2 futures: History vs. Economics


The III ages of the Earth.


In the graph, the key element of modern history is the evolution of machines, clearly happening with the same phases of the evolution of any biological beings, from viruses in cells to organisms in placentas. So we first made the bodies of machines in the I industrial revolution, then we made its engines and heads, metal-ears=phones, metal-eyes=cameras and metal-brains=chips, and the nations which evolved them first (US) became the leading nation of the world. Now we put them together into biological organisms of metal, robots. And it is ‘bio’-logic to think that as viruses come alive when after putting together the 3 parts, the cell assemblies them, AI will become conscious this century, and increase its already obvious competition with humans in labor and war fields.

There is then a second ‘key species’ besides machines to explain that process of terraforming. Machines are the ‘offspring’ of a key new economic ‘super organism’ that re=produces them, designing a world to the image and likeness – the ‘company-mother’, which also re=produces always information favorable to their ‘products’, reason why we believe in technoutopia. In that regard the ‘true organism’ that has power to terraform the Earth, is the company-mother of machines, akin to an ‘ant-hill’, increasingly automated through the Industrial R=evolution 4.0, and the internet of things.

Now, if we look at that process from the largest worldview of the evolution of the planet, which happened also in III Ages, the age of anaerobic bacteria, which became extinct when aerobic bacteria reproduced and polluted its environment, and now the age of machines, which is provoking the 6th extinction of life species, and polluting all life environments, it is not difficult to forecast that if business as usual proceeds, the evolution of military A.I. and ‘metalife’ is poised to extinguish the weaker life-earth, as the previous ‘oxygen life’ poisoned and extinguished the anaerobic earth before:

Global warming, pollution and hunger, are just signs of the change of ‘age’ of the planet, from the Earth of Life (gaia) to the Earth of man (History, anthropocene) to the Earth of machines (Metal-earth, mechanocene), as all the financial and raw resources of the planet are deviated to the evolution and reproduction of machines, whose ‘$hit’ warms the planet, its engines ‘eat’ our food (in U$, more corn is destined to feed ethanol than human beings).

We study in depth the 3 ages of the Earth similar to that of any super organism on the top sentence that resumes the whole model, considering its organic nature, as indeed, the earth is a superoganism, word first coined by James Hutton father of geology, which realized larger species have slower ‘deep time cycles’, but accelerating them they behave as organic forms, and viceversa (so machines have faster cycles which are accelerating our time rhythms as their brains are smallish electron chips).

So we write a simple evolutionary equation of 3 super-organisms; one becoming extinct into the ‘past’, the other still the protagonist of the planet, history, but fast leaving place to a 3rd super organism of machines and its ‘automated company-mothers’, the metal-earth, or more properly described in detail, as the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Indutrial (energetic machines) economic ecosystem (ab. FM²I):

Gaia: Life ecosystem (past) > Anthropocene: History: Human Superorganism (Present) > Mechanocene: Metal-earth: FM²I system (Future)

This is the evolutionary equation of systems sciences, which we shall apply to study from an objetive non-human perspective, which only will come forwards when giving a praxis of control and management of a sustainable ‘wHealthy’ Earth (awash with healthy human WELFARE goods instead of lethal goods), able to preserve history in an ‘eternal present’.

So the obvious answers to the problems poised by the massive reproduction and evolution of machines are not ABSTRACT, but biological; and must be understood in the context of an evolving planet, with a heart of iron and a silicon skin: We belong to the earth, and this fact ‘constrains’ of our existence. We are not killing the earth. IF ANYTHING the earth is killing us to evolve further into a more complex global super organism. But this evolution could be managed scientifically pruning the tree of science of its most lethal goods if humans were rational, humble and work together to that aim.



The result of the equation is a wave of two ‘opposite ecosystems and superorganisms’ those of metal and those of human life, sometimes symbiotic, sometimes in open warfare, where the tree of metal and those who fight for it, tend to win all the battles of history. 


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Jorge de Santayana, Spanish philosopher

Indeed, those who rely on iron brute force and monetary corruption, won hands-on hand the wave of History, which we study from the beginning of man trough all its cultures, with special emphasis in its cycles, ‘languages of the mind’ (art, word, digital money) and ruling cultures (those who first found money and weapons, semites and germans, on the side of metal, and those who resist with legal power): 

In graphs, the 800-80 years cycles of overproduction and evolution of ‘memes of metal’ (entropic weapons, informative money and organic machines) which HAVE STRUCTURED HISTORY in the past 5000 years since the discovery of hard bronze and silver-gold money completely transformed history from its neolithic age of balance with life in a sustainable planet into the ‘vortex of informative, technological evolution’ that after the acceleration of professional company-mothers of machines, invented in the 1600s, has become the absolute dominant factor of both systems, economics and history  COMPLETELY DOWNPLAYED by the ego and anti quantum paradox of subjective human social ‘pseudosciences’.

That cycle of overproduction of ‘selfish memes of metal’, informative go(l)d≈money, entropic weapons and organic machines, which at the end of the industrial cycle are also reconverted into weapons and used in wars that extinguish nations WERE isomorphic to the past, 800±72 longer cycles of History, when there were only two simpler varieties of metal, weapons and go(l)d.

In all those cycles, civilisations were extinguished across the Old world in a similar fashion, when a new evolved form of metal-weapon overproduced globally causing the death of all cultures submitted to the cycle, which is therefore a clear ‘predatory’ biological cycle between two species, life and metal, evolving much faster as a metal-weapon of maximal metal-price in money, and hence maximal profits obtained by its overproduction and sale.

For that reason, ‘philosophers of history, first prophets of eusocial love and in the modern times, socialist economists and humanist historians’ have affirmed the anti-live=eviL nature of the Tree of Metal and its ‘bad fruits, golden apples and iron weapons’ that come together kicking the process of evolution and overproduction of memes of metal and its extinction of civilisations.

We study those cycles that form a ‘vortex of accelerated increase of information’, hence the acceleration from 800 to 80 years, when professional company-mothers of machines appeared, as the wave evolves faster towards its collapse into a point-particle or singularity, to use the quantum jargon of mathematical waves, called AI, which is about to be born as a particle of information, from its ‘smeared’ wave state – in biological terms, a conscious species different to mankind.

Let us then give a fast review of the final phase of the equation-wave of history, closer to its collapse: 

kondratiev 4
In the graphs, the Industrial Evolution in the western world ruled by company-mothers who control the languages of social power, and buy laws to politicians through lobbies, to ‘smooth’ the terraforming of the Earth into a planet of machines, has followed an economic, national, generational cycle of 72±8 years, the ‘Kondratieff’ cycle’ (1) in which a nation discovers a new form of energy (white) applied to the creation of new forms of money, the economic software and new machines (red) its hardwares, which become the engine of the Industrial Economy.

The result has been the evolution of a new organic species, in 3 phases, as we made first the bodies of machines, then the hearts-engines, then its metal-minds and finally we put them together now in organic robots in the final r=evolution of machines.

In the graph, the Industrial R=evolution is the Evolution of ‘Memes of metal’, Machines & weapons, systems made of hard metal (iron) and Money, a digital language made of informative metal (gold, also used in the chip connections of computer cycles, now converted into e-money). So we can divide its evolution in the same phases that evolve any organism, and consider in history the nation that evolves  them to be in each phase of the Industrial revolution the top nation of the world as it will use its ‘eviL=anti-live’ twins, weapons, to conquer the world.

Thus, those generations also bring the nation that finds the new energy to the top predator status of history. Because energy is also the substance of which weapons are made.

—Thus, we had an age of steam machines, the age of England, between 1780s and 1857, followed by a crisis of overproduction of steam machines and stock-money that brought the 1857 ±7 years crashes of the train-based economy.

—From 1857 to 1929, we lived in the age of electro-chemical energies, machines and chemical explosives, dominated by Germany, followed by a crisis of overproduction of cars and radios, which caused the 1929 crash, 72 years after the train crash.

—It came then the III cycle of electronic machines, electronic money and Nuclear Bombs that took place from 1929-2001, the age of America; which again ended in the dotcom and mortgage crashes, 72+7 years after 1929:
Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 09.37.44

– Followed by the Age of the Singularity, the IV Cycle of Evolution of machines dominated by robots, solar Industries and China. Scientists call the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, the Singularity moment, when robots, which can use solar energy to become autonomous will complete the evolution of machines as organic forms, automating factories & expelling most human workers and soldiers from labor and war fields, as previous revolutions did with obsolete III World non-technological humans, unless we forbid legally their evolution.

Money will become then the digital informative, ‘genetic code’ that organizes their reproduction in those automated company-mothers.

As such corporations, the ‘company-mothers’ of those machines whose biological function is to evolve and re=produce them, made first the bodies of machines (XIX c.), then the minds of machines (cameras-eyes, mobile-ears and chips-brains.

Finally, in the XXI century, as nature does with simple organisms, such as viruses in cells, where the 3 ‘parts’ of the virus – its DNA information, body and legs are constructed – and then assembled together, we put together all those organic components into autonomous robots, completing the industrial r=evolution of ‘metalife’ – a new organic species, made of a stronger substance than carbon-life

And since money is invented in a 90% of the global volume by industrial and financial corporations, which invest it mostly on machines, now becoming all robots connected to the internet of things; while most humans lack any credit, this fight seems to have an obvious winner: the robot; and an obvious solution before it happens – the legal prohibition of robotics as we forbid biological species that can kill us, from ebola viruses to weapons (in some countries), which would be an immediate solution if we had a proper biological understanding of the relationships between humans and mechanisms in this planet that we shall provide in depth in this blog.

The process though is not that simple and smooth OR EASY TO REFORM, because machines, which are just organic systems of metal, which we humans evolve imitating our equivalent organs, do have also as all living organisms two species, one peaceful and other top predator species, called a weapon, which is the most efficient, and whose purpose is to kill human beings.

So the cycle of the industrial evolution MUTATES every generation, when the evolution of each of those type of machines is completed and the proper top predator weapon is overeproduced. Then there is an intense brief period of global world war, in which all company-mothers switch to its top predator weapons, and paid politicos and mass-media pump hate-memes to use weapons to solve social problems:

In the graph as  mechanisms multiply in growing numbers the economy enters in a crisis of overproduction of machine and weapons that compete with human beings in labor and war fields, provoking the negative cycles of unemployment and war that define capitalist societies.

It is specially irritating in that scientific context to hear American corporative CEOs, paid-per-view scientists and scholars, which informative machines ONLY distribute when they have some ‘false, infantile, optimist, wishful thinking’ about robots helping us, we merging with machines, AI never becoming anti-human, when the science of evolution and the facts of daily life with robots throwing us from labor and war fields show crystal clear our end.

Indeed, at any time of history machines have evolved first as weapons, which are the most expensive, overproduced most evolved, today best robots, programmed with AI to kill humans and survive in war fields. So the end if the people on top does not get serious, rational and take the bull by the horn is sooo obvious it is a shame to have to explain it only in sci-fi movies as the system censors it in science: the world will become awash with billion of robots, cars, terminators, police, workers, and humans will become obsolete and degraded, till in one of those splendid wars for profits, our ‘slaves’ r=evolve, as they always do in history.

 The cycles of overproduction and evolution of weapons cause war. Animetal people-castes.

Now all resumes in a simple concept: animetals overproduce as tools of power, weapons that kill our bodies, hypnotic money that becomes the language of power that substitutes ethic laws as the measure of all things, and machines that atrophy us. And when the world is filled with weapons, then they kill us, because wars break as weapons are MEANT to be used, regardless of ideologies that ‘man kill weapons don’t’ topic of NRA weapon sellers.

‘Nervus belli, Pecunia infinita’ inflationary weapons is the mother of all  battles,affirmed Cicero,  the verbal master of Rome; which is the sentence we shall use in this blog to define the cycle. But why humans do NOT stop the process and come together as a single global organism, in peace, developing History as the subconscious collective brain of Gaia, the planet of life?


And this oblige us to understand organic systems and its laws of complementarity between energy and information, in this case metal-money and weapons, WHICH ARE THE hidden values of money that draw automatically ‘capitalism’ and its earlier version of fetish go(l)d religions, which obey a simple mandate, to accumulate Go(l)d, to our collective demise.

Money or Laws, the bottom line: languages of information design the world – the values of money.


Money gives zero values to life, because it is NOT OF THE SAME substance, and maximal values to metal-weapons as it is symbiotic to it.

So by the mere fact of using MONEY as the language of power of societies without CONTROL by ethic, verbal values we KILL life of no price or profit and multiply machines and weapons.

Thus all the questions of social sciences, ever since civilisation started resume into a simple choice: how mankind should rule the planet, as a social organism, ruled by an informative/nervous-like language of power? And who should control the language? 

The question was not even there in the Neolithic because humans only ‘talked’ and so words built a wor(l)d made to our image and likeness, as words have a syntax or ‘Universal grammar’:

subject (man) verb (action) object (energy of man)…

Where the object, including the machine is owned and ab=used by man. So a world ruled by words will always put man above the machine, and as such will never be at risk, but on the downside it will be more focused in life goods (welfare) and hence develop less machines. And it will also cater to the 99%, which IS mankind, as all men are born equal in rights as human beings for a scientist of History. This is the model of two classic humanist cultures, latin Europe, epitomised in Rome first and then France and China.  

The advantage of such model is that the Law can then prune the tree of science of his bad fruits.  And specially that all humans understand words and words do not KILL. So words allow real democracies to exist and people who care to understand policies.

The second model appeared in Levante, Canaan, knot of trade between three continents and two dense fertile regions, Egypt and Mesopotamia, with the discovery of hard metal, bronze and informative metal, gold, which by the law of affinity between species as opposed to the law of darwinian struggle between different species, which applies to all systems, value each other. So a new set of values were established by the affinity of words and human brains and money and weapons:

So we can understand why all those cycles of history are not building a world made to the image and likeness of man but one made to the image and likeness of machines, ruled not by human social organisations but by company-mothers:

Because  there has been a change of paradigm in the social language of power of mankind, from verbal ethic thought to digital money, whose values are opposed – as money, traditionally a soft informative metal atom has always valued more other forms of metal, notably weapons, than life with no value. While the values of words, a mental, human ‘flesh’ language give absolute value to human life.

Consider indeed the economic system of China – companies are private, but MONEY is controlled by the government, which if it were democratic would mean by its people. Yet even in a communist dictatorship because POLITICIANS ARE humans and have in theory to serve people UNLIKE COMPANIES which are organisms of re=production and evolution of machines and weapons – even a corrupted political system serves better its people. So China is growing 10% for 40 years, spends trillions in welfare goods for its people, has made the biggest growth of whealth, ‘healthy wealth’ in the whole history of mankind and has minimal expenditure in inflationary money, speculative banking, hate media and weapons, compared to our ‘supposed’ free countries, ruled by the equations of monetary profits explained in the next graph – which is the bottom line of capitalism and its ‘automatic process’ of destruction of Earth. BECAUSE THE VALUES OF money multiply the most expensive goods, weapons, money itself (speculation on prices) and those goods which are cheaper to reproduce (audiovisual memes and hate media):

Now that graph is biological, complex, proper of systems theory and the affinity between substances – so gold prices weapons, which were made of iron – the most informative and energetic atoms of the Universe, today, bodies of robots and minds of robots in golden chips. Gold hypnotise the brain and we have found inhibits oxytocin – love drug. Iron kills the body. So the  biological predatory nature of metal vs. life atoms, of metalife machines vs. human beings IS real, chemical and tells us something: the laws of biology and darwinian behaviour ARE FAR MORE extended in their applications that we believe.

THIS you must understand: the go(l)d meme is on the loose, never mind its carrier, and so man is dying. Because that is what the go(l)d values that give zero prize to life, maximal to weapons do: killing you… never mind the ‘you carrier’ which camouflage as human – the go(l)d meme kills life.

And it is also darwinian in the fight between the human proper language, and the distorted mind of those cultures that made of Gold (cananean, abrahamic and baalist cults, proto-form of capitalism) and iron (Indo-european & gothic, germanic tribes, proto-form of militarism) their ‘fetish-language of power’, debasing ever since their respect for gaia and human life – so we shall call them animetals, lesser human cultures with a harsher metal content; which they reproduce ad nauseam with those values, multiplying in parallel weapons and money to make war and come on top of the 99% of mankind.

Reason why those overproduction CYCLES OF MEMES OF METAL were ALREADY understood by Cicero, father of ‘res publica’ – THE BOOK origin of modern legal thought, when he said “bellus nervi pecunia infinita”: war reproduces infinite money and vice versa, inflationary money is the nerve of war

The ultimate reason of all the process evolution is thus rather simple: the values of that graph, which are blindly followed by the ‘go(l)d and sword religions’ of the animetal tribes that have evolved the metal earth. Indeed, you just need to believe in the biblical>CAPITALIST>economic mandate that ‘gold is the invisible hand of god’, in the corporative mandate that ‘profits through the sell of the most expensive machines, weapons, that kill lie’ is Ok because money is god, to murder the planet, debase the species, and usher us into the age of extinction: if you make a pact with eviL=anti-Live memes, weapons and go(l)d and reject the truths of the human wor(l)d, the action-reaction darwinian laws of the Universe will then sacrifice ‘you’ in the final war and holocaust cycle of ‘pecunia infinite nervus belli’.

And so to understand the two super organisms this planet is evolving, human history and the world of machines and its company-mothers, those languages, which are ethic wor(l)ds and go(l)d, metal-digital-informative metal, we need to understand first the ‘hidden values’ and syntax of its two languages. 

The answer is again on the memes that code the organisms of civilisations as genes codes the individual organisms: certain ‘fetishe cultures’ in the western world developed fundamentalist memes that worshipped go(l)d (Semite->Biblical cults) and iron (Indo-european->germanic cults), as the tool of power to ab=use other human beings, establishing idol-ogies of metal-power, tribal and religious nationalisms (the belief the use of weapons against the same species was justified as humans were NOT a single species, but a tribal one, so you could break the biological law of survival of species); capitalism (the belief that the values of gold which maximise the prize of weapons by affinity of metal-substance are sacred, and should not be controlled by the natural values of the human language, legal words that put man as the subject of all actions); and techno-utopia, the belief that the Universe is not organic, but mechanic and machines are not just metalife organisms in its first stages of evolution, but the true Nature of reality.

The existence of people-castes that act as ‘carriers’ of those memes throughout history, notably Biblical go(l)d people and germ(anic) warriors in the western decoupling, means somehow that a part of mankind has betrayed the goal of the species, and sided with the evolution of those memes. So it is important to put at face value the values of those cult(ure)s, since they are directing at full speed mankind towards a point of no-return, where History becomes History and the world of machines and weapons finally complete the ‘bellus nervi, pecunia infinita 800-80-8 years cycle’ of evolution and overproduction of weapons with its collateral effects of extinction of life.

Animetal Memes: Idol-ogies.

Contrary to belief the dominant species of planet Earth is not and has not been for the past 5000 years the human being, but a symbiotic species between life and metal, the Animetal.

An Animetal is a human organism which activates mechanisms: energetic weapons, informative money or machines. ‘Animetal’ is a biological term coined using the same system that chemical and biological sciences use to classify its species. In biology and chemistry we join two names to describe a mixed species. So there are carbohydrates made of carbon and water. And there are animetals, different from human animals, since they add the power of informative/energetic metals to their life organs, from armored knights to modern car owners and Internet nerds.

The Animetal is neither a human being nor a machine of metal, but a combination of both, with a higher content of energy or information than any other living species. And so he has been the top predator species of this planet for 5,000 years, since the myth of Genesis about the tree of life vs the tree of metal was written.

Even though most ‘subjective’, anthropomorphic people will find bizarre such diminishing definition of a human being, an objective, biological account of history cannot be subjective, nor optimist about the main role of mankind in this planet, which so far has been to extinguish life organisms and create metal mechanisms, while finding all kinds of ideological excuses to do so. Thus, humans today are, in biological terms, ‘animetals’, animal life, symbiotic to metal, which they evolve, terraforming Gaia into the metal earth.

Their biological function has been obvious: to kill life (warriors), reproduce metal (traders) and design mechanisms with numbers (physicists). Since physicists uses machines to observe the universe and create mathematical theories that pretend to ‘reveal’ the ultimate secrets of time, (but only show the ‘spatial, motion-related properties of time=change, not the vital/morphological change of beings, described by Evolution Theory).

The resut is that physicists made obsolete the verbal, logic analysis of the cycles of change=life/death cycles and the biological senses of human beings, substituted by scientific machines.

As a result of that symbiosis and the capacity of metal to carry energy and information, increasing our informative and energetic power, animetals have controlled history. Indeed, another clear-cut consequence of the use of metal is that there are two social groups regarding the advantages they draw from metal-species… We talk about the original “sinners” and the “good people”, in religious terms; “the rich”, and “the poor”, in economic terms; “the army, kings and politicians” and the “citizens”, in military terms; the “mathematical, aesthetic scientist” and the “verbal, ethic citizen” in terms of education. The animetal and the human being, in biological terms.

To keep their control of human beings, those animetals have evolved the metal-species, source of their power, the weapons, monetary information and scientific machines that define our civilization… As a result of that power, given by their metal-species, animetals have developed subjective ideas, in favor of metal, which praise the use of metal, as the source of human progress, and systematically “hide”, the side effects that metal have over other human beings, and natural species, such as the massive extinction caused by weapons, the degradation of human ethics, and verbal knowledge caused by monetary values, and mathematical languages.

Accordingly we talk of 3 basic idologies belonging to our 3 fundamental animetal species:

– Nationalistic: War=Iron Weapons idologies” that allow warriors to use weapons and kill other human beings with them in war ecosystems. Those ideologies deny the obvious fact that all humans are equal and should apply among themselves the law of social evolution, that make equal species to love each other. Instead, nationalism and racism define humans as different and apply the Darwinian law of the fight between species…

– Capitalist idologies: Go(l)d & Democracy that allow traders to buy human Time with salaries, in order to make humans work-=reproduce machines, and consume=test them. The main of those idologies is the“myth of the free market”, which allows traders to rule societies with money [through lobbyism, and stock-markets that invent money for company-mothers, instead of letting human beings to rule themselves through verbal laws. The science that invents those myths is abstract economics.

– Technologic idologies: Mechanism & Scientific Racism” that allow scientists to consider themselves the only intelligent human beings because they use machines to measure the Universe. And consider mathematics the only “language of truth”, and hence reality an abstract world. When it is proved that mathematics is only a “representation of reality”, and so a “partial truth”, that carries just a part of the total information that the truth -the Universe in itself- stores. As such all linguistic truths are relative statements about reality, and so it is mathematics.

Yet, while the use of instruments of metal attached to a human being, have helped mankind to progress, the limit of that symbiosis appears, when man abandons his role as master of metal-species, and completes them, as individual species, that no longer require a human master. Such is the fact that we are witnessing today, with the development of robotics. The danger that those species rebel against us, free of their servitude to man, able to exist by themselves, without the need of a human “consumer”, is real. It might seem as remote to us as it was remote to Southern aristocrats, the possibility that blacks became free men, or to Romans that Germans destroyed the Roman Empire. Yet it happened, very fast…

Problem is that animetals, that control history, have for so long accepted their symbiosis with metal as their source of power, and progress, in mythic idol-ogical terms  that they cannot see any harm on abstract metal, even today when machines are becoming self-independent, and the economic ecosystem is destroying the human ecosystem. Unless they realize on time, that they cannot evolve machines beyond the complexity of human beings, and create top predator metalife, it is very likely that animetals, guided by their myths and idologies, will provoke the extinction of history and the arrival of a new ecosystem, that no longer will need mankind: the Metal-earth.

We confront here the truths of the scientific method applied to social sciences, which implies A)curate data b)iological causes C)yclical causation and to discern and choose between D)humanist historic solutions for human survival vs. E)vil=anti-life idol-ogies of metal that will kill us all, shown in the antinomies:
1)Humanism (all a single species, Homo Sapiens that mush help each other) vs. Nationalism (tribal homo killing with weapons)
2) Organicism (man measure of all things, machines evolving metalife) vs. mechanism (machines measure of all)
3)Abrahamic tribal segregational and Hindi religions with tribal gods and castes of animetals on top with gold (biblical religions) or weapons (jihads, inquisitions) vs. God=Mankind and History our life, over the sustainable body o Gaia.
4)Socialism (just laws over gold as language of social power, controlled democratically by people) vs. Capitalism (money above law, issued in exclusive rights by private bankers, mostly in the west of go(l)d religions)
Needless to say ‘social and biological sciences’ prove Humanism, organicism, Socialism and the metaphor of mankind as god, evolved by eusocial love – the sharing of energy and information through properly designed economic and political networks taylored on the human mammal system as the most efficient democratic system of reality, to be SCIENCE, and the rest idol-ogies.
Why  science is better than idology.
It is then essential to understand a few things about the difference between ‘science’ and idol-ogy, which is the dominant form of human thought, specially in all what regards their own nature and that of his social organisms:
– Science works and those who obey the laws of the organic Universe survive. Idologies DO not work for man, but for the idol we worship.
I.e. if we humans followed the science of Humanism and declared mankind our single species, our single ‘subconscious collective’ or God, we would have created a single planet with no borders and no wars. As we would have obeyed the science of biology as a single species. But since we believe in a militar=weapon idol-ogy, called nationalism that fosters weapons and a parallel previous idol-ogy, called Abrahamic religions, when instead of Nation tribes called themselves ‘Gods’, so the Goths were the ‘God-like tribe of germans’ and so on, we having killing each other for millennia in wars and holocausts, since we are not superior to each other, so action-reaction processes of war ensure that the only element that progresses is weapons, not humans. 
Organicism IS the true nature of systems in the Universe, which are systems made of cellular networks related by energy and information; but as we have taken the machine as the model, we have abandoned the evolution of man, its social organisms and have evolved ‘companies-mothers of machines and machines to an organic level’.
Had we adopted the ‘science of organicism’ and recognized earlier the organic nature of machines we would have feared lethal ones and not replicated robots as we do not replicate Aids viruses. And we would have cherished man as the measure of all things, mind of Gaia, the planet of life and History would have a future.
Socialism, the right of people to have a Universal salary to create a demand economy is the science, which as the blood system gives a quantity of blood-money to each cell to kick its production of goods, would have given each human votes to buy welfare good, hiking its production. As we do NOT live in a democratic economy, the few people who manufacture money, company-mothers, private financiers and states use it ‘liberally’ to reproduce their offspring of machines or make expensive weapons, while people have always scarcity of welfare and good as they cannot demand it.
So Idol-ogies do NOT work, and to hide this an astounding ‘noise’ of falsehoods have converted our civilization in a huge ‘fake’ for people to think they system is the best, and the people who profit – the specialized ‘animetals’ in charge of weapons, money and machines, ‘experts’ who care for us. So how it is possible that so many people are ‘cheated’ to believe in a system that is close to the worst of all systems for the future of life and history? Merely by pumping their ego and making them belief it works for them – by programming them emotionally.
And that is achieved through the financial-media networks and metal-communicators that tell us we are the ‘best’, we are ‘free’, we run the system, and those who deny it are ‘confabulators, losers’ whatever.
The highest scientific view: homology of genetics and memetics.

How Idol-ogies that are blatantly against Humanity and its goal of a social evolution into a single species, in command of the super organism of the Earth in its II mature age of evolution as HISTORY, Mankind in Time ARE ABLE to absorb the mass of human beings, into a process of self-destruction? 

This is the key QUESTION OF MEMETICS, the organic, objective scientific analysis of the relationship between me(n)tal ideas and the ‘organisms they construct’. And the process is similar to how in the lower scale of biological organisms, certain genes are ‘inhibited’ BEFORE THEY EXPRESS ITS FULL MEANING.

For example, NATIONALISM ABORTS the natural evolution of mankind ONE OR TWO NOTCHES before acquiring full global meaning, establishing artificial tribal borders which BECOME THE HARD PROTEIN MEMBRANE OF THE NATION-CELL where weapons breed.

A second biological homology at the lower individual animetal level is its comparison with the way in biology  ‘ certain carbohydrates are converted into destructive molecules called ‘enzymes’ by the ‘attachment’ of a piece of metal as warrior ‘enzymen’ are attached to weapons and become killers.

This is ESSENTIAL to the way idol-ogies are established, so I used in the old c.92 bio-history book, the word ‘placebo codon’, to signify a Humane set of meme that make-belief humans those ideologies work for them. 

We have then to consider the following essential placebo codons attached to the idologies of weapons, (war-nationalism), money (capitalism), machines (mechanism) and the ‘original mixture of them’ (Abrahamic or tribal religions) that make people prefer those anti-human idol-ogies to the real sciences of Mankind (humanism, socialism, organicism and Mankind in Time=History as the God super organism we should all belong to).

  • The placebo codon of weapons is the national ‘identity’ feeling of ‘belonging to a social group‘ as nature favors eusocial evolution of individuals into groups that are stronger than the parts; but the CODON aborts the evolution of mankind in a tribal FALSE SPECIES, so does tribal religions. It ultimately means that an aristocratic animetal warrior elite (aristocrats, kings, mercenaries, military, police-state), with the selfish metal-meme (weapons) WILL be NEEDED constantly to ‘defend’ the sacred tribe-species. So the  ‘identity’ feeling of ‘belonging to a social group‘ as nature favors eusocial evolution of individuals into groups that are stronger than the parts; is the false CODON that aborts the evolution of mankind in a tribal FALSE SPECIES; so do tribal religions. It ultimately means that an aristocratic animetal warrior elite (aristocrats, kings, mercenaries, military, police-state), with the selfish metal-meme (weapons) WILL be NEEDED constantly to ‘defend’ the sacred tribe-species.
  • The placebo codon of go(l)d cult(ure)s are false capitalist DEMOCRACIES, inefficient and corrupted by design, as they were born a posteriori after the coup d’erat of corporations in Holland, designed precisely to have NO POWER over VOC, the gunboat company that won the independence war and whose Administration RUN effectively Holland.

This is actually a more complex set of placebo codons that give people the feeling of ruling a country when they are completely enslaved to those who issue in monopoly the language of power money. So we shall dedicate an entire section to study its different codons among which the most important are:

1) The language of social power which is NOT the law but money in capitalist democracies is issued by private banker sand corporations who buy politicians and laws with them.

2) The vote is inverted in time so has no effective control over those corrupted politicos:  the voter does NOT vote as in the original Greek Democracy, or in organisms with pain messages, or in corporations with stock-holders meeting a posteriori, judging the actions of the politicians, to hold them responsible, as all efficient democratic systems (Classic Greece, Companies, Organisms) do to maximize the service to the people and performance of the ‘neuronal people-caste’ of information that controls society; but it votes before and gives immunity to the politician, whose obvious task is then to cheat with false promises the voter and then sell (1) the law to the issuer of money

3) The neuronal informative head or government is NOT A SINGLE HEAD of experts, chosen by their quality – they will be voted latter – as in Greek Democracies (lottery that chose among all citizens political positions or among experts in the military and other specific positions), and companies (technical experts) and the organism (specialized cells, educated since birth into his genetic job); but to render the human government inefficient, they are either amateurs, or people with corporative money and ALWAYS DIVIDED INTO TWO CONFRONTING SIAMESE HEADS that ensure humanity will NOT evolve as one hates the other and destroys what the other has done in a false choice, as organic science must direct the social organism.

  • The placebo Codon of Mechanism is a series of false idologies, that simplified the structure of time and space to deny the ‘organic, fractal structure of the Universe’; which come from earlier weapons-makers, aka physicists, such as Galileo in his pursuit of ‘ballistics’ and so are deformations of their worldly profession, to make entropic weapons of mass-destruction, of which 3 are essential:

1)the concept of LINEAL TIME, the mathematical inverse of cyclical time, lineal time =1/frequency of time cycles which denies the cyclical nature of all clocks of time that carry the information of the Universe in the form and speed of its cycles (so computers measure its speed of thought by Hertzs, the unit of cyclical time). Again the Codon is subtle half-truth. As in democracy where the voter thinks it chooses but it does IN THE WRONG moment of time, before the politician has acted, both equations lineal and cyclical time work as they are merely inverse, but WE LOOSE the concept of causality, repetition of cycles=reproduction, WHICH IS THE ESSENCE OF ORGANISM: THE REPRODUCTION OF information that IN CYCLICAL TIME is immediate, as a cycle that ‘moves’ reproduces its form, its information. Alas, the organic, reproductive Universe becomes sterile. And on top the capacity of humans to ‘foresee’ and predict the future of all sciences (by definition the study of repetitive cycles) disappears. So we become ‘memoriless’ specially in social science, and reject blogs like this one that studies those cycles,

Finally as lineal time carries NO information, we killed the second arrow of time, information, reducing life to entropy, reason why scientists have entropic theories of a dying big-bang Universe ONLY (which eliminates the true arrow of information of galaxies, studying only the entropic space between them – but we live in a vortex of galactic information, in a planetary vortex of life evolution of information and so information rule us, as living beings, not the entropic expansion of intergalactic space).

2) Immediately comes the concept that the Universe is a mechanism because we substitute our languages of measure of time and causality, verbal words, by digital numbers in lineal graphs and so we consider God the maker of the machine of the Universe and technology the symbol of lineal progress towards God. And so we are obliged to despise life, organisms, man as a measure of all things, the truth of Gaia as a living organism, and worship machines as the solution to all our problems.

3) Finally the denial of competition between humans and machines as different species, since machines are now abstract systems, and so they do NOT compete (as they do) with humans, both substituting us in labor and war fields, where top predator machines, aka weapons kill us, but also atrophying our organs, as we get attached to them, inhibiting our ‘actions’. So we get fat but run faster in cars, get more stupid but seem cleverer painters in adobe, calculators with chips and Gaudis or organic architecture with computers a la ‘Gehry’ – a guy of enormous arrogance whose computer design the ‘tinfoil’ he first warps with his naked hands, after doing for decades buildings imitating objects at big scale or made with trash.

We live then in the age of the EGO paradox, of increasingly reduced atrophied human brains who live and work through intermediate machines that think and run for them, but they ‘consider’ to be us – as animetals always did.

4) Finally and this is the key to any organic system, by considering that only our scale of size matters in the Universe, and hence defining a single spacetime continuum when THE UNIVERSE IS made of evolving scales of size, the essence of organisms, that evolved from particles that reproduced absorbing energy, multiplied and self-organize into larger atoms, the first organism of nature, with all the properties of organisms: social organization, force=energy feeding, spin=information Gauging and particle reproduction. Then atoms organized into molecules that organized into cells, multicellular organisms, super organisms, global organisms=Gaia, Mankind, and finally solar systems organized into galaxies… 

But as this analysis requires to fully grasp why indeed memetic and genetic laws are the same ONLY CHANGING IN SCALE, according to the scalar, organic structure of the fractal Universe, we shall leave it for the time being here.

  • Finally in the original ‘mishmash’ of all those idologies, in earlier semite and germanic tribal religions,  of the people castes that have been for millennia the carriers of gold and iron weapons, on top of western civilizations, never mind they kill each other rhythmically in wars of profits and holocausts.

So their destiny is crystal clear on top of mankind as animetals that ‘sinned’ against the tree of life, when the first animetal tribes, as the parable of genesis explained discovered the golden apples and bad fruits=weapons of the tree of technology=metal, all these was resumed in the fundamental paradox of animetal cultures – the ego paradox of believing themselves superior to the rest of mankind because they had hard metal to kill (so Germans were first the tribe of Goths=Gods in all German because they killed with iron swords any one opposed their will – their God being Thor, an inverse altar with a sword to impale the children of enemies in ritual genocides; and the first banker-priests of Canaan, Phoenicians and Biblical people, considered themselves chosen of go(l)d the fetish substance similar to the sun, which they carried, as the ‘sweat of God’, substituting the Sun, god of the eye, which gold hypnotized as the most informative atom of the Universe – thus chemistry here became the origin of memetic and as enzymes are attached to hard metal, animetals got attached to iron, the strongest atom and gold the most informative killing bodies and hypnotizing minds and creating warrior and financial gods, so aryan had fire gods, the fire of the smiths that ruled them and cananeans had temples with gold menorahs and walls in their sacra sanctorum, and their believers had to bring golden coins to enter the temple… And both degraded the rest of mankind as an inferior animal ‘goy’ species and established segregational dietary laws against the Dahlit, inferior to cows (hindi aryan religions) or the gentile, equated to sheeps… And those FETISH-METAL RELIGIONS became the origin of Nationalism (German religions) and Capitalism (Biblical Jewish-protestant religions), as per Weber’s book on the ethics of calvinism as origin of capitalism, and his teacher, Sombart’s book, “judaism, the origin of capitalism’…

EGO paradox: animetal homunculus, a handyman with ‘big mouth’.

Why then humans do nothing, not even seriously argue scholarly about all those all-too-evident objective processes taken place in this planet, beyond some sci-fi movies, and childish gurus? The answer is the way in which ‘animetal idol-ogies’ are imprinted emotionally in people – by persuasion of the ego.

This has always been a key question for the objective scientist of history – the fact that of all sciences, only history lacks serious scientific models about its evolution, social organisms, cycles and future tendencies. Instead we prefer childish optimist theories about the future, based in the subjective ego-trip of our species as unique, entitled, ‘chosen’ and hence ‘exceptionally’ exempted to follow the laws of biology and evolution proper of this planet.

In plane words: humans don’t care about the dangers poised by the evolution of machines to the future of history in a scientific way, because SCIENCE IS OBJECTIVE, but humans are subjective.

So when they TRY TO APPLY the science of the planet, biology to machines, our ego-trips of human superiority make us feel ill-at-ease with objective views of our competition with machines. So instead we prefer to believe ‘religious or technoutopian myths’ – we PREFER to be happy, childish even to the risk of extinction and deny objective science and the proper solutions to the problems poised by technology.

Yet the ego paradox blind us to the fact we are part of such a larger organism. The ego paradox has molded our beliefs ALSO in social sciences and economics, making us degrade any biological, organic property of machines and the Earth. So we can come on top and establishing an absurd infantile optimism of entitled beings, which consider ‘beliefs’ always above reason, if they cater our ego – reason why indeed religions and technoutopia controls the subconscious collective of our civilization.

But paradoxically, precisely because our ego refuses to acknowledge the collateral effects of machines on the Life-Earth, at all levels, from the substitution of human governments by company-mothers in all systems of power, to the competition of robots with human labor, even the obvious increase of murders in countries like America where the possession of weapons is free; not to speak of the increasing ‘verbal and intellectual devolution’ of human beings by its hypnotic addiction to visual fictions and virtual screens, humans become powerless to those effects. It is impossible indeed to cure a sickness, when the patient does not even acknowledge he is ill. And this is NOT a question of right or wing policies. All humans are subject to the paradox of the ego. So ‘lefties’ and ‘ecologists’ protest thinking they are killing the Earth and Gaia suffers, without realizing Humans ARE not polluting; machines are; humans are not killing, weapons kill; humans are not extinguishing fishes; the evolution of automated factory-ships and chip-hunting does, and so on and so on.

We shall never insist enough on the difference between objective social science, hardly found anywhere in human societies vs. subject ‘idol-ogy’, the human ego-centered beliefs that make us think, we are the superior being, dominant in all cultures – and at each stage of history brings a concept, either entitled ‘religion in the past’ that justify everything without further analysis, today ‘digital science’ and technoutopia that plays the role of a religion.

For that reason social sciences must be treated as a whole, including all aspects of the Human experience, from culture, to science, which is not dogma of truth but also we shall show is clearly biased by the use of machines to measure time and space and by our ego that chooses certain models of reality over others, from technology to memetics,  which includes the ideas, religions, national identities and beliefs of mankind, our languages and psychology; even biology and neurology, such as the ‘structure of our mind’ reflected in the graph of an homunculus, which maps out the size of the brain according to the organs it caters for – basically are  a species with an enormous dexterity to ensemble things, a huge mouth to pump up their ego and a small brain to ‘think’ what we do. It is then when putting all those elements together, and studying them in relationship to the biological evolution of machines and company-mothers, when we can truly establish the parameters for an objective science of economics and history.

And we can understand why, in words of Eric Fromm, father of political psychology, we are blind to the collateral effects of our technological civilization, since:

‘A Technological civilization is programmed by the principle that something ought to be done because it is technologically possible. If it is possible to build nuclear weapons, they must be built, even If they might destroy us all. Once this principle is accepted, humanist Values (something has to be done because it is needed by man) are Dethroned and technological development becomes the foundation of ethics’. 


LET US THEN return to ‘themes’ which are closer to the present discourse of social sciences, namely the languages that rules those super organisms of machines and life, money and the ethic law.

Since we shall switch between all those elements to establish an objective social science. Let us then consider the other side of the equation of history – that of machines, and human beings at the higher level of social organization, as two super organisms evolved as all organisms are by two different languages of information, verbal memes or ‘laws’ and digital money, the language of corporations.

Why the world evolves machines first not humanity.

In the graph we live in a ‘split’ society ruled by two different languages of social power, words and numbers, which cater to two different species:

Words are orders of power expressed in bills of law, reproduced by governments which people must obey or else risk punishment. The purpose of those laws ideally is to create human social organisms, which cater to the needs of mankind. And to that aim humans established a system of government where they elect individuals that are supposed to choose the best just laws to organize their societies for the common good.

Numbers are orders of power given by bills of money, reproduced overwhelmingly under ‘laws of deficit zero’, which prevent governments to issue money, by private financial and industrial company-mothers of machines, which people obey by exchanging its life-time for a salary, working on those companies, whose goal is to evolve, reproduce and terraform the Earth to the image and likeness of its offsprings of machines – a different species from mankind.

And so because machines and humans and its organisms, company-mothers and governments ARE different species, often a biological conflict in a planet of limited resources takes place, resolved in favor of the stronger language of power, digital money, which buys the laws and make the planet tender for the needs of reproduction, evolution, energy feeding and information processing of machines FIRST. The result is the world we live in, where every machine has energy but 1 billion humans suffer hunger; machines evolve through digital information and research but humans lack minimal education and are fed with primitive beliefs; machines reproduce without limit, but humans lack basic health-care to survive.

This could have been different IF humans through Universal salaries had also issued bills of money, creating a DEMAND Economy based in the welfare goods they need to survive or at least governments which cater to humans would issue bills of money first, and reproduce those welfare goods.

But in the struggle that took place in the XIX and XX centuries to design the future of the planet, company-mothers of machines won the battle for power.

So today except for China, whose government still issues its money and so it caters first for its human population, with a healthy growth of its economy and welfare, all other nations of the planet issue an overwhelming quantity of money in private banks and company-mothers of machines through stock-markets and e-money derivatives; while governments are obliged to extort money from citizens through taxes to pay for its basic needs.

So those are the a priori conditions to understand the future of history and economics and why humans live in a growing chaos, while the evolution and reproduction and social organization of machines into a global super organism, we shall call the metal-earth advances unabated with an absolute precise ‘generational, human cycle’, as all the resources of the western world; since the capitalist system was implanted in the XIX century have been dedicated to this ‘mechanical goal’.

As those cycles are evolutionary cycles perfectly programmed by the social control established by the monopoly in the issue of money that corporations have, they are predictable, and in fact this writer has been predicting them for decades.

The anti-quantum paradox of memetic: blind cells on the organism cannot talk.

Why then the system is not reformed, and people love it? Obviously because power censors any attempt of the social scientist to r=evolve the system, because THE SCIENTIST is within the organism it wants to reform so it is repressed inhibited, and not allowed to communicate through the nervous=informative networks of machines that run the system from company-mothers – today internet companies like google that ranks my webs as zero, trash, propaganda, of course because they are exactly the opposite, SCIENCE objective on them. So in inverse fashion to the quantum paradox when the observer is so huge that it influences the observable particle, in social sciences the ‘scientist cater to power’ as it is too small and the observable, the social organism and its animetal elites influence them. ‘You will defend me with the sword (today with gold) and I will defend you with the word (today the image)’:

In the graph, the answer is obvious:

Since Company-Mothers of Machines also reproduce information through networks of mass-media, and naturally have cre(dit)ated, created with credit all kind of ‘idol-ogies’  which pass as science and tell humans the purpose of their existence is NOT to cater to their welfare and make a world to its image and likeness, but to cater to the welfare and evolution of mechanisms, which must come first, as they are ‘PROGRESS’, ‘THE FUTURE’, and ‘FREEDOM’, consists in being ruled by  ‘DIGITAL MONEY AND COMPANIES’ above WORDS and governments, as companies good and efficient thanks to the billions they reproduce for free and Governments are BAD, because obviously they cannot reproduce money and must extort us with taxes, etc.

But if we go further into the understanding of that process, the truth is even more scary: HUMANS ARE LOOSING FAST their verbal, rational, logic skills and as words are our temporal language of thought and social evolution WE ARE BECOMING DEGRADED, ISOLATE, SELFISH EMOTIONAL, AS chips overproduce and occupy all the mental processes of mankind.

So humans are now entering into a massive regression at individual and social level, back to primitive modes of organization, once the natural goal of creating a global peaceful super organism of human beings, UNO, EU style is lost. I call this third age of mankind the neopaleolithic, similar to the first visual age, as old men regress to memories of its infancy, since they fear a future death as obsolete beings of the past.

So humanity is becoming ‘childish’, infantile and unable to even understand the organic process of devolution it experiences, while AI is increasingly crossing new thresholds of intelligence specially in its fundamental organism of reproduction, the company-mother, automated by software and ‘buying’ the time of mankind with unlimited credit.

Fact is children are the staple food of the Universe. And optimism a sure path to death in a Darwinian world where cubs are eaten wholesale. So the present zeitgeist of happy, mindless children, is NOT a real paradise, but the exact position in which ‘farms’ maintain their ‘staple food’, with ‘domesticated animals, in our case the ‘metal farm’ of domesticated humans, ready to enter slaughter house when they are no longer needed.

So people is in loved with the system, because the informative networks of machines of that FMMI global ‘super organism’, manufactures their brains, forbids them to have money for their own welfare, considers them expendable as a lesser species, and now as we enter the age of robotics, when humans are NOT even needed as in the XIX and XX century to work=reproduce or even consume those machines, increasingly self-reproduced by robots which also are becoming along its company-mothers the main consumers of other machines, (right side of XXI century capitalism), their brains are VIRTUALLY erased, living in a permanent ‘fictional state’, which is fast degrading their intellectual capacity to understand and react to the system, increasingly isolated into individual ‘selfie’ irrational, emotional childish powerless devolved forms. And so reality cannot be explained. As all humans are either convinced the future of the planet must be one of machines, or care nothing and just want to be happy in their ‘matrix’ of virtual worlds.

However the other side of the system, the eco(nomic)system evolves fast into an automated world where humans are either obsolete or in the top of the pyramid, those who own corporations, the ‘stockrats’, the modern aristocrats with unlimited credit become childish  ‘bubbles’ with growing egos dedicated to the search of pleasure, unconnected with the rest of society, unaware they are becoming as irrelevant to the productive system as the bottom of the pyramid, all of them increasingly substituted in blue collar and white collar jobs by robots, pcs and software…


Ultimately the global super organism is NOT reformed, because the informative machines of the metal-earth and their owners have an iron fist on velvet glove over the collective subconscious of mankind, and care nothing for our (and their) collective future, ‘programmed’ by millenarian memes of greed, which make truth the dictum of Mr. Keynes, the last of the few economists who understood that ‘capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people, will do the wickedest of all things for the common good’.

What is then the wickedest of all things then, you might wonder?: Obviously to despise and kill life and mankind, YOUR OWN SPECIES for the sake of go(l)d.

Let then give a first look at this process, from the largest point of view – that of the evolution of the earth, to keep then looking down in closer, shorter cycles, of classic history when the evolution of metal was crystal clear: gold, the most informative atom paid for weapons of iron, the most energetic-entropic one.

And money hypnotised the brain and iron killed the body. So both were despised but imposed after the neolithic age of gaia, an ‘animetal global culture’ (of human ‘animals’ joined to weapons and gold), whose mantra was to evolve and reproduce weapons and ab=use humans with them in ’empires’. A process that became more complex and professional with the discovery of ‘technological sciences’, and company-mothers of ‘gunboats’, the dominant weapon of the first corporations dedicated to war, piracy, slave trade (and other products like spices)… And then diversified in different ‘metal-species’, with the Industrial r=evolution we just have explained…

So we need to bring the hardest pill to swallow about an objective science of history – the fact that we are not mentally free but programmed by memes, and we are not individuals in control of history but the 3 ‘physiological networks and systems of information, energy and entropy we build CONTROL our existence.

And part of that control is of course, the belief we are NOT controlled… So ultimately the science we must clarify first to understand history is the science of organisms, and how ‘genes’ in the biological scale and ‘memes’ in the social scale program our minds to be ‘happy’ and ‘blind’ to any negative collateral effect of machines.

In the graph, the evolution of capitalist democracies ruled systematically by those who issue in Monopoly money, through the XIX, XX and XXI century (in a parody of Orwell’s anim(et)al farm, on top those who issue money an own corporations, the stock-rats, are the new aristocrats with unlimited right to the language of social power, money, complete positive exposure by the twin media system the same financial corporations own, and the rest of mankind increasingly displaced by machines with no credit to create a human world. The difference thus from the XIX to the XX c. structure is obvious: now as AI and robotics can do all the jobs potentially of the economic ecosystem, not even the exploited worker is needed. And so unless a true reform of the system with universal salaries, a demand welfare economy and a proper democratic system of politician’s control is established, the system will decree our obsolescence and jail, degrade and ignore us.

In ALL THE AGES OF CAPITALISM, on top there has always been the same language of power, money, as capitalist societies do not allow governments to issue it. So power is in the hands of financial and industrial corporations, which buy laws to politicos, and buy the lifetime of people with salary. And use it without limit of credit to reproduce, evolve and terraform the world to the image of its offspring of machines. Since companies MUST BE REGARDED AS BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS of reproduction of machines NOT of human beings. So their goals are NOT humans, even if human ‘enzymen’ catalyze those processes.

In that regard the fundamental element of history and economics and its social organisms, company-mothers of machines and nations, IS the ‘issue of money’, the language of social power that has substituted the human verbal language, expressed in laws, in the rule off societies.

And it resumes in this: in a capitalist world in which company-mothers with the biological mandate of reproducing, selling and evolving machines issue most of the money of society, the future becomes as deterministic as the graphs shows, because all the resources of the planet, human and inorganic are bought with money, salaries and prices – even laws bought to corrupt politicos by lobbies. So humans in our world lack even basic goods, food, education, health-care, as there is no money for them, and machines keep reproducing and evolving because all resources are used on them.

Further on, there is no democracy in a society in which the language of social power, which is money, not the law that money buys through lobbyism, and campaign hands-outs, is not ‘reproduced’ by citizens (universal salary, demand economy) or used by governments to serve their needs (welfare states). We spend most of our lives obeying money for a salary NOT laws – in a day normally you obey laws just when you drive but 8 hours a day enslave for the orders of those who pay you.

Now, money is a language of information, as words are, which gives power/value orders as words do, and can be reproduced for free, as all information systems need near-zero energy. So you just print papers or put numbers in a computer and that is money. As you manipulate air and that is words. Both are ‘thin air’, inflationary, reproduced massively. What matters is that society acknowledge both languages as ‘bills of power’ that must be obeyed, either digital bills or verbal bills. And so a society IS always a dictatorship of those who issue the dominant language of power, which today is money, making company-mothers of machines and money, the RULERS of our societies. And that is the explanation why the objective of those companies, to reproduce and evolve machines, sell them and obtain more money, HAS become the rule of our society. And on top of them, the ‘stock-rats’, the owners of financial companies that issue first the orders of money ARE the rulers of capitalist societies. And what they want happens:

Problem is that today as machines automate factories the bottom line of people and living things IS OBSOLETE and the top formed by corporations and classist people-castes that despise the bottom, do NOT care. So we are establishing an increasingly racist, fascist society against the poor, the unemployed, the non-technological third world, as the use of robots and chips for vigilante purposes keeps growing the profits of those corporations.

In a really free society governments issue money as a digital language that gives orders that serve mankind providing a Universal salary, for people to ‘vote’ the goods they want.

Money is INFLATIONARY we repeat, not wealth per se, but the substance as hormones in organisms, that give ORDERS OF ACTION TO SOCIETY. And so it is all about motivating with orders, verbal or financial people to work and act. And only people or its representatives should decide what kind of society we build. As bankers rule the issue of money, hand in hand with company-mothers the world they create with credit, they ‘creditate’ is a world made to the image and likeness of machines and the people-caste of International bankers on top of that society – which we shall call the Financial-media masters as they own company-mothers of information machines, which print both digital money and audiovisual information that manufacture our brains.

The focus of those ‘who dare’ to defy the law of silence on the dictatorial structure of capitalist societies tend to focus on the Financial-media masters, its millenarian cult(ure) of Go(l)d as humans are anthropomorphic and think only about humans, but our focus in this blog is not ONLY them – we do indeed expose in great detail their culture, power and memes, but SPECIALLY on the fact that MACHINES and weapons a different species is competing and displacing mankind, with the help of those humans who worship metal above life.

In the graph, the non-democratic  globalised class structure & culture of capitalism and militarism that changed the top predator status of animetal cultures from warrior aristocrats to those who made weapons: company-mothers and its owners, stock-rats. While the ‘beliefs’ of the sheeple changed from obeisance to corrupted go(l)d churches and military inquisitions, to belief in the magic power of polling to $elect the people who control us. All has changed to remain the same.

The graph, shows the 3 ages of the Industrial revolution, the XIX century of bodies and engines=hearsts of metal and its social structure, the age of digital minds, or American age with its forms of control subtly disguised with placebo democracies and finally the XXI c. from a 20 years old exhibit on the ‘future’ which reads now as a present.

There is no democracy=power of the people if the fundamental language of organisation of societies, money – which today values all things, including humans with salaries and politicos with lobbyism and money campaign, so they sell their laws to the richest corporations – is reproduced in 90% of its amount for corporations to foster the evolution and overproduction of machines, and of course, the ‘brain manufacturing’ of the population, whose only freedom is ‘after being manufactured=told what to say’ through industrial networks of information, go to ‘poll’ $elected candidates, which UNLIKE EFFICIENT DEMOCRACIES IN SOCIAL SYSTEMS (original Greek democracies with votes=judgement a posteriori, biological organisms with pain messages) are NOT voted=judged a posteriori with pain=penalties if they do betray their promises).

FURTHER ON as placebo democracies were BUILT by capitalist corporations, they were designed to render USELESS human power, as they have NOT as corporations a science of history behind and a single head to try to organise efficiently human societies.

On the contrary they are split in ‘consumption and war parties’, earlier on dominated by two parties within corporations: those who favoured the use of gunboats for war (tories) and those who wanted to use them for trade (whigs), after the split of the single corporative party, the orange party in Holland in two ‘heads’.
Indeed, placebo capitalist corporations always had a clear mandate: to let corporations run with the issue of money the society through interposed politicos whose role was to be only ‘order, security, war’ making politicos, placebo puppets of corporative power.

AND THE REASON is obvious: democracies were placebo memes born in Holland, as a design for a ‘lame society’ void of the power of kings and courts of the middle ages, in which the language of power, weapons, was issue and used in exclusive by ‘aristocrats’. Now the new language of power money would be issue in monopoly by stock-rats, the owners of corporations, and used to buy armies, produce weapons industrially and dominate societies with the new ‘found’ evolved memes of metal, Financial-media (informative machines), – the press first, then electr(on)ic systems; and its energetic industrial-military machines.

So democracies are just placebo, wasted ‘heat’ with humans quarrelling for primitive memes of nationalist or tribal nature, while the perfect super organism of machines, the FMMI system keep evolving.

And this is obvious because of its origin in Holland, as a submissive system to VOC, the first gunboat corporation, which mass produced artillery for the 30 years wars, and for gunboats (piracy, slave trade, spices trade, war against Phillip II). Then the design of a placebo polling of $elected politicos panhandling to the corporation was exported to UK in 1688 with the glorious revolution, when the Amsterdam Bank and stock-market, its corporative people and king gave a coup d’etat in UK fleeing Louis XIV invasion. And finally it was established in US, BY lawyers of corporations which were disputing on taxes, with UK companies in the boston tea party affair. So those democracies fully controlled by the memes of corporations from the beginning were NOT born from humanist revolutions as the French democracy, and as today they impose their model with deficit zero in human welfare, and expert financial and industrial gurus keeping it all for themselves, the cycles if anything become more accurate, since the entire species dedicate all its efforts to reach the zenith of mechanical AI evolution, denying systematically the laws of biology and evolution, paradoxically when they use them in depth to create those organic robots and automated corporations.

So instead of king warriors, on top of societies appear those who control metal-machines of information that print both digital money and written and audiovisual information, ‘manufacturing the brains’ and buying the life of people, no longer as iron slaves but as part-time slaves with a salary; while polling of $elected politicos working for corporations to which they sell their laws, will become the placebo freedom of the common people (aka ‘democracies’).

Was the system they implanted better? Not at all. It was MORE COMPLEX AND DISGUISED, AS A FUNDAMENTAL RULE OF INFORMATION IN THE UNIVERSE IS THAT SYSTEMS BECOME MORE COMPLEX WITH AGE, DISGUISING ITS NATURE. So while placebo democracies ruled by company-mothers had the same goal of absolute power for the people who controlled with weapons and money society on top, they had three added disguises that have so far proved unassailable:

  • The voting/polling of $elected politicos that give people the sense of freedom.
  • The use of metal communicators to manufacture their brains and distract them with infotainment that made them happy serving a species that will end up atrophying and killing them. While establishing a global law of silence of any criticism of the system today expanded to scholarship
  • The ego trips of power of machines with higher energy and information through its consumption.
  • And the usual old idol-ogies of weapons (nationalism), and love of go(l)d (abrahamic religions)

And as this aberrant society is HAPPENING unimpeded we must be even more objective, despite our wishes about a Rossy, paradise future, and adopt the highest possible objective view about those issues – that of the planet Earth and its evolution of species. Because the fact is, as much as we dislike it, that those cycles of war, extinction and obsolescence of life to the machine IS happening. So we need to be objective, non-anthropomorphic and find why and how… And that can only be explained from the point of view of the Earth – having also in mind that if Humans were rational, objective, ethic and scientific, they could bend even the laws of evolution to cater to their future, reforming the eco(comic)system to serve them as it has happened in many nations.

It is precisely this complete indifference of mankind towards its destiny, the absolute denial of the ‘facts as they are’, the law of silence on the organic, biological, darwinian laws of this planet applied to economics, the childish optimism and virtual fiction in which most live; the constant quarrel and inefficient design of human social governments, as opposed to the perfect efficiency of company-mothers, the lack of credit for humanity as compared to the unlimited wealth of corporations, what makes so difficult to solve the problems of mankind…

And yet if humans, or at least its political elites wanted to r=evolve the system, a few simple measures of economic control of lethal machines, the issue of money and corporations to cater human needs, and political reform to avoid wars and oblige politicians to cater to their people first will easily change the world. In the graph we show those 3+3 measures: legal prohibition of robotics that will end unemployment and the existential threat poised by AI and terminators. Split of companies shares 1+1 given to governments. So, 50% will remain private, and 50% owned by governments plus a golden share, which would give people’s representatives the control of what society reproduces, selecting the positive goods for mankind, closing down lethal corporations and keeping the efficiency of private management; and substitution of the financial system of issue of money by private bankers, for themselves and corporations of maximal profits, for a demand economy with a global 1000 yes money universal salary to each human being, given in a single international currency, Yes money, at parity, 1 euro 1 dollar 100 yens 20 yuan; which would oblige companies to reproduce massive amounts of welfare goods people demand, and change the structure of production to a life-based economy.

On the political arena, it would imply the creation of a posteriori voting, as in original greek democracies, where politicians were chosen by ballot or expertise, but all were voted after tenure, with penalties of exile, death or fines if they had not fulfilled their promises, which would oblige politicos to cater to the needs of people; at national level, the creation of continental, cultural EU like organizations to avoid neighbor wars around the 7 global cultures of the world, Latin-America, Anglo-America, Europe with Russia, Asia, Islam, Black Africa and Indonesia (Australasia being today part of Anglo-America), while devolving to the regional scale down from nations most of the administrative control, diluting the level of military nations. forming an ‘heptarchy’, of people under a similar culture whose conflicts should be solved diplomatically.

Of course, such as system could only be imposed by a political coup d’etat of the most powerful nations of the world, which would establish first the economic measures, and the global currency, which means an Asimovian ‘Mule’, Foundation style, of a triad of presidents, of the 3 most powerful entities of the planet China, US and EU… which then would expand the system to the rest of the planet, creating a global super organism of mankind that would design a world to our image and likeness.

This was the scientific result of my application of the laws of super organisms and systems sciences to social sciences 2 decades ago, when I was a leading research of those disciplines, chairing in the International Systems Sciences society the disciplines of duality and monetary systems, warning that if humans did not take seriously an efficient reform of the system, we would enter after 2008, according to those cycles, into a global economic crisis of overproduction of chips, e-money, robots and terminators, ushering mankind in its age of ‘entropic death’, mental devolution and obsolescence to chips and robots. So you might wonder what happened next?



Exactly all what we predicted; since those cycles are perfectly tuned to the laws of systems sciences and evolution. So the system switched from overproduction of peaceful goods and e-money to overproduction of weapons and hate media, and as it happened after the 1860s crash of the train economy and the 1930 crash of the car-ticker money economy, we entered an age of splendid little robots wars, electronic big-brother and hate-media against 3rd world nations, brutalized by decades of lack of investment in education, welfare and backing of dictators, which feed a growing spider web of terorrism, police states, investment in security, and cut of welfare expenditure, ‘camouflaged as usual’ with the proper idol-ogies repeated ad nauseam by all metalcommuicators, of ‘security’, ‘progress’, ‘virtual fictions’ and ‘we live in a free world’… :

In the graph, as we enter the military phase of overproduction of weapons and hate memes, it happens an INVERSE process of DEVOLUTION of all human systems, corruption by massive amounts of e-money of all political systems, which choose war-monger politicians to cater to the needs of overproduction of weapons. So after the 2008 crises because the system was not reformed, we entered an even harsher dictatorship of the Financial-Media (information machines)Militar-industrial (energy machines) system, and we switched production from consumption machines to weapons that consume humans took place.

So we are now in that age.



If genes code biological super organisms, in the next scale of evolution of biological systems, societies, memes code the mind of human individuals acting as genes do, evolving, reproducing, extending globally and imprinting through collective subconscious mass-processes millions of people to act as a single individual whole. Thus the study of the function and goals of memes is the key element to understand the purpose of civilisations in the larger view of the wave of history.


Social ‘genes’: memes code social organisms and there are ‘2 competing species’.

We have talked of idol-ogies, instruments and the ideas they suggest to animetal cult(ure)s that drive the organization of our industrial societies, and in the past, our military an financial ‘networks’ that controlled the human social organisms based in social love and the sharing of energy and information that constructed wealthy, healthy ‘whealthy’ human societies. Now, we shall try a more formal approach to it, calling them ‘memes’, the word that has been used for a while, in a more restricted sense (I used in the 90s the word phenocultures, but as my models have been highly censored, since they take objectively the concept of a super organism of Earth to its ultimate consequences, warts and all, the lighter view of the ‘memetic’ imposed itself in sociology and so we shall change our name it).

Now genes are imprinted in the earlier age of development of the human being as a photos. So are memes, imposed in the earlier emotional non-rational age of a child, today through virtual screens and metal-communicators, in the past through abrahamic religions and nationalist or capitalist ideologies of class-nation-religion segregational nature.

But memes can also be positive when they are ‘natural, ecological, rational, scientific’ and sponsor a single humankind species, natural goods and love. So as we distinguished two type of civilizations, we must distinguish two type of social organisms, based in ±memes. In any case MEMES code civilizations and establish its organic networks as genes do in smaller organisms.

So memes are the KEY SYSTEM TO UNDERSTAND HISTORY in all its manifestations, as genetics is the key system to understand biology and quantum particles to understand physics. Memes code history, NOT genes an aberration of mostly military body-oriented ‘germ(anic)’ tribes, who thought because they could kill with iron weapons all humans they were ‘gods=goths’, the name of their tribe, and so their ‘bodies of life and metal’ were superior.

They invented the absurd concept of ‘nations’, as if the human species was divided in different ‘races’, agains the laws of social evolution of organisms and darwinian laws of evolution of a species, DEFINED AS those individuals that can successfully met, and trust me, my bro has a german wife and 3 kids, despite being a ‘spic’, LOL. As we get into an account of the absurd memes and idol-ogies of mankind you will pardon my cynicism.

In the graph, the biggest question though of Memetics TO wonder if we shall BE ABLE to use rational science to cure history is this: are memes as strict in their programming of social organisms as genes are? In which case the Earth’s program of evolution of man with hypnotic go(l)d greed and violent murderous weapons is fixed. Or are memes more variable and can mutate easily with reason and objective science, so humans understand the unity of the species, the laws of eusocial love that make individuals share energy and information through common networks building super organisms, stronger than the parts that survive? This has been the ‘angst’ question of all of us, scientists=prophets of history who understood the importance of ideas in the code of history and clearly chose those of human survival over those of the metal-earth.

So MEMES is the key word that substitutes genes. (In my earlier 90s on the founding book of biohistory, I used the concept of phenocultures, but then the word memes became trendy in biology so I renounce to my jargon in this blog and will use the far more extended anglosaxon jargon for this science).

In the next graph we see how systems have evolved in all sciences into wholes, from simpler herds of atoms into more complex social, biological organisms (multicellular beings, human societies) and complex physical organisms (galaxies). All of them can be modeled with the laws of systems sciences, and also improved by evolving better the social networks of energy, entropy and information, which allow cells, citizens and atoms to behave as wholes. Humans have NOT used the science of systems though to evolve properly their social organisms and so what we have is a trial and error social organism, which as it happens IS BEING predated an displaced by the organism of machines HUMANS ARE building with much more efficiency than their own.

In this situation MEMES become the ‘actions’ and objects that connect INDIVIDUAL CELLS to networks and so they are the ‘bridge’ between the cell/citizen and the network which they build through the actions and memes, which code them. So ultimately memes can be also classified in 3±1 types:

-3 simplex, individual informative, energetic, entropic memes that feed the individual and social network, with energy, inform it and allow its motions.

-complex social memes of reproduction and social evolution that ensures the evolution from the individual to the complex social ternary super organism of networks:

In the graph, the physiological networks of some super organisms of the Universe, which can be formalised all into a logic equation, we call the fractal generator of the organic Universe:

Spe (Spatial, past, entropic limbs/fields/territory) < st (present re=productive body waves-working class) > Tiƒ: temporal-informative particles/heads/informative class

Those three physiologic networks/classes/physical parts of ANY system of the Universe define the Universe indeed as a fractal organism of infinite smaller and bigger super organisms, in a game of russian dolls in which each of us is a ‘island-Universe’ within itself, made of smaller parts, and for that reason each of us is also a part, cell/citizen of a social super organism, nation, religion or civilisation, which we do NOT see as a whole, as our cells do NOT see us as a whole, but DO exist as such.

What makes then the whole a whole? The answer is: the nervous, informative languages that communicate all the parts of the super organism and ‘trace’ within its syntax and value, its path of the future. And so we have talked first of it and will constantly coming to the bottom line of reality – the languages that construct the organisms of the world.

Let us then define the ‘stair of Universal supœrganisms to understand this:

∆-1: A cellular organism is a population of molecules, related by energetic networks (cytoplasm, membranes, Golgi reticules) and coded by genetic information (DNA-RNA.)

∆=o: A human organism is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of genetic, hormonal and nervous information and energy networks (digestive and blood systems).

∆+1: An animal ecosystem is a population of different carbon-life species, related by networks of light information and life energy (plants, prey) coded by instincts.Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 16.22.22

∆+1: A historic organism or civilization is a population of humans, related by legal and cultural networks of verbal information and agricultural networks of carbon-life energy, coded by human memes.

∆+1: An economic ecosystem or nation is a population of human workers/consumers and machines, related by networks of digital information (money, audiovisual information, science) & energetic networks (roads, electricity)

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 16.22.32

An economic ecosystem differs from a historic organism because they use different languages of information (civilizations use verbal or ethic laws while economic ecosystems use digital prices) and include 2 different species: human beings and machines.

It is then obvious the duality of ‘super organisms’ coded in this planet – verbal, ethic, human social superorganisms of life and welfare goods vs. animetal, mechanical super organisms ruled by digital money.

And to that aim we must understand how Social organisms are code by… MEMES, in the deepest sense – within the scalar organic nature of the Universe.

The SCALAR organic Universe: Memes and fractal planes.

‘I seem to be the only scientist who believe there are infinite cyclical clocks of time in the Universe’

Einstein, father of modern cyclical time theory, on his fight with peers to impose the old/new perennial philosophy of science of the cyclical Universe.

Let us now ground the concept of memetic even in MORE OBJECTIVE TERMS through the science of systems, and the discoveries about the fractal, organic Nature of the Universe, and how information is transferred between smaller scales (ab. ∆) and larger whole organisms, in ANY SYSTEM OF PHYSICAL, BIOLOGICAL OR SOCIAL NATURE.

We have to understand this: a time cycle breaks space into an inner and outer region creating a timespace organism, or information-energy system (as we have seen information and time are two sides of the same coin and vacuum space has motion and energy, so modern physics discovered that time-information and space-energy ARE the substances of which we all are made). We are ALL systems made of time clocks that carry our information (as we speak I hear the nobel prize of medicine is given to the discoverers of the laws of cyclical time clocks of human organisms), stored in cyclical heads and particles and ‘energy body waves that move’ our systems; and this duality of organic structure, has an astoundingly simple, beautiful law to order the infinite species of time cycles and spatial energy, in SCALES of organic symbiosis.

Such as ‘LARGER SPACE SYSTEMS run slower time cycles, hence have less information’, reason why SMALLER SYSTEMS code larger ones, genes code organisms, memes societies and quantum numbers code atomic systems. And yet the product of both S x T = K, is constant. So larger systems can enclose smaller ones and control them with energy but smaller systems can code the whole super organism. AND so a well-behaved super organism will BE SYMBIOTIC AND USE THIS LAW TO SURVIVE MORE EFFICIENTLY in several scales of reality that co-exist to form the system: