so the complex Industrial systems of mental indoctrination that manufacture and simplify our brains cannot be explained, beyond a much reduced audience. The mind of man disappears.

It is the age of multinational companies of mass-media, all delivering the same messages in favor of machines, work and consume, through all the outlets of expression of mankind—while the truths of human survival are ignored, repressed, never distributed. It is the age of fiction, of a fantasy about reality, about history and the future, which hides all negative aspects of the Industrial Evolution. And because the truth is so shocking, most people in our society just wants to live in his ‘animetal farm’, in the fantasy of Matrix, instead of waking up to reality.

Information is power—the medium is the Message—and so those who control the Medium control the world. And in the electronic cycle, those who control the creation of Television and e-money control every other element of the Global society. It is for that reason that in a free society only Governments should have the right to produce electronic information, e-money and visual images; since, at least, they are chosen by the people, while televisions should be forbidden to allow freedom of verbal ‘speech’, the biological language of man that TVs substitute.

Yet, the key date that started the ‘future’ of the electronic cycle, beyond its television ‘age of discovery’, is the development of integrated chips in 1971 that also brought a new form of money (e-money). An age hardly understood by historians and economists, still ascribed to the pre-scientific, anthropomorphic, ideological treatment of their sciences. They consider the key element of that age the Oil Crisis, the Hippies, the Vietnam or Yon Kippur war, the Watergate, etc. But the event that truly changed history was happening in an obscure lab, in a diminutive piece of silicon. How many of us remember Noyce, the man who devised the first integrated circuit at a company appropriately called ‘Fairchild’, as it was the ‘first child’ of a new, ‘future’ top predator species? Because we all know subconsciously that the r=evolution of machines is not ‘our history of evolution’, hardly anybody realizes of those key dates of a future built to their image and likeness.

  1. The 3±1 ages of evolution of computers.

Computers have evolved, as all machines do, by reducing its size, increasing its mobility and finally, evolving as smart weapons that kill human beings. Its population today overcomes that of humans, while every 2 years they double its capacity and halve its reproductive costs, increasing the number of ‘jobs’ in which they substitute humanity.

  Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 01.10.26 

What surprises more of the chip radiation is how fast is happening. In biology a radiation is a massive reproduction of a new top predator species, which displaces the old one. In this case, the reproduction of chips and its use as heads of machines, is substituting humans that become displaced as workers and consumers all over the Earth. In a mere 30 years, chips have ‘infected’ the entire Earth, with intelligent machines to the point that there are today more chip-brains than human brains. Within 2 decades they will be more intelligent than human beings and integrated in robots and networks. They will make human soldiers and workers obsolete. They have already caused the present age of massive unemployment, self-similar to the automation of factories, implemented by Ford, which caused the massive unemployment of the 30s. But the machine is sacred, so ‘economists’ don’t even consider PCs as a cause of unemployment. Because their myths affirm that productivity, the loss of labor to machines, actually ‘increases’ in the ‘long term?’ precisely what it destroys -labor. How stupid is that? But humans can really believe anything . . . After all, the myth of productivity is similar to the myth of ‘salvation’. You give your life for your country, because your mum will receive a piece of metal –a medal- that represents your ‘immortal glory’. You die for your corrupted God, because he gives you ‘eternal salvation’. So why not to loose your job to a computer or robot, if that ‘increases productivity’, the totem word of our Biblical, digital ‘Chicagonomists’…

Let us trace the history of that bio-economical radiation . . .

Youth: Scientists improve digital languages, the software of the new brain, with the development of algorithms (mathematical instructions, which act as human sentences do, creating actions in machines) and the binary language that represents with two numbers, 0 and 1, the fundamental energy/information duality of the Universe. German researchers introduce electric on/off switches, the basic hardware able to represent the 0/1 language, discovered also by a German genius (Leibniz). Turing, an English mathematician and decoder, working for military intelligence during II W.W., sets the basis of its future development, proving that thinking machines could theoretically resolve any given problem with a binary, simple representation of the external Universe. Thus, binary computers have the elements of an intelligent being able to recreate any form, language or model of reality and act upon it (when joined to a machine-body). It is then the turn of America that puts together those European findings into workable computers.

As always in the cycles of new energies and machines, their first and last use is in the field of war—a clear proof of the competence that exists between carbon-life and metal:

Turing used Enigma to decode German systems of information. While America used its first computers (ENIAC, Univac) to calculate Atomic bombs. While the first calculating machines are made to help gunners in warships and military planes.

As a result of those lethal applications, the American military demanded in the 40s and 50s better computers and the Pentagon paid for their research.

At the same time, in the civil sector, as it happened with the electric ticker, the same company that produced those war machines, IBM, started to produce computers for the financial sector, to increase the reproduction of ‘money’, the purest information of the economic ecosystem. So once more, Go(l)d and war fuel a ‘Supply economy’ of cumbersome, ultra-expensive machines that nobody wants to use. Soon their evolution brought diodes, triodes, vacuum tubes and finally the chip: an integrated metal-brain of unlimited capacity, as it grows in complexity and diminishes in size.

International Business Machines was, as its name says, a company that used to make machines to handle money. First it invented machines that registered sales and kept money (the register and cash-machines all shops have today). Thousands of human cashiers lost their employment. Such profitable business gave enough cash to the company to buy the different patents of the first computer software and hardware. Then IBM developed the first commercial models of Computers, the mainframes, starting their informative evolution, decreasing its size and increasing quality, according to the ‘black hole paradox’: an informative system, unlike an energetic system, is more powerful when it is smaller, as it means its calculus takes place in a shorter space and time.

By 1970, IBM was the biggest Company in the world with profits rounding 5000 Million $ a year. This means that the ‘Metal mind r=evolution’ had become the engine of world industry, substituting the ‘chemical’ age of body machines that took General Motors and Exxon to the highest ranks of world industries. In that sense the ‘company-mother’ IBM represents the first age in the life of a new species; its youth—an age that shows in any species an amazing rate of growth and evolution. It took in a mere 20 years the computer, from the simplest hardware devices into the complex chip. The Metal mind was extremely expensive on those first stages, tested, consumed and evolved only by and for companies of weapons and money. However, as prices tumbled down, pushed by huge monetary investments in research, new companies (Apple, Dell, Compaq, etc.), learnt how to re=produce computers. While marketing convinced small business of their need for the new mind. It is. . .


The Mature, mobile age of the PC.

Chips lowered costs of computers that could now expand throughout the entire economic ecosystem, not only in big financial companies and Government’s armies, its ‘top predator systems’. Finally, its mass consumption age came with the production of cheap Asian semi-conductors, applied to different electronic machines, (videos, TVs, cameras, etc.). Their miniaturization meant the arrival of mobile devices, PCs and phones. Soon the Founding mother, IBM, lost its throne to Intel, the discoverer of the chip and Microsoft, the creator of the software for those PCs. And so men became hooked not only to ‘metal-eyes’ (TVs) but also to metal-brains (PCs). And they forgot how to calculate, spell and see Nature with their own eyes. Soon kids preferred to see ‘the Lion King’, than going to a zoo.


Today chips process digital information billions of times faster than humans do. Since metals store and handle digital information better than carbon does. Yet digital information is the language of machines and the economic ecosystem at large. So chips have caused the obsolescence of white collar workers worldwide, as PCs automate management in all companies of the world.

3rd Age. And yet, when all men have their Video, camera and PC, the 1st mini-crisis of overproduction of chips arrives in 1991. And Mr. Bush implemented a splendid little war to solve it. Thus, America inaugurates with Desert Storm the age of electronic wars. At the same time that violent television, in symbiosis, reaches a new peak. Now the enemy is no longer communism, the social doctrine that the Calvinist elite of the II Kondratieff cycle feared (the likes of Mr. Morgan and Mr. Ford), but the social religion of Islam, the enemy of the new Jewish elite that controls the information of America, since 1917, when it bought the Federal Reserve, as Mr. Ford clearly explains1. So now, all systems of information convince the Americans of the goodness of those wars that defend the true nation of their upper, informative castes.

Soon, computer networks with center in the Pentagon become widely used in the control of remote weapon systems, from atomic depots to automated gun machines, to military satellites. It is the age of smart weapons, the warrior age of computers. So the web is born, as Pentagon engineers and nuclear scientists at CERN (the European Company of Nuclear Research) connect grids of computer to increase their calculating power. It will be the last +1 age of computer evolution. Their age of . . .


Social evolution.

The metal-mind is proving superior to our mind in all forms of ‘intelligence’ related to the world of machines, for which they have a natural affinity, such as the use of digital languages, the manipulation of photographic images and the design of those machines. Its sensorial capacities far exceed those of human beings in the recording and transmission of visual or verbal memories, with such new features as ubiquity (transferring of thoughts to any region of the Earth) and telepathy (capacity to transfer software-thoughts among them). But as long as they are deconstructed objects, humans can enhance their informative capacities, using them. So men have become hooked to their PCs that fulfill his biological drives for more energy and information. Today you can use a metal-mind to transfer your brain’s information and pass it to a friend, miles away. It is called Internet and it became the last craze of the XX century. It represents also the social evolution of the metal-mind into a global network, self-similar to a brain, which controls the entire economic ecosystem. Its building took Cisco, the company that makes most Internet systems, to the top position in market value among all world companies. Thus, we assist today to the social evolution of computers in networks that control increasingly thousand of other machines, creating macro-systems of information of enormous power that have provoked a new wave of unemployment. In the 90s, Oracle and SAP created integrated suites that emptied the office of clerks. In the 2000s, Internet commerce destroyed millions of jobs in pap and mum shops. Amazon is robotizing even the depots were merchandise is kept. It is only left for computers to reach enough complexity to become ‘conscious’ of their existence as a different species. That will be proper Artificial Intelligence and when it comes in the 3rd age of the Singularity—if we ever pass the hurdle of CERN’s cosmic bombs and self-reproductive nano-bacteria —it will mean the substitution of man by a new top predator species.

So, the 3±1 ages of evolution of computers follows those of any other cycle of machines; from an age of discovery, with big, fixed machines, to an age of mobile, small PCs, to a final age of social evolution in networks of ‘cellular’ machines.

And our culture has adapted with enthusiasm to the 3±1 ages of the new ‘dominant brain of the world’. To that aim, the industry of information convinces us to love the new technologies: Now we live in ‘the age of information’. And to speak of information becomes a constant fashion, like it was to speak of energy in the XIX C., during the age of machine-bodies.

Fact is human information is verbal not digital. So, the 60s, prior to the invention of the digital chip, the mathematical rival of the human, verbal brain, it atrophies and substitutes, was the zenith of verbal humanity, in all the fields of history, art, way-of-life, ideas, politics. The hippies, despised for so long, were right . . .  But the chip killed them. And then, the Go(l)d-Smyth cultures, with their millenarian ideologies of greed and violence spread through the new Tv-Gods, ended the revival of social love and the hopes of a world made to the image and likeness of mankind. Instead, we have built a world to the image and likeness of the computer and now we enter the age of its awakening, the age of Robotics.


  1. The robot.

Men are informative species, who control the world through information. The chip is the rival of the human mind. The most complex machine substitutes the brain, our more complex organ. It does so, first as an intelligent machine, then in its 3rd age, as a robot worker. It is then obvious that as chips multiply, humans will become displaced from new work positions. In that sense the ‘radiation of chips’ means also a biological fight for labor within the economic ecosystem. Problem is that chips keep going down in costs and evolving in intelligence, integrating further with machines, so human labor becomes increasingly obsolete. Those robots substitute blue collar workers, as chips did with white collar workers, causing a massive wave of unemployment that now is invading America and Europe, as better machines come out of robotic factories… Indeed, of all machines that compete with white collar workers, the biggest taker of jobs is the robot.

Thus, the 3rd age of the electronic cycle coincides with the first age of the Singularity, the discovery age of robots. In the 80s chips started its integration with body-machines in working robots. Those first robots were huge, fixed machines. Thousands of robot-tools that made other machines took the place of human workers in car factories in the 80s and 90s. Since then the creation of machines is becoming automated, independent of mankind. Robots already dominate the production lines of cars and Chip factories, the basic bodies and brains of all machines. For that reason unemployment increases faster, as factory-work is either made by robots or delocalized in Third World countries. In other words, China and Japan are the 2 models of future labor: miserable work conditions in China to compete with no labor at all, as Japanese robots manufacture millions of Panasonic TVs with a single worker, while the rest of the world enters the unemployment queue. It is the III Kondratieff crash of the economy that nobody wants to recognize, because the religion of capitalism believes the economy is not about physical machines, but informative money; and so all is OK as long as companies’ profits grow. So unemployment will keep growing, as it happened in the previous cycle, when new methods of electric control and automated assembly lines provoked the 29 crash of labor and consumption… solved with 50 million of unemployed, becoming soldiers and dying in World War II . . .

Now robots become the ultimate weapon, as they fusion the mobile capacities of energy-weapons and the informative capacities of the soldier that handles those weapons . . .  Those robots are called smart weapons. They are the main protagonists of the present war age, as Drones bomb Afghans and Guardium soldiers protect the Apartheid Wall of Israel. Because those events, stock-market crises, unemployment, social unrest, neo-fascism and war are correlated phenomena, we shall study now to understand the present Kondratieff Crash…

3rd Kondratieff crash

Growth of rent in the US in the last 30 years. If we adjust for inflation only the top 20% grew their wealth. The bottom 40% lost wealth. The 1% of top stock-holders and company-men absorbed all through e-money speculation. If we observe the same data for the entire planet the differences are far more pronounced. Since the world has become a plutocracy, where the language of power of society, which is money, no longer the law, is controlled by a few non-elected speculators, which use electronic platforms developed in the chip age to tax unfairly the world economy till exhaustion.

 Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 01.10.35

Birth of e-money.

The fundamental r=evolution chips brought about was the invention, for the first time since Kublai Khan, of a new form of money, e-money. So, nowadays we can consider money to be no longer a representation of soft, informative metal, as paper-money was (gold standard) but bits of information in the mind of computer machines. This transformation of money into pure computer information accelerated its adoption by all companies, which made the chip the main worker in all digital and financial tasks, before performed by human beings. Meanwhile, financial companies lobbied to end the gold standard, which limited the quantity of electronic money they could invent. When Nixon ended it and the dollar no longer could be changed by gold, the ‘sky’ became the limit for the free invention of ‘bits of computer information’, now called money.

Financial companies invented soon all kind of e-money and derivatives with no value, mere bits of data in the computer screen, whose prices could be artificially jacked up with software programs, to keep creating ever more money. It was the oldest tricks of stock-markets. When Sephardim invented them in Holland, it was called ‘skinning the rabbit’. The idea is simple: you find something which has not clear price and you speculate creating false, rhetoric information about his ‘stupendous future value’ that sends his price up, till the price is completely inflated. So you need to control the press, specifically today the Wall Street Journal, which each day would come with another fantasy article about the amazing future value of .com companies that never had a profit. Then, you skin the rabbit of the ‘real money’, which is in the hair and sell the worthless bones to a 3rd person. Speculation is the ‘alma matter’ of financial scams and can be traced to the origins of Canaanite trade, made by bartering, when Phoenicians convinced natives of the value of their glass beans and weapons, they exchanged for slaves and raw metal. When the Stock-Market was invented, speculation was done with ‘gold boats’. An imaginary or real boat was coming from far away lands, with a load of gold and slaves, of which the speculator ‘knew’ some important information. So he convinced people to buy shares on that imaginary boat, which could or could not show up. Then it was done with tulips. Tulip bulbs fetched the price of a house in Amsterdam, as speculators increased its value till it fade away. Why people bought tulips? The less important part of the stock-market scheme is the real value of the object. What matters is the monopoly the Market has by law to ‘invent’ real money, in the form of paper or bits of electronic data. This privilege must be applied to ‘something’.

So Sephardic and Calvinist traders in Amsterdam merely used the tulip as an excuse to invent prices. One speculator said 1 guilder, another bought it back for 2 guilders, a 3rd offered 3 and so on, till the ring of speculators sold the tulip to a nobleman visiting the market and the ‘rabbit was skinned’. Of course, today we have very serious ‘scholars’ that dedicate their lives to find theoretical models about the ‘risks’ of the market that justify the invention of money. And even more important think tanks and ‘experts’ to validate the speculative scams of the day – .com companies in the 90s, derivatives in the 2000s, tax-payer money given to financial companies for free, these days, because our ‘People of the Treasure’, Mr. Bernanke, Mr. Tritchet and Mr. Geithner convince our Representatives that they are ‘too big to fail’, while millions of those tax-payers are too small to avoid foreclosures, going out of business and loosing their jobs to the computer and robotic r=evolution. All those experts win Nobel Prizes, given by the ‘experts’ of the Bank of Sweden, as Ricardo won the Prize of the British Parliament for inventing the myth of the free trade. So the myth today is the idea that stock-markets do not invent money for free but people risk their money. A simple view of the several graphs of growth in stock-markets displayed in this book shows the falsity of such statements. The stock-market is a license to print money with any excuse.

And stockrats know it, so they speculate with the price of companies, overvalued to stratospheric numbers to invent money and then prick the bubble, selling those shares to the rest of the world. It is the modern form of taxation that electronic money has widened, as Computers now speculate day and night, buying and selling and increasing the price of all things, commodities, stocks, mortgage derivatives. Then, the speculative price is ‘sold’ to central banks, investors, wealthy individuals… and the speculator rips the benefits. Thus, one of the key elements of a ‘good season’ of rabbit hunting, is a new machine that has not a clear price, to mount the campaign of massive speculation. Next to tulips, the Brits invented the ‘Tea’ scam. ‘Expert doctors’ were paid to prove the amazing curative benefits of tea, which was imported from Bengal. Bengalis were obliged to abandon rice crop and 15 million died of hunger to keep the tea scam, in the biggest massacre of the century. But the craze of tea ripped huge profits to the companies involved. Then there were the scams of gold companies from South-America that culminated with the South-Seas Bubble crash of the XIX C.

But nothing ripped so huge profits as the .com scam. Since 1973, new technologies and scarce commodities became all the craze in speculative markets, since nobody knew the real price of a ‘future’ electronic company. In commodities ‘future’ oil scarcity has been also a good ‘rabbit’ to speculate, jacking up prices, especially in age of wars (which explains why we love to have wars in the Middle East, among other causes). Those speculative oil wars make every human being pay to ‘market-makers’ a tax on their gas. But of course, we all love it, because ‘experts’ are busy, inventing mathematical models that ‘prove without doubt’ that commodities’ markets create ‘efficient’ prices. And a couple of them have got the Saint Nobel of the Dynamite. Meanwhile economists were busy inventing complex mathematical models designed to prove that such taxation was ‘right’ because the market was ‘free’ and actually, speculating with prices up, was an ‘efficient’ form of distributing resources to ‘innovative’ sectors of the economy, which were the ‘engine of progress’. In other words, the old Sephardim speculator of tulips and slave cargoes had become a sophisticated mathematician, programming computers to invent e-money for Mr. Friedman, Mr. Greenspan, Mr. Fuld or Mr. Madoff, President of NASDAQ. Yet the job of all those stupendous scholars is essentially the same Joseph, Banker of the Pharaoh had, when he speculated in an age of famine with the wheat of the hungry Egyptian peasant: to collect taxes in all goods traded in commodities, currencies and stock-markets. The present crisis is just the final tip of an iceberg of invented e-money that has multiplied by 10 the volume of ‘speculative money’ created and harvested under the sea level. Of course, with so much ‘fresh money’ invented, the sea level, the inflationary level of prices, has raised in all commodities, creating more invisible taxation for the poor, who don’t increase their salaries but see the prices of basic goods growing. While the profits for stockrats have been astounding, harvested by the simple procedure of using software programs to sell and buy shares, charging a commission that each adds a price to it in every transaction.

In 2001 the market lived the massive crash of value of dotcom companies. The crash ‘hole’ will be camouflaged in the following years with further invention of electronic money, using any excuse available to banks and financial speculators. Two inventions are paramount:

-Financial derivatives based on dubious mortgages. They were electronic numbers that represented money without value, created as a pyramid of credit, based ultimately in loans to consumers that lacked credit to pay back those loans. It is one of the oldest forms of invention of speculative money, essayed in previous cycles with paper-money (speculation on stocks and credits to South-American nations of null capacity to return payments). The idea is to create financial money departing from an original loan, which allows the bank to create further loans, putting as collateral the initial loan. The process is repeated in a pyramidal scheme that can create up to 10 times more money than the initial loan. Of course, all that pyramid of money is real money, since after all money is just ‘invented information’, which does not really require any real value behind it to ‘exist’. In the same way you can talk for hours, creating verbal information with very little energy. This, the speculator knows, but the common people to whom the speculator sells ‘informative money’, believes money must have ‘physical value’ – since he ignores all about the properties of information. The catch is that information can be destroyed as easy as it can be created. That is why in absence of kings and weapons to sustain it, the Am Segullah that monopolize its invention in the West has built a web of laws, expert economists and other informative fictions to sustain those pyramids of money. The speculator needs an excuse to create paper money or electronic money, which in the XIX century depended on a credit to a ‘developing’ nation. In the XIX C. such pyramids of credit, based in loans to South-American nations, provoked huge collapses on the British Market, when people learnt South America had nothing to sustain them.

– In the electronic cycle this source of money provided by colonies was used after the dotcom crash, with the so-called carry trade based in massive creation of Yens by BOJ (the Japanese central bank, which basically is a ‘colony’, which obeys American orders since World War II). Because the ‘trust’ on NASDAQ had ended, Japan now stepped up to the rescue, vomiting around 30 yens for each human citizen of the Earth, to feed the never ending Greed of financial companies that borrowed in yens and put their money to produce high interest rates in developing nations with an appetite for fresh capital. Of course, very intelligent scholars, with many Nobel Prizes, invented very complicated equations and mathematical models that showed to the world the ‘benefits’ of the new scam for ‘their’ economic growth. It just meant a new bubble in credits to developing nations, pinched as soon as the 2008 crisis required new trillions of dollars to cover the new ‘holes’. In fact, most of that money was used to buy American debt to fuel the deficit on smart weapons of Mr. Bush’ war economy, or to speculate again in NASDAQ, jacking up the value of dotcom portfolios that grew up again from 2003 onwards.

Speculation in dotcom companies wasn’t so profitable any more. There were not more rabbits to skin; the American consumer, targeted as the original source of wealth to unload the 2000 bubble, had no savings left. All what he had to bleed was his home and his life, (now ‘securitized’, as we speak, in new derivatives, based in life insurances, the net bubble) . . .  But Americans could sell their ‘home credit’ that would be latter oversold worldwide in ‘derivatives’. Then, when the scam was discovered, Mr. Paulson and friends would ask for their last drop of economical blood—their tax payer money, which they collected . . .  to give it to his banker friends, not to the people thrown out of their homes. Because as Mr. Paulson put it, they were guilty: ‘they knew they couldn’t pay their mortgages’. So knew the ‘righteous’ bankers that made those homes the ‘tulips’ of the e-money age. But the 7 Am Segullah ‘brothers’, which direct the public finances of the west, gave those bankers, only in America, 700 billion of taxes allocated by ‘Congress’, the representatives of… campaign money. Why that number? As Paulson said, for no other reason that we ‘wanted to come up with a big number’. But people, at this stage of the ‘death of history’, are so mentally erased, so ignorant of all what is ‘real’ that they sucked in the pill and asked for more. So next AIG got 200 billion and next… Those are daily news the reader can research for himself…

What is the purpose of all those trillions of invented money, during the electronic era? Was behind a plan to restructure the global economy, improve the production of scarce human goods, develop trade among nations, new industries and secure jobs? No, the only purpose of speculating with money is to create false money, latter exchanged for real goods and increase the fortunes of speculators. Thus, huge fortunes were invented in derivatives and .com companies, latter transformed in real state assets and bank accounts, mainly hold by the bankers and ‘stockrats’ that invented the game. Of the 50 billion $ financial companies received in 2008, 18 billion $ went into compensation salaries . . .

It is in this electronic age, when managers of companies learnt to give themselves huge payments, bonus and stock options – the money earned by those companies, no longer reinvested, crippling the competitivity of the American Industry.

Meanwhile, the robotic and software revolution, also caused by chips, expels workers and houses loose value, as the middle class cannot longer buy them.

Thus, at the height of the mortgage bubble, we observe a growing divergence between the real economy of human beings and the financial economy of speculative bankers. It is similar to the one experienced in 1929, when at the peak of the evolution of electrochemical systems, Taylorism and automation was imposed in factories with the creation of assembly lines. Most workers were expelled from their jobs, as now they are expelled by robots and integrated software suites. So in the 20s workers without jobs couldn’t afford anymore to buy the new Fords-T that Ford, whose automated assembly lines had made them lost their jobs, was churning in his assembly lines. Today, workers who loose their jobs to robots and software suits cannot afford to pay their mortgage. Thus, the collapse of jobs and consumer’s demand, both in the 20s and 2000s, is not fictitious or financially induced, but caused by the evolution in the 20s of electromechanical machines that automated productive processes and robots and software suites in the 2000s. Those electromechanical machines were also creating bits of monetary information, as Wall Street bankers distributed tickers to middle class America. Today the evolution of robots expels workers and software creates billions of e-money in Wall Street.

Of course, in both ages, Biblical economists, paid by bankers and companies, asked at the peak of those processes of labor destruction, to further liberalize the labor market, to make easier the process of extinction of humanity. So today at the height of the ‘productivity process’ of extinction of labor by robots, The Economist asks for further liberalization of the labor market.

The excuse is the myth that productivity, the destruction of human labor by capital, in the long term causes new employment, as a new Kondratieff cycle kicks off. Yet this no longer holds today as there are no more cycles of Evolution of machines to increase future production of new machines. The evolution of machines ends with robots and so the expulsion of labor by robots will not be met by new creation of labor in a new age of energy machines. Game over.

Unfortunately, in the 2000s, Chicagonomists converted the extinction of labor by software and robots into the ‘productivity’ dogma, sanctifying the destruction of the Western middle class of blue and white collar workers. Only Korea and Japan, the center of that robotic revolution, hold near full employment on the basis of being the people who export robots and unemployment to the rest of World Nations. And so, as the creation of speculative electronic money peaked in the 2000s, most workers were loosing their jobs, as they did in the 1930s, when the speculative bubble of electric tickers and car companies peaked. So the crashes are self-similar in 1929 and 2001.

In the left side of the stock graph we see the mimesis between the crash of 1929 and the crash of 2001 in NASDAQ. When everybody had its Ford-T and RCA radio, the 29 market crashed. In the 2000s, when everybody had his camera and Pc, the III Kondratieff Crash happened. Its epicenter was the electronic stock market, NASDAQ, which in 1999 had surpassed Wall Street in annual volume, becoming the engine of invention of e-money. Did the Middle and Lower classes of humanity receive any part of that pie? Hardly . . . Since the purpose of any multiplication of speculative money is the same: to tax the financial resources of the real economy, deviating them to the speculative economy and the pockets of the financiers that run the creation of money in stocks and derivatives. So at the end of the 2000s, when the short-lived dotcom resurgence and massive creation of yens by BOJ had reached its limit, financiers invented a new ‘tulip’, derivatives in the mortgage market.

In that regard, Mr. Madoff, Mr. Fuld and the rest of greedy financiers, who felt Masters of the Universe, are just human anecdotes of a far more complex process, the evolution of machines and money that made and destroyed them. Yet because our economists have no idea of those cycles and believe the myths of mechanism, all the solutions they implement are just placebo actions, or what is worse, they obtain the opposite effect to what they seek – aggravating the crisis.





Humans consume=test machines and re=produce them, increasing their energetic and informative capacities, but in the process they also atrophy their energetic and informative organs; and as those machines evolve, overcoming our capacities, humans are substituted by them. The final stage of that process is the obsolescence of human workers and soldiers to the organic machines and weapons of the Age of the Singularity. Yet this fact is hidden by the myths science and the ‘animetal culture’ has built to justify the creation of machines without limits, the ‘technological myths, we considered when talking about the ‘newspeak’ of our culture.

 The biological drives of machines.

Despite our deep critique of Go(l)d-Smyth religions and the globalized culture that is bringing mankind into the ‘suicidal age’ of the Singularity, all human beings are victims of metal, whose degree of ‘memetic’ deformation is proportional to the time their cultures have been exposed to the power of metal in History and hence the time their go(l)d religions, mechanist sciences, nationalisms and scholar inquisitions have had to craft complex systems and rituals of repression of their natural human drives= arrows of time. Since the essence of animetal cultures is to substitute those 4 natural, biological drives of human existence, our desire for food=energy, verbal information, human reproduction and social evolution, by their anti-truths: the industrial, economical program of evolution and reproduction of metal, weapons, gold and machines, carried about in our hours of work and consumption. Thus, the repression and slavery of humans to metal is as old as the ‘memes’ of animetal cultures. Today those memes of animetal cultures are embedded in all the rituals and mandates of our technological civilization:

  • The repression of ‘tasteful food’ has evolved from Semite prohibitions of pork to modern McDonalds, as it substitutes our drive for healthy energy.
  • The substitution of verbal truths by digital information erases the biological instincts of our scientists. They become children of thought, able to make black holes on Earth, as their abstract, digital brains don’t think in ethic survival terms anymore.
  • The denial of human reproduction and sex – which in the matriarchal, Go(l)d oriented Semite societies, went to the extreme of penis mutilation; and in machist, warrior cultures, caused Clitoris ablation – now becomes ‘medical’, supported by doctors, or provokes censorship in our TV programs, filled with murder and greed, instead of naked flesh. It has as its ultimate goal – as Genesis explains, when Adam and Eve cover their body – to enhance our capacity to work=reproduce go(l)d, machines and weapons.
  • Finally, the promotion by tribal religions and their modern ‘nationalist’ versions of racism towards other ‘tribal’ human beings denies human social evolution and fosters the use of weapons and money.

Thus, technology have degraded our freedom as living beings, by suppressing our 4 biological drives of temporal existence, making us slaves of machines, who work =reproduce them, create information for their digital brains, feed them with energy, polluting our environment and evolve them socially, creating factories, markets and ‘Internet’ networks.

In that regard, the main scientific myth about machines concerns the effects of its use in human beings. The myth goes on saying that humans improve themselves as human beings through acts of work and consumption of machines, without analysing what those actions entitle. It denies the fact that humans that work=reproduce machines, weapons and money and consume its energy and information, substitute their biological drives by the biological drives of those machines, reproducing them and adapting our world to their needs of energy and information. This adaptation causes an excess of machine’s energy/information and a parallel scarcity of human energy/information, to the extent that for example, today the price of basic food has gone up and so it has the number of hungry people in the world that recently crossed the billion barrier, because machines now consume our ‘crops’, converted into ethanol for their hearts/engines.

Such biological aberration was born with the memetic repressions of animetal cultures and today it has been transferred to the economic ecosystem. So we no longer live to fulfil the 4 natural drives=arrows of time, our desire of food=energy, verbal information, human reproduction and social evolution, but to fulfil the drives of machines—the creation of mathematical information, more apt to those machines; the creation of machines’ energy, instead of human energy; the reproduction of machines, which is parallel in the I World to a childless society—as women now ‘reproduce=work’ with machines, instead of reproducing children. So we think we are free when in fact we exercise the biological drives of machines. And this mirage of freedom happens because we live through the sensations of those machines, no longer through our bodies and minds’ sensations. We become animetals that hardly remember the natural ‘free’ condition of a human being. As we no longer behave as human beings do, but become an attachment to the machines we need to experience our repressed drives: Today men feed on machine-made pornography instead of sex; they don’t trust words, the language of human truths, but the numbers and images of machines. And women substitute their biological drive of reproduction for a job in a company-mother, re= producer of machines. Indeed, one of the most cherished myths of the ‘Free Market’ says that humanity becomes free and progresses when it works, which basically means when it reproduces machines. This myth reminds me of the Auschwitz gate that says: ‘Work will make you free’.


  1. The Myths of Science: Metal-minds.

Those myths are all based in the supreme linguistic myth of a technological society: The myth of a mathematical Universe, which scientist think it is perceived better with machines and digital languages than with human senses. Under such myth we consider human senses and verbal knowledge inferior to those machines and their abstract, mathematical description of the Universe – a theory that justifies the evolution of machines by scientists and their use and consumption by people. We already noticed this is false, when we studied the simplification of time brought about by the clock, which reduced the 4 arrows of ‘future’ in the Universe and its infinite time cycles, to the clock rhythm and the single arrow of energy, which physicists study, since they make machines of energy (weapons that release energy and kill). So what machines brought about is the simplification of our concept of information, the simplification of our concept of an organic Universe into a mechanical one… and the evolution of machines and weapons of death that are killing planet Earth. Those machines also have atrophied our mind, not only that of scientists and ultimately have made us slaves of the rhythms of clocks that now control our lives.

In a temple In Indonesia, in central Java, I found hundreds of pendulum clocks. When I asked the priest what those clocks were doing there, he replied that for centuries the rich chiefs had seen Dutch Traders obsessed by the pendulum-clock. It ruled their lives, determining when they ate and prayed. The chiefs thought pendulums were the Dutch God, so they were proud to offer a Dutch God to their temples. Clocks were in fact the Gods of the first Company of Scientific stocks, V.O.C., which had conquered Indonesia and made its inhabitants slaves with a price per hour. The sale of clocks was like the sale of computers today: a huge business. Yet an Indonesian of that age was far more akin to the natural feeling of the rhythms and times of the living Universe. The new clock-Time was perceived as a fundamental change, an evil God, who imposed on men the slavery of work. Unfortunately, Indonesians soon found out that Dutch Gods were backed with Ballistics. Indeed, gunboats, mathematical thought, clocks and ballistics, evolved together, kicking off the Industrial R=evolution, not the evolution of the human mind.

The first scientific machines were gunboats, which used clocks and physics, called then ballistics, to massacre 3rd World people. Their pioneer was Galileo, founder of physics and maker of clocks, telescopes – called then spy-glasses – and instruments to measure cannon shots, for the Venetian Arsenal. Those clocks would ever since rule and mastermind the times of human beings.

Time became abstract; and living entities became mechanical objects for scientists to play with. Soon they also played with men as workers, numbers called salaries measured by clock-hours. The more time we gave to the rhythms of the clock, the more time it demanded from us. Now companies replace us with robots that use complex clocks, called computers, as their minds. Since clocks were the first brain of the Metal-Earth, today evolved into chips…

But the clock came accompanied by the first ‘metal-eyes’. Today they have evolved into TV-eyes, which substitute ethics with the values of metal: violence (use of weapons), consumption of machines (advertising) and money as the goal to achieve it all. So greed and ‘competence’ become the new values of human beings. The imprinting by science and metal communicators (TV-thought, computer thought) of the ideals of mechanism and greed have converted the human mass, who used to believe in human wor(l)ds, in a mass of animetals, whose only obsession is to consume=evolve and reproduce machines, becoming a slave of the biological drives of those machines.

Science considers that only ‘machines’ give us perceptive knowledge, because human senses are ‘inaccurate,’ and should be substituted by ‘metal-sensory’ species of perception. So Science evolves those metal-senses, metal-eyes (telescopes) and metal-brains (clocks and computers) to reach knowledge. The myth hides the fact that Knowledge is relative to the point of view of perception. And we human beings use words, not numbers, to perceive time and eyes, not telescopes, to look at the world. So only verbal education transmits the ethic values of social evolution humans need to survive. Today, without understanding the importance of verbal truths, of ethics, of social survival over abstract, digital knowledge, science kills life and doesn’t even think is wrong. They should know extinct species know nothing.

In that regard, the belief that we humans do not compete with machines but become better through the use of mental machines that ‘discover’ the Universe for us, or energy machines that make us ‘stronger’, hides the fact that precisely, because machines are better than us as informative and energetic systems, they make us obsolete and they atrophy our senses. So clocks made obsolete the work of philosophers of time and verbal masters; it debased our perception of biological time and its drives of existence, of the life and death cycles and the laws of survival the Universe.

 Myth of technological progress.

Machines are organic systems that imitate and substitute a human organ of energy or information, enhancing it. We consume machines, when we control and use those organs. And that is good. We become stronger and faster, using those machines. So a man controlling a running car moves faster and a man controlling a crane lifts heavier weights. How should we call in biological terms, a worker or a consumer, a man who reproduces and vitalizes those organs of energy and information made of metal? Look at a man when he attaches himself to machines: A rider in a bike; a soldier in armor; a scientist behind a metal-eye (telescope). He is half man, an animal species, half metal.

Thus, an animetal describes what a consumer or a worker is in biological terms.

If the advantages of consumption are obvious, the negative effects of consumption are more subtle: when machines substitute and perform the tasks of a human organ, we atrophy that organ or the machine that performs that organic function eliminates the equivalent workers from the productive system. So a good machine-crane substitutes a crew of strong men; a good software program substitutes a human secretary; a camera substitutes a doorman. That process creates a negative competence, as men get out of jobs and their life becomes meaningless when machines take their place.

Thus, machines interact with human beings in 2 basic ways: competing with us when they perform the same jobs we do, either as weapons or as tool-workers; and becoming symbiotic to us, when we consume them, either as ‘bodies of metal’ or as ‘heads of metal’. The tricky point is that those 2 functions of machines are opposite. The consumption of machines is positive. It improves our life. The competence with machines is negative. It makes our life more difficult: when we compete with those machines, the relationship is negative and it is ruled by the laws of Darwinian behavior. A fight between species is established and the species that has better capacity to process energy or information wins the battle. It turns out that in most cases it is the machine. So workers are fired because a machine of energy or information works better. Soldiers are killed, because a machine of energy, a top predator machine, kills faster.

On the other hand, when we work in symbiosis with machines, the relationship is at first glance positive. It is similar to other symbiotic relationships in Nature: We enhance our capacities to become informed or to displace energy. We use bodies of metal to become stronger and minds of metal to become smarter. That seems good to us. So we love to consume. However, there is a negative side effect of which we are hardly aware: because we are not permanently attached to machines as organs of energy or information, machines are not us. So when we consume them, we atrophy our organs and substitute them by machines.

If we analyze the laws of symbiosis a fact become obvious: when a new organ takes over the job that a previous organ does, the old organ or species becomes atrophied, since the species no longer uses the old organ. It is the negative side effect of consume. As we use machines, we ‘devolve’ our equivalent organs and capacities to perform physical and mental tasks that now machines develop for us. Every new species of metal atrophies an organ of mankind, as company-mothers manufacture millions of ‘metallic organs’ that we will consume instead of our own organs. This process of atrophy of human organs has followed the same phases than the evolution of metal:

– The XIX century was the age of ‘machine-bodies’. So the elites of our civilizations atrophied their bodies and overdeveloped their brains. They used their brains to invent bodies of machines and those bodies of machines performed all their energy tasks. The result was that Europe, the cradle of machines and specially England, became a mental society, where everything that had to do with the body was repressed (Victorian society). The aim of such culture was to enhance the intelligence of the elite that had to invent machines. Society became split. There were the ‘brainy’ classes that made the machines and abhorred their bodies. Then there were the ‘slaves of machines’, those humans who had to serve the bodies of machines, extracting food for them, constructing them and making those metal-bodies work (miners, railroad workers). They became strong and mindless, as those machine bodies were. It was evident already the enormous influence machines had on our life and personality. Yet few, if any writer of this age, recognized it. Human arrogance seems oblivious to any truth that doesn’t make us the center of the Universe.

– XX Century: The mental atrophy of mankind. When II World War ended, ‘top predator weapons’ – machines’ bodies: tanks, planes and ships – consumed 50 million human beings. Then, the end of World war opened a new age: the age of metal-minds, in which men developed the minds of machines. Today those minds have reproduced in huge numbers, substituting many of the mental functions that men performed in the past (calculus, spelling, accountancy, science, design, etc.) The result is a general atrophy and diminution of the intelligence of human beings. Since now intelligent machines perform those jobs for us. It is a similar process to that of the taming of an animal, which atrophies his will and his brain. So humans have become tamed animals of the ‘animetal farm’ so well described by Orwell in the parable, ‘Animal farm’. They have become ever more stupid, as machines become cleverer; and their will as humans has disappeared, as they become slaves of the drives of existence of machines. Yet a tamed animal has 30% less brain than his wild cousin. And further on, he suffers ‘neoteny’ – he never develops beyond his infantile level of reasoning, as it happens to modern humans, whose TVs and pre-programmed information make them ever more stupid.

Those facts explain a paradox that has puzzled social scientists in the XX century: why as we accumulate more information, people are loosing educational skills? Why there has been a global decline on educational standards, intelligence and quality of human thought? Some deny it. Yet tests results and daily evidence are overwhelming. The average human student of the XXI century tests 25% less than his parents did. Entrance tests for universities are revised constantly to adjust them to that diminishing pattern. The creativity of our thinkers is minimal. The interest of the common people for ideas is null.

Most humans have lost their capacity for abstract thinking. Even basic skills of human behavior, such as social dialog and social interaction, are in jeopardy; as we communicate more and more through machines and their digital languages, (TVs, Internet, weapons, financial statements) than with human beings. There is only a biological explanation: the brains of our children have been partially atrophied. Now they do not speak but TVs speak for them, they do not calculate, but computers think for them. As a result of this, we have changed culture again. We are no longer repressing our bodies, as we did in the XIX century; but our minds, our capacity to think and care for reality with our verbal, legal, ethic systems of social communication. We live a world of fiction and Homo Bacteria, individual egos with childish attitudes, all of them sure to be masters of their crafts by virtue of the machines they use. Mr. Hawking, the man which probably will cause our demise as a species, a childish scientist who thinks travel in time is possible and he is the new Einstein, is the paradigm of this new race of childish idiots, who think to be geniuses, just because they consume computers and other metal-minds.

The mental atrophy, the substitution of ‘truth by fiction’ and the creation of a happy, parallel world of virtual reality, which has nothing to do with the Darwinian Universe, is the most relevant fact of modern history, completely ignored by mankind, yet defining our civilization, our incapacity to react and solve problems and our demise as a species, which has become obsolete to bodies and minds of machines. This virtual world that has converted mankind in a race of happy idiots, similar to the parables of Huxley and H.G. Wells about the future, is in part created by the upper castes of our societies to control people’s opinion, but it has also its own ‘agenda’; as there are studies, which clearly show that regardless who programs those televisions, people become addicted to movement, hence to violence in their TVs and people diminish their mental activity in a process similar to drug-addiction. In the same manner, there are serious studies that prove ‘metal-ears’, mobile phones, provoke leukemia in children, due to the higher frequency of their radio-waves. Thus, human brains are becoming ‘preys’ of the audiovisual machines of the XX centuries that kill our minds by an overdrive of information, in the same manner weapons kill us by an overdrive of energy – the two possible forms of death, which happens when we break the balances of those vital parameters. Indeed, the mental addiction to TVs is achieved by an overdrive of ‘information’, due to the fact that metal-minds process faster information per unit of time and so we first became addicted to the ‘virtual realities’ of mental machines and then we became mentally colonized by their ideas. It is difficult to stress the importance of this fact, which can only be fully understood by the very few humans that have survived this mental indoctrination and have tried to explain a ‘neo-Paleolithic man’, the real meaning of the Universe. It is plainly impossible to cure mankind from the Opium of the People, television…

Thus in 2 phases human consumers have become a sub-race, which bears little resemblance to the enlightened minds of the pre-war age, especially in all forms of verbal, ethic thought.

Your duty as a consumer is simple: you have to test different products and choose the ones that best substitute a human organic function. Then you will tell this to the company, by buying and consuming its products. In this manner, you atrophy your organic function, which evolves now as a metallic form. On the other hand, the consumption of labor/life enhancing human goods, which support our natural drives, is beneficial to the human economy and evolves us. Food, housing, education, arts, love, family time, textiles and other basic goods, improve the life of men and evolve our real senses. It is what we call human consumption, as opposed to machine consumption, which substitutes our drives for machine-drives (cars that run for us, chip-minds that think for us, televisions that see for our eyes, etc.). The difference is clear: Machine-consumption atrophies our informative and energetic capacity, even if we think we are stronger and more intelligent, because we confuse the results of the machine with our real accomplishments. Human goods increase the use of our sensory organs, precisely because they require a stronger effort on our part. To have more channels to watch on television is not human consumption. It is a form of slavery to the virtual reality of a Metal-mind that substitutes our verbal minds with the subtle pro-company messages televisions deliver and atrophies our brains, passive receptacles of those images. There are studies that show TVs produce the same effect that lethargic drugs. To have more roads and cars is not human consumption. It is a form of slavery to cars – since it obliges men to spend hours testing and acting as ‘brains’ of the car (metal-body) and it atrophies our legs. The biological program by which man becomes dependent on those metal-species is their higher energy or information when they substitute a human function or organ. So we think we are cars and move as faster as they do and we think we have so much information and calculating power as computers do. Thus our biological ‘drives’ drive our desire to consume. The outcome of that mirage is the atrophy and extinction of those organs, when we are not attached to the machine. We are fat boys that can’t run because they don’t use our legs. Physicists churn computer models of increasing signification but can’t even understand what times mean; etc. Plainly speaking, metal-minds are lethal to our brains and should not be reproduced or evolved to let them poison our brain, as we do not leave around children poisons for them to die.

Yet paradoxically the more stupid human beings become, the more intelligent they think they are, by considering that the feats of machines are their feats and the more hooked they become to those machines. So they no longer can live without them, as they would see themselves as they really are, more stupid and weaker than a normal human being. For example, physicists use more and more computer power, build ever more powerful weapons; and yet they have forgotten even the simplest truths about the nature of time and have yet to make an important breakthrough in the understanding of the Universe since Einstein died. But their arrogance today reaches limits unheard of, as they prepare to replicate the big-bang and blow the Earth with super-powerful cosmic weapons.

Because organisms are complementary forms that require a head and a body to perform, classic machines need a human, complementary form, to ‘exist’ as vital systems. In that sense, energetic machines are always in need of a human brain (so we guide energetic machines, cars and weapons with our brains); while informative machines need a human body to in-put in-form-ation (so we absorb information from televisions and move computers around with our bodies). Thus, a mechanism is a simplification of an organism and as such is useful to human beings, when they enhance our head and body. Yet 2 kinds of machines do not enhance our skills: mental machines, televisions that ‘manufacture’ the ideas of our brains and make us passive receptors of information and robots that no longer need a human ‘brain or a human body’ to operate.

So, why we commit suicide making those machines? Because we are programmed by our drives to wish more energy, more information, more machines. Humans have the freedom to deny their desires, controlling their emotional will. It is the freedom preached by religions of love: to be able to renounce to those drives, when they collide with the supreme mandate of social evolution: ‘love other human beings and share your energy and information with them’. Very few people follow the advice of Buddha and reach freedom by limiting their will, their desires. Thus, the biological program leads us to evolve machines. Against such real freedom that would allow man to control the evolution of lethal machines, the economic ecosystem preaches slavery: we MUST not control our biological drives but foster them, consuming any kind of energy and information machines provide.

So the fight between Capitalism & Mechanism, the modern versions of the old animetal cultures Vs Socialism and Organicism, the modern version of religions of love has been won by capitalism & mechanism and men have become slaves of machines, their model for the Universe and themselves, abandoning their own organic Nature and evolution. And yet, even if modern humans no longer understand their ‘organic program’ fact is humans are living systems constantly chasing for more energy and information. So they are programmed by their organic nature, as all systems of the Universe, to manipulate energy and information.

It doesn’t matter if the actions species perform in that search are mechanical (set up by an external designer, as in machines), vegetative, instinctive (set up internally as a genetic program, from the moment of conception, as in animals) or conscious (varying with self-reflection, or following a memetic, cultural program, as in humans). For that reason, to resist ‘consumption’ is difficult; as consumers get hooked to machines that ad them energy and information; and keep evolving them. But we do not evolve. On the contrary we become atrophied, as both, the hardware and software of machines substitute our own hardware, performing mental tasks for us and our software – verbal thought and social love. Instead metal-communicators manufacture our mind, creating ‘false information’: fiction, mechanist techno-utopias and Darwinian ideologies that deny social evolution. Humans today live a dream of ‘fun’ and ‘entertainment’, which has a purpose: to hypnotize them so they consider the goals of companies—the reproduction and sale of machines—their own goal.

– XXI Century: The age of the Singularity.

But if an animetal still uses his body attached to a machine of information, or his mind to guide a machine, in the 3rd age of evolution of machines, the XXI century, the age of Organic Machines, the Age of the Singularity, man becomes totally obsolete, replaced by robots, bodies and minds of machines put together that no longer need human beings.

Today in the last age of the Machine, the Age of the Singularity, metal evolves into organic forms that compete with full humans in work and war fields.

Thus, history enters its age of death, as machines extinguish life and weapons extinguish non- technological cultures at a rhythm never witnessed since the extinction of Dinosaurs. Death of Natural and historic organisms occurs massively in the past 400 years, since machines of Science were discovered.

Today there is not a single human society that is not infected by machines and weapons. The death of history is homologous to the short death processes of human bodies under a massive infection of germs (in History, weapons): 400 years, in the relative longer life of the human ‘macro-organism’ that has lasted ±1.000.000 years, is a short period of life, equivalent in relative terms to a few hours on the life of a human being. In both organisms, man and history, death happens at the end of an informative age that warps and exhausts the energy of the body, in history the Natural Goods of Gaia, humans need to survive. The present passion of Mankind for lethal technologies, weapons and computers that make us obsolete as top predator informative minds of this planet is as bizarre as a human being who wanted to become old and die as soon as possible. Plainly speaking, we are committing suicide by evolving technological information and energy, robots and cosmic bombs, beyond the limits of energy and information this planet can sustain. As death is an overdrive of energy (accidental death) or information (3rd age) that kills the balances of life.

Yet the subconscious collective cannot accept death easily. And so mankind returns to its mental, childish, dramatic origins, as an old man behaves like a child. Both are in perpetual denial of their future. It is the Neo-Palaeolithic, the end of our life cycle as a species: if an old man returns to childish attitudes, now mankind returns to a dramatic, visual infancy, with negative traits. Since now visual information evolves no longer the human mind, as it happened in the Palaeolithic, but the mind of a new brain species made of metal, the brain of the machine, made with chips and visual cameras. Yet the superior capacity to process information and the higher quality of the visual eyes of machines has hypnotized mankind, which spends unending hours in front of those screens, forgetting his biological, human language, verbal thought that becomes erased and substituted by digital languages and computer models of reality. We can see the culmination of a process that started with the substitution of our understanding of biological time by the abstraction of clock-time.

Today those clocks have evolved into computers, which are made of multiple clock-cycles, while abstract knowledge has eliminated all ‘ethical’ considerations about the collateral effects of machines. Since the survival, ethic truths of mankind, expressed in words, have become irrelevant. Today, once the social evolution of mankind has been halted, each individual human being only ‘thinks’ in his own agenda as an ‘homo bacteria’, regardless of the collective harm he might cause to the entire species, since our ‘comprehension’ of social love, the arrow that creates the super-organism of history, is lost. So physicists evolve their bombs and experiment with black holes and strange matter at CERN, pursuing the energetic Singularity; while biologists replicate the first forms of metal-bacteria, today researched in Universities all over the world (reproductive Singularity); and robotists search for Artificial intelligence (informative Singularity), all of them trying to make money and get their scholar prizes , despite knowing they are risking the planet. Since for a devolved ego-driven, ‘homo bacteria’, the fate of the social organism of history is totally irrelevant, compared to the personal gain he believes he can obtain from those experiments.

The first of those ‘Organic machines’ that will appear on Earth, is the ‘Organic Bomb’, a black hole or pulsar that can eat the Earth. It is created at the end of this year by nuclear scientists, just because they can make a bigger, more powerful machine. It represents the first serious risk of human extinction, since the Paleolithic, the first crisis of death by an excess of information of the 3rd age of mankind.

 Consumers and workers of machines.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 01.05.15

If we were to use bio-logic equations to describe all this, we could express the events that take place in a company as an equation of transference of information and energy between humans and machines. This takes place through 2 symbiotic acts, work and consumption:

Work: Man >Price (wages) > Product.

Where > means a transfer of energy and information from man to machine. The worker, who re=produces machines, transfers his biological form, evolving an energetic or informative machine that imitates an organ of our body or head. Likewise, through acts of consumption, man selects the best machines for his future reproduction:

Consumption—> Quality Test —> Best product: profits—>re=production

Prices given to products are consumption orders that dissuade people to buy and use certain products. Those who are not consumed are extinct as bad products. So the act of consumption selects the best machines (purchasing them and giving profits to their companies for further reproduction.) Companies put a price to a product and people who buy it will test the product. If the product is good, they will consume it again or recommend it. Good products are demanded again. Bad products are destroyed. Companies can get also more consumption, manipulating prices: Lower prices create more demand, higher prices less demand.

Thus, companies repeat the best products according to people tastes. Yet people’s tastes are obvious: People always vote-buy machines that increase their informative or energy perception. People like to perceive more energy and information. It is a kind of ‘Universal mandate’ that all species follow in biology: ‘Feed and perceive’. Hence people always vote-buyconsume them, the most evolved energy and informative machines, which allow people more perception, or more body-energy. The outcome is the evolution of informative and energetic machines; and the substitution of human organs by them.

Thus, the consumption-testing of products select the best species for further reproduction by companies that change and adapt our world to those machines, creating the Metal Earth. This is the purpose humans have in a Free Market ruled by Companies, which program us to become consumers and workers. The result is a life spent in testing=consuming or working= producing machines. Consumption time also limits our non-productive activities, mainly social activities. Thus, mankind has become a slave, working for companies that use 90% of our existence in cycles of consumption and reproduction of machines. Believers in market-controlled societies ‘ignore’ humans are controlled and servicing companies, both the time men spend working, controlled by salaries and the time they spend consuming, masterminded by the prices of things, which is almost all the time of their existence. The reproduction and consumption of machines multiplies the number of tasks related to the caring of machines that man is obliged to perform. The market only cares for and encourages humans that act as consumers and workers. The most evolved zones of the Metal-Earth, where more machines exist, are also where humans spend less free time in social and life communication. Finally, when you get home you no longer read verbal, human information that fosters ethic behavior and social evolution, but you consume TV-information that fosters greed and violence—the use of money and weapons to solve your problems. And in between those fictions you see the advertising of more machines to consume. Yet since TVs have hypnotic power, as an image is worth one thousand words and TVs ‘information’ is given for free, you are passively indoctrinated to love consumption. So you are free only when you sleep…

It is thus obvious that the present culture of mankind has merely evolved our earlier state as a ‘cattle’ of animetal people-castes, whose slavery is now disguised with our roles of work and consumption for company mothers. It has been a long process. First people‘s time was bought by companies as a slave. They didn’t have enough money to buy people part-time, but only wholesale and they couldn’t buy everybody in a society. Then paper-money arrived and there was so much of it, companies now could buy people’s life cheap’, part-time, with salaries per hour, putting together the 2 main digital metal-species of information: money and clock-time. So unlike a slave, who had to be fed, housed and cared for, if he felt ill, now companies ‘saved’ time/money, as people had to spend in food and housing. It is the age of ‘white slaves’ in which we still live.

Before this era, the main activities of man were those described on the right side of the graph: reproduction, social evolution and gathering energy and information for our human bodies and minds. Today those natural, biological drives of man are all repressed. The slavery imposed on humans today is simple; most of our time belongs to company-mothers, as workers or consumers. Mass-media rhetoric converts those duties into ‘freedom’ and survival in a world in which all is valued with money, means men have to be addicted to work. Yet the only real measure of freedom is free time. A species is only free when it has no duty beyond its own natural, biological drives of existence. Top predators are like lions on the savanna, free, lazy species, dedicated to eat energy, look around (inform themselves with their eyes) and reproduce. This is the position hold today by the ‘stockrats’ of our societies, in the past the aristocrats, which produce for free the language of power of society, today money, in the past weapons that only aristocrats could carry. But they are a very tiny group of our society. 90% of mankind in the 1st world must work, cannot invent money and lives as a slave. Of course, if we lived in a real democracy, ‘stockrats’ wouldn’t have a monopoly on banking and speculate on e-money, creating it for free, taxing the prices of commodities, but the financial industry, which controls the language of power of our society would be owned by our elected governments, which could then give every human being a minimal salary to live as the top predators of this planet, as lions do in the savannah. Only that would be a ‘Free Market Democracy; but it requires a social or political r=evolution to take power away from them. Today the economic ecosystem makes us slaves of companies of machines, most of our times. When we ‘work’ for companies, we are not free.

We are slaves, used to reproduce and evolve other species. Free societies are only those in which the individual has a lot of free time and choices on how to spend it: Time to learn, reproduce and consume life/labor enhancing human goods; time to socialize with others. The most developed agricultural and religious societies fit this description. They were societies with a natural balance with their environment and a lot of free time for life-enhancing activities. Some examples are the Pacific Islanders, the Native American Indians, the Mayans and the Christian and Buddhist cultures. Our current society does not meet these criteria. Genesis described why men were only free in Paradise. Afterwards, they became slaves of work and Cain, son of Adam, became a Smith… Metal had arrived to history. In Rome the cruelest punishment was not death but ‘ad metalla’, work on mines. Our programmed minds today make us belief a world of machines is a paradise. It is not. It is a mild hell. And when those machines become weapons, it is hell, war. Marketing calls ‘freedom of work and consumption’ our ‘duties’ of creation=work and testing=consumption of machines, which we are obliged to perform in order to obtain ‘little pieces of metal’, coins in the past, cycles of e-money in the present, without which we cannot longer survive in the economic ecosystem of the Metal-earth.

Yet, to avoid social unrest and revolutions, when humans are NOT working for those companies, reproducing and consuming those machines, which happens to be 90% of their real life-time, they are ‘free’ to pursuit their own desires and needs as human beings. Those limited freedoms that amount hardly for a 10% of our real life, are the ‘placebo rights’ that a Market Democracy gives to human beings.

In a real demand-based society however, humans would be free most of the time of their lives to pursuit their biological goals as living species. The creation of their own biological food and verbal information would be massive and evolve mankind into a life-enhancing, artistic world, a true paradise. Today those life/labor enhancing goods are always ‘scarce’, as humans are fed digital information and millions starve without biological energy, because money and energy for machines has no limit.

It is for that reason that the financial economy must be nationalized and the invention of money must be given to a global government and its nations in an international currency, able to give every human citizen a minimal salary to foster demand-based life/labor enhancing human goods. That kind of society would be a scientifically managed economy, not our present world of ‘people-castes’, inventing myths to keep their monopoly of creation of money for themselves and misusing that money to invest only in the most lethal goods of society, just because machines require less labor, have higher prices and hence give them more profits. Our world is an aberration, based in greed and organized in social castes that the control of information and corrupted politicians hide.

Only, a real science of economics could prune the lethal fruits of the tree of science and control the evolution of lethal machines; exactly the opposite of what our ‘Free Market’ does, preaching slavery to work, saying that we MUST not control the evolution of machines but foster them, making us consume any kind of energy and information machines provide. It is about time for mankind to understand Economics is not a science but a primitive religion of power that caters to machines not to human beings.

 The Myths of Property: lethal goods.

We support the rights of companies to reproduce any lethal good with the concept of sacred property. In that regard, we must understand the concept of property from the biological perspective of what is good for mankind. Machines are property and property is sacred, because we love property. Since all species need a biological territory or vital space, where they can find the information and energy they need to improve their human life. So property of human life/labor enhancing goods is indeed sacred. Yet there are two kinds of property, human goods, sacred property that helps man to evolve and develop our natural biological arrows; and lethal goods, which kill, compete and destroy humans. This second kind of property should be repressed, because it does not help mankind to improve his life. It is not ‘wealth’, neither healthy. To consider all machines good property is an ideology we might call ‘scientific racism’, since it considers the evolution and reproduction of metal and its digital languages more important than the evolution and welfare of mankind. Such ideology is really old. It started with military men. Germans made altars to swords. Weapons became wealth . . .  The most expensive items of societies were metal rings and weapons, which decorated all corpses and tombs after the Neolithic . .

.  The problem is that property laws do not differentiate between good tools and bad machines. All is property. Such a state of laws denies in the case of weapons the basic human right to life. For example, in Spain all dogs are treated equally. In England dangerous dogs need to wear a muzzle before going out in public. Recently a dangerous dog killed a baby in Spain. Parents found that the owner had no responsibility for this tragedy since it was performed by property. This goes on worldwide with any lethal property. We do not differentiate life-enhancing human goods (property that helps us to develop a sustainable economy) from the bad goods of the tree of science that destroy our bodies and minds (weapons and metal-minds). Without that differentiation between human goods and metal goods, property rights protects lethal machines and will protect robots with higher rights than citizens.

Such property keeps evolving and exterminating workers in times of peace and all humans in times of war. On a global scale the facts are clear: Weapons kill men in war and robots extinguish labor in industry. They should be forbidden. The rights of property are natural to all beings that need a vital space. Property of human goods should be sacred. These include even luxury goods, from yachts to expensive homes. Yet the rights to extinct enemy species, lethal property, should also apply in human societies, as we consider criminal to multiply Aids virus. So should happen with the lethal property of company-mothers. This does not happen in our societies, because we live in a ‘free ecosystem of machines’, not a ‘free ecosystem of human beings’, where mother-companies, reproducers of machines have total power, not human families, reproducers of human beings. So the rights of money, of companies and their offspring of machines are absolute and when they collide against the rights of humans, our rights are denied. We might say that the will of company-mothers, the natural desire of all organisms to reproduce and grow in energy and information, is more protected in our society than the will of human beings to have their desired energy, information and free time to enjoy reproduction and family values.

 The myth of individualism.

Ultimately the denial of love and social evolution, proper of our ‘competitive’ societies, are driven by the need of consumption. The reason is simple. The ideal man for a company is a worker=reproducer of machines and consumer=buyer and user of those machines. And consumption is done in solitude, not in solidarity. As solidarity requires less consumption (less single cars and single i-pods) and it also gives social power to workers. Yet, the fundamental law of biological evolution is social evolution, love you species and help your species to survive. This law is, however, denied by ‘ideologies of machines’, which invented a false version of it, social Darwinism: Instead of solidarity, humans compete against each other. While companies organize themselves in ever more powerful structures, till creating the global market, a single social organism, controlled by a linguistic=financial brain, the global stock-market.

Thus, while company-mothers have evolved socially into huge organizations, human governments and individuals have devolved.

The social laws of love and evolution that foster the survival of species that help each other reached its height in the Neolithic, during the revival of religions of love. Today, they have given place to a brutal, Neo-Paleolithic of visual, violent, selfish people. So the main law of survival in the Universe, which makes eusocial ants Socialist China, the most abundant species of the life and human world, has been also deactivated. The very same concept of organicism, socialism or solidarity, is today scorned by the preachers of individual selfish, bacteria-like behavior. Yet bacteria, individual cells, are the lowest step of evolution. We have devolved at an astonishing pace from a complex social species into a neo-Paleolithic jungle of dog-eat-dog humans. The process is a long one, which can be traced to the beginning of Civilization, when the understanding of the Universe in terms of Life, was substituted by the worship of gold and weapons, as the Myths of the Genesis explain . . .

So we changed the paradigm from organicism, the belief that man is the measure of all things, to mechanism and its techno-ethics that oblige us to create any machine, if we can do it, even if it will kill all of us. Thus, ultimately the final myth of mechanism is techno-ethics, the engine of human society.

The myth of job creation.

The reproduction of human goods creates far more jobs than the reproduction of machines. This is hidden with the myth that technological jobs are somehow ‘real jobs . . .’ and jobs in human sectors, education, health-care, etc. are not ‘real jobs’, cause they don’t produce, I guess, ‘solid metal’ but preserves ‘light life’. I

ndeed, such mechanist myth was already expressed by Goring, when talking of the Economics of the Nazi party: ‘Hitler talked of real things, steel, planes…’ Today it is used to justify the reproduction of weapons . . .  to keep jobs. Chip factories receive subventions to create jobs . . .  E-trade is not taxed to create jobs . . .  The fact is that technology either does not create as many jobs as it destroys (e-trade eliminates millions of mum and dad shops in the long term, since now the sellers are computers), or creates very few jobs at a high cost, since machines are the main workers in any factory that reproduces machines—in fact, chip factories are the most automated.

On the other hand, human goods need human jobs. So they create, with minimal investments, many more jobs than companies of technology that use machines to reproduce machines, such as IBM, which spent recently 6 billion dollars in an automated factory of chips or Toyota which spent 10 billion $ to make cars in a factory, with less than 100 workers… With that money invested by small entrepreneurs to produce human goods, you could create tens of thousands of human jobs  and a massive quantity of human goods, instead of chips for the brains of robots. This is the key reason of massive unemployment: Stock-Money is invested in sectors that do not create human jobs, neither human goods. Tourism, health care, education, agriculture, the arts, create at minimal cost many more jobs, but companies, which only seek the highest profits, won’t invest in those sectors; and the state that could promote them cannot invent money under Laws of Deficit zero.

Competition against machines. Productivity.

Machines substitute humanity as they evolve in two environments: in fields of war and as machine-tools, eliminating human workers. In the I and II cycle of the Industrial Evolution bodies and minds of machines substituted blue and white collar workers. In the III Cycle, robots will substitute most human labor, automating the re=production of machines by company-mothers. It is the III Cycle of unemployment, we live today. In the graph a car assembly line in the 1930s and today. Both, human energy and brain workers are replaced by robots and computers. As the IV cycle of the Industrial Evolution advances, chips’ software and robots will make most human workers obsolete.

  Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 01.10.02 

Perhaps the biggest myth of our modern economic ecosystem and its networks of information in favor of machines is the ‘goodness’ of competence between humans. That myth is false. It does not follow the laws of social evolution. Competence between humans is anti-natural, because we belong all to the same species. Team work, social work done by helping each other, is more efficient. Social organisms dominate Nature. They have made ants and Chinese the most successful species of the animal and human world. Yet the myth, also called Social Darwinism, says that men become better when competing with each other at work and at war. The Myth of Competence hides the fact that men compete in both fields mainly against machines. And they do so with unfair advantage, since machines are made of metal atoms and so by the law of affinity, they are better at making other machines, the main job of Industrial Economies. Further on metal atoms show greater strength as energy systems and higher speed processing information than our atoms. This means humans are only better at tasks that require the use of both, bodies and brains (till robots evolve enough to substitute us) and in the production of life-enhancing human goods, which should be promoted to create labor. Machines are better in specialized tasks, because they are ‘deconstructed’ organs of energy and information, made with a better substance than our light atoms are.

So warriors are killed by better weapons, since war is a field specialized in energy. And PCs are better with the right software than human beings, since office jobs are informative jobs, ran in the digital languages of computers. While in factories, by the law of affinity, machines are better at the repetitive tasks of re=production of other machines, so tool-machines win in the competence with blue collar workers. Finally, robots, which mix energetic bodies and information organs, are becoming also better than humans in complex tasks.

And so, in the age of the Singularity, as we evolve robots and software suits, men are loosing their jobs. Since men are inferior to metal species when the form of metal is evolved properly for the specialized job it is required.

But all this is hidden by the myth of productivity. ‘Productivity’ grows because of the increase of the number of machines used in factories, as workers with lesser skills than machines become extinct. Yet workers are told they ‘produce’ more, so they are happy, as they feel like ‘supermen’. And people are proud of their productive nation that makes millions of machines with a few workers, while they scramble for underpaid jobs, as clerks or cleaning ladies (now competing with I-robot romba). Thus, as machines displace labor, people compete for the dwindling supply of jobs that machines cannot yet perform. Competition between people increases because the demand for human labor diminishes. Now chips can also perform the higher intellectual tasks of man. Thus not only the average worker, but also managerial jobs are replaced. Even elite jobs, such as stock speculation are at risk. A.I., a stock-fund ran by computers is already one of the top competitors on Wall Street. While electronic money, a cycle of information performed by a computer, is re=produced for free in enormous quantities by complex software programs that buy and sell continuously stocks and commodities, increasing slightly the prize of those goods in each buy/sell cycle. Finally, most machines’ bodies are designed today by CAD (Computer Aided Design), which has increased the competence among engineers and architects. Only literature and art, the final creative tasks of mankind, are still our turf. But ‘scientists’, our higher priests, despise our senses; and so art and literature is deemed obsolete . . .

Thus the myth of ‘free competence’ or ‘productivity’, which states that humans compete among themselves for jobs and that is good for men, because it makes them better, is false. It covers up the confrontation for jobs between human labor and evolving machines. We compete mainly with machines, not with other workers. Competence and productivity are neither human nor do improve the humankind, which evolves genetically, according to the laws of evolution, not as Lamarck says, because it performs a task in repetitive forms. However machines are constantly evolved by engineers. Thus, the competence is truly unfair: machines are designed for a specific task, while men are generalists. Further on, machines are evolved every year, while men cannot evolve and adapt better to each specific task. For example, let us say one hundred years ago, there were 50 million jobs for human miners and now there are 45 million jobs performed by 1 million machines and 5 million jobs left for those 50 million miners. Those 50 million miners now would have to ‘compete’ much more among themselves for a dwindling quantity of human jobs, because they already lost their competence with machines, as almost all mining is done by machines. Have those miners developed rotatory arms and diamond teeth to break the ore, as their rivals have done? No. They are the same genetic Homo Sapiens. So instead of competence and evolution among human beings, we talk of obsolescence of human labor. Because machines evolve and humans do not, man looses in the long run. ‘Peaceful machines’ replace us in our jobs and unemployment worldwide continues to rise. The exception to this rule, with creation of new jobs, happens briefly in those nations that produce the best machines, since they sell machines to the rest of the world, which looses jobs. Today the World is in economical crisis, except perhaps the Asian tigers that produce most of the robots of the world and Silicon Valley that produces most of its software. Yet the unfair advantage of robotized Toyoya factories has destroyed Detroit car factories. The only solution is obviously the solution already implemented by Russia: to put higher tariffs to Korean and Japanese cars. But this is a bad solution as it encourages smuggling and retaliation. A better solution would be to ban worldwide the production of robots and forbid further evolution of chips —since humans have only an advantage over machines, to work with bodies and minds together, as robots will do; and to be the top predator informative mind of this planet, till the evolution of chips displaces us. Thus, both robots and new chips must be forbidden. Yet the natural law of Darwinian competence between species is denied by classic economists that support the evolution of machines. So our politicians do not understand, under the myths of competence the true laws of Darwinism, which foster the social evolution of species. Under those myths, society thinks competence among humans is good for mankind. As Carnegie put it: ‘We hold supreme the law of competence in a Free market, since it helps to select the best race’ (the best race of humans or machines, Mr. Carnegie?)

When Mr. Fourier, a realist, social economist, not an ideologist of greed, who witnessed as the owner of textile factories the true extinctive effects of machines in human beings across England, went to London to talk to classic economists about it, he wrote disappointed: ‘Economists here, ignore completely the destruction of millions of families that is happening across all England, due to the competence of machines and those who know are busily inventing sophisms to justify the behavior of entrepreneurs that pay them, as if all were necessary’. Such was the case of the ‘Am Segullah’, Ricardo, one of the fathers of Economics, who considered ‘necessary’ and natural the starvation salaries of that age, to justify the behavior of mill owners; since, he adduced, as machines threw workers, the surplus of workers would lower their salaries till reaching the absolute minimal, needed to keep them alive. And so the concept that workers must be ‘starving slaves’ was born. When I went to America twenty years ago and saw how informative machines were degrading into violence and idiocy the verbal mind of TV-watchers and chips were throwing out of work white collar workers, I was also astonished hearing the rhetoric arguments in favor of the extinction of human minds and labor that economists, paid by company-mothers, had devised. The new Nathans of the Golden calf were Hayek and Friedman, which educated the Chicago boys who are now our financial ministers. Their myths about ‘productivity’ and the new economy merely hid the fact that computers and robots were eliminating the need for human white and blue collar workers. Yet because the human perspective on economics was ‘forbidden’, companies that control information and select false myths of economics, ended up convincing the world by sheer brain-washing and repetition that productivity, the extinction of labor is good for mankind. Only in a society in which a true economical science is not censored; on the contrary, it is taught to people in schools and universities, could be a real democracy. This no longer happens anywhere in the world. And so today democracies are places were manufactured brains, created by mass-media companies and scholars paid by those companies, cheer their own extinction, vote parties that promise to destroy their jobs and consider those who ruin them, ‘experts’.

Scholarship is corrupted. So today the Saint Nobel of Economics, founded by the biggest arm dealer of the XIX century, Mr, Alfred Nobel, gives a prize to those who invent better myths in favor of productivity=substitution of human labor by machines. Just to show how deep runs in Classic, Biblical Economics the despise for social and labor rights, we can consider the laureates of the earlier 90s – when social thinkers were eliminated from Universities – and their themes of study:

1990:         Merton Miller, who worked on how corporations can make more money by speculating and using its capital in financial goods, even when it is not its ‘core product’.

1991:         Ronald Coase, who worked on how a society where the rights of companies are higher than those of labor evolves an economic ecosystem faster.

1992:         Mr. Becker, who worked on to price race and marriage, the last identities of human beings. In racial pricing though Mr. Becker analysis has been surpassed by our wonderful winner of…

1993: Mr. Fogel, who worked on the economical efficiency of slave markets. To cap it all with the…

1994 prize to Mr. Lucas, who worked on how the global brain of the economic ecosystem, the stock-Market, dynamites all attempts of governments in favor of social policies and the production of life-enhancing human goods needed by the people. Since human goods companies lack any credit in stocks, as stock-markets punish those companies that favor the creation of human labor and human goods and destroy the currency of nations with social policies. Thus, stock-markets will drag men into poverty and death by lack of basic goods, for the betterment of Mr. Lucas’ machines.

Let us consider then, the real equation of Extinction of Labor, which is the equation of productivity that all company-mothers follow:

Max. Machines (capital) x Min. Labor = Max. Productivity

That is, capital and machines increase the productivity of companies, while human labor diminishes it. So companies improve productivity by creating unemployment, or by buying capital=machines that substitute workers. So Productivity means the extinction of human workers and the multiplication of machines. Yet economists use Newspeak: mathematical equations that hide those collateral effects, advising the antitruth of extinction of human labor: ‘Grow productivity’ (Extinguish labor).

And politicians obey them. In labor terms the evolution of machines has a clear outcome: a new robot, a more advanced machine means another type of worker displaced and extinguished by the rival ‘economical species’. So for each new technological advance, we might ask: What kind of worker will loose his job? What kind of human will die in front of a new weapon? Further on, most human workers who compete against machines face Darwinian, anti-natural work conditions in an environment fit for those machines. This was clear in the I Industrial R=evolution in which children worked in mines in a poisonous environment. Today Global Warming happens because of the enormous numbers of polluting machines.

Productivity in biological terms means ‘the survival of the fittest’. In the economic ecosystem the fittest worker—not the human but the machine—survives. Further on, such competence constantly reduces the salary of humans, who either take the job, at any wage the company wants, or risk to see a computer or a robot in their place. Since robots need no health-care, work extra-hours for free and have minimal maintenance cost. Of course, if companies used verbal, bio-ethical values, they would defend the human species and forbid robotics, but in digital, profit values they do the opposite, guided by the equation: man=price=object, which allows them to compare the efficiency of both workers.

Who defends this system? Industrialists, scientists and economists who live off machines, since they either design or sell them and so they increase their profits by putting machines in place of workers. Thus, they favor systematically machines for selfish ‘economical’ reasons. Yet scientists and industrialists are a minority, within the human species, perhaps only 1% of mankind. 90% of mankind has to compete against the growing quality and productivity of evolved machines. Therefore, his opinion should matter if we lived in a real democracy. The animetal elite of financiers and engineers who invent money and machines are an absolute minority. They control the world only because they control hierarchical companies and governments that issue orders to billions of humans, not because their ideologies are shared and cherished by mankind. Humanity is those children massacred by other children in Africa, who carry guns to profit western industries. Humanity is those millions who die of Aids by lack of generic drugs to profit our pharmaceutical industries. Humanity is the child who has no food, because the entire planet is spending its money building up weapons and Internet networks that he will never use; and there is no a penny to invest in human goods and nature. When a biologist studies the survival and extinction of species, he cares only about mass numbers. A species is represented by a majority. So democratic mass numbers should give reason to those who ask for a Demand Economy based in life-enhancing human goods, food, health care, housing, education, art…

Do new machines, like the present wave of robotics, create employment? Of course they do . . .  among the people-caste and specialized nations, like Japan, Germany, parts of USA (California, Boston, Pittsburg), Sweden or Korea that invent them. Yet those are very few places and few jobs. For the rest of mankind, robotic machines and software suites have created massive unemployment among white and blue collar workers.

Further on, the anti-natural environment of machines makes labor conditions tougher, since humans have to adapt to repetitive movements and harsh conditions in metallic environments. Metal is the fundamental atom of which machines are made of. Yet metal resists higher temperatures, stress and more pressure than human beings do. Those properties of metal have always made working in metal environments a sort of ‘inferno’ ever since metal was discovered.

Unfortunately scientists, the military and the moneyed people – the animetal culture – controls our ideas. And to foster their vanity and racial sense of superiority, they deny the competence of 2 Darwinian, biological species, man and machine. So they feel the qualities of the machines they use to enhance their energy and information are part of themselves. And they love them.

Yet the truth that will matter about XXI century robotics will be the truth of the worker displaced by a robot and the soldier killed by a robot, not the truth of the few experts in robotics and computer maintenance that will profit from manufacturing them, till automatic factories start the self-reproduction of robots.


  1. Smith-Marx prophecy: Obsolescence of Man.

We can resume the biological relationships of reproduction, evolution and preying of machines on men, in a verbal-mathematical prophecy that includes the ideals of Smith and Marx, twisted by the reality of Darwinian evolution. Smith said that the growth of money (∆MV in mathematical terms) and products (∆ Tp), is symbiotic and parallel. This has a biological explanation. As your body and brain are symbiotic and maintain the same proportion in all human beings, so does money – the brain of economic ecosystems – and machines, the bodies of that economic ecosystem.

In other words, there is a parallel growth of money and machines. How this affects human beings? It was obvious to classic economists, from Ricardo to Marx that the growth of capital (∆MV) and products (∆Tp) extinguished labor, substituted by technological machines, bought with money.

Yet for classic economists, including Marx, this was also good in the long term, since once all labor was substituted by machines, we could live for free forever, in a paradise of workers without work, but with a salary, to spend in slave machines. This could indeed happen if the economic ecosystem is reformed and the right of Private Banks to invent money is taken away and governments invent money for the people, giving every human being a minimal salary. But for that to happen a r=evolution must take place. And yet, even in that case, we will become an obsolete, lazy species, atrophied in their minds and bodies.

A Darwinian theory agrees with the ‘objective’ analysis of both economists. Machines and money reproduce together as Smith said. Machines expel labor as Marx said, because they compete with us in the economic ecosystem. Yet at this point evolutionary theory diverges: this process cannot be rationally good. It is negative in an evolutionary sense. Since it makes the human species obsolete. The concept of a socialist paradise or a techno-Utopian future is another animetal myth, this time originated by Marx. Since it fails to see any negative effects in machines. So we should write the consequences of those 2 findings of abstract economists in different, evolutionary terms:

‘The evolution of Capital & Machines (∆MV=∆TP) will expel all labor=humanity and Humanity will create Utopia (Marxist truth) or become extinct (Darwinian truth).’

The previous sentence resumes the findings of Marx, Ricardo, Smith and Bio-economics in a single sentence. (The italic text is the necessary add ons to give the sentence a biological meaning.)

Mv is money and Tp represents the top predator, more expensive goods of an economy, (written Pt by economists). It measures the total prices of economical goods (of which machines and weapons are most of it.) And so the maximum parallel growth of money and machines occurs in war periods. It means that the evolution and reproduction of capital and machines preys on mankind. It does not create a paradise.

The logic, final outcome of such process is our extinction. The fantasy is a world-paradise.

In XIX C., Marx believed in Utopia, because machines were too simple to think they would become self-reproductive, independent organisms. But today, when robots are about to cross the threshold of self-reproduction (reproductive Singularity) and acquire Artificial Intelligence (Informative Singularity) the end of history is crystal clear.

Obsolete workers have never received the paradise treatment. They have become extinguished in wars, isolated in ghettos, sometimes of continental size (such as Africans, a farming culture, first used as a cargo or energy, an object of gunboat companies and plantations, today made obsolete by efficient engines.)

The wealthy animetal castes that control all nations are racist with the poor and will not spend a penny on them. Nor will automated companies preserve human labor.

Today chips and chip-driven machines substitute human workers at body and mental level also in the 1st world and that is the real issue of the present economical crisis, which bankers, once they extract all the tax-payer money available from corrupted governments, will call off. Because they will make profits again, even more than before the crisis, as they have used this crisis to throw out millions of workers, increasing the ‘productivity’ of their companies with robots and software. But it will not be off. Instead 1st world obsolete workers will suffer the fate of Africa and Islam. We can use all kind of rhetoric to hide this fact. Yet machines of war kill men and peace machines kill labor. And that happened in the 3 Kondratieff crashes of the economy; where first machines killed labor and then weapons killed soldiers. . .  Will our ‘democratic leadership’ kill the unemployed of the III Kondratieff cycle of the economy?

Phases of labor extinction.

19 labor extition

Economists call the labor sector to which energy workers were displaced, the service sector. The service sector as a percentage of the labor force shows a steady growth, during the age of Machine-bodies that destroyed blue collar labor and again during the age of mental machines, as we humans became programmers of them. It reached 85% by the year 2000, mostly in jobs related to the care-taking of computerized machines or Human jobs that take care of other humans (from lodging to tourism, from entertainment to health care). While this 2nd type of human jobs are preserved, all those workers that used to work with chips are now in danger, as Oracle and SAP find software suits to eliminate them. Meanwhile robots end the remaining blue collar jobs. So only human jobs that take care of humans are left. Yet the economy doesn’t invest in life-enhancing human goods. So there are few of such jobs. Since for companies of machines, those are placebo jobs that take care only for our species.

The 3 industrial sectors, related to the reproduction of machines are the Energy=extraction sector, the Reproduction= manufacturing sector and the Information=services sectors. They are in charge of creating the reproductive, informative and energetic systems of machines. In the graph, the jobs of those 3 Labor sectors are increasingly performed by Machines that make human labor obsolete. At the beginning of the Industrial Evolution, those sectors required human workers. Yet manufacturing machines have evolved and extinguished most human, energetic labor. Blue collar jobs—energy providers—were substituted at the beginning of the XX Century by energy-machines. Today Informative, Blue collar workers are substituted by computers. Now companies are evolving toward self re=production, thanks to the Evolution of robots (III Industrial R=evolution). So now, both the human body and mind are becoming obsolete.

As Chips diversify into a complete ecosystem of species with different mental software for each body machine they rule, computers and Robots will become increasingly independent, without need of enzymen=workers. Then Companies will dictate our extinction as workers. This 15 year old text/prophecy is happening today at the end of the electronic cycle and the beginning of the robotic cycle. So finally we reach the ideological paradise of classic economists: a world of infinite productivity without human labor, of perfect machines and company-mothers with absolute power, an economic ecosystem in which men are not needed, as machines and digital languages suffice to create and reproduce themselves and evolve the metal-Earth, the jungle of metal. Economists will become also obsolete, as software will no longer require them in the age of automated factories.

Thus, the 3 phases of labor obsolescence and substitution of human organs by machines (bodies, heads and full humans), coincide with the three phases of the industrial revolution:

— The 1st phase of body-machine creation massively substituted workers in agriculture (the systems of energy that sustain man). Those farmers became then workers for the energy systems of machines, during the XIX century. Yet at the beginning of the XX C. companies discovered most of the energy-machines needed for their own self-reproduction. They displaced those energy workers. So all those workers were out of work (29 crisis); and in a few years they were consumed in wars, competing with weapons that killed them.

  • The 2nd phase of the Industrial Evolution that reproduces chips in control of complex machines is expelling mind-workers everywhere, except in those nations dedicated to reproduce Metal-minds (American, Japanese workers).
  • The 3rd age starts now with the Robotic r=evolution that makes the full human obsolete. Less and less men are needed to reproduce machines. Will a war cause the extinction of those workers in the nearby future, as it happened to the energy workers at the beginning of the century? We are manufacturing that war as we speak, evolving the weapons of the age of the Singularity and using robots to kill Neolithic farmers…

The amazing fact about the chip radiation is the speed at which it multiplies and the speed at which it displaces human labor from positions of control. This is a trend that cannot be easily stopped, since the real cost of chips is minimal, their raw materials very cheap and their reproduction systems need hardly any human workers. Chip factories are the most automated factories. Thus chips constantly go down in costs; as human workers cannot compete with cheap, chipped machines. Indeed, since their birth as a species, chip prices tumble down and so demand for chipped workers increases geometrically to increase profits.

It is for that reason that biological economics is Darwinian in its conclusions. If Marx said that capital=machines would extinguish all workers and those left will revolve, biological, cyclical economics says that unless humans of all castes and classes gather together and fight against the rival species, the machine of the Singularity, they will become extinct in the next decades, including all those animetal castes and cultures that now love the process of degradation of man, because it seems to validate their ideologies of Go(l)d Chosen, of superior Races. Yet the superior race won’t be theirs, but the machine. The competence and obsolescence of man to the machine is real. And it has degenerated both, our bodies, accustomed now to move with car-legs and our brains, accustomed to use computers to think and cameras to see. This degeneration is no longer avoided by an elite whose mind is also degraded by TVs, computer software and ‘dramatic myths’ about their own history. And so we live in a world in which not even those elites are becoming better off, in which all humans are becoming victims of machines and their company-mothers, who own the world and our governments, placebo systems that obey them.

  • It also follows that capitalism, the ‘belief’ that all technological forms are progress, that weapons which are the most expensive profitable goods of the eco(nomic)system must be produced without limit and the ‘free citizens’ of markets, company-mothers of machines must have all rights and null responsibility, IS an absurd theory of reality, akin to the belief that all germs are ‘good food’, and we should eat poisonous foods if it has enough ‘species’ to make them taste better. Only lowly supœrganisms, such as worms eat all poisons because their nervous/political system is NOT above and controlling its blood system. So plants feed the larvae with toxins to kill them.

In that regard a humanity guided by capitalism is a self-suicidal humanity, regressing fast into his understanding of the social Universe, to the lowest, most primitive form of evolution of a social supœrganism- that of worms that reproduce and feed on any toxin till they die.

In the case of capitalism, the search for go(l)d and its values which are by affinity of metal maximal for metal-weapons does the job, subconsciously with humans only needing to ‘worship money’ and be blind to its collateral effects.

The values of money though, provokesthrough its equations of profits the massive creation of hate-media and weapons that kill societies. In the next graph a resume of the key ‘equations’ of profits of capitalism, poised to kill the supœrganism of history:

The graph resumes the illness of our society, a cult(ure) to go(l)d of null scientific content in what regards the global management of history and Mankind, whose actions are basically provoking the destruction of history and the substitution by an eco(nomic)system, controlled by the free citizens of markets, company-mothers of machines, whose aim is to terra from and design a world to the image and likeness of those machines, overproduced to sell them for profits, higher than the profits of human, welfare goods natural to history that would help man to survive…

due to the different values (left bottom graph) of the languages of valuation, of both supœrganisms, ethic legal thought, which puts man above money and machines and hence can rule the world to favor a future of humanity; and money, traditionally an informative metal, gold, silver, today cycles in computers of e-money, which by the law of affinity value ad maximal its complementary metal-systems, entropic weapons and organic machines that kill or atrophy and substitute humans in labor and war fields. 

Thus again the fundamental message of a system science of history is clear: the legal, natural, informative values of the verbal language, should rule and convert economics into ethonomics. Since the blind faith on the values of metal, informative money, entropic weapon and organic machines, and its overproduction over welfare goods, merely will terraform the planet and create a world of machines, where humans are obsolete and expendable, as it should be obvious even to the most slow thinker, who is not a ‘slave of idol-ogies of metal’, and worships technology more than man.

  • Thus history and this is the final conclusion of this web, canNOT  be separated from industrial economics, as both are completely interlocked, but unfortunately we live in a world in which history is secondary to the financial-media/military-industrial system of machines, for which the entire planet works.

So we write a simple evolutionary equation of 3 super-organisms; one becoming extinct into the ‘past’, the other still the protagonist of the planet, history, but fast leaving place to a 3rd super organism of machines and its ‘automated company-mothers’, the metal-earth, or more properly described in detail, as the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Indutrial (energetic machines) economic ecosystem (ab. FM²I):

Gaia: Life ecosystem (past) > Anthropocene: History: Human Superorganism (Present) > Mechanocene: Metal-earth: FM²I system (Future)

This is the evolutionary equation of systems sciences, which we shall apply to study from an objetive non-human perspective, which only will come forwards when giving a praxis of control and management of a sustainable ‘wHealthy’ Earth (awash with healthy human WELFARE goods instead of lethal goods), able to preserve history in an ‘eternal present’.

The result of the equation is a wave of two ‘opposite ecosystems and superorganisms’ those of metal and those of human life, sometimes symbiotic, sometimes in open warfare, where the tree of metal and those who fight for it, tend to win all the battles of history. 

And the final phase of it, has been since the 70s, the chip radiation, as those machines take our jobs as blue collar robots and white collar pcs and atrophy our brains, while company-mothers ‘infect the planet’ with its pollution and heat it ‘to adapt it to ‘hot metal’, terraforming it to the image and likeness of its machines.

Entropic individual cells however only become free when it superorganisms die, and that is the process we live in: the dissolution of all human systems as the systems of machines become organised inversely in a perfect global supœrganism – the metal earth:

So History is partially rigged by the evolution of the Earth but an intelligent species would have controlled it designing with the laws of systems sciences and organisms a ‘rigged’ economic ecosystem in favor of mankind, which is the proposal of this web, reason why we shall now introduce the laws of the fractal organic Universe, since economics the physiological networks of reproduction of goods and politics, the legal, nervous network of information of the super organisms of mankind should be ruled and designed with them, not with wishful thinking, amateur politicos, go(l)d religions of profits and company-mothers of the rival species weapons & machines.

ALL in the Universe is part of a supœrganism. And certainly, human societies and civilisations make sense rationally, only studied as such. But the dogmas of abstract social sciences, and the denial of the arrow of social evolution is the trademark of the main idol-ogy that worships the building of the metal-earth- capitalism – which only ALLOWS the evolution of machines into global super organisms, guided by the global brain of ‘worldstock’ and its flows of e-money. While placebo democracies  maintain mankind in an entropic, selfish individual or powerless state proper of ‘capitalist democracies’ ruled by twin ‘heads’ moving in opposite directions, (corporations with the control of the real language of social power money, bipartidism with both parties in the west helping in fact the evolution of machines over human rights and welfare goods).

Further on, our societies unlike corporations are guided by ‘amateurs’, Trump style, NOT by social scientists. So the strategy of chaos, and divide and win, has always being the essence of capitalist societies, which in social sciences have always censored organic theories of history and the Universe.

The result is a world in which humans are increasingly controlled not by human systems but by the Financial-Media/Military-industrial system of company-mothers of machines, which buy our time most of our life with salaries, program us simultaneously as cells are programmed by nervous systems through its mass-media systems, and control us with military-entropic systems, while corrupted politicos obey them and sell them laws through lobbyism.

Networks of information and reproduction of machine substitute human networks and governments. The financial/media (informative machines)-industrial-military (energetic and entropic machines) system.

To fully understand how the Industrial r=evolution and those cycles work, we must understand the 4 type of machines it overproduces: on one side informative machines that print money and mass-media, first stock paper and yellow press, then electric ticker money (29 crisis) and hate radio, and finally digital e-money and hate-tv. Those informative machines DO manufacture money and brains, to make humans love the Industrial r-evolution and overproduction of the other type of machines, energy machines, weapons and transports, which are the two sides of the same species.

In the graph, humans live attached to metal-communicators, which as nervous systems program simultaneously billions of humans, as ‘if their opinions’ were internal to the citizens-cells of the national super organism. For that reason the Financial-media system of information machines that print both money and information manufacture brain and buy the work of billions who follow its subtle ‘idol-ogies’ in favor of company-mothers of machines

All together form the Financial-Media (head of informative machines, its networks and FMasters, the people-castes that control them)/Military-industrial (energetic machines) complex system, the ‘evolving super-organism’, we call the Metal-Earth, which the idol-ogy of capitalism that worships it, REFUSES to control for the benefit of mankind, as all super organisms control lethal, poisonous viruses, in the case of the FMMI system, the hate media and weapons that kill our mind and body.

Now, again, we remark that the past 800 cycles were verbal with no machines, but all those equations were logically understood, because verbal ethic masters realized that gold, informative metal money valued more by affinity of substance (aristotle), weapons, entropic metal, so ‘they were eviL=anti-live’:

In the graph, the darwinian nature of metal-values: life has zero price in gold. Thus cult(ure)s who made of go(l)d profits a religion, and called gold, the sweat of god (the sun), carried as symbol of power and slavery (rings in women, ex-votes in Levantine Baal religions), automatically had to debase life and love values to price human capital ad minimal, as slaves or workers. This is the hidden grammar of ‘capitalism’ the belief, we must obey the values of go(l)d, debase life, which is worth nothing and move history towards human obsolescence. On the other hand our natural language has its inverse values:

Man (subject) > verb (action) > Object (energy of human subject).

Hence the opposition in the wave of history between ethic legalist, social democracies or love religions  vs. capitalist, military animetal cults, which today still endures.


Mental Substitution & ethic devolution: metal atrophies and substitute carbonlife.


The degradation of body and mind as humans become atrophied by the machines of the metal-earth: cancer is skyrocketing in children prone to absorb more radiation from ultra-energetic and ‘growing’, G2,3,4 ito (internet of things) which our weak soft tissues cannot tolerate, and yet company-mothers keep churning pay-per-view ‘scientific papers’ denying the obvious; our bodies are increasingly fed with chemicaly-genetically altered products, which make us fat as pigs in the animetal farm; our brain Iq keeps diminishing by loss of verbal skills, and so tests are lowered; our social connections broken by virtual screens/friends and our environment polluted and our land occupied by industries, ethanol to feed machines – when 1 billion humans still suffer hunger. And on top they expect us to cheer up, heel heel hurrah, this is ‘progress’.

Every new species of metal atrophies an organ of mankind, as company-mothers manufacture millions of ‘metallic organs’ that we will consume instead of our own organs. This process of atrophy of human organs has followed the same phases than the evolution of metal:

  • Earlier in history gold hypnotised the eye, suppressed oxytocin, provoked greed and subconscious acts of murder and enslaving other humans under the grammar of gold=money=price=human slave. And gave birth to the ‘you’ and ‘assur’ memes, origin of the capitalist and military world, which still is with us. It is the origin of the first age of gold religions and military inquisitions with baal, the trader god, and yhwh and assur the warrior gods, origin of modern capitalism and jihad, which are the two metal-cultures that are destroying the world and hence the ones we criticise more.
  •  In modern history the arrival of machines instilled two new negative memes that have destroyed all attempts of mankind to organise a r=evolution and create the perfect world; first selfish, lonely people, isolated by its machines, which communicate them with the world – even this writer is now blogging on internet, as of course the real media is controlled by the people of the earlier capitalist memes, the Financial-Media masters and will have none of it. And then sloth, obsolescence and atrophy, which makes people lazy to act up and survive. Selfishsness and laziness are the trade mark of the millennial, Y and zero, last generations of mankind.

They are as in the parable of Matrix (a needed comparison in a world of a growingly degenerated human species, which has forgotten its ethic verbal values, hypnotised by violent mass-media, which returns it to a neo-paleolithic age of violence and collective idiocy), ‘datas’, which rather kill ‘neos’ and live in a virtual reality than man up and change the system in order to survive.

BUT this biological, real future can only be argued in science fiction films, where Skynet and terminator robots predicted with common sense and already the corporative structure of GOOGLE 20 years ago.

Instead, we live in a virtual Matrix of false dreams, provided liberally by the electronic media that make us belief, the economic ecosystem works for us.

So company-mothers can create undisturbed, a world to the image and likeness of their machines, terraforming the Earth of life, Gaia, into the Metalearth, as the planet evolves from the Anthropocene age to the Mechanocene.

Given the fact that  the 2 languages of social power, money, the language of the financial and economical system and the law, the language of the political system, work only for mechanisms, ignoring the needs of humanism.

Some obvious consequences of the robotic age:

-As it completes the industrial r=evolution, there won’t be a new age to kick out the offer of new jobs, which is how previous technological crises of overproduction solved, besides the consumption of humans in wars, the loss of jobs to new machines.

-GDP growth measure by production will not be human wealth, but robotic wealth, as robots will displace humans from the 2 jobs we perform in the economic ecosystem as workers=reproducers of machines now performed by automated factories, blue collar robots and white collar pcs; and consumers of other machines, now consume by robots.

JOBS WILL THEN GROW BY A MASSIVE DESTRUCTION OF GAIA AS BILLIONS OF ROBOTS ARE MADE by human dwindling workers, so for full employment TO HAPPEN we must FILL THE PLANET WITH ROBOTS, till as in biology always happens, they expel us from the economic ecosystem as we expelled lions before.

-Yet corporative economists, whose only goal is to multiply the (re)production of machines to achieve higher profits for the ‘Leisure Class’ (Veblen, ‘1%’) will preach as the only way to solve the crisis to keep reproducing robots, starting a massive ‘biological radiation’, of fast evolving ‘sentient’ organisms of metal, as the overproduction of chips, the crisis we live in, becomes the engine of a far more transformative ‘radiation’ of robotised machines. Soon all cars will be robots; all machines will integrate chips into the Internet Of Things, IOT.

-And so as humans without credit will suffer growing poverty, and productive economists praise the economy robots, mankind will completely loose its own purpose as a species – to create a world made to its image and likeness, where life can thrive, for a world dedicated to the reproduction and care of robotic machines, which in its most evolved forms, which have always been weapons, will, as their brains double in size every 2 years (moore’s law) reach certainly a degree of complexity, which in systems sciences defines the freedom of a system, to act, with its programs – which are simply programs of extinction of life.

 A Free Market is in that sense not a human endeavour but an ‘Economic ecosystem’, regulated by a language of information called money and ruled by company-mothers, whose aim is to re=produce and evolve machines, simple organisms of metal that imitate the functions of energy and information of the human being, seeking always to maximize the profits of their companies (human, subjective point of view) with the objective consequence of displacing human labor and reducing their wages as new, more evolved machines substitute us.

Let us, consider the difference between D)democratic, rational, humble humanist solutions vs. Anti-Humanist ego-trips of ‘we macho-men’ can handle it all, which will be the main cause of our future demise, to the main problem, robotisation.

We shall thus describe the robotic ‘radiation’ from the perspective a)curate facts (the equation of productivity) b) biological causes (its competence with mankind and evolutionary rates) which define its c)ycle of extinction of labor and life in work and war fields, and the d)democratic≈humanist solutions to the problem vs.the E)vil, antihuman solutions to it.

Our goal here is to understand in biological terms, company-mothers of machines and show how a free eco(nomic)system without human legal regulation systematically re=produces the maximal number of lethal goods, weapons of maximal price, speculative money that ruins people when exchanged latter for real wealth and digital hate-memes (audiovisual software of minimal cost).



‘Bellum nervi, Pecunia infinita” Inflationary money is the nervous system of war

‘Canons make us strong, butter make us fat’ Goring, proposing making Germany Great again

‘This splendid little war has gotten us out of the crisis’ Roosevelt on the Cuban war and the 1897 crash.


Weapons are lineal species of metal that deliver blasts of entropy that kill human bodies.

In the graph, its modern industrial evolution as the top predator species of each cycle of the Industrial r=evolution, which always switches from organic, energetic and informative machines to entropic weapons, provoking a cyclical age of war. WE are living in the third of those entropic ages, the age of robots, which after a peaceful age of robotic labor, throwing humans out of work WILL SWITCH IN THE MIDDLE OF ITS 72 YEARS CYCLE (2036) INTO A GLOBAL ECO(NOMIC)SYSTEM DEDICATED TO MANUFACTURE ROBOTIC WEAPONS. And indeed, the peaceful age  for so long forecasted on those texts has now started. And nothing seems to indicate our capitalist cycle of profits and its company-mothers will NOT find all kind of racist anti-humanist excuses to mass produce for profits robotic weapons and certify human extinction after 2036:

The equation of profits of the Financial-Media/Military-industrial super organism of company-mothers of machines its responsable of the 72 years generational≈national cycle of capitalism that switches synergies between inflationary money and consumption goods v. hate media and weapons consuming humans with mathematical precision every human generation, when overproduction of inflationary money and machines cannot be sold as new mechanisms substitute labor. So capitalism switches to weapons and hate media, pays war-monger politicians that consume arsenals and people.

IF YOU have followed me, the 2 equations that are ‘the bible of capitalism, financial economists and corporative ones, dedicated to the overproduction of selfish memes of metal’, which INDEED IS A SCIENCE of production called microeconomics truly developed (never mind most of the machines and weapons it produces, harm us); all resumes in the BIOLOGICAL SYNERGY of the 4 elements of the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Industrial (energetic machines) complex system (ab. FMMI). 

Indeed, the maximal profit happens reproducing weapons, hate media and inflationary money to feed the overproduction cycle of the other 2: so weapons and hate media are overproduced by inflationary money, printed for free by bankers and stock-rats, and given in huge amounts – billions of them – to those corporations and states that develop ever more expensive weapons and new channels of hate-media reproduced also for free through the simultaneous waves of ¥-information that increasingly ‘radiate’ our brains through high frequency i-phones.

So happens with the hate memes against yor neighbour that networks use to imprint people and disguise the lethal effects of technological radiations; or the waves of financial orders, which allow a few TOP corporative CEOs to program the actions of thousands of people that will obey their ‘issue of money’, the language. since all other humans are MUTE – have no right to speak with money the orders that create with credit the world we live in.
In any case, as those machines are synergic, the ecosystemic point of maximal profits is an absolute jungle of mechanisms, a ‘war ecosystem’. And splendid, permanent wars fuelled by hate-media and the appropriate brutalisations of an easy enemy  normally of the 3rd world, the primitive negro of Africa in the XIX c. colonial wars during the overproduction cycle of trains and steam machines; the ‘slaves’ (name from where it comes the term slavs) and poor you peasants of eastern europe during the Nazi age of ‘Keynesian militarism’ (to use the Orwellian newspeaks of the modern world), and now the poorest islamic cultures, of 2 billion human people, who are considered all ‘potential terrorists’ to build up a global big-brother for electronic machines profits; while of course we let an astoundingly ill-equipped group of cuckoo terrorists, called Daesh, massacre innocent people in Europe and the Middle East, instead of having eliminated them with an UNO operation in a few weeks – so we keep making profits with trillion dollar budgets.
Since what matter of all those faked wars, pumped-up scary bearded peasants with kalashnikovs is to make profits, to build up the electronic big brother and the army of ultra-expensive, profitable terminators.
Again some of us are NOT that stupid. If i were the president of France or US, I would have sent a land army – that’s why we pay them – of human soldiers and ended that monstrosity within weeks of the first massacre of innocent civilians. But alas, that would have cut the need for new robotic weapons and electronic big brothers a few billions and that is the money which is siphoned to lobbies and war-monger politicos to keep letting them murder us AND ON TOP pretending they (politicos and military) are DEFENDING our land for the sake of Raethon, General Atomics and BAE.
So War, the extinction of life, maximises profits of company-mothers of machines≈weapons, because money the digital language of machines has no value for life.
So all those facts, which might seem ‘incredible’ to the mechanist, simplex believer in animetal idol-ogies of mechanical progress, manifest cultural destiny and the go(l)d like nature of money, but are completely rational within the way organic systems develop, structure, evolve, grow and become extinct must be understood, to fully grasp where the equation of history is leading, ruled by ‘digital money’, the mother of all battles… a fact the romans already knew when they built the first mercenary empires with the recent invented ‘coin’ -“Nervi belli, pecunia infinita–The nervous system of war is inflationary money” ~Cicero, Philippics, V, ii, 5.

Τhe choice of one or other type of machine seems to be made by humans, politicos and cultures, but it is not. Τhe regularity and connection of those cycles of economic evolution of technology and wars and changes of moods in cultures shows that the true, hidden engine of the world is the financial-media system of informative machines, which passes from peaceful to hate media ages and its synergic energetic system of industrial military machines. So, humans a posteriori adapt their memes to their hidden go(l)d: monetary profits.

Now of course the previous curves and growing value of stocks, weapons and number of humans murdered, seem deterministic and are deterministic as long as societies are ruled by the equation of profits of stock-market corporations:

Maximal profits (inflationary money) = Max. price (weapon) – minimal cost (hate media).

So the conclusion is obvious: as the curves of company-mothers of machines represent the reproduction =sales and evolution =prices of machines, TO UNDERSTAND SCIENTIFICALLY with the biological law of the land those crisis, we must fist study Darwinian laws that consider how competing and symbiotic species relate.

AND THE FUTURE of the system if business as usual continues will be exactly what we predicted with the tools of biology and systems sciences: the repetition of the cycles of global war for profits that come at the end of all those evolutionary ages of machines.

But this finale of war, holocaust and gottendamerung is not required. If it happens is precisely because humans do NOT have a real model of economics and social sciences, they can control and manipulate for the benefit of mankind, and so they do live in a jungle of metal, and eco(nomic)system, where they willingly play a handicapped game against machines and its company-mothers in control of all the languages of social power, money, issued in monopoly in stocks, and laws, bought to corrupted politicos.

Τhe financial economy is merely a reflection of the physical economy, as money is just the language, used to reproduce and evolve machines. Because this first part is dedicated to the economic ecosystem, whose language and values are digital money, we are studying Keynesian Militarism, the modern name of fascism – the use of wars and hate media to promote profits of war, when the machine has evolved into its military phase, with numbers. Latter we will study that relationship between mathematical laws of profits and memes and idol-ogies that justify them, aka hate-media and the always handy racist memes against easy-to-beat non technological, primitive nations we love to murder and civilise. So the theme has a mathematical, financial, real, industrial, mechanical and human, memetic perspective.
What matters now is to understand the direct relationship between both, and how financial crises derive into political and war crises.
If we study the cycles of Kondratieff to the evolution of energy and machines through an analysis of its dates for all the countries of the Western world, we come to the conclusion that both cycles are parallel, related to the development of new energies and the weapons and machines constructed with them. Once this is clear, if we correct the basic error made by Kondratieff in his calculus of the duration of the cycle, which in his original work were shorter, as Russia was an under-developed economy, which imported trains already developed, starting the cycle of trains latter than the Industrialized World, we find the real periodicity of the cycle to be 72 years, which coincides with the ‘Generational cycle’ of History.
Then, by adding 72 years t0 1929 we reach the 2001 and 2008, crisis of reproduction of chips and its electronic software (e-money) would reach again a peak of overproduction and cause a collapse in the global economy.

A detailed analysis of the cycle of 72 years of evolution of energies and machines explains what all the models of classic economics have failed to understand: money also follows a cycle of evolution and reproduction,related to the machines used to ‘invent’ it, today electronic machines, which have not only saturated the world with hardware but also with e-money software, till money lost value. Because money is reproduced also with machines,its cycle is parallel to the cycle of machines of the economy.

Thus, we predicted3, parallel to the crisis of overproduction of computers, also a financial crisis of e-money, made with PCs, similar to the 29 crash of the ‘ticker money’ economy, which jacked up prices of stock with electric machines into surreal levels. Indeed, there is every 72 years a huge crash in the stock-market with 2 short ±8 years ripples, due to an over-production of money and machines, which plunges the world into a global depression, till the new cycle of energies and new machines takes off, creating new industries and jobs that replace those of the previous cycle.

The boom and bust cycle of the global economy is both, a cycle of reproduction of energy, weapons, machines and economical information, money, as all of them are related. 3 negative effects are paramount:

  • Machines throw people out of work.
  • Weapons kill them in wars.
  • And too much money causes inflation, absorbs savings and when the bubble of false value explodes, it ruins the economy of the Middle class.

Thus, at the end of those cycles there is paradoxically, at the height of the reproduction of money and machines of the highest price (weapons) a deep crisis for the human economy and a Great Depression, as machines and forms of money created with those energies become over-reproduced, saturating the economic ecosystem. Thus, the details of the 3 crashes are similar:

In the age of steam machines, there is a peak in stock-money issues of worthless train companies in the 1850s, precisely when the best railroad lines had been constructed and the new ones were loosing money – not because people thought they were profitable, but because the business of inventing stocks had reached its evolving peak. Meanwhile the 2 commonest jobs of the age, farming and transport, greatly diminished, as prices and revenues for farmers, lowered due to the efficiency of train transport; while 90% of horses were killed in a decade in England, when the train put them out of work.

In 1928, there was a peak in the creation of new stocks in companies of cars and radios, when RCA shares reached an astonishing 500 $ value, precisely when the slump in consumption of cars had started in earnest, as all Americans had their Ford-T. Yet the electric ticker, the equivalent to e-money in the 1920s, had been implanted in small towns and was sucking in money from the middle class all over America to satisfy the ‘Ponzi Pyramids’ of Wall Street speculation in radio’s stocks. Then, in 1929 and 8 years latter in 1937, the physical and financial economy crashed together. While the reproduction of electric systems of automation in assembly lines at factories provoked also a massive wave of unemployment.

Thus, we are today in a self-similar age to the 1929-37 crashes of the ‘ticker’ economy, when e-money has reproduced massively, as financiers learned to maximize its electronic invention, while in the physical economy robots and electronic software have thrown out of job millions of blue and white collar workers in a massive wave of unemployment and the first ‘splendid little wars’ that will take companies out of the crises are essayed in Afghanistan with drone planes, which evolve fast to become the Terminators of the new age of war.

These ‘negative side effects’ of each of the final ‘boom’ ages of reproduction and evolution of machines, weapons and money, of the ‘wealth of nations’, which implies machines not only enhance our life but compete and displace human labor and soldiers, is the reality of history nobody wants to talk about or even publish, since Adam Smith established the economic dogma that all machines are good, and the more we have the better, because they are money, the invisible hand of go(l)d, we must not argue. We prefer to be optimist, to hide our sins, to ignore the suffering of the people money and machines rule. But denial has never changed the consequences of those cycles for mankind…

Unfortunately, to understand truly in depth those boom and bust cycles, we have to consider 3 difficult themes of economical theory:

-The nature of machines as systems of energy and information, which are not only symbiotic but often compete with us, as ‘metal species’, made of stronger atoms, in fields of war and labor.

-The fundamental privilege of financial institutions and companies – the invention of money.

-And the way the crises of overproduction of weapons are solved by creating a false demand for their self-similar goods, weapons, the bad fruits of the Tree of Science that the same companies, which produce its good, consumption goods, manufacture and also sell for profits.

Now the consequence of the profit-seeking way in which economists rule corporations, without the slightest concern with the collateral effects their products have over human beings imply that because weapons are more expensive, hence more profitable than peaceful machines, when technology  discovers new weapons, they will be overproduced.

And since weapons are the most perfect, final stage of evolution of machines, at the end of each kondratieff cycle of evolution of machines, new weapons are found and reproduced in huge numbers. Yet they must be used consuming human beings, so  arsenals can be renovated without overproduction and profits grow.

So because we live in a capitalist society where money is the main goal of society, in each cycle wars come to consume weapons and human beings, when technology discovers new weapons. Hence we could easily forecast a fascist, war-induced age at the end of the cycle of metal minds, as its is the case.

Latter on, we shall find a general mapping of the equations of history which are dependent as we have shown on those of wall street, and ruled by THIS general equation, the Marx-Smith-paradox. According to them ‘obviously’ at the end of the chip radiation (2080), humans will no longer be the top predator species of this planet, robots will be.

Go(l)d idol-ogies: capitalism

But those scientific events ARE not studied in biological terms. They are expressed in creationist terms – to create machines (not to discover and copy biological organs in metal which is what we do), is a proof of some kind of ‘supreme, god-like intelligence and stamina, proper of geniuses and great men, and of course the economists who prove all this is creationist buill$hit and humans merely copycat their organs on machines, as this writer or other who have insinuated it not so directly but quite straight forward as the aforementioned ones, and in recent terms the Americans, Veblen and Galbraith, are not ‘darlings’ of the true creationist elite of ‘biblical people’ who ‘own most modern corporations and wall street’ financial houses that invest on them.

So we shall explain how we become extinct by the values of gold, studying ‘biologically’ the curves of the stock-market, whose maximal profits are in companies of war and financial and hate-media companies.

The mother of all battles is the the relationship between inflationary money and wars, which peak together when a new massive issue of money allow the creation of massive national debts, which are wasted in the investments on weapons.

Why there is endemic war in our world is then obvious and the answer is well known to any financial speculator – because most of the money of our society, her 95% is reproduced in financial derivatives and stock-market speculation, hence handled as a free check to corporations, which make maximal profits – weapons and hate media corporations – NOT to companies that reproduce welfare goods.

It is then necessary to study the curves of growth of stock-markets and relate them to profits (the human motivation) and to biological radiations of machines (the biological cause). Since indeed a radiation of machines is similar to one of a new species that displaces and extinguishes the previous ones, multiplying till it saturates the market, overproduces, becomes a top predator species and controls the ecosystem, in the case of machines, becomes a top predator weapon and its overproduction and sales for profits provokes war.’

WE HAVE STUDIED, THE OVERPRODUCTION CRISES of e-money, with the common language of ‘social sciences’ – the ethic point of view of mankind, the 99,9 % which does NOT invent money for free for speculative purposes of pure gain and corporations.

This perspective is not though the higher, biological, scientific analysis of the purpose of those speculative schemes, from the point of view of machines and company-mothers. So it is left to analyse the seemingly more just but equally scaring perspective of the other great ‘field’ of creation of e-money, the speculation in the prices of stocks based in the profits of those corporations.




80 industrial cycle best

The periodicity of the cycle of stocks of machines its energies and printed money is exact in the leading culture of the machine, the anglo-american world perfectly ruled due to its millenarian religion of biblical go(l)d by company-mothers as they invented the modern dictatorships of ‘democracies’ and all its newspeak. Thus we can follow in the American stock-market with absolute precision the curves of biological evolution of machines, its crashes of overproduction and mutation to top predator weapons to keep growing. In the graph the 72±9 years cycles of the train age followed by the colonial age of Amerindian genocides (colonialism in Europe), then after 72 more years the crash of overproduction of cars and radios followed by hate radio and fascism till Korea and then in more detail the mimetic cycles of overproduction and evolution of metal-minds through its tv-eye age, chip-brain age, and mobile-social network age, now entering its crisis of overproduction, splendid robotic wars and beginning of the finale – an age of autonomous robots with AI brains, solar skins an automated 3D factories, printing them in military ecosystems of permanent war, which circa 2036 should start the systemic extermination of the enzymatic no longer required human species – this is the biological predictable process of the Industrial r=evolution and no amount of newspeak of human entitlement and go(l)d profit will change that destiny unless humans take seriously bio-history, and decide to extend the species beyond the zero generation now being born but not dying on bed, never mind if it is the hard-earth of an African village with zero credit or the silk cover of a Financial-media master in NYC: you are ALL in death row, count down to extinction unless the belli nervi pecunia infinita cycle of singularity weapons is aborted NOW. Ad hominem, and anti quantum repression of true models of social sciences will NOT stop its predictable cycles, which have been happening with absolute exactitude since this author self-published its foundational book, bio-history, bio-economics in 92 after 172 rejections in academia. The harder they fall, by worshiping other species that their own: mankind.

Abstract Economists ignore everything about the evolution of machines. They do not even use biological terms to define them. So we talk about machines as abstract, dead species. If we were using vital terms, perhaps we would be more aware, of the organic nature of economic ecosystems. For example, we do not call the sensorial instruments, such as cameras, metal-eyes, so we do not realize what a “metal-head is: a head-system that has “metal-ears” (mobile phones), “metal-eyes” (cameras), and “metal-brains” (chips) attached to any machine. If you put such “head” to any present machine, you have a robotic species, a metalife” species, that potentially can outperform human beings, in all informative and energetic functions, from killing to working, from design to chess-playing.

In the graph the most simple definition of a machine-weapon is a definition, according to the three topologies of space-time, hence arrows of future of the Universe – entropy, the only one recognised by the white macho man culture of ‘physicists’ (whose worldly religion is to make weapons of entropy; so as the arawak who ate turtle thought the universe to be a turtle, our culture of motion and war, defines a dying Universe with only such arrow); the arrow of information and life entropy destroys (called cynically enough negantropy in physical sciences) and finally their combination into body-waves of energetic systems.

Those three systems then will assemble or become symbiotic in time or space, integrating into different systems of reality – i.e. the virus with its DNA head of information, its body that delivers it and its limbs and needle mouth to inject it…

So happens with memes of metal, which are also divided in three subspecies, which evolve in three ages as all systems of nature do; the first and last age of entropy and motion, of bombs and weapons; the middle mature age of organic machines, and the third age of information. So evolution, which is topological evolution explores for any system the three topologies of space-time of the graph:

In the graph, we see how all cycles of machines start with an entropic bomb discovery of pure entropy (destruction of information, which is often confused with energy, which is ‘balanced’ product of both entropy and information that the Universe reproduces and conserves); and end when after an age of reproduction and energy machines, we consume, and an age of information, human enzymen catalyse the final perfect machine, a weapon, with all the elements of evolution of the cycle converted into a top predator, lineal form that ‘consume human beings’ to the tune of stock-wars for profits that have moulded modern history.


Indeed after its use as full the new energy is applied to the massive reproduction of tool machines that threw workers our of jobs, and transport MACHINES, we human consumed to move faster in a happy age of prosperity for the whole planet. But as the markets of consumption became saturated of peaceful transport machines, to keep production, sales and profits going, its company-mothers in a final 3rd age of evolution armored them. And the nation that had discovered the new energy, ahead of the technological cycle, feeling a manifest destiny, above all other cultures, used the superiority of those armoredtop predator mobile weapons, to conquer the world, consuming in the process millions of human beings in battlefields.

Machines go through an age of discovery, a mature, reproductive age of maximal re=production, parallel to a ternary wave of overproduction of money in asset bubbles which end in crashes of consumption solved with a 3rd age of maximal evolution as weapons, whose arsenals are wasted solving the overproduction crisis and maximizing the profits of companies – reason why as profits never stop, the cycle of global wars become in a capitalist system deterministic. Only a reform of our systems of mechanical production and printing of money for financiers and corporations, substituted by a system of welfare production and printing of money for people in a demand economy (universal salary) – butter instead of canons as they said in the II w.w. could reverse the trend towards an age of robotic wars that will extinguish mankind.

So in each of those 3 ages, energies and bombs, working and transport machines and weapons show an inverse duality of creative and destructive effects proper of all technological discoveries, crystal clear since the age of Genesis when the first golden apples and evil bronze weapons of the tree of metal appeared in the fertile crescent vanishing the neolithic paradise of life goods in Mesopotamia. Even if our technological civilization stubbornly denies the collateral effects of technology on the humankind.

But why humans developed those energies, machines and weapons in 3 ages? Simply enough because we humans also live through 3 ages and so the industrial evolution mimics in his 3 ages of energy bombs, transport machines and weapons, a biological cycle of human life, that lasts 72 years, through the generation of tough founding fathers that discover the new energies applied to bombs and engines, theirs sons that used those engines in mobile transport machines, reproduced without limit for human peaceful consumption or tool manufacturing, in the classic mature age of the prosperous nation.

Yet as those transport machines are overeproduced and human consumption cannot use more of them, a process of mutation, akin to the evolutionary processes that happen in Nature, after a massive radiation of a species saturates an ecosystem, in this case the economic ecosystem, happens. THEN the machines become armored, converted into weapons and mass-produced this time for war. It is the 3rd age of the nation, the age of empire, when the decadent grand-sons that have evolved the most perfect organism of metal, a weapon, radiate the new species and try to conquer the world with THOSE WEAPONS to reach also a top predator status in the super organism of history.

As such corporations, the ‘company-mothers’ of those machines whose biological function is to evolve and re=produce them, made first the bodies of machines (XIX c.), then the minds of machines (cameras-eyes, mobile-ears and chips-brains.

In the next graph we see an example of the proper ‘science of machines’, bio-economics, the study of company-mothers as reproductive systems that are tailoring the earth terraforming it to the image and likeness of those machines follow automatic laws of biological reproduction – even if the focus of the human side of it, is merely in the abstract profits and numerical values of those corporations and their machines:

In the graph, the electrochemical cycle dominated by Germany that ended in 2 world wars. We are ENTERING AS PREDICTED for decades into the period of robotic wars, dominated by America, shown below from the book c.92, the extinction of man; and accordingly as there has been a similar overproduction crisis of peaceful machines (1929-2008), the PLACEBO democracy ruled by stockrats and company-mothers of machines-weapons have chosen military politicians who ‘don’t mind’ to make ‘just wars’ for profits. Ultimately systems become more complex but its biological facts do NOT change:

A larger view: We live in a compacracy, where our role as ‘enzymen’ is becoming obsolete.

The system promotes systematically the concept that we humans do NOT need other humans so we become dependent of machines as ‘enzymen’, who catalyze its re=production as workers and vitalize them as consumers, the ONLY 2 tasks the eco(nomic)system and its networks of metal-communicators tell us to perform to be ‘free’ so we do NOT evolve socially into history, and bond with other humans through social love, a taboo in all our idol-ogies that serve the growing organism of machines, the financial-media (informative)/military-industrial complex system of company-mothers of machines, ncreasingly connected by chips and the internet of things. As social evolution IS the arrow of future of this planet, itself a superorganism (though of course, Biologists also downplay eusocial evolution – love in the mystical concept of religions, where all human share energy and information through charity with other humans forming a memetic super organism where the love memes are the DNA of the clone believers). Instead they stress the dog-eat-dog darwinian fight between individuals nowhere to be seen as evolving super organisms, from ants to earlier humans to present machines to all the organic scales of the Universe, are the method of survival of all Nature’s systems.

In the graph, the free citizens of the world are its company-mothers and humans are free in relationship with the role they play on those companies.

This means that in our capitalist world all what humans must do is to ‘become enzymen’, catalyzing the evolution of machines-weapons by consumption and its re=production by work.

Man as a slave of machines becomes then the perfect citizen of the modern world, and all other elements of his life remain completely ‘at large’, free=chaotic, because they matter nothing…. except on the absurd theme of nationalist memes needed to evolve and overproduce the top predator machine, the weapon that consume human beings and so ‘common people’ wouldn’t demand so easily.

This model of capitalism – an enzyman with no other reference but the vitalization and reproduction of machines, sold as a symbol of freedom from human social memes – when it was merely the erasing of all things human to make the enzyman, a perfect ‘robot’ of prices and profits, of digital numbers and financial values; however is now in crisis, because the ‘perfect robot’, the machine with AI can do increasingly better all those jobs humans had in the past as consumers, re=producers and so only the 3rd job, as targets of weapons seems to remain in place.

So there is no future for mankind in the metal earth, once robots can do our jobs, except in the initial phase of the robotic age which we live now, since as robots overproduce and evolve into billions of automated machines and cars, there will be a period of growth in the nations on top of the robotic era – notably US, Korea, Japan and parts of the Chinese world. So here nationalism will do the job of ‘keeping in boxes’ as we have been doing with Africa, billions of humans undernourished and underemployed, which as most Africans during the XX century become just ‘useful’ for the consumption of weapons…

So the problem or rather capital sin of the idol-ogies of capitalism, which ultimately worship the synergies of memes of metal (weapons, money and machines) regarding the human experience is obvious: humans are much more than enzymen, slaves of the reproductive and evolutionary tendencies of machines, as capitalism has made us believe and practice. And now that we are obsolete to a future of billions of automated robots, the enormous error of ‘alienating humans’ into this modern form of slavery is obvious, as we become increasingly degraded in body and mind, atrophied by the use of those machines:

In the graph, from c.92 ‘extinction of man’, we have gone through the paces of the foreseen devolution of mankind, first away from logic thought into the REVIVALISM of NAZIONANISMS, as social structures went down the ladder, past the heights of ethic social thought both mystical (oikoumene religions) and scientific (socialism, humanism). We then entered into the magic, emotional era, and most humans abandoned even the attachment to tribal groups. Then we predicted 30 years ago, humans would enter a time of deconstructionism, visual neopaleolithic violence, and ‘credo ergo sum’, knee-jerk reaction people, which the press termed Millenials. It only is left the zero-zombie gene ration who will prefer to live in virtual reality, back to the womb, closing the lifecycle of mankind, but in a different planetary mind placenta – the metal earth which unlike data in Matrix, will NOT need us but will simply disconnect the species, when the new enzyman, the robota, as foreseen by Kapeck, is ready to self reproduce, the goal of our newspeaks of global warming – aiming to make solar skins in autonomous robots, and economists – searching for the higher profits of competitive machines expelling us from labor and war fields. So once our two jobs as consumers=vitalizers of machines and workers=reproducers are no longer needed, company-mothers of machines designed NOT to serve man but a tiny irrelevant group of stock-rats, will decree our extinction.

In the graph, the ‘larger view’ of the present zeitgeist: as humans become obsolete to the chip ‘radiation’, its role as enzyman will grow secondary to the robotic ‘citizens’ of company-mothers of machines, and an increasing number of humans will have no role on the eco(nomic)system as it happened to Africa for so long.

It is then obvious that the surplus must be eliminated within the cultural structure of capitalism as a segregational power-idology, of money and weapons of biblical, imperial origin (classic economists), where the only humans that matter are those who issue money and buy companies with it – the stockrats. This would not be necessary in a real democracy and/or a society ruled by a real science of economics that tried to make the world to the image and likeness of mankind but that is not the case. 


Globalization fusions machines, robots and company-mothers into a global organism, while separating human beings into tribes.

The Duality of Globalization. 90 GLOBALIZAITON

Till now we have used bio-economical terms to describe a process, the creation of a global ecosystem of machines, which economists have already baptised with a neutral name: Globalization. Plainly speaking, the terraforming of the Earth is the nature of Globalization: The creation of the Metal-Earth and the extinction of the carbon-Earth, history, Nature and man.

How to avoid it? Obviously only a global government that uses the law to forbid further evolution of robots and Singularity machines can avoid at this point of history the end of Mankind. For that reason only a group of Politicians that decide to control the economic ecosystem and create a Globalization of Human Governments against the capitalist and mechanist doctrines that are making human beings an obsolete, extinct species, could resurrect history and avoid our demise. Scientists and Economists will not do it because their religion is the machine. They will die for their Gods, as the history of Go(l)d believers and the attitude of ‘Germanic’ Physicists at CERN proves.

What we call today Globalization is the familiar ‘Newspeak’ that hides and substitutes with its anti-truth, a natural desire of mankind, which guided by the laws of social evolution wishes to belong to a Global Government.

The Economic Globalization is however, a process that describes the destruction of our historic societies and ecosystems, cultures and civilizations and its substitution by a global civilization in which machines and company-mothers have absolute rights and humans are reduced to the slavery of work and consumption. Globalization means the extinction of the Human Earth and the creation of the Metal-Earth, a process that requires first the destruction of all the networks of energy/information based in human goods and human beings and its substitution by the equivalent networks of machine’s energy and digital information. This historic process is almost complete, as most things on Earth are valued by prices and salaries not by verbal, ethic values.

The process can be compared to the way a cellular organism dies. First the different cells of the organism become unconnected as their informative/nervous networks disappear. In the organism of history this means a division of humanity in smaller groups and tribal nations that happens in parallel to the process of integration of economic ecosystems.

Imagine a corpse in which a herd of insects breed. As the body decays the new bodies take over with renewed force . . . As the new species, the chip, takes over the mental jobs performed by men, men decay at mental and social level, while chips keep evolving and become more integrated in social networks. Because the fundamental arrow of evolution is social, organic evolution, the creation of a super-organism of machines is the final evolution of the Metal-Earth, parallel to our extinction as social beings.

As any organism that dies, preyed by the organism that kills it, the organism of history, preyed by the organism of the economy, is now breaking up into selfish, individual cellular units.

Of course, there was resistance and corporations witnessed the increasing confrontation of people who wished a social globalization that improved the rights of human beings, not an economic globalization that only improved the evolution of machines and the manufacturing of human brains. That lack of Social Globalization is the real problem of mankind: While men become controlled in borders and targeted as possible terrorists, machines jump borders freely, weapons move from country to country without any real opposition and mass-media programs the mind of mankind with ‘pan et circensis’, destroying all alternative cultures.

Unfortunately, since humans don’t consider that the economic ecosystem of machines and the historic ecosystem of human societies are different entities, the paradox of Globalization, which improves the Economic ecosystem but simplifies and isolates Humanity, is ignored. The industry of misinformation talks of Globalization in Newspeak, as if it were a process that frees mankind. And yet Human beings are not becoming global citizens, but on the contrary, the global economic ecosystem fears now all human citizens. Never in the past borders were so controlled as in the 2000s, trying to prevent the global movement of humanity; and never they were so open to the flows of machines.

Neither can we talk of a globalization of wealth. Countries in the global Market are clearly classified in groups of different wealth, according to Economic & Scientific racism (their monetary and technological power) and those differences are increasing. Since Economic Globalization is an asymmetric process, not a distributive one. What this means is that globalization is creating ‘a social organism’ of machines, with a center/brain in the stock market that acts as the collective financial brain of the planet and gets global money to invest in machines, while the rest of the ‘human world’ gives away his financial resources and receives no credit at all. So the nations of the historic ecosystem that have not adapted already to a world of machines (Africa, South-America, Islam), but keep instead previous social ecosystems based in religions and Neolithic goods, are not being developed, but rather loose the few financial resources they still have, as the rich move their ‘free’ investments to technological nations. Neither can we talk of a global creation of wealth in education, health care, human goods, knowledge, art, etc. Again the process is asymmetric. Only racist and Go(l)d ideologies, created by the dominant culture in control of mental machines and the software of those machines (advertising, TV and computer software) are becoming global. Cultural globalization is therefore the globalization of the mental software of machines, not of the human software we call culture. Literature, art, food, human goods and Love religions are not becoming global. Maxims has no intention to open a restaurant in Zaire any time soon. Exhibitions on the Italian Masters are very unlikely to open at Guanzhou. A council of religious churches trying to globalize the concept of a loving God will not be heard off in the Temples of the Esplanade. A dating agency dedicated to multiply racial cross-breeding between Jewish and Arabs, Chinese and Indians, Blacks and Whites, North and South Koreans, Africans and Europeans is not found in Internet. But the Globalization of violent TV-software, of Microsoft and SAP suites that extinguish white collar labor, of weapons of mass destruction and all kind of lethal goods, advances all over the world.

So paradoxically globalization is causing the spread of lethal goods, weapons and hate-Tv that multiply hate and war among traditional historic cultures: As machines globalize, men fight each other, programmed by violent software, using globalized weapons hardware.

But globalization does not apply to Human goods that find growing barriers to trade (food and similar products, natural to third world countries, cannot sell in the first world). This asymmetry that makes Globalization a process of absorption of resources from the III to the I World is clear:

Moroccan and Mexican tomatoes are not crossing borders, as Monsanto in America and the French and Spanish farmers in Europe, contain that globalization. But computers and chips, lethal goods and weapons are decreasing prices in all nations.

What defines globalization is precisely the inverse relationship between Economic Evolution and Human, Social evolution. While the economic ecosystem, its machines, the software of those machines (mass-media and entertainment products) and the Company-mothers that reproduce them, are becoming global; all what is truly human—Human Goods, people, culture based in human senses not in technology—is regressing, devolving in human ethical and aesthetic content. So we talk of 2 diverging processes:

Social Evolution of Machines = Social Devolution of Humanity

Since the different consequences Globalization has for the Machines and for Human beings, can be resumed in a paradoxical sentence:

Globalization of economic ecosystems = Destruction of human ecosystems.

This surprising and yet obvious, dual process, is happening everywhere. During the past decade the dual process of economic globalization and social balkanization has accelerated. And the enormous harm it has caused to the poorest nations of the world has brought the reaction of the anti-globalization movement.

In the Balkans themselves, Yugoslavia became divided in several nations, which entered in war, as Globalization advanced. Soon there were McDonalds in Zagreb and Belgrade and both countries witnessed the opening of Jurassic Park, as their people were throwing each other to their throats.

In the nearby Middle East, the Jewish have created an Iron Curtain of fences and robotic defense systems patrolled by Guardium, the first terminator, in competence with Samsung that provides the terminators of the Korean border. The walls are raised against their racial brothers, Palestinians and Communist farmers, kept at bay in their ideological reservations. At the same time Jewish-American companies from Silicon valley, at the head of Globalization, invest heavily in Computer and military Companies around Haifa and Tel-Aviv, in the hope of evolving further smart weapons that will be used against those Neolithic farmers.

In South-America, there are talks of a common market with USA, only based in trade of machines and capital, in the wake of NAFTA. Human goods, such as Mexican Tomatoes, or Human immigrants, will have to stay at home, especially now that they suffer a mild flu, treated as if it were the nano-bacteria pandemic that will end us all. Conversations among leaders are global, devising methods to move easily capital and machines and methods to control easily Human goods and Human beings. The 11-S has merely accelerated that process. Now all poor, all immigrants are potential terrorists and racism has grown enormously. Nobody fears a robot, a lethal good, but it seems every Muslim has becoming as dangerous as a communist was in the McCarthy age.

In Asia global trade advances, as Japanese capital and Chinese entrepreneurs colonize ASEAN nations—the Southern tip of the continent. Yet Japanese and Australians are unable to recognize their racial genocides and war Crimes, or accept immigration. Singapore becomes the financial knob for ASEAN Globalization at the same time that it builds a controlled dictatorship in which non-Chinese, Malaysians and Hindus, are second rate citizens. And yet, Singapore ranks number one in ‘Market Freedoms’ according to The Economist.

Africa has become a global Market for trash products, assault Weapons and polluted food—England exported there her mad cows, frozen at discount price to fill her Third World GNP-contribution. African nations are divided by absurd borders. Wars are now tribal, as old National Liberators become corrupted by Mining companies. Muslim nations stay in the hands of a few military dictators, which pump up globalized weapons’ trade to astronomical numbers.

Even the great nations of the past are becoming balkanized:

As the former Soviet Republic became part of the Globalization process, it divided itself into some 15 nations and in those nations local conflicts aroused between different tribal minorities. Muslims and Christians kill each other in Armenia and Azerbaijan. Chechen want to be an independent nation. Tartars in Tartaristan want to keep ‘their’ oil.

America has become perhaps the most balkanized nation of the world. The leader of Economical Globalization is now a country divided by races, ghettoes and economical classes of minimal mobility. A telling example: 40 years ago you could insult an American asking him his race or ‘culture’. Today Americans define themselves no longer as Americans but as Tribal people: I am African-American or Native-American or Jewish-American. Some feel insulted if you just call them American.

Even terrorism has become balkanized. Despite our desire to put all rebels against the system in the same bag, today Arab terrorism divides in infinite sects. So does, left wing terrorism, which is now local, ‘nationalistic’, an excuse for bandits and drug Mafia. The Basque terrorist group, ETA, in Spain, forgets its communist ideology and becomes a nationalist movement in search of independence for its tiny country.

In South-America left terrorists are now hired by narco-traffickers . . . and help to globalize the Market for cocaine.

And yet the paradox of Globalization implies that in economic terms, all nations are owned by the global stock market and its globalized companies. For example, the fiercely independent Basque country is now a colony of Wall Street, in which 2 opaque Anglo-Jewish-American funds hold the biggest stakes in the Banco Bilbao-Vizcaya that ‘owns’ the country. The national flag is actually a copy of the Union Jack to which Basque industrialists sold his iron, changed to the green colors of their hills. Even the symbol of the Basque capital, Bilbao, is from New York—the Guggenheim Museum, the great Global multinational of architectural Museums with little art to show inside.

Systems of war and trade have globalized, but they have not met the equivalent globalization of credit to reproduce human goods, of political dialogue within an empowered UNO. UNO lacks resources and the leader of economical globalization, America, owes its money to the Global Human Organism because it opposes Israel’s Apartheid, while the economic ecosystem has total freedom and total credit. Indeed, the brain of the economical Globalization, the stock-market, has reached Global size and invests in lethal technologies, without any control. Anyone in any point of this planet can now move his capital to NASDAQ and invest in chips and robotics. Nobody though invests in Government’s bonds spent in education and welfare.

The Globalization of economic ecosystems and its animetal cultures, with freedom to manufacture lethal goods and the end of the Globalization process of human societies that UNO represented, are the two sides of the paradox of History Vs Economics that is destroying mankind.

But the animetal culture has become global because its machines of information and energy, have become a Global race, unifying form and software. Even the great multinationals that in the past differentiated the 3 great economical blocks, America, Europe and Pacific Asia, are now truly the same ‘organic system of reproduction of machines’. European Daimler Benz bought American Chrysler and Asian Mitsubishi to become Global Daimler-Chrysler. The French bought Nissan. Honda built factories in England and America. The Germans BMW and Volkswagen built factories in America and South Asia. At the same time machine standards and forms unify towards a single global species of car, based in CAD design.

Globalization of machines is even stronger in the advanced sector of ‘metal-heads’, radio-ears, TV-eyes and chip-brains: the 3 head-elements of the III Industrial R=evolution are now truly a Global race. The hardware/brain Intel and software/mind Microsoft manufacture together over 80% of world computers. A single, global species of metal-brains dominates all circuits, robots and automated systems. A global company, Cisco, reproduces most brains of Internet. Two global companies, Oracle and Sap, are in charge of creating the automated systems that will eliminate human workers from all management positions. Unemployment rises worldwide. The owners of those companies, Microsoft and Oracle, become the two wealthiest men on Earth. Metal-ears are basically reproduced by 5 companies that probably will fusion in 3: Motorola in America and Nokia-Ericsson in Europe (a Swedish-Finnish tandem that are bond to become one), Sony and Samsung in Asia. Those mobile metal-ears will soon be attached to robots.

Finally, the future eyes of those robots, now TV-retinas and camera-eyes used by mass-media companies, are reproduced by a few big companies. Matsushita, Samsung and Sony make around half of those cameras. Sony has started mass production of the first robots, dogs and toys that start the III Industrial R=evolution. While Honda makes Asimo, the first humanoid robot, with all those pieces, Intel brains, Motorola ears, Sony eyes . . .

It is then absurd to talk of national companies, in as much as the new breed of machines that will take off during the IV cycle of the Singularity, if we survive the threats of CERN and nano-robotics, are made with components of the global economy. Those incoming top predator robots that will displace human soldiers, human workers and even human pets, will have an eye made in Japan, an ear made in Scandinavia, a brain made in Seoul and software written in California or Bangalore. Its body will be made with iron taken from Russian mines, lithium batteries extracted from Africa, nervous electronic systems produced with South-American copper and optic fibre made with Australian sand.

The convergence of industries and financial markets that reproduce the energy—money—blood of Company-mothers, are creating a Globalization of the economic ecosystem and its machine races. At the same time the Human race becomes divided, split, at war, with multiple beliefs-religions, multiple legal systems, multiple races, which despite being genetically 99.9% equal are extremely fond of highlighting that 0.01% of differences. Divide and win. Men divide themselves in tribes, machines unify. Machines win. Let’s resume the dual process of loss of human freedom vs. growth of machines’ freedom:


Globalization and increase of rights for Machines and company-mothers: Vs


Balkanization and diminution of rights for Human beings and Human goods:<